Homosexuals not Homogenderuals


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image from the page

Gay males have launched the hilariously titled public Facebook group “Homosexuals not Homogenderuals” designed to explore Gay Pride and the gay movement in relation to the genderist politics of the transgender movement.
They post daily items that reflect on and highlight the inherent homophobia of the “T” in the LGBT, and explore the inevitable clash between those who are same-sex attracted and transgenderists, who:

  1. Believe that biological sex does not exist.
  2. Assert that belief in biological sex is a form of bigotry against transgenderists.
  3. Therefore homosexuality is a form of bigotry against heterosexuals who “identify as” the opposite sex.

And WOW even gay men are getting violent threats (although not the sexualized violence so commonly perpetrated against lesbian bloggers) from the transgenderists for pushing back against the absurd idea that homosexuality is oppressive to heterosexuals.
Do these threats emanate from transgender heterosexual females demanding entry to the gay male community under threat of violence? Of course not. Even on a gay male page the violent homophobia is coming from: you guessed it! Heterosexual male “lesbians”.
Thank you to our gay male brothers for running this page, and do check them out and support them against the anti-gay transgender “male lesbian” death-threaters.

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  1. I was just looking at that page earlier today actually. The comments are simultaneously funny and terrifying to read. Example:
    Naozumi Atemi They use the term ‘biological men’ and then wonder why people give ’em shit. Talk about cognitive dissonance.
    April 27 at 5:44pm · Edited · Like · 9
    Oh those silly people, using such terms as “biological men”. Wait, what? Did I step into an alternate reality or something? If you had told me just a few months ago that I would read someone saying that and actually being serious, I would have laughed. I still laugh, because it’s completely ridiculous, but I’m also really annoyed.
    Another example of a comment on the page:
    Klaas Velija I mean they’re basically denying the existence of a category of people, which you know reminds me of 卐
    Ooops, Godwin’s law invoked! So, gay men daring to have opinions about transgenders are nazis now. Shaking my head.

  2. This is my first time commenting here by the way – I got linked here originally from a forum I frequent, where there is a “megathread” about transgenderism. The people there complain a lot about “transmisogyny” and TERFs and it piqued my curiosity. Weeks of obsessive reading (including the archives of this blog) and I’m just amazed and honestly pretty angry at the whole trans “movement”.
    I used to do a lot of feminist activism back in the day when I was a teenager, but the feminism that is trendy now just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m glad I discovered radical feminism.

    1. I came here recently too, thanks to the tumblrs. Was never quite happy with the transgender movement, instinctively, but figured I might be unconsciously prejudiced and the impression I got from all the talk of ‘TERFs’ was they must just be being mean. I was very relieved to find that Radical Feminists are nothing of the sort, do have some persuasive arguments, but most of all just that REAL feminists still exist.
      Was beyond fed up with sex possi LibFems, I thought maybe feminism had just moved on to the point I didn’t understand it anymore, since second wave feminism was always what made sense to me. And I thought, well, I’m asexual, I’m never going to really understand all this fuss about sex anyway.
      Now I know it’s not me, it’s the sex possis. They can all fuck off (since they like it so much), and leave feminism and my community alone. I am very much not pleased with their clumsy attempts to include us when imo sex positivity as a concept makes zero sense for actual asexual people, and I’m not happy by seeing how hard it’s made it for members of even our community to criticise sexual issues/practices, or to really say how we feel about sex (after all, we wouldn’t want to be seen as prudes, would we? Here’s an essay that refers to the kind of thing I mean, btw:
      http://asexualagenda.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/i-am-not-your-sex-cheerleader/). I’ve always believed that asexual people, as being outside the situation personally, are actually in a good position to impartially do so, and also to help steer the culture away from making absolutely everything about (hetero)sexuality, as well as to offer reassurance to sexual people who feel pressured to have sex when they don’t actually want to. The reason the coerciveness often involved in heterosexual relationships stood out to me, even as a very young teenager, was, I think, because I was asexual, and thus had no wish to seek male approval the way my friends did. They’d come to me privately to talk about it, but not even dare really talk about it in groups, lest they be seen as too uptight, uncool, not mature. Whether women can say ‘yes!’ to sex is really not the main problem in our culture, the ‘no’ is still not respected enough. The sex positive discussions about consent are a start but still a bandaid on the actual broader cultural problem. You only have to see how easily some men completely flip out when even very basic ideas about consent are discussed to see that.
      Well, anyway, I’m glad I discovered Radical Feminism, too. I hadn’t even realised how much I kept censoring myself, not feeling allowed to discuss issues, until they showed me.
      I’m sure the next few years will be interesting, to see how things go from here in both the LGBTA+ and feminist movements. I really can’t tell the difference between which of the transgenderists are serious and which are actually trolls anymore, it’s beyond parody, looking at some of those comments.

