Super creepy PFLAG campaign promoting the idea that kids should take drugs to uphold sex-roles

Actual graphic of the “new” PFLAG’s “pro-sex-role” print media campaign

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) was initially formed as a group that supported parents coming to terms with the fact that their kids were gay, back when gay was a terrible, awful thing to be. They ran support groups and such in a pre-internet age for parents desperate for information.
Like many lesbian and gay organizations PFLAG eventually became obsolete as “gay became okay”. Parents and friends of lesbians and gays no longer require the infrastructure of support groups and the outreach network once provided by the PFLAG organization, due to the successful activism of an entire generation of “out” lesbians and gays.
But the political capital and “name recognition” of the now defunct PFLAG organization still has a certain cache, and so has been colonized by members of the transgender movement, who espouse an explicitly anti-gay, anti-feminist platform which is completely at odds with the original PFLAG mandate.
According to the anti-gay transgenderists who are now operating under the PFLAG moniker, lesbians and gays discriminate against and are oppressive to heterosexuals because of our same-sex orientation, which is based on biological sex instead of social gender role.
The current genderist “New PFLAG” platform says that individuals have distinct and inborn innate psychological, intellectual, and personality traits caused by our reproductive biology. And… surprise! These innate differences are evidenced by adherence to norms of behavior which ritualize female subordination to male domination. The “New PFLAG” claims that failure to perform sex-roles is a medical emergency requiring drugs and surgeries designed to disguise sex-role deformed kids as members of the opposite sex. Such deformed children should then try to “pass” as opposite sexed persons in order to uphold sex stereotypes. This medicalization and plastic surgery corrective approach to kids who reject sex stereotypical social roles is somehow supposed to be liberatory and progressive.
What was once a lifeline for parents seeking support for kids who rejected heterosexual and gender mandates now promotes this:
[This is NOT a joke! What follows is the ACTUAL new “Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays” media campaign.]

83 thoughts on “Super creepy PFLAG campaign promoting the idea that kids should take drugs to uphold sex-roles

  1. They want acceptance, but they are ultimately are is people who don’t accept themselves. What we have here are people who place an undue importance on outward appearances.

    1. I want to wear the Hannibal Lecter mask–as long as we don’t wear the same thing–they might misgender us because real women make sure ahead of the party that nobody else will be in the same outfit.

      1. Well we can wear different wigs and have different “chosen gender” names. I’ll be registered as Zoey Raymond. Because I like to stand out. You can be Aiden Daly.

    2. The one on the left would be a rather good gender-fcuk drag queen. The one on the right is like someone thought Jason Vorhees wasn’t creepy enough.

      1. lolol ok you can be Clarice.
        The 13th Annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is scheduled for
        June 12-14, 2014
        at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

    1. Agree, we need our own meeja generally, same as any movement does, our own best movies lists, our own crowd funded shit, our own ‘news’ sites, etc etc and no, no trannies or groupies thereof allowed. Proud to exclude women hating trannies and any other form of appropriation or misogyny.

  2. How is this slick advertising that suggests that females aren’t perfect unless they modify their bodies any different than other advertising meant to make girls and women more insecure about their anatomy?
    The surgical alteration and mutilation of healthy female anatomy is not freedom. If anything, it’s the antithesis of freedom, courage, and empowerment. Any movement or identity based on the alienation, detachment, or hatred and disgust of one’s own body by definition cannot be liberatory. If we are wrong about FTM “transitioning”, it resembles something akin to female genital mutilation.
    Unless we take the time to actually research it and see it ourselves, we don’t see the blood, or violence being carried out on the female sex. “Transitioning” sounds so benign, even progressively trendy. When I first saw the video of “top surgery” in which the nipples and areolas were literally being cut off and surgically trimmed down to size, and I saw what is for all practical purposes elective mastectomies, the images haunted me. Think about this carefully. It basically amounts to elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples.
    Because male areolas and nipples are usually smaller, strictly for cosmetic reasons, the areolas and nipples are cut off, surgically trimmed down, and then sewn back on after the double mastectomy. Loss of sensation to the nipple area is common, and every now and then a nipple graft doesn’t take resulting in the loss of a nipple or two.
    If people want to see what botched surgery looks like, below is a link. Thankfully, this woman has been able to raise money to pay a surgeon to undo some of the damage caused by the first surgeon.
    The mutilation of female bodies is certainly nothing new. It’s been going on for thousands of years. The mutilation of female bodies has a history. From Chinese foot-binding to FGM, it never completely disappears. It simply morphs into something new. Sometimes I wonder how future historians will view FTM (female to male) “transitioning”. Will they view it as just another form, albeit peculiar and disturbing form, of female genital mutilation.
    Even the euthanasia of a deeply depressed and emotionally fragile woman wasn’t enough to make people rethink their attitude towards “transitioning”. Nancy/Nathan Verlhest was so depressed after botched sex reassignment surgery that she asked a doctor to euthanize her. She expressed concern that the skin slap taken from her arm and sewn onto her female pubic area was showing signs of rejection.
    When people actually take the time to see what FTM “transitioning” entails, it’s ghastly. This is why they have to use slick videos and use words that mask the reality of what is actually happening to female bodies.

