80 thoughts on “Profile in Male Privilege: Martine Rothblatt

  1. Techno-Stepford in an Enid Blyton story arc.
    I suspect a number of these techno-trannies may have Asperger (I do too) and that’s what drives the disassociation from the body as ‘self’. To me the body is just a giant pet you have to drag around with you and maintain all your life, I can see why another Asp person might experience that as gender dysphoria (or whatever they call it) or transhumanism.
    Best quotes:
    “The overwhelming majority of transhumanists are men, and their interest in life extension can seem like a grandiose form of executive-personality narcissism.”
    “Bina spoke ruefully about the day she had to pack Jenesis [daughter] off to a reform school in Jamaica because her behavior was so out of control. She was drinking too much, Bina said”

    1. Looks like a man, poses like a man, and look at those clodhoppers. I’ve got big feet for a woman, but nothing compared to this.

      1. how well I remember the male crotchal display from my younger days using public transit all the time. (really oughta get back to doing that, but anyhoo…) These guys would take a seat facing the aisle and for the benefit of anyone opposite them, sit with their legs sprawled wide open, displaying their crotches to all while not incidentally claiming the empty seats on either side of the one they were occupying.

      2. And you know what’s interesting, Sue? I watch old television shows and movies, and lots of men in them cross their legs in the fashion we now associate with being feminine, legs close together with the calf of the crossed leg parallel to the calf of the supporting leg.

      3. I wear a men’s size 11 shoe, but, then again, I’m as tall as the average man. But I’m all female, from birth. And yes, this guy definitely looks like the “before” picture. It’s supposed to be the “afte”, Good grief.

  2. WTeverlovingF. This person is batshit crazy.
    This article about him is so full of gimmes that it’s almost surreal. There’s a jaw-dropping gem in every paragraph, if not every sentence.
    Check out the photo. Narcissism on parade.
    “(“I loved my penis,” she told Howard Stern in a 2007 interview.).”
    Yeah,I’ll bet you did.
    ” … in the event that Bina expires, as humans always do, Martine and their children and friends will always have Bina48.”
    Bina didn’t run screaming at the mere suggestion that her beloved duplicate her as a robot. It is, then, fair to conclude that Bina, too, is a raving narcissist. You could argue for Stockholm syndrome, but I’d bet the narcissism was there to begin with. It’s a textbook prediction that a nutcake like Rothblatt would have partnered with another, subservient, nutcake.
    Seriously, where does the crazy stop?

    1. Yes! Oh my gosh, there seems to be a large list of MtT in the video game scene [some not mentioned in the article]:
      1. Anna Anthropy [as mentioned], who’s known for creating some really sick BDSM type games that gets praised as “progressive”. Um, no.
      2. Christine Love Square, who creates “JENDAH IS TEH RAINBOOOWW!” type games that also have pedo vibes to them…
      3. “Laura-Kate-Dale, not too sure about this one. But still a MtT.
      4. Mattie Brice, a “I’ve always been a gurrrl and now I write about guurrl gaming experience” game critic.
      5. Samantha Allen is another writer within the gaming scene.
      [Also obsessed with entering into the women’s restroom. And had to share a room with another MtT-“Katherine Cross or Quinnae Moongazer….at a women’s gaming conference because those mean ‘Cis’ wimminz didn’t want to have tea parties and pillow fights with him!! *Huff*]
      6. And last, Carolyn Petit who’s a popular game writer, that thought it would be totes cool to invade the women’s restroom when he went to E3 this year.
      ..Just so much wrong.

        1. I learned from great detectives such as yourself! So, thank you for teaching me what to look for!

      1. I’ve been to geek events where 1/3rd of the “women” were male; that makes me laugh when feminist bloggers tell off the world that there’s no such thing as a “fake geek girl” — because your list obviously says otherwise.
        That’s the kind of irony that underscores that a female journalist is currently getting flack during this gamegate crap about sometimes not disclosing that Anthropy is her roommate when talking about his silly “games.” Is there anyway to be a male and not be a parasitic burden on the women around you?
        I do have to laugh that the “progressive” reddit tag where this stuff is covered is called SRSgaming, knowing what else that can be an acronym for besides “serious.”

