73 thoughts on “America's Got Talent: "What She's Got"

    1. ‘ … an 84-year-old man singing an original song about not wanting to date a woman because she had “male genitalia,” and which included lyrics like “there’s always some failure, always some flaw.” As the song’s “joke” dawned on the audience and judges, they erupted in laughter and the contestant received nothing but praise from the judges … ‘
      Snort. I like how, in the GLAAD report, the author puts quotation marks around “male genitalia.” As if this were a highly questionable phrase.
      This song, “What She’s Got,” is a lot like the last scene of “Some Like it Hot.” Is it too late for a Change.org petition for a movie made in 1959?

    2. Hahahahaha!
      Damn, I was going to ask if anyone wanted to take bets on how long it would take for them to whinge.
      Meanwhile, you can sing about date rape (fun!!!) and women can be “filled up with cum” according to Laura Jane Grace.
      Then a blog that is *solely dedicated* to showing misogynistic song lyrics posts this when someone points out LJG’s misogyny.
      >Okay, so after the last submission, we’ve had plenty of people telling us that a member of Against Me! is trans*.
      One thing we want to make clear is that we trust those who submit to actually make informed decisions on the songs and lyrics they want to post. It’s a two-way street. We can’t be expected to know the ins and outs of every single band that gets submitted here.
      Having said that, we hold our hands up and say we ballsed up on this one. It shouldn’t have slipped through the net since the intent of the song is pretty obvious. It probably got added to the queue while we were tired and not really paying attention, so we’re sorry.
      So misogyny is totally fucking a-ok especially if you’re trans but singing the warm fuzzies (dude refers to penised person as a “she” throughout the song) is literally Hitler and must be stopped.
      How in the fuck is what he said okay?
      If I sung a song about men being only useful as sperm manufacturing plants and NOTHING ELSE, I would be crucified.
      Does anyone know about any islands that I can go to to escape FROM THIS TOTAL FUCKING INSANITY?
      I feel like everyday it’s getting crazier and crazier and people are eating this shit up like Reese’s Pieces.
      How the fuck did it end up like this? How can people swallow “wimminz brains” and “brain mapping”?
      I need a drink.

      1. Let’s move to the island from LOST. The smoke monster still made more sense than this shit.
        And yes misogyny is okay if you claim trans status. Their entire movement is based on the 1% or so men’s rights to impersonate women out-weighing the rights of women.

    3. I believe on the same night there was a sketch where two black men dressed up as stereotypes of black women. Will there be a petition to remove that one? Or how about a petition to cancel the whole show because of Howard Stern’s history of misogyny?

      1. “I figure most people have a 1fl.oz. glass or measurement cup around the house so it’s easy enough to get a feel for that and estimate from there. Another good tip is that 1cc is about one drop more or less dependent on viscosity, surface tension, and density of the fluid in question.”
        “I use a 80cc syringe that is attached to a infusion butterfly myself so that’s why I know. much cleaner and less traces after clean up”

      2. From the interview or if you prefer “Vampyre Chat”:
        “The mystics are a problem to the external image as much as they are to the community itself. They generally go on tv and talk about how some insubstantial energy is what all vampires need to survive. I have rarely seen anyone that is not absolutist on energy in the media, and they never provide anything but excuses for not being able to explain what this energy is coherently. The problem here is that there is no substantiated proof of the energy, nor of the need for it; and definitely not of the possible death with out it as has been claimed by some. Again, the response to this is silence. But in this case it is because of the idea that won out years ago of anyone that can say the phrase ‘I am a vampire’ can be a part of the community.”
        No self-awareness whatsoever.
        “More over remove. Just those three types that confuse things and waste time that I mentioned before being the biggest part of the list. The only thing left on that list would be the posturing and extreme resistance to doing actual investigative science.”
        LOL, is he saying “actual investigative science” needs to be applied to “vampirism”? Also, no self-awareness whatsoever.
        “RVN: May we ask, how do you define your personal modern vampirism?
        Alison: A medical condition that has yet to be fully understood.”
        I guess he IS saying “actual investigative science” needs to be applied to “vampirism.” Sounds like someone is a vampyric “truscum”!

