Kentucky’s Atherton High School struggles to respond to female student complaints about male “transgender”

A male student’s claims that he “feels female” have erupted into controversy at a Kentucky High School after he is permitted to use the girl’s locker room and restrooms based on his self-reported “mental identity” as a female person. At least seven female students have made formal complaints to Atherton Principal Thomas Alberli, according to a report by Antoinette Konz of the Louisville Courier-Journal.
From the report:

 “Atherton High School is rethinking its discrimination policy in the wake of complaints that a transgender student was being allowed to use a girls’ bathroom and locker room.

Principal Thomas Aberli said the school’s site-based council will meet Thursday to discuss adding gender identity to its non-discrimination policy on the use of school space.

“I have a responsibility to ensure that all of our students and staff are treated fairly and justly,” Aberli said in an interview with The Courier-Journal Tuesday morning. “At the same time, I also have a responsibility to educate our community on an issue that many are not familiar with and inform them about the rights of transgender individuals.”

 As of Tuesday, Aberli said he’s had “about a dozen phone calls from concerned parents” and has met with seven students who brought their concerns to him.

“Everyone has been cordial and respectful,” he said. “My perception is that our staff is very supportive of this and that the culture of our school reflects the diversity and differences of our population. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.”

Jefferson County Public Schools has a policy stating that harassment and discrimination because of an individual’s age, color, disability, marital or parental status, national origin, race, sex, sexual orientation, political opinion or affiliation or religion is prohibited — but it does not include gender identity, though the issue has been brought up in recent years.

The controversy comes nearly two weeks after the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights issued guidance under its Title IX programs extending federal civil-rights protections to transgender students. However, it doesn’t offer specific advice on the use of school facilities.

The issue was brought to Aberli’s attention about a month ago when the freshman student, who was born male but identifies as a female, asked for permission to use the school’s female facilities.

“We have two facilities for all female students to use,” Aberli said. “Initially, the student was allowed to use both facilities. However, in addressing concerns raised by parents and students, I wanted to respond to those concerns, so at this time, the student is only being allowed to use one of the two restrooms.”

 A supporter and friend of the young man explains in the article:

 “One of the big issues people are having is due to the fact (he) is bisexual and currently has a girlfriend, one (he) has been with since before coming out as being transgendered,” Lorenna said. “Some people believe (he) is lying about being transgendered as some sort of attempt to get closer to girls and to harass female students, which is far from the case. (He) is one of the sweetest, most genuinely wonderful girls I have ever met, and there is no reason for all of the hate and distrust (he) has received.”

 The article quotes a representative of the Kentucky Fairness Campaign, Chris Hartman, who complains that the young man’s feelings are more important than those of female students who realize that sex segregation in areas of public nudity exist in order to facilitate full participation of women and girls in education and public life. Kentucky Fairness Campaign is best known for their gruesome graphic death threats issued by a representative against a lesbian feminist who objected to the sex-role stereotypes, which form the basis of legal “gender identities”. Kentucky Fairness believes that women are not human beings but a “feeling” that some men have.
From the Courier-Journal report:

“Hartman said he is concerned that the student is being allowed to use only one of the school’s female restrooms.

“On the surface, it doesn’t really make any sense,” he said. “If (he) is being allowed to use one restroom, why shouldn’t (he) be allowed to use both bathrooms?”

Louisville high school teacher Liz Palmer took to twitter calling her female students “bigots” against male feelings of “femaleness”.
louisville high school teacher liz palmer
In a bizarre turn, Atherton High School Principal Thomas Aberli has posted a SurveyMonkey poll requesting testimonials against the female students who complained, to be read at the next school board meeting. See below.
The WILY News report on the matter features a male transgender in an unfortunate wig calling himself Holly Knight, who cites laydeebrain science:

 “There’s so much education now, we have medical, psychological, chemical, biological that there is in fact a separation that people can be born with a female brain, in her example, in a male body,” Knight said. [sic]

Here is the content of Atheron High School’s “objective” internet poll, ( )
which strangely, seems to be offline now:
atherton survey 1
atherotn survey 2
atherton survey 3
atherton survey 4
atherton survey 5

97 thoughts on “Kentucky’s Atherton High School struggles to respond to female student complaints about male “transgender”

    Simple solution, ready for it? It’ll blow everyone’s mind…
    I went to an old school (built in the 1900’s).
    We had two bathrooms (male/female) for the school and then (eventually) change rooms in the new gymnasium they built. Campus was huge and the toilet blocks were outside (fucking cold in winter).
    There were about 5 bathrooms for staff members spread over the campus. Make one of them Unisex for students and problem is solved.
    Everyone had to walk to (depending on where you were, getting to the blocks could take 5-10 minutes) so having one Unisex facility that might be on the other side of the building wouldn’t have disadvantaged anyone. We all had to walk.
    Why does no one ever suggest a Unisex bathroom? Because that’s not coddling their mental illness and desire to jerk off in the stalls near women
    Looking at the screencaps:
    “gender identity, gender expression, or behaviour does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth”
    WHAT THE FUCK? What does that even mean? Conform to what?
    What behaviours? Holy fucking crap.

    “For example, a trans girl (born as a boy by sex) who is attracted to males is heterosexual, not gay”

    “It is generally understood that gender identity develops in the brain and is most likely determined before a child is born”
    I…what? WHAT THE FUCK?
    I don’t have a gender identity.
    I may be feminine in appearance, but it has no fucking bearing on anything other than my choice of clothes!
    No one who meets me and talks to me thinks I’m feminine even if I am wearing makeup, dresses and heels.
    I’m assertive and straight to the point. Think Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.
    My entire life I have heard “Yeah, but you’re not like a *normal* girl Beth”.
    Even if I do “look” the part, it doesn’t mean fucking anything.
    I even got the “You must be a boy on the inside” from people because of my personality, even if I was feminine in appearance.
    It’s fucking crazy.
    “Don’t fit into this tiny narrow box? Whelp…better go into the other one. Either way, change something about yourself to fit into one of them you fucking freak!”
    “failure to conform to the stereotypical notions of masculinity and femininity”
    I’m not living up to the stereotype of a white person. I AM ACTUALLY BLACK EVERYONE!
    And people struggling with puberty? YOU MUST BE IN THE WRONG BODY.
    Holy fucking shit.
    No airy fairy identities bullshit…just the cold hard agenda of the trans movement.
    I’m going to vomit now.
    My god, so much rage.

    1. Me too. So much rage.
      If I had to choose the most damaging part of growing up female, I think it would be all the ways in which a girl’s righteous rage is ignored, truncated, supressed, misnamed, distorted, forbidden and punished by others.
      Valerie Solanas was right about so many things. One of them is how good breeding, manners and all rules concerning “civilized” discourse is in service of men and making their world run more smoothly for their benefit.
      Saying the truth is STILL unladylike. That hasn’t changed at all. And here we have not only a male principal who is clearly planning to run rough-shod over the needs and feelings of girls to protect on of his own, but a female teacher who is more than willing to give girls a verbal beating if it means she will be safe from having those same blows fall down on her. She’s a coward and a traitor. And she’s teaching her charges that, for women, treachery is the name of the game.

