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  1. That was the biggest fucking wankfest I have ever seen.
    “It’s impossible to condense the complex notion of identity into a single unchangeable M or F”
    Male and female aren’t fucking identities you morons! They’re biological sexes! AAAARGH! These fucking people are doing my head in.
    “Waaaah! You CAN’T define me”.
    I think I can. I can define you as a self entitled whiny fuckstain.
    The government/banks are oppressing you because they need to make sure you ARE who you say you are? Yes, all the laws governing identification documents were created just to oppress your mental illness. They’ve got nothing to do with the prevention of identify fraud or human trafficking etc.
    This video seems to me that they wish to be able to change their legal documents through the DMV without any checks at all?
    Male sexual deviant and batterer of women?
    One hour at the government help desk and then coming to a female bathroom stall near you!
    I DEMAND the government recognise me as a police officer/forensic technician. I haven’t finished my training yet nor have I been sworn in, but ‘gatekeeping’ me like that by making me ‘jump through hoops’ invalidates my identity as a fully fledged member of the police force.
    I will be reporting to my local police station for my Glock 22 and my Forensic van. I know my identity! I IDENTIFY AS A POLICE OFFICER! THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT IS OCCUPATION-PHOBIC!

    1. You beat me to it! Biological sex (XX, XY) has nothing to do with “gender identity” this is getting ridiculous!
      Once can identify as a flying goat for all I care but at the end of the day it DOES NOT changes one biological sex!!!!! There are no stereotypes about it…females generally have uteri, ovaries, menstrual cycles and other things that biological males WILL NEVER have.
      One shouldn’t feel the need to get sex reassignment surgery just to reinforce the “gender straight jacket”! If a female wants to buzz her big head-more power to her! That does not make her a man! If a big headed male wants to grow his hair out and into a ponytail-more power to him! He will never be a woman!

    2. “Waaaah! You CAN’T define me”.

      What’s funny about this is that they clearly want us to define them, so long as that definition is exactly what they say.
      That’s where I really started to part ways with transactivism. You want to identify as whatever? Knock yourself out. I couldn’t care less. Oh, but wait, that isn’t enough. I now have to regard you as being exactly what you say regardless of what I’m looking at. Sorry, not happening.
      Transactivism is way too geared toward external validation. It’s like if gay men and lesbians centered the LGB movement 30 years ago on getting straight people to love them rather than focusing on fighting for their rights. It’s ridiculously wrong-headed.

    3. Yep, or…I’m male who just killed a woman, quick I’ll change all my documents so no one will suspect a dainty lil’ female like me *giggles*

  2. The sheer brain-dead existentialist identity libertarianism is nauseating. “Oooh my identity exists only in my head and only I know what it is I’m so speshul” what bollocks. Characteristics that we consider ‘identities’ are meaningful and politically important but they are also socially constructed and assigned. I’m not white because I have a super-speshul feeling in my brain of historically oppressing the crap out of most of the planet leading to huge socio-economic privileges today. I can’t just start ticking off ‘British Asian’ on diversity monitoring forms so my employer can feel less racist because I really like curry and want to get to wear a sari all day.
    And it’s really telling, of course, that the focus of activism is not ‘people should be able to dress and appear however they want regardless of what’s on their ID, and discriminating against people who don’t ‘look right’ for their biological sex should be illegal’ but ‘people should be able to pretend their biological sex isn’t real and have the government erase their history on a whim’. Imagine if the gay rights movement were focused on making everyone pretend we’re actually heterosexual.

  3. Using the logic of this video, I could argue that I don’t “feel” the age I am and am being oppressed by my legal birth date. Silly but not so far-fetched considering delusions of gender are being accepted as reality. Transgenders today, tomorrow there will be transgenerationals, transracials, even transspecists seeking legitimization. When we start giving into people’s demands to be recognized by their feelings rather than biological facts, where does it end?

    1. yeah, I feel like I’m 67 on the day social security checks are mailed out, anybody want to pay for my early retirement? cause I’m speshul

  4. Gallus, have you seen the story about a transgender chicken taken to the sanctuary run by a transman? I couldn’t believe it! First, the hen, unless someone saw an egg coming out of her (believe me, it takes incredible patience), was simply a rooster who was a slow developer. Second, the “transman” looked like a woman with a little facial hair. Whoops, I’m a transman!