      2. “Anna Anthropy” is obsessed with “lesbian” bdsm, describes himself as a dyke and has made the game
        dys4ia in which he talks about his boobs and calls feminists who don’t see him as a a woman bitches. Play the masterpiece here:
        I used to read the blog The border house for female gamers, years ago. It went to shit when the trans guys invaded and we got articles like omg why are dominatrixes evil in games, bdsm is good. Actual feminist analyzis of how women are portrayed in media usually sound quite different.
        “The imagery of kink and S&M is often appropriated into clichéd descriptions and representations of sadism and villainy.” OH NO!
        Why are these trans dudes so obsessed with bdsm?
        @ anon male, what a nightmare. We need more and better female representation in games and basically all other media, and dudes are like okay here! Here are some sexist men with lady clothes or fake boobs instead, you’re welcome!

      3. “Anthropy appeared on episode 174 of Pink and White Productions’ Crash Pad Series, a queer pornography series.”
        Why does this not surprise me in the least? A man in a pornographic production for a website which has a history of covering up sexual assault.

      4. @jo, 1:48 “Why are these trans dudes so obsessed with BDSM?”
        Because m2t is a type of masochism. It’s basically a castration fantasy.

      5. @Jo- I went to the link you gave that leads to that “Mistress” article [So much wrong!] and seen that Quinnae wrote it. Looking at his mini bio, it reads:
        “When she’s not studying or gaming she can be found at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.”
        I would say ‘surprise, surprise!’ but really, it’s not.
        Also, the more info that comes out about Mr. Anthropy, the more he sounds like the kind of person I would arch my back at, hiss and run from. (=
        @Anon male- Lol! I would say that it’s very fitting that those games should be labeled as **** Reddit Says. I couldn’t have said it any better!

      6. Nice roundup there, FabFro. That “Anna Anthropy” – lol lol lol lol lol lol! (Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.) “Samantha” is writing a dissertation on sexual fetishism, har.

      7. You know what I just thought about? That Mattie Brice also has a game in which he tells his trans story. I don’t think it’s as sick as Anthropy’s mess, but still, it makes one question where are all the cute retro games made by actual women about our lives; how we’re erased by men and by men in dresses, how we deal with sexual harassment on the street and at work, how we have to deal with porn/rape culture, etc?
        Surely one could label that game as grim, dark and gritty. Why, one could even call that game progressive!
        Though, if this game got a Kickstarter, people would complain about it and make a Wiki page for it claiming it to be the most transphobic and bigoted game ever made. And that in of itself should be telling.
        I find it amazing that even in this day of “indie games”, women still have no voice in the gaming scene. First women had to nod and agree to whatever the sexist doodz spewed, lest she be fired or threaten by him. Now women have to nod and agree to these same sexist doodz in dresses, lest she be fired or threaten by both men and women.
        And now these DIDs [Doodz in Dresses] are writing our stories and stealing the spotlight [that we never really had].
        Jo said: “We need more and better female representation in games and basically all other media, and dudes are like okay here! Here are some sexist men with lady clothes or fake boobs instead, you’re welcome!”

        Oh! And some time last year, I seen a dood that looked just like Katherine Cross speaking about reproductive rights, and how the doctors made him sterile [as a “woman”] so that he couldn’t get pregnant and have kids later in his life. I can’t find that video or article [I think they took it down], but this is the only one I can find: Katherine Cross: Speaking Out for Reproductive Freedom, 2012

      8. @FabFro
        Yeah, imagine putting up a feminist-related gaming project on Kickstarter. We all know how well that went for Anita Sarkeesian.
        A big problem is women’s lack of money and resources compared to men, if not money they have their “bros” everywhere in all industries.
        they’re often sadists as well, which in hindsight doesn’t surprise me at all. They love invading women’s spaces and crossing boundaries, rapey bastards. They both want to be women and hurt women. Well, they can go fuck themselves.

  3. I remember seeing this guy on The Daily Show, or maybe it was Colbert, a few months ago, and, in that setting, that of a relatively low budget comedy show with bad lighting and little professional makeup, Rothblatt appeared as your typical, weird-looking, late-transitioning transwoman, that very unsettling kind of feminized, but not really, look that older transwomen have.
    I wonder how much makeup and Photoshop New York employed to make Rothblatt not look so awful.