      3. @ judysdreamofhorses
        That is so funny, thanks so much! Yeah someone is a vampire truscum alright. Holy shit.
        So I take it he drinks blood and doesn’t consider the energy-absorbing vampires to be real vampires. Maybe we should call him a “bloodscum”. After all psi-vampires are the most oppressed, just like how “trans” people who don’t have and have never had dysphoria are totes oppressed by those dysphoric tans people, especially the female ones. Because trans man privilege.
        Yeah, that’s wack. The truscum thing is one of the many reasons for my peak trans. It just makes no sense to lump people without dysphoria in with people who do have dysphoria. (And then call the usually female people with dysphoria “scum”) We wouldn’t lump people with diabetes in with people who have bipolar disorder. It’s ridiculous.
        As for the vampire thing, I hung out on a few vampire community forums when I was a teenager who read too much Anne Rice but eventually I grew out of it because I grew the fuck up.

      4. Lizzy,
        “After all psi-vampires are the most oppressed, just like how “trans” people who don’t have and have never had dysphoria are totes oppressed by those dysphoric tans people, especially the female ones. Because trans man privilege.”
        I like the point about non-dysphoric trans claiming to be oppressed by people who feel it is a serious medical condition despite all logic. It’s an absurd distortion of the idea of privilege which the tumblr crowd is very fond of: if you are not in the same group I’m in and you say something “mean” (so usually something critical) about it then you are oppressing me, actual power dynamics be damned.

      5. Oops, correction. I wrote “oppressed by people who feel it is a serious medical condition despite all logic” and that’s kind of unclear, I meant “think they are oppressed against all logic”, not “they claim it’s a medical condition against all logic” (though I’m skeptical of the medical condition idea too). In what world is it objectively more difficult to be trans without psychological issues or costly and dangerous surgery? Come on.

  1. From the glad.org link: “…transgender women in particular, are still seen as perfectly acceptable targets for outright mockery.”
    Yeah well, welcome to our world, sir.
    From the change.org link: “I for one would think that this would have been rejected, not broadcast, and called out for the abhorrent transphobia and support of the hate that all LGBT people face every day around the world.”
    Typical SCAM tactic of riding on the coattails of the hard-won battles of LGBs.

  2. Wow the shit’s gonna fly on this one!! TGs are gonna find it’s not so easy to stifle the real world as they did the lesbian/feminist one.

  3. > NBC’s decision to air this performance and promote it as the highlight of the episode indicates the continuing need for education in the television industry.
    Education you say? Sounds like a job for SynisterStarlite.

    1. Thanks so much for posting this link. The video above was gone by the time I tried to watch it, but your link was delightful. Very funny! And pretty pathetic that it caused boo-hoos (what are we dealing with here? three-year-olds?).

  4. Ha ha ha, I *never* watch that show but for some reason I tuned in just as this act went on. I thought, oh boy, they have no idea what they’re in for. I’m sure everyone involved will issue heartfelt apologies. I haven’t clicked the links yet but I’m sure they want the old man pilloried.

  5. OH MY EFFING GOD THANKS FOR THIS! I have had the worst day and was just rear-ended on the highway by a 17 year old, but this old fart singing about a lady with a penis just made my freaking day. What a hilarious old dude.

  6. Come on, it’s funny!
    This poor old guy isn’t gonna know what him him.
    I guess there’s never going to be a trans equivalent of the Will & Grace gay guy because trans people can never laugh at themselves. It may not have been the greatest show, but at least gay people have a sense of humor. Is every trans character going to be some variation on Morgan Freeman playing God or the president? Boring!
    It will probably go that way, and eventually someone will do a hilarious skit mocking the noble tranny trope, because you can’t kill funny.

    1. “Is every trans character going to be some variation on Morgan Freeman playing God or the president?”
      Yes, Jane, of course. Anything less than playing God is potentially transphobic, and could lead to grown men crying and shaking inside of dark closets. For at least 15 minutes. Between tweets.
      Trans is a deadly serious business. That’s why we laugh so much!

  7. Enjoy your hothouse flower privilege, because I see upsetting woman-hating shit everywhere, especially online (often from trans women), and I pretty much just deal and go on with life.
    Not only are they not going to get the culturewide kid glove treatment they want, they’re stoking a really big backlash. I dread the repercussions on LGB and het women.
    Most of the time now I think “That made me dysphoric” is just trolling for attention.

