New Language or New Narratives? The Transgender Movement Reaches the End of the Road

Is this man female?
Is this man female?

It’s the “Transgender Tipping Point”, described by transgenderist Jennifer Finney Boylan in his LATimes Op-Ed as:

“…what seems to be the Year of the Trans, a season of great progress in the movement for transgender equality. And yet commentators, both liberal and conservative, continue to struggle with the right words to describe the transgender experience.”

Boylan, a member of the all-male, all-white, all-heterosexual, all-middle-aged transgender leadership that recently took over the formerly gay lobbying group GLAAD, attempts to analyze this roadblock by drawing a comparison with the trajectory of the Gay Rights movement. As a disinterested bystander to the lesbian and gay movement (and quite a homophobic one at that), Boylan lacks insight into the decades of activism that preceded his arrival on the “LGBT” scene (to beg for scraps from bloated and obsolete gay orgs- the rudderless victims of their own success).

“What the trans community needs is its own discourse-changing idiom, in the same way that gay men and women found their lives transformed when the conversation changed from sex to love,” he states.

Boylan suggests that “Gay Marriage” worked as a memetic slight of hand, distracting the straights from all that formerly untoward dick-in-ass activity. He proposes that the transgenderist platform search for a similar, magical linguistic transmogrification- a magic bullet that causes the public at large to buy what his movement is selling. He fails to ascertain that the gay movement ultimately succeeded by clearly outlining the concrete ways in which discrimination resulted in unfairness and inequality: legally, financially, and practically. The gay movement never tried to insist the public applaud guys blowing each other. Indeed, many of those who now support equal rights for gays remain openly repulsed by homosexuality on a personal level, or a religious one. Like the transgender movement, the gay movement was/is a men’s sexual rights movement, ascending concurrent with the age of pornography. This is an era in which the powers that be (men) have no political will to cockblock another man’s hard-on under any circumstance.

“I’d suggest we use the term “equality of identity” going forward.” Boylan weakly suggests. “At its heart, the quest that trans people are on is to have the same thing that straight — and gay — people have: the ability to wake up in the morning and be ourselves, without permission, without apology. Our lives should not be defined by wigs, or surgery, or which bathroom we use. Our lives should be defined by our identities, and the truth we bear in our hearts.”

But that isn’t what the transgender movement is fighting for. Ultimately, no one cares what transgenderists do when they wake up in the morning, or how they conceive of themselves, their taste in wigs, or what they believe “in their hearts”. If that was what the transgender movement was fighting for it would be hitting no roadblock.

Taken over but it's still not working
Taken over but it’s still not working

Rather, the transgender movement is demanding that we all pretend to agree with their personal, internal, subjective sex-role ideas. Which no one does. And they never will. Hell, even transgenderists don’t believe the shit they’re demanding we pretend to agree with. There are no magic words to be wielded Harry Potter-like by genderists that will cause the muggles to believe… well, that husband and father Jennifer Flynn Boylan is actually a woman, for example. Or that the five year old boy with a penchant for forbidden “pretty princess” swag is actually female, to be recognized via pre-pubertal sterilization and lifetime cross-sex hormones. It’s simply never going to happen. Instead of coming to terms with this, the solution of male activists like Boylan is to “double-down” on the same unrealistic, unreachable goals, using the exact same tactics.
Lees: Insulting his audience with Magical Thinking
Lees: Insulting his audience with Magical Thinking

“Gender can’t be Bent: Kellie Maloney Has Always Been Female” declares Transactivist Paris Lees, dubiously, in the Independent.
No one actually believes that aging boxing promoter and father of three Frank Maloney -having been “outed” to tabloids by a fellow member of his crossdresser support group- is now or has ever been female. Even Frank doesn’t believe it. If he actually believed that both he and his wife are female, would he announce that “I still don’t think that children should be brought up in same-sex marriages.’’ One thinks not.

“When you refer to Kellie Maloney with male pronouns, you’re telling me something about yourself and how you view people who change their gender,” Lees chides.

 That’s right, Paris. What we’re telling you is that we view you as what you truly are: Transgender. As in: people that would like to occupy a sex-role normally imposed on the opposite sex, for your own enjoyment. Confirmed in the same text here:

 “I can tell you what it felt like before I was able to express myself the way that makes me feel happiest.”

 And what makes Paris feel happiest is expressing himself “as a woman” by trolling alleys and public parks for lots of sex with other men, and inviting random dudes to grope his moobs on public transport while telling him how pretty he is. Paris Lees doesn’t actually believe that he or Frank are female, and he knows you also don’t. He doesn’t really want you to (what would be special about THAT?) or expect you to. He just wants you to pretend that you do. Just use the pretty words. The magic words:

 “Just refer to her as “she”. I’ve done it in this article. It’s not hard.”

