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    1. This is hilarious and I love it. If you accept that it’s valid for an AMAB person to identify as a trans woman, and you accept that “biological sex is just a social construct”, there’s no valid reason to invalidate an AFAB person who identifies as a trans woman. All they can do is flail angrily in its general direction. There’s no rational argument to be made against it. It’s almost as if the foundations of modern trans ideology are completely unfalsifiable nonsense. :)))))

    1. what is the term? umm…narcissist seems appropriate. After all, it all reverts to the ‘what about me’ notions…

  1. Someone call that goddamn Brielle “Kumslut” Harrison at Facebook and notify him that his list of fifty gender options discriminates against Circumgenders!

    1. Then you can’t understand what being female is like while not actually being female.

    2. Lol at “amelia” gapin who thinks she can understand what being a woman is, without actually being one. Hint, “amelia,”: you can’t.

    3. the idea of transgender relies on a belief that you can understand what being woman is like while not actually being woman. Hint:You can’t.

  2. I’m a female but I was born with a male body instead of a female body. But I’m happy with my male body.
    Does this mean I’m Circumgender?

      1. Fine. Then I am a man who want’s to become MtF so that I can become FtM because my desire is to be a transman (rather than just a man). Am I circumgender now?

  3. “what’s up?”
    “Got a sex change?”
    “Huh, you look exactly the same?”
    “It was buy one, get one free.”

      1. No, not at all, but I can’t remember if the original ended with “two for the price of one” or which might be funnier.
        It was a cartoon I saw a while back. I can’t seem to track it down. Maybe it’s been purged from the internet for pure offensiveness to people’s humanity.

  4. This is some hilarious shit right here.
    “You can’t understand what it’s like because YOU’VE NEVER BEEN!!!!1111”
    I’m actually laughing about this. Gee whiz, that does sound familiar.
    How do they know that the circumgender’s don’t have brain scans that show that they are FTMTF?
    Or MTFTM?

  5. I looked up the original tumblr post and christ this is (apparently, it’s hard to tell trolls from reality on tumblr) a thirteen year old kid who went running off with the whole ‘gender is anything I say it is’ rhetoric without realising that really means ‘gender is anything ugly straight doods say it is’ and is now getting death threats from said doods.
    But trans is so GREAT for the kids, right??

    1. The hyporcrisy omg. First genderists they gender is a spectrum – so that means there are countless of genders and as soon someone invents a gender they don’t like said jendah is invalid – although they are the first who start to whine that erasing gender identity is oppressive and basically the greatest sin ever.

  6. We should all claim to be trans. Colonize them. Add specifics to our transness such as: I’m trans when it’s a full moon; I’m trans on the first Monday of a new month, in the fall, but only if it’s raining and I walk past a little person. I’m definitely trans if my co-worker is deaf and wearing green on a Thursday.

    1. All us women can be spokespeople for trans, according to their logic, because they’re the same as us. Therefore as a trans person, I hereby declare the trans movement null and void.

      1. Well, if a penis can be women’s genitalia purely by identifying it as such, then surely a vagina can be men’s genitalia if I decide to identify as being male-bodied by, say, wearing plain black masculine briefs. As I then have a female brain in a man’s body, I am obviously a trans-woman.
        Therefore to correct this problem, I am going to take steps to turn my male vagina in a female vagina. I have discovered this can be done easily by throwing away those plain black and navy blue briefs, and investing in a sparkly pink g-string, as the present of pink automatically changes the gender of my vagina.

    2. Ooo! I love that! Ya know one could turn this into a meme to troll the trans warriors. We’d be like:
      – I’m only 1/4 of the circumgender on the days when Stephanie Meyer reads an Andrea Dworkin book while drinking mint chai tea.
      -I’m only 3/4 of the circumgender when my neighbor uses a dill pickle as a door stopper.
      -I’m only half circumgender when the tabby cat with top hat nods at me on my way to school.
      -And I’m completely circumgender when I find shiney new pennies near the sewers on the weekend.
      And they’ll be like “But none of that makes any sense!”
      And we can be like “Exactly, that’s what we’ve been saying about trans logic!”
      This will not rally up the demons within the trans, thus causing endless transplaing…Nope, not in the slightest. >_<

    3. Finally. I understand my WHOLE LIFE!
      I am a trans woman! MY EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED!!!!
      This is why I want to dress in outrageous thrift store clothing all the time. This is why my voice is so low, when I mistakenly believed it was menopause. In fact, that is also the obvious reason why my periods stopped–I AM TRANSITIONING, just like that trans person on DATELINE who was stung by the bee. I’ve been stung by *lots* of bees! NOW I KNOW!
      I am now announcing to the Tumblrites who have added me to their list of TERFs, that I *AM* trans, thank you very much. And hey, just cause I look like a dumpy old version of Disney’s Haley Mills (the kids say in unison, “who?”) does not mean I am not trans, do NOT discriminate against me for looking like an old lady. ALSO, just because I am 5’2″ and all the trans women are six feet tall, DON’T HATE!
      I have waited all my life to discover my true self, Victor/Victoria style, and wow. I come to Gendertrender and learn about my deepest innermost soul.
      Gallus, how can I ever repay you.
      Maybe NOW I can get some estrogen… they rarely give it to old ladies anymore (*except* Premarin vaginal cream, since fucking is SUPER IMPORTANT of course) and primarily give it to trans women. In fact, the cynical socialist who resides in my head has wondered if the fact that so few postmenopausal women are being given estrogen now, is the reason BigPharma is sponsoring all this trans stuff, because since that famous breast cancer study they have lost considerable profits off of hormones. They need to discover (invent?) a new market, like soon. (I think they did a bang-up job. I am sure SOMEbody got a big promotion!) I have a family history of breast cancer, but if you can give hormones to actual lunatics like Genderbitch, I guess I can have some too, okay? (And I want it for FREE too, goddammit, or you are oppressing me.) Anyway, I am *more* of a trans woman than Genderbitch is!
      When I go in the potty with yall, I will put it on Youtube, since that is the cool thing to do. Don’t hate!
      Again, Gallus, thank you for showing me my true self. I might have gone my whole life without knowing!

