22 thoughts on “Glass Ceiling? Not a problem for 'Working Mother of the Year 2014'!

  1. I really hope this dude is loaded, and the wife has unfettered access to the credit cards, because old-fashioned gold digging is the only reason I can understand why she would enter into, or stay, in a marriage with this grotesque individual. Or maybe she’s just as kinky as he is. Ah, love – it’s truly a mystery!

  2. FINALLY! We really can have it all; the great home, the great career, motherhood, and accolades for all the tremendous work we are doing! All we need to do is go get ourselves a nameless spare woman to do all the dirty, thankless toiling labor at home and act as incubator for the kids. No need to name her, she’s not important, just a vessel and domestic servant. WHY DIDN’T WE WOMEN THINK OF THIS SOONER!?! I’m gonna go right out and get myself my very own… oh what would you call it… uummm… Oh, I know, my very own SLAVE. I, too can have the life I’ve always dreamed of, all I have to do is decide on what color I’d like my slave to be. Wait, something eerily familiar here… can’t put my silly little lady finger on it…, oh wait, I got it now. Figured it out, yay, me. It’s completely disgusting and insane. Damn. Back to the drawing board.

  3. It shouldn’t be that difficult for writers in the media to figure out who the wife is…it is public record (I found it in a few key strokes). Oh, and yes, Stabler was identified on the marriage license as the husband…

  4. It seems really odd that this isn’t receiving more press- besides the linked HuffPo and Salon articles. Perhaps because Meghan is associated with the dreaded HRC? Or maybe even the trans recognize how silly this is?

    1. Note how wonderful this “mother” is to the child he actually shares DNA with. She has been living overseas since the divorce, which has to be a few years, and was just 18 in the story. Sounds like some real hands-on parenting of his minor daughter, eh?

  5. This is the way to liberation, libfem style: Be a prostitute or otherwise sexually available, be some tranny’s uncredited house slave, or find some other way to give your emotional and physical labor to parasites who oppose your interests.
    Rather than helping women to understand female socialization, liberals and their trans kapos are exploiting it for their own gain, much like religious fundies. Trans censorship of all socialization talk was a master stroke, I’ll admit. I have better things to do than waste my precious time LARPing with these tools.

  6. The “mother” is the one with a penis, or was born with a penis and testicles. He never carried a fetus in his uterus for nine months because he was too busy making money and being one of the boys. For all we know, he could still have his dick. He used his white male privilege to advance his career, and now he gets to play out his sexual fetish. Heterosexual males who “transition” in mid-life are autognyphiles.

    1. Apparently the baby isn’t his biological child, unless the “donor” in the other story posted was actually for an egg for the *actual* mother. Maybe Stabler still has his dick, but seems like he’s sterile for one reason or another.

  7. “The Human Rights Campaign, where Stabler serves on the Board of Directors, announced the news Wednesday, offering congratulations and quoting Working Mother’s editorial director Jennifer Owens, who calls her “a true champion.”
    The “Human Rights Campaign” is a transgender/men’s rights organization. They don’t even believe that women have a right to do as they please on their own privately owned land. HRC participated on the hateful attack on the historic Michigan Women’s Music Festival.
    Before he “transitioned”, what did he do for women? Diddly squat! Heck, he probably stepped over and stepped on women to get to where he is now.
    “I started my career as a male, and as long as I presented as such, I found that my views and opinions were widely respected,”
    They always use the term “presented as such”. This is how women instinctively know they really hate women. The totality of women’s oppression (economically, politically, violence against the female sex, abortion, reproductive health care, sex selection abortions, etc., etc.) is merely “presented as such”. He wasn’t born female. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE. Now, women have to bend over backwards to accommodate him, and pretend that he is so special, way, way, more special than stupid old “cis” women. Men do everything better, and this includes being “women” and mothers.
    Attention all women! Women’s inequality is solved. All we have to do is find an alpha male who can make tons of money stomping the competition and women along the way. Then, we can put him in a skirt.
    The female sex doesn’t even exist according to the Human Rights Campaign. Females are just breeders for alpha males who “transition” in mid-life.

  8. “As a member of HRC’s Board of Directors and Business Advisory Council.”
    To really understand the level of hatred that HRC has for the female sex, particularly lesbians and women they can’t control or naively manipulate, keep in mind that HRC supported Equality Michigan’s attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Women can’t even have one week a year on their privately owned land without transgender activists pitching a fit. Women need to think about this carefully and decide who is and isn’t on their side. The HRC isn’t telling gay men what they can and cannot do on their private property. They aren’t telling anyone what they can and cannot do on their private property except women. HRC backed this hateful attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival.
    The HRC is a transgender/men’s rights organization. They hate women to the core. Stabler, white heterosexual dude did diddly squat for women before he “transitioned” in mid-life. He is no friend of women, and he certainly isn’t a mother. Saying that this man is a “mother” is an insult to the entire female sex. He didn’t carry a fetus for nine months.
    All women need to understand something about HRC. They ONLY tolerate women if they do as they are told. Any woman who even questions anything trans activists do or say is in for hella harassment. Women are not allowed to stray off the reservation so to speak and start thinking for themselves. They have to run it all by the men in charge, and only then are they allowed to speak. Heck, women can’t even do as they please on their own private property without trans activists throwing a big hissy fit, stomping their feet, squawking about “transphobia”. They do this all the while “TERFs” (anyone they don’t like) are receiving actual death threats. Click on link above to see death threats.

