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  1. Okay, first of all, we don’t pee out of our clitoris. Males pee out of their penis, which is a totally different structure. Secondly, girls are taught very early and very strictly to be ashamed of what’s “down there” and thus are never to mention it. I had a neighborhood boy try to coerce me into “showing mine” when I was 5. I was so afraid of being punished for that interaction that I actually lied when my mom suspected something was up.
    Adults thinking like this about children is gross and dude needs to just stop. Like, now. Eeew.

    1. I mean, jeez, didn’t he watch that bit in OINTB? Even Cox knows what a clit is and how it works. Aren’t these Laydees supposed to know the anatomy they wished they had? Get with the program, dude.

  2. You think it’s gone as far as it can and then you’re surprised once more. A penis is now a clitoris.

    1. I watched that whole thing and it was totally worth it. And the very definition of “appropriate.”

      1. What else can we do but expand all the way into outer space and find alien monoliths to express just how moronic this notion i?. Thankx to Richard Strauss for the music.

  3. This is so beyond offensive, especially to girls and women who were born with an actual large clitoris. It’s not the same thing as a penis. Of course the “treatment” protocol for having a large clitoris–usually “reduction” or even total clitorodectomy–is premised on the idea that the two will be confused. So when anyone wants to confuse the matter more, I have to say, Fuck that.

  4. Anyone else notice the jab against WBW? How the trans”girls” (aka MEN) are so lucky (aka superior) cuz “she” can stand up to pee! Such men, they cannot even make a freaking comic without bashing girls and women! And it’s not even a side line, but a big part of the comic!
    So, now they are telling kids that penises are just big clits? As if a the clit = a penis? OMG, basic anatomy people. BASIC anatomy here. I know they all know anatomy, with the hours they pour over how to make frankencrotches. It is a deliberate distortion.
    Doesn’t anyone realize how insane this is? Obviously the kool-aid drinkers are cool with it, but other feminists and lesbians? How can they look at this and find it acceptable; even ignoring the erasure of women, this is just nuts? I am sure the mainstream would never go for this, but they don’t care enough to bother.
    Every time I think it cannot get worse, it does.

    1. I’m a bit confused by what you’re saying. Not all people who don’t have a vagina think they need one to feel like a woman. Not to mention, some people feel like a woman regardless of what they have as their genitals. Genitals do not equal gender (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V25yRVXFTKc). So if you mean to say that the attempt to erase the vagina with the use of a penis simile is a way of erasing women, I don’t think that’s really accurate. Also, transgender women are just women. Not “aka men”, women (http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2014/aug/12/transgender-kellie-maloney-lgbt-sex-change). Please give me some clarification if I’ve misinterpreted your comments though.

      1. Yeah, you seem a bit flummoxed.
        “Not all people who don’t have a vagina think they need one to feel like a woman.”
        Um, “people who don’t have a vagina” (baring accident or injury) are males.
        Woman= Adult human female.
        Males cannot “feel like” females, because female is a reproductive classification for egg-producing mammals. There is no “psychological feeling” for being egg-producing.
        “Not to mention, some people feel like a woman regardless of what they have as their genitals.” Again, the word woman means adult human female. Humans are classified by reproductive function. There is no “feeling” corollary for “possession of a reproductive function”.
        “So if you mean to say that the attempt to erase the vagina with the use of a penis simile is a way of erasing women, I don’t think that’s really accurate.”
        I don’t even know what that means. Also, no one is discussing vagina. Do you think a clitoris is the same thing as a vagina? Do you think a clitoris is part of the vagina? Do you thing vagina is a catch-all term for what is “down-dare” on females? Often men do think that (because the vagina is where they want to stick their dicks, making it therefore the most important part of the female genitalia). Is that what you think? Otherwise why are you changing the topic to vaginas when none of us are talking about that?
        “Also, transgender women are just women. Not “aka men”, women.”
        Are you saying that male transgenders (“transwomen”) are indistinguishable from females? Are all women therefore “transwomen”? If “transwomen” are women, what does the word trans mean? What are they “transitioning” to? What does the term MTF mean?
        “Transwomen” are by definition adult human males: men. What about all the “transwomen” who acknowledge that they are adult human males? Are you claiming that they are wrong about themselves? Is their doctor wrong to give them a prostate exam? If adult human females (women) are defined as a “feeling” and “transwomen are just women”, are “transwomen” nothing but a feeling? Lacking corporeal existence? A floaty “feeling” or sense of possessing the capacity to produce ova? Is that what you think women are? If woman is defined as “anyone who identifies as a woman” what are they identifying as? If the definition of woman is “anyone who identifies as one” than: Anyone who identifies as a woman is someone who identifies as someone who identifies as a person who identifies as anyone identifying as a person etc etc etc. If the definition of woman is “a feeling a man can have” than: anyone who feels like a woman feels like a person who feels like someone with a feeling of feeling a feeling of feeling like a feeling. Etc etc etc.
        Please clarify these gaps in your logic. Please do not use illogical cult-speak, thought-terminating clichés and circular thinking in your reply. Thanks in advance.

        1. Gallus, sorry I kept saying vagina when it should be clitoris. I just got confused. Thanks for pointing out that my comments sound like circular thinking, that’s precisely why I said people can correct me if I’m wrong. As for what you said about cults, could you link me to more articles on it? I’m always open to learning more about things that I’m not well-informed of.
          As for your question on whether I’m saying that transgender women are indistinguishable from women, biologically speaking, that is not the case, so I agree with you on the idea that they are biologically distinguishable. But, in terms of feeling, isn’t the feeling of wanting to be female why a transgender girl might say something like: “Mom, I want to be a girl”? Or say something like “I want to go to school as a girl”? Isn’t that why a transgender girl might prefer to use the “she” pronoun?

      2. Skip to the Loo 🙂 what GM said, basically. “Woman” isn’t a feeling you have. It is an existence you have, and this existence is not separate from physical realities.
        I shave my head, I’m very interested in far left politics, I have zero stereotypically feminine interests and I am celibate. I am still a woman (indeed my period will show up shortly to prove me right on this one). If I said I was a man because I felt like a man, I’d be flying in the face of my own biology. How would I know what being a man is? What could it possibly mean to me? How could I begin to understand the experience of being the ruling class under patriarchy, or having the biological reality of possessing a knob?
        Pretending something is true does not make it true. I could pretend I was a man, but I wouldn’t be, any more than if I pretended I was an umbrella or a pot plant or a horse. I find it crazy that men say they are women with penises or women say they are men with vulvas and vaginas.
        I listened to Hollie Hewitt’s talk (twice, so I could try to understand). It was a lot of sex-pozzie nonsense. My genitals aren’t “a constant source of delight” producing “rivers of goo”. They are a physical reality which exist in the state they do because I am a human female. This is not complex.

        1. As previously mentioned in my reply to Gallus’ comment, I’m not saying transgender women and women are biologically indistinguishable. I do understand what you mean by physical reality as not being separate to existence, but I think saying that a transgender woman is a woman is a way of acknowledging that they do not identify with being male. From my interpretation of Maloney’s video (http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2014/aug/12/transgender-kellie-maloney-lgbt-sex-change), that is real. A transgender woman might still have a penis and prefer to be known as a “she”. I don’t think that makes them crazy.

      3. Loo – The only explanation of “feeling like a woman” I can come up with that isn’t nonsensical relates to physical aspects. I’ve yet to hear of a transwoman with menstrual cramps (as in, a contracting and inflamed uterus, not a psychosomatic tum-tum ache) or vulvodynia. Socialization aside, there is no emotional, mental, or spiritual way of feeling that is fundamentally male or female. Schmuck.

      4. ” Also, transgender women are just women. Not “aka men”, women”
        “transgender women” are mentally ill, perverted MEN. Period.

          1. Loo, let me explain to you why nobody here cares about your imagined identity. Or at least why I don’t.
            See, nobody asked me when I was five what I identified as. I was sent to school, and when a boy physically attacked me, I was punished for defending myself by pushing him away when he bit me. Boys will be boys and young ladies shouldn’t shove, don’t you know.
            When I was in the 4th grade, the teacher didn’t ask if I was a boy or a girl. She just didn’t call on me, but called on the boys. She told me I didn’t want to read that book on Mayan archaeology or the one on dinosaurs and wouldn’t I prefer this one (written on a much lower level) about a girl? No, I didn’t.
            When I was in the 5th grade, nobody asked about my identity. They just made fun of my developing body.
            When I was in the 6th grade, strange men didn’t ask me about my identity. They just told me I needed to be raped.
            When I was in 8th grade, nobody asked about my identity, but they did shame me for my period.
            When I was a freshman in high school, nobody asked about my identity, but my classmate sexually assaulted me. Know where I found refuge? The girls’ restroom, knowing that any boy found there would be more severely punished than a boy accused of hurting me. (After all, boys will be boys.)
            When I was a senior in high school, nobody asked me about my identity, but my principal tried to tell me that even with nearly perfect test scores and excellent grades, and a portfolio of student activities that didn’t fit on a single page, I should prepare myself to not get into the school I applied to. He was wrong.
            During college, nobody asked me my identity, preferred pronouns, or anything, but I survived sexual assault number whatever, dealt with fellow engineering students sabotaging my lab bench, professors patronizing me, men catcalling me, etc.
            As an adult, politicians do not ask my identity before passing laws limiting my access to reproductive care. Men do not ask my identity before harassing me on the street. Hell, teenaged boys in the park feel free to try to harass a woman three times their age. My bosses didn’t ask my identity before promoting less competent men over me, before paying me less for more work, before talking about my appearance at my annual review, or their assumptions about my emotions. Nobody asked me my identity before passing me over for mentoring. The woman who did finally mentor me, after clawing her way up in a male dominated field didn’t ask, either. And you know what, she also, despite being amazingly talented and driven, is also passed over. I wonder if they asked her?
            I could not identify my way out of any of that. And mine is by far not the worst story. But you have the hubris to claim womanhood?! No. Absolutely not. It is no more yours to claim than someone else’s lived experience. Because that’s what you are trying to claim: my lived experience. It’s mine, not yours. Women’s safe spaces are ours, not yours. Go make your own, but leave ours alone.

      5. Loo, can you kindly go back to your little organization which suggests that trannies should take toilet “selfies” (like what women really need is a dude taking a picture in the next stall, FFS), and leave us the hell alone? Kthanxbai.

