137 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman Closes The Gap

  1. …How is this video still up? Why has it not been flagged down as transphobic? Plus, it’s promoting women…real women to be equal to men. I even scrolled through the comments and not one screamed “Bigoted! Transphobic!”
    I just got a bunch of MRA type comments from the doodbros…Interesting.

    1. So, was it “problematic”?
      From what I’ve seen it was kinda “on the fence”, way less incisive than “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina”.

    2. I just watched it at Hulu. I never understood the popularity of that show. To me it’s just one big “kids you can barely understand saying curse words” joke.
      I don’t doubt that the easily offended will have a meltdown, but to me it very much toed the line of political correctness. They threw in all the standard dogma without questioning. I’ll go back to ignoring that show.

      1. Not too long I watched a South Park episode in which Kenny was fighting Cartman because he wanted to be a princess, his alter ego, from that “Game of Thrones” show, but Cartman wouldn’t let him. At one point, Cartman went to confront Kenny, and Stan called Cartman a “ball-licking lesbian.” To which Cartman responded “that doesn’t make any sense.” Kenny ended up going oversees to be turned into a Japanese princess.
        At the time, I thought it was uncannily similar to trannies bashing lesbians into their balls and trannies going oversees to be turned into laydees!
        That “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina” was hilarious, and it summarized the tranny movement to a T. Garrison thought he could menstruate and get pregnant, kicked out his gay lover because his lover didn’t want to fuck a tranny but a man, Garrison even called him faggot, and Garrison wanted to make as much use of his new hole, so he went on a fucking spree. Don’t even get me started on the fancy hip-swinging walk … I watched it a few times because I couldn’t stop laughing.
        Anyhow, I’ll watch this new episode and see.

      2. This is a comment by a tranny high-schooler commenting on the episode: “We’re becoming so accepted that guys are even objectifying us like they objectify cis women. Yaayy.”
        He likes the fact that we women are seen as pleasure objects by men and likes the fact that he can partake on that objectification. This clearly shows their mentality in regards to what we, real women, are fighting against – they want us to be kept in our place as sexual objects so they can enjoy being objectified. He seems like a pervert.

      3. OK. Just watched it. It was truly a clusterfuck. It starts off nicely; Cartman wants to use the Girl’s bathroom and berates the girls into submission, which is exactly what trannies do. He gets a special bathroom, but when Wendy comes to school as a boy and wants to use the special bathroom, he has a fit. He starts out by just changing “gender” to use their bathroom but doesn’t want Wendy to do the same. Stan starts the same shit but gets called a cissy.
        Randy is a singer and songwriter hiding under a female identity. He even comes to work dressed as a woman, and his female coworkers complain to their boss so Randy can get a special bathroom. The episode ends with bullshit about accepting how people feel inside … blah blah blah.
        So, I’m on the fence. On the one hand, South Park has a history of making fun of trannies and calling them out on their bullshit, even if it doesn’t look like that on the surface. But this episode seems to be calling them out on their bathroom bullshit, but at the same time, they spew the tranny trite about the way one feels inside, even calling non-tranny-cultists retarded. (Apparently, if you are not down with the tranny trite, you aren’t normal and should be bullied into submission, cissy!) Basically, that’s it.
        I wasted half an hour on more tranny bullshit. I seriously can’t take the tranny shit anymore. Goddamn it, I’m sick of it. If a white person “feels black inside,” would they accept that person wearing brown paint and an afro wig? Seriously!

  2. What’s the betting that this ~horrendous act of bigotry and violence~ gets minimal notice from the gender crowd. I mean it’s taking the piss out of FTMs and no-one gives a shit about them unless it’s as a vehicle to talk about the Reel Troo Oppreshun of dudes.

    1. You know, genderists always pose the “patriarchy hurts men too” problem as a lack of crying and a freedom to feel emotion but males have always cried selfish tears. The lack of empathy is the fucking problem.
      And if you spend that much time crying over first world problems, maybe you should be changing up your daily pharmaceutical regimen.
      Also for the twits below, STABBING? Words staaaab you?

      1. males have always cried selfish tears. The lack of empathy is the fucking problem.
        Men always have plenty of empathy for other men. It’s one of the reasons that every tiny hurt male feeling is a major human rights disaster, whereas women in and of themselves never count.

    2. Well, the issue of the gender gap in pay is surely an emotive one…wait you mean that Molloy was crying about his hurt feewings again? I don’t know why he bothered tweeting about that – if he manages to make it through a day WITHOUT crying about the endless pain women inflict on trans by existing, that would be news.

    1. Nearly 30 trillion dollars in lost wages, the vag tax, but let’s focus on the tranz. 30 trillion pales in comparison to tranz feelz. This is tranz empathy for women. This is tranz ‘sisterhood’. FFS

    1. Part of me thinks, YES, PLEASE, get into it with Sarah Silverman. We may find comedic GOLD as a result, that will live for the ages. Go on, tell Sarah Silverman to DIAF. Go on. Sarah Silverman is a comic. Janet Mock and Laverne Cox are pendants, unimaginative, dull, dumb. Go on, get into it with her.

      1. She already did get some heat for the Night of 1000 Vaginas (not all women have vaginas!!!!!) but she is not one to apologize.
        PS I think you meant pedants, not pendants, lol. 🙂

      2. I’d pay either of their barely sentient asses to go after Sarah Silverman. Seriously, they could have my next 12 royalty checks. Unfortunately, even they have more sense than that.
        Funny thing is, they’re (over)reacting to something that has fuck all to do with them, as usual. It literally has nothing to do with trans folk at all, and if any should be offended it would be trans men. But, of course, the most oppressed of the oppressed would have to take this on too.

      3. Funny thing is, they’re (over)reacting to something that has fuck all to do with them, as usual.
        Absolutely, Roslyn; this video did not involve them, because it’s about female biology, which transwomen do not have. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be trans, would they?
        For transwomen to make a contribution to feminism, they would first need to be honest about how they differ from females; that is, besides being the most oppressed of them all. With the exception of some “truscum” and a few trans-critical trans bloggers, none of them seem capable of doing so. Instead, their raging (and justified) insecurity makes them attempt to silence discussion of those very real differences, or, as in reproductive rights, invent reasons to butt in and pretend it’s about them too.

    2. Ah! There it goes! For a moment there I thought this video was going to go without dem transwomen’s delicate tears spilling all over it! So glad they didn’t let us down…
      Also, that stabbing part…wut the actual heck…ಠ_ಠ
      Over dramatic much, sir?

