102 thoughts on “Sheila Jeffreys on BBC Women's Hour

  1. I got through six minutes of this interview. Sheila Jeffreys is SO brilliant and I could have listened to her for six hours. Zoe whoever really had nothing to say and had a hard time saying nothing. I would suggest to Zoe that cross-sex hormones may be affecting the speed of his brain synapses, but then they may have been slow as molasses to start with.

    1. Yes! I was hoping it was longer. Just as she was starting to really get into schooling trans logic, the interview had to end!
      I also agree that it was super painful to listen to Zoe whoever ramble on about nonsense in that granting “Imm guuurrrll” voice. Ugh.

        1. Oh, yea! Good catch! I noticed that too and thought that was strange! You think that was his way of coaching them to agree with him? Or just a tactic he uses to get people to agree with him…or maybe it’s just his way of assuring himself of the nonsensical trans logic he covers himself in: “Yeah? That sounds good to me, yeah?”

      1. I read that “Yeah” as an aggressive point of speech, pushy, like a finger stab, or “Are you talkin’ to me?” (Al Pacino). I think if the interview had gone on longer, he would have upped the ante.

        1. @Red- Yes, I totally agree that he would have gotten more aggressive if given more time. He was already cutting her off just at the start of the interview, meaning he was only going to get worse and more angry from her “transphobic” stance and her “oh-so-harmful-trans-killing” book . The tone in which he brought her book up pretty much confirms this.

      2. It’s a semi-common tic in the UK, especially in London. Very laddish, IMO; men do it a lot, but I haven’t heard it from very many women if any–I certainly don’t recall hearing it from any women.

      3. The debate sounds like it’s between a very articulate woman vs a toned down but obviously aggressive man. Because it is.

  2. why, thank you for the gift, you didn’t have to 🙂
    Sheila Jeffreys made the dood like a petulant idiot. However I wish she had been given more than 2 minutes to speak.

  3. I have a healthy feminine mind in a healthy male body. This is something other cultures have been able to recognize as fa’afafine, Hijra… or even many self castrating monks of antiquity.
    Sheila Jeffrys has NO scientific basis to her ideologies: Feminism is an antisocial construct inculcating autogynephobia in women. IMHO, feminism is a contagious misogynist mental disorder.
    In any case, it’s my life, my body and my choice and NOYFB.

    1. Still rockin’ the Bratz doll icon? Lovely, not at all typically creepy.
      > Hijra
      You might want to research this one deeper before you glom onto it too tightly. India is fascinating: learn about it.
      > or even many self castrating monks of antiquity
      Autocastration for Jesus is not a good thing, it’s friggin’ batty. They didn’t become a third sex, they were just nutjobs with a fear of sexuality.
      > I have a healthy feminine mind in a healthy male body.
      What does that even mean? Come give us a dainty cerebral pirouette, Britney!

      1. “Still rockin’ the Bratz doll icon? Lovely, not at all typically creepy.”

        Ugh, I know! Doesn’t he know that Bratz dolls are soooo out and that Monster High is soooo in? *Cha* and he calls himself having a laydee brain…
        Seriously though, that whole “Feminism is a misogynistic mental disorder” is such a fail in on itself: A group of women helping to equalize women to men is also a group that hates and distrust women…
        The actual wut…

      2. They surely weren’t Christian monks. Castration was a big no-no for any man of God since it denies a man temptations of the flesh. Abstaining from Earthly delights don’t count according to Christian belief if you remove the means. Abelard has been denied sainthood on that basis, and he didn’t even self-castrate.
        The Byzantines loved eunuchs though. Parents would castrate their spare sons in the hope that the sons would gain careers, if not wealth, at court. What does that remind me of?

      3. Kesher – he’s probably thinking of the Skoptzy, a Christian sect in Russia who practiced castration.
        The Skoptzy would not be considered transgender, because they were interested in something greater than themselves.

      4. He wrote this: “When I was playing the male role model the girl deep down inside me I knew her as ‘Angelica’ she was the good voice of my conscience… and Bratz Doll Jade… well first time I saw her, I felt she was me. Now I am she.
        more here: http://youtu.be/44Q1Yn-xPLs “
        Healthy mind, yeah right. Doesn’t everybody think they are a doll? Wake up and smell the psych meds, Chris! That is a character that a company put together to sell toys to CHILDREN. And do not mistake your odd thoughts for femininity. It is all nothing but CHILDISHNESS and your childhood is long gone. What a sad, pointless joke you are.