      1. “Was beyond fed up with sex possi LibFems, I thought maybe feminism had just moved on to the point I didn’t understand it anymore….”
        This is actually a really enlightening comment. Since when did we let it be said that feminism was something that the ordinary woman could not understand! I guess when academic feminism took hold, and when people like Judith Butler (who INTENDS to be incomprehensible from what I have read) became the voice of feminism.
        Not saying that academic feminism (or perhaps rather feminists who work in academia) is all bad — given that I’ve just started reading Sheila Jeffreys ‘Gender Hurts’ which as far as I have read, acknowledges the part played by GallusMag and Dirt and contributors to these blogs, and feels pretty accessible to me………
        When feminism went from being something that should matter to every woman, and should not just be understandable by every woman, but also something that depending on us all listening to what all women had to say, by saying that all womens experience mattered, and now seems to have become just another heirarchical pseudo-academic or pseudo-religious belief system, except now we are supposed to NOT listen to our own voices and listen to the ‘most-oppressed’ or the purest (i.e. transwomen), as to what being a woman should mean, and what being a lesbian should mean……………..Just that same ole WOMENS voices don’t matter, our opinions amd experiences don’t matter compared to those males who know better than we do what it all should mean.

      2. As a recent example of the difficulty of discerning between parody and reality from trans activists, I submit this comment:
        “See cis people, and CAFAB people?? A single typing finger, or a single moving mouth, can in fact, be a threat to the lives of trans women. You don’t even need to be physically strong enough to lift a gun to be capable of transmisogynistic violence, and this is proof.
        If you felt you didn’t have enough proof before, here it is before you.”
        (from http://lectraerror DOT tumblr.com/post/85060008767/wait-so-that-transgender-harms-women-asshole-drove-two , the whole thing is worth reading)
        Yes, lowly females, a single one of our typing fingers can kill a poor transsexual male! So says one who admits that he is addressed mainly as ‘he’ in his real life, because he is not even transitioning yet (this is true of many of the craziest, ‘baeddel’ types on tumblr). Reading his comment and then realizing that it is serious (or at least a deliberate attempt to fuck with women and guilt/gaslight us, it’s hard to tell) was my…five thousandth peak trans moment.
        And the ‘everything is violence against us’ meme they’ve all picked up is so spooky, because within six months all these dudes will be justifying actual violence against women as self-defense. Just like every other abusive male tries to do…

  3. Fuck me…
    I tried to follow the conversation on Facebook and the crazy just abounds.
    Trans can define themselves as WHATEVER the fuck they want.
    Women/men/gays/lesbians/intersex trying to define themselves? NO FUCKING WAY! That’s transphobic.
    Don’t you know that as a lesbian/gay/queer woman/man/other *THEY* don’t personally care about genitals so *YOU* shouldn’t either!
    And we’re all homoGENITALS because we don’t want to have sex with the opposite sex (with the opposite genitals)
    You might be the nicest, smartest, most interesting and attractive person on the planet but if you have a penis and try and initiate coitus with me, I am going to:
    1) laugh (sorry, but they look like weird mushroom monsters)
    2) tell you no and to go away
    2.1) punch/kick/scratch/bite/fight/stab/shoot/burn if you persist in your efforts once I’ve said no.
    I get that penises have purpose, but I do not like them anywhere near me in a sexual setting. They are gross to me. No amount of personality is going to overcome that.
    I do not want to have sex with penises or people with penises.
    Heterosexual men feel the same way and they get FAAAAAR less shit for it then lesbians do (and we all know why).
    Homosexuals are no longer allowed to define their own homosexuality.
    Fuck these crazy pomo nutbags, they will never ever win. Heterosexuals have been pulling this shit for years against us. We know what WE are and we know what YOU are.
    Those replies though! >:(
    Some people were actually saying that it’s okay for a white person to identify as black.
    Yes…that happened.
    So if a white person who “identifies” as black runs around screaming the “N” word and using derogatory racial slurs is that okay because they identify as black?
    Then why does Janet Mock get to say “fish” or Carmen Carrera say “bitch” then?
    And the fucking unfounded bullshit hormone science nearly made me hurl.
    I think the icing on the vomit cake was when someone tried to use the case of that rare female insect that has a “penis” as evidence that there is no male/female sexual dimorphism.
    (Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-27056809)
    Because homo sapiens sapiens can be compared biologically to insects.
    Excuse me everyone, I must shed my exoskeleton and lay some eggs.
    Perhaps later I will use my bioluminescence to attract some prey.

