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      1. > Four fucking years and not a single artists rendition/imagining of me.
        That sounds like a fun project actually.
        > Of course I’ve never committed treason…
        You’re young yet.

  1. Okay, I gotta say that I don’t think Manning commited treason, because our government is corrupt and enables mass murder and deeply deserves to be called out on it. And I don’t care what dudes change their names to, that’s their business.
    I mostly care that he assaulted that woman and is falling into pretending he’s one of us. The piece you reblogged here is hilarious. I already linked you on Facebook once today, on an open group I’m an admin on that has over 700 members. Thanks as always for providing such a useful resource.

    1. Thanks, I have really hard time understanding radical feminists who side with the women- and children-slaughtering/raping/exploiting U.S. government.

      1. Well, if that’s the reason behind his action, it would be one thing, but according to latest reports it’s because INFORMATION MUST BE SET FREE and Ya Can’t Stop the SIGNAL, MAN!
        1s and 0s are more important than human life. We’re all just CPUs, right?
        I think it’s bizarre that a more nuanced view of Gallus’ irony in the treason remark isn’t being afforded to her. Geeze.
        Really, WTF does it mean that there is literally no-thing a male can do up to and including treason that puts him below an actual female in terms of rights afforded to him by our society? Pointing that out makes one responsible for US imperialism? Huh?
        MTFs are twice as likely to be in the military as “cismen” and it’s not like they’re even shy about bragging about it since many of them don’t even have any contact with non-dominant cultures before the day of their transition.

      2. LOL is she referring to me? Wowza. I did not read her comments closely. I have zero interest in a re-hashed Manning discussion from five years ago. This is a GENDER blog, folks! Stay on topic please. Thanks!

      3. “Really, WTF does it mean that there is literally no-thing a male can do up to and including treason that puts him below an actual female in terms of rights afforded to him by our society?”
        Yes. Just imagine if Manning HAD been a female. Would she, after committing (even morally justified) treason, be afforded public respect for her [fill in the blank] “identity”? Would the public be all sentimental about and protective of her identity?

    2. Thank you very much for this. That one comment really left a bitter taste in my mouth and I am really happy to see people like you.
      From living in Latin America all my life, our governments are colonized going back decades, our land stolen and destroyed by multinationals, our people trafficked and sold into slavery and countless other inhumanities. All of these interventions are strong-armed by the United States through the use of sheer economic and military presence in the pursuit of profits and power.
      Any, and I repeat any action against the government of The United States is justified.

      1. I really agree. Most US people who believe the lies about the US being for freedom, and ignore that it’s built on slavery and genocide and still is committing atrocities on behalf of dictatorships and rich companies, need to learn the real history.
        So yes, exposing the truth is important. But what a shame Manning is oppressing all women by pretending to be a woman.. And the photos are very funny.

      2. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well, and, having been around in the 1970s, I still don’t understand people calling themselves radical feminists who seemingly support this murderous government. Is it the old one-issue feminism? Liberal feminism? (They have no problem supporting the government; Hillary Clinton would have no hesitation in invading Venezuela to install a new U.S. puppet government.)

      1. I’ve been known to draw people. I don’t need a picture. I could see drawing you. I can’t force it though, it has to filter through my crazy. If I try to control it at all, it goes sour.
        I’ll let you know if I do. It has to set some though. Like soup.