      1. So true Morag.
        And thank you for naming teacher Liz Palmer as a coward and traitor. She is one of the most disturbing things about this story. With the amount of sexual violence and harassment that girls are subject to by boys (let alone MEN), you would think that someone would speak up for their feelings and fears. Instead we have this miserable, back stabbing creature calling these brave girls “bigots”. Disgusting.

      2. Thanks for making the connection with Solanas’s point about civilised discourse, morag. That was what was truly disturbing me about this article – the oily liberal politeness with which the principal coats his unadulterated male supremacism.
        “Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.”
        How Orwellian for those girls, to have to hear that line and know that “everyone” means everyone except them. They will understand, on a deep level, that they do not exist as significant beings in this polite, progressive world order where “everyone” male is due respect, and females are due absolutely nothing, except abuse should they mistakenly try to assert that they count.

      3. “If I had to choose the most damaging part of growing up female, I think it would be all the ways in which a girl’s righteous rage is ignored, truncated, supressed, misnamed, distorted, forbidden and punished by others. ”
        Yeah the first words girls hear are: Get over it. I’m sure there is policing going on amongst the other girls now that the trans supporters are framing them as “bigots”.
        “Bbbbut his fee fees will be huuuurt”.
        Lizzy Palmer gives me the creeps. That woman is off in many ways.

      4. This issue got me thinking last night about how women/girls are likely going to be treated if they encounter a trans creeper in the women’s facilities.
        Consider, for a moment, what a father is likely to do when encountering a man perving on the father’s son in a men’s locker room. I suspect things wouldn’t turn out so well for the pedophile, and I also suspect that pedos largely keep their eyes and hands to themselves when adult men are present for that very reason.
        Now let’s open up the possibility that pedophiles are going to play at being trans to gain access to women’s facilities. (This isn’t even much of a thought experiment since this is already happening.) Under circumstances where women and girls are respected and MtFs don’t claim for themselves extra super special oppressed status, I’m not that worried about this scenario. I think many women are more than capable of kicking the creepers the hell out of the bathroom or locker room. But that isn’t the world we live in. In the world we live in, women’s and girls’ claims of sexual harassment/predation/assault are routinely ignored and dismissed as hysteria. So who’s going to be believed in a case where a pedo playing at being trans has been staring at young girls who are changing or even exposes himself to them intentionally? I think we can all guess the answer to this question.
        I also can’t stop mulling over the Christopher Hambrook situation in Toronto where one of his victims, who was forced to share a room with him, went to bed wearing a bathing suit and tights. Was it routine for her to go to bed wearing a makeshift chastity belt, or did she have reason to fear he would try to rape her? If she had reason to fear him, did she tell anyone? If she told staff members, did they take her seriously? If she didn’t tell anyone, did she not say anything because she had reason to believe no one would listen?

    2. Speaking as someone who was nominally pro-trans, but has been increasingly turning away from that for various reasons, I really don’t understand why there can’t be a third option for transgender people.
      As it is, since women, transwomen, and transmen all have reason to fear male violence, we all are getting lumped into the Other category. Men (i.e. real humans) get their own bathrooms, locker rooms, shelters, and prisons. All of us Not Men get lumped into the same facilities. I seriously wonder if gay men are going to get lumped into the Not Men category as well.

      1. The problem with that is it still denies reality. Men are not a third sex even if they look like drag queens, and less feminine women are not a third sex (though the majority of F2Ts are Fem.)
        It still plays into the cult and lies and female-hating. Why are men so precious that they have to have a special category that considers them oppressed? Men claiming to be women send us rape and death threats and are among the most dangerous of men. Women posing as men are far less in danger than Butches. This just continues the appropriation.
        No, Gay men have enormous privilege and will not stop being considered men. (Recently, a Lesbian was telling me about what big business the AIDS industry is and asked me to not tell her name or she’d be killed. Another Lesbian said when she volunteered to help gay men with AIDS, 80% of donations were stolen, even while the director was making $150,000 a year. Now he makes $300,000. All the fuss over what is an STD that primarily men get.)

      2. Often there ARE third options for transgendered people (well, not specifically for them, but workable). Family bathrooms exist in more and more new buildings, including school buildings. There are the staff bathrooms, too.
        But in so many cases that actually make the news, that’s not enough, because the entire point of the exercise is to get “validation” of “identity” by using the women’s bathroom.
        It’s not always about wanking in there, sometimes it’s more of a mental thing, but you can read in countless of the “I got in trouble with police over using the women’s” type stories that a third bathroom was explicitly offered and turned down. In the case featured here a while ago where an M2T held an impromptu “sit down strike” in the women’s room of a bar, the bar owner had come in there trying to make a friendly offer of the family bathroom that was right next to the women’s, and it wasn’t enough. No, it was all about standing (or sitting) for the “right” to use the women’s – to be SEEN by other patrons to be using the women’s (and coming back out without incident), and thus validated.
        If this were really only about violence and the fear of being beat up in the men’s, then the family bathroom (or using the staff bathroom at school) should be a workable option. But it’s not. People insist on the women’s because being seen in there says “I’m a woman, obviously, because I’m in the women’s” as a shibboleth, and because each challenge of going in there is a test – do I pass or not? Will I get thrown out? Or will my “identity” be “validated”?
        And plenty of women do “clock” those M2T in the women’s, but aren’t going to say anything because women are still in large part socialized to not complain, to not make waves, and more than anything to be polite. Someone not obviously complaining doesn’t actually mean a damn thing as to their perceptions.
        (Plus there’s always the issue of, okay, the obvious is obvious, but those people – certainly the ones that make the news and so people know about – are so thin-skinned and sensitive, if I complain is he going to snap? Better just let it go…)
        Before all of that though – why, again, does no one suggest we solve the problem of people (any people!) getting beat up in the men’s? How about CONFRONTING THOSE MEN??

      3. Back when I lived in New York, a gay guy would make the rounds in my neighborhood, trying to get people to donate some trivial amount of money to save the “AIDS babies”. Where these babies were, what charity he was working for, and how $15 would somehow save an “AIDS baby” were not topics up for discussion when this guy would approach you. Needless to say, I didn’t choose to donate.
        But, anyway, much of the way I approach this issue (or really any issue) largely looks at how to negotiate situations that we have to deal with, whether we like it or not. I have my own skepticism about “brain gender”. (It’s not lost on me that “lesbian” transwomen seems to act angry, entitled, and violent, behavior that I don’t associate with “lady brains”.) But transpeople are here, they’re… whatever, and they’re trying to force us to get used to it. Since I view giving transwomen free and full access to women’s facilities as something that’s fraught with peril, my preference would be to offer alternative facilities to transwomen rather than forcing young girls to deal with dicks in the locker room (among other examples).
        Of course, the fact remains that transadvocates seem unwilling to settle for that option. I have various theories for why that is, none of them particularly charitable.