  3. I have no idea what the masks are supposed to represent, except scary, frightening, fucked up. Am I missing something? Revulsion maybe? Women around perimenopause/menopause develop more facial hair…do older women = men then? Do we stop being women we get older? I mean, do we “age out” of womanhood? Will the new trend during the “change of life” be to change gender? I’m so confused…

    1. great points. sit back and watch the society of cock abort itself in this insane and pathetic frenzy.

  4. More narcissistic self-indulgent crap. Gays and lesbians should stop giving any money to organisations that support trans. Trans is their new cash cow as gays are finally becoming more accepted. We just have to refuse their co-opting of our communities and resources full stop.

  5. No surprise that this insanity comes from Canada where gay men and lesbians won through long battle our legal rights enshrined in legislation and via marriage and all other rights. Unlike the USA which is still working on this, gay and lesbian freedom happened more than 10 years ago in Canada. Since then, Trans has arisen like a monster absorbing all former gay and lesbian media, cultural and social spaces and orgs. Any gay man or lesbian in Canada who says anything critical of trans anything is excoriated — silenced, censored, hectored and bullies, cast out of the LBGT tent (which is itself a lie constructed by bullying trans). Canadian universities are basically trans enclaves where women born women are all chopping off breasts and taking T to be men and crazy men in high heels claiming to be women wreak havoc. As a Canadian gay man nearing 60 I abhor this trans take over and the smug bullying contempt that trans of all purported genders hate the very people who by our complicity, our silence and stupidity, allowed Trans to transjack the concept of Queer as politics. Our relief to have won our battles left us vulnerable which Trans exploited to invade the gay and lesbian body politic and metastasize into the social cancer which has almost entirely devoured its host. No other recent social phenomenon has been so toxic, so entitled, so anti-human, so wrong.

    1. It saddens me to read your post here but I’m also very glad you share this with the world. I had no idea its becoming like that in Canada.

      1. Henke, Gendertrender is the ONLY web site where I can print such comments on the reality of trans insanity. I have been driven off Joe My God, bilerico, and other so called LBGT sites for telling the truth about Trans and Queer and how they are destroying gay (US sites are behind Canada and are obsessed with this LBGTQ concept and will not tolerate any criticism of any member of the victim coalition which they call family). Trans have brainwashed young homosexuals men in a manner similar to evangelic conversion — ask a 23 year old gay male about trans and he will show off to you the devoutness of his total worship of Transgender in the same way that hard-core christians talk reverently about the virgin Mary — no lie — Trans is the religious dogma of the LBGTQ Cult — as rigid as any crazy religious catechism and as entrenched as biblical literalism to fundamentalists. I have been screaming in the gay internet wilderness for more than 10 years about this Trans Insanity and other than a very small handful of other gay men who are also branded as right wing racist haters (transphobe is the equivalent of saying child fucker); the only people to actually really listen and hear the truth about this are the women on this blog! Thank you! I do not know how long this portal of freedom will last.

  6. “The me inside is masculine”…. In other words, girls and women who reject “femininity” and traditional sex roles need to be fixed. Anything is better than having a butch lesbian for a daughter.
    “The me inside is feminine”… Boys and men who appear too effeminate for their own good need to be surgically corrected. We don’t want them growing up to be limp wristed fags.
    It’s warmed over sex stereotypes disguised as new age progressive, but we all know it goes much deeper than this. It could very well be that western countries are engaging in a new form of gay and lesbian eugenics, albeit a progressively trendy form. It’s the proverbial elephant in the living room. We know it’s going on, especially with butch lesbians, but everyone is supposed to pretend it doesn’t exist.
    History teaches us two things. First, medicine and psychiatry have always come up with some rather ghastly and ghoulish ways to cure homosexuality. From forced institutionalization to shock treatments and clitordectomies for unrepentent lesbians, some methods have been both incredible mind numbing barbaric and often inventive in a sick, twisted, and ghoulish sort of way Second, we know that there have times in history in which sex reassignment surgery has been used as a means of social control, specifically the erasing of gay and lesbian identity.
    Which countries carry out the most sex reassignment surgeries? Thailand is number one followed by Iran. In Thailand it’s cheap, and in Iran it appears to be one way that Iran deals with its homosexual problem. Actually, according to Ahmadinejad, there are no homosexuals in Iran. He should know.

