111 thoughts on “Trans Rights are Penis Rights!

  1. Alternate titles:
    Oppressive Asses Reject Dick!
    No comedy without us (Dicks)!
    No Willingness to Examine the Ways in Which You Oppress My Dick!
    etc .

      1. No fury like a man who thinks his dick has been scorned.
        No attention to his dick!
        All Jane, no bullshit belief that humans with dick are female.

        1. “No fury like a man who thinks his dick has been scorned.” That’s good, that’s good. We should trademark that. “Hell hath no fury like a dick scorned.”

    1. Just waittaminnit.
      Obviously, my poor, deluded “female brain” is not up to this level of trans “thought”. Um, didn’t they say like first thing below the picture of the (obviously male) hipster with the ugly beard and unkempt hair that the festival allowed performers with “male genetalia”? So, so, like, doesn’t that make their claim that trans wimmin are excluded an obvious lie?
      Also, dude, catch up. Even Sophie B, who thinks brides should want him centered at their wedding receptions has caught on that the less said about the cotton ceiling meme in those exact words, the better, because the handmaidens get upset by the obvious rapey rhetoric.

      1. Even Sophie B, who thinks brides should want him centered at their wedding receptions
        Okay, you gotta tell me about this one.

      2. He’s still mad cuz they called his dick “male gentalia”. Frightening that I’m starting to understand trans-logic. Hope I dont get sucked into the abyss now.

    2. There is a dire shortage of women in comedy. Visit any comedy club that has the standard photos of past performers on the walls, and you’ll immediately notice that fewer than 10% are women. Usually Paula Poundstone and Loni Love. Women’s comedy showcases are needed for upcoming talent, and the unpaid volunteers sure don’t need derision. Shame on you, Miranda Raven.

  2. Wow dude, impressive refutation. “Ass of History,” wow. So inclusive. Especially of the gazillion women genocided and raped and stuff. You know, them? Those non-people, according to you?

    1. How does that make any sense unless you consider trans women to be boys, which, presumably, Raven doesn’t?

      1. “The first time I saw lesbian porn made for lesbians, was just, wow. It made me realize that I never wanted to have sex as a man, that I was, at the very least sexually, completely a lesbian. But yeah, I never would announce it, it might have called my gender identity into question and I was no where near comfortable enough with it to be ok with people other than me questioning it.”
        Holy shit.
        “Lesbian” porn makes this dude think he’s a woman? Holy fucking shit dude. This is so utterly repulsive.

    2. The q center poster dicky boy is talking about has been making the rounds on tumblr. http://goatwitches.tumblr.com/post/100187629494/this-was-the-transmisogynistic-poster-that-was
      Apparently a clueless FTT took it upon himself to remove an antiwar poster that read “LABIA: lesbians against boys invading anything,” which had hung for years in a library dedicated to a black lesbian activist and donor to the LGBT center, a poster that was held at antiwar rallies as an indictment of males incessant need to invade, invade, invade countries (not cunts), and which had nothing to do with the total narcissism of the trans lobby. Lots of great rebuttal on the thread.
      Have I mentioned how much I hate living in this pomo town?

    3. Seriously, y’all, that whole “lesbian” subreddit is tranz getting upset at women for possible transphobia and talking about how they are real lesbians even if they are pre-transition, with actual lesbians comforting and listening to them…it’s like, ALL dudes and a smattering of women. How do real lesbians actually fall for this shit? Fear?

    1. And they want unlimited power and access to lesbians, women in the general public, and our children within our own stolen spaces? WHO WOULDA THUNKIT.