    1. “Saying that this man is a “mother” is an insult to the entire female sex. He didn’t carry a fetus for nine months.”
      This is an insult to the entire female sex – in the present, in the past, and in the future, for all time. It is an insult to all female mammals!!!! It is an insult to any organism on the planet that is female, whatever the species.
      Are they fucking batshit crazy??????? Yes, hateful and crazy. I’ve got to blame George Bush and Dick Cheney and neoliberal politics in toto for this. All this shit isn’t happening in a vacum. That comment about student loan bubble bursting was SPOT ON. Put the pieces together, and follow the money.

  9. I know I’ve made several posts, but this really upsets me. This is a full list of the REAL WORKING MOTHERS. Congratulations!
    There were several courageous and wonderful working mothers who received the award. Stabler, born male, socialized as male, biological father of a child who took full advantage of his male entitlement to further his career was thrown in the middle. I guess he was a token LGBT (the L no longer exists). I’m very sorry that this magazine isn’t aware of what is actually happening to women.
    I don’t really fault this magazine because I’m sure they fell for what HRC told them, and have no idea how HRC views women and how it operates. Wealthy white, heterosexual males aren’t mothers, and HRC is no friend of women. How can a male be a biological father and “mother” at the same time? How can a male say he knows how working mothers are treated when he admits that never even thought about employment discrimination, etc. until AFTER he “transitioned”. He knows nothing about working mothers. Doesn’t his wife, or the woman he is living with take care of the children?
    Because of “gender identity” laws, the working mothers and their daughters have to share a restroom with pre-op transwomen, penis and all. Under most “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional. These are fully intact biological males using women’s restrooms, locker rooms, etc. If women still aren’t convinced that transgender activists don’t give diddle about women, look at this photo. Even after it was revealed that Paula Witherpsoon is a registered sex offender who molested a teenage girl, trans activists still claimed he had a right to use women’s restrooms.
    In summation, it goes like this:
    (1.) Women aren’t allowed to do as they please on their OWN LAND without trans activists harassing them. See link above.
    (2.) Even if he is a registered sex offender, it’s fine to use the women’s restroom.
    (3.) Even if he still has his penis, he has access to women’s locker rooms, etc. Google Colleen Francis. The actual Evergreen State College Police Report says, “her legs open her male genitalia showing.” Below is another example.
    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”
    (4.) If he is convicted of murdering or raping women, or molesting a child, he expects tax payers to fund his hormones and treatments while he is incarcerated (Sandy Jo Battista, Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, Synthia China Blast, Ronny Darnell, Kenneth Hunt, Ronny Darnell, etc.) The list is very long.
    (5.) If he is convicted of murdering or raping women, or molesting a child sometimes he is placed in a women’s prison because he “identifies as a woman”. Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch is a perfect example. He tortured women with an electrical wire before raping them (definitely had his penis), but he was sent to a women’s prison.
    (6.) Sexual predator Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook claimed transgender status to gain access to two different women’s shelters where he assaulted homeless women.
    (7.) Women branded “TERFs” receive death threats and censorship because they simply cannot operate in an atmosphere in which women are allowed to think for themselves. In order to shove their agenda down women’s throats, they have to work 24/7 to silence the women they can’t control or manipulate. This why the censorship and threats have intensified.
    I could go on forever, but this blog has covered it all, and then some. Kudos to truthseekers like Gallus.
    Gender identity laws are erasing the privacy rights of women, women can’t even do as they please on their own land, “TERFs” receive death threats and censorship, and the HRC was able to con this magazine into believing that they actually give a rat’s a** about women.

    1. Brit chef Jamie Oliver recently hired a convicted pedo who had raped a 12 yr old girl. The JO FB is going crazy. The only comment in favor of JO hiring a pedo is a male to trans. Because done his time blah etc.

  10. I kind of like that the woman is nameless. I’m going to imagine that she’s too humiliated by her relationship with Stabler to allow her name to be used in conjunction with his.

  11. You know, if a male wants to wear clothes that women usually wear, and take on a typically female name, I don’t really care. In the end, I’m actually all for getting rid of gender stereotypes.
    What’s going on here, however, is utter bullshit. You must be biologically female to give birth. That is an immutable fact. That a biological male is being lauded as the ‘mother of the year’ is an insult to women who have gone through the physically demanding and painful process of actually giving birth to a child. The mother of these children is the one who gave birth to them and who actually does the bulk of the child care. In the HuffPost article on this, Stabler does not even mention the childrens’ actual mother or even the children. It’s all “me, me, me, me!!!!”
    Also, I’m not even seeing what this person did to deserve the ‘mother of the year’ award. I know women who’ve have made huge sacrifices for their children or who have worked at truly difficult, unpleasant and grueling jobs to support their children. I know mothers who work very hard not only raising children but also do volunteer work that benefits their own and other children. What has this person done that’s so special? The whole transitioning bit was not done for the children.

    1. It’s questionable enough to choose a trans woman for “mother of the year” since many people (and science) dispute Stabler’s womanhood and motherhood. But then to choose someone who has a stay-at-home wife who takes care of the actual mothering responsibilities? Trans advocacy is such a pathetic joke.

  12. I’d like a follow-up interview to hear the reaction of his first wife who raised his daughter without him.

    1. Yes, the family he tricked and abandoned when he decided to follow his narcissitic dream. I say tricked because “I knew I was female since the age of 5” so why deceive a woman and father a child with her when you already knew?

  13. Glamour awarded Laverne Cox “Woman of the Year”. Maybe he can go on tour, educating women about the female reproductive system.

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