      4. @ Bev Jo – is ‘an STD that primarily men get’ a truthful representation of the reality of HIV? That runs decidedly contrary the information we’re given at the HIV charity I work for. Sure, the greater part of our client base is still gay men, but the number of women accessing our services is significant and increasing all the time. Viruses are about as fussy as men when it comes to who they injure and kill…
        Maybe you were being deliberately hyperbolic, though? And I’m certain you know things I don’t.

      5. No No NO! Gay men will not be lumped into the non-male category because there are now 2 species of gay men. One species are monosexual homosexual gay men — who are born men with male sex organs who enjoy being men (despite often stereotypical sissy characteristics when young or even older — sissy does not mean womanlike rather is means not Alphamale-like) and who are sexually and romantically attracted only to the same type of males — other monosexual homosexuals. We as a group have been identified as the enemy of the other former homosexuals males who are now called Queer males and are mostly bisexual, pansexual or some sexuality that allows them to be seen to have sex with any trans person regardless of genitals — genital preference is now considered worse than racism (because it excludes trans of course). The monosexual homosexuals are men with all male privilege and admit it. The Queer males are gender-sexual minority people whose intersectionality of oppressions means that they are indeed not hetero or cisnormative and are in fact part of the Not Men camp — they insist on it. I, along with some other monosexual homosexual males are fighting these Queer males and the entire Trans bullshit because they have usurped our names, our label, our organizations, our politics and so on. And in response to the AIDS comments below — it is my group the monosexual homosexuals who have kept AIDS alive and that is another complex political issue as complicated as this trans mess and best left for another forum. Remember gay men as a term is being used to cover a number of groups who are NOT gay men!

  2. Yuck. What a delightful group of people the campaign group seems. The school already compromised by allowing him to use one bathroom while keeping one bathroom for females-only, but of course, that’s not good enough. Why don’t the rights of girls ever seem to count for anything?
    Do they not realise how transparent they are? They so blatantly just WANT females to be uncomfortable and to have their space invaded.
    My female peers were so self-concious at school they’d always ask a friend to run the dryers while they used the loo, forget having someone with a penis in there, let alone in the locker room. It wouldn’t even matter if he really did somehow have a ‘female’ brain (haha), that wouldn’t make his body any less male.
    Well, they get slight props for remembering to include asexual among the sexual orientations (I hope they bother to include it in their sex-ed classes), but none for the rest of the stuff in their internet poll. What is that even meant to be about? It really doesn’t make transgender sound like an actual thing instead of socially constructed and iatrogenic…
    ‘Freedom from discrimination based on sex is a right. However, when a person whose gender identity, gender expression or behaviour does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth, respecting this right can become complicated, especially at school’
    Associating a specific gender expression and behaviours with someone’s sex IS discrimination based on sex. How dim can they get?

  3. How wonderful that we have 7 brave girls standing up for themselves. I am in awe of these courageous sisters fighting back despite the obvious bias of the administration and slimeball tactics of the trans lobby.
    That “survey” is so blatantly prejudiced I can’t believe they decided to make it public. Good on you for screen capping that shit, Gallus! In particular, I especially liked the bit about the school board having to balance trans rights against religious rights as though the much bigger issue of WOMEN’S RIGHTS was non existent.
    Naturally, the survey finishes up with a big, finger wagging to-do about how vulnerable trans people are to violence rather than noting the dangers that women and girls face. Disgusting.
    I can’t wait to see how this all plays out on Thursday.

  4. Yes, it would be easier for all involved to have separate facilities for TGs but that’s not what they want. The trans lobby will settle for nothing less than full integration. They will get it too as the privacy and safety of school girls take a back seat to political correctness. This is the kind of thing that makes people want to pull their kids out of public school.

    1. One of the reasons this enrages me is that in high school, back in the day when I was in high school, I was physically and emotionally abused in my HOME. In my family of origin. I think of having to go to school and having A MALE in the bathroom…………………….the shame. I think of myself feeling intense shame as a young woman, as a female…hated by my whole family, abused by my whole family, hardly a human being at all, a worthless female…and here’s this OTHER FEMALE, a BETTER FEMALE, a MALE FEMALE…look at him/her, lord of the school! He’s so important! And me – who gives a shit the level of abuse I was experiencing AS A GIRL, a DAUGHTER, in my family of origin. Who is on the side of the young women like myself who were being abused in a family with serious mental illness and substance abuse in parents??? WHO CARES ABOUT US??????? taking shit from our male siblings…and then go to school and there’s some MALE, SOME “BETTER FEMALE” in the bathroom. No one gives a shit about abused teenage girls. They just don’t. Nobody cares. And then when you are an adult, NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT IT, ever under any circumstances. Oh unless you are with other abused-as-teens-and-girls women. Otherwise NO ONE EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT IT.

  5. This comment from pig white male Chris Hartman is making my blood boil:
    “If (he) is being allowed to use one restroom, why shouldn’t (he) be allowed to use both bathrooms?”
    There is no compromising with these people. They are not satisfied with anything other than total capitulation and the systematic erasure of women only spaces.
    Even the unhappy compromise of allowing this boy into one out of two bathrooms isn’t good enough since women and girls still have the opportunity to NOT share space with this boy. UGH.
    Given the massive amount of violence perpetrated against women and girls by men and boys it is only natural that we not want to share spaces– especially spaces where were are even more vulnerable than usual– with them. But say that out loud and your female photography teacher will denounce you as a bigot on Twitter. Hi Liz Palmer!

  6. This student is female. She, she, she. Why is this article so intent on misgendering her?
    This girl has received so much harassment over her gender identity (which is separate from her sex), despite being only 14. Atherton High School is a very welcoming community for all orientations and genders, and several trans* students reside here.
    The issue of her only being allowed to use one restroom is to give the young women who are uncomfortable with it a safe place to go as well as providing a safe place for this transgirl. It’s a decent compromise by all means.
    Also, those young women are also probably uncomfortable with a raging lesbian sharing their locker room and restrooms. Does that mean that I should change with the men?

    1. You say this student is female, separate from being female sexed. What do you mean by that. What makes one reproductively female separate from biology.

    2. K, unlike the male in question, lesbians don’t have penis with which they can rape people.
      BTW, if this male needs a safe place to go to the bathroom, why not work on making the men’s room a safe place?

      1. Oh K are you a male too? What K means is the student is a male and an abusive attention seeking one that sadly the T hord “The high order of the Lords of Dick is using.” He is already showing signs of being very disturbed and sexually agressive toward females. The girls need to armed with with heavy duty mace.

    3. “This student is female. She, she, she. Why is this article so intent on misgendering her?”
      She, she, she. Lies, lies, lies.
      There has been no “misgendering” in this article. Why do you barge in here to tell women that we can’t trust our own senses and rely on our own minds?
      In Orwell’s 1984, citizens of the state had to agree that 2 + 2 = 5. If they relied on their reason and insisted the answer was four, someone came along to “educate” them back into line. Your education isn’t welcome here. We understand perfectly well that male does not equal female.