  3. Stop TERF Comedy Festival
    16.Oct.2014 15:55
    author: dcs
    Another TERF event is being held in Portland, Oregon. Let’s show them the door.
    “Feminist” comedy festival, called “All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival,” is another attempt by Trans* Excluding Radical Feminists (TERF) to mainstream their violent propaganda against Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming folks.
    Particularly, the very name “All Jane No Dick” ( http://www.alljanenodick.com/) is cissexist and extremely offensive to Trans* women. Its premise upholds patriarchal gender binary and sex essentialism, as testified by reactionary notion of “Dick” (penis) being male.
    The festival excludes Trans* women from performing.
    “No Dick” is reminiscent of TERF spokesperson Cathy “Buck” Brennen’s slogan, “Sorry for your dick.”
    Feminist hostilities towards male-bodied individuals, such as the existence of Cotton Ceiling, undermine the equality of all genders and the rights of Trans* women, feminine-of-center Genderqueer folks, as well as cis gay men, all of whom are equally victims to heterosexist patriarchal oppression and deserve solidarity, not hostile propaganda.
    It is critically important that we the citizens of Portland, Oregon force the venue to cancel this abhorrent and hateful event. Body-shaming, including “Dick” shaming must not be tolerated. When 1 out of every 12 Trans* women is subjected to hate-motivated violence, including “trans* panic” and “gay panic” arising from their womanly penises, making a comedy out of “no dick” is unacceptable however the intention was.
    Venues that host this transphobic “comedy” “festival”:
    1. Curious Comedy Theatre (this is a non-profit; report to IRS for hosting a hate rally, so its non-profit tax exemption will be revoked)

    1. “Feminist hostilities towards male-bodied individuals, such as the existence of Cotton Ceiling, undermine the equality of all genders and the rights of Trans* women, feminine-of-center Genderqueer folks, as well as cis gay men, all of whom are equally victims to heterosexist patriarchal oppression and deserve solidarity, not hostile propaganda.”
      Look at this *blatant* suck up to gay men. Oh, those horrible lesbians and other radfems are out to get you! We’re your friends! We’ll take care of you!

