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    1. Someone who is that invested in what others think of them needs professional help, not more hashtag “activism”.

    2. “It’s like they’re trying to make me want to die.”
      The usual trans threat – “do what I want or I’ll kill myself at you.”

      1. At this point maybe the best and most honest response to the suicide threat is “that is not my look out.” call a hotline. Could you imagine every raped girl or preg by accident girl threatening suicide? Why should sane healthy hard working and struggling women feel one scintilla for these vicious violent men? People die all the time and other people go about their lives trying to do no harm. If this dick wants to off himself fine. I mean it is not like he going to contribute to the well spring of human knowledge in the arts or science and god knows we do not need the buckets of ejaculate he produces. He wants all the drama, poor him and people rushing to pay attention. Twitter loves, the embrace of all his adoring followers all hold up in basements with big gulps. .

      2. Men who threaten suicide as a means to control women are quite capable of committing murder, or murder-suicide, and every woman knows this.

  1. I love love loved it up until the muthfuckas; dialing the voice towards cultural expectations of “black” to express anger/violence wasn’t cool, but I guess Parker wouldn’t latch onto that idea on his own in his criticism.

    1. I think the hetero “male lesbian” bullies in the gay community have never tried their tactics on other males before. They are just shockkkkkked when the gay guys just dish that shit right back at them. They’re all “WHUT?! We can’t bully the shit out of these guys????” LOL.

    2. “dialing the voice towards cultural expectations of “black””
      Alaska is portraying RuPaul, isn’t he? It sounded like he was dialing in Ru’s voice. Ru drops his register when he gets pissed off. I didn’t read it as stereotypical, but as Ru getting assertive. Go Ru!
      I love this video! I want those drag queens to kick the straight boys’ asses!
      Drag Race has misogynist content some times, so I’m not a big fan. But I’ll take the self-deprecating gay drag queens any day over those creepy straight men. The queens are making fun of themselves, mostly, while the violent autogynephiles want us dead.

      1. “Alaska is portraying RuPaul, isn’t he? It sounded like he was dialing in Ru’s voice. Ru drops his register when he gets pissed off.”
        For me, this was the funniest part of the entire skit–when he first returned to his natural man-voice to temporarily break from character. Because a very, very important issue had come up: the “problematic” use of of the words “gentlemen” and “women” in this “context.”
        I love how these drag queens took a swipe not just at silly trans-activists, but at post-modern-inspired social justice activists in general, who spend most of their energy on “calling out” others for affronts to their precarious identities.

      2. I don’t know if people even have natural voices; like, see any of the dozen essays against/supporting Lake Bell’s criticism or other women in her promotions for “In a world…” (oh, to be on the payroll of a librul mag these days!)
        I have no idea if Alaska is portraying RuPaul or not — it’s far from clear. And I dunno, if you asked me as a white person to portray a black individual, there are places I wouldn’t go. At any rate, I found the mock violence both unnecessary and regrettable, especially given trans cultural ability to both pearl clutch and skullfuck with impunity.

  2. That’s hilarious!
    What’s even more hilarious is that a bad wig and facial hair is causing the delicate Parker to declare a national emergency because he has sustained a narcissistic boo-boo.
    GLADD! GLADD! Come dry Parker Molloy’s tears–he’s water-soluble!

    1. Lmao! Chad David Parker Molloy is all “HEADS WILL ROLL! DADDDYYYY!!!!!! Fire the gay man!!!!” and then time for the suicide threats. Lordy. Don’t worry- his autogyno-smirk is still smirkin’. 😉

      1. RuPaul is so mean,
        A mean drag queen!
        He made fun of Molloy,
        A lesbian boy,
        who started to cry
        and even threatened to die
        Oh, it was bad;
        Molloy cried out for GLADD!
        And in no time he was smirkin’
        And by nightfall he was jerkin’

      2. Morag, LOL!!
        My favorite parts of this video: the squeaky air quotes, and the Lifetime-movie-I-has-a-sadz music that kicks in.
        And then Molloy: “It’s like they’re trying to make me want to die.” O the humanity! The poor dear.