      5. “The Skoptzy would not be considered transgender, because they were interested in something greater than themselves.”
        LOL, bullseye 😀

    2. Lady brain has even less scientific basis. And the fact is women know and so most men that this is a misogynistic compulsive sexual fetish that needs to be acted out in public and demands that women role play and subjugate themselves to these male sexual arousal triggers. Which is what women are saying no to. We are not pretending a man is a woman so he can shoot his wad in our face. And it is your body sir and you certainly can do whatever you like to it. What you can’t do is demand that I see you as anything other than a autogynephilic male.

    3. Oh, this one again. Hi, dude.
      “Angelica” here actually puts his cell phone number on his profile. Yeah, I just can’t count the number of women I know who do that!
      And like as brought up, the Bratz doll avatar? Aren’t you sweet, giving us material like that to work with! Why, you’re not a cliché at all.

      1. There is a lot more to being a woman, than just having a cunt at birth. It took me an awful long time to understand. I tried very hard to be the male role model for the benefit of my son, because unlike his mother, I cared about him more than I cared about myself.
        However people like you are so self centered you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. I am proud to be a woman, yes a real woman, which you are TERFs are not.

      2. GM, not just cunts but shitty mothers. He cares. And what he thinks and feels, is as they say on Seasme Street really really important. Because . . . a man that ejaculates into his women panties has such insight and altruistic motivations–so real.

      3. OMG is that the guy claiming he is just a living doll and a caring women? Well I hope the money he did not spend on a wig he uses for child support. He wishes he “offended” that would be about 10 steps up.

      4. “There is a lot more to being a woman, than just having a cunt at birth. It took me an awful long time to understand. I tried very hard to be the male role model for the benefit of my son, because unlike his mother, I cared about him more than I cared about myself.”
        This is a vile and seriously creepy man. The genuine laydee essence that he feels inside is so much more than anyone “just having a cunt at birth”? LOL! Men’s special feeelins on what it is to be a woman are so just so strong and so much more real than the lived experiences of women cunt-havers. I am sure he thinks his creepy videos highlight his refined and genuine sense of laydee-hood, but in reality land, they are just super fucking gross examples of what a fetishistic, degrading misogynist looks like in ugly wigs.
        Here he is dressed up like a parody of a 50s housewife, washing the floors. Remember that episode where Desi washed down a bottle of Ambien with a fifth of rum then slipped into one of Lucy’s day frocks and a green wig he fished out of the sewer? Yeah, I don’t either, but here it is:

        “Ah… well pink sandpaper would be much better but it’s for doing the floor I want it with a floral pattern… and I want it with cherry flavor to match my new handbag. I bet they don’t have any at the DIY shop because it’s run by the patriarchy.”
        There are a bunch of videos of him accessorizing his Bratz doll avatar: “How can I make my lipstick make my bag”? Surely proof of his ladydee gender! Obsessing over sexualized dolls is what all real girls do, right? I think I am going to identify as a GI Joe and become a Navy Seal!
        Or is that only for men “identifying” as women? Identity politics are confusing! It almost seems like they only benefit men!
        This video is just really sad and disturbing- an open letter to his son. He blames the mom for not honoring his fetish and also makes some flippant denial of being a sexual predator.
        “As you surely realize, contrary to what some claimed in the past I am not a sexual predator of any kind. One day maybe I will be more convincing, but as it is, if you do come to live here, everyone will know you live in the same house with a transgender person.”
        I think he means he will be more convincing as a laydee at some point, but it also reads like he might become more convincing as a non-sexual predator. But if dude is dressing up like a Bratz doll, I don’t think the latter is ever going to happen!
        “As far as I can see all she ever did was hold his well-being to ransom, to get more money… that she could then put into her own property and pension funds.”
        Expecting him to contribute financially to his child’s care = holding his well-being to ransom. Total MRA speak and he actually complains about her owning property! Is that allowed now? The gall of this women, just because she was born with a fancy cunt, amirite??
        The placating comments from other misogynists who understand his hatred of women are just as delusional. These are the men who abuse, stalk and murder their wives and ex-wives, all while maintaining they are such great and loving fathers. The MRAs have developed their own postmodern white man’s burden. It is no longer about the white man being responsible for restitution for inequalities gained through exploitation and violence, but to complain incessantly about how, despite being on top of the social pyramid of race and sex, they are still not getting what is due to them. I assume all of the world’s models, car and boats? The majority really see it simply that they, personally, do not have all of these things, so a hierarchies of race/sex, and the privileges associated with being a member, can not exist. MRAs are men socially disempowered by capitalism, but it is completely safe, and feels good, to blame women instead of the institutions that are the true bane of the working man. Trans MRAs believe they are entitled to indulge in their fetish “full time” while still basking in the adoration of their suffering wives and all of the privileges of their white heterosexual male status. They see the loss of their status as affirmation of their true laydee gender. These guys are convincing lawmakers that they have “the right” to shower with your 8 year-old daughter at the Y! The good news, if you can call it “good”, is that he is probably already on parole and being closely monitored.