      1. The suck up to gay men has a context of course. Here is an article from a Queer Trans propaganda site called Xtra from Toronto (the most politically correct city on earth where Queer Trans erased the entire history of gay men from the city’s history and of course any criticism of this FACT is “transphobic”, “racist” and so “Hater” that many queered people, especially those who are actually heterosexual, break down and cry when they read such “hate speech” – and in Canada you can be jailed for “hate crimes” which are defined as whatever someone with a rights designation deems “hurtful”).
        Some gay context for those interested: Queer and Gender Theory (a Cult no different than any other religion or ideology designed for totalitarian control) moved from original Feminism — 49% of humans born with penises ie, the male sex lorded it over the other 51% of humans born with vaginas ie the female sex and have since history began. Queer and Gender theory changed this concept to one where “Masculinity” (the “performance” of the male gender) lorded it over “Femininity” (the true oppressed gender performance of all marginalized non-hegemonic-masculine humans). In this Cult, all hetero white males are “masculine” and all gay, lesbian, bi, pan, furries, fetishists, adult diaper babies and all other “non-heteronormative” humans are “Feminine”, along with most but not all born women and most non-white people (though many of these non-white people are often hetero men but Hey! are you criticizing us, you oppressing Hater?!?) So, all homosexual males are now part of the non-heteronormative and oppressed gender class because they are “feminine” and any gay man pretending to be “masculine” is self-oppressing or passing to collude with the enemy (or better to sleep with him). Read the article I linked to where this theory of gender is explained in a manner as if the author were telling children that rain is wet, dummy, duh.
        The fact that “transmen”, especially “gay transmen” acted out a form of masculine cliche so extreme it is hilariously comical is ignored. (I recall a dear friend, an old-school gay man now dead, who would sit with me in a gay cafe and watch in horror as groups of “gay transmen” would come in, notice us and become hyper aware of us as “real” gay men and then proceed to act so preposterously “gay masculine” — hey buddy, voice made deep with legs open, sucked some hot cock last night dood, yeah I pounded a nice femme ass, man” — this is literal redaction of their speech — these “gay transmen” were literally performing what they assumed was gay male behaviour in front of their audience of real older gay men in the same manner that children act out to get their parents’ attention in an adult gathering — my friend found the display vile whereas at the time I found it merely pathetic — this was the early 2000s before Gay BECAME trans and before I became furious at this calumny). Another other insane contradiction is that all of these “feminine” gay men are encouraged (by positive reinforcement and attack if they do not) to act out a form of drag femme hooker personas (the horrid Rupaul syndrome) where they cliched hyper femme and “dissed” straight acting gay men while prattling endlessly about nothing other than how they used their “femme wiles” like ass wiggles and rouged lips to seduce hot real masculine hetero men to fuck them (indeed there is a group of bisexual males who are into these femme “cum dumps” as they are called) — yet any gay male who professed to actually desire other gay men who seem masculine as men and who are not femme is silenced and attacked as a traitor (the article calls such gay men the worst form of “homophobe”). And you wonder why so many gay men are so insanely within the clutches of the trans army? These born men “failed” at being men, so now they have Queer Gender Theory to tell them that it is OK because they are really Feminine beings (special femme snowflakes) and not failures as men after all. Pathetic and sad and of course totally reinforcing the gender stereotypes as the only way to interface with reality. How can a human “fail” at their biological reality?!? Oh right, I am a Hater – forgot that for a moment, silly me.
        The other development of course was that lesbians who developed non-stereotypical “feminine” traits or behaviours were accused (as you all are on Gendertrender every day!) of betraying the Feminine for trying to be “masculine” thus traitors to Queer Gender Theory. And again, the Frankenstein’s monster of this Cult is of course the “trans” born male who is now “feminine”, a real “woman” therefore the apex of the oppressed. Parsing this nightmare is the work of Gallus and this blog. I am only adding some context on the connection to the gay world and how it had been totally subsumed into this Queer maw (with all gay men who will not be subsumed, like me, being excommunicated from the queer community, shunned, no-platformed, threatened, blah blah – the same tactics documented here on every post).
        So the Queer Gender Theory Cult’s dogma of “feminine = oppressed, masculine = oppressor” (not male oppressing female or men oppressing women but “gender performance” as the new litmus test of intra-human oppression) is now the Ur paradigm of the entire “queer” world. The snowflake in the original article appealed to gay men because to him when Trans snaps “jump” to a fag, the fag shrieks “how high, Madame” (or Sir if the trans is a “man” with a vagina). The “oppressed” have become the “oppressor” and they are loving their power which is possible only via the no-platform tactics of silencing and censorship that they have manipulated to a degree enviable to previous masters like the French revolution’s Reign of Terror or the Chinese Cultural Revolution or Orwell/Koestler/Huxley’s entire anti-tyranny freethinkers’ books. Trans MUST no-platform all criticism because they cannot allow the mainstream (majority of people) to know what is really happening or their house of cards will collapse. Also it is in the interest of the male trans attacking women to obfuscate the real gay worlds via bullying to ensure that no gays betray their bullshit to the larger population. FYI, this current scourge of Censoring via the apparatus of no-platform, silencing, threats, doxing, etc., is IMO the most horrific nightmare of our age – for example, although the content is different the technique of censorship is identical in the current attempts to destroy Bill Mahar/Sam Harris who are on the receiving end of this mechanism of silencing because they dared state that critique of a religion is not racism – how naïve they are to state such heresy! Haters!!! Haters!!! To the guillotine with them!!! It is not a coincidence that the same people attacking the freedom of thought of Mahar/Harris are also fanatical supporters of Trans. Odd how that works, eh.
        Finally if you can stand it, if you click on the link I posted, look for the page called “Xtra Hot” where gay male photographers post pix of hot gay men (a staple of all gay male publications since Day One) – however the Queer Trans propaganda machine called Xtra dictates that every third pic must now present a “proud and sexual gay transman” — the moment I clicked on the page I though oh no not another woman with a T-beard, and sure enough another “gay transman” — check out the proudly displayed breast amputation scars visible next to the massive dose of testosterone by-product chest hair which this “dood” is rocking as pure sex to gay men. Oh and this may be too much info but like gay men have forever talked about penis length in inches (ie, he has a big 9 incher), these “gay transmen” say the same thing but use millimeters or centimeters to measure the length of their T-swollen clitorises which they claim are hot dicks that gay men MUST be into if they are into the penis sexually. Or as one “gay transman” so magnanimously wrote recently that they waited to date gay men until they had “bottom” surgery because they knew that gay men were into penises – and so now that they had one too then gay men would be flocking to his man crotch — not knowing of course that to all people except the Queer Trans cultists, a lump of flesh surgically excised from the forearm and grafted onto the crotch like a dead baby elephant trunk (complete with interior balloon to “get it up”) is NOT now and NEVER will be a penis!
        But then again I’m just a “Hater” who refuses as a gay man to accept that trans being “LBGTQueer are family”. To the guillotine with me. Confess, Hater, and death will be swift!!! Torquemada must have been Trans. If ze wasn’t, zim is now.