      6. “The feeling of wanting to be female” does not make a male become female. I may feel like I want to be four inches taller than I am. I may even pick up a pair of platform heels to “fake” it. Doesn’t mean I can add those four inches the next time I renew my driver’s license.
        If a male doesn’t want to be considered male, fine. Figure out some other way to go about it than “identifying as female” and demanding access to women’s private spaces.

      7. @Loo- you are a Pro-Rape Activist. That is what you are. You should be deeply, deeply ashamed of what you are doing.
        “The present day campaign in India for women’s toilets
        shows similarities with the nineteenth century campaign in
        the West, and it is about equality rather than prudery. The
        campaigns by organisations such as the Right to Pee, which
        represents a network of not for profit organisation (Brady,
        2013), agitate for sex-segregated toilets on the grounds that
        women and girls are unsafe using mixed facilities and cannot
        access work, education or public space on terms of equality
        whilst there are no women’s toilets. In one area of Delhi, for
        instance, local women visit the communal latrines in groups
        to create greater safety and there is an incident at least once a
        month in which young girls visiting the toilets are kidnapped
        and raped (Sugden, 2013). The lack of female-only toilets
        in schools is a particular focus of campaigns in India by
        organisations such as Child Rights and You (CRY), which
        argue that this is an important reason that girls drop out of
        school (Tankhar, 2013). A survey by CRY found that only 13%
        of schools had toilets specifically for girls. In Delhi girls skip
        school when menstruating (The Telegraph, 2014). The
        attitude amongst civil society groups and social reformers in
        India to the issue of sex-segregated toilets, which is that they
        are vital for women’s rights, is very different from that being
        adopted by queer theorists in the west who argue for
        degendering. Jairam Ramesh, the Minister for Rural Develop-
        ment, is quoted on the One India News website as saying, in
        relation to the importance of toilets for women, ‘Toilets are
        women’s fundamental right, for her privacy and her dignity’
        (Aswathy, 2013). The news article comments, that, ‘A society in
        which men and women have separate toilets, all well-
        maintained and well-accessible, is by far, more progressed,
        than a society in which everyone owns a mobile phone’
        (Aswathy, 2013).”
        From the link I posted for you which you OBVIOUSLY DID NOT READ. Shame on you!


      9. For christ’s sake please EXPLAIN, “Loo”, why you think THIS: “In the past, toilets used to be unisex and gender neutral and they still can be seen in certain countries” is PROGRESSIVE.

      10. YOU have done ZERO RESEARCH into the REAL WORLD EFFECTS your “activism” has ON WOMEN AND GIRLS. I suggest you embark on that research before continuing your harmful PRO-RAPE ACTIVISM.

      11. “I did read your article. I am trying to find statistical evidence right now”
        The article is CITED, “Loo”. It is CITED. What the fuck is wrong with you?

      12. You missed my point, Loo. I’m aware that “gender markers” on ID can be changed in some places. I’m saying it’s ridiculous to allow people to change their legal identity, based on feelings.
        I’m quite interested to see if you have some explanation in response to Gallus.

      13. @Loo you have so MANY links to so many articles, why, you COULD START YOUR WERY OWN BLOG!!!!!!
        P.S. if you should decide to start your own blog, no need to link it for my sake, I won’t be reading it troll

      14. I don’t think Loo is capable of parsing and discussing this issue. It may be intentional but I suspect there may be some sort of cognitive issue involved. The effect is one of being a giant troll, but I’m not sure that was her (assuming female socialization by the absence of threats and no long boring narcissistic explanation of her identity fee fees) intention, but that is the effect. She just tried to post that same fucking mediamatters link again like an imbecile. And said “none of my trans friends have ever tried to rape me”. Seriously.
        Goodbye Loo.

      15. “Gallus, sorry I kept saying vagina when it should be clitoris. I just got confused.”

        Not trying to beat a dead horse, but I would be lying if I said this wasn’t bothering me. I’ve been thinking how any woman could get her own vagina mixed up with her clitoris???
        “Oh, I’m menstruating right out of my clitoris! Oops! I mean my vagina! My bad! I always get them mixed up.”
        Seriously, has any woman made this kind of mistake? So I can only come to two conclusions for sanity reasons. Either:
        1. Loo is a female, but English is not her native language, so words get lost in translation. Granted and understandable.
        2. Loo is a dood.

      16. @PF: Fantastic comment. “I can’t identify my way out of that,” is such a perfect summation of the privilege of these men who think their “identity” is somehow magical.
        I “identify” as someone who can ask a male technician a computer question without getting a patronizing chuckle. I “identify” as someone worthy of being spoken to in a store even when my husband is standing next to me. I “identify” as someone who doesn’t deserve to have my work dismissed by men just because it’s the work of a chick. I “identify” as someone whose legitimate complaints shouldn’t be brushed off because I’m obviously just an overemotional woman, and as someone who has the right to be angry about an infuriating situation without being told I need to calm down and not get myself so upset.
        Funnily enough, though, I don’t see any of these “mah laydee identity” dudes fighting for my right to have THAT “identity” treated as something sacred which must be catered to at all costs.

        1. My brother took me car shopping with him. We both joked I was the “secret weapon”. And so when the technical aspects of car performance came up, I began asking questions. My first question was met with a condescending dismissal, until I responded with further information. Even after that, the guy faced my brother to answer my questions, as though he had asked them.

      17. That’s right, genitals do not equal gender. Gender is not biological. I don’t care what you’ve got growing out of your central trunk, gender is made up.
        Physical sex is a different matter. In typically developed human beings, genitals DO denote sex, mainly because doctors will do karyotypes to diagnose Down syndrome but won’t do it to verify sex in an “intersexed” infant. Never mind the individual just born will want to know that information later if they ever decide to have kids.
        But there’s still a very definite pattern. Normal range of chromosomes, gene expression and hormone levels = boy has penis, girl has vulva. Biology FRIGGING 101. Thank you.

  5. You know all you’ll ever need to about this guy after reading his back to school comic. Only a perverted male would refer to it as “cummer” vacation.
    Can’t believe people let him work with their children.

    1. Right? I taught for years and kept the fact that I wasn’t Christian Very Quiet, for fear of losing my job. But this guy screams that he thinks of children in a sexual way across the internet while working a summer camp and studying for an education degree? I sincerely hope he doesn’t get an urban post. Those kids have enough shit on their plate.

      1. If i were still a social worker I’d have to write romances under a pseudonym. I wrote one story where the couple met as teens and I made sure all sex scenes took place after they were adults. It’s bad enough he has children discussing clitores, but the claim that a clit=peen is both bad science and creepy as fuck.

  6. It turns out that he’s studying education at the University of Quebec at Montreal! I have little doubt that he’ll get a post in a city school, being such a heroic activist. And having clicked through all of these comics, having a pretty pink little girlhood is obviously something that looms very large in his mind.

  7. ON WHAT PLANET is it okay for a man who runs a CHILDREN’S CAMP (or ANY MAN EVER) to author comic strips ABOUT CHILDREN’S CLITORISES?!? What the FUCK???!!

    1. He needs to be fired ASAP. Do the others who work on the camp know about this, I wonder? Do the parents know? On the other hand, it IS a camp for children laballed “transgender”, so perhaps they approve…
      I found the comic about the author’s boy-self yelling at and scaring a girl (a black girl who appears to wear lipstick, btw) quite accurate regarding MtT behaviour.
      http://assignedmale.tumblr. com/post/97387301532/the-costume-webcomic-about-a-transgender-girl

      1. Gotta love how of COURSE the trans kid is the best at gymnastics, too.
        If the comic hadn’t already specified the kid’s name is “Stephie” I would have guessed MARY SUE.

      2. I noticed that, too, and was horrified. First he screams and frightens her (the look on her face is pure terror, and she screams) and then he LAUGHS at her because he was “just kidding!”
        Typical male bullshit.
        He’s also got a few with the “But MY penis is a GIRL penis,” garbage in there.
        He’s a sick fuck.

    2. I don’t see it as a problem that he wrote a story where children talk about their body parts. Children should be able to name their body parts and be able to talk about them without feeling ashamed. The problem is that he is relaying completely false information about girl children body parts and boy children as well.
      A penis is not a clitoris, and girls and women can pee standing up too? (both camping and using an Indian bathroom). Urinals on the other hand are made for men only. Also squatting is a way healthier way of urinating/defecating for both women and men.
      So yeah I definitely have a problem with the misinformation and the obvious creepy delusions the crazy man behind this comic strip has.
      As for children talking matter-of-factly about their genitals:that is normal and preferable.

      1. At this age, I have a problem with ANY MALE writing stories and comics about children discussing their body parts. I came to the conclusion decades ago that I would never have allowed a male to babysit or care for any children I had because of their poor boundaries and behavior. For an example, my sisters-in-law and brother-in-law were all molested by a teenaged babysitter, and my husband’s nephew molested children in his mother’s daycare. These are, unfortunately, not unusual stories.
        That said, there are books written by women that are fairly good. Unfortunately, most books do not detail female anatomy comprehensively and all too often focus entirely on reproduction.

      2. Healthy kids don’t talk with other kids about their parts as if they were discussing the weather because healthy kids got the song and dance from their parents about how our private parts are PRIVATE and not anyone else’s business.
        I never had conversations like that with other girls, ever, and I knew all about the birds and the bees by the time I was ten or eleven. My parents didn’t know how to broach the subject with me but they knew I was a bookworm so they gave me books. Good ones. I have issues with my parents but that is not one of them.
        Some people get horny talking about reproductive bits. One thing liberals are really really wrong about is that we should all talk about sex publicly and make it out to be no big deal and let’s just all do it in public parks because FYI not everyone wants to be horny in public and they should be able to choose where and when they get riled up because not being able to do anything about it is really frustrating. I am not excusing men who see women in skimpy clothes and then want to go around on a rape spree but I am saying it’s possible for ANYONE to be frustrated like that, INCLUDING women–in fact, I have sometimes been. And then there’s the other side of the coin where you *don’t want to be horny* because there are one or more creepy people around you, and the last thing you want is to mentally associate happy bits with yucky people. I could go on and on.
        So there are good valid reasons to not talk about sex constantly even if you’re not ashamed of it. It’d be nice if sex pozzies would be more respectful of that.

  8. That was creepy as fuck.
    It’s so obvious that the whole “trans kids” thing is mostly about perverts living out their fantasies by projecting them onto little kids. This comic is perhaps the most glaringly obvious example I’ve ever seen.
    I’m afraid that dateline guy is going to show up and ask me to have a seat over here because I went to that facebook page. Fucking gross and scary as hell.

