"Transphobic" Advert ?

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We’ve received some backlash regarding our recent ad in Bicycling Magazine–some people have wrongly concluded that Ryders is attacking transgender people.
This ad is not, in any way, an attack on transgender people. It’s simply showing two people who are attracted to one another, each with a secret that the other might want to know up front. The person on the left has a secret–he owns an abnormal quantity of cats. The person on the right has a secret–he is actually a man dressed as a woman. We were toying with some of the social constructs that have made gender roles appear as truths, in an attempt to bring some humour to the concept that seeing isn’t always believing.
It’s now been a full day since the first messages arrived in response to our ad in Bicycling and it’s clear that we have offended lots of people. It doesn’t matter what our intention was, the result was anything but humorous. This ad was clearly a failure.
We are sorry. We are sorry to those we have offended and we are sorry for spreading a hurtful message.
Thank you to everyone who messaged us. Without you we would have carried on with this advertisement, oblivious to the harm it was causing. We were ignorant and you have shown this to us.
We have pulled this ad from all of the publications in which it was to be printed in the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately, some have already been printed and distributed. Rest assured, this ad will never be distributed again.
We are also in the process of having it pulled from digital magazines and other web sites. For some sites, especially those of distributors outside of the US and Canada, this may take a few days before it’s entirely cleaned up but it is our top priority to completely remove this image.
Again, we are very sorry. We’ve learned a lot from this.

We've received some backlash regarding our recent ad in Bicycling Magazine–some people have wrongly concluded that…

Posted by Ryders Eyewear on Tuesday, June 3, 2014

53 thoughts on “"Transphobic" Advert ?

  1. Wow, overreaction much? This ad was about stuff you should disclose before you start dating and I think that, “I am actually a man” would be important to know. Ditto for the eight cats!
    Lying is a moral value in mainstream trans activism.

  2. So… the person on the left couldn’t possibly be a cross-dresser who identifies as a man? Because…?

    1. “But on Tuesday night, “Colbert” did turn in on itself with a segment highlighting sex reassignment surgeries that are now covered by Medicare.”
      That elective cosmetic surgery should be considered a right is galling–but only a right when diagnosed with a psychological condition. Shouldn’t this open the door to all the body integrity disorder people to go have limbs or nipples or whatever removed, to make their body fit their mental map of themselves? How is this a good thing? If you want cosmetic surgery, and aren’t deformed or physically impaired, then shouldn’t you pay for that yourself? This seems very very wrong, like those trans in the UK who’ve gotten breast implants or electrolysis on the public money. WTF, is all, WTF.

      1. Not being from the UK I’m kind of curious (probably should just google, but) – can women who find themselves with unwanted chin hairs in middle age qualify for this electrolysis too? Or only people “in transition?”
        Meanwhile the “transabled” have been trying to get their condition viewed as similar to transgender for ages. Enough people buy into the “female brain” thing when it comes to transgender, and use that as the basis for a sort of “well the problem is physical, so that means the solution can be physical” justification for covering SRS, so the transabled similarly are trying to show that their issues too must surely all be about a messed up body map or similar – neurological, rather than anything psychological.
        Problem is, they don’t have the convenient “because hormones! It could be the hormones!” excuse, and a lot of them are not so much into removing entire limbs as they are into becoming paralyzed – and no one is even really doing studies on the that, even, because it’s even more tenuous a thing than “well, there’s phantom limb syndrome, so maybe someone who wants a leg gone has the reverse of that!”
        Though the other interesting thing about the transabled community, at least the part that’s vocal on the internet, is how many of them are also transgender.

      2. @Adrian, good question, because I have chin hairs. If I don’t get rid of them, someone might think I’m not a woman, and then I might commit suicide. I have just as much right to electrolysis.
        Anyway, all I have to do is SAY I’m a m2t, and they can’t question it, especially when dudes are getting their birth certificates retrofitted.
        There is actually a hanger-on to hip hop artists who people say really is female but she is posing as a mtf. (That’s what it’s come to these days, if you want a little notoriety, just say you’re trans and the world will be at your door.) I have to say that based on her voice and her curves, I’m inclined to believe she is female.