  5. What the fuck. Seriously, what.
    “It’s impossible to condense the complex notion of identity into a single unchangeable M or F”
    No, it’s not. I am doing it right now.
    I am female. I have sore breasts because I have a raging case of PMT. I’m already fairly bloated which means I can expect a visit from the period fairy in the next three days or so. I hope I am not in a public place when it happens. It’s generally a bit epic
    If I decided I was a man tomorrow, I still would be female. If I decided I was born as a North Korean, I’d still be from the UK. If I decided I was a Cypriot mountain goat, I’d still be human. Some things do.not.change.
    The idea of female as an identity you can adopt or cast aside, I just don’t get. I didn’t choose to be female (or human, or from the UK) but I am. It is not possible now for me to say “Oh, you know what, I have secretly been a man all along. Start calling me Dave and don’t insult me by asking if I have a penis. I have a MALE VAGINA and that vulva you see there? It’s a MAN’s VULVA. Hey, they call it men-struation for a reason!”
    Being female is a complex tricky thing. We contain multitudes, and not all of the multitudes look like conventional ideas of femininity. I don’t look conventionally feminine, but I bleed and have boobs and everything else which goes along with my biological sex. I didn’t pick this, but I have this, and I am not ashamed.
    A man can’t grow his hair long and put a dress on and be female. It doesn’t work like that. This is what I am struggling with,

    1. It’s a slap to every females’ face that a guy wearing a dress is considered a “woman”…he doesn’t even go through what a typical biological female has to go through and it’s insulting to say the least!

  6. Well, this is silly. No government “decides” who is male or female. Governments generally do, however, record this information for all kinds of necessary reasons. At every turn, trans people reveal how self-important and self-obsessed they are.
    They are also a sentimental bunch, aren’t they? About themselves, I mean. The visual style of the media they create for themselves is naive and childish and often seems to convey a misty, sexless innocence all adrift in the cold universe, and battered by the sexed meanies who demand identification cards at the queer playground. Oh, why? Why? they ask. Why can’t we allow children to be children? The grown-ups have lost touch with the magical world!!
    What a load of propaganda.

    1. LOL Morag, you summed that up perfectly. I find the faux naive style to be as irritating as it is blatantly manipulative. And what a contrast between the silent, oppressed POCs featured the video and the shrill, aggressive white males that make up most of the trans lobby.

      1. Good observation, Lint–the POC with crestfallen expressions and their shoulders sagging under the weight of “coercively assigned” sex. And the one shaggy white guy looks like he wandered away from a laboratory and can’t find his way back, the poor thing. Who are these cartoon people? Where are the cocky white men and spoiled white boys banging out their misogyny on keyboards all over North America?
        Another thing: that female voice-over! Her cute, rising intonations. Gosh, gee, what does it all mean? She’s so tentative about the material world, apparently because it’s all dream-like and uncertain. The only thing these gentle souls can be sure of is their innate need to perform gender and to force other people agree with and validate essential gender. Is that really too much to ask?

      2. I agree with you on all counts, especially the childish and hesitant style of the female voice over. The faux tender/gentle almost dreamy voice with a touch of vocal fry is so transparently manipulative… the trans lobby has really out done itself in trying to mask it’s seething white male core.

      3. And “health care” is represented by an endless conveyor belt of cartoon pills. The whole video has the same format as a pharmaceutical ad: mournful piano music, sad sympathetic narrator, cutesy childlike style.

  7. that’s really a novel definition of identity.
    identity does not reside inside your brain. it is a social phenomenon. identity is ascribed to a person by external factors such as parentage, ethnicity, religion, race, nationality, and sex. they are all imposed from outside.
    most people on earth do not get to choose their names. they are called by and they call themselves with the name ascribed to them by others. in most countries it is very difficult to change this, and changing last name except by marriage, divorce, or adoption, is usually impossible.
    remember: Open Society Foundation (OSF) is George Soros.
    this video is brought to you by George Soros money.

    1. I had studied cultural anthropology decades ago, and am copying the wikipedia words of Claude Levi-Strauss a structural anthropologist:
      “The critical distinction, then, remained: does a social fact exist because it is functional for the social order, or because it is functional for the person? Do uniformities across cultures occur because of organizational needs that must be met everywhere, or because of the uniform needs of human personality?
      For Lévi-Strauss, the choice was for the demands of the social order. He had no difficulty bringing out the inconsistencies and triviality of individualistic accounts. Malinowski said, for example, that magic beliefs come into being when people need to feel a sense of control over events when the outcome was uncertain. In the Trobriand Islands, he found the proof of this claim in the rites surrounding abortions and weaving skirts. But in the same tribes, there is no magic attached to making clay pots even though it is no more certain a business than weaving. So, the explanation is not consistent. Furthermore, these explanations tend to be used in an ad hoc, superficial way–one postulates a trait of personality when needed.”
      The trans are postulating a trait of personality when needed – and convenient. They use magic thinking to assert their need for control. And, hence all their inconsistencies.

  8. This sounds silly. Where I live, the stuff that matter most to people isn’t their “identity”, it’s having people they love and who love them, a sense of belonging (roots, as Simone Weil beautifully puts it).
    As Europe shows it, western people care far more about having/finding/keeping a livable and meaningful place in society than about any sort of “identity”, whether of sex, culture or country.

