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  1. It surely seems appropriate of them to provide abortion services to all pregnant women, no matter what they call themselves. Does this opinion of mine qualify as “TERF bullshit?” Or do I have to agree that male transgenders should be allowed to access abortion services for imaginary pregnancies as well, in order to be properly supportive?

      1. Are there actual statistics about the number of M2T that get knocked up? I’m guessing 0, because giving birth would mess up hair, lipstick, etc..

      1. They made the name change to be inclusive…but now trans are saying it’s not inclusive…it’s like a 2-year-old, you give them what they want, and therefore they want something else…although I don’t think even 2-year-olds are that dumb…

      2. You’re more spot-on than you can imagine, AreU. These are people who never had ANY limits set for them, which is why we are all supposed to give them whatever they want. Set a limit and watch the tantrums roll!

  2. I had to read this several times to understand where the “terf bs” supposedly was. So she tweeters that the name was changed to be trans INCLUSIVE, but after nice guy®\male feminist suggests (incorrectly) that it was changed to EXCLUDE trans woman (based on the fact that all trans women are indeed men), the good, non-terfy tranmaiden forgets the actual point in favor of being outraged at imaginary terf bs. Terf hunting actually makes people dumber!!
    TERF?? Indeed.

    1. LOL @ Tranmaiden. Also registered nice guy. A white knight in rusty armor.
      I had a tranny online once try to convince me he’d been pregnant, after I told him to GTFO of a discussion thread on pregnancy that he had no business in. I think that’s the moment I officially became a TERF or a WWNLSFBS (woman who no longer stands for their bullshit)

  3. As a gay man, my take on this inclusion of trans in the abortion thing is not about the M toT autogynophile frilly pants men (who have literally nothing to do with abortion on any level other than impregnating women who might need an abortion), but this time it is the “other side” — the trans”men”! I know this because the issue is being seen as a cause for queer gay men (who are actually women). Women who claim to be men, especially when they claim to be “gay” get pregnant by being fucked like any other women — though these people are now “men”; therefore abortion is not just for women, it is also for “men”. The men pretending to be women autogynophiles and drag queens are not this time the locus of the transjacking of abortion into a trans issue — it is the women claiming to be “men” (like The Pregnant Man person) who need the abortion laws changed so they can show up at a doctor for an abortion presenting with beards and masectomies asking for abortions and STILL BE TREATED as “men”. You see: abortions are not just for women now but are also now for “men”. Just more Trans Insanity that the liberal morons eat up to show their bigot fellows how hip and tolerant they are — don’t be disrespecting my baby seal twanz, Nazis. INSANE!

    1. And, meanwhile, nothing about abortion policy is going to change (in terms of the government mansplaining to women what we’re allowed to do with our own bodies), because, wait for it, wait for it, no one actually thinks transmen are men.
      I have seen some transwomen hijacking the abortion issue, talking about how “mean” it is to say that abortion is a women’s issue, because some women don’t have uteruses.

      1. You’re right. No one but gays and Oprah consider trans “men” as men. What was I thinking trying to find logic in this trans insanity. The concept of het males in dresses trying to be included in anything to do with abortion is so INSANE I was grasping for any other logical reason to explain this. My bad.

  4. Okay, if the name was changed to be inclusive of trans men, I’d still be outraged, but I’d get it. But if it was changed to be inclusive of trans women I’d be WTF? Trans women can’t get pregnant. I assume that trans men can, if they’re not taking hormones, or is that incorrect?

  5. With regards to Fund Texas Choice, they’re referring to F2ts. That’s a no-brainer.
    Here’s the problem. Decades ago, the conservative right’s judges said that the war on women with regards to abortion isn’t sexist/misogynist and is fair and equal because it pertains to men too. “But men can’t get pregnant,” protested the women. “Yes, but if men could, it would pertain to them too,” said the conservative right.
    As most everyone knows by now, men are waging an all-out war on women. Transgenderism is one of men’s many weapons. Make no mistake, transgenderism is a weapon of war. Used exclusively by men as weapons of war against women.