      3. can women who find themselves with unwanted chin hairs in middle age qualify for this electrolysis too? Or only people “in transition?”
        Only men who declare themselves to be women. Not actual women, PCOS, menopausal problems, anything else that impacts on actual females – it’s just tough, you have to live with it.

      4. Damn, guess I’m stuck with the odd chin hair, too, then (I’m only 26, too, they didn’t even have the decency to wait till middle age). Not sure if I should sue the NHS for electrolysis, or claim that clearly the hairs are signs that I’m really really male and deserve to be assigned the privileges that come with that, because everyone knows females can’t have any body hair.
        The transabled thing upsets and grosses me out so much, I was surprised at the intensity of my reaction. I usually don’t get upset at people who are, let’s face it, probably not thinking that straight anyway, but after spending most of yesterday not being able to use my hand and leg properly following nerve conduction studies, am just absolutely viscerally mad at anyone for actually wanting to be paralysed. At least I can’t see the medical community ever being likely to go along with that one.
        What confuses me is even if you were inclined to go along with the whole ‘faulty body map’ explanation, cosmetic surgery surely couldn’t fix it, changing the appearance of genitals isn’t going to do a thing to fix any faulty brain wiring.

  3. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2014/06/national_review_laverne_cox_story_the_science_of_sex_and_transgenderism.html
    Unsure where to file this one. It think it’s interesting that the author’s identity is tied to where they choose to live, NYC. I guess humans are dimorphic: *white* people who live in New York and… everyone else (including people of color raised in NYC).
    I’m still blown away that this shit is going on at the same time as #yesallwomen as if one doesn’t undercut the other. As a male, I’m not going to take responsibility for Elliot Rodgers if just calling my self non-binary trans can get me out of it.

    1. I’d file it under the usual: someone who clearly doesn’t know anything about biology telling other people they don’t know anything about biology, and making it an oh-so-accepting liberals Vs. big mean conservatives issue. Oh dear, lol. Why do clueless people always assume doctors know best, like the medical profession and psychology in particular doesn’t have a history of making absolutely horrendous and at times actually pretty stupid mistakes? You’d think it might at least have occurred to her that the trans lobby might not be the most objective people to ask, and of course, as usual, no one bothers to actually ask the intersex community what they think. Someone tell her they keep saying they don’t want to be dragged into trans activism?
      There’s been a little trans lobbying under the #YesAllWomen tag too, including the odd bit of grumbling about transmisogyny, cissexism, and not being included. I’m actually surprised they’ve been as quiet as they have (so responded with similar restraint by just ignoring their comments instead of responding).
      Still laughing at ‘Some plant and animal species, such as papayas, even have an established third sex’. Because human reproductive sex is of course totally comparable to papayas.

      1. “‘Some plant and animal species, such as papayas, even have an established third sex’. Because human reproductive sex is of course totally comparable to papayas.”
        I’ll admit, I just looked up papayas, which have males, females, and hermaphrodites, with TWO variants of the Y chromosome. Nothing relevant for humans (except those who want to identify AS papayas!).
        I think the 1 in 100 comes from combining the individual figures, and I guess dominated by the 1 in 66 late-onset adrenal hyperplasia. From journal paper:
        Blackless, M., Charuvastra, A., Derryck, A., Fausto-Sterling, A., Lauzanne, K. and Lee, E. (2000), How sexually dimorphic are we? Review and synthesis American Journal of Human Biology
        Volume 12, Issue 2, pages 151–166, March/April 2000
        which gives a 1.7% type figure, dominated by adrenal hyperplasia.
        Just trans trying to hijack the intersex train, and CLAIM that trans is just magic hidden-in-the brain intersex…………

    2. “About one in 100 people, or roughly 70 million people worldwide, have a recognized intersex condition. But most transgender people probably do not. If, as Williamson tweeted in response to the outcry his article provoked, “biology is biology,” where do most transgender people fall biologically?”
      They are referencing this link (http://www.isna.org/faq/frequency) on the ISNA website, which says that 1 out of 100 people have bodies that differ from typical male or female bodies. What does that *mean*? Do non-strictly dimorphic traits equal intersex?
      I couldn’t find where ISNA sourced that figure from or to what exactly it is referring to from the sources they listed.

