Dana Beyer's "Rotting Lesbian Iceberg"

dana beyers rotting lesbian iceberg venn

dana beyers rotting lesbian iceberg key
Beyer’s Lesbian Iceberg illustrated in Venn Diagram

Michfest (Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival) is only “the very tip of the iceberg” says a man who believes that lesbians are “bigots” against heterosexual males, because we won’t sleep with them, invite them to our lesbian potlucks, or allow them to participate in our lesbian feminist political activism as “one of us”.
But mainly, because we won’t sleep with them.
Lesbians are “hostile” to the men who desire sexual access to our bodies, and “dismissive” of male sexual desires, and this man is calling on national LGBT organizations to “take action” against this “problem”.
Before the mind’s eye of the reader (especially those unfamiliar with the current status of lesbians in the LGBT political sphere) travels too far, perhaps imagining a trench-coated sex-offender distributing cum-splattered self-produced pamphlets in bus terminals, or a member of a roving band of Ugandan corrective-rape practitioners, it should be stated that this man is not without influence, in the political left, no less. His call for action was published by the Huffington Post.

His name is Dana [formerly Wayne] Beyer, a wealthy “retired” eye surgeon who lives in Chevy Chase, MD, one of the most expensive zip codes in the entire US, who just completed a failed Senate bid to eject Richard Madaleno, the first incumbent gay senator elected in the state. Beyer’s retirement present to himself was a divorce and re-invention of himself in a transgender “male lesbian” persona. During the run-up to the senate primary he called himself “more gay” than his opponent, since his transgender identity transformed his heterosexuality (at least in his own mind) into lesbianism. Beyer has undertaken multiple failed (presumably self-funded) bids for public office. In the interim he serves as the self-appointed head of an organization of his own creation, called Gender Rights Maryland, whose sole purpose appears to be promoting the “rights” of heterosexual men to be “recognized” as lesbians. Unfortunately for such men, actual lesbians (the female homosexual kind) have no interest in engaging with males, even males who really, really, want them to. This has resulted in some teeth gnashing for wealthy white heterosexual men like Beyer who have lived lives of ultimate privilege and are used to getting what they want.
But his call for “action” from national LGBT organizations against the lesbians who reject him is not as insane as it sounds, because such wealthy white middle-aged heterosexual men as him have taken over the boards of nearly every major formerly LGBT lobbying group as gay funding dwindles in the post DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) and DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) era.
As of May, the board of GLAAD (Formerly Gays and Lesbians Allied Against Defamation, the group severed itself officially from its “Gay” and “Lesbian” roots earlier this year, keeping the acronym only for its name recognition) was controlled by middle-aged, white, heterosexual “male lesbians”. Transgenderists were represented at a rate 11 times greater than their demographic in “the LGBT”. All are white. All are male. All are heterosexual. All are middle-aged white males who recently wanted to be lesbians. All had been (or still were) married to women as heterosexual males.
The HRC (Human Rights Campaign), once the premiere national gay rights lobbying group, funded by wealthy gays and politically well-connected, is now run by heterosexual “male lesbian” Meghan Stabler, who reverted his legal gender marker back to male after multiple facial feminization, breast implant, and genital surgeries in order to obtain a legal marriage to his current wife in a state (TX) that still outlaws marriage between actual female lesbians. He did this in 2011, during his tenure at HRC. His co-head is HRC Senior Content Manager Beth Sherouse, a democratic career-activist and politicker who “identifies as bisexual” but is partnered with a male in the orientation formerly known as a heterosexual.
The NGLTF (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force) rejected all but one lesbian presentation at their annual “Creating Change” conference, and withheld approval for a lesbian caucus, citing administrative difficulties and space limitations. Their keynote speaker this year was “ex-gay” male drag queen Laverne Cox, who took the opportunity to proclaim that describing male transgenderists as male “is an act of violence”.
The NCLR (National Center for Lesbian Rights) now donates nearly all their (plummeting) resources to non-lesbian (predominantly heterosexual and male) activism, much of it anti-gay. Their legal director is “ex-lesbian” attorney Shannon Minter, who injects testosterone and now “identifies as” a heterosexual male.
So, lest you think Mr. Beyer’s Huffington Post clarion call for intervention against lesbians (for the “bigotry” of cock-blocking heterosexual male desires for access to lesbian bodies and culture) is completely unrealistic: all of the formerly gay orgs cited above now exist solely to serve the needs of moneyed white heterosexual middle-aged transgendering “male lesbians”.
The new “male lesbian” power base flexed its muscles last week in a historically unprecedented anti-lesbian, anti-woman, anti-feminist action by the above noted formerly LGBT orgs. Nearly all of them issued statements against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, a lesbian organized woman-only private event that excludes all males. For forty years the festival has been organized by women to allow the experience of living for a week solely among others who were born female and socialized accordingly from birth, a profound shared experience among women of all cultures, races, classes, ages, and eras. GLAAD, HRC, NCLR, NGLTF, among others all proclaimed that lesbianism is discriminatory against heterosexual men, and that private women-only gatherings are a form of hate crime against men who believe they are “female-brained”, including those who adopt female sex-stereotyped behaviors or dress, or who take medical or surgical means to appear female, and also those men who simply have the “feeling” that they “feel like” females.
Active anti-lesbian, anti-women organizations
Active anti-lesbian, anti-women organizations

Beyer titled his anti-lesbian corrective rape article “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and correlates his experience as a male who would like to be a lesbian to that of interracial couples fighting for the right of interracial marriage. One of the many problems with this racist, colonizing analogy is that BOTH MEMBERS OF THE INTERACIAL RELATIONSHIP who fought against racist marriage prohibitions WANTED TO BE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP. Hello? Also, interracial marriage civil rights activists WERE NOT THEN CLAIMING SAID MARRIAGE ACTUALLY MADE THEM THE OTHER RACE. The only people who ever claimed the “human right” of relations to those who DID NOT WANT THOSE RELATIONS are SLAVERS, PIMPS, and RAPISTS.
Dana Beyer can have his hetero “male lesbian” bros (and those they fund) shout at lesbians until the cows come home. They can bankroll every dying obsolete gay organization that ever existed. They can lobby. They can threaten. They can wish. They can dream. They can fantasize. They can coerce. They can pay. They can terrorize. They can vandalize. They can infiltrate. They can “pass”. They can pressure. They can manipulate. They can blame. They can (try to) shame. They can guilt trip. They can lobby. They can censor. They can strong arm. They can gaslight. They can rape. They can strangle. They can kill. They can threaten our families. They can threaten our children. They can no-platform us. They can track us. They can stalk us. They can harass our employers. They can damage our income. They can spam us. They can DOS us. They can yell. They can assault. They can threaten suicide. They can lie. They can do whatever the fuck they want, but guys, NO WOMAN EVER actually belives you are female. And NO LESBIAN EVER ACTUALLY BELIEVES THAT MALES ARE LESBIANS.
If any woman ever tells you that she accepts you, a male, as female, SHE IS HUMORING YOU. You can’t bully your way into being female guys, no matter how much money or power you have and no matter how much porn you enjoy consuming.
So there’s that.
Deal with it.
One of these men thinks lesbians are a feast, and he's "coming to dinner". Hint: it's the tall one.
One of these men thinks lesbians are a feast, and he’s “coming to dinner”. Hint: it’s the tall one.

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      1. I’m so glad you can laugh. I wanted to throw up. If I had a printer hooked up, I could print it out and use it in the cat box.

      2. I didn’t get that YOU made this graphic; I thought it was something Beyer came up with. My bad!

  1. Is this him–bat shit crazy and greedy too? Add to that his arrousal triggers are revolting we have a winning combo.
    Supreme Court of Mississippi.
    Wayne B. BEYER, M.D. v. Wayne S. EASTERLING.
    No. 98-CA-00223-SCT.
    Decided: April 29, 1999
    BEFORE PRATHER, C.J., MILLS AND WALLER, JJ. Robert L. Wells, Sean Wesley Ellis, Jackson, Sharon G. Plunkett, Gulfport, Attorneys for Appellant. Thomas Y. Page, Jan F. Gadow, Ridgeland, Attorneys for Appellee.

      1. “This has resulted in some teeth gnashing for wealthy white heterosexual men like Beyer who have lived lives of ultimate privilege and are used to getting what they want.”
        You really are mentally ill.
        White men aren’t privileged you stupid dyke. White are superior to blacks and men are superior to women. That’s why the achieve more.

      2. LOL! So a racist white dude shows up to proclaim his superiority, and is so stupid he posts his comment as a reply to a completely unrelated comment, instead of on its own. Hey shithead – learn how the internet works before spouting off about how great you are, mmmkay? LOL!

    1. They know they are full of shit men. Part of the fetish is a kind of bonadage and sadism to force women to submit to their will. They will never date each other because they know the other dude is a dude and they are het.

    2. The other transwoman was not socialized from birth to attend to their every whining need.

  2. From the comment section:
    “Kathleen Anne OBrien · Follow · LMSW; CASACt at Windsor Counseling
    Great article. I applaud your work on this subject. What is not mentioned is the psychological problems the TERFs have. As a therapist, I would say that they should consider why they need to HATE and scapegoat. Are they that sure they really ARE women? I don’t think so.”
    What a pitiful attempt of an insult. Does he think that actual women care about being “misgendered”? I know I’m a woman, I don’t give a shit if you think I’m not, “Kathleen Anne OBrien”. Like I try to teach my son when he’s mad because someone at school tease him by saying he’s wearing diapers: ARE you wearing diapers? No. Then why get mad, just ignore it. Transgendered males are incapable of that because they KNOW that they are not really women.