    3. This actually raised red flags for many women and made them look really bad, like they were saying men’s sexy-time is more important than woman’s healthcare. I immediately thought of the tweet of a group of angry silent women holding coathangers in Texas when this tissy-fit started..

  3. I love it! Let me rephrase that: OMG I LOVE IT!!!! Oh my Goddess I LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. Mind, both of the white heterosexual men in the screencaps above, the one crying over the feminist campaign, and the one who thinks he’s being stabbed in the heart by it, literally make their income marketing their transgenderism to the media.

      1. @hearthrising:
        Well, it is true; the article has attached a document provided by the trans cult, which instructs cissies what to do to be trans inclusive.
        The kids can choose to be called by toys’ names or even numbers. I believe this erases their individuality for the sake of the trans cult, which is exploiting children to advance their genderist cult. This is child abuse, and the fucking liberal establishment goes along with this madness so it can be seen as “inclusive.” This is the new social justice. In the meantime, we are all going hungry, naked, homeless….
        How about the liberal establishment finally comes down hard on domestic abuse against women, making it a sick hate crime?! How about the fucking liberal establishment truly does something for women in the Middle East?! Non-Muslim women under ISIL are being raped, forced to convert to Islam, used as sex slaves, and sold and traded?! They only use the rhetoric of saving Middle Eastern women when manufacturing consent for the bombings they feel as justified, as they smell of petroleum and power grab.
        Here is their genderist manifesto: http://watchdog.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2014/10/Gender-inclusive-training-handouts.pdf

    1. The comments are all against it, which shows what the majority thinks. Sadly, they are not against it for the reasons we are, but because they see it as a liberal disease that will end “man” and “woman” as we know it (with woman as inferior, of course).
      I think I do prefer the cretins that are against it for reactionary conservative reasons, because at least they don’t erase us or attack us from the inside out.

    2. The superintendent in that school district is probably a closet cross-dresser. Otherwise, Nebraska? Isn’t this kind of politically incorrect (or too politically correct) for Nebraska?

  5. Wot is this bullshit about transwomen earning less than women? Would like to see some stats on that because a lot of them seem to be succeeding in male dominated industries. Lots transition late in life after reaping the benefits of a lifetime of male privilege.
    Trannies just make shit up as they go along and hope nobody notices.

    1. They like to claim most oppressed and underpaid since so many of them play professional victim at their jobs post-coming out as tranny to the point of getting canned or quitting…and then not being able to find a job on short notice in a sluggish economy. Of course, their job woes are never of their own doing…it is ALWAYS placed at the footsteps of someone else being ‘phobic’ (be it boss, co-workers, the person who loads the vending machine, some driver on the road going a different direction, et al).

      1. Yeah, like that photographer on Twitter who spends his days talking about how hot he is because he has breasts and a penis. And also complaining that he can’t get work as a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER anymore because he came out as trans. Now, I assume old boy had actually been at a wedding before. In what universe did he assume that people would still hire a middle-aged man to creep out all their guests at an event that they’ve funded to the tune of thousands of dollars? The disconnect from reality is astonishing here. It’s like they live in some fantasy world where everybody thinks being around sexual fetishists is just totes cool. Uh no. Most brides consider their wedding to be THEIR DAY.
        Or the other guy who actually confronted a customer for having the temerity to say “Thanks dude,” to him. Are you freaking kidding me? I would’ve fired his azz so fast he would’ve had windburn. The histrionics is just unbelievable, and no one in their right mind is going to hire someone who is constantly having a fit of vapors over nonsense.
        And even so, given the high percentage of them in STEM, and being mostly white males, my guess is that trans, despite most of them being batshit crazy, make substantially more money than women.

      2. I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a male wedding photographer. All of the ones I’ve seen working weddings are women.
        It makes sense. Wedding photography offers considerable flexibility for a working mother, and it doesn’t have the same cachet as art or fashion photography or photo journalism, so I assume men aren’t as drawn to it.
        Wedding services in general tend to be dominated by women in my experience. Brides are likely more comfortable working with women, and it’s a very “pink collar” kind of job in general.
        I’m very skeptical that Banks achieved any success in wedding photography pre-transition and would achieve success in it after detransitioning.

      3. My wedding photographer was a guy, but he didn’t exclusively do weddings, though. He had a studio and did our wedding as a favor to my husband. But yeah, amongst those who exclusively do weddings they do seem to be all female. Wonder if Banks thought “transitioning” would actually help? He claims to have had a thriving business, and given the cutthroat nature of everything wedding related, I just find it hard to believe that he never considered the possible negative consequences.

      4. I hired a man to be a wedding photographer. He only had to photograph the ceremony, and then do some shots of the wedding party. He wasn’t creepy, but then again, he never did bring up his genitals or insist that his particular genital and chest configuration was totally sexy.
        Re: The photographer: Let’s just put aside gender and sex for one moment. People these days often research anyone they’re going to hire on the internet before hiring him/her. If I was looking for a photographer, and I saw their twitter and the person tweeted a lot about their genitals, I’d back the hell off. I’d hire the photographer who doesn’t tell me what is/isn’t sexy and who doesn’t brag about his dick. I don’t want to hear about anyone’s dick, and I don’t care what gender they think they are.
        It is easier to blame things on transphobia than to actually market yourself in a way that won’t scare women off.

      5. dood can’t get any work as a wedding photog because he’s a lousy shooter. the pix I saw had been photoshopped with Picasa the free basic app through Google.

      6. Funny, most wedding photographers I know are men. Certainly was true of those we considered for my wedding. The fellow we used was very professional, dressed very conservatively and inconspicuously. Female photographers I’ve seen at weddings also tend to dress very inconspicously, usually in dark pantsuits or something that will allow them to discreetly get the shots they need. On the other hand, I’ve seen a photo of “Sophia Banks” taking pics at a wedding – imagine a large guy in drag, busting out of a skimpy cocktail dress. I can’t imagine anyone hiring someone like that for a wedding photographer – who wants the focus of all the attention to be the photographer?

      7. Gah – now he’s tweeting about his penis bulge and photographing his own boobs in the shower. Creepy, creepy, creepy.
        No way would I hire someone like that to be at my wedding.
        Frankly, if you’re bragging about your penis bulge, I see you as a dude. I cannot help it.

