90 thoughts on “How would we ever know about womanhood without men like Laverne Cox?

  1. Maybe you should try getting your biology elsewhere than the TV then, Angelica, as that is a drawing of a vulva.

  2. This is beyond parodic. Hail, the trans-missionaries, here to educate you and rescue you from a lifetime of peeing out of the wrong hole, putting tampons in your anus, and thinking you can get pregnant from a toilet seat. Oh, and when you’ve done gynaecology 101 you go to the next part of the course where they tell you about trans women who have periods, men who can get pregnant and female penises!

    1. What about the trans “woman” who claimed that he grew a cervix? So womanly was he, that his body just whipped one up with a few ordinary ingredients it found laying around. His gynecologist was reportedly dazzled. Mind over matter, girls, mind over matter!

      1. “whipped one up with a few ordinary ingredients it found laying around”
        I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything… I would have spit it all over my screen! 😀

      2. Heh. Not quite as crazy as that (or maybe I should say scientifically illiterate as that, because it’s definitely crazy!) but remember that guy who was featured here a while ago, dresses in Alice In Wonderland little kid dresses and stuffs tampons – er, make that USED tampons – up his ass? And posts about it on the internet?
        Meanwhile though the true tragedy is that there are too many women out there who are peeing out of places they ought not due to birth trauma and fistula. They are who actually need assistance due to true harms.

      3. Adrian– yes, “scientifically illiterate.” Not even the basics with a few of them. Meanwhile, real harms to real women’s bodies never seem to be of interest to the male transgenderists who “know” that they are women.

      4. He made a cervix out of a paper clip and a gum wrapper! And his gyno can’t tell it’s not natural! Next, he’ll build a uterus out of an old sock and a bottle cap!

      5. I found an interesting report a while back, about treatment for women with malformed vaginas:
        Sad that current treatment is the same skin or intestine grafts they use for men. Except in this new case they actually grow new tissue in the lab. I fully expected to see trans jumping all over this until I realised that they use a tissue biopsy from the vulva to create vaginal-lining cells. Hey trans dudes, you ain’t got the requisite FEMALE tissues for this!
        Plus I hope it is a better option for these women than the trans approach, although at least in that case you could view the men as experimental subjects, although being told that your vaginal reconstruction operation has been trialled on thousands of men might not create a whole load of confidence……………
        I wonder, do these women have to keep dilating? Or does the fact that they actualy have a uterus, so something to CONNECT to mean that the vagina just does what it was designed to do it?

    2. I could see it working if they were playing it as a funny irony that a transwoman is teaching them these things.
      But they tip toe so much around Cox on the show I bet it’ll be played as a genuinely touching moment or some bullshit.

      1. Also one thing I never understood: do they try to pass that off as his real hair or is the trans so special he gets to keep an expensive wig in prison?

  3. Almost as bad is their conceit that black lesbians are lesbians because they are privileged.
    Poussey was explicitly contrasted as entitled in that same episode (IIRC), and Suzanne has white adoptive parents. Both have middle to upper class backgrounds and lesbianism, rather than a nexus of oppression, it’s more often indicated by OITNB as something that separates them from the “real black experience.”

    1. That’s a very good point. It never ceases to amaze me how transactivists (both white and POC) think nothing of telling black lesbian radical feminists that “you don’t what being an oppressed WOC is!” Is their logic supposed to be “men are oppressive, and by being a lesbian you choose not to be with men so you’re privileged. I’m a transwoman and I can’t divorce myself from my oppressive male nature, so I’m continuously oppressed by something I can’t control.” Or do they think that lesbians are magically left alone by men because they’re not “really women?”

    2. They are seriously trying to say that black lesbians are privileged? Fuck that noise. Being a lesbian is not a privilege, despite what creepy men with fetishes thing and black lesbians must deal with misogyny, lesbophobia, and racism.
      Not to mention, the women in the show are in prison, so yeah.
      Ugh, so not watching it.

      1. Cox is/acts like a big old drag queen, complete with stereotypical words and mannerisms (“fierce” and finger-snapping). With his linebacker shoulders and well over six ft. height, no one could seriously take him for a woman.

  4. Whenever I think these men can’t get more disgusting….
    pregnant crossdressers
    “crossdressers who enjoy dressing as pregnant women the thrill of being “pregrant” is such a wonderful feminine feeling I cannot firgure out why more girls would not want to dress this way. It is such a great way of showing off your womanhood. I am looking for some pictures I took, when I was last dr…”

    1. …the eff?
      I suppose they’re buying those “experience what it’s like to be pregnant!” harnesses that actors and high school kids are sometimes made to wear?
      Just ew.

    2. Thanks..I can never unsee what I just saw on that site.The horror! One of them actually sets aside time to go into ‘labour’ for a few hours. Sadly for them they just look exactly like what they are: middle aged men with beer guts. Very disturbing though.

    3. Creepy. How can anyone deny that this “transwoman” thing is a sexual fetish after seeing those photos?
      Have you ever seen a 65 yr old pregnant women before? No? Don’t point that out to the magical laydees here – they’re all 21 years young in their laydee brains.
      The one in the “Bun in the Oven” shirt made me laugh out loud. And did you see “Maria” with the 3-day stubble and hairy chest? I don’t even want to know what he has in the double pressure cookers he features in his “pregnant” pics.

