*Breaking News* Lesbians stage protest of heterosexual male keynote speaker at London Dyke March 2014 , threatened with arrest

Lesbians KICKING ASS! for Lesbians! at London Dyke March 2014

After weeks of online protest surrounding the controversial appointment of former LibDem Councilor Sarah Brown, a male transgender, as keynote speaker at the London Dyke March, a group of courageous lesbians staged an effective demonstration today at the march, raising awareness of how Dyke Marches worldwide have been aggressively colonized by “male lesbians”.
Flyer handed out by Lesbian protesters at Dyke March today
Flyer handed out by Lesbian protesters at Dyke March today

Many readers will recall former Councilor Brown as the male self-identified “polyamourous dyke with one male partner” who launched a public campaign to name the foul smelling drainage created by his surgically inverted penis (what he describes as “the smegma-like mixture of dead skin cells, gynaecological lube, stale urine (gives it its distinctive smell) and sweat that is sometimes present as a white residue on the end of a dilation stent when a post-operative trans woman withdraws the stent after dilating her neovagina.”) with the name of a prominent Lesbian Feminist anti-trafficking activist. Brown finally removed this disgusting campaign from his blog this spring, and responded to complaints by falsely claiming he had removed it “years ago”. I personally read the above quoted post on his blog at this link (http://auntysarah.livejournal.com/175926.html) on February 24 of this year.
While still an elected official, Councilor Brown made public posts on “The F Word” blog supporting the creation of legislation that would eliminate the rights of women to meet in women-only feminist political gatherings.
Brown, who calls himself “aunty sarah” next posted a series of ugly, misogynist, anti-gay and anti-feminist rants on his twitter account, the full details of which you can easily google, including statements that lesbian bodies are “off putting”, and “political lesbians must be sexually frustrated”, that he is a “better” lesbian than women because men “have longer fingers” (eww!), and telling lesbians to “suck my balls”. When the former Councilor failed to be re-elected this year (along with many others in the LibDem party) he claimed that “lesbian feminists” caused his political loss as well as a “nervous breakdown” by complaining about his grotesque and disgusting public comments. He violently warned that feminists might someday criticize a man “who has entirely the wrong kind of sense of humor failure”.
Male "polyamorous lesbian" Mr. Brown
Male “polyamorous lesbian” Mr. Brown

Sarah Brown’s outrageous behavior towards lesbians and feminists has a long and colorful history. Which is why women in the UK were stunned to discover that the organization of the London Dyke March had been fully taken over by the “male lesbians” that had been aggressively colonizing it for years, AND that they had invited Mr. “Suck My Balls” Brown to appear as this year’s Keynote Speaker! Insult to injury and all. There followed a flurry of online protest from women who were deeply offended, and alarmed that a purportedly lesbian event had become so thoroughly compromised. The male representatives of the now thoroughly male “Dyke March” responded to the outcry by banning all women from their Facebook page for “inferences that trans women are men”. Not only did the Dyke March ban women from discussion of the politics of elevating a male keynote speaker at a lesbian event, now the mere “inference” that transwomen are, well, “transwomen” (ie. male persons!) caused lesbians to be banned from a LESBIAN PROTEST MARCH ABOUT LESBIAN VISIBILITY. Wow!
Male "dyke" Samantha Eaton at London Dyke March 2014
Male “dyke” Samantha Eaton at London Dyke March 2014

It gets worse.
The male London Dyke March organizers then issued a statement informing the lesbians that the “male dykes” had engaged a “police liaison” that would arrest any lesbians who made political statements or spoke publicly against male leadership of the protest march for increasing lesbian visibility. Any lesbians who protested would be arrested and prosecuted for “discrimination” against men! Whew!
Dyke March London issues Police threat in response to Lesbian concerns
Dyke March London issues Police threat in response to Lesbian concerns

In this jackboot climate of male suppression of lesbian rights to gather, seek representation at LESBIAN events, and our right to protest the male erosion of LESBIAN VISIBILITY, under threat of ARREST, at a DYKE MARCH (!!!) it is surprising that any women showed up at all. But some did- and they risked the threat of harassment and ARREST by MALE AUTHORITIES and staged a kick-ass protest, complete with signs and informative literature for any other actual lesbians who showed up. KICK ASSSS! Great job LESBIAN WOMEN!
Male "lesbians" try to have actual Lesbians arrested.
Male “lesbians” try to have actual Lesbians arrested.


The following is excerpted from a related post at Sisterhood Is Powerful:

 “In hindsight, the most powerful step taken by feminists towards liberation in the 60s-80s, was a recognition of the political power of women-only spaces. It began with CR groups. Groups of women recognised that men have made our traditional place in the home and away from societal decision-making. Over these decades, women fought men’s psychological warfare games aimed at stopping them meeting together in women-only spaces. Women were called ‘man-hater’ and ‘ugly’ and ‘lesbian’ (ha!). They steadfastly continued to pursue political goals in the interests of the female class within those spaces.

It always begins and ends with our own political spaces – only there can we think, dream and plan for a future with freedom.  The concept of our own space to escape male supremacy was so successful that a whole women’s sector was built by radical (many were lesbian) feminists.

The idea that women could meet to make things better for all women was becoming so well-established that male supremacy found a way to attack, discredit and destroy it. What better way to do that than from an incredibly regressive ideology disguised as the new progressive way forward. We can’t possibly tell who is a man or who is a woman, the argument goes, (without a degrading look at those genitals down there and that’s unthinkable bigotry).  We must, therefore, stop “policing” boundaries on gender lines. We must hold lesbian marches that are open to anyone who identifies any way they like, and we cannot have meetings where we ourselves define the boundaries unless men tell us it’s ok and we’re not “bigots” for our attempts to do so. In one short generation, women-only space is under attack again. As (some liberal etc) feminists are beginning to find out, the use of queer ideology in feminist spaces is a way to silence and control all women; not just those scapegoated for naming the way gender hierarchy oppresses women for the benefit of men.

On 21 June 2014 it feels fitting to dedicate this blog post  to all the women who marched for their freedoms in 1908 in Hyde Park London, 106 years ago exactly. They believed that the right to vote would end their oppression. We now know it was barely even the beginning of our fight for liberation but it is entirely understandable that they risked so much to achieve that one main goal. It is also dedicated to UK radical lesbian feminists who cannot go on a ‘Dyke march’ around ‘visibility’ (oh the irony) in London today because men are more welcome than us and to the brave radical lesbian feminists who went anyway and demonstrated their concerns. #takebackdykemarch The two events falling on the same day is embedded in irony.”


Read more of that post here:
london dyke march protest signs
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163 thoughts on “*Breaking News* Lesbians stage protest of heterosexual male keynote speaker at London Dyke March 2014 , threatened with arrest

    1. This may be an our radicalizing moment along with the Cotton Ceiling . Actual Dykes threatened with arrest at a DYKE MARCH by Lesbian and Female cops because they are protesting how born Female DYKES are being silenced by the male born!!! The pictures are worth 1000 words and incredibly precious. They didn’t threaten violence only signs and a presence standing up for truth to male born power which has so effectively twisted up and silenced our Dyke communities … I hope we keep this issue as alive as the Cotton Ceiling debacle in its sheer irony: Dykes standing up for the heart and soul of the Dyke March and Dyke communities being sold out to pretendbian born males. They NEVER want to be told NO and that they cannot have access to us, our DYKE selves or our Dyke bio female bodies.

    2. I hope these women don’t think all transpeople are like this one. I am a transwoman and I would NEVER even think about saying the things “Aunty Sarah” said.