    1. I think it was commenter Dorothy Mantooth here (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) who applied the term Uncanny Valley to these guys, and I found that quite apt. Revulsion indeed.

      1. I don’t know how anyone could say woman in reference to this extraordinarily unattractive male.

      2. That was hilarious, except for the parts where Colbert referred to Rothblatt as “she.” Rothblatt’s as creepy as his robot. Speaking of that robot, in the articles I’ve read about it, it needs A LOT of work – it seems to rarely make sense when attempting conversation. The stroke victim animatronics only lend it an even sadder tone.

    1. Reading that article, this person is repugnant in just about every way possible to be repugnant. This is the Ur Special Snowflake the legends of the elders warned us about. A fearsome and dreadful thing to behold……..

  4. Fuck, there it is. All statistics regarding women’s oppression go bye-bye. A man with a man’s height, mannerisms, unconscious assumption of privilege, wearing lipstick, is now the CEO, and it’s going to be called women getting top jobs.
    Nice job gutting women’s studies of male domination in industry, dude.

  5. Dude be a dude be a dude. Everybody knows it or he wouldn’t be the highest payed CEO with a cover all about celebrating his special feelings and where he is NOT sexualized.

  6. “The marriage between Bina and Martine is more conventional than one might think”
    O rly.
    “The guests divide themselves by gender, with Martine remaining at the dining table with the men.”
    Not surprised.

  7. Yay! so much for equality “the highest paid “female” ceo” title is given to a man. And the erasure of women goes on.
    Except that he’s still a man and will die one. No matter how much they repeat it, it doesn’t make their delusion real.
    EWWW though at the lack of sensitivity towards women. They are so shameless, it’s quite disgusting.

  8. Ohhh, here it comes: the tranny brigade screeching about that headline. I can hear it now – “She was always a woman!! She didn’t used to be a man, you cissupremacist racist bigot hater oh you just don’t understaaannnd!!
    Aaaand scene.

  9. Look at dem man feet. I want to go kayaking next weekend, hey mister, can I borrow one of your shoes?
    How can ANYONE take this farce seriously.

    1. My gosh, I laughed so hard when reading this! I needed a good laugh, so thanks for that.
      Also, all comments about his feet have me chuckling because that was the first thing I noticed when this post showed up in my WordPress feed.

  10. I thought it telling that his Second Life persona is a sexy, attractive dark-skinned (African or Islander, maybe?) woman. Exactly like his wife. The woman whose humanity he has already reduced to nothing more than a robotic memory bank. I wonder how she felt about having to empty every thought, wish, hope, dream and discontent into a storage device from which Martin can then dig into and appropriate at his convenience.
    “If I cannot have you, I will be you.” A very, very common theme among male-born Trans*.

    1. Yes! I always think of it as Norman Bates syndrome.
      Literally “colonizing” and appropriating women’s bodies and identities, this guy even wants to possess her mind.

    2. @pantypopo “I wonder how she felt about having to empty every thought, wish, hope, dream and discontent into a storage device from which Martin can then dig into and appropriate at his convenience. ”
      This sounded strangely familiar. Then I remembered the movie, “The Stepford Wives.” Lots of parallels there.

  11. The article made me cringe… not only is he still male (because surgery does nothing but change how you look), but he’s extremely arrogant, pushy, and egotistical in a way that only male socialization can achieve. I’ll be happy when there are no CEOs of either sex. Capitalism is a disease.

  12. “Batshit crazy” indeed. You literally could not make this story up. But you can film it. Let’s see, Charley Kaufman and Spike Jonze for the screenplay and direction – they did Being John Malkovich. Academy Award winners Matthew McConaughey and Octavia Spencer as Martine and Bina, (although they’d have to make prosthetic linebacker shoulders for him) with Zoe Kravitz as their desperate daughter Jenesis. It’s a shame that Kaufman has already used the perfect title on an earlier film: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  13. Tut tut. All that photoshop and Martin still looks like a dude with big feet. Ole Bina looks like she wants to strangle numbnuts in that pic. That is one of the most telling pics I have ever seen.
    “Sort of a lesbian”. Neither HE or Bina are lesbians. They’re a boring straight couple: husband is a complete self indulged asshole & wifey enables it.
    “with martine remaining at the table with the men”: Of course HE did. Martin is a man, HE knows it and so does everyone else. Martin Rothblatt isn’t the first woman anything HE’s the 826482893746482837495837485950673498776 male shithead though.
    Bina the robot says: Trans are insane.Trans are insane.