    2. They might be talking about prostitution/pornography. I don’t know if it’s true, but there’s constant complaining on social media about this. They claim “cis” women make more money than they do here. (Of course, they’re comparing young women born with a certain body type to transwomen, but they don’t really see the diversity in women, and they can’t acknowledge that we can’t all make it as a pole dancer.) It’s an area where equality is extremely important to these activists.

      1. Right. Keep forgetting we’re talking about delusional people here. Part of the delusion is that the work women do is worth doing at all. Waitressing . Porn. Modelling. Working in a shop. This is what most of us get. They’ve flipped the world upside down and declared it’s a PRIVILEGE to do this work. And why can’t THEY–middle aged men– do this work? Oh because they’re being discriminated against???
        There comes a time when you start thinking that they can’t really believe any of this themselves. They’re playing a cat and mouse game with women, surely. They’re trying to see how much they can get away with saying and doing. They’re testing women’s intelligence and sanity, all with the covert threat of violence that are part and parcel of male oppression over women. No man can surely believe that he hasn’t been given that modelling job because he is trans… It’s because he’s UGLY. The standards young women are held to are extraordinary. Women don’t even meet them. The models themselves don’t even meet them, hence all the photo-shopping and air-brushing.
        And it was men who WANTED it this way. They designed this whole set up.
        We really need to start regarding them as piss-takers. Every single thing they say is just said to wind us up and see what kind of reaction they’ll get from us. They’re MRAs to the core.

    3. IMO they get away with it b/c most “liberals” are (secretly) disgusted by transsexuals so of course they think transsexuals are all diseased homeless prostituted teenagers. Not, say, millionaires being touted as successful females on the covers of magazines.

      1. “…most “liberals” are (secretly) disgusted by transsexuals so of course they think transsexuals are all diseased homeless prostituted teenagers.”
        This is why we see hetero libfems and liberal doods knee-jerking to mindlessly “support the tranz”. These people actually HATE tranz. Unlike lesbians and gays who are comfortable with “gender nonconformity”, and already have gay trannies as part of our culture, the mainstream liberal culture’s support of “the poor poor tranz” is driven by disrespect and revulsion. See: Reaction Formation.

      2. That’s a good point. I know I find them revolting, of course, no one would call me a liberal, but still. It’d be interesting to see if trans actually realize this. My guess is no, since they’re convinced they’re the hottest of the hot. Far more womanly than any mere female.

      3. The other side of that is that liberals assume that trans people are powerless and pathetic. And homeless prostituted teenagers definitely fit that assumption. The bleeding hearts aren’t going to shit on a group that they (incorrectly) perceive as powerless. The prostituted kids are; a 50-something white trans lady isn’t.

      4. Exactly, the highest paid “female” CEO is actually a man, that proves the point of the video quite nicely.

    4. Considering how white trans women use statistics of violence against trans women of color to prove how oppressed they are, I suspect the low-earning statistics are capturing trans women of color and trans kids of any race who were kicked out of their parents’ homes. But I’m not buying that late-transitioning white trans women are experiencing anything worse than the occasional teenager on the street making fun of how ugly they are.

    5. If they want to make the same amount as men, they should just present as “masculine” “tom boy” transwomen. Then they are indistinguishable from men (hint: cuz they are). Women don’t have that privilege. Also, they make less because they are mentally ill.

  6. i don’t always like sarah silverman, but you can’t say she isn’t a witty, bizarrely funny woman who refuses to placate and hang her head in shame. any backlash she gets will only prove her point further. she managed to appeal to women advocates and misogynist guys with the same message–that’s impressive.
    also, shouldn’t the m2t brigade love this video, since they’re always whining and crying about “truscum” and “t-bro privilege”? or does it scare them when women criticize trans politics because it means we’re one step closer to not taking their endless bullshit?

    1. “shouldn’t the m2t brigade love this video, since they’re always whining and crying about “truscum” and “t-bro privilege”?”
      That’s exactly what I thought! What happened to the whole “all females are privileged over male femulators, including female trans”?

    2. “also, shouldn’t the m2t brigade love this video, since they’re always whining and crying about “truscum” and “t-bro privilege”?”

      Nah, cause she didn’t include their vain butts in the video.
      Which is all they really care about.
      See, she said she was getting rid of her vagina because there is no privilege in having one, meaning women are born with a vagina [ vulva…]. She didn’t add in the special ingredient of ‘wimminz can have da peen too!’ speech which just excluded all Doodz in dresses. Because how could a dood with a peen who identifies as a woman invert his peen into a peen to close the wage gap? Also, she just dropped the bomb of saying anyone with a peen has privilege.
      Therefore: omg transphobic w/ teh stabbing of da words!!!111!1

  7. Only trans would see this and feel its against them, especially the M2T. The pay gap is real, and this illustrates it perfect. JFC, not everything is “transphobic”. Things can really be about women.
    I just LOVE HER!!! This is just perfect, and funny too. Also loved that the only penis in the ads were the fake ones! No men!

  8. Thank You for posting this. I have shared this wildly and with abandon. Ms. Silverman flopping the limp dick as an inadequate pointer is beyond funny.
    Now I want to get a plastic limp penis to shake at will, too!
    What a hoot. This is a brilliant satire, brilliant.

  9. The whole wage debate reminds me of an encounter I had at a training I went to on LGBT and community organizing techniques. It was just over a year ago. The presenters were a white gay male, 30ish, and a 60ish MtF. The gay man was reasonable and professional and stuck to the training points. Then it was the MtF’s turn. It was all a long drawn out sob-sister monologue on how awful “her” life was ad nauseum. Didn’t address “her” assigned talking points at all. Everybody was just squirming. And then we had to break into groups where we were supposed to practice the personal interaction techniques. Of course I was stuck with the MtF and another guy. I came out as lesbian during the exercise, and afterwards “she” saddled up to me and said “she” would really like it if I could give “her” advise on what real woman-to-woman intimacy is like. Of course I was repulsed. I said nothing. But she didn’t take the hint so “she” followed me into the women’s bathroom to continue the “conversation.”
    But that’s not all. What really got me was this little bomb. This poor, poor oppressed creature had been a tenured professor in the hard sciences and didn’t “come out” until “her” last year before retirement. How, uh, convenient, for “her.” This freaking idiot seemed to have no clue that real-life women in her age group almost never got tenure in the sciences–that’s assuming they even got through all the harassment of getting admitted to and completing PhD programs and applying for fellowships and getting jobs and getting tenure and so on. And it’s not much better now, maybe even worse. And how opportunistic to put it off till the last year of employment. No doubt this person’s former employer can now take credit for having had at least one tenured woman on the science faculty now. These well-to-do white men wearing dresses and makeup just don’t have a clue about the wage gap or anything else regarding real women’s lives. And I can tell you that as a woman in my mid 50s, I have NEVER been asked by another woman what woman-to-woman intimacy is “really” like. Either they know, or they’re too polite to ask. But this is exactly the kind of thing a slimy straight dude would say.