      1. Often now in 2014 the preferred term is just “disorders of sexual development” (DSD) and yes, technically even things like hypospadias and micropenis are included.
        People like to portray intersex as this thing where a baby is born, the doctor looks down there, sees something ambiguous, and then just throws up hands and says “well that’s that, the baby isn’t male or female! Intersex it is! It’s a miracle!”
        Whereas in modern days, that is FAR from what happens. First off plenty of disorders of sexual development it’s obvious just by looking what sex the kid is even if the genitalia just are deformed for some reason, and in cases where it really isn’t, they actually, y’know, INVESTIGATE and do more tests. We can scan people’s innards now! We can check DNA from a blood sample!
        So the question becomes, does the kid have equipment for producing sperm, or producing eggs? Or if neither, which path was the kid farther down developing? And that’s the answer. Plus if the kid has any sort of undifferentiated or undeveloped gonadal tissue (prototestes or malformed ovaries or whatever) often they need to have that removed because it will never be functional and instead is just cancer waiting to happen. So yeah. They check!
        Plus, exactly as you say, the usual hordes of people who cry “b…b…but intersex! Sexual dimorphism isn’t real! There’s people who are XXXY!” and whatever else, are not themselves intersex or even really claiming it (well, other than the magical “wrong brain” kind).
        Basically if you make it through puberty and all is normal, you’re not intersex. If you manage to father a biological child with sperm that came from your own body, you’re DEFINITELY not intersex. But that hasn’t stopped some notable people from claiming it…

      2. Micropenis, is that really a thing, because how can they tell on a baby? How do they know he won’t be a grower not a shower?

      3. @lin – That one they diagnose when the kid is a bit older, but it’s about having a penis more than 2.5 standard deviations shorter than normal. Other than possibly physical issues of positioning during sex there’s not really any need to do anything about it as far as I know.
        But, it is officially a disorder of sexual development, likely caused by prenatal hormone situation. So when people toss around the “percent of people who are intersex” that’s in there – and yet no one would ever claim those people aren’t male.

  4. > Rest assured, this ad will never be distributed again.
    There are some transgender males who strive to look as female as possible and retain their male names and call themselves males. Pretty sure some mayor of some Oregon city pulled that one. Who’s going to stand up for them, hmm?
    Such trans kowtowing is depressing.

  5. the shirt reads “I am a man” it is written in the first person, this person is identifying HIMSELF as a man. how fuckin dare the trans community deny his own self described identity!

  6. As a crossdresser I am NOT offended by this. Not that I’d be flirting with a dude but if he smiled at me and started to hit on me, I’d immediately tell him that I’m a man. If he continues to pursue me I’d just leave. And btw, yes I get that people see the one of the right as transgender not crossdresser but he could be.

    1. Quite a chunk of the trans community seems to really hate the idea that crossdressers and drag queens (or any people who wear women’s clothing but don’t “identify” as women) exist.
      They want to enforce this idea that if you see someone in a dress, that must mean they’re a woman. So they rant on about how terrible campy drag queens who are happy to use “he” pronouns when out of character are, because they’re hurting the trans community, causing all this terrible violence because they cause the general public to supposedly think that trans must just be a costume, or some sorta thing. They even get outraged over the idea of kids crossdressing (campily, both directions) for Halloween if they’re not actually trans, because that is “transphobic.”
      A few years ago(?) there was an ad featuring a drag queen in the women’s bathroom next to a woman, they’re both doing makeup and whatever else. The idea was that there was a sort of competition going on about who is most femmy, but then at the end the woman pulls a tampon out of her purse, and the drag queen just does a sort of “heh – yeah, you win” sort of good natured chuckle. This ad was criticized all over the internet for being “transphobic,” to the point that the actor came out and said he liked the ad, he was 100% into it, thought it was funny, and no, he’s not trans. Oh, the outrage.
      Then this year the drag contestant in the Eurovision song contest caused a similar uproar. At first lots of people in the US thought it was a transwoman in the contest, and cheering, only to get utterly enraged when it turns out no, it’s a self-identified man who doesn’t care a bit when called “he.”