  14. Those hands and feet (if nothing else) give it away every single time. I wonder: Will they next try out foot-binding? Don’t tell them it hurts, and then cripples you, ok? That’ll just be our little secret. And the thousands and thousands of women who it nearly killed. And then, hand-binding. Or mouth-binding.

  15. Someone’s been reading waaaaay too much William Gibson, is all I can say about Mr. Rothblatt.
    The comments are interesting. Quite a few people aren’t buying that he’s a woman. Then there’s one loon (or maybe two loons) pushing the “Dark Enlightenment”, which is a small coterie of 30-something tumblr users who work in Silicon Valley and would like to return to the era when women knew their place and couldn’t vote. They’re also heavily into (pseudo-) scientific racism and eugenics. Some of these people are also transhumanists. They reject Enlightenment values, and look forward to the end of democracy.
    What they have in common is 1) they went to school in an era in which civics just didn’t get taught they way it was even 30 years ago, hence the easy dismissal of the idea of political equality, and human rights, for that matter. 2) They have also been making six-figure salaries right out of college, because they have spent the last four years being trained in a skill that is currently very lucrative, and are under the mistaken impression their sudden wealth is 100% their own doing, rather than 80% the result of a unique set of historical circumstances. So they think they’re superior to other people. They appear to represent an extreme form of an attitude I’ve been noticing more and more in parts of the country where the tech industry is also a social force.
    Just throwing that out there, because there really does seem to be a bizarre connection between the autogyenephile version of transsexualism, the tech industry, and what appears to be a resurgent interest in eugenics. Neurosexism has definitely paved the way for the latter, but people are less concerned about it. I try to do my part by pointing this out to friends and acquaintances who have noticed the new respectability of scientific racism, and find it troubling, but I don’t know if they really hear it.

  16. Wow, women have made such great strides! We’ve become CEOs, Navy Seals, award winning directors….I guess everyone is equal now, and we don’t need feminism /transspeak

    1. So fucking gross. Patriarchy gets to hide unfairness by saying that men’s achievments are actually female achievments.

  17. http://www.gq.com/news-politics/big-issues/201103/robots-say-the-damnedest-things?currentPage=1
    This article has some gems too:
    I was hoping to bump into Martine or the real Bina today, but they’re nowhere to be seen. Bruce says the chance of my meeting them is practically zero. They’re very media-shy, he says. They’re forever journeying from mansion to mansion, and they only visit the robot once every few months. But, he says, he can do the next best thing. He turns on a TV, and a strange video pops onto the screen. It is a fragment of Bina’s Mind File [material used to program the Bina48 robot], Bruce says.
    “We don’t call ourselves Martine and Bina,” explains the real Bina on the screen. “We are Marbina. Two bodies, one soul, forever in love. We have a little morning ritual where we look into each other’s eyes and we say, ‘Satnam.’ ”
    “It’s so much fun!” says Martine, who’s sitting next to her. She’s equally happy-looking, like a big old hippie with long black hair. “It’s just orgasmic. I’m getting kind of hot just thinking about it!”
    “You’re so funny!” says Bina.
    The video cuts to Martine sitting in the lotus position. “Open the sphincter!” she’s chanting. “Bring energy up, up, up!”

    1. ““We don’t call ourselves Martine and Bina,” explains the real Bina on the screen. “We are Marbina. Two bodies, one soul, forever in love. We have a little morning ritual where we look into each other’s eyes and we say, ‘Satnam.’
      Shades of Genesis P-Orridge:
      btw anonymous, could you please pick a user name for commenting here? Thank you.