      5. @Angelica: “There is a lot more to being a woman, than just having a cunt at birth”
        I hate to break this to you, but there’s a fundamental problem with this statement, indeed it’s Exhibit A directly contradicting your claim to be a real woman, a realler one than people born with “cunts”:
        No actual woman would ever make such a statement.

    4. God, you’re an asshole. There is nothing healthy or feminine about your mind, dude, or your disgusting appropriation of womanhood, indigenous cultures, and religious beliefs and ideals you know very little about. (BTW, those self-castrating monks did not then run around calling themselves “Tiffany” and insisting that everyone pretend they were women. Unlike you, they were not narcissistic whiners who wore silk panties to give themselves hard-ons and violently threatened any woman who didn’t buy into their delusion. Of course, it’s true that some of them were mentally ill, and in that respect you fit right in, but still.) (BTW, I notice you didn’t mention the singing castratos of the eighteenth century; I guess because there was no spiritual meaning behind their castrations and therefore no tradition or beliefs for you to steal and pretend your sex fantasy is comparable to.)
      What ACTUALLY has no scientific basis is your ridiculous and insulting insistence that you “feel like” a woman, even though you cannot possibly have any idea how that actually feels, since you are not one, were not raised as one, have not lived your entire life being treated like one. You feel like your fantasy of how it feels to be a woman; that’s not how real women feel. I can claim I “feel like” a cat, but there is obviously no possible way I can know how it actually feels to be a cat, since I am NOT a cat. (Do you imagine you know how it feels to be a cat, too? Or is it just women you think are so devoid of any experience or thought outside what you have personally witnessed that you can presume to know exactly how it feels to be one of us, or how you would feel if you actually were one of us, in a body like ours?)
      What ACTUALLY has no scientific basis is the idea that mutilating surgeries to turn you into a poor, smudgy facsimile of a woman will actually make you a woman, or make other people think you’re a woman, or, most importantly, will make you happy.
      IMHO, your bullshit theories about feminism are as ridiculous and your bullshit theories about how you’re a woman. I actually have quite a few issues with feminism myself, but I have real reasons for that and real experience with how it affected my life as a woman, not a couple of sentences I think sound much smarter than “feminism is anti-woman,” and contain a bastardization of an actual word that I think makes me seem very clever. (If you were a real woman, btw, you’d have something real to say about feminism. You’re not, so you don’t. But then, if you were truly a real woman who disagrees with feminism, you wouldn’t be behaving as though “woman trapped in a man’s body” is an actual thing.)
      I’m quite happy to make what you do with your body none of my business. But you keep trying to *make* it my business, by demanding the right to smear your dick-prints all over our bathrooms and locker rooms and other women-only spaces, or by insisting I’m evil if I refuse to pretend you’re a real woman or address you as “Miss,” or by altering crime/health/employment statistics by calling yourself a woman for the purposes of data collection, or by forcing yourself into women’s sports or other competitions, or by presenting a false and ridiculous caricature of femininity and womanhood to the world and insisting it’s totally real, it really is, because you “feel like” a woman, or by lurking in public places watching me and other women trying to go about our lives in peace.
      Honestly, you’ve made it my business by shoving your overly-made-up, big-pored tranny nose into this conversation and several others recently. You don’t want me to make it none of my business, dude; you want–you are desperate for–my attention and the attention of all the other women here. Despite your insistence that you’re a “real woman,” what you’re showing us all is your male privilege, male entitlement, and male insistence that women exist to serve you and boost your ego and pay attention to you. You are *desperate* to get on all of our radars. I can practically see you sitting at your computer, increasingly frustrated and upset because we’re not all deferring to you and playing into your “real woman” fantasy and rushing to soothe your precious fee-fees. How are you supposed to jerk off to that, damn it? Why won’t we obey?