 Activists of the Boylan and Lees school simply double-down on the magical thinking even as they are mystified, (simply mystified!) why the decades-long tactics of the transgender movement stall the closer they get to the mainstream. Their male brethren continue the “activism” of demanding that lesbians accept the penis as a female organ, and harass and threaten feminists whom they claim diminish their rights as men.
Meanwhile, some other transgender activists are tired of banging that same old broken drum and waiting for the magic to happen. Let’s call this the dawn of Neo Transactivism.

From an essay titled “Accept Yourself”, Miranda Yardley writes:

  • we are sexually dimorphic animals;
  • transwomen are biologically male;
  • sex-based socialisation *is* a thing; and
  • the lived lives of women and transwomen are different.

The wider cult of trans dismiss these four ideas, and will not even come to the table to debate it. This is a problem outside the trans community, as these matters affect women directly (and they are, after all, oppressed under patriarchy) and also within the trans community: how can someone who, for example, transitions as a middle-aged man after having fathered two children suddenly ‘have always been a woman’?
The answer to this, of course, is they haven’t: I know this, you know this, women know this, transactivists know this, everyone knows this. And this is why these ideas are so threatening: trans people know they are true, but the insist everyone else says they believe something different, or else they’ll cry ‘transphobia’.
Why set ourselves an unattainable goal that leads to such life-sucking concepts as ‘I was born with a birth defect’ or ‘my middle finger means I was female in the womb’ or the shockingly anti-feminist ‘I was born with a woman’s brain’? (These may appear improbable, but these assertions are worryingly common).
We live in world that is increasingly libertarian, where we are becoming more free to express ourselves all the time. We should seize this and run with it: express ourselves how we want, enjoy ourselves while we do it, and have a good time.
Look at how the black civil rights movement is remembered now: through brave actions sparked by great figures such as Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. What will be remembered from the trans rights movement? ‘The penis is a female sex organ’. ‘I have always been a woman (in spite of the children I fathered)’ and ‘I was born with a lady brain’. Is that really going to be our legacy?
Whatever we do, we have no right to do it at the expense of anyone else: trying to force ideas that are just plain wrong and use them as the bedrock for a rights movement is dangerous and de-legitimises that same movement. 
It is good that people in wider society can get behind and support the rights of trans individuals, these allies see men becoming women, who are then oppressed. Ironically they are blind to actual women’s oppression, and the rights of women are balanced away from them and towards those who transition.
This, moving the balance of power further from the oppressed class (women) to the oppressor (men) is reactionary (my new favourite word), makes a mockery of intersectionality and is completely unnecessary. Transwomen and women should be on the same side, and the onus is on the former to make it so. It is presently our greatest failure.
Transwomen are profoundly affected by gender, and we are allowed to be gender critical: surely having a solid understanding of what gender does to us and what it means, and an acknowledgement of the real reasons this happens can only be good for us? And after all, isn’t transition supposed to be us coming to terms with who we are?”
From an essay titled “Keep your identity diversified!” by neo-transactivist and retransitioner Joel Nowak:
“But here’s the thing, if your goal is to convince everyone on the planet that a neo vagina is the same thing as a natal vagina that is a fools errand. Even if you are able to convince some people of the validity of your argument  there is always going to be the next person you will then need to talk to and try to convince. That is just reality. So here is another significant way in which transwomen are DIFFERENT from natal women.  (Not worse. Not better. Just different.) While you can’t overlook the fact that many natal women also have their own “femaleness” questioned on a regular basis – it is a very different kind of questioning than that faced by transwomen. For the natal woman, it is based on cultural expectations – and (with the exception of certain women born intersexed) it is not a “literal” questioning. For transwomen, it is very literal and often an expressed refutation of their “femaleness” coming from those who have a different criteria than the transwoman does for what they consider male or female. And as much as you or any trans person wishes that this wasn’t so, this is one thing that you can’t do anything about other than silence them (or live your life in a way that is less of a big deal for them and for you … I’ll get to that in a moment.)
I know that is hard to deal with. I spent hours and hours ruminating and trying to convince myself that the definition of gender that I was building my transition on  was logical and true. For me, I couldn’t do it. That was the one piece that my entire transition depended on – my being able to convince myself that people’s sex can be truly “reassigned” (or corrected after being “assigned” the wrong one at birth – I am not talking about intersex conditions here.) When I realized that I couldn’t convince myself of this that was where the house of cards that my transition was built upon fell down and I knew I would have to rethink some pretty major things about how I was living my life. In my case it led me down the path of retransition – there were a lot of reasons why living as a male again were appealing to me. That was just my choice though.  know that many other transwomen have gotten to this point as well but have learned to accept and even celebrate this reality.
Here is what I worry about. When your entire identity is built upon something that is still very speculative (i.e. the various theories about the nature of transgenderism) or cannot be sustained without forcing others to accept the validity of something that they do not believe to be true, then you are in a dangerous spot. We need our identities. It is good if they are flexible, but we need them to be solid. Having them knocked out from under us can be devastating. So that is why I worry when I see more and more people trying to make sure that nothing can challenge their gendered identity by enacting laws, or trying to silence others who they feel are a threat. That is just not going to be sustainable in the long run. It is not realistic. I think it is dangerous.
But here is the important thing that I think some trans people need to be mindful of. Your identity is much more than if your are “truly” male or “truly” female. There is so much else to it – literally everything else about ourselves that makes us who we are. And that is solid. It is always going to be there. But just like someone who believes their entire identity is built upon a certain career and then they get fired – the consequences of having that shaken can be devastating.  I don’t want to see people get themselves into that position. I basically have been there and it is not a fun place to be. Some trans people (who knows, maybe even most) will never really face that – but again, with the large numbers of people who have transitioned recently – I am confident that quite a few will face some sort of identity vacuum  after coming to their own conclusion that they have not really changed their sex. And for those who come to this very personal conclusion I think it is important that they are able to transition to a new way of how they wish to define themselves in terms of gender, whatever that may be. I am absolutely positive that if we can continue to create a climate where it easier for these people to find their way, real lives are going to be saved.
It starts with realizing that there can be new narratives for transwomen (and transmen) going forward living in their chosen gender. It includes people who decide to retransition talking  about it.  This is about creating more options and maybe trying to help people realize that a lot of the more militant trans-activism that is going on right now is actually creating an environment where it is harder for people to thrive and be safe.
Flexibility good.
Rigidity bad.
We need more options – not less.”

