132 thoughts on “Dear Laverne Cox and SRLP: Ebony Nicole Williams Matters

  1. Bravo.
    Unfortunately Cox’s friends are now spouting that Synthia/Luis never committed the rape or the murder because he (Luis) says so.
    But he also killed six others when he was 15, does he deny that?
    Seven people’s deaths on his conscience (that we know about) and he whines that being in protective custody cramps his ability to woo serial killers.

    1. oooooohhhhhhh this urks the hell out of me , you know absolutely nothing about my sister or any of her cases so I am letting you know that if you do not know her personally or know our family personally i would keep your mouth shut, the negative blogs and fabrication comes from you and its a really great thing I PERSONALLY DONT KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE OTHERWISE I WOULD SUE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU FOR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, AND OTHER LEGAL CHARGES….
      325 RIVERSIDE DR
      FALLSBURG, NY 12733,

      1. Hi Rebecca.
        Does the prison board know that “Synthia” continues to send out threatening messages to women?
        Your brother is a living monster. Speaks volumes about you that you defend him.
        Please tell your brother “Synthia”, the sick fuck, rapist and murderer, that he will burn in agony in hell forever without end. Thanks.

      2. Wait. Let me translate that for you to make sure you understand it:
        SO MOTE IT BE.

      3. Your brother is an animal. Let’s go over what he did. He raped a little girl. Then he killed her and then he burned her body. Now let’s all hope he dies in agony in prison. What do you wanna bet that is what happens to him? And tell the vile animal that is what all women hope happens to men like him. Nobody will shed a tear–good times.

      4. Rebequita,
        Your brother is a fucking, sick cockroach!, as you are for defending that rat! He doesn’t deserve shit; he deserves to rot in that prison cell until he fucking dies!!!
        Your demon brother was a fucking Latin King gangbanger. He raped Ebony repeatedly after he and Franco kidnapped her. He was complicit in killing her and burned her dead body. He and the other cockroach Franco were smirking at their trial. How the hell do you expect women to rally behind such a monster? Framed, framed, he was framed?! You’re a lunatic like him!
        Your brother and his crime embody everything Puerto Rican men stand for: machismo, violence against women, women bashing. I’m Puerto Rican, so I know that too well.
        May Luisito rot in hell!!!
        All: And, what is it with pigs who’ve committed horrendous crimes against women claiming trannyhood? This is a fucking pattern.

      5. I’m No Cissie, I read your comment and thought, “Ha, that’s funny!” But then I went back and re-read Rebecca’s illiterate rant, and now I CAN’T FREAKING STOP LAUGHING.
        Oh, and Rebecca? Fuck your entire family, if they’re still supporting your child-raping, child-murdering brother. And BTW, he’s been convicted in a court of law, you shithead. He has no grounds for any kind of lawsuit whatsoever over anything that’s been said here. And yeah, like Gallus said, he’s gonna rot in hell. And if you support him after what he did, you should too, you lowlife POS.

      6. from my sister….. wow, just read your blogs and its been a long time since i had a really good laugh but thank you for that one, hiding behind social media, hahahahaha, oh by the way thanks for the media attention this will bring my book to a #1 best seller, thank you for the lies and hate, i am receiving sponsors and supporters of me writing my book, guaranteed you will end up buying it since you have to know exactly the manner in which everything happened….. the name of the book will be Ebony’s Demise……
        From me….. how would you know the look on my sisters face if you was not next to her in court??? another question… do you know me or my children or how we live??? what goes on day to day in my household?? NO you dont, the way you are directing your hate towards me it not worth the breath you breath, I am a woman, a mother, and a wife, i work hard to support my family and I also support my sister, I take her food and help out as much as i can with her as well, so if all of these blogs are about defending women then why are you coming at me??? you are no different than a sadistic psychopath as the ones that really commited the crimes they are accused, hopefully you see your twisted ways and can be a man/woman about it and apologize!!!! I did nothing wrong to you or anyone else but to defend my sister, I do not entertain cyber bullies…
        From Synthia……. REST IN PEACE to your hatred n evil

      7. Rebecca – you don’t do your brother any favors buying in to his delusions and delivering messages like this to the public. If you can’t care about his victims, care that you aren’t really doing him or yourself any justice by being a messenger for this type of insanity. I know first hand how it feels to have incarcerated, dysfunctional family members – but love has to be tough. We the sane ones need to set the boundaries. Think about that.
        Unless, of course, you support the idea of writing a book called “Ebony’s Demise” – if you do, then pardon me for confusing you with someone who is sane. In that case, just keep digging…as Gallus said.

      8. “…the name of the book will be Ebony’s Demise……”
        Okay, right here. This. This is a man – AND HIS FAMILY – who just don’t get it. This is beyond sick, and beyond delusional, on so many levels. Rebecca, I wish I could spit in your face. And your brother’s.
        I’m done. No more interacting with this sickness.

      9. you let us know when you are wrapping up on writing that book and we’ll start the fund for Ebony’s family. Just a quick series of emails to Nicole Brown Simpson’s family about what case law to use to prevent publication and a lawsuit fund. We wouldn’t want some twisted fuck to profit from the rape and murder of that beautiful little girl, particularly the family of the sick POS that so brutally killed her.

      10. hey rebecca. when your brother lets you suck the shit out of his ass, does he make you beg first?


      12. So you guys are just going to forget about Destiny Gonzales huh? Its funny after 25 years of me thinking luis was dead, killed in jail, which is what i was told, and happy about, i find out yesterday dec 1st 2016 that he in fact is alive, and trans and also married to a copy cat serial killer, talk about mind blowing, even more mind blowing, him saying he’s never had sex with a female in his life lol so taking my virginity at 13 doesn’t count? i know you remember us being together, me living in your mother’s house with luis, also with him when this whole tragedy happened, do i ring a bell now? hmm how soon we forget, but i will NEVER forget what happened, i was young, stupid and scared at the time, but I’m a grown woman now, who lives with the guilt of all of this til this day, oh and i been carrying a part of your brother for the past 25 years and no, its not a kid, figure it out, cus I’m sure you know!!

    1. While this post was being created Cox announced that he managed to get in “three looks” for the Emmy’s. See Twitter. He describes the ensembles, neglected to mention whether or not he wore a gaffer. That’s rude.

  2. I wonder if anyone in the TParty has discovered the idea of ‘picking your battles carefully.’ They’re ripped off every other aspect and idea of the G/L warriors for our rights and recognition–why not this one? Could it be because at the bottom of every one of these battles is a violent and horrifying crime, committed by men against women–and some other men–and they have no better causes to choose from?

    1. It seems to me that it’s a copy cat thing, they see the successes of the gay rights movement and they want to co-opt that legitimacy that comes with a just cause. Except where that happened and movement fought for justice (and are still fighting for justice today in some places) it was people like Alan Turing to think of one famous example who were convicted under laws which rendered their sexuality a criminal act that they were fighting for. Essentially, political prisoners.
      With the T, that’s not the case. All they’ve got is these violent criminals, who are the ones who get placed in segregation because of the risk both by them and to them from the general prison population. That leads to this horror where a tiny child’s brutal rape and murder is ignored and the evil person who killed her is portrayed as the victim of the system.