    1. “I have NEVER been asked by another woman what woman-to-woman intimacy is “really” like. Either they know, or they’re too polite to ask. But this is exactly the kind of thing a slimy straight dude would say.”
      Just makes me so ANGRY the thought of this privileged ex-prof now getting his cozy fantasy retirement, which includes following women into the ladies room and asking creepy questions about their sex lives! O dearie me, we feel SOOOOO sorry for you having to endure all those years as a respected male in a position of power in your chosen profession.
      “Of course I was repulsed. I said nothing.” Yeah, it’s that we feel we have to say NOTHING, to keep quiet as they get creepier and creepier…………………….

  10. I’m seeing this video on Facebook now, and there’s the typical butthurt response from trans supporters, though not nearly as much as I expected and plenty of people are responding to those “Transphobic!!!” comments by telling them they’re missing the point of the video.

  11. Looking at a FtM Chase Strangio (ACLU) on Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show right now calling out this video as being anti-trans and descriminatory…

  12. Not only is this video hilarious, it is spot on because being born with a penis and socialized as male has everything to do with the $$$$.
    According to the New York Magazine, the highest paid CEO in the U.S. was born with a penis, raised male, socialized as male, and no doubt used the good old boy system as he clawed his way to the top. He is just another white, privileged heterosexual alpha male with kids, ex-wife, a new trophy wife, and an expensive sports car except now he is cool and trendy and women need to bow down to him. He is so cool and awesome that he even does women better than stupid, dull old “cis” women. Look at the swagger because it says it all.
    “Only about 5 percent of the companies in the Fortune 500 are run by women; double the sample size, and the proportion is the same. Compensation levels for female CEOs appear to lag as well, though it’s hard to tell because there are so few of them. On a recent list of America’s 200 highest-paid CEOs, only 11 were women, and their median pay was $1.6 million less than their male peers. Certain of these women are already household names: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, No. 34 on the list, who earned $25 million last year, and Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman, No. 95, who earned $18 million. But the highest-paid female CEO in America is not nearly as well known. She is Martine Rothblatt, the 59-year-old founder of United Therapeutics—a publicly traded, Silver Spring, Maryland–based pharmaceutical company—who made a previous fortune as a founder of Sirius radio, a field she entered as an attorney specializing in the law of space. But what’s really extraordinary about Rothblatt’s ascent is not that she has leaned in, or out, or had any particular thoughts about having it all. What sets Rothblatt apart from the other women on the list is that she—who earned $38 million last year—was born male.
    They use their white male privilege to climb the corporate ladder, probably trampling woman along the way, and then they get sympathy and brownie point for being cool, trendy, and *trans.
    Men like Dana McCallum can afford to hire the most expensive attorneys to avoid a jail sentence for rape. It’s always about the money.
    The penis isn’t just tied into economics. According to the book “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men”, there are 163 million missing girls from India China. Sex selective abortions have been going on ever since the mid-1970s. If the ultrasound technician detected a penis, the parents were over joyed Lacking a penis, the female children were aborted. The female fetus was aborted BASED ON SEX NOT “GENDER IDENTITY”.
    Again, the video was spot on. Being born with a penis really does matter.

  13. Well it didn’t take long – on Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show today, he interviewed Chase Strangio, a transgender attorney with the ACLU, who was there to talk about how Sarah Silverman’s advocacy for equal pay for women ‘hurt’ transgenders. ‘He’ trotted out all the statistics about the low employment rates of “transwomen of color” to illustrate how tough life is for dudes in dresses. ( As an actual woman “of color”, I’m beginning to really resent privileged white people using black people to carry their water like a rented mule.)
    But it did get me to thinking – there may be middle class or wealthy black men who decide late in life that they’re really women and start dressing accordingly, but I’ve never seen or heard of one. Black trans people, unlike whites, tend to come from the black underclass. They would have a hard time earning a decent living even if they weren’t trans.
    Strangio is a cute little dude with a natty mustache, who makes no effort to sound like a man when he speaks. Besides working for the ACLU, he also on staff, and an “honoree” of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, you know, the group that advocates for the rights of Laverne Cox’s buddy Luis Morales, AKA Sinthia China Blast. A shame Ronan didn’t ask Mr. Strangio about his efforts on behalf of the rapist and murderer of Ebony Nicole Williams.

      1. Every article I’ve seen on Fallon Fox mentions that he is “mixed race”, which in today’s parlance means that one of his parents is white. Racial identity seems to be an issue for him, so while he appears black, he may not feel black or identify as black.

      2. He claimed to be a black lesbian after he assaulted Tamikka Brents. Of course, that could’ve been an effort to steal her status: I’m a black lesbian, toooo!! Wah! But I dunno.

    1. VC, that is a verrrry interesting point about the lack of black later transitioners. I’ve never seen one either. Hm…

      1. Thay use the black trans women as human shields because they tend to look better because they transition younger. Especially since white guys do not age well. If they put themselves out there everyone would recognize them for what they are; creepy old sexual fetishists. Also the castration of black men and the denial of the womanhood of black women is always quite welcome in a racist society. Like I said, these dudes have a playbook, and whoever their puppetmaster is has an understanding of liberalthink that is chilling.

      2. It seems like black trans women also tend to put more care into their appearance. Most of the prominent ones prefer men as sex partners, so they can’t be as lazy about their looks as your typical straight man.
        White transbians, comparatively, seem to put little effort into their appearance. And why should they? As white straight men they’re accustomed to no one judging them for being ugly, and they’ll just harass lesbians for being too “bigoted” to have sex with them.
        Probably the funniest thing about the cotton ceiling nonsense to me is the claim on the part of transbians that a lesbian totally wouldn’t be able to tell that a potential partner is trans until the clothes come off. Not only does your average transbian not bother being as stealth as trans women who prefer men, they tend to be extremely unattractive. As if a lesbian would be interested going by appearance alone.

      3. You guys just reminded me of the first trans I ever saw in real life. He worked for the NY Public Library at the Mid-Manhattan branch. I don’t remember his age but past his 20s, tall and skinny with these ridiculous pigtails. Did not pass at all.