    1. “I’m afraid that dateline guy is going to show up and ask me to have a seat over here because I went to that facebook page.”
      Uh, seriously though, after seeing that page I need a shower.

  9. When people wake up to this travesty and wonder why nothing was done, why no one called them on it, Gallus will be one of the brave few who spoke up for the children who are its victims. Thanks, GM!
    Really, this stuff makes me want to cry.

      1. Gallus, this is a good time for me to thank you too and say that there aren’t that many brilliant people writing about women’s oppression, just a few wonderful women. And you are one. And you are part of history.

  10. I want to report this sick fuck to the authorities that are letting him loose on children but I don’t live in Canada. Would that matter? This garbage is the work of a paedophile.

    1. I don’t know about Canada as a whole, although some of the provinces must be conservative for Harper to be in office. But I do know that Toronto/Ontario is deep into the gender crap, as evidenced by the non-reaction when a man pretended to be trans to rape women in a women’s shelter. Those women are just collateral damage for trans women’s genderfeels.
      If Montreal is anything like Toronto, this guy is going to run amok until he starts assaulting children. Creepy red flags will be ignored.

      1. fun fact: most canadians voted for various liberal/progressive parties, but their votes were divided between various parties while conservative votes were consolidated in harper’s conservative party. so broken.

      2. Update from within the trans and PC madhouse called Canada.
        This summer, an 8 year old boy in Canada (Manitoba) “came out” to his parents as transgender and “transitioned” this summer. Returning to frade school as a girl to cheers except when one parent objected to the child using the girl’s washroom (all school boards in Canada have a transgender policy that demands any child claiming any gender MUST use that washroom). The child’s parents went to the media and police — the media is painting the case like Rosa Parks and the parents want the police to arrest the parent (a woman by the way) for hate crimes (which are huge in Canada) and lodged a Human Rights tribunal case against her (this woman’s life is over as she will be hounded like a witch and ruined for her transgression against the Trans).
        The Manitoba school board said its solution to the Policy Edict about Trans was that any transgender children will use the single washroom (the disabled washroom) and not the girls or boys washrooms — and they said they thought this a fair solution (which it is in the real logical world.) Canada is no longer in the real or logical world but is a PC nightmare Orwellian Police State where as a trans said to a “terf” recently: We Won, bitch. And in Canada they did. A “transman” spokestrans announced on tv to the CBC news that the disabled washroom solution was Nazi-like because it refused to acknowledge that the child IS a little girl — not some “other” (their actual word) so will not be relegated to less than human status in the disabled washroom (what does that say about attitudes to children with real disabilities!). The PC Thought Police in Canada are crowing and have their new Civil Rights heroine (an 8 year old who is playing his idiot parents like a Munchhausen by Proxy puppeteer).
        Americans don’t seem to realize that Canada like Western Europe is now a PC madhouse of hate crimes everywhere, anti-religion as racism, trans as the new blacks, and anyone who disagrees with any of this proves by their criticism that they are right wing scum and will forever be painted as such.
        To further blow your minds, check out this law from England. Any mouthing of a “racist or transphobic” comment (with that defined as anything the victim feels is an attack) by every UK child from primary school to high school is recorded in a log of hate and kept on file FOREVER to shame the child into stopping those horrible thoughts. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING IN ENGLAND (since 2006 or so). Any criticism of this as Orwellian insanity is countered with accusations that your criticism proves you are a racist and need re-education and punishment or possibly need to have your children removed and taken into care to protect them from you and your hate. Orwell is roaring with laughter from his grave. Read this overview and google the topic for more details.
        ps One of the never reported or spoken reasons that many Canadian people voted in the hated far right fundamentalist Christian corporatocracy servant Conservative government is because they are terrified rightly that the other left wing parties if in power will enact laws like those in England and make Canada even more PC insane than it already is (if that’s possible). In the real world, nothing is ever black and white, no issue is merely “hater” or “friend” — but of course the madness of the internet has made it so, where anything the other side hates is something your side must love. MADNESS.
        And FYI, pedophilia has now been declared a sexual orientation no different than homosexuality. Pedophile support groups are growing where pedophiles pledge not to act on their orientation. Yes. This is REALLY HAPPENING. You read it here on Gendertrender first. Read this insane article in a place where your screams of outrage will not alarm your neighbours.

      3. The “pedophilia is an orientation” guy’s research sounds like Victorian pseudo-science. The only thing missing is some data about bumps on the head.

      4. It’s weird feeling grateful for the nightmare free-for-all that the United States often is. An actual criminal punishment for saying something that could be construed as mean.

      5. i can’t believe the 8 year old in canada thing.
        also: can not believe they are allowing an eight year old to dye his hair pink jesus fucking christ.

      6. Sex offenders are born, not made, huh? More it’s God’s will disguised as so-called brain studies and genetics. (Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender will make any reader suspicious of brain scans.) In our totally screwed-up society where so many children are abused, neglected, molested, I think it’s absurd for some guy in a lab coat to be making statements that pedophilia is just another “orientation” and that it’s hard-wired from birth.

      7. “Any mouthing of a “racist or transphobic” comment (with that defined as anything the victim feels is an attack)…”
        I read that and thought, surely Coelacanth is mistaken! That cannot possibly be true! Then I read the link.
        And the U.S. is supposed to be the crazy one. Riiiight.
        I’d be careful though, Coelacanth, about agreeing that in Canada the trannies have “won.” Why? I’m going to quote Gallus Mag (from this post ) here:
        Dana Beyer can have his hetero “male lesbian” bros (and those they fund) shout at lesbians until the cows come home. They can bankroll every dying obsolete gay organization that ever existed. They can lobby. They can threaten. They can wish. They can dream. They can fantasize. They can coerce. They can pay. They can terrorize. They can vandalize. They can infiltrate. They can “pass”. They can pressure. They can manipulate. They can blame. They can (try to) shame. They can guilt trip. They can lobby. They can censor. They can strong arm. They can gaslight. They can rape. They can strangle. They can kill. They can threaten our families. They can threaten our children. They can no-platform us. They can track us. They can stalk us. They can harass our employers. They can damage our income. They can spam us. They can DOS us. They can yell. They can assault. They can threaten suicide. They can lie. They can do whatever the fuck they want, but guys, NO WOMAN EVER actually believes you are female. And NO LESBIAN EVER ACTUALLY BELIEVES THAT MALES ARE LESBIANS.
        If any woman ever tells you that she accepts you, a male, as female, SHE IS HUMORING YOU. You can’t bully your way into being female guys, no matter how much money or power you have and no matter how much porn you enjoy consuming.

        So ultimately, there’s no way for them to “win”, because there will always, always be this. (I hope you don’t mind me using that here, Gallus, but I thought it fit the bill. Plus, it’s one of my all-time favorite things that you’ve written.)

      8. Coelecanth: You make many good points, but I disagree with this one “Thought Police in Canada are crowing and have their new Civil Rights heroine (an 8 year old who is playing his idiot parents like a Munchhausen by Proxy puppeteer).”….8-year-olds aren’t thinking about gender issues, its his parents who are putting their neuroses & gender irrationalities on him (much like the poor 6-year-old boy here in the US, whose parents have decided that he is really a girl, since he reached for a pink blanket when he was 6 MONTHS old.) This 8-year-old is a victim, and shame on his parents who have undoubtedly worked hard to convince him that he is a girl because he likes pinks, wants to paint his nails, or because of whatever stereotypical “female” activity he expressed an interest in.

  11. Of course his Facebook page has pretty pink princesses on it. Of course it does.
    And now we’re supposed to consider penises as clitorises.
    Ain’t gonna happen, dude. I don’t care how much you cry and stomp your (size 14) feet. Honestly, if anyone ever tried to pull this bullshit with me in the real world, I’d have absolutely no problem laughing right in his face. LOUDLY.

  12. What little girl has even been told what a clitoris is?? I learned what my vagina was called, but I had to learn for myself what the names for the rest of the parts were (vulva, clitoris, labia minora/majora, urethra). Little girls aren’t taught genital anatomy.
    Fuck this pedophilic female impersonator.

    1. Women don’t even talk like this to each other. But men have completed degraded women to the point that nobody remembers that they are beings that exist beyond their genitals. Men coerce women to say all kinds of shit on Tv and in porn.
      But a man putting words into the mouths of children is taking this to another level.
      Give girls a chance FFS. Keep your grubby paws off them until they’re women at least.

      1. Men are so focused on their penises, much more than women are focused on our genitals. They really have a “thing” about their p’s (pun intended). Because M2Ts are men and also p-focused, they somehow think that girls and women are focused on theirs, too. If this weren’t being inflicted on real children, and a horror show, it would be yet another humorous example of how M2T’s get it so very, very wrong. No idea of what girls and women really think and feel despite their claims of “feeling like a girl/woman” from birth.
        Women as a group just don’t have the pervy-ness that men do. Another thing they think is natural. For the majority of women, it’s about relationships not genitals and perversions. This comes through in the M2T stuff and always rings false.

    2. This too. A more realistic reaction from the girl in the comic would be another “What?” in the second panel. Heck, even after I was well aware of how rubbing in certain places was really, really fun, and shared this with other of my friends who also had discovered similarly, we didn’t know what it was CALLED or go looking around.
      The full diagram of what’s what was from health class in junior high school, and it was embarrassing, even in a room full of only other girls!
      I’ll admit my school days were decades ago now and maybe things are radically different in 2014 but the whole thing just seems REALLY off.

      1. Exactly. I learned about its existence way before I knew the name or understood what a clitoris physically looked like. And even if I had known the name I would have been too embarrassed and ashamed to say it, much less casually with friends! I never considered it comparable to a penis in form or function: I knew where my pee actually came from; and I thought it was just a little ball under my skin, not a teeny tiny dick.
        But also, in this trans bizarro land where young girls are informed and positive about their anatomy and mothers casually mention their “daughter’s” “big clit” to adult men she’s never met and is entrusting her child to, why does this girl think women pee out of their clitoris? Why has she not been taught its sole function? Why is she not rolling on the ground laughing at him while he spews this crap?
        Rhetorical questions, we all know it’s because the guy who wrote the comic is obsessed with his dick and therefore too busy to google “clitoris” real quick and make sure he had the slightest idea what he’s talking about.

