Portlandian Thems and Zirs! Whatever you have planned for Saturday is far less interesting than this: Radfems Respond!

radfems respond
Ever find zemself raging against those awful TERFS and SMERFS that are ruining Feminism with all their talk about “sex-based oppression of females”?!?
Have you herd* about how RadFems are trying to DENY YOU your IDENTITY?!?
Does EXCLUSION of individuals who are cursed with involuntary assignment into the oppressor class by those NASTY women’s liberationists make you homicidal with testosteroidal rage ?!?
And, we want to hear your voices.
This weekend, abandon your “not man” cave (and/or basement) with all the preDICKtable comfort of your porn (and/or gaming) addiction into the blinding light of the partially overcast day to participate in the first ever, historical, NOT EXCUSIONARY Radical Feminist (NERF) public event.
That’s Right! YOU, my good zirs, are invited to publicly debate Feminists and educate them! Now is your chance to enlighten Feminists about how:
1.)  Humans are not reproductively dimorphic. Because disorders of sexual development!
2.)  Sex-based oppression goes both ways! Weary is the head that holds the crown!
3.)  Global war on women? Women Rape Too!
4.)  Sex roles: whatareyougonnado? Let’s embrace them! More consumer choices!
5.)  Big Pharma is freedom!
6.)  Feminist speech murders males! And forces males to murder females!
7.)  Lesbians and Gays oppress those of the opposite sex by rejecting them as heterosexual partners!
8.)  Etc.
Saturday May 24, 10:45 am, get your ass to the Multnomah Central Library at 801 SW 10th Ave. and partake in this historic event. Still time to pre-reg and guarantee a seat at radfemsrespond@gmail.com.
If inclusion and dialogue are not your gig, and you prefer incoherent rage, there is a hilarious protest by men AGAINST Feminism and free speech and public discussion. By dudes claiming that feminists “are people who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex because to them genital is destiny. They claim trans women are rapists simply by existing, AND even petitioned the United Nations to strip all trans and genderqueer people of human rights. This same group of people are also into slut-shaming and against sex workers and also those women who do not become butch lesbians. Funny how they are all white middle class women with masters and doctors degrees, who go after poor trans women of color who experience constant threat of hate crime, denied healthcare, unemployment, homelessness, police violence and just all sorts of oppression. Let’s make them check their WHITE, MIDDLE-CLASS, CIS PRIVILEGE!” [sic]
Hahahahahaha! Where ARE these pricks when it’s time for me to pay rent with my upper class educated laydee overlord privilege! LOLOLOLOL. OMg the “doctors degree” lesbian overlords forcing women to become butch dykes. Where are they?! Now THAT is a conference I would get on a plane for. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Those horrible, horrible TERF SWERF SMURFS with their education privilege! Stupid feminist cunts! YEAHHH! Make me check my privilege doods! Hahahahaha! Start gluing glitter on those signs, yo!

Dastardly Terf
Dastardly Terf

86 thoughts on “Portlandian Thems and Zirs! Whatever you have planned for Saturday is far less interesting than this: Radfems Respond!

    1. I’m not ‘left’ – Left, Right, it’s all shite.
      We need to start an acronym contest for female eradicating radical trannies (FERT), any other ideas?

    2. “Like similar crypto-hate groups TERF passes itself off as powerless victims of external oppressors.”
      Look at that! A perfect reversal, a word-for-word piece of projection.
      “ERADICATIONISTS!” Jesus. Do these people want to beat the English language into submission? Well, yeah, they do. And, is it also another unconscious projection–and an admission that they are not only male, but MEN–seeing as radical feminists DO want to eradicate patriarchal institutions?

      1. sula, re FART yeah I thought of that, but it needs to be something that can’t be construed as an open slur, in the same way trannies claim ‘cis’ (reversal of latin ‘sic’) and ‘terf’ are not slurs.

  1. I am HOWLING! Gallus that was truly inspired. Excellent piece of writing– it must be the funniest post I’ve ever read on GT. Great work!