      1. The facts about how the T took over gay and lesbian rights movement is not complex but it is forbidden for anyone on the left to criticise what is now the Wikipedia “facts” (for those in the know the event called Stonewall in 1969 is no longer the start of gay liberation — it was the start of Trans Liberation because all the people involved were actually trans erased by history written by nasty gay men (just google or wikipedia the event and see how it now has a trans take — this is invented manipulation of actual history and no one cares or knows). As gays and lesbians won human rights in many countries other than the USA (indeed 10 years ago for Canada, Western Europe, etc.) most gay men and lesbians retired from political involvement or any informational connection with gay and lesbian anything other than the highly local and personal (lesbian sports clubs or gay hiking groups). Also do not forget that the majority of gay men who were out and created the gay rights movement DIED (and those who survived are truly PTSD wrecks).
        Into this vacuum came the vile calumny called Queer and Gender Theory (Judith Butler et al) which declared that all gay men and lesbians are actually gender “variant”, not “heteronormative”, and are all actually variations of transgendered (though white rich gay men and lesbians who could “pass” as het in public used our power and privilege over “marginalized” gender oppressed peoples (of any sexuality) to lord it over them like pigs. Queer and Gender Theory created a Frankenstein’s monster by finding and developing the perfect human experiement group that proved their theories and these were the Trans (and all LBGTQueer people who are really also trans only most do not realize this yet). Formerly trans were isolated odd male to female “transexuals” (Christine Jorgenson, Candy Darling, etc.) or gay drag queens (who were so “effeminate” that they could never exert male power so adopted a bizarre version of what they thought were female power traits exaggerated as charicatures (ruPaul et al). There were very few females living as males because there was no access to hormones. Actually it was AIDS that allowed Testosterone to become politicized since HIV-poz men needed it so it was prescribed with no thought to long-term effect sine they would probably die — trans”men” used this medical loophole to also demand Testosterone and now are given it like aspirin — these events occured in the late 1990s and not before.
        These Queer and Gender “theories” rooted as a form of Gospel in the new movement called LBGTQueer which has an explicit dogma and list of rules for membership: All gender and sexual “minorities” are ONE group being oppressed and ALL think and act as a HIVE. If you criticise or critique one part of the group, the rest of the hive attacks. Any media mention of an issue that may be gay male oriented or lesbian women oriented was reframed as an LBGTQueer issue. A campaign to stop homosexuals from using the term gay or lesbian as exclusionary succeeded. (I attended a 1999 community meeting to address police attacks on gay male bathhouses and at the meeting a man broke down in tears and pointed to me and said “that man keeps saying “gay men” when it’s “gay and bisexual men”. I was “called out” for my gay male priviledge and the whining ninny sneered at me (this person later confessed he was actually hetero and a member of a socialist group who was doing “intersectional” comrade building.
        Since the right wing fundamentalists attack men in dresses found women’s washrooms, and since all men in dresses are now Queer and Gender oppressed LBGTQers who MUST be supported no matter what and no questions asked, therefore ANY criticism by any person of trans is a Nazi. One commandment of the Queer Trans Gospel is the edict that Genital Preference = Racism (racism now being to them the equivalent of calling someone a child murderer or Nazi or whatever is your Ur-Evil). Categories such as homosexual (and heterosexual though they never fight this majority) have now been erased by Queer and Gender Theory as exclusionary reactionary white colonialism because all queer people must be open to the transed bodies and complex genitals of queer people to show their solidarity with themselves being queered thus transed oppressed “community” or “family” (a nauseatingly repearted meme heard on gay and lesbian queer/trans-collusionist sites — don’t you be criticizing a trans since trans are “family”. The penis is now a female organ, the vagina is a male organ. Period. Any questioning of this is forbidden.
        So Queer and Gender Theory ARE the root cause of why the gay and lesbian movement is OVER and why trans has ascended to Left Wing Sainthood. You will NEVER hear this point of view anywhere other than KKK or neo_nazi web sites because that is what the queer online army DOES — seek out any critique — isolate and attack it — and turn the person or people involved into Nazis uncovered therefore discredited and silenced. There is NO DISSENT allowed on this queer trans topic anywhere currently outside of Gendertrender and related sites and of course on far right wing and fundamentalist sites who see all of this as just fancy homosexuality which to them remains an evil to exterminated when politically expedient to admit that aim.
        Again, no gay man or lesbian will confirm this point of view either because they are as unaware of all this as most people in the general public or else they self-silence because they know what will happen to them if they espouse this thinking in any public realm like Twit and Face and blogs and so on (no print media will DARE to touch this topic). To me, it is crucial that the radical feminists who are fighting the trans insanity understand the context and facts about how gay and lesbian movements for legal rights was transjacked and queerjacked into an Ideology of Queer–Trans as rigid as any fundamentalist religion or political extremism.

      2. When you mentioned the “bisexual” man who cried about being left out, I immediately thought, “he’s actually straight”, and he was! Of course the straight guy whines about being left out.

      3. coelacanth –
        I’ve seen the hijacking of Stonewall all over tumblr, it’s very irritating. In fact, one of the key figures of the event, Storme Delaverie, was a black butch lesbian who hosted a drag review in male drag. Everyone knows she’s a lesbian, she has been referred to as the “stonewall lesbian” (because she started the riot by screaming “isn’t anyone going to do anything” or something similar) since the beginning.She was interviewed in a nursing home in her 80s or 90s before her passing and not once did she refer to herself as a man or trans, she called herself a goddamn lesbian! So naturally I have seen a bunch of posts circulating about how the instigator of the riot was a black trans man.
        And that is how every queer blogger talks about Stonewall, they never talk about gay people, it’s always the “trans women of color” who did everything. And sure, there were a lot of dudes in dresses there that night…back then they were called DRAG QUEENS. This queer/gender identity bullshit wasn’t part of the scene back then. These drag queens weren’t trying to tell people that they are actually 100% female with lady brains and female penises and crippling dysphoria and being “misgendered” was the end of the world. They knew they were men, I can pretty much guarantee you none of them wanted implants and their dick lopped off. They didn’t live full-time as women. They were GAY MEN! Even the ones who did want to “transition” still had a much more realistic view of what they were doing than the queer brigade today.

      4. I’m sorry, but all I’ve got to say is these last several comments are just sublime. Between Gallus Mag’s courageous and outstanding writing, and the well-thought-out and articulate commenting (not including my own in that, obviously!), this site is an invaluable resource as well as a sanity-saver.
        On that note, I hate to be That Woman, but hey, if you can afford to make a donation to help Gallus out, that’d be great. This site is obviously a lot of time and work, and she deserves it. O.K., shutting up now…

      5. @Ashland Avenue- I’m not going to get into it, and I hate to ask anyone for anything, but any “gifts” would actually be very timely and helpful right now. THANK YOU. xox

      6. To whom it may concern:
        THANK YOU for your assistance and concrete support.
        Hopefully things will be back running normally around here soon. THANKS AGAIN. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
        <3 <3 <3

  3. I’ve tried to mention this on mainstream blogs, but my comments have been blocked.
    You know, I wouldn’t be so furious at Laverne Cox is she showed ONE OUNCE of remorse.
    Laverne never experienced black girlhood, so she doesn’t care that Ebony didn’t get to.