  13. It’s ironic that he’s making fun of “hegemonic masculinity” as an overly ivory tower phrase in his latest comic considering it was an ivory tower tranny-princess professor who came up with the idea as a way to brand and market his teaching method: no man is manly enough to measure up to the man standard so no male is ever responsible for patriarchy.
    Not only do all the dudebro nice-guy professors use this model (Michael Kimmel, Michael Flood, all the Mikes!), it’s basically the one thing that puts these guys in alignment and subordination to the trans cult.
    “Hegemonic masculinity” was designed to meet males “where they’re at” and was used to destabilize 1970s and 1980s pro-feminist work as “too ivory tower.”
    Thus the White Ribbon Campaign, with the help of John Stoltenberg, went from being anti-gender, anti-misogyny, to a campaign for better chivalry, since if patriarchy can save one woman from patriarchy, then patriarchy has done it’s job!
    But the idea that young men, especially young men of color, were too stupid for the anti-gender message, required the imposition of hegemonic masculinity literature. (“You’re black? A nerd? A democrat? Your personal masculinity can’t EVER BE hegemonic so you’re good! So no need to worry that feminism will take any privilege away from you! Follow my lead and you’ll meet Down to Fuck feminist chicks at Hugoboy’s SlutWalk.”)
    Thus it’s hilarious that Princess Private Parts thinks that hegemonic masculinity is too ivory tower for kids today.

  14. Serious question: has anyone ever seen one of these terrible ~trans webcomics~ that doesn’t involve the dude author either comparing himself (extremely favourably) to women or complaining about how women are just soooo meeeeean? Because I’ve had quite a few of these things burn my retinas now and they are all seeming pretty much identical.
    I have seen so much beautiful lesbian and gay culture that manages to completely ignore straight people, womens’ culture that exists without men, black and other global majority culture that has nothing to do with white people. But somehow the official Most Oppressedest Group Of All Time, white hetero dudes whose dicks like the feel of laydee knickers, can’t manage more than the cultural equivalent of a five year old thinking he’s Shakespeare because he managed to spell ‘cat’.

    1. Notice how it’s the fantasy fulfillment character who is portrayed as kindly looking out for the boy who doesn’t fit in, and overrules the girls’ objections. (After all, they have no *real* basis to object, right?) it’s not like boys shoving girls is tolerated and seen as “cute” starting even before the school years, right?

    2. Well of course any woman who won’t go along with it is mean, because society ensures men expect to be catered to by women.

  15. I keep hoping that the majority of women, even if invested in men, will recognize how dangerous these men who pretend to be women are. Gallus Mag, your work here is absolutely brilliant and the main ongoing proof of how female-hating and dangerous the trans cult is. Increasing numbers of women are finding out that “transwomen” are the worst kinds of men, but there is still that fear of being “transphobic” stopping too many women from using common sense. All of this helps. The fact that they want access even to public women’s restrooms should help too.
    This makes me remember how traumatized my best friend and I were by the cartoon porn we found when we were about seven at a park women’s restroom on the way home from school. Men always want access to places were girls and women are vulerable.
    Too many women still put these men first because they are men or because they sympathize with the lies these men tell about feeling like they are in the wrong body. But just look at the archives here and all the proof that that is just a lie, and they are simply perving on girls and women in whatever way they can. We are nothing to them except as something to caricaturize and fetishize and use and appropriate and rape. For those who say it’s complex, I keep saying, it couldn’t be clearer. Just listen to them, read them, look and them. And then stop wasting time on them except to fight for women and girls against them.

    1. If you go looking in the comments on trans-related articles – particularly trans-kid related articles – that appear in the mainstream press (i.e. not the co-opted taken-over newly “glbT” press) you can actually find quite a few “normal people” responses which are not coming from reactionary religious backgrounds but yet who are also not buying the “of course my male child is a girl” line.
      Purely going by statistics there have to be a lot of straight parents in there, and yeah, lots of people just not buying it. You can find people who will be careful to use all the right pronouns and whatever and say they will of course respect any kids like in the article but no, of course they’re not “really” girls (boggling at the idea of it) and why can’t they just use the staff bathroom, it seems like a perfect solution?
      …gives me hope, sometimes, that more people are reaching their “peak trans” moment.

    2. Librarians in my area, since there are no restrictions on viewing porn in our libraries, even when men are deliberately trying to force their porn viewing onto children, have to carefully monitor the computer printers starting mid-afternoon to intercept the porn perverts print out and leave for latchkey kids to find.

      1. Also, when this stuff was brought to light in our local alt-weekly, so many libfem young women chimed in to talk about how they never felt threatened or uncomfortable by the pervs in our libraries.

      2. @kesher. I can just hear them… “I’ve been coming here twice a week for the last sixth months to do research on commercial zoning in the 1920s for my neighborhood historical society, and it has never affected ME or MY LIFE in ANY WAY when Mr. Jones looks at porn on the computer next to mine. He even explained to me that this is his only outlet, because most women he’s attracted to are not very opened-minded, especially about men in his age group, and when he doesn’t have access, he sometimes ends up doing things that just marginalize him further. And to all the prudes out there, I just want to say that Mr. Jones is part of this community, too, and who are you to ‘other’ him.”

      3. Loup-
        That is a *perfect* rendition of the lib fem response. I can hear it now, and even picture the woman saying it, it is that common.
        I wish they would stop thinking that their experience is the only one that matters. This attitude erases all of those that have been harmed. I am so tired of women stepping up for, protecting, andnexcusing, men like this.
        It was the constant chorus of “what about the menz”, “not all men”, “patriarchy hurts men too”, and “I wuv da menz!” that made me so frustrated with “feminism” I wanted to quit.
        That’s when I found Radical feminism. 🙂

      4. But this will change once these uberliberal parents have kids. At that time it will shift to making sure their kids aren’t exposed at their neighborhood library, while still insisting it is a-ok at the library down the street (in that poorer, less white neighborhood). At least, that’s how it has played out here in Porland, OR.

      5. Even better, some of them tried to turn it into a social justice issue, that homeless people have an inherent right to get their wank on in a semi-public space.

      6. cerulean- I am in Eugene, so I know the type well. I think both your and Keshers ideas are right. I have seen these SJW champion the most insane things, many of which are a direct threat to women and girls. I can see them supporting the mens right to wank at the library- free speech and all, or the unhoused rights to use the computer as they wish (even if they are violent meth head .

  16. Why would anyone expect girls that young know what a clitoris is? This would be like having a comic where two young boys casually discuss their prostates.

    1. Say what? You lost me. Young girls find their clitorises the same way young boys find their penises, by exploration and sensation. The failing is in whether the girls learn about their bodies (including the names for things) and those sensations from safe adults or older children and then have the understanding and language to speak for themselves. All children deserve to learn early about the things that feel good, without shame, and also the difference between healthy sexuality and damaging shit from adults and other kids. Very young children can and do explore their bodies and can understand these concepts at an age-appropriate level.

    2. I have to agree with you. At a very young age, I think vulva and penis are both sufficient…?? I mean, how much in depth do people go with anatomy with young children in general? I’m thinking nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, stomach…when children start learning about systems, the digestive system, the nervous system, then it seems appropriate to teach about the reproductive system in greater detail…I’m just concerned that “healthy” teaching about sexuality to very young children can be a pretext for sexual exploitation by adults…..

    3. They don’t know what a clitoris is, of course, and if they did get that comprehensive a biology lesson in the grades that these kids appear to be, they would surely know that a clitoris is not something to pee out of.

    1. A version of that very same sentiment expressed on LiveJournal is what brought me to my “peak trans” moment, actually. The “Lady Penis.” Yep.

      1. Yes. Also how does this get a rage reaction from the mum? Most people get if you’re talking medical emergency, you have to answer questions like that -“Mind your own business!” even screamed at the top of one’s lungs, doesn’t really work.

        1. Because the actual realities of life are less important than always affirming the LaydeePeen. Heck, a real mom faced with the probability of a lil gendermonster meltdown plus the stress of an er visit might get snappish. I know my mom would not have tolerated the behavior In this strip.

    2. I still can’t get over that one. “Mind your own business!”?? Uh, it IS his business, since he’s trying to secure insurance coverage and get your kid in to see a doctor. Your child’s sex and ensuring the correct insurance info is recorded is absolutely his business. It’s the reason he is there.
      But silly me, you can’t expect either a tranny or a parent who buys into that crap to think rationally about anything.

      1. Not to mention, if it was a matter of mixing up children, as the men in the strip suggests, some serious consequences could come of treating a child while using their sibling’s medical records. It’s exactly his business.

      2. Totally, Teal Dear. And that idiot mother would be the first one calling lawyers when the ER staff took her “Mind your own business!” seriously and treated Child A in a way that would be appropriate only for Child B, and Child A had an allergic reaction or something. Then it would be all about their neglectfulness and poor treatment blah blah blah for not magically intuiting the information she refused to give them.
        I am stunned at any adult human being who thinks snarling “Mind your own business!” at medical personnel attempting to treat a patient is ever appropriate–but then, who am I kidding, this is a grown man who thinks he knows what it feels like to be a woman and that he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body. “Adult” can only be used to describe him technically. He lives in a five-year-old’s make-believe world.

    3. I finally looked at that “comic.” If this was my child, there would be serious consequences for this behavior. But then I have always paid a great deal of attention to other people’s children who have lived with me, and this trans nonsense is a desperate plea for attention. Remember the family with all the disabled children? My husband read the article in Rolling Stone about their trans child and immediately said it was the only way this kid could get any attention. He has done home health care for families with severely disabled children, and any children in the homes who are not disabled get little if any attention.

  17. He’s the best in his class in gymnastics, too!
    He wants girls to envy him & his penis, just like he envies us for what we have. That is how he puts his world back in balance:
    “envy my penis, envy my superior physical ability, envy my superior male brain that understands hegemonic masculinity theory (while the two real girls in the strip cannot grasp it) — while I covet what power I perceive YOU to have and steal it by performing your feminine role better than you do. I’m pinker, I’m prettier, shinier and girly-er than you will ever be, real girls, while I beat you at thinking, peeing and gymnastics, too. You aren’t entitled to anything if I cannot also have it. I’m a naturally superior male who performs femininity better than you do! I’m a wo-MAN and don’t you forget it.”

    1. I don’t even get the “more useful to pee when camping” thing. More useful to pee discreetly into an empty big gulp in a moving vehicle, sure, I can see that. Your dick is like a directional excretion tube, so yeah. But camping you can pretty much drop trough and piss anywhere.