      4. “White transbians, comparatively, seem to put little effort into their appearance. And why should they? As white straight men they’re accustomed to no one judging them for being ugly…”
        “Not only does your average transbian not bother being as stealth as trans women who prefer men, they tend to be extremely unattractive.”
        So much this!!
        I saw only a few of them who took care of themselves and actually could fool lesbians (on photos only of course) but the rest just looks like a bunch greasy haired dudes. NO lesbian would ever think that these guys are female.

      5. Also the saddest thing I ever saw was a 14 year old boy with aspergers on tumblr who thinks he is a teenage lesbian. Unlike SO many adult “lesbian” trans blogs he had no pictures of lesbian porn. He just really liked stuff normally aimed at girls.
        But of course that’s not possible in the genderist community – so he really must be a girl!11 Even his parents believe this.
        The result of this was a blog with photos of a long haired boy who posts about what’s like being a lesbian.

      6. I think black people in general, put more care into their appearance. When you’re constantly under the watchful eye of others you develop a self consciousness about always presenting as a “respectable negro.” And it’s continued even in all black venues. The differences in a black church or club is startling, and I had a difficult time adjusting. I had to get a whole new wardrobe when I got married.
        For white folk casual Friday attire is the norm everywhere. Being at the top of the hierarchy they can get away with that. It’s been one of the toughest behaviors I’ve had to unlearn. I grew up attending a hat wearing black Baptist church. Now I go to a church where folk sometimes don’t even wear shoes! I dress down, but still can’t bring myself to wear pants to church. Years ago I realized I could tell the white guys who were interested in interracial dating simply by the way they dressed. They know better than to step to a black woman in socks and Birkenstocks. Even with celebrities it’s obvious. I knew Stone Phillips was either gay or had a black wife just by the way he dressed. Same with Sam Champion. It has led to some interesting discussions.

      7. @Roslyn-“I think black people in general, put more care into their appearance. When you’re constantly under the watchful eye of others you develop a self consciousness about always presenting as a “respectable negro.” And it’s continued even in all black venues. The differences in a black church or club is startling, and I had a difficult time adjusting. I had to get a whole new wardrobe when I got married.”
        THIS SO MUCH! I’m so glad you brought this up because I was thinking hard about this when you brought up that most black transwomen keep up their appearance better than white transwomen.
        Kesher said: ” Due to lack of acceptance by their families and the poverty they were born into, prostitution is often the only option for trans women of color.”

        I was thinking about this last night because that 30 seconds worth of transplaining really did tick me off and I couldn’t figure out why for awhile. But I want to expand on the whole poverty thing because we have to understand that prostitution is the highest in areas with those who have no education, thus why it was offered and taken up by women long ago.
        [Seriously, sex working, just so happens, requires very little to no education or experience. Meaning a virgin is not going to be turned away from porn…]
        I grew up in a black neighborhood that declined as I grew up. So basically they [white men-Government] took away the schools, which means no educations, which means it’s difficult to get a high paying job. But they also took away the jobs and the few jobs that were around were given to non-blacks and they were liqueur/lotto stores.
        Okay, so how is folk suppose to pay their bills if they have no jobs? And how are they suppose to get jobs if they have no education?
        On top of that, they had started going up on the utility bills. So even if you were just barely paying your bills on time, haha! Nope, not any more! Your bills just tripled!
        Now they’re trying to turn that same black neighborhood around by hiking the prices up on the houses so they can move in a certain kind of white crowd into that neighborhood. Crap like this happens all the time.
        But let’s go back to the erasure of education and jobs. Once this happens, folk realize that they have to pay the bills and put food on the table. Enter in thievery, prostitution and drugs. Now all three of these things are illegal, so where are these people going when they get caught for doing these illegal things? Jail.
        Once they have a criminal record, you just made it twice as hard on them to get a job now cause who wants to hire a criminal?
        And this is what ticks me off so with the trans-speak because it’s nothing but circle-surface talk of: “context”, “content”, “conversations”, and while this sounds progressive, hip and humane, we see that they’re not really bringing up these issues; these real life issues that impact the lives of thousands, especially those of color.
        Because I’m also having a very hard time believing that these transwomen of color [TWOC] that are prostitutes are just super friendly and loving toward the women prostitutes of color. I’m not sure how it wouldn’t turn into a turf war? Because if transwomen who are not prostitutes kill, rape, murder and invade women’s spaces, why all of a sudden now would he respects a female prostitute’s space?
        I mean really, how could you could measure the death and rape rates WOC prostitutes endure by TWOC? Like the police is going to invest money and resources into investigating this? So not only are women prostitutes at high risk because of the johns, she’s now even at risk because of TW who are prostitutes.
        Yea, try having a conversation about that with the transwarriors…

    2. Mmm, I just watched that video and pretty much wanted to flip a table. That comment towards the end when Chaz-oops, I mean Chase…says that 47% of black transwomen are incarcerated in their life time…as if it has nothing to do with the fact of them being BLACK men! There is no history of black men being tossed in jail for being black. Nah, they’re only getting tossed in cause they’re black transwomen, doncha know! No racism here, just transphobic racism…
      Oh, and we must not talk about those actual violent/rapey black transwomen who need to be in jail, cause like white transwomen, those kind don’t exist.
      I’ll say it again; even though black men are oppressed, they’re still men.
      Mother of goodness, I need to take a break from watching trans-trooper videos…Also, I think I’m going to go crazy if I hear them say the words ‘important’ and ‘conversation’ one more time.

      1. How many of that 47 percent are prostitutes? Due to lack of acceptance by their families and the poverty they were born into, prostitution is often the only option for trans women of color. While criminalization of sex workers (vs. the johns) isn’t good for women or trans women, it’s been my impression that arrests/prosecutions for prostitution don’t result in much jail time. It’s sort of a revolving door and is why street prostitutes often have extremely long rap sheets.
        But that also doesn’t mean that that 47 percent is sitting in a jail cell right now.

        1. Yes, right! It’s like we just get these stat dumps but no break down within them. It’s just “Oh, trans get fired from their job”. But again, no break down as to why. It’s just because they’re trans.
          And really, if it wasn’t for GT and all her hard work of compiling these news stories, I’d believe these stats without question and just think it’s only because they’re trans and nothing else. But because we see so many ITs and military and CEOs who are transwomen, not of color, but they sure as heck didn’t lose their jobs once they came out, that we know many of these stats being spewed are lies.

