Fallon Fox: Why Hormones Don’t Make a Woman

fallon blood
On Saturday September 13, in a “cage” in the Springfield, Illinois Convention Center, a crowd gathered to watch something that happens thousands of times a day worldwide: a man battered a woman.
Fallon Fox, a 38-year-old ex-military man and father, caused what many are calling career-ending injuries to his female mixed martial arts opponent, Tamikka Brents. In less than three minutes, Fox inflicted an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples to close. This level of brutality, this male on female violence, is unlike anything previously seen in Women’s MMA.
In addition to the horrific level of bodily injury inflicted by a male onto a female competitor, the atmosphere surrounding this event was notable for the bizzare sexism and anti-lesbian public sentiment expressed by Fox and his fellow transgender community members leading up to and following Brents’ injuries.

Women's MMA notes transgender male bloodlust
Women’s MMA notes transgender male bloodlust

Some mainstream observers outside the “LGBT” are mystified by the level of cruelty and bloodlust displayed by Fox’s transgender male supporters against female MMA fighter Tamikka Brents, an out and proud lesbian. Those not savvy in the social and political dynamics of the LGBT community may not be aware of the fact that, in some ways, the public battery of Tamikka and the bloodlust exhibited by the transgender community is emblematic of the ongoing violence and hostility of heterosexual male “transwomen” towards lesbians in general. The public at large may be unaware of the fact that Fallon Fox devotes his ample free time to the posting of anti-gay screeds online which center on the “unfairness” of lesbian women declining relations with males like himself who are transgender. Those unexposed to transgender politics may be shocked to learn that Fallon Fox publicly promotes the creation of an online “registry” of women, modeled on one operated by the “Men’s Rights” group affiliated with Elliot Rodger, that would list the names of every lesbian, feminist, and woman who recognizes that biological sex exists (!) so that men like Fallon Fox can target them for god knows what.

As bizarre and unlikely as Fox’s public campaigns may seem to the average citizen outside of the LGBT, this sort of over the top anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-female “Men’s Rights” campaigning is an activity that is well within the mainstream of transgender activism. For example: The largest organized protest by far in the entire history of the transgender rights movement was not against the political foes of transgender rights, but instead centered on a single private lesbian gathering that is for females only (Michigan Women’s Music Festival). Everyone within the LGBT knows: there is nothing heterosexual male “lesbians” like Fallon Fox hate more than an actual female lesbian. It may seem counterintuitive to the average person’s conception of “males who identify as female”, but such males actually do not like women and find the lives and existence of real females disruptive to their male gender fantasies. Lesbians receive the worst of their ire for the obvious reason: that lesbian sexuality and culture is not inclusive of males, regardless of their feelings or any cosmetic surgery procedures they may undergo. This is why males in the transgender community (those that fancy themselves “male lesbians”) were so invested in seeing Tamikka Brent battered by a fellow “male lesbian”.
A.J. McKenna, "heterosexual male lesbian"
A.J. McKenna, “heterosexual male lesbian”

This is why a heterosexual white male transgender AJ McKenna published nine successive blog posts prior to the Fox vs. Brents match calling “for blood” against black lesbian Tamikka Brents and calling her an “enemy” of men like himself. This is why he contacted her sponsors and supporters and demanded that they stop supporting the lesbian fighter. This is why he posted a video (which he removed after Tamikka was hospitalized) where he likened Tamikka to rapist Mike Tyson because McKenna felt that her failure as a gay female to accept males as potential romantic partners “rapes” their identity as male lesbians.
To those outside the LGBT this all sounds absurd and unbelievable. Actually, it sounds absurd and unbelievable to most of us. Unfortunately, this is the state of the mainstream rhetoric of the transgender movement towards lesbians and women in general.
ESPN: orbital fracture and concussion "just desserts" for "noisy" black lesbian
ESPN: orbital fracture and concussion “just desserts” for “noisy” black lesbian

This is why ESPN sports commenter Chris (now “Christina”) Kahrl, a heterosexual white male, publicly tweeted that Tamikka Brents “deserved” her orbital fracture, concussion and head staples at the hands of Fallon Fox: because being a black lesbian makes her a “noisy” woman and a “hater” of males.
This is why transgender websites PlanetTransgender and TransGriot celebrated the injuries inflicted on a black lesbian by a male and the “spilling of her blood”.
fallon make her bleed
fallon making her bleed
fallon blood planet transgender
None of these transgender males, incidentally, claims that Tamikka Brents did or said anything “transphobic” to warrant their bloodlust. Brents invariably called Fallon Fox “she” and referred to him as a woman and did all the things the males wanted her to do. The reason cited by Planet Transgender and SoSoGay’s McKenna as to why Tamikka “deserved” to be battered is that she “failed to effectively moderate her facebook page”.
The cries from heterosexual white men to “Make a Black Lesbian Bleed” because she rejects males as potential sexual partners, and the post-battery cries of “she deserved it” were enough to turn the stomach of anyone who does not consider sexual and social obedience of women as an entitlement of males (whether transgender or not). The massive level of injuries inflicted by a man on a woman in a public spectacle also turned the stomach of many viewers.
Now, as the dust settles on this publicly sanctioned male on female act of battery many are revisiting the larger, (and one might say, obvious) questions: Should men like Fallon Fox be sanctioned to compete in women’s sports? When is it acceptable for men to beat and batter women- to punch, kick, and assault them? Is it ever acceptable? Is it acceptable when those men claim to feel like they are “female brained”? Is it acceptable if those men are surgically castrated (as Fox claims to be)? Are castrated males “female”?
Much discussion and controversy took place over the last year since the MMA decided to license male transgender Fallon Fox in the female division after Fox, a male with breast implants, initially lied about his sex to access his first two fights against females. He was exposed as a man named Boyd Burton following his decisive and brutal wins in both matches, which were stopped for first round TKOs, and after raising red flags due to his overall male body physique and the late, middle-aged start to his competitive career in women’s sports. Ultimately the MMA decided not to sanction Fox for fraud, and opted instead to license him. They essentially adopted, like many other sports governing boards such as the NCAA, IAAF, CBS, LPGA, among others, a version of the IOC guidelines for transgender athletes which were developed a decade ago.
In 2004 the International Olympic Committee determined that athletes could compete as the opposite sex two years after undergoing gonadectomy and claiming to replace their natural hormones with opposite-sex hormones. This was a male rights initiative. No female has ever qualified for an elite male competition as a result of undergoing hysterectomy (even if she doped afterward with testosterone treatments). Ever. But plenty of males who had previously failed to compete among other males now qualified for female sports at an elite level after castration and/or cross-sex hormone ingestion.
Lana Lawless
Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless, a 58-year-old man, launched a late-in-life career in women’s professional golf, and immediately became the World Champion in Women’s Long Drive competition. One observer remarked: “Guess what Lawless’ distance was at the 2008 Long Drive Championship? Three hundred thirty five yards. That’s nearly 100 yards longer than Paula Creamer’s average. And Lawless complained that taking the hormones had caused her to become weaker. How far did she hit when she was a he? Apparently not long enough to beat the men.
Ms. Lawless has already proven that the Olympic committee is wrong. She has proven with her Long Drive participation that no matter how many hormones she takes, she still is going to have—by birth—more upper body muscle and upper body strength than even the longest hitting women. Even European Tour player Laura Davies doesn’t hit a golf ball 335 yards.”
Robert "Gabrielle" Ludwig
Robert “Gabrielle” Ludwig

Robert “Gabrielle” Ludwig, 52, a wealthy 6 foot 6 inch tall Silicon Valley programmer, launched a late-in-life career in women’s basketball at a Junior College. Not only was Ludwig granted a spot based on the old IOC guidelines, but the two-year play-time limit was waived because his transgendering was deemed to somehow erase his past years as a college player. He became “the leading scorer and rebounder, and this team is somewhat built around [him],” says the women’s team coach.
Michelle Dumaresque
Michelle Dumaresq

Michelle Dumaresq began his women’s downhill cycling career by entering the Bear Mountain event in the “novice” category six years after he transgendered. He not only won the race, but his finish time beat all the women in the elite professional categories by 2.5 seconds. He went on to become the Canadian National Women’s Champion in 2003, 2004, and 2006, after which he retired.
There are many other examples of males who, like Fallon Fox, leverage their male physiology (well after undergoing a “hormonal shift” as part of their transgender medical regime) in order to compete at an elite level in female sports that they failed to qualify in as males. And there are zero “opposite” success stories for female athletes who transgender. Ever. Hormones do not allow female transgenders to compete at an elite male level, because hormones do not change basic physiology. Defining “sex” according to hormone balance in sports is a male rights initiative that does not benefit female athletes in any way: including those females who transgender.

 At the same time that the 2004 IOC guidelines allowed male transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports based on their artificial hormone levels, the IOC continued to conduct invasive sex-based investigations on actual female athletes and intersex individuals competing in female sports, such as Caster Semenya (who reportedly had internal testes and partial AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome), and Santhi Soundarajan (also reportedly with the same condition).

 Unlike male athletes, including those males competing in female sports by virtue of transgenderism, these female and intersex athletes were being tested for naturally occurring hormone levels. Finally, in 2011, the IOC adopted the transgender male guidelines for actual female athletes: absence of testosterone makes a woman. Specifically, decreased testosterone levels of two years duration. The problem with this medical premise is that some women, like some men, naturally produce higher than average testosterone levels, in the same way that some athletes naturally produce higher than average levels of growth hormone or any other variable. There are no guidelines or upper threshold for naturally-occurring testosterone levels in male athletes. But to be female is now defined by low naturally-occurring testosterone levels, according to the IOC and all the worldwide sporting commissions that adopt IOC guidelines. In order for females who produce higher than average testosterone levels to compete, they must now undergo what is essentially a transgender medical procedure. They must medically reduce their natural hormone production by undergoing surgical procedures and/or artificial hormone medical regimes in order for the female athletes to “become women”.
The sole reason for these guidelines appears to be to justify supporting the “rights” of men like Fallon Fox, who are unambiguously male, having fathered children, having lived for over 30 years in a male body, with male bone structure and density, male ligature and lung size and musculature and in every other way, to participate in women’s sports. Men like Lana Lawless. Again, if hormones confer “sex”: where are the 58 year old women launching late-in-life careers in men’s sports after injecting testosterone? Where are the “female-to-male” transgender athletes battering MMA fighter Cain Velasquez with an orbital fracture after a hysterectomy and a few years of hormones? We have now seen how a decade of these policies have played out, and it is not to the benefit of female athletes.
The brutal injuries inflicted on Tamikka Brents by Fallon Fox shine a stark light on the project of defining women as “people of any sex who display a low level of testosterone”. These hormone standards, designed to promote transgender male participation in female sports, actually endanger female athletes, and now prevent top female athletes from competing.

ESPN's Chris Kahrl and Boyd "Fallon Fox" Burton display the bone structure of the male fist
ESPN’s Chris Kahrl and Boyd “Fallon Fox” Burton display the bone structure of the male fist

This week 18 year-old Indian sprinter Dutee Chand announced that she has decided to refuse the mandatory “transgender” medical treatments designed to bring her hormones into range with male transgenders, and plans to sue the International Association of Athletics Foundation over these guidelines. From the Indian Express:

“Sprinter Dutee Chand, who had tested for excess androgen that made her ineligible to compete in the women’s category, has refused to undergo hormone therapy or any surgical intervention, saying she always competed the way she was and would not like to change that.

“I won’t undergo surgery or any other procedure. At every level of my life — junior, sub-junior or Under-20 — I have competed the way I am. I’ve been told the hormonal issue with me is natural so that’s why we have decided this,” Dutee told The Indian Express.

The 18-year-old sprinter, who was dropped from the last Commonwealth Games because of her condition, recently started training in Patiala.

Backing Dutee, who is the 100m junior national champion, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) is in the process of consulting lawyers ahead of filing a motion in the Court of Arbitration in Sports (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland. The motion will try and get overturned the 2011 guidelines of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) that regulate the eligibility of women with hyper androgenism by advising them hormone therapy and, in some cases, surgery. South African Olympic medallist Caster Semenya too had to undergo treatment before she was allowed to compete again.

The motion, if successful, will be a landmark case, challenging the prevalent practice of “bringing the testosterone levels within permissible limits”.


277 thoughts on “Fallon Fox: Why Hormones Don’t Make a Woman

    1. I just became aware of Fallon Fox today but I am questioning the legality of Fox being in the WOMEN”S mma division. If the surgery was 6-8 years ago to me Fox is a biological male and should have to fight other guys. Let’s see how tough he is then.

    1. totally agree. It’s not about ‘equal rights’ at this point. Being a pro athlete is not a right, it’s a privilege. Fox had 30 years of testosterone growing as a male before she transitioned, giving her bone density, tougher jaw, bigger hands, small pelvis, and overall advantage. This is not something LGBT should be celebrating, it is something they should really acknowledge as wrong. I myself being part of LGBT DO NOT agree with this, it is an unfair advantage and nothing more than a case of bullying woman of a smaller advantage. Shame on Fallon!

      1. Trust me the LGB community is not in agreement about this, it is very divided especially when Transgender are violating our Human Rights by saying the none sense they speak. I have personally sued a transgender over this kind of rhetoric. She recieved 5 years in prison and I got a $20 000 settlement.

  1. We have been discussing this on Reddit this past week.
    We had the usual MtT insisting that Fallon doesn’t have an advantage because they say so.
    Yet none of them can provide data to back up why.
    They just point to the IOC and say “Because they say so”.
    Because governing bodies never fuck things up…
    *cough Lance Armstrong cough*
    If Lance lost his other testicle does he get to compete with women too?
    Can Usain Bolt pop oestrogen for 2 years and now set the women’s record?
    How is it that Robert Ludwig at 50+ years can still keep up with physically fit 20 year old women?
    It’s interesting to note that a physician came forward and said that the IOC has NO studies and basically bowed to the political pressures of these men.
    Here is the link
    Especially this bit.
    One of the things that’s very interesting, is everyone says, ‘Well there’s been a few studies that say after two years this, that and the other…’ That’s not true. There’s no studies for this. I’ve done the literature search. Then they come back with, ‘The IOC knows.’ The IOC knows what? The IOC caved to political and social pressure. The IOC didn’t say, ‘Because of firm scientific and medical evidence, that if you’ve had this SRS and you’ve taken hormones for two years, that’s the magic number that all this is going to become safe.’ That’s not true at all.
    There is no firm scientific basis to support that conclusion. They made an arbitrary determination in the face of social pressure. OK, I understand that, too. Who wanted to fight the fight? The IOC didn’t want to, so they said. ‘If you get the surgery and take the hormones for two years, that’s good enough for us.’ That doesn’t mean it was made on a sound medical basis, because the sound medical basis doesn’t exist. Those studies have not been done.
    I hope Tamikka Brents is okay. It wasn’t enough that Fallon won the fight.
    They wanted her blood.
    They wanted her to suffer.
    This whole thing just makes me incredibly sad and fucking angry.
    Fuck these dudes.
    Fuck these woman hating pieces of shit.
    Too weak to compete with men so they shit on women like the pathetic sad fuck stains that they are.
    I am absolutely disgusted and appalled.

