Transvestic Body Sculpting: What Sex Reassignment Surgery Can Do For You

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“Some differences between earlier male vs later female genital experiences, arousals and orgasms”
“The results of SRS are made immediately obvious to the postop woman by one important effect: She now has to “sit down to pee”. Peeing isn’t as easy as before, and every time you pee you are reminded that you are now a girl, reminded in the same way that all the other girls are.
On the other hand, there is a really great advantage to having female genitals that soon becomes obvious too: Your sexual arousals are no longer “visible to others”. Just as for any other woman, the postop woman does not have to constantly suppress her arousals like men do. She can let herself get aroused any time she wants to, and can stay aroused for long periods of time without others “seeing anything”, just as many other women do (this is another reason so many women smile a lot!).
It’s great to be able to engage in fantasies and visualizations and get aroused at any time you want to. This freedom can help a woman create and firmly establish a healthy libido. She can hook-up her brain with her genitals without much “censorship” going on. Even though her libido is not as heavily stimulated by the large doses of testosterone that men have [*], neither does she have to tame and control her libido like men do theirs. Therefore, on balance, a woman can generally feel “sexy” much more of the time than a man can.
Lynn speculates that a lot of men have problems with getting erections simply because they have to constantly avoid having erections. In other words, they get much more practice in avoiding erections than they do in getting them! Women do not need to “censor” their arousals in that way. If they have no religious or other types of hang-ups about sex and lovemaking, they can easily practice and enjoy getting aroused as much as they like, and can develop very healthy libidos as a result. This advantage can help the postop woman get into her sexuality fairly quickly and help her learn a lot in just the first year or two postop.
Once she begins experiencing arousals and engaging in sexual activities, one major thing becomes immediately obvious. Orgasm feels really different as a woman. It may not be quite as easy to achieve and may take longer to achieve, but it can be a much more powerful sensation than any she ever experienced before as a boy.
Following SRS, the perfunctory feeling of male ejaculation during orgasm is gone forever. Instead, you can build up your sexual arousal to a much higher level without ejaculation bringing things to a halt. It may take more time to reach it, but you can now experience a more powerful orgasm – with the old male ejaculation feeling now replaced by an intense neural discharge and spasm throughout the entire genital area during orgasm. It feels kind of like you are being gently stimulated with electricity inside and throughout your entire genital region. The experience can vary a lot from orgasm to orgasm in the way in which the “neural halo and spasmodic colors” of the orgasm develop, spread, and feel. It seems almost as if most men so easily and quickly reach ejaculation that they never manage to get “high enough” sexually to trigger this more powerful form of orgasm.
In addition, there are real differences in “body feelings” during lovemaking between the male and female experience (although many of these feelings will be “female” in form for preop TS women too). Most males are usually stimulated visually by their partner’s body-appearance. Once aroused, they usually feel a growing “tightness inside” and a desire to “grab and hold and thrust and penetrate”. This desire comes on suddenly, and quickly becomes quite overpowering, with most of the sexual sensations coming only from within the penis itself. However, when the release of orgasm occurs, it is usually much more perfunctory than for a woman, being accompanied by a few spurts of semen and a few grunts and that’s it. The ejaculation is then followed by quite a sudden letdown and loss of any interest in sexual activity.
The sexual experience for the postop woman is much more “internal” within and throughout her whole body than for a male. The arousal may start in her genitals, but then can spread all through her lower body, especially inside the muscles, and her skin all over her body becomes more sensitized to caressing and touching. Instead of sexual arousal being just in the genitals as in a male, the estrogen seems to also enable a powerful “heat” to fill the woman’s whole body once she is aroused – and especially once she is being penetrated. Having this heat come over her in the absence of a partner, and without any satisfaction, can make her feel like “climbing the walls” or “thrashing around in her bed”.
Since her whole body becomes much more sensitive to touch as she get fully aroused, she is not stimulated so much by her partner’s appearance as by the way he (or she) touches her and manipulates her body and the way his (or her) voice sounds. She doesn’t feel the hard focused drive to quickly achieve orgasm as do males, but instead feels a desire to let go and thrash around and be “handled” and gradually heighten her erotic feelings. It isn’t what she is seeing that counts as much as what she is feeling and hearing and how her body is being manipulated by her partner, as she yields to the wonders of sexual heat and lovemaking. And usually she’ll like to take some time to do this and enjoy this, instead of just “rushing for ejaculation” like most guys do.
Finally, she will get up on a “plateau” and realize that an orgasm is going to come. This is a truly wonderful feeling. At some point, the orgasm starts and spreads throughout her genital area, with the genital nerves becoming tremendously sensitized as it spreads. The sensation of the orgasm will vary a lot from orgasm to orgasm (more variably than in the male). Sometimes it will be weak, but sometimes it can be amazingly intense, and the feeling varies a lot in form and “color” from orgasm to orgasm.
Just like natal women, trans women often experience a strong urge to “vocalize” just before and during orgasm – moaning, squealing, screaming and making other loud noises while they come. The sound and internal body sensation of these vocalizations can greatly heighten the intensity of the orgasmic experience for many women. Postop women shouldn’t be afraid to let out loud moans or screams when they come. It is perfectly natural, and can help transform ordinary orgasms into ecstatic ones. In contrast, very few men vocalize when they ejaculate, other than making a few grunts. Perhaps the difference is hormonal, with testosterone blocking these emotional vocalizations, just as it blocks emotions such as “crying” in males.
After climax the trans woman feels a sudden relaxing and calming effect that is somewhat similar to what it is like for boys. But unlike when she was a boy, she may often feel aroused and sexy again rather soon after having sex, often getting firm internal erections again soon after her orgasms. Even though it may be difficult for her to achieve orgasm again until some time has passed (a few hours to a day or so), she may feel a desire for sex again right away anyways. These re-arousals are a really wonderful feeling, and can enable sweet sessions of touching and snuggling with a loving partner after intercourse.”
Excerpted from Lynn Conway’s “Vaginoplasty: Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery”
[*Conway adds, “After surgery, some women find that their adrenal glands (the other source of testosterone) do not produce enough to provide adequate libido or orgasm. You may require a small amount of supplemental testosterone to regain functioning.”]
The author, in addition to his extensive work penning lurid transvestic body-sculpting fan fiction and referring to himself in the third person as demonstrated above, spearheaded the public censorship campaign against Autogynephilia researchers Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence.
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64 thoughts on “Transvestic Body Sculpting: What Sex Reassignment Surgery Can Do For You