  4. This video is profound. Shame on Roderick Cox. Remember Cox has form as he has no shame in supporting a another murderer. If anyone is on any celeb websites which post on Mr Cox post this video and other sources which show the truth. Does anyone else think if Ebony was white and Luis was black then the media would cover the story?
    If not seen one thing on Mr Cox support of these murderers.
    These men don’t want to stand with women they want to erase women.

  5. “Remember Cox has form..” Good point. He previously spoke out in support of decapitation killer Robert “michelle” Kosilek. Cox knew what he was doing.

    1. Yes he knew and knows. That’s is exactly what I said. Kids do not matter. Women do not matter. They will defend a mans right to sexual pleasure even if that pleasure is derived from killing women and children. And defending it and giving it even more power is the entire project. This is what mainstream LBGT supports, what HRC supports. A “political prisoner” And hark from yonder bower I hear not one word for gay men to protect women and children. Well if this is the hil they want to die on so be it. Men stick together and are in general not healthy for other living things–IMHO.

  6. Excellent job as usual, Gallus Mag. So sickening that this violent perv is being treated like a victim while the real victim receives no attention at all.
    Does anyone know if Luis was ever convicted in the arson case where he allegedly burned six people alive, including the kind-hearted elderly man who gave him a place to stay when he was homeless? If so, that would further seal the public’s outrage against SRLP, Cox and Morales.
    From his history and disturbing comments, I have no doubt that if Luis were transferred to a woman’s prison and allowed out in the general population, he would kill and rape again. He is one sick puppy.

    1. He was acquitted by a jury of that arson. Then he went on to kill Ebony. So very sad.

      1. he was acquitted because a witness recanted…and my guess, given the gang affiliation and the history OF that gang that the recantation was coerced.

      2. Yes, “amazing” that witnesses recanted both times this guy went to trial.
        To lin, he was in Rikers awaiting trial for the arson at age 16, either held without bail or couldnt raise bail. Then when he was acquitted, he was released.

  7. Cox is a total piece of trash.
    I don’t care if Synthetic Synthia “identifies” as a baboon, it doesn’t change the fact that a innocent young girl was brutally murdered and her body violated after death by this individual. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. Period. Nothing else matters.
    Years ago, incarcerated criminals “got religion” as a ploy to garner sympathy for parole, etc. Now it would seem that crying “transgender” is the latest ploy of scheming criminals.
    Not buying it. I have zero sympathy for Synthetic Synthia and I hope he rots in prison.

  8. https://lavernecox.tumblr.com/post/95567409116/when-i-agreed-to-participate-in-a-recent-sylvia

    Cox has retracted her support and admitted she was ill-informed. Don’t know about anyone else but the first thing I’d want to know, if I were to speak up for a prisoner, is what they’re in jail for. How would you not know this?
    With all this new found celebrity Cox has there comes a responsibility to do what’s right but it seems more and more that what’s right for the trans community has no relation to morality as we understand it. Is this perhaps because at the heart of the trans movement is a lack of care for the welfare of women and girls? Seems like it.

    1. Cox is a man and that is why he supported a rapist. A woman would have never thought that a man that raped and killed and then burned the body of a little was a “political prisoner”. And I doubt Cox thought so either, but in utter hatered for women and children he was arrogant enough to imagine nobody would would question him. The trans movement is a men rights movement and they will continue to champion rapists and killers of women and they will continue to rape and kill. He knew and he did not care. He is a sociopath like all the rest of these lady brains.

  9. I was up half the night searching “Laverne Cox Emmys” and leaving a composite comment on approx. 35-40 media websites covering Mr. Cock’s Emmy appearance and woke up this morning to see only three went through.
    I reckon I’ll be up late tonight sharing this POWERFUL, HEARTFELT, gut-wrenching video.
    P.S. Please Advise:
    What is the ethical, preferred, courteous way to reblog and credit someone else’s writing?
    Do you just write Reblogged from Gendertrender and copy the page the article/video is on?
    If you use more than one source, do you list them all?
    Zandy’s Bride • 20 hours ago
    Laverne Cox launches media campaign in support of transwoman Synthia China Blast: convicted for the rape, murder and abuse of the corpse of thirteen-year-old Ebony Nicole Williams
    Orange Is The New Black actor Laverne Cox launched a public campaign this week in support of a male incarcerated for the rape and murder of a thirteen-year-old girl and abuse of her corpse, because that man now considers himself to be “transgender”.
    Cox uses the fame generated by recent acting success in an attempt to create sympathy for the convicted child-killer and his quest to medically feminate and be transferred to a female prison. “I want my voice to be heard, I want my dreams to matter, I want people to know who I am because tomorrow is not promised,” reads Cox.
    Laverne Cox’s video has been widely promoted as “Laverne Cox Reads A Letter From A Transwoman Currently In Prison”, but this isn’t the first publicized “letter” from Synthia China Blast, born Luis Morales.
    In 2004 Synthia China Blast emulated the New York Zodiac Killer Heriberto Seda, by sending a typewritten letter to the NY Daily News, titled “This is the voice of the Zodiac Killer’s Wife”. In the letter the sex-offender and child-killer expressed his desire to “become a woman” and “marry” the serial killer, who was serving his 235-year sentence in the same facility. “If I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children,” Blast wrote.
    Out of all the causes in the entire world that could have been championed, the OITNB star Laverne Cox asks that you lend your support to a deranged, sadistic, life-extinguishing person who raped and murdered little Ebony Nicole Williams, then dumped her lifeless body off a highway underpass, later returning to burn her corpse.
    Cox is joined in this action by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a transgender organization that supports incarcerated males who are serving sentences for the rape, murder, and sexual exploitation of children.
    You can read more about the child-rapists, child-killers, and pedophiles that Laverne Cox and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project would like you to support at the following links:
    At the age of 13, Synthia says, she sold crack in her South Bronx neighborhood, and at 16 she was accused of starting a squatter-house fire that killed six people. While awaiting trial, she was sent to Riker’s Island.
    Suspect in Fatal Arson Had Called Fire a ‘Nightmare’
    Published: March 21, 1991
    “I heard a lot of people screaming,” a 16-year-old said on March 13 at a fire in the South Bronx that killed six people. “The block was full of smoke. The fire was going like a torch. It was a nightmare on this block.”
    The youth was Luis Morales, who was arrested on Tuesday night and charged with setting the fire. He also wanted to have his picture taken the night of the fire, telling a photographer, “Take my picture.” Afterward, he asked whether it would be in the newspaper.
    The youth said of Donald Stephens, the owner of the building, at 1074 Fox Street, who died in the fire: “Mr. Stephens was really nice. He would let me sleep there if I had no place.”
    Mr. Morales was charged yesterday in State Supreme Court with 12 counts of second-degree murder, first-degree arson and reckless endangerment. The two murder counts for each death consist of counts of murder by depraved indifference to human life and murder by arson, a spokesman for Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson said.
    The police described Mr. Morales as an unemployed high school dropout with a long criminal record who has recently lived in the streets. The police also said he had argued with residents of the building on Fox Street, whose owner often let in the homeless. Troubled and With a Bad Temper
    Intertwining her fingers, Mr. Morales’s mother, Cecelia, sat in her living room a 900 East 167th Street insisting that her son was incapable of such a crime.
    “My son has a bad temper,” she said. “He argues with people. He argues with me. But he wouldn’t harm anyone. He did not do this thing.”
    Mrs. Morales and another son, Roberto, and several neighborhood residents depicted Mr. Morales as a troubled youth whose slight mental retardation had long subjected him to failure in school and classmates’ taunts.
    Mrs. Morales said Luis left about a year ago and had been arrested in a burglary and crack sales. But she added that although he sometimes stayed away from the family apartment, he was staying with friends, and not on the streets. ‘A Lot of Pain This Week’
    A mile away, another family struggled. Jacqueline and Jeannette Mitchell prepared to bury their mother, Alberta, who died in the fire. Mrs. Mitchell, 42, began as a part-time custodial worker about a year ago at Public School 150, across the street from the burned building. She became a permanent employee in September, her daughters and school officials said.
    “We’ve been in a lot of pain this last week, a lot of confusion,” said Jacqueline Mitchell. Referring to the suspect, she added: “He should understand what he’s done to us. He’s made a lot of people very unhappy.”
    Neither the prosecutor’s office nor the police would comment on Mr. Morales’s record.
    Roberto Morales said that shortly after he and his brother had arrived to look at the fire, two detectives took Luis into custody and questioned him at the 41st Precinct station house, almost directly behind the burning building. Mr. Morales said his brother was released shortly after that and went home.
    Neighbors remembered Mr. Stephens, a retired seaman, as a good samaritan who had helped neighborhood residents and who had opened his building to many in need of shelter.
    Photos: Luis Morales, who has been charged with setting a fatal fire last week in the South Bronx, talked to reporters the night of the blaze and asked a photographer to take his picture.; Rubbish that was thrown from the burning house by firefighters trying to reach victims was piled yesterday outside the building at 1074 Fox Street. A memorial wreath hung from the door where six people died. (Photographs by Jim Estrin for The New York Times)

