Transgender Censorship of Feminism: A Day In The Life

Sample of a male threat, described by authorities as “typical”, that Sarkeesian receives.
Sample of a male threat, described by authorities as “typical”, that Sarkeesian receives.

After weeks of silence, the mainstream media is finally reporting on the deluge of violent threats made by men towards feminist media and pop culture commenter Anita Sarkeesian, which caused her to flee her home on advice of the FBI, and cancel a scheduled university appearance. 
While it is good that the violent male campaign against Sarkeesian is finally, belatedly, receiving widespread attention, any feminist who has ever written or spoke in public on the subject of “Gender” will note that what is unusual is not the threats themselves, but the fact that they are being reported by male-stream media.
The New Statesman posts a piece today by GlossWitch, in the shadow of the Sarkeesian fiasco, which specifically addresses the ongoing campaign of censorship against the Women’s Rights movement by the male Transgender Rights movement, whose goals are in opposition.

Her article addresses the censorship, no-platforming, and silencing of feminism in the university setting by transgender activists, and discusses the implications of preventing women from speaking critically on the topics of gender and sexual objectification. She touches on the blatantly misogynist and abusive language and tactics the transgender movement uses to censor feminist speech, and links to a male student’s outrageous (and hilariously titled!) petition: “Cancel The Visit of The Terf” to which one could sign one’s agreement with the idea that universities are not the appropriate place for intellectual challenge or debate, at least not when women might hurt men’s feelings.
The New York Times today ran an extensive profile on the impact of the anti-women platform of “transgender rights” on women’s colleges- where females who seek to transgender often attend because they don’t feel safe claiming “manhood” among actual males, since as females they are vulnerable to male rape and violence. The piece explores the increase in stature women can achieve by claiming manhood in female-only environments, and how such women are working to undermine the feminist goals of empowerment that the colleges exist to promote. It discusses how California’s Mills College has become a university for “women and other”: adopting a policy accepting all males who proclaim to “feel like” women (whatever that means) regardless of legal sex marker, but excluding females who change their legal sex marker to male, regardless of their gender feels. (California allows people to change their legal sex marker arbitrarily, as frequently as they like.) Most of the individuals interviewed who support the woman-centric feminist mission of women’s colleges, including transgender interviewees, insisted on using pseudonyms.
What the Time’s Ruth Padawer did not report is that some anti-feminist student activists, like Sarah Fraas of Smith College, obsessively and aggressively stalk and harass any individuals who express support for maintaining women’s colleges, up to and including directly stalking them at their places of employment. Padawar’s failure to report the ongoing tactics of activists like Fraas removes the context for the anonymity requests of the women interviewed, including those who have transgendered. This prevents the reader from getting a true picture of the degree of overt harassment that genderists are willing to commit against supporters of pro-female policies, resulting in silencing and censorship of feminist points of view as reflected by the requests for  anonymity in her piece.
In other media today, heterosexual male pornography enthusiasts, demanding the right to be recognized as “male lesbians” by the gay women who want nothing to do with them, successfully censored a gay and lesbian Facebook page called “We Are Homosexuals Not Homogenderals” on the basis that it discriminated against heterosexuals by saying men cannot be lesbian. They were presumably empowered by Facebook’s own Brielle “Kumslut” Harrison, the individual who spearheaded the fifty Facebook gender options initiative and who claims to be specifically engaged by Facebook for the purpose of censoring lesbian, gay and feminist pages that are critical of social sex-roles, which form the foundation of Mr. Kumslut’s personal erotic lifestyle.
Heterosexual “male lesbian” associates of Facebook censor Brianna Kumslut.
Heterosexual “male lesbian” associates of Facebook censor Brielle Kumslut Harrison.

