"Woman" arrested for bestiality ? News Media fictionalizes sex of crime suspect

woman 1
Fake News report on Huffington Post

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Fake news report on Fox News

Jezebel false report
Jezebel false report

I’ve said this before: when stories emerge in the media about women who live as fake mountain-climbing paraplegics or live as adult babies in diapers shoving marshmallows up their ass, or who are cited with multiple felony rape charges, or who are accused of multiple sadistic sexual serial murders, or in this case, are arrested for bestiality for fucking horses, there is an EXTREMELY good chance the perpetrator in question is actually a man, who is falsely reported as female on the grounds that said male is a transgenderist. News agencies and incompetent journalists like David Moye at the Huffington Post now falsely report male crimes and male perpetrators as female, if the male in question is a member of the genderist belief community. From the PhoenixNewTimes:

The ad on Craigslist, which is still active at the time of this post, was listed on April 8, and states:

I am 22 years old and I want to play with a male Horse. simple as that. If you have access to a Male horse, and can allow me access to a male horse, then contact me please 😉 I will do something in return.

Detectives were able to identify the poster as 22-year-old Donald Waelde, according to MCSO.

Another Craigslist visitor, who had a “genuine interest in horses,” contacted the MCSO out of disgust, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

According to an MCSO spokesman, “In the undercover investigation, Sheriff’s deputies contacted the suspect and engaged Waelde in conversation where the suspect stated the sex act he wished to perform on the horse and agreed to meet the undercover detective on Tuesday.”

The detective actually went to the meeting place in Anthem with a horse, borrowing one from the MCSO’s Mounted Posse.

Waelde was immediately arrested after showing up to the meeting place, and the Sheriff’s Office says he admitted to placing the ad and “stated his intentions to consummate the act.”

MCSO deputies also served a search warrant at Waelde’s Phoenix home.


Transgender male "transwoman" Craigslist post pretending to be female
Transgender male “transwoman” Craigslist post pretending to be female

Donald Waelde mugshot
Donald Waelde mugshot


56 thoughts on “"Woman" arrested for bestiality ? News Media fictionalizes sex of crime suspect

    1. You know, this is interesting. BC i first saw this news story as a man arrested for this crime. and i took a look at this pic and I thought to myself, ‘i bet this guy claims he is a woman’. and now i see this blog post today. yupp. #SMDD (same misogyny different day) Also, I have been increasingly troubled by the increase in crimes being perpetrated by males who ‘identify as women’ being counted into crime statistics of women and lesbians. THIS IS NOT OK. fricken kool-aid. So thanks for this blog post.

    2. Gallus, thankyou so much for your blog. Please save a back up of it.
      When they use ‘woman’ or ‘lesbian’ committs____ crime, it distorts the actual number of women that commit violent crime.
      This is the ultimate ‘black facing of women’
      This reminds me of the old blackface shows of the 1930s,[also the 40s, 50s], where white people played black people and distorted their actions creating unfounded prejudices that lasted for years,
      Same thing. Women are being ‘blackfaced’ by transgender every time they commit an illegal sexual, display or commit a crime and call themselves a woman in the media and make demands that the crime is legally listed as ‘female crime’.
      Women are blackfaced as violent criminals by the male born trans. This is a man, I dont want him misgendered if he has a criminal record.
      One of the fall outs in all of this is that it Causes Victim blaming and eraser of crimes on women. It is a way for males to normalize violence on women.
      This causes people to sympathize with domestically abusive ex husbands that are narcissistic and dangerous to women.It re inforces that this male has the right to commit Domestic Abuse
      Did you see the rape apologist/ male on female domestic violence excuses they gave the twitter rapist?
      They closed the article with “the percentage of transgender domestic abuse is quite high”, making it sound like men in domestic abuse cases are 50/50 victims when they put on a dress.In this case or these were two men that identified as women, they erased the fact that these two people had a straight relationship. Even if he identifies as a giraffe, he was having straight sex [piv]when he raped her..
      And what about DNA? A rapist/murderer trans [or even pedo willing to do anything to access children] could have his DNA legally labeled ‘female’ and taken out of searches of male suspects??.Criminals often go to great lengths to hide themselves.
      Biological identifications are important. That was an excellent point made.