    4. This student is MALE! HE. HE. HE. HE.
      Only women can be lesbians so you’re NOT a lesbian. You’re another stupid man on the net pretending to be a woman. So, yes, that does mean you should be changing with males!

    5. This student is male. He.
      I will not say I see the emperor’s new clothing. He’s bare-assed naked.
      Imagine, an entire school bathroom for one student. That’s what this amounts to. If any students start identifying as furries, will they be allowed to piss on the front lawn, or take a shit in the hallway? Mustn’t deny the student’s identity. That would be disrespectful and unjust.

    6. Haha, a “raging lesbian”. Speaking for myself, I have never cared and will never care about lesbians in changing rooms. I would have objected very much to a male in any changing room I used, both as a teenager and now. Especially as a teenager. I have never been particularly uncomfortable with nudity, but I still remember being uncomfortable whenever I had to use the changing rooms when I was on my period.

    7. K, you have no idea how much you sound like a cultist or a fundamentalist religionist, in other words, an obsessed kook. Young people today seem to have adopted Trans as their baby seal issue. Rushing like Bridget Bardot in the 70s onto the ice floes to save the widdle baby sealies, todays brainwashed youth have taken up trans the way converts take up Jesus or christians missionaries invade the third world looking for souls. It is not healthy. It is not liberation. It is not about human rights. There is something in back of all this trans mania which is disturbing and creepy. The degree of the obsession is scary — so what if someone is misgendered — do you live in the real world where people are called fat or old or ugly or unfeminine or faggy or whatever as part of the ugly everyday reality called life — misgendering (a ridiculous concept but most cult concepts are ridiculous) and all the trans issues are simply not important enough to warrant the policing, the hysterics, the Inquisition-like madness invoked whenever a baby seal Trans cannot get their way. When I was a youth we had Vietnam and ending all war, and burgeoning socialism to help the poor, and the ecology movement to save the planet and many other important issues to inspire us and to take up as causes to fight for with our youthful idealism (before it burned out). What cause does todays youth attach itself to — the Trans Cult, a psychic neuroses imposed on everyone who is forced to kowtow to their magical thinking no matter how selfish, misanthropic, women-hating (and gay male hating) and just plain crazy. Kids today like K with their obsession with trans as the new Jesus is the real problem. How to stop this destructive anti-human obsessive evangelical-fundamentalist cult behaviour is the real question.

      1. This too – why all of a sudden is this “misgendering” so much over the top and SRS BZNS than any other kind of insulting?
        Lately I see endless whining by M2T who complain about the terrible tragedy! of never going to be beautiful, oh no, poor me, I will never conform to the “cisgendered” ideal…
        Well cry me a river and a half. I mean, hell, plenty of actual women also grow up being called ugly and fat or being the “wrong” race or just not femmy enough and so just as much “never going to be beautiful.” Who cries for them?
        But oh, it’s “someone called me ‘he’ and that is Extreme! Violence!” just what the hell EVER.

    8. “Gender identity” in this context is a powerful disorder not unlike anorexia nervosa or the perseverative behaviors of autistic children. It is not an objective reality, even though some people claim it is. The youth is not a “she” no matter how many times you say it. The youth is a male. He may be a very effeminate male, but he is still a male. This nonsense of claiming that he is a “she” may temporarily soothe his distress, but it ultimately causes a lifetime of discord. We are doing these children no favors in indulging their self-perception disorders.

      1. Exactly! When it comes to other mental disorders, we don’t indulge their false sense of reality.

    9. What magical thinking can change biological sex? How can XY “feel like” XX and overcome the chromosome identity of every cell in his body?
      I refuse to go along with someone’s gender identity – fine for them to call themselves transgender but, they do not become female. Not. Never. Nope.
      I’m on the side of the 7 brave girls who have confronted this sex discrimination.
      I’m the victim of multiple sexual assaults by persons with penis. I have PTSD that can still turn my knees to jelly and for which I am now on a medical disability from paid employment. Why should his “feelings” be superordinate to my needs to stay safe from persons with penis?

    10. A raging lesbian sharing their locker room and restrooms? What is a raging lesbian? An angry woman? I had a girl tell me she was in love with me in ninth grade, and had no problem sharing a locker room or restroom with her. However, I would NEVER EVER have wanted to share a locker room or restroom with any boy, no matter his “gender identity.”
      And if I hear the word misgendering again, I am going to scream so loud you’ll hear me in Kentucky!

      1. “What is a raging lesbian? An angry woman?”
        Snort! I think it’s supposed to be analogous to “flaming gay” or something, but, yes, “angry woman” sounds more like it. As in: a woman who speaks above a whisper, and without permission.
        As for “misgendering,” this accusation is almost always modified with “intentionally” or “deliberately.” It really means we are being disobedient gals for noticing reality. It means Big Bad Rule Breaking.
        “Who made the rules of the world? / And why am I such a big bad rule breaker?” I highly recommend this lament from the Roche Sisters:

      2. Same here. Plus, I think the “raging lesbian” thing is code for the predatory lesbian trope.
        You know, for all the prevalence of that trope, the only women who have ever sexually harassed me have been straight.
        Also, their obsession with misgendering is such garbage and indicates a delusional victim complex. People call my mom “sir” all the time, but I guess that doesn’t count seeing as she’s not under the delusion that she must be a man.

    11. a unisex bathroom would be a decent compromise. forfeiting one of the boys restrooms would be a decent compromise. to say nothing of educating boys that its not alright to harm someone male for not performing “masculine” that might even be progress. forfeiting one of the girls restrooms and putting the onus on girls to deal with this has nothing to do with decency. slap a trans symbol on the door and FORFEIT ONE OF THE BOYS RESTROOMS. It always comes sooo easily to take from girls, doesn’t it? And that’s the decent thing to do? ffs

      1. Right on! Repurpose one of the boy’s rooms! Why must girls suffer the loss of a bathroom to placate a male when it is the violent behavior of boys which makes using the boy’s room unsafe?
        I am so tired of boy and men being sacred and untouchable. A

      2. I think this is an extremely important point which it is easy to overlook: It is not all right to harm anyone for not performing assigned gender behavior. And to think this used to be the point of gay liberation.

      3. I cannot reply directly to tobysgirl below but this is an outrageous anti-historical distortion she made — gay liberation — and I know because I was there and part of it since the early 70s — was NEVER about anything to do with gender! Never. You have been brainwashed or else are deliberately misleading the women here with false information. Nothing to do with trans or gender ever had any actual connection with gay liberation — these were marginal movements from other spheres that began in the 1990s not the 1970s although antecedents existed. Gay liberation is not the same as lesbian liberation or the womens movement or the transsexual medical movement and gay liberation had happened by the time Queer Gender Theory was invented in the 1990s which spawned this entire trans mess. This blog is so much about telling the REAL TRUTH! Please do not perpetuate the trans lies!

