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  1. I’m male and have a strong bent toward civil liberties like freedom of speech and this is almost too much for me. according to other tweets this person went to management about it and they’re “trying to help” them take it up the rungs. How often has this happened without someone tweeting about it? I can only imagine how many “anarchist” library “raids”…

  2. librarians should not burn books; any that does should be stripped of their title. Librarians are like doctors; they hold the keys and order to our centers of knowledge, and have a sacred duty to see that ALL is upheld and remains in good repair, even if they disagree with it.

    1. meanwhile, you can probably find copies of mein kampf in the stacks, several copies of 50 shades of gray available, but those werent written by terfs, so A-OK

      1. Imagine if we *couldn’t* find copies of horrible but highly influential literature to study! Imagine if we couldn’t read old sexist books, and we couldn’t learn from the past.
        These people increasingly remind me of Star Trek Borgs. They would blow up the past and kill the future, all just so they could feel like they won.

      2. Exactly, Violet Irene. I spent a lot of time reading MRA and other “manosphere” blogs, using their own sources to discredit them. I’d never have been able to do this if liberal social justice warriors were able to have them all banned from the internet. The enemy will still commiserate and organize in real life. As painful as it can be, the internet provides us with an invaluable window into the actual beliefs and motives of our opponents, allowing us to come up with strategies.
        These hothouse flowers can’t strategize to save their lives.

      3. I frequently read books I disagree with. It depends on the content, but my interest ranges between knowing thy enemy and trying to figure out where the person is coming from to being attracted to rubbernecking a car wreck. If I found out a librarian was censoring what I am or am not allowed to read for my own edification, I would be livid.

      4. I have found copies of Kate Bornstein’s book encouraging transgendering directed to pre-teens and teens.

    2. So, we’ve seen the full set now:
      1) Try to silence not just any debate, but any (innocent) questionning of trans doctrine, by throwing transphobia at anyone who dares to say anything…………
      2) Try to ban the books before they are published (Gender Hurts), which is kind of equivalent to trying to close down the events before they happen…………
      3) If the books do get published, or the events DO happen, try to destroy the evidence……….
      Damn, they really are very, VERY afraid of us! The idea that cannot be spoken, cannot be written down, cannot be allowed to be transmitted, that their gender is a delusion………………

      1. A French group of feminist men wrote a FB comment (imagine that) about a mayor transwoman by using the usual French code of keeping work function in the masculine form for women.
        The internet started yelling that it was “transphobia” and that we shouldn’t tolerate them anywhere feminist anymore !!!!
        Seriously, it’s just plain old sexist language by someone who didn’t think more than 20sec when writing the message. The proportion FB comment/complete exclusion blew me away, really.
        It spreads…

  3. There is a facebook picture of a fire in a fireplace with the flames going to resemble a real fire– and a the woman running the page has pieces of paper in the fire–labeled Janice Raymond’s infamous book. She advocated albeit as a “joke” the burning of Raymond’s book. So this stuff is actually real with these so called liberal deluded women. She’s not trans.

  4. From her tweets she is admittedly suicidal and deeply depressed. I don’t know what book she’s talking about, but something like “Gender Hurts” might actually do her a lot of good.

  5. Speaking as a researcher, this kind of thing really worries me. I have read plenty of books and articles in my time that I disagreed with, that I hated, that even made me physically throw them across the room in anger. Those books still got returned to the library. I am currently working in an archive of texts which go back to the fifteenth century- god knows what unpleasantness there is to be found in the records of some nasty public official from the reign of Henry VIII. Should I demand the removal of anything that offends me, or should I just take in a lighter and do the job myself?
    From looking at her twitter feed Judie seems to object to such books being ‘included as scholarship’ in her (oh noes misgednering!!1!) library. Every library I have ever utilised has been FULL of books whose scholarship I found dubious at best. But I don’t get to sit on a pedestal and dictate that books which hurt my feelings be removed from public shelves. Censorship is not scholarly. If ~terf~ viewpoints are so repugnant and self-evidently wrong then why must people be insured against ever reading them?
    At least I have been reminded to request a copy of ‘Gender Hurts’ for my university’s main library!