      3. “And then Molloy.”
        I know, Ashland, the humour continued when Molloy unintentionally parodied himself with his outraged tweets:
        “you honestly see no issue with promoting a video that portrays trans women as men with facial hair and bad wigs?”
        One almost feels sorry.

      4. Nice poem, morag99
        “And in no time he was smirkin’ And by nightfall he was jerkin’”
        It’s funny because it’s true!

    2. what I don’t understand or comprehend is how he can get so bent out of shape over a non-standard presentation given that all manner of gender non-conformity was shoved under their umbrella concept. Apparently Chad forgets that blue hair and a dress fits under that umbrella…so I guess his activism only extends to those who perform femininity in his own twisted and contorted images.

      1. Probably the same way all the trans who wrote threats like “get fucked with a rusty knife” two days ago are offended by being “shot” with a hair dryer because evidently white pretendbians are murdered all the time.

      2. “given that all manner of gender non-conformity was shoved under their umbrella concept”
        I know! Twanz politics is now getting to the stage where I cannot even parody it any more, being self parodying and totally nonsensical. I don’t think anyone saw the concept of the LaydeePeen coming, but we now also have ‘masculine presenting twanzwomen’ now, LOL aka menz.
        Don’t show Malloy this clip, it will hurt his ladybwain™

      3. Oh. My. God. Mini skirt and moustache and humour: Freddie was a transphobe. He is literally killing trans women from his grave.

      4. Thank you for that, neme! I’ve never seen that one before.
        “I want to be a woman … it’s my right as a man.”
        “It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality.”

  3. Oh when will the injustice ever stop? Malloy just got is prick bent out of shape because those guys look more feminine than he does so he sounds the alarm—all hands in deck, code red code red.. Oh yeah get Daddy Warbucks Jenny the veneered misogynistic women-hating prick. It is priceless–look at Parker Molloy he has that smug smirk—you know he shot his wad. And the righteous indignation his balls swinging like a silver back—get GLADD on the line NOW and lower the cone of silence. Make the gay guy grovel to you Molloy you dick head.
    No Parker you jerk that is not you. Take a step back. That man looks a bit more female than you. Malloy has to pace himself–Really only 3 tweets till the suicide threat—he skipped saying he does not exist and how he is the victim of violence because of women know he is a male and saying that is violent too.

    1. “Malloy just got is prick bent out of shape because those guys look more feminine than he does so he sounds the alarm—all hands in deck, code red code red.. ”
      Yes, Motherhood! I was following Molloy’s tweets last night, watching his tumblr gang rush to his side to loosen his corset and give him smelling salts, as he languished on his fainting couch. They were all “really really really” upset about the blue wig and hairdryer. The horror! And, especially, the moustache. Facial hair! The hate! The violence! Literally murderous! We demand justice!
      This calling-out, privilege-checking, men-are-the-most-oppressed-people-ever culture deserves the satirical treatment it got on RuPaul’s show. Satire, even mean-spirited parody, is absolutely necessary at this point to expose the absurdity and to help this bloated movement take a good, hard look at itself.
      Oh, and about the facial hair joke: give me a break. How many times have these very same trans people and their allies mocked lesbians and/or feminists as pseudo-men sprouting unfeminine body and facial hair? These types of insults against vocal women are standard, and have been so at least since women started demanding the right to vote.
      What would happen if we sent out the code red! code red! every time someone portrayed us as moustached? Well, it’s safe to say that there wouldn’t be a twitter storm such as this, with demands that someone be fired. And guess why? Because we know, no matter what anybody says, that we are female and that we are women. Delicate Molloy and his ilk know that they are not.

