Laverne Cox launches media campaign in support of transwoman Synthia China Blast: convicted for the rape, murder and abuse of the corpse of thirteen-year-old Ebony Nicole Williams

Orange Is The New Black actor Laverne Cox launched a public campaign this week in support of a male incarcerated for the rape and murder of a thirteen-year-old girl and abuse of her corpse, because that man now considers himself to be “transgender”.
Cox uses the fame generated by recent acting success in an attempt to create sympathy for the convicted child-killer and his quest to medically feminate and be transferred to a female prison. “I want my voice to be heard, I want my dreams to matter, I want people to know who I am because tomorrow is not promised,” reads Cox.
Laverne Cox’s video has been widely promoted asLaverne Cox Reads A Letter From A Transwoman Currently In Prison”, but this isn’t the first publicized “letter” from Synthia China Blast, born Luis Morales.
In 2004 Synthia China Blast emulated the New York Zodiac Killer Heriberto Seda, by sending a typewritten letter to the NY Daily News, titled “This is the voice of the Zodiac Killer’s Wife”. In the letter the sex-offender and child-killer expressed his desire to “become a woman” and “marry” the serial killer, who was serving his 235-year sentence in the same facility. “If I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children,” Blast wrote.
Out of all the causes in the entire world that could have been championed, the OITNB star Laverne Cox asks that you lend your support to a deranged, sadistic, life-extinguishing person who raped and murdered little Ebony Nicole Williams, then dumped her lifeless body off a highway underpass, later returning to burn her corpse.
Cox is joined in this action by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a transgender organization that supports incarcerated males who are serving sentences for the rape, murder, and sexual exploitation of children. The organization encourages transgender youth to write to these men, including pedophile Lewis Stevens who represents the Sylvia Rivera Law Project as “Lennea Elizabeth Stevens” in a blog on their website. Stevens is incarcerated for possessing a collection of videos of children being raped. See a partial list of his collection here:

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You can read more about the child-rapists, child-killers, and pedophiles that Laverne Cox and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project would like you to support at the following links:
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313 thoughts on “Laverne Cox launches media campaign in support of transwoman Synthia China Blast: convicted for the rape, murder and abuse of the corpse of thirteen-year-old Ebony Nicole Williams

  1. Laverne Cox is an idiot. though he can’t act for shit, he does have charisma and unlike most trannys he comes off as personable and non threatening. That is the only reason he gets the time cover and the emmy nomination and his 15 minutes of fame. But he chooses to use his position as face of the trans movement to champion the “rights” of pedo murderers? Good luck with that. The public is generally unwilling to sympathize with criminals who fuck with children, and the public also thinks prisoners deserve nothing but gruel and retribution anyway. Even the brainwashed funfems start handwringing and hesitating on the question of publicly funded srs for violent criminals. Of all the tranny causes cox could have taken up, this is probably the one which the public is most resistant to, both on the right and left.
    At this point, i feel the trans movement is so cray, feminists and other objectors just need to ride it out, because given a chance, given a platform, the trannys dig their own graves with their stupidity and complete detachment from reality.

    1. Also, mainstream people will make an association between trans and pedophilia. Would a smart politician champion a group that has killed and raped children? It’s a very bad move politically.

      1. It’s pretty striking when you consider how our culture typically associates transwomen with deviants, sex predators, and murderers. Ed Gein/Buffalo Bill being the most prominent example, but there are many more. If the transcult had even the slightest shred of humility and responsibility, they’d be doing every possible to disassociate themselves from the violent freaks in their midst, letting them hang so to speak, but instead they embrace them.

    2. For a long time now, I have thought that all the public shrieking over child porn and the molestation of children was a lot of crap. Publicly, all people eschew such behavior but on some level it is as Jane says: the right of males to female bodies, children’s bodies, etc. There is a long history behind this right with many societies openly endorsing such behavior. I’ll believe people really oppose it when we start talking frankly about male sex perversions, what causes them, what do we do about them, etc.

      1. As with any hysteria about the rape of women, I think it all comes down to protecting *your* women and *your* children from molesters and rapists. But someone else’s kid? Whatever.
        There’s also a huge discrepancy between how much our culture claims to love children and how much we allow children to be neglected and abused. The more someone goes on and on about loving children, the more skeptical I get. Usually, beneath the surface, you’ll find someone who loves bullying children and who couldn’t care less about a child who isn’t related to them and, particularly, a child who isn’t the same race and class.

      2. This is very true. It reminds me of Sia’s new video Chandelier, with an 11 year old girl dancing in a nude leotard with a platinum blonde wig. The most popular youtube comment on the video is “I’d tap that ass.” On reddit there was a “confessions” thread about a man discussing how the video turned him on and he was disgusted with himself about thinking sexually about a child. All of the responses told him not to worry about it, that having sexual feelings toward one child wasn’t a problem unless he acted on it, or felt that way about all children. Also that the video was intended to turn him on, and what’s a nice guy to do when there are so many sexy kids running around? Girls who are too pretty or “grown up/sexy for their age” are othered and made as disposable as their mothers.

      3. Yes, I agree. This all starts and ends with men. It seems that the perverse, sick, and disgusting things they do are all attributed to the saying “boys will be boys!” This apparently makes it ok for them to rape, molest, kill, and hurt women, girls and children. They feel that this is a given right, and that they shall not have to be held accountable for their actions. This needs to stop NOW! I hate to say it, but there is ALWAYS a woman who will be supportive of “bad boys.” Look at the “virgin” who married Richard Ramirez! Look at the groupies that attended his trial because they thought he was “cute!” Is that sick or what?! Ramirez ruined the lives of SO many people, and murdered and raped many, many others in the name of Satan. Very appealing, I know. (Rolls eyes)..Child pornography is insanely popular these days by men. Take a look at the national sex offender sex registry. All men. Guys will never stop their raping and murdering women, girls, and children. Trannies are very jealous of “real” women, so it makes perfect sense that women are their chosen victims. These people want to emulate women, but have tons of underlying hatred for them. (Us)….

    3. “Laverne Cox is an idiot. though he can’t act for shit,”

      No, really, he can’t act. He was smug throughout the whole video. He kept smirking, though there is nothing to smirk about. You could hear him smirking and smiling as he read that piece of trash of a letter.
      Cox looked into the camera as if he was practicing his lines in a mirror; as if any moment he was going to check his make-up and flick or adjust his hair. Like he wanted to ask “Do I look okay? Do I look fine? Do I look sexxxay? *Chuckles*”
      It was obvious he was more concerned about how he looked than the actual case.
      Just sick.
      Also, thank you Gallus for posting this up. Indeed, without this blog so much would go unknown, but knowledge is power.

    4. probably my “ride it out” comment was too flippant. looking at the long game, the next 15-20 years, I don’t think the tranny movement will survive, because it is too crazy not to implode at some point. But that doesn’t mean i think feminists can ignore it. In the meantime these dudes are shitting all over the rights of women and children.

    5. Well put, Lestoille. It’s an embarrassing time to be trans. There is this loudmouth bunch of loons running the trans-show it seems.
      I’m starting to argue with other transpeople over stupidly obvious things: No, clearly transwomen are not women. No, we don’t belong in female spaces. No, people who date women shouldn’t automatically be open to dating us. No, lesbians who don’t want transpeople around aren’t being hateful. No, people who harm children should rot in hell, not have us fretting over which prison they go to. No, a penis is not a female body part.
      On behalf of transpeople everywhere, please know that we are properly horrified over this nonsense and we can’t wait for it to end.

  2. In the wake of Ferguson I’m reading a lot of discourse about “black bodies”. What about the black body of Ebony Williams? Why does Laverne Cox defile her memory by throwing his political weight behind the male who raped and murdered her? Cox appears to think a transwoman can do anything he likes with a black female body. Are these the activists you want to fangirl over, Melissa Harris-Perry?
    I don’t trust the male left enough to ride this out, lestoille. They feel as entitled to our bodies, labor and silence as any fundie. Laverne Cox has the balls to say misgendering him is violence, while demanding that we prioritize the comfort of a man who raped and murdered a child. This is the cognitive dissonance instilled by sociopaths.
    The left has fucked over women in the name of enabling these abusive assholes. The left is nothing without female labor, and we need to make sure these fuckers know it.

    1. I agree that this is not one to ride out.
      I think this is a defining moment – when the ugly curtain of mandated shared-delusion reveals exactly what is behind crazy Door #1 of transgender “rights”.
      I do not own a TV. I think public action should include a swift protest to the network and show advertisers who carry this Orange is the New Delusion show.
      For Ebony.

      1. Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original show. It’s a subscription internet service. The show is funded, basically, by paying viewers–no advertising or anything.

    2. This is makes me shake. I’m especially appalled that Ebony is referred to as ‘runaway’ and ‘troubled’ in almost every description of her. This is an insidious dog whistle meant to reinforce her subhuman status. The subliminal message being her murder warrants no more than a littering ticket for the box her body was burned in. I am furious this square shouldered massive man with a penchant for dresses, purses, and shoes is somehow more of a victim than a defenseless CHILD. She had her life violently extinguished before ever really living. I am fucking disgusted with these assholes and their fun fem cheerleader squads. I am waiting for these women to speak up for this Black girl or her mother, but I know it will only be crickets.
      This is the ‘cis-privilage’ these men and their enablers scream about.

      Accusing Sinthia of being a rapist without any proof IS problematic. You are literally accusing a proud trans woman of color out of nowhere. I’m also skeptical about putting trans people in prison for killing or raping cis people since the cis almost always have way more privilege than the trans people (unless the trans people are DFAB) and I don’t see how you can truly be held accountable for killing or raping someone with way more privilege than you.

      1. This is the ‘cis-privilage’ these men and their enablers scream about.
        That’s the extent of the ‘cis privilege’ they want us to have.

      2. “I don’t see how you can truly be held accountable for killing or raping someone with way more privilege than you.”
        Holy…. that is some scary shit right there.

      3. I just sent that awful user a detailed ask explaining why what they posted is disgusting. I wish I couldn’t believe what I read, what people like this actually think. It’s the scariest thing in the world.

      4. Checkingoftheprivilege’s profile is apparently NOT meant as a joke:
        23, femme-presenting queer trans non-binary two-spirit genderfluid, xe/xir/hir/xirself pronouns, pansexual, PoC (1/16th Native American), white-passing except for hijab, Muslim (convert), neuro-atypical (self-diagnosed aspergers), economically privileged, sex-positive, body-positive, vegan, sociology major, loves Disney.

      5. That one is a satire tumblr (fortunately). Not that it’s easy to satirise transactivists. Not when their poster child, continuously supported by LibFems as a ‘transwoman of colour’, is willing to support the murderer of a young black girl, a member of genuinely one of the most vulnerable groups of females. Just heartbreaking, poor little girl. I hope her family are coping Ok.
        Cox has now asked for the video to be removed it seems. He was just too dim and uncaring to think to ask what the inmate was actually in prison for? Hmmm, sounds dubious. I expect that kind of thing from most of them, but I’d have thought Cox might at least realise it’d be bad publicity…then again, he is a misogynist too, so maybe not.
        Why do MtT do it, I wonder? It’s simply not in their own interests, to pick these particular ’causes’ to champion, and surely they must realise that. Detached from reality is one thing, but being the cheering squad for paedophile murderers? I’m thinking it might be the typical abusive male thing, of wanting to see just how much they can get away with, how far they can push women. And no matter how much they do it, no matter how much they get women to swear male is female for their amusement, it’s never enough for them. One boundary violation stops producing enough of a buzz for them, so they have to go even further. Just utterly sick.
        You’re doing such important work bringing this to light, Gallus.

      6. This is CheckingofthePrivilege’s idea of “femme presenting.”
        This sociology student mentioned that he’s moving into his dorm with a woman but will ask for a single room. I have a feeling either way he will find himself without a roommate around.

      7. The “white-passing except for hijab” remark convinced me that it’s a satire blog. I can’t believe that a SJW that far up “xir” asshole wouldn’t know that there are white Muslims.
        Also, that photo is definitely photoshopped. Something is off about the face; I’m pretty sure the face was pasted on a woman’s body.

      8. Okay, that’s got to be a joke. No way is that image not seriously Photoshopped. (And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face before.)

      9. Another self-diagnosed asperger’s Ass-wipe hitching the trans-group-think wagon to my disability?
        I am Diagnosed, and not the only family member with ASD.
        ‘ I don’t see how you can truly be held accountable for killing or raping someone with way more privilege than you.”
        That is illogical and sounds like male violence normalized over female rights ‘cult’-talk. You would be at home in Pakistan with that attitude. You are brainwashed that women & children are objects that men should have the right to use in anyway they please.
        If, and I say a big ‘IF’ you have ASD, Spend more time with your independant thoughts & logic instead of trying to be accepted by penis cheerleading MRAs that favor submissive roleplay and ownership of half the humans over the other half in NT group-think of circular logic that goes nowhere.. yea, how to keep your penis and enter the women’s room
        And a big rape/murder-apologist as well!
        People with Aspergers, like myself, see humans as humans and have a hard time with forced brain-washed gender roles because basically, one has an outie and one has an innie. [It is more complex than that, but there is a point I hope you don’t miss].
        I would Never go around hurting small animals, children or other humans. It is especially unfair to smaller one[which 99.9% of the time applies to male violence on a female or child], don’t play dumb, or use my disability to explain your hate/anger of females and their children.
        You come off as an avid supporter of pedophilia and rape by biological males on what you assume are other lesser free-range humans, might makes right, the largest male does what ever they want, etc type of primate society.
        Do you really think born- males have the right to do this to females & children?
        .You are basically a pedo/rapist/childmurder cheerleader.

