“Ultra Violent” Transgender Teen “Jane Doe” transferred to male facility after assaulting another female victim


Male activists at "Justice For Jane" rally (photo credit: WNPR)
Male activists at “Justice For Jane” rally (photo credit: WNPR)

The transgender male Connecticut teen being called “Jane Doe” has been transferred to a juvenile male facility today after committing another assault on a teenage girl and a staffer on Saturday night in the all-female psychiatric facility where he had been housed.
Readers will recall that the young man, with a history of serial violence against women and girls, had been transferred in April from the custody of the Department of Children and Families to the Department of Corrections, and placed in a private cottage at an adult female prison facility because no juvenile female space was equipped to accommodate violent male offenders. Connecticut State Gender Identity laws prevented the male teen from being transferred to any one of the many appropriate juvenile units because the law makes a distinction between those male teens who may have special vulnerabilities or needs, are gay, are “feminine” or sex-role nonconforming, and those who believe they are “female brained” and identify themselves as transgender. Male teens who declare gender beliefs are offered special dispensation to be housed with juvenile females on the basis of that belief.
Connecticut state juvenile authorities began administering cross-sex female hormone treatments to the troubled young man at the age of 16 in an effort to make him appear more female.
Transgender and gay male activists rallied around the violent teen on the basis of their claim that incarcerated female minors should have no right to safety from his serial assaults. Demonstrations were held in multiple cities calling for the young man’s release back into a general population of potential female victims. Protesters urged authorities to disregard the safety of girls, claiming that the young man’s feelings of wishing he was female would be hurt if he was placed in an appropriate juvenile male facility -and that one violent male teen’s feelings were more important than the physical safety of female teens and staffers. Connecticut resident and gay male activist Harvey Fierstein wrote an OpEd published by the New York Times calling on authorities to prioritize “Jane Doe’s” feelings about his sexual identity over the rights of juvenile females to be incarcerated free from violent male assault. Male activists defended the youth by proposing that targeting women and girls for violence is a natural response for males who have survived abuse by other males. The teen’s previous assaults include multiple acts of battery against juvenile females, stabbing a female juvenile with a fork, breaking a female staffer’s jaw, blinding a female staffer by repeated kicks to the head, and smearing his feces.
Male activists set up “Justice for Jane” websites and mailing lists and an attractive, feminizing portrait was drawn up to represent the serial offender to the public.
Portrait of "Jane Doe" created by gender activists
Portrait of “Jane Doe” created by gender activist Molly Crabapple

As a result of this activism officials transferred the young man at the end of June to Middletown’s Child Psychiatric Institute -in one of its juvenile female units in deference to the teen’s desire to believe he is actually female.
In a development that should surprise no one, providing him with access to female victims has resulted in the violent assault of both a teenage girl and a female staffer in last night’s attack.
From reporter Josh Kovner at the Hartford Courant:

“7:28 p.m. EDT, July 13, 2014

 The transgender youth who was imprisoned without charges because of her history of assaulting staff members in juvenile facilities has been accused of assaulting a worker and another youth at a juvenile treatment program in Middletown on Saturday night, child protection officials said Sunday.

State police are investigating the allegations, said Gary Kleeblatt, spokesman for the Department of Children and Families. The youth was moved Saturday night to a single room at the secure Connecticut Juvenile Training School.

The 16-year-old transgender girl had been shifted back to DCF care on June 20 after her transfer to York Correctional Institution for women in Niantic drew outrage from national civil rights advocates.”


“A brief statement from DCF said only that the youth, known in court filings as Jane Doe, “assaulted another youth and a staff member at the girls Pueblo Unit and also destroyed state property.”

The locked Pueblo unit is on the campus of the former Riverview Children’s Hospital in Middletown.

“State police have been notified, and we are confident they will take whatever action they deem is appropriate,” Kleeblatt said.

DCF had been awaiting approval of plans to place the youth in a juvenile treatment program in Massachusetts. It is not clear how the new assault allegations will affect those plans.

Romano said the Massachusetts option sounds to him like “a false promise.”

Initially, DCF opted not to place the youth in the Pueblo Unit, making the case that it had no programs to care for her.

Romano has said he wants to see her go to a foster family.”

The Courant quotes DCF Commissioner Joette Katz as stating that “agency staff searched “for a secure facility that would honor [his] gender identity.”
None of the news agencies have yet reported on the status of the injured female victims. Updates will be posted in the comments section below.

147 thoughts on ““Ultra Violent” Transgender Teen “Jane Doe” transferred to male facility after assaulting another female victim

    “Connecticut state juvenile authorities began administering cross-sex female hormone treatments to the troubled young man at the age of 16 in an effort to make him appear more female.”
    I wonder how tall this young man is compared to female juveniles. He has the advantage of a male adolescent growth spurt before going on the hormones. Since he still has his penis, he could rape a girl.
    Sorry for the caps….it’s not like they couldn’t see this coming..
    Gallus, thanks for the updates……

    1. Skylark, I agree. The state knew he was violent and they put women and girls in danger to bow to the demands of TG and LBGT which at this point a full fledged MRA group aimed at women and girls. He is over 6 foot and over 200 lbs–I can’t remember where I read that. I hope the ones attacked sue for damages and all the others for trauma. Maybe if liability suits cost more than discrimination women and girls will be protected because it could be too expensive not to.

    2. No kidding. Sadly, many of his victims are prisoners, who often don’t get taken seriously on any matters at all. Here’s hoping this time is different (and the fact that he also assaulted staff might help that along).
      Anyway, if they say it’s “natural” for him to be doing this sort of “acting out” you’d think they’d have extra responsibility for segregating him off. Heck, even in a facility with other boys it sounds like he should maybe have a cell by himself – have it open air mesh walls so he can chat and normally socialize or whatever with other people, but I sure wouldn’t want to be in a common room where this guy can physically touch me.

  2. OMG go over to the Justice For Jane facebook page–disgusting and insane. Some good comments at the Hartford Courant.

    1. The facebook page is indeed disgusting. No concern whatsoever for Jane’s victims, but lunatic level outrage in Jane’s placement in an appropriate facility for violent males. Here’s an example:
      Erkki Koch Ketola We have not sufficiently impressed upon Katz and DCF the seriousness with which we view these transgressions against the rights and dignity of one of our own. Our response was inadequate; we did not make them sufficiently fearful of the consequences of their actions. They must be confronted with angry mobs; the streets must ring with the cry, “Free Jane Now!”; we must put the fear of God into them. Then, only then, will the message be delivered with sufficient emphasis that they will take heed.

      1. Erkki Koch Ketola will be volunteering to foster parent this monster any minute now… waiting… waiting…

  3. I am trying to leave a screen shot but my computer skills are poor. Anyway will try–priceless that British man N. Kennedy he is calling Amnesty International–a human rights violation if this boy does not get to exercise his right to attack females. How long before people reach peak trans? Can we have a party then?

  4. Compare this portrait to the photos circulated of Aileen Wuornos, and then keep crying about how this psycho was “failed by the justice system.” A demure and petite little girl like this couldn’t hurt anyone, unlike Wuornos who must have been guilty because she wore no make up. I hope the staff and all the girls housed there sue and win every penny. I don’t believe for a second that that portrait is accurate, and furthermore I think all the 50 year old autogenophiles jumping on this imagined him looking this way because that’s what they imagine themselves as.

    1. Nope, I don’t believe the drawing is that accurate either, more a fanciful PR job. Motherhood commented that she read he was over six foot and 200 pounds, so yeah, seems like a fanciful illustration.
      According to Mock (links hopefully broken below), this “Jane Doe” is POC.
      As an aside (2nd link), it seems this teen, in true-to-form imitation of the feminine gender role, “cried in bed every night”. Yep, pass the vapours and stuff, Miss Scarlett. Nearly every single trans article claims that the trans in question is crying at some point. Perhaps they may be dehydrated, and this is making their delusion of femaleness even worse? Who knows, scientificy study required! Results just in: Pink Laydee Brain!
      Yes, all the female staff and female inmates attacked by this teenaged male need to sue, and sue big. Sounds like he should be in a secure psychiatric hospital, rather than released like the transjactivists want (jfc, all the warning signs of a potential serial killer). It is not a matter of ‘if’, it is a matter of ‘when’. He has already caused serious injuries to females, he is a danger to the female population, proving once again, transjactivists don’t give a shit about the safety of females.

