11 thoughts on “Apologize To Michigan

  1. One of my younger Facebook friends recently informed me that some trans identified men say that calling women “cunts” is transmisogynist, because not all women have vaginas.
    I’d like to point out just for starters that the derivation for “cunt” is much closer to “vulva” than “Vagina.” Get your gender slur appropriation shit straight, trans people!
    After that I’d like to hear about how oppressive it is not to have the right, as men, to be called “cunts,” and how it breaks their hearts and souls each and every day of their lives.
    h/t to Paisley

  2. It’s a post modern ‘witch-hunt’! Women who reject deranged men who pose as women are now classed as the new secular ‘witches’?

  3. I love these little boys. “We forced the military and the boy scouts to be inclusive…” Oh, so it was YOU who did that. I was wondering. Is that because you’re such a good organizer? Yeah, that must be it. You just draw millions of people to your cause by being so…oh wait, that wasn’t you at all. Because you’re just a dick-wad like all the rest of them. You talk tough now, but I’d like to see you face a few thousand angry dykes when you actually make some stupid move to “take it down.” Riiiight.

  4. Michfest is held on private property, not public land. Apparently these dick-for-brains males feel entitled to home invasion and to tell women who they may or may not have on their own land/property, and in their own homes? They also feel entitled to threaten, violate, and commit violence against women if women don’t do as these men say?
    It’s rather obvious these men don’t feel like women. They feel like men. They have no girl codes whatsoever and are men through and through. Testosterone stinking, knuckle-dragging, penis-wielding, “I’m Tarzan – you Jane” men.
    I offered to lend MIchfest my rather large dog. My dog is fine with women, but hates men. She turns into a snarling, 125 lbs of pure muscled beast when a man comes within 200 feet of her. All the make-up, surgery, and claims of brain-sex in the world doesn’t deter her. She can smell a man from a block away.
    On the thread where I offered up my dog to guard the Michfest gate to make sure only females entered, there were shrieks of “No dogs, no dogs!” from trans and their supporters. That’s because they know these men are full of shit. Which gave a me a scathingly brilliant idea. It’s a possible solution to the man-problem. Turn the dogs loose. Let the dogs police the grounds and women-only space. Let’s see M2Ts and their hench- ppl try to bullshit or threaten a dog and see how well that goes for them. What’s more, if trans hurt any dog, trans can kiss any public support they may have, goodbye. While the public may tolerate the abuse of women, they don’t tend to tolerate animal cruelty. The public will turn on them in no time flat. The public will then also begin to see trans in a new light. If dogs know M2Ts are men, they’ll question trans’ claims, and in the end, trust his so-called best friend – the dog. 🙂

  5. I have offered many times to do the ‘panty-check’ everybody fears so much. No takers. I think the sex-sniffing dog would make a lot more sense.

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