    3. I swear I love and respect women and would never do anything to hurt them. Yes I feel I am a woman inside but I haven’t faced the same things you all have faced. I have my own battle and would never pretend I know what you all go through. I look up to women. I would never put a woman down for being a woman. I would want to be friends not enemies but I also respect you if you didn’t want to be friends. That “Aunty Sarah” has some mental problems. It’s ok if you all don’t want to talk to me because like I said I respect that but I just wanted you to know that I would never do or say anything mean to you.

      1. Great. So why aren’t you talking to your own community about their abusive behavior towards women? Aunty Sarah is a public figure, I’m sure you can find their twitter account/email address. Nice that you’re not a perpetrator, but you’re standing back, allowing it to happen, and then declaring to women that you’re not the one to blame. BULLSHIT.

      2. GG I go to counseling and my counselor sees other transpeople. I promise I will talk to her about this. As a matter of fact I emailed her am article about the dyke/trans march I read about in Pittsburgh this morning. I swear I had no idea any of this was going on. I’ll tell you something else. There is going to be a dinner I heard about online and I’ve never been with a group of transpeople before. I will go to that dinner and I will talk to them about this. I swear I am not involved in any community. I am just me. I go nowhere except to my doctor’s appointments and shopping in my area. My counselor has been trying to get me to get out of the house. She thinks it will help my depression. I’ll tell you the truth…I don’t even have any friends. I want to work on this in the near future though. I am tired of being so lonely. I promise when I go to this dinner I wil bring this up and I’ll let you all know what they say. I would like to see everyone get along. What do you think if sometime both the trans community and your community sit down and talk about this? Maybe after I go to this dinner I can see if they would like to do the same. I only want to see peace and to tell you the truth after learning about all this it gave me anxiety because I like to see peace. I didn’t even know there was a march in Pittsburgh. By the way Pittsburgh is the closest city to me. Well, Uniontown is considered a city and it is closer but there’s no LBGT community there that I know of. The dinner I spoke of is just a holiday dinner and it will be the first time I’ve been around a group of transpeople so this should give me an opportunity to talk to a group. Please believe me I am only interested in peace. Ok, let me know what you think about what I am proposing. ~Lori

      3. LoriQ- Stop posting duplicate comments. I have trashed most of them this time buy if you do it again you will be banned. Do make a note of it.

      4. LoriQ, while I disagree fundamentally with you on some major issues, I don’t like seeing anyone in pain, and I hope you find some happiness.
        I have to tell you honestly that I do not believe you will find it through surgery, clothing, and make-up, and trying to be something you can never be. I believe your therapist is doing you a disservice by encouraging you to try; as a family member of someone who “transitioned” only to find that he was still the same person inside and all of his problems were still there waiting for him (along with some new ones), I believe you’re being harmed. But I do sincerely hope your loneliness ends.

      5. You are clearly a beautiful and kind soul – I am sure you understand any woman’s life journey as you have been through your own challenges. Please ignore the haters and be proud of the amazing person you are x

    4. Dorothy Mantooth – I didn’t know how to reply so I’m doing it here. What you said about me being a transsexual is YOUR opinion. And of course you disagree! You people are so damn unresonable it’s sickening and like I said earlier it’s no wonder you people don’t get along with any other communities. It’s because all you people do is listen to yourselves! I reied to be nice and I tried to be respectful and speak from my heart but no you people are so paranoid you can’t see past your own noses! NOW, I am done being nice. I want you to forget I even posted anything here. Go one with you people’s attitude and see how far you get. Now I know why you people are where you are in your quest. You people only want to find a reason to fight and argue well I am not having any of it. Good luck in your endeavours! And I do not care if you ban me from this site or not because I don’t want anything to do with any of you!!!!!!

      1. Yeah that was so awful how she wished you well. No wonder you don’t have any friends dood. Good luck with your therapy. I nominate your therapist for sainthood. Buh Bye.

      2. My favorite part is where he said “oh gosh, I’m not part of any community, I’m just MEEEEE!” and somehow that morphed into every other sentence mentioning the word community.
        The vast bulk of humanity doesn’t belong to a “community” in any strict sense. Because majority of people are majorities and they don’t have to define their daily experiences in those terms.
        Rather than just enjoy that privilege, I guess a certain number of straight white males are jealous or something. So they either become Trannies or Juggalos. Or both.
        So I’m only going to ask this question once: Lori, are you a ninja?!

      3. Wow, THAT was quick! Considering that the few replies to him were pretty benign, his rage came to the surface mighty fast. No surprise there.
        Hey, Mr. “Lori”: you’re nothing new. We’ve been there, seen that with guys like you. You’re yet another middle-aged white guy who thinks he’s a woman (you’re not) and who came barging in here, of course not bothering to read a damn thing that’s already been posted and that would’ve given you a clue as to what we’re on about, and then set himself up as Mr. Gentle As A Lamb/Prince of Peace…until he’s not given the hugs n’ kisses he believes he’s deserved. Worse yet, he was mostly ignored! The nerve of us! THEN the tantrum ensues and the teeth are bared. Like I said, you’re nothing new. I can only hope you’re not at your local lesbian bar, annoying the hell out of the women there.

      4. “Bio: My name is Lori and am a m-f pre-op translesbian. I was born male, live as a woman and am attracted to women in case you were wondering.”
        Lawd! It never ceases to amaze that these grown ass straight men say shit like this with a straight face. Then get all mad when sane people point out their insanity.

        1. I don’t need hugs & kisses from you idots! I go to my local lesbian bar and get all the hugs & kisses I need. I wouldn’t want you dogs to touch me with a 10 foot pole. AND just because YOU assholes say I am not a woman doesn’t make it so!!!! In my opinion you people give women a bad name! Now go to therapy where you belong. Better yet check into a roach motel you scumbuckets!

        2. @ liberalsareinsane What I find funny, is the ‘live as a woman’ is not being responsible for difficult children/demanding spouse that make demands on your time, and never have a moment to your self playing ‘mother’ for all,
          A man always translates ‘live as a woman’ as: They wear nighties[and other female-only clothes that are lacy and/or pink no boy would ever wear], they take bubble baths, shop excessively, eat bon bons and masterbate with women’s undies. but, me me me…

      5. “I’m taking my balls, and I’m going home, you doodyheads!”
        Such a nice, sweet, gentle translady. What happened to how he would never say anything mean to any of us?

      6. And Ashland, that is perfect, with all his “you people” statements. Now he’s gonna go home and bite his pillow.

      7. Good night, it’s Christmas in November with this dude.
        “I go to my local lesbian bar and get all the hugs & kisses I need.” Of course you do, dear. Of course you do. Here, I found you a neck brace to help you with the whiplash you surely must have from these lightning-fast changes of attitude toward women:
        Hello Kitty Nursing and Vibrating Neck Massage Pillow – Pink
        Ooo, bonus! It vibrates! Dunno if the cover is washable, though, so be careful when you’re…using it, IF you know what I mean, AND I think you do.

      8. Sincerely wish someone well, get told you’re being unreasonable. (Psst: I said nothing directly about you “being a transsexual.” And yes, of course I disagree with what you’re doing and the idea that you truly are or can ever actually become a woman. Everyone here disagrees, dude. And you prove our point when your response to a mild “I don’t think that’s a good idea but wish you well” is to get furious and start waving your dick around [complete with ridiculous bragging about how many chicks you get at the lesbian bar; uh-huh, sure you do] because the women aren’t validating your special little laydee fee-fees.)
        I will “go on with my attitude,” thanks, because despite your aggressive male histrionics and insults, I will always believe it’s best to care about people who tell you they’re in pain, and express kindness toward them. Even people who whine about how they “[tried] to be respectful and speak from [their] own heart” and yet turn around and get nasty when others do the same to them.
        As GallusMag said, no wonder you don’t have any friends.