    1. “Enjoy your hothouse flower privilege, because I see upsetting woman-hating shit everywhere, especially online (often from trans women), and I pretty much just deal and go on with life.”
      I love this “hothouse flower” metaphor. Poor, dysphoric “Evelyn.”
      Women, on the other hand, have no choice about being frost-hardy perennials.

    2. If I wanted to complain about every single thing in media that could be offensive to women I would need to quit my job and even if I worked on writing letter and setting up stupid online petitions 60, 80 hours a week I would barely scratch the surface.
      I do think there will be a backlash but it will include the lgb since the t is riding on our coattails. It will also include women since plenty of handmaidens support this insanity and even if they didn’t women always get blamed for shit men do. Trans people who don’t buy into trans idealogy and actually have dysphoria will also be screwed. I will bet a lot of money the the autogynophiles will get their implants removed and go back to living as, men.

    3. My oldest daughter is really into video games, so we got a copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to watch with her, because we’d heard it was really funny and a sweet romantic story.
      It made me ill. Every single female character in it was a joke or a jerk; most of the supposed “humor” in the film came from how silly and ridiculous and stupid women are, and how hilarious it is when men make fun of them. Don’t even get me started on the lesbian character, who lost her fight when Scott gave her an orgasm with one touch of his fingertip. Because a man giving a lesbian an orgasm is such an overwhelming experience for her that she crumples to the floor in defeat. See, all a lesbian needs is a man and she’ll have the most intense orgasm of her life, and all of the fight and toughness just drains right out of her. There was not one strong, intelligent woman in the whole movie (the only semi-exception was a woman who spent the whole time insulting Our Hero and being nasty to everyone; and of course, she was that way because Scott had broken up with her and Hell hath no fury and all, amirite? She’s not mad at Scott because he’s a misogynist jerk in general, but because he dumped her personally which hurt her feelings). The romantic interest in the film is one of those Movie Dream Girls whose only personality trait is Hot, with a side dose of Manufactured Quirky/Cool.
      A whole movie of that crap, and it’s one of many (and beloved by people who should know better), yet the Artificial Women are going to have hysterics over one song that points out how false their delusions are. Yeah, nobody’s ever had it as bad as those poor trans people! How dare anyone see them as a joke! People should go back to picking on real women, who deserve it. FFS.

      1. That movie was barf-worthy. But doncha know it’s, like, feminist because that one gay guy in the movie was portrayed positively and he got laid a lot. So what if all the women are treated like shit by the narrative and there’s a massive amount of lesbophobia? Gay menz!!!
        (I exaggerate a little but this is an argument I’ve often seen used to excuse the awfulness of this movie.)

      2. Oh. My. Gosh.
        At first you couldn’t pay me enough to watch this movie and now reading what you just discovered about it, you couldn’t pay me enough to watch a commerical of it…

      3. I was so bored by that movie, I pretty much tuned it out, so I missed a lot of that. The only thing I found funny about it was the vegan council (or whatever) that revoked the one ex-boyfriend’s vegan card for having eaten chicken parmesan.