  2. Our accomplishments mean nothing now. Now all the best female atheletes will be men, and we aren’t worth shit. I hate being a woman. It’s just the worst.

  3. What a brutal and dominating performance by the Fallon Fox. Look as she stands next to the scene where she dismantled…

    Posted by Women's MMA Discussion on Sunday, September 14, 2014

    Is that really Fox there? That’s like psychopathic shit. And what’s with calling Bec by her ex husband’s name? How is that not as bad or worse than misgendering?

    1. I meant Fox talking crazy shit on the page; not in the photo — I had no idea wordpress would inline a link as that picture. Newfangled stuff.

      1. yeah that’s new- crikey. Folks please click on the photo in AnonMale’s comment for the link. I’ll try to come back later and fix that if I get a chance.

      2. Ack. apparently folks should click on the little “comment” icon above, NOT the pic, to get to the link. Or cut and paste this, removing the gap:
        https ://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=705522159528962&id=246250385456144

  4. Holy shit. This is a hate crime disguised as an MMA match. He really wanted to harm her for being a proud lesbian woman didn’t he. Why was this allowed to happen, I’m furious.

    1. When I look at that picture, I just see domestic violence and sexual assault. Sorry, guess I’m blinded by “cis privilege.” You monsters. At least I can say – this is not blood on my hands.
      Liberal feminists….take a look at your hands. Have yourself a McBeth moment.

    2. JO,
      you are correct, it is a hate crime!
      It’s a hate crime on lesbian and biological women.

  5. THIS POST. You are my freaking shero, Gallus.
    Hey, trannies: your violence against women is being noticed, and documented. Ha ha!
    In the broken record department: for anyone else out there who appreciates this work (and this post obviously took a lotta work!), there’s a donate button up there on the right. Help keep the information flowing.

    1. I am sending something this week. I am sorry I couldn’t do it sooner. So few spaces left that tell the truth, too bad so many younger women are closing their minds and fanning the egos of these mentally disturbed, hate filled men.

    1. Women’s issues are always relegated to the end of the list; there are always other racial, sex, and religious minorities that need saving before women: It is ok for women to be sexual objects, as in prostitution, but not ok for blacks to be slaves; it is ok for women not to have religious freedom in women-only religions but not ok for Muslims to have their religious freedom curtailed; it is ok for Jews to have a biological basis for Jewishness, as in heritage defining who is a Jew and who isn’t, for some sects, but not for feminist religions to require its members to be female; it is ok for intersex individuals to fight the tranny take-over of their movement but not ok for women to fight trannies for the right of female-only spaces….
      I can go on and on….

      1. do not minimize racism(experienced by both non-white women AND men). you’re white. you don’t know what it’s like to experience racism. do not comment on it.

      2. @De- Sage is not white. Why would you assume so? What the fuck is wrong with people today making all these personalized comments and assumptions about other posters? I am seriously about to start spamming some fucking comments. So cut it out. Very irritating.

  6. Wow. Al this talk of “making her beed” and “beating her ass” is so telling. Thank you for compiling this GM, this needs to be read.

  7. All of this supports my own little pet theory that a large element in the psychology of MtoT is their perception (or in fact, reality) that they are failures as men within the patriarchal system, but that they would shine as “women”. After all, how hard can it be to be a woman? Even females do it, lol! Of course, these men do not pass as women, and so the perform the neat trick of retaining their male privileges while scooping up all the “women things” that they think are fun and easy.
    I’ve also noticed that the vast majority of these men are really ugly, and I think they are hoping that with access to feminine stuff (makeup, hairstyles, girdles, etc…) they will at least be able to be sexually attractive as “women,” since they have absolutely no hope of being attractive as men.

    1. They’re also weirdly preoccupied with how hawt they are and post tons of selfies to that effect. Fox, in particular, does this a lot.
      Meanwhile there seems to be an extreme negative correlation between the trans woman’s objective attractiveness and how many selfies the rest of us are subjected to.
      If a “cis” woman looked like Fox, she’d be universally deemed a dog, but I guess we all have to smile and play nice and pretend Fox isn’t hideous as a woman.

      1. Transcismen come in all forms. Just as likely to be a Laverne Cox, Nikki Araguz, Carmen Carrera or a Jenna Talackova – looking good but vicious misogynists underneath.

    2. He looks decent in his before photo; it’s only after, with the feminized male look, that oddity and ugliness rears up.

  8. This is shocking. Since nothing else seems to be working, I would suggest Tamikka might be able to file a civil lawsuit against Fallon Fox for fraud, assault, and battery due to his misrepresentation of himself as a female in order to enter a women’s boxing league. I think she would be able to have a civil jury. I would donate to help with her legal fees (she might also be able to request that her fees be paid by Mr. Fox if he loses the suit, or her lawyers might work pro bono). The league Tamikka boxes in could also be named in the suit. With a good legal team I think it is possible that the real issues would finally be aired and that Tamikka would prevail. Even if she lost the publicity would allow some of this mostrous hypocrisy to be exposed to the general public.

    1. Fox did begin in women’s MMA under false pretenses. He never disclosed he was TG until others discovered it.
      He IS a fraud and should have been kicked to the curb as soon as that was discovered.

      1. No way would they would they have ever kicked him out when he was discovered. Even if there is enough outrage to get him out now (unlikely), its too late-they got the brutality they wanted.
        MMA was thrilled to know he was a M2T, and considered it a big, big, win. For a group of aggro, misogynist, corporate, capitalists, this is just what they wanted- a great way to watch women get beat nearly to death, legally, with women doing it willingly! AND the women get slaughtered, on TV, while making these corporations big money at the same time. The cherry on top is that these macho fucks get to play the role of the oh so open minded, bragging how they are inclusive, all while salivating over seeing real women devastated.
        MMA is violent, full stop; for the fans, the gorier the better. That this MAN was guaranteed to be able to really damage his opponents, maybe even KILL one, was a feature, not a bug. Having a MAN makes it a fixed fight, plain and simple; there are no guarantees of a spectacularly brutal beating with 2 men of equal stature. Since audience waits and watches for total destruction, hoping someone gets beat to death, they are now guaranteed to get what they are paying for.
        That it is only women getting beat and maybe killed? All the better. I mean, if men on men fighting in MMA is satisfying for the crowd, what could possibly be more gratifying than the loser being female? The more permanently damaged, the better. Loss of a career? Serves her right, acting like a man! It’s everything feminist, woman hating, lowlifes dream of.
        I am really pissed.

      1. They MUST boycott, to save themselves. He is gonna kill someone.
        ALL women must boycott any games where they are forced to compete with men. Otherwise, this will never end.

      2. Exactly. Stick together & refuse to fight him. He’s a man he doesn’t belong there. They won’t though.

    2. Being familiar with Springfield, I can report that this woman was brutalized by this man ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE COURTHOUSE, between the courthouse and the Capital building, and, fortunately, just a few blocks down 9th st. from St. John’s hospital

  9. I’ve been reading comments on their MMA sites and there is a lot of questioning of Fox’s transgender status fighting females. I don’t have Facebutt so can’t join in the commentary, still looking for open sites to comment. I did tweet an objection.
    What stinky BS.

  10. Men beat up women. It’s what they do. And other men celebrate. But until the trans cult mindfuck, they didn’t get so many women to support them and praise them for doing it.

    1. From what I’ve seen, men are actually very appalled by this, and its feminists who are accusing these men of being ‘transphobic’. We’re living in an upside down world.

      1. The supporters of these men are not real feminists, but yes, the fake feminists are in the forefront of promoting female impersonators as women and Lesbians. Non-feminist women aren’t taken in, but with more TV shows and movies highlighting the lives of these men as sympathetic characters, the propaganda will spread. Meanwhile, Butches don’t seem allowed to be shown in any form of media unless raped and beaten to death, as in “Boys Don’t Cry.”
        Notice how many of the “radfems” who used to be anti-trans are now supporting them, giving them what they want, and even moderating online groups with them, while censoring real Radical Feminists who keep saying no to these men. This is the dividing line between real and pretend feminists.

      2. The only reason men would be “appalled” by this is because they want to reinforce the idea that women are weak little flowers who couldn’t possibly take on a man. Always question men’s motives when they appear to be supporting women. What those men are doing is laughing at women who want equality between the sexes by saying “Hey, girls, See, we are superior and by not letting us fight you, you’re practically admitting it.” They ignore women’s superior biology and think that upper body strength is what makes a person superior to another.
        That women are too weak too fight men may or may not be true. It’s a different argument. We could argue that women do have the potential to beat men in a fight. Any twenty year old woman could knock out an old guy for example. Lots of women are stronger than men. Some women are stronger than a lot of men their own age.
        But it STILL doesn’t mean men should be allowed to fight “as women” because that’s fucking spooky and creepy. Perhaps if men just admitted they wanted to make women bleed because they’re misogynists then their female opponent would get angry enough to knock them out.
        But in these cases, the woman is standing there looking at this she-male who has told her he’s a woman like her. It must be quite disturbing. No wonder it throws women off center.
        The truth of the matter is, though, that men’s physique, bone and muscle structure is different to women’s. They are stronger. They’re also more savage. They should not be in the ring with women, stealing their fucking prize money.

      3. To Bev Jo – faux feminists, foe feminists? feministophobes? Just brainstorming with my supposedly “female brain.”

  11. I bet Boyd Burton, heterosexual ex Navy man, is proud of himself now for beating up a woman.
    All her injuries should be on display for the whole world to see. The people who remained silent, or actively promoted the idea of males fighting women should have to stare at the photographs every day.
    It literally makes me sick to my stomach.

  12. The organization who placed this woman at risk of great bodily harm, or possibly death should be SUED.
    Rational people could see this coming a mile away, but they were silenced by transgender activists.

    1. In discussing this with friends, it was brought up that Tamikka must have “consented” to fight Fox. The obvious thing to do of course is for every female fighter in the MMA to refuse to fight him. If they don’t act collectively, the situation will continue. Organize, women!
      Another thought: Tamikka’s “consent” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, because the “consent” was expressedly or impliedly to fight a woman, so she was defrauded, and/or the MMA was negligent in not “knowing” Fox was male due to Fox’s representations. I know this sounds convoluted, but it’s not a bad legal argument here (speaking theoretically).

      1. Sorry but I disagree. Tamikka knew he was a man. Although maybe she could argue that the governing body did not perform enough due diligence or was arbitrary in its guidelines, which just so happened to benefit one fighter.
        People are speculating that Fox threw his earlier fight to a woman whose name escapes me. It’s a shame to diminish her win, but quite honestly that would be a smart move on Fox’s part, like holding back a race horse.
        Judging by those FB posts, Fox is a real ass who should pick on people his own size.

      2. That might work, the women pulling together and refusing to fight him. Then again, women know that any rocking of the boat creates male retaliation, so we might end up with a situation where female boxing gets called off altogether or something along those lines. Whenever women stand up for themselves they’re punished.
        Apart from the obvious glee that Fallon Fox and his supporters get out of beating up a woman, it angers me that there is prize money involved. The prize money in this fight should have gone to Tamikka Brent so she can salvage something out of the shitty deal women get in society for being women. She could have had a holiday, treated herself and her partner. Instead she has been MAIMED by a man who then stole her prize money.

      3. I had read a few months ago that although each fighter is free to refuse to fight Fox or any given opponent, it can hurt their career in some ways.
        Here’s a despicable quote from Fox after he was asked about women refusing to get in the ring with him. And, he doesn’t think he should have had to disclose his history, either.
        “In a recent interview on AXS TV, Fox stated she doesn’t believe transgender athletes should be required to disclose private medical history prior to a fight.
        During the interview, Fox claimed the “scientific community” has found transsexual fighters on hormone therapy do not hold physical advantages over other women. She also said she thinks any woman who refuses to fight her is either scared or a “hate-filled” person.”

      4. “He could literally become champion just by entering tournaments against women who then forfeit to avoid critical injuries.” Maybe that would be the best thing to happen. I’m sure nobody wants to see someone winning a title and money by default, and if they don’t change the policy that is what would happen year after year. It would show what a bad decision this was, once and for all.

      5. So the women organize and refuse en masse to fight transgender males.
        The MMA throws them out, ruining their careers in the MMA.
        But the MMA is also over, and so is transgender men beating up women.
        And so is Fox’s career.
        And the women start a new “MMA” limited to women.
        But the MMA doesn’t get to start over, except as a trans league, which is fine with me. They can’t recruit any women fighters.
        I still think this farce will end as soon as the women organize and take a stand. The MMA can’t toss out 99.9% of its fighters.

  13. The Olympics used to use chromosome testing but that was found to be “unfair” and inaccurate. I can’t see how using hormone levels is more fair and accurate is determining femaleness, especially when the hormone levels have been artificially tampered with.
    If you put Boyd “Fallon Fox” Burton next to the most masculine appearing female MMA fighter, you can see his bone structure, arm length and musculature still give him an advantage.
    And that man playing woman’s college basketball is just ridiculous, I want to cry for his teammates and even more, for those who must play against him. If my child was in that school, I’d refuse to continue paying tuition, even though the situation is ultimately the fault of legislators. A message needs to be sent.

  14. Fox is living the dream as far as internet blowhard MTFs are concerned. They only get to make threats and rage behind their keyboards- he not only gets to kick the shit out of uppity women without penalty, he is celebrated and paid for it.