  6. “Texas abortion advocates: “We refuse to deny the existence and humanity of trans people”
    The pro-choice group Fund Texas Women is changing its name to represent all people who deserve reproductive justice.”
    This makes me sick to my stomach on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. First of all, the sterilization of children is often viewed as a human rights abuse. They have the audacity to speak about “reproductive justice”. Infertility is an issue with GnRH agonists (puberty suppression), especially if it’s followed by cross gender hormones at age sixteen. Five and six year old children are slapped with a label of “gender dysphoria”, or whatever the gender therapists call it. When they start puberty, they drugged with GnRH agonists to halt a normal part of human development. The GnRH agonists are often followed by cross gender hormones which renders the child infertile. So, transgender activists have no problem with drugging children and potentially sterilizing them, and then they talk about “reproductive justice”. Children don’t have the mental capacity to make informed decisions. This is being done to them.
    Second, why do we have to deny the biological reality of pregnancy? Females get pregnant, and this is true in all primate species and all mammals. Saying that females get pregnant is “denying the existence and humanity of trans people.” They are denying the existence of the entire female sex. It’s about erasing the females sex bit by bit.

  7. A non-profit organization funding abortion travel for low-income people in Texas.
    Why should low-income women have to travel long distances to get access to safe and legal abortions?
    “Fund Texas Choice is a non-profit organization based in Texas that funds travel for people seeking abortions.”
    Notice how they use the word “people seeking abortions”. Read this again and let it sink in. People do not have abortions. Women have abortions because only women can get pregnant.
    I applaud what Fund Texas Women has done to help low-income women, but this politically correct nonsense has gotten completely out of hand. To me, it’s as if they are erasing the female sex. How can people even talk about abortion without acknowledging basic biological facts and the real life experiences of women.
    I’ve always been pro-choice and have fiercely defended the right to safe and legal abortion. Having said this, the left isn’t without sin when it comes to pesky little facts that are pointed out in Hvistendah’s book “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men”. There are 163 million missing girls from India and China. There are no monuments or memorials for this mass femicide.
    “Moreover, Western governments and philanthropic institutions have their fingerprints all over the story of the world’s missing women.
    From the 1950s onward, Asian countries that legalized and then promoted abortion did so with vocal, deep-pocketed American support. Digging into the archives of groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Hvistendahl depicts an unlikely alliance between Republican cold warriors worried that population growth would fuel the spread of Communism and left-wing scientists and activists who believed that abortion was necessary for both “the needs of women” and “the future prosperity — or maybe survival — of mankind,” as the Planned Parenthood federation’s medical director put it in 1976. ”

    When the left messes up, it really messes up big time. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the left who bend over backwards to be all “trans inclusive” will one day have to answer for the drugged and infertile children (puberty suppression, cross gender hormones) that are coming their way.

  8. @luckynckl
    “As most everyone knows by now, men are waging an all-out war on women. Transgenderism is one of men’s many weapons. Make no mistake, transgenderism is a weapon of war. Used exclusively by men as weapons of war against women.”
    When I read this comment, I thought of a passage in Raymond’s book. Eunuchs have always been used to keep women in their place. Indeed, it’s an ancient tradition, and we know who they serve. Isn’t this what we see today with all the death threats towards “TERFs” and the silencing of women? Rabid anti-feminist men’s rights organizations hate on “TERFs” with as much zeal and bravado as transgender activists.
    “There is a long tradition of eunuchs who were used by rulers, heads of state, and magistrates as keepers of women. Eunuchs were supervisors of the harem in Islam and wardens of women’s apartments in many royal households. In fact, the word eunuch, from the Greek eunouchos, literally means “keeper of the bed.” Eunuchs were men that other more powerful men used to keep their women in place. By fulfilling this role, eunuchs also succeeded in winning the confidence of the ruler and securing important and influential positions…the earliest mentions of eunuchs is in connection with the Minoan civilization of Crete, which was a transitional period fro an earlier gynocentric society. It thus appears that eunuchs, to some extent, always attached themselves to women’s spaces and, most frequently, were used to supervise woemn’s freedom of movement and to harness women’s self-centeredness and self-government. ‘It is stated that entrée into every political circle was possible for eunuchs even if barred to other men.’” (p.105)
    “The Transsexual Empire” (1979)

