New Narratives 2014: Transwomen Organizers Fear Violence and Harassment -from Transwomen

new narratives 2014
A group of male transgenders organizing a “Transwomen Only” conference are being called “Self-Exclusionary Radical Feminists” or “SERFs” by other male transgenders in this week’s GenderTrender “jumping the shark” edition.
The conference, called New Narratives 2014: Reframing the conversation, organized by three male transgenders is scheduled on Sunday May 25th following the trans-inclusive Radical Feminist program RadFems Respond in Portland Oregon. The day-long New Narratives workshop runs concurrent with the women-only portion of Radfems Respond and is designed to address issues specific to the male transgender or “Transwoman” community and provide safety and privacy for those attending. This is hugely controversial in the transgender community because the conference tacitly supports the rights of females to meet outside the presence of males in the concurrent female-only Radical Feminist gathering. Eliminating the rights of females to women-only spaces is the number one priority of the transgender movement, whose aim is to roll-back sex-based legal protections for women.
Further, the transwoman-only gathering, although pro-genderist, seeks to redirect the goals of the gender movement away from interfering with women’s interests and the erosion of our legal rights, although they don’t exactly explain how.
Still, in such an anti-woman political climate- where multiple sexual assaults of homeless women by male transgender Jessica Hambrook (who used “gender identity” laws to access vulnerable female victims) is responded to by trans activists by lawsuits against another homeless women’s shelter who protected women from a man, JodieLynn Wiley who defines “womanhood” by his sexual kink- the simple recognition that women exist and are human and deserve human rights seems like a huge sea change in the noxious anti-woman transgender movement.

Jodielynn Wiley's online review of the Ultra Bullet Power Vibrator up his ass
Jodielynn Wiley’s online review of the Ultra Bullet Power Vibrator up his ass

From the New Narratives website:

Speech that is silenced in trans communities

*Acknowledging male privilege, male socialization, and it’s effect on behavior. Verboten. Evidence of self-hate.  It is interesting to note that on the recent 350+ signatories of the Zinnia petition,  approximately 120 out of 390, or 31%, listed a STEM occupation. And yet we are to ignore the forces of sex-based oppression that keep females disproportionately absent from STEM fields, and privileges males.

*Siding with females on safe space issues?
Treason of the highest order. Evidence of self hate.

*The realities of passing, and challenging self-identification as proof of gender? Elitism, dismissed as appealing to society as one of the ‘good ones’.

*Calling for rational engagement and an end to online violent and bullying behavior?
“Stop tone policing me! I’m just venting!”

*Identifying and expressing concern over the fetishization of female objectification and submission prevalent in trans behavior?
This is actually frequently discussed as a source of shame. Rarely, however, is fetishization and autogynephilic behavior discussed as arising out of misogyny and male socialization. Instead, it is ‘normalized’ as a symptom of being trans (“you do that too? what a relief!”), and is not unpacked and unlearned.
Holy shit 31% STEM careerists! Wow.

 Why we feel the need to remain anonymous

MAY 5, 2014 /

New Narratives 2014 is being organized by three transsexual women. We are putting together this workshop in order to encourage members of our community to ask tough questions and to do some internal work that may be very difficult. We realize that not all trans women are in a place where they are ready to consider these notions.

To be blunt, many of the topics we hope to explore during this event are dynamite within the trans community. As individuals, we have in the past been shouted down, called names, accused of transphobia, accused of self-hatred, accused of violence, blocked, banned, smeared, and threatened for voicing our opinions and concerns. Additionally, all of us live stealth lives. We are torn between our concern for our sisters and community and our fear not only of losing the normality we’ve built for ourselves in our personal lives, but also being personally attacked and libeled by zealous trans activists. Moving this discussion from the virtual world to the real world is risky, and we are well aware of the fire we’re playing with. Attendees will be meeting with us personally, and we’re ready for that step, but posting our identities online publicly still feels reckless at this point.

To any and all trans women who already consider themselves gender and/or trans-critical, or to any who find themselves at a crossroads in their conception of self and community: please come. We’re holding this event because we care and we seek better directions for trans discourse. We’re anonymous because we know the current state of trans activism and we recognize the necessity of caution.


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  1. Breaking the silence. I wonder how this is going to play out in the media, and with the governments?

  2. Dang, I hope they survive the keynote address….
    Wouldn’t it be spectacular if 5,000 Feminists showed up in support of this conference? We could function as camcorder totting security. Heck, I’d settle for 500 women with iPhones.

    1. Hmmm. I certainly whole-heartedly support men-only seminars for female impersonators who want to parse how they can be less harmful to actual females. Sure, why not? Men, who seem to be devoted to a “not all men are like that!” platform distancing themselves from the violent murderous corrective rape threats, harassment and stalking sociopathy perpetrated by their fellow female-impersonators must be a good thing. And I’m all for men, even female-impersonating men- trying to live with themselves, and “feel better”. Of course. Why not. Feel better. I hope they do. We should all “feel better”.
      But why the FUCK would I want 5,000 feminists showing up for the “Not all men are like that” conference when there aren’t those numbers showing up for ACTUAL WOMEN. Why the FUCK would (or should) women devote resources to a female-impersonating men’s seminar when female gatherings such as Radfems Respond, that these men are piggybacking off of, are so under siege that even myself, Gallus Mag, is not welcome to attend because all attendees must be “screened” to avoid being targeted by violent men?
      These female-impersonating men glom onto a feminist conference whose actual female participants meet under threat of death, in order to promote their “Not All Men Are Like That” thingy. Okay. Fine. When will 5,000 female-impersonating dudes, or 500, or 50, or 5, form a human chain against their brothers at a single woman-only radical feminist gathering? I’m guessing never, ever.
      Even these “oh so courageous” male transgender “not all men are like that” fellows have extended no such support to actual women who would like to hold feminist conferences for women-only. Nah. They are holding a man conference for men, in the interest of men. And unlike the women’s conference they can allow all men to attend without “screening”, because lets face it, men, even “not like that” men, can do what they want. Call me when they devote such energy to support women.
      I have to seriously call into question your vision of female power being expended to protect men from other men. It saddens me, sickens me, and makes me angry.

      1. The whole “transwomen only”* thing reeks of cooptation, yet another thing where they try borrow feminist theory wholesale without acknowledging differences: Are they afraid of Jerry Falwell’s ghost showing up, leading the manly cast of the movie “300” and murdering them all? Are they really afraid of real women showing up and making them feeeel baaaad? Neither. They’re just stealing ideas yet again.
        All this conference says is that abusing women works and that smarter males find more clever ways to reap the fruit without necessarily getting their hands dirty.
        It’s like Hugo dropping the Goodmen Project and being hailed as a hero for it, instead of being seen as a bunch of career opportunists wrestling around in the muck.

      2. And to follow that up:
        If you’re not a genderist, why would you ever write the term man or woman in an article like that? Yes, the expressions are “humanizing.” Fluffy puppy dog tails, yes, but so what. Oh, and because “good English writing” has a rule that you shouldn’t repeat yourself and thus you need to sneak in synonyms, alternating back and forth.
        But if you’re trying to be accurate, and you’re writing for an audience that is all “we know what sex vs. gender is?”, why do virtually all of those writers mix and match every other sentence, no matter which side they’re on? These are supposed to be the smart people we look up to?

      3. I agree. Let’s not forget that as with ‘ordinary’ violence against women, the violence is inextricably linked with the belief system that supports it amd the belief system it tries to enforce. These men are still genderists and still want to call themselves women, just don’t quite approve of the rape and death threats. It’s like the ‘nice’ token male feminists who got let onto reclaim the night marches until we get to a situation (my university) where the reclaim the night posters fail to mention women, or where women get barred from marches because someone claims they’re transphobic.
        Usual two-pronged attack, if the violence and threats don’t work well for everyone, then try the being nice and pretending you care approach. I’m sure it doesn’t extend to actually DOING anything useful though. Plus much of what they claim to want to discuss has already been analysed and discussed at length by feminists. And as long as they don’t get to the heart of the matter, which is genderist beliefs themselves, then it is empty rhetoric. How can we be nice to feminists/women, yet still be trans, that’s the result they want, as possibly being more palatable to the general public.
        And what is the result — we (I add myself here, because the indoctrination goes deep), are so grateful they’re NOT being so explicitly violent that we’re all queuing up to wish them well and give them the pat on the head they so desire. I’m angry because that was my first knee-jerk response as well.
        The core problem is the genderist ideology, whatever means they use to propogate it. Sometimes soft words work better than baseball bats……………….

      4. Gallus, I love this post. I, too, long for the day when WOMEN can marshal the resources, support, and security to come together in large numbers to discuss whatever we please and just be together in sisterhood. What spinning and sparking there would be!