      4. @Lizzy Shaw: The best part of that whole “but the gay guy, so feminist and good!” thing is that not only is the gay guy portrayed as a stereotypical horndog can’t-think-of-anything-but-sex-all-the-time, picks up men for casual sex every night, but…it’s made clear in the movie that he often convinces straight men to sleep with him. And those straight men are usually out on dates with women when Captain Sexygay nabs them.
        Which not only reinforces the idea that gay men are always after straight men–thus justifying the fears of some homophobes/other people with problematic views on homosexuality that if they let gay men into the locker room/on the team/in the military those gay men will be constantly staring at their dicks and hitting on them–but is basically saying that what a man has to offer another man is far, far superior to what a woman can offer him. That women just aren’t capable of keeping a man interested if there’s a willing gay dude available. That women are just all-around inferior to men, and given the chance men would much rather be with another man instead of dealing with a woman, because women are whiny and boring.
        Oh, and of course, that it’s hilarious when men abandon female dates to go have sex with other men, and it’s hilarious when gay men behave in a predatory fashion that hurts women, and it’s hilarious when women are publicly humiliated by having their dates run off with another man–and women are supposed to understand this and are just being bitches if they’re not so amused by it–and it’s hilarious when women are rejected, because what did they expect? That they would be good enough to attract and keep a man around, when the far superior male is nearby and shows interest? Yeah, that’s a feminist message if I ever heard one.
        I’ve heard people defending this movie and claiming it’s not sexist before based on that, too, and/or on the idea that it’s somehow empowering to women because the man “fights” to be with her, or that it’s feminist or pro-women because of the scene where the heroine strips to a bra and panties and then says no to sex and that’s portrayed as an okay thing for her to do. Never mind that the simple fact of Scott “having to” defeat her evil exes to be with her signals that she is the property of those exes, and Scott must “win” her from them. (I get that it’s supposed to be a metaphor about the emotional baggage we bring to relationships, but it’s not a metaphor that works, and the whole idea of her having all this baggage still implies that her future and personality and self is determined by the men in her life.) Never mind the fact that the heroine has no personality at all, that there is no reason shown for why she’d be interested in Scott to begin with but seems to feel “Well, he wants me, so I guess that means I’m his.” Never mind that her only personality trait is “changes hair color every week” (which nobody actually does because of all the bleaching involved; even Manic Panic or other temporary dyes require bleach if you want to remove them before they’ve faded, and that’s very damaging to the hair) and she’s a stereotype of hipster male fantasy. Never mind, either, the ridiculousness of the very idea that a woman out on a first date would go home and just remove her clothing while her date watches, because that’s how she’s comfortable. Because all women are comfortable being in just their bra and panties around men they don’t know well. And never mind that her lesbian relationship is treated as a joke, an “experiment,” something she disavows because lesbians are icky. And never mind the fact that all of the exes are so unpleasant you wonder why she went out with them in the first place, and the implication there that women only like jerks. Feminist!
        @kesher The Vegan Council thing was funny, as was Chris Evans’s character/scene. There were a couple of good jokes in there, but overall I thought it was boring, too. I was just so appalled by the anti-woman messages in every scene that I watched it with rapt attention.

      5. @Dorothy Mantooth
        You make a lot of good points about that movie. I didn’t think that much about it because it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. It’s funny, the idea that women are just so boring and stupid and that’s why a man would want to be with another man is a very common trope in badly written fanfiction as well as some yaoi manga. Yes, I did just say that whoever came up with the story ripped off a crappy fanfic. (Also, in a lot of these stories, 99% of the men are gay, but all of the women are straight, lesbians either don’t exist or are treated as a joke or with contempt. I’m not saying that every story needs to have every sexual orientation just for the sake of inclusiveness, but if you’re going to include lesbians, don’t do it to be a lesbophobic asshole.)
        I also agree about how Romana is pretty lacking in personality. I’m sure that the actress who played Romana just wore a bunch of different wigs because you cannot actually dye your hair that often. Romana is the “maniac pixie dream girl” archetype that hipster and nerd boys lust after these days. She is quirky in some superficial way and may pay some lip service to female empowerment, but otherwise doesn’t have much of a personality and is still dependent on men and serves to make men feel better.
        I would say that one thing that really bothers me is that Scott Pilgrim is a very bad rip-off of the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. I might have called Utena feminist in a superficial way when I was stuck in third-wave logic, but I won’t anymore. I still like the anime though and wikipedia has a basic summary of the plot. The thing is, I can clearly see that Romana is a rip-off of Anthy, except that Anthy’s personality of superficial, vapid niceness is a facade for her more sinister personality. So Romana has Anthy’s fake personality basically. Also, the most important relationship in that series is Utena and Anthy’s friendship, which can be interpreted as being romantic in the anime series and in the movie they just make them into a lesbian couple instead of implying stuff. It’s like they took the idea of Anthy and Utena’s relationship, watered it down, and made them into a straight couple who hate lesbians.
        I won’t wax on too much about an obscure anime most of you have probably never seen before so I will just say I second your commentary of Scott Pilgrim.

  8. So have they jumped down Aerosmith’s throat for recording “Dude Looks Like a Lady” and The Kinks for “Lola”? (Because drag is apparently totes the same thing as trans now…)

  9. I was at the community pool and play ground this evening and all the kids were singing it–they love that song. hahahah.