  9. “Okay, if the name was changed to be inclusive of trans men, I’d still be outraged, but I’d get it. But if it was changed to be inclusive of trans women I’d be WTF? Trans women can’t get pregnant. I assume that trans men can, if they’re not taking hormones, or is that incorrect?”
    Some transmen have sex with men, and it’s no secret. Although it might be regular penis in vagina sex, they often convince themselves that they are some kind of transified gay man. Most FTMs don’t undergo “bottom surgery” because of the cost, and it doesn’t create a fully functioning penis similar to a biological male. Like all females, FTMs deserve access to reproductive health care and access to safe and legal abortions. However, men don’t get pregnant, and men don’t need abortions. If a doctor performs an abortion on a transman, does he or she really think that this is “man” all the while the transman’s legs are in the stirrups. Seriously, do they really believe it? Her vagina is in the doctor’s face, and the doctor is supposed to really believe the person is a “man”. Aren’t ovaries, uterus, and a vagina female organs? Yes, but we can’t call transmen female or woman because the word female is offensive. That is, unless it’s applied to MTFs.
    There have been several transmen who planned to get pregnant just like other females, but we are supposed to pretend that they are really “men” all the while they are pregnant.
    FTM Thomas Beatie, the “pregnant man”, gave birth to THREE babies AFTER legally changing her sex to male. Beatie is not the first FTM to get pregnant. She deliberately kept her ovaries and uterus intact so she could get pregnant. They were all planned pregnancies through artificial insemination. Thankfully, she stopped taking testosterone while she was pregnant. Frankly, it’s utter nonsense. If a female deliberately keeps her ovaries and uterus so she could get pregnant, and gets pregnant three times through artificial insemination, how can she expect people to really believe that she is a “man”. Wait, it gets crazier when they try to breast feed after they got breasts removed. A human female gets her healthy breasts removed, gets pregnant, and decides to breast feed. Mutilate a perfectly healthy female body, and then end up breast feeding through a tiny tube. On top of this, the transman can’t understand why Le Leche won’t make her, I mean him be a Le Leche instructor. See the tiny tube coming from what used to be her breasts. This is how this “man” breast feeds “his” baby. We are supposed to believe that it’s all cool and progressive, but it gives me the creeps. I’m happy for the mother, but she isn’t a father.
    Again, all women deserve access to health care and safe and legal abortions, but please dispense with the P.C. madness because no one really believes it.
    FTMs still need access to gynecological health care, and MTFs still need their prostate checked (it’s left intact after SRS). They can never escape their fact that they are still female and male. There is an issue of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) in FTMs who still have their ovaries and uterus and have been on testosterone for years.

    1. My nipples hurt reading about those tubes, and I’ve never even been pregnant. Kind of like when men see another man get hit in the crotch, they put their hands over their own privates and make sounds of pain.

    2. I thought I read somewhere that a judge invalidated Beatie being reassigned to male, because the judge said that having a uterus cannot be male. I don’t know how far that comment was taken but it gave me some hope.
      So if a trans man is having unprotected sex with a penis in her vagina to the point of getting pregnant, how can she be offended by the mention of an organ she is actively using?
      And “front hole,” really? Isn’t the urethra closer to the front than the vag? (Exit only, sure, but still a hole.) Or technically couldn’t that describe our nostrils, mouth, navel? I could just see my gynecologist telling me he wants to look at my front hole.
      How come deaf people never insisted we call our ears “side holes”?