      1. LOL! I love it! That was hilarious!
        “Maybe NOW I can get some estrogen… they rarely give it to old ladies anymore (*except* Premarin vaginal cream, since fucking is SUPER IMPORTANT of course)”

        This so much!

  7. LOVE the hypocricsy. I mean seriously. They says ‘cis’ people cannot be trans (because apparently they are in charge of who is cis and whatnot), because they cannot POSSIBLY understand what it is like, due to lifelong socialization, and biology, and whatnot, but they completely ignore it when woman say ‘well you’re a man, how can you understand what it is to be a woman?’
    Just, LOVE the hypocrisy.

    1. Wait – if “cis” women cannot be trans…then that means there IS a difference between these groups.
      LMAO that’s the TOTAL opposite of what genderists are claiming.

  8. The original poster’s account says she’s thirteen.
    She got a lot of harassment after this post from the trans crowd, and at least says that she cut herself and her mom is taking away her internet access until she gets therapy.
    So many teenage girls are frustrated with gender roles – they don’t want to be pretty princesses, they don’t want to be sexy flirts, and that’s what the world tells them girls are. When they discover gender theory, they’re told that they can define their own identity – but if they’re “cis” they’re the source of the world’s evil, and only if they’re “genderqueer” or better yet MtF – anything but female – will they have value.
    It’s yet another gender hierarchy with women at the bottom, and while this very young girl had a silly new idea, she didn’t come up with “cis means you agree with your gender, so if you’re not some kind of trans, you’re a dumb girly girl, and privileged, too.”

    1. I feel really uncomfortable with the notion of a 13 yo even being party to such a discussion. Of course, given the pedophilism running rampant through all things trans, I wouldn’t be surprised if this “13 yo girl” is really a grown azz man. If all these kids who occupy Tumblr really are kids I think that’s a massive issue of concern, not to mention the possibility of grooming and being lured into heaven knows what type situation. The possibility of exploitation is very high.

      1. Yea, I’ve been questioning the same thing; if this person really is female and 13. I wouldn’t be shocked if it is an older male doing this for attention, after all, it is the interweb! “Anything Goes” is its motto.

      2. And it’s almost impossible to get away from the porn. I don’t follow any of the porny types. I even stopped following some of my writer friends because they follow some of the porn folks. I’ve put my account behind the nanny blocker just in case my kid decides open my account. More than once I’ve just been scrolling along and bam, there it is with no warning. Teens and porn, a combination made in Hell.

      3. @GallusMag- I’ve joined up with a lot of social sites and would go as far as to say that they all double as a porn site. It’s like you’re just minding your own business and bam!: Porn in da face!
        I also think that’s quite amazing how many of these social sites don’t even bother coming up with a filter system to block this crap from people who don’t want to see it. Which lets me know that they want people to see it on purpose and get hooked on it or become immune to it to the point of porn being accepted. Thus, creating our beloved porn culture; steeped in everything that we do.

      4. The pornsters also troll the tag system. Not even just for anti-feminist harassment (although that happens regularly). They’ll also troll tags that are popular among teens, such as tags for inoffensive video games geared toward children.

    2. Almost certainly a troll (4channer, possibly?). Which makes it even funnier that they’re getting so wound up over it, really.
      Circumgender, huh? Can that work with, born female, thought despairingly I’d have been better as a guy because I didn’t seem much good at this ‘girl’ stuff, then came around to realising, sod it, I’ll be female in whatever way I want? If so, I like it. Circumgender – a person who has found a way to go around this whole gender nonsense.

      1. I don’t know about this particular account, but I’ve repeatedly stumbled on the Tumblrs of teenage girls I knew offline and found they were full of gender Kool-Aid. There are a depressing number of teenage girls saying “I don’t fit the stereotype, and that means I’m genderqueer, and should be thinking about testosterone.”

      2. Totally agree this is a troll. The language is far too knowing for thirteen year old. the description of non-diagnosed autism gives it away too as an attack on what the poster presumably sees as the precious sensibilities of a cetain sector who like to accumulate victim status via pretended disabilitities as well as contorted notions of gender in order to bolster an attention seeking identity. Agree that ‘circumgender’ deserves to catch on though: its too good to leave to the trolls.

      3. Yea, I’m leaning towards this person being a troll/fake as well.
        Because as Sula pointed out, the language/logic they used is not of one which an internet born and raised child would use.
        But I also agree to keep the word circumgender to troll the trans warriors. >_<

    3. That is a pedo account to attract young girls. Probably a 45 year old Xy ‘lolita’ looking for porn chats with other 13 yr olds..
      ‘She’ comes off like a male pushing sexualizing tweens cr*p pushed on underage females.
      They always portray and gender =up females as confused and irrational while they go through Narcissistic stages of looking /projecting that they themselves at the middle of the universe.
      There should be a law against adults having minor sock puppet accounts to talk to underage people about sexual matters. It just messes with them at a confusing time in their lives, and I find it creepy& pedophilic.