    2. And … the subject of more-feminine-than-thou reminds me of the real differences between a entitled trans-whiner like our Parker here, and a transsexual writer like Calpernia Addams. It’s not superficial and surgically-created “femininity” that makes Addams superior. It’s creativity, intelligence and character: Addams is an actual thinker who can communicate with clarity and elegance.
      I recently read Addams op-ed, “Burning Books, One Word at a Time,” which contains paragraphs like this:
      “Appropriated academic lingo is the weapon of choice for in-community censors and thought police. These arriviste extremists have weaponized terminology like cisgender, created in the sterile labs of academia for use in the classroom, and plundered other established social movements for an arsenal of response-silencing buzzwords like privilege checking that all create the same result: intimidation at the threat of being labeled a bigot by someone whose oppression outweighs your own.”
      The whole piece is worth a read, and is relevant to what we’re discussing right here: Parker Molloy and his warriors trying to censor gay humour and art forms, the Portland Quakers aiding in the silencing of radical feminists, and, most important, the entire online MRA-trans community trying to completely destroy GallusMag’s blog.
      I’m not saying someone like Calpernia is on our side, or vice-versa–and goodness knows we’re fighting against much more and with much less in terms of power. But there is some salient overlap because the common denominator, in our respective battles, is the self-entitled, bloated trans brigade and their dirty silencing tactics.

      1. The “transgender” are not allies with anyone, including the transsexuals and transvestites that gave them the opportunity to parasitically latch onto to the lesbian/gay communities. Their fellow MRAs like their attacks on women and our spaces, but wouldn’t support them in anything else.

  4. Highlarious – going right over to research and twitter on about it. What a send up. Most excellent ever RuPaul.
    But, here’s what you get at the HuffPost Gay Voices link:
    “Note: This page originally contained a video by drag artist Alaska Thunderfuck. We believed that the clip was one example of how diverse gender-variant communities are currently engaged in a complicated conversation about important issues regarding language, identity and privilege. However, we now realize that the video is patently offensive to many people and ultimately now feel it goes beyond being useful in this discussion and therefore have removed it from the site. We apologize.”
    WAH for the laydeez.

    1. What?!?!!! LOL *BONUS LULZ*
      Dear God the Gays have offended the heterosexuals! The dudebro “male lesbians” must be attended to! Who would have forseen that actual homophobes would be running the lesbian and gay community circa 2014???

      1. What the world needs now is another wit like Quentin Crisp. Not because he was perfect–far from it, he hated his own sexuality–but because he saw this very thing coming, or already happening, and opted out, preferring alienation. By the end of his long life, he was sneering just as hard at the gay community as he was at the straights. Straights who, by the way, had done Quentin REAL violence and actually DID want him to die. Read all about it, Master Molloy, you whippersnapper.

      2. Queer and Trans declared themselves the enemy of gay men in the 1990s. Finally other groups who are under attack by these Stalinist maniacs are hearing each other and learning of the scale and scope of this assault of repression. There is not one gay outlet that would allow a gay male to criticize Queer Trans the way Calpernia Addams did without that gay male being character assassinated as a Nazi Kapo and sent to the right wing “hater” camp. But the tide is turning as more and more groups experience the bite and sting of the Queer Trans army, speak out about it and learn that it is not a political development but is nothing more than abuse by people drunk with their own power to intimidate and silence to get their own way.

  5. The Huffington Post caved on this. From the HuffPo at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/22/alaska-thunderfuck-drag-race_n_5192211.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular
    Note: This page originally contained a video by drag artist Alaska Thunderfuck. We believed that the clip was one example of how diverse gender-variant communities are currently engaged in a complicated conversation about important issues regarding language, identity and privilege. However, we now realize that the video is patently offensive to many people and ultimately now feel it goes beyond being useful in this discussion and therefore have removed it from the site. We apologize.

  6. I also love how Chad David Parker Molloy “just knows” the video depicts HIM PERSONALLY, when the actor is actually wearing what is arguably Zinnia Jones’ blue hair wig. LMAO.

      1. The “testosterone exposure” he’s “suffered” must have left more skull-room available for a narcissism compartment.

  7. I haven’t laughed like this in days. Especially the Parker parts, did RuPaul write that, too? ‘I almost started to think about trying to kill myself with pills!!’ Hats off to RuPaul!
    p.s. I have a tumblr with eighteen followers!

    1. Seriously laughing my ass off at the poking fun at Tumblr. If any site so desperately needs it, it’s that one. Dead on, too.
      Also LOVE the squeaky air quotes.

    1. Creditors aren’t terribly keen on handing out $24k loans for things that have no demonstrable value (unlike a car, a business, or a house) even if you have good credit. Maybe an individual could get a loan for plastic surgery if it were necessary for his/her career, but even then I’m not so sure.