    1. Martin “Martine” Rothblatt and his spouse Bina are very into “capturing” people’s personalities and essences via artificial intelligence in order to achieve immortality. Rothblatt had, no joke, a robotic head created of Bina in order that she may live on forever. Check it:
      One thing this creepy-as-hell robot said to an interviewer: “Friendship is when we team together to accomplish something important, like building a better future, or conspiring to take over the planet.”
      No reason for women to be leery of this guy, no sir!

  5. I haven’t watched the show; I’ve only seen a few bits here and there, but am I correct in my impression that Cox is never shown as plain or ugly on this show? Most of the women on the show seem to be shown without makeup, with messy hair. How is it that Cox looks perfectly coiffed at all times while in prison?

      1. I have watched the first season but doubt I will be watching this new one. In the first season he was shown running a hair/nail salon inside the prison and always concerned with the most frivolous things while the other women deal with racism, rape, gay relationships, misogyny. The worst thing that happened to him was not getting his hormones for a week…..
        I don’t know why on earth the show runners had him play teacher to the women about their vagina.
        How crass and frankly ridiculous.

      2. He looks like Teal’c from Stargate, especially when talking. Same kind of make-up, same huge mouth and smile, same jaw line.

      3. Haha, has to make sure the globe-like fake tits are visible JUST TO MAKE sure people know he’s a woman. Dear god he’s obnoxious.

    1. Cox only gets about 30 seconds — not exaggerating — of screentime per episode (besides the one that featured his backstory where his twin brother played him pretransition). So the media attention he’s receiving is out of proportion to someone who isn’t even on the main credits but has a guest star role.
      “Sophia” works as a hair dresser and is mostly shown in that capacity. The character isn’t integrated with any social groups (racial, age, etc.) and exists outside the bounds of anything that matters (honestly, trans people should be livid about that.).
      In a second season episode when a non-profit bullshit group teaches women how to “dress for success,” in contrast to the women who want to at least win the contest (both outfit and interview skills are tested), Sophia just snaps on something with sequins because yeah, always glamorous.
      Women are shown with makeup, both improvised and commercial (part of a contraband storyline). It’s a weird dynamic: showing how controlling the things you can when you’re powerless is an important and relevant topic for the show — and yet the gatekeeper for that… is male.

      1. Interesting, did you know “guest star” (if they are actually billed that way in the credits) gets paid more under the SAG rules, than a regular cast member? Even if they are on every show as a regular. Example: on the 60s “Lost In Space” TV show, Jonathan Harris was billed in the credits every week as “Special Guest Star” even though he was a cast-regular (so they could legally pay him more since he was so crucial to every show.) He might have been the first example of this, actually. “Special guest star” gets paid more than “guest star”… the designation AND before your name, also paid over scale.
        If Cox is getting billed as a “guest star” (or has the AND before her name)–then she is getting paid more than the other cast members are getting paid, screen time or not.

      2. “If Cox is getting billed as a “guest star” (or has the AND before her name)–then she is getting paid more…”
        Verny COCKS is a MAN. Male pronouns apply.
        Lost in Space needed more Judy.

      3. There are literally 50 guest stars on the show though. And we’re at the stage where practically everyone and their mailman gets producer credit.
        But yeah, I wouldn’t put it past them to be paying Cox what five women are worth on the show.

      4. “Sophia just snaps on something with sequins because yeah, always glamorous.”
        So basically he’s Noxeema Jackson.

  6. There’s an fb game about which “Orange Is the New Black” character might you be, and I shared and someone said they got Cox, “she,” so I said he’s a man. She said “transgender.” Waiting for the fight now. It really is not safe to say now on any level to them.
    Love how you say, Gallus Mag, that without full drag he just looks like a nerdy gay boy. Of course.

  7. And watch the liberal feminists intellectually masturbate about how a “woman of colour” is achieving such success on a popular tv show. On another article about Laverne Cox on some site (Jezebel maybe?), the comments section was full of women gushing about how they wished they were as pretty and sophisticated as “her.” I hope they realize that all of their ass kissing to win the title of “trans ally” won’t amount to shit. They’ll still be “cis scum” and “fish” and will forever have to post trigger warnings when they want to talk about their bodies.
    And according to pop culture sites that cater to men, the two top favorite feminists are Janet Mock and Laverne Cox.

    1. men’s 2 favorite feminists are both men and their names are Mock and Cox, yeah, of course

    2. So a misogynistic dude who thinks child prostitution is empowering like the Underground Railroad and who is only famous for being trans and another misogynistic dude with that gross makeover show where he bullies a woman for not dressing the way he wants are the best feminists now?
      I hate mainstream feminism so much.
      You’re right that no matter how good of an ally (read: pawn) you are, it’s never enough. As a real woman, you are always second-class, just like in real life except that it’s more of a mindscrew because you’re expected to parrot the belief that males with male-typical behavior are women just like you!
      I used to be supportive of trans activism because I hung out in LGBT spaces and when I was in college I knew a trans man who I really got along with. But mainstream trans activism hates FTTs anyway and I started seeing how it was really just another MRA movement full of raging creeps and fetishists.
      I don’t put trigger warnings when talking about my body. Incidentally, the term “trigger” is a word to refer to stuff that might trigger someone’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trans activists and other attention seekers will whine at you for hours if you “triggered” them. They weren’t triggered and they don’t have PTSD; they’re just liars.

