Someone tell Katie Couric not to mention this: Carmen Carrera auctions off photos of his dick for AIDS fundraiser

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Mere months after Katie Couric was roundly castigated by the male members* of the transgenderist lobby for asking a man who claims he is reproductively female about his reproductive sex biology, the man, Carmen Carrera – who “shushed” Couric on her own show, and raised his hand as if to block her query- is now auctioning off photos of his dick for the AIDS charity “LifeBall”.
Photos of Carmen Carrera’s dick below the fold. Just don’t mention it to Katie Couric. Or anyone. Anywhere. Ever. Because that would be transphobic. And you wouldn’t want to be that.
*pun intended

Carerra before and after breast implants and facial surgery
Carrera before and after breast implants and facial surgery


carmen carrera life ball

44 thoughts on “Someone tell Katie Couric not to mention this: Carmen Carrera auctions off photos of his dick for AIDS fundraiser

  1. LOL @ the pair of porno regulation bolt-ons and that floppy little dink. What a combo… and what has modern science wrought…

  2. Despite the fact that I don’t like this blog. You guys make a good point. It is hypocritical to tell Katie Couric and the whole world not to ask about our “junk” then go onto show it to everyone.

    1. anything to drum up a little interest, otherwise no one would pay him for dick shots.

  3. Oh look! A MAN with fake boobs and hair and a ton photoshop. Put your pants on, man.

  4. White lillies often symbolise death, they’re common at funerals, the lemon tree, represents the sour, bitter nature of trannies, think that’s a pomagranite with ‘spilled seed’ – symbolising the anus of a man carrera just sodomised and the giant pink sci-fi lady peen on the right, ewwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Here’s the image they’re all imitating.

  5. It seems that Narcissus choked on Persephone’s pomegranate when he discovered that the Goddess of Love has silicone breast implants and a pee-pee. Meanwhile, the virginal white lillies look on, at once innocent and erotically-charged. Katie Couric is not visible, but her presence is felt in this fertile garden. Like us, she’s been shushed into contemplating the deep, mythological roots of the transgender mystique.
    Gosh, men are in love with themselves!

  6. Another aspect of this depraved scenario is the rip-off of the pink crustacean “Adam and Eve” penis fountain monstrosity from Hieronymus Bosch’s astonishing Garden of Earthly Delights (1503). The man with his head inside a bubble of everted anus is also reminiscent of various scenes in other parts of the painting that suggest a debauched and heedless worldly life, as well as Hell. Welcome to the Transgender Agenda, picking up where Aleister Crowley left off.

    1. Good spotting, Bosch – there it is, trannies telling you they’re from hell.

    2. Wow. Thanks. That painting IS astonishing. I thought the transparent bubble on the nude man’s head looked like an amniotic sac, and indeed that’s how the bubble is described on the wiki page for the Bosch painting. The prone position of nude man made me think immediately of Narcissus, and the pomegranate seeds of the underworld or hell.
      Carrera’s pose looks like so many depictions of the birth of Venus. And, yeah, it’s all tied up with a big Christian, original-sin bow. But without a female in sight to blame for it all! Oh, dear, that was a transphobic thing to say! Carrera IS a woman–a temptress yet, just like Eve–and her penis is very womanly …

    3. The actual artist being copied by LaChappelle, a trans fanatic by the way and a fraud, is the artist Joel-Peter Witkin (google him but warning that his images are shocking and not for the faint of heart) — Witkin uses many hermaphrodites in his atrocity photos for their value as freaks in the sideshow carny meaning of freaks. This current pose is right out of Witkin.

  7. Thank you so much for reporting this!!!!!!
    I just saw this in local news, and I’m raging.
    I found it infuriating enough that the Eurovision Song contest winner (gay man with a drag queen persona) is hijacked by the trans cult now and suddenly everyone on the local media is talking about the hardships trans people and gay students face, Lesbians being not even mentioned.
    But these fucking pictures will be all over the place here. They will cause an uproar, and Lesbians like me will get caught in the cross-fire. Not to mention that as a Radical Feminist I don’t WANT to see porn like that! I’m so fucking done with the trans cult hijacking our movement. I’m so fucking done with being associated with madness like this. I’m so fucking done with being attacked for the actions of porn-sick, disgusting men.
    Here is the “woman” version, by the way:
    And the white lilies? They are a symbol of Mary. They will be read like this, Austria has a strong catholic tradition, and they WILL be read like this.