      1. Argh. Gallus Mag, you can skip posting that one if you like. I got carried away. I think the others addressed it better.

      2. Don’t feel bad, Dorothy! That was a superb comment – hit the nail on the head. I’m glad you’re here.

      3. Oh, thanks!
        It’s sometimes hard for me to stop once I get going, heh, (especially since I’m used to being able to do a couple of rounds of edits before anybody reads it). And then I start feeling like I’m overwhelming people with this tidal wave of words and everyone is scrambling to escape and silently begging me to just shut up already.
        I’m glad I’m here, too. You guys are all amazing.

      4. Not to mention the fact that ‘woman’ is not a feeling, and neither is ‘cat.’ Angry, sad, happy, guilty, terrible, awesome, etc. are all feelings. People don’t go around saying ‘I feel like a chair’ because a chair is an object, not a feeling. Women are neither objects nor feelings, we are people, and as such have a full range of feelings.

    5. Your mind is neither healthy nor feminine. Your name is Chris Scaife, and you might as well use it since you couldn’t pass for female if your life depended on it.

      1. He also claims he has a Bratz doll avatar becasue he has a ‘passion for fashion’ and then goes on to claim on his facebook TraNZgender site that that doesn’t make him a misandrist fetish or autogynopheliac (or whatever it’s called) to like wearing a dress or jewellery ..however I have it from good authority that he was unable to climax with a real person in a normal relationship, however he would jack off at home to thoughts of himself in womens clothing up to 12+ x a day! Now what would that be called then?!

    6. You can call yourself a cheese danish and wear a meat dress if you like. I don’t give a rip, but the moment you call yourself a female or expect me to call you one, then you’ve crossed the line.

    7. It is your life, your body and your choice how to conduct both.
      Sorry, you do not have choice over my body, my choices nor my rejection of gender presentation as biological sex.
      There is no crime for calling someone a man when he is XY, has a penis and was raised as a boy to male.
      No thanks to your gender strait-jacket interpretation of your fantasy of what “feels like a woman” because you are a woman in fantasy only.
      I am fine with you being a transgender. Just, not a biological female. Ever.
      Why should I have to ignore my own common sense. I worked for gay and civil rights, I know what they are.
      Gay rights is not the right of a fetish-oriented male to take predominance over born XX females public safety, to silence public discussion of the fallacy of “changing sex”, and exposing children to unsafe medical experimentation on a grand scale?

  4. I’m glad this got airtime even though it was painful to listen to. Why can’t they just let Jeffreys speak without stopping her every few minutes for a rebuttal. And then, they cut the discussion short after about ten minutes so Angela Merkel’s fashion choices “Is it okay to recycle your wardrobe?” could be discussed. The moderator asked Jeffreys what she meant about sex stereotypes, and then a few minutes later she does that. Oh, the irony.

  5. Alan Brain is in this video? I can’t watch. I’m sorry. That guy just absolutely repulses me. He’s revolting to look at, let alone listen to. I had Thai food for dinner, and I’m out of Spot Shot for carpet, so I’m gonna have to pass on this.

      1. This person is an academic? Accustomed to public speaking? Huh? Or did he receive his “Dr” from Genderqueer U?

      2. Ah, thanks for the correction. I’ll watch it. And yeah, he had no idea that he was going to be ID’d as a transsexual on the program? I find that mighty hard to believe. He’s just looking to continue the “trans people are sooooo abused!” narrative.

      3. Hmm, well, there’re quite a few Dr. So-and-so’s dismissing the entire theory of evolution (which is something like dismissing the entire theory of gravity) and propounding Creationism or Intelligent Design.
        Investigation reveals they do in fact have doctorates. They are Doctors of Theology, or Basketweaving, or etc., the degrees granted by such ivied halls as unaccredited bible colleges.

    1. What is with all these trannies calling themselves Zoe or some variant of it anyway? Zoe Brain, this idiot, another one who is a well-known indie games developer- he tries to hide it but it’s obvious when he’s put on the spot about what exactly he means when he says he’s a “queer woman”. It’s getting to be quite high on my list of trans warning signs. I hate that because I know there are plenty of real women called Zoe out there and whenever I see on on the internet I can’t help but feel suspicious. My theory is that it was an “exotic” girls name in the 70s which is contemporaneous with most of these guys, or it sounds like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl name (hey Zooey Deschanel).