    There are no homosexuals in Iran, but the government will pay for sex reassignment surgery.
    Ayatollah Khomeini approved the operations for “diagnosed transsexuals” 25 years ago and today the Iranian government pays for most of the surgery.
    Think about this. Why would one of the most oppressive countries on earth pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals? Credible sources say gay men and lesbians have been coerced into sex reassignment surgery.
    Although it’s usually gay men who are coerced into sex reassignment surgery, I ran across a story about a lesbian in Iran who was given the “option” of surgery or more torture and possibly death.
    “I was fired the same day. When I left work, two men came out of a car and politely asked, ‘May we talk to you for a moment?’ ‘Sure,’ I said. They led me to the car, in which were sitting two more men. They blindfolded me, and I was driven in the car for 45 minutes. They took me to an old building, leading me by taking my sleeves (because they shouldn’t touch my body), then they took me to a room and took off the blindfold. I opened my eyes—now I could see the two men, who were aged 40 to 50.
    I must know who you are!’ I said. But instead of answering, they cursed me and spat in my face and said, ‘You’re a filthy, disgraced, shameless pagan.’ Through the door, I could hear men screaming who were under torture.
    “One of the men burned my legs with a cigarette. I screamed, and they cursed me. I spent four days in this prison in a dark room with a single bed and cockroaches. They took me to the bathroom only once a day and did not allow me to call my mother. During the four days they tried to ‘treat’ my ‘sickness’ with verses of the Koran. I was hopeless and in despair. I was only 19. After four days they forced me to confess: They dictated to me a statement saying I’d committed a blasphemy and wouldn’t do it anymore. I was so afraid, I signed it. Then I was released but remained under police supervision….
    “They took my file to the health branch of the University of Shahid Beheshti and assigned me to two women psychologists who ‘treated’ me for six months. They tried to convince me that I was falsely inculcating myself with the notion that my attraction is only to females. At the end of this ‘treatment,’ they offered to change my sexuality through surgery, and later ordered me to have it. ‘No,’ I said. ‘I’m Maryam, a girl, and I do not want to be a man!’ The female doctor told me, ‘If you don’t change your sexuality and you continue unlawful acts, your future will be a death sentence.’
    We also know that childhood gender non-conformity is a fairly good predictor of adult homosexuality.
    For example, in a 2008 study psychologist Kelley Drummond and her colleagues interviewed 25 adult women who were referred by their parents for assessment at a mental health clinic when they were between three and 12 years old. At the time, all these girls had several diagnostic indicators of gender identity disorder. They might have strongly preferred male playmates, insisted on wearing boys’ clothing, favored rough-and-tumble play, stated that they would eventually grow a penis or refused to urinate in a sitting position. Although only 12 percent of these women grew up to be gender dysphoric (the uncomfortable sense that your biological sex does not match your gender), the odds of these women reporting a bisexual or homosexual orientation were up to 23 times higher than would occur in a general sample of young women. Not all tomboys become lesbians, of course, but these data suggest that lesbians often have a history of cross-sex-typed behaviors.
    And the same holds for gay men. Bailey and Zucker, who conducted a retrospective study in which adults answered questions about their past, revealed that 89 percent of randomly sampled gay men recalled cross-sex-typed childhood behaviors exceeding the heterosexual median.
    Critics have argued that participants’ memories may be distorted to fit with societal expectations and stereotypes. But in a clever study published in 2008 in Developmental Psychology, evidence from childhood home videos validated this retrospective method. People blindly coded child targets on the latter’s sex-typical behaviors, as shown on the screen. The authors found that “those targets who, as adults, identified themselves as homosexual were judged to be gender nonconforming as children.”
    Numerous studies have since replicated this general pattern, revealing a strong link between childhood deviations from gender role norms and adult sexual orientation. There is also evidence of a “dosage effect”: the more gender-nonconforming characteristics there are in childhood, the more likely it is that a homosexual or bisexual orientation will be present in adulthood.”
    By promoting “transitioning” and the transgender agenda, is PFLAG (Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gay) actively involved in gay and lesbian eugenics? I would say it is.
    Advocating for gay and lesbian eugenics doesn’t sound too friendly to me. That is, for gay men and lesbians.

    1. I’m a little unsure how the connection between gender non-conforming and sexuality works. If seen as innately linked, doesn’t it kind of run the risk of creating new boxes for behaviour, exchanging ‘men typically act like this’ for ‘people who are sexually attracted to women typically act like this’?
      I’d have thought it might be because sex role compliance is focused on heterosexual relationships? For me, if I was heterosexual and not asexual, I think I’d have given in to the pressure to accept femininity more, because the ‘men won’t find you attractive’ threat would have had more hold over me, rather than my reaction being to see that as an additional advantage.

    2. Thanks for making this post. Bringing up what Iran does to the homosexuals living there is a taboo topic because most “queer” spaces are now flooded with gender worshiping idiots. Ditto for bringing up medical abuse against homosexuals in the west, or for that matter having any kind of rational analysis that has a context from gay and lesbian history.
      There is a small proportion of the human population that has sex dysphoria and who don’t just grow out of it when they’re older. I sympathize as I have many medical conditions myself. That said, politicizing something like that is never a good thing. There are already people who are detransitioning because they were duped by the genderists and there will be a lot more in the future.

      1. I love this blog so much rage, so little understanding. any way now for my point, i would have been hetrosexual if i hadnt been m2f, also i only really date strait women, you know the kind that have always had boyfriends.. untill me lol.. so i want to know is how my existence make yours worse?

      2. JeJe – in what way does your comment relate to this post or discussion in any way? Your intense overriding narcissism precludes you from meaningful participation in any discussion. Your time would be better spent gazing in the mirror lovey. Ta.

      3. Jeje you are too stupid to breathe. This blog has answered your basic, common place question (which you seem to think is some rhetorical A-bomb, LOL) repeatedly.

  7. This is horrific and ridiculous. It is so obviously a con, a money-maker for the drug companies and clinics and hospitals and psychiatrists and therapists, but why don’t more feminists see how ridiculous and right wing this is? We’d have a chance if they did, but they are collaborating and all girls and women are paying the price. Just feeding the narcissists’ fantasies.
    And you are so right about the “female” mask….