64 thoughts on “New Language or New Narratives? The Transgender Movement Reaches the End of the Road

  1. Brill! Magical Thinking + Malignant Narcissism = Tranny
    Exactly what does this Cargo Cult think women have, that they should impersonate us? Lower status? Lower wages, Physical/reproductive vulnerabliity? Where is the tranny impersonation of that?

    An article addressing the homophobia with this guy has been published, the gay men’s community has began to take notice, and perhaps this is peak autogynephilic trans; Str8 men have no interest in the gay community, they just want a group to control..
    My second comment that did not get published, but the over all atmosphere is peak trans for gay men.

  3. Once again, the prolifically wordy Ms. Brennan gets her hostile on by posting bile in one space while lamenting, just hours later, that there isn’t a positive dialog between trans women and ardent feminists in another.
    Kudos to Ms. Brennan for using her own (possibly bi-polar, schizophrenic) manic passion to add fuel to the fire. And just out of curiosity…………….
    Since you have claimed in the past that you have friends who are trans women, what self-respecting human being would want to stand at your side while you bury them in self-righteous and misogynistic crap? These folks must have some REALLY LOW self-esteem to even want to be friends with you.

    1. Sir, the woman you came here to insult and abuse has no connection to this blog. There is actually more than one Lesbian Feminist in the world sir. Shocking, I know. Now kindly take your stalking elsewhere sir. Ta.

      1. It’s not even about Brennan. It’s about assigning a particular woman as a scapegoat. A sacrificial lamb. Both as a target for male dis-ease and as a cautionary tale for other women who may be tempted to speak. Before CB it was Julie Bindel.

    2. Typical gaslighting male socialization displayed here, implying Ms. Brennan is mentally ill for having strong opinions. You are a dude, dude.

      1. 4 out of 10 dentists agree: CBID(Cathy Brennan Identity Disorder) is the leading cause of terfaholism for non-trans females.

  4. “Kellie Maloney, Newsnight and the debate the transgender community refused to have
    On 11 August, I was asked to appear on the BBC’s Newsnight with two other transgender journalists. Hours later, they pulled out – amid a welter of accusations that I was a “violent transphobe” who does not believe in trans people’s “right to exist”. As a trans woman myself, is what I have to say really so unsayable?”

      1. didn’t you get the memo? In Magical Unicorn Land, up is down, white is black, and whatever else can be polar opposite from reality tends to be held as faith or fact. Nothing in transland makes sense when viewed by anyone familiar with basic biology or any other component of the real world.
        Mir does not toe their party line so therefore the tranny brigade must do whatever that they can to toss slurs around and otherwise discredit the individual.