      1. I am betting since they have turned this young man into their social justice cause and their whole lives are based in their misogynistic compulsive fetish as evidenced by that “pic” they are going to claim he was raped. He comes their rape fantasy because that is what really fuels their misogynistic . They are shooting off more semen. He will now be the victim and here’s the story–he was fighting off a rapist–

      2. Are you saying they are going to try and spin it that the female inmates and female guards were trying to rape him? pfft, six foot and two hundred pounds, delicate little flower he is. Crying in his pillow and all.
        Transjacktivists seem to love defending violent males in drag, the more violent the better it seems. Proving once again transjacktivists are about the opposite of a social justice movement.

      3. Yes, Squirrel my prediction is they will claim he was being sexual molested or raped–they will try to reinforce the whole wittle girl victim and just like a real girl he was fighting off an attacker to save his lilly white ladyness for the right person. That is what I am betting. It also works because it shows women and girls as terrible and violent–and it fulfills their sexual fantasy–It fits the whole lie like a glove. No doubt they are in their bat-mobiles up to the governor’s mansion right now. If they can scrape together the gas money.

      4. @DaveSquirrel IMO it’s not surprising that autogynephiliacs would exhibit signs of hybristophilia as well.

      5. That editorial was written by a person very ignorant about child welfare and prisons. This boy has not been mistreated because he’s trans, he’s received far better treatment than a typical foster child. Every male foster child I know of who’ve behaved this way has wound up in at a minimum a juvenile male lockdown. No exceptions. And I know plenty that have wound up in adult male jail, especially when they’re 17. Very few facilities will deal with a violent male in a non lockdown. The fact that they are sending him into less restrictive settings with access to his preferred victims is indicative of his special snowflake status. Certainly no male would be allowed to assault women and girls a dozen times and not be put in a lockdown.
        Further, the problem occurs because most states have few, if any lockdowns for females. Mainly because they’re not necessary. Females are not typically THAT violent. And the ones that are are usually psychotic and end up in a locked ward in a mental facility. Even adult female prisons, and most states have one or two at most are not equipped to deal with the level of violence a male can display. Though certainly they are better equipped than a juvenile female facility.
        IMO, the isolated cottage at the adult female facility was the best option for this young man. Certainly claiming the mythological transphobia is a load of bunk. Do these people think non gender conforming folk have suddenly just sprung up like magic mushrooms? Social services probably has more experience with them than anybody. These kids are at high risk of runaway or throwaway so yeah, they’re all up in CPS and have been for decades. This boy’s situation is exceptional because he has a severe personality disorder and they can’t put him where he needs to be without taking on the trans industrial complex.
        It will be very interesting to see what happens next year with these “activists” when he ages out. Somehow I’m thinking they’ll vanish just like they always do. Leaving this boy on his own after disrupting his only chance of receiving real help. When he goes to an adult male prison all that will be gone.

      6. @roslynholcomb – You point out that “This boy has not been mistreated because he’s trans, he’s received far better treatment than a typical foster child… Further, the problem occurs because most states have few, if any lockdowns for females.”
        Exactly. I’m surprised (or maybe not anymore, I’m getting cynical) how many of the supporter articles were jumping right to “he’s being imprisoned for being trans” without considering just why it is that someone in authority concluded that an adult prison for women was the best place to HOUSE this kid.
        They were trying to honor his “female identity” – he needed lockdown, and he needed a “female facility,” so there ya go, they offered the women’s prison as a best faith offer.
        It was an attempt at a FAVOR. He was getting special (better) treatment!

  5. Fucking hell.
    We actually had a dude over on Reddit mansplain to us that a “women” is “Whatever I [he] want[s] it to be.
    and then after it was pointed out to him that this non-existent meaning puts women in danger said, “Nope. It doesn’t do that at all.”
    Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/29z2qz/demand_for_gender_reassignment_soars_among/ciuf9ez
    This is after I provided him with resources from here and the “When is 90% not Substantially ALL?” link. He was also provided with the Swedish(?) study showing that their criminality (and suicidality) remains the same level as their SEX.
    So here we go again, with a new one that proves that even oestrogen supplemented MALES are STILL MALES when it comes to propensity for violence.
    I mean honestly, what the fuck?
    If Bundy were alive and stated he (like Perry) killed women because of a conflicted “gender identity” would they champion for him to be in women’s jails too?
    This makes me sick to my stomach to think about the women/girls in facilities who have to suffer in silence for the wishes of men.
    Also, “Jane Doe” has SIX lawyers?
    For fucks sake.

  6. A foster home? Keep dreaming. Violent kids like this are why people are reluctant to foster/adopt older kids. Although at least “Jane” is an obvious threat and not a ticking time bomb.

    1. Oh yeah, a foster home that’s willing to take a 6 foot tall violent black male. Hell, I used to have a helluva time finding foster homes for black male babies! I just think it’s hilarious that they’re bing do careful not to show his face. We all know that a teenaged black male felon would be splashed all over the news were he not trans. Also, lets get real, these activists don’t want this boy anywhere near them. Despite them using people of color as human shields for their perfidy, I’d be amazed if any of them actually know any POCs, especially black. This is a bunch of white males playing the system. Much like when they pay a woman or minority to be a company’s “owner” so they can get around laws designed to promote women/minority owned businesses.

    2. I think he should be immediately released into Harvey Fierstein’s custody. If they’re willing to overlook the actual biological sex of this young person, they can overlook the fact that Harvey is not a licensed foster parent.

      1. Yes, Gallus, practically every time I read about “Jane Doe”, I think of Fallon Fox. So sad how mentally ill, violent men now are given licenses to beat up women. Probably the secret fantasy of many trans. In the 1960s, Norman Bates was portrayed as pathological, now he’d be depicted as a hero. Hyperbole? Maybe, maybe not.

  7. agency staff searched “for a secure facility that would honor [his] gender identity.”
    Honor?! So that means pandering around the needs and fantasies of a violent criminal 24/7.

    1. Meanwhile, this boy’s actual needs for treatment and rehabilitation are of absolutely no interest to his trans advocates and the officials that are scurrying around to please them.

  8. Gallus, as always your updates are brilliant. I feel sorry for Jane Doe who is obviously an extremely traumatised person, but sadly is also very dangerous to women. This is another example of no-one giving a shit about how actual women suffer as long as no male feelings are hurt.
    The thing I found creepiest is the glamourised, sexualised drawing of Jane. There is something which I have always found weird and disturbing about some elements of TG activism which is the “We’re sexier/hotter/better women than you”. Jane Doe can’t just look normally female, but has to be adorable. Surgically constructed vaginas are far better than the real thing.
    I’m a woman, and my identity in being a woman has nothing to do with being hot, sexy or fit, which is good because I am not. . I just am a woman and it’s that simple. I don’t know any other woman who bases her entire identity as a woman on her looks to the extent she’d think she was male if she was plainer, any more than I know women who walk around with the feeling that they have a gigantic hole between their legs or knew they were female because they always picked the pink blanket when they were toddlers. It reminds me strongly of when you ask people from other countries to draw a map of the UK and they guess wildly – you ask men what it’s like to be female and they have about as much of a clue as people with no clue at all.

    1. I doubt very seriously Jane Doe looks like Mila Kunis. I’ve known a lot teenaged boys in my day, all shoulders and legs and awkward angles and never seen one who looked like that, even the most effeminate ones, let alone one who weighs 200 pounds. I fear you’re right, the pedophilia astounds.

    2. Yes! Say all of that! I was wondering what to post regarding this creepy sick mess, but couldn’t think of anything. This was perfectly put, and sums up everything I was thinking plus more. I feel sorry for all of the young women and women who had to encounter this monster. Seriously, there needs to be a protest that the real women get justice.
      And I too think that that “picture” of “Jane” is just right out flat pornified. I mean, seriously, who looks like that?! There’s nothing realistic about it. It looks more like a concept art for a video game; like her name would be Angie and she’d be one of the many women the male protagonist gets to bang *shudders*.
      Also, thanks Gallus for the update!

