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  1. All those straight males telling a lesbian what a woman and lesbians are. Ya know like men usually do. Well if “sexuality is fluid” all those straight guys should be willing to happily take a dick up their ass and willing to lecture other straight men about taking dick.
    That guy Andry saying he doesn’t really care what’s in a persons pants? Yeah, right. Sure dude.
    As for Wendy? Andry & crew are not lesbians because *drumroll* THEY ARE MEN. Weird how Wendy doesn’t just say that. Oh, right, she’s of the be polite to trannies squad that abhors calling these sick freaks what they are. Must always use the polite pronoun. See where it got ya, hon.

    1. @liberalsareinsane
      They try to lecture males over on Reddit about accepting trans”women” as women.
      It seldom works.
      But you get these enlightened dudes appear that are all like “I’ve dated (or would date) transwomen. They are women to me” and all the trans swoon and upvote him for his compassion.
      Which is fine, if you want to see trans people for their crazy delusion then that’s fine with me.
      My issue is when you try and dictate how I’m going to interpret you.
      I see MtT as men. Men that 80% (or higher) still have their fucking cocks and claim to be lesbians with a “protruding” vagina or other bullshit.
      …I really wish I made that last part up.

  2. I’m pretty sure that FemQueery (Ali Tuckey) is a funfem. She’s a student at U of Toronto.

    1. Thanks. You’re right. She seems completely nuts.
      Wendy? If you’re reading…sorry. 🙂

  3. I blame this on American culture / patriarchy. If our society wasn’t so homophobic to begin with, these MEN could openly embrace their BISEXUALITY without fear of being labeled as ‘less than’.
    This screaming that lesbians aren’t allowed to state that “penis = not lesbian = not female” is insane. In fact, textbook definition of insanity.
    How come HuffPo doesn’t showcase this kind of trans story?

    1. I blame this on American culture too, but I think it’s more caused by the strain of extreme individualism within it. In other places, ‘self’ would be defined in part by community and others. In America, it’s defined by only you, and any attempt for others to point out that it’s nonsense and contrary to reality is a violation of your rights. Whatever *I* want to believe in is more important than objective reality, because the individual is absolute(when male) and “objective reality” is defined by elitist scientists and can’t trusted.
      Homophobia is part of it, but I believe that America is unique in that the solution to homophobia is seen as changing self-identity rather than society- why should we care about society(others) anyway?

      1. If you can find it, the BBC’s documentary Century of the Self is really fascinating: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Century_of_the_Self
        I’ve always been very skeptical of psychotherapy and psychiatrists because it often feels like they’re just making it up as they go along, and this documentary really explained a lot. It’s also a really interesting look at how individualism is really the opposite of what it claims to be.

      2. great comment, lc.
        the “don’t label me!” over and over is funny. they label themselves & others in every tweet, but women better not try that shit.

  4. Well, good for Wendy for speaking up, but I agree that playing along with any of the myth just reinforces it.

  5. I predict that I will die from an aneurysm caused by reading this sort of genderbabble in a very near future.

  6. Hi, just saw this post. Cool. I think if I call them men, they will not get the point. Not that they do if I dont call them men. But I actually do indirectly. Homosexuality means same sex. For a lesbian non same sex is male. Anyway, what a creepy fuckers.

  7. As a lesbian, I’m equal parts disgusted and amused by the current trend with M2T “lesbians” accusing female lesbians (also known as…”lesbians”) of having some weird vagina fetish. This is rampant on tumblr. Those lesbians who only want to date and fuck born-women (more succinctly known as “lesbians”) are now considered to be a niche subculture of “pussysexuals,” “gynephiles,” or more commonly “Oppressive TERF Bitches Who Should Learn That My Lady-Dick Is Actually Just A Very Large Clit With External Ovaries.” All of this is real, except “external ovaries” which I made up just now but expect to see used seriously on tumblr by the beginning of next week.
    More than anything, it’s the disparaging use of “fetish” with regards to our sexual orientation that kills me. These fuckers love kink, BDSM, race “play,” age “play,” all kinds of disgusting shit. They will defend pasty middle-aged investment bankers pissing in diapers, 24/7 “master and slave” relationships, Nazi furry porn, etcetera as normal human sexual urges that can and should be “safely” explored, but the second a woman says she won’t suck dick – and furthermore she does want to eat pussy – whoa. WHOA. What a disgusting pervert. Have you ever heard anything more baffling? Could anything be stranger?? Kinkshaming is worse than death but some kinks do just go TOO far! You hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand men clutching their pearls.
    I’ve yet to hear any of this rhetoric used against men, gay or straight. Which makes sense, considering they are very rarely on the radar of actual (auto)gynephiles.

    1. If they love dick so much, they should have sex with each other. Problem solved.

    2. judysdreamofhorses–every accusation they make against lesbians/feminists/women is a reversal and/or a psychological projection. When I say “every” accusation they make, I’m not I’m not exaggerating to make a point. Reversals, for the trans/queer-theory cult, are the key to trans-lation:
      They call lesbianism a fetish because they are raging fetishists.
      The call radical feminists biological essentialists (for knowing the difference between male and female) because they are gender essentialists.
      They say “biology is not destiny” and then recommend modifying bodies to escape the biological destiny they very much DO believe in.
      They call women bigots because they are male supremacists.