      10. That pic is shopped, no doubt, and that account is about the most perfect Poe’s Law in action I have ever beheld.

  3. I can’t begin to imagine what this is like for the family of Ebony Nicole Williams. To see this sociopath back in the news, and this time championed by a celebrity. Holy shit. My heart goes out to them. What a nightmare.

    1. It is truly disgusting for him to champion the rights of the paedophile. It’s like the victims of these sick fucks aren’t even people to trans activists.
      I’ve NEVER seen them even try and dissociate from these people. Not for Kosilek or Marsbruch or any other offenders.
      There aren’t more pressing trans issues to deal with?
      Damn Gallus, if it weren’t for the work you do on this site… So many people would still be blind to this garbage.
      You do amazing work here documenting this stuff.
      Much kudos and love.

  4. What a tangled web they weave:
    A Bronx mother yesterday berated two members of the Latin Kings gang for smirking while standing trial for torturing and killing her 13-year-old daughter. Yvonne Hill then nodded approvingly when the men were sentenced to life in prison for murdering Ebony Williams. “Ever since the trial was going on, all I see is Luis Morales grinning and Carlos Franco, too,” Hill said. “You ain’t smiling today. I hope you both rot in hell.
    ” Morales, 22, and Franco, 24, appeared unmoved as Bronx Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus sentenced them to 25 years to life for the 1993slaying. Bronx Prosecutor William Hrabsky said the two held the girl captive in a Hunts Point apartment, Morales raping her and repeatedly slashing her body. Franco was charged with killing the girl after breaking her neck. “The suffering that this poor child went through is beyond belief and puts this crime in the category of monstrous and barbarous,” Hrabsky said. Investigators said the men shoved Ebony’s body into a box and dumped it on the Sheridan Expressway at E. 165th St., where it was set on fire. They later bragged about the crime to friends, many of whom testified against them. In court, a defiant Morales wore a black-and-gold Latin Kings necklace and insisted that other gang members, not he and Franco, killed Ebony. “I will be back down and I will be vindicated,” he said. “I didn’t kill her. I didn’t do it. But whatever happens here today, I’ll take it like a man.

    Morales was a Latin King, and Williams was African American, so this was almost certainly an anti-black hate crime as well. From Cox’s reading of Morales’ letter:
    “I’m a political transwoman slash prisoner”
    You weren’t kidding about the slash part, Laverne.

    1. I’m surprised he’s even still alive in prison, given the pedophilia AND turning on his gang. Being in solitary is what’s keeping him alive. How does he know all these other “LGBT” prisoners if he’s in solitary? Does he really want to be out in the population? Hey, I’m all for that. He wouldn’t last a week.
      I want to know how a prisoner with a life sentence could have any use for a sex change. The neovag serves only one purpose, as a fuck-hole, and he isn’t supposed to be having sex. It isn’t even about clothing because they wear uniforms.
      Hormones cause him to grow tiny breasts, but what does he need those for now? To pass? But who cares if he passes in prison, especially in isolation. For sexual gratification? Isn’t that what got him there in the first place?

    2. The Latin Kings are often affiliated with Aryans, neo-nazis and other white supremacists. These guys maintain they are of Spanish decent or mostly white and they hate black people, at least those who pal around with white supremacists. There was a lot of violence between the Latin Kings and the Crips in the 90s and it was at least partially racially motivated.
      Luis Morales/ Synthia is not, and never will be “a political transwoman slash prisoner”. He is a white male supremacist/ psychopath who kidnapped, tortured, raped and cut up a 4-foot small black female child, then stuffed her lifeless body in a box of Pampers and set her on fire.
      I am mostly unfazed at this point with the hardcore misogyny passed off as trans advocacy, but reading through these linked articles hit me hard. I broke down an wept hot, angry tears for this baby girl and what she went though at the hands of this sick waste of human DNA. Anyone supporting the “right” of violent men in dresses to celebrate their special gender feelings in women’s spaces, at the expense of women’s privacy and physical safety, needs to wake the fuck up. Lesbians have been critical of transgenderism for decades. Many straight, previously liberal, feminists have been radicalized through the violent rhetoric and abuse of trans activists in the last few years. I have read many women on this site alone who wanted to know more about radical feminism after being labeled a “terf” for some minor offense- like talking about their bodies (triggering and transphobic) or saying aloud that a penis is male (transphobic and cissexist). Now, Laverne Cox is busting out the big guns! He is opening the eyes of world to the sickness at the core of trans ideology! Thanks Mr. Cox!
      Charles/Laverne Cox is a gay black man who professes that he was always a woman. Yet, how can a someone who believes he grew up as a black girl fail to see himself in Ebony Williams and offer public support to her sadistic rapist and killer?
      Easy. It is all bullshit. The Big Trans Lies are on full display. Transwoman ARE women. Transwomen have ALWAYS BEEN women. Bullshit statements through and through.
      Cox doesn’t see himself in little Ebony Williams because Cox did not grow up as a black girl and he will never, ever be a woman in this world. Cox identifies with and speak on behalf of the white guy who tortured and murdered Ebony. #girlslikeus? He preaches that “misgendering” men like Morales is an “act of violence” because male supremacists only see other men as actual human beings and the extreme violence enacted upon Ebony Williams is not worth a fucking mention.
      So Fuck Chuck, and he can shove his non-apology (from tumblr!) up his dickhole (if he still has one) or the open surgical wound he pretends is a vagina. While I’m sure he is probably almost dumb as that pile of yak hair on his head, I don’t believe for a second that he was clueless as to why Morales is in prison. He wasn’t lied to or misled. He just didn’t fucking care. Ebony’s right to life was totally unimportant. Men’s “rights” to women and women’s spaces is what this whole trans game is about.
      I will admit that “hang’em high” flashes in my head often when I read stories about men like Morales, but I don’t support capital punishment for many reasons. I do, however, agree with the SRLP that Morales should not be in solitary confinement. He should never be around women, ever again in life, really. The idea of locking this deranged POS up with women makes me want to scream. I think he should serve his sentence in gen pop at the men’s facility where he is currently- and correctly- housed. If some other sadistic lifer were to issue his own personal brand of justice to this shirtbird, than I would not lose a wink of sleep over it. While I don’t believe in state-sanctioned murder, I have no qualms letting violent men deal with their own.

      1. Damn, RR, drop the mic and stroll off the stage, ’cause you nailed it. Well done.

      2. This says it all.
        I am one of the formerly liberals feminists that was radicalized over the trans problem.
        This pedo murderer wanting to be a trans “woman” is the best illustration of the sickness and predation in the trans camp. I hope everyone sees this for what it is- just another lie out of the mouth of a disgusting murderer, this time using trans to get access to females.
        It is bound to be an “ah ha” moment for those that really didn’t get it before. Trans is all too often an excuse to prey on females! if it’s not, then why can’t they leave our spaces alone? Why the death and rape threats? Why back a killer of young girls????????

      3. Nice comment. I already know that Laverne Cox was a piece of trash, what with him and Janet Mock fanboying over that man who decapitated his wife because he’s twanz, but this is even more disgusting. I have to feel for the poor girl’s family since now her killer is back in the news because a celebrity is advocating for him to have special rights. I only have more of the brainwashed funfems wake up and realize that mainstream trans activism is a MRA movement that advocates for pedophile rapist murderers. Also, thanks for pointing out that this dude is a white supremacist.

  5. The fact that Synthia killed a 13 year old girl is utterly and completely swept under the rug in all the reports on the “injustice” of his imprisionment. All of the articles refer to the crime as a “gangland killing” he denies having any part of. That implies a shooting of some drug dealer, not the rape and murder of a 13 year old girl.

      1. I know, i read that too. I mean the activists trying to change his prison circumstances. They are not mentioning anywhere that the victim was a 13-year-old girl. I I haven’t looked that hard, but everything I’m seeing only refers to Ebony’s murder as “a gangland killing”.

  6. I echo your horror, GallusMag. What the fuck is wrong with Laverne Cox? His time would have been better spent campaigning against male violence towards women and girls but, of course, that is never going to be top of his list of priorities – instead, he concerns himself with yet another male who has a woman-fetish. I am so angry on behalf of Ebony and her family. She, and they, deserve better than this.

  7. From the NY times link:
    “….reported missing by her mother only last Tuesday, 10 days after her disappearance and death. A detective noted a similarity between the girl in the report and the girl in the morgue, and the victim — burned beyond recognition — was positively identified from dental records.”
    This is so sad to lose a child.
    Children with problems, disabilities, in poor families, and runaways are primary targets for child predators.
    In the time She was Gone, this young girl was killed by this creep. It was obvious he tried to hide the fact he committed a violent crime [raped/murdered or murdered then raped] and it was on a thirteen year old child. He probably went nuts with his paraphilias, having a dead body that cant tell anyone what happened while he got off. But we do know he killed a child to act out a fetish and get off sexually and then -He went to great lengths to keep the body from being identified.
    These men have no feelings or respect as fellow humans for the women they sexualize and objectify. It is shocking.
    Did you know Chelsea Poe is still stalking Lilly Cade and demanding she have sex with him? He is calling her, ‘Terf’, and
    No kidding, Chelsea claims more women will buy Shemale porn if he is allowed to have sex with lesbians.
    Is it just my imagination that these guys are no different than the anti-pick-up artists [Roger-Elliott types] when it comes to females? Why Does Cox have such an association with a pedophilic child rapist/murder?
    This is the similarity they all share:
    No empathy and deep seeded hate and entitlement as justification to ruin or end a females’ life for not complying with a sex fantasy that a male is having,

    1. “Did you know Chelsea Poe is still stalking Lilly Cade and demanding she have sex with him? He is calling her, ‘Terf’”
      It’s STILL going on??? This is crazy. Male entitlement knows NO boundaries.

  8. I’m not at home right now so I can’t access my blog, but when I do I’m going to blast this sonofabitch until the letters come off my fucking keyboard. I’ve never been so filled with rage and disgust in all my life. The total and reckless disregard for a black child makes me sick at my stomach. I only wish I could vomit all over this vile piece of shit.

    1. You might also bring up how Laverne tried to hijack the Mike Brown outrage to talk about how oppressed transwomen of color are. So, transwoman of color: deserves to be protected; young black girl: meh.

      1. They hijack EVERY movement – no matter what your cause is, they have it WORSE and you need to make your movement all about THEM. They use “intersectionality” to say that “well okay you suffer due to [cause] but WE SUFFER MORE from that same [cause] and so you need to CENTER US.”
        Every. Single. Time.

    2. [I’m trying to not spam the comment section! But so much goodness! LOL!]
      @Roslyn- Looking forward to that post!
      @Kesher- you say:
      “There’s also a huge discrepancy between how much our culture claims to love children and how much we allow children to be neglected and abused. The more someone goes on and on about loving children, the more skeptical I get. Usually, beneath the surface, you’ll find someone who loves bullying children and who couldn’t care less about a child who isn’t related to them and, particularly, a child who isn’t the same race and class.”
      “You might also bring up how Laverne tried to hijack the Mike Brown outrage to talk about how oppressed transwomen of color are. So, transwoman of color: deserves to be protected; young black girl: meh.”
      A double preach and a double YES! to your post.

  9. Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    Laverne Cox using his male privilege to defend a child rapist and murderer while actively trying to play down the murder of a black girl as a “gangland killing”. No, the murder of a 4 foot 2 child is not a “gangland”thing. It’s a sadistic, male thing. This is what the worlds most prominent SCAM has decided to throw his Hollywood weight behind. Truly telling that Trans (wo)men’s priorities are behind that of violent men who prey on women and young girls.

    “She claims that […] she’d had sex with some of the most notorious rapists and killers in the New York prison system. “It seems that my only attractions are to society’s sickest and most twisted lowlifes […] I’m actually hoping to be incarcerated with the Son of Sam so I can sleep with him while awaiting my sex-change outcome in the courts.” And that fetish suits [he Husband] just fine: “I liked that she was excited by my murders. It was a little plus for us. She used to put the zodiac sign all over her cell as a tribute to me. I’d see one and say, ‘Is that a new one?’ And she’d say yes. It flattered me.””
    Oh yeah, that’s a quality cause right there. Scumbag.
    He says he couldn’t have raped that little girl because he never had sex with a female in his life, but he had a girlfriend who seemed more than a bit attached to him when he was arrested (she also attested to his violent temper).
    ““I have always been a girl,” says Synthia, who legally changed her name when she got to Attica. “I was always trying on makeup, and my sister would sneak me cotton panties.””
    Oh, well then! Here’s your celebrity transgender spokesman, and all is forgiven.

    1. That’s the weird thing with these men, they not only obsess over, and attack, their object of desire but want to become them at the same time.
      So this man is a childrapist and murderer. Then he continues his fetish by pretending to be the girl while fucking male murderers and rapists in jail.
      Notice the detail about the cotton panties. Pure fetish stuff.

      1. yep, there it is again. KILL YOU, FUCK YOU, OR BE YOU, We’ve seen that over and over

  11. Such a heartbreaking and disgusting story. I wonder why Laverne thinks defending murderers is the way to go about things? It wasn’t that long ago he was backing CeCe MacDonald’s “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words are justification for murder” case. It seems either really stupid , or really insidious, meant to lay out a case that trans people should be excused for acts of violence.