      1. I always think that when they say women can’t pee standing up. I think, “these guys have never been camping”. Have they never got drunk in a field FFS. They spend too much time on the computer.
        My vomit reflex was affected once when I read something that gave me the impression that M2Ts find sitting down to pee masochistic. They were saying, “Now I have to sit down to pee too”. It was the tone they were using. Like they were voyeurs who regarded sitting down to pee as a sign of biological inferiority, and that they were now “forced” to pee like that too. It reeked of the forced feminization porn fetish.

      2. Although a M2T being drunk in a field or going camping is not really going to teach him anything about women. All he’s going to learn from that is how a M2T behaves when drunk in a field or camping.
        Well I hope he gets nettle stings on his arse when he squats to pee behind a tree.

      3. I found that how-to-pee-as-a-woman website ridiculously patronizing but if it helps people, whatever. The thing is, it’s really not rocket science and actually, no, you don’t have to touch your genitalia to pee standing up as a woman. I’ve stood over public toilets before and it’s really fucking simple actually.

      4. The idea is not to just pee standing over a toilet, the idea is to direct your urine stream forward so you don’t have to disrobe while peeing, and for that, yes, you do have to touch your genitals. So do men. So what?

      5. That wikihow specifically mentions that you’re likely to piss all over yourself and that you might as well get completely naked to do it. Given that men, who have anatomy better suited to peeing standing up, can still make a mess of things, I’ll stick to sitting down or squatting.

      6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s looked into learning to pee standing up. It’s a good laugh especially after you’ve had a few.
        Men think they are so special for this shit but it’s like, it’s a fucking skill that can be learned, whoopee.

      7. @ branjor: Well, for me, dropping trou takes about one second and I don’t have to worry about sanitizer or tools or anything else. If that technique works for some women great, but either way, the amount of instructions and everything else on that website made it come across as oddly complicated.

      8. Cloud: I like your link better too. I was wondering why there was so much more detail at the link I found than I remember from having read it before. I didn’t realize there were two wikihow links on the subject. Anyway, it’s simple. I discovered it by accident when I was 12. It doesn’t take tools, sanitizer or anything else besides standard female anatomy. And getting naked or else possibly making a mess is just for the early phases of practice before you develop some skill at it.

      9. Not only can we pee in the woods, standing, crouching or in whatever other position we can think of, we can also conceive and gestate human life and then birth the babies standing, crouching, or in whatever other position serves us best. There’s something his wonderful penis can’t do.
        But frankendoctors are working on the solution to that, even as we speak, so these special boys will never have to be left out of anything!!1! and the medico-mutilation establishment can continue to profit. Lab grown uteri for everyone!

      10. This is a great skill if you ever have to go in a really disgusting bathroom. Most women probably try to balance without touching the seat and possibly anything else, but if you lose your balance when trying to do that, yuck! Sorry about the further derail, but something worth learning even if don’t use it that often.

      11. I don’t get why there’s a website teaching women how to pee standing up. Women pee standing up all the times How many have peed in the sea?? In the shower? Or just dropped their kegs and peed somewhere while camping?Skirts are actually helpful when it comes to peeing standing up in a disgusting public toilet.
        No skill needed. You just set your legs apart, while standing up, and pee!! I only labour the point because sitting down to pee really is a “thing” that the trannies have lached onto.
        Anyway, 40% of Japanese men sit down to pee because their wives refuse to clean pee stains off the toilet seat. Apparently, the younger the man, the more likely he is to sit down to pee.

    2. Not only can the two girls in the strip not grasp the concept, they mention that it must have come from a book, as if the idea of reading one is completely alien to them.

  18. MY GOD this guy’s an idiot. (And yeah, those cartoons are disturbing). I find it very worrying that men imagine young girls having in-depth (uurgh) chats about their genitals. All the women I know, even the most feminist and liberated, still carry around the hangup of “we don’t talk about that”. To the extent that even saying “I’m bursting for a pee” gets a round of “OMG TMI”s. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I decided to discuss my clitoris.
    The art isn’t terrible (he needs to work on his range of facial expressions though). What is terrible, at least for me, is when I see this shit I feel like someone’s trying to steal my (female) girlhood off me. I didn’t want to wear pwetty pwetty dwesses and snuggle up with pink fluffy toys and I was still female. These tales make it seem as if THAT’s how you experience gender – if you’re really a boy with a girl’s body you have a buzzcut and like dinosaurs, if you’re really a girl with a boy’s body you have long hair and dress as a princess. It is the most essentialist bullshit that you can imagine and it’s lies.
    I also love, as other contributors have mentioned, that the trans kid is always the most fantastic of all. Best at gymnastics! Prettiest! Far more intelligent than the thicko cis girls! Most articulate! Best dress sense! And did we mention prettiest?
    (I remember our esteemed host GM one day put a post which was a play (I forget who did the play). In that play, which was written by a trans person, a boy fell in love with a trans person in the toilet (as you do) and his sister was going on about “She’s got the best legs in the whole school! All the other girls are sooo jealous!” Aye, right then. )

      1. OMG thanks GM! This is one of the ones where what has been seen cannot be unseen. I also want to know how many twu wuv relationships have actually been forged in a FUCKING TOILET, and if being in the men’s room is so traumatic for trans people, why “Mary” hung around in it for ages reapplying mascara and brushing hair. Surely the trauma would have sent Mary scuttling out sobbing?
        I also love “I don’t care about her penis”. Look, pal, you’re a teenage boy. If there has been a teenage boy born yet who does not care about genitalia and wants to focus on his date’s soul and felt gender identity, I’ve never met him. In real life, he’d be gay and longing to do Mary up the arse.

      2. @ a cat
        Like, to be fair ive known a couple of teenage boys who were like that with me, though the rest of that play is some serious bs

      3. I guess I can see why you laugh! It’s horrifying! None of us should be crippled by self-consciousness, but some of us would greatly benefit by a large dose of it and a mirror.

      4. Oh, ghod did I need to see jillian’s full-length at the bottom of that post? His arms are behind his back and you can see his hands between his legs creating an illusion of a thigh gap……urrrrghl………><"……….

    1. I partly disagree, and here’s why.
      There’s a character in this strip who I think is supposed to be some kind of butch girl, and she’s there to show that being trans has nothing to do with performing femininity. This is because the trans are onto us, and they know that if trans were just about performing masc/fem, that would be sexist as fuck. It’s the same reason you see little comments like, “I’m a transguy who loves glitter, so there!” and “I’m a transwoman who wears sweats, neener neener.” It’s to try to shut down the very critique that you’re making. See the video posted earlier on GT about the woman in New York who somehow “is a man” but doesn’t try to pass.
      Of course, what this really means is that womanhood and manhood aren’t anything at all. It’s not the type of body you have, right? Check. And it’s apparently not about wearing dresses or whatever. Check. So men and women are… what? Nothing. Nothing at all; there’s nothing left. Gender identity is a completely immaterial, spiritual thing that exists nowhere exactly and means nothing. “I identify as a woman, and to clear up what that means for you, let me define woman: a woman is a person who identifies as a woman.”
      Which is why we’re gender critical.

  19. An illustration of the politically inaccurate, sexist penis-envy theory. It’s just peeing! Why is there even a need to discuss who can pee in more ways at the toilet for an ego boost? Any child, or any adult, who discusses genitals like this, has really low self-esteem and probably will have the tendency to bring other people’s self esteem down as well.

      1. I’m saying that this comic, which is an illustration of the penis envy theory is politically inaccurate, because like the penis envy theory it is a generalisation, which claims that all women want penises. We all know that’s not true.

  20. Why not say that your urethra is longer? That would be more accurate, since the clitoris is not involved in peeing standing up, if you are talking about peeing. Though apparently women can pee standing up, good to know it’s just a myth that we can’t.
    While we are thinking of appropriate terms for things, I never learned to call underwear “panties.” It’s a silly term. I never used it as a girl and learned only “underpants”, though some girls used “undies”. How about “underpants.” This is a great utilitarian term.

    1. I agree about “panties.” It sounds silly. I also learned only “underpants” and I refuse to use “panties.”

    2. If I need a short term for it, I usually go with “undies.” Regular term – underpants, or “pair of underwear.” I’ve heard “undershorts.”
      If I’m joking around, sometimes “u-trow.”

  21. Gawd, sorry, I know pity is not a good idea, but I feel sorry for this schmuck. Do any of us really think he’s anything but a deluded freak? We know he is just another spokesman for patriarchy. But he is terribly and sadly fucked up. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t try to categorize these fucks in terms of their ability to harm women. This schmuck seems pretty low on the list as just about everybody is grossed out by his delusory efforts.

    1. Having pity for these deluded freaks is why things are the way they are. They all harm women and girls. All of them.
      “but I feel sorry for this schmuck”
      I don’t. Only a handmaiden would “feel sorry for him”!!! I see right through his bullshit. They depend on women like you to get all weepy and forget their perversion and agenda and to police other women into believing he’s not all bad. He’s yet another pervert.

      1. You can feel sorry for someone who is mentally ill without condoning their delusions or behavior. I felt bad about a schizophrenic in my family but I never pretended her paranoid delusions or hallucinations were real. If she had become violent, I would still have felt bad for her but I would support whatever the punishment was.
        The mentally ill need help and unfortunately — for them and for us — the so-called treatment they’re getting is not real help at all. Mental illness happens for whatever reason and part of the problem is that the mentally ill are unable to see reality; that’s pretty much by definition. What’s making the situation worse for transgenders is that the lunatics are running the asylum.

    2. Deluded and dangerous. Your pity might be better spent on the children whose lives he destroys. In patriarchy we are taught to feel sorry for those who hurt others rather than their victims. For some people, it may be part of the Stockholm syndrome.
      You can train yourself out of such feelings and definitely should. You can help the victims rather than be codependent with/facilitate the perpetrators. This is a serious matter. Some of us have learned to hate. Politically, the liberal pity has opened the door to all kinds destruction. Hating evil is appropriate.

      1. The very next comment is the reason NOT to feel sorry for this jackass and his ilk:
        “this freak needs to be kept far, far, far away from children.”

    3. Please excuse the moment of foolishness that caused me to write the above comment. Of course he’s dangerous – what was I thinking?! Pity is definitely not called for. Sorry, all.

  22. I agree about not pitying him. These are the men who are preying on girls and who have almost completely destroyed our last female only space. They send us rape and death threats, they are the priority for money and help in almost every “LGBTQWTF” organization and especially those that have Lesbian in the name.
    They have power like no other group of males who have tried to destroy women’s and Lesbian community.
    And it’s exactly the pity and concern (like when I mentioned to a friend the man perving on us, watching and learning, as we went to Lesbian events, and she said “Awwww….” feeling sorry for him) that women give these men that is why they are protected and defended and we are not.
    They get far more support and attention from “feminists” and Lesbians than Lesbians or other real women. When I dare to quietly say I do not consider a man in our community to be a woman, I’m not asked gently to explain or why I feel that. I am screamed abuse at, pointed at, by Lesbians, and then disinvited from events and ostracised. We pay the price while they win.