      1. Morag, I agree 100%. I would have responded sooner, I was trying to come up with something more to add. But what is there? The thing that amazes me (but at the same time is only to be expected when dealing with men and male allies, so it is on most levels wholly unremarkable) is not just the *frequency* with which patriarchal reversals pop up in trans thought, but the *lack of subtlety* in implementing them. They don’t even bother to bury or disguise these reversals, it’s all there on the surface.

    3. Their crazy ideas follow a logic. Their logic is: Any gross thing a man wants to do is good and encouraged and women are some sort of resource for men to use. Anything a woman wants to do, that is different from what the gross things they want, is deeply wrong. The worst is of course to not want sexual relationships with men and instead use the men’s resource of women.
      And yes they love using reversals, like all abusive men.

    4. I have a strong suspicion that most of the tumblr supporters of the trans agenda have never met any of these M2Ts in person, let alone had to deal with them naked. To most of the young women who support these guys, the M2Ts are just photoshopped fantasy pictures and a bunch of gaslighting rhetoric. I think if they were confronted in real life with these hulking, penis-wielding Frankensteins they’d flee in terror.

    5. @judysdreamofhorses
      Yes exactly! This is why I rage quit tumblr because the hypocrisy was just so annoying. Even on a blog I had just for weird art and pictures I like, I got weird asks about my sexual orientation (because I mentioned it in the about me section) and then I got called a “TERF bitch” for explaining that lesbian meant FEMALE homoSEXual.
      Well, I guess that website does deserve some credit; most of it is so awful that it pushed me more over into radical feminism, well tumblr and the queer trans cult I was causally hanging out with in real life, ugh.
      What pisses me off is that kink-shamming, especially kink-shamming of fucking rapists is considered evil, but claiming that lesbianis is a kink and then shaming that is okay.
      I do see gay men get targeted every once in a while, but lesbians are the main target.

    6. Oh, I forgot about the “stop kink-shaming me!1” stuff. It would be more funny if these perverts would leave lesbians alone, but they won’t. And yes, I will tell anyone who isn’t a lesbian to stop calling themselves that. Words mean something. Lesbians are females who love only other females.
      It’s just more projection and gas-lighting. They are the perverts who will defend every fucked-up fetish imaginable, but lesbians are the bad ones. That is because they’re jealous that they will never be us or have sex with us.

  8. The M2T’s are the ones obsessed with genitals – because they are terrified to admit we don’t have to see them naked to know that they are MEN.
    The “Crying Game” myth, where the man wants to have sex with someone he thinks is a woman, then only discovers it’s a man when he sees the person naked… Perhaps straight men are sometimes fooled that a M2T is female, because they’re not very observant, but women are rarely fooled by a bit of makeup and a frock. We looked at that movie poster and knew the “secret” immediately. Even though that actor (Jaye Davidson) is small and pretty and more likely to pass than 99% of the M2Ts.
    Here’s the truth, guys, you’re not pretty or delicate. We know you’re dudes. Almost all of you are too tall to be women, and everything from the size of your hands and feet to your bone structure to how you stand, speak, move and smell marks you as a man and therefore possibly unsafe to be around.
    You’re Schrödinger’s Rapist in drag. That’s all. We have no more reason to feel safe around you than around any other man. Most women are survivors of sexual assault. We don’t want to go through it again and are careful about letting penises anywhere near us.
    In the rare cases when you guys pass as women, and get treated like women, you freak out and think you’re the most oppressed creature on the planet. This is because you know nothing about the lives of females. In those moments of being harassed or assaulted by other men, you get only a glimpse of what every female has lived with every day of her life. Your oppression is not special. Maybe if you had any compassion for females you would realize this. Instead, you get even more rapey in your words and behaviour, and wonder why we can’t stand being around you.

    1. When these guys feminate it is about as convincing as those old Lone Ranger shows when Tanto says: “me row cross heap big water. They are to woman like Tanto is to Native American.
      Tanto I love the fact that nothing penetrates their thick sculls. Women knowing they are men causes them to be killed. Let’s unpack the faulty premise. Okay everybody that sees them knows they are male. And Mr. White 40 year old is not the one murdered. Those killed are the men who might not have told the blind drunk John.
      Take away: maybe admitting you’re a dude is a safer option, because for as much as you and the guys love to say it, and for as stupid and pathetic as is sounds, all the “some women got dicks” talk might not be so safe.
      But it is so much more fun to pretend it is women that harm. When in reality everyone knows you’re men. Women just refuse to play along–suck for you. Pass the word to the brothers–Men are violent, just like you and they lie but they don’t like getting lied to. Women know that. Saying it is a lady dick is not a safe move. You whip one out and that’s a no brainer.

    2. It’s hard to fool lesbians. If you see before/after pictures of m2t you notice that mostly their faces changed. Through surgery and hormones. But they can’t change their body statue. Large feet and hands and the voice are a damn good indicator. Even the SRS doesn’t help because it looks totally different from actual female genitals. Men can be fooled but not lesbians.
      How they love to brag about their “vaginas”. How natural they look and how gynecolgists can’t spot a difference.
      But this is bullshit. If you are courious and look at SRS surgeons websites you will notice that the differences are HUGE. It may please male egos (sometimes only for a certain amount of time) but it will not fool someone with actual knowlege about female genitals. hell no!
      Same with F2t bottom surgery.

      1. What’s even more awful is those SRS websites, with those grisly photos, are also what the surgeons consider their best results. Those are the photos they are using to sell their services! Goddess only knows how much worse the ones they aren’t advertising look.

      2. If a gynecologist can’t the difference between a vagina and an inverted dick, he (and I do mean he; a woman wouldn’t be fooled) should have his license revoked.

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