        1. Thanks for taking the time to write all that, coelacanth. One of the creepiest things about the transite cult is how they push the idea that people are bigoted for not being sexually attracted to a given class of people. It’s a purely personal matter and nobody’s business but your own. And as we all know here, there’s no substitute for the real thing!

      2. Those developments in the gay movement are completely the opposite from what I imagined would happen.
        I figured, as gay rights come more to the forefront and being gay becomes more of a non-issue to the culture at large (young Republicans overwhelmingly support same-sex marriage now), gay men would be very eager to distance themselves from the “weirdos” in the movement and move into the mainstream and particularly into Republican politics. There are so many gay men in the Republican establishment right now who barely try to hide it anymore. They even blow RNC money at gay bars.

    2. Jesus Christ.
      I am absolutely amazed that no one in science is reaserching these poor misanthropes!
      I would have thought it physically impossible for any person to have their head that firmly lodged up their own arse.
      Someone call Ripley’s!
      This is truly a unprecedented turn of events.

    3. Now I know about this event, I will have to go and support it. I hope they don’t allow men aka dicks and are just saying that to placate the angry angry haters.
      This IS Oregon though and I can see their hate campaign being successful. Can’t offend those “lady Peens!”
      And discrimination against dicks? Is this a joke? The world revolves around them, is that not enough? Of course it’s not, it never is. Give a tranny an inch….

      1. Whoops, reading comprehension fail. I didn’t catch that trans were included. Now I’m torn- I want to go support women in the face of the trans menace, but I can’t see subjecting myself to danger for a group that isn’t even female only for an event thus named. Damn.

  4. Obviously doesn’t know that “Cotton Ceiling” is a transinvention by a trans porn person. (Porn “star” is going overboard). As for the non-profit IRS status, we need to start organizing as 501(c)7 membership clubs. Can’t discriminate against race, color, or religion. We can tightly define membership criteria. No dick.
    Dicks being dicks.

    1. 501(c)7 membership clubs – fantastic solution, WW!
      All Jane No Dick Club!!!!! (AJNDC)
      We can host as many AJNDC comedy nights all over the country for fundraisers.
      Skewer them with humor, there is so much material so little time.

  5. “they allow performers with male genitalia”
    Then what is this stupid pricks complaint? Also, men are not funny so they’re ruining their own event by allowing unfunny assholes to perform.
    Give this guy a tootoo and let him stand outside and be a greeter or something or park cars. He can empty the garbage cans after everyone has left. There, he’s included and out of the way.

    1. He probably is offended that the peen is being referred to as “male genitalia,” or is working within his own delusion and interpreting it as welcoming transmen with their male vaginas.

    1. How dare “cis” people not develop the ability to read the speshul snowflakes’ minds? Clearly this is a bigot conspiracy of massive proportions.

  6. Wow look at that dudebro. He is just taking the piss, calling himself a woman.
    Poor oppressed dicks.

  7. Isn’t that Miwanda Waven? Nope, it’s Will Wadick.
    My god, do you think guys like this have ever even had to wipe their own asses? He’d be happy to be deadnamed (?) if I was his mother.

  8. Well since it IS male and trans inclusive, in spite of this person’s rant, I’m sure it will be filled with politically correct ageist anti-radfem humor, directed toward gender non-conforming lesbians, about how ugly and old we all are.

  9. They don’t even get that the title is a play on the old 50’s kids books about ” dick and Jane”. They are so obsessed with any insult to their penis they can’t even see this event isn’t even non exclusionary. Can you imagine if it really was no dicks???
    I have no problem saying I discriminate against dicks and male bodies. I have been raped, harassed, violently assaulted, grabbed, groped, ripped off, etc by MALES. They discriminate when we hurt their delicate feels, but actual harm if done by a prick haver? No biggie.
    Reminds me of this exchange I had recently- I was pointing out that it is valid to fear, and push to restrict, pit bulls, because they do 90% of the serious maiming and 65-80% of all fatalities (25 deaths this year alone, and 1-2 people put in critical condition daily- older woman and small kids are the majority of victims are not men). And a woman that was telling me how dumb I was said “well Men are responsible for 90% of all violence, but we don’t fear them nor hate them as a group!”
    When you put it that way, it’s so blindingly obvious that it’s not just acceptable, but correct, to consider males dangerous a group and act accordingly.