    4. The genderists promote a really stereotypical version of what being a girl or a woman means, possibly even more so than the parents of some of these teens. If you are a girl and you like stereotypically girly things then you’re “cis scum” and somehow oppressing transgender males (many whom are superficially feminine or have warped ideas about what being a teenage girl is life). If you’re a girl and you don’t like stereotypically girly things, then you’re probably genderqueer or trans and should maybe consider taking testosterone.
      I’m just glad that this trend wasn’t around when I was a teenager because there sometimes I hated being female because puberty sucks especially when you have health problems like endometriosis. There were a few times when I thought my life would be easier if I was a boy like my brother, since when he hit puberty he got to be tall and skinny (and he was a fat kid). I put on weight, kept outgrowing my bras, and had reproductive health issues and sometimes had to deal with sexual harassment from dudes who were older than my dad. Transgenderism was mentioned a few times at the Gay-Straight Alliance in school, but without all this extreme genderist stuff attached to it. I only understood it as “people who got sex changes as adults because they felt uncomfortable with their bodies.” Even though I thought sometimes that my life would be easier as a boy, I never thought I was really a man and I didn’t really want to be a man.
      But maybe I would have bought into this crap if I had been born six years later and been hanging out on tumblr. Instead what happened is my mom and dad got concerned about me being sick every time I had a period and took me to the doctor who figured out I had endometriosis. Then once I started taking birth control pills, I felt a lot better. I also got something of a posse so dudes didn’t bother me anymore.
      I read an article about transgender teenagers that mentions a 16-year-old-girl who went on puberty blockers (thankfully briefly) because she hated her period. What girl doesn’t hate her period, especially if it turns out she has an underlying reproductive health issue that causes serious pain like I did? In general, what teenager doesn’t have issues when going through puberty to some degree? I’m really worried that in the next few years we’re going to see a ton of people suing doctors and maybe their parents for this. Of course, I think any doctor who decides that a teenage girl who hates her period must be trans and needs to take puberty blockers needs to be sued, but it falls under the category of shit that would have never happened if people thought critically.
      I’m just glad my doctor is smart and realized I had endometriosis and realized that me mentioning that it would be easier if I was a boy like my brother wasn’t because I was trans, but because I didn’t like being in horrible pain that I had noticed that puberty was nicer to my brother than to me. My doctor put me on the lowest dose of birth control pill that existed because guess what, you only should give a teenager extra hormones if it’s medically necessary. And you know what, I still don’t like my period but it’s much more tolerable now. I also started developing poly-cystic ovary disease, so my reproductive system really sucks. Oh well, I don’t want kids and I seems that I get along with the medications I take to treat this stuff.
      I am also glad that my parents weren’t big on the gender-conformity thing and they never flipped out when my brother and I played with each other’s toys. Now, as for this girl, she could be a troll or the real deal. Sadly, there are a lot of teenagers who have drunk the genderist Kool-Aid and I’ve seen girls on the internet complaining that their parents wouldn’t let them take testosterone. Tumblr, 4chan, and Reddit are all toxic places for teenagers trying to figure out who they are and for a lot of adults. I’m not dumb enough to fall for it, but I just don’t like seeing it everywhere over there. I can’t even hang out in most places that just post things like fanart or talk about TV shows without hearing some idiot going on about how their favorite character is trans or genderqueer because they’re gender-nonconforming. Yeah, I doubt your favorite anime character is genderqueer and I also think it’s shitty to impose obscure post-modern Western ideas about gender on Japanese characters. And if someone’s not trans, they’re “queer”. Or you’ve got a libfem trying to explain that her guilty pleasure trashy TV show is feminist when it really isn’t. It’s annoying. No wonder I’ve taken to moping around LJ again because there’s not as many genderists there.

      1. Sorry to hear you had to deal with all that, that sounds horrid, and periods suck enough as it is (currently waiting for a migraine to get better, and trying not to throw up, get these every single month, urgh). Too true, most girls don’t exactly like periods I wouldn’t have thought, it’s more like tolerating them and just getting used to them. I hated mine for years, was actually even happy instead of worried when losing weight due to illness caused them to skip months, and can only now tolerate them better because due to current circumstances, I’m able to just pretty much sit quietly and not really do anything much during them. It’s really concerning, though sadly unsurprising, that a doctor (presumably male) could be so out of touch with the normal female experience as to pathologise it.
        ‘Yeah, I doubt your favorite anime character is genderqueer and I also think it’s shitty to impose obscure post-modern Western ideas about gender on Japanese characters.’
        Ach, yeah, that really is silly, because our version of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’, while not totally different or anything, indeed still can’t simply be straightforwardly mapped onto their culture anyway. Males with a ‘feminine’ appearance have been considered attractive since The Tale of Genji, it’s ridiculous how often I have to point this out to male geeks who are complaining about the character designs in anime or Japanese made games. I find it kind of interesting that many male geeks complain that the characters aren’t ‘manly’ enough, and some will even cite this as a reason for avoiding Japanese games, while straight female geeks are busy drooling over the ‘pretty’, slender, male characters, who often show emotional vulnerability (leading male gamers to call the characters angsty, whiny, or sissy). It seems to lend support to the idea that what women find attractive isn’t necessarily what men claim they do.
        Would be nice to have somewhere to discuss media just with sensible feminist women, haha. On most sites, I end up feeling obliged to call attention to sexist attitudes, and while I’m hopeful it might have made people think a little, it is exhausting, especially when even women get so defensive about their precious media. The personal is political isn’t supposed to mean ‘claim anything you personally happen to like is a positive political thing, and totes feminist’.

      2. I wuv this convo! First, I too felt like my life would be soo much easier if I was a boy when growing up. I don’t feel that way now. I ‘m at peace with being born female. And I too hated my periods, but learned to be at peace with it because I realized that there was/is nothing telling us to love it. Men don’t have it, therefore it must be wrong, said the patriarchy. We’re shamed into not talking about it or announcing that we’re on our periods and of course with all the shame around it, who would love it?
        @Leo- I so feel you when talking about having a media outlet for women to just talk about these sorta things. The female gaze for our world and media has been greatly silenced due to the patriarchy. There have been many times when I wanted to express myself about a peice of media but feared doing so, because I didn’t want to be mansplained at or get rage ranted at by some doodz.