      1. Is the “I am Eva, I am Adam” describing Carrera?
        So he admits he is not a woman?
        Or is “Eva” supposed to be Carrera and the dude with the eyeball on his head “Adam”?
        There actually was an Eve and Adam. Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam, who (it is hypothesised) are our matrilineal
        and patrilineal most recent common ancestor. That all humans alive today have a common linkage back to these two ancestors genetically.
        As Carrera is a fucking MALE, he doesn’t get to continue the Eve line as MtDNA is passed from mother to children.
        Eve was not a pair of fucking silicone tits, you fucking cockweasels. She was a mother with super awesome genetics.
        But male fruit flies can pass MtDNA to offspring and since trans argue that because a female cave-dwelling insect has a “penis” then TRANSWOMEN (with penises) ARE WOMEN TOO!!!111
        We can now say that Carrera can pass his MtDNA to his offspring because fuck biology, we’ve got lesbians to harass and children to sterilize!

      2. > There actually was an Eve and Adam. Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam, who (it is hypothesised) are our matrilineal
        We just called those hypothetical ancestors by the name of the Bible’s characters.

    1. Interesting that in the ‘female’ version, the woman’s pubic area is smooth and barbie like with nothing actually there – I guess a penis is the only real sexual organ and we defective bio women are just lacking any/all functionality in that department.

      1. I noticed that too. I guess we can be more sure of the answer to Katie’s “shushed” question now. While both images are heavily photoshopped, the “lady parts” are clearly imaginary.

  8. This insanity was posted reverently on a so called LBGT web from Toronto that is Trans Cult Central. My comment left under another pseudonym is below where I can be sure it will not be censored and removed by the Trans editors who police the borders of Canadian LBGT web and media for rogue gay and lesbian transflabbia and transphloobia.
    Gramps shills for chest puffs
    Too funny!!! Grampa shilling for a chest puff company! Take the money from the mouths of the poor and waste it on petrochemical chest puffs! Makes an old man feel like Popeye. Too hilarious! But what does the consumer capitalist old-fashioned neo-fascist advertisements for petrochemical chest puffs have to do with the price of rice. Oh those crazy old privileged white men with money to burn.

  9. Lol I like how nothing really changed. The only thing that’s different are his face and the implants. His hands are huge and if you see other photos of him you notice that he is massive.

  10. Carmen Carrerra, she’s soooooo-oooo beautiful. She’s perfect compared to a REAL woman. And hey, maybe it’s a GOOD thing that Carmen Carrerra and other trans want to become models. Great! They can replace regular women in that misogynistic role, because they truly understand and relate to the male psychology and their image of the female.
    Like so many M2T’s she’s obsessed with the idea of being a desired object. and to an M2T, and most men, that’s what the female body is, just an object with no life in it(there is no female mind, as it is presumed that women either don’t have an inner world at all, or that it is simply a reflection of a male fantasy)
    I think most men are gay, and closeted about it, particularlly these supposedly Het men who love porn so much (modelling is just softcore, the preamble) They are not attracted to WOMEN for what women actually are. They are attracted to their own fantasy of dominance-submission which is an entirely male fantasy, and the women who are “turned on” by BDSM and rape are the victims of cultural programming, not their “innate proclivities as members of the weaker sex” give me a f’ing break..
    The female can enjoy the body of her lover selflessly, and sex can be a beautiful dance, enjoyed for its own sake, and not just to get to a 2 second long orgasm. Rare that a man cares about anything other than getting off. So I think these new girls should replace women in pornos and on the covers of these anti-female fashion magazines. I think it’s a good compromise.

    1. “I think most men are gay, and closeted about it, particularlly these supposedly Het men who love porn so much (modelling is just softcore, the preamble) They are not attracted to WOMEN for what women actually are. They are attracted to their own fantasy of dominance-submission which is an entirely male fantasy”
      Yep. I agree.
      I was watching a (BBC?) documentary about sexual abuse on male Pakistani children by older Pakistani men. The men all spoke about women as if they were objects and one even referred to them as “useless things”.
      They all held themselves (despite being child rapists) as good Muslim men who were deserving of a good wife (submissive, cooks, cleans, sex whenever the male wants it etc).
      They complained that women couldn’t be outside of the house so they had to abuse boys. They could be seen with boys outside, go to the movies with them, eat with them etc.
      It is highly probable that these men are also abusing their wives/daughters/sisters etc as well in the home.
      Due to the mindset of what a “man” is, it irritated them that they can’t “parade around” women like that (arm candy etc) so they do it to children instead. (Children being weaker and more submissive)
      One social worker (?) was saying that she thinks that the lack of women around creates this sort of behaviour. (I don’t think she was trying to justify what the men were doing though).
      I just remember thinking “Yeah, if women were around to see these slime balls rape children, they’d probably remove their fucking testicles”
      Similar things occur in Afghanistan (
      And I’ve read reports of the same things occurring in places like Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.
      These men would rather have sex with other males than consider females people with thoughts, feelings, sexuality, and opinions.
      Especially with the Bacha Bazi, they make the boys dress feminine and dance for them. They also rape them.
      It’s a weird disconnect, women aren’t allowed to be human so they dress males up as “women” even though same sex relations are forbidden in the Quran? Way more forbidden then the whole “women and men” should be separate.
      Women are seen as baby makers, purely to create progeny.
      So they *are* attracted to other males. Yep…sounds pretty gay to me.
      Which is fine, there is nothing wrong with being homosexual (despite the trans view otherwise).
      Also, apparently Pakistan is the biggest searcher for gay pornography:
      Who knows though, the men who do this stuff might just rape everything. Men, women, girls, boys, sheep, dogs etc.
      It honestly wouldn’t surprise me
      (NB: Not suggesting that homosexuality=child abuse. More about the dominant/submissive thing and the disturbing ways they take out their repressed sexuality on children/women)