      1. Between your awesome name and this conversation, I have no problem admiting that I got a good laugh!

    1. On the one hand, I applaud Yardley for his honesty and willingness to confront – after a fashion – the sexism within the metal community. I Blogged the article on homophobia he references (above) in a recent mbg post: as a longtime metal fan and occasional reader of Terrorizer it’s heartening to see exponents of that community addressing the bigotry – sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism etc – that are all too often glossed-over within a scene that, musically at least, champions progressiveness and originality.
      Aaaaand, yet, his article throws the elephant, the big contradiction into sharp relief: if Yardley is passingly familiar with the feminist position, enough to be gender-critical, just why does he still embrace the ‘Trans’ identity? Stop short of owning up to being a fetishist, or at least jaded by the putative demands of masculinity. Or maybe he doesn’t see it that way? Maybe Trans means something else to him? Which loo does he use, I wonder?
      Still glad (GLAAD?) he wrote this piece, though. It’s noteworthy that whilst the definition of Trans* (Gender questioning/queer) grows ever broader to the point of near-meaninglessness; that the ideological criteria for inner-circle membership continue be confined by good ol’ boys club values of masculine entitlement and fear.

    1. *bangs head on desk*
      Of all the navel gazing special snowflake bullshit….
      Newsflash: Nobody cares about their super fun special kinks with their hetero life mates.
      Stop trying to become oppressed by making shit up.

    2. Boy, am I tired of that whole “reducing sexual orientation to genitalia is so reductive” line. Anyone who uses it needs to take a logic class.
      No gender-critical writer has ever claimed that genitalia are the only criteria for sexual attraction. The claim is that female and male are immutable biological categories, and that there are actually people who are oriented towards one or the other, but not both. For both heterosexuals and homosexuals, either maleness or femaleness (the kind that’s in your pants, not in your head) is necessary, though not sufficient, for anything beyond platonic friendship. The people who claim that’s the same thing as “falling in love with a penis or a vagina” are just blowing smoke — probably in hopes of expanding their dating pool.
      Re: the author’s “kink is an orientation tooooo” line: the idea that anything a person wants to do sexually is okay as long as it’s somehow an inborn trait, and done with a consenting partner, is also flawed. Not every inborn trait is a good one, not everything can be adequately consented to, and very few choices, even (especially) sexual ones are made in a social vacuum.
      “Bob and Jane’s heterosexual relationship is okay, because they were born that way and can’t help it, and they’re consenting adults,” said NO ONE, EVER. Why not? Because it sets the bar degradingly low, and at a gut level, most people understand that. But for some reason, it’s okay to talk about gay and lesbian relationships this way, as if the best we can aspire to is to meet the lowest imaginable standard — consenting adults who can’t help it. But whose standard is that? Straight sexual liberationists’, for the most part. No thanks. Time for the GLB movement to stop carrying water for those people.

    3. Attraction to “identities” is just another expression for the male habit of “falling in love” with images instead of individuals. This woman tries to pass off her own inability for emotional intimacy* as an orientation by turning objectification into a universal human habit. It isn’t. It’s a male habit. She’s lacking a radical feminist analysis so it seems particularly attractive to explain her masochism by giving herself a submissive “identity” which is complemented by a dominant “identity”. Identity politics is a comfortable routine for male-identified women to fall back on when they aren’t willing or able to break free from heterosexist gender relations. So instead of trying to find new models of human relationships free of power and exploitation we now have some kind of re-naturalization of power imbalances in the name of magical, in-born identities (they could just call it “female” and “male psyche” but I think that’s too obvious, lol).
      And of course she would be part of a “jetset crowd”. Poor people don’t find it particularly amusing to turn the hierarchies deprivileging and oppressing them into a sexual fantasy. BDSM is an activity invented by the rich for the rich.
      *I know it might sound harsh calling her unable to feel emotionally intimate with someone . But fetishes are attractions to objects (i.e. roles, materials, body parts, haircuts, etc. etc.) and not people so I think it’s highly likely that genuine intimacy is amiss. As with many other people who are into BDSM it becomes really difficult to imagine what would be left of her relationship if it wasn’t for all that bedroom subjugation.

  5. Good to see that most of the comments to the New Statesman article linked above are actually sane. Did people simply feel safe in speaking the truth?

    1. Most trans-controlled media outlets have been deleting all feminist gender-critical comments for years. Total censorship.
      It’s really helped to create a false sense of reality for transgenderists, who think anything but total unquestioning agreement is A HATE CRIME.
      Looks like they are letting a few through sometimes now.