    1. Speaking of the bearded drag queen Eurovision winner – here is an excerpt from today’s oh so touching Mother’s Day Transgender Child post at the formerly gay Advocate site. It describes the heartbreak of having a female child that wants short hair and does not want to wear a dress because “Boys don’t wear dresses!” What could be more inappropriate on a “lesbian and gay” site than telling folks that women can’t have short hair and men can’t wear dresses? Awwwww, the Advocate is a homophobic reparative piece of shit, so sweeeeet:
      “In 2009, my husband, Ty, and I welcomed a baby girl into the world. We named her Alia. But Alia had other plans. As early as 12-18 months of age, Alia gravitated to “all things boy’s” picking out cars, trucks, and dinosaurs over dolls or anything pink or sequined.
      By the time Alia was 3 years old, she continually said, in the adorable way pleading children speak, “Mommy, I want to be a boy.” Alia was clear and articulate in communicating this demand, but my loving response, “honey, you can be anything you want,” was a shortfall in understanding what she was truly saying.
      The problem was, in that moment, I failed to realize that this wasn’t just a cute thing Alia was saying. Alia’s claim to her true self wasn’t the adorable misgivings of a child. It was the fiery sureness of a person’s identity finding a voice. This was the first lesson Alia taught me—to listen, both verbally and nonverbally.
      One afternoon clicking through television channels, I stumbled on Katie Couric’s show, when she had an episode on transgender children. As I watched, I immediately phoned my parents in Colorado who coincidentally were watching the same show. That segment, for the first time, introduced me to the word “transgender” and made me think that maybe this is part of Alia’s story.
      Soon after watching that show, I delved into research on transgender kids.
      A 2011 survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force found that 78 percent of kids who expressed a transgender or gender-nonconforming identity in grades K-12 faced harassment. Thirty-five percent faced physical assault and 12 percent experienced sexual assault. In the same study, 61 percent said they faced harassment and even expulsion because they were transgender or gender-nonconforming at school. These conditions in school contributed to long-term barriers to completing an education, finding a job, and accessing healthcare.
      Understanding these problems helped me come closer to terms with what Alia was going through, but I soon faced another struggle. My husband was reluctant about what all of this meant for us and Alia. He frequently blamed me for encouraging Alia’s innate tendencies and for “creating” the situation. I followed Alia’s wish to remove earrings, wear boy’s clothes and toys, and cut her hair shorter and shorter. But my efforts to help Alia feel more comfortable in expressing her gender often met conflict with my husband. At one family event, they went so far as to stage an intervention convincing me to not “push” and indulge Alia’s desires and instead remain neutral.
      But denying the truth of who someone really is rarely succeeds. Alia’s identity became more firm, growing louder and more apparent with time.
      Ty and I were faced with a choice. We can move Alia through, what my husband called a “phase,” or accept the fullness of who Alia is becoming. We changed his name, removed his earrings and cut his hair to the spiky haircut that made him beam. We let our family and closest friends know, one by one, of our journey and our acceptance of the child that God made. After being rejected from a preschool that insisted we force Alia to be a girl, clearly showing uneducated bias, we finally found a Christian preschool that was respectful of allowing Alex to be who he is. This was the second lesson our child taught us. Motherhood will test our relationships—be it with our partners, children, or with friends—but if love and trust is in your heart, then the right decisions will come to you.
      Today, Alia is Alex. Ty is more supportive than ever, fondly calling him son and engaging in NERF gun adventures and Lego building block competitions. At four-and-a-half years old, I am in awe of this magical child who is so confident in his gender. “That’s a dress, mommy, and I am a boy and boys don’t wear dresses,” he’ll tell me. Alex will frequently remind his grandparents of his new name and has even offered his old name to a new baby should we ever have a new baby girl in our family.”

      1. Soon, feminist discourses such as “trucks aren’t toys for boys” will be criticized because how else would people know what gender they are ?

      2. Oh my. That is horrible. Just horrible. I have a three year old son who often tells me that he’s going to be a mom when he grows up, and have a baby in his belly that he’s going to give milk from his breasts. Because, duh, he’s seen me pregnant and nursing, and he’s A KID and he doesn’t really know enough about how bodies work yet. But according to this, I suppose he’s trans* and is really my daughter. Haha.
        Oh and he also likes to say that he’s going to grow an extra arm when he grows up, because he would like to play, eat and drink all at the same time. Hmmmm is there such a thing as “extra arm reassignment surgery….?” 😛

      3. I can’t believe I just read that. The story has a happy ending because Dad can play Lego with his son. Whew! They came this close to having a daughter who wanted to play Lego like some kind of little dyke or something, and they would have had to forbid that shit and impose mandatory earrings regardless of all the tears and tantrums! Can you imagine? Close call. It must be brain sex, because there ain’t nobody in that house teaching anything that would make a child think it’s more fun to be a boy. Queerness! Sorry everybody… It feels good to type it out.
        Gallus: this is the username I’d rather use if that’s okay.

      4. Jesus Christ what awful parents. Do they always indulge little Alia/Alex’s whims to such an extent? 4 year olds have no idea what they are doing. The inmates are running the asylum when a 4 year old can convince grown adults to call a girl a boy.