      1. Hi Gallus, didn’t know where to post this so I chose here, after your GP-O mention.
        Genesis P-Orridge, in his 2016 video at 6:56mins, states;
        “There’s never been a case ever of a trans person doing anything to anyone in a toilet”
        The ‘case’ of Patty Lou Hagan springs to mind, to name just one.
        P-Orridge goes on to say at 14:43 mins ;
        “That’s from where pan-drodgeny came from, from ketamine… It’s very interesting, John Lilly started cross-dressing when he used ketamine… they all started becoming kind of, male female. So there’s a spirit in certain drugs, like an angel or demon depending on the drug etc etc”

  18. “A woman does not sit like that, displaying all that arrogance. That photo made me cringe.”
    AS A made a very astute observation. Women just don’t sit like that with that kind or arrogant smirk and sense of entitlement. His whole body language and demeanor screams male to me.
    I wonder how many women he had to step over or step on to get to where he is now. I bet it’s a long list. Also, most large corporations have some sort of cheap labor source in developing countries. How many women in developing countries are working at near starvation wages so he can play out his sexual fetish in the lap of luxury and with style.
    “Some women do but they are punished for it, not celebrated.”
    He used his white alpha male privilege to climb the corporate ladder. Female executives aren’t blessed with this advantage.

  19. “But Rothblatt could not be less interested in establishing herself as a role model for women. “I can’t claim that what I have achieved is equivalent to what a woman has achieved. For the first half of my life, I was male,”
    He is still male and he is not a woman. He is stealing the identity of women which I see as appropriation. I see it as a form of rape or colonization as in taking something that doesn’t belong to him.
    Rich white alpha male gets to step on women as he climbs the corporate ladder and then demands that women play a role in his sexual fetish.
    Women need to stop referring to these men as “she” or “her”.

  20. interesting. thought provoking, eh? the pay gap, advancement opportunities, etc. for women and men…including CEOs…remains wide & entrenched. Only about 5 percent of the companies in the Fortune 500 are run by women; their median pay was $1.6 million less than their male peers. Rothblatt acknowledges a “male privilege”. ~~“I can’t claim that what I have achieved is equivalent to what a woman has achieved. For the first half of my life, I was male.”~ Martine Rothblatt

    1. Wouldn’t that be the first 80-90 percent? Past success is no guarantee of future results. Pretty cocky to assume a 90-100 year lifespan.

      1. Especially if he’s taking cross-sex hormones, though it certainly doesn’t look like he’s doing anything other than wearing a padded bra.

  21. A man with male privilege to chase his sex fantasy, has kept his male rate of pay and erased the possibility that actual women deserve achievements. No, this is a man being payed like a man in a job, they still dont want to put an actual women in, and they say we have equal rights here?
    My friend is seeing the same shit with the tech jobs that were promised to women going to men

  22. Quote from NY Mage article:
    [ But Rothblatt could not be less interested in establishing herself as a role model for women. “I can’t claim that what I have achieved is equivalent to what a woman has achieved. For the first half of my life, I was male,” she said. ]
    So, it seems he is more honest than journalists, transactivists, fawning liberal feminists and whoever makes up these “most highly paid” lists.
    It only points up, for me, the extent to which the mainstream engages in groupthink & delusional political correctness where their newest pet project is concerned.

  23. You know, I started thinking about what AS A was saying about how women don’t sit like that, and about the whole feet comments. Because I don’t sit very “lady like” and would flash people tons if I wore a dress. I also have large feet. But I started thinking about how we don’t see women in the man-made-media sitting like this, and we most def don’t see women with big feet flaunting them off like this as well.
    Thinking on the fact that if this truly was a woman, the photographer or wardrobe person would NOT let that woman, no matter how proud of her big feet, wear shoes like that if she didn’t identify as a man or wasn’t perceived as more ‘masculine’ [Ellen is coming to mind, as she’s known for wearing suits and dress shoes, but I can’t find one magazine that puts that much focus on her feet. Most covers seemed to be smashed up to her face…]. They would be sure to find shoes to make her feet look slim and small, or they wouldn’t show her feet at all. Or they would use a camera trick to put less focus on her feet. In other words, she wouldn’t be sitting like this dood, which makes his feet look like they go on for miles.
    [Which is funny, because porn culutre has the saying “You know what they say about men with big feet…”]
    Just thinking about women on magazine covers as I stand in line at a store, I don’t remember any focus being put on her feet. I don’t ever remember making a comment that the woman on the cover had large feet.
    So this really does point to him being very much male to even get away with such a pose.