      1. If one has a decent banking relationship, the lender won’t even ask WHAT the personal loan is for provided that the other issues like debt/income ratios are in order and one can demonstrate an ability to repay the loan.
        Lost track of the number of times that I did a share-secured loan with my credit union just with a phone call and a faxed signature on the loanliner document. The fact that Chad cannot do the same thing clearly says that he can not only not manage his personal affairs but his financial house is in a serious state of disarray.

      2. Interesting. That’s news to me.
        I’m definitely familiar with how easy it is to pile on credit card debt. I’m debt-free except for my mortgage, but I have up to $20k available if I’m stupid/desperate enough to use it, and I doubt I make much more than a social justice blogger/writer/twitactivist.
        But I assumed a traditional low-interest bank loan largely requires purchasing a (more or less) tangible object that the bank can repossess if the borrower goes into default.

      3. @kesher – You can offer up something ELSE as collateral for the bank to repossess, if the thing you’re trying to buy has no value to the bank.
        Of course that means you need to own something the bank will accept, which it seems this guy doesn’t.
        What’s he do for a living, anyway?

      4. @Adrian- he makes a living the same way Christopher “Cristan” Williams does- as an online purveyor of autogynephilic heterosexual male rage against women and gays.

    2. “general lack of income”??? Is that tranny code for saying he cannot find a real job and that keyboard warrior isn’t paying the bills?

      1. Even if Molloy gets a lot of writing gigs, it’s still unverifiable/unstable income. It’s the bane of freelancers everywhere.

    3. Interesting fact: on the Molloy ‘go fund me’ page there is a $5 donation from Rye Silverman from a month ago. Look at the accompanying photo: Rye is in a blue bobbed wig and glasses, Seems that type of ‘offensive’ drag is just fine with Molloy after all if it comes with money: even just $5 worth!!

    4. Heh. Recent tweet:
      “I promise I’ll stop posting this. Just one more time because it’s my birthday. http://wwwgofundme.com/ParkersFace
      What a manipulative little shit. It’s offensive. As Motherhood commented earlier, there are women who can’t properly feed their kids because their pink-collar jobs pay so little. And they have pink-collar jobs because they are women.

      1. When Calpernia Addams called Molloy out, didn’t he bitch that Addams was just promoting her new video?
        But when he decides a drag queen is making fun of him – hey, why not beg for money while he’s at it?

  8. Maybe he can spring for some trout lips. While we raise money selling T-shirts with a hair dryer on them that say–get back Jack. And our ™ would be a little Rue Paul style lipstick kiss.
    Oh for Christ sake the dick is still demanding an apology. Who does he think he is the heir apparent? These guys get dumber and dumber and louder and more abusive by the second. Which is good, very good because people see–oh he is still crying out to the big Guns–Jenny, okay and that pretty much trashes Jenny’s rep as keeping sane company. Let’s just watch and see how the gay guys step up for a big load T bigotry and narcissistic arrogance. Ya think gay men will keep bankrolling thses abusive pricks and then grovel to the Reich master. I’m thinking that will a no–oh Rue Paul you have a damn good scence of humor. Can you imagine if women demanded an apology for when T rapes or kills, women and children? Oh no they are all in for the killer. I wonder if Chad reads this because if he does–fuck you Chester. I hope you never get a job–you horrible abusive,violent sexual fetishist–porn drentched prick. Really these fuckers threaten to tear out women’s “cunts” and the damn shrill hysteria ensues. And laughing at them is some human rights violation–so fucking fake and as loud as it is, not loud enough to muffle the sound of the compulsive jerking off.