  6. Femininity is not a bad thing? Being taught to be submissive and being seen as inferior, being raped, abused, trafficked, is not a bad thing? that zoe dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    1. Yes, but to Zowie, this is what it means to be a woman and he’d like it to keep it this way. When he tires of being a female impersonator, he can then wash off his make-up and go back to using his big boy voice and dragging his knuckles along the ground again as a man – all the more dominant over women due to the sexist submissive stereotypes of women he portrayed and promoted as a female impersonator. Slick, no?

  7. The tranny kinda agreed with radfems in her final statement, that it’s the legal identification as ‘women’ forcing legal acceptance into women’s spaces/funding/stats (in response to Jeffries statements about assault/inappropriated behaviour by trannies in women’s spaces). That’s certainly where the battle to needs to be won.
    Too short and rushed to be much of a discussion at all, but nice to see a radfem get a bit of publicity in the malestream. 🙂

  8. Prick gets the last word, as usual.
    It’s so clear that if women stopped accepting male-invented femininity as truly female, the men obsessed with fetishizing it would be very visible and alone with it. And then clearly looking nothing like real women at all.
    As Lesbian Feminists have been saying for decades, the feminine stereotype, which drag queens and their newer incarnation of men insisting they are women and Lesbians, has nothing to do with women innately The most extreme forms, which too many women idolize, are models who usually are working for gay men and wearing the ridiculous outfits that gay men sell at outrageous prices to trendy women.
    Here’s an example of how grounded and silly models look, which is really how vulnerable most men would like women to be:

    1. Fuck and damn to hell* the entire fashion industry.
      Women and men slaving in sweatshops; animals mass slaughtered, tortured in fur farms and leghold traps; solely to produce needless fripperies with which people (mostly unthinking women, alas) stuff their closets.
      *I’ve reinstituted it just for the fashion pushers.

  9. Thank you for that interview, never would have found it on my own! Amazing!
    My, Sheila Jeffreys mopped the floor with that guy. It is amazing how open pro-gender, pro-femininity, pro-stereotype this MtT is. A far cry from the earlier stance of ″transgender erases sex roles!” that was offered earlier. He does really a great job to put women off.
    (I can’t with his fake voice.)
    There were indeed castrated christian monks in late antiquity. Back then, there were a lot of different strands of christianity, and some took Mt 19, 12 as an order to embrace castration if they are able. That being said, thank you for the opportunity to leave this here (if this is okay, Gallus?):
    I’m on the fence – does this mean peak trans comes closer, or are western religious communities just going down the Iranian path?

    1. Word on the street is that the “transgender nun” story has been misrepresented in the press. A male who has had himself castrated would NOT be allowed into women’s orders. This individual is joining a group for Catholic laypeople which shares a name with an order of women religious. Anyone who is a Catholic–married or single, male or female–can join such a group. He can “want to be a nun” all he wants, the likelihood of him being admitted to any order is close to nil. But the press like HuffPo has run with this, basically misrepresenting and exaggerating. Don’t be surprised if he finds some far-out fringe sect with the word “Catholic” in the title somewhere (like The Roamin’ Catholic Church, Second Edition or something) and the press publicizes it as “FIRST TRANS NUN! POPE FRANCIS IS SO SUPER KEWL!”
      As for “Sister Julie [Joel] Green,” once the word got out that he was trans, the order he founded (of course he had to start one of his own, joining something maintained and supervised by WOMEN would just be out of the question) was suppressed by the archdiocese and is no more in existence.

      1. LOL@ The Roamin’ Catholic Church, Second Edition!
        This creep will never EVER take vows in any Catholic order. It boggles the mind how any media outlet could give credence to this flashing neon propaganda.

  10. “Zowie” was a weak choice to represent the trannies. Booo-ring.
    it’s funny how at the very end, when the presenter asked him to respond to Jeffrey’s statement that transwomen are men, and all Zowie could say is “well, if they are legally recognised as women then they have to be accepted as women.”
    Way to dodge the issue, bro.
    Trans may have big daddy law on their side, for now, but the legal landscape changes with the times. Which is why one shouldn’t look to the law for validation (hell, the law has never been a friend to women, and if we relied on the law for validation we would have made peace with our non-human status long ago). Once the novelty of trans wears off in the mainstream — which it will, no question about it — that legal recognition will be crossed out with a single stoke of the pen, and then i guess Zowie will be left crying into his Sailor Moon pillow.