  1. Most of the comments on huffpost seem to be of the ‘so what if that’s what she likes!’ variety. So horrible.

    1. I have a feeling the comments on Jezebel are the same too. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point these liberal feminists advocate for the police to be trained to ask “m’am are these bruises and concussions you’ve received consensual?” during domestic violence calls. They’ve already accepted that men can be women, so in their minds anything goes.

      1. A few days ago I was reading a social services poster and it had a separate section for DV victims who can’t speak to the regular rep but have to go through a DV rep (there are genuinely good reasons for that but it all feels rather baroque the way it’s broken down).
        At any rate, it said “people who identify as coming from domestic violence situations” or something to that effect.
        I’m not sure if that language predates or postdates the genderist revolution. But it makes that into a similar “identity” now. Since I guess it’s easier to deal with identities than establish facts.
        Ah well, at least now we know that half of all rapists are female (thank you liberals!)
        So Dana McCallum is only a drop in the bucket and a real woman.

  2. Note the usual transgenderist smirk in the mug shot. Changing birth certificates and allowing the claim of “woman” by criminals is going to greatly impact law enforcement. If a perpetrator has male DNA, LE is going to look for a male, not a male masquerading as a woman. Plus, like you mentioned above, it will skew female criminal statistics.

  3. The other common comment is “So what if she [sic] is trans? That doesn’t matter to the story.” However, it does, at least to explain why “her” name is Donald.
    If it doesn’t matter when a trans commits a crime, does it not matter when they’re a victim? Because then it’s just another crime where a woman is beaten, raped, or killed, hardly worthy of mention.
    I fear that regarding crime stats being skewed, the horse is already out of the barn (with Miss Donald in hot pursuit, unfortunately). Not only will LE be unable to id the perp, they will not require DNA samples if they don’t know that Breanna is male.
    I’m kind of afraid to note that the original story in the Phoenix website calls Donald a man. I’m afraid because once GM’s loyal following of trannies finds out, they’ll bombard the comments with claims of violent misgendering. Also, they’ll probably make a federal case of sweet little Donald being in a male jail, which I don’t know for sure, but this is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jurisdiction, after all. At least Donald won’t mind wearing the pink underwear.

    1. “I’m kind of afraid to note that the original story in the Phoenix website calls Donald a man. I’m afraid because once GM’s loyal following of trannies finds out, they’ll bombard the comments with claims of violent misgendering.”
      Don’t worry. Someone from Planetransgender already contacted the author to set him straight.

    2. “If it doesn’t matter when a trans commits a crime, does it not matter when they’re a victim? Because then it’s just another crime where a woman is beaten, raped, or killed, hardly worthy of mention.”
      Exactly. Male trans commits a crime against woman, child, or animal, and transgender status doesn’t matter. He’s simply a “woman.”
      Crime committed against male trans, and “trans woman” status is THE story. Hate crime. The same crime committed against a real woman is just business as usual, and therefore lacks import and poignancy.

    3. I bet a lot of genderists are torn between “Misgendering is violence!” and “No real trans woman would do this!”

      1. I thought the same thing. Maybe they’re letting the ‘misgendering’ go so that they can claim he’s “not really trans.” BTW, The Donald has a minimal page on FB but it does say he’s a MAN.
        I can’t wait to see what GM posts about the travesty of genderweek. I couldn’t believe the article on how men should use British law to shut women up.

  4. I am disgusted by this MAN masquerading as female, and I am disgusted by his desire to USE a horse for his own narcissistic purposes. I might suggest introducing him to my horse who is generally not fond of men and would probably give him a swift kick in the balls.

  5. I thought all RCMP horses were gelded? Oh never mind.. . Have you seen RCMP horses? I think they should retire the horse with an Honourable Discharge.

    1. This was in Arizona. Anyway, are you saying a gelded horse is still male or not, because either way it probably is transphobic! I would make a joke about the horse having an honourable discharge in Donald’s mouth, but I won’t.