      5. I mentioned in this thread I am attending the trans workshop, even though, since detransitioning, I no longer consider myself a transwoman. I have realized I needed to define myself as male and, in my case, live in a way that honors that. My main reason for going to Portland is to attend the Radfem Respond conference. It is not easy for me to get up there. I am not particularly wealthy and with my schedule being what it is, if I was going to take 4 days off I would much more enjoy unwinding in Yosemite or building a trip around record shopping and attending some out of town concert I want to see.
        I am making the effort to attend not because I want to socialize (I am shy and if I am looking to make friends, the RadFem community is the the last place I would look for obvious reasons.), I am not going in an effort to win brownie points by trying to prove “not all men are that bad” which is a fools errand with this crowd. (I am writing this comment fully aware that some may very well rip what I am writing to shreds and call me out for one reason or the other.)
        The fact is that I am indeed going to Portland for selfish reasons. I am mainly going there just for the sake of “showing up”. I want to be there in solidarity with people whose rights to assemble and express themselves are being taken away from them while the whole world looks the other way. I don’t agree 100% with the radical feminist party line, but it comes a lot closer to how I feel about things than the nonsense that comes from the majority of trans activists these days. There is a much needed dose of sanity coming out of RadFem dialogue these days (not always but often enough) that I find helpful as I think about how I wish to live the rest of my life as a detransitioned former MTF/MTT.
        I can’t speak for the organizers of the Sunday trans workshop, but I suspect that what is bringing them to Portland is similar to what is motivating me to be there. The people trying to silence RadFems are the same ones who are bullying anyone within the trans community who dares to question the standard trans “victim” narrative and reject some of the ludicrous definitions of what it means to be male and female that come from there. I want to show these people another human face on the receiving end of so much their vile “activism”, a face that is obviously not the “cis-privileged female” that they so desperately want to see, nevermind the fact that in reality there is no such thing.
        If my presence (or that of any trans person dissatisfied with the current transland status quo) at the RadFems Respond event is an embarrassment to any of you, or if you are repulsed by what you perceive as trans double standards by our just being there, THAT is not my problem this time. In this instance I am doing all I can be reasonably expected to do and my conscience is absolutely clear about that fact. (My “fuck off you male asshole” complaint desk will resume normal business hours in June.) The webpage for RadFems Respond asked for trans people interested in dialogue to come – and in good faith that is what I and others are doing.
        Over the past few days I have been mentioning my former therapist Rita Powers a few times in various posts and forums. On my own website, I have only have written at length once about her so far, back when I was first starting my blog last fall.
        Rita Powers was my therapist from approximately 1996-1998. She was doing an internship on the way to becoming a licensed clinical social worker. She worked with the trans community, but it was just one part of her practice. I forget the actual start date of when I started working with her – it was either 1996 or or 1997. I do know the end date. Our final appointment in June of 1998 was cancelled because she had been murdered a days before by a non-transitioned MTF who then committed suicide. (She died the day after I started my own “Real Life Test” in my transition – the day I began living full time in what I declared to be the female gender role.)
        In a grossly inappropriate display of lack of empathy for Rita (and her family and loved ones) her death was used as a “teachable moment” by some in my local trans community to illustrate of the idea that trans people are treated so poorly by society that they sometimes snap and very bad things happen. Rita’s killer was portrayed as the victim of an intolerant society that got in the way of this person’s quest to “be the woman she was born to be”. If only we (society) could help empower people like the killer with the freedom “to do what they need to do to be true to themselves” or whatever it was they were saying, this would never have happened. The killer was portrayed as a martyr. Rita Powers received only a token amount of eulogizing (usually a sentence or two saying that it was shame someone else had to die and that Rita’s heart was in the right place.)
        Some of this crap was called out by Margaret Deirdre O’Hartigan (who I only recently learned is trans herself) in a brilliant piece for Off Our Backs. (You can read her article on the The Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter’s website ). At the time, following months after the event, this was the only thing out there I could find that even remotely matched my own anger and frustration that something was very wrong and nobody was willing to come forward to talk about it. It was the first place where I read someone else articulating things what I was feeling.
        Although I think about Rita often, I don’t like to talk too much about her on my website or in the context of trans-related discussions. There are a few reasons for this.
        First of all, in telling my own story I do not wish to exploit her death in any way to somehow make my own life story seem more interesting. When she was killed, the story made national headlines – it was perfect fodder for the titillation of mass media consumers worldwide. For someone so full of life (and who had so much to give) I know Rita would have been saddened by the horrible irony that, in death, she would be best remembered as the faceless victim of a sensationalistic crime at the hands of a member of the very community she was so devoted to serving. Poor Rita has been dragged out many times by people in the context of discussing a horrible and senseless death. Because she is dead she has no say in the matter. I know she would much rather be associated with light and happiness. But the reality of how she died is, well, reality. I am pretty sure she would be ok with people remembering what happened about it if it could help in some way. As she liked to say “it is what it is”. (She would also likely admonish people not to spend too much time with this and get back to enjoying the gift that is life.)
        The other reason I don’t talk about it a lot is that I don’t want to make it seem like I am playing the victim. The reality is that her death WAS the biggest trauma of my life. I am still, in some ways, trying to process it. I will never be the same and that pisses me off. Added to that, I watched in stunned horror as some in the trans community started openly blaming Rita for her own death. This started up even before the coroner had removed the bodies from her office (which had been transformed from a cozy and safe space of healing and growing into something I don’t even want to try to imagine.) Meanwhile her murderer was eulogized as a modern day tragic hero. I refuse to share some of the crap that was being written in mailing lists because it is so vile (again, the O’Hartigan piece tells you all you really need to know – you can extrapolate from there.)
        I have a feeling I would have eventually detransitioned no matter what the events in my life were. I am not sure of this but that is my suspicion. But still I can’t help but wonder if Rita’s killing was a seed that led me to where I am now, once I had worked through a lot of other stuff.
        So there, I have just said that the whole damn thing was a big trauma for me. It was. It is part of my story. I won’t dwell there. I move on.
        And that is the other big reason I don’t write about Rita too much. She would want people to move on. She is the woman who turned me on to Thich Nhat Hanh. She is the one who reminded me that the only moment is the present moment. Rita’s death hurt A LOT of people. We all needed to heal. We all, to some degree are STILL healing two decades later. But we’re getting on.
        Sidenote – I recently came across a television series by Morgan Spurlock that I guess was on a few years ago called “30 Days”. I guess the premise of the series was to have people go live with people who had a different lifestyle or held very different values from their own. One episode featured a gun control advocate moving in with a family that cherished guns as part of their family identity. In the end both sides come to understand one another (of course!) The gun control advocate comes to believe that the family are responsible gun owners and the family understands why the gun control advocate came to hate guns and all they represented. In the emotional centerpiece of the episode she reveals that she had been one of Rita’s clients and, devastated by her killing, channelled her energy into gun law reform.
        The reason I am allowing myself a few weeks this month to talk about Rita is that I feel this is a time where it is appropriate and even necessary to talk about a woman named Rita Powers and the events leading up to her death. Very recently I was reading old mailing list messages detailing the some of the circumstances in the days and weeks leading up to Rita’s death. I learned that some of her clients seeing her for their surgery approval letters at the same time complaining to anyone who would listen how useless she was. According to these people, she “liked to play head games” (typical woman, right?) She was “in over her head” and was not intellectually up to the job. The only reason (I learned) that many transwomen were going to see her was that, as an intern, she was the “cheap option”. Some people mentioned that Rita would try to engage them in thinking about about gender, life and whatever personal issues they had in their lives and how their reaction was that she was being manipulative and they weren’t going to play along. I remember someone wrote something along the lines of “she thought she knew everything – what a joke.” The actual reality was that Rita was an amazing woman, curious, loving, intelligent and with a really great sense of humor and dry sarcasm that I totally could relate to. It feel my muscles tensing right now just thinking that she spent some of her final weeks wasting her precious talents on those who had no capacity (or desire) to appreciate her natural gifts that she was willing to share with others. Instead, her stories, her thoughts, her questions – those were all trash to be binned on the way out of the office. In this context she was not a woman, not even a human really. She spent the last days of her life being (in some people’s eyes) nothing more than a bargain basement means to fulfill an SOC requirement, a brief nuisance encountered by budget-minded travelers along the road toward a surgical procedure.
        It was heartbreaking for me to revisit these messages (some that I had never been able to read before because they were just too painful) and to learn that her shooter was becoming increasingly abusive toward her in the sessions leading up to her killing. I didn’t know about this at the time and all of these years later I cannot exaggerate the degree to which this disturbed me when I finally learned what she was really going through in those final days. And yet in those uncertain days leading up to my transition I called Rita my “anchor”. She was incredibly supportive and giving of herself in our final sessions (as I said – my “real life test”, the day I declared myself to be “female”, started the day before she was killed). Finding out that she had been able to be such a pillar of strength for me at a time when she was regularly suffering through all manners of bullshit from her eventual killer makes me feel indescribably sad. Anger is part of it too (again), but mostly just deep sadness at how fucked up life can be. What I would give for just one more session. I would love to thank her and tell her “I know what you were going through now – thanks for being so giving of yourself in those final sessions with me.”
        I will never know if Rita would have eventually changed her mind about the validity of gender reassignment surgery.
        I am absolutely confident that she would support me in my journey of detransition (even though my original transition was a collaboration she and I both invested a lot of time, effort and creativity in.) It is also possible if that, if she had been allowed to live, as we worked together I would have found that my “real life test” had served its purpose that there was nothing in that life for me. Maybe Rita would be helping me work through what Joel 2.0 could look like in the 1990s instead of now in the 2010s. It could have been fun.
        Of course, these are all just what-ifs (you get a lot of those when people die.) The reality was that, when I had regained whatever sense of normalcy I could following her death, I stuck pretty close to the strategy plan she and I came up before her murder. I kept my head down and tried not to think too much about it. Thinking too deeply was still a painful act. It wasn’t until much later that I figured out it was ok to amend and even discard that plan altogether.
        Earlier I mentioned a favorite saying of Rita’s. In the post I wrote about her on my blog I mention another one. She would say, comically, something to the effect of “the good news is things are going to get better. The bad news is that they are probably going to get much worse first.” (I am not saying it right – when she said it was funny. Sometimes there was something about her that reminded me of Ellen DeGeneres – she had a fantastic sense of delivery.)
        So I guess that brings me to why I am writing this tonight and leaving it as a comment on GenderTrender instead of as the blog post it really is and putting it on my site. I don’t want things to get any worse. With all of the crap we are all witnessing from CERTAIN trans activists (bullying who can and cannot speak while using the language and imagery of violence) bad things are happening right now and we need them to stop and we need to do whatever work needs to be done to make that happen. But the reality is that it still can get even worse (and sticking to Rita’s adage it probably will.)
        Here’s the thing. I don’t want to see another child to lose their mother due to some mentally ill person’s aggressive hatred and frustrations with life being whipped up and transformed into violent and lethal action by cheerleading cowards and hypocrites on the Internet. There are people for whom I think this must all just be entertainment, ratcheting up the danger level for all of us because they are bored and there is nothing else interesting for them to do on Twitter I think to a lot of people this is just sport – a way to pass the time without really thinking about any potential consequences in the real world. It’s activi-tainment and everyone knows that when people start getting emotional that is when Twitter is the most fun.
        So back to the upcoming weekend. I know at least one of the transwomen behind the trans workshop. Not well, but enough to know that this person is sincere and wants to live life in as authentic a way as possible (and the context I am using “authentic” here has nothing to do with “passing” or “not passing” – I am not talking about gender here.) Even though I don’t know this organizer that well, I can say that this person has provided me with much needed support through my journey of detransition and has helped me more than they probably realize. This person has encouraged me to get my voice “out there” and, to some degree, has even helped me find it. For that alone I am forever grateful.
        I think it is highly likely that some who will be attending the workshop may have considered detransitioning themselves at one point in their lives or another. Maybe some of them eventually will. I know that at least some (I can’t speak for all as I don’t know them) are only just now coming to terms with accepting that they are male – and then what do they do with that going forward? I have a feeling that, in the end, for some of these people the MOST important part of their identity has nothing to do with “gender”. Although they are not talked about on GenderTrender, there are trans people whose entire reason for existence is dependent on doing their best to be in the world in a way that is not harmful towards ANY population, social group or, for that matter, biological sex. This is not something that they are doing to look good on a relatively meaningless tumblr or wordpress site. This is not to impress RadFems or anyone else. This is simply their being, their essence, their life. We are all humans. We are all imperfect – men, women, trans … But there is nothing stopping us from trying to get it right (or as close to right as we can.) That process will go on with or without your approval. I am hoping that the trans people who embody these values will come to Portland I know they are out there.
        I have to admit I was surprised (and maybe a little apprehensive) to see that this workshop was even featured on GenderTrender in the first place. (“Jumping the shark” indeed!). I see some of the commenters here are using this thread to find various reasons (some of them valid) to criticize the event and/or its organizers/participants or their intentions. Here is the reality . Right now the organizers are being threatened. Regardless of some of your reader’s fantasies of them being able to afford armies of security guards, they are putting themselves in very real danger by having this workshop. Right now they already have a lot on their plate (have you looked at the latest comments on their site?) I am hoping that ALL of the events that weekend are calm, peaceful and respectful – for just one stupid weekend. I harbor no illusions that things won’t at times get messy, but I hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that the net outcome is at least some positive energy for people to work off of going forward (if they so choose.)
        Tensions are really at a breaking point for a lot of women and I get that. A lot of the readers here are really pissed off. I am pissed off and frustrated. The way things are now makes it harder than it already is (which is pretty damn hard) to work my way through detransition.
        In the days leading up the the RadFem conference and the Trans Narratives workshop, I would wish only that people be mindful in their words and know that their energy to some degree will be manifested in real things happening to real people over the weekend. We all have the power to increase the odds of good things happening versus bad things. We don’t have a whole lot of influence but we have some. I am not saying that I think people should shut up with their frustrations, I am just reminding people (myself included) that sometimes it can be very helpful to take a moment and enjoy a breath before continuing with saying whatever you need to say.
        As an attendee I am hoping to spend my weekend thinking about ways to move forward, not worrying about what I need to do should violence break out. I find that I am not particularly productive under those circumstances, and suspect that others have the same deficit.
        Finally, GM – I am sorry that the thought of women stopping by the trans workshop to show support makes you sick (and I am not being sarcastic here – I know the thought is upsetting to you and I obviously see your reasoning.) Still, I thought that the sentiment of solidarity was a nice thought, even if it is logistically impossible.
        I guess in the end I don’t care whether or not I get the chance to talk to any RadFems Saturday (again I am shy and low key at conferences. I mainly just listen.)
        I am going to Portland because Rita Powers will be there and showing up just this once is the least I can do.