  9. Since when is the M of F on someone’s legal documents a “gender marker?” I thought those letters designated SEX? If you’re in a gruesome car accident, or if you are killed and your body is found later, then it makes a lot of sense for the paramedics/police etc to know that your BODY is male or female. What you chose to identify as is completely irrelevant.
    That said, I guess having a third category, X or 0 or whatever is actually a better idea than having male people carry around legal paperwork which designates them as F and vice versa. And people with X or 0 could use “gender neutral” restrooms. But I guess the M2Ts don’t want that, do they? They want access to women’s bathrooms.

    1. If folks want a gender category on their personal documentation then that’s fine by me, so long as it’s understood that it’s a GENDER category distinct from a SEX one. It’s perverse that that gender entered the lexicon specifically to distinguish learned traits from innate characteristics and yet subsequent generations seem unable or unwilling to parse the difference. If you’ll pardon a coarse analogy; fuck a tranny six ways from Sunday and you’ll not make a baby: there’s sex in a nutshell. And especially now that the notion that any kind of physical – hormonal/surgical – transition need not take place for identity to be validated… It’s the ludicrous notion that women ought to tolerate penises in their changing rooms that drew me to GT.
      The bottom line with ‘gender’ is that it’s infinitely mutable: it can be, and is, skewed to whatever serves the needs of (male) society in its era. Sex never changes. Are fertility clinics to be opened to transwomen bafflingly unable to conceive? Hmm, I wonder….

  10. I suppose it’s not surprising to learn that George Soros, funder of propaganda far and wide, is behind this message. One look at it and it was clear that major money — multiple artists, art director– went into it. Funny how this poor, more-horribly-oppressed-than-anyone-else group has so much money to spend on production values, but so little to spend on things like, say, the shelters they are itching to invade. Bonus points, also, for propaganda that not only lies about the opposition, but accuses us of the things they themselves are guilty of.
    I’m talking of course about the statement that sterilization is being forced on trans before they can change their “gender” marker. The reality is that any trans male who despite his oppressive dysphoria somehow still wants to be a father can ejaculate into a container and have his fertility preserved. It’s that simple, and pretty low tech. No drugs involved, no pesky side effects But its trans who are forcing sterility on kids they are using as pawns in their propaganda war to make the pervy autogynophile next door seem like the sweet preteen who is confused by all the lies about gender we’ve all heard from birth. With plenty of high potency drugs, and horrible side effects. But if it serves the purpose of allowing some autogynophile to maintain his hard-on, it’s for the best. Right George?

  11. What a disgusting little piece of propaganda. Just listening to the smug, faux emotional narration made me want to punch my computer.
    I’m am tried of the trans lobby trying to upend reality and force us all to play along in their game of make believe. Selfish and short sighted in the extreme…

  12. Geez, I have had to deal with all this stuff as a butch lesbian, and gender is not sex sheesh, and criminals want to “change gender” hmm very convenient….

  13. there are some gay men who support and push transexuals in the female personal and private territories. well to tell you what, to rationalize with the gay men, is by asking these questions and want truthful honest answers. the list of questions to ask gay men:
    1. are you sexually active?
    2. Let’s say you go to a gay bar and you see a good looking guy named Ron, and you agree to do it in your home. Ron tells you that his muscles and tan is fake, you say you don’t mind and your ready to do intercourse, but then Ron confesses also that he is actually a she and wants to have a sexual penis and vagina intercourse. would you as a gay men continue yes or no? why?
    3. would you still continue if it was anal sex? yes or no? why?
    4. if you say no, does that make u transphobic? yes or no?please explain?
    5. Would you mind having intercourse with a transgender male to female (but not female to male),?
    6. By enfourcing that males could be females abd you can still sleep with them. Do you think that homosexuality is cured?
    Meaning that gay men would be instinct becuase now they are dating transgenders who they consider as real women?
    7. Gay men who are married to transgenders. what is your actual sexual prefernce? do you think your gay, bi or straight now?

    1. Storm girl, your questions have all been answered many times over the in so called LBGT and Queer media and blogs and academia. It was declared years ago that any gay man who refused to have sex with a so called gay trans man (who had a vagina) was the equivalent of a racist. No arguments allowed. The concept TERF about women who will not have sex with trans with dicks who call themselves women has been played out in the gay male world in relation to so called gay transmen for almost a decade. Google Buck Angel, who is on record as saying her mission is to turn on every gay man to the vagina which is a male sex organ because she is a gay man (though only in porn since she actually lives with a woman). Former gay men who are cowed by trans pretend they are open to the trans man vagina sexually, but the only gay men I have ever encountered who were turned out to actually be bi or pan sexual and were not actually gay men. By the way, the term for gay men who do not have sexual attraction to trans men is mono-sexual homosexuals. Monosexuals include all heterosexuals, and homosexual men and lesbians who only have sex with the same sex, meaning the same genitals (and hetero with the opposite). Monosexuals are considered transphobic in the same way a white person who sexually rejects a black person is racist. Monosexual homosexuals are indeed the named enemy of trans people.

  14. Lmao @ forced sterilization. “They won’t put female on my passport and let me keep my cock and balls to jerk off with!”. This vid is some pretty sick Orwellian shit.

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