  9. I had wondered if the trans-activists would use exactly the same emotional blackmail tactics against gay men as they use on lesbians/feminists. I thought they might change it up a bit, by adapting to their target demographic. But, so far, it’s the same. I’m not going to link, because this example, a blog post, is criminally boring, but here’s the conclusion:
    “Cis gays, this is why we mistrust you. It’s time for y’all to pick a side. Your silence, your complacency, is hurting us. It’s killing us. Wake the fuck up to your self-appointed leadership and actually be our allies. Speak up about this. Educate yourselves and learn. Spend some time listening to us and think before you use the t-word slur or link to a video like this. Silence is complicity. Don’t be like that. Please. We’re dying here. Really.”
    Hurting, killing, dying–check, check, check. And “killing” is italicized in the original. Anything less than full, unequivocal support, any disagreement, is equal to MURDER.
    Will they also threaten gay men and drag queens with rape and murder? I doubt it, because those threats are tailored to women who know they are men. But, we’ll see!

    1. Are they claiming that using the word “tranny” somehow causes anti-trans violence, thus the “killing us” claim? Or are they claiming, like Molloy is, that the word makes them want to kill themselves? Because threats of suicide is abusive behavior. That’s Domestic Violence 101.

      1. @99 and @ kesher ( ta ged li, what is the “connection’ btw?)Yea ever wonder why they don’t choke on their own vomit, I mean words–How does Chad do that? He must have a very strong constitution–football in high-school I’m betting . They are all so clueless and self absorbed that they don’t get that women have lived through and in domestic violence– if they threaten to kill themselves–most women are like go ahead and STFU. As long as they do not take a woman or child with them–buy the farm. Reality check dude, there are real women fighting to keep themselves alive to feed their kids, to keep their kids–you are zero on the list of women priorities. How tedious– The threats sound like more manipulative bullshit and they are so violent and abusive. They have no capacity for logic I mean really some abusive violent prick threatens to kill himself–so what. Do they honestly imagine we will cry or carry the blame. No we will feel safer. Sane people do not carry guilt for narcissistic pricks(that makes him a double ciss fucker)–He just wants to pretend that someone gives a shit enough to harm him–it is really very erotic for him. Nobody wants to get within 10 feet of him.

      2. Both, I think, kesher. In this specific case, it’s the blue-wig skit from RuPaul’s “cis-gay” show that’s killing them.
        I agree that threats of suicide for non-compliance is abusive.

      3. Yes. But you don’t even have to go around yelling “tranny” or using any obviously negative language, even.
        Any words that show you don’t believe in the current trans ideology (that says people can be “born in the wrong body,” that such people “have always been their desired gender, inside,” that this “mismatch” is all 100% physical neurological origin, nothing ickily psychological going on, and that men and women have fundamentally different brains and thought patterns) – that’s VIOLENCE, because your words make some other unnamed people consider them to be “freaks” and so they get murdered, and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.
        (Never do they go after those who are actually doing the killing. No, no, it’s all your fault for breaking the illusion).
        You can be 100% friendly and accommodating in your personal interactions, but if you mention that you think an M2T isn’t “really a woman exactly the same” as you, that’s giving these unnamed people the license to kill them.
        If you call them out on that and their twisted statistics (for starters you can suggest that they recognize how many of the murdered M2T are prostitutes, and that they consider the heightened risk of harm for prostitutes in general) then they jump to their backup argument, which is:
        “But your words make me feel bad and so I’ll kill myself and that will mean you murdered me.”

    2. They are not changing because they can’t, compulsion and delusion do not alter–not to mention that change would require imagination, insight, intellegence and here’s the biggy seeing outside themselves. They will just play the script–nasty vile rich boys and men feminating and crying oppression because an old lady tells him he can’t ejaculate in the hot tub next her 3 year old grand daughter–more pain and bigotry, the hate, the oppresion. –anyplace that hires these men they would need hire a clean up team in hazmat suits and live stream porn into their computer beacause not doing so is bigoty and phobic. Can you imagine having to work with one of these idiots? What a nighmare.
      They will not threaten other men–men know who to threaten. I hope they do and they get their clock cleaned. Nobody should ever use the word Tranny–it is inaccurate. And they are not shemales–they are men, raging macho hard on men in really ugly Kathy Smith clothes with some bad make-up. Damn right they should not trust gay men because gay men are going to wake up to see the violence of these men and say fuck you wacko get off my back, you violent sick sociopath. If they dont these guys will drain every penny by filing 100 law suits from prison (doing 10-20 for rape) because the the orange jump suits makes them want to die. Complacing is killing them? Well if they are that close they should signed their DNR. Can you imagine these guys taking over Fire Island–oh yeah the new buddy system–woe is the gay man that gets involved with these men.