      1. Thanks for that link, anon. It’s a good read, and, perhaps owing to it being written 15 years ago, there’s a certain rawness in the writer’s voice. Example: the erasure of the female sex and sex-based violence and oppression as “an almost psychotic break with reality.”
        Indeed it is. And now it’s firmly taken hold, and the break is even deeper and wider, so building a bridge back to reality is an enormous, labour-intensive task. With all kinds of risks and huge costs to the women who are taking on the work. I’m talking about Gallus, here. And that so much energy and personal sacrifice could be found, by a few, still lacking. In empathy, or whatever else women are supposed to be an endless supply of. All those feminine qualities and services (housework, mothering, loving, activism, blogging) that, if done perfectly and correctly according to impossible standards, will KILL you!

      1. Okay, I’ve just a mean ole radfem, but WHY the enormous bloody essay above? And damn little politics, or attempt to actually get anywhere near the politics of gender and transgenderism. Which is I guess what we have seen happen elsewhere — when men get allowed in, they tend to go on at great length………………..
        “and with my schedule being what it is, if I was going to take 4 days off I would much more enjoy unwinding in Yosemite or…”
        Sorry, are we, yet again, supposed to feel so fucking GRATEFUL that you’re attending? If you can afford to go but it isn’t REALLY that important, why not just stay home and donate the money so some poor woman who really WANTS and NEEDS to go can go instead?
        ” We all have the power to increase the odds of good things happening versus bad things.” Wishy-washy magical thinking, we can’t THINK away gender by thinking nice thoughts and BEING NICE. Where’s the politics?
        Genderists of ANY stamp spread an ideology which is damaging to women. Beyond that, it’s just the polite versus the threatening.
        I personally just keep feeling so strongly the trained urge to be NICE to the NICE man for being NICE. I don’t care if the man is nice (except it is preferable to being violent of course), but then they expect thanks for being nice, think that because they are nice they can witter on at great length about what and how and why, and so on and so on and so on…………………..Whilst totally ignoring the whole damn point of feminist versus genderist politics. As if all our and their problems can be solved by nice people being nice to other nice people…………………..

      2. BadDyke,
        Oh, I’m just a mean old radfem too, I guess, because isn’t it like a preemptive strike – if anything happens at these conferences, it’s OUR FAULT because we weren’t nice and good vibes on a freaking BLOG.
        NO, it will never be “our fault,” “our responsibility” – the whole time I was reading about Rita Powers’ murder, I was thinking, there is NOTHING UNUSUAL about the trajectory of male violence directed at a woman in this narrative!!!! HOW MANY CHILDREN are traumatized by the murder of their mother? HOW MANY SIBLINGS are traumatized by the murder of their sister? HOW MANY GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS, UNCLES, FATHERS AND MOTHERS are traumatized by a niece’s, a daughter’s, a granddaughter’s murder?????? By a man?
        And you’re going to blame US? In honor of Rita Powers, and all the other victims of male violence (including men!), I don’t intend to change a DAMN THING that I say ANYWHERE about ANYTHING!!!!! “Breaking point?” Dad’s at a breaking point, mom, so be careful, don’t push him over the edge! Don’t make him murder you! Boyfriend’s at a breaking point, so be careful darling, don’t do ANYTHING that’s going to make him snap! Don’t forget women, you are responsible for male violence!!!!!!!!!!!! If it’s not your sexy clothes, it’s that smart mouth that doesn’t know when to shut up!!!!!!!!!
        Wow. I guess I AM a mean old radfem. Good for me!

      3. It’s interesting: on Tumblr there is a discussion by women who claim to support this blog expressing their dismay that Gallus Mag “shut down” Joel’s comment above. Big bad Gallus. And this from my “supporters”!
        The trouble with this criticism is that I never responded to his comment at all. As I explained lower in this thread, I did not have the time to respond to ANYONE’s comments recently. I did read Joel’s comment, and found it very interesting, and was glad he left it.
        And I just want to say FUCK OFF if you think a working poor butch dyke blogger with PRESSING “real life” concerns and a SEVERE lack of time is personally “shutting down” a male commenter BY NOT HAVING TIME TO PERSONALLY RESPOND TO IT. Seriously, fuck you.
        If you leave a comment and I “ignore” it- please consider that I may simply not have had the time LITERALLY to type out even a short response before rushing out the door. Give me a fucking break, folks. Holy shit.

      4. Much love to you Gallus.
        It makes me sad that people would accuse you of this, especially after you said you had RL stuff to deal with and wouldn’t be posting as often. And how is simply not responding to a post “shutting it down”?
        No one is entitled to your time or energy any way. And Joel’s post was long winded as fuck. Tumblr can be so stupid.

      5. No problem. I was curious so I found the discussion in question and it’s totally absurd. Language policing out the wazoo and accusations of “over the top meanness” and a “lack of empathy”… things I’m used to hearing from MRAs but not RadFems. Shameful and laughable.
        The only thing worthwhile that came out of that discussion was this:
        “her speech is rather caustic, she could shout down a clogged drain and clear it”
        Wow. I want that power.

      6. Next thing you know I’ll be fashioning my moderator avatar after a legendary security guard and bouncer! Oh the huMANitee!

      7. Gallus,
        I read those comments, and I’m sorry you were targeted. Don’t know if it will make you feel any better, but consider the source. First, it’s tumblr, where apparently ones credibility is based on ones position on the oppression ladder, where women are close to the bottom and lesbians appear to be on the very lowest rung. And where classism is perfectly okay, but every other ism (except those pertaining to females) is unacceptable.
        Second, look at the tumblrs of the people who commented, most of whom have their heads so far up their posteriors that their voices fairly echo with excrement.
        There is great irony in the fact that although they managed to give you a backhanded compliment about always sourcing your information couldn’t be bothered to source their own stuff. But again, that’s par for the course. Take a look at their tumblrs to see rumor mongering, stalking and worse at the drop of a hat.
        You are better than them, so far above them that it shouldn’t need to be made plain. Please don’t pay any heed to the tumblr crowd.

      8. Cerulean Blue: you are right. Funny how entitled they feel to my time and energy (ESPECIALLY in service of attending to MEN’s FEELS. LOLOLOLOLOLOL) – sad to say this about women, but I wish they would just stop reading my blog and fuck off.

      9. ” … consider the source. First, it’s tumblr, where apparently ones credibility is based on ones position on the oppression ladder, where women are close to the bottom and lesbians appear to be on the very lowest rung.”
        I’m sure some people here read “The Checking of the Privilege” Tumblr blog? Lots of TERF-trans-queer-post-modern fun! Satire so well-done, it’s difficult sometimes to distinguish it from the real thing.

      10. OK- I just saw a woman on twitter inform an angry laydee gentleman that he was in possession of an “autogynephile smirk”, and suddenly my bliss has returned. Thank you woman on twitter. 🙂

      11. Yes Yes YES! To Cerulean Blue’s post. Tumblr is a dump and does not deserve to be taken seriously.
        Also good on Joel for speaking up about this silliness. Hopefully his comments will give people some perspective.
        Lastly, LOL on the “autogynephile smirk”. I believe that was trademarked by you, GM, in the tranny horse sex post?

      12. I think the most disturbing thing was that in those comments, something was said to the effect that the “women behind the New Narratives are GREAT WOMEN [sic] and how dare they be damned with faint praise, etc.”
        AFAIK, the New Narratives folks are still anonymous. As an anonymous, more or less, person myself, how the hell can you determine someone’s moral solvency based on some singular future event that may or may not even occur?
        And yet that one thing is weighed against Gallus despite them knowing for a fact that she’s not a rapist, doesn’t go around assaulting people, etc. upon fucking etc. because she’s female and she comes up wanting? Because “empathy?”
        As for Joel’s, I don’t have anything against wall-of-texts in the abstract ’cause I’m literate and all. Woot.
        But you do have to earn the right to post them. People won’t glaze over or see it as presumptuous if you lead into it with a smaller post and get them on the hook. Furthermore, it’s always dangerous to write about someone who was murdered and make it kinda all about yourself (In Joel’s defense, he did a much better job on his own website in his narratives matter post.
        As an aside, in looking up info about Rita Powers,
        It’s interesting that even almost 20 years ago, affirmative action went out at the same time trannification started and despite all the intersectional focus these days, the same thing is happening on a much, much larger scale.).
        But you know, some people write NY Times bestsellers and only clear $10K in profits and don’t become celebrities. Life is ruff all over the place.
        The idea that someone has so much empathy that they were appalled that people didn’t fawn over a single post that some dude wrote is — well, kinda mindblowing since obviously they’re not crying every time a “cis woman” has a comment that doesn’t have responses.