    1. I don’t understand how a LICENSED social worker can keep their license to practice when they make such statements publicly. He writes: “As a therapist, I would say that they should consider why they need to HATE and scapegoat. Are they that sure they really ARE women? I don’t think so.”
      This is completely off-the-charts inappropriate DIAGNOSING of a whole population of people – I’m pretty sure “need to HATE [all caps] and scapegoat” does not in any way meet the standards of therapeutic care. And suggesting that gender critical women are insecure about BEING women – where is the support in the psych literature supporting such an interpretation of women’s behavior and statements?
      Perhaps this person should have their license revoked. No, you don’t get to go online and say, “As a therapist.” It’s like you could have a mentally unbalanced patient, and if you make statements like this to them, it’s like you are egging that patient on, if they have any thoughts of harming (“hating and scapegoating”) women, for not buying into trans theory. Under the aura of professionalism that the LCSW gives you.

      1. Just take a look at that social worker’s Facebook page. He’s yet another 60- or 70-odd-year-old man in a bad wig. Explains it all.

      2. No, this is typical LSW thinking. I was lectured by one of them on how I needed to accept men as women. He is thoroughly imbued with vomitous misogyny and is completely unconscious of being so, yet, like most people who presume to lecture others on “tolerance” and “caring,” lacks self-awareness and genuine compassion for others.

      3. These are the same “therapists” who shame and insult married women who feel hurt and betrayed when their husbands suddenly decide to start wearing dresses; they’re the same “therapists” who call those women “abusive” when they refer to their husbands as “he” or by their legal (male) names or when they dare not to cheer and clap at their husbands’ sudden upending of their entire relationship and world, and tell those women something is wrong with them and they’re just being mean when they do not find the sight of their husbands in lipstick and high heels sexually appealing.
        It’s disgusting.

  3. That diagram is perfect, haha. Couldn’t help but giggle at the description of you as a ‘cyberbully’, Gallus. Oh dear, oh dear. Have they SEEN themselves lately? Good ole patriarchal reversal.
    That HuffPost article is just… Of all the condescending, lesbophobic, totally trans-parent, male bullshit…
    ‘This hostility, at worst, or, at best, this dismissiveness, is much less common among millennials’
    Translation: teenage girls on tumblr are easier to bully and confuse into repeating whatever mantras we tell them to. There’s such obvious ageism throughout the article. It’s total lies, too (well, the whole thing is full of really really blatant lies and misdirections), plenty of younger Radical Feminists aren’t buying this.

  4. Obviously not being gay I’m not privy to the inner workings of gay activism, but I am beyond confused. How the hell did this happen. Did they mount some type of glitter paint blitztrieg? How in the world did gay organizations get taken over by sexually deviant het males and what, if anything is being done about it? Are they okay with this? Are they not concerned about the possible backlash? Not saying there will be a backlash. Let’s face it, these guys are rich and white. They can and always be able to do what they like. But I’m stunned that this isn’t being talked about. It’s like the Klan taking over the NAACP. They’re not my fave organization, but I’ll be damned if I’d be silent about it.

    1. Mad Men!
      It gets to the point that you can’t even be bothered dealing with the insanity of it. Just ask them ‘demon, what is your name?’ works every time for me!
      Hope all y’all had a great time at Michfest anyways.

      1. yes, great time at Michfest this year. It was awesome, great energy, great womyn’s music, and of course the nutloaf was sooo good. I only saw 2 ppl with adams apples this year. Lots of women binding this though *sigh*. 110 cheeseballs this year!!

    2. I am a near 60 year old gay male who has been part of and followed the gay male movement since the 70s and there are many reasons for this insane development. I know this is a womens space but you did ask and I do know so pardon me while I rant a bit.
      Here is my theory. Background: White gay men over 45 have had three holocausts thrust onto us:
      Family and society rejection, which historically went without saying when people 45 and older were young (unlike youth in the last 10 years or more who have been totally brainwashed by the Trans Queer Cult). — this created a fragile and difficult population (and this is not self-loathing; it is a fact).
      A death plague that destroyed our entire fledgling social experiment in open homosexual maleness, which collapsed into death and loss and horror (with the survivors struggling about trying to make sense of our second life holocaust). HIV and AIDS divided the survivors into poz and neg — poz = radical othered real queers; neg = middle class white puritan assimilationist pigs — and no one outside of the gay male world is allowed to talk about this.
      And now the third… Oppression Theory and the concept of homonational pinkwashing – the theoretical positioning of white gay men as the enemy of all queer and trans peoples around the world, the oppressors of all queers and trans of colour and gender and fill-in-the-blank with a group who is not white or male. Once again a societal bully (Oppression Theorists and their trans and queer accolytes) has selected gay men as their target, as the bad guys, as the oppressors with our cissy racist sexist hegemonic collusion with white hetero power and privilege over people of colour’s and people of queerness’ colonization.
      Since white gay men are the enemy, then gay orgs need to be purged of these pigs. And guess who filled the gap. The Frankenstein monster of Oppression and Queer Theory: Trans. Voila, there it is.
      Gay men are not like women as a group. When one woman betrays all women (like Phillys Shafly or other right wingers), progressive women do not blame all women (women are such oppressing pigs — this is an insane statement that no woman would make of another woman). But gay men make this kind of statement all the time. White gay men are such pig sell outs say other homosexuals (white) males since these men no longer identify as gay men — they are now Queer people with a capital Q — a politicized identify of marginalized gender oppression of which homosexuality is merely a subset of the greater non-heteronormative queered identities of marginalization. So gay men will stab other gay men in the face and do so online all the time — but one word against the oppressed gays of colour or white trans or bisexuals or whoever is not a white gay man, then the white gay man making the comment is attacked and purged from the real queer group onto the pariah outcast other side which is the Right Wing — The Haters — which is what is happening to Gallus and the women here (label them TERFs and make people believe women with these views are part of the Right Wing).
      There is no shade of grey any more — you cannot hold complex views on complex issues — there are only 2 sides to everything — marginalized gender minorities on one side and and Oppressors/Haters. Unless a gay man — like in a witch trial — publicly confesses his privilege and power over queer and trans people and renounces this power and has to prove it by calling out Hater white gay men — then he is the same as Fred Phelps, Dick Cheney, Adolph Hitler.
      I have read blogs by one time left leaning but not crazy gay men who have been out and gay for decades actually claim to really be bisexual and open to trans genitals simply to distance themselves from being seen as bad white gay men and curry favour with the Queer Trans juggernaut who patrols and controls all queer outlets in arts, media, social services and so on.
      THIS IS INSANE of course. Everything to do with trans IS INSANE.
      There are many more reasons for all this but this is one synopsis of WHY. Personally, I have been excommunicated from the Queer Community (the worst is the blog Joe My God which worships trans and loves shaming and stabbing any gay men who criticise it — again because Joe is poz, therefore marginalized, therefore queered like the Trans). Most of my still living peers (the few left) are either so burned out that they respond in a sing-song voice to all of this — oh let’s all be friends against the Tea Party fascists — or else they have dropped out and have no interest in any of this. I plan to join this latter group as soon as I can since 15 years of dealing with this insanity has literally destroyed any connection I once felt with gay anything.
      Sorry to go on so long but no other gay man will respond to your query because no other gay men will admit to reading this blog! They have drunk the koolade of Trans (indeed in Toronto the former gay paper and web is now completely trans and an article about Michigan festival crows with triumph that TERFs are on the run like the last Nazi hold-outs being routed out of the Queer world like vermin. INSANE.
      Be careful what you wish for. Fighting oppression and racism and championing human rights has been twisted and abused in a manner that would make a hard-core Stalinist or Chinese Cultural Revolutionary applaud with amazement at the ruthless Trans take over of the gay movement by abusing the very rules those gays put into place to protect what we once believed were our weaker allies.
      Last word: I did not suffer and fight for male homosexual rights for 45 years to have heterosexual men in dresses throw me into the gutter and take over the world I helped to build — and THIS is what has happened. Uncle! They win. I have had enough and am too old to do anything other than last gasps screams on the internet to small pockets of sane people who really understand what I am saying. How ironic it is that that small group is women. And not a gay man in sight — all dead or brainwashed or worse. Beyond sad.
      Gallus, thank you again for letting me rant on your brave and important space of freedom.

      1. coelacanth,
        If you are on Facebook there is a new page called We are homosexuals, not homogenderals. It is run by gay men and also takes on the trans insanity epidemic.

      2. @coelacanth, thank you so much for taking the time to explain the situation. I’m only ten years younger I remember the horror of the dying times. I lost some good friends and remember the loss of reality, and yes the fragility. And I can see the way whiteness is used as a slur, almost as a blood libel in some social justice circles. It’s a silencing tactic, of course, especially since most of those making those accusations are just as white. I swear, it’s as though someone sat down and dissected all the various rights movements of the past fifty years or so and planned a tactical assault to destroy them.

      3. This is a fantastic comment, coelacanth. Thank you for sharing it. You illustrate the kind of thought that is rampant all over what used to be the left.
        The zero-sum Oppression Theorists are a bunch of Khmer Rouge Year Zero bullshit, and the internet has only intensified it. God knows where this crazy train ends up.

      4. “I swear, it’s as though someone sat down and dissected all the various rights movements of the past fifty years or so and planned a tactical assault to destroy them.”
        Yes Roslyn, that’s what it looks like to me too.

      5. Thank you, Coelacanth. You got me wondering if the “Queer” label is also a way for bisexuals to have more access to everyone and not be treated with the suspicioun they deserve. Who else would be insisting there is no real difference between males and females, and not have a problem with being sexually involved with men posing as Lesbians? Lesbians and Gay men are both oppressed by bisexuals, who can have access to us and then opt for “normal” privilege when it suits them.
        Just to warn you, my experience with the “We are homosexuals, not homogenderals” was to be insulted and slammed by the trans and their supporters to where I might as well have been at a trans site.

      6. ” is also a way for bisexuals to have more access to everyone”
        According to genderists bisexual wasn’t inclusive enough and the definitionis was changed to: Attraction to the same and other genders.
        Too bad I’m not attracted to genders but sex – this fact alone makes me an enemy.