      1. Yep. I love Gallus Mag’s title here….
        I just keep thinking, what other oppressed people so pity, sympathize with, want to care for, prioritize their oppressor to the serious detriment of themselves as with women supporting men, but many times magnified with supporting men pretending to be women and Lesbians?

    1. I find this very strange as well, Bev Jo. Men’s weird interest and fascination with Lesbians.
      I am no expert on such matters, but I have Lesbian friends and the one thing I noticed about all of them is that they do not fancy men 😉 Some have tried being with a man, but they gave it up, almost with relief I would say. These women are only fancying other women, and not men at all. Yet some of them seem to feel guilty, I think because society tells us we should be open to men’s desires all the time. They too would have given the “Awww” reaction.
      I’m celibate and have been for years (not asexual, this is different – it has been a conscious decision). I also notice in myself too the “Awww” or “well, he’s not hurting anyone” reaction. “Men just have these urges…It’s not really their fault” was how I thought of it before discovering feminism. I even blamed myself for things which happened to me for putting myself in reach of these sad needy males, desperate as they were.
      It is a Stockholm Syndrome where you come to sympathise with your assailants and also to believe that they have some rights over you which you are denying them.

    2. Even non-feminist mainstream women are buying into the pro-trans agenda. Trying to explain to them why this phenomenon is not good for women, nor the transpersons being encouraged to mutilate their bodies is an exercise in futility. One gets labeled as a neocon, bigot, homophobe, etc. Of course that can damage one’s reputation in highly PC/liberal areas of the country. I’ve found from experience it’s better to keep my mouth shut.

    1. And in the UK lots of people said Savile was ‘creepy’, long before his abhorrent history of sexual child abuse was exposed, not to mention all the other stuff as well.

    1. Can you imagine how poorly a man’s bone structure and ligaments would cope with pregnancy? And they’d have to get a c-section, because I can’t see a baby passing through a man’s pelvis without breaking bones.

      1. To do it at all, you’d have to be willing to experiment and lose a *lot* of fetuses- hormone levels, proper uterine conditions, suppressing the autoimmune response, the lot. You’d likely lose some of the men, too.

      2. C-section is a given, you’re right. I hate how this is being touted as some great advance. Its not. Its a waste of resources, it should not exist just like surrogacy and cross sex hormone therapy should not exist.

      3. It grates on me because I have CFS, which has no drug treatment, everything they do is off label and nothing can treat the worst symptom which is post-exertional malaise. Its so bad, I walked for two days in a row something that would have been normal before I got sick and my PEM was so bad I was extremely agitated and feverish and nauseous.
        There desperately needs to be a drug to treat the symptoms so the many CFS sufferers of the world can manage their symptoms well enough to work. I cannot work.
        There should be publicly funded pharmaceutical companies so they are not subject to the whims of capitalist pharmaceutical companies. Not to mention people with ALS and other rare diseases which are left in the dust.
        I remember reading one of Gallus’s comments a while ago saying that the trans movement should focus on trying to get safer cross sex hormone therapies developed and I agree with that. There is nothing specially developed for trans individuals.
        They also need to raise money for their own shelters and other things they are trying to steal from women. They have a lot of mainstream support, so if they really tried, it probably wouldn’t be that difficult. Of course the whole concept of cross sex hormone therapy is problematic to begin with but if they *have* to do it, it might as well be with safer drugs formulated for that purpose.

      4. Black Metal, if I can suggest something, check out adrenal exhaustion at Stop the Thyroid Madness website. I have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, and I know exactly what is happening and why the allopaths cannot treat it. I, unfortunately, live in a rural area and cannot find good treatment, but there are doctors, naturopaths, and others who do know what adrenal exhaustion is and how to treat it. Fibro and CFS are not mysteries, though the conventional medicos choose to make them so. There is a hydrocortisone protocol for adrenal exhaustion if one can get one’s PCP to follow it properly, but I don’t want to take HC so I am sticking with nutritional and adrenal cortex supplementation, and as much rest as possible (rest is the answer, but it is so difficult for most of us to get what we need).
        I think taking cross-sex hormones will always be dangerous. We understand that men taking additional testosterone and women taking additional estrogen face serious health risks; why would we think that ever taking large quantities of the other sex’s hormones would be anything other than extremely risky?

  23. This comes off as a guy whose entire existence is based on the drive to convince females, that males make better females and are the only humans that matter in this existence and need to be worshiped 100% of their life.
    “Little boys need to get whatever they want, and be first all the time. If your little boy wants to be a girl, you accept it as reality. If he plays he is on the moon, we must all accept we are on the moon, at least for that day. But if they say he is a girl. he belongs to us and we will fight you for him.” [What the autogynophiliacs in The-mans-avocate preaches]
    A parable:
    If women dont exist and we are just thoughts and feelings men have, this seems to be the only time when a ‘comment board’ of man’s thoughts and feelings were correct! 😀
    What is grooming about this ‘adult’ cartoon?
    *Telling female children that ‘beings’ like her, are not boys or girls, they are nothing and not important because of their sex and do not fit in either category of human at birth. This implys boys/men are the only humans who count at all..
    *pointing out his nads for the female child to pay special attention to,[that is grooming a child for a sexual encounter] and implying with force- female children need to learn to get use to seeing this appendage on little boys and grown men as children and it needs to be an object of envy and worship..and she needs to PAY ATTENTION to it.
    I am not really impressed with the
    “why women need to be the slaves of all men and not considered equal’ [and how to train them from little girls into being more accepting of sexual encounters that boys and men will approach them with for most of their lives with no reprieve]” adult themed comic.
    This comic really looks like sex themed propaganda put out by pedophile groups in grooming chats. A guy wrote a grooming book for pedos, about using things like this: It is grooming propaganda.
    The B4 U act pedophile-rights[over the female class of humans] group is written all over it.

    1. It also strikes me as an attempt to groom little girls into being used to seeing penises in women’s spaces.
      That’s going to be a sticking point, going forward, with trans women trying to gain access to women’s spaces. Adults do not want intact men showing off their goods to young girls. So what else are these people to do except groom girls into getting used to it so they don’t speak up or complain about it?

      1. I’ m ready to support invoking conservative men’s property rights in order to get rid of this trans scourge.
        Nobody is listening to feminists, they never do, and the existenice of this comic shows that things are getting worse.
        Women are naturally sympathetic to weakling men who get trodden on by other men because they mistakenly assume these types of men are “better” and more enlightened than your average right-wing knuckle-dragger. This comic shows that no, they are not better.
        Fuck sympathizing in any way towards transwomen.
        Come on men! Make yourselves useful! Get other men away from your daughters, sisters, wives and mothers.

    2. I definitely agree that these comics are about grooming children.
      It would not be the first time a peadophile made a childish comic to spread his message to kids. Predators also like to pervert innocent things aimed at children, and leave it where kids can see. Example: Spreading around pornographic My Little Pony drawings on the internet.

  24. makes me rethink organ donation. I dont want my womb stuck in some dude after I die.
    The baby in the news was premature, 32 weeks, 3.9 lbs, due to preeclampsia. Several other attempts have failed and this mother had functioning ovaries. I cant imagine doktors are close to getting endocrine and other system balances right any time soon.

    1. Write a living will specifying which organs are okay to use. The current organ donation forms didn’t list the uterus, but I was next of kin for a male, though the forms currently appear unisex. Basically, make sure whoever will be making the final call not only knows stuff like when to pull the plug, but also what you want donated and how.

    2. Thiiiiis. All the talk of “any day now we’ll be getting womb transplants and then we’ll be able to be pregnant too and so there REALLY won’t be any difference!11!!!!!1!” is just so much fantasy wishing. Hell, there’s people on Tumblr who seem to think that vaginas grown in a vat from your own cells are just a few years away. It’s just… wut?
      Even as it is, with the transplanting of uteruses into related women relatives, it’s pretty damn iffy and I’m not really seeing the pressing need.

      1. I guess they managed to pull that off for one woman, but given the incredible expense of a necessary-for-life organ transplant, how does it make sense to transplant uteruses on a widespread level? Then there’s the antirejection drugs and the risk of infection due to suppressing the immune system. Surely these things will interfere with a healthy pregnancy.
        It’s like the MRA fantasy of artificial wombs making women obsolete. Artificial wombs are never going to manage the life giving capacity of 3.5 billion women and girls. Even if such a thing were possible, it would only ever be a toy of the elite.

  25. “there’s people on Tumblr who seem to think that vaginas grown in a vat from your own cells are just a few years away”
    I think I came across this story a while back, such as:
    Just shows what idiots on Tumblr who think biology doesn’t matter can come up with! It will NEVER work for trans because………
    ………..they don’t have the tissues to start with, since what was used was existing vaginal tissues.
    At least in this case there was an ADVANTAGE for the girls compared to M2T, since the previous treatment was the same — let’s make it out of some other tissues and graft then — that they use for M2T.
    “with the transplanting of uteruses into related women relatives, it’s pretty damn iffy” I don’t have a problem with female relatives doing this or surrogacy because they are your relatives, it’s the trade in third-world womens wombs and bodies that we knew would follow that is the real problem.

  26. I can’t wait for the next installment of this comic where “Sophie’s” alter ego talks about the weird sac hanging between “her” legs. Is it a distended vulva filled with twin teratomas? Just what are those odd round things? Are they a birth defect despite the fact that 48% of the population have them? And what about those weird, internal tubes that connect them to that other tube inside his really big “clitoris” that has the amazing superpower of being able to pee? Oh right. Those must be fallopian tubes. That connect to a urinary system… If I’d had this fool in high school biology I would be so embarrassed.

  27. I showed this cartoon to my husband and told him that the guy who drew it runs a camp for kids. He was like, “And people send their kids to this camp? What’s the name of it? Camp NAMBLA?”

    1. Yup, the whole “transgender children” children thing is helping the pervs mainstream & desensitize the public to pedophilia in a way that NAMBLA could only dream of.
      NAMBLA only had part of the “counterculture” on their side…for a time.
      “Trans Kids” has the medical and social work establishment backing them up. Power and privilege support this. So damn scary.