    1. I remember watching an Elle Macpherson interview by Howard Stern on youtube and she’s sitting with her legs kind of like that and OMG you should read the comments. Everyone is talking about her being so manly and tranny-like just for sitting different.
      Here is the link if you want to see it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U-0GiUWALw
      I don’t get why they cared so much how she’s sitting and to be honest when I watched it I didn’t even notice until I started reading the comments.

      1. Thanks for the video. I watched it with the sound down because of his voice *shudders*. The way she was sitting looked more like she wanted to get up and leave at any minute because she was uncomfortable. Which I don’t blame her because she was in a studio full of pervs. Seriously, looking at the way she is sitting, that’s the position most folk use to push themself up into the standing position when sitting down. She doesn’t get somewhat comfortable looking till the very, very end, upon which she goes right back to sitting on the edge of her seat. And at the end of the interview, she just pops herself right up from her sit with ease, confirming that she was sitting like that to get the heck out of there.
        And for those comments, we got three reasons:
        1. They’re men.
        2. They’re Howard Stern fans.
        3. They’re on Youtube.
        Mix that all together and you got the recipe for miso[gyny] soup!
        I’m also now reminded of Gwen Stefani’s cover for Love, Angel Music, Baby. Though her pose is more on the porny side and *gasp* her feet are missing!

    2. FabFro, waaay back when I was taking a Women’s Studies class in college, part of the course involved analyzing how women are portrayed in advertising and other media. Our prof pointed out how often women are photographed in a supine or half-supine position, compared to men, who are NEVER shown that way. Women also are very frequently shown with their heads tilted to the side, another signifier of meekness. Like you, I can’t imagine a woman being allowed an uber-confident pose such as the one Mr. Rothblatt here is enjoying.
      All of us, women and men, take these nonverbal cues (rules?) into our heads, and the damage begins.

  24. Is there nothing they won’t steal? (obviously rhetorical…)
    You couldn’t find a better way to keep women out, while still looking “progressive” and “fair”.
    Men really, really, really, want to keep women from the few decent jobs left*, which at this point are in tech or finance. Trans is the perfect solution to uphold patriarchy. What a brilliant scheme! Dress some men up, call them women, then boom- Instant “EQUALITY!”**
    And this “equality” comes with the sweet bonus of not having to deal with actual women that might not like your sick, dude bro, hostile, sexually harassing, pornofied, workplace. Hiring these trans means they not only get to keep the porn on the desktop, disgusting jokes, lewd stories, they also get to indulge in this guys sick twisted shit too! Imagine what these women hating freaks talk about at lunch? Wait, don’t do that…
    Then, these hate filled pricks (literally) claim with a straight face that women are just not up to the job, and thats why more of us aren’t represented in these industries. AS IF.
    *. Men in IT demand women be home to serve them. If being a slave to a husband is awful, being slave to a husband in IT/upper management, is 100x worse. Their belief in their own “superior brilliance and genius”, and their propensity for an outsized (even for men!) obsession with nasty porn, makes them particularly insufferable. The most miserable women I know have these men as husbands. and none of them have means to escape- this is not a coincidence.
    ** Another obvious example of how equality means nothing without dismantling patriarchy first. As if there aren’t examples everywhere.

    1. “Their belief in their own “superior brilliance and genius”, and their propensity for an outsized (even for men!) obsession with nasty porn, makes them particularly insufferable.”
      There really DOES seem to be a link between men and IT, and men who think they’re women, and men and IT, and men who are even worse than the usual run of men……………..
      Way back when, I think I was hopeful about ‘the new technology’ giving women a possible safer place to communicate and work. Instead, the internet is solid porn and porn-sick dudes, and an even better place to harrass women. The lack of human contact, rather than making us safer, instead gives the crazies freer rein, it seems. THEIR imagination (that they are really women, that they can have access to any women/child/household pet sexually, that they are galaxy-saving mythic heroes etc etc) roams unfettered, whilst women are LEAVING Twitter/Facebook etc in droves.
      I hadn’t really thought of it this way before, but the new technologies do seem to have been a total DISASTER for women. Anyone know of any feminist analyses of this, that go beyind the simple ‘more porn’ observation?