    1. This all really hits home living in Portland. Now the Women In Comedy group is suggesting a name change cuz TWANZMISOGYNY!!! And “not wanting to be associated with TERFs.” It sickens me.

  10. Your treatment of Trans people exposes the reactionary core of a movement ultimately conceived out of and maneuvering towards the political degradation of those lying outside your identity. For example, someone above notes that males are responsible for 90% of all violence and should treated accordingly. Same logic deployed by racists: Blacks at 13% of the population are responsible for 50% of the violent crime and must be treated accordingly. And like racists, you have an inflated comprehension of your identity as exceptional and somehow special/better than other identities.
    Common in the radfem polity is this hateful shit where penises are ugly, men are inherently violent, etc, etc, etc ad nauseum, often cloaked in the labyrinthine political language games “appropriated” from the black power movements, “X privilege”,etc..Huey Newton’s construct fyi, Ironically popularized in part by the serial rapist and black panther propaganda minister eldridge cleaver. The rights of people are not a zero-sum game or something especially deserved by people capable of bearing children. A recent article in the New Yorker concluded that It is not the Job of Trans people to avoid you, it is your job to steer clear of them, should you choose to be so inclined, for whatever reasons…They have a solid point. You should lighten up on the hateful and essentialist rhetoric, Ladies.

    1. Scipione Borghese: your comment ignores class analysis. Violence runs downhill. Black men are not highly imprisoned because they are highly violent, they are highly imprisoned because it is acceptable to commit violence against black people, and women, in a hierarchy dominated by white males.

    2. Excuse me, yes, I’m a radfem. I think penises are beautiful…beautiful male anatomy. Not everyone will agree with me (at all), but at least I feel that way. The male body is beautiful, the female body is beautiful, all the creatures on earth possess beauty, mystery, surprise.
      They are also subject to scientific scrutiny and classification. That’s all female and male mean – they are ways of categorizing and understanding reproduction in a sexually reproducing species.
      It is pomo trans “theorists” who have gone off the deep end with illogical and yes, often hateful, rhetoric against women. Interestingly enough, this trans theorizing dovetails perfectly with sexist (and racist and classist) theorizing that has been going on for a thousand years. Or two.
      Please, gentlemen, STOP with the hateful and essentialist rhetoric.

      1. I also think penises are beautiful male anatomy. They shouldn’t be cut and turned inside out into a simulacrum of female anatomy. Women can have boundaries, too, and believe that penises are male without hating penises or males.

      2. I’m a big fan of penises, personally. In my lifetime I have been intimately acquainted with quite a few, and have enjoyed that acquaintance quite a bit. That doesn’t mean I think it’s acceptable for those who possess them to call themselves “women” and act like I need to just shut up and accept that. It also doesn’t mean I have to accept being forced to look at the penis of whatever random dude feels like playing pervy-pretend in my bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms. It definitely doesn’t mean I have to validate whatever ladyfantasy that penis’s owner happens to carry around in his head.

    3. There is no inherent right for a trans person to be included as a comedian in a comedy fest. There is no inherent right for a trans person to be called by preferred pronouns by some rando on the street. There is no inherent right for a trans person to have access to the facilities of their choice regardless of the trans person’s past history, even including being a convicted sex offender.
      Meanwhile, women are an oppressed class, oppressed by men, and none of your bullshit pomo nonsense is going to change that. Or are you going to claim that black people have no right to fear white people due to past history and current events?
      You are a stone cold misogynist, jackass. Don’t pretend we see you as anything else.

    4. Isn’t this one of the trans tropes? Attempting to conflate us with racists? Also, I love it when a tranny uses the word “appropriated” with a straight face – any day now, I’m expecting the sheer force of that irony to begin affecting weather and shifting the earth’s rotation. It’s that strong. Dude, your life (lie) is nothing BUT appropriation.
      “A recent article in the New Yorker concluded that It is not the Job of Trans people to avoid you…”
      WELL, IF IT’S IN THE NEW YORKER. {eye roll} Because we all know we should live by what a fucking magazine tells us to.

    5. Yeah, what all the other women responding to your comment said, plus, it’s super cute how you end your comment with a sexist dog whistle. Men like you just can’t help revealing your true selves. Your BS doesn’t stick here.