  6. Good point about the damage to law enforcement due to the conflict with DNA evidence. Since forensics labs must deal with truth rather than ideology, though, they’ll work up a system.
    What I’m more worried about is this relentless smearing of women, trying to bring women down to their level, what Trust Your Perceptions calls “grim-levelling”. Also, this tactic does more than smear; it obscures that the criminal belongs to another class entirely. It destroys the validity of homicide and other statistics and thereby prevents us from being able to work on any potentially effective remedy.
    So the class of women takes three hits each time a tran women’s biological sex is obscured in crime reports: crime investigation is hindered, women as a class are publicly and falsely degraded as violent/perverted, and violence statistics disguise the truth that violence is overwhelmingly male.

    1. They need to get their own category of crime stats: Transgender status? Yes or no. Pre or post-op? Yes or no. On hormones? Yes or no. Male to trans or female to trans? Yes or no.
      Then REPORT THE FACTS. Biological sex is relevant to crime statistics. If you want trans status included, by all means, include it – IN ADDITION to biological sex status. GIVE US WOMEN A BREAK.

    2. Brilliant summation Oserchenma.
      I would add that these results are the very reason that mainstream media goes along with reporting crimes this way.
      As well as, another clear example of how MRA agenda and Trans agenda, align as a perfect fit.

      1. Right you are, Dave, and I have been enjoying your posts for some time, thank you for being you!
        So this is the Revelation, the Holy Trinity revealed behind the mask: Father (mainstream media), Son (MRAs), & Holy Ghost (trans activist women), three aspects of the same old Subjugator.
        Father says, “I’m only disingenuously reporting and using the PC terms I adopted.”
        Son says, “See? Women are as perverted as we are! Father reported it was a woman!”
        Holy Ghost says, “I’m just a doofus pervert. My actions have no political significance.”
        And the effect is as stated.
        O (who has to use different names a lot, sorry)

  7. Ew. There are no boundaries with some of these creeps. And I hate having to refer to a guy pretending to be female as a she when the facts state otherwise. Political correctness run amuck.

  8. Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:
    Too much porn, another sad case of Autogynephilia.
    It is distressing that they are calling this a ‘woman’ and not a ‘trans-women’ or man with gender & species dysphoria[crossdressing and beastuality fetish].
    When a crime is committed, these guys get the red carpet.
    I think the most upsetting one would be one that sought out women that are lactating. Not because they are into lactating, but because women that lactate, often have young children they are breastfeeding. [The guy is a trans-pedo]
    I think you will find many of these men that want to identify as women have more than one fetish, those are autogyno, seen all the porn, life is too boring compared to a porn to these guys.They already can not find a real woman that compares to the porn fantasy ,…so they become the slutty women willing to do all dirty, humiliating things that they can fantasize about. They separate themselves from the female person enough to have prostitution sex with men, even though they are straight. When I was an advertising Dominatrix [the kind that beats you, not the nice kind] I would get letters from guys like this all the time. It is a common fantasy for autogynophiles to have a dominatrix set things up for them.
    I was strictly No-children, no- animals,[I beat you, but I don’t beat you off]but a ‘trans-[man at birth with no SRS] wanted me to find a dog to lick his dick,’ These guys! :/ They think women dont know this…LOL! I wonder if the guy that shoves the bloody tampons up his ass got that from a Dominatrix that wanted to shut him up during a ‘transformation session’ and told him he would turn into a woman if he did during a session, yes- it is what should be a private fantasy, but these guys want to do ALL of this public and almost want to get caught!
    Really, like you will still be a man with pride if all you do is get off on the sexual degradation of the women you try to become. Can’t you do that in private? It is not consensual and very selfish to push this on other women[and children with them] in public. The Lesbians and the Lesbian -friendly need to Document everything in these dark times for women.