  12. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. You really are our champion. Not a bit of this is surprising. Most males are predators, depending on how much they can get away with. Those who already fetishize females and are ignoring reality as part of their obsession will of course be much more dangerous. I’m so disgusted by how much support they already get, as we lose our last female-only spaces, but I keep hoping that enough stories like these might change some minds. How can women keep supporting these men when this is what they do? How can women keep calling them “women” when they clearly are not?
    It all falls apart for them when women say the truth and stop calling men women. Most pseudo-feminists are too afraid not to, but hopefully more and more women will.
    No matter the lies that are spread, women do not commit these kinds of horrors. If enough don’t realize that and stop supporting the men who do, then it won’t get better.
    By the trans cult becoming a celebrity in itself, it’s increased being able to harm more girls and women, but it’s also exposing itself to public scrutiny. I hope this information spreads. I’ve shared in our three fb groups.

    1. I have signed (with my real name, privately) and written a note with it saying that if Netflix doesn’t make some kind of statement or stand, many will assume they also support men who rape and murder young girls.

    2. Thanks for mounting that petition – I signed and there were over 500+ and counting.

      1. I signed as well. I already found it disturbing that they had to have a man on a show supposedly about women in prison, but this … this … this unspeakable, vomit-inducing toxic waste needs to end right now.

      1. Thanks everyone who has signed this. Share it with all of your family and friends. If people don’t take a stand against child rapists and supporters of all things, we have truly lost and become a morally bankrupt society.

    3. Signed, Heath. Thanks for doing that, too. If any other actor did this, there would be a complete shitstorm. No reason Cox shouldn’t be held to the same standards.

  13. The idea here is to create an association between the real life monster and the character Laverne Cox plays on tv. we are supposed to support transitioning a murderer of a little girl imprisoned in max security with a made-up, scripted character housed in medium security, convicted of fraud that occured because of the characters’ desperation to transition. the trans gang is banking on no one in the mainstream actually looking into the crimes of the real life monster. I get all that, its disgusting, but at some point Laverne Cox MUST have asked about who he was championing, and he, cover of time mag, trans spokesman, he, DID NOT GIVE A FUCK about the pain, suffering, terror, and brutal murder of a little girl. How can someone claiming womanhood just ignore those facts. I can only imagine what really goes on deep down inside Laverne Cox, and the thought makes me shudder.

  14. I would also just like to say, and I don’t want to say more, if you’d ever had a murder in your family you would never be as fucking glib as Cox is.

      1. I’m sorry Gallus Mag that I cannot say more, because I would like to. But I can’t because it would out me. All I can say is that when someone is murdered there’s an abyss which was never imagined before and you fall into it. Cox didn’t know what it was and has never seen that abyss, I think.

    1. So disgustingly smug. . .
      My best friend as a teenager was raped and left for dead. There was no closure. There was no justice. Dealing with it on a personal level changes your basic outlook on humanity. The mantra that “people are basically good” is thrown right out the window when you are forced to confront the violent murder of someone you love.
      This whole story brought up a lot for me personally and my best thoughts and wishes are with you 🙂

      1. Random, I send you a hug! What a horrible thing you and your poor friend had to deal with. Sometimes there are no words for this shit at all. I struggle to express what happened to the murder victim and to the family in our case. I sometimes write things down and that makes me feel a bit better, but words still aren’t precisely enough. This is why I was so angry at Cox reading the letter. I imagined Ebony’s family hearing or reading that. Like how we would be if we heard it from..somewhere else.

      2. A Cat and Random Radfem, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what else to say…this whole situation must hit you in ways that I can’t even imagine.

      3. Thank you both! I don’t think the pain of losing someone you love so much in a brutal way ever gets much better, it hasn’t for me, because you will always feel the pain they felt as their lives were being taken away. I have survivor’s guilt because of my friend’s death and think that if I would have been there, it wouldn’t have happened. Whenever the transcult advocates for pedophiles, rapists and murderers, they show exactly what sort of ghouls they are. They do not give one thought to the human being who was raped, tortured and/or murdered, not one thought of the family who loved and misses them every day, all that matters are their dicks and stomping on the rights of women to not be around them. Anyway, I just saw disgusting article today and it brought me back to this thread.
        I couldn’t read the article, because I have no more squares to spare to this monster, a black hole who exists to steal light from the universe. The pictures of him posing with children is so fucking sick- that is some real brainswash handmaiden bullshit right there, having a sadistic child rapist and murderer cuddle your children for a photo-op? He was transferred to another men’s prison in upstate NY, Utica, not to a women’s prison which many seemed to be celebrating mistakenly in the comments.
        In the comments, it seems how he raped, murdered and burned Ebony Williams was never mentioned, but Cathy Brennan was mention several times! I can see above in this thread that she only reblogged this story. LOL GallusMag, you are she-who-must-not-named to the gender-soaked left, they are so scared that funfems and lefty-bros might stumble upon your good work and the sanity of female-centered commentary, so they pretend that we are all Cathy Brennan. Bless whomever write this comment:
        So it’s the lesbian feminist we have to be afraid of, not the man who raped, tortured, and murdered a 13-year-old black girl and the burnt her body almost beyond recognition.

    2. @a cat… I can only say: I hope you have found or will find some special space in this world where you can feel some comfort and safety.

  15. Trans activists (especially Cox!) bleat on and on about trans kids who are runaways and living on the street, about trans “women” of color who are killed and even mutilated after death, etc etc! Cox even released a statement about the murders of black trans people in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s murder! But repeatedly rape, then kill and mutilate the body of a helpless, runaway black teenage (barely! Thirteen!) girl, and if you’re a trans “woman,” your brothers will defend you?
    Usually I would give a black MtT a pass for invoking the deaths of black transsexuals, given that they are vulnerable and certainly victimized. But its not being trans that makes them targets, its being BLACK (and usually a victim of prostitution as well) — Julia Serano and his whites buddies aren’t being killed. So the fact that Cox’s loyalty is not to the black child victim in this case, with whom he actually shared an oppression and the vulnerability that comes with it, but instead to her murderer? I am so sickened by this. Ugh. Peak peak PEAK (ad infinitum) trans.

    1. He doesn’t see her as human, he sees her as “cis” and thus not mattering in his scheme of things. Cox has no sense of connection with any actual girls or women. This is a hate crime against a female child and against a black child. Where’s the outcry against Cox supporting such a vile individual. Really, there needs to be picketing of the studio where this show is filmed.
      This is heartbreaking and stomach turning. Thank you, Gallus Mag, for making these facts known.

  16. This is a good point:
    The strategy is to make women completely defenseless and force us to accommodate even murderers and rapists who feel like a lady inside. If we can’t say no to Morales, we can’t say no to any of them. If resisting this tyranny makes me a “carceral feminist”, tough shit.
    By the way, I see Cox’s video was taken down. I grabbed it this morning and have uploaded it here:
    Mwahahahahahahahaha! Mama didn’t raise a fool! Enjoy, ladies!

    1. Hahaha! You are awesome! I guess the lesson here is that whatever crazy stuff they post we need to grab it quick before they get their reality check.

  17. God this is sick. As if there aren’t surely MTFs out there in the US prison system for petty drug crimes or prostitution-related charges or other crimes of poverty, or even white-collar stuff like fraud (which is what Cox’s TV character is in for)- no, just had to pick the murderous rapist psychopath who might as well have hired skywriters to declare himself a fetishist. I cannot imagine what this is going to put the family of that poor girl through.

    I should of downloaded it, but didnt think these crazy fucks would take it down.

  19. Neither Cox nor the Sylvia Rivera Law Project have made a statement. Perhaps they’re hoping it will just go away.

  20. I tried to watch the video but it’s private now. The Sylvia Rivera Project Says “Laverne Cox partnered with us on our End Solitary campaign by reading a letter from SRLP member Synthia China Blast in a video, but has since requested that we remove the video from our site because of her concerns about Synthia’s convictions. We understand her decision is based on concerns about violence against children. We also understand that it is challenging to respond to the reality of violence within our communities, and is an ongoing challenge many of us face in our lives and work. While we understand this struggle, we also reaffirm our support for Synthia China Blast, and our position on prison abolition and transformative justice.” I guess the publicity here and elsewhere made Cox rethink the situation and backtrack.

  21. BTW, Cox’s Twitter feed has some links to recent stories featuring him, on some fairly major sites. I (and I see at least one or two others) have gone around leaving comments on those sites, informing any other readers that Laverne isn’t just a “style standout,” but a person who supports a man who raped and murdered a young girl. Oh, and that the young victim was also poor and black, but apparently since she was “assigned” female at birth she doesn’t matter to Laverne.
    I urge others to do the same, if you have a few free minutes. Women need to know about this; Laverne and his people can try to sweep it under the rug all they want, but we can’t let them.

  22. If Cox is doing nothing wrong, surely there would be no need to make the video private?

  23. I can honestly say that I didn’t trust this man before and I definitely don’t care for him now. How dare he ignore the victim in this case and think people would be that stupid to support him! Finally, the truth is out about him. Protect your children at all costs.

  24. I commented a few weeks ago about how OITNB is glamorizing the whole “MTTrans in a woman’s prison” optic and now, to what do my wondering eyes appear! Laverne himself advocating for a demented murderer with a fully intact penis and male musculature to be housed with vulnerable and defenseless women.
    Listen, I think long term solitary confinement is torture as practiced in many of our prisons but the solution isn’t to put the men of protective custody units into women’s gen pop.
    Most especially the psychopathic murdering ones who haven’t had SRS or even sufficient hormone therapy. I see people tweeting an old prison pic of this guy where he looks thin and fairly feminine. Switch to the pic from NY Magazine of him with his “husband” the Zodiac killer. Dude looks like a linebacker. Solitary wasn’t treating these two so badly; they managed to have sex, get tattooed, exchange gifts, have a magazine interview…
    Laverne Cox has his head up his ass. Female prisoners say “Please stop your prison advocacy now, Laverne. Male cellies are NOT the new black.”

    1. It seems like the solution for violence against vulnerable inmates is to create a separate much smaller ward for them with a higher prison guard/inmate ratio to prevent inmate violence. Unfortunately there are so many violent offenders, I’m not sure separating them out is realistic. The solution is not to throw men in the women’s prison.

      1. I don’t think it’s realistic either but it makes for good tv when you leverage homophobia for entertainment

      2. Yes, the prisons consider PC inmates a management problem, which they solve by keeping them locked in their cells for 20 some odd hours per day. Often, their routine is the same as the inmates placed in ad seg as punishment.

    2. yeah, little girl gets raped, murdered, dumped, burned, and those two get their own glamour shots in ny mag, OH HOW THEY SUFFER! give me a break

  25. i can’t wait till they try to respond to this. What is Cox going to say? What CAN one say after having championed the rapist / murderer of a young girl…. what CAN one say after having championed the deranged lover of the Zodiac Killer?? How does this even happen. WT-everloving-F.

    1. His non-apology is sickening, as are all the SRLP supporters saying Luis/Synthia’s charges were fabricated because he’s trans. Falsely accused innocents don’t smirk in the courtroom as they’re being sentenced.

  26. Oh, they did respond to the uproar over the video.

    End Solitary campaign video information

    Basically they say that Cox asked them to remove it and they did, because he didn’t know when he did the video what the inmate’s crimes were.
    But they also say that they will continue to support Blast and that their support is given no matter what a person’s crime was.
    While I am pro prison abolition, they are missing the point, because being pro abolition does not entail that Blast should be put in women’s prison. DUH. The issue isn’t that feminists want Blast imprisoned or support the prison-industrial complex (we don’t have the authority or power to decide whether there is a prison-industrial complex today– there is one today, and Blast is in it today), the point is whether he should be allowed to endager women, women who are also precisely the victims and captives of the prison-industrial complex. Once again– DUH.

    1. “SRLP represents transgender, gender nonconforming and intersex people who are low-income and/or people of color. Our communities are subjected to state violence on a daily basis. All oppressed communities eventually mirror the violence and oppression they experience. In other words, violence begets violence.”
      Translation: “You started it!”

      1. As ever, women and girls are somehow responsible for the violence done to us by men. Or maybe it’s society’s fault, but it’s never, ever the fault of the male criminal.
        And any pure prison abolition movement is completely bananas. Even the most liberal country on this issue, Norway, has prisons, and they make a point of institutionalizing extremely violent criminals in mental institutions.

      2. All oppressed communities eventually do, hmmm. But nowhere do women commit violence on anywhere near the scale men do!
        Well, I guess if males can be females, maybe ‘females’ ARE now committing responsive violence. Ugh.

      3. If ‘all oppressed communities eventually mirror the violence and oppression they experience’, why aren’t the vast majority of women violent oppressors?

      4. What does intersex have to do with being trans and for that matter what does being trans have to do with the Lgb. I just know when the trans backlash happens gay people are going to get dragged down too. Thanks for hijacking our movement as well as others to promote your delusional fetishistic bullshit. Do you know how long gay people have fought to be taken seriously and then this circus act comes in and ruins it. I am incredibly bitter towards the trans movement and all the damage they’ve done. I can’t wait till they fuck off.

    2. I do not support the prison-industrial complex. That said, there are people in our society (including many of our rulers, of course) who are dangerous to others and need to be institutionalized. srlp seemed to be advocating prison abolition; I have absolutely no problem with their buddy being put in the general population in a MALE prison (as someone said above, he wouldn’t last long). srlp’s buddy cannot be set free — he seems clearly criminally insane. So if you abolish all prisons, what do you do with him?