  6. Their activism continues to stall the closer they get to mainstream because, unlike gays exposure isn’t to their benefit. There is simply no way to “normalize” a 60 year old father of three who suddenly takes to wearing heels and corsets. It looks bizarre even before you start probing the sexual implications. Once you go there, well, that’s all she wrote.
    Further, regardless of how people feel about gay folk, gay rights have no impact on anyone else. Whether it’s ending employment discrimination or marriage equality, no one is required to change their beliefs about gay people, or more importantly, about themselves. By insisting that trans women are in fact women, the trans movement is demanding something that simply untenable: It wants the whole world to lie just because it gives them a woody. Sorry, that old dog don’t hunt.
    The two situations are in no way comparable, especially, in a time, as you’ve pointed out, of greater libertarianism. Nobody gives a shit what they wear. They can do whatever they want with their bodies (leaving kids out of it, of course). It’s when they insist on forcing the rest of us to play along with their delusion, something no other group does, it becomes problematic. You cannot go along with the trans mentality unless you’re willing to lie to them, and yourself. Even worse, those lies expose women and children to even greater risk of male violence. And for what? How does the rest of society benefit from this? No other group in history has insisted that their rights should take precedence over the health and safety of another marginalized group. And this

    1. I don’t know if no group in history has tried to prioritize their interests over another group.
      I’ve seen a lot of gay activism focused on trying to get religious institutions to change their position on homosexuality, to the point that churches and religious schools that receive no public funds are subject to activism when they fire a gay employee or refuse to admit a gay student or perform a funeral for a gay parishioner.
      I personally feel this kind of activism is a waste of time since religious institutions of that nature, under current law, have an absolute right to refuse to employ, admit, or serve people who don’t align with that religion’s beliefs.
      That said, I don’t see the law changing to force the Catholic church to preside over gay weddings. I do fear the law prioritizing the interests of transpeople over the interests of women, children, and the public good. You already see that with sex offenders being granted the “right” to transition (and, of course, the “right” to invade women’s spaces), no matter how much that goes against the public good in general and women’s interests specifically.

    1. You spooged the sheets and now it’s getting annoying. Why don’t you put a cap in yer cornhole and blunder outta here?………

  7. Their main leverage is the appeal to emotions–the cult of victimhood and this pretty much falls flat and has worn thin when put under the light of their own behavior and their histories. Their real power is the fact that male sexual pleasure is enshrined in our culture as something deserving of complete and unquestioned support at all times. I do not happen to feel is discrimination to not trade my reality for a mans sexual fantasy. I expect that more and more people will agree with this.
    FYI New novel out–transracial. I wonder what the author was thinking. What if you could undergo racial reassignment surgery and switch races? That’s the premise of a new novel, Your Face in Mine. NPR’s Linda Wertheimer speaks with author Jess Row.

    1. “FYI New novel out–transracial. I wonder what the author was thinking. What if you could undergo racial reassignment surgery and switch races? That’s the premise of a new novel, Your Face in Mine. NPR’s Linda Wertheimer speaks with author Jess Row.”

      Yea, me and Maureen M had a conversation about this over at Roslyn’s blog and how trans logic will branch out into trans-identities that no longer just mean sex, but race, species, and/or ability, simply because the entire movement is based on dem feefees: “I feel this way, therefore I am”. Which in turn means one must pass as those feelings or else you’re not being true to that sex, race, or species, etc. If you don’t look like those feelings then you’re failing trans. The body must match dem feelz.
      And of course, don’t forget that you can mix it up and feel like a trans black cat that’s disabled.
      The combinations are endless when it comes to those feelz!

      1. I hope the author meant to show the absolute absurdity in so much of the “identity” claims with these men and how people, men mostly position themselves to hijack other peoples real experience and history, and culture in order to position themselves to take yet more tangible things–jobs, money, time, healthcare. It is a con game a bunch of grifters claiming they are the ancient Chief of the Wittle Whirly tribe and if women give them something they’ll take everything.

      2. I thought transideology was going the other way; that you very much don’t have to pass in any way. You know, the whole: if a dude has a dick and beard and says he’s a woman, “she’s” a woman, you bigot!