      1. You may have seen this; if not, it’s pretty good.
        htt p://www.motherjones.com/media/2014/04/open-internet-closed-to-women

      2. “Way back when, I think I was hopeful about ‘the new technology’ giving women a possible safer place to communicate and work.”
        What made you feel this way? I’ve never felt this way about technology – saw too many “backs of men’s heads” in the early days of the personal computer, and then Internet – you know, you go in a room with a man and a computer, and all you see is the back of his head – don’t disturb him – he’s busy….way back when….of course there are plenty of “back’s of women’s heads” as well noq…………..just without the money….all the technology seems to be doing is (a) accelerating concentration of wealth into the same old tech-oriented, privatize wealth and socialize risk, zero empathy, zero compassion, male-centric hands as has been happening for a thousand years – people do not matter, machines matter. Women don’t matter, men matter. Technological might makes right (weapons are a technology). And (b) – accelerating destruction of the environment, other species, because dontcha know, cyberspace is more valuable than plain old “space” – the oceans, rivers, forests, etc.
        So computers are like an accelerant, not a retardant, when it comes to old, old human injustices and problems.

      3. When we first got internet where I lived I was very young and tired of the bullying athmosphere at school. I thought that on the internet, finally, everyone could converse equally without caring about gender roles; we couldn’t see each other, only our thoughts in text. And since everyone had to communicate via text, I thought that the conversations naturally would be deeper, more thoughful and empathic like novels and private letters.
        But that would of course only happen if everyone felt the same. And some peope just naturally seems to act like playground bullies whatever they do. Sexist dudes don’t want a thoughtful equal internet, I learnt that quickly. How tragic it felt.
        Internet has been horrible for women but at the same time we can connect with each other through it and see that we are not alone.

  25. Oops, I meant to add “upper management” a few times after IT. I know this particular company is not in IT, but it may as well be.

  26. Yeah I know lots of women with a jawline like that and shoulders that wide and huge ears, hands and feet. Lots of women I know make such cocky body postures and Adam’s apples. Oh wait…

  27. Hey, I had no idea before but I just found out, Martine’s cover is showing us what a true cover girls looks like!
    Forget Kim and Jennifer, they represent those tired stereotypical women who were born that way. Their covers are “stereotypical, reductive and insulting” We need real women like Martin, Laverne and Janet to show us how women SHOULD look, think, act and pose.
    Them, plus Underwear-clad Feminist Beyonce, whose cover is absolutely not stereotypical, tired, reductive or insulting at all, are showing us how to be post-modern women.
    Hats off to you, Mr. True Cover Girl and Real (wo)Man of Genius!

    1. Oh my fucking God.
      What the fuck?
      They are not women. There is nothing about them that is womanly. They are men. Everything they do is manly. They keep telling us “there’s no right way to be trans’woman’ “. There’s no way to be a “right” man or woman either. What criteria are they even basing their identity on? You never get a straight answer!
      Why is that people are quite happy to reject religion (belief being in the mind) but “believing” yourself to have a woman’s brain/soul/essence is totally logical and not fucking stupid?

      1. “I have a female brain” is just the newest incarnation of belief in God’s will. People who believe this — no matter what they “consciously” say — still subscribe to religious determinism, they just now dress it up in genetic determinism (regarding something that is NOT genetically determined). I’m very interested in this phenomenon in liberals who are deeply shocked if you suggest they still subscribe to the notion of God’s will.

  28. One good thing. Yahoo had a similarly titled article today. That’s not the good thing. The good thing is that if you look at the comments (don’t sort by most popular, since the most popular ones are not the best) probably 75 percent or more are talking about how nonsensical it is to talk about him as a “female.” A few of them make the explicit connection that yahoo is pushing this agenda of calling biological males “females” mercilessly. So at least by that metric of public comments on yahoo there are a few people who understand that biological males are biological males, no matter what surgeries they have or hormones they take. It’s kind of sad though when only 75 percent of people even believe in physical reality.

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