Over on Twitter, 58 year old grandfather and Disney animator Dave “Darlie” Brewster, a Men’s Rights Activist and lifetime transvestic cross-dresser who “transitioned” late in life, “doxxed” a young transgender named MiriamAfloat, posting his private information, because the young person had offended him by suggesting that some elements of transgender activism were inarguably anti-feminist.
Also today, Sarah Brown, an unemployed trust-funder and former LibDem candidate who claims to suffer extensive traumatic dissociative psychiatric black-outs when women criticize his politics, contacted the organizers of the Manarchist AFem2014 “TransFeminist” conference to block the attendance of another “transwoman” who once publicly discussed a study which documented male predators (in this case pedophiles) who use transgenderism to get better access to victims. Mr. Brown declared that any transgender person discussing transgender male violence or predation of women and children should be shunned from the transgender community. Apparently the organizers of the “male feminist event” agreed that any transgender who participates in such discussion should be censored and blacklisted and excluded from all transgender community events. Incidentally, here is the link to that study:
Men’s Rights activist Christopher “Cristan” Williams of the all-male “TransAdvocate” blog emerges from his man-cave where he scribes lengthy, unreadable screeds which explain how women are too stupid to understand their own liberation movement, to interrogate various fellow male transgenders on twitter about their “loyalties”, and whether they secretly harbor any feminist sympathies.
The transgender community witchhunt against fellow transgenders who commit the crime of publicly expressing empathy with feminist ideals continues with a piece published on PQMonthly today, authored by a man called Leela Ginelle titled “Q CENTER RENTS SPACE TO TERF-AFFILIATED “NEW NARRATIVES CONFERENCE,” UPSETTING TRANS COMMUNITY”
(Yes, it was published in all caps)
(Yes, it was published in all caps)

Leela reports that the transgender community is upset that his local LGBT center leased a room once six months ago (!) to a small group of “transwomen” to discuss if and how the transgender movement can become allied with the women’s movement. Leela claims that the LGBT center should have realized that any transgender meetings which acknowledge the rights of women are inherently anti-transgender. Specifically, he is troubled by the idea that incarcerated women should have the right to not be confined in cells with convicted male rapists. This infringes on the rights of the convicted male rapist’s feelings, which override any concerns for the safety of female inmates, much less the feelings or trauma of the female inmates confined with male rapists. He says that the transgender movement is a male rapist rights movement, and one of biology denial, and describes the “…contrarian “Gender Critical” positions that run in opposition to the current goals of trans activists, such as insisting trans women are biologically male, or that trans women who have raped women be housed in men’s prisons.”
Ginelle proposes that LGBT centers should screen for, and blacklist, access to their facilities by any transgender people who fail to prioritize the feelings and comfort of convicted male rapists over the safety and comfort of women, or those who discuss their gender in relation to their biological sex.
This has been a snapshot (and not an exhaustive one!) of a single day in the censorship and McCarthyism of women, gays, lesbians, feminists, feminist allies, and transgender people (!) by the transgender male rights movement circa 2014.
Be careful. We walk among you!
And inside you.
the terf in your head
[Update: Leela Ginelle has removed his name from the byline of his rapist-rights post]
[UPDATE: Julie Bindel has been no-platformed by The Sheffeld Student’s Union at Sheffeld University and her scheduled speaking event cancelled: ]
[Update: GlossWitch reveals that the Feminist Times commissioned her to write a post, which they then censored. Here is the post that was censored: “An Unspeakable Post”]

67 thoughts on “Transgender Censorship of Feminism: A Day In The Life

  1. I did a search on Facebook. Homosexuals not Homogenderuals is back but now there are two of them. The real one has returned and there is also another one that says it is “anti -TERF “. So I joined the first and reported the second as hate speech.

  2. Dude, the “TERF inside your head” is called the voice of reason. The TERF in my head knows you’re a man too.

  3. At least of last night, when I posted my own comments, the comments to the NY Times article were largely — by a very large margin — pro-women-only space. And there were several comments taking FTMs to task for not respecting Wellesley’s mission and history. I was encouraged by that. There was little trans abuse (excepting for the one that invited me to continue in my ignorance).
    I don’t often get involved in trans “debates” online or IRL. But when I do, I like to tell people that I am a woman and a lesbian, but that I, personally, have neither a “gender identity” nor a “sexual orientation” and that I have no identity that is immutable or brain-, hormone-, or biology-based. I have a political affiliation, Independent, a female-class based lived experience, and the intimate relationships I choose. Since personal identity is sacrosanct, I’m fighting back with my personal identity which challenges the mainstream canards trans have so successfully exploited and entrenched. Isn’t this what feminism has always done? It’s macro-level consciousness raising, I think. And it might reach some young woman, somewhere, and give her a glimmer of understanding that things can be different.
    It helps that I do believe what I’m saying. I’m waiting for somebody to tell me that I *do* have a gender identity, to which my response will be “prove it”. I want to see what comes next….