    1. The most important thing is to get the word out so we can have a public conversation about this incident and the broader subject of violent males using “transgender” to access more female victims.
      Thank you for doing this work. It truly makes a difference. Each woman’s voice truly makes a HUGE difference.
      Yes, please credit my writing, either by stating “From GenderTrender” and/or with a link. That way people can follow the updates and conversation here if they want (and find more articles on the subject of men using “transgender” to be placed in women’s prisons.
      Thanks again!

    2. Okay here is a longer response to your query about why only 3 or 4 sites published your 30 or 40 posts.
      1.) First of all, obviously, the number one priority of the transgender agenda is to censor, silence, and erase all discussion of gender.
      2.) Second, male transgenders are overwhelmingly employed and over-represented in internet technologies. Indeed, some speculate that immersion in virtual life by antisocial, possibly autism-spectrum, obsessive-compulsive, male internet “nerds” whose sexuality has been informed by pornography, actually created the current transgender movement. That being so, there is an incredibly high likelihood that any online service provider or website you access is being administrated and moderated by one or more male individuals who adhere to the agenda outlined by #1 above (censor, silence and erase all discussion of gender). This is equally true on so-called neutral or “conservative” sites. Closeted crossdressers are notoriously politically conservative. So, comments by individuals critical of genderism will be censored by nearly all internet sites regardless of specific POV or content. See facebook censor Gabriel “Kumslut” Harrison or twitter executive Dana McCallum.
      3.) Therefore, you need to increase your chances of being posted by first of all composing a concise, reader-friendly statement. Folks don’t have all day, and you need to distill your message so that it can be immediately absorbed and understood. No one wants to read a wall of text on a random news article. One or two paragraphs should suffice.
      4.) Comments with more than one link will generally be auto-deleted as spam.
      5.) You can’t just cut and paste comments. These are auto-spammed on some news sites. You need to do keystrokes while posting. That way the website recognizes you as a human and not a spambot.
      So. Short concise statements. No cut and paste wall of texts. One or less links. Personalized keystrokes for each comment. And…expectation that site moderators are male transgenderists looking for any excuse to remove your comment.
      If you follow these guidelines I am certain your hard work will pay off better dividends for us all, and I thank you for doing the work.

      1. This, GM, needs to be etched into stone. Superb information and advice, simply superb.

      2. @gallus “Indeed, some speculate that immersion in virtual life by antisocial, possibly autism-spectrum, obsessive-compulsive, male internet “nerds” whose sexuality has been informed by pornography, actually created the current transgender movement. . . . Closeted crossdressers are notoriously politically conservative. ”
        This would explain a lot. It makes one wonder if the whole so-called movement hasn’t become a way to indulge these fetishes while suppressing women while mocking the liberals who in dead seriousness support them, and on and on.

    3. Interesting, yet all charges were acquitted and the rape allegations were not even part of the 900 min in the court file… She “Synthia” was not charged with the rape of Ebony, there was no DNA evidence by Synthia that was left on Ebony, there was a rape kit done on her but Synthias DNA was not there that’s why there are only allegations that everyone feeds into yet if you was able to read the file you too would have a different side of things, as far as Cecilia may my mother in law rest in peace, we miss her dearly…. You guys have some great stuff to read, I just sit back n read… Stay blessed

  10. Poor Ebony. Yet another unsung victim of the patriarchy. Imagine how many other girls whose names we’ll never even know there are.

  11. Morales was involved in gangs at an early age and sold crack on the streets. Who is Luis Morales aka Synthia China Blast? The Scorpion tattoo on his face is to pay homage to his prison “husband”, copycat Zodiac killer, who is serving 235 years in prison for his murdering rampage and threats. Of all the men Morales could have picked in prison for a little jail house romance, Morales chose the copycat Zodiac killer Seda. I think this says a lot about his overall character. Also, the fact that the judge berated Morales for smirking in court while standing trial for torturing and killing a 13 year old girl.
    “A Bronx mother yesterday berated two members of the Latin Kings gang for smirking while standing trial for torturing and killing her 13-year-old daughter. Yvonne Hill then nodded approvingly when the men were sentenced to life in prison for murdering Ebony Williams. “Ever since the trial was going on, all I see is Luis Morales grinning and Carlos Franco, too,” Hill said. “You ain’t smiling today. I hope you both rot in hell.
    ” Morales, 22, and Franco, 24, appeared unmoved as Bronx Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus sentenced them to 25 years to life for the 1993 slaying. Bronx Prosecutor William Hrabsky said the two held the girl captive in a Hunts Point apartment, Morales raping her and repeatedly slashing her body. Franco was charged with killing the girl after breaking her neck. “The suffering that this poor child went through is beyond belief and puts this crime in the category of monstrous and barbarous,” Hrabsky said.
    Investigators said the men shoved Ebony’s body into a box and dumped it on the Sheridan Expressway at E. 165th St., where it was set on fire. They later bragged about the crime to friends, many of whom testified against them. ”
    What has Luis Morales been doing while he is incarcerated? If we want to know his character, just look at who he picks as his prison “husband”. This article is about the prison romance between the copycat Zodiac Killer and Morales (Synthia China Blast).
    ” In October 2002, Blast was sent to Attica, “where I met my friend, lover and infamous husband . . . the NYC Zodiac Serial Killer,” he wrote. Seda, 37, is serving a 235-year prison term for a violent 1990-93 spree when he threatened to kill one person for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. He is believed to have been copying California’s unsolved Zodiac killings. Blast – born Luis Morales – says guards at Attica allowed him to get a Scorpion tattoo on his face, signifying the month of his marriage to Seda last June. “I can honestly say that my sweet serial killer is a lady’s man now,” Blast wrote. “Only if I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.
    If Morales was a real woman, he states, “Only if I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.”
    Apparently, the prison romance between Morales and the copycat Zodiac killer was interrupted when Morales was transferred to another prison.