      7. coelacanth,
        It IS nice to see other gay men take on these issues! Where are we?? You’re right, most of this generation of gay males have just been brainwashed by queer theory and trans politics that they don’t examine. Unfortunately I do feel it was gay men who initially opened the door to these people and that has and will continue to cost us, and more directly our lesbian sisters. Jim Fouratt of Gay Liberation front and the Stonewall riots is also very critical of Transgenderism, but I don’t see much from him.
        You are welcome to come over to ‘We are homosexuals not homogenderuals” Unfortunately as Bev Jo pointed out, we often have trans supporters stopping by to tell us how awful we are and harass us and our commentors trying to arm twist us into silence and submission.

      8. I read your comment yesterday and was hesitant to reply because this is a woman’s space, but in the spirit of the question, as an also nearly 60 year old gay man who’s been out since his teens in the 1970’s, you may have heard me applauding loudly at your succinct, intelligent response.
        There’s one point I want to expand on. While there is no question in my mind that “Queer” is an anything but gay closet reaction, it’s more perfidious effect is to marginalize the fuck out of lesbians. By making lesbians one more “narrative” in “queer theory”, the real issues faced by lesbians are comfortably ignored by the “queer theorists”.
        Adding in the willful misinterpretation of gender as some sort of innate soul reality, then gives men the ability to prey on lesbians by pretending to be lesbian, only somehow better. The complicity of the gay rights organizations in this further marginalization of lesbians causes me great despair. Like you, after years of fighting for gay and lesbian rights, and I like to think years of support for feminists, I am baffled and exhausted that it has come to this, a male costume party masquerading as a social movement with the specific goal of further kicking on the lesbians.
        There are many gay men who read this blog and it is time for us to organize and stop this madness. I really just wish I knew how.

      9. rosylyn, thanks for your comments and as well to the others — to “who is cis” I saw your blog because Gallus or someone here linked to it and I thought what a brave gay man! I do not use facebook or twithead or any of the so called social media (the new opiate of the masses — actually the crack of the masses) and Gallus’ blog is the only one left I check in on (an atoll of sanity in oceans of madness) but I support your bravery! I have never heard of a gay man under 35 who is not transjacked and worshipping trans. I have also been commenting against this trans stuff for years and as I said have been driven away from or banned from Joe My God and Daily Xtra in Toronto, the latter now being a trans space.
        final comment on this:
        Another theory: Revenge of the Kinsey 1 to 5s: Kinsey was very right on with his scale of sexuality with 0 being exclusive hetero and 6 being exclusive homo. The 0s are 90% of the worlds population and they are not in denial or waiting to be introduced to bisexuality or any bullshit — het is het for men and women and that is life so great. At the 6 end are the 2% of the total human population at any time who are exclusively homosexual, male or female — this group is identical to the 0 hets in our exclusivity — it was once called homosexuality and is NOT bisexuality or transgender. The Kinsey 1 to 5s include ALL bisexuals, trans people of all kinds, pansexual, omnisexuals, monkeysexuals whatever. And I would argue that after the 6 homosexuals got our rights (everywhere but the USA in law) the 1 to 5s stepped out of the shadows and have taken over the gay and lesbian homosexual movement on every level by bullying, conning, attacking and sneakiness. First in the late 90s by writing theory (Judith Butler and others began this insanity) that claimed that all 0s and 6s are really 1 to 5s in denial and that exclusivity in any sexuality is EVIL and not real even if people say it is (we are lying). Trans were the proof of this new form of better human sexuality. Blah blah history and here we are in 2014 with homosexuality erased by the LBGT Queer umbrella which has finally shown its real intent which is to eliminate the exclusive homos 6s. Since the 0 hets are too many in number and most respond to these issues with a mocking laugh (transphobic — is that a kind of salamander?) the 1 to 5s attacked the easiest target — homosexuals, the 6s, the stubborn exclusives who will not call a penis female or a vagina male. Revenge of the Kinsey 1 to 5s. There is what is happening — all lovely except they have anhialated homosexuals to get what they want and now they are attacking women via former transvestites, hetero men whose fetish is autogynophilia and who hate male homosexuals (like many het males do) but love being part of the new 1 to 5 trans bi anything goes sexy panties thang. (FYI google Stu Rassmussen for the most obnoxious example of autogynophilia I have ever read about — the male mayor of a Seattle town, he put in fake boobs and wears miniskirts and bragged about being hard all the time at the feel of his lady boobs — horrible creature).
        Anyway, a rant again by a gay man exhausted by my tribe being wiped out by trans mania. Thank you Gallus — one day when sanity returns, you will be recognized in the mainstream for what you are doing. We are behind you here. Even if some of us have lost the will to bleat after decades of trans beat downs and assaults by fellow gay men and lesbians who have trans-formed themselves into 1 to 5s and betrayed their birthright as proud 6s.

      10. Cœlacanth is someone I consider a confrère, even brother in arms, and I want to assure him that I have not given up and that I read GenderTrender regularly.

      1. ‘And I can see the way whiteness is used as a slur, almost as a blood libel in some social justice circles.’
        I’ve seen trolls deliberately use racial issues as a way to try to divide women. It’s just incredibly disrespectful to WoC, especially when their are genuine intersectionality issues within feminism that need addressing.
        (Links to Return of Kings,which I’m sorry to do even through Do Not Link)
        There absolutely is deliberate sabotage going on.
        (We should also bear in mind, that although obviously some genuine MtT can be pretty awful all by themselves without any help, some of it is coming from trolls)

  5. Another one: A 61-year-old macho boxing promoter has suddenly decided that he’s been a woman all of his life:
    I am sorry, but I don’t buy it. If you are really a “female living in the wrong body” how do you go 61 years before finally deciding to do something about it?
    This guy is in the twilight of his career and now he’s just trying to find another angle to keep his name in the limelight. Put on a dress, pop a few horse-piss pills and voila! a whole new career as a “transactivist.”
    What a disgusting opportunist. And if you do a search for what he looks like in his “female” form, man, does he make one ugly-ass “woman.” Trigger warning for people who are traumatized by the sight of really, really ugly “women.”

  6. Give me a break–these “women” think they have a “right” to have sex with a real women? It’s almost like a necrophiliac demanding their “right” to visit a few indignities on your old Uncle Herman’s corpse while it’s on the slab at the funeral home, regardless of what you and Uncle Herman’s other relatives think about it.
    I’m not a lesbian and I am actually a rather traditional wife and mother, but no one has the “right” to demand involuntary sex from another person, period, especially not in the name of “civil rights”–as if “civil rights” don’t even apply to the other person who is the target of their demands.
    These people are f*cked up, narcissistic entitlement princesses.
    Why are they being indulged, pampered and promoted by the rest of society? They can take their seven-hundred-dollar Manolo Blahniks, their push-up Wonderbras, and their frilly pink panties from Frederick’s of Hollywood, and put ’em where the sun don’t shine.

    1. Well, hey, Uncle Herman’s corpse exists, and they want to fuck it, so who is anyone else to tell them no? Don’t those haters understand that by saying no they’re being cruel mean necrophobes? Why should ol’ Corpseypants be lonely and unloved just because he likes sticking it in dead people? Why can’t they accept him for what he is and encourage him to be his Real Self? If they won’t let him have a go at a nice fresh body, he’ll kill himself and it’ll be all their fault!
      I’m a fairly traditional wife and mother, too, and IMO all of us need to stand up for ourselves, our daughters, our mothers and sisters and friends in our right to safe women-only spaces and our very existence as females, and stand beside and support our lesbian sisters in their right to say no to these entitled sickos without being attacked for it. They shouldn’t have to fight this alone, without us–unless they want to, but I hope not. There are more of us; we have a larger platform and so more influence among lawmakers, and we need to use it, just as they have used theirs to stand beside and support us on other issues that affect all women. We have been complacent for far too long and we’ve let other women twist in the wind while the problem grew and grew beneath our radars.
      We need to make clear that we’re not going to pretend some six-foot dude in bad make-up and a dress is really a woman, no matter how much it may hurt their entitled little feelings, and we’re not going to pretend they’re not harming all women with their gross appropriation of us and their campaign to eliminate our very existence and all of the legal protections our grandmothers and mothers fought for.

      1. This is so true Dorothy. I’m a fairly traditional wife and mother too. I’ve been a SAHM for a decade now and I’m ashamed of the fact that this has been going on and I hadn’t even noticed. I’ve not stood with my lesbian sisters against this onslaught of fuckery. I’ve gotten a lot of support from the posts on my blog, and I’ve been very clear that this is not “harmless” and progressive. This is literally a matter of life and death for women everywhere regardless of their sexual orientation or whether they are blue or red politically. We’ve got to stop this now.

    2. autogynephilia, on pubmed –
      Case report of autogynophilia–family, ethical and surgical implications.^
      The she-male phenomenon and the concept of partial autogynephilia.
      ^they think people don’t notice- but I don’t want these guys showering next to one of my children and I am not a bigot for not wanting a six year old to see a grown man’s penis that close, and certainly when she is an adult, I am quite certain we wont go looking at penises together, so no, it is not a natural ‘thing’ for a child to see with their parent. I am just putting children’s safety first.
      Keep it away- esp from children. 99% of the time, the mom is with the children and they need that break to duck into the ladies’ room [in malls and grocery stores].
      If you flash a penis and there are children around, everyone in the building will know you got a dick and purposely let a child see it if I am there. I don’t care whose dick a guy sucked to get his ID changed to women – he is in every, physically aspect a man looking for a legal way to expose his penis to pre-pubescent girls, cause he gets off on ‘virgins’ seeing his dick[a known paraphilia confessed on 800 numbers].
      Not hurting anyone? It harms the girls and women that have children with them. It harms rape and domestic abuse survivors.
      I am alarmed by the pedophilic overtones some of these guys clearly have, and if you call a five year old child a ‘womb turd’ in front of the wrong mother,….[also documented on pub-med]
      When they mess up, Collect the evidence and post it. Not only post it, but share it. Make them accountable. These are autogynephilic men. Many are avid porn consumers, so their over view of actual women is pretty low.
      A large number of these guys seem to have a narcissistic entitlement to their right to live in a sex fantasy of being a slutty party-girl and make us participate and forces women to say he is exactly like a woman, . He might as well Say: ‘If you don’t play along mommy, I will be bad all day and ruin your life-type of little boy’ that is set out to ruin as many women’s groups as they can.
      this is a -demand for mommy and her friends to mother him & do a bunch of free-shit for him. It is a sad autogynephilic and sexist, woman hating man that does this. They need to stop begging at tits and grow up.
      Some of these guys are very attached to the very organ their chromosomes made male. They just love their penis! More than anything. This makes them- NOT gender dysphoric, meaning- their dress-up is 100% sex fantasy they feel entitled to have at the expense of women’ s safety. .
      That inner voice tells you not to trust someone, don’t. Your safety comes first, you have a right NOT to get undressed with a man in the room.
      And, that is in male nature, If any man that wants to, can put on a dress and come in to the ladies’ room anytime they want, they will.
      If they can get hired over a woman by putting on a dress in a company with gender quotas, oh, they will [and I think this is already going on..]