    1. I agree–very funny post, Gallus! We need the laughter, because it’s just so outrageous, all the time. Sometimes, howling at trans absurdity is the best critique.
      Know what else is funny? “Genital is destiny.” Just one genital. Just one destiny. Who IS this anti-intellectual dude? Are we sliding toward a dark age?
      Seriously, mister, not all learning takes place in universities! Plenty of working class women, who care about the truth, educate themselves and each other. We do it to protect ourselves from idiots like you, who seem to be emboldened by your own ignorance and the by the ignoramuses surrounding you.
      Women saying no to men is fascism, and genital is destiny. Sheesh! I want that on a magnet on my fridge.

      1. Perfect. I think a bunch of hairy men in bad wigs and heels need to put those on and march. That would be solidarity, guys.

  2. “OMg the “doctors degree” lesbian overlords forcing women to become butch dykes.”
    Everyone knows it should be overlaydees………
    REALLY, really, someone thinks that incoherent claptrap will WIN them supporters? Although I guess to those already indoctrinated, you just need to growl TERF, and they switch to attack mode.
    But this freaky weird proliferation of other acronyms? SWERF — what, rad fems are BAD cos we don’t think sex-work is a viable/desirable career choice. Of course, if you put it like that, spell it out, then many people MIGHT have a seconds hesitation. Or at least say — hang on, is it TRUE that rad fems go around giving sex workers a hard time? Uh, that doesn’t sound quite right perhaps…..
    Instead, if you can condense whole sentences/phrases into teeny acronyms, then stops people thinking about what you are really saying, and you just spout the code. Newspeak folks — doubleplusgood duckspeakers! (O no, I’m possibly letting me ejumacation show — quick, must find some lesbians to convert into butch dykes, to sate my unhealthy appetite!).
    “”morally mandating” transgenderism out of existence.” At least they managed to quote Janice Raymond correctly, rather than trying to claim she wanted to morally mandate transsexuals out of existence……..
    I’m just STUNNED by this invention of the TERF! Rather than just an insult, now we’re becoming more like the Knights Templar, some secret shadowy organisation controllling academia, and trying to sabotage the left from within by making alliances with the far-right…………..
    But then, let’s face iti laydees, if there WEREN’T quite a few dissenting voices, and if they WEREN’T threatened by what we keep saying, they wouldn’t have started this hate campaign!

    1. Do these people hear themselves? Do they really think that universities, who still have problems admitting female students, just hand out Phds to anyone that shows up? But no, Harvard is full of privileged lesbians running transwomen of colour out of the student union.
      I hate that tearing down educated women is somehow progressive. But the poor transwomen were forced, forced I say, to join the military and get advanced degrees in STEM fields because their survival depended on it. I swear I ‘ll lose it if I have to hear one more “progressive” talk about how a woman in graduate school only got there because of enormous wealth and privilege, universities are “dumbing” down, or she had sex with the right men to get good grades. God forbid a woman accomplish something, because she must have crushed other people to get there, unlike men who’ve earned everything they have by merit.

  3. This is really funny! It’s super to laugh nearly first thing in the morning!
    I checked out the link above — what is in Oregon’s water?This is a state which farms out its prisoners to private corporations but goes all sobby and sloppy over trans? Have independent media centers become independent of brains? From that post, guess so.