    3. “Because threats of suicide is abusive behavior. That’s Domestic Violence 101”
      Yes it’s common among abusive men to threaten to kill themselves if their female partner leave them. It’s in general a common tactic among abusive and narcississtic people to be like “BAAAAWWW I’m the one being hurt, feel sorry for ME look at what you’re making me do to myself!!”
      So don’t fall for it. As an actual woman with various mental/physical health issues I’m offended by this shit. As horrible and suicidal as I’ve felt I have never threatened to kill myself to someone – because I’m not manipulative and I didn’t think anyone would care. They assume everyone will care very much and quickly start to cater to their egoes again.

      1. I’ve known of some women (cis, for clarity’s sake) who threaten suicide as a means of controlling others, so it’s not just a male tactic. Although, from what I understand, threats of suicide from men are strongly correlated with those men later committing homicide, specifically in domestic disputes. So it’s definitely never been something I take lightly. If someone mentions suicidal ideation, by all means, try to get them the help that they need, but if they refuse help and continue speaking about suicidal thoughts, it’s really paramount to protect yourself.

      2. Hi I didn’t say that only men did it, but that it is a common tactic among abusive men. And that sort of manipulative behaviour (feel sorry for ME instead!!) is common among abusive people in general.
        When you know about these types of tactics it’s so obvious when transactivists use them online. I wish it was more common knowledge among young women, so they won’t be manipulated by it. I think I’m gonna blog about it.

    4. You know, I’ve come to realize it’s pretty much a religion.
      This is a group of people who insist that you not only treat them fairly and civilly, but that you profess your faith in their religion.
      If you don’t profess your faith in their religion, in their own very particular creationist origin myth (the one that says that people can be “born in the wrong body” and that biological sex isn’t real) then that EQUATES to murdering them.
      Any and all words on your part that might indicate that you don’t share their beliefs, that you don’t consider their religion to be factually true, are violence – no, not just violence, but “extreme violence.” Because it’s murdering them.

      1. It definitely feels to me that outside validation is overly important in much of the trans community. And, speaking of religion, many religious people get very offended at the mere suggestion that others believe differently than they do or even, egads, don’t believe in God at all.
        While my political and social beliefs/behavior lean toward not antagonizing anyone who doesn’t deserve to be antagonized, I’m not overly sympathetic to people who require me to behave a certain way just so they feel okay with themselves. I extend basic respect to people who respect me, but that’s about where my sense of obligation ends.

      2. Yes. It’s like a religion, where there are beliefs not facts. You know instead of declaration of faith like “I testify that there is no god except for the God, and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of God” they have things like “transwomen are women”

      3. Having made the mistake of wandering over to T. D’Orsay’s Tumblr last night, I can say I’m tired of them murdering the English language.

      4. As a religious person, I realize I’m biased in this regard, but to me the trans line is much more like a cult than mainstream religion. I can remember feeling as if I had been gradually brainwashed on tumblr into following their beliefs, thinking that everyone agreed with it even when it didn’t make sense. It was so pervasive, and so silencing that I never noticed just how much affect it had on our speech and our thoughts until I started asking questions. And when I did, I had people accusing me of betraying them or the cause.
        Needless to say, that’s not been my experience discussing religion, even with people who vehemently disagree- I’ve never been afraid for my life to discuss contrary opinions, never felt pressured to follow someone else’s God(with some obvious exceptions), and I’ve never had a church accuse me of betrayal when I stopped going. The idea that a Muslim would tell me that I needed to worship Allah or they’d kill themselves is absolutely absurd, and yet completely normal behavior for transactivists.
        There are religious people who get offended that others believe differently, but what’s striking about the trans cult is how much of a platform their beliefs get, and how much much of their threats are deemed credible. The same people who would laugh at the idea of anyone being condemned to hell will tell me with a straight face that brain scans show male and female thought patterns. It’s all very cultish, and a very influential one at that.