      13. @Cerulean Blue Yes yes yes! I’ve read a few of the “radical feminist” bloggers on tumblr, and I found myself shouting at the screen “If that’s what you really think, then why not go back to liberal feminism?” After I called out one on her antisemitism and got called “an infiltrator” trying to destroy feminism in the name of my “Sky daddy,” I washed my hands of that mess. According to tumblr feminism: only certain women’s oppressions matter, lesbians are mean, zionists control everything, straight women can call themselves misandrists but still keep their boyfriends, you can call yourself radical but not back it up, and most importantly: never ever assume that another woman is a human being capable of thoughts and emotions. It’s like one big race to be crowned Queen Feminist over there, and whoever has the many trampled women left in their wake is the winner.

  3. It was nice to see this featured on GT. It is sad that they have to remain anonymous but totally understandable and necessary. I have total respect for the organizers and will be there for the workshop.

  4. I am interested to hear your overview on this Gallus. I view it as the transsexuals vs the transgenders. The TS being the gay dudes and the TGs being the het dudes. Now way way back, the TS (residents of the gay male movement, along with the DQs) welcomed in the TGs – then over the years, the TGs ended up taking over the whole alphabet and controlling the discourse.
    I have to say, “woah, NOW you finally wake up to what is going on?”. Because in the beginning, the TS and DQs seemed to have “the more the merrier” attitude, and no questioning of the misogyny of drag. Now of course, the TGs, the majority, are calling the DQs particularly, “twanzphobic oh noes” (Ru Paul’s Drag Race). I think some of the TS are finally seeing the writing on the wall, even though WE females have been complaining for a very long time.
    I have had a post about this sitting in draft for ages, because it will be one of those hot tattie ones. But hey, a little comment might fly under the radar a bit.
    My attitude towards the TS actually is “so NOW you complain because it NOW affects you, but you didn’t give much of shit while they were attacking radfems and lesbians”.

    1. Well. I don’t see transsexual vs. transgender as being homo vs. hetero as you do. Of course, my perspective is from being a member of the gay community for my entire adult life, unlike yourself. In our parlance, a transsexual denotes an individual who gets fucked up dick-removal or vagina-stitching-up surgery (et al) due to what the victim might describe as reproductive sex organ body dysmorphia, vs. transgender, which denotes possibly non BID social sex role identification.
      Lots of hetero transgenders opt for surgical body mods of their sex organs- such surgeries are especially appealing to male autogynephiles, who eroticize the “ownership” of approximated surgically created female reproductive organs, conceptualized as “flesh holes suitable for penetration by males” by transgenderists and medical/surgical/psychiatric providers.
      Heterosexual genderists, both male and female, tend to be terrifically homophobic, even against fellow genderists. Even so, men tend to stick together, with hetero and homo transgender males and hetero and homo non-transgender males all equally supporting the suppression of female participation in public discourse and civic life.
      All males tend to support the concept of female as a malleable, subhuman thing that men can define and control at will, for their pleasure or fulfillment.

  5. New School livestream bell hooks and Janet Mock, “Are You Still a Slave?”

    1. I don’t agree with the analogy black feminists like hooks draw between the black female struggle to be considered both fully human and female and the quest of males like Mock to be considered female. Their low expectations in regard to how MTFs treat women are very sad. What makes hooks think an alliance with the likes of Mock benefits young black girls is beyond me, since Mock only feeds male entitlement to both female and underage bodies. The abuse suffered by trans women does not mean that humoring their delusions is the answer.

      1. I found what I watched of that panel – it was giving me flashbacks practically – the hooting and hollering of the audience when the MAN Janet Mock was introduced…the sickening falling over smiling and laughing about Mock’s clothing choices (as a self-hating gay male? What IS his problem?) versus their own choices (the actual WOMEN on the panel)…the woman on the end, “presenting as male,” detailing her problems at the airport like they were some big deal, oh, the transformation of humanity when no hassles at the airport for woman wearing shirt and tie! I note bell hooks said a couple of times, “this too in time shall pass,” which I took to mean her take on the transgender phenomenon…like she recognizes it’s a trend, and ALSO recognizes she would be buying herself a whole lot of trouble in her academic stratosphere, to call Mock and the whole transgender movement out on its crap. And the transgender narrative is crap – crap science, crap scholarship, crap feminism, crap everything!!!!! Watching that panel, I felt it would be AT LEAST another generation until the backlash to all this crap began…A WHOLE GENERATION!!!! When I say backlash, I mean…………people in power say “enough is enough.” There is no such thing as “transitioning” from one sex to another. There is no brain sex. This is all more of that, a straight descendent of, that “Malleus Maleficarum,” except instead of witches, we have “TERFs.” That’s right. Does this SHIT ever end. I mean, I felt grievous pain watching that panel. “Feminism is dead” that kind of feeling. Like my whole life’s work is down the fucking tubes (and I don’t mean fallopian). Guess they didn’t want to talk about that man around the perimeter of MichFest with his blade-tipped SPEAR, and the weirdos in women’s bathrooms, etc…because of course, transgender has nothing to do with SEX, oh no, it’s all very clean, pristine, academic “discourse” and virgin disembodied “mental maps” and all that crap. Against us women with our uteruses and bloodtastic vaginas and cycles and MEMORY – our herstorical MEMORY – Adrianne Rich had a poem, Natural Resources, with these lines:
        “There are words I cannot choose again:
        humanism androgyny
        Such words have no shame in them, no diffidence
        before the raging stoic grandmothers:”
        That’s it for me: I will never forget “the raging stoic grandmothers.” Are there any trans who give a shit about the raging stoic grandmothers? Oh who cares, women, boring.

      2. AreUSayingWhatUThink–I love your comment.
        The lines from Adrienne Rich are apt. The grandmothers, who rage and endure, don’t amount to a hill of beans because they did not choose to be women as if from a menu of human options. Only men can do that. Therefore, nobody declares “grandmothers ARE women.” Mock has no shame. None of them do, and that includes the non-violent transgenderists who are advocating for a kinder, gentler type of misogyny (like so many nice men do). Supporters and protectors of transgenderism: they also have no shame.
        If females were not reduced to a malleable object in the male mind–an object for the taking–if we had full human status, all of these people WOULD feel shame every time they said “trans women are women.” They don’t–they can’t–recognize this statement as a shameful violation because that recognition depends, first, on knowing that what has been violated has intrinsic human worth.
        Their conscience cannot speak to them because it depends on knowing that females (infants, girls, women, old women) are whole and complete BEFORE any social meanings are inscribed onto our bodies against our will. That the reality of our bodies is the base from which we understand and fight against what is done to us.
        Transgenderists and their allies try to break our will at every turn. They try to ensure that “woman” remains an ever-changing, flexible, socially useful concept instead of a materially real, female body with a mind that can produce her own ideas about herself and the world. Who really cares when violence is done to an idea? Can a concept even be hurt? Apparently not, since they ignore us when we say NO. They do more than ignore us when we say no: they call us names–witch, slut, TERF–to remind us, again, that we are more object than human.

      3. Morag99,
        Your words were touching to me. Thanks so much for your reply.

  6. I am howling at the screen cap of JodieLynn Wiley’s barely coherent vibrator review. It’s a perfect reason why these straight male fetishists should not be allowed anywhere near women. They are freakshows of the highest order.

  7. I do not agree with your labeling these people as ‘men.’ Males start off as boys – their status as men must be earned, just as a females womanhood must be earned. Some people never make it that far. These people decided to do something else, so they are not men, and never will be men. My main argument with them is that they demand a status they never earned.
    They shouldn’t demand to be called women. They should ask women and let women decide if they actually deserve it first.

    1. The fact that they are men and that is what lets them claim Trans. T is a male construct for the benefit of men. Most are alpha males that did not get as much resepect as they imagined was owed to them. Ask? If I read male then male it is. I do not think woman is a status it is a biological fact–you don’t earn it like a degree in Queer studies. Born female if she makes through her first 20 years is a woman.

    2. I “earned” my female status? Or did I “earn” my womanhood? And I always thought it just happened, born female, grew up, was a woman. And never for one minute thought I was inferior to anyone or anything.

    3. They’re not women, no matter how nicely they may ask. So, you say they aren’t men. In our society, adults are classed into two categories: men and women. What do you propose we call these non-men, non-women people?

      1. Call them whatever is polite to say to them. So long as they don’t hate on or try to harm you – who cares what they do? But I am not going to allow someone who demands something of me the time of day if they don’t deserve it. I had to ask and had to wait my turn. I didn’t sprout from my mothers body fully grown, I had to pay my dues.

      2. It’s not rude to refer to an adult male as a male. It IS rude for that male to scream and throw a fit when he isn’t called female instead. If not for the latter, no, I wouldn’t particularly care what they do. But they’ve also threatened and harassed me and tracked my location on MY blog(which doesn’t even have anything to do with transgenderism), to the point where I no longer bring up the issue at all…and I know there are plenty of other women with the same experiences with these “harmless” men. Does that matter to you, @Achislene, or only the fact that women are being mean to those poor wittle non-men? Is that the price we have to pay to earn womanhood, in your mind?
        Better yet, why don’t you just read some of the articles and stories posted here(since you obviously haven’t) before you start lecturing anyone on how they should feel about dangerous, manipulative males?

      3. How am I supposed to earn my Right to call myself a real Man if I don’t get to beat up trannies in the bathroom anymore? Huh? Can’t you see that by emasculating me that you’re denying my humanity? I’ve worked Hard to get where I am and here you are denying my Gender?
        Every time a guy dies car surfing it’s the fault of 3rd wave feminists like you, Achislene. Whenever we do something stupid and hurt ourselves it’s YOUR FAULT. You’re a Vile, gendercidal maniac.
        Excuse me, I have to go instagram my latest Planking session.
        Salutations and Have a nice day.

      4. Anon Male: SnowflakeEspecial- the oh so gender critical “transwoman” (who posts at length about how his partners never suspect he is male) has made a post accusing you of being a “trans failure to launch” as evidenced by the incisiveness of your gender crit. LMAO. So there ya go.