      1. The only reason I know of the bloggers who felt ignored/trashed (snowflakespecial and Joel) is because both of their blogs have been favorably linked to or discussed on this blog in the past. I’d suggest, in earnestness, that those demanding a certain kind of respect/attention for themselves or for others, may want to take a gender-critical look at their own behavior because it reeks of male entitlement from where I am sitting. Gallus does not have to change her language to protect anyone’s special feelings nor does she owe anyone a response to their postings here. She devotes a shit-ton of time and energy to this blog and it is not for money, the recognition, or sexy sexy glamor of it all! Documenting and critiquing how transgender ideology harms women is an important public service, and as she mentioned, not one specifically aimed at feminists or the blogging community. It is for women-at-large, because all women are all affected by it. This space does not need to honor the voices of males- gender critical males included- nor give them any more time and attention than women. I have never seen any women demand recognition in this way on this blog, or any posters demanding it for others.
        I also noticed the organizer of this event showing solidarity over these supposed slights, and I while I understand that this event is about opening a dialogue and possibly building bridges, supporting the voices of males who feel they deserve more time/gynergy/coddling from a woman who advocates thanklessly for other women- not only on this blog, but in decades of life as a lesbian feminist warrior- sucks rotten eggs. Bridges built on valuing male voices over female ones are temporal at best. They are bridges built on sand and they are not built to hold women up.
        I want to be perfectly clear that I know little-to-nothing about either the organizers of the event of the event itself, though I look forward to hearing more from both! Women shutting other women down in solidarity with men, especially within a feminist framework, is something I will speak out against every time, especially on this blog that I value so much- one that provides a much needed space for women to act out loud without (direct or implied) male supervision.

      2. That was excellent Random Radfem, it sums up exactly what I thought when I went back to reread this guy’s long winded comment. So not only do these men feel entitled to dominate a conversation reserved exclusively for women, but any small modicum of basic human decency they show must be met with applause, and most importantly, attention. Why can’t we see that his thoughts are SUPER IMPORTANT and that we must drop everything and acknowledge it? And why can’t we be “good women” and give him the accolades he deserves? And you’re right about “sisterhood” Gallus, I’ve noticed that most online radical feminists (except for the awesome badass women who comment here) don’t think twice about “othering” women that aren’t like them. And of course these “othered” women end up being nonwhite, not straight, not Christian, etc. In their eyes, a “queer” man is deserving of more solidarity than radical women.

  4. What a waste of gynergy. Radfems get a chance to hang out together — and invite…men? –WTF?
    Radfems are trying to appear “resonable” by entertaining male delusions?? Because in engaging with them at all, radfems are entertaining male delusions. — MEN know this. Mary Daly wrote how women “attempt to appear “reasonable” in order to obtain a modicum of reasonableness in return.” Hello? Males are NOT reasonable. Not now, not before, not in the future. Not ever.
    A male once told me males see females as a series of gates they have to get through. Trans know, In Portland, a gate has just been opened.
    Daly: “The technique of employing the Biggest Lies is fundamental to the entire edifice of deception. For the function of the Biggest Lies is the torture, by maiming and starvation, of the victim’s intellect and senses, the weakening of those faculties, so that these always need a fix, even crave a fix, consisting of more deception in continuous smaller dosages.”
    “Women whose minds and senses have been thus fixed exhibit the classic symptoms of the tortured — gratitude for any semblance of leniency on the part of the torturers (even though the situation of torture is not recognized as such).”

    1. “Males are NOT reasonable. Not now, not before, not in the future. Not ever”.
      That’s right. Males are huge MANipulators and just generally evil. I wish more women would get that through their thick skulls. You goodie two shoes who always want to negotiate, at the expense of other women, are being played.

      1. Maybe the goodie two shoes should watch the YouTube Elliot Roger made to see some in-your-face male evil. I sort of wish I hadn’t watched it. Now I can’t get it out of my head, especially the evil chuckle when he talks about his plans to annihilate humanity because he has been denied his entitlement to sex with pretty, blond sorority women.

      2. Ouch. Isn’t labeling all men unreasonable and evil just as unfair as labeling all women hysterical and illogical? It reeks of a genderist worldview.
        As a man, I’m thankful to those goody-two-shoes for showing me a mirror and educating me. I don’t believe that men should be allowed at every feminist meeting, but by saying it’s a waste of time to try and build bridges and educate men brings to mind the time when men decided that it was a waste of time to educate women academically.
        Feminism is a philosophy that can be embraced by all. Patriarchy hurts everyone (in this case it also drives the trans agenda), and surely that’s a concept that can be made accessible to all, even if they prefer to stay firmly rooted in their delusions.
        This is a chance for radfems to challenge the narrative and get people thinking critically about certain issues.