    1. Absolutely. Trans, like the rest of the Twitter/Tumblr crowd, express a lot of disdain for “respectability politics”. The thing is, when you’re a tiny minority and destined to stay one, you eventually have to build social capital with people outside your radical bubble. Trannies, drunk on MSM enabling, seem to think they can skip this step. They’ll eventually find out they’re wrong.
      They’re also too dumb and/or crazy to see that devoting so much energy into attacking the tiny radfem remnant signals extreme weakness. Imagine believing that only a few hundred “TERFs” stand between you and acceptance of your rewrite of biological fact, rather than most of the planet. I can’t wait to see their faces when the house of cards falls.
      I still can’t believe, though, that the left are dumb and short-sighted enough to throw their weight behind such an unstable group of people. 10 years from now, the pile of mangled minds and bodies will make them look very bad. This gives the lie to the idea that the left is “feminized” – left/liberal men are definitely not listening to women on this issue.

      1. I don’t know if they’re just drunk on MSM enabling. The fact is that most of the angriest/entitled voices belong to those who, if they didnt identify as trans, would be heterosexual males. They’re drunk on male entitlement. I think many gay male activists had some degree of humility when approaching their own activism because they know what it’s like to be a hated minority. White straight men do not know what that’s like.

  11. Who the hell gives Zoe Allen Brain a platform. That dude is so repulsive that he makes my stomach turn.

  12. Gallus, since you gave a serious present to your readers, here is a ridiculous one. Autogynophilia Central with no politics and all frilly panties: T.G. Poufbunny’s Parlour. Warning, do not eat or drink while looking at this site because you will either laugh so hard you will spit on your monitor or else you will be so repulsed you will heave. Welcome to the world of heterosexual male Poufbunnies.

    1. From the site:
      “Pushing net on the Net since 1996!”
      …without a single redesign. Long live Geocities Chic!

    2. Jesus fuck, coelacanth. That site looks like a gathering of hopefuls for a bad amateur-theater production of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. (But then, they all kind of do once they hit about fifty, so…)
      I had to quit looking when I read “Audrie Dove”s, which reads like psychiatric evidence from a child molestation trial. I especially like the parts where he describes wearing frilly underwear “any girl would be proud to be caught in,” because all us women are constantly dreaming of being caught in our underwear and in fact choose it with this in mind, and his usual outfit of miniskirt suit, hooker shoes, and childish hair accessories to make people think of little girls. (Exactly who is this pervert picturing himself being caught by? What bathroom is he lurking in with his dick in his hand?)
      Then he talks about how he usually wears dresses made to look like little girls’ party/communion-type dresses, made out of semi-sheer fabric so they’re very revealing. GAG. They’re short, because he has to repeat the “my long sexy legs” tranny bullshit line. And then the coup de grace:
      “I also add rather mature “I’m ready to do what you want” makeup, sexy shoes, seamed stockings, long ribbons, fancy bows, and other trimmings. Any man who ever looked at a young girl could only have had this image in mind.”
      I know my views on men in general aren’t all shared by some of you, but really…ANY man who EVER looked at a young girl could ONLY have been imagining them dressed like prostitutes and dreaming of having sex with them? There’s no possible way they looked at a little girl and saw something else, ever? Not their daughters or sisters?
      If we ever needed more proof that these guys are twisted, deviant pieces of shit, there it is. This dude is so sick he not only views little girls as perfectly acceptable fodder for his jerk-off sessions, but he also honestly cannot imagine that any man in the entire world might not get an erection from looking at a little girl–every time he sees a little girl.

    3. @as- Geocities Chic indeed! It perfectly captures the dingy normcore aesthetic of the motel bedspreads in most of the photos.

  13. Lol>>>speaking of frilly panties…I see Chris Scaife changed his name by deed poll to ‘Frilly Angelica perduta!’..he claims somewhere that it is so he can sign legal documents FAP FAP FAP!!!