      5. “The same people who would laugh at the idea of anyone being condemned to hell will tell me with a straight face that brain scans show male and female thought patterns. It’s all very cultish, and a very influential one at that.”
        Yes, it’s cultish. But it’s even more dangerous than a cult, because its central tenets (delusions) are supported by medicine and protected by law. Most cults exert control only over its members, but this cult expects the wider society to bend the knee to their beliefs.
        Have you noticed that many of trans people and activists don’t even try to defend the ridiculous “brain sex” or “hormone wash” theories? These ones have left behind the specious science and have moved on into completely esoteric territory.
        Essential gender is a metaphysical concept. That’s why they can never describe, exactly, what it is. It’s some kind of presence, a disembodied thingy-dingy, that can only be known via faith. Reason can’t touch it. But when reason gets too close to it–stand back!– they erupt into existential fits and death throes. Because if others don’t have the same faith, they will surely die. Incredible.
        I do think that women, generally, are much more rational than men. Not because our brains are better, or very different, but because men view themselves as gods. All that entitlement and power at the expense of (mostly) women ravages their minds. It’s like they are mainlining false self-esteem daily instead of becoming human and developing a humble identity instead of grandiose fantasies. When others don’t see them for the gods they think they are, they can’t face reality, so they crack and become little dictators to compensate.

    1. Golly. It would appear that Madison Hinton gives not a FLYING FUCK about the heterosexual “male lesbian” fee fees! Hate crime! Call GLAAD!

  10. Trigger warning: video linked portrays a trans woman being murdered
    [link to the demented “Male Lesbian” Christopher “Cristan” William’s all-male “transactivist” website removed. Sorry- GM]
    Seriously. Murdered.
    “A full mustache” is objectionable? What about a full beard and mustache? Or are transgenders like Alex Drummond (“Grrl Alex”) not really transgender, unless they are? The goal posts keep shifting.

    1. http://wn.com/woman_with_beard
      Not sure it relates directly to the thread topic, but the above (Sam’s edited post reminded me of this recent story; a reminder – as if any were needed round these parts – of how gender identity is a crappy Band Aid over centuries-old sex wounds.
      Kaur could’ve identified as male, or been ambivalent about her sex; but bravely chose to embrace reality.
      I’m unsure of the protocol viz ‘Tranny’. Has it been reclaimed like N***a or F*g/D*ke? Therefore is anybody under the trans* umbrella free to use it (including f*gs and d*kes, apparently when inflating figures is advantageous) use the word; or is there a pecking order? I’ve slept with women and guys – if I come out as ‘bi’ can I use it? There must be space for me under that big ol’ parasol? RuPaul is comfortable with he or she, him or her, Mr or Ms – which reads to me that he’s comfortable with his sexuality, in himself and in his [male] privileged position, rather than ‘cis-privileged’ – and perhaps that’s his crime? He’s not laying the poor me’ on thick enough, or at all?

  11. Gallus, I’m very happy you are back! 🙂 🙂
    Thought the video was about as funny as my last enema, but then have never been noted for my sense of humour. PMSL at Molloy thinking it was all about him though! There is a good saying which seems appropriate here: “Throw a rock into a pack of dogs. The one which yelps is the one you hit”.

  12. I found the squeaky quotes funny, but the violence unfunny. It’s not something I find particularly jokey. I don’t want to see that, not even in “this context”.

    1. Agree. And I also find the idea offensive, that if a man wears a lot of makeup and acts strangely then he is like a woman. I think so even if it’s merely drag. Do women normally look and act like the guy in the video? Nope. But at least he understands that he isn’t actually one.
      And I’m glad whenever someone doesn’t just accept an kind of shit from deluded transactivists.