      3. “As a man …”
        “I don’t believe that men should be allowed at every feminist meeting, but by saying it’s a waste of time to try and build bridges and educate men brings to mind the time when men decided that it was a waste of time to educate women academically.”
        Is that right, Akira? Female-only space “brings to mind” the time when men denied women an education, eh?
        Thanks for showing us, “as a man,” how sexist and man-hating we women can be. Ha!

      4. “Ouch.” Akira got a boo-boo from some outspoken dame who is just as sexist against males as a regular old misogynist is against women. Some lady better kiss it better.

    2. The Big Lie, used famously in Nazi ideology, is pervasive- used in many military and political campaigns, in the infallibility myths of dictators and cult leaders and most definitely in the ideology of transgenderism. The Big Lie- something big and bold and seemingly absurd on the surface- is repeated over and over as truth and until it gains acceptance. All of the nonsense that succeeds the acceptance of the Big Lie can then be accepted at face value and without question.
      In the trans cult, the Big Lie is that “Trans Women are Women” (or Trans men are Men, though this is secondary to the first, where the actual power/agenda of the trans-cult lies). After this absurd belief is accepted, it then follows that women as a class do not exist, nor does the source of our oppression based on our physical bodies and reproductive capabilities. “Woman” is now a nebulous concept that can mean anything a man wishes it to mean. It is now an empty signifier, without any meaning being signified. << This is why the queer movement appropriated the language of post-modernism- because it allows for leaps of belief without consequence.
      I look forward to the day when uttering anything akin to: "A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman" will be met with the side-eye it sincerely deserves. Big Lies do not seem to hold up under political change, post-war shifts in popular sentiment- any periods of social chaos, which are unavoidable following made-made or natural disasters. Women can keep speaking the truth or just go with the flow and accept complete erasure of our realities as women. Repeat loudly and often the Big Lie that men are women just cause they say so. . .

      1. ‘I look forward to the day when uttering anything akin to: “A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman” will be met with the side-eye it sincerely deserves.’
        Amen to that, and optimist that I am, I don’t believe that day will be long in coming. It’s the (adopted) nature of the Liberal, po-mo adherents to update their beliefs in line with the ‘cutting edge’: Trans* may be today’s cause célèbre but that won’t be the case forever – some other issue – equally crucial to the male-centric, consumerist, military-industrialist-complex will arise to supplant it in their hearts and minds.
        In the meantime, Radical Feminist insight will endure, and continue to gain attention and respect even outside of its own loosely-circumscribed circles: detractors fight so hard because in their hearts they recognise the truth of it, even as some wish it were not so.
        For instance, I attended a creative writing group a few years back which was attended by a Transwoman. He was a good writer as it happens, but after a meeting – and a few beers – when said had departed, our ‘Liberal-to-a-fault’, Guardian-reading convener, Tim, confessed that he couldn’t accept ‘Tanya’ as a woman at all. With no malice, said was routinely ‘mis-gendered’, to his chagrin and soon departed.

  5. Christ, what the fuck. There aren’t really words for this, again.
    I’m a low paid female worker who hasn’t either a masters or a PhD (some day my time will come! When I win the lottery..) I’ve been a low paid female worker since I started working at 16 and will probably be forever. I’ve also suffered sexual attacks for being a woman. Come fucking check my cis privilege, srsly. It doesn’t seem like it actually exists, to me, if you are female.
    Also I don’t know anyone who would say all people or most people or the majority of people who identify as trans or genderqueer are rapists. I’m just shaking my head and realising there are some arguments which are too nutty to counter.