      9. @Druidwinter, you’re so right. Their version of “live as a woman” sounds more like “live as a fucktoy.” No woman I know wears lingerie to bed. What happens if you have to get up with a kid in the midfle of the night? Why doesn’t their fantasy of femininity ever involve caretaker which is a major component of the gender role they claim to be so enamored with? Do they suddenly become the primary caregivers of their elderly parents? You know wiping noses and asses, schlepping folks to various appointments. Maintaining the house. My guess is, hell no. Their entire fantasy seems limited to sex. Sex. And more sex and nothing else. All this tweeting about breasts. Tumblrs with them shoving dildoes up their bum. What in the name of hell does any of this have to do with WOMANHOOD? Why does it sound so alien to those of us that are actual women? Even before I was a wife and mother my life didn’t revolve around T&A. I was working full time going to grad school. Work. School. Home. Get up,the next morning do it again. I didn’t have the time or money for makeup or lingerie. I was too busy trying to get ahead and make a living. Which is what most people, regardless of sex are doing. These dudes seem to womanhood as an escape hatch from the realities of life. “Zoe in Wonderland,” now with more porn.

      10. Please feel free to msg me independently of this site if you need someone to talk with / rant at! X

  1. GallusMag,
    I can’t even BELIEVE THIS – I feel like I’m DREAMING, it is so EVERYTHING I would have never anticipated, when I was a newbie feminist in high school, having pulled a neon pink copy of “The Feminine Mystique” off the shelf in the library (because of that neon pink cover), and read it. THANK YOU to the librarian (female) at that high school, who way back when, got Betty Friedan on the shelf of a small, working class high school. Was I the only high school girl (abused and tormented) who read it? I hope not.
    It was also in that library I read Sylvia Plath poems for the first time, and looked her up in Who’s Who of American Writers (or whatever the book was called). There I learned of her suicide in 1963. I’d never known before that moment, never thought of it – women committing suicide! How could that be? Why? My little teenaged brain just could not comprehend it AT ALL.
    I bring up Sylvia Plath because she was living in England at time of her suicide, and writing her Ariel poems (she wrote her mother about them, “I have it in me”) …Yes, I just looked it up on Wikipedia, she committed suicide at “23 Fitzroy Road, near Primrose Hill, London.”
    A little more than 50 years ago. A woman, whatever you think of her, who took SCRUPULOUS CARE with language. SCRUPULOUS, EXACTING. Words are power. Power to define reality.
    So now, WOMEN are supposed to FOREGO exercising SCRUPULOUS and EXACTING CARE in naming their experience, in naming THEMSELVES, and acting in their own best interests thereof, because there are MEN who believe it is THEIR right to define women’s experiences? Define them away?
    I can’t even believe this. I think, hopefully soon, something along the lines of SEVENTH WAVE FEMINISM will hit planet Earth, and put “the magic of words” – the power to define – back in women’s hands. That’s postmodernism in a fucking nutshell (shall I reference testicles here instead – in a fucking testicle-shell) – SILENCING WOMEN – STFU – the postmodernist credo. Which amazingly enough – is also the PREmodernist credo. Imagine that. I feel Plathian rage emanating from London. Go sisters.

    1. That was so beautifully said, and so is all your work, our Champion. This is being reposted all over our groups.
      I loved Sylvia Plath as a teenager too. Finally, poetry with power and sense….

      1. Thanks Bev Jo. I’m SO THANKFUL somebody’s out there with picket signs and being present. I don’t understand HOW this can happen – I mean, all the decision-making process that went into choosing a MAN for a keynote speaker. Good grief, the thought of all those women in the audience listening to that man – I get visions of evangelical Christian male preacher and his hordes of female devotees – there was an incredibly popular male yoga teacher I saw a story about, how he preyed on female students of his – the whole thing, the “optics,” as it’s put on the Rachel Maddow show – it’s like the Dyke March is all of a sudden your classic charismatic male leader with female followers, whom the charismatic male leader feels entitled to have sex with.
        A Dyke March Holler Roller Evangelical Transplainer Sermon – Innovative “Bible-Free” Sexism! Come One Come All!

    2. I am sorry. I didn’t know I was posting duplicate comments. I was only trying to talk to all of you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset anyone. I promise not to post anything anymore. I thought I was helping but I guess not.

      1. This. All of this. Demure. Never to offend. Only trying to be helpful. This forced feminization act comes off as so… Forced. False. False. False. False. False.

      2. You know I tried to be nice and respectful but you people are being very unresonable. No wonder you people don’t get along with other communities. You people don’t want to listen to anyone but yourselves! Just forget I even came here and I’ll forget all about you people!

      3. Just checking my watch and waiting for the typical male rage to rear its ugly head. It’s just a matter of time pollyanna

  2. Just wondering on what legal basis they can arrest the protesters? Is there a law saying they must have a permit or anything like that? I know the UK is a lot more restrictive wrt free speech. Maybe them getting arrested would cause some media attention to this ridiculous situation and bite the organizers on the ass.

    1. Breach of the peace – if they were seen to be stirring up trouble, and refused to stop – boom. I, as an observer, did point out that there were free speech issues involved, but UK law is not the same as USian.

  3. Personal message to the London Lesbians:
    When I lay my head down to go to sleep tonight I will smile, thinking of you.
    When I wake up in the morning I will smile, thinking of you.
    I love you. You hold me up.
    Thank you my sisters.

  4. Thank you for posting this. i hope our protest today will inspire other who feel the same outrage to protest their local DykeMarch and voice their dissent.
    we HAVE to keep going!
    thank you for your personal message, I am passing this on 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Female Biology Matters and commented:
    I share GallusMags’s feelings, as she wrote below:
    “Personal message to the London Lesbians:
    When I lay my head down to go to sleep tonight I will smile, thinking of you.
    When I wake up in the morning I will smile, thinking of you.
    I love you. You hold me up.
    Thank you my sisters.”

  6. That’s a lovely message, Gallus. And thanks for posting this to help raise awareness amongst other lesbians. We must all stand together in this. Men: you will not win.

  7. Thank you Gallus for posting this, and thank you – a thousand times, with tears of pride and hope- to the women who protested. You are bringing the guts back into feminism.

  8. You are a poet really, Gallus Mag. This really is inspiring. I hope it spreads.
    In the early Seventies, late Sixties, there was so much fighting back because of oppression but also because it was fun to not just be boring and ridiculous. When will the women who support the men who caricaturize and so hate females feel like that also?
    We fight for women only space to have community, but also because it’s just fun. Same reason we march…. Same reason we party and dance….

  9. These lesbians are very brave.
    Here the metropolitan police are basically no longer hiding the fact that their purpose is to make sure women are kept in their place with the “special relationship” they have with transwomen. The British police have a history of violently attacking female protesters, (In 1910 a woman-only protest was met with police violence. Two women died as a result of the police violence, and around two hundred women were arrested.)
    And that’s not to mention the personal vendettas that trannies launch against women who dare to speak out against their dominance of women’s spaces.
    The fact that men in dresses force women to acknowledge them while keeping a straight face is a sadistic joke in itself. But men in dresses speaking *on behalf of women* , *leading* women’s groups??. Men have really upped their antse.

    1. the disease is really upping its ante alright. clinging for dear life. but these transbian attempts of parasitic subsumption and erasure of women are a death rattle of sorts for all males, i feel.

    2. “The fact that men in dresses force women to acknowledge them while keeping a straight face is a sadistic joke in itself.”
      cherryblossomlife–yes, “while keeping a straight face.” That’s the sociopathic admixture. They are able to tell outrageous whoppers, in the full light of day, as easily as normal people tell little white lies.