        1. It does look that way, now that you brought that up, though there would be no money to be made and no real control over people if that was really the direction it was moving in. This is a movement created to prey on the mentally ill and the naive. And we see this the most as they’re pushing for children to trans so young, not really for their feelings, as we all know, but really for the money and control. But since they can’t come out and say this, they need a cover which is: Look the way you feel. Plus, I feel like this message of “a man with a penis is a woman too!” only seems to be coming from the older males who transition later in their life, and then gets echoed by the younger crowd. But not really meant for the younger trans crowd, since they’ve been coached more into getting top and bottom surgery as fast as possible. While the older MtT just get top surgery.
          And I’m glad that you brought this up, because the more I start to think about it, the more I realize that this fight for “genital doesn’t matter” crap, could be caused by two things:
          1. “Women have penises too!…or until I get my surgery…”
          2. “Women have penises too!..Because I love mine too much to risk cutting it off!”
          Because I barely come across “Men can a have vulva too!”, which as Gallus has already pointed out, is because this is a dood’s movement. Amazing.
          @Motherhood- I would hope so too. I glanced at the reviews on Goodreads and it seems that it went over many people’s head…that or poorly written? What’s funny is that I think a lot of people will not want to make the two connects of a white man taking over black spaces is the same as a man taking over women spaces. People will argue that trampling on race is totes not the same as trampling on the opposite sex. And while on certain grounds this is true, many will miss the important part of: claiming an identity that he can not identify with by claiming he’s “always felt this way” is insulting to the person who’s lived with the experiences that these intrusive men only fantasy about.

    2. Okay, rereading the reviews, only two people seem to make the connection.
      Raya says:
      “For someone who has been “complimented” for being well spoken, learned the useful art of “shifting” for the comfort of myself and others, and have heard that my cries of inequality have been attributed to race instead of the gender politics I navigate, the idea of being able to reassign to a more “fitting” race was interesting to me. Jess Row examines what happens when a person who feels no connection to his OWN ethnic background can change to one he feels more connected with through racial reassignment. Using the same ideas behind gender reassignment, racial reassignment is a reality. Shedding your past, undergoing an intense dialect training, and cosmetic surgery, you too can become a blonde, Asian, Brazilian, or African American.”
      One other person, Rachael, says:
      “It’s an interesting premise, but I feel the execution is what lets this novel down. For a novel that is entirely about race, it only touched on the subject of what it means to be black in America, or to become a part of the minority from a position of privilege and power. It’s interesting to read accounts from women following their MtF transition and learn how this change impacts upon their daily life, but Martin only mentions, very offhandedly, perhaps two or three incidents about this challenge within the entire book.”
      So it sounds like the author does bring up transgender and MtT at that. Interesting.

      1. Thank you Gallus for that link! I was suppose to be doing my hair and now I’ve gotten distracted! Lol!
        I kinda wanna highlight certain things from that interview to echo what I was saying about race and sex.
        Interviewer: “The analogy to gender, though, is a little problematic. Because race is complicated in a way that is so different from the way gender can be complicated, right? And there’s a historical identity you’re kind of adopting if you change races that is potentially a lot more layered and explosive than the history you take on through gender reassignment surgery.”
        Jess Row: “… Martin is now kind of unsurprising, unquestionable, a person who wouldn’t raise red flags at all if you saw him on a normal day. He’s wearing those clothes, with that hairstyle, and so on. So what you get into is, you’re absolutely right, the analogy to gender reassignment surgery is a rough analogy, and almost problematic, which is intentional. And in both cases, you have this question of: what does it take to pass? What does it take to appear with the image that you want to project? ”

        So it obvious that the interviewer does not make the connection, but the author clearly does. But for safety of not wanting men in dresses sending death threats and ending his career, he drinks the kool-aid and pretends there is a difference. But I can show you that there’s very little when Jess says:
        “But as you say, and Martin’s feeling about this, is other elements of American black culture are global lingua franca –- graffiti, hip hop, hip hop dance, style, fashion –- those things have enormous cache all around the world, and if you travel around the world you see that everywhere you go. So Martin’s response to that is, what about blackness itself? How can we turn blackness itself into a commodity, a brand? He sees it from a global perspective.”
        Okay, now let’s make some changes:
        “But as you say, and Martin’s feeling about this, is other elements of American female culture are global lingua franca –- dresses, lipstick, highheels, style, fashion –- those things have enormous cache all around the world, and if you travel around the world you see that everywhere you go. So Martin’s response to that is, what about femaleness itself? How can we turn femaleness itself into a commodity, a brand? He sees it from a global perspective.”

        I now ask: What is the difference?