    6. You decided to poop on yourself, sit on it and then smear it all around without a care.
      Seriously, I keep reading and re-reading your post, but I have NO IDEA what you’re talking about.
      So in the first half of your post, it seems that you’re saying that white transwomen are blacks and that we radical feminist are white men in your analogy [?]. That we, radical feminist, are using the same tactic to oppress white transwomen.
      Now if this is truly what your analogy is saying, then my frowns are as deep as the ocean, for that makes no sense whatsoever.
      Because the second part of your post would be saying that if white men [us radical feminist] see black people [white transwomen] walking down the street, we should steer clear of them. No…Just no a thousand times over.
      I can’t.
      Though I can commend my sisters in doing an excellent job in taking you to school with your nonsensical logic.
      Also, things would get real dicey if we tossed in the bathroom conundrum, because black women going into the women’s bathroom is correct. But black men have no business going into the women’s restroom. This would be about sex, not about a race going into the bathroom. So playing the race card really is a poop poor tactic on your part.

    7. “Ladies” is clearly being used derogatorily. Go back to jerking off to forced feminization porn, you colonizing asshole.

    8. You just do not get it.
      Our beliefs are NOT about degradation- talk about projection!
      “Acting accordingly” towards male violence means ending the oppression of patriarchy. In the interim, it also means self defense including avoidance, protecting womens’ sex segregated safe spaces, and maintaining and expanding our rights (ie: abortion, fair pay).
      I see why you commented on that phrase; when men say “act accordingly” they mean imprison, torture, murder, genocide.
      Most of us don’t want to avoid trans, and are not bothered by trans, as individuals. So long as trans aren’t in our safe spaces, and aren’t harming us, we have no issues w trans.
      WE do not go to trans groups and push our ideas on them.
      WE do not go to trans safe spaces and demand access.
      WE do not harass, threaten, doxx, censor, ruin careers and reputations, stalk, or say we will rape or kill you or your kids.
      WE do not demand trans conferences and events be shut down, even though you constantly harass and censor US.
      WE aren’t working to stop trans from getting human rights, and anti discrimination laws trans (and all people) deserve.
      The truth is,
      Instead of working against the actual threat to your safety-MALE VIOLENCE- you are fixated on us. Trans”women” come into OUR private spaces, blogs, conferences (if you can’t ruin them), women only events, groups, etc.
      Trans come to US, we do not go to them.
      As for men-
      I do not have to find male bodies attractive, nor love penis, nor accept males as sexual partners, nor accept penetration.
      NOTHING we say comes close to the amazingly brutal, vile, filthy, hateful, shit, men say about women, everyday. Our words do not even compare. Go ahead, try to find a rad fem saying anything as horrible as “cumdumpster”. and thats not even worst we hear daily.

    9. Another appreciator of male anatomy here. Not sure if I qualify as a radfem, but know damned sure I’m not a libfem. Penises belong on men. Just because you choose to treat your body like Mr. Potato Head and pop on parts that don’t belong there doesn’t mean we have to accept it. Men with breast implants with or without penises are still men. And nothing you do or say will change my mind on that point.

  11. Not the best photo of me but I do love the way I’m holding that microphone. : )
    Thanks for bringing attention to the issue of All Jane No Dick’s transmisogynist comedy festival. Your involvement makes them look 10x worse.

    1. Oh dear. You are man, not a woman. We feel bad that All Jane No Dick actually is Some Jane Some Dick – engaging in false advertising.
      But that is the whole trans project isn’t it? False advertising.

    2. Gee Mister, you sure have made me see the light. Clearly, it is you who is deserving of my time and attention.
      Is that enough? Will you leave us all alone now?

    3. When trying to pass, you should make an effort to get rid of the five o’clock shadow. *Protip
      Also, wash your damn hair. That’s disgusting.

      1. LOL!! Yes! Even in his “laydee” picture, dood still has a stache! Or is that translated to “delicate laydee peach fuzz” in trans language?

    4. “…but I do love the way I’m holding that microphone.” Why? Because it means you’re once again getting to have your voice prioritized over others, or it’s how you hold your dick? Either way, you do realize the white male privilege that comes screaming through with that, right?
      You’re yet another spoiled white boy who’s trying oh-so-hard to claim every ounce of victimhood that you feel is your due. That’s pathetic, and you’re laughable. You’re also boring.