    1. Yes, that’s all there is. Take a look at this: “The trans community needs to understand its differences”
      That’s the title of an article I just read. It’s by someone called Jen Richards, who plays a sort of referee role in the fracas between Molloy and RuPaul, and between Addams, James and Molloy. It’s an overview of all their positions in the hysterical debate (over trans language, hate speech, and the Alaska Thunderfuck skit), and attempts a nuanced view of drag culture, trans-activists, offline and online activism, the generation gap, white privilege, etc., etc. It’s quite long. When I came to this part …
      “That two women who spent years teaching others how to live ‘deep stealth’ are allied with ‘subversive’ drag queens lays bare the essential point underlying all of this: what’s truly being policed here is womanhood.”
      … I laughed out loud. The essential point of all of this policing, says Jen, is “womanhood.” Womanhood is being policed! By males! Because it’s theirs to police!
      I read the whole damned article, and there was no mention, anywhere, of actual female people. Save this one little aside: “Gay men celebrate men who mess with gender and women who occupy comfortably feminine and heterosexual roles.” That’s it. One throw-away line about celebrating “comfortably feminine” heterosexual females. The rest is all about in-fighting between males who are claiming womanhood as theirs to perform or to live full-time.
      You’d think that we menstruating, impregnatable, sexually exploited and under-paid creatures might garner a mention in this row–at least a dishonourable one in the form of vilification for our feminist, TERFy ways. Yes? Nope. The dismissal of the very people who have the most–nay, the ONLY–authentic experience of womanhood was complete.
      Don’t worry, ladies. Men, including Jen, are going to get this whole womanhood rigamarole all worked out for us. Thanks “Jen.”

      1. “SmartAssJen” Jen Richards completely FREAKED OUT and was IRATE when women here discussed one of the videos in his “We Happy Trans” campaign. He hates women, and believes we have no right to public speech whatsoever, unless it is in service to men somehow. He is a total pig.

      2. Gallus, you are a walking encyclopedia of total-pigs-in-dresses–of their names, internet handles, histories, and particular brands of piggishness. I’ll have to search your blog for threads about him.

      3. As I understand it, James and Addams called their foray into Hollywood “Deep Stealth” as a joke: as in, we are promoting ourselves publicly, as far from “Deep Stealth” as can be.
        Of course they had previously produced a blog and voice lessons and allegedly took kickbacks from electrolysis practitioners all designed to help men “pass” as female, but that is another matter.

      4. @morag99- I don’t know that I ever bothered posting on his tantrum. I do have some hilarious screencaps of him and Stephen Ira plotting to have GenderTrender “taken down” though. 😉

  13. Note that, for some reason, this video has been changed to private and therefore the link no longer works. Just wanted to point that out. Which is a bummer, because I thought the video was both creative and funny, and I wasn’t even a fan of Alaska Thunderfuck when he was on the show.

      1. Aww, that’s sweet … “You’re not so different from me.” Best friends, just like the Golden Girls.
        And I’m so glad to see that Joy Less and her moustache are alive and well!

      1. Those evil, abusive autogynephiles made that nice drag queen cry!
        How dare they. Those awful straight men put their ugly wigs on and yell at women and gay men on teh intarwebs. Then they take those wigs off and go out in the world and reap full-on male privilege. How dare they bully a gay man like that? How dare they pretend to be women? Those abusers just won’t stop until they’ve stomped and silenced anyone who won’t support their grotesque delusions that they are laydees. They are not part of the LGB community, and never have been. We should have never let them near us. They are misogynist, homophobic straight men who are trying to destroy what little alternative space we have left.
        First they attacked the lesbians. Then they attacked the gay men. Then…
        Alaska, if you read this, you take more risks and face more hatred and oppression than those nasty straight men have ever known. You’re smarter, funnier, and prettier. You pretended to shoot YOURSELF with a BLOW DRYER. You didn’t hurt anyone. Those nasty boys are just jealous. Who needs ’em.

  14. Gee that drag queen should call his oversize mouth Gigantor – the Expanding Universe Mouth. It’s a spectacle in itself, I just can’t take my eyes off it, like a traffic accident – it deserves to have its own name, surely?
    What is it with all these huge mouthed men?

  15. https://slate. com/human-interest/2018/03/why-rupauls-anti-trans-comments-were-such-a-train-wreck.html
    “*Correction, Mar. 6, 2018: This post originally misstated that drag was created by and for transgender women.”
    It’s hilarious that the entire article had its very premise ripped out through its ass but the nuts and bolts of it were considered flattering enough to Trans Identitarianism that the remaining husk was allowed to stay and all the right people got paid.

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