  9. An MtF accused a teenage girl of fetishizing and appropriating gender? Is that circumarrogance? Circumentitlement? Trans politics as usual?

    1. My favorite was when the men “educated” the thirteen year old girl about how she wields the power of cis-oppression over grown-ass men like millionaire Pritzker, the “top woman film director” (man), “the top female business executive” (man), Guys like Bob Tur and the “first female Navy seal” (man). Hahaha! That was edumacational!

      1. THAT really makes my blood boil, that every time I see a “top woman” here or “first woman” there I have to check the journalists aren’t lying. Ugly fuckers.

  10. Apparently the person who made this is a 13 year old girl who was told on tumblr that being trans is special and a gift….

  11. Yes, I totally think I should have been CAMAB but I wasn’t, instead I was CAFAB and boy, there was a whole lotta coercion going on in that hospital room. OF COURSE I know what it feels like to be trans. I am trans. Sort of trans-trans, really, which brings us back to the point of circumgender. I have passed as male, but all the while what I want is to pass as female but not quite, like other trans women. All the way around the circum, you might say.
    I’m all over this. I really love it.
    And now, I must go to Macy’s to get lessons on make-up and wigs. Plus, free samples of nail polish!
    I wonder what would happen if I took estrogen now?

  12. What the fresh hell?
    I feel like I’ve fallen down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole here.

    1. no no, it’s not a rabbit hole. That is transphobic. It is a trans-rabbit neo-pit. And Alice will now be played by a trio of 45 year old men. Because reasons.

  13. “These “circumgender” assholes insist on being called “trans,” because they feel identified with transness despite BEING CIS.”
    Translation: These “trans” a** insist on being called “women,” because they feel identified with womanness despite BEING MALE.
    The worm turns…the wheel of fortune spins…poetic justice…I think words fail me, at the sheer perfection of this concept…I LOVE IT…this is practically delicious.

  14. Oh, quotable you:
    “This idea of circumgender relies on a belief that you can understand what being trans is like while not actually being trans. Hint:You can’t”
    If this takes off, there could be a blog, written by trans, which is considered circumphobic and bigoted towards circumgender, and as well a new acronym is created: CERT, which stands for Circumgender-Exclusionary Radical Trans!!!!!!

  15. The irony is palpable… especially when they call it appropriative. That’s what you get when you buy into the postmodernist, “everything is a construct” argument. Things can’t only be a construct when they’re convenient for you. Once you make everything a grey area, there’s no going back, you circumgenderphobes! The fact that we have the internet and that microfads and microgenres and micromemes have evolve at an astonishing rate means that terms for new “minorities” will be invented so quickly that even if legislation wanted to accommodate them, the process would not be able to keep up with demand. I don’t really thing congress is up on the flickbook and the tumble and the goggles. The faster these new terms (cisgender? I refuse… sorry) start appearing, the more ridiculous it looks. Honestly, I feel bad, but I’m glad I live in a red state sometimes. At least they don’t fully entertain the idea of men in the ladies WC if someone complains about it (and I have on several occasions at the public pool). Ultimately, though, there are still only two true minorities: Women and POC. If the survival of your “minority” group relies on taking basic rights away from another minority group, you are full of shit and are part of the problem. That’s what M2Ts don’t understand. Women are marginalized and still have to deal with their diminished status under patriarchy. Encroaching on the few safe female spaces and appropriating the most problematic aspects of stereotypical womanhood means you A: don’t understand the problem because you’re not and have never been a woman or B: Don’t give a rat’s ass. I suspect in most cases, it’s both. I’ve always felt drag and the M2T movement to be appropriative, derisive, and mocking to women as a group, and am sure to compare it to blackface to anyone who isn’t already tired of listening to me.
    What does cafab even mean? I’m 25, and I’m starting to feel old… uuugh…

    1. “What does cafab even mean? I’m 25, and I’m starting to feel old… uuugh…”

      I know, right?!
      Last night I read the original post and had to re-read it like three times just to understand what the heck was going on. I still just barely got it [understood it better after reading the comments] and decided that it was too late in the night for me to be trying to figure out trans language.
      It really is a hot mess movement.

    2. I live in a red state too and this stuff is the only time I’m glad to live here. Women and people of color (especially Hispanics) are the biggest minorities here. Our state did preemptively ban same-sex marriage, but other than a few out-there homophobic bills that even the Republican governor vetoes most of the time, they usually just ignore the LGBT in most of the state. Frankly I’m glad for that considering how fucking stupid everyone is behaving. I don’t want to be associated with that post-modern crap. You’re right that everything can’t only be a construct when it’s convenient for you. If anyone can be any gender they want no matter how stupid it is, then yes a 13 year old girl can be a circumgender/ a transgender male trapped in a female body.
      You’re right too. Most of the advocacy in the area of trans rights involves taking over women-only spaces which is not okay. That rape shelter in Canada let in a man who claimed to be a trans-woman, and he sexually assaulted two of the homeless women there. The entire movement is based on erasing females as a distinct group and taking over women-only spaces and I think that they only care about trans people living in poverty or prostituting themselves when it adds to their pity points. (See the attack on the lesbian who wrote an article about the hardships of minority transgender prostitutes. She got the usual harassment because 30 years ago she wouldn’t let a “lesbian” trans “woman” on the board of a lesbian group because he was a wife-beater. Said author even used preferred pronouns for said wife-beater.)
      If the only way for your groups to get rights is to infringe on another marginalized group then yes you are a piece of shit. I sure as hell do not support de-sexing public facilities for women and putting women at increased risk of rape just because a few men feel bad about being born male. I also sure as hell don’t support making feminism about these men either because feminism is about females.
      Also, CAFAB means “coercively assigned female at birth”. I had to look it up. I get the feeling that yet again they’re trying to appropriate people with intersex conditions, because they only people coercively assigned a sex would be intersex infants who experienced medical abuse.
      I’m only 24 but sometimes I feel old too. Or at least relieved that I wasn’t this stupid when I was a teenager. I don’t think this trend was that popular beyond a few dark corners of the internet and within trans groups in real life. (Snowflakeespecial has mentioned that shit went off the deep end about 15-ish years ago when it comes to the trans community if I’m remembering right.) I mostly just hung out on fansites and forums for stuff I was interested in (mostly Sailor Moon, other anime, vampires, and goth stuff) and read fanfiction. We only had the stereotypical cliques in high school but we mostly got along.