  15. I can’t find the post on tumblr anymore (after reading it ten minutes ago) but apparently there have been women who agreed to partial clitoridectomies because they didn’t fall within the accepted testosterone range for females. In other words: some women are required to have parts of their clitoris removed to participate in sports while men seem to have never-ending freedom to bend the rules to their liking. The talk about eliminating “unfair” advantages by focusing on hormone levels is complete bullshit. If there was real interest in levelling the playing field people of over-average height would be banned from basketball and similar examples are easy to find. The real motivation behind gender testing is the fear of women actually being able to succeed beyond what male imagination expects of them. A woman wiping the floor with the competition and approaching male standards? A dangerous aberration. A man using his body and muscle mass to overpower/defeat women? The way things are supposed to be.
    Re: Fox, he’s currently trying to bait another women into a “grudge match”:
    Fox has already done this a couple of times (according to a tumblr user responding to the post). He must really love beating the shit out of women who stand up to him…

    1. He’s so fucking crazy: on the one hand, he believes that his entire life is a reality TV episode (even pretending cameras are following him around when they’re not), and yet despite thinking everyone is watching, always, he doesn’t have a problem bringing up people’s *kids* in order to try to make them angry enough to book a fight in a league that won’t even sign him.
      Even the most fucked up regular dudes tend to know that doesn’t fly in public…

  16. Wow, thank you for a truly excellent post Gallus, one of your best for sure. You brilliantly dissected all the key issues, tied it in with all the other examples of males unfairly competing in women’s sports, and exposed the transjacktivists’ hatred and bloodlust against females. M2Ts don’t want to “be women”, they want to erase and annihilate women, they are among the worst misogynists out there.
    Given Phallas Fox’s track record of fast TKOs, and the horrific injuries suffered by Ms Brents, are any more females going to even want to go in the ring with Fox? I hope not, for their sakes. If they all stick together on that, then maybe Fox will be booted out of the female division. I hope Ms Brents makes a good recovery, and very sad for her if this has ended her career. Sue she should.
    The pictures of Ludwig standing beside female team mates should really make everyone wake the fuck up to what is wrong with allowing these males into female sports. FFS, so damned obvious! It’s not “transphobia”, it’s reality.

    1. Now a fight I would actually like to see- Phallus Fox vs Laverne Cocks! Put them in a cage, see who chips a nail first.

      1. Ahahahaha. LOL BMV. The good thing about the FB commentary is most are saying “Dudebro gotta go.” In fact Mr. Fox shows up and loses it.

  17. I can’t wait till the next tranny competes in mma and gets to fight Fox fair and square. And hopefully the real women will all go form their own organization.

  18. Gallus! You should see what they’re saying on youtube!!!!
    I had to respond like this:
    De La Chapelle Syndrome (XX men), Klinefelter Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, and other syndromes similar ARE NOT the same as being transsexual. Most biological women have uteri, ovaries, baby bearing hips, and other stuff men don’t have. This biological man gets to legally beat up women for money and that’s not cool at all; he should be fighting other men.
    Here’s the link:

  19. As a girl (as in young female person) I went to a tiny school that nevertheless had a swimming pool and even a team. We had 1 girl short of enough to have our own team, so instead, we competed as boys. I hated it because grown men would use it as an excuse to look at my blue card, stare at my chest and comment.
    In any case, mostly we got our butts handed to us except for one race where another girl swimming on a boys team and I got psyched for our race against each other. We smoked through the water and actually beat some of the boys to place. But my muscles felt useless after that. I had times that qualified me for the state tournament (where entries were individual, not team based, so I swam with that precious pink card), but in regular competition, I got beat almost every time.
    Those longer bones translate into greater mechanical power. And a mere two years will not significantly decrease muscle mass when you’re training.
    She should sue the league for insufficiently assuring that he was safe to compete, because by approving him to get in the ring, the league implied that this was safe. And every other competitor should utterly refuse to engage with him at all. This is appalling.

  20. The trannies should have their own league, and their own *everything*.
    Transgender is transgender and NOT a biological sex, it is an identity, a gender identity dysphora, a psychological fantasy.
    Fallon Fox should have to fight MMA with penis. Get his orbits re-oriented.

    It is ugly, deadly, and as always, the womyn is the loser, living in a system created for, and in service to, males.
    In fact, I find this to be the *perfect* illustration of why equality is just a trap, an empty ideal. It is allowed, and encouraged, by men, to keep us busy, and to make us quit thinking of fighting for real liberation.
    To womyn, equality is the solution; good for women and men!
    To men, Equality means beating the fuck out of women.
    I cannot count the number of times I have seen men say that a woman should take a beating, with no complaint, because she is equal, right? They say it Gleefully. Hatefully. It’s even an MRA talking point, but non MRAs say it too.

    1. Off topic, but men also use the equality card to get access to children and babies. The other day a man brutally murdered his newborn 1 month old baby when the infant was at his house on visitation. What kind of crazy judge forces a woman who has just given birth to offer up the child to a man unsupervised.
      And yes, men are absolutely loving the fact that women are saying Fallon Fox should not be fighting women. All smug and gleeful. “See, you can never be equal.”

      1. I agree.
        With “equality” men gain access to they few things/jobs that were rightfully kept from. There is good reason to deny men jobs that leave them with vulnerable people, like kids. One good example is childcare has been a womans for many reasons, but a big one is because men will rape or abuse the children.
        If we don’t hire men for these jobs, or refuse to accept them into the spaces for mothers and children, then we get called sexist. Women look skeptically at men alone at playgrounds and such, but now this is not OK.
        F equality. IBTP

      2. “And yes, men are absolutely loving the fact that women are saying Fallon Fox should not be fighting women. All smug and gleeful. ‘See, you can never be equal.'”
        In that case, they should also be in favor of abolishing separate weight classes in men’s boxing. Just put the featherweights in with the heavyweights — and if they don’t think that’s fair, they can get back in the kitchen and start making sandwiches for Mike Tyson.

  22. Fallon Fox, a 38-year-old ex-military man and father, caused what many are calling career-ending injuries to his female mixed martial arts opponent, Tamikka Brents. In less than three minutes, Fox inflicted an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 7 surgical staples to close.
    Board certified orthopedic surgeons surely know bone, muscle, and musculature development. This article was posted in March 2103. Why was Fox allowed to fight women? MMA is a bloody combat sport in which great bodily injury or death could occur. It’s unconscionable that this was allowed to happen.
    Dr. Benjamin not on board with transgender female, Fallon Fox fighting professionally
    “The problem with the transgender issue, specifically male to female, is that there is not enough scientific information out there to say if it’s safe enough to allow this to go on. If you don’t know if it’s safe, we have to err on the side of safety, which says until we get more information, we cannot go forward with this.
    One of the things that’s very interesting, is everyone says, ‘Well there’s been a few studies that say after two years this, that and the other…’ That’s not true. There’s no studies for this. I’ve done the literature search. Then they come back with, ‘The IOC knows.’ The IOC knows what? The IOC caved to political and social pressure. The IOC didn’t say, ‘Because of firm scientific and medical evidence, that if you’ve had this SRS and you’ve taken hormones for two years, that’s the magic number that all this is going to become safe.’ That’s not true at all.
    There is no firm scientific basis to support that conclusion. They made an arbitrary determination in the face of social pressure. OK, I understand that, too. Who wanted to fight the fight? The IOC didn’t want to, so they said. ‘If you get the surgery and take the hormones for two years, that’s good enough for us.’ That doesn’t mean it was made on a sound medical basis, because the sound medical basis doesn’t exist. Those studies have not been done.
    The surgeons that spoke towards bone density decreasing and so on and so forth – that doesn’t say the person doesn’t still have superior physiological abilities. The real question is, what was the sex at time of puberty? As we all know, boys and girls aren’t that much different until they go through puberty.
    Gender reassignment happens after puberty. One of the things that happens during puberty, is that boys grow 15-20 cm taller than girls. The average height of men is greater than the average height of women. In addition to bone density, there is also the issue of longer bones in men. Longer bones lead to some mechanical advantages that shorter bones don’t have.
    The argument is that “They’ve become a woman because they’ve had the surgery and taken the hormones.’ The hormones will certainly make your phenotype. The different hormone therapies are very good at changing that, but they don’t change those things that happen to you during puberty. The length of your bones don’t change. The mean muscle surface area doesn’t change a great deal.
    When people say, ‘That person has turned into a woman’, I’m fine with that, but where is the hard scientific data that says their athletic performance capacity has now changed to that of a woman? That scientific research has not been done.
    People might think I’m against transgender people. I’m not against anybody. That’s a social issue. What I’m saying is that we don’t know enough, and if you don’t have that knowledge, if you don’t have that scientific information, you have to err on the side of safety. Until we know for sure, I can’t support it. We simply don’t know what the safety issues are.”
    Other physical advantages mentioned on various websites, etc…..
    Possible advantages – increased ratio of type II to type I muscle fibres; increased heart volume relative to body size (there doesn’t seem to be any evidence about how these change after SRS).
    Also increased lung capacity and different pelvic morphology leading to certain biomechanical advantages. These are based on bone structure and testosterone levels during growth and development and are unlikely to change in an adult with hormone treatment.
    -Men have a demonstrated average reaction time that is up to 1/10th of a second faster . this would be a huge advantage at an elite level.
    – the average mans hands are 13 percent longer and have a more dense bone structure (also wrist, shoulder, and ) It is the difference of being hit in the head with a bigger hammer. It will do more damage. How fast does Bone density change in these circumstances? IT is a debatable subject
    – The muscular development of a man is on average 30/40 percent larger than the average woman’s , upper body strength especially. and is larger also as a percentage of total mass
    -With weight training a man can gain muscle much more quickly and easily.
    – People that have developed muscles can “regain” them much more quickly than someone who has never had a well developed muscularity.
    – Females have on average a higher percentage of internal body fat than a man of the same level of fitness. This is a genetic advantage for childbirth. It means a man and a woman in the same weight class on average would have a different lean mass composition.
    -not enough is known about how long it takes for the change in hormone levels to affect athletic ability.
    -women are 3 times more likely than a man to get a concussion in the same circumstances. Neck , upper body and core strength are probably the big factors in this one.
    Question: We know that women have different shaped pelvis. How does this relate to hip rotation?
    HIP ROTATION – refers to the circular acceleration of your hips in force generation.
    Of all the accelerating forces in a punch, this one is probably the most important…NOT FIST ACCELERATION. Fist acceleration alone does not guarantee hip acceleration; which is why some fast-handed boxers still don’t have any power. The hips are rotated to the spine, and rotating the hips powerfully rotates the spine powerfully which sends out the hand with power instead of only speed.

    1. “‘Well there’s been a few studies that say after two years this, that and the other…’ That’s not true. There’s no studies for this. I’ve done the literature search. ..” Recent story on doping:
      claims that the ‘beneficial’ effects could last DECADES (and certainly longer than the magic two year figure that seems to have been used for the trans case). It is totally obvious to us all that male bodies developed as males show the results of that in their bones and musculature. Even swapping ‘male’ hormones for ‘female’ doesn’t magically disappear male effects after two years. Hence there is NO justification whatsoever for letting trans athletes compete — female athletes would gain an advantage from male hormones so could not fairly compete with other females, and they’d be unsafe to compete with males (not that I see many F2T athletes fighting for that particular ‘privilege’…). Male athletes would be disadvantaged when it comes to competing with other males, and unsafe and unfair competing with females.
      So, seems totally logical — IF you take artificial hormones, either through doping or through ‘transition’, competitive sports are no longer for you. Finally, a level playing field!

  23. This is just horrifying. HORRIFYING.
    I’ve sent a strongly worded email to ESPN about Karhl’s statements, and asked them if they think such things would be appropriate if they were said about Ray Rice.

    1. Good. Everyone should be speaking out against the trans bowel movement’s misogyny whenever and however they can.

  24. I know nothing about MMA except that it seems to be extremely brutal. Am I correct in this assumption? In actual martial art, shouldn’t a woman be able to beat a man if she is more skilled than he is? One of the points of martial art is to turn an opponent’s strength against him. MMA just seems like boxing with no rules. And in addition to concern for Brents and her horrific injuries, I hate seeing people of color beating each other up for white’s people’s enjoyment. Thank you, GM, for explaining what happens if women refuse to get into the MMA ring with a man.

    1. A woman can beat a man in a combat sport if her skill level is significantly higher than his, AND there’s a way to win that doesn’t involve brute force (like scoring points instead of knocking your opponent out). Once you get to the elite level, or even the pretty good regional level, it’s extremely unlikely that two people with a wide skill discrepancy will ever end up in the ring together.

  25. This man is turning misogyny into a spectator sport. Look at him, the alpha male who with backing and support of other males has managed to provide his fellow misogynist with a new form of entertainment. Trans–aka autogynphelia has a huge component of male rage that includes the driving compulsion to control women publicly. Does it need to get any more explicit?

    1. To add, I know women’s boxing is “controversial” but it is absolutely NOT about revelling in this sort of damage (and I would guess neither is women’s MMA when only women are involved).
      For anyone interested, look up Nicola Adams on youtube to see the contrast in skill and athleticism vs male thuggery.

    1. I don’t think making it about an individual is the way to go. It has to be a blanket rejection of m2t.

      1. If they bounce PhallusFaux, who at the moment is the only tranny known to be competing, then it establishes the precedent to bounce them all.
        That being said, i agree that the petition is not the best way to go…but for different reasons. The better approach, although more time consuming, would be getting the various licensing Boards and Commissions in unison that males should not be certified to fight women.
        And if just one licensing entity stands up and says NO to the approval of Faux to fight in their jurisdiction, others would follow. The problem right now is that none of them are willing to do so for fear of backlash.

  26. These MEN need to stop using WOMENS SPORTS as an excuse to get away with beating the shit out of us. You’d think it’d be easier to just come right out and say: “I was mad that I couldn’t tell myself she would consent to touching my mutilated genitals under any circumstance, so I had to try to beat her to death. What, it’s fair! Her not accepting and affirming my sexual fantasies is the EXACT SAME THING as beating her nearly to death.”
    Imagine if it did happen, though.
    Then we would watch as the entire trans support system just sort of… creaked to a stop when they realize that the quote had been mirrored by too many official sources to not be true. Oh yes, a good number of them would go back to denial, but a small fraction would just stop. They would look back on all the recent incidents, all the current ones, and the truth recorded on blogs like Gallus Mags’. Then maybe we’d get somewhere.

  27. Thank you again, Gallus Mag, This is one more post that I’m sharing on fb with the idea of changing more mainstream minds. Last month, a Lesbian singer/songwriter star who does not seem to know basic feminism asked what I thought about the musicians boycotted at Michigan. She actually slipped up and referred to the men as “trannies.” Clearly she knows the injustice and is fed up, which is very unusual and brave in her career. I’m hoping to reach more who feel this way, and of course you are the best blog/site of all in our defending females against the men who pretend to be women and Lesbians.
    You’re right that with their male privilege and power, they have trapped women on so many levels. Women who spent their lives to make a career out of sports have to risk being killed, severely injured, and humiliated to not lose all they have worked for. Singer/songwriters who have been such an important part of Lesbian culture have to risk their careers if they want to support our last spaces. This is happening everywhere, but none of it could if the women supporting these men stopped and said no.