      1. I dont understand what they are trying to achieve with this “front hole” bs. I really don’t get it. I guess they are trying to create a category that can encompass both “vagina” and those surgical wounds they get in an effort to “transition”?
        The problem that STILL they don’t get, even after all this time: vaginas are not “holes.” Not unless you are a misogynist and see women purely as men who lack penises, and vaginas as “shealths” for penises (HOLES to be penetrated). Sadly this is the most misogynistic understanding of the female body possible, since it defines women as fuckholes for men.
        Women have actual organs. The vagina is not a “hole,” it is an organ which is partially inside and partially outside the body, and which is connected with other female reproductive organs. Once again =/= “hole”. UGH.

      2. I think it’s mainly transmen pushing for this “front hole” business, because God forbid anyone remind them that they have a vagina.
        I would think that the more delusional transwomen (if they’re not the majority, then they’re so damn loud in the current discourse, they feel like a majority) want everyone to pretend that their neovaginas are exactly the same as the real deal and want everyone to humor them in that, even going so far as to demand pelvic exams from gynecologists.

      3. I think those who employ this term appreciate the totally depersonalizing implications. “Hole”, as in, a vagina is no different from a hole in a piece of meatloaf. You can insert something into it, that’s all that matters.

  10. The whining about reproductive rights campaigns using the word “woman” to refer to biological women is yet another attempt to erase us. We are no longer entitled to penis-free restrooms, music festivals or support groups for rape and DV. And now… we aren’t even entitled to be acknowledged as women when we engage services that are exclusively for biological females.
    Seriously, fuck these organizations for capitulating to this bullshit.
    A group in NY did this recently, too. I plan on letting them know how I feel about it.

  11. Imagine a medical lecturer on female anatomy forced to refer to the vagina as a “front hole?” Yeah, that will really help med students who specialize in gynecology! Although, maybe gynecologists should be banned anyway, since their very existence is “exclusive” of trans M2ts. Beause nothing is too outrageous in order to protect the sensitive feelings of the special snowflake twanz!!! They and they alone must be pampered, protected and indulged no matter how much it costs real women or the general public! Real women will just have to get used to living in a world without gynecological medical expertise or treatment!

    1. LOL! No, trans won’t want to ban gynecologists, those trips to their offices where dudes get to play with their legs up in stirrups are too fun.
      How about we just change the name to hole-ologist? That’s so much more INCLUSIVE yanno.

  12. he other day I saw the word bra-wearers….I’m not even kidding and the liberal uber queer college crowd just laps it up.

  13. Speaking of Derp, I’m surprised you missed the recent Parker Molloy dustup, where she went on a rampage and told a fellow trans lady to drink bleach, cut herself, kill herself and generally ALL CAPS. Turns out another person went public about how they attempted suicide after Parker raged on them, too. Fun stuff.
    Here’s Calpernia Adams enjoying a little schadenfreude: https://twitter.com/calpernia/status/503626497593057280/photo/1

    1. We missed what? Two disgusting violent men who stalk and attack women get into a fight with each other for a change and somehow you think we’re supposed to jump? We haven’t “missed” anything.

      1. My interest in these MRAs only goes as far as their harassment of women, the colonization of women’s spaces and abusive transgendering of children. I truly wish the best for them in their chosen path through life. Their path is not our own as women who do not get to choose to be oppressed by gender roles. Gender is not a celebration for women, only to these men that fetisize the imposed submission of women. They can stop trying to peddle their bullshit IDeology to rational people, stop pretending to be lesbians, and go and celebrate their special inner-laydee gender away from women and children. I SAID, “GOOD DAY”, SIRS!

      2. Oh fair enough. I like watching the flameouts, personally, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I did think it fit right in with the theme of this post, so that’s why I commented.

    2. Parker is a male so male pronouns{he,his,him} apply. There is no such thing as “transladies” just creepy, disgusting males playing out their douchbaggery.

    3. Sorry, we’ve been too concerned with the erasure of the torture, rape, and murder of a little girl to worry about a few trans idiots in a pissing match.

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