      2. They don’t like to talk about the reason so many trans are in jail or are murdered because they’re prostitutes. That makes the contrast between the white trans and trans of color even more stark. Most of the trans being killed and incarcerated are black. And they’re killed for the same reason female sex workers are killed; easy prey.

      3. Re Table Flipping:
        everyone, even most black operated sites, acted as if that were a woman doing that. “Look, she never let go of her purse!” Never mind it was gay ballroom culture.
        Re: the prostitution thing, I’m not sure a trans relationship to it is ever the same as a female persons, just like the trans relationship to something like breast cancer will always be different (it’s horrible but now I feel even more like a real woman and have proof!). I’m guessing it’s not just wedding photographers who transition and detransition for various things. There have been many cases of trans going into prostitution despite having good enough employment elsewhere (the guy who cared for Obama as a child, for instance), because it’s something that made them feel like women based on their misogynistic views.
        So I’m not sure it can be separated from male risk seeking and self destructive behavior and just laid at the feet of economics.

      4. That’s another good point Anon Male, separating survivor sex from typical male risk taking behavior is impossible. I remember reading a post a trans woman made about his realization of the hoops women go through in order not to provoke male violence. This notion of validation by rape and prostitution is just bizarre to us, but male socialized people are literally clueless to the danger. Since they have nonexperience with being prey they lack the intuition that women have developed. Thus putting themselves and us in greater danger.

      5. I never thought about the risk taking aspect, and that does make sense, but it does seem like trans women of color are overrepresented among trans prostitutes. I can’t believe there’s no economic basis for that.
        And now that I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering how much of the violent crime rate against trans women is similar to the male-on-male violent crime rate. Men are more likely to be victims of homicide, and there are various reasons for that, but men being powerless victims isn’t one of them.

      6. All you have to think about is CeCe McDonald’s response to that confrontation where he killed that man. Dude was an obnoxious jerk, but he was ACROSS THE STREET. McDonald and his friends crossed the street to confront him. Now, in a similar situation, how many women would’ve responded to verbal abuse in a like manner? A woman might have gotten mouthy back at the men, but most would’ve done everything she could to get the hell away from a bunch of rowdy drunks. By crossing the street, McDonald reacted just as a man would, with typical male violence results. Trans have high rates of murder and other violence because they are men, and men have high rates of murder and other violence. The fact that they try to parlay typical male violence rates as something outside of the norm is a jedi mind trick.

      7. The Janet Mock quote I most despise is when he says being sexually abused as a child “affirmed his girlhood” in his mind.
        No woman I have ever known feels that way about ANY sexual assault perpetrated upon her. No rape, no sexual violation is “affirming” womanhood. In fact, many women sexually abused as children react by shedding the trappings of femininity and by expressing and manifesting shame about their femaleness, their female bodies.
        Even for Mock, child sex abuse seems to have merely triggered or exacerbated sex and gender confusion for him but he processes that as an “affirmation”.
        Given how differently men like Mock process sexual boundary violation, I don’t doubt that the male trans sex work experience is also different than the female sex work experience. Even the most enthusiastic female sex worker is only enthusiastic about the MONEY she is able earn to improve her living situation. Never known one who is enthusiastic about the sex or the way the work “makes her feel.” For women, sex work is a means to an end, for men it can be an end in itself.

      8. CeCe might have stabbed a dude, but the guy didn’t touch him, he was only coming over to pull CeCe and his male buddies off of a woman they were kicking the crap out of (although I can’t say I’ve ever heard any documentation of her injuries).
        The stabbing was supposedly self defense but given the guy had yet to intervene, it really takes a belief that “cismales are the natural predators of transwomen who are murdered by the thousands every day” (but transwomen cannot ever be predatory towards cisfemales) to make that self defense sound remotely reasonable.
        It’s literally castle doctrine SYG type crap and it worked for a black male against a white male because of gendah, which I have to admit is kind of hilarious — if it weren’t at the expense of women of all races.
        Being that, afaict, the initial jerk in the incident was a woman, who probably did deserve to go to jail for throwing a glass bottle as the theatrics escalated (and I’m sympathetic to CeCe not having any real legal recourse due to race both before and after the bottle was thrown), I think it’s worth noting that most “regular guys” would not cross the street to deal with a woman harassing them because there’s no winning in that situation.
        Trans get the same “don’t be a punk” lesson as the rest of us males growing up but they seem to be far more liberal in applying that lesson to females in their vicinity. I’m guessing that makes them more dangerous to women than the average guy.
        Obviously, that theory is beneficial to me, but I’m also sick of hearing about how I’m supposedly an oppressor of the cast of sicko characters that are documented here on GenderTrender and that they somehow have cause to fear violence from people like me.

    3. Oh boo fuckin hoo. No one wants to hire crazy men who think they’re “women”!! If dudes in dresses find life tough than stop pretending to be “women”. Women, on the other hand, can’t do that.

    4. I do not doubt that life can be tough for black trans people.
      However, Sara Silverman’s video doesn’t contradict that. It did not imply that anything about trans women, really. It noted that there’s a pay disparity between men and women – even if the type of work being done is controlled for. That’s a fact.

    5. Good point Fab Fro. I’d be interested in what Janet Mock and his talk about underground railroads into child prostitution would say about that? Though, I must say, I’ve never met a black het trans woman. All the ones I knew back in the 80s in college and working with teens as a social worker, they were all gay. That’s why these encounters with white het trans women have been so astounding to me; I never imagined such a thing was possible.
      When I worked with the young teens trying to get them into the shelters each group had their own turf. The trans women didn’t work the same areas as women did. This was more than a decade ago, I have no idea if this is still true. I never got the crazy, rapey vibe from black trans women as I do these het ones, but certainly they are allied with the white trans in their hatred of women. And I got plenty of that I’m a better woman than you foolishness. (Of course I got that from gay non trans too.)

      1. There are some really excellent points being brought regarding TWOC within the prostitution scene. And so far it’s bringing up a lot of unanswered questions the trans-activist don’t seem to want to include into that “conversation” of theirs.
        Like about the CeCe McDonald case; I thought it was him who charged at the woman and her “boyfriend” got in the way. So, if CeCe was going after the woman, that says tons about him knowing he could take on a woman but not a man.
        Synthia is another one we can add to the list as another violent male who, no doubt got into prostitution, and had a hatred towards women.
        Also, when Anon male brought up males going into prostitution for the thrill of it, I too thought of Janet Mock who felt that sex working is apart of womanhood…
        So within that 47% of stat lumping they gave us of TWOC that are incarcerated, we’re now wondering:
        -What percentage are in jail for prostitution as a means to survive due to poverty.
        -What percentage are in jail for prostitution because they feel it’s part of womanhood or just do it for the thrill of it.
        -What percentage are in for theft.
        -What percentage are in for rape or murder of a woman and/or child.
        -What percentage are in for drugs.
        -What percentage are in for DUIs or just under the influence of alcohol.
        -What percentage are in jail for disturbing the peace or being violent/abusive towards others.
        -What percentage are in jail just for being black.
        I doubt the trans-activist will ever give us a break down within that 47%, cause, ya’know, that might mean truth. And truth ain’t always pretty [and we all know how it’s about being the most prettiest, most oppressed angel out there!]