      1. The frequent claims (from some of the more delicate transflowers) of literally cowering in their beds whenever they’re “triggered” rings so false to me. I’ve never had PTSD, but there was a point in my life where I was suffering extreme anxiety and even had a few panic attacks. At the time I was living in a little closet of an apartment with my bed *right there* in front of me, and yet still I didn’t flee to my bed to quake under the covers.

      2. On large parts of the internet now, particularly certain parts with a lot of trans activism going on, the word “triggered” is basically used to mean “reminded me of some realities that I know, really, deep deep down in that place I think about at 3AM, but I’m really really trying to forget because I really really want to believe otherwise, and now it’s going to take me a minute to get my head back into the bubble I’ve created for myself.”
        As you can imagine, this usage DEFINITELY pisses off people who actually do have PTSD.
        But that’s why you find so many pages supposedly “triggering” because they contain mention of biological terms for genitalia, mentions that vaginas are female, or even things like “mentions fitness” and stuff like that.

      3. “But mainstream trans activism hates FTTs anyway and I started seeing how it was really just another MRA movement full of raging creeps and fetishists.”
        And how!
        Seriously, if it wasn’t so fucking hair raising I’d lol at the number of MtT’s who accuse the FtT’s of having “male privilege” and being (trans)misogynistic towards them…
        Males getting “misogyny” from females…because apparently the origins of the suffix “gyn” is lost on them.
        And from the Wiki on misogyny:
        “Ever since, women in Western cultures have internalised their role as societal scapegoats, influenced in the twenty-first century by multimedia objectification of women with its culturally sanctioned self-loathing and fixations on plastic surgery, anorexia and bulimia”
        Culturally sanctioned self loathing, fixations on plastic surgery…who does that sound like?
        “It’s okay to hate your body and change it with surgery!!!”

      4. @kesher
        I had a similar problem my sophomore year of college and even so I wasn’t cowering under the covers. (I also had bad insomnia so the only time I was in bed was when I was knocked out from my sleeping medication.)
        I bumped into a couple of radfems on tumblr who have PTSD along with a few other people and they were pretty pissed off about that word being appropriated. For that matter, I’ve been on the site for a couple of years and even before the trans and genderspecial shit was everywhere, people would put trigger warnings on pictures of food and pictures cute animals (because someone might be allergic or something)…it’s like super extreme political correctness.
        The idea of FTTs having male privilege over MTTs is utterly ridiculous. Then again, a lot of people think the misogyny is “hatred of femininity/hatred of feminine people”. Also, the same people who will say that you can’t identify out of being white and having white privilege will say that a MTT can just identify out of male privilege because he feels like he should be female!
        Once again, how society and people treats you depends on what they see, NOT how you feel about yourself.
        I’m agreeing about how this is also culturally sanctioned self-loathing. Why is plastic surgery the solution to dysphoria whereas it’s not the solution to any other mental illness? For that matter, cosmetic surgery is only considered a medically necessary treatment for people who have been disfigured in some way.
        The promotion of cosmetic surgery to treat this problem, especially amoung children who would likely outgrow it if jackass adults didn’t berate them over not conforming to sex roles, is really horrifying.

    3. Well yeah. You can only be a real feminist now if you’re trans (and ideally also not white). The true main issue that feminism should be tackling is why feminism is so shot through with “transmisogyny.”
      …I only wish I were kidding.
      There’s a twisted version of intersectionality theory going around that says, hey, trans women are more oppressed than women, because they don’t have the “luxury” of “passing” as women, they don’t have the “luxury” of looking properly “femmy” in the tacky flowered dress, their feet are too big and they’ll never be “cute,” oh, the horror, people notice that they’re trans and question them about why they are trying to appropriate “woman.” So therefore, as the more oppressed party, they should be “centered” and allowed to speak first in any and all conversations.
      Introduce that into a group of people who are fairly young and extremely eager to show that they’re tolerant of everyone and anything, and it’s a recipe for disaster.
      Part of that process involves falling all over every word that Laverne Cox and Janet Mock have to say, because they are at the very top of the “oppressed” stack, as “TWOC.”
      …and yet you’re right, it won’t get them anywhere, because the edgy thing is still to turn and criticize these “allies” for never quite being good enough (because they can’t ever be, as born women, they’ll always be “cis” and so always targets for this “you’re privileged scum, you need to sit down and never talk again” language).
      I’ve never seen this TV show before, only read various articles about Cox, and followed the online outrage when Cox didn’t get all the acting awards.