  10. Yes. Bring them down. Push them back to board rooms they crawled out of with their entitled demands and their repulsive hate of women.

  11. Lesbian definition: “A lesbian is a female homosexual; a female who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction to other females.”
    “a homosexual woman”
    Definition of “woman” : “an adult human FEMALE”
    Definition of “female” : “of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) which can be fertilized by male gametes.”

  12. Anyone got an idea of (non-protestor) attendance at the march? From pictures online, it doesn’t look particularly well-attended. There is a picture floating around of auntysarah with stavvers, which kind of sums up how much of a “dykes” event this would have been, as does the text of auntysarah’s speech that is also online.

    1. I estimate 200 people max. I counted those assembled at the beginning as just under 100, and allowing for more joining en route, makes 200-odd. There was a huge (50,000) march against austerity across town , so that may have kept numbers down. As it was kept on the pavement/sidewalk, it didn’t make much of an impact. All banners and placards (except the above) were made by the march people, so nothing to show support from any other organisations.

  13. Awwww- a celebration of sisterhood amongst men, disturbed by unruly females!! Kudos! Thank you thank you thank you for putting this on and bringing awareness to how these dicks are bulldozing women’s spaces everywhere. It’s a dyke march, not a dick march- that is pretty much every other event and these guy’s can celebrate their pretenbianism anywhere else. Heterosexual males do need a space for celebrate their pretend lesbianism, but this isn’t the space. Deeply offensive and infuriating. What in the world could this greasy, misogynistic castrated male pig have to speak about at a dyke march? Nothing, of course! Actual lesbians will be arrested on site! Lol!! I wish this was parody!!

      1. Any suggestions re places that may publish these welcome – I can’t think of any here in UK. Reblogging will be the way to distribute them for now, and they will be in the archive for when the story is written later,

      2. Much as I believe that the world outside the organised Equalities communities has not drunk the trans* Kool-Aid, putting together a hundred-word piece for the tabloids that would explain the subtleties involved, is beyond me. I wouldn’t even try this for the Guardian or the Indy. Diva has pin-ups of Paris Lees. Other magazines, anyone?

      3. Oh goodness no. You don’t have to write anything. Just email them and say “This story might be of great interest to your readers. Please contact me if you would like to use my photos. Thank you. ” And send them a link to your photos and this very post we are commenting on. That should do it. Or just call their hotlines and see what they say. Here is where they buy stories:
        It’s worth taking a moment to send a twenty word email: might make you some nice coin! Good luck.

      4. I really don’t trust the tabloids not to turn this into a nasty anti-lesbian piece. The politics are beyond them. I’ve been burned by distorted use of my pics before, where women had trusted me to get it right and were then vilified in print. If the women who did the picket write something, that would be different, they know where to find me if they want to have a go at this. Or maybe Julie Burchill can sell a piece to the Grauniad….

      5. Oh, I would absolutely expect them to run an exploitative anti-lesbian piece. Sorry, I thought that was clear. That would be inevitable. Still, the data would be out there in a big way. “No such thing as bad press” and all that. I imagine they would contact Mr. Brown for public comments. Anyway, best of luck in any tactic you decide to take (if any). In 48 hours the story will be unsalable as old news anyway…

      6. The most useful tactic is probably to notify news agencies prior to a public demo. But ultimately, none of this is of terrible import. The important thing is that a fabulous, successful, powerful demo was held, literature was handed out and consciousness raised, coverage in the underground lesbian/feminist press was widespread, and YOU, my dear, have captured the most gorgeous, historically significant photo archive of the whole thing. JOB WELL DONE.

    1. Some of those female officers may be lesbians themselves, who sympathize with the lesbians protesting the lesbian march (did I just type that?)

      1. This isn’t breaking news, this is weekend news/analysis/trend. That’s what you should aim for. Deadline for the writer to file, Friday.

  14. Facebook comment from one of the male Dyke March organizers:
    Natalie Jane Taylor
    Lesbians are obviously welcome and DML has tried to facilitate this discussion in the most constructive way so that people can air their grievances about the speaker mentioned throughout this thread so they are heard. people’s opinions matter. Dyke visibility at DML includes this type of dialogue. The aim is to stop this cycle of hatred by facilitating this kind of discussion. I can understand a lot of the comments about ”patriarchy” and other things similarly mentioned. The issue about the speaker is obviously one that will not see rest for sometime. Moving aside from that, the amount of transphobic hatred has been outrageous. patriarchal oppression doesn’t just enforce negative female stereotypes but male stereotypes as well. That there is no other way to be other than *insert premise* which is what you’re all doing when you judge anyone by an outdated stencil. trans women on her birth and the struggle to fight through Male ego which states very often ” that those women are not women but just faggots in dresses” This is EXACTLY the stereo type you as women are actually upholding. You deny trans womens feminity in favour of a patriarchal ”fuck off” that they are just MEN and are MEN because thats what MEN are because I said so. etc. You can see the fundamental irony here I hope of you trying to smash patriarchy, yet at the same time uphold all of it’s negative stereotypes about what a man or woman is, and even what a lesbian DYKE woman is. You do not have the deciding rule on what consitutues a DYKE just because you are one. YOU have the right to define yourself within your body and who you chose to love and have sex with.(IF you’re lucky enough to be able to chose who you love or have sex with) Every person is different, every persons life is different. What you’re all doing is upholding generalisations about what a WOMAN and well as what a MAN should be. Based on the fact you have a vagina and nothing more. That sounds more like a casting couch of a porn movie than patriarchal deconstruction/ ”Oh you have a vagina YOU IN THE MOVIE!” Which a lot of trans men would be dismayed to hear. Buck Angel is Not a Dyke, but he very much has a vagina. You’re hearts might be in the right place as regards to breaking negative images of women around the world. Fuck stereotypical stereotypes of women. Fuck stereo types in General. But the way in which you do it is so much like a manager at the playboy club who sniffs for entry in. They only let the REAL vaginas dance. THAT’S PATRIARCHY. Basing your importance around the genitals you were chanced to be born with is a patriarchal mould of how a women is supposed to value and define themselves. That their vaginas are all that a they are worth, that a woman is worth, and nothing else. It’s disgusting. Stop. I’m not dismissing the love of vaginas as being important to the attraction of gay women it’s such a small part of the whole person. There is so much more to being in Love that that, or really it’s just meaningless sex without emotion. Which, again. Kind of a Male ego patriarchal mould.. let people define themselves, which is what Dyke march is about. let women, define themselves. NOT force an image of what they THINK a women/lesbian/DYKE should look like feel like or act like. And what of women and glamour models in the Porn or sexual working trades? Are they enemies as well of the negative images that men and male egos impose because they work so hard to please the men to become that image of what men want? or do they get a pass. None of that is ok. None of it. Define who you are within yourself. that’s it. to NOT let others in any way dictate how a person looks/acts/feels/identifies. And I want to emphasize that the key note speaker and your problem with them is something that really defines a larger argument on how PEOPLE in general can be very rude and abusive. As part of the organizing team on the day, no form of hate speech or aggression will be tolerated. from anyone. I love that you’ve been so expressive and open and tried to push boundaries of what I understand is a huge issues for you. It’s been fantastic for me to read at times that there are very passionate people who stand up against hateful speech and hopefully, DML has been able to be a place where you can talk( Ground rules are still enforced though of course). I Hope you do come. But Bring no overt acts of hate. Bring yourself, bring your power and rage and anger. We march past playboy gentlemen’s club that’s a great place to unload that rage….
    June 20 at 4:52pm

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkodTydUR0E
      how many playboy club mentions? What an absurd thing to have on the brain — did they work for that NBC show that was instacanceled for the topic’s cultural irrelevancy? And someone who scarequotes patriarchy on the first mention but sees a bar bouncer as the epitome of it?