  14. Silverman’s statement:
    “If I literally got a sex change I would indeed find the work force far less friendly. The video wasn’t transphobic it was transignorant – never crossed my mind. But to my *unintentional* credit- people are talking about it & so begins awareness. Please don’t punish this cause because of my video. I certainly don’t only fight for causes that concern or benefit me and I expect the same of the vital trans community.”

      1. She’s in for a horrible surprise. They’ll also jump all over her for using “sex change” and not one of the myriad names they’ve come up with for it instead.

    1. A grovelling apology, just like parallelexistence said. Sarah Silverman is too “transignorant” to know she got it right the first time. Somebody should tell her.

      1. Yes, well, I don’t know why anyone would expect any different. She’s very mainstream, and we now have a culture that just will not challenge the trans lunacy. I don’t know what it will take because everytime something happens and feminists say, oh *this* must be peak trans – well it never is and it’s excuses and apologies all round from the liberals and the meeja and their celebrity poodles (and that includes Silverman too)

      2. Rather than an apology, I actually think Sarah was throwing a little shade. My interpretation – this is about women, not you crazy mofos, and I made my point. I wasn’t even thinking about you and your exaggerated feels. But if you expect me to jump on your bandwagon, you dudes need to show some concern for problems women face in the real world.

      3. @VC. I agree. I was thinking how impossible it is to be “transignorant” about “women being born with penises”. It’s frickin’ every where. So, yea, she knows about transwomen and their laydee peen. She just didn’t include it [thank goodness].

      4. That’s more or less how I interpreted it too, VC. She made it seem like an apology, to slightly pacify the rabble, but really just told people to focus on the issue at hand.

      5. Nah branjor I disagree… that was a Nixonian “non-apology apology” if I ever heard one. There is a bit of an insult in claiming it “never crossed her mind”–subtle, but also very Nixonian. A way of saying they aren’t all *that* important in the larger scheme of things; Silverman is dealing with REAL WORLD politics, not hurt feelings.
        However, to qualify as a proper Nixonian non-apology, she should not comment further and consider the subject forever closed. If she doesn’t then I will agree she is grovelling and craven.
        I hope she doesn’t.

    2. “…that concern or benefit me…” translation: “that concern or benefit WOMEN” – “…expect the same of the vital trans community…” translation: “expect the same of the men-who-MAKE-BELIEVE-that-they-are-women”

    3. Hah, I got into trouble for saying “sex change” the other day – although I do not actually believe it’s possible to change sex, it was what I’ve always heard it called. “They aren’t changing sex, they’re making their bodies conform with their true sex!”
      Sarah, you are in for a world of hurt when you try to appease some people. You can’t. Your existence makes them so angry they are never going to see you as anything but the enemy.

    4. “I certainly don’t fight for only causes that concern or benefit me, and I expect the same from the vital trans community”
      Oh yeah, as in, ‘isn’t about time trans stopped focusing solely on those things that exclusively benefit and concern them’ that is, if they want to be considered a vital community, vital to women…. Sarah Silverman was throwin shade. great comeback. Get on board with women’s needs or stfu. That’s how I read it

  15. Of course Parker Molloy had to open his big yap:
    http: //hellogiggles.com/sarah-silverman-wage-equality
    Why Sarah Silverman’s wage equality campaign made me feel awful
    Because it’s all about meeeeeeeeee!
    A campaign born out of exclusion can never bring justice to the masses, only the few.
    Right, Parker, more than half the global population is just “a few”, isn’t it. We’re just chicks, after all.

    1. A quote from that article:
      ” The same study discovered that when a trans man — that is, a man who was assigned female at birth — socially transitions genders, he will typically experience a small boost in pay.”
      Hold the phones here. Doesn’t this stat (plus the one on trans women) more or less support the whole message of the video? All you have to do to present yourself as a man, and up goes your salary? (In general, obviously individual cases vary) And then if you present yourself as a woman, down it goes?
      It’s damn sad that women – half of humanity – are referred to as ‘only the few.’

    2. “It made me feel AWFUL because it was not about ME ME ME, the most opressessest middle class white male on the PLANET!” – Parker Malloy

    3. He is such a fucking wanker. He doesn’t. Understand. Anything.
      I want my Left back, uncontaminated by absolute dicks like this who seriously think women – 52% of the population – are “the few” and that everything – every advance women make, every video they film, every joke they utter – should first be run past a committee of high earning penis owners with lipstick on. This is a class issue and a privilege issue, just not in the way he thinks. It’s not the columnist for the HuffPo and multiple other media outlets who has their voice silenced and suffers oppression. It’s the (female) cleaner who cleans the offices late at night and who doesn’t get paid anything near what Molloy would roll out of bed for.

      1. Thank you, a cat. I couldn’t agree more. When liberals wonder why the majority of women decline to call themselves feminists, I think of bullshit like this. Those women aren’t stupid. They know that libfems and trans entryists like Molloy don’t address their concerns and feel entitled to waste their time on things that harm women as a class.
        Liberal feminists allowed transactivists to hollow out the ideological base that first and second wave feminists built and to redefine feminism as feminine-ism. Silverman was punished for acknowledging that misogyny is rooted in female biology rather than gender identity. Hence, far from being “vital” to feminism, transactivists have nothing of value to contribute to its ideology. Being obsessed with erasing the reality of the female sex class, their interests do not dovetail with ours. Their hijacking of intersectionalism and equation of female resistance to trans entryism with second wave racism are spurious in the extreme.
        Libfems let transactivists get away with their entryism for various reasons. First, like Jessica Valenti, they think feminism is a career track or a game for college-age middle class women to play. Second, it gave them the opportunity to redefine their own self-indulgence and capitulation as radical and liberating.
        Since arguing with transactivists has proven completely fruitless, women need to use one of the few tools we’ve had access to: the power of shunning. We need to put our collective foot down and refuse to give our physical and emotional labor to self-appointed trans intercessors like Molloy and their liberal, anti-feminist sponsors. Since the Cotton Ceiling debacle, transactivists have proven beyond a doubt that they are uninterested in even hearing the concerns of the 52%. They have nothing to offer to feminism and are merely takers.
        We also need to make it clear that transactivism is just another variation on the bastardization of feminism that liberal feminism represents. I am extremely grateful to Gallus for providing this forum for us to brainstorm.