    3. what gets me is that even in the most idealized stereotypical fantasy ZOMG fangirling fanart pic, which is glamorized, sexualized, pedophilic, mila kunis like totes adorbs guise !!!1!! and all the rest of the tropes that others here have noted… even in the most flattering of delusional airbrushed autogynephilic fantasies… still there is that smirk. that snide, condescending, paternalistic trans smirk.
      to gallus and to all of the awesome women here: bless you for what you are doing. I am not a lesbian. I love the D. =D don’t hate. i just do. like popeye. i’yam what i’yam. so I was never much down with radical feminism. before. it was like something from mars to me. before. but I am an old lady now. and I have seen a lot. and one thing I know is that reality always wins. eventually, in the end. always. reality wins. and biology, and sex, and sex differences, are real things. and basic things. and no amount of butthurt feelz will wish them away. but I wonder how many more people will be hurt before reality wins this one? too many. too goddam many. that is for sure. and mostly women, females. real ones. by genes and gonads and everything that matters for the species. because biology is a REAL thing. and it makes me angry. so angry that so many will be hurt and even maimed for this BS regressive ideology.
      I used to have nothing but compassion for the trans people. but I only knew the ones who were, at their core, gay men engaged in a very extreme form of drag. which there are plenty of unpleasant things worthy of critique in how drag represents femininity. but that is another issue. the men who presented as women in public with whom I was acquainted earlier in life were primarily gay men. and they inhabited gay men’s’ spaces. and had no desire to colonize women’s’ private space, nor were they ever a threat to women, in whom they were not much interested anyway. and who, women, were not particularly welcome in their spaces either.
      in more recent years I have become acquainted with some of the autogynephilic type transpeople. and it has been eyeopening. revolutionary, for me. and deeply troubling. I am literally unable to comprehend, as a freaking human being with a conscience, their levels of narcissism, entitlement, and misogyny. and attempting to comprehend what was going on with such people was what led me to places like this blog. where truth is still spoken, and not just grudgingly allowed, but welcomed. and my interactions with these autogynephilic persons has made me despise, on a visceral somatic level, despise that goddam trans smirk. because i recognize it. at my core. and so do they. which is why it is even part and parcel to the stuff of their most self-flattering fantasies and delusions and fanart about such. never doubt that.
      thank you again gallus. and mother and dirt, and everyone else here who refuses to pretend along with the delusions of deeply damaged and deranged misogynists just to win some (worthless but oh so precious) moral vanity points. the trans emperor is naked. and he hates the actual gays and lesbians enuf to mutilate and sterilize them out of non-conformity. and out of existence. and so also: death to the smirk. that goddam trans smirk. I hate it like poison. and their smirky pride in that smirk turns my stomach too.

      1. Actually, yea, once brought to my attention, that smirk is found on a lot of MtT. It’s like I could recognize it, but not put a tag to where I’ve seen that smirk before. Now I know.

    4. The thing is, they’re not sexier/hotter/better women than real women. This is why they hate us and this is why they’re so insecure. Even the most average-looking woman, free of adornment and artifice, is (to me, anyway) lovelier than the average transgender unless he’s gone nuts with expensive surgeries and didn’t have a very masculine face to begin with (and IMHO, even if they “pass” they still look like those weird people who’ve had surgeries, not like a normal woman) I don’t say this to reinforce the idea that women’s worth is appearance-based, but to make an obvious point that they and we all know. As for surgically reconstructed vaginas, I’ve found countless anonymous forum posts of men asking how to get rid of the smegma-like odor they end up with in their surgical cavities because they forgot that the surgery just turns your dick inside out, and doesn’t give you a real vagina, self-cleaning and lubricating and smelling not at all like fish or any other nasty substance (like dicks invariably smell unless they’re washed). Because surgical fuckholes are not vaginas, they are not organs that take care of themselves. Thus, stale urine, lint, sweat, and body fluids can just get in there and fester. It’s totally nasty that anyone in their right mind would do that to their healthy body… No matter how bad their body image issues are.

      1. It’s sebum, I expect Humans have sebaceous glands in various places on their bodies, including the penis, but they are always external. Decaying sebum has a foul odor, that’s what smegma is, I believe. I get the impression that men who have SRS are not always warned about this.

      2. So I tried posting this from a phone and it never showed up for me and then I posted something like it again and now both of them are here and it looks like I’ve been having a circular argument or something… sorry for the *sortof* double post.

    5. Yeah, no unaltered 17 year old boy looks like that…
      IMHO, the most average-looking woman is much lovelier than the average M2T, and even when they have feminizing surgeries to make them “passable” they still look like those weirdos that have had a ton of surgery. They know it and it makes them feel very insecure. I don’t say this to perpetuate the idea that women’s value is in their appearance (which they perpetuate through numerous operations), but rather to illustrate an obvious point that they love to tiptoe around in their size 14 heels.
      As for surgically constructed “vaginas” being better than the real thing…I think they know they’re not. I’ve seen several anonymized forum posts of men trying to figure out how to banish the foul, stale-urine, smegma-like odor from their surgical cavities because a dick turned inside out is not a vagina. Urine, fluids, lint, etc can get up in their cavities and fester if they’re not removed (by douching, I guess?). Vaginas are organs that are muscular, self-cleaning, and self-lubricating, and when healthy, they don’t smell like fish or anything gross, really. I feel like all the vagina smell-shaming came from men made insecure by the consistently foul odor of their unwashed penises and not from an actual experience with an unfortunate vagina…
      All the vanity, arrogance, and needing to be perceived as “better” than real women really reeks of narcissistic personality disorder, which the internet facilitates through the obfuscating quality of anonymized accounts and the way in which people can easily tailor an online persona through carefully staged photography, and self-censorship (how many times have you seen an ugly rant disappear from a tumblr or facebook when the person decided it was bad for their image?). Most folks think that people overshare on the internet, but I feel that the internet has made people more secretive and controlling of the information they do share. I don’t think that transactivists could even exist in their current form without the internet as a catalyst for their narcissism.

      1. There are some men who look mighty fine as women, but it’s still pretty rare. There’s a Tumblr post going around showing about a dozen Hollywood actors dressed as women, either in drag or trans roles. Most, such as Woody Harrelson and Sean Bean, look awful. A few look conventionally attractive as women; Cillian Murphy sticks out in my mind, but he also has somewhat feminine features.
        What struck me though about that Tumblr post is the number of women/girls commenting on it, claiming that *all* those men were performing at femininity better than they do. And, I’m just like, no, no, they don’t. Most look like men in dresses. And some of them look kind of sexy in women’s clothes, such as Jason Isaacs (although I suppose I’m used to him with long, blond hair), but they do not remotely pass as women or perform femininity to any degree that society demands of women.
        But I guess it really comes down to protecting the feelings of transwomen (if you note that Woody Harrelson looks terrible as a woman, you’re implying similarly situated transwomen look just as bad) while also fulfilling society’s expectations that women be ever self-effacing and self-deprecating.

      2. I find most of them look grotesque. The thin ones get by because ultra-thin, almost boyish figures have been promoted by the fashion industry for so long. Otherwise, even when they manage to have decent face, the body proportions are all wrong. Sexual dimorphism is a big thing for most mammals, and a huge component of our physical attraction to one sex or the other. There is an interesting article that supports this.
        “The results provide empirical support for the hypothesis of independence of the two typologies, solid support for the relation between sexual dimorphism and sexual attraction, and clear support for the independence between the gender domains and sexual dimorphism.”
        Biology: 1 ; PomoGenderTransClusterfuck: 0

  9. This is not a unique case. From what I hear, staff in U.K. prisons have their hands full trying to keep the male predators posing as women from attacking and preying on the female prisoners.
    The idea that men’s sexual fetishes, porn fantasies, and boners are some kind of civil right and should take precedent over women’s reality and safety, and men should be free to violate women however they please, shows just how far around the bend men’s minds have really gone. I mean, how stupid is it to lock the wolves up with the sheep? Except no one is that stupid. Which means it’s quite intentional. Men know exactly what they’re doing. Is there any doubt left about men’s war on women and how much men really hate women?

    1. It was my understanding (although it’s possible that I was misinformed) that, when it comes to a normal name change, you frequently can’t have one granted if you’ve previously been convicted of a crime. The logic is that the public has a right to know if you’re a convicted criminal or not. But, under the guise of genderfeels, convicted violent offenders can not only change their names but their sex demarcations even on their birth certificates? How can this be allowed to stand?
      And then they gain access to women’s spaces. Doesn’t matter if he’s a serial rapist or a serial killer of women. Women’s safety doesn’t matter compared to a man’s “health” issue. It just seems like it would be exceptionally easy for a judge to say, “sorry, no, but the public interest can’t allow this.” Has there ever been a judge that ruled this way?