      5. It’s called munchausen’s-by-proxy. Transgenderism is tailor made for these parents. They will never be suspected, never be examined, never be jailed.

      6. That’s a big reason why I’m skeptical/wary of young children being given gender dysphoria diagnoses. That diagnosis is tailor-made for Munchausen by proxy since it’s so subjective, and of course adults suffering from Munchausen can easily claim trans identity to garner attention, even beyond the more common special snowflake genderqueer posturing I see these days. There needs to be some sort of basic medical ethics applied to these cases before the lawsuits start rolling in.

      7. “Alex” is going to be SHOCKED when aunt flo comes. Another beautiful father/son moment.

  8. I’m imagining a different ad.
    Let it start panned out over a wide scene and zoom in. There’s someone there in a stereotypically “male” job or action scene, wearing a costume or turned away so the face isn’t visible. Camera watches the person at work for a moment or two.
    Work stops, and the woman takes off the helmet or mask or whatever it is, turns to face the camera. (Welding mask, biohazard mask in a virus lab, whatever.)
    Then “Hi. I’m a woman. I’ve always been here, working here. Many of my sisters work here. I wanted this job since I was a kid, dreamed of it, and now it’s my reality. And I’m the best at what I do, here in this company. What’s that you say? My body is fine. Of course I think like a woman. Because I AM a woman. Everything I do is an example of women’s behavior, women’s natural possibilities. Nothing whatsoever strange about it. ”
    “The only thing strange and mismatched is your preconceptions. You need to change your sensibilities. Only then, will I be truly free.”
    …because yeah, you can be a (welder/scientist/whatever in the scene) AND have a vag. Blows the mind, I know.

    1. The sad thing is that the ad imagined by Adrian used to be standard feminist discourse. Remember “Gonna Be an Engineer?” Or hell, how about “Free To Be You and Me?”

      1. Who knew Marlo Thomas, former “That Girl,” was such a radical?????!!!!! 🙂

    1. Yes! The sinister, uncanny aspect was already there, inside. Nothing has changed, you just brought it closer to the surface.

  9. LOL at them using a white middle-aged male who will look nothing like a woman when he “transitions”. Guess PFLAG knows their audience.

  10. I’m confused. Is the mask supposed to symbolize the false self, or the real one? The one on the left does kinda look like Laura Jane Grace.

    1. I know, Jane. The “real” person is apparently the freaky mask. It’s all properly fucked-up, as we’ve come to expect. The selling of trans narrative relies on layers of confusion and obfuscation to bypass our intellect and go straight to our sympathy. Mostly, that approach seems to be working on the public. This campaign, though, looks doomed to failure. Too much the stuff of nightmares and horror movies.

      1. Certainly when I use a women’s restroom, with one exit, plenty of hard surfaces, standing water (in toilets just the size of my head), and stalls that can be closed from prying eyes – certainly I want THAT in the bathroom with me. Horror movie indeed.

  11. who are these dudes? “FCB Toronto produced two TV commercials featuring a trans-male and trans-female reciting similar lines to demonstrate the deep emotions facing people in this community. Longer versions of the video were developed to amplify the message via social media channels. The print campaign also carries a powerful visual image reflecting the desperation of being trans-male or trans-female, noting: “Not All Prisons Have Bars. Support Trans Awareness.”
    About FCB
    With nearly 140 years of communications expertise, FCB’s worldwide network spans 150 offices in 90 countries, with over 8,000 people, and is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG). In Canada, clients include Air Canada, Dole, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Ontario Lottery and Gaming, Delmonte Foods (Meow Mix, Milk-Bone), Levi’s, Nestle Canada, Mondelez (Oreo), Beiersdorf (Nivea), Ontario Power Authority, Ontario Tourism, PFLAG Canada, Foodland Ontario, Purolator and SunLife. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@FCBglobal and @FCB_TO) and Facebook (FCB Global).

    1. so we skipped the whole “not all prisons have bars. Support Women’s Liberation” Not commercially viable.

  12. Lol! The voiceovers!
    These clips seem like a very ominous set-up to something- sitting in unmade hotel rooms warning the camera in their creepy voices that something is going to come out of them. Like some shitty JJ abrahms paranormal thriller, it will probably be a letdown, but I still want to know what is supposed to come out of them! A raptor with dildos for arms? A mermaid with a clown face? Those creatures in the print ads would work!
    I remember PFLAG, they were a big gay org. There was a Lifetime movie with Sigourney Weaver (television for women!) I also remember some comedy where a well-meaning helicopter mom thinks her kid is gay and she says how she picked up some brochures from Puh Flag, in her nasaly midwestern accent. Does anyone know what movie this could be from? I think it was funny. Are there even any formerly gay orgs left that are not run by hetero male pretenbians? Amazing how the new cause for formerly gay orgs is the sterilization of gay children and youth and the strict enforcement of sex role stereotyping. Instead of praying the gay away, the trans cult promotes worship at the foot of big pharma- destroying the bodies of children so grown ass perverts can slip on ladyee skins “full time” without anyone questioning their motivations. “It’s not all about getting my dick hard! I have real, genuine laydee feelings! Kids have them, too, and they haven’t been jerking off in their mother’s/sister’s/wife’s panties for several decades!” In the heircharcy of gender, women’s garments are symbols of debasement and that is what these guys get off on- like overseers, muddying their faces and jerking off in manacles. The trans cult is insidious and how they have systemically usurped formerly gay orgs is as grotesque as these ads. I am sure the trans cult medical expos are a spectacle of sexism, medical abuse and commerce that would make PT Barnam proud. One born every minute! A sucker . . . or a transcultist . . . just semantics, really, which, as we know, means nothing in the cult in trans.