  8. And Christ, that Vice article is awful.’Ideology bores the shit out of me…’ just about sums it up: if you find yourself stopping thinking to get by,, you’re surely in dire straits. 🙁

  9. Kellie has always been female?
    It’s this sort of absolute fuckknucklery that gets us this:
    Fuck all the women who anti-abortion legislation **actually** affects…no…a bunch of dudes have the sadz that it doesn’t include them so we now have to “reframe” the conversation to be more inclusive!!
    As for trans”men” (I.e females), appropriately inappropriate takes down their shit:

    In 2014 we have a bunch of crybaby arseholes who can’t handle the statement “only women can get pregnant” and have entire communities rally around their special (and incredibly fragile) feelings.
    If you can’t handle biological reality and statements about who can and can’t get pregnant then you NEED TO BE COMMITTED.
    For.fucks.sake grrrr

  10. I’m so glad to see this Kellie person being discussed on gendertrender! I watched the debut of Big Brother two nights ago. I am morbidly fascinated. Was sickened at the extent women are taking care of this man as he touches them up and holds their hands under the guise of being a “woman”
    The highlight for me was when the boxer Audley Harrisson carried on speaking to him as though he was a guy. It’s so interesting to see how transwomen suck up to these large heterosexual men while at the same time sending rape and death threats to the women who also happen to notice they’re actually men in disguise.
    Audley: “Do I have to call you Kellie now?”
    Kellie: “Only if you want to get paid for your next match…”
    Audley: “But why “Kellie”, man? Couldn’t you have thought of something better than Kellie? Why not something more exotic?
    All good honest banter between bros…
    Gary Busey only realised Kellie was a man after Claire explained it to him with painstaking clarity until he finally got it. I think Claire thought it was unfair to lead Gary to believe Kellie was really a woman because the guy is obviously already quite confused as it is. I guess Kellie can be proud of the fact he passes. And yet the bar was rather low because poor ex-cocaine addict Gary doesn’t seem to know where he actually is or what he’s doing.
    Another highlight was when Kellie transplains to Dee that people are much more chivalrous to women than they are to men, and when he found it difficult to decide which dress to wear he had an epiphany that “It’s hard being a woman” to which Dee replied, “Welcome to my world.” when she was actually thinking “?”
    Another interesting point made by a big brother audience member was that Frank’s new face actually looks a LOT like Lorraine Kelly and she’s quite a famous “Kelly” so I would not be surprised if he modelled himself on her in some creepy way.

  11. Well i must say i never thought id find myself agreeing with anything on this blog, well that was until i watch your interview video
    on youtube, now i understand your view. OMG that tranny/man/wtf at the end made my skin crawl.
    Firstly in relation to our lovely boxxer friend what a freak it took 60 years for him to grow the balls to wear a dress in public, wow what a man. Never trust any one that transitioned after 21 further than you can blow them out ur nose. Because quite frankly if you can live that long without killing yourself over the guilt of being male you’re not a tranny or a good person.
    He will never be a woman, i will never be a woman, its about time people got the fuck over it.
    However if you transitioned early and hack your balls of you’re sure as fuck not a man, you may be male but you are not a man, You’ve just blown that privilege you had right out the window.
    Youre a shemale, tranny or what ever label you pulled you care to pull out your ass, i recommend one that fucks of late age transitioners (i.e creepy old men.) hence why i use Shemale.
    This wanting access to women only spaces pisses me off as well, well to a point, there are many women mainly spaces that would welcome a tranny as long as they don’t act all creepy, i mean being allowed in a non lesbian womens cycling group at the agreement of the women in that group is one thing. However going to a group meeting about childhood rape is quite another, ffs the last thing a woman is going to want is a male or a tranny.
    No one should be forced to take a tranny as a woman. If people want to play along with the game of the emperor’s new clothes then that cool with me but if you dont want to play thats up to you really. couldnt care less, im trying to get on with life.
    any way there was a point to my rant… o yea i think you’re right. Cutting my balls of sure as fuck don’t make me a woman, its simply my small protest against the parichay. Being a tranny is my reaction to the shame of being borne male.
    The men that send you death threats on here should be named and shamed 🙂

      1. I think yogurt eater is talking about the interview with Cathy Brennan that was done on Transition Radio TV and is posted here on this blog.

  12. “If you can’t handle biological reality and statements about who can and can’t get pregnant then you NEED TO BE COMMITTED.”
    “Texas abortion advocates: “We refuse to deny the existence and humanity of trans people”
    The pro-choice group Fund Texas Women is changing its name to represent all people who deserve reproductive justice.”
    This makes me sick to my stomach on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. First of all, the sterilization of children is often viewed as a human rights abuse. They have the audacity to speak about “reproductive justice”. Infertility is an issue with GnRH agonists (puberty suppression), especially if it’s followed by cross gender hormones at age sixteen. Five and six year old children are slapped with a label of “gender dysphoria”, or whatever the gender therapists call it. When they start puberty, they drugged with GnRH agonists to halt a normal part of human development. The GnRH agonists are often followed by cross gender hormones which renders the child infertile. So, transgender activists have no problem with drugging children and potentially sterilizing them, and then they talk about “reproductive justice”. Children don’t have the mental capacity to make informed decisions. This is being done to them.
    Second, why do we have to deny the biological reality of pregnancy? Females get pregnant, and this is true in all primate species and all mammals. Saying that females get pregnant is “denying the existence and humanity of trans people.” They are denying the existence of the entire female sex. It’s about erasing the females sex bit by bit.
    I apologize for straying off topic.