  2. I want to start off my post by saying that I opposed the war in Iraq even before it started. Indeed, I was out on the street with my anti-war sign in January and February 2003. Having said this, I have a cousin and other relatives who were in Afghanistan and Iraq. I would never want any harm to come to them. Military service is honorable. Bush and the neoconservative cabal basically lied us into war.
    Sergeant Joe Darby, Valerie Plame, and Joseph Wilson are heroes to me. Despite threats to their safety and smear campaigns on their character, they spoke the truth in 2003 and 2004. Where was Manning, “bradass87”, then? Nothing “bradass87” has ever done in his entire life even comes close to their courage.
    I guess everyone knows by now than Manning changed his name to Chelsea. It’s not going to make a difference because he is still in a male military prison where he belongs.
    I’m not buying into the idea that Bradley (Chelsea) Manning aka “bradass87” is some kind of hero for disclosing war crimes. The leaked video of the Apache helicopter shooting wounded civilians and a Reuters camera man could be construed as a war crime. It looked brutal and wrong to me. Having said this, judging by the sheer volume of what Bradley illegally leaked, there is no way that he, I mean, “she” could possibly have known what was in each and every file. 99% of the illegal leaks had nothing to do with possible war crimes. It was just the random dumping of files on a massive scale. I’m not buying into the idea that he did it to let people know what was going on in Iraq. Everyone knew what was going on in Iraq. Bradley joined the Army in 2007 and wasn’t sent to Iraq until 2008. There hasn’t been a draft since Vietnam and he volunteered to serve his country. By 2007, basically the entire world knew that Iraq was based on a pack of lies about WMDs, and that everything coming from Bush’s mouth was a bald face lie. The horrific Abu Ghraib abuse of prisoners surfaced in late 2003 and 2004. People knew about Falluja and secret CIA detention centers. They knew yellow cake uranium from Niger was a lie based on forged documents, and they knew about all the B.S. lies surrounding WMDs. Joe Wilson knew and so did Scott Ritter, former Marine Major and U.N. Weapons inspector. Where was Manning during these four years when the entire world knew what was going on in Iraq? I was on the streets protesting in February 2003 even before the start of the war. I stood in the pouring rain with my anti-war sign. Where was Bradley then? People knew Iraq was bullshit in 2003. So, Bradley comes along in 2007/2008 and says, “you mean to tell me that there are war crimes going on in Iraq…who would have guessed…golly gee”. Freaking everyone knew.
    Bradley (Chelsea) Manning illegally leaked 700,000 classified documents which included a quarter of a million State Department logs, (260,000 to be exact). What did the quarter million State Department logs have to do with anything?
    Apparently, when he was illegally leaking 700,000 classified documents, he went by the online name of “bradass87″. If Chelsea Manning aka “bradass87″ serves his full 35 years in prison, he will be 61 years old when he gets out. It’s my understanding that Mr. Chelsea “bradass87″ Manning has the dubious distinction of willfully leaking the largest number of classified documents in the entire history of the United States. He is in a military prison where he belongs. He can call himself whatever he wants, but the U.S. military considers him male.
    He had to be held down by a female superior and sent a photograph of himself dressed as a woman. Does this sound like a hero, or a confused and emotionally unstable person?
    There is no way he knew what was in each and every one of the 700,000 files. He just wanted to get back at the Army.
    This is an article about “bradass87”.
    “Upon entering the Army, almost immediately, there are accounts of Bradley Manning’s conflicts with drill sergeants and his near discharge before even completing basic training. While deployed in Iraq he lacked discipline, seemed to be looking for ways to get kicked out and often was subjected to disciplinary action for his behavior.
    Have many of his supporters read some of the transcripts of his conversations with Adrian Lamo? When I say Manning has serious emotional issues, it’s not an exaggeration or any kind of personal attack. In one of the transcripts with Mr. Lamo, Manning states that he didn’t mind being put in jail for the rest of his life, or being executed, he just worried about “his picture being plastered all over the World Press—as a boy.”
    He seemingly wasn’t aware of the consequences that his actions might have on others — instead, one of his main concerns was that the world would see him in the press as a male, not a female, which he felt deep down he really was.
    Here’s a piece of the transcript:
    (1:11:54 PM) bradass87: and … its important that it gets out … i feel, for some bizarre reason
    (1:12:02 PM) bradass87: it might actually change something
    (1:13:10 PM) bradass87: i just … dont wish to be a part of it … at least not now … im not ready … i wouldn’t mind going to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed so much, if it wasn’t for the possibility of having pictures of me … plastered all over the world press … as a boy
    (1:14:11 PM) bradass87: i’ve totally lost my mind … i make no sense … the CPU is not made for this motherboard
    (1:39:03 PM) bradass87: i cant believe what im confessing to you :’(”
    “He wasn’t someone that had years of knowledge within the intelligence community, who carefully leaked specific and vital information to the media, hoping to expose some wrong doings by our government. He was an angry individual, looking for some kind of validation in his life, that did an information dump of hundreds of thousands of pieces of classified information recklessly—because he could.
    Looking at how much information he leaked out, there’s no way he really knew about everything he was releasing. He basically grabbed as much as he could, as quickly as he could.”