      1. The basic gist in UK/Australian law is that you are free to change your name, but not for criminal or fraudulent purposes. No one has challenged (criminal) M2Ts on this, as far as I am aware.

    1. Exactly. I read that and thought, ‘Yeah, a foster family with no girls or women in it.”
      Or pets, either. Or anyone else, as a matter of fact.

  10. “Male activists defended the youth by proposing that targeting women and girls for violence is a natural response for males who have survived abuse by other males. The teen’s previous assaults include multiple acts of battery against juvenile females, stabbing a female juvenile with a fork, breaking a female staffer’s jaw, blinding a female staffer by repeated kicks to the head, and smearing his feces.”
    Kind of say it all.

  11. Reblogged this on There Are So Many Things Wrong With This and commented:
    “Male activists defended the youth by proposing that targeting women and girls for violence is a natural response for males who have survived abuse by other males. The teen’s previous assaults include multiple acts of battery against juvenile females, stabbing a female juvenile with a fork, breaking a female staffer’s jaw, blinding a female staffer by repeated kicks to the head, and smearing his feces.”
    Kind of says it all.

  12. While I’m at it I had a thought about the word “gallus”. Gallus is a word in Scots which doesn’t precisely translate to English. If somebody’s gallus they are outrageous, breaking rules and just do not give a flying fuck – also an undertone of “aggressive”. People describe others as gallus in a half admiring and half disapproving way.
    I think that sums up why I like this site 🙂

    1. I was curious about the origin of Gallus Mag’s handle, and I assume this was it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallus_Mag

      Gallus Mag (real name unknown) was a 6-foot-tall female bouncer at a New York City Water St. bar called The Hole in the Wall in the early 19th century, who figures prominently in New York City folklore. Herbert Asbury’s book The Gangs of New York thus describes her:
      “It was her custom, after she’d felled an obstreperous customer with her club, to clutch his ear between her teeth and so drag him to the door, amid the frenzied cheers of the onlookers. If her victim protested she bit his ear off, and having cast the fellow into the street she carefully deposited the detached member in a jar of alcohol behind the bar…. She was one of the most feared denizens on the waterfront and the police of the period shudderingly described her as the most savage female they’d ever encountered.”

      1. Which sums up “gallus”. It’s brazen, scary and outrageous (and often illegal) simultaneously 🙂
        I bet the original Gallus Mag had a Scots background. I can’t translate many Scots words into English generally because they have a layer of meaning which doesn’t go into English – the nearest I can think of for Gallus Mag would be “Shocking Meg” which is nowhere near right 😀
        I particularly like GM’s nickname as I am a Scot and interested in the Scots language, so I find it really pleasing to see 🙂

      2. Aha, the penny drops! Hence the ear symbol on this site and Twitter. You must have quite the collection of pickled ears by now Gallus!

    2. All this time I thought it was short for “Gallus Magnus” – Latin for “big rooster”, i.e. “big cock”. I figured it was some sort of jab at dudes who have imaginary lady parts.

  13. I’m absolutely amazed that Conneticut is this stupid. For once in my life I’m glad I live in a red state, because, damn. Look, I worked in child welfare for a very long time and have actually dealt with troubled youth. I’ve placed children in residential treatment facilities. I understand why they didn’t press charges initially. If you’ve got a kid who is difficult to place, the last thing you want is a felony conviction which makes placing them even more difficult. That, of course, leaves the activists with the argument that he is being incarcerated without charges. However, now they have a bonafide overt act and if they have any sense at all they will use it to charge, convict and incarcerate (IN A MEN’S PRISON!!) this young man before he kills somebody.
    And these states need to stop acting like they’re dealing with rainbows and unicorns here. Female inmates have rights too, and being housed with violent felons they know have a propensity for attacking women is at a minimum negligence. Were I the parent of one of this boy’s victims I would sue the ever living hell out of the state.
    Look, prisons have dealing with these situations for decades. ADSEG (administrative segregation) has been used for these inmates, but the notion of putting them in women’s prisons where they have neither the staff nor the training to deal with violent male criminals absolutely ridiculous. This is an injustice to both the inmates and the staff.
    I guarantee that now that he’s in a male prison and no longer the apex predator he will calm down and start cooperating with the psychiatrists and his treatment. This is where he should have been from the jump street.

    1. What really saddens me is the likelihood that “Jane’s” victims have no one, especially not involved parents, to advocate for them. It’s at a point where I’m assuming the state of Connecticut was counting on the almost completely voiceless/powerless girls in those facilities not being able to raise a fuss about being the victims of an ultraviolent predator.

      1. You’re probably right, however it’s not unheard of for “born again relatives” to reappear when they sense an opportunity for a pay off.

      2. It seems like the commissioner Joleen Katz(?) really did try her best to avoid placing this young man in this unit, well, until she didn’t anymore. She penned an article that summed up her position (if it is not linked above, i will try to find a link). This Pueblo unit was her project- there are a bunch of articles on CT news sites. Basically, no one wanted to pay for it, but she saw the need and pushed for it. It only has 10 beds and I think there are currently 8 girls there (from the last article I across), one of them is pregnant and all are coming from extreme trauma and abuse. They represent the most vulnerable and at-risk females in state’s custody, and this unit was to be one of healing, which is why forcing them to share quarters with this ultra violent young man is even more insane. The state of CT has the responsibility to keep the girls safe while they are in their custody. There are major human rights violations occurring in this situations, and no, it is not that this young psychopath’s gender fee fees not being “honored”. I have sympathy for this kid and whatever abuse he has suffered, but i do not “honor” his gender delusions and do not believe he should be housed with females, ever. Do people really need to be reminded that girls are human beings, too? What about the rights of these young women? This situation is totally fucking insane. They do need to sue the shit out of the state of CT for locking them up with a young man who has had dozens of violent outbursts since he’s been in custody and has severely injured many female staff members and juvenile inmates. Where is the money coming from for this young man’s passel of lawyers? The HRC? The HRC is an MRA org at this point- a bogus, transculty jerkfest. They probably showed up when this kid shed his first gender-sad tear, but actual human rights violations, suffered by these girls in state’s custody do not register as such. They know this kid is a human being, because they know he is male. Women know he is male, too, and he needs to be housed with other males to keep these already traumatized girls safe. Fuck you CT, for prioritizing the delusions of men above the safety of these girls!
        PS- that sexsay laydee in the pink jeggings O_o

    2. The reasons charges haven’t been filed is something people are completely glossing over so I appreciate you bringing your experience to the subject.
      I have a cousin who was literally crippled in her job as a nurse after being beaten by a male patient (who took out four other women, including someone I went to high school with, before he was subdued). The guy wasn’t exactly a good guy but the episode could be blamed on two medications improperly mixed together. Or it could be blamed on the weather or someone having a bad day at work and it’s not like the hospital can afford to pay bouncers like a bar does.
      It’s been years and no charges were filed against anyone and there hasn’t been any lawsuits. My family member was offered a pathetic settlement (50% of one years pay!) which is not only insulting but a crime considering she was basically supporting four generations of her family with her job. But she can’t really do anything legally until she experiences the outcome of her last surgery, if indeed it’s her final surgery. All of which takes a long, agonizing, time.
      We don’t really know anything about the injuries Jane Doe inflicted on this woman, blinded could mean anything, from a missing eye to a scratch that required time to heal before the true extent of the injury could be known. Maybe filing charges against Doe would have insulated the institution from a judgment (I have no idea how any of this works) so the worker didn’t? Or maybe she was driven by a patriarchy imposed sense of charity? I’ve read social work blogs where readers were asked to pray for the deliverance of some dude who *axe* murdered a nun helping him. (Of course, iirc, the blog was written by a NYU student with no boring, unfulfilling menial job experience where she made made less than the average benefit payouts.)
      But the pitchfork wielding trans hordes don’t know anything either when they crow justice over “no charges.”

      1. As I understand it: after several attacks on girls that he was housed with as an “honorary female” in DCF housing, the young man was charged with assault in 2013 and received an 18 month sentence in a DCF juvenile facility. It was at that female juvenile facility, where he was serving his sentence, that he committed several more assaults including the one where he blinded a staffer and broke her jaw. At this point he was transferred to the custody of the DOC and admitted to the psychiatric wing of an adult female prison for evaluation and placement. He was then moved into a private cottage on the grounds of that facility with his own kitchen, bathroom, etc. This is when trans activists demanded that he be criminally charged as an adult or be released. He was transferred to an all-girl psychiatric unit at the end of june, where he resided for two weeks before committing another assault of a girl and a staffer.