  28. Here’s a good one!
    It’s called “Privileges I Lost When Transitioning,” and it mentions how boys are given more speaking time in class, more private instruction on content, aren’t put down or punished for telling jokes in class, and don’t have their bodies or clothing policed by school admin.
    (I especially love how this male privilege is pointed out, but the idea that being given such privilege contributes to a person’s personality and behavior is apparently silly, since we all know the M2Ts are just like women in every way and experience the world exactly like we do all their lives.)
    The best part is at the bottom: “And that is how trans women become feminists. There’s nothing like the loss of privileges to unveil a structural oppression.”
    In other words, trans women don’t give a fuck about feminism until it directly affects them. Before that, who cares? It’s not like men could or would ever be interested in fighting sexism and oppression just because it’s the right thing to do, or like men should or could be expected to think about other people. It’s especially not like men who claim they’ve “always been women inside” would, should, or could ever be expected to think about what real women are experiencing or dealing with. Why in the world would they do that? It doesn’t apply to them–oh, wait.

  29. OMG. (Gallus, sorry for all the links etc. Please delete or edit if they’re not appropriate.)
    So, Mr. Cartoonist posted one about how, in response to a gay-bashing incident at school, a gay man was asked to come in and talk to the kids about what being gay means and how it’s normal and all of that good stuff. But of course, in the world of this cartoon (and in the world of me-me-me-M2Ts, of course) that is totally unacceptable because the gay man isn’t paying enough attention to their personal issues instead of talking about what he’s been brought there specifically to talk about, and–the horror!–actually has the nerve to strongly imply that, basically, gay men like dick and lesbians like pussy*, and that they prefer their sex partners to possess one of the above. Shame on him! Being gay is about GENDER and being attracted to GENDER, it’s nothing to do with bodies or sex! It’s soooo narrow-minded of the gay man to act like what he wants from a sex partner is genitalia that pleases him.
    Aaanyway, as if that isn’t homophobic and offensive enough, a bunch of commenters on his FB page are cheering him on for showing how offensive and closed-minded those “white cis-male gay men” are. Which is true of course, because it’s totally close-minded to not place the transies and their genderfeels at the very center of everything you say or do and make sure that even when you’re asked specifically to discuss homosexuality, you not imply in any way that it has anything to do with bodies or sexuality instead of “gender.” (Of course, we all know why this dude is pushing that idea so hard: so he can claim any lesbian who says she doesn’t like his ladycock is just being a phobic hater. She *said* she likes women, but here I am, all six-foot-two of me with a five o’clock shadow under my pancake make-up and my hair curled over my bald spot, with my broad shoulders looking awesome in a sundress, and she doesn’t want to have sex with me! Doesn’t she know sex has nothing to do with bodies? Doesn’t she know sexual attraction is tied solely to gender performance? It’s like these people have taken the disconnectedness and sense of being just a facade that we get from the internet–where we can be whatever we say we are–and taken it into the real world. But people are not a collection of pixels, buddy, and in real life it’s a lot harder to convince people you’re not a creepy pervy dude in a satin bustier and fishnet stockings.
    The comments have to be read to be believed:

    Speaker "Oh, so I understand! As you see it, homosexuality is love between people whose external genitalia look the…

    Posted by Assigned Male Comics on Thursday, October 23, 2014

    Especially since one brave gay man tries to use logic to explain that gay men tend to like dick, and is told that dictionaries are books of LIES and he’s totally triggering people by using the word “dysphoria.”
    Even better–the best!–is when a brave and awesome lesbian steps in and says she’d like to use the cartoon in the classes she teaches as an example of how trans people co-opt every discussion to make it all about them.
    There is so much WTF in those comment threads. If I put shit like that into a book people would tell me it was too ridiculous.

      1. @Kesher, yes, as if any child sits around and speaks like that, or that the speaker would immediately jump to talking about penises. Real life, speaker comes in, talks, asks for questions. No child is going to start asking about the difference between gender & sex. They might ask about the transgender relationship, and the speaker would probably talk about how relationships are special to the people involved in them, and how individuals are attracted to different people for a wide variety of reasons (as if the speaker wouldn’t have already covered that in his talk.)
        @DorothyMantooth, it just shows the extreme narcissism of these transgenders, that don’t understand why anyone (of either gender), might not be attracted to them. As if all lesbians want to sleep with any other lesbian anyway (or even all gay guys would want to sleep with any other gay guy.) There is more to a relationship then genitalia (although that is the starting point for most people.) The trans whining about why he can’t get a lesbian, doesn’t seem to get that even if the woman was, say bisexual and didn’t have a problem with his genitalia, she very likely still would be put off by his whining, “me, me, me” attitude, and still not be at all attracted to him.

      2. I find it annoying enough when crappy writers have a 16-year-old teenager girl talking like an Ivy League educated male writer from New York. For example, all of Aaron Sorkin’s characters sound exactly the same, regardless of their supposed background.
        But to put this kind of pomo nonsense in the mouth of a young child when no one who’s younger than high school age is thinking about these issues this way is so gross.

    1. Dorothy, the plot thickens–pretty sure that “brave and awesome lesbian” is another transwoman.

      1. Huh, interesting. I didn’t know there were trans out there who call themselves radfems, agree that penises are male, biology is real, and that born women deserve their own spaces.

    2. So, they want everyone to know that pedophiles are still angry at gay men for kicking Nambla out of the gay community in the 1980s, so, if they bud in again, they will be treated as such… This is the most homophobic-pedo cartoon I have seen yet.

      1. Some trigger warning for this, [but maybe it should be brought up?]
        I should add that when the pedo group was trying to hide behind the gay community, they only rented from ‘woman’s buildings’ so, it was a while before their politics were forced on gay men, or gay men were not in on their meetings, they were pedo-exclusive.
        The pedos were calling themselves marginalized ‘gay men’ in the 1980s And just marched right aside gay men at stonewall for gay rights[yes pedos were there in the beginning calling themselves ‘gay men’]. There was not much resistance at first, but- A little boy[a 10 year old] was picked up by two Nambla members that bought him a new bike in exchange for sex, but something happened during the time the two men[ in their early 20s] were raping the 10 year old, and the ten year old was murdered by them during the ‘rape- in-exchange for a bike’ encounter. Perhaps the little child panicked when he realized that he would not be able to explain being given a bike by complete strangers, or they went back on their deal- but this was a major event. This is when the gay men stood up to pedos and tossed them out of the gay community. I see they are back.
        Who else remembers that?
        This is definitely a grooming cartoon.
        I hope we don’t find missing dead female toddlers he accidentally thought were cool lesbians in his freezer.

      2. These bastards used to participate in Pride parades, and gay bookstores carried Nambla literature. There is footage of them at Gay Pride events in the documentary “Chickenhawk”.

      3. This is horrifying and disturbing. Under the auspices of “queer” this sort of thing seems destined to reoccur. “Queer”/”sex positive” culture makes room for all kinds of paraphiliacs/straight people with sexual fetishes, and that definitely includes predators.

        1. pretty much, it is re-occurring, The sexual props are women & children, str8 rapey guys have joined the men’s sex org.. They wish to make woman/child prostitution/lives expendable as a male sexual right to access, I guess even right out of the women’s restroom..
          In the same way Nambla tried to make sex with third-grade boys on up in age- ‘a gay right’, because ‘boys are ok with sex’, and parents did not watch boys as well as girls. Pedo attitudes towards girls are: [I am really sorry if this brings up trauma, but know your enemy] are that little girls and pressured, insecure sex-possie teens[and women in their 20s] can be intimidated into compliance, through ‘terf’ threats
          Sex-posie, is an intimidation tactic, and no longer stands for safe, consenting sex between two adults, is OK and it is not bad to ask for a condom’ as ‘sex-positive’ once was used to promote condom use to prevent AIDS..
          Years later…I refused to jack-off a guy at a rave, and was told I wasn’t ‘sex positive’
          In the 1980s-1990s, Drugs, cigs, and other adult gifts are offered to young boys and teen boys/teen girls, for pedo sex, I do remember going into a gay bookstore, and then making the decision to go to a ‘woman’s ‘ book store to avoid pedo-crap’ They used to publish ways you can make a situation where children can have sex with the pedo, or the pedo can go to their parents and threaten to get the child in trouble if they refuse.
          Another reason why, I did not embrace the gay community at that time, but went to the women’s meetings that spoke mostly of equality and our lack of human rights. I would not befriend any male claiming to be a ‘gay man’ that tried to justify access to children for self-gratification’
          There has to be a stop of the guys that are into persuing rape and child contact, not be allowed to call them selves ‘lesbians’ like the pedos were calling themselves ‘gay men’ to hide before.
          For little girls; the psycological abuse is more intense- If you are friends with the family members with a child -girl, she will be corrected by trusted adults, to be polite and accommodating to abusive men- through intimidation because, families don’t believe little girls that claim abuse over their own cool-bros, because male culture operates that way and girls are in a lesser caste system- it is like molesting a servant with no status in some families…
          Initially, they avoided targeting the girls, because parents did not watch their boys as much as girls, and they had to become close to girls’ families. Case in point:
          Jeffrey Curley was kidnapped, raped and murdered by , Salvatore Sicari, 21, and Charlie Jaynes, 22[who have prison peronals for 11-14 year old girls & boys to contact them]. Why that ten year old? Jeffrey was a latchkey child and knew Sicari who lived only a block away. The two men befriended Jeffrey, and his grandmother, taking him on car rides to fast-food restaurants and bought him things. Teen girls are pressured and tricked into sex with adult men this way, but child-girls will be pressured to do ‘free shit’ if they are told they are just being mean by not letting an adult violate them, like they are telling adult women, who are Lesbian: Same manipulitive -rapey lingo
          If you are identifying as a lesbian, and reject penis, you are mean[pedo tactic to little girls that refuse contact with adult-males]. You are a sex-target by males looking for free, un attached sex. Their campaign of ‘women rape women’ wants to get it ok’d in pop-culture to have forceful sex with dirty lesbians, or any female child or female adults who are labeled ‘mean people’ who don’t deserve protection from rape and murder anyway. Just like the ten year-old that was murdered. He was labeled, ‘mean’ for not putting out for the ‘new bike’. Nevermind that these two pedos stole his bike in the first place. Nambla Pedos were treating little boys like ‘women’, and they are the pick-up artists that can trick a child to put-out.
          that did not sit well when this was discovered way back then, but it was forgot.
          Some males want to declare it is a sexual-right for men to access women as well as third=grade children in public places for sex, because-[insert reason for non consent rape here] and they ‘cant control'[they take a leap to rape- and call it an involuntary reaction- when their dick gets hard..