      5. I’m just jelly. I’m always perplexed by people who view jealousy as someone wanting to jump into their skin or something akin to a 1-to-1 thing. Fuck, I know homeless crackheads who have more fulfilling lives than me — if I allow myopia to momentarily cloud my framing. Just because I might be jealous of them being able to ride the subway around all day with their newest paramour doesn’t mean I want to trade places with them.
        At any rate, I’m lovin’ that new article up at Slate about how you can tell the gender/sex (they use the words interchangeably despite being all about the education) of femaleish Warcraft characters by the way they walk: when helmed by man (well, I suppose cis man in their vernacular) players, they tend to bounce up and down like jack rabbits. This despite males who play as female personas, tend to speak all cutesy and excite!!11 in their impersonations. So I guess virtual walking lessons are in order for digital dudebro and trannies alike. (I’m guessing the author of the article assumes that only cismen do the hopping because female brained transwomen would never do anything a — oh god no — male would do.)

    4. We’re not labelling them “men”; we’re calling them what they are.
      And we’ve already decided: men can’t be women. They should not ask, let alone demand, to be called women.

    5. “I do not agree with your labelling these people as ‘men.’”
      lol. Tough. They’re men and I don’t have to participate in their perverted fetish. See a mental health professional.

    6. hi i don’t know why all you women having a problem with transwomen they can’t help how they feel and as a female my self i would refer to them as females as being female is more than what is between your legs and no-one has the right to tell a person how he or she chooses to live their lives. And to galhusmag how did you like it when people questioned your sexuality i bet you disagree with what people say about gay being unnatural so why don’t you stop being a hypocrite and stop all this crap you talk about and if you decided to talk to a trans women they just want their body to conform to how their brain feels and most trans people end up being nicer people for being so strong minded person as it takes a strong person to fix a wrong with how society is. Cause with people like you and most people on here we don’t need anymore. And over time people have started to except homosexuality more now. The way i look at it is as long as they are not hurting me or anyone else who am i to judge cause for all you know maybe one your best friends may feel that way so would you stop being their friend and if you did their better off with out you. And why should they ask women to be called a woman and who do you ask to see if you deserve to be a woman as you might not deserve to be a woman and nothing wrong with them wanting to be classed as a female as they are females.So you would rather they stay being a man and getting argrier by the day to the point they snap and what if it was you that was in his way so i know which i would rather and that is a person that is at ease with HERSELF. If i ever new a transperson i would support them 100% because they are my friend and that’s what friends are for. .

      1. For Pollyanna, who doesn’t like paragraphs or punctuation, and who thinks we should agree, always, to prevent male trans from getting angry and snapping and hurting us:

      2. Oh, gawd, another illiterate TRANNY who has not read this site but just loves to wax on about how discriminated HE is and how HIS dick is a woman’s dick and you’re a big bad bigot if you bring up reality. I’m sure this idiot has posted this drivel here before under another name.

      3. Down boy, down. Good god you packing a penis? That we are supposed to bow down to because you get off feminating? Who says “it is more than what’s between . . .” That’s your half assed self serving opinion– And under what other delusion do you imagine women should care what you think–trite cliche as it is. Nice? You think women should be nice and stupid while the dude jerks off into his pink panties and claims not cumming 10x a day is the social justice cause of the century? I got every damn right there is and then some, to tell men fuck off you porn soaked prick. I’ll break it to you we know that they they are not friends of women they are vile oppressors and dangerous. All they want is for the world to pay attention to their hard on and it is not happening in this life time. As for not hurting why don’t count up how many women and children these guys have raped and murdered. Or was that women’s and children’s fault because the men–just “felt” so womanly raping and killing. You are sad idiot and a misogynist. Don’t snap dude. And don’t be so hard up for friends.

      4. LOL @ this classic sub-literate trans twaddle. What is it with MtTs and long winded, punctuation free sentences littered with grammatical and spelling errors? He can’t even spell Gallus’ name right!

      5. Let’s face it folks, THIS sort of drivel could be generated by a little bit of software, no problem. Just throw in a mixed bag of gender tropes, and spew them out at random………..
        Although trying to get the right level of illiteracy might be a challenge!
        “So you would rather they stay being a man and getting argrier by the day to the point they snap and what if it was you that was in his way…” O yeah, trying to sneak in the fact that, supposedly, frustrated men will kill you all if you dare to disagree! Slightly different to the more usual ‘I’ll kill MYSELF if you dare to disagree’. I think someone finally figured that they answer they’d get to that would be — go on then………….
        The male brain obviously just overheats and goes into spew random output mode when faced by the unimaginable, inconcievable prospect of WOMEN daring to disagree!
        Does not compute, does not compute……………………..

  8. “do not agree with your labeling these people as ‘men.’ Males start off as boys – their status as men must be earned, just as a females womanhood must be earned”
    Do not be stupid. A boy is male. A man is male. Biological reality is not earned. Being, a failed,” loser” of a man doesn’t make one female or “other”. (and really, a goodly portion of these nuts were just as “manly” as any other men, thus the reason why they had to make up the “oh I was just overcompensating by being a military general/football star/wifebeater/whatever because I am actually Suzy Homemaker on the inside” )
    I think this really may be one of the downfalls of the internet age–these nuts gained the ability to search the four corners of the earth and enable each other’s fetishes and attempt to normalize this nonsense and turn it into a political movement, smiling, while actual women and feminists fight over and defend a 50 year old ex-navy sargent in a Forever21 minidress. Go away. And “let women decide”? Guy, regular women (I’m talking non-feminist, non-glbtqltyxwer academics, straight, and even many lesbians) basically see you as a bad joke and something to be ignored and/or fear you. At the very least we are too busy actually having friends, a family, WORKING at our jobs for less than you jerkoffs make, to boot, to care about the delusions of some crossdressing male.
    All women need to wake up, shake off the tendency to empathize with someone suffering and ask why these assholes didn’t start with males and straight society, rather than the 2-3% population of lesbians? Men in drag stuck their beer guts into the center of lesbian groups, clubs, circles of friends, bars,ANYWHERE they could, usually dating some ‘ex’straight or bisexual female making everyone uncomfortable because everyone had to play the Emperor’s New Clothes. And usually the bi’s would go off and marry some man and live a mainstream life and leave Mrs. Doubtfire to harass real lesbians. I’ve seen and heard of this crap happening many times and I am NOT some “dinosaur” or whatever the trans and transapologists claim–I’m in my early 30s and came out at 16. Thus the reason they claim to be “lesbians”. They know there wouldn’t be enough of them left alive to even have a movement if they pulled the same stunts with other men that they do to women.
    (long-time reader, first-time poster…hope the comment wasn’t too long.)

  9. Somebody here tried to co-opt me by saying “we,” girl, who is we? Don’t put me in that mess. I am not that kind of person. I refuse to hate people because others tell me to. If someone is doing things with their own body how & why does that concern me?
    I’m sorry, I just refuse to become the sort of person I dislike. I focus myself on positive things – I try to smile & laugh because I refuse to be miserable. I love that I will be loved in turn. I live and refuse to die. I try to solve problems not create more. I am caring and compassionate – that is what makes the difference between a child and an adult.
    I am also a long time reader but much of what I read here is terrible to read. I am originally from the ghetto, but I refuse to be ghetto. Please ladies, lets not hate anyone – it’s square & unhelpful. Peace.

    1. but really Achislene, what exactly does it mean to earn womanhood? Being trans critical isnt being hateful. When someone born and raised and socialized male wants to put on a dress and mascara, I dont hate it, but I dont want him in the bathroom stall next to mine. Asking women to accept trans in our spaces for the sake of love and peace and harmony sounds very nice, such beautiful liberal-speak, but it really just boils down to submission to yet another male fantasy. calling a man *she* because he asks or demands it feeds his fantasy and I wont submit to it.

      1. You’re nailing it Shediogenes! As inherently problematic as I find men aping us, it would be a different situation entirely if trans people were off doing their own things and not forcing their way in to female spaces and creating confrontations.
        Unfortunately it is an inherent part of trans ideology to demand that everyone, women in particular it seems, play along with their fantasy. The moment a woman objects to calling a man a woman, the outrage ensues– tell me, where is the live and let live mindset in that? Trans people are clearly not willing to allow us opt out of playing along with their fetish. What entitles them to be so stringent and demanding?
        People like Achislene want peace thru our submission… the idea that men should be the ones to back off never occurs. What a shame.

    2. “If someone is doing things with their own body how & why does that concern me? ”
      O, go back and read from square one, WHY genderist ideology harms women and feminism…………….
      “Please ladies, lets not hate anyone..” Yes laydees, let’s not HATE the violent men that threaten violence, let’s not complain when disagreeing with trans politics is mistakenly interpreted as hating all trans people.
      Yawn, boring, seen all this ‘why can’t we all just be nice to each other’, sparkly unicorns and rainbows shit before. But then I’m just a boring ole radfem lesbian man-hating, trans-hating hag anyway………………..

    3. “If someone is doing things with their own body how & why does that concern me?”
      If only it were that simple, Achislene. It’s not. If you’re a long-time reader as you claim, you should then know how and why trans issues are often negatively affecting women, particularly lesbians. It’s been explained and spelled out here in post after post after post! For you to now come in and arrogantly and dismissively claim that we’re just a bunch of haters (unlike oh-so-loving and peaceful you), is demonstrating not only a startling lack of reading comprehension but also empathy toward women.
      One other thing – as a woman, I’m tired of people attempting to gaslight me into thinking that my justifiable anger is the same as blind hatred. It’s not, and I resent your sanctimonious try at it.
      Same goes for that little bit of yours about us “creating more problems.” No. Shining light on a problem is not the same as “creating more problems”, FFS! We’re not going to simply shut up because our words upset some people, and if that’s how you roll, then perhaps you should take your paternalism elsewhere.

    4. Who is telling you to hate people, Achislene? Who made you come here, to this blog, and read? Which you didn’t. Clearly, you haven’t actually read anything. Because it’s obvious you haven’t the slightest clue what this “mess” is. Gender-critical feminism and Pollyannas don’t go together well.

    5. Lol. “You’re sooo hateful! Be NICE to the men threatening you, it’s RUUUUDE if you don’t!”
      Muggle, please. Go back and pretend you give a flying fuck about what GM writes here somewhere else.