  1. If I ever had any doubts that post-op male transgenders are identical to women, they are now finally resolved. Now all I gotta do is locate my internal erection. Is that like near the G-spot or something?
    Sorry, didn’t mean to be flip. This is just so sad for me to read, what with actually having external erectile tissue – a bit of it, at least, and being able to get myself off in a few minutes if I haven’t done so for several days. I should have known. I am a man. Oh, the shame. I may have to go kill myself and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT GALLUS

    1. Miep, I’ve said it before here and am probably becoming a bore, but women have a great deal of internal erectile tissue. What you can see of the clitoris is just the tip of it. What I don’t understand about this reference to the “internal erection” for M2T is, what is there to erect? (Bullshit narratives.)

    2. It’s very simple. Your internal erection is the part of you that gets hot looking at your own breasts in the mirror. If you put on some stockings and heels and take a picture, you come.
      I cannot imagine why you have not yet discovered this for yourself. I can only guess it’s because you haven’t spent enough time having laydee phantasies about being treated like a whore by a gang of random longshoremen.
      (Apologies to longshoremen, of course. I didn’t mean to imply that you’d of course band together to triple-team a tranny.)

  2. Once she begins experiencing arousals
    No real women ever speak of “experiencing arousals” or experiencing “an arousal”, singular. That’s a male framing, because for men it does seem like arousal is generally a physical on-off state – erect, and aroused, or flaccid and non-aroused. There is no real female equivalent of that. Researchers assume the female corollary of a male erection is vaginal lubrication, but have then observed in studies that sometimes vaginal lubrication is detected, but that women themselves report that they are NOT aroused. These studies were written up in the media like “LOL stupid women don’t even realize when they are aroused”. But those studies actually just imply that vaginal lubrication is not a good indication of female arousal.

    1. While Conway’s analysis is no doubt fetishistic and rooted in the objectification of women. There is most definitely such thing as physical arousal for females; the clitoris contains a lot of erectile tissue and the vulva engorges too.
      In the case of both men and men engorgement doesn’t neccisarily indicate mental state of arousal though.

      1. You named it ‘fetishized’ and that’s what it is. This is what males think of the magical vagina and laydee brains.
        ‘She doesn’t feel the hard focused drive to quickly achieve orgasm as do males, but instead feels a desire to let go and thrash around and be “handled” ‘
        Good fucks sake. I’ve never read such bunk. Men are taught that women’s orgasms are forever and they’re jealous of this. The author is quick to say:
        ‘Even though it may be difficult for her to achieve orgasm again until some time has passed (a few hours to a day or so), she may feel a desire for sex again right away anyways. These re-arousals are a really wonderful feeling, and can enable sweet sessions of touching and snuggling with a loving partner after intercourse.”’
        I also loved the part where women are supposed to start vocalizing. If that’s not male fantasy I don’t know what is.
        Some het women somewhere should start reciting the Gettysburg address when she’s close to orgasm just to prove this ‘laydeez need to vocalize’ point and score super troll points on da menz.