      1. well, prisons would not be abolished in isolation from any other changes in society. that is the point. In order for prisons to be abolished, a lot of changes in the culture and power structure would have to happen. So that’s why it is disingenuous for SRLP to pretend that if we were *truly* anti-prison, we would not oppose this man being imprisoned, or imprisoned away from women.

    3. “The issue isn’t that feminists want Blast imprisoned or support the prison-industrial complex…”
      Please do not speak for me, huh. This feminist very much wants Luis Morales imprisoned.

  27. As the video is now private, can someone explain to me what aspect of this case are the trans activists championing? Are they claiming that the convicted killer was framed or that the trial was unfair or that the punishment was excessive? Or do they accept that he was fairly tried and convicted but are “supporting” him simply because he now claims to be trans?
    In any event, thank you to GenderTrender for covering this. It is appallijng that the so-called “LGBT” blogs censor news about trans activist depravity. Could you even imagine the head of Lambda Legal asking LGB youth to write to Jeffrey Dahmer to support him? Could you imagine what the reaction to that would be? Trans activists live in an entirely different moral universe than most people.
    One news item of interest for GT and its readers: columnist Dan Savage has written about trans activists’ demands that women stop using the word “vagina.” Apparently, to avoid making “transmen” feel excluded, vaginas must now be referred to as “front holes.” I actually had to read the column twice to believe that it wasn’t satire. But it is real. And there are links to an article on this published in The Nation. Also included are excerpts from a trans and feminist twitter attack on actress Martha Plimpton who was first attacked for using the word “vagina” and then attacked again when she refused to surrender, even after being “told many times” not to use the word. Readers of the column, who are generally very liberal, seem to have reached their Peak Trans moment.

    1. Door number three: “they accept that he was fairly tried and convicted but are supporting him simply because he now claims to be trans” According to SRLP statement, they didn’t care and couldn’t be bothered to find out what this prisoner did.

    2. What I’m getting is that they want to end protective custody, which is probably the only thing that keeps these dudes alive in one piece. I’m no expert but I believe it differs from solitary confinement. Basically they keep the child molesters together, and it works out well for them because if they were in the general population, they’d be attacked. Flamboyant gays and trannies are also often kept in protective custody for their own safety.
      Synthia falls in both categories but they’re focusing on the trans issue, as if he’s done nothing to bring this isolation on himself.
      Being in protective custody apparently causes them to miss out on certain programs, but it also keeps them from being attacked, and doesn’t seem to have cut down on anyone’s love life. SRLP seems to want the impossible, as we know is typical of trannies, for them to be in the general population but somehow protected against violence despite their horrendous deeds. That the prison should be somehow able to control violent men without isolating them or restricting them. It’s like they begging to be put in danger — and when something inevitably happens, they will blame the prison.
      I haven’t seen them demanding him to be reassigned to a women’s prison. Even there he would likely be isolated.

      1. I cannot speak to how New York has its system set up, but I know that here in Texas, we had general population along with a safekeeping custody that was referred to as the ‘punk tank.’ Predominantly gay inmates in the same three levels of custody (minimum, medium and close) as in the traditional general population. They are double-celled and move around without incident during the day.
        There was also administrative segregation, which was a disciplinary related housing in a single-cell environment or where someone had a gang-tag from one of the identified problem groups.
        Lastly, we did also have a true protective custody that was limited to a few dozen cells on a couple of units and that were double-door access from within the prison hallway itself and where the hallways were cleared of ALL other inmate traffic before someone in PC got moved. The few in PC were mostly high-ranking gang members who had rolled on their fellow gang members and turned State’s evidence. We also had some former agency employees who could not have been housed anywhere else within the agency (on rare occasion, we also had agency employees sentenced to incarceration who could not even safely be housed in PC).
        The male-to-trans that were pre-op were almost always housed without incident in the safekeeping housing areas and intermingled with other inmates without incident. Post-op, Texas actually houses them in the women’s facilties and the most notable insisted on being a disciplinary problem and as such, was housed in a single-cell environment. Had they followed the rules, they would have been double-celled or even housed in a dorm setting. Should also note that the problem child was in on a crime of violence (took shots at Houston police) and the other one I knew of that was post-operative ALSO had a murder conviction.
        Interestingly enough, the pre-ops I was aware of were primarily property offenders with sentences relatively short in duration. All of them had also claimed their trans status before landing in prison.
        Almost without fail, the ones we keep hearing about from the social justice warriors are the violent ones who want some manner of special treatment because their families realize what pieces of shit they are and so they want someone else to send them money for commissary. The best way to do that in the world of the interwebs is to claim most-oppressed victim status since the cocks-in-frocks have no problems sending in the money they made through male privilege to another tranny. It also goes without saying that most of those in the speshul snowflake social justice world have not the first fucking clue about how prisons actually operate or how much people get played by pen-pals (which is really what the trannies tend to fall into as well as the others who communicate with inmates).

      2. Looking at the SRLP website, it seems one of their demands on this petition they were having Cox draw attention to is:
        3. Allow housing placements based on gender identity;
        Which appears to mean that trans inmates should be housed with women if they identify as such.
        Not clear if they think this should be a matter of inmate choice, as if prison admin will just let guys choose to be with men or women as a matter of personal preference.
        For that matter, they seem to want protective custody to be entirely a matter of personal choice. That’s some real special snowflake thinking right there.
        Somehow, I doubt many trans men would be opting for men’s prison. A desire for housing based on “gender identity” is strictly a MTF thing, I’m certain.

      3. Synthia/Luis appears to be gay so I think that is why he’s not focusing on going to a women’s prison, whereas other SRLP cases probably are. He wants more freedom to strut his stuff and find luuuuv.

  28. This deranged development reminds me of the Manson era trial and media coverage. When Manson and his hippie slaves were first charged and arrested but the trial had not yet revealed the reality of what they did, the alternative and left media had a moment (that lasted for months) where they actually bought the Manson family’s line that their arrest was the government persecuting poor hippies – indeed the left media claimed maybe it was, as the Mansons said, the second crucifixion of Christ. When lawyer Bugliosi and others finally presented their detective work and the world learned the monstrosity of these psychopaths, everyone knew the truth. I do no recall any of the left media apologizing for their kneejerk stupidity at having not just believed the hype but arrogantly hectorinng the public to buy it.
    This is to me identical to what this Cox person is doing. Pretending that trans rights are so paramount to the universe that any mass murdering pig who then suddenly claims to be trans (like other criminals suddenly “find” Jesus or some such crap to cop out of responsibility and mitigate punishment) and that these trans murderers trump the murdered or raped as real “victims”. When asked why the Manson gang exterminated human beings they said it was because you can’t kill “kill” — an insane statement that stuck with me all these years and only now in the trans madness has the level of that crazy been matched (kill terfs — psycho grin with knife). Let us hope that soon the tipping point will come as it did with Manson and the public will see the truth and the left will come tumbling down as asshole enablers of another psycho murder cult.
    It may take a while because the difference between now and the Manson era is the nightmare of Tweets and Facebook — a monstrous social evil where an issue that would get no traction in the past where it had to be in print to get word to people which took time and was subject to so many controls — now a group wants something so they summon their flying monkeys to use tweets or dislikes to swarm and sting a target — the number of the attacks makes it appear that huge swaths of the public are doing this when it is only a small but focused group (like a virus attacking a cell). Trans is the first social movement to exist and develop solely via the internet. Trans learned how to use the power of tweets to bully and censor. And THIS is the difference from the Manson psychos that makes this new group so powerful over weak media and companies that cannot stand any public criticism as it may slash their bottom lines.
    Last comment. In all the decades of doing gay rights work against the insane fundamentalists who made statements far more violent than anything being said to criticize trans — never once did any gay person or ally that I have heard of ever post pictures with knives calling for people to Kill Fundies — there were no calls to kill anyone ever. There was screaming and some public punch ups and nasty hyperbole and ranting but this campaign of Kill Terfs is unique in its psychopathy and a sign of a sociopathic “movement” that can never ever succeed. So desparate, so bullying, so willing to threaten to kill and dehumanize anyone (women) who gets in their way — this is not a social movement — it is a new form of the Manson Family — psychotic master manipulators who this time don’t kill “kill” but kill terfs. Scary.

    1. Which do you think will happen first–T themselves decompensate and people see the pile of wreckage on a case by case basis or the public sees through all the threats and fake claims of being a victim and realize these are women hating heterosexual men with rage issues and a compulsive fetish. I mean I am stunned that people are still buying it.

      1. Part of the answer is in a comment below where someone reports that this case has been noticed by the conservative media — THIS is the problem — only the conservative or right wing media and groups attack this as the insanity it is — because this group is attacking trans insanity, the liberals and lefts embrace the trans cause even tighter — if the right wing conservatards (as they are called) hate trans then it means we the left must love them just to show the right how bad they are. This tug of war between left and right on issues has allowed trans to play each side like a fiddle with the left now insane with trans support — painted into a corner since any criticism of trans causes the left wing critic to be swarmed and attacked by other lefts who silence the person by claiming they are now right wing. People who have not recently followed the liberal left queer press and media have no idea how critical this development is to blocking any sane public response to issues themselves and not issues as pawns in a game of left versus right. This has strangled criticism and allowed things like this trans insanity to flourish. Only the breaking of this left embargo on free thought will topple the trans house of cards. If the criticism only comes from the right then they will remain cause celebs, the baby seals of the left. This is why “terfs” are being branded as right wing. And all of this is being done not by trans alone but by their theorists like master manipulator and bullying tyrant Judith Butler and many more.

      2. @coelacanth. My well-meaning liberal friends and acquaintances have no idea, absolutely no idea, what’s really been going on in Queerlandia. It affects them so little, it’s easy for them to suppress their common sense.
        They’re also not particularly interested in whether or not trans ideology has had real-life consequences for real people — for them, supporting the LGBTQQIAABBQWTF partly line is mainly a way of distinguishing themselves from straight conservatives, who they look down on as less sophisticated.

      3. “if the right wing conservatards (as they are called) hate trans then it means we the left must love them just to show the right how bad they are”
        That sums it up. A lot of people don’t care about the facts – they just want to get together and hate someone.

      4. On the other hand, it’s encouraging to see the right wing bloggers noticing radfem blogs (I noticed a trackback on this post for instance) because even though the left will push back against them, there are plenty of “just average folks” who will hear out the conservatives when they might not have heard out radfems–if for no other reason than FOX is a big TV corp and Gender Trender is off most people’s radars. And the big push with trans activism right now is to make this “play in Peoria,” to make it sound like some kind of heart-rending medical problem that affects innocent children and should be fixed by understanding parents, social workers, and errrm a few cancer drugs and heavy-duty hormonal injections and surgery.
        If the right wing helps shine a light on the crazy, people in the middle are more likely to notice it and be more hesitant to buy the “ten cutest trans babies!” HuffPoification of the issue.

  29. I’m so glad you documented this, Gallus.
    In other Cox news, some tranny asshole at the shit website Feministe bragged about how on Wikipedia’s page for “Woman,” they replaced Sappho’s picture with that of Cox’s. I guess it didn’t occur to them to put up Ebony’s picture instead.
    Thirteen years old, and barely over four feet tall. I fucking hate Cox, and anyone who supports him.

    1. So Cox is now a more important female figure in history than Sappho? There are no words for this.
      I hope there is a way this could be changed back.

  30. Oh, look: according to HuffPo, Cox has asked the Sylvia Rivera Project to remove his video:
    Gee, maybe Cox actually THOUGHT about what the fuck he was actually doing. Or, more likely, his handlers took matters into their own hands, in an attempt to save his image. What a vile piece of shit, to support this child torturer, rapist, and killer.
    Oh, wait, here’s more – the Rivera Project’s absolute bullshit spin on this fiasco:

    End Solitary campaign video information

    My favorite part: “Consequently, when SRLP asked Laverne Cox to read a letter from Synthia China Blast, we did not have, and therefore did not share details with her about Synthia’s conviction. In the wake of the video’s publication, articles about the murder of 13-year old Ebony Nicole Williams are being shared. We understand that these articles are troubling for people, including Laverne Cox. Out of respect for concerns raised, we are removing the video.”
    In other words, these shit-for-brains (and that includes Cox) couldn’t be bothered to do a 10-second Google search about Luis Morales before getting all riled up about his supposed “cause.” Because the actual lives of women and girls do not matter to these despicable men, and the women who support them.
    Also notice, there’s no apology to the family of Ebony Nicole Williams. They don’t matter either, apparently.
    The Rivera Project is all about prison abolition and transformative justice, to this degree: “Further, we do not believe that exiling community members who inflict harm will do anything to keep our communities safer.” Um, news flash for ya, Rivera Project: keeping a torturing rapist and murderer like Luis Morales locked up sure as fuck keeps girls and women safer, but again, THIS DOES NOT MATTER TO THEM. IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM, ALL THE TIME.
    I’m just sick about this. This is repulsive, reprehensible, and the lowest of the low.

  31. It’s one thing for the SRLP to not review convictions, and quite another to then do a fluff video emphasizing the convict’s suffering without explanation. That’s arrogant and extremely insensitive to the victim’s family.
    The SRLP approach appears to boil down to “Trust us, we’re trans”. I personally disagree with trying to get Cox fired. The ones to go after are the SRLP. They’re the ones getting laws changed and making statements like this:

    End Solitary campaign video information

    All oppressed communities eventually mirror the violence and oppression they experience. In other words, violence begets violence.
    As Sarah Ditum pointed out on Twitter:
    SRLP’s statement is perilously close to “the system made him do it”.
    I agree with Elizabeth Hungerford that Dean Spade, who favors complete prison abolition, is too “radical” for SRLP’s own good.