      4. “it is like molesting a servant with no status in some families”
        It’s also a common pedo tactic to make the family financially reliant on the pedophile, and then allowing the abuse becomes a matter of basic survival. Even if the parents somehow manage to protect the child without losing the financial support, they’re not going to report the abuse to authorities because, if the pedophile goes to prison, the money dries up.
        This is one of the reasons why sensible members of the law enforcement community oppose measures that will place pedophiles and rapists in prison for life sentences. In actual practice, sending a rapist to prison for life ensures that the victim won’t cooperate with the prosecution. They’d rather get a conviction with a relatively short sentence and get the rapist on the sex offender registry than see the rapist walk.
        I also agree that it’s a male prerogative to sexually prey on women and children and that, despite the stranger-danger panics in the U.S., most Americans don’t care about sexual abuse of children. The majority of people, even when responding to anonymous surveys, admit that they would never report sex abuse of a minor to anyone. Not the child’s parents, not the authorities. The hatred heaped on that coaching assistant at Penn State was ridiculous in this context. When he witnessed Sandusky raping a child, he reported it to his superiors, which is more than most people would ever do.

      5. Kesher, I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with “…most Americans don’t care about sexual abuse of children. The majority of people, even when responding to anonymous surveys, admit that they would never report sex abuse of a minor to anyone.”
        I think that’s overly cynical, to say the least.

      6. Well, I’m a cynical person.
        It’s the same situation regarding rape of adult women. The only “real” rape involves a stranger. A woman raped by a man she knows is lying or she was asking for it.
        The idea that children don’t exist to be exploited by adults is a really new concept, historically speaking. Aside from parents trying to shield their own children from strangers (although parents pimping out their own children is very common), I stand by the assertion that the majority of people don’t care about child sex abuse.

    3. On a more basic note, I hate the way this guy draws. His character posing is stiff and unnatural, and everybody’s arms look like Popeye’s. Though I have to give him credit for making the trans character’s hands huge. 😉

  30. Revealing series of comments on that person’s facebook page: One of the real females mentioned that her brother had committed suicide after attempting to become MtT. However, she described her brother as ‘he’, and as that was obviously more important than expressing empathy for someone who lost a family member, was accused by a male of misgendering. She countered with the argument that her brother had always used the pronouns ‘he’… and one would think, even in their gender-poisoned world, that the sister would be a better position to know and respect her brother than random strangers on the internet. Making assumptions about pronouns is only a problem when cis-females do it?

  31. Druidwinter,
    Thanks for the info. So the NAMBLA types who used to hide behind the gay community are now hiding behind LESBIANS and FEMINISTS..?
    That is truly fucking scary.
    Ps sorry if this got sent twice. Problems on my end.

    1. @Juliana: Ask male borne trans that wants to get it legal to get their penis in the door when there is children also using the space, how they plan to keep out pedos out and away from children, and, if they are pedos, they will protect pedos with their last breath and declare that all women are pedos anyway. Even though, small children are usually in the company of their very own birth mother[not strange women]. Any guy that is fighting for the right to flash his exposed dick with four year old girls using the space raises a pedo-flag., it is a pedo-sex rights thing. Lets not pretend it isnt dangerous anymore, Females and female children should not be used to jack-off horny guys that cant afford girl friends. It is not a ‘general’ female responsibility to sexually satisfy men in public by letting them watch naked women/and children. I will never agree to it.

  32. Just got here-finally. Was thinking i was one of few that adamantly refuse to accept, acknowledge or affirm the delusions of ‘gender’ bending MtF perverts. ‘He’ will always be a ‘him’: this bullshit of par aphelia propaganda brainwashing and satanic mind control double speak needs to be outed and named: it’s a kill switch agenda
    determined in purpose annihilate every woman; wipe us off the Earth-so that “boys can be boys”. Thank you all for voicing the truth.

  33. https://archive.is/Ips8r
    This guy just made encyclopedia dramatica [archive link] for his creepy- inappropriate cartoons. [My 14 year old nephew told me about this site.]
    I am happy this stuff does bother many young kids and raises red flags with them, and they notice it. Not all kids buy this ..

  34. Well at least no one has posted on this in a year. So… as the most up to date comment…
    I like sophie”s work – it’s improved a lot over time and has a brilliantly addictive storyline covering all of the bullshit transphobic people throw at us daily.
    She’s selling them really well. They are both informative and educational.
    As for the strip above, this is one of her early works, right? No longer available on her website. So how do you stalkers have access to it?
    Of course she’s going on make mistakes, she was born a girl without a vagina, and since society has made up the idea that Penis = boy and vagina = girl (ha) she will use what knowledge she has to explain how she feels.
    By the way, you all seem to forget that we aren’t our bodies. We exist purely in our brain – our memories and decisions are all up there, so anything outside the brain is transport. Unfortunately, people like you seem to judge us for what we look like as opposed to how our brains work. Whatever we do to make ourselves more comfortable, whatever we are in our brains, you have no choice over, because you can’t jump into our minds and live what we live, experience what we experience. You literally can never know us until we tell you what goes on in our heads
    At least sophie’s work comes damn close.

    1. “because you can’t jump into our minds and live what we live, experience what we experience. You literally can never know us until we tell you what goes on in our heads”
      And yet you can simply “feel” what it is to be us, ie women?
      I’ve always had a live/let live outlook, I grew up in that kind of family, but it was also a family big on critical thinking. This is how I started as someone who didn’t care what you called yourself or identified as but that I couldn’t accept that anyone “felt” like a woman because there is no feeling like a woman and if trans makes any sense then either there is no such thing as feeling like a woman AND there *must* be feeling like a woman. I’ve kept my mouth shut about this stuff to all but a couple of friends because frankly I’m scared. That is not something anyone who knows me would believe. But I move in progressive circles which would howl me down as a TERF if I expressed even half of what I feel.
      I’ve just started reading more on blogs like this and I’m relieved to find I’m not the only one who finds the whole trans justification to be completely illogical because I was beginning to think I must be crazy. The more I read the more I’m moving away from a an entirely live/let live view. I see so much vicious hatred of feminists coming from MtT and their allies that I simply don’t see against men, you know the people who are ACTUALLY committing acts of violence against them. It’s all directed at women, it’s all incredibly entitled, it’s all very clearly coming from people who no matter how they identify, no matter what surgeries they’ve had, still act EXACTLY like someone socialised as a man acts.
      Phew. Sorry for the stream of conscious rant. The “you don’t know how we feel” comment stood out and once I started everything I’ve not being saying out loud poured out.
      Thanks for this blog. I’m going to be reading a LOT and I’m going to start pushing back against the bullshit and start acting like I do on every other issue. Speaking (often shouting) my mind and insisting on logic > over feels and particularly women’s safety > the feels of penis owners.

      1. You are not alone. Trans bullshit is a wake-up call for many. The movement and tactics so clearly illuminate the problem with men. It’s time to start kicking some ass because WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

  35. T.w rape.
    When people thought I was female, my telling them i wasn’t didn’t stop them from verbally and physically sexually harassing me. Just because i’my not a girl doesn’t mean i’m going to take the shit or stand by while they take the shit ALL females do lying down. They don’t deserve being labelled as the weaker of the two sexes and they deserve to be treated equally.
    My best friend was consistently raped when she was a child – not in a bathroom by a transgender human being, but by a close friend of her family. And again when she was sixteen, in a self-defense class. By a rapist who happened to be cisgender.
    My mom was repeatedly sexually assaulted regularly by her uncle. Her cisgender uncle. In the back garden.
    And me? Both times they were people I trusted. One of my close friends whom I hung out with regularly forcefully groped me without my consent when I was round his house one day to play video games. I was scared to tell, anyone, and that guy later on raped my transgender friend.
    The second was my boyfriend at the time. I didn’t like sex with him, and there were days I didn’t want to pretend to enjoy it. Those days, he’d force himself inside me anyways. And after a bit of fighting, i’d just let him, because I was tired and I just wanted to cry. When he finished, he’did go back to his Xbox, and I would just leave.
    So far, I have not personally seen or heard of a case where a genuine transgender human has raped another human. So far, all the experiences have come from a range of cisgender men ages between 14 and 60, from a range of ethnic backgrounds.
    Any reasonable person, transgender or otherwise, wants to go to bathrooms to use the toilet. Any attempts of unconsentual sex anywhere should be dealt with, transgender and cisgender. But just because i’very witnessed these monstrous people in my life, all cisgender, does not mean I want them to be punished by being forced into a bathroom where they would be repeatedly beaten up. These people are bad people, but I don’the have hate for every cisgender human being. Wariness, yes, until i’very gotten to know them better, but not hate.
    So what is the solution? Report EVERYTHING. Don’t live a life hating one specific group of people just because one dickhead ruined their reputation. Unless that group is rapists, in which case go to town… Call out ANYTHING inappropriate and tell off those close to you who agree to it. And TEACH PEOPLE NOT TO RAPE. I never had a sex Ed so I didn’t know what was normal. I thought my being touched and raped was my fault for years, until I understood. When people don’t have sex education, they go to what is public on the Internet – porn. And we all know how messed up that can be. Unrealistic expectations, horrible storyline and the constant misogyny. People need to learn that is not accurate – that people who rape are WRONG and WILL BE punished.
    I posted this here to give you guys an idea of what transgender people go through every single day. And it doesn’t stop. It never stops. So i’my going to help anyone else who goes through any hate, be it sexism, racism, homophobia or able-ism. It’s up to you if you want to fight the transphobia with us. We have a lot of work to do.

    1. Hey, I have a solution: Let’s trust women’s instincts when they say they don’t want men in their safe spaces, and not force them to prove it was a bad idea after the fact!
      As for the completely harmless transgender individuals that you’ll decide after the fact are really cisgender if they hurt anyone, tell them to advocate for safe, private, single-cell stalls in all public facilities. Done and done.

    2. Sam, I have one question: Were any of these “cisgender” rapists women? If not, why do you label them as cisgender rather than male?

    3. Report a rape by an M2T? Don’t you know that they are, always and forever, the real victims? And, by the way, M2Ts commit violent crime at the same rate as other men, because they are men.
      Good luck to you trying to get any sympathy if an M2T rapist recognizes your femaleness and attacks you. I know of several F2Ts and lesbians who were raped by M2Ts and were blackballed by the GBT in the wake of their accusations. M2T identity is the new male supremacy. Even rape doesn’t lose them their “victim” status.

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