  28. Gallus, so many thanks for your excellent reporting! That is wrong on so many levels.
    I’m not a boxing fan (I know boxing is not MMA but there are some similarities) my dad and my brothers are. They tell me you would never ever put up a male boxer against a female one as it would be carnage, even though they really admire some female boxers. What doesn’t go away with added hormones is the reach, the heft and the general power as well as the swiftness. They said the female boxers show a great deal of skill but cannot defeat a man in the ring.
    It is a ridiculous decision that someone like Caster Semanya cannot compete in her sport as she is female with an intersex condition but Fallon Fox can in his even though he is absolutely physically male. Whatever arguments you can make for acceptance, in sport is surely not one.

  29. Is this baying for blood par for the course among boxing fans in general, or is what we’re seeing here more intense?

    1. Much more intense, Jane. Boxing fans aren’t usually out to see blood – well, there are bare knuckle fights where they do, but they are not legal, not recognised and not what most boxing fans watch. The real boxing fans regard it as a noble art (to me it’s just two folk punching each other, but each to their own) and go in for the skill, landing a good hit, etc. MMA is a bit different however, it’s a fair bit more violent for a start. Perhaps these fans do normally wish to see a bit of blood.

    2. Lemme give you a perspective from a gay journalist (also a vegan pacifist) who wrote about social issues in sports for a long time.
      At the top of the decision tree, I’d suggest making a distinction between amateur and professional boxing. The amateur game (as at the Olympics) is well governed by rules and – importantly – has boxers wearing shirts and protective headgear. Long-term studies of amateur boxers show very little difference in head trauma and brain injury compared to controls. Plus if you watch amateur boxing it does in fact seem more ritualized and formalized than just two guys beating the shit out of each other.
      Hence wymmynz amateur boxing does not represent the adoption of male patterns of violence. It too is highly ritualized and formalized. I believe women who are in favour of women’s participation in sport(s) should be in favour of women in boxing.
      It is uncommon but not unknown for women sportswriters (sportswritrixen) to be experts in boxing. My old pal Mary Jollimore is one such writer. It is not really that much of a contradiction. They get a lot of raised eyebrows for their interest, though, but women sportswriters get that basically everywhere.
      Amateur boxing also attracts better people. It is not unusual for amateur-boxing coaches and trainers – almost to a man, oldschool hetero males, very often Italianate – to hold self-defence classes for women and gays and lesbians. And they do that on principle. (Fun fact: Canadian Olympic boxing silver medallist Mark Leduc, now deceased, was gay all along and it wasn’t much of a secret in the ring or out of it.)
      This I would suggest that while you positively don’t have to like amateur boxing, you should accept it as a credible athletic pursuit for persons of any sex or gender.
      Meanwhile, all the associations you instantly have with professional boxing – Don King, Mike Tyson and every single thing he’s ever done, Vegas, oversexualization that seems perverse even to gay males who like giant muscular athletes, racism on a par with that of the NFL, blood, gore, savagery – are accurate.
      So-called mixed martial arts is as far removed from pro boxing as pro boxing is from amateur. It is as much worse than pro boxing as pro boxing is from amateur. I cannot see any redeeming qualities to it whatsoever. Women must be given the choice in the matter, but I fail to understand why any woman would agree to participate in so-called mixed martial arts, let alone lust after it.
      Fallon Fox is not a woman and his lust for blood and vengeance rather speak for themselves at this point.

      1. Joe, many thanks for this – I don’t know too much about boxing, my mum and me normally leave the room, let the men get on with watching it 🙂 I can see the distinction though, as you put it, between professional and amateur, and it’s a point I hadn’t realised.
        My dad and brothers will watch it and sometimes put a bet on, but they don’t like any flashy or stage managed crap, it annoys them. They like things like the Commonwealth Games or Olympics, or sometimes a fight which is shown on TV (my dad used to go to live boxing matches but it is different and more expensive nowadays). If it does look fancy or professional, they get a bit disgusted, and don’t like that. I’m not sure of all the differences, but my brothers have said “These hyped up bastards never win decently”.
        To me, it seems a strange thing to do – punch someone until they fall over? Is this really a good plan? But then many sports confuse me, for example what the fuck is the point of dressage? So I value your opinion here 🙂

  30. A comment on the Womens MMA Discussion FB page, where they’ve removed most comments saying Fox is male, and left at least one comment calling Brent a bitch.
    Νίκος Χότζογλου Fallon is the accusative, of the Greek word phallus (fallos), who is the male genital organ in erection. As you understand, Fallon Fox is a male, who laughs at us. And Fox is an animal, which in Greek fiction, gets what it wants, because it is very vulpine.

    1. Why do trannies so often have names connected to genitalia? That’s pathological. Recently in the news was Conchita Wurst, who made a big point about what his name meant. The 16 yr old post-op who entered a beauty pageant is called Jenna. Turns out the actual name he chose for himself was Jennatalia.
      How childish!

  31. Remember this from last year? Fox is going to kill a woman someday. He is a psychopath who despises real women.
    “Several rumors from within the all-women’s MMA promotion claim that infamous transgender fighter Fallon Fox was trespassing at the April 5 card in Kansas City, reportedly attempting to bully several of the female competitors in attendance.
    According to Bec Hyatt (via Facebook), Fox even sought her out to personally threaten her.
    Hyatt’s husband first noticed Fox in the event area on the morning of the card, “staring daggers” at the one-time Invicta FC strawweight contender—which lead to both athletes having the following exchange:
    ‘As you’d all know though, I have a chip on my shoulder myself & am very stubborn, so I gladly partook in the silent staring contest for a minute or so until I inquired as to why she was actually staring at me. Fallon replied with “I’ll do what I want”, to which I laughed, said she is a joke & went back to my Facebook training in preparation of the nights contest.
    I can’t remember exactly what Fallon then said, but it was along the lines of “I’m coming down there” in an angrier tone & as she went to put on her jacket, Invicta Fighting Championships matchmaker Janet Martin came out of an elevator & started talking to me. When I looked back up, Fallon & her friend were gone. The second half of our exchange was caught on camera but I won’t be releasing it 🙂 ‘
    Hyatt also relayed that Fox appeared at the Invicta FC 5 after-party, attempting to apologize for her actions.
    MiddleEasy first made the story public in their Sunday Rumor Mill column, stating that an “aggressive” Fox was trying to confront Invicta fighters (unknown to CEO Shannon Knapp), claiming that she had a crew from AXS TV with her:
    Fallon Fox showed up to the last Invicta FC event and managed to get inside the area designated for fighters. She acted aggressive towards some of the fighters, so an Invicta FC exec asked her to leave but she refused.
    Allegedly Fox claimed she had an AXS TV crew with her (which was false) and from what I’ve been told she wanted to get a confrontation with a fighter on camera to set up a future fight in Invicta.
    Robert Sargent of women’s MMA-focused website MMA Rising further corroborated the report, claiming that his own sources attested to the rumor.”

    1. Sounds like everyone tiptoes around this psycho. Just another special snowflake. There’s so many of them, they’re hardly special anymore.
      I had to laugh when he railed against them playing “Dude looks like a lady” because he’s “not a dude.” No, he is a dude, but he sure doesn’t look like any kind of lady.

      1. Fallon Fox is simply depraved and disgusting. By lying and concealing his trans status, he put lives at risk. This is a brutal combat sport, not ladies’ golf.
        In hindsight, I don’t think the novel and movie The Silence of the Lambs was so wide of the mark after all. It was widely attacked by gay activists as being homophobic and transphobic (Jodie Foster even got attacked for “betraying her own kind” for accepting the lead role), despite the fact that both book and film were at pains to reiterate that this depraved, cross dressing serial killer was neither gay nor truly motivated by transsexualism. He was simply a misogynous, murderous Autogynophile whose sadism towards women was in no way impeded by his desire to become a woman.
        The author Thomas Harris was wrongly lambasted as a homophobe, but the fact is he does depict the character as a misogynist and homophobic heterosexual fetishist with a muscular powerful male body, not a limp-wristed effeminate homosexual. That’s the key point that gay activists missed back in the day.
        If they ever remake the movie, we know who to call to play the serial killer.

    1. Did I just listen to a whole hour about martial arts?
      This guy they interviewed was GREAT.
      He gives us this Harvard Health quote:
      male: 270 to 1070 nanograms per deciliter of testosterone.
      female: 15 to 70 nanograms per deciliter of testosterone.
      And the estrogen he was taking increases his bone density. eh? eh?

      1. It was surprisingly good wasn’t it. Especially appreciated the lesbian commentator discussing how everyone outside the LGBT assumes that she supports Fallon, and how she instead prioritizes women athletes, regardless of “orientation”.
        Women First!
        Very good stuff.

      2. Its funny when he was reading from Fallon Fox’s dikipedia page. Tamikka Brents doesn’t even have one, even though she has 15 fights under her belt. (I think her amateur record was 10-1).

      3. The guy, never did hear his name, said GLAD would go nutso if the promoters and organizers refused to back Fallon and that’s the reason they don’t get rid of him. GLAD, he said, would use their financial power to put everyone out of business in their zeal to protect LGBTQQwtf rights. Someone said it, and it wasn’t you Gallus. Holleeee hell. Change is a gonna come.

      4. Does anyone know – when the estrogen supplement is taken, do MtT people also take a testosterone-blocker? Or is the usual amount of testosterone still circulating?’
        Also, I have been looking for an IOC medical committee study I read a while back comparing male and female athletes after hormones, which pointed out numerous skeletal and other differences like density and size of bones that are unchangeable. But it seems to be gone, deleted I suppose. I think it was 2008, the same year the IOC adopted those 2 year guidelines. It sure would be handy to find.

      5. @anony- Yes, male transgenders who are un-castrated usually (but not always) take some form of androgen-reducer to enhance the effects of the synthetic estrogen, if they can tolerate the side effects. Example: decapitation killer Robert Kosilek was ordered Lupron as an androgen suppressant but stopped taking it due to side effects.
        On the other hand, it is standard practice for post-op male transgenders to take supplemental testosterone treatments in order to prevent their androgen levels from “bottoming out”. I have not seen any info on whether Fallon Fox’s medical regime includes replacement testosterone or not, but it is quite common.
        This brings up another issue: Doping.
        Many female athletes illegally take testosterone during training to enhance muscle building. If Fallon is doing this, he is enhancing his already MALE musculature. You can see by his pre-fight photos that he was completely ripped, and absent all body fat in a way nearly impossible to achieve with a female physiology. Quite concerning.

      6. Fox certainly doesn’t have to worry about amenorrhea from excessively low body fat, since no vagina/no uterus. Even if Fox isn’t doping, I’m still curious about how the lack of female physiology might allow excessively low fat stores with no particularly bad health outcomes. What’s the lowest healthy percentage for an elite female athlete? 12 percent? Could Fox go considerably lower than that?

    1. I wonder what the idiot author of that article thinks now? I mean, I know it’s PC and all that jazz to claim that trans women are women, but goddamnit time out for that foolishness when people’s lives are on the line. He could easily have killed Tamikka Brents. I know fuck all about MMA, but I do know that a man is stronger with denser bones than a woman, even when they outweigh them. I outweigh my husband by 40 pounds. He’s a string bean of a dude and he can lift me with no problem. I can’t even lift our son and he only weighs 80 pounds. My husband and I are the same age, and though he runs, he’s no power lifter. Have we all just checked common sense at the door? Those IOC standards might be reasonable when you’re talking about pentathlon or some such, but in a combat, full contact sport, no way in hell do they make any goddamned sense. And you can’t tell me that the governing body of MMA doesn’t know that. When a raging misogynistic muttonhead like Joe Rogan has enough sense to know this is ridiculous you know something has gone seriously off the rails here.

      1. I love your comments, Roslyn.
        That’s a very interesting point about the relative sizes of you and your husband vs. who can lift whom. I’m reminded of another string bean of a dude, the former major league pitcher Randy Johnson, who was 6’10” (!), and 225 pounds (that’s 2.08 meters and 102 kg for you metric users out there). While obviously not quite what most of us picture when we think “string bean” (a little big for that), he was not the hulked-up mass that so many baseball players have become, ‘roids or not. Nevertheless, his strength was astonishing. His fastball for many years was consistently clocked at 100 mph (160 kph), sometimes 102. While his height was intimidating enough to batters, it was his ropy strength that did them in.

  32. Fallon Fox was a washed up b list fighter mma fighter as a man, i can barly imagine the damage an a list fighter would do to a woman if he cuts his dick off.

  33. I also point out I showed the two fighters to my brother and he was visibly shocked. “That’s a completely unequal fight. Look at Fox compared to the other fighter.” He pointed out various areas of Fox’s build and musculature and said “They let that go ahead? That’s fucking sick. That’s not a woman fighting a woman there.”

  34. WOW! Thank you so much for this wonderfully articulate piece, Gallus! It cuts right to the heart of the matter without skipping a beat. It’s so clear and precise that to comment against it would instantly show that person’s misogyny.Well done, and thank you once again!
    Also, there’s something that has been boggling my mind which is: if women who train and take dem roids are now stronger than the average woman, and even if we believe the claim that since Phallus Fox is now a “woman” because he’s taking laydee hormones, one would still have to question what happens when he starts training and taking dem roids like the rest of his female opponents?
    So, now, the question is: how much stronger is Phallus while on laydee hormones, while still training and on roids make him over his female opponents? Well, TKO in a couple of minutes stronger!