  3. Just like natal women, trans women often experience a strong urge to “vocalize” just before and during orgasm – moaning, squealing, screaming and making other loud noises while they come.
    Oh fuck off with this shit. Dude’s been watching too much porn. A few months ago in one of the funfem cesspits, jezebel maybe, they had an article about this, and most of the commenters admitted they just vocalize for the man’s benefit. A disturbing number of women said they start vocalizing when they want the man to hurry up and finish, because it turns him on more and hastens his orgasm.

    1. more on this, years ago i shared a house with a guy whose girlfriend was loud during sex. she did the exact fake-o erh erh erh screeching that women do in porn. It always sounded weird, because she would get into a good screeching rhythm and then … stop, abruptly. Because the dude had come. There was never any ascension or climax to the sounds she made, it was just an unfluctuating stream of screeches which started out of nowhere and ended nowhere and it was so obvious it was just for the guy’s benefit. The next house I lived in i shared with a lesbian couple, and one of them was quite loud also, but I never once heard those kinds of rhythmic porno screeches. It much more sigh-y and diffuse. And more importantly, there was a build-up, climax and resolution, where you can hear the orgasm, which actually made it much more uncomfortable to overhear, because it was so obvious I was hearing something personal and intimate. Unlike the PIV noises, which were pure performance art on the woman’s behalf, and which only made me and the other roommates giggle with second-hand embarrassment.
      In my twenties i was a funfem for about 5 minutes, and i did my funfem duty by trying to enjoy porn. In gay japanese porn the “uke” (the one who takes on the feminine subby role) makes the exact same erh-erh noises that women do in western porn. This is a pretty obvious indicator that over-the-top vocalisation cross-culturally is a marker and practice of submission.

      1. Your comments are amazing!
        And I must chime in on this as well.
        One night I was just about to go to sleep when all of a sudden I heard a woman [but no one else] doing a really loud porn moan. It sounded so freakin’ fake.
        And as you pointed out, it ended way too fast and abrupt to be real. It was like “Oh, you’re done now? No?..Okay, I’ll keep going…Wait. now you’re done? Cool. so am I! Good day.”
        While staying here, I have NEVER EVER heard another woman do that kind of moan. So, I’m guessing the [guy?] hired her for the night…

    2. Yes, like there was any doubt that the get their idea of womanhood from porn. Pornosquealing is so fucking depressive, it’s some poor woman having to fake enthusiasm. (Stop all porn, burn it down, destroy that fucking industry!) Real sounds of pleasure sounds very different.

    3. Sometimes the muscles in my legs seize up and it feels like the muscle is being ripped from the bone. It usually lasts less than a minute but during that time the pain is so intense that I thrash in agony and scream bloody murder.
      I was stunned when I found out folks thought I was just having sex. WTF? Folks can’t tell the difference between pain and pleasure? I hope I don’t get murdered. Folks will just think I’m having the time of my life.

      1. I’m sorry to hear about your leg!
        But I’m not shocked that when you’re in pain people think you’re having sex. Horror movies are known for sexualizing violence against women: Breast shot paired with her screaming. Or showing her showering and then being stalked by a violent-creepy dood.
        A lot of shooter video games give the female characters very sexual moans when they get shot. I noticed in movies and TV shows [when I used to watch them] the women would moan or breathe very sexual when in pain or hurt, say like, after they got shot or stabbed. It did sound like they were having an orgasm. This crap is not done by mistake, as we all know. This is all apart of rape culture to train men into thinking that the screams of a woman while in pain is arousing. The average person now can’t tell the difference between a woman in pain and a woman in pleasure, our lovely man-made-media did a great job in teaching us that they’re one and the same.

      2. That’s interesting, FabFro, since these “leg seizures” categorized as cramps are very common in folks who play sports. It’s usually due to a lack of potassium. If you’ve ever watched football for example, it’s not unusual to see a player or two collapse to the ground, writhing in agony, due to these cramps – which are not run-of-the-mill cramps. Cramps I can handle, these I cannot – which is why I categorize them as a type of seizure. But since most players are men, folks instantly recognize their screams as screams of pain. Not for one second does anyone think these men are experiencing pleasure and having orgasms. So you’re right. The culture totally re-frames the same pain in women as pleasure instead of pain. Another disturbing example of how when folks genderize experiences, it so negatively affects women.
        An interesting thought tho. If a m2t went down with one of these leg seizures, I guarantee he would be using his man’s voice, not a feminine voice, because this kind of pain is primal. Which means a m2t’s pain would be identified as man pain, not woman pain and everyone would rush to help him – unlike us, who would just be shit out of luck.