    6. How patronizing. You should have that second paragraph stitched on a pillow.

      1. Ow! Stitched on a pillow … yes, that’s it. That’s all empty platitudes are good for: a bit of tacky decor.

    7. Your faux naive stance makes me sick, Achislene. If you’ve spent any time here at all, you’ve seen the myriad ways the trans movement harms women. For you to come here and say that it’s a simple matter of “someone is doing things with their own body” is beyond disingenuous.
      The very post you’re replying to cites the inane and insane Jodielynn Wiley who is currently trying to clear the way for similarly hulking, hatchet faced MtTs to have the right to stay in women’s homeless shelters. If you can’t see the harm in allowing any man who claims to be a woman to gain access to women’s shelters then I don’t know what to say to you other than “goodbye”.

      1. Precisely because I try my best to be a caring person, I do not feel it is appropriate to sit quietly by and ignore Doctors facilitating people, many of whom clearly have mental health issues, to damage their healthy bodies. ‘Someone is doing things with their own body’ can and does quite rightly concern others – we do not say that it’s just their own body if an anorexic person is starving themselves, we step in to protect them. This applies even when, as frequently happens, they attempt to reject the help that is offered. Trans people remain at risk of suicide even after surgery – this treatment path means they are often not getting the help they need, because surgery is looked upon as the way to solve everything.
        It does not only affect them personally, either, because the spread of their ideology is affecting children who are dragged into this. Should we ignore it if a little girl is now at risk of being identified as trans simply because she rejects the oppressive femininity that is forced on her because of her sex? Many of us here resented gendered expectations from a very early age.
        Simply as a matter of the greatest good for the greatest number, it becomes impossible to play overly nicely even with those willing to engage more reasonably (this does not mean being hateful to them, but continuing to question instead of simply accepting), and I do not feel even trans people themselves are well served by uncritical acceptance of their claimed identity. I understand Joel’s perspective above, but surely he must realise that he himself might in fact have benefited if instead of being pushed down this path, he had instead had more options of ways in which to live as a male, more ways of expression open to someone of his biological sex, without assumptions made about how a male should behave. And meanwhile women are still at risk from those transactivists who simply are not interested in engaging reasonably at all – I do not think more moderate voices within the trans community will find themselves able to restrain such individuals, it hasn’t worked so far.
        Sometimes being actually caring requires that you not be nicey-nice.

      2. Well said, Leo. Enabling people to harm themselves is certainly not a kindness. I didn’t read Joel’s post because TLDR.
        I wonder if Achislene is going to come back and answer any of these posts.

  10. I focus on the positive and I’ve decided transition is positive, AND YOU CISSIES WILL TOO, DAMNIT, AAAARRGH. hahahaha.

    1. Focus on the positive = if you didn’t fight so hard, it wouldn’t hurt as much.
      Also: lie back and think of England.

    2. I am a positive person, as well. Positive that XY is not and never will be XX. Regarding your taunts – are you on drugs?
      More and more born women are educated about trans male demands to buckle our common sense to silly trans delusion.
      Cis and TERF are slurs by male trans for born women. Look in a mirror and understand that you are not a woman and we will never collude with your dysphoria.
      Your taunts are thinly disguised threats. Male, very male tactic.

      1. so I take it the sarcastic ridicule of Achislenes “positivity” and veiled demand we be positive about genderist bullshit didn’t come thru in my last comment, huh? hope this clears it up

      2. wrt to tranz slurs against us. The only reason TERF bothers me is because I know it’s intended as a slur. Otherwise it just rolls off my shoulders. The idea that Radical Feminists would be trans exclusionary seems self-evident to me, how could we be inclusive and still be RF? Rad Fem activism and women’s liberation have no place for trangendered ppl simply because our liberation has no place for gender whatsoever. Gender is one of the root foundations thru which patriarchy harms women and it must be destroyed, so TERF, damn right. Cis, however, makes my blood boil. And I just love the new addition of SERF. They’ll be calling it the SERF and TERF conference, because hey, if it sounds kinda like a clever take on something that’s already familiar, it must be sound logic, right? Bonus points if it will fit on a button or a bumper sticker. That’s all it is to the tranzjacktivists, just like regular old surf and turf, to be chewed up and shit out like steak tips and lobster tails. Double bonus for the SERF double entendre.
        I think it would be refreshing if Achislene would actually go a little ghetto. All that dancing around, language that’s bleached and deodorized, double shrink-wrapped in political correctness, patronizing, and yet somehow still so dreary, yawn. But don’t dare just say what is really on your mind, got to couch it in LLUUUUVVV, and positivity. So polite. So dull.

    3. I got your sarcasm!
      God, I despise being bright-sided. And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who experiences force-fed rainbows and sunshine as an attack. It’s a form of aggression. It’s intellectual and emotional ABUSE.

      1. Yes, it’s so common to find ppl using *positivity* to warp discussion, to establish themselves as superior (if u dont feel the LUUVVVSSS there must be something wrong with YOU), and to excuse themselves from any responsibility to analyze or fix anything, that when I do run into someone with a genuinely sunny disposition, I tend to be immediately suspicious.

  11. So let me see if I have this right: Radfems expose woman haters so we are haters.
    Well, kumbafuckingya.
    I have to say, I seriously doubt you are a long-time reader, Achislene. Why would you waste your beautiful mind on something like that (to paraphrase Barbara Bush)?

  12. Since there is about a 99% probability you’re a male gender fetishist, I highly doubt any woman here is trying to “co-opt” (???) anything about you mister. And as always, they fill every slot on the bingo cards–“Ladies. Stop the hate, man, peace. Loosen up. Tye-dye.”
    .You’re not mansplaining anything that any other male hasn’t mansplained since the internet became widespread. I’m sure there is nearly verbatim bullshit being spewed from some male off of an alt.feminist group from ’97. Screw off. Being female is something NO MAN will EVER be. Understand that? Lesbians don’t want 6 ft jerkoffs in a skirt telling us we should date them. Women as a whole don’t want males LEGALLY having the right to barge into them on public toilets (since obviously they already do, and trans want to be able to prevent women from even being able to get them kicked out).
    Oh, and I don’t give a flying rats ass whether you are miserable or not, why would I ? Males aren’t the responsibility of women, and no one can be forced to believe someone else’s delusions.

  13. I am a regular reader of GenderTrender and am thankful for this site. Nothing said to me here today changes that. I rarely comment here and when I do it is usually not to express an opinion on anything related to transgenderism. I made an exception this time because this topic felt too close to home. After this reply I am going back into “observer mode”.
    My plan to attend Radfems Respond has nothing to do with wanting or expecting anyone’s gratitude. I am still trying to navigate my way through my own detransition and I am probably still “deprogramming”, for lack of a better word to some degree. Being able to engage and talk about this subject helps me form my opinions. My ejection from so many of these dialogues is personally frustrating but I understand and, as I said before, I think I am ok listener. Hopefully I am at least united with GT readers in my belief that people need to start engaging in a difficult and honest conversation about transgenderism to replace the status quo of simply accepting the mantra “it is good to embrace diversity” while opening the floodgates to sheer lunacy and potential real harm (which Leo had some key things to say about.)
    There are many women in my life. They are my family, my friends, my therapists, my healers and my teachers. I feel gratitude (there’s that word again) for the many gifts they bring to me by simply being in my life. I don’t feel I am being immodest when I say they probably feel the same way about me (at least when I am not getting on their nerves which I probably do sometimes.) In this context our interactions are not about power, nor “us vs. them”. There is only “we” and we are together in the moment.
    Of course I am aware of the challenges women face because they were born female. Sometimes the women in my life help me become even more sensitive to these issues and they will help me learn new ways to be in the world that will be helpful to combat them. There are also times when I am able to help them notice a few things in our gender system that they might have not thought about yet. As with the people I gravitate towards or want to keep in my life, we share the desire to make things better (and consciously and unconsciously help motivate each other to act on that desire.)
    If there is anyone (no matter what sex) who can’t attend the conference due to finances perhaps there could be a scholarship set up on GoFundMe (if there isn’t one already.) In this case it would be problematic (as a male) to set one up myself, but if someone lets me know where to go to donate I will (and I will do what I can to help get the word out.)
    I am sorry my earlier comment was so long winded (and this one is getting pretty damn long as well.)
    I guess all I really needed to say is “Please have a safe weekend!”

  14. Wow, can you feel the love in here? 😀
    No I am xx female like most of us here, I grew up in a large US city born of Brazilian parents who were “straight” and came from a loving family of 6. But we were poor and not “white” enough to pass so we had to rough it. I have sort of unique perspective because I grew up as both a racially mixed and ethnic girl in a very racist town. One of the girls I went to school with started calling me “generic ethnic girl” and I had to listen to that mess for most of my school years. I was always different from anyone else I went to school with outside my family & was made to feel that difference through school – into the Navy and beyond. When I was going to school I had to do my chores, my share of the housework and obey the house rules. Mom was queen there, there was no discussion. I was not grown and so had to go along. Nobody else treated me as grown either. I hadn’t earned it yet you see. 😉
    When I was 17 I listed in the Navy. It was a shock to all who knew me. Everybody thought I was going to be a nun, LOL. Well, I was already lesbian by then and my then gf was going so we signed up together. We didn’t parade around in school about that sort of thing back then so we were not out about it. She did her 6 and got out, but I stayed. I retired at 45 and loved the Navy while I was there, but there were MANY issues for lesbians in there – and you’d be surprised for how long the mess went on. Yes ladies, women get raped in there. It usually is done by officers and the women it happens to do it because they feel trapped into it. We do have issues with men – but they are straight men 99.9999% of the time. I have only had problems with one trans person and it had to do with them being in the ladies room unanounced. It happened at work, so I and the othet women who use that particular head took them aside for a little chat. They were unaware that we were offended us and asked for our permission for the next time. Since then the person has come to me for advice and so long as they conduct themselves in a ladylike fashion I’m ok with treating them like a lady. If they mess up and don’t act right – I will withdraw my support.
    So you see all that hating and signifying is all UNNESSARY. I who live an alternative lifestyle myself and have felt the sting of descrimination my whole life can’t & wont do that to another human being. I don’t have to sleep with them to show my compassion. That’s how I feel about it. So long as they respect me I am willing to respect them.

    1. Respecting people you’ve never even met is meaningless. You can be as nice and sweet in your personal life as you want, but it’s not doing anyone any good but YOU. Politics requires actual decisions, and expressing an opinion that isn’t “can’t we all just get along”- like it or not, other people’s choices have consequences for people who aren’t them. Laws have consequences for the people whom they they are written for and against. No one cares about your lifestyle or your life story … only whom you’re supporting and why. Grow up, quit calling people “haters” for asking difficult questions, and answer them.