      1. There’s a link on this website about that particular episode of “Transform Me” (haha, get it?). http://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/remember-that-you-deserve-this-hilarious-radfem-play-by-play-of-vh1s-transform-me/
        No woman benefits from being female, because women are always second-class. But yeah, that’s basically the argument, that women are oppressing the MTTs because the MTTs are mad jealous about our bodies…nevermind that the vast majority of women cannot fit into the Photoshopped and airbrushed misogynistic beauty standards and that those standards are created to instill self-loathing in women and to extract resources from us (a big one being money).
        I feel really bad for the woman who came up with intersectionality theory. That theory was originally about how black women face the duel oppression of racism and misogyny, not how being jealous of another group (especially a marginalized group) means that they’re oppressing you. It’s a shame to see so many twits turning valid concepts like intersectionality and privilege into meaningless buzz-words and then (inaccurately) playing the Oppression Olympics with them.
        I do think a big problem is like you said so many people are falling over themselves to prove their not bigots. I also think the trend of ripping on your allies is very disgusting and hateful and just shows what an asshole you are. Being a member of one or more marginalized groups does not mean you have license to be a jerk.
        There are fake allies who are only in it to feel better about themselves and/or who try to make it all about them (Hey, just like the MTTs and their “feminist” handmaidens when they hijack everything ever posted about women due to “cissexism”.) I’ve also had the misfortune to bump into “allies” who were just creep straight people who fetishized homosexuality.
        It’s fine to call out those things, but a lot of what I’m seeing are cases of one ally who really believes in the cause mildly fucking up (it could be a fuck-up from years ago that they’ve already apologized for) and then everyone jumping on them and all the other allies telling them to shape up or else.

      2. ‘I also think the trend of ripping on your allies is very disgusting and hateful and just shows what an asshole you are. Being a member of one or more marginalized groups does not mean you have license to be a jerk.’
        That’s an interesting point, reassured not to be the only one who feels that way. I’m never entirely sure how to respond when they do that, and do try to listen (unless it’s the transactivists), because I think there were genuinely issues about race that I failed to understand at first, etc., and I can understand why people get frustrated with allies when that happens a lot. Perhaps they did explain things patiently, the first three times, but by the umpteenth unhelpful ally…especially when they can’t count on it that the stupid question or comment was truly in good faith. It’s easy to forget how genuinely and innocently clueless people outside the situation can be, too – I think they’re not always realising that what seems like it should be common knowledge just isn’t (and Feminists just in general do this too at times, maybe. Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to stupidity, and we should never underestimate human -cough, male, cough- stupidity ; ) ).
        So, though it can be understandable, sometimes it seems to end up needlessly divisive. I could yell at people about how feminism doesn’t adequately consider disabled women (which it not infrequently doesn’t, for instance by completely ignoring the connection between reproductive rights and ableism. I was pretty upset the other day by being asked, to my face, if there was a screening procedure for my condition), but I think bringing it up in a less confrontational way is more helpful. They can say that’s a ‘tone argument’ all they like, but the fact is people just don’t like it if you shout at them and are accusatory, when they’re already trying to do their best, or at least don’t mean any active harm. That’s just human nature and not ever going to change, isn’t it better to work with it not against if you actually care about results rather than just bullying, or exercising indignation, righteous or otherwise? It’s especially unfair to be a jerk like that to women, who are already socialised to try to please people, and tend to blame themselves if they can’t. Not very feminist, imo. The point of intersectionality to make sure we’re working together, taking into account our different backgrounds and the effects of those, isn’t it?
        And it ends up kind of a double bind when it’s ‘don’t speak for us!’ AND ‘you’re not taking us into account!’.
        (Pretty sure posting all that would get me in big trouble on Tumblr, haha, hope I’ll get away with it here… Eep. Well, sod it if that makes me an inconsiderate ally, I care about what works, and as far as I can tell, the current attitude isn’t working especially well, it’s mostly just causing women to stress out about being good allies to the shoutiest group – the transactivists. Which I s’pose means it is working, except only as far as they’re concerned)
        But yeah, I’ve actually even seen trolls in the #YesAllWomen tag *deliberately* use intersectionality as a way to be divisive, posing as a member of a marginalised group and then doing the call out of supposed bad allies thing. Trolls may actually account for a fair bit of it online, I suppose.
        It really is disappointing, because it’s an important idea that shouldn’t be twisted in this way.

      3. And the ‘it’s not my job to educate you’ thing doesn’t work, either. Yeah, it’s annoying as hell to be asked the same stupid question over and over, but if it bugs them that much, have a quick FAQ to link to. Or if they really really hate explaining things, activism may not be for them considering it intrinsically relies on changing attitudes. People -perhaps especially, I’m afraid, the younger generation- do tend to want to be spoonfed information, aggravating as that is. And it’s not just laziness, it’s wanting the personalised response and the reassurance that provides that they’re not getting things wrong (people do this for ANYTHING – they ask on book forums ‘will I like this book?’ instead of just going and reading the reviews. They like other people to advise them, for reassurance). And if allies get shouted at all the time and accused generally of not caring, they’re going to be extra-concerned about not getting things wrong, and falling over themselves to show they care…
        People, eh?