  7. Hey, why am I not mentioned when I’ve been writing against the trans cult longer than anyone else I’ve heard of — in 1973, in Dykes and Gorgons, many articles since, our book in 1990, my blog, at conferences, etc.? As much under attack as we are, I guess if they name all of us, it will be clear that it’s way more than they want to think about.
    This is brilliant, Gallus Mag. One of our most important jobs now is to let all who donate to the groups who’ve been taken over by the het women to know and to stop. If nothing else might reach some about how bad things are, this could do it.

    1. lol yes his list is somewhat arbitrary. I love how I’m named in the same breath as a woman who has created and maintained an incredible musical festival and women’s village for nearly forty years through her blood sweat and tears. LOL
      I’m surprised he didn’t name the woman working at the local shop who “misgendered” him, but perhaps she wasn’t wearing her name tag.

      1. I’m just surprise they didn’t include puppeted Mary Daly’s corpse up with the sane feminists, alongside the puppeted corpse of Dworkin. (Hi John!)

      2. But some who are named do give the het men what they demand by calling them “transwomen.” You and your work, I believe, is the most important work being done in naming the truth and saying no to the trans cult, and in naming their increasing crimes against girls and women.
        It’s interesting how mind-fuck and gaslighting work. I notice that some of those who say they are vehemently against the trans keep slipping up and calling the het men “she” and “her.” (I’m not talking about those deliberately obeying, but those who make mistakes.) I’m trying to figure out is it that once the man calls himself by a woman’s name, then many women just think “she?” Some Lesbians I talk with who would never dream of being intimate will say, “But she’s a woman now.” “She’s had the surgery and is a woman.” Etc. They don’t seem to realize that we are more than castrated men or that the surgery doesn’t begin to approximate a female body. (Your work about this is so important.)
        So I’m thinking that continuing to say and write that the men saying they are Lesbians are HET MEN, as you’ve been saying for a long time now is not only absolute truth, but might actually reach women who don’t seem to get it otherwise.

    2. Bev, it’s because you refuse to even engage with them. You say no, make it stick, and refuse to play at all. It’s no fun for them.
      And if they named all the women who refuse their delusion, it would hurt their case.

      1. Thanks. That’s true. I will not give then inch that lets them in the door. There are more of us than they will say publicly.

  8. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands- if not millions- Dana Beyer has spent on his multiple failed vanity campaigns for public office. How many shelters for homeless trans people could that money have funded?

  9. Oh, wait! That diagram is real? Nooooooo….Gallus, I thought you just made that up to mock his logic….Right?

    1. lol. No, I venn-diagrammed his actual words. With the sort of high quality graphics that makes GenderTrender a leader in the gender critical marketplace. A Gender Trender Exclusive!

      1. I just wish the fishing hook would have had an old boot or an empty can of Manwich hanging from the end of it.

      2. Ah! Thank you for clearing that up! I had first thought he had actually made that diagram up to go along with one of his posts or something [I put nothing past men…-_-]
        But now that I know that’s not the case, I really do like Dana in his boat trying to ‘catch a feminist’. I like to think he’s sad because since he hasn’t caught one, his laydee feelz don’t feel like an authentic pretendbian. )=
        P.s- That venn diagram you made up was really creative!

  10. LOL, where is Burchill teaching? Oh, right, she’s Professor Emeritus of the Groucho Club. Regardless, I’d sign up for for her class!
    A large number of non-trans lesbians — those who’ve come of age in a world colored by second-wave feminism and enveloped in scientific ignorance — simply do not accept that trans women are women or that trans men are men.
    This fucking guy. Guess who’s coming to get his dick wet?
    I’m really getting sick of liberals pretending that lesbians are somehow alone in not believing that trans people are the sex they choose to impersonate. Virtually no one outside a small liberal/lefty bubble believes women have penises. Feel free to summon roughly 7 billion of us to the Hague, Beyer.
    A so-called left that allows lesbians to be fucked with in this way isn’t doing what it says it exists to do – to prioritize the needs of the vulnerable. Lesbians are a small minority who’ve pulled far more than their weight for other people’s causes. The left’s indifference to their interests and encouragement of sexual harassers like Beyer, Truitt and Serano is shameful.
    Happily, there are exceptions, like Justin Allen Norwood in the comments:
    Why are lesbians with boundaries regarding male bodied people a problem? Lesbians have a right to actually be lesbian. Respect the L.

    1. Even the odd duck on the right who claims not to have a problem with transgenderism still doesn’t see transwomen as women. Take Rush Limbaugh as an example. He hates women. His career has been built on loathing women and stirring up that very deep hatred among his listeners. But he claims to be supportive of transwomen. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that he regards transwomen as men.
      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Most “allies” don’t think transwomen are women.

  11. Gallus, great Venn diagram.
    Women, especially lesbians need to wake up because this man wants to re-write the very definition of lesbian. It’s a form of colonization that is utterly despicable. It shatters the lesbian psyche and soul. In his world, NO woman has a right to deny his God-given access to her body. Women need to wake up to what is happening.
    “That has not happened here, because the rot is much deeper and broader than the national leadership will publicly admit.”
    Women who know that males aren’t female, and lesbians who don’t want to have sex with transwomen (biological males who “transition) are described as “rot”.
    WTF is “non-trans lesbians”? This is the total appropriation of lesbian identity, sexuality, history, and culture. It’s the rape of the lesbian soul. It’s down right creepy, and in our porn sick and rape culture, men feel entitled to women’s bodies. This is just a different version of porn/rape culture with a kinky new twist. It’s utterly sick, and an insult to the female sex.
    “A large number of non-trans lesbians — those who’ve come of age in a world colored by second-wave feminism and enveloped in scientific ignorance — simply do not accept that trans women are women or that trans men are men. Many of these cisgender (non-transgender) lesbians are political allies, because, like most Americans, they believe discrimination is wrong. But on a social, personal and intimate level, trans women are invisible to them as women.”
    Let’s get real here. Lesbians of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds KNOW that Beyer’s “neovagina” is not really a vagina. A “neovagina” is a surgical wound in the male body that is lined with either skin from the penis or a section of the colon. Gallus, can I be blunt here. Lesbians know it isn’t going to taste, feel, or respond like the real thing. Women who have been with other women sexually know there is a difference. MTFs like Dana usually hook up with bisexual women or women who have had little, if any, intimate encounters with women. Or, they try and stay with the ex-wife if she will still have him.
    “Any trans woman who is socially or sexually oriented toward women and is desirous of being part of the lesbian community finds the going extremely difficult, if not impossible. This has been called the “cotton ceiling”.
    In other words, poor lonely dude in tacky dress and too much pancake make-up isn’t getting any, or as much as he thinks he deserves, and he can’t force lesbians to date him, much less go down on his stanky neovagina (if it’s lined with part of the colon it can literally be stanky, and if it is lined with skin from the penis it isn’t going to lubricate like the real thing). Girls, I’m just telling it like it is. We are adults here. The thought is revolting and icky like, but women play nice because they don’t want to hurt his feelings. Gallus, is this too much honesty, and will this post be deleted?
    This is a GREAT link to the rapey sounding “Cotton Ceiling” theory proposed by trans porn star Mr. Drew DeVeaux.
    The Cotton Ceiling? Really?
    I have nothing against heterosexual dudes like Dana, but he should STOP calling himself a lesbian and stop expecting lesbians to date him.
    Straight women want penis (that is why they are straight). Apparently, Dana had his removed. Lesbians want a female body (that is why they are lesbian). Live with it.
    Serano whines about lesbians not dating him too.
    “And personally, with each passing year, it becomes harder and harder for me to continue to take part in a community in which I am not seen as a legitimate object of desire.”

    1. But here’s the thing. These guys are heterosexual males who’ve turned themselves into their own objects of desire. Thus, why do they expect women to be sexually attracted to a male manifestation of his sexual desires? It makes no sense. I don’t see women looking at, pardon the expression “shemale porn.” That’s a male thing. The only person who wants to have sex with a porn fetishist is another porn fetishist. If you want to make yourself over into something a woman would be attracted to, well that’s a different thing altogether. I guarantee it doesn’t start with penis and silicone breasts. As a het woman I prefer my men sans breasts. Lesbians would prefer their women without penis. Frankly, I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to understand. If you turn yourself into a fucktoy for men, guess what, the only people who will want to fuck you are men.

      1. “Thus, why do they expect women to be sexually attracted to a male manifestation of his sexual desires?”
        They need validation. But lesbians refuse to cater around their fantasies. That makes them really angry.
        It’s all about them. Lesbians are just a tool to act out their fantasies.