    1. Since you have not yet had the misfortune to have been exposed to the standard answer about why you do not seem to have a gender identity, it is this: your female gender identity is so very comfortable for you and other “cis people” that you do not notice it. You are like a fish swimming in water, whereas a trans person notices that there is a misalignment. “Cis people” are fine with the gender identities they were assigned otherwise they would be trans. LOGIC!!

      1. And those of us. Who scratched and clawed at the expectations laid on our female bodies? We who wear sturdy shoes without tall heels? Whose faces are not carefully painted to “enhance” our features? We who will not submit? And yet refuse to say that this makes us men? Are we to be told we do not know our own identity?

        1. “And those of us. Who scratched and clawed at the expectations laid on our female bodies? We who wear sturdy shoes without tall heels? Whose faces are not carefully painted to “enhance” our features? We who will not submit? And yet refuse to say that this makes us men? Are we to be told we do not know our own identity?”
          This. So comfortable with our jendah that we get punished our whole lives long for not performing it correctly. But we are still “ciswomen” unless we try to become F2T’s, in which case further horrors await.

        1. Dude, you are not “sitting out in the cold” as proven by all the rich white dudes in laydeeface who out earn any women’s college grad. The whole rest of the world is ready to cater to you. Can we please have some damned space for women to work on catching up to all the opportunities boyhood grants?

  4. Also, action alert for anybody in MI, the ACLU and various other groups are pushing for adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s civil rights law. Jase Bolger, the Republican Speaker of the House has pushed back on adding gender identity because such protections are already available in Federal law through judge’s decisions about sex-stereotyping. He’s right, one case explicitly extended sex-discrimination protections to trans people on the basis that they don’t conform to sex-stereotypes. Which is more protection than gays and lesbians have.
    I think those cases provide a better legal approach to protections for gays/lesbians and trans folk. I’ve written Jase Bolger and told him so. If you’re in MI, maybe you should, too.
    I also mentioned to Mr. Bolger that there are problems with extending gender identity protection without ensuring sex-segregated spaces remain safe for women and children.
    If anybody wants to talk about how to write to Bolger, maybe Gallus would allow that conversation to take place here.

  5. It’s actually very scary reading all these separate incidents put together like this. By themselves each incident is an annoyance and something to be aware of, but when you actually see how many times this is happening you begin to realize the gravity of the situation. These men and every single woman that supports them needs to be stopped. Women need to start taking concrete action, not just reading about these things.
    I hate to think that one day my infant niece will be exposed to these types of people.

  6. The campus pomoqueers and sex-pozzers are in the sunset years of their hegemony. Sooner or later, the college debt bubble will burst and take most of them down with it. Most of what the second wave accomplished happened off campus after they realized liberal men were mainly after the free pussy.
    Even with trans infiltration of tech and social media, no one needs their permission to have a conversation. The six corporations that own the mass media are invested in pitting trans and other sex-pozzers against the rest of us, but their publications and TV networks are still dying. Clickbait may be the dominant mode of online discourse, but few outlets that employ it have ever turned a profit.
    Also, social media is a poison pill for young transactivists and their suckups. They’ve been lulled into believing Twitter hashtags and their “digital lives” are a substitute for real life community-building. The lesbians and other radfems they’ve erased from the movement’s history still know how to work with much less than trans have been given. These endless petitions are a fucking joke.
    Libfems and trans may have stolen feminism’s brand name for now, but they can’t force women to stick around and slave away for people who directly oppose their interests. MTFs fetishize the physical trappings of femininity, but have zero interest in the emotional and physical labor that women have done to sustain the movement. I’ve seen the posts of dozens of former libfems who have woken up. They’re still afraid of testifying in public, but eventually the silent majority will realize they’re just that.

    1. “The campus pomoqueers and sex-pozzers are in the sunset years of their hegemony. Sooner or later, the college debt bubble will burst and take most of them down with it…”
      Jane: Those are all really excellent points. These bubbles will indeed burst. Male violence will not be so easy to cure, but it never was.