    1. “Well I’m not the world’s most masculine man / But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man / And so is Lola”
      The kids sing THAT? Or just the “la-la-la-Lola” parts? Ha!

      1. No the new Penis song–it is more popular with the 8 years olds right now than “Found A Peanut” these guys better avoid groups of children or they may be “triggered” and get all fetal postion. I have not heard the word penis so much as I have since the 4th grade picked this up–

  10. I got my new hot-air popcorn popper just in time. It’s going to be interesting to see SCAMs try to bully Howard Stern (he battled the FCC for many years), who triggers my vomit response on sight and is why I never watch this show.
    But, this caught my eye while channel surfing because this little old guy looked like one of the grumpy old men in the balcony of the Muppet Theater. I was laughing so hard, at his lyrics, the judges reactions, the audience cracking up. Now, that’s entertainment!
    From a site called 9News Entertainment:
    [A petition has already been issued on Change.com entitled “Renounce, and remove the performance from the contestant Ray Jessel insulting transgender people.”
    The petition was created by Alison Demzon who called Mr Jessel’s performance “abhorrent”.
    “A man by the name of Ray Jessel came on stage and charmed the audience by singing about how wrong it is to be transgender; and is in fact ridicule-worthy.
    “I for one would think that this would have been rejected, not broadcast, and called out for the abhorrent transphobia and support of the hate that all LGBT people face every day around the world.”
    So far 28 people have signed the petition.]
    Wow, 28 whole signers; his petition’s on fire. For a photo of Demzon The Vampire Whisperer (I kid you not), see: http://realvampirenews.com/tag/alison-demzon/
    This is one reason the “T” shouldn’t be on the end of “LGB.” LGBs are not ridicule-worthy.

  11. Enter the noble suffering trans:
    We are treated by pop culture as disgusting things and “its” for having the body we were born with.
    Too bad you can’t acknowledge the fact that your identities center around fetishizing the objectification of women. We are treated as things too, only when it happens to us it gets a lot of you hard.
    The rest of the post is an actual suicide threat. Jesus.

    1. Oh that is not true. Mr. Tannehill, women know you are a man and so does pop culture. I am so repulsed by these men abusive suicide threats and I really honestly don’t care if they kill themselves except they so often kill women first.

      1. Threatening suicide if you don’t get what you want is a thing that abusers do. Of course it’s “ableist” to point that out. Better to send the survivors of this abuse (who are often female) anon hate mail for speaking out. Did you know that shunning sociopaths is ableist?
        Frankly I’m also tired of being told I should sympathize with abusive men, trans status or not. I do not care about them and their precious fee fees. Who I do care about is the people, usually women who they kill before suiciding.
        Does anyone have any good statistics on the actual suicide rate of trans people and more importantly how many of them behave just like the men they really are and kill women first?

      1. The “punch up not down” thing is so simplistic and stupid; especially when it’s a bunch of straight white guys uttering it. Straight white guys who actually do think speech is violence that should be returned with physical violence.

      2. Disgusting indeed! A bunch of straight whites dudes “punching down” is what straight white guys have always done- there is no one “up” there in the race/sex hierarchy for them to punch. These offensive pretendians are “punching down” the rights of women everywhere with gender legislation. Enough fellas, and STFU about punching anywhere because your male violence is showing- might want to duck into the men’s room and tuck that in.

  12. Serious question: The 4th of July is one of the most misandrist holidays, with males being far more likely to be maimed or killed by fireworks.
    Being that transwomen are no longer required to handle explosives to prove their masculinity, is this trans privilege?
    I can’t believe that these people are whining about a geriatric pop song on a day when little boys are losing their fingers, hands, and eyes!?!?

  13. When I lived in NY, like most NYers I listened to Howard Stern every morning. A tranny named Siobhan used to come on the show quite often and Howard was merciless, and he refused to call Siobhan “she.”
    Here’s a recording of the day Siobhan came in after surgery, from 2005, well after I stopped listening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wWUKttvXig (long)
    I’ve caught a few of Howard’s more recent shows and he really has mellowed a lot since the old days. I was shocked to hear him support Chaz Bono’s transition. He’s no stranger to controversy and people protesting him, in fact he loves it because it boosts ratings. But now that he’s a kinder, gentler Howard AND he’s on NBC, I wonder how he’ll handle it.
    As for the rest of the panel, I’d be surprised if they haven’t all genuflected to the tranny gods already.