  12. Thank you so much, again. Gallus Mag. Sharing on fb, hoping this finally gets through to those still supporting these men….

  13. Women need to know what the Sylvia Rivera Law Project has been doing. I think we can all agree that any prisoner deserves nourishing food, basic health care, adequate housing, and to be treated with dignity. Having said this, men who are convicted of murdering women shouldn’t get taxpayer funded female hormones or sex reassignment surgery. They don’t deserve the honor of being called women much less taxpayer funded plastic surgery on their genitals.
    (1.) The Sylvia Rivera Law Project believes that men who are convicted of murdering women deserve tax payer funded sex reassignment surgery and hormones. Indeed, by the way they talk, it’s some sort of civil right. If males can get plastic surgery while incarcerated to feel “feminine” inside, then female inmates should get tax payer funded breast implants and other cosmetic surgery to feel more “feminine” and womanly. Who is to say that these women don’t suffer emotionally because their bodies don’t match up with how they feel inside. It’s an injustice.
    The Sylvia Rivera law project worked with convicted wife killer, Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek. who killed his wife by strangling her with a piece of piano wire, nearly decapitating her.
    Kosiliek who received a life sentence is 60 years old. Why does a 60 year old lifer like Kosilek need sex reassignment surgery?
    Men who are convicted of murdering or raping women, or molesting a female child do not deserve the honor of being called women. Taxpayers should not have to pay for female hormones for convicted male murderers.
    (2.) In addition to supporting convicted killers of women, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project believes that violent males should be placed in correctional facilities for females. If the Sylvia Rivera Law Project had its way, the violent adolescent male known as “Jane Doe” would still be in a facility for girls where he could terrorize and seriously harm a female. The families of the teenage girls and the female staff members should all be grateful that the State of Connecticut finally came to its senses and placed this violent young man in a juvenile facility for boys before he seriously injured or killed a girl or female correctional officer.
    The male juvenile offender known as “Jane Doe” was placed in several facilities for girls, and eventually an adult women’s prison, but he kept assaulting girls and staff. The State of Connecticut finally threw up its hands and placed him in a juvenile facility for boys.
    Who speaks for the girls and female staff that he repeatedly assaulted?
    “…November 2013 pleaded guilty to assault on an officer”
    “Director of CJTS testified there were eleven occasions in which police were called to either a facility or program regarding an incident with the respondent.”
    “A supervisor from juvenile detention center in Bridgeport stated the respondent exhibited assaultive behaviors toward staff members, other juveniles….The supervisor stated that her behavior was more severe than other residents.
    ….CJTS director…specific behaviors that make the respondent especially dangerous and difficult to secure: an inability to de-escalate, targeting of female staff, and smearing feces……”…”The respondent then ripped at her (female correctional officer) and bit her, leaving puncture wounds. All three fell to the ground, after which the respondent, wearing army boots kicked and assaulted the staff member in the head, arm, face, and ear. The assaulted officer believes she was kicked six times. She estimated that the respondent weighed approximately 180 pounds and stood five foot eight inches compared to her 135 pounds and five foot five inches..”
    The Sylvia Rivera Law Project only thought of “Jane Doe”.
    Join Justice for Jane with the following demands
    Connecticut Department of Corrections:
    Do not violate “Jane Doe’s” protected status as a transgender woman by transferring her to a male facility.

    TODAY IN NYC: SRLP in Solidarity with Justice for Jane

    Transgender activists pulled out everything to “free Jane Doe”, and they said that he wasn’t convicted of anything. Their media p.r. team flew into a tizzy portraying poor, misunderstood “Jane Doe” as the victim. Read the actual court documents. “Jane Doe” plead guilty in November 2013 for assault on an officer. He was sent to an adult women’s prison because they didn’t know what to do with him. He continued to get into fights everywhere he went. The Department of Corrections finally came to its senses before he killed a girl or female guard. They finally sent him to a juvenile facility for boys.

  14. The media is very weird on what it reports and doesn’t report. In a way I think that they’ve chosen to ignore Roderick Cox because they just don’t give him much attention. Hopefully that’s why.
    A few days ago Miley Cyrus brought up a homeless teen to accept her vma award and everyone was praising her and blah blah. Today all over the news the focus is on Jesse Helt (the homeless teen) being a criminal because he has attempted burglary, criminal mischief and trespassing. So now apparently she’s getting shyt for helping a homeless kid with a criminal record lol, yet Roderick Cox is helping a dude who raped, murdered and burned a 13 year old girl and no one gives a damn. Not only that but Roderick Cox was also in support of Robert Kosilek who killed his wife Cheryl McCaul yet no one says anything. I haven’t seen anything in the news regarding Roderick Cox helping other women haters, if it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t even know.
    R.I.P Ebony Nicole Williams

    1. The media loves kicking the shit out female celebs. Particularly those nasty little fags who run those gossip sites. Most of them wouldn’t have a career without screw-up white girls that they drag through the mud. Rod Cocks is a man so….it’s all cool, brah.

      1. Yes, it is disturbing that trans politics with it’s utter disregard for the safety of women and children is giving the homophobes something to rally around and not because they care about women and children’s safety or the rights of women to organize politically and socially without males, but just a hatred of “faggots” of which they lump in trans.
        It’s disgusting, trans are creating a backlash but right wing idiots see trans as the same as gays and they blame both on feminism. That McCain asshole who’s been covering the trans bullshit tags his trans articles as “gays”.
        trans and their sycophants are such idiots, they have silenced any criticism from the left and now the only people who can report on the excesses and flat out dangers of the trans movement is knuckle dragging right wing-nuts as they own their own media.
        liberal patriarchs and conservative patriarchs, a pox upon both houses.

    2. I’m not really sure why it would be surprising that an obviously homeless man has a criminal record. If you’re going for someone who’s obviously homeless (i.e. a man who’s chronically homeless and lives on the street vs. the majority who are temporarily homeless and more likely live in their cars), I would think it would be a struggle to find one without any sort of criminal record, both because it’s hard to live on the street and not wind up committing a crime at some point and because many ex-cons can’t find permanent work and housing.
      But at least his criminal history was relatively minor and not, you know, the rape and murder of a 13-year-old child.

    1. Also, there’s a bunch of doodz in dresses and cheap wigs, of course, saying WHAT ABOUT TEH MENZ…IN DRESSES?!
      Which should wake people up to the fact that if these men say that they’ve always felt like a guuuurl ever since the age of 6, then why aren’t they relating and sticking up for Ebony instead? Shouldn’t they be sympathizing and empathizing with her, cause, ya know, shared girlhood n’ all? Oops their misogyny is showing…greatly.