    2. Is there “too much honesty” in your comments about the genital reconstructive “neovagina” procedure? Hardly.
      I think it is super important to tell the men considering this procedure that there isn’t a woman on the planet that considers the men who have their penis and scrotum surgically fashioned into the horror that is called a “neovagina” as somehow “more female” or “authentic” than those who keep their regular dick and balls.
      Zero lesbians experience anything but horror at even the best results of what men like to call a “neovagina”. Zero. That is to say that the experience of every lesbian in the history of the universe, now and forever, upon confronting a surgical male “neovagina” is one of horror and disgust.
      That is simply the truth, and I think it is very important to state that explicitly, because I see people drawing a distinction between men who have “had the surgery” and those (the majority) who have not. In some contexts this distinction (at least for now) makes a difference, such as in state jurisdictions which accord legal sex-change accordingly, or in assignment in prisons based on this surgical distinction. And often complaints against males in sex segregated spaces (devised for female protection against male sexual predation) involve self proclaimed “transwomen” publicly exposing their male genitals to females without consent, which is (or at least used to be) a criminal act and sex crime.
      So there is some pressure for men who imagine themselves as women to have “the surgery”. And there is a huge push for this in the transgender community itself. Having “the surgery” in the transgender community represents total commitment to the transgender reinvention.
      This is how we end up with moneyed dude-bros like “auntysarah” Sarah Brown and John Ozimek (now “Jane Fae”) bankrolling their own genital reconstructions before they have taken a breath to think. Or helicopter pilot Bob Tur who underwent both facial feminization surgery (FFS) and sexual reconstruction surgery (SRS) six weeks ago in a gonzo alpha male bid for total “female” authenticity although he apparently has never related to or empathized with any actual female in his entire male life.
      I think it’s really important to tell these guys before they jump to these conclusions of “meeting their goals” that women don’t actually buy into any of this shit. Not a single woman on the planet actually buys into this shit. I think it’s super important to let moneyed, goal oriented, autogynephilic alpha-male pornography fantasists know that real lesbians- none of us, ever, consider you more “authentically female” by having your penis and scrotum cosmetically altered by your fellow dude-bros into whatever the fuck you think represents the female body. The neovag is a horror to women. All women. Every woman.
      Men like Sarah Brown and Bob Tur and Jane Fae are medical, cultural casualties of men doing manhood the way men do. As is every other recipient of a medical, psychiatric, or surgical procedure of “gender transubstantiation”.

      1. I think this is a very important point, GM. The “squick” factor with these dudes is very high. Frankly, the idea of seeing breasts on a male body is enough to make me shudder, even contemplating anything further is frankly sickening. And I hate to say that about another person’s body, but it’s the actual truth. I saw a post on Tumblr today where someone said that bisexual women were rejecting trans women because they think they’re gross. Again, I hate to say it, but duh? I don’t know how you can do something like this to your body and then think people don’t have the right to be squicked out by it. It’s not like someone who is born with some type of issue, these people are CHOOSING to mutilate their healthy bodies for sexual purposes. Yeah, I think we have the right to be turned off by it.
        I know you’ve linked to pictures of neovags on this blog and I can’t bring myself to look. Just imagining what they must look like is enough to give me nightmares.
        And, this is something else to consider, if I met such a person, I think the first thing that would go through my mind is, “If he’s freaky enough to do this to himself, what the hell is he going to try to do to ME?” I know men well enough to know that pushing the envelope is their stock in trade. I tell women all the time to be very careful what they go along with when dealing with a man. You might start out with just a little kink. Maybe some spanking or something, next thing you know, it’s you, him, his best friend and his pet goat doing who knows what the fuck. These dudes have let their freak flags fly all over their bodies, and I can’t imagine any woman saying yes to that shit.

      2. Transubstantiation – I love it! Everything’s a sacrament when men do it.
        Great writing here as always, Gallus. It was a horribly short-sighted idea for liberals to affirm these men’s delusions. Feeding their already outsized entitlement will backfire on women, not men. Women who refuse to prove their acceptance through constant deference, and from lesbians, sexual accommodation, will pay a price. Liberal male elites have either given this no thought, or just don’t give a shit. I’m leaning toward the latter.
        Lately trans are incessantly chanting “radfems are on the wrong side of history”. I’ve seen this phrase a lot lately:
        They really seem to think they’re on the verge of mass acceptance of their gender identities, and only a few mean old radfems stand in their way. Like you said, no one really believes them. People who humor trans do so out of fear or the desire to signal what good liberals they are. I don’t really see them gaining the organic popularity that some gays like Ellen and RuPaul have gotten. The media is pushing a few of them like Cox and Mock pretty aggressively, but they all come across as extremely touchy and insecure.
        ps. I looked at Tur’s recent Facebook pics. I know this question answers itself, but what’s with the crazy eyes they all have? They’re scary, and the commenters always tell them how lovely they are.
        pps. Roslyn, your remark about kink reminded me of this golden oldie:

        Sure, Roz, every white woman who dares to dissent on kink or prostitution is a dedicated white supremacist. And no WOC are radfems or had anything to do with establishing the movement. No sir! By the way, I’ve lurked on Tumblr for a few years and have yet to see a loud-and-proud baeddel (non “truscum” trans) who wasn’t utterly kink- and porn-sick.

      3. The hateful trans rhetoric against bisexual women is just too much. Here’s a thought: Maybe some bisexual women are attracted to masculine men. And, if that’s the case, yeah, they’re probably not going to want to be with a transwoman since, when we’re facing reality here, a transwoman is *actually* a feminine man.

      4. There’s a (semi) famous quote from Harvey Fierstein where he said, basically–this was in the 80s, I believe–that for many straight people, it’s the issue of sex itself (as in, what two gay men do in bed) that’s the problem. The actual line is something like, “I’m happy to be your friend but please don’t put that thing in your mouth. God, *please* don’t put that thing in your mouth.”
        I often wonder how many of those Jezebel/HuffPo/whatever “allies” who run around insisting it’s totally possible for a man to “feel like” a woman and for someone’s physical sex to change and spouting the “but they totally are girls and women!” and “He is a real woman!” lines would think or feel the same way if they were expected to actually be physically intimate with one of these men.
        It’s very easy to play the “I’m on your side, sisterbro!” game when the question is academic or you’re showing how hip and modern you are or you’re basking in the glow of attention (and let’s be honest, they’re basking in the glow of *male* attention; these women do not give a damn if a group of other women spend the evening hanging out with them and buying them drinks, just as the woman we used to call “faghags” weren’t patting themselves on the back because they have fun friends, they were patting themselves on the back because these men who have essentially rejected all other women still adore and spend lots of time with THEM). It’s another thing entirely when one of these men is trying to convince them to play with his fake breasts and ladypenis, or get up close and personal with his oozing surgical wound. Do they *really* believe then that the person with the penis is totally a woman just like them? Do they *really* believe that there is no difference between the open wound and a real vagina? Are they really willing to offer their own bodies to these men? Or are they just standing by, safe in the certainty that they’ll never be confronted with the reality, informing other women that *they* should be the sacrificial lambs and *they* should be happy to play with the hole-to-nowhere, and if they refuse it’s because they’re just awful phobes?
        I suspect we all know the answer, at least for > 90% of them. (They will dodge the question by saying they’re not lesbians, but that’s bullshit. I’m not a lesbian either but if I were in one of those hypothetical situations where I had to have sex with a woman, I know I’d feel a lot more comfortable with the real thing–and since men who’ve had surgery aren’t women anyway, it doesn’t matter, does it?)
        It’s like they’re using lesbians as their garbage pile, and are happily dumping their discards on you all because apparently you’ll just accept anything. Disgusting.

      5. Actually, I don’t think it’s a matter of throwing lesbian and bisexual women under a bridge, at least not consciously. Until I started reading about trans, it never would’ve occurred to me that this was an issue for women, regardless of their orientation. I think the general public, to the degree that they think about trans at all, assumes they’ve all have had their penises removed and that they’re gay men. It would never occur to them that a heterosexual man would ever go to such an extreme. Keep in mind, most people have no idea that porn has gotten as sick as it is, or the level of porn sickness that permeates this society. Goodness knows I had NO IDEA. Those of us who are online a great deal assume that everyone has the same level of exposure that we do, but we have to keep in mind that for most of the general public, Tumblr and it’s precursor, Livejournal are as obscure and removed from their daily lives as the Marianas Trench. They know it exists, and have a vague understanding of how it works, but they’re certainly not involved.
        Most people’s contact with trans is peripheral at best. They are a tiny minority within a subculture that most people have never encountered. Most people have never met a trans person, and certainly not a heterosexual trans person. So no, I don’t think most people think of them in context with women at all, het or lesbian. For me it’s been a total mindfuck, and I think I’m fairly typical of the way most people look at the situation.