    5. FFS, Miranda, you STILL haven’t figured out that transwomen were included in the comedy festival? You still haven’t got it that transwomen were included in the “Jane” category and not the “Dick” category? Really? No idea about the whole Dick and Jane book series. If anything, Radical Feminists should be pissed at having transwomen lumped in as “Janes” but we don”t spend all our time trying to shut down events or no-platform everyone who disagrees with us on gender analysis.
      OMG, You Aren’t Being Oppressed. Pretend you are, if for no other reason than getting attention, you dumbass.
      And where the hell is Spot? No mention of Spot. Those terfs are erasing Spot. Somebody organize a protest. Call PETA.

    6. Are there good photos of you? if you’re trying to look like a woman, you’re not succeeding.

    7. Thanks for the heads up on this show. I hadn’t heard of this event, and now I may just drive up there and go. It was also cool of you to leave those numbers too, I called all of them to show my support!
      Here’s an idea- have an all trans comedy show! Unlike YOU, we wont censor and harass you, especially not over a name (taken from a book, nit even about penis)
      There are drag shows- do they get censored and harassed for not including women with vaginas? Why, let’s riot! How unfair!

      1. “There are drag shows- do they get censored and harassed for not including women with vaginas? Why, let’s riot! How unfair!”
        Never thought of it that way! Good point!

  12. See Jane thank Gallus for posting this.
    See Jane frown.
    See Jane frown deeply as she reads trans logic.
    See Jane develop permanent frown lines as she tries to understand trans logic.
    See Jane give up for sanity reasons.

    1. I think “fuck comedy” is quite possibly the best thing I have ever read from anyone ever. NO COMEDY! STOP LAUGHING! WE’RE NOT FUNNY!
      Except you kinda…are.

  13. Lolololol
    “Miranda’s ” tranny brigade is having a fucking meltdown on the Facebook page for this event.
    So many contenders for tootsie of the week commenting there.
    Note that some are even comparing the name of this festival to the name of a football team over in the US.
    The something(?) “Redskins”
    The rape, murder and near absolute destruction of a native people and the offensive name they were called by whites is exactly the same as saying women don’t have penises.
    …I’ve for no words. Just pure fucking rage against these sick appropriating shit stains.

    1. They’re all giving it one star reviews. Disgusting men.
      Zac Turner—Transmisogyny is never funny. If you claim to support all women but make some women feel excluded because your so attached to your name you aren’t…
      October 17, 2014
      Justin Reynolds—I thought they were changing the name to Transmysogynistic Circus, no?
      October 17, 2014
      October 18, 2014
      Chedda Niko Hettingbere—So like what’s up with this name/theme? Did every single one of you “forget” that some women have dicks or what? Like what year is this? Yeah I GET…
      October 17, 2014
      · Comment4
      Greta Gustava Martela—Cissexism! Only trans people have to care about it apparently! Thanks for truly not having our back at all.
      October 17, 2014
      · Comment
      Cee Lee – could we not with cissexism
      October 17, 2014
      · Comment3
      Mirabelle Red—I’m a lady and I have a dick. I wish people would stop excluding us from everything/making us a punchline
      October 16, 2014
      · Comment2

      1. Gallus: I can’t imagine what it must be like being put on all these lists and shit, merely for running a blog the purpose of which is to point out that some humans are dangerously crazy. Never let a good deed go unpunished..

      2. The purpose of this blog is not to point out that “some humans” are “dangerously crazy”, any more than feminism is about how “some people” mistreat women, “because they’re nuts”.
        These are men. And they are not crazy in the slightest.

        1. Fair enough. But I still hold that it’s effective to call people crazy when they make wild unsubstantiated claims that work to hurt women. Use all the tools in the box, kinda.

      3. What is this horseshit?? “Transmisogyny?” “Lady with a dick?” “cissexism”? None of that made up nonsense exists and all sane people know that! These guys are a waste of space and time.
        The part about being “a punchline” is correct. You guys are a joke.

      1. I call them all PRAs now (MRAs and trans MtT activists). It stands for “Penis Rights Activists.” Not to be confused with intactivists, whose activism I applaud. Actually MRAs are usually less hateful than MtT.

    1. Oh my! B..but he just came here and thanked me for the post! What a disingenuous fellow. One might think he was prone towards untruth.

      1. Quick everyone screen cap his pics, I have a feeling we’re gonna be seeing a lot from this dick rights warrior in the future.
        A true Dick Champion!