      1. The red states aren’t immune from this crap either. Remember the high school girls in Kentucky who were demonized because they didn’t want to shower or pee with males? And just recently there was an attempt to enact “toilet equality” in Houston. It was only defeated at the last minute by a vocal coalition of black Baptist ministers, God bless ’em!
        I live in California and we already have “toilet” equality in the public schools and I know that general “toilet equality” is just around the corner! And I don’t think anyone’s going to listen to any black Baptist preachers HERE when they inevitably ram it through!
        The school “toilet equality” bill was rammed through by a gay male state senator who apparently has ties to the pedophile community and who tried to make it legal to posess child porn on your computer if you “only” had 100 files or less. 100 files!
        Inevitably some little girl or girls are going to be raped, molested or worse because of this law any day now. I pray that the poor childrens’ parents sue the school district and all the transgender “activists” as well for every damn dime they’ve got when it happens!

      2. Houston is much more liberal than the surrounding area in Texas, so it doesn’t surprise me that the bill almost passed there. I’ll also bet good money that just about most large cities in California already have bathroom bills of their own, even if no bill has been enacted at the state level. Many of these bills get passed under the radar, with only extremely pro-trans advocates showing up for the council hearings. In Seattle, our bill passed without a peep from any potential opponents.
        What’s funny is that our alt-weekly, back when the law was passed, repeated the trans lie that it’s about safety, but in their all-trans pride issue this year, they dropped that lie and admitted that it’s entirely about affirmation of identity, that it’s mean to ask a transperson not to be able to access the bathroom of their choice, the rest of us be damned.

    3. “What does cafab even mean?”
      The cafab/camab thing was APPROPRIATED from the radfem developed terms of FAB/MAB. Because that is what tranz politics do, appropriate, just like they appropriate womanhood.
      The background, a group of us set about to find a better term to replace WBW (woman born woman) because it was problematic in certain respects, as well as missing the importance of ‘shared girlhood’ (being raised as a girl under patriarchy). My dear friend Witchy came up with FAB, and we agreed that it did the job. FAB (or even FAAB) can be used to include intersex persons raised as girls (FAAB = Female (assigned) at birth).
      Within a very short space of time, those twanz assholes had appropriated FAB and changed it to be CAFAB/CAMAB (coercively assigned female/male at birth). This was merely to try and strengthen their dumbass ‘born that way’ and ‘I was always a girl, I liked the colour pink’ bullshit. And mwahahah, they were so oppressed because the doctor saw a willy and deemed them male/boys. They still go down this road, see my recent post of twanzbaybees: http://twanzphobic.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/more-from-the-tjmsu-department-twanzbaybees/
      Twanz just make up nonsensical bullshit every other day of the week.

      1. To add, we also came up with M2T and F2T in the same project. This was to replace MTF and FTM, because nobody actually changes sex, it is just cosmetic surgery and hormones.

      2. “Assigned at birth” terminology was invented by intersex activists in order to discuss the surgical procedures inflicted on them in childhood to “normalize” them.

      3. “To add, we also came up with M2T and F2T in the same project. This was to replace MTF and FTM, because nobody actually changes sex, it is just cosmetic surgery and hormones.”
        And….No again. M2T/F2T was invented on February 19, 2011 at 9:25am. By me. In NoAnodyne’s “Lexicon of Women’s Liberation” thread. Here.

        It was quite a proud moment for me, so please don’t rob me of it. I’m quite the genius, you know…
        Actually (LOL) I came up with it after reading a bunch of HBS’er blogs, where saying that male transgenders who fail to undergo SRS are “not transitioning to womanhood but transitioning to being forever transgender” was something of a mantra.
        A little bit of RadFem history there for you folks!

      4. GallusMag – it’s important to set the record straight, and receive credit where credit is due. Thanks for your thinking, creativity, inventiveness, as well as persistence. And wit. I don’t want to leave that out 🙂

      5. Why thank you, AreUSayingWhatUThink! What a nice thing to say!
        It was amazing how the terms M2T/F2T were so unanimously adopted from that one little comment, and literally almost over night.
        That was such an interesting era, because these conversations would spark and spiral from blog to blog. If I recall the order properly, Noan’s post spiralled from a post FCM had made on the use of the acronym FAAB the week before. Then Miska at SCUMARAMA made a few posts and graphics in tandem as well, giving her take on the topic. Other bloggers made posts. And the conversations would weave and spiral between blogs all touching and tapping on different notes. And we would all go from blog to blog following the conversation. Incidentally that is how “F2T/M2T” was adopted as if overnight by a whole community of women- it was a community conversation. (Plus it was similar enough to the old “FTM/MTF” to be immediately understood without explanation – an immediate replacement rather than trying to introduce a dissimilar word). A few women lobbied to modify F2T/M2T to “F2F” and “M2M” on the very sensible notion that no actual transformation was occurring, but the change never took off.
        Now there are so many RadFem (and GenderCrit) blogs that I literally can’t keep up with them. And many of them are very, very good- essential even. Which is absolutely fantastic. But I don’t see those sparking weaving conversations jumping from place to place anymore. I suspect this is because of a general trend towards social networking and some of these convos happen in Facebook groups, although I wouldn’t know directly. There seems something really toxic about Facebook groups and I’m not in any of them. Also I see great value in PUBLIC conversations on these topics. I think the microbloggers on Tumblr and Reddit probably reproduce some of that old weaving and spiralling conversation dynamic, especially for those who post on those sites, which I don’t, due to prioritizing my time here at GT. Also those sites seem so disposable, and you have to click a million times or scroll through those long-ass unwieldy reblogs to follow the thread. Sigh.