    1. Wikileaks used editorial discretion in not releasing the more sensitive information (the type of stuff that can actually get people killed) that Manning handed over to them. He, meanwhile, had no way to know that they would do that. That they wouldn’t just dump all of the information online. That, to me, makes him very culpable in potentially putting people in danger.
      I don’t like the U.S. government, I don’t like Julian Assange’s criminal conduct in his personal life, and I don’t think Manning is a hero. I’m flexible like that.

  3. The United States Army is the single greatest threat to peace and well-being in the world. It is an institution based at its very core around destruction, pillaging, rape, destabilization and colonization. It operates under the veneer of “Global Police”, which could not be more apt considering how corrupt, vile and self-serving police forces across the globe are.
    What Manning did, regardless of the actual amount of truly compromising evidence, served in a way as one of the dozens of wake up calls to the amnesiac public of The United States; one of the few people that still willfully go about their daily lives ignoring imperialism. It has been a long time since 2010 yet hundreds of thousands continue to suffer as “necessary casualties” against this so-called “war on terror”.
    This does not excuse the critical analysis on Manning as a person, motives, and of course his disgusting physical assault towards women.

    1. Valerie Plane is no hero to me. She was working for the CIA, an organization that deals death and destruction all over the world. I do not find military service to the oligarchy honorable except perhaps in the sense that honor is a horrible, death-dealing concept used by the patriarchy to control women, as in, “My sister was raped, now I have to kill her to save my honor.” I am still stunned by feminists loving the military, loving the security state, loving Big Brother.
      Criticize Manning all you want, but he is small potatoes compared to the psychopaths who want to destroy the world, i.e., the U.S. government.

  4. oh my gawwwd. this painting does such a disservice to chelsea *cough* get real, show her *cough* as the woman *hack..cough..hack* she really is. trach shave, lip collogen, fat sucked out of cheeks and ass fat injected higher on the cheekbone, botox brow, chin and jaw redux, and whats with the head shot? we totes want to see the silicone double d boobs pushed up to the chin and the sexayyy legs in 6″ fuckme heels and the short short skirt with a hint of laydee peen bulgerama-mama. how could this artist insult this national SHERO?!! in this disgusting violent, uber murderous fashion? fucking tranzphobe painters, they are all sooo killing transgendered people! (does the sarcasm just drip?)

      1. I got a nickel I am willing to contribute for a fuckin pink ribbon to put in Chelsea’s hair. after that… I’m out

  5. how does a blanket dump of state department documents along with all the other classified info help anything? possibly compromising US ability to come to diplomatic solutions? I realize the state dept. and diplomatic corps are also tools of US imperialism, but what they do at least occasionally results in avoiding all out war.

    1. I agree. When you take a look at what Bradley did, it is just the lashing out of a tranny prick in meltdown mode. He had emailed photos of himself in laydee face to a superior officer, went on to assault a female superior, and had multiple “tantrums”, including one where he had to be restrained by fellow officers who believed he was reaching for a weapon. I would be very curious to know if he was trying to physically attack another female. This guy is unstable and the army failed to address it. He dumped a ton of classified material, but did he really expose anything? You see the same type of behavior in a lot of transgender males- they still have the ego of a toddler. While trangenderism itself is not a mental illness, it is an idealogical-medical cult, many transgenders have dual-triple-multiple mental diagnosis and most probably have underlying narcissistic/borderline personality disorders, which are not really treatable, only to the extent of controlling destructive behaviors, which are many of the same behaviors trans cult promotes or at least stands in solidarity behind. Bradley’s behavior is that of an abusive, self-aggrandizing, woman-hating shitstain and he loves playing the hero. Snowden made a conscientious decision to expose the breadth of the NSA’s data collection/spying and the documents he released so far show how the PRISM program functions. This is a different act altogether. This was a gamechanger. Being distrustful of the government is sane and reasonable, but not every act of defiance has the same value or is worthy of praise- you have to look at the intention and the pragmatics of what was accomplished.
      That said, I didn’t know anything could top the beauty of the original masterpiece (that purdy hur) but these succeeded! These are hysterical!