  12. Many transwomen still are fully intact biological males. Technically, any female who has sex with a post-op transwoman (a biological male who identifies as a woman) is still having sex with male. I’m not talking about genetics. Rather, I’m talking about what is used to create a “neovagina”. It’s inverted skin from the penis and scrotal skin, but it’s surgically rearranged in a different way. The inner lining of the “neovagina” is surgically created from the skin of the penis, or occasionally, from part of the colon. Scrotal skin is used to create the opening of the neovagina, and what is supposed to pass as “labia”. Indeed, many surgeons recommend electrolysis prior to sex reassignment surgery so that the opening to the “neovagina” isn’t hairy. No, you can’t make this up. If he had a hairy scrotum, he could have a hairy opening to his “neovagina”. Part of the glans of the penis is retained to resemble a “clitoris”. Part of the glans of the penis is NOT the same thing as a clitoris, but it’s all about surgically creating something that is supposed to resemble natural female anatomy. It’s basically extensive plastic surgery on healthy male anatomy. If it kind of looks like the real thing, that is all that matters. It doesn’t work, smell, or taste like female anatomy, but they pay good money for the mutilation of their genitals. So, it’s all about appearance.
    An actual vagina is an organ that is part of the female reproductive system, and it lubricates naturally. A “neovagina” will never lubricate naturally. That is, unless part of the colon is used. In this case, it can lubricate too much, and there can be an offensive odor. A vagina is connected to the rest of the female reproductive system, and it’s the birth canal in which babies pass through. What does a “neovagina” do? It basically sits there waiting to be poked. It’s sole purpose is to act as a receptacle. A “neovagina” is an artificially created cavity in the human body that has to be dilated for the life of the patient because wounds tend to constrict and close. A vagina isn’t going to completely close up whether or not it’s ever used. This isn’t true with a “neovagina”. Any wound in the human body has a tendency to close and constrict. MTFs have to dilate (a special metal rod) essentially forever, or risk losing “depth” to their expensive surgically created “neovagina”. This must be uncomfortable. I’m so happy that females don’t have to stick metal rods into their vaginas.
    Because the biology and anatomy of females and males are so different, how can any male possibly say that he knows how females feel when they are sexually aroused? I would not insult the male sex by saying that I know how men feel when they ejaculate. Males, and this includes males who have had their testicles cut off, CAN NEVER TRULY KNOW HOW WOMEN FEEL WHEN THEY ARE SEXUALLY AROUSED.
    Some researchers even did a study to see whether or not males post SRS responded similarly to females. This study just tells us what most people instinctively know already. That is, even after sex reassignment surgery, male sexual response is different than how females respond.
    “Men’s sexual arousal patterns are category-specific: Men typically display significantly greater physiological responses to sexual stimuli depicting members of their preferred gender category. Category-specific patterns of sexual arousal have not been consistently reported in natal women. We used vaginal photoplethysmography to examine patterns of sexual arousal in 11 male-to-female (MtF) transsexuals following sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and in 72 natal women. Subjective arousal was measured with a continuous response lever. Video clips depicting sexual activity between two males, two females, or one male and one female were used as erotic stimuli. All transsexual participants displayed category-specific sexual arousal. Five homosexual transsexual participants (attracted exclusively to males before sex reassignment) showed greater genital and subjective responses to male than to female stimuli, while six nonhomosexual transsexual participants showed the opposite pattern. Vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) was lower in transsexual participants than in natal women. The mean correlation between VPA and subjective responses was high in nonhomosexual transsexuals, but was significantly lower in homosexual transsexuals and in natal women. One transsexual participant who reported a change in sexual orientation following sex reassignment displayed VPA and subjective responses consistent with her pre-reassignment sexual orientation.
    We conclude that male-to-female transsexuals display male-typical category-specific sexual arousal following SRS, and that vaginal photoplethysmography is a promising methodology for studying patterns of sexual arousal in postoperative transsexuals.
    In other words, lesbians know what Dana got aint the real thing. Plain and simple. Still, he is going to whine about the injustice of it all.

    1. It gets worse:
      This study is the first to describe the microflora of the penile skin-lined neovagina of transsexual women. Through tDNA-PCR we showed that the most abundant species of the neovaginal bacterial community included S. epidermidis, S. anginosus group spp., E. faecalis, M. curtisii and B. ureolyticus. Twelve possibly novel species, designated TSW Genotypes A to L, were detected.
      Holy shit. This is just ew. I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with this. Fucking E. faecalis. So disgusting and dangerous. E. faecalis can cause life-threatening infections in humans.
      I saw a forum where trans women talked about this study and the things they said regarding their experiences said where equally vomit inducing.
      DO NOT WANT. Seriously I can’t.

      1. So doctors came up with this surgery however many decades ago and only *now* are they evaluating what kinds of bacteria might be growing in there?

      2. Trigger warning
        that’s right, my Lesbian Sisters, if you don’t feel like going down and getting a big mouthful of E. faecalis so some dude can prove he is a real woman, YOU ARE TRANSPHOBIC. Ick, ick ick. Your phobias of diseased surgical wounds are KILLING trans women. How dare you not want to swallow that, you cisgendered bigot. E. faecalis needs love too.

      3. “Although this was not a study criterion and therefore not scored, a foul smell of the vagina was observed in most patients.”

      4. This may be really gross, but in rereading your comment it occurred to me…maybe one of the reasons fecal bacteria is found in the neovag is because the men who have them never learned that basic, common-sense rule of feminine hygiene: wipe front to back, not back to front?
        They’ve never had to worry about it (I have never seen anything advising men to wipe front to back instead of back to front, have you?) and so it wouldn’t even occur to them. They’ve never had to be concerned about cleanliness in that area, they’ve never learned about all the infections women can get and problems we can have if we let things from that other opening get smooshed around there, and it wouldn’t even occur to them–because they didn’t grow up having a vagina and being aware of that fact and having to think about it and its care. They didn’t grow up being bombarded with messages about periods and “‘not so fresh’ feelings” and don’t use deodorant soaps or harsh cleansers, and just feeling it there doing its little vagina thing, responding to stimuli and changing throughout the cycle and such.

      5. ““Although this was not a study criterion and therefore not scored, a foul smell of the vagina was observed in most patients.””
        Of course. Because it’s not an organ. It’s not supposed to be there. Unlike a normal vagina it doesn’t clean itself and so on. It serves no purpose other than intercourse.
        Ugh just date each other or straight men and don’t demand that women should endanger themselves.
        Did I mention that they also found fucking MOLD in the study? Gross!!

      6. Agreed, lin. Yuck.
        We all know what E. faecalis is, but how about the others? What mysterious delights does the mantube hold in its murky, smooth-walled depths? Let’s have a look, shall we?
        S. Anginosus group spp.: This is the bacteria that can cause abscesses in wounds, meningitis, and respiratory infections–so, pus, basically.
        E. faecalis: you guys know that one, it’s poo bacteria that grows in your colon/lower intestine and should not be hanging out in your vagina at all, ever.
        M. curtisii: This is the bacteria you find when diagnosing someone with bacterial vaginosis. So this is something you might find in an actual woman’s vagina…if it’s infected.
        B. ureolyticus: I’ll let the Journal of Clinical Pathology speak for me here: “During a three-year period B ureolyticus was isolated from 103 fairly superficial necrotic or gangrenous lesions all of which showed evidence of active infection. These included 27 perineal or genital infections, 15 perianal abscesses, 15 other soft tissue infections such as pilonidal abscesses and infected sebaceous cysts and 16 ulcers or gangrenous lesions of the lower limb.”
        S. epidermidis: You guys, this is the junk you squeeze out of whiteheads. Seriously, that’s not hyperbole. It’s a skin bacteria that, in the right conditions, turns into a little black mass, and when it does that inside a pore pus forms around it and you get a pimple. These dudes have the equivalent of a bunch of popped zits inside them.
        “Foul smell” is right. These are infection factories. It’s a whole colony of nasty bacteria multiplying like roaches under a damp rock in a home seemingly tailor-made for them: a warm, dark, possibly slightly humid place. It’d be safer to eat the scabs off a homeless man that to put your mouth near that.

      7. @Dorothy Mantooth (great name, by the way), 9:44
        ” … just feeling it there doing its little vagina thing, responding to stimuli and changing throughout the cycle and such.”
        What a lovely image, brilliantly deployed. Thank you.
        And at 10:14
        “What mysterious delights does the mantube hold in its murky, smooth-walled depths? Let’s have a look, shall we?”
        Must we? The poor, mutilated thing can’t clean itself, after all. The needed flora and fauna don’t like it in there. Best we just avert our eyes.
        And, Dorothy–you’re on a roll.

      8. HUMAN VAGINAS evolved over millions upon millions of years. Neovaginas…not so much.

      9. Interestingly enough I remember reading an article that talked about the menstrual cycle as a cleaning mechanism to rid the vagina of harmful bacteria introduced by intercourse. Obviously as a healthy part of the female reproductive system the vagina would have ways to keep itself healthy. I just find it hard to believe that these doctors haven’t been sued up to their eyebrows. How is introducing a harbor for all manner of nasty microbes into an otherwise healthy body not malpractice? Who on earth thought this was a good idea?

      10. @Dorothy-“This may be really gross, but in rereading your comment it occurred to me…maybe one of the reasons fecal bacteria is found in the neovag is because the men who have them never learned that basic, common-sense rule of feminine hygiene: wipe front to back, not back to front?”

        You know, I also wouldn’t be shocked if they’re also engaging in butt-2-neovag sex and since, unlike the awesome vagina, it’s not cleansing itself out, beacuse, well, like everyone else here has pointed out, it’s just a gaping wound. I wounldn’t put it past them since a lot of them are hooked on porn and well, porn’s motto is; Got a hole? Stick a peen in it!”

      11. The paper referred to the vaginal ****hydrogen peroxide producing**** lactobacilli. Powerful stuff. Only one of those 50 dudes had any trace of that bacteria (srsly, how did he get it?).
        The thought of anyone putting their mouth near that thing is nauseating. They really need to stick to dudes who will put their things anywhere.

      12. I would think men would be taught to wipe front to back, if only because women are typically the ones who potty train them. At least that’s how I taught my boys. After all, the scrotum is wrinkly and moist and obviously a great place for bacteria to grow, and they get jock itch (yeast infections) too.

      13. @FabFro You know, I’m ashamed that I didn’t even think of that, and you’re probably completely correct. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’re having anal then pseudovag sex in the same session, without washing.
        Which is really an acknowledgment that they themselves know the mantube is not a real vagina; I know a lot of women who have once or twice engaged in, ahem, some backdoor with their men, but none of those men have attempted to go vaginal immediately after without washing, and none of the women would have permitted such a thing if they had. They all know that’s not a healthy thing to do.
        But these men know they don’t have real vaginas, so why not have the anal-bacteria-loaded penis/dildo inserted in their dead-end-holes?
        @Em You flatter me!

      14. @Roslyn I remember that! It was a female scientist, right? I remember an article in some women’s magazine where she said she’d pictured the flow of menstrual blood with, like, these little black triangles in it to represent whatever it was that needed to be cleaned out. It was kind of a big deal for a short while but I don’t know what if anything ever came of the theory or the scientist.