      1. Vanguard (i believe) did a documentary on the afghani forces (the focus of the documentary was actually rampant heroin abuse in the us backed afghani army) the afghani commander of the unit was keeping boys for his sexual amusement because they were easier to maintain than women, who could getpregant and would likely die giving birth in their ass backwards encampment. The US CO in charge of training that unit was like “boo hoo this upsets me so much. But these are the neccesities of war. We have to tolerate this for the greater good..”
        No female officer would be able to look the other way. But then the US could never leave a woman in charge in a country like that. Because to those fuckers she would just be a talking cum receptical with the strange and possibilty titilating ability to castrate them with a well placed bullet. Kinky

        1. I think I’ve seen that documentary. I know I’ve seen one on rampant sexual abuse committed by Afghani forces.
          The American guy is charge tried to stop it, but it was a pretty weak attempt. They’re getting messages from base telling them not to rock the boat too much because they need to leave Afghanistan and can’t cause too many problems.
          They also don’t want to get shot or maimed by Afghani’s. I’m not blaming them (Americans etc) because they aren’t (not to my knowledge) abusing children but they are complicit in it…and that’s pretty disgusting.
          Me on the other hand?
          I would not be so understanding for the sake of politics.

      2. Even in the first world, most adult men who molest young boys are straight men, not even pedophiles.
        That said, the situation in extremely hard-line Muslim societies is also due to the simple fact that women are not allowed in the public sphere. Those men can’t have sexual relations with women until they marry by the simple fact that they can’t associate with single women. And, if those countries perform sex-selective abortions or infanticide and/or permit polygyny (and many of those countries do), some of those men have no hope of ever marrying.

      3. Two thoughts: Farid Esak, the South African humanitarian, has spoken about being sent to a madrassa (correct spelling?) in Pakistan and the attitude towards women taught in such “schools.” This is an old attitude, outlined very well in H.R. Hayes’s The Dangerous Sex, an anthropological study of misogyny.
        Second, I love to quote Jean Genet regarding women’s uselessness: “Without women, you would have been a spot on your father’s pants three flies could have drunk up.”

      4. To clairfy, this Muslim abuse of boys in place of women has NOTHING to do with homosexuality as we know it in the west and everything to do with the Muslim religions division of humans into two forms: Men who are made in Allahs image and rule everything, and women and children who are possessions of men. The relation of these Muslim men and the boys they rape is the same relation to any rapist and his victim — penetration may occur but it is not on any level sex because it is only about power and violence.

  11. Am I the only one that notices that Carrera doesn’t have any testicles/scrotum?
    He’s been airbrushed into oblivion.
    Also, I have seen in trans pornography that often with the stills, they will photoshop a larger “endowment” onto the body. Or, they will photoshop a penis onto a female body.
    I don’t think Carrera will be getting that Victoria Secret gig now.
    This image makes me super uncomfortable. Carrera and the rest of them can scream bloody murder about how they’ve always been women, they are women etc but pop those silicone death traps* out and he’s “back to” being a man in 3 months tops.
    If only everyone in the world got to play pretend all the time. I’d be pretending that I am super rich and immune to the moronic budget my government just proposed for the country.
    (*Lots of recalls due to improper sterilization of materials and risks of leaking, hence: death traps)

    1. Carrera has probably had an orchiectomy, removal of the testicals, which is pretty common for a lot of trans males, even those that ~love~ and keep their dicks. But yeah, he’s been photoshopped so hard that I really thought this was just a drawing. This is an awful photo shoot and I would honestly be surprised if Lachapelle was proud of this, cause even besides the trans content, it’s just an ugly photograph, even for Lachapelle who is gaudy as hell all the time.

      1. I remember Gallus (or someone else maybe?) saying that Carrera didn’t have a desire to remove his bits because he wants to have children.
        So he gets to keep his perfectly crafted womanly figure and play mommy. Hooray.
        Unless he’s banked sperm, I think it’s a reasonable assumption that he still has his testicles. They’ve either been photoshopped out, or that is not actually his penis we are seeing.
        I’ve seen trans pornography and often with still images they will put a larger penis photoshopped in for a MtT or use a female person and photoshop a penis in.
        The majority of them keep their balls when they keep their dick. More difficult (but not impossible) to get an erection without their balls.
        Do you have any stats regarding orchiectomy? Because most MtT get just take estrogen and get implants.