  14. Don’t most trans women these days still have their penises? Not that the general public realises this. It will be an interesting day when that penny drops. “You mean a trans woman wears lady heels and make-up but is still packing cock and balls…?!” People think trans women have had “the surgery.” Outside of some particular fetishists and the “queer” “bisexual” media and social media elite who keep themselves popular throwing women under the bus every day of the week for some ally cookies (at least in the UK) this isn’t known. No matter the attempts to make people say up is down and night is day, nearly everyone else knows that women don’t have penises. In the UK you can legally change your sex without SRS, partly because there is a fairly well-organised trans lobby here who quietly pushed for this and got various trans-friendly laws pushed through (at a time when any kind of gay civil union, for example, remained impossible).
    We are being told the song is offensive because it’s mockery. Of course their real problem with it is someone NOTICING a penis and COMMENTING on it. How dare someone not fully accept a woman’s penis without a murmur. The issue here isn’t a silly song, it’s people noting there’s a penis staring them right in the face and that women don’t have them (although this guy continues to use the right pronouns after all!) That histrionic Huffington Post piece is unbelievable. You know I always found “Will & Grace” on the rare occasions it mentioned or featured lesbians to be incredibly rude and disrespectful about them. Anyone want a piece on how it “triggered” me?? I have PTSD from ten or fifteen-year-old episodes of Will & Grace, where’s my column??

    1. Ha!
      People don’t realize it because people know the definition of the word “lesbian,” and that it refers to a woman with womanparts who likes other women with womanparts. Just as they know the definition of the word “woman” is “person with womanparts.” So when these men run around calling themselves lesbians and women, they are deliberately taking advantage of that knowledge to imply that they are something they are not.
      Funny how they insist lesbianism has nothing to do with parts while at the same time cloaking themselves in that word like Klingon Birds of Prey in order to gain access to women-only spaces.
      They know exactly what they’re doing.

  15. Heartless mockery practiced here. Check out the audience’s reaction – especially the men’s – and get a clue, trans. You’re a joke. A downright knee-slapping, hilarious joke. No one in the straight world takes you seriously and thinks you’re a woman. I guess that’s a good thing. Because when men stop laughing, be worried. Very worried.

  16. It’s been decades since media jokes have been made about men pretending to be women, while the media continues to present these men as tragic heroic figures, which ends up getting sympathy and outrage on their behalf. Either way, they still are constantly in the media, with increasing coverage, getting most people used to them existing and being “real women,” even if a few are still laughing.
    Meanwhile, women who say no to male rules of femininity basically are never allowed to be shown in the media, yet are still an ongoing joke. (This year, one Butch contestant was finally shown on the Voice, though hidden almost until the end when she had to be shown since she kept winning. Didn’t last long. American Idol finally had a Lesbian, but they increasiningly feminized her by male standards and she lost anyway.) Chazz Bono, Fem pretending to be a man is allowed to be seen, of course, since she adds to the idea of Lesbians saying no to femininity being freaks who should become “men.”
    Yes, the trannies will be furious at the slightest joke about them, but only one group will pay, which are the few remaining Radical Feminists who say no to them, who say no to “transwomen” even existing, who refuse to play their game on any level, while so many “radfems” are increasingly genuflecting and playing along.
    Meanwhile, the upcoming OLOC conference that used to be women only is allowing in trannies, and one workshop by Lesbians is about how Lesbian Feminists so oppressed “transsexuals,” the we owe them “reparations.”

    1. “…one workshop by Lesbians is about how Lesbian Feminists so oppressed ‘transsexuals,’ the we owe them ‘reparations.’ ”
      Who the hell goes along with this shit?!

      1. I agree, what the fuck!?
        Since when did any policy makers/law makers actually listen to lesbian feminists about anything, let alone transsexuals? Yet we owe them reparations now? Again, what the fuck?