    1. (Let’s see if this works, WordPress kept eating my comments when I tried to reply to posts before, said I was replying too fast or something? So I thought I’d leave it a few days and see if that helped)
      Yeah, it’s odd, that whole thing sounds like typical MRA speak, actually? The ‘feminists think all men are rapists!’ one is one of their favourites, so is claiming feminism is a hate group and the fuss over ’emasculated genderless males’ and the claim Radical Feminists (women) want men to be ‘subservient’, and just that whole convoluted style of wording is typical of them. I’d be very inclined to think they were trolling (it sounds like what I’d expect from bloody 4chan), except it’s hard to tell who is a troll and who is actually serious, lol.
      Thanks for the laugh, Gallus! : ) Honestly, this is just so surreal…

      1. Here’s a radical feminist who wants men to be subservient. I’d like to have someone cater to my physical and emotional needs, making sure meals are planned and cooked, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, bringing home the bacon (it amazes me how many women financially support men), listening to my endless problems dealing with the world, and stroking my tiny fragile ego.
        This is sarcasm by the way, for the idiots out there.

  6. You did a wonderful job of writing this post… great comedy added to a sad situation. I hope things go well for the discussion forum, and that they manage to have good conversation.

  7. I’m sure glad I learned the super secret TERF handshake before all our secrets went public on Indymedia! If we’re not careful, soon word will get out about FART – Females Accepting Reality-Challenged Trannies!

  8. I think it’s important to always preface the word tranny with radical, it alerts people to the dangerous nature of these zealots.

    1. Radical doesn’t mean dangerous. It means getting to the root of a matter, as in what radical feminists do, and is something these superficial men definitely do not want.

      1. A common misunderstanding, to be fair: The media – especially the right-wing stripe – often deploys ‘radical’ (or the near synonymous ‘fundamentalist’) as a scare tactic to smear Muslims and Feminists alike.
        In fact, their treatment of ‘Islamophobia’ vs ”Transphobia’ is revealing: conflating common-or-garden racism with a well-founded fear of the harm inherent in the doctrines of the Old Testament finds eerie parallel in the rush to uncritically embrace (Trans)genderism at any cost (to women, mostly)

      2. Reading back my last comment, I’m not sure my meaning was clear: what I meant was that the – liberal – media fails to distinguish between (mostly men) picking on Trannies and (mostly women) understanding that trannies aren’t women and saying so.

      3. @ Guls (cos system doesn’t allow for direct reply.
        oh I wasn’t sure if my post read the way I meant it to, I think so, but yeah, I was referring to the use of radical as a slur, and I guess Mar Iguana is of the ‘take back the language and own it’ school of thought and that can work, it’s worked for a number of slur words in other movements.
        re phobia, the word is supposed to describe an unfounded, baseless or irrational fear, so the problem I have with concepts like ‘transphobia’ is that fear or apprehension regarding transexuals isn’t necessarily baseless or irrational and thus not a phobia.

      4. How about the opposite of radical: Shallow or superficial? I like shallow. They do have all the depth of a wading pool after all.

      5. Yes, Unperson, I do want to take back words to which men have given negative spin. Words such as hag, crone, spinster, Pandora, Medusa (see Mary Daly’s “Gyn/Ecology), that have a positive etymology. The long list of words coined as derogatory to women, hell no: Slut, whore, and the ubiquitous bitch for instance.
        Matter of fact, I will not let the word “bitch” uttered in my presence slide without protest (ask any of my friends, acquaintances, co-workers; even strangers in public will be given my best stink-eye). I live for the day the “b” word will be deemed as noxious as the “n” word.

  9. Gallus, you made my morning. We are all here in Portland, getting ready for the day. The library is prepared to take care of any disruptions, so we are hoping for a calm, non-violent event.

  10. We don’t have a live feed, but we are recording everything. Youtube soon! The event is almost over and there has been no sign of the protestors. The library staff has been wonderful.
    All speakers have been fabulous, especially Dawn Schiller (survivor of prostitution). There were some women who canceled due to fear. But everyone who did come is either firmly and furiously a radical feminist, or respectfully listening.
    Thanks to all of you for never giving in.