    2. I’m looking forward to the college “activists” finding out what potential employers think of their online activities.

      1. You’re not alone there.
        It turns out that a lot (not all) of us were libfems at the beginning.
        Finding Gallus’ work was like being awakened. Like realising for the first time you’re in a burning building by smelling the smoke.
        All those niggling feelings about sex positive crap and what women “should be” made sense.
        Liberal feminism made me feel like shit…always careful to not offend. Making sure I was always inclusive (to men), so I didn’t stand on any “toes”. Always thinking of someone else’s feelings.
        Hahahahha… I sometimes wonder about the person I would be now if trans weren’t so crazy.
        Their total insanity was what led me to sites like Gallus’

  7. I don’t even know where to start… So much awfulness.
    Anita did a good job making those videos, they are well done, and really eye opening for those of us that have nothing to do with gaming. Not that the content of games is surprising- it would be more surprising if it wasn’t all pornified violence- but wow. I hadn’t realized how far it had gone into necrophilic depravity.
    And she is awesome for sticking with it, in the face of all the attacks. But thinking of all the death threats she gets, when she isn’t even saying anything revolutionary, is extra scary. Imagine what they would do to one of us that actually admits men are the problem, and doesn’t invite them into our spaces?
    It is so obvious that the macho boy violence directed at her is identical to the trans violence directed at radfems. They are the same hate, just with slightly different targets. Big difference is that the rape/death threats to Anita get lib/sexpoz fems, women, and even some men, riled up. She does get a lot of support from the population at large (which is deserved), while even mentioning gender gets you hated by your own so called movement. It is disheartening seeing the splits trans creates.
    The story on the womens colleges was extra disheartening. Why are WE women always supposed to be accommodating? (obv. rhetorical) Can you see a mens school changing brotherhood to sibling hood? Of course they wouldn’t. Sounds like all the administrators at these schools (except the one, Hollis) needs to read Gender Hurts.
    And I realize F2T are still women, but they should not be there after transition. At least one had the decency to see this and leave.
    I dont get it. These F2T know men are deadly, but want to be one? But only among women, because they are in danger among “their own type”? The safety excuse works for M2T too, but why are our concerns for safety totally ignored? (Again, rhetorical) THEY wanna be men, or are men, let THEM deal with MEN.
    Let us women escape the rapists, not invite them in.

  8. Thank you so much for this Gallus Mag. It all continues, the death and rape threats, the massive economic power that het men who pose as Lesbians have, that institutionalized power in male-supremacist patriarchy, and all the men working together to demand access to Lesbians and other women, and to destroy what we have. It’s all so clear — women are not allowed to say no to men.
    But it’s the women who support these men, who give in to their demands to call them “she” and “her” and “transwomen,” who use the terms “transgender” as if it were real and not a fantasy, who are doing the most harm. Without women collaborating with these most male and female-hating men, we would at least have women-only space and safe communities. But they make sure men are in every Lesbian organization, from OLOC to Michigan to every local meetup group. But some of us still are saying no and keeping women only space wherever possible.

  9. Small correction, that piece in the New Statesman you link to is by the wonderful Glosswitch, not the (equally wonderful) Sarah Ditum.

  10. H not H has stated that they will keep coming back on FB, hydra-like.
    Thanks for the post, Gallus. I have been shocked by how little press the Sarkeesian harassment has gotten.

  11. A related incident happened this past week in Melbourne. A 19yo lesbian feminist who is well-known on tumblr was “confronted” (yelled at) during a pro-choice rally by another young woman (oops, sorry, “young person of no sex or gender, just an amorphous, fluctuating cloud of gender feelings which happen to be psychically linked to a female body”). Her offense: daring to exist in a public space counter-protesting pro-lifers while having a ~transphobic~ online presence. Because lesbolution gets all kinds of harassment from the gender crowd on tumblr (sample: a few months ago, she was being “called out” as a pedophile because her girlfriend is a year younger than she is) and all kinds of death threats, she understandably felt unsafe in the crowd and had a panic attack. The other woman has stated that she did the right thing, would/will do it again, and most importantly stop saying she is a woman!!
    (text of the final link)
    lesbolution:i just want to clarify something; you said that if you see me in public again you’ll approach me again like you did yesterday. does that only apply to activist events or would you approach me if you saw me in public regardless of the situation?
    trotskies: I’ve got better things to do than follow you around calling you transphobic. Confronting you evidently does nothing in the way of making you think about your politics.
    I will be making sure people are aware of who you are at political events.
    lesbolution: what does that involve
    trotskies:Something along the lines of “look at that fucking terf”
    lesbolution: so like, inciting harassment against me? would you say this privately to the people around you or shout it loudly to publicly “shame” me?