      6. I love this site for the education I recieve from women.
        I love this site for the creative minds of women I get to interact with.
        I love this site for the inspiration I recieve from women.
        Thank you Gallus for sharing the creative process in coming up with terms/words to help us as women to use against the patriarchy. It truly is an honor to be in the presence of female modern day inventors and thinkers.

      7. I feel obligated to set the record straight. It was indeed DaveSquirrel who came up with FAB/FAAB – and I remember when it was being brain-stormed. I had a phpbb board at the time and after a quick preliminary search, I see DaveSquirrel using FAB as early as April, 2008.
        I personally never liked the term. Sex is not randomly assigned. It’s biologically determined at the moment of conception by your daddy and his sperm.

      8. If we’re going accurately give credit where it’s due……the “assigned at birth” terminology was coined by intersex activists but the anachronism ‘FAB’ was in use in the mid to late 00’s – referenced at the foot of my stairs in March 2008 – http://witchywoo.wordpress.com/2008/03/20/im-no-longer-female-apparently/#comment-30640
        I remember the message board discussions where the anachronism took off – way before 2011. I remember M2T in use in the same time frame too.

      9. Clearly it IS a full moon. Absurd! LOLOLOLOLOL.
        Regardless, neither M2T or FAB acronyms (both, in essence, GENDERIST in origin) are half as clever as “Circumgender”.
        So there’s that.

      10. The abbreviation in question- fashioned from an existing intersex term -now abandoned and in disuse by Feminists (that Dave seeks “credit for”) is an acronym, not an anachronism. Anachronism has an entirely different meaning. Although it could arguably be used to describe the acronym.

  16. Medieval Scholasticism run amok. How many trans can dance on the head of a pin. I sometimes can’t help wondering if all this is a sick joke aimed at Mary Daly because she has Theology and Philosophy doctorates from Fribourg.
    Back in the 70’s when I was studying philosophy in college, the only thing I really liked about the logical positivism/ linguistic analysis school dominating American philosophy at the time was the criticism made by, I believe the British philosopher Antony Flew, regarding the tendency to make (verbal)Distinctions Without a Difference ( in the real world.) I finally got the joke that Circumgender was a put on satirizing Trans nonsense, but whoever is doing this so brilliantly captures the whole flavor of the Trans insanity.
    BTW,anyone else ever study Daly’s one or two paragraph comparison of Trans ideology to the Catholic Dogma of the Transubstantiation of the Eucharist? It’s in Pure Lust. Brilliant.

    1. If it really was a thirteen year old –out of the mouths of babes and sucklings! She was trying real hard to take all this stuff seriously and managed to come out with something that just blew it all apart, and in trying to explain WHY it is so wrong, the trans fundies are forced to come out with the most exquisite nonsense!
      “These “circumgender” assholes insist on being called “trans,” because they feel identified with transness despite BEING CIS.”
      Really, can’t they SEE the inconsistency here! Well, no, we already know they can’t, because ‘the truth’ as far as they are concerned is whatever THEY say it is.
      If you are allowed to have a ‘gender identity’ which can be at variance with your biological sex, and supersedes your biological sex, they WHY can’t someone assert that they have a ‘gender-dysphoria identity’ as trans that supersedes the fact that they aren’t supposedly trans cos their gender identity and sex match? It is AS logical as the first statement, it really is!
      And of course, this progression of identities has no end! You can keep stacking them as many times as you like………………
      After all, the ‘problem’ of trans is that their gender identity doesn’t fit their body, not their stupid fault that they were born with the ‘wrong body’! Similarly, someone whose gender identity is female, and who also identifies as a transwoman, not THEIR stupid fault if they were actually born with a female body, rather than the male body that their identity requires…………………that they have an actual vagina rather than the surgically constructed one they deserve.
      And if trans try to refute this, they have to explain why THEIR subjective feelings (of being female) supposedly are more real and true that someone elses subjective feeling of being trans.
      Oh, if we’d all gone off to try and write some beautiful skit (inspired by the Monty Python swan-song), we’d have been pushed to come up with something this beautiful!

      1. I read a brilliant quote yesterday, which was “Behaving sincerely towards those who are insincere is dangerous” and I think it is apt here. This girl tried to meet teh trans at their own level and look what it got her– inevitable abuse.
        That is because transwomen are *never* *being* *sincere*. They are being rapey and fetishistic and all the lingo and jargon is used in order to put women in their place via their self-professed “intellectualism”.

  17. “Doctor, what is my baby, cis or trans?” (Because doctors apparently now assign cis at birth)
    I think I’ll be circumgender long enough to get all the medically necessary plastic surgery and electrolysis.

  18. http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2014/07/21/lady_parts_how_the_euphemism_reinforces_biology_as_destiny.html
    favorite comments:
    -Most doctors will not remove a healthy body part without a compelling medical reason.
    -How do you explain all the republicans without hearts then?
    -back off, man – many of us were born that way… so its totes legit, yo
    “The thing I enjoy most about this topic is that no matter how much umbrage you feel about it, it is simply not possible to discuss w/out inadvertently offending someone else who is even more sensitive about the topic and themselves take umbrage with the original offended.
    This topic is the finger wagger’s greatest opportunity, but also his greatest challenge. I mean her greatest challenge. I mean eu’s greatest challenge…”

  19. I hate to break it to our “transwoman” brothers but cirgumgender as defined by the youth “I want to have a flat chest and a penis but still be a girl” seems to define about 75% of heterosexual female transitioners.