  15. Powerful video! I love how at 1:21 Blast tries to garner sympathy by lamenting his long incarceration: “since age 16, I’ve only been home once, in 1993 for three months”… which apparently was long enough time to rape and kill a child!

  16. http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2014/08/27/women_com_susan_johnson_creates_the_first_social_network_for_women.html
    LOL, it’s ok to discriminate against males provided you give Laverne Cox a chance to tell moms how to treat their daughters well.
    They exclude men who own up to male privilege but will let in 49 of Facebook’s other genders provided they’re vetted as good people because that’s what “female” means now? (Whatever “good” means if a rape culture promoter like Laverne Cox is a mothering guru for childless, white liberal creative-classers.)
    How is this not more essentialist (women are the good soft squishy sources of love and light!) and “misandrist” (lol) than anything radical feminists have ever been accused of?
    “Women only” space finally has mainstream acceptance.
    All it took was decades of rape threats against MWMF and finally letting in the worst of the worst males.

    1. I read an interview with Cox’s mother. She was fully aware that both of her sons were being relentlessly bullied throughout their entire school careers and she did nothing about it. Also, somehow, Cox is aware that his third grade teacher told his mother that he “would wind up in New Orleans in a dress ” someday…I have to wonder at what age was that little gem shared with him.
      I’d say Verne has less than nothing helpful to share about parenting, period, let alone healthy parenting of daughters.
      These Cox-Suckers make me ill. They need to stop inserting him into every story about women.

  17. I love how they expect us not to notice all these freaks are in there for violent, often sexually sadistic crimes against women. 3rd and 4th wave feminism are all about disarming women’s hard-earned self-defense. A lot of us have worked very hard to unlearn socialized distrust of our own instincts, and to feel we have the right to establish boundaries and say no. Sex-poz liberal feminism says “we’ll tell you what’s good for you”, and what they think is good for you is catering to abusive dudes. Progress.

    1. That is funny!
      Just a quick FYI – TERF is a hostile label trans and trans allies apply to gender-critical radical feminists..

    2. Yea, maybe we can get that Congress worker to edit the Wikipedia entry for “Woman” by removing Laverne Cox’s photo and replacing it with Ebony Nicole Williams.

    3. “a real man pretending to be a woman.”
      I’m glad to know there are still sane people left lol

    4. The mole may be a gay man due to many Congressional aides being gay men. I guess the moral of this story is: Speak the truth and Wikipedia will not let you edit. I wish I knew a skilled hacker to work on that “Woman” page.

  18. OT, but Iif these dudes really do have a “feminine brain,” how come they aren’t interested in traditionally feminine pursuits such as caring for children, cooking, sewing, or making crafts?
    The only traditionally feminine things they seem interested in are fashion, make-up and panties. ESPECIALLY the panties.
    The way these dudes fetishize underwear is creeping me out big time. I’m starting to get creeped out by the women’s underwear department in my favorite department store. And someone on Rosalyn’s blog said they once worked in a small women’s boutique where the trans would come in, try on clothes, and whack off in the changing rooms! That is unbelievably gross and disgusting, but since it’s men, why am I surprised by this information?
    I usually take my shoes off to try on clothes in retail outlets, especially if it’s pants. I probably have stood barefoot on autogynephile cum cooties numerous times. Yuck!!!
    So now these creeps are making me feel grossed out about even buying underwear or trying on clothes at a retail outlet, two formerly mundane pursuits I never gave a second thought too before I discovered the sick world of the autogynephiles.

  19. Roderick Laverne Cox has a twin brother who doesn’t pretend to be a woman but has been in a relationship with another man for 2 years, yet doesn’t like being called gay or homosexual because he doesn’t believe in sexual orientation. His name is M.Lamar.
    I find that interesting because there is a video that is suppose to be about the shame straight men face when dating trannys but it’s basically Laverne complaining that no straight guys want to date him because of what other people think. The funny thing is that the reason straight men don’t want to date Laverne is not because of shame is because they are straight and want to date women not men in dresses lol. Laverne of course can’t see that and blames it on society. The video seems so desperate, its almost like him begging straight men to fuck him haha.
    Which brings me to the twin brother and how Laverne should just stop trying to impersonate women and go out with gay guys, make his life less complicated. But with trannys it seems like everyone is suppose to mold their lives around them. Straight guys need to turn gay and lesbians need to accept “women” with penises lol…so much crazymaking.

    1. Google sent me to some martial arts page yesterday where a guy posted pictures of mostly-passing trannies, asking why women are so resentful of them, implying we are all jealous because they are not only beautiful but “know how to work a dick.”
      Many of the comments were along the lines of, “I’d do her (him) and I wouldn’t care who knows!”
      The pictures were suspect though. Some were obvious trannies but others were obviously women. Soon enough posts were identifying them as models — female models. Trannies had been passing off photos of real women as themselves. No wonder straight guys are attracted to them!
      I caught a tranny on reddit faking a picture he stole from a model as proof in an AMA (ask-me-anything). Participants must submit proof they are who they say they are, and this proof was a drop-dead gorgeous young blonde holding paper with his user name and the date written on it. Aside from being naturally beautiful and petite, she was awfully well-dressed for someone sitting on their home computer, and looked a lot younger than the tranny’s purported age of 29.
      So I did an image search and sure enough, she is a Scandinavian model who wasn’t even holding anything. The entire piece of paper was photoshopped. I reported it and the proof was taken down but the AMA remains, with hundreds of comments on how natural and beautiful this dude is, when really you know he was a hot mess.
      Back at the martial arts page, another guy began posting pics of real trannies in all their male hideousness. The OP got really mad and told him to knock off the gay shit. It was too funny.

  20. So when is Christelyn Karazin, Kola Boof and Breukelen Bleu going to say something in support of this murdered black child Ebony Nicole Williams, they all claim to champion black women issues clearly they are not maybe they in league with Laverne Cox and Luis Morales, I think something far more sinister they so badly want to appeal to the mainstream especially Christelyn Karazin, that they have thrown Ebony Nicole Williams under a bus for the sake of Laverne Cox and Luis Morales.
    R.I.P Ebony Nicole Williams

  21. Luis Alberto Morales a/k/a Synthia China Blast was not sentenced to life, but to 25 years to life. He is up for parole in 2018.

  22. Oh no. Yet another trans television series is coming and the lib left is cumming in their transpanties over it. Seems that for aging actors, playing trans is the hip new thang; while the “I’m more Libber-Al than U” crowd are prepping for their next “all my best friends are trans” slobber-fawning. The rightwing on cue will scream over another Jesus-hatin’ “trans” (meaning homo) show; the Libber-als will huff and puff their I B No Bigot pomposity; and the trans will crow their “die cis scum/kill all terfs” death chants with further impunity. Wash, rinse, repeat. There it is.

    1. This troubles me because I am a fan of Whit Stillman and I want his show, The Cosmopolitans, to be picked up by Amazon. Once I saw it was up against a trans show, I lost hope.

  23. It just occurred to me that the name “Blast” was probably adopted as a not-so-sly reference to “Synthia’s” earlier career as an arsonist. Successful arsonists usually start their fires with a small explosion, because it’s more effective than just setting a fire in the basement or something like that.
    If so, what a sick piece of shit is our “dear” Luis.