    The whole situation is ridiculous, and yet this handmaiden really could have put lesbolution in danger. And all so she can get head pats from her male “comrades” by showing how far she’ll go to defend their ideology.

    1. I wonder if Trotskies even gives a moments thought to the fact that she intentionally triggered a woman into leaving a rally against the violence men do to women. I wonder if it helps her feel that she’s finally achieved manhood.

      1. The sad thing is, from what I’ve seen online, the trans brigade loathes trans men with every fiber of their being. Trans men have male privilege, you see.

  12. Holy shit! Sheffeld University has just announced today that Lesbian Feminist Author Julie Bindel has been censored from speaking at her scheduled event! How much censorship can the Genderists perform in one fucking day?! My god, I’m having to add updates to the bottom of the post!
    See bottom of the post for updates.

  13. From the NYT article:
    “Some female students, meanwhile, said Wellesley wasn’t female enough. They complained among themselves and to the administration that sisterhood had been hijacked. “Siblinghood,” they argued, lacked the warm, pro-women connotation of “sisterhood,” as well as its historic resonance. Others were upset that even at a women’s college, women were still expected to accommodate men, ceding attention and leadership opportunities intended for women.”
    Wow, a breath of fresh air.

    1. Though one F2T quoted in the article was predictably obnoxious: “Kaden, a manager of the campus student cafe…emailed Laura and said her response was “extremely disrespectful.” He continued: “I am not a woman. I am a trans man who is part of your graduating class, and you literally ignored my existence in your interview. . . . You had an opportunity to show people that Wellesley is a place that is complicating the meaning of being an ‘all women’s school,’ and you chose instead to displace a bunch of your current and past Wellesley siblings.'”
      Why do all trans misuse the word ‘literally’?

      1. “Literally ignored my existence” = not going on and on about her bravery and magnificence, failing to link every glimmer of thought to her genderfeels, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Not even mentioning her, for heavenssakes! It is to erase!
        Q: What is a transgender’s favorite Christmas carol?
        A: “Hark the Herald Angels Sing about MEEEEE!”

        1. Carol of the Trans
          Hark how the trans
          So laydee trans
          All seem to say
          Throw us away
          Gender is here
          Bring us more fear
          To all the bold
          Women of old
          Ding dong ding dong
          That is their song
          With joyful ring
          All wailing (Oh! Oh! Ahh)
          Madness is here
          Shit-slinging we’re
          From everywhere (From everywhere)
          Filling the air
          Oh how they pound, (Oh how they pound)
          Raising the sound
          O’er hill and dale
          Telling their tale. (Telling their tale)
          Wailing they ring
          While people sing
          Instilling in fear
          Gender is here
          Very, very, very, very Gender.
          Very, very, very, very Gender
          On on they send
          On without end
          Their poutful tone
          To every home
          Ah! Ah! Ah!
          Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong

  14. Most comments on the Times article are logical and from the non-brainwashed. (The top-rated reader pick is an excellent one.) Though I’d say most ‘liberal’ commenters adhere to the trans line in saying that the trans female students are actually men so they should be in a school with other men, but ‘transwomen’ should be allowed into women’s schools for sure, since they’re actually women. Of course, most people really do think that the male trans have had surgery ‘down there,’ and, since they aren’t allowed to ask, will never know the truth? And the one comment from a woman who was simply concerned about the effects of testosterone on these girls’ health, probably considering the issue for the first time…

  15. Gallus: I followed your link to New Statesman/Glosswitch, who linked to Toni Dorsay’s hitlist… which I didn’t realize *I* had been added to. Wow. Ominous.
    Good to know.
    Thanks so much Gallus. I can’t thank you enough, really. I consider that literally lifesaving information.