  35. This will literally make people sick to their stomach. Here is Fox taunting and trash talking Tamikka AFTER he beat her to a pulp.
    Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) Phallus Fox is one sick and twisted individual. Burton is also trying to trash talk Rousey into fighting him, but Rousey doesn’t want any thing to do with him.
    (1.) Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) needs to be stripped of every one of his wins because he is NOT a woman. Every one of his wins is suspect.
    (2.) If he wants to fight, he must fight men or some transgender fighter. Fox should NEVER fight a woman.
    (3.) Fox should be banned outright from all MMA fighting based on the following. From what I’ve read, in his first fights, he didn’t reveal the fact that he is a biological male, ex Navy, etc. He only came clean about his transgender status after he was outed. So, the first female fighters didn’t even know that Burton (Fox) is male. This was wrong because they should have been told. They had a right to know. Fox did in fact jeopardize the female fighters he stepped into the “cage” with. Also, his actions before and after the Tamikka fight were reprehensible.
    This will literally make people sick to their stomach. Here is Fox taunting and trash talking Tamikka AFTER he beat her to a pulp.
    Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) Phallus Fox is one sick and twisted individual. Burton is also trying to trash talk Rousey into fighting him, but Rousey doesn’t want any thing to do with him.
    (1.) Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) needs to be stripped of every one of his wins because he is NOT a woman, and he has an unfair advantage. Every one of his wins is suspect.
    (2.) If he wants to fight, he must fight men or some transgender fighter. Fox should NEVER fight a woman.
    (3.) Fox should be banned outright from all MMA fighting based on the following. From what I’ve read, in his first fights, he didn’t reveal the fact that he is a biological male, ex Navy, etc. He only came clean about his transgender status after he was outed. So, the first female fighters didn’t even know that Burton (Fox) is male. This was wrong because they should have been told. They had a right to know. Fox did in fact jeopardize the female fighters he stepped into the “cage” with. Also, his actions before and after the Tamikka fight were reprehensible.
    (4.) The organization who allowed the damage inflicted on Brents:
    (orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples) should be sued along with Fox.

    1. What are they saying in that vid, that Fox will fight on Indian territory, which then federal laws do not apply.

    1. I was trying to explain to a friend that the orbital injury must have happened in during the transition Fox made to half guard (when the ref was in the way of the camera) and it was probably his male-sized elbow that caused them. I did my best to explain that the flurry back mount punches Fox threw might have *looked* horrific but they’re not the most dangerous thing in the world and most likely didn’t result in any serious injuries as they seldom do.
      And after making *that* explanation I thought “ok, maybe having become inured to that sort of thing is seriously fucked up? Maybe I can’t really defend this sport anymore? Well… shit…”
      I will say two things though:
      *It was bad officiating. There are a few reasons to let a fight go on, if it’s a title fight, if the two fighters are both elite of elites and have the capability of coming back from bad positions (Silva, Edgar), if there’s a lot of money on the line, but this fight had zero athletic relevance and yet the entire reputation of the sport was at stake? Why the fuck wouldn’t you say “Brents, I need you to defend yourself” and not stop the fight immediately if she’s at least unable to roll to her side and give up her neck?
      Obviously there are a lot of people responsible for what happened there (everyone from the tranny education brigade on the internet to Brent’s corner) but I can’t see why the entire MMA world doesn’t scapegoat that ref? I do sort of feel bad for the guy in that it’d be hard to notice a broken orbital that happened at the same time as a cut like that, since the cut is so much more visible and doesn’t typically stop a fight immediately.
      But I can’t imagine he’d be so oblivious to the spectacle of what was transpiring or so convinced by the trannynet that it really was just two 100% females in a fight that he wouldn’t be looking for every opportunity to stop that fight. Hell, I’d have demanded a doctor as soon as I saw the cut, just for an excuse to stop things.
      *I didn’t see Fox look up once at the ref. A lot of fighters look up immediately at the ref in that sort of situation, even before they’ve hurt someone, because they want the win as quick and easily as possible, because you never know what might happen (they scoot out the back door and end up winning, etc.).
      He never went for a choke either. I think it’s bullshit that promotions / gyms / fighters / audiences think that tapping to submissions is ok but tapping to strikes isn’t, but most people involved are plugged into that and at least work to follow that agreement if possible. I wouldn’t necessarily, always, call a fighter who ended a fight like Fox did a psychopath if they weren’t also doing and saying psychopathic shit as a lifestyle, but there have been illegal matches on *freshly cut grass* that showed more sportsmanship in the exact same position:

      Two other thoughts:
      *everyone is still talking about just sex and not gender, aka, the social stuff beyond the body. How many female Gracies are there fighting professionally given their family legacy? Like one, maybe two? I have no idea. Not an expert. But *that’s* gender and no one wants to talk about that anymore or the fact most 40 year old women haven’t had the same athletic opportunities as 40 year old men because things have come so far in the past 20 years. When I was in high school you could count the number of girls on boys wrestling teams in entire states on one hand back then. I just think it’s odd that the whole world has moved on past both feminism and Judith Butler’s post modernism into this place where we pretend sci-fi stuff is real with brain sex and hormone replacement therapy.
      *There isn’t a single female MMA fighter who fights like Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, at least as far as I’ve seen. I’m not saying that to be a male jerk (because most males aren’t interested in how he fights or in flyweights in general!), but to point out that he’s a small guy who doesn’t want to be hit by guys who mostly hit harder than him. So he’s super evasive to the point where a lot of people don’t like watching him for 25 minutes (and yet they’ll give a pass to someone like Floyd Mayweather for doing the same thing because somehow it’s more exciting if the guy doing it is an asshole being an asshole by frustrating his opponents whereas Johnson’s tactics have no moral value assigned to them besides survival?).
      A very non expert opinion and hypothesis: Part of the reason women’s boxing didn’t take off was because it was initially so bloody, more so than men’s (at least in my opinion, it’s not like I have charts), because women weren’t really afraid of being knocked out in one hit by each other. Everyone was willing to take a hit to give one back.
      There would be no point for Venus and Serena practicing returning men’s opening serves in tennis (although sex differences in the sport are narrowing for a variety of reasons, some due to technology), as it wouldn’t be relevant practice for the most part.
      As eye sockets being crushed isn’t an everyday occurrence in women’s mma, Brent’s entire training career — even if/when she did “roll” with males — wasn’t preparing her for fighting Fox. Her lessons probably weren’t “NEVER take a shot to give one back.” Because that’s not relevant advice when she’s trying to give a crowd pleasing (which is what matters if you want to get paid) vs. another female.
      Two articles on co-ed training:
      “In a perfect world, of course women who want to compete against women would only train with women. Why? It’s simple. Physiologically this would give them the practice closest to what they will face on the mat, in the ring, or inside the cage.”
      “”The only times I’ve been knocked out in training has been by men, not women. I would take the blame on myself for that because it wasn’t that they were going too hard for me. It was mostly they were going light and I was going too hard. It’s not that they would actually have too much pressure on me, but that I would slam into them.”
      I guess that’s a statement on mass and bone density, even at similar sizes?

      1. Your comment brings to mind something I was thinking in the aftermath of this fight: Any woman who’s crazy enough to fight Fox should train exclusively with men in the run-up to the match. I don’t see any other way for them to realistically prepare. Physiologically speaking (and, very likely, psychologically speaking), they are not fighting a woman.

  36. That motherfucker has the bodily built of a fucking male. The cheering of the trannies for women-beater tranny Fallon Fox is just the typical male on male cheering when a man beats up a woman to put her in “her place” and his friends relish in it.

      1. “Tina.” LOL! What, Stephanie and Tiffany were already taken by your pals in your tranny support group?

      2. It is a woman’s place to participate in women’s sports!!! Pathetic pricks like you & Fox don’t know your place. You’re just another failed male. If you’re going to continue invading places you don’t belong make yourself useful & make me sandwich, “tina” weena with the tiny weina.

      3. just stay barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and do what you’re fuckin told and you won’t get hurt. You aren’t allowed to be human, what is so hard to understand you stupid bitches. It only matters when tranz women are hurt. It only matters when tranz womenz are held back. Get that thru your stupid heads bitchez, and no one gets hurt.
        Just fuck you, “Tina” you total dood

      4. Comments like this are useful because sometimes we’re liable to take our eyes off the ball and forget quite how much men loathe us. Then a disgusting misogynist pops up and reminds us what the hell we’re all doing here on blogs like this.
        So, cheers “Tina” . It’s men like you that make it all so much easier for women to stay focused.

      5. @cbl- you should have seen the other ten he left that i spammed. 😉
        interestingly, his isp is identical to someone who has previously left “radfem” comments here. sigh. oh, you guys.

  37. I think the reason Fallon Fox has an advantage is precisely his gender not his sex, that is his male socialization. I don’t think there is evidence women are worse than men at any sports: women’s sports have been around for a few decades, while men’s sports have been around for thousands of years. In these few decades women athletes were able in many cases to perform like male record holders in the 70s-80s, and his some cases to beat the male records of today. Considering that we are discouraged to play sports and be active in any way from a young age, and in fact in many countries it’s still illegal for women to play sports; considering that there is way less of a social and economical incentive for women to pursue a career as a professional athlete; considering therefore that way less women compete to become professional athletes and therefore there is a smaller selection pool than in men’s sports (less talent), and the ones that do have been training their body way less and have to deal with stereotype threat; considering all of that it’s pretty clear women may have way more efficient bodies than men, and all the pseudo-science of hormones will eventually go the way of the pseudo-science of blood and phrenology.
    The reason Fallon Fox or any man should not be able to participate in women’s sports is because he has the advantage of being male socialized in a patriarchy; because his athleticism was encouraged all his life with real repercussions on his body. Even in the case he could prove he is less physically capable than women around him he would still be intruding in women’s sports because women’s sports have a political reason to exist: to encourage more and more women to defy patriarchal mandates and actively use and train our bodies. Men in women sports are using their male socialization to revert women to our passive patriarchal role, and it’s easy for women to comply because we were socialized to put men first and not trust ourselves.
    So yeah I don’t think there is any reason to use the misogynistic pathologizing of women’s bodies to argue Fox and any man needs to stay out of women’s sports. We just need to argue that women’s sports exist because for millennia, sports weren’t unisex, they were men’s. And even today they still are and women’s sports is what’s needed to counter that.
    (now one could also talk about the way sports were conceived, and maybe the whole idea of sport could be rethought by women in a more creative and less destructive fashion, but that is too long a discussion for me to talk about it here)
    Anyway, thanks Gallus for reporting.

    1. There is a significant difference in upper body strength between men and women. This is not “pathologising women’s bodies”, it is a reality. However well trained a female athlete, she may outrun the average man, have more stamina, more skill and yet will still not match him when it comes to a fist fight.
      It is why domestic violence is never an equal and opposite issue. The average woman could hit a man with full force and do more damage to her own hand than to him. Men hitting women – serious injury or death.
      I agree that the conception of sport in our cuture is fundamentally patriarchal, but even without that and even with women able to use their bodies in a fully human way, we’d still have the upper body difference, it’s something like 50-60% less for women and that is huge.

    2. Thanks, pandoracuriouser, I am glad someone finally said this. I was thinking along the same lines, but you said it much better than I could have. Another thing that gave Fallon Fox the advantage is that he was driven by a hatred and malice that Tamikka Brents just didn’t have.

    3. ” . . . all the pseudo-science of hormones will eventually go the way of the pseudo-science of blood and phrenology.”
      Do you mean with transgender males claiming that a few months/years of estrogen makes them exactly like a biological female? If so, than one can hope this idiocy will go out of style. But there is nothing pseudo-sciencey about hormones- the importance that hormones play in the physical and sexual growth and functioning of almost every other system of the entire human body is a science fact that is not going anywhere. Hormones are critical to human life. Anabolic steroids are synthesized testosterone and their use will get you banned in all sport. So how is it fair that a man whose body was grown and who trained under the influence of testosterone for 30+ years is ever allowed to compete against biological women?
      I think you have excellent points and very well stated, but there are many, very real, biological differences between male and female bodies that can not be discounted. This is a combat sport, where this man’s superior bone density, reach, etc, give him an incredibly unfair, and dangerous, advantage over any women in his weight class. I think there are plenty of women who could beat him with superior skill, but he quickly wins fight with brutal knockout blows to the head. Phallus Phucknut is a castrated chump who needs to fight his fellow dudes or take a fucking seat.

  38. Mr Fox is a nasty piece of shit. And this is a brilliant post. Too right upper body weight is an issue, that’s why there is men and women’s sports, based solely on biological difference – not gender ffs. Shocking and abhorrent that this person should do this. Just shocking.
    Want to give support to Dutee Chand. And all the other fabulous female athletes like her. She and others have been ostracised whilst shitbag Fox is what? Celebrated? Wake up and smell the coffee!
    Seriously, this is the worst shit I’ve ever read about regarding MtV – male to violence.

  39. I’m an MRA, and I want to say this is one ‘Men’s Rights’ issue I want to have nothing to do with. I agree with every word written here. I was appalled when I heard about this situation. Saying that a transgender MtF is exactly equivalent to a woman is beyond insane, it’s almost impossible to believe people actually hold it to be true, it’s based on pure dogma…
    I don’t mean to be rude, but both MtF transexuals I have met in my life, as I first met them thought ‘Oh, this fellow adopts a fairly feminine style’. Should I feel ashamed for perceiving that?
    Transsexuals deserve full human rights and protections, but the issue of involvement in professional sports is a conundrum at best and deplorable at the worst, as in this situation.
    And frankly, irrelevant of gender identify, Fox just sounds like a troubled, violent person, even by MMA standards…

    1. The more vocal trans advocates would declare that you’re The Worst Person Ever for perceiving trans women as effeminate men, but of course, despite their protestations, you’re not required to perceive anyone as they wish to be perceived.

      1. I must be the worst worst, evah and well into the future because they never seem anything other than violent fetish driven men.

  40. I wonder how much sex thrill is part of watching MMA. I unfortunately discovered many years ago that a lot of people get off watching or reading violence, and it seems to me there’s more than a bit of perverted salaciousness displayed by Fox. I include the audience in this question, and I imagine people who watch female-on-female violence get quite a kick out of it. And now I need to find a bucket to barf into.

  41. @not amused,
    Someone really needs to call out NCLR which is a transgender/men’s rights organization. In less than three minutes, a middle aged male named Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) inflicted an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples to close. Scroll up and look at the photograph of Tamikka taken after the fight.
    Advocacy: Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Fallon Fox
    STATUS: Victory, California, Florida
    The NCRL, a transgender and men’s rights organizaiton, the WMMA who let it happen, and all the transgender people who called for Tamikka’s blood prior to the fight all have blood on their hands.
    Women MUST stop giving money to so-called gay and lesbian organizations because EVERY mainstream gay and lesbian organization is OWNED by transgender activists.
    They could care less about the blood of women or lesbians. In fact, they scream, “make her bleed”.
    Isn’t Tamikka a lesbian? So, the transgender organization NCLR doesn’t care about her, and is only concerned with Boyd Burton’s rights to beat up women. They want lesbians, and women in general who they dislike to bleed. NCLR hates women.
    How much more proof do we need?
    Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) “transitioned” in his mid thirties. How many women can start a fighting career at age 32? He brought with him 30 plus years of male development and male socializaiton. Rational people are supposed to believe that all this magically disappears because he “identifies as a woman”.
    There is something else I don’t understand, and it’s deeply disturbing. For 30 plus years, Boyd Burton, ex Navy man, father, was socialized as a male. Most sane and caring men are taught never to hit a woman, and they respect women. How did Boyd Burton feel about women before he “transitioned” in his mid-thirties? It could be that Burton has always hated women. He seemed to relish making Tamikka bleed. Or, is it just lesbians that he wants to make bleed. Men can’t just give up 30 plus years of male socialization. I argue that Burton probably has always hated women on some level. How could any man walk into a “cage” and inflict this much damage on a woman?