      4. Yeah, why are women and girls always the ones to suffer for the stupid crap that men and boys do to each other? There are anatomical differences between males and females. If you can’t admit that, then you’re denying reality. Women and girls should be allowed to have bathrooms and locker rooms free from males and bathrooms should not be labeled “Men’s” and “Other”.
        A unisex bathroom would be fine, but fragile trans identities are based on invading other women’s spaces and bullying everyone into going along with their delusion.

    12. “raging lesbian”? we go into the ladies restroom and suddenly we’re “raging”
      get real

    13. I’ve never in my life been made to feel uncomfortable by a lesbian. I have, however, been made to feel like a piece of meat, starting at age 10, by male-bodied people.

      1. As an asexual woman who isn’t comfortable with nudity, I would have no issue with trusting lesbians to be respectful. Lesbians are female, have been socialised female, and they understand themselves what it’s like to be at risk of harassment due to their sex. Any individual who wasn’t respectful of her classmates’ need for privacy should indeed change separately from the others (certainly not with males), but that would apply to any girl, regardless of her sexuality. I found being forced to change alongside others at school very uncomfortable and embarrassing, but had there been a male present too, would have been completely unable to handle it. People with a penis are much more likely to be a threat. These girls seem to understand that already despite their young age. That suggests they have already experienced harassment from males, maybe worse.
        Their instincts may not be wrong in feeling he’s doing this to get close to females. If the school has other trans students already, then why is this individual in particular causing these girls such concern? He has already violated one boundary in invading their space, males who violate boundaries are exactly the type who are threats. It does not appear that he was especially concerned whether or not his request made female students uncomfortable, so that’s strike two. He claims to be female yet evidently does not understand (or does not care to), even something as simple about the female experience as our wariness of males.
        But even if he’s an entirely ‘harmless’ individual, they still have every right to object to sharing their bathrooms and locker rooms with someone who is inarguably of the opposite sex reproductively. If a ‘female’ brain was proven, I would still consider that to apply, and since that is very far from the case…
        Raging lesbian lol, it does sound like it should mean angry… Fierce, angry lesbian women are awesome. <3

      2. Leo, are their other trans students at Atherton or was that just something the commenter “K” said?

      3. Hi, Leo.
        I’m a sex-repulsed asexual who is also male, and I can also say that changing around people in locker rooms was something I really didn’t enjoy in high school. Guys are bad enough, but I can only imagine if a girl had walked in. It would have been beyond uncomfortable, even if I wouldn’t have felt physically threatened. I would also be scared to death for her.
        Anatomical differences are real. Sex segregated bathrooms are based on said anatomical differences, not on how masculine or feminine you are as an individual.
        Besides, what if seeing this boy triggers someone? What if a rape victim comes into contact with the sight of a penis in what’s supposed to be a safe space?
        This isn’t about feelings or even comfort, it’s about safety, both mentally and physically.

    14. “Also, those young women are also probably uncomfortable with a raging lesbian sharing their locker room and restrooms. Does that mean that I should change with the men?”
      If you’re going to go to such great lengths to defend trans rights, I’d expect you to at least not be so goddamn lesbophobic. Seriously, do transjacktivists not see the LGB in front of LGBT?

      1. “Seriously, do transjacktivists not see the LGB in front of LGBT?”
        I do not believe they do, since that would, after all, get in the way of making everything all about them.
        I guess they occasionally see the “L” there since the over-40-with-kids-and-a-military-career-and-a-STEM-career-and-privilege ones try to appropriate it so often…

  7. All the actual female students need to walk off campus until this guy gets his own loo and stays in it. Strike!

    1. a walk out, or a piss in. If I were 16 again I would piss in my seat in every class. send me to the principles office and I’ll sit in front of his desk and piss all over his office chair, that fuck. several changes of clothes and two gallons of tea every day. of course some girl who would piss herself rather than take part in this delusion would likely be suspended.

      1. or go into the men’s bathroom or better yet, the staff bathroom, and mock them when they try to pee. Or heck, just stand there. They might get the message.

  8. James Mills says:”the idea that a straight cis boy would pretend to be trans* just to get into the girls’ locker room is beyond ludicrous”
    Oh no that would never happen.

  9. So much junk science in that survey. With “educators” spouting political strategy and personal belief as if it were science, how can they be trusted on anything else? By compromising their integrity on this issue, this just reinforces ignorance on other matters of science that are settled, such as climate change and evolution.

    1. people who cant sort out junk cherry picked and deliberately misconstrued scientific findings have no business educating children. I’m sure the principal has never bothered to read any of this for himself, but… what if he has and he is just that stupid, that gullible? this dood is in charge?

      1. Afraid that some/many school principals here in the UK ARE that dumb:
        Fashion rather than facts, and being a bit unsure about what the exact legal requirements are as regards discrimination.
        But from the religious, perhaps yet another argument WHY they need their daughters (at best), in religious schools, and at worst, not in school at all! Because they sure ain’t happy about non-gender conforming behaviour either:
        Trans besieging toilets and softball teams, I don’t know if trans have tried to breach a single-sex school yet, although as Germaine Greer knows, they have already breached what was my old single-SEX college (Newnham, Cambridge). And I presume they’re no longer allowed to have girls-only classes on puberty, instead ALL children will have to be taught about people-who-menstruate, because that might include some of you boys as well!

      2. @BadDyke – In the US last summer there was a M2T petitioning all over Tumblr about the tragedy of not being allowed to attend Smith College (a women’s college).
        Crazy part was, Smith College apparently IS okay with allowing M2T students to attend – IF they have legally changed their sex marker on all ID and the rest of it.
        But this student hadn’t even gone that far – his FAFSA form (application for student aid which all students submit) still said “male” on it.
        Student’s name is “Calliope Wong,” which I just confirmed with a (very!) general google search around “Smith trans” – the story is apparently still very much in the news now in 2014, there are protests currently going on.
        Back when this was going around tumblr, people posted the rejection letters, which were all very matter of fact and basically just saying hey, Smith is a women’s college and so you, as a male, are not eligible to attend.

      3. How are the new trans protections under Title IX going to affect that anyway? Are we going to get to the point where there can be no sex delineations in education? Will Smith have to admit anyone claiming to be female, regardless of what, if anything, that person has attempted regarding transition?

  10. Looks like photography teacher Liz Palmer has taken down her tweet– the one where she refers to everyone in opposition to giving a male access to the women’s room as a bigot. Of course that also includes the seven courageous girls who voiced their concerns. Shameful that a teacher can call her students bigots for speaking their minds and exercising some self preservation.

  11. This boy thinks he’s a girl and yet has no problem being the incredibly arrogant and entitled male he is demanding to be the center of attention. Oppressing girls by forcing his presence on them and then demanding his own restroom is bad enough, but then he’s also sexually harassing them?
    Typical boy. Presenting as “effeminate” is still typical male since that’s just imitating the male rules of male-identified femininity that men demand of women. He caricatures and fetishizes females to say he’s not male? Typical male mind-fuck/gaslighting.
    As a Lifelong Lesbian (meaning I chose to love girls instead of the disgusting boys who harassed and attacked me and tortured and sexually assaulted animals in front of me), I never feel safe in public restrooms with women who choose men. They oppress us and then act scared of us. So for this man to try to use Lesbians in his argument on behalf of this boy and trans cult is as dirty-playing as when the trans cult appropriates Butch oppression while at the same time re-writing the Butches acknowledged in history as their false “transmen.”
    Love most of the other comments!!!