      2. “Quick everyone screen cap his pics, I have a feeling we’re gonna be seeing a lot from this dick rights warrior in the future.”

        Fine, but just as a heads up: I’m only going for the ones where his peach fuzz is the most visible. That seems to really tickle me.

  14. This man obviously lives for the drama. The more complicated he makes it to get what he wants and the more people he can involve, the better. Rather than cultivate a personality or interests, he just vampirises others’ identities and lives to fill his own. fuck off back under your rock you utterly ordinary jerk.

    1. Rather than cultivate a personality, hahahaha! Yes, when one spends all one’s time looking at one’s penis, sewing little outfits for it, and wanting everyone else to fall all over themselves admiring it, there aren’t enough hours in the day to cultivate a personality.

    2. I wonder when this trans shit is going to be so tiring to everyone, that everyone who isn’t trans is going to have their peak trans moment. I honestly think it’s going to take a few more laydee face serial killers. I found another one, btw. Read “Severed” about the murder of the Black Dahlia. The #1 suspect who essentially confessed but died before they could arrest him — surprise! A fucking tranny.

      1. In addition to Ed Gein, there’s Jerry Brudos who wore the clothes of his victims. Richard Speck, although most people don’t know about his transness since it happened well after he committed those murders.
        The statistics show that trans women aren’t necessarily more violent and pathological than any other man, but that’s still a problem. Men, regardless of their identity, regardless of whether they want to colonize womanhood, are extremely violent and direct that violence toward women disproportionately, when you consider how often they make us random, unprovoked victims of violence (vs. most cases of male-on-male violence which happen in the context of mutual fights, or disputes involving organized crime or legitimate business).

      2. Anne A. Lawrence’s study “Shame and Narcissistic Rage in Autogynephilic Transsexuals” actually does show that personality disorders, particularly NPD are more common in transsexuals than nontranssexual males. A study by Hartmann et al. conducted with 20 MtF transsexuals found, “significant psychopathological aspects and narcissistic dysregulation in most of our [MtF] gender dysphoric patients.” So when someone says I’m transphobic I’m thinking, “if you mean MtF, yeah I don’t want to run into one in a dark alley!”

      3. I wonder when this trans shit is going to be so tiring to everyone, that everyone who isn’t trans is going to have their peak trans moment.
        When the patriarchy collapses, when society en masse declares that the be all an end of existence is something other than male fetishes and the supremacy of the male ego … in other words, never.

      4. “When the patriarchy collapses, when society en masse declares that the be all an end of existence is something other than male fetishes and the supremacy of the male ego … in other words, never.”
        NOT never, else what would be the fucking point! Because if you really believed in the never, then it would be time to try and find a Y-specific plague, and how to breed from eggs alone, and plan for the total elimination of male humans. Because we’ve lived in bondage for long enough……………….

      5. “Anne A. Lawrence’s study “Shame and Narcissistic Rage in Autogynephilic Transsexuals””
        Thanks for that one! Of course, not that the trans lot listen to Anne, he’s just a ‘man trapped in a man’s body’, so a dangerous heretic…………..

      6. @BadDyke, 12:48
        “NOT never, else what would be the fucking point!”
        Harm mitigation. Damage control.
        Pessimistically yours,

      7. @BadDyke, 12:48
        “NOT never, else what would be the fucking point!”
        Harm mitigation. Damage control.
        Pessimistically yours,

        Yes, it is making the best of what we have. For ourselves surviving, and as much as we can supporting others. Like anything else in life really.

  15. And the Dick wins! Which just goes to show you, kids: if you want to be an effective MRA you have to wear a dress.
    “All Jane founder Stacey Hallal wrote, “Last year, the All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival became the center of an attack by both a highly vocal men’s rights activist and some members of the trans community. The men’s rights activist was certainly annoying, but we felt no need to change our behavior in any way to appease him because we fundamentally disagree with him. However, we were genuinely upset to find ourselves suddenly at odds with the trans community….”
    I’m sure the violent threats from unhinged “transwomen” MRAs, as documented above, didn’t help.

  16. This is total nonesense. Why does 3 percent of the population suddenly count for more than regular, non fag, non freak show?
    “Oh! I have a penis!!! Im so sad!!!!”
    Fuck off freak show

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