      1. yeah, last I heard Naval service required actual decisions too. The idea that you can wax on about rape in the armed services (no shit, Sherlock) and then casually go on about how 2 women made a decision to allow a man to use the ladies head that will affect all the other women around you… to speak for those women, some of whom you KNOW have been raped, and then you want to talk about Love. Fuck you, you inconsiderate ass, you irresponsible, shameless shit. I defend who and what I love. Am I supposed to believe you served an entire career in the Navy and you know all about the rapes and you don’t know how and when to defend women? If you were able to extract you head from your ass you might know your story doesn’t pass the smell test. You disgust me. Just fuck you. How many women may be raped because of just that kind of foolishness, but don’t worry yourself over it, just focus on the ‘positive’. I repeat, I defend those whom I love, do you feel the love in that?

    2. Whatever Achislene. Was there a point to any of that or do you just like hearing yourself type?
      We know that transgenderism harms women. All the sunshine in the world will not change that. And by the way, you seem to think that MtTs and straight men are two different things. They are not. There are many many straight MtTs. Again, if you actually read this site you’d know that.

    3. ” I am xx female”
      You wish. Your posts just drip male bullshit. You’re not fooling anyone.
      “I retired at 45 and loved the Navy”
      Yeah many trannies are ex Navy. Drop dead, asshole.

  15. Hi Folks- I’ve been dealing with some life stuff of the sort we are all challenged with from time to time and have had even less time than usual to respond to comments personally. I hope no one feels snubbed. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping the blog afloat in my recent absence. I will try to do better but things might be touch and go for a while. Thanks for understanding. XOXOXOXOXOX

    1. GM, I wanted to wish you one big fat happy mothers’ day. You really deserve the title because it is about keeping the daughters safer. Wishing you well.

      1. Thank you. Mainly just wanting to explain my minimal commentary lately and apologize to anyone who feels ignored (if they do). And to thank everyone for keeping things running by contributing your own thoughts and comments. THANK YOU. Okay, ’nuff said, back on topic! 😉

    2. Gallus, much love to you and I hope whatever life stuff is going on resolves itself quickly and to your benefit. Peace. 🙂

  16. I have not seen the new narratives conference being promoted anywhere -on trans sites, or general media sites. Not even on twitter or reddit. Wonder what’s up with that.

  17. It should be obvious why there is almost no talk of this conference by other trans people – the idea that body mods don’t change sex is deeply frightening for us. I appreciate the direction this conference is going, but it does not go far enough. Not by a long shot.
    Am I the only trans person who is for gender abolition? Probably not, but I think so. As someone who overcame deep-set religious convictions, I can assure you the feelings are very similar to breaking out of the gender mindset. A gaping hole opens underneath oneself, and there is no real answer to grab on to.
    I will never stop transitioning, but I will never call myself a woman, nor imply that I am somehow getting closer to ‘femaleness,’ nor say that being castrated somehow makes me not a man. The trans ideology is bullshit, it is a cult that I am ashamed to say I believed in, just because it validated my fucked-up dysmorphia and let me avoid the responsibility of being male. I transition to be trans. I’m a subcategory of male. And without gender, no one would hate me. Why don’t other trans people see this? Because they are too busy pleasuring themselves with redundant energy produced by trying to incorporate dualist power structures into their own sense of identity.
    I am a SERF.

  18. Anon male: I made a reply to your comment, re: “Post modernism hurts women.” It’s up there somewhere, but out of order, because I hit the wrong reply button!

    1. I also did a previous post featuring and promoting Ivey’s GoFundMe for the Radfem’s Respond event, and had intended to do another post this week promoting both events. I won’t bother now.

      1. That seems to be an occupational hazard of being polite about pronouns; especially amongst those obsessed with convincing these dudes that other males and not feminists are “killing them.” If these dudes constitute a “them” (never mind that white female-impersonators are NOT being killed by other white males in any relevant number), of course stuff like horizontal hostility starts making sense since you have trans as a concrete group and evil cis patriarchs in another.

      2. Anon male:
        When you made the statement “trans as a concrete group,” it reminded me of something that has been mulling about in my brain for a bit. Groups like ‘truscum’ and such are accused by trans activists of making hard lines around the term ‘trans,’ delineating it from other identities – which is amusing, since the description “anyone who has sex dysphoria of any degree is trans” is not exactly a hard line. And many truscum extend this to also include “gender dysphoria” (which I think of as simply another term for being unhappy with patriarchy – we already have a word for sexism, so it’s redundant).
        My point: the current stance of trans activism actually seems to be the opposite of concrete in terms of inclusion, almost as if they are willing to extend the definition of trans to include anyone who wants to be a part of the group – as long as they accept the current dogma. This is similar to a cult that switches up its ideology as the wind changes, depending upon what stance will garner the most converts and penitents. The suspicious rise in the numbers of self-identified trans people in recent years is, I think, entirely the result of the LACK of any concrete definition of trans.
        Ironically, the ‘softer’ the definition of trans has become, the more vicious and concrete the dogma of their activism has become.

    2. Gallus, thank you for posting about New Narratives, it has been very much appreciated. I know that a lot of trans women who are flirting with becoming gender-critical read GenderTrender, and so the exposure was very helpful in getting the word out. As you are aware, no trans outlets have been promoting New Narratives, for what I imagine are obvious reasons. Also I hope the personal stuff that was going on for you has been resolved.
      I didn’t comment here sooner about this, because I was weighing whether to “come out” as one of the NN organizers. You may not understand, but setting up this kind of event entails significant personal risk. But as a radical feminist friend recently said to me, the current situation is so dire that we need to start putting our bodies on the line.
      I and the other New Narratives organizers have supported previous female-only radfem events through our words, and this time we will be supporting female-only space through actions. In addition, New Narratives is directly addressing the fact that “a lot of trans women /are/ like that”. Personally, I can’t sit by anymore and watch the rhetorical, sexual, and physical violence by trans women against women born female which is happening every day. A lot of this awareness came from reading GT, and talking with women in my life (my mom, my best friends, my coworkers) about what I had read.
      When you characterized New Narratives as “a conversation for men, serving men’s needs”, as you did above, or mentioned my writing about trying to ethically navigate relationships with the ethical part removed, it did feel more like trashing than commentary intended to move this discussion forward. Please correct me if I am missing something.
      That said, even though I am a fan of your blog, I don’t come here for cookies. If you decide to promote Radfems Respond and New Narratives again this week, I think it will be probably be helpful in achieving some of the political goals that you, I, and others who are part of the gender-critical conversation share. However, you may see it differently, which is certainly your right. Best Wishes.

      1. “When you characterized New Narratives as “a conversation for men, serving men’s needs”, as you did above, or mentioned my writing about trying to ethically navigate relationships with the ethical part removed, it did feel more like trashing than commentary intended to move this discussion forward. Please correct me if I am missing something.”
        New Narratives is a male only seminar for men to converse about their interests and ideas. Of course that is what the conference is. A male conference for males. I say – as I said above- “I certainly whole-heartedly support men-only seminars for female impersonators who want to parse how they can be less harmful to actual females.”
        See that? Whole-heartedly support.
        In fact, lets just repost the comment I was responding to, and my comment, here again:
        “Chazz Says:
        May 6, 2014 at 12:19 am
        Dang, I hope they survive the keynote address….
        Wouldn’t it be spectacular if 5,000 Feminists showed up in support of this conference? We could function as camcorder totting security. Heck, I’d settle for 500 women with iPhones.
        GallusMag Says: 

        May 8, 2014 at 12:46 am Hmmm. I certainly whole-heartedly support men-only seminars for female impersonators who want to parse how they can be less harmful to actual females. Sure, why not? Men, who seem to be devoted to a “not all men are like that!” platform distancing themselves from the violent murderous corrective rape threats, harassment and stalking sociopathy perpetrated by their fellow female-impersonators must be a good thing. And I’m all for men, even female-impersonating men- trying to live with themselves, and “feel better”. Of course. Why not. Feel better. I hope they do. We should all “feel better”. 

        But why the FUCK would I want 5,000 feminists showing up for the “Not all men are like that” conference when there aren’t those numbers showing up for ACTUAL WOMEN. Why the FUCK would (or should) women devote resources to a female-impersonating men’s seminar when female gatherings such as Radfems Respond, that these men are piggybacking off of, are so under siege that even myself, Gallus Mag, is not welcome to attend because all attendees must be “screened” to avoid being targeted by violent men? 

        These female-impersonating men glom onto a feminist conference whose actual female participants meet under threat of death, in order to promote their “Not All Men Are Like That” thingy. Okay. Fine. When will 5,000 female-impersonating dudes, or 500, or 50, or 5, form a human chain against their brothers at a single woman-only radical feminist gathering? I’m guessing never, ever.
Even these “oh so courageous” male transgender “not all men are like that” fellows have extended no such support to actual women who would like to hold feminist conferences for women-only. Nah. They are holding a man conference for men, in the interest of men. And unlike the women’s conference they can allow all men to attend without “screening”, because lets face it, men, even “not like that” men, can do what they want. Call me when they devote such energy to support women. 
I have to seriously call into question your vision of female power being expended to protect men from other men. It saddens me, sickens me, and makes me angry.”

        Joel then commented to twist and mischaracterize my criticism (of the absurd idea of 5,000 feminists showing up en masse to support a male conference which is attached to an undersupported female conference.) He said:
        “..GM – I am sorry that the thought of women stopping by the trans workshop to show support makes you sick…”
        Yeah. That isn’t at all what I said, Joel. I have been quite supportive of male trans trying to come to terms with feminism’s gender critical analysis. Golly I even direct readers to “stop by” and “show support” by featuring your blogs and events here on GT and on the GenderCrit aggregator.
        I did not bother responding to Joel’s mischaracterization because it makes me really angry to be forced to expend energy dealing with manipulative whiney male bullshit on my own fucking blog. Also, I (rightly) assume the women reading Joel’s comments can make up their own minds.
        Of course, the irony is that my option is now either to moderate your comment Snowflake (which I obviously have not done), or be forced to expend my personal time and energy caretaking males, which is what I am now doing.
        I support you guys doing whatever you want to do. I do NOT support the leaching of women’s energy INCLUDING MY OWN.
        As for your protest that I “…mentioned my writing about trying to ethically navigate relationships with the ethical part removed, it did feel more like trashing than commentary….”
        I have no idea what you are talking about, unless you are referencing where I laughed at you pulling the old “gender critical person must be trans failure to launch” trope on anon male, which I thought was amusing (and a little bit sad). Were you “trashing” anon male with your statements? Honestly, I don’t even care, and I doubt he does either.
        I repeat: if men want to hold seminars about their plans to be less harmful to women, I fully support it. But NOT at the expense of women’s energy being siphoned away from supporting women, which is where we should be focused. Hope that helps you guys. If it doesn’t: too bad. If you think that is “trashing”: I do not care about fragile male egos and I do not care if that is your interpretation of my perspective. There are PLENTY of women that will prioritize your needs and feelings (even, apparently, some “radical feminists”!) So go talk to them. Maybe they will kiss your boo-boo and accuse me of “horizontal hostility” against men.