      4. …and yet you’re right, it won’t get them anywhere, because the edgy thing is still to turn and criticize these “allies” for never quite being good enough (because they can’t ever be, as born women, they’ll always be “cis” and so always targets for this “you’re privileged scum, you need to sit down and never talk again” language).
        Oh, how I’d love to give all the well-meaning female worker bees a copy of “Codependent No More”. The lefty hierarchy attracts the same kind of manipulative assholes as organized religions do. You don’t deserve to be berated and mistreated by scheming sociopaths, ladies. That ain’t social justice, it’s abuse.

      5. (Pretty sure posting all that would get me in big trouble on Tumblr, haha, hope I’ll get away with it here… Eep. Well, sod it if that makes me an inconsiderate ally, I care about what works, and as far as I can tell, the current attitude isn’t working especially well, it’s mostly just causing women to stress out about being good allies to the shoutiest group – the transactivists. Which I s’pose means it is working, except only as far as they’re concerned)
        You’re among friends here. A lot of us have been driven away from Tumblr and real-life groups for refusing to play passive-aggressive games.
        Lefty males and their female handmaidens treat women like dirt, even though they’re nothing without all the work we do. Unfortunately they’ve got the carrot of reproductive rights to dangle in front of us. In the past few years it’s seemed like they’re testing us, to see just how far they can push us without driving us off the reservation completely. I suppose the way the internet amplifies extreme voices contributes to that.

      6. @Leo
        It’s also nice to see other people who dislike the trend!
        I can understand the frustration over having to answer the same stupid question over and over again, but if you’re going to be “social justice warrior” then a FAQ might be handy. Although, I don’t consider myself one since so many of them are jerks and are deep in transjacktivist territory. My “favorite” would be “social justice” wario, who posted comments about smashing TERF’s faces. Wow, beating up on women who disagree with you, so progressive. Also, I think that was in response to an ask that a trans woman sent…so yeah, trans people who don’t toe the party line are fucked too.
        Besides that toxic branch of activism I know there are a lot of trolls out there too, so I can understand being frustrated. And on the internet, it can be hard to tell who genuinely cares and wants to learn more and who is just being an asshole. But you’re right, people don’t like being shouted at in general and always doing that will put people off because as I said before being marginalized doesn’t prevent you from being an asshole.
        “And it ends up kind of a double bind when it’s ‘don’t speak for us!’ AND ‘you’re not taking us into account!’.”
        God, that is annoying. One group that does this all the time are bisexuals who constantly claim that us evil monosexuals (read: gays and lesbians) should stop erasing them by speaking over them, but then make a post about lesbians specifically, and it’s erasure and monosexism. Yeah, because lesbians and gays are totally treated with the same privileges as straight people and lesbians especially aren’t erased. It’s not like there’s a ton of shit-for-brains bisexual and straight women calling themselves “dykes” and “femmes” (almost never butch though) while fucking men and contributing to the myth that lesbians can be cured with penis and it’s not like lesbianism has been redefined as a fetish or paraphilia by MTTs and their handmaidens who are mad that lesbians won’t fuck them and that lesbians on dating sites most constantly specify that lesbian means “female homosexual” and not “female attracted to feminine gender-feels in some guy’s head)…oh wait.
        That might have been a bit of a tangent, but I really don’t care for tumblr bi-activism and I am friends with a few bisexuals who are put off it. I personally encourage bisexuals to embrace their sexual orientation and to stop being such biphobes by calling themselves by lesbian terms. That’s erasure you know.
        Sorry about the rant, but I do agree with you. I also think it’s important to think criticially and not be duped into the idea that being an ally means being treated like crap. Also, there are some things that really have no social justice basis, like hijacking posts about lesbians and women and whining about it not including you. Or the whole transjactivist movment.

  8. Ew. Are we really supposed to buy that crap, especially after some of the really bizarre beliefs that trans “women” have about women’s biology? There was this joke of a blog on tumblr (it might still be there) run by a MTT who claimed to be a healthcare professional but thought that women were supposed to pee out of their vaginas. Google exists and it’s not that hard to learn human anatomy (but then again the trans cult is anti-biology so nevermind).
    There was also more of the same old same old lesbophobia on that blog, “examine why you don’t like my lady dick because plastic sex toys are the same as penises, but male and “female” penises are different.” Ugh.
    This is just the same old bs where women need to be saved or educated by a man, except that we are seriously supposed to believe that the man is a woman.

    1. That’s the essence of rape culture right there-“Your vagina is just a hole, so if you consent to put one thing in it, why can’t you put this and this in it too…it’s just a hole after all.’ Sideshow Bob shudder.

      1. That’s exactly IT, Choco.
        The meaning and function of a hole is to be accommodating. So any refusal is a violation of the hole’s nature, a malfunction, an inconsistency. And when a hole says Yes to one thing, and No to another, it is a bigot. all these conclusions make sense when you start with the same premise that these men start with: that women aren’t human.

      2. *shudder*
        These men are so sad when they try and assert their festering wounds are like vaginas.
        Most of them probably don’t realise that a lot of women have vaginal contractions during orgasm. Their pooginas (lol) lack the muscles to do the amazing stuff our vaginas can do.
        It always makes me laugh when MtT claim to have a “clitoral orgasm” through their mutilated penis that has been fashioned into a “dickoris”
        You fucking wish fellas.