    1. Lierre and Gallus, let me just say that I think you’re two of the most eloquent and kickass women in radical feminism today. Your words give me and many women a lot of hope. Give ’em all hell and continue being some of the greatest minds in the movement! <3

  11. It funny im a M2F and i have no problem getting a girlfriends and dates etc.. I don’t feel that you are trying to stop me having sex, and also why would i be interested in people that dont find me attractive, a waste of time some what. Many women don’t have a problem in dating trans people, infact many find them attractive, I only ever go for the lip stick type bi girls any way. any way now for my point.. lol.. that is if i dont hate you and have never done anything to harm you in any way, then why do you hate me?

    1. This may shock you sir *TRIGGER WARNING*:
      The entire world does not revolve around your dick.
      Now toddle off. This was your last comment- hope you said everything you needed to say. I’m pretty sure you did. 😉

    2. Sure women are falling in line after you dude. Now you go back to your porn. Pro tip for last question–most people do not like abusive liars. Crazy I know.

    3. Of course his dates are made out of plastic and he has to blow air into them, but hey, if he wants to count blow-up dolls as dates and sex, I guess that’s his prerogative.

      1. Ah, the two-bitted ax, I haven’t seen that since the 1970s in Boston! And funny comment!

  12. The blog post by a trans maniac linked below is terrifying and shows why I never use my real name any more when dealing with trans. Indeed, I know the gay man being attacked on this hate site (his details are irrelevant — what is germane is a long history of public honesty about trans insanity and how trans intends to stop him). Because of this personalized vendetta to destroy someone who spoke against trans, others may want to be aware of the new trans tactics to hunt and to destroy cisprey who are “transinvidic”.
    http:// ententasmagicDOTwordpressDOTcom/2013/03/12/joe-clark/
    A new concept is outlined in this screed — here is their definition of a term for someone how is beyond transphobic: “Transinvidia” is an expression of discontent, resentment, and/or envy of people who are trans. It maliciously regards and begrudges the reality of trans people’s lives. It’s different from “transphobia”, because the feelings aren’t rooted in fear.”–
    Here is what Trans Totalitarianism does to people who they charge are “transinvidiac”.
    Quote from blog: “How to make him pay: do your intel. What groups is he a part of? Who does he work for or with? Who explicitly endorses him? In short, who is he associated with who would be shocked by his actions? Then go to *them*. Ask them if they are aware of his statements. (“Did you know your employee is posting these things under his real name in his spare time?”) Request a public explanation, apology, or disavowal. Explain that you belong to a community he targets. If they don’t back off from him, shame *them*. “Such-and-such Association claims to support the trans community, but refuses to distance themselves from noted transphobe [so and so]” or whatever. If you can’t find these groups or people…that should tell you something about his standing in the community.”
    A treatise on how to hunt someone down, destroy their life and burn them alive to silence any criticism of trans. This is beyond politics or opinions. This is violent insanity and the handful of people who see this calumny are being hunted to extinction by Trans Totalitarians. Trans is without question THE most disturbing and toxic fascist social development of the last 30 years. Trans have proven that they will do anything to eradicate those who get in their way.
    Thank you, Gallus, and the brave and intelligent women here on Gendertrender (similar to the many women I am lucky enough to have in my life), for allowing me to share my story of the trans nightmare’s effect on an older gay man. However, this fiendishly Nazi-like blueprint on how to trans-destroy a gay man whom I know is the last straw for me. The city we live in is a transjacked zone of call outs and beat downs by trans maniacs. It is not safe here to even name the atrocities of the Trans Inquisition. For my own sanity and safety, I am retiring from this issue. Good luck and I wish you all safety from the violence that trans perpetuates on women everywhere.

      1. Turns out this site is just another bunch of jesus-babble bible thumpers:
        “Hindu Yoga meditationThe goal of such meditation is the emptying of the mind. Just like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars turned off his targeting computer, we are expected to turn our minds off and make our minds a blank slate. “Don’t think, use the Force, Luke!” It’s a great way of getting into a cult but not a good way of getting to know and enjoy God.
        Rather, we should make God and His works the focus of our mind. “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful” (Joshua 1:8). “This is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ” (Philippians 1:9-10). “‘Come now, let us reason together,’ says the LORD” (Isaiah 1:18). Fill your mind, don’t empty it.”
        Because christianity is not a cult, gosh darn it. It’s not. It’s not. Swear to god it’s not.