  13. This wicked eugenics has got to be exposed. I looked at PFLAG’s 990 and their director, Jody Huckabee, is paid $199,000 plus $12,887 in bennies per year. Most of their revenues come from “services” so I’d wager that PFLAG is sensitive to bad PR. They get relatively small grants and contributions for their nearly $3 M annual budget, so their “services” market value is dependent on their organizations good reputation.
    Why don’t Gays and Lesbians go up against PFLAG that is now endangering our collective children?
    This bizarre “pro sex role” is really “pro gender role” at least even their basic premise is false.
    $3,000,000 a year for “services” in their revenues, but paying out $828,567 to The Avalon Group in DC for direct mail and $48,343 to Public Interest Communications in Falls Church VA for telemarketing sounds like a very HEAVY PR outlay for a nonprofit. Looks like they lose $130,000 on their “Straight For Equality Gala Event” so that’s a farce. They gave a big whopping 15 scholarships worth $43,000.
    If I were to evaluate this nonprofit I’d say they are expense heavy, have a huge CEO overhead, don’t give out many scholarships, and their “services” revenues are vulnerable to a bad PR campaign by outsiders who might be able to show what harm these “gender role” medicalizations are for our children.
    There ought to be hue and cry by gay groups that this new trans activist group has high jacked a legit civil rights mission with magical thinking propoganda.

  14. So let me get this you hate trans people, but you are lesbians, right, umm that make no sense at all. You view of men is strange, i think that many of you actually would just be happier as men, really nasty men.

    1. I don’t hate trans people. I just don’t believe in “gender” as any sort of innate thing, I therefore reject the idea that there is a “woman’s way of thinking,” and I don’t believe in any “proper” “correlation” of genitalia to personality of thought processes.
      That’s pretty much it.
      I’m happy enough as myself – who are you to insist that I change?

      1. Jeje doesn’t have a clue what any of us are talking about here on this blog. But he does suspect that it’s a decidedly unfeminine conversation.
        So he wants us to know that this displeases him–all these words he can’t understand–and that we should change our behaviour accordingly, lest men find us “nasty.”

      2. @Tobysgirl – I just get sick and tired of being told I’m supposedly “murdering” people on a daily basis just due to not believing in trans ideology.
        If I regard an M2T as a man, that is not regarding him as not HUMAN, which is what they’re constantly trying to claim it is. “If you don’t believe the origin story and ‘identity’ I claim, then you’re ‘dehumanizing’ me.” They call this “extreme violence,” even, and yes, claim it’s murdering. Because if they get upset, oh, they might kill themselves and supposedly that’s on me.
        Sorry though, I won’t accept that guilt trip. Because, I am not actually doing violence on anyone, and I am not considering anyone “not human.” A male human is still human!
        …so mostly it’s just response to that hyperbole I see constantly.

    2. Disagreement does not equal hate. Women who do not conform to gender norms are not men.
      Not all of us here are lesbians, just FYI. Gender-critical thinking is for anyone who wishes to cut through the bullshit, no matter their sex or sexual orientation.

    3. Why do YOU trans people hate gay men and lesbians is the real question. The Trans Manifesto states that “genital preference is the same as racism” This concept, besides being insane and anti-human, is a hate concept. You do not win legal human rights by immediately trying to suppress the sexual rights of others not to mention the attempt to pretend reality does not exist (most people are not sexually attracted to trans because of your mismatched or mutilated genitals!)
      Next, the term “cis” is a hate word. Why — because we tell you it is. Period. I asked politely on a blog for a trans person to stop using the word cis and explained why (use the term non-trans) and they peevishly snapped, No I dont wanna, you nasty TERF (I am a man actually, gay but not a woman — maybe a TERG Trans-exclusing radical gay!). This trans person was trying to present as some wise older trans and ended up being as vile and snappish as the teen transmen raging on roids and attacking the non-trans world because they cannot get sex. Why are trans so hateful, contemptuous and insulting to gay men and lesbians (and to the 80 per cent of the world of hets who have genital preference as their reality — though I see trans is nice to bi since they are the only ones you will ever get sex from!).
      Trans is a hate cult. And as you get more publicity and the REALITY of your movement and not the magical thinking, the lies and the cons but the destructive hate base — as this becomes known, get ready. The trans backlash is coming and it will not be violent or any melodramatic nonsense — it will be a giant societal scream of BORING! And trans will be ignored as the silly little mental case historical blip that you were. Within 2 generations, what is known as trans now will be laughed at as an idiotic internet-created fad; and we will all wonder why anyone ever cared about such childishness.