      2. That cottage sounds like it was an awfully good deal. Dumb of “Jane’s” team to reject it.

    3. Yeah, sometimes shit like this makes me glad to live in a red state too.
      I’m fine with administrative segregation within a male facility if the other inmates are a threat to the male transgenders, in fact I strongly support it. But I am not and will never be okay with males, trans status or not, being sent to a female facility where they can prey on the women there and where the staff are not equipped to handle their violent male behavior. I refuse to support de-sexing prisons and psychiatric facilities just because some fucking men have slapped a “progressive” label on the idea.

  14. And one more comment (sorry GM!) if any of these so called activists gave a damn about this boy they would’ve quickly realized that the adult women’s prison was actually the safest of all options available. If they cared, they would’ve been gratedful that the state availed him of this instead of pressing charges and making him just another black male inmate in the system. Now, if the state has any sense at all, they WILL press charges and he will go to a male prison having demonstrated that even the most high risk female facility is not adequate. Bottom line is the state basically “showed them better than they could tell them.” And if they’re outright diabolical somehow a photo of Jane Doe will be “leaked.” When it’s seen that he looks like any other black boy support will mysteriously vanish. Unfortunately the main loser in all of this is Jane Doe himself, but then with pawns it’s rarely otherwise.

    1. He is Puerto Rican. As for his photo being released, in one year he will be 18 and I expect his pic will be all over the internet.

      1. If he is certified to stand trial as an adult on this latest incident, it will likely be released even before the age of 18…

  15. The days of time in juvy are over…it is time to bring the Indictment and certify him to stand trial as an adult. Then he can go to big-boy prison and young girls won’t have to be at risk, at least for the duration of the sentence.

    1. This is the op-ed by commissioner Katz that I mentioned above. This is from April, when the young man was moved to an adult women’s prison in NY (iirc). He was being housed in a private cottage there with a bedroom/bath/kitchen. Cable tv? Wifi?? Even lacking those luxuries, having someone bring 3 square meals to my private cottage seems pretty ok. I wonder how many women get these cushy digs in that prison? Probably just males with special laydee feelings . . . So since this article, the young man was moved to the Pueblo unit that he was too violent for in April and, again, assaulted a staffer and a female juvenile. This kid’s behavior did not change and make him eligible, the trans cult, funded by wealthy, fetishistic male autogynephiles and pedophiles, gets their way, as usual. Their claim to “womanhood”, as a concept that gets their dicks hard, trumps the rights of women and girls.
      “Much also has been made of the decision not to place the youth at Pueblo, the new program for girls on the campus of Solnit South in Middletown. That program opened last month and serves seven very vulnerable girls, one of whom is pregnant. It would have been irresponsible to endanger these girls and the female staff members by placing this youth, who has time and again targeted females, with them. Many of the girls in this unit have experienced equally horrible abuse and trauma and must feel safe and protected — not vulnerable to attack — if they are to receive the help they desperately need.
      Finally, testimony before the legislature about the need for the girls program at Solnit is being distorted to suit the advocates. I never said this youth would be placed there, but only that the kind of behavior she exhibited — assaultive behavior and endangering other girls by encouraging them to run away — is illustrative of why we need such a program. I did not “use” her to accomplish that which I did not need permission to achieve — the conversion of a state hospital unit to a juvenile justice facility.
      Had Pueblo been available two years ago, it may have been suitable for this youth’s needs without jeopardizing others. Unfortunately, her behavior grew too dangerous to place her at Pueblo.”

      1. “Even lacking those luxuries, having someone bring 3 square meals to my private cottage seems pretty ok. I wonder how many women get these cushy digs in that prison? Probably just males with special laydee feelings”
        It was a cabin set up for conjugal visits.

      2. Yeah, I know. I was being facetious about the cable TV and WiFi, but it still stands that this conjugal cabin is as cushy as it gets in prison. Using it for its intended purpose is probably a very special privilege that the majority never see. A private bedroom/kitchen/bath is several steps up from a 6×8′ or 8×10′ shared cinder block cell with an open toilet where most spend 20+ hours a day. This kid was housed in comparative luxury because he is a male with sacred gender feelings.

  16. So here’s an article, and it’s all clear and well: He’s a “girl”, and the one he assaulted is a “youth”. (All female facility – supposedly.)
    So why is Jane Doe a “girl” and the one assaulted gets termed “youth”? Maybe the other “youths” should identify as transboys so they can be transferred to escape being assaulted by transgirl?
    But maybe “troubled” just doesn’t disappear by placing someone in the wrong facility and exposing girls to violence is no therapy even for the one enacting it.
    And if being a girl is about “mannerisms” and how people identify, what mannerism is assaulting girls? Hint: There are stats on that.
    No endorsement on article:

    1. “Youth” is usually a euphemism for “rough male teenager” in mainstream news outlets and newspapers. So yep. They’re fucking with language here by calling the rough male teenager a “girl” and the girl a “youth”.

      1. This is fantastic. I think you’re both right on the money with this one.
        We all know how words can be manipulated and used to evoke certain images and emotions in the reader.
        I think this use of language is deliberately that.
        They are trying to insinuate this poor “girl” has assaulted a “youth”. Perhaps suggesting that the Ultra Violent Male Teen may have been perhaps defending themselves against a male.
        But no. It’s the same story as always, some DUDE has beat up a female.

  17. Wow. This is a troubled young person. Regardless of gender, what’s wrong here is the way the justice system treats minors. This person is as dangerous to a male guard as they are to a female guard. How lovely to put this individual in to a facility where they can be the weakest, smallest and most ready to be victimized. But, I guess as women, all that matters is this CHILD is taken to a place where they can be re-victimized, abused, and sexually assaulted just to keep us all safe from the transsexual menace.

    1. A 5’8, 180lb person is likely to be the weakest, smallest and most easily victimised in a place full of women? You need to put down the crack pipe, mate.

      1. Men don’t see people who are 5’8 and 180lb as automatically due for victimisation either. This is, not to put too fine a point on it, fairly daft. If you’re prepared to blind people, viciously attack them and break their jaws, I don’t think you’ll be sobbing in a prison corner.

    2. No asshole not “regardless of gender” he is violent male. He needs a cage with the other males. Maybe you can visit him and he can suck at your compasionate man nipple.

    3. We get that you think this young guy’s special laydee feelings are more important than the safety of actual girls that he continues to physically assault. Creepy fucking misogynists all think that women only matter when they are actually men, but you are also dead wrong, so kindly STFU, sir!

    4. Aaaw, does the poor widdle puddy trans have to give up his weady supply of female victims to pway with? How UNFAIR!
      This boy is categorically, absolutely NOT as dangerous to a male guard as he is to a female guard. To say so is ridiculous and denies basic biology (which we all know you love to do anyway, but still). You have admitted exactly as much by saying that in the all-male facility in which he belongs, he will be the weakest and smallest (which is likely untrue, anyway). The other *men* in there will generally not be smaller than him; therefore–by your own argument–he will not be as dangerous to them. See how logic works?
      And as women, all that matters is that this VIOLENT, ABUSIVE CHILD be removed from a group of women he can easily victimize. Why is his safety more important than theirs? You use “transsexual menace” like it’s a lie but how in the world can any reasonable person deny at this point that this particular transsexual is indeed a menace to the women in that facility? He has demonstrated, clearly and obviously, that he IS.
      So you think it’s hunky-dory for this boy to be allowed to beat and abuse women, but how dare he be put in a situation where a hair on his pwetty widdle head is in danger. What is the matter with you? IMO something is very wrong with you, and with any man who thinks we should freely allow another man to assault women.

      1. I think these guys should start taking their own advice and stop being so “misandrist.” Don’t they know how hysterical they sound by being afraid of men? Not all men are like that, and they must be severely sexually repressed if they think anyone who possesses a penis must be a threat. Jane Doe was just defending “herself” against all those girls and women who were just jealous bitches anyway. Wouldn’t a male prison be the safest option, since men are so much more rational and logical?