  42. This is how insane, sick, and twisted it’s become. A recent artilce in the Examiner states,
    “There has been a great debate in the MMA community over the past year if Fox should be allowed to compete against women. Some say she shouldn’t be able to because she might have an advantage in the strength department. Others think it’s perfectly fine for her to fight naturally-born females. Here’s the thing: The debate will continue on until more studies are done. No one knows for sure if Fox does actually have a competitive advantage.”
    This artilce states, “No one knows for sure if Fox does actually have a competitive advantage.”
    So, they are all but admitting that Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) could have an advantage, but they act as it’s nothing to be concerned about. MMA is a bloody and dangerous combat sport in which serious injury or death could occur, but the only thing that matters is a man’s feelings. Also, in this sick article, it states,
    “She’s riding a two-fight win streak, including majestic finishes of Heather Bassett and Brents.”
    This is called a “majestic finish” by the writer Eric Holden
    “an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples to close…all within the first three minutes of the fight.”
    People can’t even see how sick and out of touch with reality they are.

  43. I know I’ve made several posts, but this Curve Magazine article is by far the most one-sided, biased article that I’ve ever read. Curve Magazine calls itself the “best selling lesbian magazine”.
    What does Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox), ex Navy man and father have to do with lesbians? He inflicted this damage on a black lesbian, and he seemed to enjoy what he did.
    “In less than three minutes, Fox inflicted an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples to close”
    This article even calls Rhonda Rousey ignorant. The last sentence in this biased article states,
    “It seems the only thing stopping this fight from happening is Rousey’s ignorance.”
    Despite what Curve Magazine says, there still is dispute as to whether or not biological males who “transition” in mid-life have a physical advantage. Scroll up and read the 2013 article from board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Benjamin, and even the recent article in the Examiner states, “No one knows for sure if Fox does actually have a competitive advantage.” Scroll up for the link.
    It’s interesting to me that the most biased article is coming from the “best selling lesbian magazine”. Apparently, it’s owned by Avalon Media. I’m still in the process of trying to find out who owns and runs Avalon Media. Also, does anyone know who Silke K Bader is?
    Curve Magazine is a transgender/men’s rights, corporate controlled “lesbian magazine”. It doesn’t surprise me that they have no problem with Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) making a black lesbian bleed.
    Curve Magazine, Boyd Burton is a biological male and Tamikka Brents is a black lesbian. Burton’s fans wanted to see her blood even before the fight. I hope they are reading this.

    1. Heterosexual male “lesbians” took over every purportedly lesbian website and forum long before most women were even online. If you look at the incredibly high percentage of heterosexual “male lesbian” “transwomen” that work in IT this begins to make more sense. Autogynephile “transwomen” are in large part socially maladjusted super nerds who have spent much of their lives alone playing fantasy games such as D&D and WOW etc, in between bouts of porn consumption and writing code.
      I think it was Snowflake Especial that pointed out the number of heterosexual male autogynephiles who signed Zinnia Jones’ letter against Calpernia Adams who identified themselves as IT professionals. It is astounding. And when I looked at it I noted that some of those who listed another profession actually derive their income from internet and programming services.
      The early colonization of the internet by autogynephiles who work in the industry played a huge part in eliminating feminist and lesbian spaces online, as well as the culture of silencing and censorship of feminist and lesbian voices. Until recently there literally were NO ACTUAL online lesbian spaces.
      Sites like Curve are the reason GenderTrender – written by an unskilled, uneducated woman in her spare time- has millions of readers.

      1. I therefore have to ask – about computers in general – IT in general – as a field of inquiry, a science, may have inherent flaws. There is something incredibly flawed about – ? Just something wrong with it from the get-go. I can’t just look at, here I am on a COMPUTER, typing these words – I have to wonder, would I as a woman have more POWER, more influence in society, in my culture – if there were NOT computers, there was NOT this technology. Let us imagine an alternative future – go back to 1975, and some other thing came along – some other Big Thing – and it was NOT the computer. We can’t even really think of that, can we? There is something that feels so inevitable about the Internet, computers, etc, etc – NOW it feels like, oh yeah, OF COURSE things would take off in this direction – there would be this “nexus of males” driving culture globally – of course, of course……overwhelmingly male, don’t want to discount female IT professionals…..like maybe there could be some other way of thinking about or doing science or “high tech” – that would have gotten us to other places, globally, the world would be configured in a different way…..

      2. Thank you for working so hard! It was your blog that made me interested in radical feminism. Before that I was anti feminist and a genderist. This blog literally helped me to turn my life around. 😀

      3. unskilled? uneducated? ok, maybe not formerly educated, but unskilled? get the fuck outta here. I come here to witness the skillz, sister

      4. When I went to the Amazon website recently, the “Transparent” image was huge, covering the whole screen practically. This is touted as some new great series or something. I don’t follow it, so not sure of the details. So here’s another trans in entertainment. Makes sense that they have controlled all these online spaces. Plus making lots of money from it. I won’t go to Amazon’s homepage again anytime soon.

      5. @shediogenes- lol thanks! My point is that those sites have all the support- financial, corporate, tech, equipment, staff, and still very few lesbians read them because they miss the mark so completely when it comes to creating material that lesbians care about and can relate to. I wager this on-a-shoestring blog may actually have better overall “stats”/readership than Curve and other similar sites. And GenderTrender isn’t even a “Lesbian” site per se, but a site about gender simply published by a lesbian feminist.
        I think the Curve type sites really serve to alienate lesbians from other lesbians. That may or may not be what they were created to do, but that is their function. Their function is to alienate lesbians and disenfranchise lesbians from the public square of ideas, and more devastatingly, from each other. They exist as a way for lesbians who seek out sisterhood to conclude “I have no connection to these other lesbians. I can’t relate”. It works the same on feminist sites that have been completely colonized by males/”transwomen”. They exist to squelch actual community among women.
        This dynamic of disconnect really played itself out in the lesbian realm with the recent campaign by orgs that claim to represent lesbians: the former National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (now called simply “the task force”) the former Gays and Lesbians Against Defamation (now called simply “GLAAD”), the NCLR, HRC, Equality Michigan, etc who actually campaigned AGAINST the rights of lesbians to hold a women-only music festival, complete with a joint campaign to blacklist and destroy the careers of every lesbian who contributes or attends.
        That was an eye opener for a lot of lesbians I think. That these groups actually thought they could get away with something so outrageously anti-lesbian without consequences. They thought this because lesbians are basically (or have been until recently) absent from the public square. None of this is by accident.

      6. @Gallus Oh I get it about having all those resources and still failing to represent the demographic you claim to represent. I once sat down and read an entire issue of Curve from cover to cover attempting to find ANYTHING that appealed to me. Nada, adverts, columns, longer articles, not a single thing to hold my interest. No articles about anything important, it was very alienating. I had to find my way to Fest and Radical Feminism and blogs like yours to shed some of the sense of alienation

      7. Powerful words there, Gallus, about so-called lesbian sites. Indeed, I certainly don’t feel any sense of kinship or sisterhood at those places – they have a hipper-than-thou, slick, hostile vibe that I find to be a complete turn-off. (Gee, wonder why that is?) Autostraddle’s the worst.

      8. “I think the Curve type sites really serve to alienate lesbians from other lesbians. That may or may not be what they were created to do, but that is their function.”
        That describes the gut reaction I’ve always had to those sites, without being exactly sure why. There’s very little in them that reminds me of myself, or of most lesbians I know. And the ones I know are all pretty different from each other, and from me.

      9. “Autogynephile “transwomen” are in large part socially maladjusted super nerds who have spent much of their lives alone playing fantasy games such as D&D and WOW etc, in between bouts of porn consumption and writing code.”
        I also noticed how many hetero male transgenders listed their professions in IT. If there is a women being harassed online or a feminist site threatened or shut down, then it is a safe bet that the offender/antagonist’s name is published in the undersigned of that document- The Silk Stalkings crew.

  44. Despite the radioactivity of “putting women in their place” rhetoric, if you look at transactivism it is all about getting “transwomen” (men) into places they don’t belong in – ladies rooms, female locker rooms, women’s sports, lesbian bedrooms. The problem is literally that men need to be taught their place.

    1. They can’t be taught–it is part of the sexual fetish–to publicly occupy women’s spaces and force women to role play.

      1. “Force women to roleplay” is a good description of what’s going on. I never want to use the opposite sex’s pronouns for epople despite how “transphobic” it makes me. It’s roleplaying, and I didn’t ask to participate.

  45. Has any regulating body ever examined Fallon Fox and determined that he has actually had SRS? And if he has indeed been castrated, is anyone doing regular blood work to confirm that he is taking female hormones on a regular basis? He could be taking testosterone for all they know, or steroids, which could be fueling his obvious rage against real women. Perhaps he and other MMA fighters should be evaluated by mental health professionals before they are allowed to participate in a ‘sport’ where just about anything goes.

  46. I don’t know a thing about MMA…is it at all typical for players to receive such horrifying injuries? I am just so upset reading about this, it can’t be the normal way the sport goes, right? That’s awful. How can the regulatory board or officials or whatever allow this to go unpunished?
    Somewhat off topic but on the theme of incredibly ugly men pushing themselves on everyone as “sexy women,” every time I go to Amazon.com these days this awful banner is there to greet me on the front page:
    Nightmare fodder, that. I thought it was the guy from “Harry and the Hendersons” at first…but I could tell that’s no woman with my glasses off from 100 feet away. When will this madness end?

    1. The sasquatch from Harry and the Hendersons? 😉
      There is no way to hide maleness at all. Recently I saw this picture while surfing: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s–Xa1vkSBV–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/iauo8rtrqx0eznn6wuug.jpg
      To be precise, I saw this picture in thumb-nail size and the first thing I thought was ‘Who is this tranny and what did he say?’. Turned out this is actor Jeremy Renner goofing around on set and putting a high-end quality mask of Scarlett Johansson. And yet – even in thumb-nail size it is very clear that there is a male bone structure beneath that face. There is just no hiding from that, ever.

    2. Ugh, I guess this means that Transparent got the green light and The Cosmopolitans lost. I should have put money on it. The artsy director of Cosmopolitans has a large following but he can’t compete against a freak show.

    3. Blarg! Yes! I had seen this poster from far away at first too, asking “What is that?!”. And once I figured it out, I was like “oh…that weird crap…eh.”
      I seen a small clip of this crap on Jimmy Fallon and could do nothing but frown. The clip that was shown was of the dad telling his grown daughter that he’s now a woman, and that he’s always been a woman. Of course, she starts to slowly understand cause…PLOT!
      I doubt someone will question in the show how he can be a woman if he’s the father of his children, not the mother who, ya know, actually carried and freakin BIRTHED their kids!
      Geez, what a complete insult it is to all the women out there who are married or had kids by these men who have completely taken away their labor and pain of carrying their children and birthing them, by him now wearing the title of somehow being the mother cause…feelz. Thus implying HE was the one who carried and birthed the children.
      I say show me the proof! I say where is his stretch marks and such to prove he birthed his children?
      There is zero because all he had to do was ejaculate his sperm in mere seconds and he’s done. There are no months and hours to his process like that of a woman.
      But, ya know, all this has to be ignored cause ‘transphobia’ and ‘bigotry’. Indeed, his feelings matter so much more than hers.
      Whatever he says goes.

    4. You are seeing this ad because of targeted computer ads. Every time you do a google or bing search, they know what ‘products’ to target -sell you. If you do LBGT searches, you get LBGT products chucked at you. If you use Duckduckgo, you wont be tracked by target ads.
      They were upselling gay men’s products, but this is the new fad for men in the LGBT. ‘You don’t have to be gay to crossdress’- except the way they go about it, it is more of a side show and alot of stereotypes about women go into the role play- like fawning[in the above photo-akin to home alone nieve -ness that is rumored to exist in an adult female human far past a six-year-old’s childhood] or being a high talker[no matter how serious they try to make the high-voice, it sounds like parody mixture of female and/or a child with no clear line thinking it makes them sound more feminine or younger and less of a large man with a thundering voice that startles women.
      In the 1980s there was a punker guy that got a lot of media for wanting to wear a dress, but it was more like a kilt and the guy had a mohawk and a whole look. He was in no way female, but got permission via- the ‘I’m a special creative- boy privilege’ that got a girl with the same mohawk hairstyle expelled months before. He kept on, like she did- and had no problems until the ‘dress’ . This was the first time I began to see girls as the invisible slave -class that is equal but separately equal..but now it is a fad to fetishisize anything remotely female as a sexual feeling in its’ self, and not relating to the actual living beings that are giving birth to all the humans that are the object of extreme jealousy & hate..
      BTW, thank you Gallus- for everything and all that you do for feminism. <3

    5. Saw a clip of Jeffrey Tambor on Colbert Report. O, the applause that “being your true self” drivel gets. Colbert referenced the time Janet Mock told him to ask people their pronouns and how they identify upon meeting them but Tambor didn’t quite get it.
      I know Colbert is playing a part but this seems to be something he seems genuinely flummoxed by, but that could just be me projecting.

  47. Modest proposal:
    Let’s legally define a woman as having an absence of Y chromosomes. XX, female. XXX, female.
    A man has one or more Y chromosomes. XY, XXY, XYY, male.
    Hormone levels, presence of specific organs, style of clothing, favorite brand of makeup, and feelings are irrelevant.

  48. “Let’s legally define a woman as having an absence of Y chromosomes. XX, female. XXX, female. ”
    I agree, and there is no reason why this can’t be done. Women should demand this. Gender and “gender identity” just gets more Orwellian and insane all the time, and policies that place “gender identity” above sex are becoming dangerous to girls and women (Hambrook, the violent “Jane Doe”, Paula Witherspoon, etc.). Now, biological males who “transition” in mid-life like Boyd Burton (Fox) can legally beat up women inside a metal “cage”. People need to stop denying reality and admit that “gender identity” does harm women. All we have to do is look at Tamikka Brent’s face.