  6. Judie Orly Enji
    Questions: Where does Judie Orly Enji work? It shouldn’t be that difficult to find what library she employed at.
    This is unethical conduct in that this person is talking about “disappearing or burning” a book based strictly on the fact that she doesn’t approve of the politcial views, or alleged political opinion of the author. Moreover, she refers to the author as a “TERF” which is definitely meant as a derogatory slur or insult.
    Gallus, great work on finding these kind of tweets.

      1. The women that do this stuff leave me speechless–and you know that is saying something. Maybe her drab end rhyme needs the dumpster more but I would never ever dream of doing that–book burning is bad.

  7. Yes, they are afraid of us but they already are re-writing our Lesbian Feminist history. They have so much more money and power….
    At least we have found each other. Unless they kill us all, it will never be as bad as when I was growing up and there was not one pro-Lesbian book or film, but there were Lesbian-hating ones.
    They can’t stop us, no matter what we do. And deep down, all women really do know what they are….

    1. “Unless they kill us all, it will never be as bad as when I was growing up and there was not one pro-Lesbian book or film, but there were Lesbian-hating ones. ”
      Yes, let’s not forget that! Trying to rewrite our history, and trying to suppress the books (because then we can find out what lies they have told about them!). Except they’re not going to manage to hide things — books kicked out of libraries now end up in that great internet second-hand book market (which is where I finally managed to find a copy of your book Bev!). Add to that women scanning what other literature they do have (pamphlets and other material that was never officially published), and the information is there.
      Looking at her website:
      “I, transboi with mixed feelings about testosterone and vehement nay feelings about lower surgery, will never be a real boy.”
      She’s just VERY young, only been into this whole genderqueer nonsense about 18 months or so it seems, very immature and probably DESPERATE for affirmation from her other genderqueer chums. Hence the whole — O dear, I work in a library and found a BAD book, shall I make a ‘joke’ about burning it, to show my dear little genderqueer friends how GOOD I am. And her plaintive little — “I’d especially love to hear from queer POC, sex workers, people with disabilities.” O no, she hasn’t managed to tick ALL the boxes yet! It’s black lesbian in a wheelchair jokes again, almost.
      A very confused young woman.

      1. But she’s getting a meeting with library acquisition who she describes as agreeing with her that it’s “transphobic”. I wonder if any of them have read it?
        My library system, for a city of 2 million and a bit, has told me they will not buy Gender Hurts. This is a library that takes part in a prominent national Freedom to Read event, where they hold events mourning the wrong mindedness of those who would deface and destroy, and seek to limit public access to books.

      2. Going by her Twitter, she reminds me of this “transman” I used to follow on Tumblr who claimed not to have gender dysphoria (“he” was one of those people who thinks you shouldn’t have to have it to claim trans identity or to transition), wasn’t taking HRT, hadn’t had any surgery whatsoever, and obsessed about Robert Downey Jr. and knitting. And I’m like, you’re not a transman, you’re a straight woman who doesn’t want to shave her legs anymore.
        I care not one whit for any kind of gender performance, which I guess is why it really baffles me, the quantity of special snowflakes who claim trans, or “genderqueer”, identity without even the squishy, questionable medical diagnosis.
        I strongly suspect that, when it comes time for Giulia to settle down, particularly if she wants children, the trans claims are going to dissipate.

      3. Red, were you given a reason why the library won’t buy a book? If it was budgetary, I could understand. But otherwise, this is a legitimate book not some self-published nonsense, is it not? Maybe the publisher or the media should be involved.

    2. We need our OWN libraries. Private ones, not publicly funded. We need one in every city, and a consortium–a collective catalogue–for resource-sharing.

  8. “She is nearly thirty. Has a Master’s Degree.” I didn’t see that! Bloody hell. Like I said comes across as very immature.
    Someone with a Masters degree should understand about books.
    A very confused and immature not so young woman (not that thirty is old), but she comes across just like a confused teenager, maybe part of that is her boi affectation.
    She should grow up and do some reading, rather than writing her rather sad pseudo-teenager angst riden poems…………….
    I find it very weird, this seeming rejection of adulthood and hence WOMANhood, but what else is there? GIRLhood would seem even worse, too pink and sparkly! So, BOIhood, a thirty year old woman who seems to want to be either Peter Pan or some mistaken version of Orlando……………………..
    Confused and desperate for affirmation.