    1. All oppressed communities eventually mirror the violence and oppression they experience. In other words, violence begets violence
      HOW THE HELL DID THE 13 YEAR OLD BLACK GIRL OPRESS GROWN MEN?? Holy shit! This is insane!!

    2. It is perfectly legitimate to go after Cox. If he is going to lend his celebrity name to vicious causes, let him suffer the consequences. Why should he be exempt when other people become notorious for their racism or misogyny?

    3. I see what you’re saying, because if they didn’t get Cox, it would have been Janet Mock or Carmen Carrera to represent them; just any famous dood of color to spew their crap.
      Cox is just more popular than they are, so I think that’s why they went with him.
      Also, Cox seems to have slithered back under his rock, while SRLP seems to still be boasting about backing this rapist/murderer. Uck.

    4. I think our prison system needs to be more focused on addressing the offender’s internal problems that lead to pursuing a criminal life. We are still a long way from that and favoring one violent group of men over another will not achieve a system wide change if you don’t address the violence coming from the males themselves..
      Committing [Manslaughter 1] murder and showing no remorse, no reason other than the thrill, for a sexual high, anger or to impress others- deserves a more harsh sentence and possible separation away from those they may hurt, including prison staff members.
      Sexual crimes against children? Throw away the key. Children are at a stage where they need and trust adults. Raping/abusing children breaks them and they grow into adults with problems.
      Richard Speck was transgender and got ‘woman-parts’ to get sex more easily in prison. Richard Speck is never referred to as a woman. If he was alive, I wonder if this toxic group would be trying to transfer him to a woman’s prison. Now Ebony’s killer wants lady-parts to have sex with men. I dont see the difference here.
      These guys have reduced women to sexual parts and objects, and they accuse us of this? There are sex-toys that are disembodied female body parts, an ass, a headless -torso with a mock vag and titts..Men clearly reduce women to ‘parts’ when it comes to getting off, there is plenty of evidence of this..In prison, the sex will come to you if you have lady-parts.
      The whole prison-rape thing happens primarily in the men’s prison between the convicts- although women do get raped by male guards in woman’s prison, I can believe the men’s prison sees more rape.
      A way to solve the problem is to house non-violent males, effeminate males, etc in a separate wing that violent offenders don’t have access to, and sorry, but if the trans ended up there for a violent crime, you must protect the other male prisoners that are nonviolent and there as well. Richard Speck did not need protecting, and this guy that killed Ebony, is huge and not in any danger of being Raped. If anything, he is the one there for being a rapist.
      Yea, there is a rumour he has a hit on him by the Latin Kings, but he and the other guy never gave away the identity of the third guy that helped carry the box, so that is not likely.
      The kiss of the spider woman photo, you can see that, the zodiac killer’s wife is larger than him, so they took the photo with him sitting down, as to not tower over the zodiac-copycat.. But he has a larger upper body.
      They have access to tattooing[art] materials and you cant give a tattoo to yourself on your own back. They have access to eachother and have sex- if they moved him, they would not have access to each other. The only reason he would want to go to a woman’s prison, is to access women out of boredom.
      It is a bad idea and you must really hate women to do that to them.
      Don’t you think if this nonsense was going on in Richard Specks time, he would try to go to woman’s prison if he could?

  32. Update:

    End Solitary campaign video information

    Laverne Cox partnered with us on our End Solitary campaign by reading a letter from SRLP member Synthia China Blast in a video, but has since requested that we remove the video from our site because of her concerns about Synthia’s convictions.
    We understand her decision is based on concerns about violence against children. We also understand that it is challenging to respond to the reality of violence within our communities, and is an ongoing challenge many of us face in our lives and work.
    While we understand this struggle, we also reaffirm our support for Synthia China Blast, and our position on prison abolition and transformative justice.
    SRLP is aware that there are people within and outside of the transgender and LGB communities who question our unwavering support of our incarcerated members, regardless of their underlying convictions.
    We firmly believe that regardless of a person’s crime, no one should have their human rights violated or be subjected to state sanctioned torture. Supporting any individual person is not about pardoning their crime, but about protecting the rights of all incarcerated people and ending the use of systematic torture as “punishment”.
    As an organization, we will not be responding directly to the attacks launched against each Prisoner Advisory Committee (PAC) member who is brave enough to share their experiences of incarceration on our blog or in other media formats.
    We will reiterate that SRLP represents transgender, gender nonconforming and intersex people who are low-income and/or people of color. Our communities are subjected to state violence on a daily basis. All oppressed communities eventually mirror the violence and oppression they experience. In other words, violence begets violence.
    SRLP seeks to dismantle systems that perpetuate state violence and challenge the violence that we inflict upon each other. SRLP’s Prisoner Justice Project seeks to build community with people who are isolated in detention and create spaces for them to have positive relationships. We need all of our community members to be safe and free from violence so they can help re-imagine systems of community justice. This means working tirelessly to combat the sexual violence, denial of necessary medical care and other forms of daily dehumanization experienced by ALL of our incarcerated community members. We do not research the underlying convictions of our PAC members because we do not believe a state conviction tells the entirety of a person’s story. Nor do we believe that anyone should live in fear of sexual violence on a daily basis or be subjected to other forms of violence solely because of their gender identity or conviction. Not only is this a basic foundation of our work, but it is something the constitution requires.
    Consequently, when SRLP asked Laverne Cox to read a letter from Synthia China Blast, we did not have, and therefore did not share details with her about Synthia’s conviction. In the wake of the video’s publication, articles about the murder of 13-year old Ebony Nicole Williams are being shared. We understand that these articles are troubling for people, including Laverne Cox. Out of respect for concerns raised, we are removing the video.
    SRLP will continue to pursue our End Solitary campaign as solitary confinement is torture. SRLP will continue to support Synthia’s removal from isolation and her access to educational programming inside prison. More broadly, SRLP will continue to push for policies that reduce the violence experienced by our incarcerated community members because we do not believe that any of our community members’ lives are disposable.
    Further, we do not believe that exiling community members who inflict harm will do anything to keep our communities safer. We do hope this process pushes forward conversations about transformative justice that do not decide who is deserving and undeserving of gender self-determination and safety.

    Fucking disgusting. Violence begets violence? So that little girl fucking asked for it because people were mean to the child rapist trans?
    Fuck this organisation.

    1. “We understand that these articles are troubling for people, including Laverne Cox”
      People aren’t troubled about the articles, they are horrified by the RAPE AND MURDER OF A YOUNG GIRL.

    2. Yes, yes, yes, yawn. (Can’t you just hear them yawning over this little girl). The crimes committed against this little girl are “troubling”. The dehumanization and solitary confinement of prisoners is also “troubling”. Of course, one is troubling enough to commit time, resources, legal work, to bring it to an end. One is troubling enough to form an entire organization around, and of course SLRP can’t be “troubled” by petty little details about how horrible the crimes committed by the people they represent were. They can’t be “troubled” about any number of reasons some prisoners are confined in solitary conditions, even for same prisoners’ protection, because, as it turns out, general population prisoners, themselves convicted of horrifying crimes, actually can be troubled about child rape, for instance. So, yeah, solitary confinement is “troubling” and what happened to Ebony is “meh” kind of “troubling”, but not worth any time, money, or resources.
      Yeah, fuck this organization.
      How many people on the board of SLRP also sit on the board of other org’s, like, say, hmmm, NAMBLA?

    1. I support equal rights for all people “cis” and “transgender.” I do not support anyone being brutalized, raped or killed, especially a young child as was the case in the death of the victim Ebony Nicole Williams, a 13 year old girl who was raped, murdered (in the case involving Synthia China Blast and her husband). If one researches the history of this case, it is clear that Synthia China Blast hid the evidence and returned to burn the child’s dumped body. Her statements at the time were chilling and irreverent, showing no remorse for her crime: saying things like “If I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.” There are many causes that are worthy of Laverne Cox’s support. These causes could support the rights of all women, girls and men and boys (both “cis” and “trans”) to be free from violence. I do not understand why Laverne Cox would choose to speak out as an ally to Synthia China Blast when so many other people could benefit from her efforts to secure equality, freedom from suffering. There are so many innocent victims that need support and protection more than convicted felon: Synthia China Blast. Women, girls, boys and men (both cis and trans) are the targets of violence each day. These innocent victims often suffer an die in silence with no voice to speak out to protect them.

      1. I agree but stop using the word cis thanks.
        The concept of ‘cis privilege’ simultaneously denies the experiences of millions of females who ideologically reject femininity as female destiny, and completely erases the reality of butch females as if they never existed.
        a good statement by Elizabeth Hungerford

      2. The word “CIS” itself erases all women. It is a challenge to our “realness”, our genuineness as women and a means to force us to redefine ourselves in relation to trans.
        When there is a need to distinguish born women from trans when discussing trans issues, there were already two perfectly good adjectives in use to accurately make that distinction: biological woman (biowoman) and genetic woman.
        From the very first time I observed “cis” being used to describe women, it was in a context of hostility toward us. This was around 2005 or 2006. I saw the use of this new term as an act of aggression against women and I was surprised to see it go mainstream.
        The fact that male-to-trans don’t want to call us biological women is very telling. Saying we are “biological” or “natural” women is too hurtful to their tender feelings – it’s like saying we are “real” women, which we are. Note the title of Janet Mock’s book: Redefining Realness. That’s what CIS is all about – forcing real women to redefine ourselves. Surgically altered is the new “real”, yall.

    1. Cox is a vile, vile piece of shit who doesn’t care a whit about the child his fellow tranny tortured and murdered. Or her family.

      1. That fricking scorpion on his face is because of his obsession with Zodiac killer. This video needs to be widely disseminated.

      2. How bad can it be if he’s allowed to get a tat WHILE IN PRISON. Oh my heart just weeps for this poor widdle MURDERER.

    2. The whole part where he’s talking about “daughter” and listing names – I note he didn’t list EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS name. I note the ending of this video – what about EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS “dreams” and “family” and the whole desire for freedom or community or safety? THIS PERSON (MAN) murdered and raped a girl, and he has NOTHING to say about it?????? And Laverne Cox can seriously smirk and flirt and whatever crap he is doing – I feel if this video got to be part a Nightline episode on TV – maybe connect up with some of the victim’s rights organizations – the whole trans movement would implode, or lose whatever credibility it has FOR DECADES. This needs to be WIDELY publicized and go on TV!!!!!!

      1. Let me note I too was a 13-year-old girl once. I remember around puberty the abuse I experienced intensified. I remember being 13 was hell for me. And I wasn’t raped, or murdered, I wasn’t running away, exposed to the hazards of the street. I am so outraged on behalf of 13-year-old girls everywhere. I didn’t even have it that bad – and it was hell for me. I am so fucking outraged that trans have the fucking GALL to say “they were always women,” Janet Mock claiming he was never a boy, or he was always female or whatever the fuck it is – giving women crap for the shared girlhood hashtag. We’re EXCLUSIONARY? This people are attempting to EXCLUDE Ebony Nicole Williams from HISTORY (murder rapist’s story) AND HERSTORY (Ebony Nicole Williams’ story). Ebony Nicole Williams had a story, she had her last moments, she had relationships, she had feelings, she had dreams, she had pain, if she was 13 maybe she’d started having periods, she had a young woman’s body!!!!!!!!!! And look what happened to her!!!!!!!!! I’m outraged, absolutely outraged. And that smug smirky flirtatious faux-woman Laverne Cox hair parted down the middle fucking BULLSHIT.
        I want to say “We are all Ebony Nicole Williams” Except we’re not. I’m so, so, so outraged.

      1. Never ever ever let this be covered up. I can’t believe an advocacy group can pull “copyright” infringement – where’s the “acceptable use” when it comes to an advocacy group’s POLITICAL (prisoners’ rights is a political issue) statements, PUBLICLY MADE? Well, I hope there are about a million copies of this out there. “Fair use,” that’s what I meant. There is a fair use provision.

      2. I actually take this as a good sign; means we’re rocking the boat. Means we’re making waves.
        Cause if we weren’t, then there would be nothing to fear. Nothing to fear means the videos would be left up. The more they try and cove it up, the more they let us know we’re on the right track.
        Keep it up Sisters!

  33. They’ve made it so that the video link doesn’t work from this page, did you know that? This is a gross act of male privilege, to defend a person with a penis who raped a female bodied human being, a 13 year old girl. “We understand her decision is based on concerns about violence against children.” Violence against “children” is annoyingly generic and invisibalizes male violence against women and girls. This was violence done in a specific way to the victim precisely because she was female bodied. Once again, trans supporters show they don’t give a fuck about violence against women.