    1. Then you would eliminate intersex athletes such as those with AIS who have male chromosomes but have developed as (infertile) “female” bodied due to lifelong total inability to process androgens.
      the IOC and other regulatory agencies need to come up with a sensible intersex policy for female athletes. Adopting the male-transgender hormone level isn’t it. Allowing men like Fallon Fox to compete isn’t it. Forcing females with high levels of natural androgens to get medical/surgical “sex changes” isn’t it.
      I am for allowing intersex athletes socialized female from birth to compete in women’s sports on the whole. Your policy would not allow them to. There was a study done once of nearly 400 female olympic athletes. Around eight of them had Y chromosomes – all had varied degree of AIS. All of them were raised as female. None of them performed at greater levels than their peers. None of them were disqualified from competition. Intersex is NOT the same as men like Fallon Fox who decide after thirty years of manhood, fatherhood, etc. to lop off their dick (if he actually did) and get breast implants because they want to “live as ladies because sexy-time”.
      So, I disagree with your policy.

      1. “None of them performed at greater levels than their peers. ”
        If you took 400 women at an Ohio walmart and analyzed them, would more or fewer than 8 have Y chromosomes? I suspect fewer?
        I agree that intersex is different, vastly, than trans, but it just seems like a shame that no matter which way one poses these questions, “women’s sports” becomes akin to an arbitrary “Special Olympics” which makes men’s sports look more and more like the real deal where greatness is objective. Objectivity is bullshit, of course. But this is just something I find depressing.

      2. But Gallus, those intersex athletes are not female, not women.
        They are, in fact, male. Feminists have written about misogynistic doctors assuming that ambiguous genitals at birth makes a baby female. In fact the baby is male, as revealed by his chromosomal make-up.
        Women aren’t non-males. We’re a separate, completely different category.
        I’m not bothered if intersex people want to compete “as women” on account of the female socialization and what have you, but I think lin’s categorization is important for women. As a feminist, intersex people, whose rights I support, are not more important to me than women.

      3. It seems pretty straightforward to me. Did this person go through male puberty or female puberty? That’s where the most significant differences between girls/boys and women/men happen.
        This also would allow for children who transitioned pre-puberty to participate in the sports league of their identified gender. I know GenderTrender isn’t wild about trans medicalization of children (and neither am I), but I doubt a boy put on Lupron, then estrogen, then given SRS will have a significant athletic advantage over born girls.

      4. I had a friend who was quite definitely female and she discovered in middle age, when severely disabled and finally given genetic testing, that her chromosomal makeup was XXY. Does this mean she had some degree of AIS?

      5. @anon male “If you took 400 women at an Ohio walmart and analyzed them, would more or fewer than 8 have Y chromosomes? I suspect fewer?”
        Hmmm. You are likely correct. Good point.

      6. @cbl- That’s true, they are technically male.
        It’s interesting how the male transgenders used this issue of intersex athletes in women’s sports as a wedge to drive through policies that flat-out allow unambiguously male athletes like Fallon Fox to compete against women. The intersex issue IS a tough issue, and setting a policy on intersex athletes is difficult and requires compromise (one way or another). Instead of coming to terms with the issue of intersex athletes in women’s sport the regulatory agencies just threw out the baby with the bath water and allowed all males (who claim to feel like they have “laydeebrain”) to compete against females.
        Very frustrating.

      7. I’m ignorant and confused about AIS, and short on time to research this, so I guess my biggest question is if they are genetically male but superfically appear female, what do their genitalia look like inside and out, and what do they pee out of?
        Dogtowner’s middle age friend would have known she had a problem if she never had a period or couldn’t have PIV sex. She must have gone to the gynecologist at least once in her life so I’m assuming she had female genitals. So maybe female is having two or more X chromosomes and no more than 1 Y chromosome. Maybe further testing is needed for XXY.
        I don’t think socialization should be considered. I saw a Mexican guy in a documentary who was raised as a girl, but puberty exposed that he was male with some abnormality, and altho he had trouble relating to his male peers, his body looked like any other dude’s.

      8. One other problem with using lack of a Y chromosome as criteria is that there are men who lack a Y chromosome. This is because the SRY gene, which determines maleness, can migrate from the Y chromosome to another chromosome. Anyone who has no Y chromosome but the SRY gene on another chromosome will develop phenotypically as male, but will be infertile because genes necessary for sperm production can’t leave the Y chromosome.

      9. I’ve been thinking about your comment, branjor, and about lin’s comment asking “well, what do their genitals look like?”.
        I think what the genitals look like are important for determining sex, but as I said above misogynistic doctors regard a lack of penis to be a sign of a female, which is wrong.
        I would say that a lack of labia majora in a newborn baby is evidence that it is male.
        The reason I think this is that although the genitals of women and girls can’t really be seen when they’re standing up, giving men the impression that female genitals are hidden (hence the euphemism ‘hole’ to describe women’s genitals) this is emphatically not the case for newborn baby girls.
        A mother once told me how surprised and shocked she was when she first saw her newborn baby girl’s vulva, and I nodded with understanding. A newborn baby girl’s genitals are enormous compared to the scale of her body. Also, newborns have very little body fat which means the size and shape of the vulva is even more pronounced. As the infant puts on weight the fat then covers the genitals.
        Baby girls aren’t born with a hole. When they’re born their body shouts ‘I am female, and I am here”. They are unmistakeable female and It’s got nothing to do with ‘lacking a penis’ and everything to do with ‘being in possession of a vulva’.
        If a newborn is born with a vulva, then it’s female in my book.
        Which leads me to a question. Are intersex babies born with vulvas? If not, and it’s a lack of obvious penis we’re talking about then the baby is probably male.
        All of this would be obvious if it weren’t for the fact that the medical profession has been trying to obscure the fact that intersex babies are male.
        That being said, my brother’s school-friend was intersex. It was kind of known in my family that he didn’t have a penis. Nobody in their right mind would have thought of this boy as female.

      10. Sorry, lin, I misunderstood your question. He would have 2 X chromosomes, just like a female.

      11. Although the dividing line for intersex athletes may be hard to draw, let’s not forget that really they are a totally different category to trans folk.
        Mind you, I’m waiting to see how long it is before the transabled start demanding entry into paralympic sports…………….

      12. lin, that’s a great point about my friend. She was a nurse and a lesbian, so PIV was never a question, but she certainly would have been alerted to something being wrong if she never had a period (I never asked if she had them, just assuming she had prior to menopause). She suspected that something was genetically wrong due to terrible health problems and her brother having MR, but no knowledge of the Y chromosome until seeing a specialist much later in life.

      13. Cherry, I’m talking about a guy that doesn’t have a Y at all. He has an SRY gene, which makes him a male. I’ll try to explain as best I can with my undergrad bio degree and supplementary reading. The Y chromosome normally contains an SRY gene, which is the gene which determines maleness. It also contains genes for sperm production. The SRY gene is capable of breaking away from the Y chromosome and inserting itself into an autosome, which is a non-sex chromosome. The genes for sperm production cannot do that.Then, when the male in whom this has occurred produces sperm via the process of meiosis, some of the sperm produced may contain the autosome with the SRY gene in it and an X chromosome (plus of course 21 other autosomes.) An egg fertilized with that sperm will produce an XX individual who is phenotypically male, but infertile and with no Y chromosome. I hope that is clearer.

  49. This is brilliant. Well written. Excoriating . Just in case nobody’s mentioned it, individuals with AIS, whilst chromasomally male, do not respond to androgens and always have a “female” physiology…(so female, that they’re often not diagnosed until periods fail to start) no amount of T can override this and In that respect they are at no advantage over chromosomal females. Their closest equivalent is trans men, who’s hormone levels cannot do much to alter a female physiolog.
    Ergo, women with AIS are being treated unfairly and being placed in a position whereby transwomen, theoretically(though it will happen someday) can compete against them, and beat them.
    You’re right. This is rancid with men’s rights.

    1. There was a FTM who was supposed to compete in MMA long before Fox was invented and was allegedly going to compete against males; she hadn’t had a pro-fight yet (or maybe even an amateur one, just a gym rat!) and didn’t even have chest surgery scheduled yet, but someone was already making a documentary about how history making she was. Trans are that special!
      I posted a link here somewhere ages ago but it’s just so predictable that I can’t even google this person given the billion Fallon Fox “first openly trans athlete” articles, nevermind this person actually was out from the get go and happened way earlier (IIRC, or at least contemporaneously). Maybe the documentary people dropped her like a stone and went on to follow Fox around because males ARE that special?
      I recently saw a series of pictures/comments about how hormones have altered poses in male bodybuilding as the enlarged guts due to HGH and steroids have made the vacuum pose impossible (and a good joke about how the latest Mr. Olympia contest looked like a maternity ward):

      1. ack, didn’t mean for those photos to come up automatically! Dammit, I miss geocity and livejournal! get off my lawn!

  50. Well I once posted here about my perspective on this whole “transgender” paradigm. Not a single contributer here was prepared to consider that there is a difference between these transvestite men ie transgender and genuine women born anatomically deformed. Here you have thrust in front of you the extreme manifestation of what these creeps are in reality yet continue to dismiss any possibity of true biological versus psychological error. I don’t speak for anyone I’m not a group representative and I am not an activisist. I live a quiet life amongst people who will never know my medical history. I’d lay odds there are members here who know me and don’t have a clue of my past life but that isn’t the point. What is the point is I don’t view this freak as a woman any more than you do. That’s a transvestite guy. Nothing whatever to do with me or those like me. Peace and love.

    1. “…genuine women born anatomically deformed.”
      Oh FFS.
      Is that how you’re spinning yourself? You were not born “deformed”, you were born with a penis, like 51% of the other humans on this planet. STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT.
      Maude knows your arrogance is the same as Boyd Burton’s. (Don’t think that gleeful little fantasy of yours didn’t get noticed, about how you’re probably even fooling women who post here! Hee hee! Aren’t you sneaky?! Don’t you just pass so well?! *puke*)
      You’re also yet another example of the “Who, me? I’m just a quiet little mouse, hurting no one” line that so many MtT try to cling to. Yeah, hurting no one except women who have to deal with your crap – and if you don’t know what I’m referring to by “crap”, just start reading here. It’s all documented.
      There’s nothing genuine about you.

      1. The first time I read his post, I thought “Oh, maybe she’s intersex?”. But after reading your comment and re-reading his post, I see now that yep, just another dood in a dress. Oh, but pardon me, not just any dood in a dress, no ma’am. The Nice Guy in a Dress. The kind that says his laydee feelz are legit, and all other perv, creepy and violent D.i.Ds aren’t the real laydees and therefore must quit.
        The kind that says “Yea, I know me wearing and practising this stereotype is harming you as a woman and empowering the patriarchy, but gosh darnnit, you must admit, I do look sexxxay while doing it!”
        Yes, sir! Strike that pose! Keep putting dem sexxxay feelz before a woman’s safety!
        Remember Sisters: wearing women’s oppression proudly by a man can only be okay if it comes from a Nice Guy!

      2. Thanks, Farish! And FabFro, yeah, it’s exactly the the Nice Guy syndrome – I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that’s exactly what it is. Thank you.
        One of my favorite things about this site is how I learn from other women how to precisely express what I’m feeling – and seeing – with regard to the whole tranny issue. Thanks, Gallus!

  51. “Intersex is NOT the same as men like Fallon Fox who decide after thirty years of manhood, fatherhood, etc. to lop off their dick (if he actually did) and get breast implants because they want to “live as ladies because sexy-time”.
    I agree that intersex is a tricky question, and I could see some kind of special consideration for people with actual intersex conditions. These individuals would have to be taken on a case by case basis. I know that intersex (disorders of sexual development) are NOT the same as transgender, and every major intersex organization makes a distinction between intersex and transgender. Genetic testing and other medical tests can diagnose actual disorders of sexual development.
    “It’s interesting how the male transgenders used this issue of intersex athletes in women’s sports as a wedge to drive through policies that flat-out allow unambiguously male athletes like Fallon Fox to compete against women. The intersex issue IS a tough issue, and setting a policy on intersex athletes is difficult and requires compromise (one way or another). Instead of coming to terms with the issue of intersex athletes in women’s sport the regulatory agencies just threw out the baby with the bath water and allowed all males (who claim to feel like they have “laydeebrain”) to compete against females.”
    Excellent point, and well said…
    Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox) is a male, and if he had an actual disorder of sexual development, all the physicals in the Navy should have picked it up. Besides, he is a biological father. Infertility is common in many intersex medical conditions. I read that Burton used to have girl friends before he “transitioned”, and they had no complaints as to his manhood. Has Burton ever claimed that he has an actual disorder of sexual development (intersex) condition? Burton went through male puberty, and once a male goes through puberty, he is going to have an advantage (bone density, difference shaped pelvis, usually longer arms, legs, ability to pack on more muscle, stronger tendons, bigger hands, etc.). How many female MMA fighters start their careers in their mid-thirties? It simply doesn’t happen. Boyd Burton (Fox) could do this because he went through male puberty and for most of his life had natural testosterone to build a stronger frame, musculature, etc. When it’s clear that the athlete is a biological male with no actual intersex medical condition that can be determined through genetic testing or other medical tests, it’s wrong, and dangerous to let them compete against females.
    There was a deliberate decision by transgender activists to muddy the waters and confuse intersex with transgender in the minds of the public. It was a brilliant move, but completely disingenuous, and I believe down right deceitful. It does a great disservice to people with actual intersex conditions, and it is fundamentally unfair to female athletes. In MMA, it’s potentially deadly for female fighters.
    I still suggest genetic testing for athletes because this is going to work for the vast majority of people. Also, keep an option open for people with actual intersex medical conditions that are verifiable through medical tests. People like Boyd Burton (Fox) who clearly is male, but claims a special “lady brain” need to either fight men, or create their transgender division.
    Robert, “Gabrille”, Ludwig (see his photo above) is another male, biological father, and ex-military man who “transitioned” in mid-life. He thinks he should have the right to play basketball with female players.
    Gallus, excellent job, and thank you.