      3. @lucky Good point about the “primal” voice coming through. I wonder what voice comes out if they talk in their sleep and similar situations.

  4. Is that why they think women smile more? Women smile because that’s what we are told to do by men who think we are more pleasant to look at if we are grinning stupidly all the time. That, in addition to the blatant ignorance of female biology and the assumption that post-op M2Ts are the same as biological females is completely absurd. A penis turned inside out is not a vagina. A vagina is a muscular organ. It’s not a blind cavity. And women take a long time to orgasm only if she or her partner doesn’t know what they’re doing, but, because ignorance of the female anatomy is pretty prevalent, that means a lot of unhappy women who’d look much prettier if they smiled. And women do have erectile tissue both outside and inside the vagina… and though it’s not visible through our pants, we still don’t walk around with ladyboners because that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    1. No, no…we take longer to orgasm because we WANT to, because we have nothing else to do with our day than be “manipulated” by a man whose looks do not appeal to us sexually. We want to drag that out for a long time so we can enjoy it!
      All those women who talk about how busy they are? They’d be a lot less busy if they weren’t always forcing their partners into four-hour orgasmless sex sessions. Because that’s what us ladies like: chafing. None of us just want orgasms, especially since it’s not like we’re capable of multiples, one after the other.

    2. They tell us to smile to gain our submission, not because they think it makes us look better. Studies have shown that people with lower social status tend to smile more because they’re seeking the approval of people of higher status. A non-smiling woman is making it clear that she thinks she doesn’t need male approval and that, egads, she thinks she’s actually a human being. Can’t have that.

      1. Oh, definitely a given. The fact that perfect strangers can demand it of me makes it pretty clear that they feel they are superior. I work a job painting parade floats and was up on a scaffold, concentrating on, you know, painting and not falling 30 feet and dying. Apparently even then I must be submissive and pretty to look at (even sweating and wearing overalls), because one of the contractors hollered “you look ugly when you frown like that.. you should smile more” to which I replied, “I’m concentrating on doing my job and not dying. Fuck off.”
        Sidenote: A new suit of men’s Dickies denim overalls has significantly diminished the male attention I receive at work and is now one of my favorite articles of clothing. It covers my breasts (they’re quite large, and often commented on), and neutralizes my shape. They are heavy, but they are my work armor. I won’t ever be without them. I love them. I love my body, but I don’t love how people treat me when they can see it.

    3. When they write that women smile so much because of constant arousal, they’re actually trying to justify the fact that they themselves are walking around in a constant state of arousal caused by their autogynephilia.

  5. Talk about false advertising.
    “At some point, the orgasm starts and spreads throughout her genital area, with the genital nerves becoming tremendously sensitized as it spreads.”
    It takes a clitoris for this to happen, son. And men are clitless wonders.
    And yes, the clitoris does get erect, or engorged.

    1. It’s amazing how little the clitoris (let alone any other aspect of /actual/ female sexuality) actually comes up in every day life in comparison to the ‘glorious man wand’, especially considering that the penis is just a Y-chromosome mutated clitoris.
      Dudes always gotta have the most important parts.

      1. Yes, and I notice how the “article” left out even a mention of stimulating the pseudoclitoris/glans stump. Because again, these men have no idea how female bodies work.

  6. Wow, this is SO true. Just this morning I was sitting on the couch, enjoying “letting” myself be aroused by imagining someone manipulating my body like a posable doll, which of course made me smile a lot.
    It’s even better when I go out in public and enjoy “letting” myself be aroused by fantasies of “letting go” and “vocalizing” like a porn star, and then also smile a lot at other people, who mistakenly think I’m smiling because I’m a nice, friendly person instead of the truth, which is that I am constantly awash in sexual fantasy and am perving on the idea that they *think* I’m being friendly and don’t know I’m actually perving on them. That’s how I get my kicks, see: they think I’m buying potatoes, milk, and pasta, but actually I’m just getting turned on and then going out to interact with the general public because it gives me an “internal erection” to think I’m keeping a dirty secret.
    It was all awesome, until I remembered that I’m an actual woman and not some tranny fuckdoll fantasy, so I not only have better things to do than think about sex every damn second of the day, but am able to keep my arousal in the bedroom where it belongs instead of getting off on the idea of parading around in public with my hard-on tucked in, smiling at old ladies and imagining how shocked they would be if they knew.