  20. I’m just laughing my ass off at these male transgenders getting all pissed off at this 13-year-old girl claiming to be a transwoman or a FTMTF. The irony is painful, because if said 13-year-old girl can’t know what it feels like to be trans, then you male assholes don’t know what it’s like to be a woman. It’s just so funny how they’re screaming “appropriation” yet at the same time they’re males who claim that they know what it’s like to be a female despite never have been female (and no, wishing to be the opposite sex doesn’t count). Plus, from the way a majority of them act, it’s clear that they have no idea in and no interest in knowing the realities of women’s lives. They’ve already decided that “transmisogyny” ie someone not playing along with their delusions is real and also way worse than actual misogyny. Yeah no, you can’t be misogynistic towards someone you know is a man/male. Misogyny is hatred of females. Hatred of fucked up men who act like they know what it’s like to be female and they can do it better than you (by performing hyper-femininity) and who try to infringe on your rights by de-sexing women-only spaces is perfectly rational.
    I read that girl’s apology, and it is sad, because it’s clear that she was trying to understand all this gender stuff and she’s technically correct that she can identify as female-to-male-to-female under the identity politics mantra of “you can identify as anything you want and everyone has to respect it.” Trans activists constantly play a circular game of “no true scotsman” combined with “anyone can identify as one of the 50 genders on Facebook, or whatever made-up gender they came up with five minutes ago.” I feel really bad for this girl and I hope her mom has enough sense to keep her off the internet, or at least of tumblr and other parts of the web awash in post-modern identity politics until she’s older. (Other comments on this thread indicate that this girl’s mother is keeping her off the internet until she gets therapy.) I also hope that she realizes what complete bullshit the idea is that she, as a 13-year-old-girl, is capable of oppressing grown-ass men because she’s female.
    I am also incredibly angry at all these grown ass men and their handmaidens who keep trying to find out where this girl lives. Really, what the fuck is wrong with people. I’ve had teenagers on the internet annoy and harass me before, but I just told them to piss off and that I hoped they would grow up soon. I didn’t send them threats or try to find out where they live or what their phone number is or who they are in real life. And it sounds like this girl didn’t even bother anyone specifically; people just didn’t like her gender identity.
    I also looked up “CAMAB” and “CAFAB”. “CAMAB” means “coercively assigned male at birth” and “CAFAB” means “coercively assigned female at birth”. Oh please. It was bad enough when they were just using the AFAB/AMAB and FAAB/MAAB shit, but now it’s just more obvious that these jackasses are once again appropriating intersex conditions so they can appear legitimate. The only people who are coercively assigned a sex at birth are intersex people who have suffered medical abuse as infants because they have ambiguous genitalia. No one else is coercively assigned a sex and just because some people end up wanting to be the opposite sex when they’re older doesn’t mean that their parents or the doctors picked the wrong sex. Brain sex is an old misogynistic myth and it disturbs me that people are so willing to believe it. The only thing that is coercively assigned is sex roles, now more commonly called gender. Of course, instead of just getting rid of that, we are now required to worship gender out of fear of being seen as transphobic. And once again, females are at the bottom of this new gender hierarchy, except this time it’s because females are “cis scum” who are privileged for having a vagina because some men are jealous.
    Oh, and one more lol. Someone used “truscum” and “ableist” in the same sentence. Everything is ableist on tumblr, except for creeps fetishizing and appropriating disabilities and mental illnesses that is.

    1. Even if brain sex is a thing, it’s something that maybe affects 1-2 percent of the population. So 98-99 percent of the time, mommy, daddy, and the doctor are correct. Coercive, my ass.

  21. This cis to trans to circumgender to whatever*the*fuck*comes*next debacle is a pretty good illustration of hedge funds and how the derivatives market works. In the end, they all come crashing down. Eventually they wont be able to convince anyone of any value in their currency. Finally, a crash I can get behind.

    1. Right. They just kept wanting more and more and they couldn’t be satisfied.
      It seemed, at first, that it was “social acceptance” they were after. But it wasn’t, really. They wanted to go further, to stomp on women’s rights… but in order to do so, they had to keep concocting more and more crapola theories because LITTLE HAD THEY REALIZED it was radfems– women– who had done most of the work on gender, both in and out of academia.
      Women weren’t as stupid as transwomen and their politician friends had first imagined them to be. We were on the ball and thwarted their “science” (which wasn’t science at all). That’s when they were forced to move on to other “theories”. They’ve dug their own grave.

      1. worse still, trans and their handmaidens would like people to believe trans identity is derived from real womanhood. It is actually a derivative of a derivative. Their so-called identity is derived from the most disgusting stereotypes, from the image of woman that MEN have commodified, those parts of male-identified femininity that men find useful and quite literally buy, own and sell. The handmaidens are investing REAL time and gynergy in this baseless pyramid scheme, in short, they are ultimately investing in the male “marketplace” of femininety disguised as liberation

      2. Shediogines, your spot on comment reminds me of Plato’s theory of art: a painting of an apple is a copy of a real apple which in turn is a copy of the “idea” of an apple floating in the empyrean. Libfems still believe in this “idea” but the beauty of radical feminism is that we refuse to believe in not only copies but the idea itself.

      3. @Choco Yes, and next time some internet troll tells us we are transphobic for not having any desire for a ladystick, I will think of that, picturing taking a big bite of… a painting of an apple, being expected to smile and chew and pretend it tastes sweet.

  22. Does it all begin with early mutilation, a circumscribed decision to circumcise? Is that something assigned at birth to circumboys who then grow up to transmutate to circumgender. What goes around comes around and all that.

    1. Inevitably it’ll all lead to complete gender circumnavigation, then it’s on to the next trend: flexible subdermal computing implants (cuttlefish LED module optional).