  52. this is disgusting, this is way too sick. Why did the woman agree to fight him? (doesn’t really matter, organizers and managers had to know better and prevent this horror)

    1. The woman she was scheduled to fight was forced to cancel at the last minute and it was Brents’ first hometown fight in three years. Fox, always up for a chance to batter women, put himself forward. So it was either go forward with Fox or go through a whole media gauntlet about “rejecting the twanz”. So. 🙁

    2. So, yes. This changes my mind a bit about Fallon Fox. I don’t actually watch UFC (women’s or male) but I became interested in his situation after listening to him tell his story on an NPR program. What I don’t get is all the unanimous hate of MtF transpeople. Do all the posters here feel the same way about FtM transpeople? Its sickening seeing hate, but one-sided hate of a similar and also looked down upon issue is disheartening to say the least. I would like to live in a world where all were tolerated. It would seem to be a much more peaceful place to be.
      No, I’m not a transgirl. I am a man. And no I’m not an MRA. Just someone who dislikes prejudice.

      1. Women do tend to “hate” men who batter women.
        You might want to search your feelings and see if your feelings of empathy for abusive men, and your prioritization of the welfare of males over females in general are created by your own subconscious dehumanization of women. And also, perhaps, by your own discomfort with gender nonconformity. Many of the women and men commenting here are either lesbian or gay, or otherwise extremely comfortable with gender nonconforming persons. Therefore we don’t have the same “Oh you POOR THING!” reaction of the truly “transphobic”.
        Things to think about. Good luck.

      2. Gosh, you certainly sound like an MRA. I mean, a woman was beaten up brutally — by what about the menz, right? Your lack of compassion for women is sickening.

      3. Expressing disgust and disapproval of a man beating a woman to a bloody pulp equals hate? Huh. The more you know.

      4. “Anonymous please” wrote: ” Its sickening seeing hate.” Yes, exactly, but I would mean it differently than you seem to. I think the hatred of women by trans and their allies is extremely sickening to see. I think the codified hatred of women in queer theory is sickening to see. I think the millions of manifestations of hatred of women within patriarchy are sickening to see. And queer theorists are one manifestation of that hatred. And trans and their allies are another manifestation of that hatred (or a variant on that same manifestation).
        Also, you say you dislike prejudice. Not a rhetorical question: have you posted things saying that you dislike prejudice on websites where biological males are pushing to force women to allow biological males into their most vulnerable spaces, and who are attempting to disallow women from organizing without the presence (and approval) of biological males? Or does that not count as prejudice? Does it only count as “hatred” and “prejudice” when women try to maintain their own spaces and their own safety? Or does it count as hatred and prejudice when biological males try to forcefully violate those spaces and violate women’s safety?

      5. How about the right for women to be free from military dudes who get breast implants, chin shaves, and hair transplants so they can lie and pretend to be female and compete against women in combat sports? That would be nice.

      6. “anonymous please” doesn’t give a shit about women. Liberal hets are absolutely mortified at the idea of fully human beings (ie. males) being treated like subhuman females. When the state of “womanhood” is occupied by real people with full humanity (ie. males) it is suddenly a ghastly tragic scenario deserving of full sympathy and support of the highest priority.

  53. I’m appalled at this..I wonder why it wasn’t on the news or on the media I mean I see and read the news daily yet this shit wasn’t a main story anywhere. This man is an animal ..no human being should take pride on almost killing another one, this is not sport is a mysoginistic hate fest, I might sometimes not agree with your articles but I have always respected your fairness and writing ethics, keep the good work unmasking this craziness of transcult.

    1. Hi Adrian. Thanks for your comment!
      We have another long-term commenter named Adrian here. To reduce confusion please modify your commenter name if you comment here in future. You can call yourself ‘The Other Adrian’ or whatever you want or select a new comment name, but ‘Adrian’ is already taken. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again. 🙂

  54. This reminds me of some “third gender” folks who don’t seem to be in denial about biological reality. Of course, people would point out they hadn’t had surgery when they competed.
    Even the third gender definitions tend to remind you that these are men first and foremost. I haven’t heard of a place that considers them the same as biological women.
    Nong Toom, Thai kathoey who competed (and won) in Muay Thai boxing against men:
    Jaiyah Saelua, Samoan fa’afafine who plays on a mens soccer team:

    1. Third-gender crap is about making women the third class of humans. They want the order to go: Men- first, Men that fetishize being women second, as the human that because they are born-male-from a male starting point they can identify away females as being the second important human, and argue they belong in a ‘third class way from male and males that want to id as female. This is the – male centric approved definition of human. cause any man can be a women and females are incomplete humans that men can attain their biology through a magical pretend male-feeling of turning into a woman, according to delusional men.

  55. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mma-cagewriter/ronda-rousey-isn-t-going-to-fight-a-man–now-or-ever–so-please-stop-195337096.html
    This is an article about why this very talented woman MMA shouldn’t fight a man, and it’s ridiculous to suggest she should. Here’s a great paragraph from her mother: Rousey’s mother, the 1984 world judo champion AnnMaria De Mars, was right on the money on Saturday following her daughter’s win over Zingano when she blasted the notion of her daughter facing a man. “That’s a stupid idea,” De Mars said. “Seriously, that’s a stupid idea. I’m as much a feminist as anyone but the fact is that biologically, there’s a difference between men and women. Hello. Duh. A woman who is 135 pounds and a man who is 135 pounds are not physically equal.”
    I did a quick look through the comments and I didn’t see any calling “transphobia” on this, but if the article weren’t about Rousey but instead about Fallon Fox, then of course not many people in the mainstream, certainly not at Yahoo, would have the courage or the integrity or the solidarity with women (or frankly the common sense) to say directly that a male fighting a female is “a stupid idea.” And of course if they did, we all know the death threats they would receive.

  56. I have been reading a number of posts on Gender Trender and it has opened my eyes. I am appalled at the number of males reportedly using MtF transgender change to prey on and use women. I also agree with an earlier post about the use of CIS. I don’t get that at all. Women are Women.
    While I am a Mtf Transgender person, this exposure to the feminist viewpoint has been enlightening. Personally, I do not feel that I would be a person you should flame, but I expect to hear “Fuck off Asshole” anyway.
    Regarding this fight, I AGREE. FALLON FOX has a distinct advantage in fighting women. She should not be allowed to fight women.
    I hate Joe Rogan. I think he is an asshole, but he did say something true and I’ll paraphrase: He basically said that although Fallon Fox has been on hormone therapy for a number of years, she still has the advantage of growing up with the effects of testosterone. Her bone structure did not change. It is that of a man. The muscle mass, while decreased still benefited from testosterone exposure. It’s not a fair fight.
    To Gallus Mag: I see you are angry about Transgender people and you probably don’t give A FUCK what I think. But, If you say something true, I’ll agree with it. And what i see presented in this article is a disgusting display by the transgender community full of hate toward this woman fighter for no good reason. It’s an unfair fight.

  57. There is only one woman who has beat Fallon Fox. While Fallon gets to cheat, the woman who beat him Ashlee Evans-Smith in 2013 was suspended over finding diuretics in her drug test. They are trying to claim she’s cheating but it’s false. She also had to pay 2,000. This happened in February 2015. So 9 months suspension for her. Anyone else thinks it is sour grapes over beating Fallon?
    Why is this even allowed?

  58. I can’t even get angry anymore. I am only amazed at how illogical this is. The inequality is obvious to everyone, so there is pressure coming from.somewhere to keep this going. Who gets joy from beating up someone who is not equal in strength? Bullies!

    1. This article is pretty great, especially the use of correct pronouns for Fox and calling heterosexual MTTs “male lesbians”.

  59. There is also a cognitive dissonance going on here among trans advocates. On the one hand, they all propagandize in favour of earliest possible intervention with hormone blockers and drug therapy for children who experience gender dysphoria. The rationale behind such drastic and hasty intervention is that the bodily changes brought about by puberty are permanent and significant.
    To put it simply: trans advocates are so adamant about early intervention because they know that unless you commence the transitioning process prior to adulthood, you’ll never have a convincing “woman” who can pass as female and fool the eye. You just have, like Fallon Fox, a brawny dude with a high pitched voice.
    On the other hand, they simultaneously insist that taking estrogen for a couple years and surgical removal of the testicles is enough to cancel out any anatomical advantage when it comes to MtF athletes competing in women’s sports.
    Well, which is it? If a man in his 30s suddenly decides to transition, and this is enough to magically eliminate any and all unfair physical advantages he has over women, then why the nearly hysterical obsession with such early life intervention? Why the fanaticism about preventing or delaying the onset of puberty via the use of drugs?
    Because of course, the biological changes that occur with puberty ARE enormously significant and they DO matter. And they DO make Fallon Fox anatomically and irrevocably male.
    I’m not anti trans, people have the right to do what they want with their bodies, but how can anyone fail to see the injustice of allowing Fallon Fox to compete? And how can anyone not see what an unethical, selfish, brutal, and narcissistic individual he is?
    The big lie the trans lobby like to perpetuate is that distrust and dislike of their agenda is rooted in bigotry and transphobia. Nothing could be further from the truth with me. When I was a kid in college, I was totally in favour of trans rights. I thought it was no different from gay rights and bought the whole line that only bigots could be against them and that they were just innocent victims of an unjust society. My heart went out to them. It was only once I started paying close heed to how trans people actually behave towards others that I realized how horrendously depraved, sociopathic, and batshit crazy so many of them are. It’s their own behaviour – from perpetual hysteria to bullying to issuing death threats to relentless misogyny – that hardened my attitudes to them. I no longer trust or sympathize with trans activists and think it’s ludicrous that they are lumped together with gays and lesbians.

  60. I’m an 18 year old transgender girl and if you saw me you would not guess in a million years that I was born a boy! I just want to say that I agree with those who say Fallon Fox should not be able to compete as a woman. Idk, how long she lived as a man before transitioning, but if she didn’t transition till late in life she shouldn’t be able to fight genetic girls! Plain and simple, because she has experienced all the masculnaliztion of an adult male! If she started hormones and transitioned in her early teens or before puberty like me, it would be a different story, but she didn’t! To the other transgender girls and trans activists who will berate me a stealth “transgender” girl for speaking the undeniable truth I’m sorry if you interpret what I’m saying as being against the fight for trans equality. I’m just an ordinary everyday kinda girl standing up for what’s right! I’m not one of those trans girls who’s over the top feminine and must do only girl things all the time either! I don’t always wear makeup, Im not flamboyant, and I’m not trying to impress anyone! I’m just me and I for one would be terrified and afraid for my life if I had to step into a arena and fight Fallon Fox! I most definitely would run as fast as I can away from her! I don’t mean to come off as offensive, but look at her you can tell she use to be a muscular man and now she’s a muscular woman! With that type of muscular physique Fallon Fox can seriously hurt someone and she did! All these trans woman, trans men, and trans activists supporting her and who egging Fallon Fox on to make her opponent spill blood should be ashamed! I for one don’t want to be associated with that type of perpetuate behavior! I pray Tammika Brent’s has a speedy recovery! I hope that it doesn’t take the death of a woman for Fallon Fox to realize what she’s doing is indubitably wrong!

    1. But you’re not a “transgender girl” Michael. You’re a typical “on the spectrum” white male IT professional autogynephile fabulist, high on tranny porn and god knows what else, still “identifying as male” on your facebook page.
      I find your behavior disturbing. If you want to discuss the theoretical implications of chemically retarded sexual development in males vis a vis placement of such males in sporting events, why not just do that? Your detailed fictionalized interjection of yourself into your fantasy scenario as your imagined “transgirl self” reeks of sexual autogynephilic fetish, and your pediatric transgender fanfiction testimonial is nothing more than a man’s attempt to inflict his kink on others non-consentually. Like a subway flasher. That is what you are.

      1. Wow, nice catch, Gallus. These guys and their fantasies…I love your phrase “nothing more than a man’s attempt to inflict his kink on others non-consensually.” That pretty much sums up the whole tranny gestalt for me.

  61. Sorry this is so late in coming, only just read post. Have you noticed how all these ‘cocks in frocks’ are so obsessed with Tanniika BLEEDING? Is it some kind of menstruation envy? I ask because about 10 years ago I watched a terrible daytime dieting reality show on Britain’s Channel 4 which featured one of your typical narcissistic, couldn’t hack it, less convincing than the worse amateur dramatic society’s pantomime dame in a condemned village hall who , as explanation for HIS mood swings actually said he was just experiencing his first period. Needless to say, my mum & me found it hilarious. At the time. Keep up the great work! The more they hate you, the more good you know you’re doing!x

  62. I think it’s high time that we device a third sex category in the sports world. Anyone who doesn’t fit comfortably into the male or female category can be lumped in there to compete with each other. Problem solved.

  63. Transgender Woman Anne Veriato to Make Her MMA Debut vs. Male Opponent
    FEBRUARY 14, 2018
    A transgender woman will fight a man at an MMA event in Brazil next month, marking perhaps the first publicized matchup of its kind in the history of the sport.
    Anne Veriato, a 21-year-old brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, will be making her MMA debut when she takes on Railson Paixao in a strawweight bout at Mr. Cage 34 on March 10.
    As a transgender woman who has been competing against and beating men in jiu-jitsu tournaments since she was seven years old, Veriato said it never occurred to her to fight another woman.
    “It’s only fair to fight men,” she told MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz this week. “It never crossed my mind to fight a woman because I think I’m too good. … I don’t think it’s fair to fight women.”
    Event promoter Samir Nadaf—who is also Veriato’s manager—agreed, and said he would only sign Veriato to compete in MMA if she agreed to a match against a man.
    “This [fighter] is a phenom in jiu-jitsu,” Nadaf told Cruz. “[She] asked me for an opportunity. My answer was ‘I can give you an opportunity, but at Mr. Cage, men fight men, it doesn’t matter if you have a penis or not. If you were born a man, you’ll fight a man.’ [She] said ‘that’s exactly what I want.'”
    The fight will be contested at 115 pounds and Veriato said she is hoping it is just the first in a long, successful MMA career.
    “I know that a lot of people will talk [with] a lot of prejudice,” Veriato said. “There are a lot of people rooting for me, especially after they start to know my story, but some still don’t respect me. They think I just want attention. They will only respect me after I have a few fights.”
    In the United States, transgender fighter Fallon Fox drew controversy while amassing a record of 5-1 from 2012-14, fighting against cisgender women—meaning athletes whose gender identity corresponds with their birth sex.
    Before stepping away from the sport in 2015, Fox garnered support from some in the MMA community, but also drew criticism from some other fighters, including Ronda Rousey.
    Mr. Cage 34 will be held in Manaus, Brazil.

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