  12. I am old enough to remember when Phyllis Schlafly successful campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment by warning that women would be forced to share bathrooms and locker rooms with men. Well, guess what women still do not have equal constitutional rights in the U.S., and are now forced to share bathrooms and locker rooms with men anyway.
    Tragicomic to see the “Alliance Defending Freedom,” a conservative religious rights group, citing Title IX on behalf of female students’ rights to privacy, while the liberals hiss and snarl. Where are the liberals and leftists who are willing to go to bat for the rights of women and girls?

    1. “Where are the liberals and leftists who are willing to go to bat for the rights of women and girls?”
      Do not hold your breath. Liberal and leftist men hate women just as deeply as conservation men; the only argument is whether women should be public or private property. From Todd Gitlin’s, The Sixties (it could be said this was the birth of second wave feminism):
      “On January 1969, the antiwar National Mobilization Committee marked the inauguration of Richard Nixon—or “inhoguration,” as it was called—with a march and rally in Washington. In the chaos that followed Chicago, only a few thousand demonstrators turned out; a scatter of objects was hurled helplessly at Nixon’s official caravan. That night, under the Mobe’s circus tent, two speakers from the growing women’s movement were on the platform: SDS veteran Marilyn Salzman Webb and New York radical feminist theoretician Shulamith Firestone. It was the usual movement practice to incorporate constituencies by giving them slots on the program—a pluralist move that made for long rallies. There were two women (along with others bearing mock voter registrations cards) because there were already two women’s positions bitterly antagonistic to each other. The radical feminists had wanted to skip the occasion, having concluded that all men kept all women down; Webb, an organizer of one of Washington’s first women’s consciousness-raising groups, had insisted that women keep taking their case to the larger movement. The radical feminists wanted to tear up voter registration cards on the platform, symbolizing that suffrage had failed women; Webb and her comrades decided to destroy theirs as well—to repudiate electoral politics across the board.
      “Marilyn Webb was twenty-six, slender, attractive. Although she had years of movement experience—she had organized a Head Start project in Chicago while a graduate student in psychology, and had spoken before black congregations—this was the first time she had addressed a multitude on a ceremonial occasion. “We as women are oppressed,” she said. “We, as supposedly the most privileged in this society, are mutilated as human beings so that we will learn to function within a capitalist system.” As she warned to the subject, pandemonium broke out in the crowd below her. She plunged on, denouncing a system that views people as “objects and property”—and a cheer went up. She heard shouts: “Take her off the stage and fuck her!” “Take her down a dark alley!” “Take if off!” This was not a burlesque joint, this was the movement she knew and loved. She finished, shaken, and Shulamith Firestone went to the microphone and attacked—not just capitalism, but men, and not just capitalist men, but the men in front of her, “revolutionary” men. “Let’s start talking about where you live, baby, “ she roared, to boos, “and wonder whether…capitalism and all those other isms don’t just begin at home…Because we women often have to wonder if you mean what you say about revolution or whether you just want more power for yourselves.”

    2. Hey, Sara, I’ve been thinking about why liberals just fall all over themselves regarding trans. I think genderist issues may touch something deep within people’s unconscious minds; for example, Cordelia Fine mentions a study in which people who declared themselves most free of prejudice were actually the most prejudiced. Still working this out, but I find something deeply disturbing about liberals I come into contact with, just as disturbing as any right-winger who wants to retreat to some halcyon days that never existed (e.g., the 1950s when women knew their place).

  13. Of course males pulling this nonsense are the ones that are to blame , but this teacher in question is a complete , utter idiot. Her whole persona reeks of the ex highschool loser who crafted some kind of cliched “cool teacher, I’m like, totally against everything the rest of the conservative gun toters in KY are because I’m still seeking the approval of a bunch of 14-17 year olds”.
    Cut the bullshit, Palmer– I’m sure she’ll read this since she probably put a Google alert out for her name the second this BS story became public. Everyone with a pulse knows that males take great joy in invading and spying on females. I have lived in 2 college towns at different points in my life and every single frat rush season would involve some sort of crossdressing stunt with the pledges. Numerous movies ranging from PG ratings to R have been made about boys and men impersonating females–for whatever reason. And we already f’ing know they videotape women using the toilet and/or stalk and rape us while we’re in there. So stop acting like this is unheard of. The character of this boy is completely IRRELEVANT. He will be out of there in 2 years, then what? Pretty soon the 6’3 280 ex-military perverts in size 12 stilettos like the ones that troll this blog can waltz into any bathroom they please and not even be questioned about it. Then what? Since now all one needs to do is verbally say they’re the opposite sex, what will stop a male predator from saying he was just ‘really a woman inside’ if he gets questioned by police about why he was in the women’s restroom?
    And try learning biology: Putting on a skirt doesn’t prevent any male from raping or impregnating a female. The parents and female students have EVERY RIGHT not want this BOY around their teenage daughters while they are using the toilet or undressing.

  14. I have the perfect solution. Walk into the school, and identify yourself as the principle, and kick the booy out of the girl’s bathrooms. I mean, after all, if how you identify is the only thing that matters, that should work right?
    Also, I now identify as the supreme ruler of all universes, in al time periods. I m now in charge of everything….
    hmmm.. it’s taking a while to work….

  15. I was not sure where to leave this–“‘Every cell has a sex,’ Dr. Clayton said in a telephone interview. ‘Each cell is either male or female, and that genetic difference results in different biochemical processes within those cells.'”

    OMG does anyone think that maybe Trans is just a made up load of crap? Uhm? Could it be they are men? Now where the hell does that fact leave all those poor wittle men and boys who have a “female brain.”

    1. Amazing article Motherhood, thanks for linking to it. Of course the trans community will claim that the very cells in their bodies are wrong and the only thing that matters is their female soul. Crazy.