    1. Oh, I almost forgot. After perving on strangers, I came home and went upstairs to “thrash around” on my bed by myself, like the chick in Billy Idol’s “Cradle of Love” video. It. Was. Hot.
      Thrashing around on the bed is really the best I can do, since ladies don’t stimulate themselves to orgasm ever and no one makes, say, a vibrating device that would assist in doing so. Maybe someday, someone will think to create such a thing, and women the world over will be able to relieve sexual frustration by themselves–before going to the mall, even! They could call it an “internal erection helper.” Seriously, I’d ask why no one has come up with this, but I suppose it’s because we women aren’t too fond of orgasms and prefer to do without them or, failing that, at least put them off for a long time.

      1. Well, as they say, trans are just like us. Better, even. So if they can’t orgasm again for a few hours or even days, one of these vibrating wonder-tools would be wasted on any woman, “natal” or otherwise. Better to just enjoy our constant lady-woody and thrashing heat.

      2. @Teal Deer: That’s very true. If their far-superior engineered ladyparts can’t do it, you know our stupid natural ones can’t. And hey, nothing makes us women happier than to spend endless days in a state of arousal with no relief.
        (Unless it’s thrashing around by ourselves on a bed, of course, which we do because we don’t understand these strange smiley feels inside us or where they’re coming from, and don’t know what else to do about them but bash our entire bodies repeatedly into a mattress. Silly us!)
        @FabFro: Thank you! 🙂

    2. There’s something so male-oriented to presume that it gives us a thrill to be aroused without it showing. I am just learning thanks to the internet that getting untimely boners can be a constant problem for some guys. I never knew that. But from the male perspective, a woman smiles because arousal isn’t showing as if she knows she’s getting away with something. If you don’t know about something, how can you be glad you’re getting away with it. And anyway, smiling during arousal, really? Is sex amusing?

    3. Because of course, old ladies have no sexuality, never had any, and were never anything but old. And ladies to boot.

  7. These people get upset with Michael Bailey for suggesting that there’s such a thing as autogynephilia, and then they turn around and publish stuff like this? The irony…
    Also, it’s pretty funny how that little illustration shows a dudely Greek warrior turning into an Aphrodite-like “woman” standing on a pedestal and gazing into a mirror. That’s what they think it means to be a woman — you get to be a sex-crazed narcissist, exempt from the duties and burdens of adult citizenship.
    Keep your fantasies to yourself, dude, and don’t try to speak for actual women. This has zero to do with us.

  8. sorry to spam the comments, but this article has really rubbed me the wrong way (har har please don’t ban me for lame punnage either)
    I’m sure the post-op sexual response is quite different from pre-op, that’s only to be expected when a man has most of his erectile tissue carved out and ditched in the incinerator. Reading these accounts of post-op sexuality it strikes me that these dudes are trying really hard to turn lemons into lemonade. Their sexual response is much worse now, but they convince themselves that it’s ok, because they think that is how it really is for women. So they are almost proud when they talk about how it takes them much longer to come now. Though the only reason it takes straight women longer to come than men is because men are hopeless at getting women off and women are also discouraged from exploring their own bodies.
    The way trannys describe their post-op orgasms – they are no longer a concentrated burst of pleasure, now they are “variable” (meaning often disappointing) wishy-washy internal happy-feels. and they believe this is what a real woman’s orgasm feels like. But these descriptions never square with my experience at all. Though it does make sense that a real woman’s orgasm involves more internal sensation than a male’s orgasm, because most of the clitoris is internal. It looks like this (the yellow bit) —–XIxkRqhN–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18loynppdj3srpng.png
    No surgery can provide a male with this internal structure. A repositioned scrap of penis-head is not a shoddy replica of a clitoris, it is no replica at all.

    1. Also they lost so much nerve endings because of the surgery – it’s impossible for them to have the exact same feeling as biological females. Women have like 8000, men have 4000 -6000 and I read that after the surgery only ca. 2000 nerve endings are left.
      There is no way they can have the same experiences.

    2. Totally. I can’t even begin to express how annoying and ridiculous–and offensive–this article is; it reads like a marriage handbook for men, written in the 50s by an idiot.
      And no, it doesn’t match my experiences with sex or orgasms at all.

      1. Has anyone ever timed themselves to see how long it took to orgasm? On their own? I thought I didn’t have time to masturbate one morning, ’cause I had to get to work – but I thought I’d give it a shot. It took 11 minutes. Once I knew 11 minutes…seemed like I always had 11 minutes to spare 🙂

      2. I can do it in less than five, especially in the midpoint of my cycle when my sex drive is high.

      3. Oh, that wasn’t supposed to be a “*I* can do it faster than *you*” sort of comment, if it sounded that way. Just that there are times when I can go even faster, thus proving your point again that “women always take a long time because ladybodies” isn’t the absolute truth at all.