  17. I like seeing anyone daring to laugh at these most male of men, prancing around in their Narcissist, Psychopathic fantasy of misogyny, but everything seems to end up working to in their favor, helping the trans cult.
    They love the attention and they love one more opportunity to pose in all their martyred glory.
    Het and gay men know the game these men are pulling to get access to Lesbians, to destroy our last female-only space, making it impossible to meet or socialize without men watching and perving on us, re-writing our history, and then policing everyone’s reasonable reaction to them. Any man threatened by feminism has to love the trannies.
    The man in the video probably thought his joke song would be the only chance he’d have of winning, and with Laverne Cox on the cover of Time, it’s certainly timely.
    But this fuels the trans cult with more attention and then the predictable outrage with whining, adding even more caring “feminists” to the lineup of women who put these men first and are devoted to policing anyone who dares so no to them, or who will laugh at them. Laughing at various types of oppressed women is open season, but never men, with all their power and dignity and respect.
    I wish they could just be seen as the joke they are…. but such a dangerous joke.

  18. OT, sorry:
    I cannot believe I found this site! I’ve been reading the archives for a day and a half now, practically crying with joy that I’m not the only woman in the world who feels this way.
    I’m not actually a radical feminist; I’m kind of not really a feminist at all (nor am I Christian). In fact, it never occurred to me that there was anything radical or “fringe” in, for example, thinking, “How do *you* know what being a woman feels like?” when a man claims he’s “felt like a woman all his life.” I never thought it was somehow radical to look back at my life and be insulted that some man who never dealt with any of the issues or situations in life that I or any/most/all other women dealt with thinks he knows what that was like, or in the idea that a woman is a collection of life experiences, feelings, and thoughts and not some sort of doll that is created out of the air. I was born a female; _growing up_ female made me a woman. When Julie Burchill wrote her column a few years ago I was thrilled, only to see other women–friends, some of whom were feminists, some of whom were lesbians, even–denigrating her. I agreed with every word she said.
    I’m going to try to keep this short. I don’t want to drown you in words. But a member of my family–my stepfather-in-law–decided about fifteen years ago that he was “really” a woman. He claimed to have gotten tests that “proved” this. The effect it had on my MIL was devastating, not least because he had for years led her to believe that all of their problems, sexual and otherwise, were HER fault. That she was somehow inadequate as a woman, that she was unexciting, that she was too sensitive, that she just didn’t have the brains and sharp killer instincts of a man. Then he decided to be a “woman,” and fully expected her to stay married to him. He was very angry that she refused; what was wrong with her, that she wasn’t supporting him by remaining his wife and letting him stay in their marital home and teaching him how to apply make-up? Did she think she had a right not to be forced into a lesbian marriage (nothing wrong with lesbian marriage, of course, but it’s not really what most hetero women look for) or something?
    All of this was infuriating for my husband and myself, as well as the FIL’s two children–his son moved to another country, he was so devastated by this. My FIL didn’t care. He’d run out and gotten himself hormones and told us how he felt so good all the time, almost high, and it was so amazing–it was less than six months after he made the decision and he’d already had the facial feminization surgery. He also decided that he didn’t feel like waiting the two years for the full reassignment surgery, so went to his elderly mother, convinced her to hand over the money that would be his inheritance (money my MIL was supposed to get an equal share of), and ran off to Prague to become a castrato with boobs. He then changed his name to one of the most stereotypical drag queen names you’ve ever heard (hint: it’s the name of a song mentioned in this thread, with a “St. ___” as the last name) and proceeded to meet up online with a bunch of other unsavory delusionists, with whom he’d go clubbing almost every night in full drag-queen-feminine-caricature regalia.
    What’s funny–if by “funny” you mean “disgusting”–is that his behavior hasn’t changed one iota. There is nothing feminine about him, nothing womanly. He mansplains; he interrupts; he corrects; he expects my MIL (they have remained friends, and he goes to her place regularly for dinner) to cook for him and clean up after while he snores on her couch; he thinks everyone admires him. He thinks his mutilation and pseudo-woman persona makes him special and interesting.
    (In the last year or two his health has begun to fail, and he at least once told my MIL he regrets the surgery. Well, that’s what happens when you decide indulging a sex fetish is going to fix all the things you don’t like about yourself as a person. It’s called gender reassignment surgery, not create-a-whole-new-person surgery. There’s a reason why a 2011 Swedish study found that 40% of post-op transexuals attempt suicide, and 10% of them succeed. Also, all those studies they like to trot out about the brains of M2T transgenders [did I use the term correctly?] being just like those of real women? Not only is that not completely accurate, but those were cadaver brains, the brains of dead post-op post-hormone transgenders. Who’s to say that years of hormones didn’t create those changes?)
    It’s very clear to me and has been for years that this whole “woman trapped in a man’s body” thing is either a fetish or a psychological disorder/problem caused by childhood abuse. And I have more to say on that but this is already way too long, for which I apologize. I’m just so excited to finally be able to say this!
    Oh, one last quick thing. Years ago I saw this TV documentary on trans surgery. I was absolutely dumbfounded when the post-op M2T mentions how he won’t know how it all turns out until he “pees out of his new vagina.” (Happens @40 minutes in.)