  9. Is this the esteemed “scholar and librarian” who talks about burning and disappearing books based on the political views, or alleged political views, of the author? Moreover, she uses offensive slang terms to refer to an author she probably hasn’t even read. Anyone who is employed as a librarian, or in a research capacity, should never joke about burning and disappearing books. By putting her statements online, millions of people in every corner of the world can read it. Surely, this is unprofessional conduct.
    Goes by the name of “shyscholar”
    The Shakespeare Institute Review
    Dave Paxton, Giulia Sandelewski, Thea Buckley and Paul Hamilton are doctoral researchers based at the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute. In addition to co-editing the Shakespeare Institute Review, they are respectively working on: Shakespeare and Wagner, methodology for Shakespeare translation, Shakespeare and South India, and Shakespeare, Hawthorne and Dickinson
    Postgraduate Research Development Fund
    Apparently, Giulia Sandelewski has some connection to the University of Birmingham UK and the Shakespeare Institute.
    Why would a scholar who apparently has connections to an esteemed university joke about burning and disappearing books based solely on the fact that she doesn’t like the political views of the author?
    Giulia I. Sandelewski
    Ph.D.c Shakespeare Studies
    The Shakespeare Institute Review, Co-Editor
    BritGrad Publicity Team
    SSCC Student Representative
    A quick phone call should reveal where Giulia Sandelewski is employed and what she does while she is not fantasizing about burning and disappearing books and using offensive slang words to describe authors.

  10. Couldn’t hear her, but the spiky sado-masochist collar is enough. So many of these women wanting to be “bois” and male are Fem.
    Recently when one of the men claiming to be a Lesbian in our community was referred to, I said, “I consider Glenda to be a man.” So then, in that public cafe, where our Lesbian meetup group had met for a women’s concert, I was yelled at and had a finger pointed at me, by a woman ranting “Who are you to say who’s a woman and who isn’t?!! I don’t want to hear what you have to say,” while they continued ranting. Trying to reach common ground in that she must have wanted to at least theoretically be with Lesbians or women, or why else go to a Lesbian meetup, she switched to saying that women rape and kill as much as men do.
    Basically, the common theme with all women in the trans cult is that they are like religious fanatics is ranting the most female-hating myths and promoting men, while at the same time frantically refusing to hear any truth or information that contradicts their religious dogma. It’s like if they listen for a moment and take their fingers out of their ears and stop yelling, their fantasy world will come crashing down. How they stop themselves even from seeing the obvious is a whole other question.

  11. Is it a coincidence that none of the public or university libraries where I’ve looked for it have The Transsexual Empire?

    1. Hmmm, looks like you’re not going to find a physical copy to borrow through the Michigan library system website. That seems odd, since according to Worldcat (http://www.worldcat.org/title/transsexual-empire-the-making-of-the-she-male/oclc/29548586) several Michigan libraries that I regularly request interlibrary loans from have copies on hand (some have copies of multiple editions). Maybe it’s just not available for ILL? Or maybe I’m too eager to get a good conspiracy going here (intrigue!). 🙂

    2. Birmingham has two books by Janice Raymond, but NOT the Transsexual Empire. Although not ALL bad, they do have ‘Gender Hurts’ by Sheila Jeffreys and someone has checked it out. This is possibly the naughty book that the silly library assistant means. (as far as I’m concerned, being a actual librarian is a proper professional job often involving specific qualifications, whereas an arts grad who knows the alphabet and can probably put things in the correct order, is a slightly different thing! Plus they don’t even need to be able to operate the stamp nowadays, given that most uni libraries have gone electronic, and you can check things out yourself…………………)
      The British Library has two copies of the Transsexual Empire, but the BEST source for this at the moment is second-hand books on the internet. Which is a great resource for feminist texts that the libraries have removed from their shelves.

      1. > but the BEST source for this at the moment is second-hand books on the internet.
        For some reason, that book goes for $25+ for a used copy all over the internet. There was that reissue of it in like 1994, so I wonder why new copies aren’t available anymore? Hmm. Or was it all such a limited pressing that used copies are hard to come by?