  13. When I saw the horrible story of Elliot Rodger, the fellow in California who killed 6 people as retribution for women not having sex with him, I sort of jokingly thought “This guy’s attitude about sex as an entitlement could qualify him as an honorary trans activist.” But if you view Rodger’s pre-massacre video, it is clear that, under the most widely accepted definition of transgender, he actually is a trans activist.
    Rodger is a straight male, but his “gender expression” is unconventional, in at least a few respects (higher than normal voice, delicate facial features, unathletic). Although trans activists alter the meaning of “trans” to suit whatever agenda they are pushing at any given moment, the textbook definition includes anyone who identifies or behaves in any way contrary to “conventional gender norms.” The shooter qualifies, as far as i can tell. The only difference is that he failed to invent terminology to make his mental and emotional problems seem like a political demands – like “cotton ceiling” – and he failed to come up with a rallying cry like “Die, cis scum!”
    If he would have done that, I would give 50/50 odds that he would be adopted by the trans movement as a martyr. Maybe they wouldn’t celebrate the murders, but they would turn him into a victim who was driven to his bloody fate by the gender binary and the cotton ceiling.

    1. The Montreal Massacre once inspired pro-feminist male action: In the past ten years, however, the response has been coopted by genderists (including Neo-John Stoltenberg). Now all they’re interested in is making MoBettah-Masculinity.
      Interestingly, they began their process by lowering standards for Black Masculinity (it’s not as bad as white masculinity as it’s not “hegemonic!”), in order to meet supposedly uneducated boys and men where they are “at.” As if that’s not condescending!
      OTOH, really smart black men are now parroting Michael Kimmel’s book this week: it’s aggrieved white masculinity which is the problem behind these shootings. Which is kinda correct. But they’re treating masculinity as this inherent thing which while teachable and able to be tweaked, ultimately has to be respected and “honored.” So Elliot just needed to be a Real Man under Jezebel/Feministing/Salon/Slate/The Frisky/The Root/etc. upon etc. ideal of what a Real Man is. Which kinda makes him right in a way, too, which is all kinds of fucked the hell up.

      1. http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/05/elliot-rodger-and-poisonous-ideals-of-masculinity/371588/
        lol. the rape industry supporting liberal dude quotes Serano
        OMG, the disclaimer, or, how to ruin a good point by bowing down to trans as if you need them to cosign any opinion you have on gender — which is why #yesallwomen is completely pointless without #sharedgirlhood.

      2. “Neo-John Stoltenberg.” I laughed at that one, too!
        I also laughed at “MoBettah-Masculinity.” It took me a minute to figure it out–“more-better masculinity” right? But I read it, at first, as “more-beta masculinity.” As in, the men who consider themselves betas, beneath the alphas (in MRA-speak), want their day in the sun and to be recognized for the nice-guy princes they are, goddammit.
        Ugh. Masculinity–ALL of it–can go to hell.

      3. It makes me think of FactCheckMe’s theory on how hormonal birth control makes women more receptive to so-called betas (I don’t believe in that nonsense and I guess the latest reports on animal sociology says that shit isn’t as inscribed in nature as olde timey scientists claimed?).
        It IS kind of hilarious though that you have the self identified betas like Noah up there quoting Serano but the alpha females are pretty down with him, too,
        All this Rodger kid needed was to read Whipping Girl, become a lesbian, and force himself on first year students at the womyn’s center. Profit! Feminism!

      4. *nonsense as in the alpha/beta/gamma/omega divides. I *do* think FactCheckMe is on to something in general with the geek class tricking women’s bodies into false pregnancy states. Just to clarify the parenthetical there.

    2. That guy was narcissistic to the max. Plus misogynist. I thought of the gender trender blog and all the death threats from narcissistic misogynists when I saw that video. Some things you can’t unsee. Ugh.