  14. Coelecanth, after looking at that site – of course this is a male mental illness! – I would like to think it has no relationship to women’s liberation at all. But like just about everyone here, I see that this illness does impact the liberation struggle in several destructive ways –
    First, having to interact with women as equal human beings deflates male perverts’ arousal in fetishizing us, so we are interfering with their illness if they have to treat us as human.
    Second, our own clothing, the real clothing women wear, emphasizes the unreality of the “feminine dress” they wear. The real thing is a threat to their fantasy that they are “real” in their petticoats.
    Third, making fun of the “slave” class is a pleasure they don’t want to give up. They didn’t like giving up blackface either.
    Fourth, they need subjugated women to be their audience, as other men are more likely to show their repulsion. Liberated women will not be so tolerant.
    Fifth, they prop up third-wave feminist pomo bullshit about gender “playfulness” and boundarylessness, which has harmed the women’s liberation struggle for several decades and needs to disappear asap.
    Thanks Gallus, keep it up!

    1. Fantastic site. But these men are no more mentally ill than other men who hate girls and women. Remember that serial rapists and killers measure “normal.” Don’t let them off the hook in that way. The women who collaborate in supporing the trannies always dismiss the trans-paraplegic or worst examples as “mentally ill,” but it’s all relative. That one wanted to be on TV and in magazines and he is.

  15. LOL, thanks for that, coelacanth! Those pictures are truly astounding. I knew they fetishized panties and bras, but I never would have thought there was a group of autogynephiles who fetishized puffy tulle petticoats! Bizarre! They probably masturbate to old Shirley Temple movies.
    The creepiest are the ones who want to look like little girls or dolls. Did you see the guy calling himself “Maid Catrin,” a thirty-year-old man dressed like a three-year-old Shirley Temple, clutching his teddy bear?
    I totally look forward to living in a world of “toilet equality” where folks like this can go to the same restroom as a six-year-old girl. Because it’s like, totally normal and everything.

  16. Angelica is now trying to get this site shut down. He has put it on his Facebook TraNZgender account. He recently tried to get Transition radio with marcangelou shut down also after calling his interview with cathy brennan an ‘elitist ‘c%^t’ group and then when mark retaliated, as he is going through a difficult time himself of late, Angelica contacted his sponsors to get him shut down. This guy really has no life and cannot handle anyone not agreeing with him. The vindcitve nature of this person who claims to be a victim and yet goads and baits others by using cuss words and making derogatory comments and then plays the highground is typical behaviour of an abuser. I have no doubt that this person more likely than not has a history of abuse as his behaviour is abusive in itself.

  17. That’s ok. Don’t worry about posting my comment. he’s just a waste of space. I checked on ‘Angelic Perduta’s’ facebook open group TraNZgender site…and hardly anybody goes there anyway. he is just using more profanities and threatening harrassment himself and it’s just not worth giving him the attention he so desperately craves. So just dlete thse posts of mine and dw about it. Life’s too short to waste on these types of people with obvious mental illness and you can delete my other posts referring to him also as I don’t want anybody to get into any trouble over this creep.

    1. He is a major mysogynist and wack job. He hates women and says the most sick and crazy things. I think he accused a 15 year old girl of raping him–well what do you want to bet that is not how it went down.

      1. He (Chris Scaife)was in a relationship with a 15 year old when he was 25. I saw an ex of his talking about it somewhere.I believe that’s called statutory rape. How someone can turn that around is beyond me. I believe he was accusing her of being a slut for doing the same thing when she was 15 and in a relationship with an older guy. It almost defies belief. I hope this guy isn’t typical of these M2F’s out there. Please someone tell me he is not!

  18. “The Skoptzy would not be considered transgender, because they were interested in something greater than themselves.”
    *splatter* …*cough*
    This site is so packed with zingers that I can’t say why this particular one made me snort out my beverage, but it did.

  19. https://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/groups/traNZgender/
    Check this out. This is a prime example of the type of manipulative behaviour abusers use to discredit others by twisting it round. I am not sure if Angelica has a mental illness or is deliberately doing it. As you can see by the emails he shows if you click on the picture there is evidence that there has been some kind of inappropriate sexual behaviour gone on in the past that he of course denies.

  20. Here’s one whining about the “high cost” of “passing.”

    The high cost of passing

    LOL! Well of course it costs a lot of money to try to pass yourself off as something you are NOT. I imagine it’s similarly expensive for a 55-year-old actress to pass herself off as a 25-year-old doe-eyed ingenue.