      2. An excellent point, Choco. Why is the OP so convinced that this child is in special danger with the men? Does he think all men are rapists or something?
        Men are so much smarter; they’ll understand his special laydeebrain because of science and all, and they won’t be upset seeing his fantastic long legs which are undoubtedly the sexiest in the facility.

  18. I’m sure all those activists at the demonstration will be more than willing to actually help someone for once and take little cute Jane in as foster parents.

  19. The only ones who havr NO CLUE are men÷!! Born males of ALL stripes, wanna be males and the apologists…women have been trained all too well to know when we see dangers and to trust our gut instincts which men constantly try to get us to ignore so they can victimize us!!!!
    The L needs to leave the rest of the GBT!!!

    1. YES!!! could this event be the trans peak – why don’t we leave now , en masse ? this is so excellent , FeistyAmazon and i for one am gone ! loveit

  20. Hopefully his two new victims sue like crazy. I’m sure this crazy dude “Jane” will be a completely different person in the male facility and if he gets looked at sideways he’ll screetch his head off and some bleeding heart liberal will break their neck to save his stupid ass.
    That pic of the MRAs and their two bitches is priceless. The saggy panted, short, fat, bald guys are the same men you would find at anti abortion rallies, KKK meetings, and who love calling themselves “nice guys” when they berate women for not wanting to date them.
    The two trannies look like Frankenstein as does that violent boy “Jane”. That made-up drawing looks nothing like him of course but is a result of some delusional tranny jerking off.

  21. http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/op_ed/hc-op-katz-transgender-girl-york-prision-0422-20140421,0,6980643.story
    [Much also has been made of the decision not to place the youth at Pueblo, the new program for girls on the campus of Solnit South in Middletown. That program opened last month and serves seven very vulnerable girls, one of whom is pregnant. It would have been irresponsible to endanger these girls and the female staff members by placing this youth, who has time and again targeted females, with them. Many of the girls in this unit have experienced equally horrible abuse and trauma and must feel safe and protected — not vulnerable to attack — if they are to receive the help they desperately need.
    Finally, testimony before the legislature about the need for the girls program at Solnit is being distorted to suit the advocates. I never said this youth would be placed there, but only that the kind of behavior she exhibited — assaultive behavior and endangering other girls by encouraging them to run away — is illustrative of why we need such a program. I did not “use” her to accomplish that which I did not need permission to achieve — the conversion of a state hospital unit to a juvenile justice facility.
    Had Pueblo been available two years ago, it may have been suitable for this youth’s needs without jeopardizing others. Unfortunately, her behavior grew too dangerous to place her at Pueblo.
    I am sad that this option was the best one available for this youth who, without question, suffered horrible abuse before she entered the care of the DCF in 2009, at the age of 12 (not at 5 as advocates claim). ]

    1. When they said ‘girls facility’, I was picturing a much bigger place[university sized] than a unit that houses 7 girls.
      Also, the childs’ admission to DCF was when he was 12 for violence- [by his birth parents that couldn’t control him] not at 5 years old like the Activists are claiming’.
      So, he is maturing into a raging hormone driven male that is repeatedly attacking females, and there are other males that fetishize ‘access to young females’ that want everyone to let him access these seven girls? Are the seven girls worth less than one boy? What about the pregnant girl?
      I really don’t know what to say, except this is seriously wrong.

      1. No, most of these facilities, especially the ones for girls are more in line of “cottages.” Even the ones that are more like dorms that are locked facilities, are usually fairly small. I doubt CT needs that many high security beds for female juveniles, which, as I understand it, is what this place is supposed to be. Seven beds, for a state the size of Connecticut sounds about right.

      2. As someone who lived in a group foster home of seven teenage girls while I was in h.s., I saw firsthand how one disruptive person can polarize and change the whole dynamic. I realize this boy was abused but life is rough for everyone. I’m sure the girls he’s living with received their share but according to trannies that’s just being treated like a girl. Girls get chained up to be sex slaves for years and they come out to lead productive lives. At some point he has to be accountable for his deeds and prosecuted. If that had happened in the first place, he would rightly be incarcerated. And anyone who complains must be legally obligated to adopt him.

  22. I picked this out of Feinstein’s piece:
    “When caught involuntarily performing sex acts, she was punished.”
    What exactly is an ‘involuntary sex act’ and why would someone be punished for it? According to our rules and laws we punish rapists, not victims, so is Feinstein asserting that JD is an involuntary rapist?? That idea alarming to say the least. But I think this ambiguity is an intentional dissimulation that suggests a victim status but leaves the writer an out in case it backfires on him. I’m pointing this out because I’ve seen this tactic in other trans supportive writing. Feinstein would not create an ambiguity when, if this boy were being punished for being a rape victim, the truth would serve his cause so much better.

  23. “This person is as dangerous to a male guard as they are to a female guard.”
    um, no. just cause ya writes it on the internets doesnt make it true.
    this young man has had male adolescent body development that puts him more on par with (other) men, and even if he hadn’t, he has shown a particular propensity for violence toward females. He shouldnmt be anywhere near women, much less near girls.
    No, just no

  24. Where are the advocates for the real girls in this facility? Where are the parents of these girls and others speaking on their behalf? I think the FACTS about this male offender — he is violent and has the “tools” to rape with, should trump whatever “feelings” he has about being male. As I’ve said before, feelings aren’t facts and the state of Connecticut has no business enabling this delusion by violating the rights of others.
    I worked as a detention officer in a municipal jail (with adults of both sexes), from the mid-80s to mid-90s. On the rare occasion when we’d get an individual of this nature (always MtT), we’d determine their real sex (by visual inspection) and put them in with other members of their real sex. If there was potential for violence, we’d move them to a single cell by themselves, NOT move them to the women’s section of the jail. They weren’t women and didn’t belong there and it would have violated the rights of the female prisoners.

    1. I agree I have loved ones who’ve been incarcerated, these women and girls are vulnerable. Penises belong in male jails, not around women who lack full agency to protect themselves. OITNB is glamorizing the situation, Laverne Cox hardly represents what most trans inmates are really like.

      1. Ugh, yeah, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I’d say it not just glamorises it, but legitimises it, the idea that MtT should be housed in a woman’s prison.
        It really does start to look intentional, doesn’t it? This was entirely predictable. Radical Feminists did in fact predict it. Even on the basis of self-preservation (since it might get people to start asking questions about trans), he’s not an ideal cause for them to rush to support. Unless frightening, intimidating, and actually endangering, women and girls, is in fact the point. One big power trip for them (and we know how men get off on that). And the fact that they can get support for this…
        Either that, or harm to women and girls just doesn’t count to them and isn’t even registering. Either way, it’s woman hating.

  25. I think a point made by Roslyn and Anon Male needs to be emphasized. By using this “she was not convicted of anything” rhetoric trans activists are making things dangerous not only for the vulnerable girls and female staff, but for the trans individual committing these assaults. A lot of adults, even in psychiatric correctional settings, do not want to press charges when the assailant is a child. But the trans activists are forcing the issue. Forcing staff members to press charges to protect the girls, the staff, and the violent teen. It is not in this teen’s interest to be placed in situations where they will inevitably commit more assaults and create more victims. If I were this kid’s caseworker, I would be pushing for a secure placement away from females. How is permanently injuring or killing someone going to help this kid? “Jane Doe” is just a pawn in another game.

    1. I agree. Most social workers, especially those working with children and adolescents, work towards rehabilitation, not punishment. These are kids who are neglected, abused, and failed by the adults who are supposed to protect them. They are not fully formed human beings, developmentally, nor in the eyes of the law. Our behaviors, even in adulthood, can created new neural pathways in our brain. Adolescents, whose brains are still developing, are even more receptive to change. Learning new techniques to cope with stress can decrease the sensitivity of the hypothalamus’ “fight or flight” responses, conditioned to be hair-triggered through abuse and trauma. The state of CT put this kid on cross-sex hormones and played along with his gender feelings instead of real psychological therapy. I do hope he receives the help he clearly needs, but housing him with equally traumatized and vulnerable girls is not acceptable.
      Also, he was sentenced to 18 months for assault in Nov 2013. Since he was already a ward of the state, this would change his status to juvenile offender and he would be housed with other juvenile offenders. He was only moved to the adult women’s prison as a last ditch effort to honor his internal gender feelings, while minimizing the danger he posed to unequipped female staff and the adolescent girls whom he continues to target with violence. His “being held without charges” is patently untrue in light of these facts, but I am patently unsurprised. Repeating a blatant lie over and over again until it is accepted as a truth is a tactic the trans brigade applies liberally in their activism- “Trans women ARE women”, “a trans penis is a female organ”, ” ‘woman’ is an identify that men can claim”, etc.