  13. “Cutting my balls of sure as fuck don’t make me a woman, its simply my small protest against the parichay. Being a tranny is my reaction to the shame of being borne male.”

    Okay, this is the second time I’ve seen something like this and it saddens me to even read it. It’s delusional. And a very dangerous one at that.
    Allowing doctors to cut up and mutilate your perfectly normal and healthly body is not ‘stickin’ it to the man’. No. It just gave him money.
    Taking dangerous hormonal pills cost money. Wanna know who that money just went to?
    Dressing up in stereotypical clothes, using make-up and practicing stereortypical female behavior is not ‘stickin it to man’. It just renforces his roles.
    In short, he’s making money off of you not feeling whole, complete and happy as a male or as a man.
    The worse lie is the one we tell ourselves.
    I hope that one day you no longer wrestle with feeling that you must practice trans politics in order to feel whole and complete. I hope you one day realize that you can obtain that feeling for free without harming yourself, without taking pills, and without surgery.

    1. “Cutting my balls of sure as fuck don’t make me a woman, its simply my small protest against the parichay. Being a tranny is my reaction to the shame of being borne male.”
      The unworthy male is is a common porn trope amongst more floridly masochistic men. Contrast “I am a man and therefore part of the problem” with “I am a mere male, a lowly worm (I have a tiny dick, or anyway I like to pretend I do), I am a tranny who deserves only to wear the shameful raiment of the woman. I grovel.” Note that while confessing his profound shame, this guy brings up his genitalia–a sure clue that he gets off on his imaginary lowly status. Masochism on parade.
      Illiteracy, too.

  14. Thank you for this brilliant post, Gallus Mag. You keep giving us hope, as we keep losing so much, I just read this today —
    Mills College is leting in men if they say they feel like women, and of course a man will now be student body president, since, as always, they don’t want to just be accepted as women, but they want to be in power. Just like the man in OLOC now has access to all Lesbian member’s information.

  15. Well thank you for such a nice reply 🙂
    firstly i have given i haven’t given any man any money, its all free in the UK. So really ive taken it from him. But i do see your point .
    Secondly its not a healthy body, its a male body i find it both vile and repugnant to be in it, therefore its image needs destroying. Its not mutation to destroy an abomination. Being around men makes my skin craw, being in a body of a male is not a nice experience.
    The face surgery i have had is not so much to make me look female, more to erase the male. The makeup is to erase the male, and so are the clothes.
    The hormones are necessary to erase the bad effects of the testosterone , id rather be dead than have testosterone flow through my body. Secondly Im on them for life as i have no way of producing hormones, haveing no testicals.
    The Logic is simple. Men=Evil. I dont want to be the bad guy you see. Im sorry if you dont like my form of protest but thats what its is, a protest.
    The unworthy male is is a common porn trope amongst more floridly masochistic men. Contrast “I am a man and therefore part of the problem” with “I am a mere male, a lowly worm (I have a tiny dick, or anyway I like to pretend I do), I am a tranny who deserves only to wear the shameful raiment of the woman. I grovel.” Note that while confessing his profound shame, this guy brings up his genitalia–a sure clue that he gets off on his imaginary lowly status. Masochism on parade.
    Believe me i don’t get off in any thing, not having a sex drive or functioning gentails prety much enusres that. However i do agree that many men do get off over that kind of thing, but there men with a sex drive and gentailal that function.

  16. ^ this is the Dalmax guy who keeps posting that childish video.
    “I am a trans woman ‘of a certain age’ who has experienced more of life than most people of any gender identity could imagine. My experience base leads me to the belief and value system that I currently hold dear.
    Please feel free to disagree but do so with respect. I may heartily disagree with others but I never respond maliciously.
    To hear more of what I represent, tune in on Wednesdays from 1 – 1:30 eastern when I take to the air on WMPG-FM with my weekly news and opinions program: Trans.Missions, streaming world-wide at”
    I greatly dislike trans that act like their morally superior high-minded laydees and then act just like any other petty, emotionally, immature hypocritical man.

  17. It would be nice if the trans movement had reached the end of the road, but I don’t have the same optimism.
    Frank Maloney, after his “heroine’s welcome” into the CBB house is being fawned all over by press and public alike. Common sense has long gone and tolerance (of male fantasies and demands) is all.

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