    2. Lesbians are obviously welcome – ??!!?!?
      ….I’m reading through it….it’s getting worse, much worse….

      1. Lol indeed at “lesbians are welcome” in, what is it, the first sentence?? Gave the game away a bit there didn’t they, haha.

    3. Why do mentally ill men get a pass? Well if George Bush and Dick Cheney, who might reasonably be considered OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS, get a pass (I don’t see them in jail for their documented all over the place war crimes) – if George Bush and Dick Cheney get a pass on invading a country, why shouldn’t a few men-in-dresses get to invade a Dyke March? I mean, c’mon. What’s a few boundaries here or there? Uh-oh, I’m making a claim as to a systemic tendency – psychological tests have proven, thinking “systemically” is a male trait, not female! Uh-oh!

      1. “Define who you are within yourself”??? Christ we’ve all been SO stupid! All we needed to do is tweak the definitions, stop being so cliched and boring and centuries of oppression would never had needed to happen! Jeez…we’ve only got ourselves to blame.
        Whilst I’m here, perhaps the fact that there was a 50,000 strong march (not reported by mainstream media) against public sector cuts and austerity going on in London at the same time meant that all the great women who are out there working to help disadvantaged women and children in our communities, in refuges, schools, care homes, hospitals etc, might not have also been able to protest at the Dyke march as well: on a different day there would have been more radical women free to join forces and protest at ‘dyke’ march.

    4. I’m cracking up that the commenter won’t address Sarah Brown by name or use Brown’s preferred pronouns. “Them”? Does that meet the definition of “violent” misgendering?
      Why are so many transwomen subliterate?

      1. Lol, I know right? Violent misgendering alert! As for the subliterate thing, I have gotten a ton of incoherent rage when I was still on tumblr. Maybe it’s a male anger problem?

    5. ‘The aim is to stop this cycle of hatred by facilitating this kind of discussion. I can understand a lot of the comments about ”patriarchy” and other things similarly mentioned. The issue about the speaker is obviously one that will not see rest for sometime.’
      Hah. Second time I’ve heard that one today. Pretty sure that what they mean is ‘hurry up and shut up, women. It would be fine if you’d just stop making a fuss’. What a load of typical male bullshit. Pornsickness, condescension, trying to make it about people and not men, denying women’s right to define their reality…is there a bingo for this?
      Such a surreal situation. Good to see such awesome women standing against it. : ) Lovely message, Gallus.

    6. > You do not have the deciding rule on what [constitutes]
      > a DYKE just because you are one. YOU have the right to
      > define yourself within your body and who you chose to
      > love and have sex with.
      Consequence: women are now forbidden to create groups with names that encompass more than themselves, and themselves only.
      Also is it me or is this whole text accusing lesbians of being (patriarchal) men, (patriarchally) masculine and upholding patriarchy if they try to assert themselves in any way?

      1. “YOU have the right to define yourself within your body and who you chose to love and have sex with”
        Look, he forgot to add the part about how “… but if you define yourself as ‘female’ based on your biology, or if you won’t have sex with trans ‘lesbians’ with dicks’, you’re a transphobe”.

      2. “Also is it me or is this whole text accusing lesbians of being (patriarchal) men, (patriarchally) masculine and upholding patriarchy if they try to assert themselves in any way?”
        Sounds like it to me!
        We have the daft position that you are only allowed to name yourself, and NOT police others who then claim they are also ‘like’ you (if X says they are X then they ARE X)…….except this is then followed by the usual reversal that the above does not apply to trans, in that THEY are allowed to call anyone else whatever they like (i.e. never really trans if someone detransitions). Given that the trans usually espousing this nonsense are male, it just reduces to a particular group of men claiming the right to name everything, and telling the women (yet again) to shut the fuck up and stop doing stuff wrong……..
        Yeah, notice also that hate speech only counts as hate speech when it’s women or dykes doing it, when it comes from Mr Brown or his ilk, it’s just justifiable anger at our stupidity and refusal to shut the fuck up — see, OUR fault yet again when the nice man becomes violent of threatening because us silly women provoked him…………………….

    7. Translation: you must indulge my erection.
      Signed: Your garden variety pervert.

  15. “You do not have the deciding rule on what consitutues a DYKE just because you are one.” Oh, REALLY? But hormonally and surgically altered males? Of course, they’re dykes?? What a pile of post modern babble.

    1. Al Jazeera had a really phenomenal (in terms of well researched and well written) article on the mistreatment of women in India. A big issue is that many Indian women lack access to bathroom facilities, necessitating them relieving themselves in an isolated location in public, where they run a very high risk of rape.
      It’s really telling, to me, just how misogynistic the transcult is that they so quickly dismiss how vital sex-segregated facilities are for women’s well-being (while demanding that they deserve use of our facilities, of course).

      1. “It’s really telling, to me, just how misogynistic the transcult is that they so quickly dismiss how vital sex-segregated facilities are for women’s well-being (while demanding that they deserve use of our facilities, of course).”
        Yes. It’s naked misogyny. And they do more than dismiss the importance of sex-segregated facilities. When we get into this conversation with “trans women” we soon find that they find our discomfort and fear the absolute height of hilarity. “Oh, I see,” they’ll say, “you’re just afraid of penises! Ha ha!”
        But their (supposed) terror of other men in the men’s room is a deadly serious business. So serious, that girls and women have been ordered to accommodate male transgenderists without a single peep.

      2. And then it so frequently devolves into typical male insults like “no one wants to see you naked” or the ever classy “you’re too ugly to rape”.
        I’m not normally one to dictate gendered behavior from women, but I can’t help thinking that if these guys want to be regarded and treated as women, they would do well to learn how to behave like women and not men.

      3. I’m not sure if this is the same article you mentioned, but I recently read about how a group of Indian feminists successfully changed the language of India’s rape laws.They went from using gender neutral terms to an acknowledgment of rape as a form of sex based oppression of women by. The response from MRAs and transactivists alike was that those mean Indian feminists don’t care about male victims and the evil cabal of radical feminists in the US will soon make it illegal for a man to look at a woman. *headdesk*
        It never ceases to amaze me that men cannot stand any mild form of discomfort whatsoever (re the bathrooms). You want to live like a real woman? Do what I and many of my friends have to do: use the buddy system when using a public toilet, or if you really feel unsafe, hold it til you get home.

      4. “When we get into this conversation with “trans women” we soon find that they find our discomfort and fear the absolute height of hilarity. “Oh, I see,” they’ll say, “you’re just afraid of penises! Ha ha!”
        This is such a good point. They usually add some form of “You’re just damaged, not everyone has an unhealthy relationship to nudity and sex that you do.” That’s what was so infuriating about the Colleen Francis debacle in libfem comment sections. They tried to make it seem like it was feminists blowing it out of proportion (ie projecting their prudishness onto sexually liberated teenagers) , when it was the girls themselves saying they felt uncomfortable with a grown man in the locker room with them.

      5. Yes, Choco, women’s desire for privacy, and our fear of sexual assault, is–according to these über-misogynists–sexually uptight and hilarious. These unoriginal men, who tell us we should loosen up, can’t even come up with new ways verbally assault women. Only ugly prudes fear rape, says the trans cult. But they don’t, of course, apply these axioms to themselves.
        kesher–I agree. Their behaviour, the hateful and horrid things they say, show that they are as far away from being women as they can possibly be. Not just biologically, but socially, emotionally, psychologically. Boobs and asses can be faked, but the social forces which circumscribe the lives of girls and women, and which shape the female psyche, cannot be faked.
        Nothing, nothing about them is womanly.