      2. Postscript: A third reason for libfem capitulation to transactivists is the opportunity it provided for them to further differentiate themselves from unpopular second-wave rabble rousers, i.e. the last wave that got anything done. Queer/trans theory dovetails perfectly with the sex-poz, consumerist individualism of liberal feminism. We’re not like those mean, hairy-legged second wavers. We’re fun, sexy and hip. Since inconveniencing men is so dangerous, libfems hoped they could get what they wanted without ever upsetting them.
        Libfems didn’t bother following queer theory to its logical end, which is denying that hatred of women is rooted in the male desire to control female reproductive capacity. Mistreatment of gender nonconforming males is ancillary to that original cause. Entitled males like Molloy have no interest in ceding the center of attention to mere women, ever.

      3. An example illustrating the above:

        Case closed.

  16. Rothblatt ….
    I meant to say the highest paid CEO in the U.S. was born with a penis. See the expensive sports car…
    “Martine Rothblatt, the highest-paid female executive in America, was born male.”
    I wonder how many women he had to step on or step over to get where he is at now.
    Frank Maloney is another man who made a lot of money before he “transitioned” and became a “woman”. He made his fortune promoting boxing matches.
    Forbes values closeted crossdresser financier (and father of three) James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker at 1.8 billion.
    Wealthy white men have always liked to play dress up when they aren’t in board rooms working out a deal to screw the competition.
    Being born with a penis does make a difference.

  17. Off topic: Folks, if you use a proxy to comment on this site you may find that some or all of your comments go into spam, and are not published. The reason for this is that I get an enormous amount of disgusting, abusive, violent comments from men using proxy nodes. Those IPs are then banned. If you are using the same, banned node, of course your comments will also be banned. I have no intention of making any changes here. I quite like minimizing my contact with violent abusive men. I also don’t have time to go through page after page of the hundreds of spam comments I get everyday. I’m sorry if this inconveniences you, but of course I reserve the right to do things in a way that minimizes the male abuse I receive. This allows me to sustain the energy and focus to keep this blog running. Thank you for your understanding.

  18. Jane said everything much better than I could! She also put another concept very well which I wasn’t sure of introducing here -entryism.
    This is National Coming Out Day so today I am coming out as a radical feminist. I am going to read all the feminist work I can find ever, I already have some names on my list, Mary Daly who I have heard of before, Janice Raymond.
    I actually feel a huge sense of relief saying “Right, a cat, you are a radical feminist”. I was before, but I was wary of saying the words – I thought I was just going to piss everyone off. For some reason I was OK with my other political positions being problematic but I was fighting shy of being a radfem. What an idiot I was.
    Anyway I am now a cat, radical feminist, and I thank GM and all her contributors. It’s a bit painful getting a check which is surprising, but if things are correct, they are correct. Thanks comrades, you have made a difference to one person at least.

    1. Congratulations! I’m not sure if you already know about this site, but I might as well toss it out there: Radfem.org. That’s just in case they don’t have it at your library. And of course, if you really love the book you can order it to add it to your collection of favorite books. The joy of options!
      Anyway, even though I’ve said this before, I really don’t see the harm in repeating it. But I find this site and a couple of other blogs I follow to be such a safe haven for me. There’s just so much I learned from all these wonderful, strong and intelligent women here who blog and comment.
      You’ve all helped me so much with my own confidence in being a woman, and even defining what that means. I no longer feel ashamed in fighting for or speaking up about my feelings or thoughts as a woman. I no longer feel ashamed in disagreeing with someone, especially when it comes to sexism.
      So when a dood starts whinnying that feminism is harmful, I can easily kill that noise with telling him it didn’t harm me, it made me stronger. What’s harming me is the patriarchy and that would be males, not females. That I don’t fear that feminism will murder or rape me. I don’t fear walking past a group of feminist like I do males. Feminism is not what instills into me through the media that being raped or threaten with it is just apart of being a woman.
      When I mentioned this to a guy, he got his jimmies all rustled and started saying that these rapey males that create rapey media at least knew that he was creating fiction, unlike the feminist who are taking it too personal…
      (╬ ಠ益ಠ)
      Dear goodness, they can’t say it’s fiction one minute, but argue that they added it in because it’s realistic the next! But I’m digressing. Whew. Okay…
      Anyway, I’m saying all of this to say that it’s nice to be able to come somewhere to gather and enhance the female gaze without all the malesplaining, which just boggles my mind deeply. I really do cherish these female spaces for this fact.

  19. This is more or less totally off topic, but I thought you might like to see this article about trans* students at women’s colleges in the NYT. It sounds like some of them have their heads on straight, and there’s otherwise a debate.

    1. Remember, trans women are women, and thus entitled to a share of whatever spaces women have carved out for themselves. Colleen Francis waving his penis at little girls in a changing room? That’s what equality looks like!
      And trans men are men, and thus entitled to a share of whatever spaces women have carved out for themselves. Women’s colleges failing to say, in every single possible context, “and there are men here, too”? Bigotry in action!

  20. Have you seen “Angelica Perduta” topvoted comment?
    It’s this:
    “Women are “with men”. Your owning a vagina doesn’t qualify you as a “woman” Sarah dear. 😛
    The reason female people earn less than male people is because they are more likely to sponge off society (or other people) and waste their time swanning about with their divorcee clique, bitching about men, and how hard done by you pathetic victims truly are.
    In reality, there isn’t actually one single employer in our entire nation, who pays more to penis owners than they do to cunt owners, for the same work, but there are quite a few where the cunts work less but receive equal pay…

  21. Wow. “Angelica Perduta” (what a fucking stupid name) really hates women. In fact, they sound like every MRA post I’ve ever read. I’m surprised HE didn’t mention sperm-jacking and alpha males. His entire hate screed needs a lot of citations. Where are the citations? Misogynists are misogynists, even when they medically chuck their dicks. I’m always blown away at how these idiots blatantly admit they’d like all biological women to fuck off so they can be the default females.

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