    1. “You must go to a counselor for gender dysphoria (which you may or may not have – but that’s another blog post) and to establish you are really suitable for hormone treatment. …
      “Now the transgender woman must come up with an additional $70 an hour (range is between 50/100 dollars) once or twice a week for perhaps a year or two. Another 5,000 dollars. Remember no insurance usually.”
      Puh-leez. Twice a week!? I’ve seen my share of tranny “my m2f journey” videos and journals and rarely — RARELY — do they go for more than a handful perfunctory counseling sessions, and often just ONE, to get on hormones. That trannies are carefully vetted is another huge misconception of the public.
      There may be some gatekeepers who require anywhere near this much counseling, but they are few and far between, unfortunately. Besides, many of these clinics are low- or no-fee, and I’ve read plenty of blog posts about even getting hormones free at clinics, and I’m talking US, not just Canada.
      You know what’s expensive, though? Buying all their hoochie mama clothes and shoes.

  21. I want to know why so many trans M2F seem to hate women who are feminists and yet want to be a women?

    1. I think because they are men that hate women. They hate all women but women that bow to them and serve them they can’t lash out–it is “the so hard to get good help these days,” kind of thing.

    2. Trannies are interested in being stepford wife type “women”. Misogynistic men who are turned on by the male version of what men think women are supposed to be. Like all men, they hate to have their BS pointed out and told no.

    3. But they don’t want to be actual women, they want to be their fantasies of women, which specifically does not include: feminist consciousness, in fact any sort of consciousness; none of the activities of actual women, such as caring for other people and animals; and no actual female bodies, please! So gross, unlike our surgically and chemically created bodies!

      1. Exactly they become the male projection of they have told women to be. They use their male asthetic that they made up to sell clothes or make up. They use slut because they can’t use “mother” because although men have tried to controll that somewhat they can’t not change a diaper and open their mouth and stick their dick in again–so they mostly just withdrew. It is all about the “look men created for women, the behavior they created.” That is why they scream male because we have never met a person that is like that. They don’t get it.

    4. Because feminist women remind them that there’s more to being a woman than sparkly shoes and ribbons.

  22. Her dog identifies as high femme too! What’s your problem, bigot?
    I looked at Perduta’s Facebook. Oh look, his likes include “Feminism is evil” “A Voice for Men” and “Honey Badger Radio”, which is a bunch of female MRAs complaining about:
    feminist incursion into geek/gamer culture, gynocentrism, dating, rape hysteric [sp] & of course, men’s rights
    Clearly a man obsessed with invading women’s spaces needs to know how to deal with rape hysteria and gynocentrism! I deserve full acceptance in the spaces where you are most vulnerable, but stay outta my vidya games, bitches!
    He, Valerie Keefe, Voz Latina and Parker Molloy should form a trans Honey Badger auxiliary. Nothing worse than a cissie who doesn’t know her place.

    1. I especially like how they all pooh-pooh “rape hysteria,” on the part of women, yet insist that if they’re forced to use the men’s room or men’s changing room they’ll be instantly raped, beaten, and killed by any man who happens to be in there or see them. Yes, any man will instantly rape them just because they’re wearing a dress, but women are being silly when we worry about rape.

  23. Lol…Jane yes…well…I’m not sure if you were serious about the Bigot comment but I’m not a Bigot at all. However this person ‘Angelica Perduta’ clearly is a Bigot, to say the least, going by her facebook comments, likes etc etc..I had a look at those myself before googling her and seeing the ‘other’ comments, which I posted that link to. I thought the pink dog collar may be for her as she sounds like such a Bitch! So what’s the difference between a Bigot, an opinion and fact? It’s all subjective to a point but the ‘truth’ lies in the evidence. Clearly. I amy have been out of line and I apologise in that case, but really like that saying goes..some people ‘create a storm and then cry when it rains’…

    1. Don’t worry, I was joking about the bigot thing. Like we always say around here, why say you’re a woman if you hate us so much?

  24. Thanks for all your responses. It makes sense. How ‘dare’ women remind them that there is more to being a women than wearing sparkly shoes and pretty dresses! Feminists have a brain..that’s the other thing..and they think for themselves. They don’t like that. It means we might not accept all the bs that they tell us without questioning it. Like they should now qualify as ‘Real women’ just cos they wear feminine attire, alter a few physical features and ‘voila!’…they expect all the entitlements and privileges they perceive woman as having that men apparently didn’t…and if you question it expect a narcissistic infantile tantrum…cos’ that’s what women are like too right..? Neurotic as well as erotic? Lol…

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