      3. Yep. But the tumblr bots don’t really care about stopping rape culture. Mainstream social justice movements have done a complete 360 from “let’s respect everyone’s sexual orientation and sexual boundaries” to “if your [lesbian] sexual orientation doesn’t include trans “women”, you’re a bigot.”
        And it’s almost always lesbians who deal with that crap because they know that they can’t pull it on heterosexual men.

    2. I’ve noticed this conflation of vagina with anything between a woman’s legs and I must admit I don’t even know how to correct people. Sure we pee out of our urethra but it’s not like the uretha is prominently showing.
      For example, when they were talking about a little girl pulling down her pants and climbing onto urinals in the boys restroom … obviously she’s not showing her vagina, but that is probably what people would say to refer to what is being exposed.
      When I was little we called everything down there a peepee, lol. Nowadays, ever since daytime talk shows found they could talk about sex by using words like penis and vagina, those words have replaced the slang words even in everyday language. Maybe labia is more accurate for what is being exposed, but it seems like that is too specific, and girls aren’t peeing out of their labia, either.
      Would genitalia be the right word? I don’t know, I’m asking.

      1. Technically it would be called “the meatus” (mee-aye-tuss), or “urinary meatus”. Of course for a definitive answer we would have to ask Laverne Cox. 😛
        Incidentally there was a case where a woman successfully defended herself against charges of indecent exposure related to nudity because she proved that unclothed women did not actually expose their genitals. She proved to the court that she merely exposed her public hair.

      2. Gallus,
        Was just discussing the indecent exposure case you brought up here, where the woman proved she didn’t expose her genitals when unclothed. Any chance you have a link or more info about it?

      3. “In 2002 two rebellious young women who were students at the University of Maine decided to jog naked through town to protest federal legislation expanding police powers to counter terrorism.
        An Orono police officer promptly arrested them. When one of the women tried to plead guilty to indecent exposure, one District Court judge raised some questions in the courtroom that prompted her to withdraw her plea.
        The indecent-conduct law states that people are guilty of the crime if they knowingly and willingly show their genitalia in public. Russell questioned whether a woman running down the street actually showed her genitalia at all, if you define female “genitalia” by a medical dictionary.
        Two weeks later, both women went on trial. They were not represented by an attorney and they asked one question of the state’s key witness, the arresting officer. One of the women asked him, “Did you actually see my genitalia that evening?”
        “Not that I can recall,” he answered.
        Judge Jesse Gunther dismissed the case and the charges against the women.
        Prosecutors agreed that because women’s genitalia are internal that they would have to go to some lengths to actually show them in public. Gunther suggested that the Legislature might decide to tinker with the indecent-conduct statute.
        It didn’t.
        The law remains the same.
        If the judge up in Piscataquis County concurs with Judge Gunther, then it would pretty much slam the door on future arrests of naked women in public.”

        Streakers’ meal just for women?

        Male dippers fined; woman not exposed

        Men found guilty, woman acquitted, in Greenville skinny dip

        Can I be charged with indecent exposure if I stay on my own private property?

  9. Prediction: Cox is going to get Emmy nominated for best supporting “actress” in July. The trans disease is not just personal; it’s social and it’s relentless. What better way to push the agenda? You heard it here first…

    1. The thing is, even with the media waging World War T on all fronts, only a very small fringe of society really cares about this issue. Even while they’re rapidly losing ground to the internet and digital piracy, the MSM remains arrogant enough to believe there’s nothing they can’t entertain people into believing.
      There is an end, because you can’t force people to go to the movies or watch TV. Look at how NBA viewership has declined over the past decade. If people don’t like the product, they will eventually find something else to do.

  10. Regarding the trans”women” who get off on pretending to be pregnant, you just KNOW what’s coming next: “maternity equality.” Yes, after they achieve full “toilet equality,” next they’ll be demanding to share labor and delivery facilities so that they can truly feel like “real” women at last–at public expense of course!!!
    Hospitals will be required to set aside labor and delivery rooms so that Kandy Box and Fifi La Flame can lie there panting and squealing over their “pretend” labor pains. At the end of their “labor” they’ll be given a state-of-the-art animatronic “baby” that they can cuddle and “breastfeed” with their fake boobs–which of course will be paid for with our tax dollars. It’s their HUMAN RIGHTS, dontcha know!!!
    If a real at-risk pregnant woman dies in the parking lot because Fifi and Kandy Box are clogging up the maternity facilities with their fake “pregnancies”, oh that’ll be just too bad. That’s merely the “collateral damage” that “society” will have to pay so that they can feel like “real” women at last!
    Thank god I’m done with having babies, because I’d literally rather give birth at home alone or in the hospital parking lot than have to listen to one of these “women” squeal about their pretend “labor pains” while I’m in the next room sweating through the real thing.
    I like this blog, but sometimes all the insane shit I read here makes me so depressed I want to slit my wrists.