    1. I suggest we all start identifying as bioluminescent, because as we all know identifying as something makes it real, and then we’d save a ton of money on electricity bills.

    2. I can go you one better. After I read these mens’ vile demands and idiocy someone has to hold my head over a glass and milk my fangs.

    3. For what it’s worth, there’s a Tumblr out there called dearcispeople that had a submission telling straight men that they’re obligated to have sex with a transwoman if they thought she was good enough to take home with them. It was roundly mocked in response, but apparently there are some attempts to get straight men to accept transwomen as women.

      1. Ha, real women say they are not obligated to have sex with a man because he bought dinner. M2T say a man is obligated to have sex with them because he bought dinner. Could those positions be any more different, and yet they imagine we share the same lady brain?

      2. There’s a joke – which is funny precisely because it’s more or less true – that the difference between straight and gay men is about six pints. I imagine that towards the ends of the bell curve there are men that exclusively have sex with either men or women but the majority in the middle just want to fuck and dependent on environment and opportunity will fuck more or less anything, with a pulse or no.
        ‘Straight’ and ‘Gay’- for human males, anyway are very much identities; social constructs. ‘Gay’ sex, a fact of life too rarely discussed and unreasonably feared.
        I also acknowledge that both women and men who choose to centre their sexual lives around their same sex, for a variety of reasons: In spite of the aggressively heteronormative undercurrent to most cultures, the idea that homosexuality is exclusively ‘natural’ or ‘nurtured’ is absurd.
        My willingness to have sex with a transwoman would only depend on a) whether I had personal chemistry with him, or b) if I was drunk and horny: the same criteria which would apply to any potential sexual partner – female or male. Believing Transwomen to be women is by-the-by. I don’t, as it happens…

    4. Because Janet Mock is a man, that’s why, and frankly our society is much more okay with blatant sexism than racism, because most cultures have it ingrained for women to be shit upon.

  4. I have still yet to see a single definition of what a woman or man is from trans activists other than the recursive fallacious “a woman is somebody who identifies as a woman”. They reduce womanhood and manhood to a bunch of stereotypes.
    To think that people are attracted to “gender identities” and that physical bodies have no bearing when it comes to sexual relationships is just insulting to everybody’s intelligence. It is all about validation, bedding a gay man or lesbian is seen as the ultimate passage into become the opposite sex.

    1. Their entire identity is based on trickery and deceit and if that doesn’t work out, bullying everyone into playing along.
      It’s always funny how they accuse radfems (or anyone with a basic understanding of human biology really) of being “essentialist” for knowing the difference between females and males when their definitions of womanhood and manhood are a bunch of gross stereotypes that should have been done away with a long time ago.
      I am floored by how many people play along with the notion that physical bodies, especially genitals don’t matter when it comes to sex. So genitals, those things that are the focus when having sex don’t matter during sex acts…yeah okay.
      My sexual orientation does not revolve around an identity in someone’s head, especially when that identity is a sexist stereotype of what a woman is as imagined by a gross man!

    2. Gender identity is a function of our brain, not of genitals. A lady is someone who thinks like one, acts like one, dresses like one…. Vaginas are optional. Creating a vagina on a man won’t turn him into a lady, any more than your being born with a vagina makes you one.

      1. You do realize that the current transideology says that a transwoman is a woman, period, regardless if “she” lives like a woman full time (or at all), has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, dresses “like” a woman, acts “like” a woman, thinks “like” a woman. Current dogma is “I am a woman, because I say so.” According to that definition, you’re as much of a bigot as the rest of us, transphobe.