  23. A dumb comment, perhaps; but what to make of this, and is it worth the effort of even engaging? When you read the writing of Wollstonecraft, Mill, Greer, Dworkin; even more (modern) liberal commentators like Levy and Roiphe, there’s no doubt what they mean, or believe. In this post-post-modern era, I’m not even sure if I’m reading satire or not. It could be the Pythons (thanks for the link, Kesher.)

  24. I read this two or three times but really got lost in all the Newspeak gibberish and couldn’t make head nor tail of it. It’s beyond insane. It reminded me of that San Francsico Chronicle article about the Dana Contreras rape case that was so Orwellian, I literally could not tell what was going on until I carefully read through all the readers’ comments.
    How can we even function as a society if this is the level of discourse that they’ve perverted the language to, and that impressionable young people are being brainwashed to believe actually makes sense?

    1. Yes! I remember when I first became a radfem [earlier this year], I had a tough time reading articles dealing with trans. I couldn’t tell was it a man who turned ‘woman’? Or a woman who turned into a ‘man’. I’d have to reread that article like 3-4 times before I caught on. Trans politics/logic/language is nothing but one big ball of confusing mess, and it’s used so to confuse those who are not critical or radical thinkers.

      1. I think that was part of my initial problem with trans. Nothing makes me tune out to something faster than doublespeak. A major pet peeve of mine is language corruption or obfuscation. WORDS MEAN THINGS. And this deliberate bastardization of it totally elminates any possibility of real communication and none of it does anything to dismantle the oppressiveness of gender. Indeed it supports it.

  25. I think I’m semi-trans. I was born male, but I don’t like looking too masculine. I would like to have less chest hair, so I’ll wax it. I don’t want to be female. Instead, I want to conform less to a male archetype. I think I’ll take some testosterone blockers and maybe have my left nut removed. Remember, that trans is on a spectrum. I am semi-trans.
    I don’t want to be female. I just want to be less male. I’m going to shave my ass tonight….

    1. “To be perceived as what you say you are is a basic human right.”
      Nope. It isn’t YOUR basic human right to try and pressure me to skew my perception of you! Does anyone THINK as they write this bilge?
      I see he also mentions sexual orientation and gender, and bugger-all about SEX, because as we all know, womens struggles to be PERCEIVED as human beings have still got a way to go yet………….But then plain ole women (and lesbians and gay men) are BORING compared to the much more exciting genderists trying to get us all to perceive them as they perceive themselves. How the fuck are we supposed to know how someone else wants to be perceived anyway? Sorry, you’re STILL a useless male fuckwit, and all your protestations that it’s your HUMAN RIGHT that I should perceive you as a beautiful attractive clever laydee aren’t working………………..

      1. There was a dust-up at popular in my area pizza chain a few weeks ago (I’m somewhat surprised Gallus didn’t catch it) because a customer said to a transwoman “thanks, man” as he was leaving. The transwoman said in response, “actually, it’s ma’am”, and the customer allegedly laughed. Whether it was a derisive laugh or an embarrassed/nervous laugh was never clarified.
        The next time the customer showed up, the transwoman demanded an apology from him, which was not forthcoming. Management’s response was to give the employee carte-blanche to go to the back of the house whenever the customer showed up. That apparently was insufficient because the employee went on to trash management via social media and claimed to be planning on quitting. Management beat the employee to the punch due to the social media trash talking.
        My local pro-trans weekly picked up and ran with the story as anti-trans discrimination, which prompted the pizzeria to offer to rehire the employee and close down the shops for the day for additional “training”.
        First of all, I have never witnessed that kind of anti-discrimination protection of an employee from a customer, certainly not if the customer is a man and insulting a “cis” woman with misogynistic epithets.
        Second, in every job I’ve ever worked, an employee demanding an apology (especially long after the fact) from a customer without the okay of management would be grounds for an on-the-spot firing. Firing post social media trash talking is also the norm.
        Third, the idea that saying “man”, even though many young men view that word as genderless in this context, is some sort of fate-worse-than-death harassment is preposterous.
        Fourth, allowing the employee to avoid the customer strikes me as a perfectly reasonable accommodation.
        But what ultimately made me crack up about this story is, when I saw the photo of the employee in question, I realized I’ve been served by that individual many times before, and I had always assumed the employee was an effeminate gay man. Nothing about the employee specifically reads as female. I guess I’m lucky I avoid any gendered comments toward strangers as a general rule.

  26. GallusMag, this circumgender stuff has captivated me, i cant stop talking about it and getting attention from it on tumblr i feel i should make a file dumping account here for when i get banned for speaking out too much because circumgendereds are the most oppressed gender there is and cafab’s are the worst kind of trannies there is.

  27. I think this is a hoax. No 13 year old could write like that. Too sophisticated.
    Whoever pulled this trolling action has an inventive imagination and a desire to make trans activists look like fools. Which they do.
    Thinking about who did this, I can think of several possibilities: disaffected trans person, 4chan fuck-em-all person, or rad fem sharpening up the discussion.
    I know it wasn’t a radfem – that’s not our style – but shit, if it were, I’d love it, because it would be great political theater.
    “You can’t just call yourself a trans. just because you think it would be groovy. You can’t just dip in and out of this. You can’t pretend you were born this way, that’s ridiculous. You sound mentally ill, get help. You can’t dress like us and present yourself like us, that’s exploitation and co-optation.”
    Yeah? Good for the goose, good for the fucking gander.

    1. It does not seem like a 13 y.o. girl, but each time I’ve read it, it strikes me as more hilarious. Someone who sees all this “I’m whoever I say I am” nonsense as, well, nonsensical in a way that is funny.

  28. Sounds like another way for cis people to appropriate a trans identity without actually dealing with being trans.

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