  26. The Justice For Jane advocacy is so dishonest. There is not ONE mention on social media of his violent acts that led to this latest transfer to the male facility. They keep saying “transferred without charges” as if nothing happened to necessitate his being moved. Hell, he needs to be charged for these assaults and I hope it happens soon. Instead of “honoring” this kid’s mental illness, diagnose it, treat it and stop putting those who have to be housed with him in danger.

  27. Violent males are a dime a dozen. Calling him “she” doesn’t make him a speshul snowflake, and indulging in his fantasy puts women and girls at risk. His tender genderfeels should logically be less important than the safety of women and girls. The fact that we are even having to entertain this scenario makes me want to scream.

    1. In this case, I doubt “Jane” can be counted among the special snowflake Tumblr set. Everything I’ve read thus far, the violence starting at a very early age and continuing for several years, the lack of remorse and “pity me” attitude in “Jane’s” own statement to the court, what appears to be some serious impulsive sexual behavior even outside of the rape allegations, and the refusal to take an exceptionally good deal of a private cottage at a woman’s prison indicate to me serious pathology. If antisocial personality disorder isn’t a factor, I’ll be very surprised. I’m also not sure I’ve heard of an ASD diagnosis being given to a woman.

      1. If M2Ts wanted to be considered women by wider society, then you’d think they’d try to avoid behaving like stereotypical men and just shut up and wear their pinafores and paint their nails already. He needs to be in a rehabilitation facility designed to deal with male-socialized violent behavior and equipped to handle someone of his substantial size. Bottom line is young female offenders are (with few exceptions, for the sake of fairness) just not that big and not that violent.
        “and the refusal to take an exceptionally good deal of a private cottage at a woman’s prison indicate to me serious pathology.”
        This boy wants access to victims. He can’t handle being by himself. If he can’t be (own) a woman, he wants to hurt women.

      2. You are so right in pointing out that the inability to be able to function in relatively decent (if confined) conditions is an indication of extremely serious pathology. There is no question in my mind that this young male suffers from ASD; he sounds very much like the people incarcerated in my state on the criminal floor of the psychiatric facility. Where they regularly assault staff, and the facility was cited by the federal government for unsafe conditions. My husband did a day’s clinical study on this floor when he was in nursing school — the staff all told him he would never want to work there, and for very good reasons! Generally, ASD is not applied to women; the comparable term is borderline personality disorder.

      3. ASD is considered a communication disability, not a mental illness.. Because girls are supposed to be quiet, the fact that they don’t speak a word as a toddler is called ‘normal silly girl’ they are under diagnosed with ASD, but they do get it .
        Extreme male brain[the name itself is inaccurate] is a condition where all sections that are supposed to indicate a sex difference are over grown in both the male & female sections. What happens is Males & females with ASD do not have typical male & female differences.
        The 4 to 1 occurrence is theorized to happen due to male entitlement and female children receiving less attention on average.
        You notice some Males with asd- EMB seem effeminate, despite it being called extreme male brain -but are not trying to be like girls- they are not picking up on the programming on boys being manly],
        I didn’t bother to perform stereotypical Gender[until I had to to get hired for a job] and I would tune people out that went on about it because It does not imprint on me and I dont believe that there actually is a difference in M/F aside from biology that developed the way it did to successfully create other humans.
        The ASD females are often called tomboys, for not picking up programed female gender acts themselves. This would put many non-conforming children at risk from the trans doctors looking for patients that can’t complain.
        I know, I am a female with Aspergers and EMB ,
        If he had actually had ASD, he would have never wanted to move out of the Women’s prison Dorm. You actually treasure solitude and he would want alone time..
        Violent people with ASD are normally non-verbal and don’t communicate or have a co morbid condition of a mental illness with their disability. They will place them in a hospital [violent or not] and not with any non-violent, non-ASD people their age. If you act normal enough, you can request a transfer to the regular unit, but not if you are violent.
        Also targeting females? With ASD= Solitary, drugged and If any females that disturb you that much, you wont see them again in you confinement, not even female nurses, just males.
        ASD children should not be placed with regular children,. ASD people do not have the same rights to request things like accessing other patients and will find themselves in solitary making unreasonable demands. They would have less trouble if he was-ASD.
        He is a normal spoiled male demanding he get access to females to torment. a- male entitlement, spoiled violent adolescent male with a low opinion of women, and thinks he has the right to torment them.
        The trans community is trying hard to hitch their wagon to ASD disorders, on behalf of others with this, please don’t encourage them.
        They fad medical community tried to push lupron as a cure for autism a few years ago and some see the ASD community as an endless source for non-conforming silent children they can claim as lab rats for their social fad drugs and sex-change experiments. Now they think they will try to bring Lupron back? They already burned that bridge, caused a bunch of damage to ASD children and will not be welcomed. They already got kicked out for pushing it on ASD children-especially as a cure for EMB in little girls.

      4. @druidwinter,
        My apologies. When I mentioned ASD I was referring to antisocial disorder, not autism spectrum disorder. Autistic people definitely don’t tend to act out violently, certainly not more than the norm, and many seem to be more likely self-harming. And, like you said, they prefer solitude. Nothing about this kid’s history indicates autism to me.

  28. Even the AP has been repeating the falsehood that this perp “was not convicted of anything.” The truth is that “Jane” is currently serving an 18 month sentence for assaulting an officer. The report from the judge in Jane’s May hearings (in which the DCF transferred custody to DoC) is here: http://tinyurl.com/o99t53r and the statement about the conviction and sentence for assault is on page 3. I tried to discuss this with some people on the “Justice 4 Jane” facebook page but my posts were deleted. I’m not sure why the trans want to make this their poster child since Jane’s violence toward females doesn’t exactly form a compelling argument for giving trans access to female facilities.

    1. Yeah, I’m with you. The speed at which they claim even the most violent transgenders on behalf of the cause is astounding. To be honest, I’m glad they’re claiming him because it makes them all look even more crazy than everyone already thinks they are… even if they’re afraid to say it out loud due to PC gender politics.

    2. That was an interesting read.
      This is a young man with a history of violence against women as well as clearly having other mental health issues – the smearing of faeces stands out in a big way here.
      I do not think for a minute that it would be appropriate for this young man to be housed amongst vulnerable young women.

    3. (apologies for double commenting, I had forgotten what I wanted to write and then remember after I hit “post” whoops)
      I find it interesting that in that report they mention the need for a separate facility for ultra-violent girls. I wonder how many of those “girls” are actually dangerous young men?

      1. Basically all of them. Whenever the state mentions a sudden “new” problem with ultraviolent girls and women all you need to do is remember what’s suddenly changed over the past decade. Hint: It’s not girls and women suddenly becoming more violent.

      2. Other people, especially Gallus, have mentioned it here too, but also if you see an exceptionally weird news story about a “woman” who had sex with an animal or fetishizes being paralyzed or God knows what else, it’s almost definitely going to be a transwoman.

    1. Thank you for this link, GM. I have visited Roslyn’s excellent post.
      In the comments, FabFro raised this point:
      “Ya’know, I’ve been thinking a lot about this case, and referring to him as a ‘Jane’ has been bothering me. I think it’s because it feels like a disservice to the real Jane Does, his victims. We don’t know much about them, so referring to him as John and to them as Janes makes more sense. But, ya’know, we’d only be referring to him as a John cause we’re violent transphobes, not because he’s a violent male beating up young women and women…-_-”
      My response is that perhaps an appropriate anonymizing pseudonym for a male who gains access to female targets by claiming trans status, is Jahn Doe.
      Justice for Janes Doe – Jahn Doe’s victims.

  29. “…the assault which cemented her dangerousness in the opinion of DFC was committed out of state, making trying her in Connecticut for that assault as an adult impossible (Massachusetts decided not to prosecute)….”
    Does anyone know the details of this assault?