      1. “Quite a chunk of the trans community seems to really hate the idea that cross-dressers and drag queens (or any people who wear women’s clothing but don’t “identify” as women) exist.”
        What the lady-brained men really hate is the women exist out side their fetish and their cliches.The men that own up to things are not rage driven narcissists misogynists. Everything is “transphobic” “and” “the.” Everything must be silenced. I’m feelin a lot of peek trans in the air these days.

  7. Wait a minute. I thought the whole trans argument was that people can have a mismatch between their bodies and their real true genders. Here we see a person who is female bodied, has a female “gender presentation,” and yet he knows himself to be male. He might be a gay male, given the flirting that appears to be going on, but might also be bi or pan or whatever. In any case, how is this transphobic? Please explain.

    1. Because to the trans cult, everything must be about them. It’s me, me, me!
      Seriously, those jerks even try to make women’s reproductive rights about them. You can’t say “woman” without being called “cissexist”. Instead it’s “fertile people with vaginas.” Not even making that up, people use a stupid phrase like that in place of the word “woman”.

  8. “Dear Ryders Eyeware people,
    Hi there, my name is Michelle Dumaresq, I’m a former professional downhill mountain biker and a transgendered woman. I really hope that whomever reads this will pass it on to the people that make decisions at Ryders.
    Firstly I’d like to say thank you for the second apology (the first one really sucked) and retraction of the offensive “I’m a man” ad. I don’t usually get involved in these types of issues within the trans community but given that I grew up riding the north shore mountains and have been wearing Ryder products for so many years, I felt like I finally had to say something.
    I’m not sure if you remember a few years ago when I was racing on the world cup circuit but my involvement caused a bit of a stir in the cycling world. I won three Canadian women’s DH championships and represented Canada at the world championships four times. I feel like I broke ground for trans women everywhere.
    I thought I’d share a story that I have rarely ever told anyone. It’s called ‘The Day That I Died.’ I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.
    The location was Whistler for the 2005 Canadian DH champs. The three favorites were Claire Bushar, Danika Schroter and me. I was fit, strong and riding at the top of my game. I knew that I had a real chance at winning my third Canadian championship. My parents had never seen me race before so they came, my life partner and her kids were there as well. The energy in Whistler was over the top. Awesome. The race went as expected (it was really close) but I came out on top and I had my third title. How I died came an hour later.
    When I started racing I faced a backlash from many of the women that I was racing against. I guess this was not unexpected but I loved what racing brought out of me so I really wanted to continue. I tried really hard to explain to the women that I was racing against that I didn’t have an unfair advantage but not many embraced that explanation. I continued to race but as you can imagine I faced a fair amount of discrimination and intolerance. It wasn’t until I started racing at the international level that a new threat became evident. I had attracted a lot of attention in the media after I made the national team, all around the world. I quickly found myself in Europe, alone, traveling all over racing my bike. I was never part of a factory team so I funded my own racing but I never realized how vulnerable I would be. People in Europe had seen me on TV and when they would pass me on the street they would point or yell something in a language I couldn’t understand. I kept racing. I had men follow me to the hotel I was staying at. I had my bikes tampered with. I kept racing.
    One night in Austria I had a dream before the last world cup race of the year. In my dream I beat Sabrina, Tracey and Marla. I finally won a world cup race. In my dream I got up on stage, climbed to the top spot on the podium, I heard the Canadian national anthem playing and I got my rainbow stripes. At that moment a man broke through security, climbed on the stage, jumped on the podium and cut my throat with a knife in front of thousands of people. I died that day in my dream. It seemed so real. It seemed like a possibility. But I kept racing.
    Fast forward to Whistler. I had won my third champ and I was on top of the world. The award ceremony was held right after the race with about a thousand people hanging around to watch including my parents, my partner and her young kids. I should say that one of my least favorite places in the world is a podium. I like to ride my bike but standing up in front of everyone on a podium is a foreign world to me. I kinda zone out on the podium and try to not fall off or trip. So I jumped up on the top step and accepted my medal. To my left was Claire and my right was Danika. I’m not sure where I was zoning out to but I didn’t notice a man jumping up on stage.
    When I noticed him he was already running over to us. I’m sure you can imagine what went through my mind at that moment. He turned out to be Danika’s boyfriend and he ran over and put a white t-shirt on her that said “100% pure woman” a play on the title of the documentary (100% Woman) that I was involved in about my racing life. I of course couldn’t see what he was doing. I turned away from him and realized that my dream was about to come true. I truly thought my throat was about to be cut on the podium and in front of my parents. I had seen it so clearly in my dream. He was escorted off, I put on the new national champ jersey and went to get pee tested. I was 35, fast and living a life that I never thought possible. . . I never raced again. He destroyed me that day.
    I’m writing this partly for you to try and shed some light into the shit storm that your ad created and also for me. I forgave him for what he did but I can never forget. Your ad represents my fear that I live with everyday. That one day I’ll be walking down the street and a man will recognise me from the media. He will secretly harbour a hatred to trans women for whatever reason, and I will die. If I crash my DH bike at a million miles per hour and I die, I’m ok with that. If I get killed by some person who decides that I should die because I made a decision to live my life to its fullest is bullshit.
    Violence happens against trans women every day. I hope that you realise the power of influence that you hold via the media. You can make the world a better place and I’d be happy to help.
    I really hope that the next Ryders Eyeware ad that I see in a cycling magazine show’s the diverse population in the cycling world. Trans women and men ride bikes too. We used to buy your product with the faith that Ryders was part of our world. You broke that faith, fix it.
    Michelle Dumaresq”