  16. Wow! That’s all I can say. I’ve tread back into GenderTrender only to read an article that made me so angry I had to get up and walk away from it for a minute.
    What part of sex-based segregation don’t these people understand? If you’re going to let a person with a penis into a girls’ room, then I have only one solution: Unisex bathrooms for all!
    I bet they don’t want that, though, because a unisex bathroom doesn’t validate their identity, and nothing hurts worse than when your identity isn’t validated in every way possible.
    What makes me sick about this is that the idea of a transgender person is toted around as scientific fact! There are so many gross distortions of science that the people who lobby for transgender rights should, by all accounts, be looked upon as ludicrous. Instead they cling to their own brain theory, not realizing that the tenuous strands that support such a thing can be explained away by brain plasticity.
    None of it is hard science, which makes this a marketing ploy, much like the rest of psychiatry and Big Pharma. Anyone who challenges the myth is threatened, publicly shamed, and considered crazy. Just think about the backlash that South Park got when it dedicated a whole episode to challenging the trans narrative!
    On that note, I think I’m a transpigeon. No, I’m a transgenderedpigeon – a female bird trapped in a scrawny, male, human body. Today I put on my pigeon suit, glued pretty feathers to my body, colored some fabulous eggs, and considered my sex/species change complete.
    I then crawled up into the rafters of the barn where the pigeons have made their home. I was expecting to be the center of awe and admiration, but can you believe it? These birds got mad at me for invading their space!
    They went on this whole byrd-born-byrd rant that made me feel ostracized. They told me I couldn’t lay eggs, but I showed them my beautiful eggs, which are infinitely more beautiful than theirs, even if they won’t ever hatch. Besides, not all birds can lay eggs.
    Then they assaulted me over not being able to fly. I told them that they were, in turn, accusing every pigeon whose wings were clipped, maimed, or maybe even deformed of not being a real pigeon. They said that was something totally different, but I don’t see how it is. If I’m not a pigeon for being unable to fly, then those other pigeons aren’t, either.
    In the end, I was chased out of the barn. Where’s the lobbying group to assist me? I was clearly discriminated against!

    1. Lol, nice comparison! This whole thing is a bunch of non-scientific nonsense.

  17. In yesterday’s New York Times there is an editorial saying it is time to stop discriminating against transgender people. Groan. However, the comments are encouraging because most of them are not buying the delusional born-in-the-wrong-body bull.

  18. Wow. Unexpectedly reasonable compromise suggested by Kentucky trans activist. Also note the confusing URL to the article.
    “by Michelle Arnold
    Posted on May 15, 2014 at 5:29 PM
    Updated today at 6:17 PM
    Sienna– The Louisville Transgender Organization
    LOUISVILLE, Ky.– Opinions run rampant when it comes to Atherton High School pushing to change school policy to include provisions for transgender students. Today WHAS11 talked to Holly Knight. She’s the president of Sienna–the Louisville Transgender Organization.
    “I was born in the fifties. I lived and went to high school in the seventies and you don’t tell people in the seventies that you want to be a girl,” said Knight.
    For more than fifty years, Knight hid her secret from many.
    “In July of 2008 I decided at that point I’m tired of this and it’s time for me to be who I should be,” said Knight.
    Atherton High School Principal Tom Aberli hopes to change the school’s non-discrimination policy on school spaces to include gender identity.
    “If you are a transwoman you are born birth sex male, but you identify as female,” said Knight.
    That’s the case at the high school. A transgender girl wishes to use the female restrooms and locker rooms.
    “As a transwoman you’re not going to feel comfortable going into a male bathroom and you’re going to feel more comfortable going into a female bathroom,” said Knight.
    Principal Aberli has been allowing the student to make use of those female school spaces for the last couple of weeks. That has some parents upset.
    “My solution is not going to be popular in the transgender community,” said Knight.
    Given the young age of the student, Knight believes a unisex bathroom–like Manual High School has–could be a reasonable decision for the school.
    “I get that at a high school that there probably needs to be some provisions in that way for people that are uncomfortable on both ends. I think that’s a good thing,” said Knight.
    Knight understands that transitioning– from identifying with your birth sex to your gender–is a process.
    “I think there probably needs to be some time to go all through this type of thing. I think there probably needs to be some procedures. We have what we call standards of care before transsexuals get surgery. Probably most people don’t know that,” said Knight.
    Knight wants people to understand that this is an important issue, but one that requires time and compromise.
    “I would think it would be a mistake for the transgender community and for everyone else to say we are going to be ok if you just present as female and you get to go to the bathroom for the girls,” said Knight”

    1. “Given the young age of the student, Knight believes a unisex bathroom–like Manual High School has–could be a reasonable decision for the school.”
      Sorry, as a woman, I don’t “age out” of not wanting to have bio males in women’s restrooms.

    2. How refreshing to see a MtT acknowledging that women and girls feel uncomfortable sharing the bathroom with a male. I think a unisex bathroom is a decent compromise.

      1. That’s what people think; they did that at some of the bathrooms at my uni; now, women have less bathrooms, and men get to use some of the previously female bathrooms, as well as men-only bathrooms.
        All they do is stick a ‘unisex’ sign on some of the women’s bathrooms, thus taking away our space and giving it to men. The reason(s) 1) they’d have to re-design the (previously) men’s bathrooms with urinals and 2) they are fine with taking away space from women.

      2. Natalie, that’s very disappointing to say the least. It didn’t occur to me that they wouldn’t use men’s rooms for the purpose of unisex bathrooms, tho I’m not surprised that women and girls have no interest in using them. Who wants to use a bathroom where any male can just walk in? Not me. The only good thing about them is that they will keep MtTs out of our restrooms. :/

      3. Logistically, the option that makes the less sense… men don’t tend to take as long in restrooms due to biology, use urinals most often, and are less likely to have small children with them… therefore, one less men’s restroom generally would have a smaller impact than one less women’s. Especially when the number of people we’re accommodating by doing this is less than 1%.
        I wonder if it’s because men’s space is more precious than women’s, or if it’s because the trans would whine if a male bathroom was converted for their use, it would imply they weren’t really female, but had to be ‘converted’. Silly biology, it’s so transphobic.

    1. Yes, that is sad. But that girl in the video did it, which is heartening!
      It’s understandable, though, that the other girls were too afraid–after all, even we grown women, who have a feminist analysis to go with our gut feelings, are afraid to speak out with our real names and faces.

    2. It was wonderful to hear that strong, courageous voice speaking out in defense of girls and women. I’m not surprised tho that other girls are afraid to speak out. After all, we have teachers calling them bigots and their male peers laughing at the idea that we have to check bathrooms for male predators. Not a compassionate environment at all.

      1. Interesting that the new program showed 3 MEN in favor, and only 1 woman against it. Notice that the people who supported it were all MEN, penis-carriers. Not women. Considering that this will affect WOMEN, and not men, it is WOMEN who should be having the vote on it, not men.