      6. How to hide my penis in locker rooms or public showers (self.asktransgender)
        submitted 1 day ago by espeonx
        [–]SynisterStarliteThe Voice Guru -27 points 1 day ago*
        I wish I could give you advice.. but I typically make no effort to hide it while I’m changing or showering. Granted, I don’t flaunt it, but I do get a kick out of the shock value it provides.
        [–]rileyk 19 points 1 day ago*
        Jesus, I hope you’re trolling.
        Edit: nope, you’re not. Please, please reconsider your actions, as get a thrill from flaunting your self described “huge cock” (from comment history) to other women in the dressing room is really, really uncool. Super uncool. Like throwing other transpeople under the bus uncool. I rarely play the role of ethics police, but fuck, that’s like the worst thing I’ve heard a transperson say in a long time, and I’m fucking glad there’s no radfems up in here to go “seeeee! we told you!”

        How to hide my penis in locker rooms or public showers from asktransgender

        [Incidentally, the outraged Riley Kilo is the dude that dresses up and makes porn as a “little girl” in a diaper and shits marshmallows out of his asshole:
        Can’t make this shit up.]

      7. “I typically make no effort to hide it while I’m changing or showering. Granted, I don’t flaunt it, but I do get a kick out of the shock value it provides.”
        Of course he gets a kick out of it.
        Men who enjoy exposing themselves know that women, and especially girls, are afraid of being forced to look at men’s penises. This is the whole point–the harm and humiliation the man can cause her, and what the penis represents to her.
        When I was a little girl (around 11 and 12) there was a rash of what they called (to minimize the problem) “flashers” in my neighbourhood. These disgusting, predatory men hung around the schoolyard in their cars and watched for groups of girls to follow up the side streets. No kidding, I lost track of how many times they did this to us. But the worst time was when one of them found me walking home alone, and when I ran away from him while he masturbated in front of me–my heart pounding, in mortal terror–he was LAUGHING. Loud. He wanted me to know that he was laughing.
        Our fear of rape/murder and of psychological violation is just hilarious to them. “Transwomen,” being men, are no different. It’s the same kind of evil. An evil that’s peculiar to males. But they have more power now than ever before to practice their paraphilia in public and to find victims.

      8. “I’m fucking glad there’s no radfems up in here to go “seeeee! we told you!””
        A man gets all excited that he shocks women when he’s waving his cock about and that’s bad because it’s “Like throwing trans people under a bus uncool”
        Women truly do not exist to them.

      9. And the fake “outrage” irritates me more than the guy who’s honest about what he’s doing showering with women.
        Men like the “outraged” riley are the worst mindfuck of all because they lull you into a false sense of security and into believing there might be some reasonableness to be had among these people. They playing games with women. It’s a mind fuck and today it’s riley’s turn to be good cop.

      10. Gallus, I’m glad you caught this. Now that perv poster “SynisterStarlite” (the dude who enjoys the shock value of his dick), has edited his post to include the following:
        “I don’t flaunt it and I always educate. I don’t give them fuel. I never go out of my way to make someone uncomfortable. The most I do in the locker room is walk from the locker itself to the shower. Its not like I’m helicopter dicking my way around the fucking room. I have respect for others’ consent and personal space and would never violate that sanctity. I’m rather modest offline but I do thrive off of controversy but I never attempt to make someone feel uncomfortable. I am very consent oriented in my day to day life, by which I mean that I wouldn’t ever push a kink or anything out of the typical norm on anyone without expressed verbal consent. I assure you I have done nothing to damage the cis perspective on our issues. If anything I’ve done a lot of good in my local area. I contribute to the local LGBT community A LOT at support groups and school clubs. I moved to this extremely trans*positive city for a reason. I understand where my original post could come across as pretentious and damaging, I’m sorry that I worded it that way. However, with this drama set to the side, I would really like to point out that I have a serious problem with ANYONE telling me how to behave under any circumstance. I appreciate your input, but you guys blew up at me for mis-reading what I stated. I appreciate your efforts, all of you, I really do. But please direct them at someone that is actually causing legitimate damage to the community.”
        Oh, poor poor me! My fellow trannies got mad at me for doing exactly what real women are worried about happening! B-but I educate! I tell the women alllll about my wang! A-and I contribute to the community by going to support groups (and talking about myself nonstop)! A-and I moved to this city just so I could show off my wang, my precious wang!
        There, FTFY, “SynisterStarlite”.

      11. LOL!!!! Yeah, My Strange Addiction is my strange addiction! So that wee creep who dressed up like a little girl and shat in his pants for money from other creepy dudes, was disturbed by this dude flopping his dong around in the women’s showers?! That dude?? Lololol! You are correct, GM, you can’t make this up- it would be hard to create fiction that is more unbelievable than the fictions they expect women to play along with.
        Look at this shithead’s responses- he is only trying to educate women! Educate about what exactly? That dicks exist? Yeah, taking a shower at the gym is not about meeting a basic sanity need, but an opportunity for this nasty prick to educate women with his dick! While that may sound like something a sex offender would say, check your cisscum priv, bitches, because this is a laydee shlong and you should appreciate the free life lesson!
        In a glistening diarrhea sea of disgusting male behavior, this guy really shines. In the handful of posts I clicked on before feeling queasy (see pic/ please don’t), he posts he is a new “mom” but still finds the time to post selfies on Monster Cocks (it’s gross- http://i.imgur.com/Lc0zcHX.jpg) and discuss ejaculating into his wife and other partners from a fetish site. This self-proclaimed new “mom” certainly has a rich sex/fantasy life, and that is really what women’s lib is all about, right? Women’s emancipation from gender roles? Economic equality? The end of sexual exploitation and violence? Nooope- it is really about opening new worlds of expression for a new crop of degrading, abusive, misogynistic man pigs like this new “mom”! He certainly has a lot more to focus on than boring baby stuff! You go girl- everyone is totes jealz that you have the monster-est cock out of all the “moms” in da showers are are not afraid to educate with it!

      12. Crap like this is what I legitimately worry about regarding entry of transwomen into women’s spaces. Predators and pervs so frequently use plausible deniability when preying on girls and women, and society is very willing to take their word on that and dismissing girls’/women’s complaints as hysteria. If intact males are to be allowed to use women’s locker rooms, they should be required by law to cover their wangs when in the presence of girls and women. But that offends their precious genderfeels, so I won’t hold my breath on that one.

    2. It’s a very big problem in the rural parts of some countries where there are no bathrooms at all and no reasonably private places segregated off in the bush, either, for kids to use during the school day.
      What happens is girls quit going to school during their periods, and that often means they quit going at all soon after because they’ve missed enough time they can’t keep up – this in addition to the other usual pressures that often pull girls out of school. That same UN group has written about that specific slice of the problem too.

      1. This BBC news story is good as well and makes the SAME points. Safety & access to education for women and girls in India, and centred on their SEX and biology, not mythical gender.
        I’ll admit, I was woefully ignorant on this issue. I did not realise the link to the recently reported rapes and murders.