    1. “. At that moment a man broke through security, climbed on the stage, jumped on the podium and cut my throat with a knife in front of thousands of people. I died that day in my dream. It seemed so real. It seemed like a possibility.”
      Misandrist git! If you’re having malephobic fantasies, keep it to yourself, bub. Also, if you think your dreams predict the future, maybe you need help. Prophets are so 1400-2000 years ago.

      1. And how on earth did he gender the assailant as a man? By objectively perceiving hir physical sex??? Could be a misgendering here, which is an act of violence- ammirite?

      2. Well, Michel thinks he’s a woman, so why not a prophet, too? They’re equally believable. He’s a woman, a soothsayer, an emotional manipulator, a paronoid personality, and a cheat who uses women to enlarge his ego. Oh, and he’s also a prick.
        Why, oh why do people fall for these infantile men who throw temper tantrums and cry crocodile tears? Why do people rush to coddle their far-out fantasies? Michel’s dream isn’t prophetic at all. It’s simply that his delusional identity can’t be sustained unless everyone else goes along with it. He dreamed what he dreamed because an entirely false self is always on the brink of annihilation. All it takes is for someone to point and say: “Oh, look, that’s a man!” And then the blood starts flowing spontaneously!

      3. It’s just mind blowing that it’s a crime for women to name their rapists if they aren’t convicted in a court of law by reasonable men.
        And yet Dumaresq can basically slander someone, accusing him of something worse than rape, projecting all kind of shit onto him. All through some sort of biblical allegory (binding of Isaac?) he created — until, oh yeah, everything was fine, no throats were slit, except for maybe someone in Juarez that he doesn’t bother to name since that person is really him since they’re like totes the same…
        This is a grudge Dumaresq holds years later and is evidently willing to dredge it up at any provocation (an advertisement will do!), as this man should be punished for the crime of loving a woman and supporting her here on planet earth.
        What a fucking piece of shit! Bad boyfriend, baaaaad!
        Boyfriend should book her a gig fighting Phallon Fox next as penance for the both of them! (Why no Feministing![tm] boyfriends are volunteering their gals for that job is beyond me if this is the new way to be an ally?) Meanwhile, Dumaresq should be getting scholarships due to Black single mothers because what the fuck can’t he identify as “100%”, for realsies.