      4. Dorothy Mantooth, LOL “less than five,” I know you didn’t meant that in a competitive way. Wow, impressive, good for you 🙂

      5. @AreUSayingWhatUThink- Good question!
        Yea, it really does depend. If I’m super aroused, less than 2 minutes. If not so aroused, around 5-10 minutes. I often find myself wanting to prolong it because I could finish in like 2 or 3 minutes. And if I don’t feel like it, then it just ain’t gonna happen.
        But I found that really focusing on what’s being done to my clitoris and eliminating penetration, and learning to relax and enjoy seems to speed up the processes. Thinking back when I was younger, I think it took me longer because I was focusing on the wrong thing. So, yea, practice really does make perfect! LOL.

      6. Heh, AreUSayingWhatUThink, it’s actually very true what FabFro says about practice. 🙂 About eight years ago I decided to try masturbating every day–I was feeling kind of in a rut (no pun intended) and my sex drive was low, and I’d gained some weight, and I’d read it was good for the skin and health and, oh, a number of reasons. It was actually something I’d never really done, I mean, I could count on one hand the number of times I’d even tried doing it before that. But every day for several months I’d get out of the shower and hop into bed, and by the end of the first month or so I had the whole process pretty much down pat, whether I used a vibrator or not. I actually stopped largely because while at first it totally did up my sex drive, by the end of the third month it was starting to feel a little like a chore, and like another uncreative rut.
        So at first it would probably take me at least ten or fifteen minutes, but as time went on I was able to get there very quickly (not to mention that as far as multiples, practice makes a huge difference, or it did for me). And when you know how to make it happen quickly (and then happen again and again) you can show your spouse/partner exactly what to do.
        It was a really interesting experiment, for a number of reasons. And as it happens, I did lose weight and feel more energetic overall.

      7. Timed myself? Of course! I’m often on a time schedule to commit orgasms. So 30 seconds to a minute during the commercial break so I have time to smoke a cigarette too.

    3. I’m glad you posted this. My guess is that female and male orgasms feel pretty similar, so anyone making up bullshit about “how it feels to be a woman” is doing exactly what you say, creating rhapsodies where responsiveness has been greatly eliminated.

    4. They have fewer nerve endings pre-op. I shudder to consider their sexual response post-op. It’s also pretty insulting to realize that they consider that blind, nerve ending-less, muscle-less coinpurse pouch-thing to be a “vagina”. And apparently everything north of the fuckhole is irrelevant since it’s not used during PIV intercourse. Cervix? Uterus? Ovaries? Fallopian tubes? Meh… whatever. Organs aren’t sexy, I guess. Bleeding isn’t sexy either. They’re women, but better, faster, stronger! Without any of the biological drawbacks! We should just STFU and let them show us how it’s done.

  9. according to this narrative, a non-smiling woman is just another frigid bitch. must be a feminist. as if we’ve never heard this narrative before. these dudes would srsly like to believe we walk around smiling all day because we are constantly enjoying our secretive arousal. Smile, ladies, lest someone think you have a dry cunt. this dude has been brining his brain in porn.

  10. Gross. These frankendoctors can’t create anything even close to an actual vagina. And how sad and delusional that people like this author and those who facilitate them, think this is what female sexual response is and that hole to nowhere is any kind of decent replica of female anatomy.

  11. “It’s great to be able to engage in fantasies and visualizations and get aroused at any time you want to.”
    *blink-blink* I assumed this was satire.
    “spearheaded the public censorship campaign against Autogynephilia”
    Too much protesting, one doth think.
    From linked stairway graphic (hard to believe that’s not satire either):
    “Permission to change identity”
    But mo-o-o-m, all the other kids are doing it!
    “Permission to encroachment in the sexual organs”
    Worst pickup line ever.
    “Sex Re-assignment II”
    Sequels are never as satisfying as the original.
    And you know damn well there’s going to be a prequel, published in paperback, and on a stagnantly-designed overly verbose website.
    Really, from nekkid Incan warrior to self-adoring woman? I think that mirror might be too small for that level of narcissism.

  12. I am a female born female – proof positive is that I’ve given birth (not that it’s needed but just for the tedious cis detectives).
    *Sometimes* I ejaculate. So, fuck off about male release and all that shyte. And ejaculate orgasm is just as pleasurable as one that is not an ejaculate release.
    Also, I can ejaculate multiple times in the space of an hour (or two, or three hours lol!!). So take THAT srs and shove it up your vaginoplasty whateverthefuck. I can do this in silence too. Imagine that!! (Actually, no, please don’t, I don’t want nasty porn sick trolls asking me for proof).
    Females have a powerful sexual energy that involves near endless enjoyment (including orgasming at birth…SERIOUSLY).
    No wonder males have tried to dominate us through patriarchy. At this point in our history trans are trying to rewrite our sexuality with their diatribes about surgically mutilated sexual experiences. Go away!!! Let me ejaculate (endlessly) in peace.