      1. I often wonder about disparities between diagnosis of narcissistic and other borderline personality disorders between male and female patients. so often the behavior cited for female diagnosis of bpd’s seems like run of the mill daily behavior for men, even encouraged for males. women being socialized and expected to be generous to the point of extreme self sacrifice, any deviation from those expectations and -diagnosis bpd, but men have to be sooo far removed from the selfish violent expectations before any psych diagnosis is called for, particularly in the “greed is good” capitalism we live in. If tranz were really fooling anyone, and psychiatrists really believed they were truly women instead of money making machine, most of these “women” would be heavily tranquilized and locked away, because… women. But… they’re still male, therefore, behavior acceptable, ur free to go, Ma’am

    1. Everyone properly schooled in gender knows that red-headed women have hot tempers. So I think Brad should go with that. Then, when he hits a woman who makes him soooo angry, we will understand why, and sympathize.
      Also, red hair dye is medically necessary, so it should be part of his treatment regimen.

  6. “The United States Army is the single greatest threat to peace and well-being in the world. ”
    No, it’s not. Defense contractors and oil companies who line the pockets of politicians are “the single greatest threat to peace and well-being in the world.”
    It’s not the U.S. Army per se. I refuse to believe that my relatives who served in the Army are ” the single greatest threat to peace and well-being in the world.” I honor their service, and they are my flesh and blood. I have relatives who shed blood in WWII fighting Hitler. It’s the brass at the very top and all the corrupt politicians that start wars. It’s the defense contractors, oil companies, and Halliburton that are usually running things. They fund the corrupt politicians. The neoconservatives had their eye on Iraq long before 9/11. I’ve always considered George W. Bush and Cheney war criminals.
    After careful analysis and research, I don’t know if anyone can even say for certain that Al Qaeda had anything to do with 9/11. The physical evidence is very interesting. Conspiracy theories on the internet point to Mossad, but rational people know Mossad couldn’t have done it without the neoconservatives. Who really knows? If people want to know how the Twin Towers and Building 7 came down, the best people to ask are architects and engineers.
    Why did “bradass87” join the Army in 2007 when most people knew about all the Bush and neoconservatives lies in 2003/2004? There hasn’t been a draft since Vietnam. He volunteered.
    Bradley broke his oath to his country and illegally leaked 700,000 classified documents. The vast majority of these leaks had nothing to do with war crimes. When we are talking about 700,000 documents, how could he possibly have known what was in each and every file? He was angry at the military and was having trouble adjusting. He deserves to spend 35 years in a military prison. Manning is no hero.
    This statement is such a crock of crap:
    “What Manning did, regardless of the actual amount of truly compromising evidence, served in a way as one of the dozens of wake up calls to the amnesiac public of The United States.”
    No one needed little “bradass87” to tell them something that they already knew. A lot of people knew that Iraq was based on lies in 2003. What the heck was this person doing in 2003? People are aware of some of the things the CIA has been doing for decades. Because Manning is transgender and trans is the trendy political cause du jour, it’s like he is some kind of hero instead of being a confused little twit.
    If transgender activists can’t find someone better than little “bradass87” to elevate to sainthood, then they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

    1. If you work in fast food long enough the customers become the enemy, the other, an obstacle to be negotiated and transcended. There’s no way to be in the military occupying another country and not internalize those same feelings on a different scale, even if you can still mouth liberal platitudes about insurgents vs. terrorists and paint an occasional fence or pass out chocolate bars to kids. You still end up smiling when you see a drone come back with its ordinance expended: it’s human nature.
      If there were no privates there’d be no corrupt generals or politicians to blame for war crimes.
      At any rate, so long as this rhetorical tangent continues here, one side arguing against a straw woman (omg, you said traitor, there are warmongering radfems everywhere, lookout) — or alluding to Truther junk, it’s really not doing anyone any favor.