      4. @morag99 – Absolutely. The dream is his subconscious talking. Ask anyone who deep down knows they’re pulling one over, or thinks they’re somehow faking it in life (even if they’re really not but rather only have insecurity) and this type of dream will happen, the being found out, or the being killed, being rejected, floor falling out, house falling in, that sort of thing. I’m not surprised he had such a dream.

    2. Its this the MtT version of “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful?”
      Don’t like the podium Mike? Go ride with the other men.

    3. Oh, poor Mr. Dumaresq. So very, very triggered. Meanwhile, in my area, there was yet another murder-suicide wherein a man shot a woman to death and then offed himself. Barely caused a ripple in the news.
      I have to wonder if Mr. Dumaresq ever thinks about how it feels to be a woman watching an episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” or any of the myriad crime shows that usually feature female victims being killed and mutilated in ever-more creative ways. Or being a woman reading the morning news with stories like that above. Does it not ever – EVER – dawn on him that the fear he has about some man arbitrarily killing him is what women deal with every. fucking. day? Walking down the street, having the nerve to argue with a man, using a parking garage, forgetting to lock the door to our home, going to a bar, or even letting a man into our lives, all of these represent threat. He worries so much about his life ending ignominiously, or without “purpose”, never realizing that this kind of death happens to women…well, every. fucking. day. And when it does, it barely makes the news.
      I’m glad that Danika’s boyfriend did that. Mr. Dumaresq totally deserved it.

      1. It’s sad that Danika was sanctioned for acknowledging and expressing pride at being the actual female champion. Mustn’t hurt men’s feelings, women champions!

      2. To add to your great comment Ashland Ave-does he know the feeling of watching those crime shows you mentioned and know instinctively that on some level its meant to turn the male audience on? L&O SVU will show a woman raped and tortured crying in a corner, but with just the right amount of makeup and nudity to show that she’s conventionally attractive. The camera pans over her bruises and makes sure to get a shot of her short skirt hitched up almost all the way. We know that if we ever go public about our rape, we’ll either be manipulative liars or turned into someone’s porn. How can they even pretend to get it when Paris Lees writes about how he “as a woman” loves being sexually harassed?

      3. Aaaaand it continues: in today’s news, a man has been arrested for killing his wife, disabled daughter, and dog. He then called police and threatened suicide, but didn’t follow through, sadly enough. But remember folks, it’s trans people who face the most violence! How EVER can women truly understand the horror they face on a daily basis?!

  9. I died that day in my dream.
    Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous narcissitic drama.
    He destroyed me that day.
    A man gives his girlfriend a tshirt to acknowledge that she has been robbed of her winner’s title by a man in drag and that’s doing violence if not attempted murder of the man in drag ? Again with the over the top narcissicm and delusion.
    Really what does it take for people to wake up to this shit ?

    1. As transwomen enter women’s sports in greater numbers, and the lone transwoman in a field inevitably climbs to the top of the heap in defiance of there being “no difference” in sports ability between a male bodied person taking estrogen and a female bodied person, I wonder if at that point we can finally question whether it’s fair to allow transwomen to compete with females. It certainly doesn’t seem like transmen are flocking to compete with males.
      I feel about this issue much the same way I feel about transwomen whining about having trouble getting laid. You’ve made your choices. You’ve made a choice that makes you an improper candidate for professional or highly competitive amateur sports because you can’t compete with men and you are an asshole for trying to compete with women. You’ve also made a choice that makes you an undesirable candidate for romantic and sexual partnership for most people. You need to learn to live with your choices. And if the pseudoscience is right, and there is no choice involved here, you still need to accept the limitations your brain has placed on your body. Many people struggle with disorders that are completely out of their control that constrain the choices they can make in life. Them’s the breaks.