      2. ‘ A male student who identifies as a female will continue to be allowed to use a girls’ restroom at Atherton High School.
        . . .
        “Just because someone has a male body does not mean that they are a male… they perfectly well could be a female,” one person said.’
        I am have seeing more and more trans cult speak of “identifying as a female” and it really gets me frothy. A male “identifying” as a woman is one thing- I don’t agree, but it could be argued that “man” and “woman” are social/gender roles, but “male” and “female”, however, are not socially constructed terms, in any way- they are about the respective realities of our DNA. “Male” and “female” are biological terms and a male cannot “identify” as “female” or vice-versa. Ever! I could identify as an amoeba, but there would not be any reasonable argument in the world for that. It is absent of cold, hard, scientific truth. Males cannot “perfectly well” be, or ever become, female. I wonder if the “one person” quoted in that article saying that was the idiot tranned-maiden teacher Liz Palmer? What a dark slice of irony it would be if she is a biology teacher! Calling young women bigots because they know that a penis is not female? These young women are very brave to speak out as their rights to safe spaces are being violated. This website alone has hundreds, possibly thousands, of instances of transgender males who “feel like laydees” making violent threats when women say “nope”. Restrooms/Locker Rooms are sex-segregated spaces- they are not gender segregated spaces and they are based on the reality of our bodies. Women are kidnapped, assaulted, raped and murdered based on the reality of our bodies, not on whether we wear our hair long or paint our nails.
        “Woman” is a not a catch-all term for anyone who rejects masculinity. “Woman” does does mean “not-male”- a woman is not a defective man. Women are human beings born with female biology and reproductive organs. It is the reality of our bodies- and our experiences in the world within these bodies- that makes us women.
        I hope these young women who stood up for themselves are aware that many women do support them are are proud of them. Transgenderism is an ideology based on misogyny, a healthy dose of homophobia and allowed to flourish through misinformation and “open-mindedness” in the guise of liberal progressiveness, so extreme that its brains fell out a long time ago. Transgenderism is not an ideology of progress. Transgenderism promotes uber-conservative stereotypes that degrade and harm girls and women. Same old crusty, white, male ideas with a brand new face of makeup painted on.
        If Liz Palmer wants a penis in the female bathrooms and locker rooms so badly, maybe she should go shower with this young male and lead by example- show she is not a bigot. At least she won’t be able to infect the youth with her idiocy any longer behind bars.

    1. Ugh that little turd in the suit saying “when I walk into the bathroom, the first thing I do is not, surprisingly, look around at everyone in the bathroom and ask myself if those in the bathroom have the same genitals as I do.”
      Talk about male privilege!
      What a luxury not to have to worry about predatory members of the opposite sex lurking around where they aren’t supposed to. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to worry about men photographing us, raping us, assaulting us, molesting us, and hurting us while we try to go to the bathroom?
      These boys and men have no business what so ever in discussing this so long as their POVs remain warped as all get out from their unimaginable privilege.

      1. That kid was SO offensive. What a woman-hating prick, trying to shame girls and women for being aware of the reality that male predators target us so commonly that it is nearly considered acceptable behavior. Disgusting young man. He should be ashamed of himself.

      2. The fact that his little “joke” was met with giggles should give us all some indication of the climate there.

      3. What a self-satisfied, snot-nose brat. He was openly mocking the girls–and, yeah, the idiotic laughs he got for doing it!
        There should’ve been a Carrie in that gymnasium, using her telekinetic powers to make chunks of the ceiling fall on his arrogant, insensitive, smug male head.
        You’re right Lint: men and boys have no business discussing this issue, unless it’s to defend girls’ rights to privacy and safety. Otherwise, it doesn’t affect them.

      4. “when I walk into the bathroom, the first thing I do is not, surprisingly, look around at everyone in the bathroom and ask myself if those in the bathroom have the same genitals as I do.”
        Do you know why? It’s because we all naturally assume that the people sharing our bathrooms have the same genitals!

    1. You do such an amazing wonderful job all the time, with so much detail and stressful material. You’re our Champion!!! xoxoxo

  19. Clutching my sides I’m laughing so hard, posting this here Gallus though its not to do with the above. I know you’re no fan of Feminist Times right? Don’t blame you. It’s owned by Charlotte Raven who had hoped to use the Spare Rib name and make herself a healthy profit off the back of it. Her husband runs documentary film making company that’s now involved in a row because they’ve faked a programme meant to be about men surviving in the wild. So Raven earns her money from fake feminism and her hubby earns it from fake menz stuff. Oh how the London intelligentsia live, ain’t life grand!

  20. I know that gendertrender does an excellent job of tracking this information, but people still need to be reminded of the fact that “gender identity” laws have already been abused. As more and more males are granted access to women’s restrooms, locker rooms, women’s shelters, etc., sooner or later an incident where a female is emotionally and/or physically harmed will occur. It’s just a matter or time, and then it’s our turn to sue them, and I mean hella $$$.. Actually, the parents of female students should start suing school districts right now.
    (Hambrooks victims should have sued.)
    Predator who claimed to be transgender declared dangerous offender
    TORONTO – A sexual predator who falsely claimed to be transgender and preyed on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed indefinitely on Wednesday. He noted the Montreal man, 37, attacked four vulnerable females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years. “He has demonstrated from the age of 12 until the present an inability to control his sexual impulses,” said McMahon.
    Justice John McMahon declared Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — was a dangerous offender”
    (The parents of the teenage girls should have sued Evergreen State College. I don’t know why they didn’t do this.)
    KIORTV OLYMPIA, Wash. — October 2012
    A transgender woman said she was discriminated against after using the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College. Colleen Francis was using the sauna in a women’s locker room inside the recreation center at the school late in September.
    The same facility is used by two high school girls swim teams from Olympia, who also practice in the pool.
    This is a link to the actual campus police report,
    Please note that under sex it says, “F”. At the time of this incident, Francis definitely had male genitalia. Scroll on down and see where it says, “her male genitalia”. Yes, this campus police report says, “her legs open with her male genitalia showing “. This is how insane “gender identity” laws have become. For those unfamiliar with this incident, Francis is a retired military man who was married a couple of times and has children. At the time of this campus police report, he was taking classes at Evergreen State College.
    Below is another example of “gender identity” clearly trampling on the privacy rights of women.
    (This elderly woman should have sued.)
    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”
    Girls and women are just too nice for our own good.

    1. I have wondered about that. I am not sure if the victims can sue because the shelter was keeping within the law. That is why these laws are dangerous. One thing that might provide victims leverage is if every school principle, shelter, school, university board of directors/trustees of shelters, presidents of universities and health care providers are in possession of the death threats and the names of violent offenders and the offences along with the long long list of violent T in prison. Once they are aware then they may owe some due diligence and a discrimination suite may pale in comparison to a liability for mental anguish and bodily injury. I know some colleges and Universities have gone the unisex route and I would like to imagine it is because they were in possession of some information. Also the MSWs which are the ones that Dx this most and whatever org they are employed by should get the 411. If they know who made the death threat they must report it or they can loose their licence. It will have to be potentially more expensive to allow these guys their public exhibitions of masturbation than to not allow. But come Fall semester on some campuses it is Unisex for the dudes.

      1. I don’t know about the laws in Canada, but in the U.S. I would think female victims of violence in shelters could sue the shelters, unless the city/county/state specifically absolves shelters of liability. At a bare minimum, I would think premises liability would come into play. I’ve seen businesses successfully sued for crimes committed on the premises even when the owners and workers had no practical way of knowing a crime was being committed or of preventing/stopping it.
        Although if shelters are typically protected from liability (and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are; it would explain why many shelters are dangerous for residents) it may have to come down to women suing private businesses for willfully allowing predators into women’s spaces.

  21. Soooo they’re ignoring the rights of female students to have a female-only space to accommodate a male student. Of course. Women are 2nd class citizens.

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