  34. Every time I come back here, I get moved more and more. I feel the need to really take the time out to express my gratitude for what I’m seeing. To take the time out and to understand that none of you had to do this. That this, indeed, could have went ignored. That one could say “Eh, not my race, not my problem”.
    But I don’t see that at all. Women from all over the world and across the country have untied together to speak out against this, and speak so loudly that it moves me.
    I thank you Gallus again for posting this.
    I thank you Heath for making a petition.
    I thank you Sisters for sharing and signing the petition.
    I thank all my Sisters who shared this on facebook [1,000 and counting!!]
    I thank you Sisters for sharing this on twitter.
    I thank you Sisters for reblogging this.
    I thank you for caring.
    I thank you for speaking out.
    I thank you for being moved.
    Seeing this makes me so proud to call myself a Radical Feminist because I don’t think something this powerful would have come from just plain ol’ feminism.
    Again, thank you Sisters for caring! <3

  35. I am no master logician, but I wonder if the SRLP really thought this through:
    “All oppressed communities eventually mirror the violence and oppression they experience. In other words, violence begets violence.”
    SLRP also states that trans people suffer violence and oppression on a daily basis. So using SLRP’s own logic, we should assume that trans people are themselves violent and oppressive on a daily basis. So why should anyone hire or rent or interact with a trans person and risk being attacked?
    A word of advice for anyone keeping tabs on trans activists online. You should have a good video downloader on hand. There are many good, free options. You can either use a free stand-alone program like JDowloader or you use a program which appears as an add-on to your browser. You want to make sure that the program you select is one that captures and downloads web video from multiple sites. You do not want one that is limited to Youtube or one that describes itself simply as a “download manager.” Firefox, in particular, has lots of video download extensions, such as Video Download Helper. Also, you should have a screen capture program. Again, many free options available, either as stand-alone programs or as browser extensions. Trans activists try to wipe the internet of evidence of their evil acts just like they try to shut down their opponents. A video capture program and screen capture program will let you preserve the evidence.

    1. Wondershare used to work really well (NOTE: I haven’t used it for a couple of years so my positive review may no longer apply.)
      It simply captures and saves whatever video stream is currently coming into your computer. Even those “this clip is not downloadable from this site” videos.
      It’s not free after the trial period – it used to cost about $50 total.
      I lost my purchased version when my old puter died. This post is the incentive I need to load up the trial version again and see if it still gets the job done…

  36. Looks like conservative blogs have picked up on this. If this type of thing crosses the gap into mainstream media, the trans are going to be in some seriously deep shit. These days the average “supportive” American thinks transwomen are neutered men who are somehow incapable of male violence. These stories are going to disabuse them of that notion.
    And like I said on Tumblr last night, everyday Americans who hate pedos aren’t going to care if you call them “bigots”.

    1. Yes conservatives have been quick to take up the trans cause because trans are proof that gender is trufax. But it’s not like conservatives have had any problems upholding the sanctity of gender all by themselves, without trans. Their support of the tranny cause is still tentative and one gets the feeling its conditional on trans presenting a watertight wholesome image.
      I just can’t believe Cox didn’t bother to do a 10 second Google search when asked to support this child-killer scumbag. Really? He was that un curious about this prisoners crime and just agreed to support him anyway? It seems doubtful and highly suspicious to me. who the hell is managing his PR? Autumn sandeen?

      1. I am betting they all knew and did not care and did not think anyone would know or find out (they are deluded so that fits)–they have their invisible lady coat that they wear.

      2. I’m waiting for Laverne to say he was told Synthia was a political prisoner. Mmhmm. 22-year-old tranny from the Bronx, political prisoner. Sounds legit.

      3. It didn’t matter what the child-murderer did, because the girl and her heartbroken family are non-persons to them. Cocks and his ilk are so wrapped up in themselves that everything/everyone else is just a prop for their autogynephilia. Those other things are just bothersome details to them. They only care if it gives them bad PR. If anyone has “up close and personal” experience of an autogynephile, you will know what I mean, even if not so dramatic.
        Imagine how Cocks was thrilled to get the attention of time magazine, and get on teevee, etc. So this child/her shattered family was just insignificant to him in the search for more and more glory. Whether or not he checked the facts is irrelevant. He is supporting an organization that, if they had their way, would free a bunch of monsters who hate real women. Silence of the Lambs types from some of the profiles I’ve seen on Gender Trender.
        Their motto: “Misgendering is murder.” Real women and girls don’t matter. Their rapes/tortures/murders don’t matter. Indeed!

  37. Since there’s no such thing as brain bleach…
    Remember Jean Harris, who may or may not have deliberately shot her abusive boyfriend, and was convicted of second-degree murder? She was sentenced to something like 15 years to life, but ended up serving twelve. She spent her time in prison, and the rest of her life, working to improve conditions for incarcerated mothers and their children.
    This is what a real advocate for women in prison looks like. May she rest in peace.

      1. Yes, a total lack of apology, Smash – instead, he turns it around to focus only on the poor, poor trannies. God, this guy makes me sick. It simply astonishes me that he simply could not. Be. Bothered. to find out Luis Morales’ history before opening his yap. The tunnel vision and arrogance necessary for that is mind-boggling.
        Meantime, Cox’s picture is still on the Wikipedia page for “woman”, having taken the place of Sappho, who actually, yanno, loved women.

    1. 3 hots and a cot is not horrific compared to raped, tortured, killed and then burned–What Cox never wants to know is how many poor wittle Transgender women are incarcerated for raping and killing women and children. He should be writing one big fat check to Mrs Williams because if I was her I would rent a steam roller and flatten him. You think he working things out in his mind– didn’t he say that misgendering is violence, uhm well that is if it to a man–let him go and take a tally of how many Transgender are doing time for murdering women and kids. It is practically a sporting event to them. SLRP needs to be audited. How much support is going to rapists and killers. I’ll go out on limb here and bet that most of these guys are not in for some snafu with the securities and exchange commission or insider trading–nope straight up violent sexual offenders.

      1. Have we forgotten Richard Speck — exterminated 8 women in 1966 then became the sweetheart of the jail by pretending to be a trans. This 1980s video is seriously disturbing but shows another angle on “trans” in prison. Speck died of a heart attack in 1991.

    2. What possible crime did Laverne Defazio Cox think would justify a life sentence mostly spent in solitary? Choosing the wrong blush for his eye shadow?
      For such a controversial cause where you know the possibility that you’re championing bad people is high, who wouldn’t even ask what he’s in for!?! Seriously, Laverne, slither back into obscurity.

      1. Laverne recently–in the last week–tweeted a picture of his “trans sisters” at a rally for Islan Nettles (dude in a dress beaten to death in NY last year). Laverne thinks, according to his hashtags, that “translivesmatter,” but apparently the lives of young girls do not.
        I wonder if he would attend a rally for Ebony?
        (I also note that he did an interview for an article about Nettles, where he talks about how every time he leaves his house he’s worried about being attacked, and how awful it is. Yeah, well, you wanted to be a woman, dude. Welcome to a small fraction of what we deal with every day of our lives, and we’re not generally six feet tall and built like linebackers. I think it’s hilarious when these men whine and moan about how scared they are and how violence could happen to them just because they’re trans, as if real women do not have an even greater risk. Again, be careful what you wish for, dude.)
        “Cox says that cisgender people can’t understand the toll that such physical and verbal abuse takes on trans women, who have high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and attempts. “People have told me on the subway that they thought I should die,” she says, her voice rising in distress even as she recollects. “A man passed me a few months ago and said to me, ‘You look like you could fight like a man.’ Now, with the TV show, fans will come up to me on the street with love. But it’s traumatizing. I’m hyperaware that my life is in danger because of who I am.””
        Yes, no woman could possibly understand the toll harassment and abuse takes on you! Our lives are full of nothing but cotton candy and flowers and lipstick, and having doors opened for us and never having to pay for our own meals! You poor, poor, downtrodden sweetbaby, did a man make a personal comment to you on the subway? A personal comment that implies strongly he thinks you’re actually a woman, even? I cannot imagine how traumatizing that must have been, seeing as how I’ve never ever had a man make any kind of personal comment to me, or grab my ass in line at the store, or ask how much I charge, or tell me to smile, or hit on me every day to the point that I have to change my route to work or have to start visiting a different, less convenient gas station, or inform me that I’m not wearing enough make-up or I should wear a shorter skirt, or start rubbing my shoulders, or sit down next to me at a restaurant and insist on talking to me even though I’m trying to read a book, or follow me, or yell at me from their cars, or any number of other incidents I’ve dealt with since the day I stopped looking like a child–and that’s not counting the perverts who abused me when I *was* a child, or the abortion/risk of pregnancy that is a constant awareness. You can go fuck yourself, Laverne, if you think I’m supposed to think there’s something especially vulnerable about you that makes your life so much harder than mine.

    3. You know you are having a bad PR day when you have to assure the world that you don’t support child abuse.
      BTW, I don’t think I have seen a single trans activist issue a single word of sympathy for the 4-year old boy murdered by Kryzie King. Maybe Tumblr was hacked and deleted all their messages of support and remembrance.

  38. ‘i, me, i, i, i , me, my work, my story, me, i, i, i, my’ ,,,, not a word of sympathy for the family of Ebony Williams – “a child like Ebony Nicole Williams” sounds like a toss off – very cold

    1. Yea, his reply was chock full of wrong. First he calls Ebonys’ rapist/murderer a ‘woman’, thus erasing the true and ugly damage done here. Second, he calls her a ‘child’ which erases her sex. This is a tactic we all know too well that the misogynistic patriarchy loves to use on women, young women and girls.
      Also, it’s amazing how both SLRP and Cox came out of hiding to speak, but didn’t utter one word of an apology to the Williams family. Which should say a lot about them. [That they’re only doing this to clean up their image, but doing a poop-poor job of it]
      No doubt they didn’t feel the need to because the media has tainted Ebony’s image as “just another black hood rat, that came from a single mom household that had a lot of kids“. As if to say “We all know what that spells out, right?”. Apparently it means too low of a status to be recognized as human, and thefefore deserves no real compassion and no apology from Cox and SLRP. Wow.
      [Also, this is why I think SLRP thought to fight for Synthia, because they didn’t think anyone was going to fight for Ebony or look into her case. Whoops].

      1. I meant SRLP…for some reason I kept thinking it was more like SLURP [but minus the U]…my bad.

      2. I am not surprised but am appalled that the “media” (as far as I can see, a bunch of low-IQ prats, constantly congratulating themselves on how much smarter they are than people who outshine them by light years) smeared Ebony Williams.

    2. Yes it’s just all about him and transgender issues.
      Cox, like Mock and others, is a very good example of how people with Narcissist personality disorders acts.
      “Often, narcissists are able to imitate or approximate caring about others when it is convenient for them to do so. However, they typically do not perceive that anything outside of their own sphere of wants and needs matters. It simply doesn’t occur to them to consider the needs of anyone else, or the long-term consequences of their own behaviors.”

      1. The best thing in dealing with narcissists is to abadon them. Seriously that’s what experts say. Because those people rob your time and energy. So don’t give them anything. Ignore them or be boring (yes that helps). Never ever give them what they want.

  39. Gender Identity Watch has a copy of a New York Times article from 1993 called “The Girl Who Never Had A Chance.” It broke my heart.
    Ebony lived in agonizing poverty – “she never slept on a bed with sheets”, said one neighbor. No one was sure what was wrong in her home, but she was never there. Women in the neighborhood had already noticed men in their twenties targeting the child, but couldn’t do much more than warn her. This child had little more than her life and someone took even that away and burned her body like it was trash. It was a tragedy twenty years ago and it’s a tragedy today.

      1. Thank you for posting the photo of Ebony Williams. Having her image reinforces that she was real and her life mattered, and she deserves to be remembered.
        What an effervescent smile ! That was one of the things folks in her neighborhood said they remembered about her, as quoted in the news articles at the time.

      2. I found the photo on the discussion over at Lipstick Alley – it’s a black women’s forum and one of the few discussions I’ve seen about Cox defending a murderer.
        I should have said that there wasn’t a source given for the photo – it looks like it’s from the right time, but I don’t want to go around spreading misinformation.

      3. God. That poor, beautiful baby.
        My older daughter just turned thirteen.
        I just cannot even bear to think about how that child must have felt. How terrified she must have been. How I would feel if that was my baby. And how all of those thoughts make me wonder how these people can even claim to care about anyone when they advocate for the rights of the beasts who did that to her.
        You have to be human to be entitled to human rights. Those monsters do not qualify. And IMO the fact that this case was chosen, that Luis/”Sinthia” is being held up as someone who deserves celebrity advocacy, just proves that Laverne and his disgusting little pedo friends don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything but their fellow M2Ts. If they did they’d have looked for a prisoner who hadn’t committed such a hideous crime.

      4. Thank you very much for that picture of Ebony. I was trying to find one the other day, but had very limited online time, and came up empty. So thank you for that, and the link to the article too. Never had a chance, indeed…

    1. SRLP: “Further, we do not believe that exiling community members who inflict harm will do anything to keep our communities safer.”
      Sure, YOUR communities won’t be safer, because you’re men, and these monsters target women. OUR communities will be a little safer though.

    2. We can only hope that they will look into the wider pattern. All these violent/sicko types in prison (and out) who claim to be women. All these not in prison who claim to be women, yet are violent in a way actual women never all. All these who routinely utter death threats to women who refuse to play in their little games. All these who threaten children who mistakenly offend them. And on and on. There does appear to be a pattern here. It’s not just this one incident. It would be helpful if the mainstream media picked up on this and made the general public aware.
      I say, cancel the Orange is the New Black show. Trans is not anything like being Black. It is insulting to those who are Black and erases the history of the civil rights movement through misinterpretation and misdirection. This whole thing is just wrong in so many ways.

      1. well, Orange is the New Black (the title) isn’t referring to “trans” being anything like “black.” It is a pun referring to imprisonment (orange jumpsuits) being like–perhaps surpassing in importance?–“blackness” and race. On the other level it is a reference to fashion in which colors are “in” and “out” at various times, thus one (“orange”) can replace the other (“black”).
        I don’t think it is the right tactic to try to get a show taken off of the air just beacuse it has one minor character in it who is trans. Yes that character is disgusting in that it was invented to basically tell lies about what MtT are and what they are like, and to normalize them being imprisoned with women. however, the show isn’t even close to mainly about him. He is a minor character. The show isn’t perfect–no show that could be successful in this culture is–but it is a popular show starring and primarily about women, the majority of whom are poc and imprisoned. In my opinion we need to target the SRLP not OITNB.