      2. LOL! This gave me a good laugh. And the comments and replies to Angelica’s post below are just awesome!
        But, come on, you have to admit that avatar he has speaks volumes of him. That alone gave me a good chuckle.
        Oh and the “vaginas are optional” was tossed in there because, apparently, he still has his peen [because that avatar makes him a REAL laydee! Screw vulvas!]. >_<

  5. How about you let trans people speak for our selves, instead of putting false words in our mouth:
    No trans person claims biological sex does not exist. In fact we say that gender also has biological origins and what we say is confirmed by scientific research.

    1. Lololollolol
      Identify strongly as a baby unicorn. If you do not affirm my identity as MissMagicUnicornFairyPuff and use my preferred pronoun “glee” I will become hysterical and threaten to have you silenced/banned by tumblr/Facebook/wordpress for your uni-prejudiced hate speech that murders all the happiness in my sparkly soul and is basically the same thing as violence against my person. I am in the process of transitioning and will have a horn grafted to my forehead and I wear a sparkly mane in my move towards authenticity. Neigh!

    2. Where do you think this stuff is coming from? Are you seriously accusing us here of just pulling this out of our asses? There are transwomen who proclaim biological sex doesn’t exist and that anyone who claims otherwise is a bigot. If you have a problem with this, perhaps take this up with them.
      “what we say is confirmed by scientific research.”
      Citation needed. Everything I’ve seen has problematic sampling at best or is outright pseudoscience at worst.

      1. “what we say is confirmed by scientific research.”
        First, you would need to show diagnostic differences between the brains of men and women, AND show that these are innate rather than learnt. The neuroscientists are still arguing over this one, and like many male/female differences, it is mostly at the level of — still a lot of overlap.
        Then having shown that, then you’d have to show that M2T had brains which were more female-like than male-like etc. AND show that this wasn’t just due to the same men having been on oestrogen or whatever.
        And then you’d have to have reliable stats to support the claim.
        At the moment, we’re still at arguing about male versus female. The papers that DO claim to have established something about M2T or F2T brains had such ridiculously SMALL numbers, and failed in terms of having a separate training and test set for the male/female bit (which has to come first remember, you have to show FIRST that your method can distinguish between non-trans men and women before claiming anything else)…………
        And so on. The science is NOT there, not by a long chalk. I know, I’ve read the scientific papers…………………
        Even if you did do ALL that, it is STILL not showing that the supposedly feminised brains of M2T KNOW that they are supposed to have boobies rather than a hairy muscley chest. Which is………….wait for it……….the LEARNT meaning of sex differences. Unless you want to introduce ANOTHER hypothesis, which is that pink laydee brains come with a full tits-and-arse bodymap installed………….
        Which still leaves us two unproven hypotheses (at least), short of innate gender……………….

      2. “Scientists” have been trying to prove a difference between male and female brains since humans grasped some understanding of human anatomy. They’re still looking.
        I wish Stephen Jay Gould were still alive so he could pick apart the bad science on display regarding supposed scientific proof of gender dysphoria.
        I’m open to the possibility that there’s physiological basis, especially in the event of small children who harm their genitalia. I find it interesting that there seem to be a significant number of identical twins where one twin claims to have gender dysphoria (I can think of three instances off the top of my head). But I don’t see how the science, as yet, supports it.
        And the pseudoscience on display is embarrassing. I seriously had to deal with some commenter elsewhere claiming that female children with gender dysphoria have different bone structures (sans puberty blockers or HRT). That strikes me as eugenics level dumbassery, similar to the Nazis categorizing racial differences in facial structure.

      3. “I find it interesting that there seem to be a significant number of identical twins where one twin claims to have gender dysphoria”
        A psychological explanation would be that one twin feel suffocated within the twin relationship – so in order to break free of the stifling “twin” identity (which for identical twin INCLUDES bio sex) one decides to become the other sex. Voila! You are no longer twins, but siblings, girl-boy or boy-girl. This would also account for one twin with “gender dysphoria,” and not both. Maybe call it a variant of “twin dysphoria?”
        There. No need to resort to genetics.

    1. You must be joking. No one with a brain takes anything Cristan Williams posts seriously. 😝

  6. To sum up this video: Teh feelz; it’s what you feelz!
    Ppppfffttt, because it’s not like our feelings change over the course of time…Nope. Once I say I feel like a dood, then I must ALWAYS feel like dood [whatever the heck that means]. Also, funny how Forest dood doesn’t even bother explaining what it feels like to be a woman and what it feels like to be a man. I’m guessing that was part of something so complex, he couldn’t name it? That, or if he did name it, it would just come out sounding like the sexist garbage that it is…oops.

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