      2. You women! As a man I can tell you what you may not know about male genitalia, but testicles actually ascend back into the body (there is a cavity they go into) when cold or afraid or about to ejaculate or under medications or for dozens of reasons. The man in the pic simply has his testicles pulled up tight and you cant see them — I notice this is a common mantrans practice because these dudes love to show off their ladysticks but their hairy hanging man sacs are apparently not dainty enough for their femme sensibility so they get cold so they will retract and not be visible. Too much info for some I know — but so is the entire trans insanity!

      3. Carmen Careers admits to having an orchiectomy. She just said this week’s ago on the show, “I am Jazz.” She said she got her testicles removed to block more testosterone to enter her body. It’s actually very common among MTF transgendered women. Alot prefer to keep just the penis. I’m not sure how that affects erectioms with her. But I’ve read that some are unable to have erections after starting female hormones. However, some are able to, after several months. Others use Viagra or Cialis, or even the more extreme drugs that can be injected directly into the penis for an erection.
        I don’t know anything specific regarding Carmen, however. She was hesitant to even admit she had an orchiectomy, but 15 y/o MTF Jazz had questions, so she agreed to help her. I don’t know why, but this stuff fascinates me. Especially with Carmen, who was a Drag Queen first, I think is more turned on by the idea of transexual sex relations, rather than Jazz, who has been this way since she could talk, & is still a virgin. Jazz wants bottom surgery before she starts anything sexual. Personally, I think they should really focus on that before helping someone transition. For some trans women, they are obsessed with the sexual aspect, and after they transition, they find themselves unable to have the sex they imagine, and regret their decision, and some even retranslation. They either have problems with the hormones (women tend to be less sexual than men, so taking away their testosterone can be overwhelming). Also, some imagine a very active sex life, but are unable due to nature, or lack of money, to successfully “pass” for female, so they regret transitioning. That aspect fascinates me, for some reason.

  12. I wonder how many TGs were molested as kids. I’m willing to bet a high percentage of them. They were treated as sex objects, hence that’s how they think of themselves. I feel sorry for TGs and angry cultural forces are encouraging their exploitation.

    1. Oh please what a cliche–poor babies were molested. Maybe they have a compulsive and not particularly attractive fetish. As in they get off on themselves molesting women in public spaces. In fact they live to molest others. They are narcissistic porn soaked and they hate women–that’s the whole story. It isn’t complicated or nuanced.

      1. Certainly being a past victim of abuse doesnt justify abusing others! It should produce an opposite reaction in a mentally healthy human being. And certainly not all mtfs are violent and abusive towards women (though clearly an appalling legion of them are!)Trans people are not mentally healthy. Not entirely. They have learned to hate themselves for failing to be complete human according to tje gender essentialist narrative and a percentage of these self loathing individuals will become predators
        They would likely have been predatory any way. Its no excuse. There is none.

      2. I feel a bit like Mochi. Abused people might repeat the circle of abuse if they don’t know anything else, but I don’t see why people couldn’t rely also on the rest of their knowledge.
        In stress, we can rely on what we *know* helps us, or count on people for help.
        An interesting rebuttal is this : since so many women are abused, raped, assaulted, harassed, why aren’t there MORE women abusing, raping and assaulting ? Why is it still men who do it ? The cycle of violence should level itself at some point, shouldn’t it ?

    2. If molestation led to this sort of behavior, there would be huge numbers of women with a cosmic sense of entitlement. I think this is far more clearly a combination of obvious mental illness with that cosmic sense of entitlement that comes with being raised male. I don’t feel sorry for someone like this. If you can afford to put silicone balloons in your chest, you could have found a decent therapist and gotten some help.

  13. I am surprised that everyone is INSULTING Carmen’s beautious lady-peen, because it is clearly ladylike in all the most important ways:
    a) teeny-tiny and delicate, just like a lady
    b) bald as a baboon’s arse, because no true lady would ever let on that she’s a mammal and grows hair (except obvs for the gawwwgeous flowing lady-locks on her head)
    conclusion: Carrera’s ding-dong is in fact MOAR LADYLIKE than me!

    1. someone should tell these dudes that they have TINY dicks, (emphasis on TINY) and see how they freak out at you. That will tell you all you need to know about how they have undone their male socialization+privilege, and how much they are not interested in being sexually male. Lolololol.

  14. How much time did you all waste writing this? no matter how much you speculate and bash, carrera’s not gonna know your names or care what you think. p.s. youre gonna die one day lol

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