      2. > they do have ‘Gender Hurts’ by Sheila Jeffreys and someone has checked it out.
        My library system is apparently not going to acquire a copy. 🙁 I had noticed before when looking for Janice Raymond and Sheila Jeffreys books that my library system tended to not keep physical copies, but only offer digital copies in a limited number of areas and thought that was odd. But now finding out that they do have physical copies, but aren’t available for interlibrary loans, sort of makes me suspicious as to why this is so. Hmm.
        I just finished reading it yesterday and I have to say this is a perfect primer for people who aren’t familiar with gender critical trans issues. In the usual excellent Jeffreys style, it’s perfectly readable without dumbing anything down, and covers all the bases, shines light on all these things that are verboten in the mainstream press, *important things* that should be seriously addressed.

  12. Of course it would! You can’t just toss books you don’t like from a library, that’s insane! If I saw a book that did not sit well with me I’d put it wherever it belonged, do a quick shudder and then wash my hands. But I wouldn’t destroy it or throw it away.

  13. This completely disgusts me. This person does not deserve to be a librarian.

      I gotta love the guy who posts about forty blurry, off-kilter pictures of his fake stomach, with no editing of images whatsoever. That speaks volumes. Also? The old man who poses in a maternity store? Yeah, were I the clerk, there’s no WAY I’d go along with that little charade. People are there to work, not indulge your sick little fetish, dude. Obviously that doesn’t matter one whit to him. All him, all the time.

  14. Well, this certainly explains why so many second wave feminist books are not in libraries. (I wondered where all those second wavers were who “stole” these books!)
    A decades-long mystery finally explained.

    1. Janice Raymonds official website contains a page on common lies told about “The Transsexual Empire”…………….and as we might have expected now, refers to this blog!
      Although I think she needs to update her links, cos trying to buy it via her website, you just end up at the ridiculous 100-dollar prices, rather than the 25 dollar end. Hint, DROP the second phrase in the title……………..

  15. Bright shining example of how insane these jerk-offs are. A REAL 60+ y/o woman (.000001% that could even get pregnant, let along “accidentally”) who was pregnant would probably be a f*cking panic about how she would afford to raise a child into old age, be alive to see her child into adulthood and most likely beyond since the chance of Down’s Syndrome would be astronomical , hell,even LIVE through the pregnancy. I cannot imagine being an expectant mother having to see some hulking ,middle-aged male simper around a maternity store (can you imagine the idiotic voice he probably puts on during all of this???)leering at women. I’d ask why any store owner would put up with this shit, but I’m sure he just plays the twaaannnzzphobia”i’ll-sue-kill-and-maim-you-while-I-simultaneously-commit-suicide” card the minute any woman dares to cross him. Funny how all of the the bathroom/lockerroom warriors are silent whenever something like this is posted. Kind of blows the “people just want to pee and change their clothes” theory out of the water. This man is yet another predator that is seeking out a predominantly female-only space to harass women. Disgusting.
    How much you want to bet “katie” has a trail of at least one wife and kid(s) he doesn’t give a dime in child support or alimony to because he spends all his money at Motherhood Maternity, wig shops, and theatre makeup stores?

    1. I would bet all the money in my bank account (which isn’t a lot, but still) that he’s a deadbeat. A lot of these MTTs father children with women and then claim they were female all along. Yeah okay.
      Good point about what would happen if a real 60 year old woman could get pregnant. My mom says it’s unethical to get pregnant/carry a pregnancy to term past 40 due to the risk of genetic abnormalities.
      I feel bad for all the expectant mothers who have to put up with these fetishists. It’s wrong.
      Oh, I love your line about the the”i’ll-sue-kill-and-maim-you-while-I-simultaneously-commit-suicide” card. That’s exactly what they do.

  16. I had to look up TERF — I’m not up on all their Orwellian doublespeak jargon. My first thought before Googling it was “Nerf Turf” :p , Probably would have made more sense if it had been.
    Censorship is always wrong and it’s always motivated by fear. Has no place in a free society. I would never dream of censoring their stuff, even as nonsensical I think it is.
    Other than reading anti-trans passages in textbooks about sex/gender roles over the years, some feminist books on the same subject (Bem, Tavris, etc), and books on non-sexist child raising, I’ve only been read one book about trans criticism, which was Janice Raymond’s 1979 version of Transsexual Empire, which I found in 1980.
    Can anyone recommend some more recently written books? Thanks in advance. I’ve read about Sheila Jeffrey’s book and am wanting to get that.

    1. I love how this tweet has gotten everyone at GT talking about where we can find The Transsexual Empire and what else we should seek out while we’re at it.

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