      1. “genital preference is the same as racism” Oh god. I’ve heard that so fucking often. No one has the responsibility to validate the identity of others! No one needs to offer their body or sarcrifice their sexual autonomy just because some sick fucks in the jendahqueer/twanz community are angry that they can’t get laid.

      2. I read that shooters manifesto and it expresses the same male sentiments, the same hate of women, the same entitlement and the same male rage against women who will not pleasure them and the same narcissism as the T manifesto expressed. They can make up all the jargon they want. They can cry the blues. It is all about their ejaculation–the ultimate fuck. Which they are not getting. Once the pleasure from feminating in public and forcing women to watch their exhibitionism wears thin they will up the ante. Not sexually pleasuring a male is punishable by death. Autogynephilia when combined with a movement of misogyny entitlement and a whole spectrum of males with personality disorders is the perfect storm. They will be lucky if they are seen as just boring. There is no difference between these men and the shooter–they can’t get fucked and every women owes it them.

      3. @Motherhood- reading the murderer’s rants about women brought to mind the rants of transgender animator and MRA Dave (now “Darlie”) Brewster. It struck me how the killer’s words match Brewster’s views on women nearly word for word.
        A sample:

      4. @gm–yes, yes the themes are repeated. And they are male themes. These guys do not have nuanced thinking and Brewster is as crazy as a shit house rat and he hates women.
        It is clear that all of these guys are failed alpha males who were not able to publicly subjugate women in front of other men because women intuited were dangerous, not mention repulsive.
        What a cultural moment. It could not get more reactionary. They have this brief camouflage paid for and condone by linking themselves to LBG. When the G’s realize that these guys are money pits of demands and abusive and violent they will cut them loose. But then there is the whole refusal on the part of the APA to come out and say what they all know—compulsive aggressive fetish. And they know this.
        Very interesting, check out how many of the dude bros have even noticed that women were gunned down. I mean who could blame them. They have a lot on their plates with Rue Paul’s transphobic comments and then being misgendered every second, and that hang nail—they are on the edge of suicide. The question is how many women will they take out with them.
        I wonder, was it just transphobia that this shooter did not kill anyone that “feels like women”(injustice at every turn–when will they be accepted as real women?) maybe was he only aiming for women? Gender Theory: the codification of bending every reality and truth so that the demands of men to have their arousal triggers and their sexual pleasure met and represented as a civil rights and social justice issue.

      5. @Motherhood – The intense need of a woman to “validate identity” is where I saw the parallel. He has to have a woman, and it can’t be just any woman either (he makes fun of ugly women in his diatribe, which I actually read too… damn it was long) it has to be a certain “socially desirable type” because only this will “validate” him as an alpha male.
        This reminded me of the M2T who will insist that a woman have sex with them, but not another M2T (which is hilarious – to the M2T, I thought M2T were fully women???) or even a bisexual woman, because that wouldn’t give the validation which is what they’re actually seeking. No, it has to be a woman who will interact with them in the most intimate of ways AS a woman. Completely mind-control.
        The usual clueless types on the internet were commenting “haha, he should know he can pay for sex” but I was happy to see that quite a few people were correcting that, pointing out that no, by this guy’s “rules” (and so many people have this same “rule”) paid-for-sex would explicitly NOT suffice, because the whole point was he needed his “identity” as this “super deserving” alpha male to be validated.
        You can’t force people to see you as you see yourself.

      6. Adrian–“You can’t force people to see you as you see yourself.” Yes, and that reminds me of what the photographer Diane Arbus said about her subjects:
        “there’s a point between what you want people to know about you and what you can’t help people knowing about you.”
        For Elliot Rodger, who saw himself as a god, as well as the trans cultists and all abusive and violent males, other people exist to mirror back their identities to them. If others fail to do that often enough, or they see the guy for what he really IS, then the reckoning begins in one form or another. Murder being the most extreme form, but it’s all the same supremacist, narcissistic mechanisms.

      7. Yes, Gallus and Motherhood, the “prose” of Dave Brewster and Elliot Rodger are virtually indistinguishable. Dave is less literate–that’s about the only difference. But, they are cut from the same virulently woman-hating cloth. Here’s more straight-up, undisguised misogyny from “Darlie.” These are his comments on Twitter regarding Sheila Jeffreys’ interview on Resistance Radio:
        ‘The idea that that Sheila Jeffreys is teaching anyone is frightening. She is a dinosaur that is lost in a world of senility. Women have used sexuality to control and manipulate the “superior sex class” throughout history. They created the garments and , heels and makeup .’
        ‘Jeffreys is living in the 50’s .Her fetishization of an era long past is an absurd relic of history […] Most often these TERF radicals must point to other countries for “arranged marriages” and “ genital mutilation”. It is not part of the American culture. Disconnected and lost in their misunderstanding of culture these women have a agenda you should really understand. Conversation of heterosexual women to lesbians.’
        ‘So the complete cutting out of male existence. Their hate of men is so strong they focus their entrée energy on trying to prove that men are disgusting, violent animals not worthy of being touched by women. You all find them building icons to male violence to use in their bizarre narrative. “‘
        ‘You need to understand who this woman is and what she is really saying to you dopey men. She claims that women are subordinate when in truth every word from her mouth is screaming how superior she feels women are, No man will ever win in this situation. Ever crime committed by man or woman will be blamed on men. Anyone who buys this ridiculous dogma is doomed o find themselves in Jonestown. Jeffreys is selling the same Koolaid Jones was, its just a different church.”
        This is all violent MRA talk: Women control men with their sexuality. Women blame men for men’s crimes (imagine that!). A feminist who writes books is the same as one of the worst, most violent, murderous, woman-hating, racist cult members who ever lived–Jim Jones. So, women have the power, and the will, to capture men, put them in encampments, institute complete psychological and sexual control, and destroy them. Women must be stopped from speaking.
        Dave Brewster is a madman. Not mentally ill, but crazy and dangerous. What he writes is no different from what Elliot Rodger wrote, and what Rodger wrote was a justification for murdering women (for being women) and men (for having sexual access to women). A justification not just for himself, but for ALL disgruntled men who imagine that they have been “oppressed” by snooty bitches, sluts and older (“dinosaur”) feminists.