  16. That was a shitstorm of fuckery. I couldn’t even read it all because it was so fucking depressing.
    First – I don’t understand. If you, “transmale students” really and truly are men and have been since you were Coercively Assigned at Birth into the Wrong Body, then what the fuck are you doing at an all female college? What’s the explanation for that one? If it’s that you think you’re liable to attack by “male-assigned” people and are safer at an all female institution, did that not ever give rise to any thoughts about the nature of patriarchy and male-female relations at all?
    Second: The erasure of language is the erasure of personhood. Shouting down women who identify and were born as women for using “sisterhood” or calling each other “sisters” or talking about menstruation, abortion, pregnancy or other female reproductive issues is the act of someone who wants to erase women born women from society.
    Third: I don’t know all the history of the incident in Melbourne, but I have been on more demos, counterprotests etc than many people have had hot dinners, and I can’t imagine protesting a fellow marcher unless they were an open fascist. I have marched and demonstrated alongside many people with widely different politics than mine – I’m not particularly enamoured of the Labour Party in the UK for example, but I wouldn’t start yelling and being aggressive to them on a march, That’s just weird.

    1. I, too, have no understanding of someone saying they are male and then not wanting to stand up for themselves when dealing with the boys. How do these FtTs think males are kept in line? By the constant threat of physical violence and humiliation. I’ve known enough small men and nonaggressive men to know how male culture works, and it works through terror and bullying. So suck it up, GUYS, and get your butts out of women’s colleges.

  17. I assume you probably know this, but don’t expect Sarkeesian to offer any guest posts here:

    Of course I am not criticizing you for posting in sympathy to her. You and the other women here are so much kinder than libfems.

    Except when trans and their enablers demand your silence. Then it’s your duty.

    1. Jane: I had no idea Sarkeesian was a trans supporter. Thanks for pointing this out. I’m going to go collapse from irony now.

      1. Gamergate and the social justice-y response to it could have happened 20 years ago. It could have happened 10 years ago.
        Of course it only *actually* happened when the women being protected and promoted can have swinging cocks attached to them.

    2. I love the whole “end of discussion” thing. It is so double-think. Don’t confuse her with facts.

      1. “I love the whole “end of discussion” thing. It is so double-think. Don’t confuse her with facts.”
        Nothing says “Feminist” like silencing women who criticize men who insist they are really horribly oppressed women with cushy IT jobs and thus full access to every violent misogynist creeper video game on the entire planet.

      2. I’m deeply disappointed by that random comment from Anita and how it ended with “end of discussion”. No, there is much to discuss here. Don’t silence feminists/women.
        I do understand though – she is getting daily death/rape/bomb threats, so she wouldn’t want the trans brigade to turn against her too.
        She already got extra shit for daring to say “prostitutes” in one of her videos instead of “empowerful videogame sex workers full of agency” or whatever.

      3. “end of discussion” is especially creepy coming from a woman undergoing a silencing campaign. Still, she’s under incredible duress.

      4. What a fun game! Can we all play the “end of discussion” game?
        War is peace. End of discussion.
        Ignorance is strength. End of discussion.
        Up is down. End of discussion.
        I was born in 1607. End of discussion.
        Now I can win every argument! End of discussion.
        I think we should try to turn “end of discussion” into an acronym, like LOL. We can just end every declaration we make with “EOD.”
        How about “End of discussion ends the discussion with me winning. End of discussion.”
        It’s all so ridiculous. .

      1. Well she can be flip now she’s hit the show. The Rolling Stone for crissake. Can you imagine any woman who didn’t look like her on the cover of Rolling Stone? I’m very cynical about the coverage and concern she’s getting.

    3. She still doesn’t deserve abuse.
      Although the trans brigade turns on female allies very quickly for the most minor slights. It’ll be interesting seeing a potential backlash unfold as they alienate every woman who isn’t slavishly devoted to them. I was certainly put off by how viciously trans advocates respond to even minor criticism.

      1. lol you really think you can post “men are women, end of discussion” here and we’ll all just obediently STFU? lmfao.