    2. What is missing from this description is the internal clitoris. Women’s erectile tissue is as large as men’s; most of it is internal. No man having SRS has anything approximating female sex organs.

  13. “If any woman ever tells you that she accepts you, a male, as female, SHE IS HUMORING YOU. You can’t bully your way into being female guys, no matter how much money or power you have and no matter how much porn you enjoy consuming.”
    So, does this whole logic apply to transphobic people too? Why/why not? ;3

  14. It surprises me to see him call Dworkin a “sane feminist”, she is usually considered the worst by misogynist men. Pretty sure he doesn’t actually approve of her views on porn and rape.
    By the way Beyer, dude you’re absolutely repulsive and I, a bi woman, would probably vomit if you came too close. (Too close = 500 metres)

    1. I know. That was so random wasn’t it?
      I think men just get off on the fact that they can literally say whatever they like. Nothing they say needs to make sense on any planet for it to be given credibility. This dude has decided Dworkin is one of the sane feminists. Based on what criteria nobody knows. Usually she is grouped in with the “insane” among us. But nope, this time the dude has spoken and she has been declared sane.

      1. Because Dworkin was Jewish and he is playin it huge to the Jewish TG and and the MD Jews. Some money and backing if he can get the whole Jewish T and L and Q and feminsts (hahah) behind him. An email went out to the Orthodox women who are very removed from mainstream culture and it said: This person is not a women. I don’t think he is doing great though.

    2. > It surprises me to see him call Dworkin a “sane feminist”, she is usually considered the worst by misogynist men.
      There’s a quote by her that seems to convey approval for transgendering, which is where lumping her in as one of the good ones come from (I assume). Bow down, kow-tow!

      1. Regarding Dworkin and male transgenders, the framing has changed dramatically since her time. Instead of SRS being seen as a last-ditch resort for people with GID, we have all this gender-queer transgressive stuff going on. I doubt she would have approved.

      2. Yes I remember now reading something she’d written about sex not mattering. Of course she didn’t mean it in the way transgendereds have taken it to mean. She meant something different entirely. Trans activists always misquote Simone de Beauvoir too. (The “One is not born a woman” line.)
        I agree that Dworkin would never have been a trans ally if she’d seen what was going on today.

  15. In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
    George Orwell …..
    “A large number of non-trans lesbians….”
    Neoconservative doctrine….
    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” —
    Bush White House aide explaining the New Reality
    They have completely co-opted intersex people, and now they are raping the very identity of lesbians. Women who are sexually and emotionally attracted to women are “non-trans lesbians”. I think I’m living in George Orwell’s 1984. Their play book is straight out of Orwell’s 1984 and neoconservative doctrine. Similar to neoconservatives, they do feel the need to create their own reality. They bend, shape, manipulate, appropriate with wild abandon. They also have their thugs who do the dirty work of threatening and intimidating their political enemies by any means necessary. Make no mistake. It’s similar to neoconservative doctrine and political tactics. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if some of their political consultants have neoconservative ties.
    For all practical purposes, “trans lesbian” is a heterosexual male invention that benefits men. I could care less if Beyer is sexually attracted to women, but it doesn’t make him lesbian. A human born male who lived as a male for most of his life, and experienced white male privilege is attempting to re-define the very definition of lesbian. Wayne, I don’t think so. Women and lesbians get to define ourselves.
    When transgender organizations that are controlled by white males with privilege shamelessly co-opt intersex people and start using terms like “non-trans lesbians” to describe females, I get this feeling in my gut that something is terribly amiss as if I’m a witness to a some ghastly Orwellian machine, or I’m sitting in a room full of neoconservatives.

    1. “Women who are sexually and emotionally attracted to women are “non-trans lesbians”.”
      Of course, because “women” aren’t women anymore, either, we are now mere ciswomen or “non-trans women”.
      We may only define ourselves in relation to them, you see.

      1. They’ve moved on to cisbians? Does that mean I can have Lesbian back, since I don’t identify as cis, or does that mean they’ve come full circle to ‘only trans women are real lesbians’? Cisbians, fuckin newspeak gobbletygook

    2. Sometimes, Non-trans Lesbian, sometimes they are women. Sometimes they are men. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.

  16. In his article, Beyer uses the term “TERF” several times.
    Every one of the organizations listed above ignored hate speech and death threats against “TERFs”. We are talking about death threats. In this horrifying display of hate speech, try replacing “terf” with transgender, and see how it sounds. If anyone used this kind of in-your-face hate speech and death threats against transgender identified persons, HRC and Beyer’s organization would be all over it. Their attorneys would be pitching a fit demanding justice.
    Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
    Death threats against women and the silencing of women’s voices, and everyone of the organizations listed above remained silent. Every single one of them didn’t say a word.
    Women need to understand one thing. If they can do this to one group of women they are trying to silence, they can do this to any woman. Rachel Ivy, Lierre Keith, Heath Atom Russell , and others were harassed and intimidated. It could be any woman next. Any woman at any time.

  17. I know I’ve posted too many comments, but I came across a really good link that was on Homosexuals Not Homogendurals
    Trans gender kids can have their own camps as a safe haven. We wonder why this is being denied to females by trans camp if you know the qualities of a safe space and its importance for females eg MichFest.
    I think it’s a great idea that these kids have their camp, but women can’t have one freaking week a year on privately owned land, and they are shamed and called bigots by every organization listed above. Talk about hypocrisy!
    “For privacy and safety reasons, Camp Aranu’tiq has never allowed media inside, but recently let a Globe reporter and photographer spend a day at its wooded Connecticut grounds during its weeklong session in late August. Campers, parents, and staff are required to sign a confidentiality contract, and the exact location is not revealed until the child is enrolled. “They know it’s a safety issue,” said founder and director Nick Teich. ”
    Camp Aranu’tiq is for those who feel that they do not fit into the norms our society has prescribed for gender. This includes those who have “transitioned,” those who happen to express their gender differently than others, and those who may experience teasing or bullying because of their gender.
    Confidentiality and privacy are very important to our campers and their families. Our camp population is not as safe as we wish they could be in the world outside of camp, and we want to make sure that the only people with access to our location are families & volunteers who are signed up to attend
    They are so exclusive that they keep the location of their camp hidden and they rarely allow media inside.
    “For privacy and safety reasons, Camp Aranu’tiq has never allowed media inside, but recently let a Globe reporter and photographer spend a day at its wooded Connecticut grounds during its weeklong session in late August”
    I have no problem with the trans camp or their policies, but every organization listed above doesn’t believe that “TERFs” deserve to even exist much less have any right to have a festival on privately owned land. “TERFs” and “Rad Fems” have received death threats and constant harassment.
    Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
    Privacy and safety for everyone but “TERFs” and those evil rad fems that must be bullied and threatened into silent submission. Can we say out right, utter hypocrisy!
    “I’ve been stalked, intimidated, yelled at and ridiculed. More lies have been printed about me than I can count. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been harassed, threatened, and organizations and individuals who have dared to work with me has been harassed and pressured. I’ve seen my friends attacked and physically bullied for questioning the current dogma around gender.”
    In the dictionary, under hypocrites, see Equality Michigan.
    plural noun: hypocrites
    a person who indulges in hypocrisy
    The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.
    Yes, sounds like Equality Michigan.. ..
    Transwomen are being discriminated against because they aren’t openly welcome at Mich Fest.
    Ignore numerous death threats and harassment of “TERFs”
    Trans camps that are so fixated on privacy that they don’t even tell the general public where they are located. Again, I don’t object to trans camps.
    Orchestrate an especially offensive and divisive campaign against Michigan Women’s Music Festival which is held on privately owned land.
    Hypocrites, hypocrites…..

    1. LOL at the comment on that first picture:
      How I wish I could have gone to such a thing, I wish everyday of my life for a girlhood I never had.
      You’d be surprised at how many of us say the same thing, Jessica. Then again you’d probably just think us ungrateful.

    2. Skylark, I couldn’t access the first link you provided. I want to know about “every organization listed above” calling TERFs bigots. Can you help me? (And you don’t post too much.)

    3. Is this the group that parades little boys down a catwalk dolled up in feather boas and high heels, with the audience hooting and catcalling? So sick.

      1. Those trans* just can’t seem to stop with the racism.
        Aranu’tiq is a Chugach (Yup’ik, an Indigenous people of Alaska) word for a person who was thought to embody both the male and female spirit. Aranu’tiq people were often revered and thought to be very lucky because their existence transcended traditional gender boundaries.”
        Rich, white people from Connecticut are not Yup’ik. White people are not “two spirit.” Yup’ik people still exist. This racist statement and cultural appropriation places Indigenous peoples in the past and rapes their culture.
        No respect for boundaries. Not women’s boundaries, or Indigenous peoples’ boundaries, or the boundaries of the little boys and girls they are exploiting to fulfill their twisted male fantasies.

  18. What an ugly OLD bag. Might I suggest that Wayne add a Jackie O pill box hat to HIS ensemble…so I can laugh at HIM even more.
    Someone mentioned above that this psycho had his willy whacked{lol}, which I doubt, because most of them don’t & love their ladysticks {PUKE}. That still doesn’t make him a woman. It just makes HIM an asshole with a mutilated wiener. If this dude died in a fire the autopsy would still report HIM as the male that HE is.
    This pervert doesn’t remotely pass as female just a large male. HE should also do something about his aging. HE is OLD and haggard looking. tut tut.
    Well, Wayne, and all the other trannies, since lesbians want nothing to do with you, perhaps you, like other desperate & gross st8 males, should stick to your blow-up dolls. You can convince yourself your blow-up doll is a lesbian who loves you, I suppose.