    3. I’ve had this argument with the Twittidiots.
      Why is it that transwomen are so totally NOT safe in the bathroom with men but women are safe in the bathroom with transwomen?
      We get accused of misandry and transphobia for pointing out males hurt females and we need a safe space away from their shit.
      How come MRA’s don’t even point out that trans are being phobic towards them as men? (Because MRA’s don’t give a fuck about men’s rights, it’s about squashing women and their hard earned gains at being recognised as people)
      Why are there never cries of “Not all men…” about how not all men are going to beat up trans or rape them or hurt them? Why aren’t they welcoming their brothers into the men’s room and away from those nasty feminists?
      Why do trans never point out that they should feel safe in the men’s room? Or champion safety in the men’s room for their FtT comrades? (See explanation above).
      In fact, most MtT shit on the FtT for going into the ladies room because they feel unsafe in the men’s. Great work there dudes!
      There is no news reports that I (or even Gallus with her kick arse detective skills) have been able to find that shows a MtT getting beaten in a male restroom.
      Tonnes of posts of MtT (or men in dresses) going into the ladies to put cameras/expose themselves/masturbate.
      Tonnes of posts about rape and assault of women in restrooms.
      Tonnes of posts about women outside the “Western” world not having access to restrooms and that crippling their ability to engage in society.
      Even a few news articles showing women telling MtT to GET THE FUCK OUT of our restroom/changing room spaces and responding with justifiable anger at the intrusion.
      The male bathroom is the safest place for these dudes.
      They usually get “clocked” because they don’t pass (autogynephiles) and no dude is going to mess with those 6′ ft + hulking “ladies” who have probably killed people in the military.

      1. Most hate crimes against gender non-conforming males I’ve heard of involve attacks in public spaces (such as the street, not bathrooms) against gay men or drag queens. At least within my liberal enclave, unprovoked stranger attacks against transpeople are non-existent. It almost seems like the homophobes don’t really know what to make of an MTF, so they largely leave them alone. A gender non-conforming man though, he is a threat. A threat that needs to be put down.

      2. I also can’t help wondering whether “lesbian” MTFs also get a pass for being perceived as straight men.

  16. “Aunty Sarah” = the default position of men around the world. Angry, humorless and delusional.

      1. I wonder whatever happened to post-patriarchy modernism, though. I thought that was the goal, somewhere, somehow, to somebody besides me……

  17. It seems to me that the backlash to this entryism should involve hearty ridicule of the fact that “Dyke March” is now code for “everyone but actual lesbians”. Photo essays of dudes in dresses clogging the street could be very effective. “Where are the lesbians?” “Bored straight girls are not dykes.”
    A gay male heading the NY march board, a bisexual male keynote speaker in London…it just amazes me that these showboating assholes can’t leave a little lesbian march alone. Well, weak movements go after low-hanging fruit, so it does make sense for them to go after radfems and lesbians who don’t have a lot of power. Trans’ triumphalism over this event is laughable, because sooner or later you run out of low-hanging fruit.
    They only managed 100 – 200 people? My guess is that over the next few years Radfem conferences may have a better turnout than so-called “Dyke Marches”.

  18. Fantastic the pics and actual DYKES STANDING up by and for wbw Dykes and against trans tyranny and cooptation. If we ALL do our part and support our wbw Dyke Sisters in every way possible we will be a force that can no longer be ignored.
    As I said on another list” Dyke March for nondykes. All wbw Dykes will be marching elsewhere.”
    That’s about the size of it thesedays. I think the Cotton Ceiling debate has truly pissed off and radicalized many Lesbians and made them mad when they wonder WHERE THEIR women’s and Lesbian community have disappeared to along with all our Womyns/ Lesbian bookstores.. spaces and places…
    – FeistyAmazon

  19. >> Photo essays of dudes in dresses clogging the street could be very effective. “Where are the lesbians?” “Bored straight girls are not dykes.”<<
    Love that. I can just imagine the whining and faux outrage from all the fake "lesbians".

  20. “They only managed 100 – 200 people?” If that is true, that is a ridiculously low figure. We managed loads more than that (or it certainly SOUNDED like way more than that!) back in the old days of lesbian strength marches. Dyke marches that aren’t just for dykes but any ole supporters, and dyke marches than have men as keynote speakers………
    …..THIS is where the trans ideology leads to! If they keep at this, you’ll have Dyke Marches where more lesbians are protesting against it than actually attending it!

  21. Substitute black or Native American for DYKE and see how it sounds. Henceforth, white males will define what African American, Native or First Nation etc. is. So, if white people start calling themselves Native American, they can own a casino.
    “You do not have the deciding rule on what consitutues a DYKE just because you are one. YOU have the right to define yourself within your body …”
    Yes, women do have the right to define ourselves based on our own experiences, and we have a right to set boundaries. All oppressed groups of persons have a right to autonomy and to define themselves as they see fit.
    “What you’re all doing is upholding generalisations about what a WOMAN and well as what a MAN should be. Based on the fact you have a vagina and nothing more.”
    It’s the whole package and thousands of years of misogyny. A vagina is just one organ that is part of the entire female reproductive system. Males do not have female reproductive systems. It’s just not about actual biological differences which impact women’s lives from the time they are born. It’s male socialization, and when Mr. Brown gets upset and tells uppity women he doesn’t like to “SUCK MY FORMALDEHIDE PICKLED BALLS”, it should be clear to any rational person that Mr. Brown still retains a sense of male entitlement in which he feels entitled to scold and berate women who upset his enraged male ego. When their male egos are threatened, their true nature comes out.
    “Define who you are within yourself. that’s it.”
    WTF does this sentence mean?
    “As part of the organizing team on the day, no form of hate speech or aggression will be tolerated. from anyone….It’s been fantastic for me to read at times that there are very passionate people who stand up against hateful speech and hopefully”.
    We know which direction the hate speech is coming from, and below is a tiny sample of hate speech. Transgender activists don’t give a rat’s ass about hate speech and death and rape threats against women. It’s only “hate speech” when it’s coming from women.
    Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
    This is nothing new and has been going on for thousands of years. Men don’t like being told no, and can’t stand it when they aren’t the center of attention. These pompous men won’t tolerate women who don’t kowtow to their demands. It’s just the same old same old cloaked in postmodern, neoliberal wrapping.

    1. The number of white people who claim 3 percent Cherokee heritage or some other nonsense seems to be ever increasing. I, meanwhile, just roll my eyes. Unless the person can identify that Native American ancestor by name, I’m assuming he/she is lying to claim special snowflake status.

      1. Does it really matter? All that matters is that they FEEL Native American on the inside. Who are you to decide who they are? They get to decide that for themselves. It’s all about their feelings. /sarcasm

      2. Same here. If you’re 3% Cherokee, it’s not like they’re going to admit you into the tribe and it’s not like you have a history with the culture anyway.
        Identity politics is full of special snowflakes with hyper-individualism.

      3. We laugh, but there are people claiming transethnicity, and that you have no right to deny them that identity or to criticize it for being offensive.

  22. Reblogged this on musicbugsandgender and commented:
    In our country we’re often bombarded by tabloid headlines by stories of how bad things are ‘over there’; how little respect they have for ‘their’ women; how little regard ‘they’ have for life, particularly ‘ours’.
    Read this and weep – or not – conservatives (and liberals): this is where the dichotomy really begins; and we’re as guilty as ‘them’.
    Can’t be seen to silence women – wouldn’t be politic these days. would it? – send in a drag act to mouth platitudes on their behalf. Presto! Who could object…
    And I’m supposed to be proud to be British…

  23. Had I not read a word of feminism, the phrase ‘polyamourous dyke with one male partner” would still fry my brain. I don’t understand how a rational person can accept this as sensical.
    Call me an old fart but imparting this kind of gibberish can only lead ti the death of critical thinking…

    1. The ability of people to think critically scares the shit out of the genderists, hence their constant efforts to silence those of us who DO possess the capacity for critical thinking.