  9. Thank you so much for this, Gallus Mag. If only we knew of all the times men posing as women have done grotesque and disgusting things… Trannies ARE skewing the statistics on “women” committing violence. I also wish we could have a record of how many girls and women the men who claim to be women have assaulted in their lives, and how often for each man. I keep thinking it has to be way more than the average rapist who still identifies as male.
    This reminds me of the one time I read a story by Rumi… one more disgusting female-hating man who is so worshipped by “spiritual” women. I wondered what the fuss was about, opened a friend’s Rumi book to the story of a woman who watched another women being fucked by a horse, so she tried it too, but, forgetting the device that kept the horse from raping her to death, was killed. Only a man would come up with such rapist misogynist propaganda. I don’t believe for a minute a woman would want to be fucked by a horse or any animals. But men sure love to rape animals and force girls and women to be raped by animals, and obviously love to tell stories about it.
    In case anyone is still wondering, this all goes way beyond “socialization.”

    1. This is what “equality” looks like in postmodernism.
      EXACTLY. Let’s send thank you cards to all the women studies academics out there, congratulating themselves for being so “with it” and down with their students, ’cause you know college students are MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET!!!!!

  10. Thank you, GM. I sent ‘thank yous’ to the couple of websites that reported this straight-ahead honestly or at least somewhat neutrally, and explained why. I’ll be interested to see what backlash there is.
    Oddly enough, Donald ‘Waelde allegedly told undercover detectives she wanted to perform *oral* sex on the horse, the Phoenix New Times reports.’ I would guess that he has never seen a stallion in all his glory, not in real life or up close, or he’d realize that he could be choked to death should he make the wrong move.
    I’m sorry to be reminded that animals are physically abused in these horrible ways, but the humans are the only ones “having sex.” Horses don’t rape. (BevJo.)
    Only humans do that. And in blunt honesty, substantially all of those humans are male.

  11. Thank you for your reporting Gallus! I have put off my blog deciding to study more feminism first.
    I knew Jezebel was hardly feminist but I would not have imagined they would call a man a woman, especially a criminal, without even the qualifier ‘trans’. Crazy.

  12. Ugh, another deranged white male that is “hiding” his perversion in a minority movement that seems to everyday grow in numbers of utterly insane white males.

  13. Boys and men have been fornicating all kinds of animals for centuries. Indeed, there isn’t any four or two legged animal they haven’t stuck their penis in, or tried to penetrate. Stories about sheep go back centuries, but it also includes almost any barnyard animal such as chickens, cows, etc.
    It’s sick and twisted animal cruelty. The poor animals are being abused. If I were a betting person, I would bet that Mr. Donald Waelde has probably already done some sick things with different animals. Are we to believe that this is the first time this creep ever thought of some sick thing like this? Studies that go back decades show that paraphilias are far more common in males, and it’s not uncommon for men to have more than one paraphilia.
    Craigslist is skanky, but this is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard.
    I wouldn’t let creepy Donald Waelde alone in the room with my pet cat.

  14. People are going to call you “Transphobic” for suggesting this person is not a woman. Look at what happened with Piers Morgan when his show said a trans activist used to be a man. According to modern gender PC protocol you are whatever gender you think you are.

  15. I read that V. Stiviano, Sterling’s (basketball owner) girlfriend, is actually trans. Can anyone verify this?

      1. I did read that too, about the plastic surgery. It’s almost like, I hate to say it, men with plastic surgery are “the most beautiful women” in some people’s eyes…so even some women want to look like men who’ve had plastic surgery? LOL. Off the Internet now!!!

      2. One other thing…with all the name changes, weird statements, behavior, I am reminded of that man who invented the golf device, with his convoluted fake history………..just something weird there…not to say women can’t be weird….:)

  16. Woman wanted after allegedly assaulting man on TTC bus

    Woman wanted after allegedly assaulting man on TTC bus
    Posted Jun 17, 2016 2:12 pm EDT
    Police have released this photo of a woman wanted in a TTC assault in May. PHOTO: Toronto Police
    Toronto police are looking for a woman who allegedly assaulted a 25-year-old man on a TTC bus on May 18.
    According to police, the man was riding a bus on Sheppard Avenue West from Downsview Station when a woman got onto the bus and sat next to him, hitting him in the face with her backpack.
    A verbal argument ensued, and the woman reportedly stood up and punched the man in the head approximately 10 times.
    The woman fled the scene before police arrived.
    The woman is six-feet three-inches tall and 250 pounds, with shoulder-length brown hair. She was wearing glasses, a purple shirt, blue leggings and a Blue Jays baseball cap. She was carrying a pink backpack at the time of the incident.
    Anyone with information about this suspect is asked to contact police at 416-808-3200 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS.
    h/t https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/4p3075/woman_wanted_after_allegedly_assaulting_man_on/

  17. I just saw this on Yahoo. Nowhere in the article does it mention that this is a male person but, judging from the picture, if it is not, I will eat my hat.