  24. @GallusMag:
    Different topic but FYI: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/magazine/can-jill-soloway-do-justice-to-the-trans-movement.html?rref=homepage
    Includes the following:
    “Later, during the meal, I found Soloway in what was normally the women’s bathroom but had been de-gendered for the event. She was talking to two women, marveling at the fact that men kept coming in and out. Soloway stayed, watching. “This,” she said, amazed, raising her hands to indicate the all of it. “Can you believe this? The bathroom is ground zero for all of this gender stuff.””

  25. In response to “coelacanth;”
    I’ve been enjoying your commentary here. I don’t know about anyone but you’ve provided some perpsective and insight about the movement that I forgot or don’t recall either because I was too young or overwhelemed or distracted life.
    Having written that, I’d like to take issue with something you wrote here:
    In recent weeks and months I’ve become an outspoken opponent of transgenderism/queer theory/oppression theory whatever one wants to call it. But I get no backup or support from anyone; mostly because the gay and lesbian community loves to eat its own.
    It’s become where all it takes is one of the many special snowflakes that make up the LGBT to invoke a trope to get everyone running for cover, usually the anti-gay bigot flavor of the week.
    It doesn’t matter whether I agree that transgenderism has gone too far, that’s its endangers the lives of women, children, or gay people.
    In this world of ours, there’s an exception for the rule. This person is qualified to speak because she’s a woman. That person is qualified to speak because they’re a trans man/woman. But a gay man who probably knows better than anyone else about the type of permanent harm special interest groups can cause people when no one’s paying attention, until it’s too late? No…..
    You’re damaged goods for life. No second chances. That’s a privilege meant only for transgenders convicts, ex-gays, and gay conservatives.
    Outrageous? Yeah sure, about as outrageous as transgenders creating a new world order where only non gay men, trans women, a bunch of trust fund college kids who don’t understand the concept of male and female rule.
    Personally, I don’t know how we can win the war on trans qaeda when you have activists and bloggers hiding behind pseudonyms and throwaway gmail or AOL accounts, they’re making all sorts of excuses about why they can’t follow XYZ, or they’re just prefer to create content on Twitter and Facebook, or post commentary once a week, instead of doing what’s necessary to get these lunatics from creating further damage.
    Your commentaries are great. May I suggest starting a blog instead of wasting away in someone’s comment section?

    1. That’s an interesting perspective because I have seen folks discussing coelacanth’s GenderTrender posts on twitter, on reddit, on other blogs, and various forums. While cheerleading someone to start a blog is possibly a good idea, I think your characterization of coelcanth’s words as “wasting away” here is inaccurate. For example, you have a blog, where you mainly write posts complaining that no one listens to you. Some of those posts even explicitly state “fuck you” to this blog, for what you perceive as it’s (my) failings. Then you come here and use my blog as a platform in which to be heard, because no one is interested in your blog, and no one reads it, because you offer nothing but handwringing criticism of other lesbian, feminist, and gay bloggers while contributing nothing yourself. Quite a bit of hypocrisy there I think.
      Also I’m not clear how you think blogging under your real name makes folks more inclined to read you (particularly in light of your history as a sex-offender). It seems clear to me that quality of content makes readers want to read a blog, not the identity of a blogger.

      1. Gallus, the work you are doing here is all that is needed. Women (and a few gay men) with brains and sense are finding you the way the thirsty find water in a desert. Many cache and store your work here as well as the comments, so they will all be available for history one day when public journalists and writers can use that archive to expose the truth about the lies of the trans queer for everyone to know. In the meantime, you and your blog are all that matter.
        The news that other people on the Internet are talking about me makes my skin crawl with terror. Google The Black Mirror, a UK tv show about the internet as evil maw of insanity — a Roman Forum of cruelty and face-stabbing unmatched in human (inhuman?) history. The trans campaign against Gallus and others like her makes the McCarthy era seem amateur. I wanted my 15 year-long take on the trans insanity to be shared with you, Gallus, and the brave women here to provide you with additional context and for posterity when as I said history will be able to use this information.
        To the person above, you are obviously very young and have never been chased off (“beaten down”), “called out”, threatened, stalked, chased off sites, had photos of you posted with horrible comments, had your real name entered into Urban Dictionary as “transphobe and Nazi” (to their credit Urban D took this down the moment I complained — of course any “reader writter” site like Urban D or Wikipedia is a fiction of vendettas and disinformation sold as truth); targeted to find your real name and personal info so you can be character assasinated or worse (had your info searched so your employer or family can be threatened or “informed” that you are a “Nazi”) — ALL of which happens to Gallus every moment she is out here — ALL of which happens to every women on this blog who dares to challenge trans and Queer. ALL of this happened to me. And it worked. When younger I would have said bring it on, assholes. But I am too old and not well and I am “retired” from the gay universe and have nothing to do with anything of the LBGTQ world. That world said to me — we hate you and your message — go away and die like the rest of you old white gay men pigs — we are queer now and trans now and we spit on you and your kind (unless you bow down and worship us). So I went away. When I discovered a few months ago, Gallus’s space of hope, it gave me one last portal of sanity in which to store the seeds of gay male protest against an historical calumny against us by trans queer. Like the seed repository in Norway that is keeping samples of all living things in a huge underground bunker so they may exist after we destroy the planet, the words on this blog must be stored so they can emerge when needed to help future freethinkers to understand the intellectual depravity of censorship by the left/trans queer in this era. And so my task is done. The Jackals have detected my presence and so I am decloaking again.
        Thank you, Gallus. I will continue to read you and spread the word to every woman I know to come here to know you and help you. Thank you for allowing me to partake in your project to liberate truth. A last anecdote — while a teen, I was very influenced by Caroline G Heilbrun’s Toward a Recognition of Androgyny, which I read as a call for removal of all gender to move to a human species, that honours the sex differences of the 3 sexes (male, female and intersex) and so eliminate the socio-cultural gender bullshit of religion that enslaved us all. How horrified I was to see these concepts twisted and mangled beyond recognition by a movement I helped in my small local way to move along. Be careful what you wish for is an epitaph for an entire generation.

  26. An all women’s college, apart from the men…
    >”The following academically qualified students can apply for admission consideration:
    Biologically born female; identifies as a woman
    Biologically born female; identifies as a man
    Biologically born female; identifies as other/they/ze
    Biologically born female; does not identify as either woman or man
    Biologically born male; identifies as woman
    Biologically born male; identifies as other/they/ze and when “other/they” identity includes woman
    Biologically born with both male and female anatomy (Intersex); identifies as a woma”

    1. “Biologically born female; identifies as a man”
      I find it interesting (and good) that they admit women that identify as men. I feel like the M2T(men in dresses) might complain about this because it invalidates their own perceived womanhood. Of course it doesn’t matter since they are just men in dresses but in a way the statement is telling them straight up.

    2. Can’t wait until the rape rate goes up at women’s colleges and everyone dances around pretending that women are suddenly committing sex offenses at an increasing rate.