      2. You are right. I just assumed it was about trans, because the first I heard of it was in association with cox, duh. And so never watched it or wanted to. I withdraw my suggestion since it’s not mainly about trans. But thinking about putting trans in a women’s prison clearly is important. I hope that’s the outcome of this. A big fat, NO to that idea.

  40. Hi, I’m sad to say that as of 1107 pacific time on the 23rd, the Wikipedia page on “woman” is still defaced. The upper left photo (the very first one) is Laverne Cox. Also, when I type in “Laverne Cox” in google, and then search for news, I’m not seeing coverage of this yet. In fact there are news articles about Cox doing karaoke, and other trivia, but this one doesn’t pop up anywhere near the top yet. I hope Wikipedia gets fixed (ha: fat chance of good things happening on Wikipedia) and I hope this news gets a lot more coverage.

    1. Would anyone know a contributor to Wikipedia that could help fix the “revision” (best to have this be someone with a history and the knowledge to use their editing system)? On the talk page they also say re the proposal to add a transwoman “This is a great suggestion, I also noticed that the head picture is sorely lacking women in STEM/Business. Considering this I would suggest” but again that is trans –
      The more you read though, the more you go down the rabbit hole – it says in there (current revi: women are typically able to give birth “although some sterile, [[intersex]] and/or [[transgender]] women cannot.” That would be infertile, and the “and/or” fudges the line between intersex persons with conditions like AIS who are identified and raised as female and trans as well as ignores that trans are typically normally fertile *males* that do not have full SRS and many have been married and fathered children. That doesn’t belong on that page, I’ve seen them throw around figures like 0.3% of the population. This would mean they are well and truly disproportionately represented and this detracts from the achievements of women in STEM that have achieved in the face of a unforgiving system.
      Anyway, am learning a lot from this blog and hope to learn more, thanks Gallus Mag for all your work.

      1. They need a woman for STEM? How about an historical woman like Marie Curie?
        There are Wikipedia pages that list females in science, both historical and modern, they can’t use their own Wiki to find real female candidates? How I wish I was an editor right now.

      2. The “woman” page on Wikipedia seems to be locked for ordinary editors. Seems like there needs to be an agreement amongst high level editors to change anything on this particular page. Keeps the wrong kind of people from changing things. I’m surprised they allowed the female reproductive organ picture up there.
        My edits on Wikipedia generally get reversed quickly. I’ve tried to fix a lot of things, and some of my revisions stay, but I’ve decided this is not a good use of my time. Until mainstream opinions change about women’s rights, this crap is going to continue.

      3. This is interesting in light of the fact that a few years ago Wikipedia was getting called out for having so few women contributors and they were actively seeking ways to get more women to participate.
        Personally I have an account and I’ve tried editing pages and even tried creating one for an author I liked, but their rules are so arcane and apparently there are trolls who like to control things.
        I don’t have time right now but it would be interesting to compare the entry for Man. I’m betting there’s no picture of a F2T.

      4. I checked the Talk page for “man”. There was a suggestion made earlier this month to include Chaz Bono in the “man” photo montage. It looks like she was included but then removed and then an intersex man was included to represent “trans”. This is the man:
        He was raised female & competed in sports but was discovered to have internal male organs after a medical test by the International Olympic Committee in 1968 and transitioned to living as a man.
        Not quite the same as classifying Laverne Cox as female. Funny how they found a technicality to remove Chaz and substitute an intersex person rather than an actual trans person.

      5. hearthrising – “Keeps the wrong kind of people from changing things.” Well, it seems that it is the wrong sort of people changing things, meaning that an article about women is actually representing men. Trans already have their own article, but it’s not enough.
        I think there is an email address that can be googled if you want to make a complaint about a page, and it may be worth doing that. If they get a few complaints that might make them pay attention so if anyone wants to do that also, please do so.

    2. Gendertrender gets a mention on the talk page of Wikipedia, listed as a hate site. WARNING: there are plans going on a trans-hate site to remove this edit specifically for transphobic purposes. I am not sure what preventive measures, if any, can be taken, but at least have to alert the community. Ramendik (talk) 23:10, 25 August 2014 (UTC)Thanks for the warning. We had some edits from the same site on War on Women. EvergreenFir (talk) Please {{re}} 00:55, 26 August 2014 (UTC)Now this one was a surprise. But at least, praemonitis praemunitis, etc. Ramendik (talk) 05:32, 26 August 2014 (UTC) OTRS note We have had very similar notes emailed to us, however due to this discussion, I have directed then here. You may need to expect a bit of an influx, especially if the email is leaked outside the recipient. –Mdann52talk to me! 06:07, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

      1. Like other people here, I have tried to get Wikipedia to do decent things, and if it involves queer theory, they won’t. I tried to get them to at least acknowledge that Pat Califia has written child torture porn, and provided links to the child torture porn itself, and they accused me of libel and threatened to ban me. I kept pushing, and it did no good. I asked a couple of friends who actually know how to do things on Wikipedia (I was just commenting) and they were shut down, too. One threatened with banning. And frankly now the article is a lot longer and even more enthusiastic about Califia than when I started complaining. I really hate Wikipedia.

      2. Thank you for sharing that.
        “We had some edits from the same site on War on Women. ”
        What does this even mean? How can this “site” make edits? Only individuals can make edits. The women on this blog can’t be the only ones who see that the Trans-Emperors have no clothes. Do they think we are a conspiracy cell or something ; ) ?
        For example, I only found this blog about 3 months ago, but I never in my entire adult life would have believed Laverne Cox belonged on an encyclopedia page that defines “Woman”. I would have had an issue with that whether I read it here, on Feministe, or somewhere else.

      3. Wikipedia mods, no matter how biased, have the agency to reflect those views provided they’re widespread
        My improvement lasted five minutes before a Wiki-cop scolded me, “I hope you will familiarize yourself with some of Wikipedia’s policies, such as verifiability and undue weight. If all historians save one say that the sky was green in 1888, our policies require that we write ‘Most historians write that the sky was green, but one says the sky was blue.’ … As individual editors, we’re not in the business of weighing claims, just reporting what reliable sources write.”
        Of course, this editorial policy goes hand in hand with specific recruitment drives to pull in editors that will reinforce such propaganda:

    3. Ramendik is an awful male stalker of this and other feminist blogs. I banned him ages ago and yet he tries over and over and over to bypass his ban and inflict himself on me. He just tried it again within the last few days. He is a really scary MRA stalker. Very aggressive towards women.

      1. I’ve replied to him, I think you could knock him over with a limp noodle. Does anyone else get the sense that this type is really wimpy? My husband said a radical feminist must have rolled on the floor howling when she saw him naked, which is why ramen is obsessed with feminists.
        Glad NOT to see him here under any screen name. He’s truly pathetic.

  41. And I just looked up “transgender” on google and then clicked “news” and there’s nothing about it there yet. The top ones I saw were that Mills College is allowing trans into their formerly all-woman school, then the BBC commissioning its first trans sitcom, and then a trans killing himself, pointing out the stress that trans are under. . . . In other words, so far the mainstream seems to cover trans as usual.

    1. If you google Laverne its just Emmy and VMA stuff. How convenient for her, this is going to get shoved under the rug. Actually even before the awards I didn’t notice anything about this in the news section.

      1. Convenient for HIM. Larry Cocks & HIS boys need the media to do their jobs come down hard on them and expose their BS.

      1. Yes! I had actually used my library subscription to try to locate the photos from the NYT articles but we don’t have the version of the database that includes archived photos. I think it so important that her image is shown in remembrance amid all this craziness.

      1. it would be cool if Ebony Nicole Williams picture cloud be everywhere, or someone could interview her family surviving familiy members transphobia is a disgrace but so is cisphobia genetic women have a right to exist too.

  42. My heart and good thoughts go to Ebony Williams and her family.
    Laverne Cox is an ugly male defending another ugly male who raped and murdered an innocent 13 year old girl child.

  43. apparently the spokesperson of this organization was put behind bars for possession of child rape vidoes. I’m not sure if anyone can confirm that.

    1. Suspect in Fatal Arson Had Called Fire a ‘Nightmare’
      Published: March 21, 1991
      “I heard a lot of people screaming,” a 16-year-old said on March 13 at a fire in the South Bronx that killed six people. “The block was full of smoke. The fire was going like a torch. It was a nightmare on this block.”
      The youth was Luis Morales, who was arrested on Tuesday night and charged with setting the fire. He also wanted to have his picture taken the night of the fire, telling a photographer, “Take my picture.” Afterward, he asked whether it would be in the newspaper.
      The youth said of Donald Stephens, the owner of the building, at 1074 Fox Street, who died in the fire: “Mr. Stephens was really nice. He would let me sleep there if I had no place.”
      Mr. Morales was charged yesterday in State Supreme Court with 12 counts of second-degree murder, first-degree arson and reckless endangerment. The two murder counts for each death consist of counts of murder by depraved indifference to human life and murder by arson, a spokesman for Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson said.
      The police described Mr. Morales as an unemployed high school dropout with a long criminal record who has recently lived in the streets. The police also said he had argued with residents of the building on Fox Street, whose owner often let in the homeless. Troubled and With a Bad Temper
      Intertwining her fingers, Mr. Morales’s mother, Cecelia, sat in her living room a 900 East 167th Street insisting that her son was incapable of such a crime.
      “My son has a bad temper,” she said. “He argues with people. He argues with me. But he wouldn’t harm anyone. He did not do this thing.”
      Mrs. Morales and another son, Roberto, and several neighborhood residents depicted Mr. Morales as a troubled youth whose slight mental retardation had long subjected him to failure in school and classmates’ taunts.
      Mrs. Morales said Luis left about a year ago and had been arrested in a burglary and crack sales. But she added that although he sometimes stayed away from the family apartment, he was staying with friends, and not on the streets. ‘A Lot of Pain This Week’
      A mile away, another family struggled. Jacqueline and Jeannette Mitchell prepared to bury their mother, Alberta, who died in the fire. Mrs. Mitchell, 42, began as a part-time custodial worker about a year ago at Public School 150, across the street from the burned building. She became a permanent employee in September, her daughters and school officials said.
      “We’ve been in a lot of pain this last week, a lot of confusion,” said Jacqueline Mitchell. Referring to the suspect, she added: “He should understand what he’s done to us. He’s made a lot of people very unhappy.”
      Neither the prosecutor’s office nor the police would comment on Mr. Morales’s record.
      Roberto Morales said that shortly after he and his brother had arrived to look at the fire, two detectives took Luis into custody and questioned him at the 41st Precinct station house, almost directly behind the burning building. Mr. Morales said his brother was released shortly after that and went home.
      Neighbors remembered Mr. Stephens, a retired seaman, as a good samaritan who had helped neighborhood residents and who had opened his building to many in need of shelter.
      Photos: Luis Morales, who has been charged with setting a fatal fire last week in the South Bronx, talked to reporters the night of the blaze and asked a photographer to take his picture.; Rubbish that was thrown from the burning house by firefighters trying to reach victims was piled yesterday outside the building at 1074 Fox Street. A memorial wreath hung from the door where six people died. (Photographs by Jim Estrin for The New York Times)

  44. I support equal rights for all people “cis” and “transgender.” I do not support anyone being brutalized, raped or killed, especially a young child as was the case in the death of the victim Ebony Nicole Williams, a 13 year old girl who was raped, murdered (in the case involving Synthia China Blast and her husband). If one researches the history of this case, it is clear that Synthia China Blast hid the evidence and returned to burn the child’s dumped body. Her statements at the time were chilling and irreverent, showing no remorse for her crime: saying things like “If I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.” There are many causes that are worthy of Laverne Cox’s support. These causes could support the rights of all women, girls and men and boys (both “cis” and “trans”) to be free from violence. I do not understand why Laverne Cox would choose to speak out as an ally to Synthia China Blast when so many other people could benefit from her efforts to secure equality, freedom from suffering. There are so many innocent victims that need support and protection more than convicted felon, Synthia China Blast.

    1. First, “cis” is hate speech. It is not a word straight women dreamed up to describe themselves. It is a word that the trans community invented to marginalize born women.
      Second, Laverne Cox chose to ally with a convicted child-killer because the child that was killed was born female and the trans movement is a sexist hate movement and, for them, the horrible murder of a female-born child is just one small victory.

      1. the thing you cannot use the terms genetic/bio woman without being accused of trying to ‘side line’ or ‘other’ trans-women or intersex women.

    2. Don’t refer to women as “cis.” We’re just women, that’s all. When we want an adjective in front of “woman,” we’ll let YOU know.
      Have you considered there ARE NO TRANS behind bars, for things like, oh, insider trading, too many traffic tickets, writing bad checks, etc? Maybe a high percentage of trans in jail (TIJ) are actually in for sex crimes, domestic violence. I’d like to see a breakdown by type of crime for trans in jail.

    3. RE trans in prison: so many of these violent men only become trans once they are in, for whatever reason. Maybe it is yet another manifestation of the psychopathology that led them to mutilate others – no ability to find victims that can’t fight back so they mutilate themselves.
      For some, it may be a way to gain favors and attention since they are unable to get those needs met any other way. Or maybe it is just a way to jerk off better. Or all of the above.
      There’s a long history of psychopathic killers who showed no sign of transgenderism or even “effeminateness” until they were in prison for a while. The Boston Strangler & Richard Speck come to mind. They were doing it before it was mainstream.
      If they weren’t in treatment for transgenderism before their arrest, they should not be entitled to have their fetishism catered to while in prison for horrific crimes.