      1. Well put. I saw someone this morning say most people wouldn’t want to ‘put up’ with someone disabled (referring to a disabled woman, of course), with several others agreeing, and felt the usual sadness that comes when I see people say stuff like that, but didn’t feel the urge to start a group that demands able bodied people must date disabled people or they’re hateful bigots. I don’t get mad or send death threats when I see someone mock the Special Olympics and use the phrase ‘useless cripple’, either, and I used to play Boccia at school and was used to people being sneery about that (even when we won a bronze medal at an inter-school tournament). It didn’t even OCCUR to me that I had any right to be upset, at the time. Funnily enough, most disabled and mentally ill people don’t act like transactivists.
        Them’s the breaks, indeed, and they can be rough ones, but you can’t just demand everyone absolutely fall over themselves to make you happy, I’d be quite satisfied with them stopping being actively horrible, and just a bit of basic consideration. Other groups of people (…like actual women) put up with worse crap than they do, stuff that’s beyond their control, and don’t make half as much fuss, not in such an aggressive and over dramatic way. And if we did, we wouldn’t so easily get listened to.
        And someone like him, who isn’t capable of showing consideration to others and goes so far as to rob a woman of her rightful victory, doesn’t deserve much consideration themselves, anyway. I’m kind of glad her boyfriend did that rather than everyone staying quiet, though sorry she had to apologise.

  10. As a follow up to the tshirt “man has precious fee fees hurt and that’s worse than murder” podium incident: the female cyclist had her licence suspended and was threatened with a longer term banning from being able to compete by the CCA. Seems she was strong-armed into an apology (ie held responsible for the behaviour of two men) in order to be able to ride again. Disgraceful.

    1. That’s disgusting. I do support Danika’s boyfriend there showing support for her, but she should not have to apologize for the behavior of the men. She was cheated out of first place by a man who wished he was female.

  11. if thats all it took for Michel to get out of the sport I only wish it had happened years before. and sweet fuckin dreams to all the rest of these pricks, could it be your slasher dreams are some last tiny shred of conscience telling you YOU DONT BELONG ON THAT PODIUM WITH WOMEN.

    1. rewrite… last shred of conscience not likely. whatever was I thinking

      1. Lol, probably not. That dream is the epitome of narcissism. He thinks that he can predict the future and that someone pointing out he’s a man is worse than murder!
        But if that’s all it takes to get these gross men out of women’s sports, what are we waiting for?

  12. Look at how huge that asshole Dumaresq looks on that podium. Yes, I know it’s tiered, and he’s on the highest level, but still – his body size dwarfs that of the women. He had absolutely no business whatsoever racing against women. A prick to the nth degree.

  13. Dream interpretation is a big interest of mine. Dreams of dying are about a loss of identity, a change of identity, your old life coming to an end, and not to be taken as literal death and definitely not any kind of omen. I would not be surprised if every trans snowflake has dreams of dying.
    The man is indeed himself, and he’s slitting his own throat and doing it in front of a crowd of people. It’s amazing what people reveal about themselves when they don’t know what dreams mean.

    1. “The man is indeed himself, and he’s slitting his own throat and doing it in front of a crowd of people. It’s amazing what people reveal about themselves when they don’t know what dreams mean.”
      I thought that, too: the violent MAN in his dream is none other than himself. But split off, so the murderous feelings are projected, always, onto someone else or onto a group of people: “You’re all trying to killy-suicide me! Me! Save my unworthy ass! You must be stopped!” (Think of Little Parker’s meltdowns, or “Miss” Sudo’s poison-gas emotional explosions).
      It’s the usual suicidal/homicidal combo, two-for-one, malignant male narcissist. Cut from the same cloth as Marc Lépine or Elliot Rodger.

  14. About the Dumaresq thing: Have you all seen that episode of Futurama where Bender gets a sex change to compete in the Olympics for robots? He can’t hack it in the man-bot competition, so he got a sex change to be in the fembot competition. Actually, he didn’t even get a sex change before competing, but got one afterwards so he could get the metals.
    Anyway, it’s just that Bender’s attitude in the episode is exactly like these men’s attitudes. The episode is called “Bend Her” and it came out on 2003 and it’s like it predicted the future.

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