  13. “Now you can be a pervert all day long – just like a woman!”
    I remember being a horny 16-17 year old. My mind would wander, and when I came back to reality, I’d realise that I was staring at my physics teacher.
    Like, there are more reasons than just physical as to why it’s inappropriate to wander around aroused over everything all day. And I dare say that the vast majority of women don’t, although I suppose that most men who have fantasies of being women probably do.

  14. Tremble, women, for we have finally unveiled your secrets! Now we know that when you smile, you’re actually hiding an inner woman-boner! And to think all it took was a man with mutilated genitals to find this out.
    Seriously now, you know, for people who claim they have “a female brain”, it’s shocking how little they’re capable of empathizing with actual women and picturing themselves in their place as human beings and not walking gender stereotypes and porny fuck-dolls.
    Not to mention how the biology of this deadened parody of a female orgasm makes no sense (lol at the hormones and vocalizing part… it makes it sound like orgasm = meditation, with the vocalization being the same as a mantra. Weird), but I guess after a while being transgendered anyone becomes quite a pro in denying reality. I find it really, really sad. If transgendered people weren’t just narcissists and identified with women (empathy is the key word, I guess), they would use their male-born priviledge to actually help advance women’s causes by giving them space in male dominated areas. Instead, they prefer to whine while further opressing women and spend a fortune on surgery to get a bacterial pouch that lets them have an orgasm every other day. Wow, just wow.

  15. Well, for heaven’s sake, why pay all that money for a fake neo-vag when you can buy “Vagina Panties” online for the low, low price of just $130 each?
    Stuff a pink vinyl molded slit into your underwear and you’ll look and feel just EXACTLY like a real woman! Seriously!
    Looking at the “vagina panty,” I’ve realized that autogynephiles are a gullible, desperate market that’s just aching to be exploited. TERFs should take advantage of that.
    My idea is to market a set of affirmation recordings that tell the autogynies everything they want to hear, day after day, as they pose and preen in front of their three sided full length mirrors!
    Imagine a low, smoky-voiced Lauren Bacall type purring things like:
    –“Oooh, Baby, who looks the best in lavender lace thongs from La Perla? YOU do baby, you’re the smokin’-est!”
    –(Wolf Whistle) “Woah, Baby, that tight wiggle skirt and that sexy walk makes you look hotter than Marilyn Monroe!”
    “Hey Girlfriend, there’s a new line of bitchen’ panties just in at Victoria’s Secret! Let’s hit the mall and max out the ol’ credit cards, ’cause us REAL girls can never have too many smokin’ hot panties!”
    It would sell like hotcakes, and you could donate the profits to anti-autogynephile activism.

  16. This sounds exactly like the kind of thing preached worldwide to men about sexual practices that delay or eliminate ejaculation. Men, in these practices, are told that refraining from ejaculatory orgasm can bring about a more “internal” orgasmic state that is of longer duration and higher quality.
    Oddly (or not, ha), this is NOT something I’ve ever heard actual women talk about–no woman I know has talked about these internal are-they-or-aren’t-they subtle maybe-gasms. The women I know are about having more orgasms and more intense ones–no wishy-washy “electrical feelings.”
    This is total buyer’s remorse from the trans folks combined with sales tactics on the part of the people selling these surgeries. Since men can experience some genital sensation absent an ejaculatory orgasm, many cults and religions have explored this sensation exclusively. Trans people just do so with more finality.
    I wonder if this is a major part of the reason that many men who have sex reassignment surgery are happier in the short term, then in the longer term have more and more depression and related problems. Going years with your orgasmic capacity deeply diminished can cause suicidal thoughts in both men and women–this is one of the big un-talked about aspects of why anti-depressants in the SSRI class trigger suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Not everyone wants to have orgasms on the regular, but if you do want them and can’t get them no matter what you do physically, it’s miserable.