  19. The stark truth of the matter is that if men are allowed into women’s intimate spaces, our public freedoms will be totally circumscribed. We will NEVER again be able to go out in public alone and use women’s intimate facilities without risking our safety, PERIOD.
    And that goes double for women with young children. Women with young children trying to help them undress or use the potty in intimate facilities are not going to be paying attention to what’s going on around them. Some perv could push a preoccupied mother away and grab her child and run out the door in a matter of minutes, before the average woman would even realize what’s happening.
    Elderly and handicapped women will be sitting ducks, also, as will be vulnerable teen-age girls and college age women, especially those naive ones who’ve been brainwashed into swallowing the trans Kool Aid (I have some in my own family) and think that its perfectly cool and safe to share intimate facilities with men. Just like the unisex toilets on Ally McBeal, right?
    We will have to go everywhere in groups of twos and threes, even to use the toilet at the supermarket, so that someone can watch out for us while we relieve ourselves. Or travel everywhere with a male “protector,” which is even worse.
    Once the “toilet equality” “locker room equality” etc. movements really take hold, we will be so restricted that we will probably look back at the lifestyle of a concubine in a 14th Century Turkish harem with envy.
    Mark my words, it’s coming down and it’s coming down FAST.

    1. You are so right New Reader. I think about this all the time. I have a toddler, and it’s a major concern, because, of course, I am distracted in the toilet and/or locker room. Between trying to find pull ups, make sure he’s wiped, washing hands, etc… I am a sitting duck, and that terrifies me. We will be like those poor girls in India, unable to even pee without worrying about being raped. And frankly I think this is what these sick fucks have in mind. This will force us back into the home faster than any MRA agenda could ever dream of.

    2. One little benefit to being disabled is that I carry a cane everywhere. I never used to have violent fantasies, but since having to use a cane I confess I have thought of using it on anyone who messes with me. (And they actually sell sword canes.)

  20. Just got to say again that all “transwomen” are men, whether they had surgery or not. “Transwomen” do not exist any more than the “trans-paraplegic Lesbian” who is an able-bodied man.
    If we keep saying these are het men in male-defined “feminine” drag, some women might get it. Too many women believe that somehow the male surgeons have made female bodies out of male bodies. They don’t even question it.
    Everyone I hear who is supporting these men to destroy our last spaces or is confused, says “It’s very complicated.” No, it’s very simple.
    Men can’t be women and women can’t be men.

  21. “Skylark, I couldn’t access the first link you provided. I want to know about “every organization listed above” calling TERFs bigots. Can you help me? (And you don’t post too much.)”
    HRC and Equality Michigan ignored death threats and harassment of radical feminists. How could they not know that this was going on? Isn’t interesting that Beyer uses the term “TERF” in his article, when “terfs” are getting these kind of threats. “Slowly and horrendously murder terfs in saw-like torture machines”…
    Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
    “I’ve been stalked, intimidated, yelled at and ridiculed. More lies have been printed about me than I can count. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been harassed, threatened, and organizations and individuals who have dared to work with me has been harassed and pressured. I’ve seen my friends attacked and physically bullied for questioning the current dogma around gender.”
    The link that apparently doesn’t work anymore is a link to trans camps. The other links about trans camps should work. These camps are so secretive that they don’t even tell the general public where they are located. Apparently, they are really concerned about privacy. At any rate, I don’t have any problems with trans camps, but women aren’t allowed to have one freaking week a year on their own privately owned land without transgender activists pitching a fit.
    Apparently, it’s privacy and safety for transgender kids and their families, but where was Equality Michigan when radical feminists and lesbians were getting death threats?
    Under hypocrites in the dictionary, see Equality Michigan.

  22. I am commenting to lend my support. I am a straight woman who is appalled at how so-called “transfeminism” has somehow creeped its way into women’s jails, prisons, sports, locker rooms and festivals. People with nothing but good intentions believe that they should support transwomen in all circumstances and never think about what that means for women and girls, and others seem depressingly happy to throw women under the bus and support someone whom they see as more important. What I will never understand is why having misgivings about this forced re-definition of woman hood is being called radical. Take heart- every extreme transactivism post on major websites evokes a lot of skepticism, and most of it is not from conservatives. They have even gone after Dan Savage and Rue Paul.

  23. Dressing up and changing names and pronouns is so not me, but I’d like to get laid a lot. So can I, a vanilla straight man, also start demanding that women that turn me on must have sex with me if they don’t want to be denounced as bigots? /sarcasm
    You’ve had a couple of gay commenters, who had serious contributions that I can’t match, but just to give a basic ignorant librul het dudes point of view: like most people who are not directly affected by this issue, my views have been totally woolly and vague, with a tendency to regard the trans as a vulnerable, weak (or pathetic, but it’s not polite to say that) minority who can’t be a threat to anyone. So, obviously, it’s best to side with them against those mighty TERF oppressors, who control such key centers of establishment power as a Midwestern music festival.
    I’ll try to grow a spine and a brain, promise. Over and out.

    1. LOL. I know, right? All that acreage in a state that’s such a powerful force in national politics.

  24. Your posting is chock full of absolutely delicious bons mots and proves, if nothing else, that our side writes better than theirs.

  25. There is a back-and-forth going in my local Craiglist’s ‘women for women’ section which spurred this gem of a post from a whining MtT:
    ” re: RE: flagging of bisexual posts (St Paul)
    To the poster of: …”please allow the B in LGBT to be who they are as we in the LGBT community respect and not judge the L in LGBT”. I assume you are a Bi woman, and as such, your statement is so utterly ridiculous as to be meaningless.
    The worst bias, the worst discrimination, the most HATE and SOCIAL REJECTION faced by Transwomen, comes from Lesbians. So your complaint that Lesbians need to be more accepting, more understanding of Bi women is asking for a social group with a history of bias and discrimination to make a major shift. I for one hold out no hope at all that this will occur, as least in this generation.”
    That’s right, fellow evil lesbians, we are responsible for most of the hate MtTs face! Every time a lesbian refuses to fuck a tranny, we LITERALLY are causing their balls to shrivel up and turn blue from lack of use! We must all go find and fuck a ‘super girly tomboy lesbian with a dick’, like this one here (http://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/25xmik/how_do_i_defetishize_it/) who wonders if he will ever get to go out dressed as a woman without an obvious boner and some pre-ejaculate ruining his panties. 🙁

  26. This is a little off-topic, but I just wanted to note that Dana Beyer is one of the famed “intersex” trans who claims to have had a penis (since inverted) and uterus.

    1. LOL that he’s claiming that now.
      In 2015 Dana/Wayne says he is ” a proud woman of intersex and trans history, who was born with male genitals as well as a uterus and a female gender identity.”
      In 2010:
      “Most news accounts describe Beyer as being born with “conflicting genitalia.” The reality is that Beyer had fully functioning male genitalia and elements of a female reproductive system— specifically, an enlarged prostatic utricle, which is the male version of the uterus. But Beyer’s “brain sex” was nowhere near as ambiguous. “People ask me, ‘What was it like being a man, and what is it like now being a woman?’ And I say, ‘I don’t know. I never felt like a man. I had a female brain. I could tell you what it was like pretending to be a man,’ ” she says. “Transitioning is a choice, but who you are is not a choice.”
      As a pre-teen, Beyer would occasionally try on his mother’s clothing, even leaving it scattered around the house in an attempt to evoke questions; at age eleven, he had the courage to declare, “I’m a girl.” Milton Beyer stood stone-faced. Selma Beyer threatened to have him institutionalized. It was never mentioned again. “They were scared to death,” says Beyer. “It was not an issue of my sexuality. It was more an issue of a psychiatric problem that the neighbors might find out. So they shut it down completely.”
      But then puberty arrived, sparking a terrifying hormonal conflict. That enlarged utricle started bleeding, which Beyer describes as “menstruating from my residual uterine tissue.” Wayne kept it a secret for four months, thinking: Maybe God is finally turning me into a girl. Finally, the pain grew too intense to hide. The Beyers took Wayne to a urologist, whose draconian solution was to inject silver nitrate—a chemical cautery agent to stop blood flow—into the urethra. The burning, says Beyer, was “the most horrendous pain imaginable.” The doctor couldn’t tell where the bleeding was coming from, but the injections continued. Years later, when Beyer told a therapist what had happened, he was horrified. “My god,” he said, “you were raped and tortured for four months.”
      Eventually, the nitrate caused an obstruction that backed up the urine flow into the bladder and then into the kidneys, leading to acute renal failure. During surgery, thirteen-year-old Wayne coded and had to be resuscitated, spending three weeks in the hospital. Doctors never did discover the original problem, although the bleeding did cease.”
      “hypospadius and utricular enlargement are not indicative of an intersex condition”
      Dana fathered two children. He is a typical late-transitioning autogynephile. He retired from medicine due to crippling mental health issues and now invests his ample wealth in the funding of various failed and ill-conceived vanity political campaigns. Like many such men, a decade after undergoing “transition” via extensive plastic surgery (scalp transplant, breast implants, facial feminization, castration and genital restructuring) he appears to be experiencing post-transition buyer’s remorse, otherwise known as dealing with the realization that he will never be female. Perhaps one day he will reach a point of integration and self-acceptance. The alternative is madness and despair.

      1. So, just to be clear, Meyer had a cyst–an abnormal growth, sometimes associated with cancer– on a body part (prostate) that is a normal part of male anatomy. Yet somehow he conflates this unhealthy growth with a normal, hearthy uterus, and decides this means he is intersex. Wow, wherever he went to med school must have amazingly low standards, if this dude was able to graduate without an accurate understanding of male and female reproductive anatomy.
        A prostatic utricle is not a male uterus. It is tiny indentation in the prostate that is considered a normal anatomical variation (like a cleft chin) and not in itself a sign that a person is intersex. But it bled, causing his urine to be red, according to super-logical trans thought, it must be a uterus, because women pee blood, right? The stupid is strong in these dudes.

  27. “Cut it out or CUT IT OFF!!!” Rallying cry at SF Take Back The Night Marches in the 90s. But even then cutting it off…doesnt mean they are women OR Lesbians….

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