      1. No treatment for transgenderism in prison even if he claimed he was transgender prior to imprisonment. My understanding is that medical care for prisoners is quite poor; actual conditions such as asthma may not be treated. Just as I would not support tax money going for ANY plastic surgery, hormones, Viagra, etc, I do support basic decent health care for prisoners, including mental health care.
        And, yes, Motherhood! Trans IS misogyny!

    1. OMG the whole “he didn’t rape her because there was no evidence” is fucking vile. Do they not realize this poor child’s body was incinerated so there could be no physical evidence?
      They really want to use this as a talking point to defend their demented poster boy?
      Vile, delusional pigs.

      1. If you are trans you can’t do anything wrong. But do you notice something? They claim Blast is innocent but NONE of the gender fanatics pushes for a new trial. I mean a trans woman conivcted for a crime they didn’t commit?
        Genderists would riot like crazy – but strangely NOT in this case.
        Because they only care about kissing Cox’ ass. They give a fuck about the murder.

    2. That is a real piece of work. Radfems defend a black girl, one of the most vulnerable sections of society, and somehow they’re the racists? Trans logic!
      I also especially like the “he only disposed of the body” “argument” (which is phrased as “clean up the scene”… a very pretty euphemism). Even if it were true, it’d still be fucking disgusting. The moment that, in order to hide evidence, you’re burning the dead body of a child someone you know murdered and defiled, that’s it, that’s when you become a monster. And the whole he “could have faced serious repercussions had he not done it” bit is some “just doing his job” nazi apology bullshit.
      Also, very amusing that there’s no other post in that blog. And somehow it got 2800 notes. Fuck.

  45. Laverne Cox stepped in a steaming pile of dog shit this time. All the make-up and perfume in the world won’t cover the stench. Give trans enough rope and they’ll hang themselves with it.
    My concern is that the T is associated with Gay and Lesbian folks – and it’s Gay and Lesbian folks who are going to take the brunt of what trans do.

    1. Then the gay & lesbian folks should stop supporting it. Get rid of the “T”. LGBTXYZ*&%$))^$# should be considered a hate group.

      1. Many gay and lesbian folks quit supporting the T ages ago. The problem is, heterosexual men (and some token women) have taken over former Gay and Lesbian lobbying groups – driving the actual Gay and Lesbian folks out – and replacing them with heterosexuals who claim to be gay and lesbian because of jendah. IOWs, LGBT is now full of wolves in sheep’s clothing (aka trans and queers). More disturbing, not only are these wolves sexist pigs, but downright homophobic with regards to actual Lesbian women and Gay men.
        Problem #2 – straight folks really don’t pay attention to the Gay and Lesbian communities. So they’re unaware how misleading and deceitful the LGBT community is today and how it doesn’t represent actual Lesbian and Gay folks any more. So straight folks think they’re supporting Lesbian and Gay folks when in actuality, they’re supporting walking dildos – the majority being sleezy het men with porn-soaked brains and perverse, deviant sexual fetishes.
        So do you see the problem? Lesbian and Gay folks will be blamed instead of these walking dildos who were made out of test tubes labeled “REJECT.”

      2. Good points, luckynkl. Just as women are blamed when some guy in a dress commits a sex crime and is termed a female sex offender. I emailed my state chapter of Equality that I was no longer supporting them due to the trans factor, but I’m sure my lack of support means zilch.

  46. “Synthia”. Quite an appropriate name for a synthetic “woman”, hmm? Synthetic Synthia, indeed.

    1. The name Cox has always seemed to me an intended insult to people who go along with the fiction that this is a female. He’s mocking them. Janet Mock, too. Some might claim they are gender-bending, mocking gender, but that rings false to me. The names are always interesting. And pretty weird shit, too.

  47. Gallus Mag has done excellent detective work in exposing both Larry Cox and the sick pedo/kiddie porn afficionados at the SLRP. Thank you Gallus Mag! Cruising around the Twittersphere it’s apparent that Gallus has smacked good ol’ Larry around so hard his balls probably became “untucked”–quel horreur!
    As for Luis Morales–frankly he deserves a needle jab to put him out of his misery, but I’ll settle for knowing that solitary confinement is probably the worst possible fate for an autogynephile. What torture it must be for him!
    Nobody to jiggle his fake T&A at. Nobody to flash his precious, precious, PRECIOUS “cotton panties” at. And I suspect his cell is too small to accommodate a three-sided full length mirror for him to preen and pose in front of for hours! Oh the torture! He deserves every minute of it. Poor little Ebony.

  48. Oh and “Synthia-China?” Really? Where the fuck do they GET these ridiculous hooker/stripper names?
    A couple of weeks ago, I made up the name “Vixenette” in my head as an example of a typically over-the-top autogynephiliac hooker/stripper name.
    Then I Googled it and guess what? I found some Tumblr/Dropbox/whatever account with the SAME NAME. AND YES, IT BELONGED TO AN AUTOGYNEPHILE!!!

    1. Don’t forget Blast. Is that even a real last name, or did he pick it because he’s such a blast?

    2. They also love picking some equally ridiculous middle name and using the middle name. Very few women I know use their middle name, but I’m always surprised to run across a transwoman who’s merely “Jessica” not “Jessica Lilac” (or god knows what).

  49. If a high profile woman had made the “mistake” of supporting a child murderer you can be sure she’d be made to apologize.. for the rest of her life. Because Cox is a man he’s probably going to get away with this without too much of a stain on his rep.

    1. Hi CBL. That struck me too. Women are made to apologise for the rest of their lives and even after death for daring to say biology is real, never mind pointing out abusive male behaviour. Look at the way Mary Daly and Andrea Dworkin still get attacked. Julie Bindel, no-platformed left right and centre and so on.

  50. It’s funny (I’m easily amused) that the trans misogynists invented the word “transmisogynist” which so aptly describes them (MtF trans who hate born women).
    It seems to me that the entire trans movement is about hating born women and replacing them with the *greatly improved* man-made male version. It’s misogyny at its ultimate expression. That so many so-called “progressives” embrace this form of femicide is both sickening and all too ordinary. It’s just the same old misogyny with a ridiculously painted face.
    And my heart goes out to the lesbians who are being harassed by these sick fucks. I am beyond pissed off that they are fucking with you and demanding that you sexually service someone you are not physically attracted to. They are rapists hiding behind the veneer of “gender identity,” no better than “corrective rape” shitbags.

    1. I’ve been using “transmisogynist” that way lately, to describe transpeople who hate women.

    2. “Transmisogynist” doesn’t even make sense for what they’re trying to describe. “Miso” refers to hate; “gyn” refers to women. If anything, the word describes trans hate of women. Something like “misotransgynist” would make some actual sense.

    1. ’emmy’ awards and academy awards and nobel piss prizes and this/that awards are just propaganda awards, whoever produced the required propaganda will be ‘awarded’, like dutiful slaves. As such, I don’t expect much change. It’s just a rogues gallery.

  51. Something occurred to me,The photos you see posted of the young gang- banger were taken in the 1980s, that is how Butch-hetro guys in into break dancing dressed like, Beads in the hair & all! These are ARE NOT him enjoying life as a trans youth, but of a psyco-break dancer dressing, of a hetro guy of that time and what the fad was…and they are trying to say he is presenting ‘female?’ I bet he would have punched you in the face for saying that back then…………LOL

  52. I went to ask two trans “women” I kind of know on what they feel about the whole case, not because I wanted to harass them or anything, but because they’re regular folks and not transactivists and maybe there could be hope of a sane opinion. But nope, they still support Mr. Cox above all and one of them couldn’t even answer me whether or not he supported transferring a pedophile rapist murderer to a jail full of women (that is, of course he does, but when you put it in plain words like that it makes them look bad). Instead he told me to “read about feminism and criminology” because… somehow that would make Ebony’s death ok? It’s like they’re incapable of giving a plain answer without shrouding it in pomo jargon or reducing the conversation to their impenetrable feelings.

  53. I want to know more about this tweet:
    Synthia Blast was first started on hormones due to the testimony of Caillean McMahon aka Michael J. Tronetti, aka “Maureen Hennessey”.
    What a sham!

  54. So when is Christelyn Karazin, Kola Boof and Breukelen Bleu going to say something in support of this murdered black child Ebony Nicole Williams, they all claim to champion black women issues clearly they are not maybe they in league with Laverne Cox and Luis Morales, I think something far more sinister they so badly want to appeal to the mainstream especially Christelyn Karazin, that they have thrown Ebony Nicole Williams under a bus for the sake of Laverne Cox and Luis Morales.
    R.I.P Ebony Nicole Williams

    1. I can’t stand Kola Boof, and Renee Martin for that matter. They “champion black women” only if they’re the right kind of black woman, and apparently Ebony Nicole Williams (and the women at AROOO when they were attacked online) just aren’t worth it. Kola Boof wrote an article for Womanist Musings where she referred to a rape victim as a whore with “the semen of three men in her panties.” So basically feminism is “no woman deserves rape or death threats unless it’s a privileged woman or a woman I don’t like.”
      On a side note, isn’t it funny how on one hand libfems say they don’t want women judged for their appearance, but on the other they argue that transwomen are right about everything because they’re so womanly and beautiful? I’m pretty sure that’s the only argument they can come up with in support of Cox.

  55. I don’t feel that trans women should be stereotyped because I am a trans woman, and I do not support Synthia or anyone who harms a child. Synthia was a gang member; her crime had nothing to do with her being trans, but that she was a sick person with a fetish for being a serial killer’s woman. I don’t support someone just because they are trans. Ebony Nicole Williams is the victim; she is the one who deserves justice…

    1. You don’t support him but you pretend he is a woman–hell yeah, you support him because the only female in the story is the one he raped and killed and burned the body of. You may want to pretend you don’t support him and you may in fact know right from wrong but you do support him and that is anti women and anti child and a danger to both. You are a man. That disgusting animal is a male beast and Cox is a man.

    2. I know You don’t want to believe men do this, and perhaps don’t want any connection to this- but you are also saying that victims must respect this pedo-rapist because he sexually gets off on playing a role of a gay-man’s interpretation on what a straight-‘bad woman’ is, in other men’s sex fantasy.
      ‘woman’ is another human that gives birth, that is how other women see each other, even if they never have PIV sex unions or have children.
      ‘Woman’ is NOT the one that ‘takes-it’ sexually from a penis gendered-default human ‘type of sex role,-dick worship fantasy’ men tend to view us-
      So, this post is about a Child, that was raped & murdered, and you feel the need to add you have the same fantasy & casually referring to women as your sex-extras, while they discuss a murdered child- is really offensive to those that give birth to life..
      When women grieve for a child, the last thing they want to hear is a cheerleader for the one that raped/murdered her budding in at a unofficial memorial of her death.
      If you are here to say that the pedo-murder had better looking legs than the child that he murdered, the women here don’t care.

    3. Oh and one more thing. Cox’s Diki entry describes him as an actress (so retro). In the UK those employed in the acting profession are known as actors (do keep up Mr Cox). No gender difference required. He’s an actor (though I’ve not seen Orange thingy).

  56. “But when Cox learned that Blast was found guilty of the 1993 rape and murder of 13-year-old Ebony Williams, she wrote on her Tumblr, “I was not aware of the charges for which she was convicted. If I had been aware of those charges, I would have never agreed to read the letter.” [37]
    From “Dikipedia”.
    Nah, not buying it Mr Cox. Not at all. And you are a man. Blast is a man and neither of you deserve to be called by the pronoun ‘she’.

  57. To all the people in this blog, We have a response letter from Synthia China Blast herself where she supports her innocence from the crimes she has been accused of. If you wish to receive a copy, pls send an email to simplysynthia@ [removed-GM]

    1. You identify yourself by name as Synthia China, yet your comment originates from a particular computer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Would you care to identify yourself? Seems unlikely that folks would like to make themselves and their computers vulnerable by contacting a mystery email account from an individual who claims to be, or claims to speak for, a man like Synthia who rapes and murders children and abuses their corpse after death.
      Also, if you had such a letter it seems you would simply post it here, rather than trolling for contact my readers computers via email linkage.
      Therefor, I call on you to act in good faith by both identifying yourself and posting the “letter” here. If you fail to do so, I can only conclude that you are using an official New Jersey Institute of Technology network node to conduct cyberterrorism against feminists on behalf of a convicted baby-rapist torture-killer.

  58. Thank you for calling out that bullshit so eloquently! Bet “Synthia” and pals would LOVE to have all our IP addresses from those never-gonna-be-sent email headers.

  59. Heath Russell you seem find new depths to sink yourself to every time I see you’re spewing hate. Maybe you should get out a little bit more often, take a hike and enjoy being physically active. Then maybe you wont be so morbidly obese anymore and a happier person. And just so you know… I had a lot to do with you and your girlfriend being removed from Humboldt pride. You’re not what Humboldt pride is about and once everyone saw what you two were about… well you know the rest of the story. I’m still kinda shocked and how much of poser you turned out to be… Hopefully you’re sure about being lesbian and you wont de-lesbian yourself too.

    1. This man, “Coletta Hughes” is involved in criminal charges for stalking and harassment, among other alleged charges. The above comment is criminal evidence. Do not respond to it.

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