      1. If we want to puff out our chests about our relatives who fought in wars, one of mine fought in the Revolutionary War and was wounded 12 times, so what?
        What happens when people join the military? After discovering that many men were unwilling to fire a weapon at another human being in WWII, the military changed its training to ensure that would not happen again. Destroy a man’s personality, call him names, including girl, cunt, etc, encourage him to express his rage at others, then wonder why he comes home, kills people, beats his wife, etc.
        And you know one of the things I really can’t stand about people who cry over veterans? Read John McDonald’s book, The Last True Story I Will Ever Tell, about his tour in Iraq, and then think about what happened when he came home and tried to tell people about what he had seen and done — they booed him. He killed a child who was holding a broken rifle, he has the courage to speak truthfully, and people didn’t want to hear.

  7. All those wonderful soldiers included those (all?) who raped Korean, Chinese and Japanese Comfort women. Other Allied soldiers raped Vietnamese women, and German and Jewish women, AFTER the liberation.

    1. This such an excellent point, red. It’s definitely a major problem in the Jewish historical community. The most cited texts on the Holocaust are written by non-Jewish historians, with the experiences of survivors relegated to the appendices. They love to talk about the so called “good Germans” and the heroic Brits and Americans, while painting Jews as this homogenous and passive mob. But what about those Allied soldiers who had no qualms raping malnourished and traumatized Jewish women? Or the soldiers who raped German women for revenge? It’s safe to say that in every major war in every country, there was at least one soldier who “traded sex” (i.e raped) a woman in exchange for a piece of bread to give her starving children.

    2. Let’s ask the women and girls of Okinawa what they think of the “honorable” American soldiers.

  8. I think Bradley Manning did the right thing in leaking those documents, and I think it’s disgusting how he was kept in a cage for weeks on end and not allowed to have clothes when he was put in a normal prison.
    That said, he is not a woman and has no right to be in female-only spaces. He also has no right to be considered a woman legally.
    An emasculated man does not a woman make.
    I also remember reading, maybe here, that he punched a woman in the military because she did not acknowledge his gendah-identity.

  9. Manning changed his name, that is all. Anybody can change their name.
    I was raised in a military family. My dad did 2.5 years hand-to-hand combat in Korea and 6 years in combined Navy/Army pre and during WWII, and 25 years after that as Master Sargent.
    I’m quite familiar with military conditioning. You are taught that military culture has a higher value, higher moral imperative, higher morals and higher family/community values than civilians. At least, that was inculcated in my living on bases until almost ten years old. Military indoctrination was not just “my dad fought in wWII”. I lived it.
    What voices here have pointed out about trans, is that male-born and raised XY probably got most of their information about women from pornography. Ugh.
    In general, I applaud whistleblowers. This boy seems to have had a very unbaked and slash and burn methodology, but, I do favor all types of whistleblowing. Why don’t they go after the soldiers who murdered civilians on the video Manning exposed?
    It’s so disgusting that males who just have the feelz are reported in media as being female – women. That has got to end.
    A dood changed his name! He’s a man, XY and has some notoriety. I so object to his torture and deprivation, that’s a human right violation. His prison sentence is draconian.
    But I agree with anon male – that we should not glorify military culture. All females have male relatives who fought in wars – and I’m not proud of the current generation of mercenaries who are executing Empire military thug duty for Exxon and other oligarchs.
    No feminist would ever support patriarchal military culture.
    No woman should ever support genderists who have the womanly feelz from porn.
    This news about Mannings name change is another opportunity to point out how XY with penis that likes dress-up is not a woman – not a female – never will be.

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