    FBI: Woman robbed Wyoming bank to return to prison
    Ben Neary, Associated Press,Associated Press 8 hours ago
    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A woman who was recently released from prison in Oregon robbed a bank in Wyoming only to throw the cash up in the air outside the building and sit down to wait for police, authorities said Friday.
    Investigators say 59-year-old Linda Patricia Thompson told them she wanted to go back to prison.
    Thompson said she had suffered facial fractures after strangers beat her at a Cheyenne park last weekend.
    She said she couldn’t get a room at a homeless shelter and decided to rob the bank Wednesday because she could no longer stay on the streets, court records say.
    She faces a detention hearing Tuesday on a bank robbery charge and doesn’t have an attorney yet.
    FBI Special Agent Tory Smith said in court documents that Thompson entered a US Bank branch in Cheyenne and handed a teller a cardboard note that said, “I have a gun. Give me all your money.”
    The teller turned over thousands of dollars.
    Outside, Thompson threw money into the air and even offered some to people passing by, Smith stated. He added that Cheyenne police Lt. Nathan Busek said he found Thompson with a large sum of money when he arrived at the bank.
    “Lt. Busek asked Thompson what was going on, and Thompson replied, ‘I just robbed the bank, I want to go back to prison,'” Smith wrote.
    Thompson had been serving time at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon, for a second-degree robbery conviction in Union County until her release in June, Betty Bernt, communications manager with the Oregon Department of Corrections, said Friday.
    Thompson told investigators then that she didn’t want to be released and advised the Oregon state parole office that she would not do well on parole.
    An attempt to reach Thompson’s parole officer for comment wasn’t successful on Friday.

      1. And, I take no prizes for guessing, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility is a women’s prison.
        The four main aims of imprisonment are retribution, incapacitation, deterrence and rehabilitation. Let’s hope the judge that he comes up before upholds those aims by sending him to a men’s prison.

      2. He throws the money down to exhonerate himself from any wrong doing. Just *so* Trans. The wrong doing is the trauma he has caused to those bank employees lives. I’m betting they are women. Once again, this will be “no woman was harmed”.

      3. Maybe being sent to a woman’s prison is the only way this unpassable guy gets any validation for his gender identity–not to mention bed and board at taxpayer expense and a captive group of women. What’s not to like?
        Pigtails? Is he also transmature? Good lord!

      4. Aa an Oregonian who is sick of this bs, I can tell you that yes, yes it is is. 🙁 Of course it is.

    1. He says he was adopted by Presbyterian missionaries in Switzerland. That would give him language skills which would make him very employable. Spent the money he extorted from Idaho State on a transgender health clinic and emerged looking like that? Almost as if he wasn’t entirely truthful.
      A high percentage of women prisoners have been abused. Of course vulnerable women in prison are the ideal people to deal with this violent nutcase.

      1. Well, if we’re talking about entirely truthful: I’m guessing “castration” = slight zipper malfunction that led to an “owie.”

    2. “I wore a dress on the rails. I didn’t wear no heels on the rails ’cause railroad gravel and heels don’t mix but I’d wear a dress, I’d wear makeup,” she said. “I had my falsies on — Double-F falsies. I had a good ol’ time.”
      Next up: with his blatant fetishism now fully revealed, trannies everywhere will claim that Thompson isn’t “really trans”. Riiiight.