      1. Oh, and ‘polyamourous’? Isn’t that Newspeak for ‘slag/stud’? i.e. no-no for women, but a point of pride for us chaps, even when we trade the, er, chaps for skirts… Hmm, no double standards, then…

    2. Imagine how his boyfriend feels repeatedly hearing that the person he is with prefers women. But I don’t imagine that Mr Sarah cares a whit about anybody but himself.

    3. Mind if I rant a bit?
      Welp, got called a TERF for the first time, guess all the death threats linked above now officially apply to me as well. Must admit I am still alternately fuming, sulking, and feeling somehow horribly guilty (no one likes to be treated as a bigot). Express concern about them trying to bully lesbians into being attracted to penis, point out reproductive biology is still a real thing, and a (non-trans) woman you were getting on with just fine seconds before, can do a 180 and decide you’re a terrible person. Didn’t even have the guts to message it to me directly, no, goes and stabs me and the rest of us in the back by posting publicly about her shock at accidentally talking to the nasty TERF (I’m probs fortunate I didn’t get sent personalised death threats of my very own to treasure). Silenced by being frozen out, no dialogue permitted (this strategy has worked well for trans, but other groups aren’t able to get enough cooperation from others for it to work). Bloody LibFems, what on Earth is in it for them?
      Why is it too much to want things to make sense, is this just too difficult for some people to manage? Exactly as you say, Guls, people often don’t seem to think critically, I’m not sure if they even want to. Erika has a point about subliterate, as well – issues with education may be part of the problem here, why the message just isn’t getting through. Not sure if they know what they’re saying doesn’t make sense, or they just don’t care, but as for their female supporters… Feels like talking to a brick wall who just sticks to the current party line. I can’t deal with not being allowed to ask any questions. I don’t even care if transwomen DO turn out to somehow have a female brain (which would also mean mine wasn’t), I just want the truth. Someone who wasn’t afraid of the truth would permit questions to be asked, surely?
      Upset rant over, haha. I’m not sure why I’m surprised, I knew what it was like already, but the contrast between those brave lesbian sisters, and the ever-obedient LibFem, and the sheer irony of being asked to pretend reproductive biology is irrelevant while curled up in a miserable ball of cramps, really brought it all home somehow. No matter what they do, blood and sisterhood will remain real things, unlike males’ pretending.

      1. Great post! Blood and Sisterhood..our Sacred Menstrual blood are real things that bind us together in a seamless connection to the first human Womon our common Ancestor 90,000 years ago. The male born are not part of this..and their common ancestor is only 60,000 years old.

  24. I wish this was satire because it sounds like a joke. Kudos to the brave lesbians who stood up to these asshole pretendbians. Honestly, even most straight people I know would consider it in bad taste for a frat boy to claim to be a lesbian, but if said frat boy feels like a woman inside (because women are figments of men’s imaginations) then it’s okay.
    The fact that they threatened to have real lesbians arrested just kills me. It doesn’t get much more homophobic than that. Everyone has been hooked on this idea that the T is the most oppressed (maybe because so many of them threaten suicide or self-harm if you don’t play along with their make-believe, idk) but as we can see that’s clearly a load of crap.

  25. My heartfelt thanks to the women who protested this sham of a lesbian march. I wish I could have afforded the eye-watering train fare to join you.
    This nonsense is of course continuing to be dragged out by Mr Brown as one of the protestors was Dr Julia Long, a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, and of course by saying mean things about a dude she is in breach of Mr Brown’s feel- I mean, uh, her employment contract- and thus he is planning to harass the university to have her fired.

  26. It’s so darn *good* of that nice young man to let us know that Lesbians are welcome at the Dyke March London*. And to write down this lovely dialogue. (Although it’s more of a monograph, words have no meaning so we’ll call it a dialogue. Whatever.)
    We all thank the goddesses that we–at last–have the leadership we have so wrongfully ignored in the past: It was men, all along!
    I’m so glad to know that Uncle Sarah is feeling so much better now, in time for the Dyke March London*, after overdosing on anti-depressants and curling up in a ball at the foot of the bed. Astonishing recovery! Well done, sir! See you next year at the Dyke March London*!
    And thanks, fellas, for the “Lez Be Friends” placard. I haven’t heard that since some 15 year old boy said it to me, as he leered at me on the school bus.
    *Copyright 2014 A Voice For Men

    1. Morabito gets one thing wrong, and it’s a mistake as telling as it is understandable, not to say ironic: ‘… we are moving steadily towards erasing all gender distinctions in the law.’
      Given how hard previous generations of (mostly) feminist thinkers have worked to separate sex and gender in critical consciousness….

      1. Oh, I completely understand – I’m not trying to reinforce all of what Morabito says. It’s just that a discussion was being had with so many people involved, and I’m really trying to involve myself in more public spaces when it comes up – if I don’t speak up I won’t be heard! But thank you for the feedback 🙂

  27. @RandomRadfem “In a glistening diarrhea sea of disgusting male behavior, this guy really shines.”
    I have on occasion laughed so hard and so spontaneously that I shot soda or coffee out of my nose, but your comment has given me a whole new experience. *warning* sisters, take caution reading comments while digging into a bowl of banana pudding (with chunks of real banana!). You may laugh hard enough to get it into your sinus cavity, but getting it back out again is no easy trick.
    Now I must return to snorting more salt water up my nose, rinse and repeat…

  28. The speech boiled down to a conceited joke that Brown is a bad lesbian for being “allergic to cats”

    Averse to pussy! Of course!

  29. Here’s another comment from the guy who likes to flash his dick at women to educate us:
    “About a month ago I started going to a local fitness center that has an amazing pool. But I was absolutely terrified of using the womans’ locker room because I have a cock.. However, I dealt with it appropriately (with lots of support from my loving wife) and no longer feel insecure about my ability to pass as female while nude. I’ve received nothing but praise from my fellow gym-mates for being “brave and strong.” whereas I worried about the polar opposite and someone try filing a sexual harassment suit x _ x”
    From http://www DOT reddit.com/r/transtimelines/comments/26bmuq/im_back_at_16_months_and_i_look_fanfuckingtastic/
    Yes, this man with an intact dick thinks he passes as female while nude (!!!).
    In other ‘creepy dudes’ news, this is a picture that was recently posted on Project Unbreakable, which is meant to be a healing resource for survivors of sexual assault:

    View post on imgur.com

    Like…is there a 95% likelihood that this guy is getting off on this? Am I paranoid? I don’t mind that male survivors submit pictures, obviously, but the mention of forced feminization in this guy’s sign is seriously disturbing. It’s such a porn trope…

    1. It’s a tired trope, and he’s a vile POS for using that meme to get his dick hard. The other guy is a delusional asshole. Delusional for obvious reasons, and asshole for waving his dick around a women’s locker room to satisfy his needs. Fucking assHOLE.

      1. I know that this is an old post, but did you notice that Lori q, from upthread, with his “I am a transwoman, I just want peace, I will talk to people for you” made an almost identical post at that link?
        He is trying to bring everyone together! Lol

  30. And interesting how at the beginning, they were all righteous about organizing the dyke march because lesbians from the region (SW Pennsylvania, West Virginia, etc.) were shut out of the leadership of Pittsburgh Pride and other LGBT organizations around here. They marveled at the distances dykes traveled to the first March. And since the leadership is now a trans man and the march is called the Dyke and Trans March, they admit that the numbers of dykes attending is now down. Can’t tell me no one could see the old pattern reasserting itself here. But then I have heard that our last remaining lesbian bar (Cattivo) was taken over by trans people, mostly trans women, so it’s just the same old same old. I just get tired of cringing self-hating lesbians who apologize for breathing, like the author of the Huff Po piece.

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