  30. Ugh, so this shit rears it’s ugly head again. If I was the parent of one of those girls who “Jane” assaulted, you’d bet that I would sue the shit out of the state of Connecticut. However, I think those girls and the staffers who “Jane” assaulted don’t have anyone to advocate for them and that the transactivists are relying on the silence from their vulnerability to push their case and make sure no one commits the grievous crime of “misgendering” Jane.
    All I will say is that hopefully Connecticut will retain it’s collective brain this time and keep Jane in the male facility where they are actually equipped to deal with his male level of violence. Also, it seems that all of Jane’s victims have been female, the report says that he deliberately targets females, so maybe he’ll actually calm the hell down when he’s surrounded by males and be able to get the psychiatric treatment he needs. If there is an issue where the other males are a threat to Jane or Jane is a threat to the other males, they can put Jane in a cell by himself and the staffers will still be able to handle his violence.
    I will echo the point that the reason why no charges have been pressed for these particular assaults (though I think the reason why Jane is incarcerated in the first place is for assaulting an officer) is because Jane is a minor and they don’t like to press felony charges against minors in these situations if they can help it. I have a cousin who was similar to Jane (minus the female feels). My cousin had a history of childhood abuse, is autistic and was incarcerated in a psychiatric facility as a minor for his violent behavior. They never pressed any charges against him despite his violent outbursts in the facility, though it helps that he was housed in a MALE facility where they can deal with that shit. Now my cousin is a fairly well-adjusted adult all things considered and has a full-time job on a farm that he likes. So, I will just say that clearly the transjacktivists are ignorant of the law and how they run psychiatric facilities when they keep complaining about Jane not being charged with anything (which is not entirely true; Jane just hasn’t been charged for these recent assaults).
    At this point though, they might need to press charges against Jane for him assaulting women and girls, even though it never would have happened if the state of Connecticut wasn’t such a big fucking enabler that mindlessly did what the transactivists told them to do so they could look progressive. But then again, it’s not like leftists are free from sexism and they’ve never prioritized women in the first place and so I guess it’s no surprise that they’re willing to throw girls under the bus for a boy who wants to be a girl.
    As for Connecticut’s law about vulnerable male teens, I’d support it if it was about keeping vulnerable males away from the other males within the male facilities, but it’s not and if you’re transgender you get to go to the female facilitiy and beat up the girls there. How the hell is that progressive?
    One more thing: Ew creepy pedo image. There’s no way in hell Jane looks like that. That looks like the concept art for a video game or cartoon character.

  31. Good comment left here:
    “This youth was convicted last November of assault on an officer and is currently under an 18-month sentence. Trans advocates have misinterpreted the silence of the DCF due to confidentiality requirements. However, some of the transcripts of last spring’s hearings (with the youth’s name redacted) are available online and they clearly state that the youth pleaded guilty to this assault and that there were numerous other assaults as well. Connecticut DCF has worked very hard to provide a girls’ facility for this youth; however, the youth has repeatedly attacked girls and women in every facility. Undoubtedly these injured women and girls don’t have six lawyers and a horde of trans activists advocating for them, as their suffering is being ignored by the media. Connecticut DCF even tried to send this youth to an expensive therapeutic boarding school designed for troubled and violent young people, but Jane was sent back to Connecticut after attacking a female staff member, biting her and kicking her repeatedly in the head until she suffered brain damage. Jane has been given more chances and more consideration than any other youth in the system, male or female, and it is time to show some concern for Jane’s victims.”

  32. Hi all,
    First time poster here. I just want to say thank you for the work you are doing here. Its only recently that I had more time to think about feminism. I was raised into it as my grand-mother was an diehard feminist who taught me my freedom was tied up to getting an education and gaining economic independence. I would consider myself a leftie paleo-feminist (second wave). Anyhow, I just want to say that on so many supposedly feminist blogs and websites, I felt gaslighted, I did not feel safe posting, but I could not tell why. Than I started noticing that the most vocal posters were trannies, that they were controlling the conversation, even the definition on what it is to be a women. That whole gender spiel sounded like some much BS. I just could not stomach being called, and insisting on calling myself a cis-woman. Reading this blog felt like returning to some sense of sanity. Anyhow, I would not be surprised if down the line, it is found that there is a high level of co-morbidity between male transgenderism and many of the cluster B personality disorders (narcissism, antisocial, histrionic etc..). I apologize if I don’t have the proper terminology yet. I am more acquainted with the literature on sociopathy and that is actually what rang the alarm bell when I realized that frequently people approaching the subject of personality disorders were shamed and silenced on these blogs. Why is the trans community so supportive of Jane Doe?

    1. ” I just want to say that on so many supposedly feminist blogs and websites, I felt gaslighted, I did not feel safe posting, but I could not tell why. Than I started noticing that the most vocal posters were trannies, that they were controlling the conversation”
      Yes. This. It’s the same in every Lesbian space.
      Except this blog, where I allow trans participation but do not allow them to control the conversation.

    2. Welcome to the blog! I have had similar experiences to you, always having to tip-toe around (trans) male feelings and being expected to worship gender (formerly called sex roles) despite it being the thing that has oppressed women since forever. Gallus Mag is my hero because she tells the truth and she lets the rest of us tell the truth too. I just always feel sad when I see another woman or worse a teenage girl calling herself “cis” and apologizing for the fact that she is female just because a tiny fraction of the male population is jealous. I think that they’ve got so many women brain-washed because patriarchal structures can’t function without the handmaidens.
      It’s nice to see more real feminists coming to join us. I myself prefer second-wave feminism to third-wave, which just seems like a feeble effort to paddle through the anti-feminist backlash that started in the Reagan era

  33. Harvey must first declare that he “feels” like a foster parent on the inside. He may not be a mom, but he has played one on tv, or broadway, or something

  34. kesher, it was perfectly clear what you were referring to: antisocial personality disorder. No one brought up autistic spectrum disorder. I suppose this is the problem with using shorthand, but if someone is going to comment on a comment, they need to read the comment they are commenting on!

    1. I knew she was talking about antisocial as well. Autism is not a personality disorder. I had never thought of it this way, but Kesher’s right, I’ve never come across a woman with that diagnosis either. Though I’ve certainly met quite a few with a borderline personality disorder diagnosis. I wonder if if it’s an issue of stereotyping, or if women and men present so differently due to socialization that it becomes a totally different disorder? Also BPD is traditionally a catch all diagnosis for folk who are just a PITA. Even so, it’s an interesting observation.

      1. @kesher, no offence taken. 😉
        autistic spectrum disorder is called ASD, I was worried you thought autistic spectrum disorder people were like that! I am really not offended- I just value facts and was trying to explain from my pov. It was not intended to come off as harsh or anything.
        and yes, I am actually a female with this, I give myself away every so often and other than being severely dyslexic[ I know spellcheck doesn’t hide everything] I don’t have any other problems, other than small things-like pushing facts on people and trying not to annoy them. 😉

      2. No problem. I know that society at large tends to demonize people deemed as awkward and weird, so I wanted to clear up that I wasn’t talking about autistic people. And I didn’t take your comment to be harsh. It took me a while to even figure out where the misunderstanding was.

      3. Roslyn, I asked my husband if there were any women on the criminal psychiatric floors at the state psychiatric center, and he said he didn’t remember seeing any. My understanding is that people (men) with antisocial personality disorder are often violent, and consequently end up in confinement for the criminally insane. I don’t think people with borderline personality disorder are usually violent. They are narcissistic and manipulative and can be extremely unpleasant, but there’s a big gap between those qualities (which they share with antisocial personalities) and committing violent acts toward others. (Btw, that’s quite a website you have!)

  35. Schoolgirl gets criminal record for sexting topless photo to boy

    And this hot on the heels of derisory sentences for Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall. The campaign on behalf of ‘Jane Doe’ pushes pushes double standards of treatment re sex offenders to its limit. Violent male offenders deserve rewards – throwing in with their preferred target demographic – not punishment. Females on the other hand need slapping down at the merest transgression from proper behaviour – even when said behaviour likely resulted from a coercive environment…
    Morrissey had it right: ‘Unruly girls who will not settle down must be taken in hand…’

  36. Don’t know if others have posted this, but … Transgender teenager in confinement case escapes.
    “The teenager, most recently held at a facility for delinquent boys, escaped while attending her first day at a therapeutic program, according to an agency statement. It said police and department staff were working to locate her.”

    1. They found him, and once again idiotic members of the LGBTWTF community are wondering why, oh why, this poor soul is being housed in a male facility. BECAUSE HE BEATS WOMEN, THAT’S WHY. I guess violence against women only upsets people if it’s caught on camera.

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