    3. I think it’s in bad taste to pencil him in where he doesn’t rightly fit. I’ve not seen anything connecting him with the transgendred yet.

      1. Yes, actually his rhetoric does “fit in” with trans rhetoric. Anyone who’s familiar with trans rationalizations of physical violence against women for the “crime” of “misgendering” will recognize the same logic being employed. LOL “bad taste.” Have women been saying the use of the term “TERF” is justification for a physically violent response in return? NO. Have women been saying the use of the term “TERF” OR “cis” are “crimes?” NO. Again, LOL “bad taste.” If the shoe fits wear it.

  14. @Margie,
    Elliot Rodger’s sense of entitlement is terrifying to me.
    This is an excellent article entitled, “Shooting Suspect Elliot Rodger’s Misogynistic Posts Point to Motive”.
    “Elliot Rodger, who died after allegedly carrying out a series of drive-by shootings from behind the wheel of his BMW last night near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, wrote in November that he wanted to “overthrow this oppressive feminist system” and create a “world where WOMEN FEAR YOU…
    A review of Rodger’s online writing suggests an ideology behind his lust for revenge. As I noted earlier today, Rodger was an active member of PuaHate.com, an online message board whose users lament that women are not attracted to them. The self-pitying participants frequently identify themselves as “incels” – short for involuntary celibate – and engage in misogynistic attacks on women”

    1. What is “Qe”? Is that the trans thug’s name or is it yet another contrived term to substitute for “they” or “he”?
      I hope that post about the Multnomah Library is accurate. It is about time that law enforcement started taking trans thug harassment and intimidation seriously. I would question why the trans thugs were only detained on site, and not arrested and charged.
      We need to use all lawful means at our disposal to combat this small group of entitled thugs. That means, where appropriate, civil actions for stalking, harassment, defamation, assault, battery, and destruction of property. And it also means demanding assistance from law enforcement. There is nothing wrong in insisting that the state and local police and the FBI do their legitimate jobs. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the above post is accurate in its claim that feminists work with law enforcement. If we did, we would have seen arrests of many of the trans activists highlighted on Gender Trender.

    1. The ironic thing is, I think he’s “supportive” of transwomen because he sees them as men. Ciswomen are a threat to him; transwomen fit within the “bros before hos” umbrella.

  15. Gallus Mag, you are very funny! I liked the “genital is destiny” T-shirt. The thing is, radical feminism seems to be the only movement that actually wants to get rid of gender and the oppressive sex-roles. We are not the ones telling people who feel like they are in the wrong body that the need to get mutilating, cosmetic surgery. We are not the ones who are obsessed with the idea that anyone who is the slightest bit gender-conforming is trans*. Instead radical feminism is against sex-roles and the oppressive gender hierarchy. The genderists are the ones who think that a gender-nonconforming individual has something wrong with them/must really be the opposite sex. They take the thing, “gender”, that has oppressed women everywhere for centuries and worship it.
    They enforce sex roles the same ways as conservatives do, but with more of a mind-screw. Conservatives say, “Son or Daughter, you can’t play with that toy because it’s for girls/boys.” The genderist trans* cult says, “Son or Daughter, you like a toy for girls/boys! You must really be the opposite sex or genderqueer! Unethical medical experiments for you!”
    I really hate how they complained about women being “educated”. As if women, especially in third-world countries aren’t fighting for the right to be educated. As if school girls in Nigeria don’t get kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery for the crime of wanting to learn and better their lives. As if it was only recently that the Western world allowed women into higher education, especially the upper levels. As if there aren’t still barriers in education that women face, especially in the STEM fields.
    You know what, my family is lower-middle class and so I have a lot of loan dept from my bachelor’s degree, but maybe I’ll end up getting my PHD so I can be an evil lesbian with a PHD. I’ll sell my damn blood if I have too.
    Also, oh noes, I’m being cissexist by using the word “woman”. Someone call the thought police!

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