      2. I don’t see anything that Gallus wrote as being trashing. Come on! Be more charitable.
        Anyway, best of luck to you at the conference Snowflake.

      3. Not sure where this will end up in the comment stack: but thank you Gallus for once again having the guts to lay out what’s going on with this conference. Everyone’s just all gushing over the trans part. Let’s see who gets press.

      4. @GallusMag — So this post above was interpreted as a “trashing”? This is a conference for and by male transgenderists. Yes? Well, that is the truth and this blog is about speaking truth even if it hurts men’s special feelings, even when unintentional like this right here. I didn’t even read the entire thread, but I did read your response, GM, way up in this thread, and I could not agree more. We are supposed to be working ourselves into frothy lather of praise over something that doesn’t concern women at all? I certainly support their right to meet in a group of their own choosing and discuss issues that are central to their common needs/concerns/experiences. All groups facing distinct oppressions have this right. I look forward to an amazing day when females are allowed to exercise this right without inference from the transgender brigade!
        I hope their conference goes swimmingly, but I don’t have much more interest than that- it is possible to be supportive without inserting yourself into a conversation! Radical feminism is females: female women, the meaty reality of our authentic lives and experience in/with our bodies and I have no more time or energy to devote to anything male-centric.
        As for someone complaining that you failed to respond to a novel some dude posted, well that is beyond fucking stupid. “All twanz aren’t like that” is the new “all menz aren’t like that” game and fuck that shit. Radical feminism is about females+females=females=females, the lives and social progress of females- it is not defined by excluding transgenders or about male bodied people at all, that is what is sooo radical about radical feminism! If someone needs to whinge about how men are not getting a fair shake on your blog, than they should start their own damn blog or read almost any other website on the internet that values men’s voices over women’s at all times. I only speak for myself, but please go there and talk about these important issues concerning males. . . that kind of handmaidening harshes my buzz.
        <3 you, GM!

    3. Thrown under the bus for male approval again. So what else is new?
      I only heard about these two conferences thanks to your coverage, Gallus. No one else has touched this. Ms. Ivey trashing you without even reading your comments is disgusting. I assume she didn’t read your comments, but what is worse is maybe she did, and has reverted to her libfem ways.
      It makes sense, unfortunately. People revert under stress. By encouraging a young, inexperienced activist to take point, publicly, on such a dangerous issue as the autogynephile invasion was irresponsible and callous of those who were advising her. If I were Rachel, I think I would feel hard-used by the leaders of the organization (DGR) who fed her their words then let her take the fall. It doesn’t excuse what she’s done, but I’m not surprised she got stockholmed after taking that backlash. I don’t think she had any idea what she was getting herself into.
      Radfems Respond? I think they mean “Whitefems Talk Down to You.”
      If they want to represent for radfems, an all white panel is not a fair representation. No WOC can look at that lily white panel, and the group it will attract, and feel welcome in that room.
      I don’t particularly care whether the M2Ts feel welcome, but it is disingenuous for these white women (and the men they work with) to present this conference as a fair dialogue with the trans dudes. If they want a dialogue, let’s face it, the other side has to feel welcome and heard. They should also have representation on the panel. If a men’s group announced they wanted us to come to a “dialogue,” but that it would consist of a full day being lectured by the M2T autogynephiles (some of them young enough to be our kids), plus agreeing as a ground rule for attendance that those men are females, and being given no more than 1 minute per woman to respond to their lectures, would you go? I would not. I would be offended such an uneven setup was presented as a dialogue. I don’t think any self-respecting feminist would go to something like that. So why do they expect the opposition to agree to those terms?
      At least the trans event is laying out their ground rules online, which Whitefems Respond is not. This lack of transparency seems to be pretty usual with projects run by DGR leaders. I think it’s also reasonable to assume, given the history here, that Cathy Brennan is funding Whitefems.
      The male event, by stating all M2Ts attending have to agree they are male, will also limit Snowflake and his bros to preaching to the converted. The M2Ts who agree they are male are not really the problem, so I’m not sure what the guys will accomplish by this. Not that I’d want to meet with the delusional dudes, but it’s the delusional dudes the trannies have to step up and deal with if they really mean this.
      I think the point of these get togethers is to gather and strategize with those of a like mind. Which is fine, but it insults everyone’s intelligence to call it a dialogue or peace talk. I do wish them luck, but everything leading up to this is disappointing. It’s not OK how they’ve treated you, Gallus, nor is it OK for Rachel to call gender-critical discussion “horizontal hostility.” That’s libfem speak, and shows a desire for male approval. The whole effort shows too little solidarity with (all) radfems, and too much white supremacy.

      1. You bring up some good points- and I’m sorry I don’t have more time for this response- but to me the fact that these women are holding this OPEN PUBLIC KICK-ASS forum is totally bad-ass. Not going to get into Ivey’s creepy trashing of a gender critical dyke blogger on a man’s say-so: SE contacted me privately to let me know he realizes now that he over reacted and/or mis-read. So Ivey’s trashing of me seems inexplicable. You never can tell what strangers think though. I have no connection with any of the women involved in RadFemRespond. Someone showed me that organizer “The Evil Feminist” (another person I have never spoken to and who has never supported me in any way) made a post claiming that “Gallus seems to have an issue with the organizers remaining anonymous” Which is like WHAT? Where? Totally fucking bizarre.
        I tell ya. For all the horrific, murderous, droning, wash of death threats and violence that feminist bloggers have to wade through on a daily basis, nothing is more depleting than the unsupport, shittalking and creep-ass fuckery of our supposed “allies”.

  19. NOTICE: Anyone claiming to speak for me on Tumblr or Facebook or anywhere else is a liar. An exploitative lying ass liar. FYI. I urge women to AVOID AT ALL COSTS the lying creepy serial stalking sock-puppet account that has targeted this blog repeatedly and harassed me personally (Ruth Greenberg aka many other names). That is all. Thank you.

  20. Here is something I learned to do from you, Gallus, here at GenderTrender: instead of looking at things in terms of “gender” try dropping that lens and looking at who is doing what, on the basis of sex only.
    I understand NN’s intent as an “ally” project in reference to women. It is also simply a matter of fact that it’s planned as a male-only meeting, and as such it is unlikely to accomplish anything directly in contradiction to male interests–however subcultural. As with any ally project, the proof will be in the pudding. No ally can or should expect the group they are trying to ally with to take things at face value. Trust is earned with actions, over time. There are sex-specific dynamics at play here, where the NN organizers do seem to expect emotional and social labor from women, especially feminists, right off the bat.
    But here is what I have noticed since NN was announced: it is a point of division between women. A woman (GM) critiques a male-only event and other women take exception and argue with each other and at her about this position. Women are in conflict over males. Specifically, lesbians are in conflict over males.
    If not for lgbtwtf politics, lesbians would have no cause to be in conflict with each other over males.
    Watching this happen over and over again I start to think that the “softer, middle way” doesn’t seem to work out. Wherever there are males being included, there will always be at least some women–even feminist lesbians–prioritizing them and their interests over other women and women’s interests.
    If NN is serious about allyship, it can start by trying to mitigate this divisive impact it has been having. If the women who took exception to GM’s critique could try the experiment of dropping the “gender lens” on this scenario even for a moment, they would see a very different picture on the basis of sex only.

    1. Exactly. Nicely put. “Dropping the gender lens” and viewing the the WHOLE scene in terms of sex (even as a thought experiment) is precisely what transgenderist politics disallows. Forbids, actually.
      Their point, after all, is to erase the sexes as discrete categories and therefore, to render sex-based injustice invisible to our eyes, and to make sex-based oppression just a bunch of individual instances of bad things that happen to some “people” some of the time. And it’s all sort of, but not really–because the matrix of power, privilege and “agency” is oh-so-complicated–connected to any larger system of male supremacy. You know, all the post modern queer theory mind-rot.
      The reason why there is no middle ground, why there can’t be a middle ground, is because males (no matter their gender) occupy virtually ALL the ground, and females have to fiercely defend the little bit of space they have eked out on the margins.
      Gender identities, of course, have nothing to do with this predicament.
      I agree that we have to keep reminding each other that we have this meta-theory and -analysis, based on sex, and that all those individual conflicts, conversations, and arguments drain our energy and can cause confusion and forgetfulness of the big picture: men on top, always. It also, yes, allows unconscious (i.e., insidious) female loyalties to males to quietly surface and come into play. The devil really IS in the details!

      1. “The reason why there is no middle ground, why there can’t be a middle ground, is because males (no matter their gender) occupy virtually ALL the ground, and females have to fiercely defend the little bit of space they have eked out on the margins.”
        Perfectly put. Males have practically everything, yet they always want MOAR.

  21. I’ve gotten “private messages” (not for posting) from both Joel and Snowflake in response to this thread. Feeling kind of weird about that.

  22. I don’t actually do this blog for genderists or radical feminists. I do it for the general public- especially women- who are asking “WTF this gender thing?”

    1. Thank you for that. The articles you write are great for cutting through all the crap and nonsense in “gender”-related stories and issues. It’s a valuable public service.

    2. And you do a great job. Every day there are women who get told STFU up or something by these guys and they have no clue what is going on and they try to parse through the delusion the misogyny, the attention seeking faux victimhood and the jargon of men demanding silence. And there you are. College students, la leche league women, the garden club all read here and “get it” In some fields women are under siege–careers trashed. I think the future is going to be many people coming out because their lives were damaged when they bought into jendur. Read Talbots piece in The New Yorker–really quite good.

    3. “WTF this gender thing?”
      That’s exactly what I was thinking when I wandered in here a few years ago, Gallus. I can’t remember where I saw the link, but I was confused at the sudden trans dominance, sex-pozzery and lesbian/female erasure on all the libfem blogs and was looking for answers.
      I can honestly say that your writing and that of the other women here has changed my life. This is the first mostly-female space I ever participated in and it was a real epiphany. Thank you!

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