  17. I posted this earlier, but I think it’s worth mentioning again because it is about the “neovagina”. For all practical purposes, they are still men with their anatomy radically shifted around and rearranged.
    A neovagina is an artificially created cavity, and the inner lining of the “neovagina” is surgically created from the skin of the penis, or occasionally, from part of the colon. Scrotal skin is used to create the opening of the neovagina, and what is supposed to pass as “labia”. Indeed, many surgeons recommend electrolysis prior to sex reassignment surgery so that the opening to the “neovagina” isn’t hairy. No, you can’t make this up. If he had a hairy scrotum, he could have a hairy opening to his “neovagina”. Part of the glans of the penis is retained to resemble a “clitoris”. Part of the glans of the penis is NOT the same thing as a clitoris, but it’s all about surgically creating something that is supposed to resemble natural female anatomy. It’s basically extensive plastic surgery on healthy male anatomy. If it kind of looks like the real thing, that is all that matters. It doesn’t work, smell, or taste like female anatomy, but they pay good money for the mutilation of their genitals. So, it’s all about appearance.
    An actual vagina is an organ that is part of the female reproductive system, and it lubricates naturally. A “neovagina” will never lubricate naturally. That is, unless part of the colon is used. In this case, it can lubricate way too much, and there can be an offensive odor. A vagina is connected to the rest of the female reproductive system, and it’s the birth canal in which babies pass through. What does a “neovagina” do? It basically sits there waiting to be poked. It’s sole purpose is to act as a receptacle. A “neovagina” is an artificially created cavity in the human body that has to be dilated for the life of the patient because wounds tend to constrict and close. A vagina isn’t going to completely close up whether or not it’s ever used. This isn’t true with a “neovagina”. Any wound in the human body has a tendency to close and constrict. MTFs have to dilate (a special metal or plastic rod) essentially forever, or risk losing “depth” to their expensive surgically created “neovagina”. This must be uncomfortable. I’m so happy that females don’t have to stick metal rods into their vaginas.
    If they don’t “dilate” their “neovagina” it can constrict and close like any other wound in the human body. It sounds painful just thinking about it. I’m happy as heck that women don’t have to go through this torture.
    Our recommended dilation schedule is as follows:
    Week 1 – Week 3, 4 times a day
    Week 4 – Week 6, 3 times a day
    Week 7 – Week 9, 2 times a day
    Week 10 – Week 12, 1 times a day
    Week 13 forward – Dilation or intercourse a minimum of once or twice a week for the rest of your life (**
    Apparently, cats aren’t the only things that can get hairballs.
    “Hair removal from the scrotum prior to MTF is preferable. The scrotal skin is used to add to the length of penile skin to increase depth of the vagina. If hair is left on the scrotal skin, it can continue growing inside the vagina and it will be more difficult to keep the vagina clean. Normal skin shedding can accumulate on the hairs and bacteria can also accumulate eventually causing possible inflammation and infection. Also, with dilations and intercourse, some of the hairs can break off and wind up high up into the apex of the vagina, occasionally causing formation of a “hair ball” which can result in chronic irritation and infection. For this reason, it is always good to have at least one or two speculum vaginal examinations by your doctor, gynecologist, or surgeon each year to make sure the vagina is healthy and free of hair balls.”
    Because the biology and anatomy of females and males are so different, how can any male possibly say that he knows how females feel when they are sexually aroused? I would not insult the male sex by saying that I know how men feel when they ejaculate. Males, and this includes males who have had their testicles cut off, CAN NEVER TRULY KNOW HOW WOMEN FEEL WHEN THEY ARE SEXUALLY AROUSED.
    Some researchers even did a study to see whether or not males post SRS responded similarly to females. This study just tells us what most people instinctively know already. That is, even after sex reassignment surgery, male sexual response is different than how females respond.
    “Men’s sexual arousal patterns are category-specific: Men typically display significantly greater physiological responses to sexual stimuli depicting members of their preferred gender category. Category-specific patterns of sexual arousal have not been consistently reported in natal women. We used vaginal photoplethysmography to examine patterns of sexual arousal in 11 male-to-female (MtF) transsexuals following sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and in 72 natal women. Subjective arousal was measured with a continuous response lever. Video clips depicting sexual activity between two males, two females, or one male and one female were used as erotic stimuli. All transsexual participants displayed category-specific sexual arousal. Five homosexual transsexual participants (attracted exclusively to males before sex reassignment) showed greater genital and subjective responses to male than to female stimuli, while six nonhomosexual transsexual participants showed the opposite pattern. Vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) was lower in transsexual participants than in natal women. The mean correlation between VPA and subjective responses was high in nonhomosexual transsexuals, but was significantly lower in homosexual transsexuals and in natal women. One transsexual participant who reported a change in sexual orientation following sex reassignment displayed VPA and subjective responses consistent with her pre-reassignment sexual orientation.
    We conclude that male-to-female transsexuals display male-typical category-specific sexual arousal following SRS, and that vaginal photoplethysmography is a promising methodology for studying patterns of sexual arousal in postoperative transsexuals.
    The prostate isn’t removed during sex reassignment surgery because it could lead to incontinence. Men who “identify as women” still need the prostate checked. Hormones can shrink it, but it doesn’t disappear.
    Finally, any time a surgeon takes a scalpel to healthy genitalia, how is it possible to completely rule out loss of sensation.

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