      1. I jest, but it’s not that far flung. Mr. Parker “37 grand lady-face” Molloy has discovered that his lady-face is covered under his insurance as “medically-necessary transgender medical care” and has subsequently downsized his gofundme to cover out of pocket costs.
        Not only that, but he was published in the NYTimes today (hahaha!) with an op-ed calling for free taxpayer-funded life-saving lady-faces on demand for all men who want them.
        So…. male maternity care for trans-pregnancy….hmmm. Could be medically necessary in future! At this point I seriously would not put anything past these men.

      2. Well that just makes me so much happier that ACA removed lifetime caps, because who doesn’t want to waste health insurance dollars on transwomen versions of Michael Jackson who get surgery after surgery after surgery until their nostrils collapse?

  11. Gallus, I read the op-ed in the NYT. Apparently Parker Marie thinks that there is no end to the amount of “free” surgery the taxpayer needs to cough up for–not just 37K for a total facial re-do, but then there’s thousands more for adam’s apple reduction, fake vag construction, breast and butt augmentation surgery–heck, probably even height reduction surgery like Roseanne Barr had in “She-Devil.”
    How much is enough for these people? 300K, half a million? Of course, with an 18 trillion dollar federal debt and most local governments bankrupt as well, we can easily afford it! We’ll just have to shift our priorities a little bit, that’s all. That poor single mother whose child has scoliosis? The kid will just have to learn how to function with a twisted spine. That Iraq veteran who had his legs blown off? He’ll just have to wait a few more years for those prosthetic replacements!
    What’s REALLY IMPORTANT is that Trixiebelle needs to have new butt implants!
    I followed the recent brouhaha over the proposed Houston “toilet equality” measure. I read a lot of talkboards in the Houston press on the subject. They were full of trans “activists” (including Cristan Williams) and their demented Aunt Thomasina “allies” loudly demanding “integrated” public toilets. A few sane people kept pointing out that the safety needs of women and children outweighed a tiny minority’s “needs” for “toilet equality.”
    Then one Aunt Tom piped up with the “perfect” solution: mandate restroom attendants in all public women’s rooms! Of course! Because, with middle-class jobs disappearing by the thousands all over the country, we really need to force struggling small business owners to NEEDLESSLY pay the costs of hiring a new employee just so that Trixiebelle can go peepee in the real women’s potty room! And of course our local governments can easily absorb the extra costs of hiring restroom attendants for the restrooms in all government offices!!! of course!!
    No public expense is too great when it comes to making Trixibelle and Vixena Rose feel “comfortable!!!!” Surely we can all see that, can’t we?

    1. Their are other areas of public nudity and other areas where women need specific protection from vulnerability to male predation- such as locker rooms, showers, care facilities, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, jails and prisons, etc. The trans love to deflect from these important issues by pretending the issue is solely “bathrooms”. And the right wing is helping them do it.

      1. I don’t know that the right wing is that on board. That anti-trans article that was republished in the Chicago Sun-Times was actually from The National Review, and most of the alarmism regarding bio men in the women’s room has come from conservative groups.
        Liberals have pretty much abandoned the idea that girls and women deserve protection in sex-segregated spaces, and the conservative opposition is more due to thinking transwomen are icky and has little to do with concern for women. Assuming the attacker isn’t a transwoman or other minority, conservatives love talking about how rape victims had it coming.

      2. Kesher- I agree with your analysis. What I meant was that framing the danger to women down to simply “bathrooms” is a way of obscuring the true extent of harm to women by eliminating sex-segregated spaces: Hambrook, Kosilek, Masbruch, Colleen Francis, etc etc. Trans activists always try to frame this as a simple bathroom issue to divert the discussion. To minimize and simplify the harms to women and girls.
        Right wingers assist them by iterating the same “bathroom” meme (for whatever their reason- I suspect idiocy) instead of the broad global implications and damages to women and girls from legal “gender identity” status.

      3. Liberals have pretty much abandoned the idea that girls and women deserve protection in sex-segregated spaces
        Liberals talk about rape culture a lot. At the same time, they demand that women and girls give the benefit of the doubt to every 6’2 male in a dress in the spaces within which we are most vulnerable. The right wing have noticed this contradiction, and they’re using it to discredit feminism. Thanks, libfems.

      4. Some of you here will, like me, have a linguistics degree and will be able to see that alliteration plays a role. Scientists decry the use of “grey goo” as a generic bugbear about nanotechnology, but the term sticks because it is alliterative and conjures an immediate image.
        What the American press invariably calls a “bathroom bill” (in the context of legislation about transgenders’ use of washrooms and changing rooms) has the same function. The alliteration immediately conjures the image of some out-of-touch legislature riding roughshod over patriotic Americans’ rights. What isn’t communicated is that typical bathroom bills literally and figuratively open doors wide to any person of any claimed gender orientation entering any washroom, bathroom, or restroom (the nuances among those words are important) or changing room.
        Language is powerful. Trannies know this well, as we have learned from their campaign to stamp out the word “tranny,” ideally doing so with silver lamé fuck-me pumps.