    He’s just had surgery to give him a poor facsimile of ladyparts, and he is so ignorant about them that he thinks women urinate through their vaginas. THIS is how irresponsible and neglectful the doctors who “treat” these people are; they have mutilated his genitals without even once sitting him down with a diagram and showing him what a woman’s vulva actually looks like and what the parts of it do. He wants to be a woman–he claims he *is* a woman “inside”–but has so little curiosity, so little interest in the reality of a woman’s body, that he never bothered to learn for himself, either. It’s not like that information isn’t readily available; he just didn’t care enough, it seems, to take a few minutes to see what those genitals he apparently feels so wrong and sick without actually are. Because yeah, no real woman has any interest in what her genitals do. :rolleyes Did he think the doctor was just going to fashion his skin into a sexy unicorn?
    Anyway. Sorry for the length, and I hope I haven’t offended or upset you or jumped in where I’m not welcome. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read here so much. Thank you for letting me comment and for the stand you’re taking here.

    1. I think the thing of male transgenders having zero interest in, or curiosity about, actual women’s lives both before and after “transition” is pretty common. Women are of interest only as we can be used to bolster the male fantasy of male womanhood.

      1. Totally.
        BTW, sorry for the part where I mentioned the Swedish study and the brain study; I hadn’t yet gotten to the post where you discuss those, so while I assumed you knew, I wasn’t sure if it had been covered here. I didn’t mean to sound like I think I know more than you about the subject, if I did.

    2. Thank you SO much for your story. I’m writing a second part to my article at my blog about this whole phenomenon of men demanding we accept them as women, including a one page handout for the Old Lesbians Organizing for Change conference which is now letting in these men. I would love to be able to quote your story because you wrote it so clear and it encapsulates so well what many of us have been trying to tell women who are supporting these men out of guilt. I think your story might be able to reach many women who are just in too deep with believing these men to think clearly. Would it be okay to quote you?

      1. Oh, goodness, of course! Please feel free to quote this, or any of my comments on the new post (I give a bit more information there about how my MIL felt and still feels about all of this, and about the expectation of others that she would stay with him).
        The only thing I ask is that you not mention the part about his new name, since I worry that he or someone he knows will see it and make the connection. Although I doubt M2Ts who name themselves [redacted-GM] are rare, and the odds of an acquaintance or friend seeing it are incredibly slim, I do worry a little. I don’t want this to come back onto my MIL or my family; we are, as I said, still in contact with this person and see him at least once a year at Christmas–when at my MIL’s insistence he dresses as a man, because all of the grandchildren involved do not need to be exposed to his delusion and his Uncanny Valley version of femininity.

      2. “….his Uncanny Valley version of femininity.”
        *I faint from the sheer perfection of this phrase*

  19. And the most ironic thing is that this song could be read as fervently pro-trans as well. You just have to see the teller of the story as a sexually intimitated man (admitting that the tranny’s penis is bigger than his) who secretly thinks he can’t “keep up” with this awesome lady and therefore lets himself being “blinded” by genitalia and draws the line. If it had not been sung by an old man, but by an old man in a dress, nobody would have said a thing about “transmisogyny” (internalised in the latter case). They would have accepted the irony.
    Other than that, I personally don’t want to hear penis songs anymore ever. Ugh.

  20. So it’s a hate-crime to be a heterosexual male now? Men are required to crave cock or they’re evil?

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