  18. Question: If he is crazy enough to mutilate himself and to rob a bank just to toss the money away to strangers, how do we know that his “gender identity” is authentic? It could be that his belief that he is a “woman” is part of his overall deragned mental state. I say send him to a mental facility not a women’s prison. Or, maybe he is just working the prison system which is far more likely.
    Call Oregon officials and tell them to put him in a men’s prison, or some kind of mental institution where he belongs, and he can get the help he needs. Don’t house him with women prisoners. He should not be in a women’s prison.
    As to self-mutilating his tallywhacker, he isn’t the only deranged male who mutilated his own genitals while serving time in prison. A couple of years ago, gendertrender posted information on Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch. Masbruch tied two women up and sadistically tortured them with electrical wires before raping them. He definitely had his penis when he commited this barbaric crime.
    Female prisoners have a high rate of sexual and physical abuse. Housing males in women’s prisons violates the human rights of female prisoners. Look at him. He looks like a large dude with pigtails. Don’t tell me that the women don’t notice this. Knowing that he is male, why should female inmates have to share a prison cell with him? Without spending a boat load of money on the extra plastic surgery (facial feminizaiton, etc.) the majority of transwomen (biological males) still look male. Why should a female inmate who is a victim of domestic violence or rape have to share sleeping quarters and shower facilities with a male who clearly looks male? If I were a female inmate, I wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and stare at his face.
    Do female prisoners get breast augmentation to make them feel more feminine? If male prisoners get sex reassignment surgery courtesy of taxpayers, then female inmates should get free boob jobs, tush tuck etc. The female inmates should all say that the surgery is necessary for their “gender identity”. Who is to say that female inmates with small boobs don’t suffer emotionally?
    “Soon after the incident, Thompson filed a lawsuit against the warden and the prison. She was awarded a settlement and moved to a health clinic for transgender prisoners in Vacaville, California.”
    From wife killer Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek to rapist Masbruch and child molester Sandy Jo Battista, these males claiming special “gender identity” continue to work the prison system. Wife killer Kosilk didn’t get taxpayer funded sex reassignment surgery courtesy of Massachusettes, but he got taxpayer funded hormones and even electrolysis. The ACLU and trans organizations spent God knows how many hours of free legal work on just Kosilek alone. Trans organizations such as the Slyvia Rivera law project even helped Synthia China Blast, the man imprisoned for helping to murder a 13 year old black girl, and then stuffing her body in a box, and setting the box on fire. It seems to go like this. It doesn’t matter what he did that landed him in prison. Once he is in prison, and starts squawking about “gender identity”, the ACLU and trans organizations work over time to help him. If some poor transwoman doesn’t get to wear women’s underwear or get hormones, the ACLU and trans organizations pitch a fit. Thanks to Obama appointees, California pays for sex reassignment surgery for convicted killers, and then it tosses these male murderers and rapists in women’s prisons. Hell, no, female prisonser shouldn’t be forced to share a prison cell with a male.
    Thankfully, the State of Connecticutt finally came to its senses and sent the the violent adolescent male known as Jane Doe to a male juvenile facility before he seriously injured or killed a female guard. Google Jane Doe and gendertrender. Biological males are still larger and stronger than females. Hormones alone don’t change the height and male skeletal structure.
    Even after taxpayer funded sex reassignment surgery courtesy of taxpayers of Canada, Synthia Kavanagh went on a violent rampage and destroyed $50,000 of property, trashing Edmonton Institution for Women.
    Thompson is still male even if he mutilated his own genitals. After sex reassignment surgery, the prostate is left intact. He doesn’t have a female reproductive system (ovaries, uterus, and vagina), and he still has a prostate gland. Female prisons have no special expertise in working with transwomen (biological males). I suppose female health workers in women’s prisons have to do ‘pelvic exams’ on biological males who don’t have a female reproductive system. Is the prison system going to have to pay for a “neovagina” for Thompson. It’s essentially an artifically created cavity in the male body that is lined with skin from the penis and scrotum. It has to be dilated on a regular basis, or it will close like any wound.
    I’m sick of the prison system pandering to these delusional males. If they just said no maybe it would end. Pandering to them only encourages them, and it just keeps getting crazier. There is no way in hell the prison system would go out of its way to do anything for female prisoners.

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