  27. I.Just.Cannot.Believe.This.
    I admit that I am somewhat new to the trans issues in feminism. I was a lib fem, but was radicalized after having my daughter. I originally found this, and other rad fem sites, after hearing how bad “Terfs” were. Curious, I took a look.
    Well, I read, and read, and read, and you all were so right. My eyes were opened. Rad fem writings made sense, especially compared to lib stuff always disappointed and fell way short.
    Still, I did not realize the enormity of the trans sickness, the depth of the truth. Intellectually, I knew. But I just hadn’t wrapped my head around it. I think I didn”t get it because I was using MY frame of reference, instead of looking at them as the MEN they are.
    Now I can so clearly see the wolves in sheeps clothing, these pervs that are simply laying the next big con to get themselves access to women they always dreamed of, as well as other spoils.
    I mean- supporting a PEDO KILLER OF A LITTLE GIRL. OMG.
    If this doesn’t illustrate what we are up against, and what type of people are harming us and harassing us, I don’t know what will.
    The only other thing that made this issue as clear was the post about the MWMF with all the pics of the men and the list of what they did while in the fair. I am glad I did learn about this, it is so very important. I want my FAB girl to have women only spaces, without PEEN. We cannot let the MEN take this away from us.
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Ah! Welcome aboard to the radfem side! Always nice to have another radical Sister, we can never have enough!

    2. One of the things that made me turn away from the transcult was the demonization of “TERFs” in general and Cathy Brennan in particular. Even when I was still much more pro-trans, I still saw that radfems had a good point about the inherent danger of some gender protection laws, and Cathy Brennan has always been on the record merely asking for a doctor’s note (or something similar) for any transwoman who seeks to use women’s facilities. That she was demonized for that made me start questioning transideology.
      The transcult is so focused on shutting women up, they reek of MRA.

    3. Many of us here took the same journey, Renee. I smelled bullshit, and definitely saw bullshit (60-year-old men suddenly deciding they were women, and expecting everyone to go along for the ride; men appropriating everything about women’s experiences and places, etc.). So I dug a little, started reading, and sure enough found women (and men) who also spotted the farce. I found this brave site, with the terrific writing and commentary by Gallus and her commentariat. I’m glad you’re here, Renee. And you too, FabFro and Kesher.

    4. ” I was a lib fem, but was radicalized after having my daughter. I originally found this, and other rad fem sites, after hearing how bad “Terfs” were. Curious, I took a look.
      Well, I read, and read, and read, and you all were so right. My eyes were opened. Rad fem writings made sense, especially compared to lib stuff always disappointed and fell way short.”
      This happend to a LOT of women. No matter how much trans activist demonize radical feminism, they can never stop women from thinking for themselves. Once you understand it you can never unsee the problems with identity politics and trans activism.

    5. Let me add greetings and welcome also. As a butch, I was curious about the trans phenomenon, but when I found GenderTrender I began to get my education. Gallus’ archives are rich with information that can’t be found anywhere else. Jump right in and enjoy !

  28. OMGoddess, now Cox is featured in MTV’s “Faking It” – so Cox is a man faking being a woman and now faking being a lesbian.
    This news was on Pink News and I saw all top commenters appeared male. I guess Pink is the new Male?
    I tried to add comment that Lesbians do not prefer persons with penis. A man faking being a woman then faking being lesbian. That comment did not appear.

    1. That’s sickening…and not surprising in the least. The rage against women came out more honestly with those trannies.
      Also, the headline to that article is woefully misleading. It turns out that one guy was sentenced to a mere 16 years, and the other to 17 years, for a total of slightly more than 30 years. What crap journalism. And crap “justice” – they should each be locked away forever, obviously.

  29. Why does Cox make facial expressions as if saying “fuck me, fuck me?” Women don’t act that way. One wonders where the hell he got that this is the way women act. This is the kind of shit you see in films and magazines that oversexualize women!

    1. Yeah, one of the gross things about that video was the way Cox read the letter in that seductive, flirtatious tone. Inappropriate affect, even if the writer wasn’t a violent murderer.

  30. Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:
    Laverne Cox still supports Kolisek, the man that is suing the prison system to have a sex-change on the anniversary of the day he murdered his wife.
    Why does Laverne Cox hate women so much?

  31. So you guys are just going to forget about Destiny Gonzales huh? Its funny after 25 years of me thinking luis was dead, killed in jail, which is what i was told, and happy about, i find out yesterday dec 1st 2016 that he in fact is alive, and trans and also married to a copy cat serial killer, talk about mind blowing, even more mind blowing, him saying he’s never had sex with a female in his life lol so taking my virginity at 13 doesn’t count? i know you remember us being together, me living in your mother’s house with luis, also with him when this whole tragedy happened, do i ring a bell now? hmm how soon we forget, but i will NEVER forget what happened, i was young, stupid and scared at the time, but I’m a grown woman now, who lives with the guilt of all of this til this day, oh and i been carrying a part of your brother for the past 25 years and no, its not a kid, figure it out, cus I’m sure you know!!

      1. Ty this shit is crazy, I’m actually still in shock over this whole situation, I’m just learning about this whole trans thing, not that I’m against it, just never knew this about him, i did know about his trans friend who we both stayed with for a few days when he was in hiding, and he wore wigs and dresses those few days just to go outside without being noticed, but this whole bullshit about never being with a female is bogus, plus i knew of one of his other ex girlfriends named ana who warned me about him, but i was too young and naive to believe anything she had to say, smh back then i was the same age ad the young girl he murdered, also a runaway from the group homes, i met him during a fight i was having outside a bar, he took me in and we stayed together those 4 months before he got locked up, i had no idea of his acquittal pryor to that, i only found that out during interrogation, stupid me right, still defending this man that i thought i loved, i still live with the guilt of this whole shit

      2. I probably said enough, but its funny how he said he’s never been with a female in his life, but I’m living proof that he did, I’ll leave it at that though, I’m not proud of any of this, I’m actually ashamed of myself for defending him at that time, but again, i was young, naive and in love, and i will live with the guilt of knowing and not telling anyone out of fear for my own life, i mean, if he could do that to her,i could only imagine what would have happened to me, i tried to put this behind, in fact i did put it behind me, still living with the guilt tho, until it was brought to my attention yesterday that this man is still alive, i was told at 15 that he was killed in jail, and all i could think is Karma and thank god, so of course I’m still in shock over this and everything else that has to do with him

    1. Ty this shit is crazy, I’m actually still in shock over this whole situation, I’m just learning about this whole trans thing, not that I’m against it, just never knew this about him, i did know about his trans friend who we both stayed with for a few days when he was in hiding, and he wore wigs and dresses those few days just to go outside without being noticed, but this whole bullshit about never being with a female is bogus, plus i knew of one of his other ex girlfriends named ana who warned me about him, but i was too young and naive to believe anything she had to say, smh back then i was the same age ad the young girl he murdered, also a runaway from the group homes, i met him during a fight i was having outside a bar, he took me in and we stayed together those 4 months before he got locked up, i had no idea of his acquittal pryor to that, i only found that out during interrogation, stupid me right, still defending this man that i thought i loved, i still live with the guilt of this whole shit

  32. Lavern Cox, WTF!? Why would you speak for that inhuman piece of filth? Is someone seriously supposed to care about this hideous creature and its comforts and wishes?
    Is there some mission, about which I’m unaware, where transpeople are going out of their way to make everyone on Earth hate us? Is it really so difficult to be a decent human?
    That poor little girl, her family, and everyone on Earth for having to live in such a world. Beyond the stuff of nightmares.

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