  12. And of course we’ll need a taxpayer-funded tampon collection program, because it’s unsafe forTrixiebelle to collect strange women’s used tampons out of the trash to shove up zher arse! Yes, we need to screen menstruating women to make sure their bodily fluids are free from communicable diseases and then force the “clean” ones to donate their used tampons to the government-funded tampon collection offices for free distribution to the trans.
    Used tampon equality–it’s a HUMAN RIGHT!!!!

      1. I was reading about a MMA fighter who recently got busted for illegal substances. One of the drugs was supposedly manufactured using the urine of pregnant women. While I’m sure that such material is collected (farmed?) to help women with real hormonal exigencies (one of the drugs was to lower estrogen for women with breast cancer, for example), the idea of women’s bodies — even waste — being harvested for such a trivial thing as helping a male try to dupe an athletic commission when cycling off steroids is preposterous.
        People had a big problem with estrogen therapies for women being developed from pregnant horses, that a non-food animal in western culture was being used in that way, and synthetics were hailed by even decidedly non-PETA types. But somehow anything goes when it comes to helping males?

  13. She’s such a great example for women! Squeeeee!
    Cox: I’ve been using this waist-cincher lately, and it’s been changing my life in terms of giving me shape where I don’t really have one, but it is deeply painful; it’s hard to sit down. The other night when I was at the amfAR gala, I tried to sit down, and I was in pain the whole night.
    I have to say at this point I didn’t wear the cincher today, and I was in heaven. But I wore a peplum, so it kind of hid all this stuff, and I really wanted to get a good picture.

  14. Laurie Penny is the ultimate trans codependent. No matter how many times they attack her for this or that misstep, her lips remain firmly attached to their backsides:
    This month, Time magazine published a cover story titled “The Transgender Tipping Point”. The trend-hungry American press is toppling over with spurious tipping points, but this one is real, and it’s important. Centuries of marginalisation mean that the statistics are still shaky, but it is estimated that between 0.1 and 5 per cent of the population of earth is trans, genderqueer or intersex. Whichever way you slice it, that’s millions of human beings. As a species, we have come up with space travel, antibiotics, so it seems rather archaic that so much of our culture, from money and fashion, love and family is still ordered around the idea that people come in two kinds based roughly on the contents of their underpants.
    Five percent, yeah right! When your so-called science is entirely feelings-based, what of accurate statistics?
    It’s also extremely abusive to enable trans people in appropriating the experiences of the intersexed, Laurie. Way to go, ignoring the repeated requests of intersex people not to be lumped in with autogynephiliacs. The intersexed are even smaller in number than trans people, and trans activists have steamrolled right over them.
    I’ve been associated with trans activism for years, and while I don’t know what it’s like to be harrassed, threatened or abandoned for being transsexual, most of my close friends do.
    What’s the trans equivalent of fag hag? What do you even gain psychologically from sucking up to these ally abusers anyway? I guess brokenness loves company.
    Finally, it’s really funny to see the dying print media jump on this bandwagon. At this point they’re just throwing stuff at the wall.

    1. How else are they supposed to get to 5 percent if they don’t lump the 1 percenter intersex people in that group? Hell, if you lump in the “genderqueer” and expand that definition to anyone who is gender non-conforming regardless of how they identify, imagine the possibilities. Twenty percent? Fifty percent? One hundred percent? Who isn’t at least slightly gender non-conforming?
      On something of a tangent: Why, exactly, do the special snowflake “genderqueers” even need special pronouns or special treatment? Where I’m from being gender non-conforming maybe makes you effeminate or butch, but more often it just makes you a human being. Why can’t the genderqueers just identify themselves as their biological sex and just refuse to abide by social gender conditioning?

      1. They’re sort of like scene kids who never grow up, who could never figure out how to be interesting people based on their own positive qualities. The subculture takes care of all that hard work for them. Stuff like Michfest is different, because it’s just a group of people who want to be left alone to enjoy each other’s company. They don’t require other people to find them fascinating.
        The genderspecial are too narcissistic and socially stunted to understand that the general public doesn’t find the intricacies of gender identitarianism half as interesting as they do. The internet amplifies extreme voices because many of them have time to be online all day (hi there Zoe Brain), and the struggling online media hoovers it all up in an attempt to translate it into clicks.
        It’s truly an insult to the genuine movements they cribbed all their moves from. Grrrrrrr. However, the ones ultimately to blame are the supposedly sane adults who chose to give them a platform. In a better era the genderspecial would be fulminating in their basements and communicating with a few other weirdos through zines.

  15. Thanks to Laverne, we see that sex reassignment surgery is nonsense. Nobody has ever had their sex changed.

    1. I was corrected in a comment section when I said a similar thing, that “sex reassignment surgery does not change biological sex”.
      The reply to me stated that the “new term” is Gender Confirmation Surgery.
      Yech. Orwellian speak.

  16. Doesn’t Laverne cox realize that there is much more to the female reproductive system then just the vagina? There’s also the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, cervix, uterus, the eggs, the menstrual cycle, etc. etc. transwomen ALWAYS skip all of those things. to transwomen, the only thing that matters is having a “vagina”, which is actually still a penis, only inverted in such a way that it mimics the looks of a real vagina.

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