      8. I really, really hope you’re right about that backlash. I do think that there will be a backlash against these trans maniacs sooner or later once they start attacking straight people more often for having a sexual preference. Mostly they just attack lesbians and occasionally gay men for their sexual orientation but eventually there will be a backlash. Not to mention, there was the case where a hospital in Texas instituted a trans-inclusive policy after actual pedophile rapist Paul(a) Witherspoon felt discriminated against.
        I don’t think that kind of behavior will be accepted by mainstream society very long. The downside is that the parasites have attached themselves to the LGB community and so I’m just worried that the backlash will include us too.
        Trans and the related “radical” queer community are cults full of narcissists. Seriously, I hate the dumbfuck make all sorts of false accusations about my beliefs on gender, and then when I corrected her, she whined about how the conversation was “triggering” her even though she started it. Also, she thinks that males who pretend to be women are the most oppressed. Fucking handmaidens.

      9. Gallus, the thanks go to you, for making the connections, and for creating/providing the space where we can make more and more connections together. (If I knew how to insert a fat, red heart in my comment, I’d put one right —> here—for you, and for all the other women I learn from here!)
        One more thing thing about Mr. Brewster’s comments on Jeffreys. You’ve noticed he put quotation marks around “arranged marriages” and “genital mutilation”? That’s not because these are direct quotes or unusual phrases. Readers and writers understand that using quotation marks in this way is to cast doubt, and in this case to make FGM and institutionalized rape (via marriage, including child marriage) into dubious ideas that feminists might’ve just made up in our quest for … what? World domination? Everything they say–everything–is a perfect projection of what they have done and are doing.

  15. @ Morag99–bullseye.There is a pattern. They were a failure with women and even a bigger failure at or “as” women. They could all get their dicks chopped off along with their trigger fingers for all I care. Then they would still be men but perhaps not as dangerous.
    Transphobia—hell yeah. These men are scary as hell, violent and dangerous. What I seriously don’t get is why they are so fricken stupid. I mean their arguments on the rare occasions when the attempt to make them are so dumb. The fact that all women can’t get preganat does not make a man a woman, female menopause does not make a man a woman. All the intersex people in the world dancing on the head of a pin or in a grand ballroom does not make a man a woman. Tons of hormones, surgergy and hellish clothing still he is not a woman. Some women are good at sports does not make a man a woman. High heals and a hard on does not make a man a woman. And the ole “Oh you want this package baby?” Naw I’ll pass—and then they mouth it to the mirror makes them sad sacks.
    So like clock work they decompensate into all this vile crap. Misogyny is blind and stupid. The main criticism of women is they are old or passé—News Flash–hey dick head you think you’re not looking anything other than 40+ in that WTF 1980’s big hair dress? And if they think women look bad at 40—these guys look like my revenge.
    The male rage, the manipulations, the lies and the violence. Brewster is a straight up violent obsessed psychopath. He is classic. He has harassed so much that I have no doubt he is well known to authorities. The only way these types can get females is to kill them. And they will do it too.

    1. Motherhood–yes. And yes, yes, yes to every point you made.
      “They decompensate”–that’s exactly what they are doing. And that’s when men are at their most frightening and dangerous to women (and also sometimes to other men as well): when reality starts to press in hard against their current delusions, and they suspect that they may not be demigods after all. Then the madman surfaces fully, and he can’t maintain his disguise and doesn’t even try. Next, suicidal or homicidal threats, and usually both together, because they are the SAME thing for men like this. It’s all very terrifying to watch and not know how to stop it.
      But, I do have to say this made made me laugh out loud: “All the intersex people in the world dancing on the head of a pin or in a grand ballroom does not make a man a woman.” The one funny thing about their wild decompensation is that–yeah, you’re right–it makes them so DUMB. God, those hilariously stupid “arguments” they make to bubble-wrap their narcissistic delusions!

    2. “…these guys look like my revenge.” 😀
      AWWWWW YISSSSS! I love your words, Motherhood. I really freakin’ do.

    3. Motherhood: And if they think women look bad at 40—these guys look like my revenge.
      Very good! Very funny! I’ve never understood that bit about men aging gracefully and women getting old; that’s an opinion that can only be held by someone with empty eye sockets. All one has to do is look around and see how much better aging women look than men, really! Let alone men who look like truck drivers with limp stringy locks and lipstick.

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