      2. Miep, I think WTF was just playing along with the “EOD” game farther up in the thread.

    1. I wish. She was posting and retweeting Mattie Brice’s crappy video game and interview I do believe last year. She even does a shout out to transwomen in one of her Tropes Vs Women videos that, again, was released last year [I do believe it was the “Ms.Male Character” video].
      She was also the one who retweeted Carolyn Petit sick behind in the women’s restroom during this year’s E3.
      So, that would mean she’s been hacked for over a year now, lol.

  18. Even though she is a woman, I don’t like AS. She’s frankly a media whore, and she doesn’t speak for me or other female gamers. I think her PR team is busy making the “threats” up for publicity. I’m pro-woman, but that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. AS is after $$$$$ and internet fame. She doesn’t give a shit about anyone who isn’t promoting her and her fake brand of “feminism”.
    She is no better than the bloggers at Jezebel who happily exploit rape victims for click cash. Women are not your “click cash” generators, AS. Don’t stand on the backs of other females who don’t have the benefit of $$$$$$$ and mainstream media exxxposure. Anita is simply another exploiter of women, and she doesn’t speak for me or other women in gaming.
    Hey Anita, quit standing on the backs of poor women who aren’t rich academic feminist media darlings like you to get attention – it’s not our job to pay your fucking bills. But keep acting the victim and I’m sure the mainstream media will keep throwing $$$$$$ at you. Anita is not a gamer and doesn’t speak for female gamers.
    She’s a rich academic feminist with good media contacts who is willing to throw poor women gamers who just want to be left alone under the bus for “click cash” and attention.

  19. I’m a woman isolated by geography and personal circumstances, and online life is important to me. Considering the trans and misogynist influence on most social media platforms – is anyone aware of a feminist/woman-only alternative to fb or twitter? Maybe someone should make one.

  20. This site makes me feel so not weird.
    I am increasingly frustrated with this trans* mess, because maybe you’re not a woman, dude. Maybe you’re just not a stereotypical bro. You can have longer hair, you can wear what color you want, you’re still a man. There is nothing wrong with being feminine. Or being “girly.” Female is not an insult. I refuse to say it as an insult.
    Men telling other men that wearing make-up or heels or feeling “girly” or what-the-fuck-ever makes them women is stupid. Being a woman is not about that, it never has been. But that seems to be what MtF trans are saying, that they can tell women what makes a woman. And not only that but their “feeling like a woman” makes them better at being women and fuck that too, no. It is the epitome of male privilege to tell women how to be women.
    I am a woman. I identify as a women. I have uniquely woman health and social issues. Just let me be a women.
    (I will now return to my lurking, but I feel like I had to say something or burst.)

  21. Update: Sarah Fraas has been seen online in feminist groups claiming a change of heart and a newfound appreciation for radical feminist theory. She now goes by “Sarah Barr” after learning that “Sarah Barr Fraas” gave her away too easily.

    1. WHAT.
      I would like some more information/screencaps about this. This individual stalked lesbian feminist and gender critical feminists offline, harassing them at their jobs, making false allegations to their bosses, among other things. We’re talking total strangers to her that she stalked in real life because she disagreed with their published feminist analysis. She did this extensively, repeatedly, over years. She did this because the women had feminist views and she believed they should be punished for having them. Sarah Fraas is extraordinarily dangerous to feminist women (and presumably anyone else she disagrees with). She is profoundly unethical and a very ugly human being. Her actions are disgusting and truly inexcusable.
      I would very much like to see any information anyone has on this alleged name change and her alleged change in tactics. Thank you.

  22. If I may, it was not multiple women over years. I’ve only ever contacted the employer of one woman (who I’m in touch with now), which is not to excuse what I did or argue that it was acceptable. It was absolutely not. I changed my name for other reasons which have nothing to do with any of this. Thanks.

    1. I’m not going to rehash everything you did. Those are not my stories to tell. I’m not sure what the point would be anyway. You know what you did, and so do the women you did it to. I’m not going to dig up the bones and examine them. I’m interested in the larger story here, but I would have been remiss not to mention the past. As for the name change I don’t know anything about that and didn’t mention it here.

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