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  1. Keep up that appropriation fellas. So they’re not satisfied with being human, they must force us to see them as women too…does that mean they just inadvertently admitted that radical feminists aren’t cold blooded Nazis who want to kill them?
    Here’s a tip, plenty of women including myself would give up everything to be just “people” and not “women.”

    1. Yes! All of this!
      I was just thinking “Wait, but you’re not being viewed as an animal, object or other! This is saying you’re being viewed as a freakin HUMAN!”
      But, hey, if we ain’t acknowledging those supa sexxxay ladyee identifiers that they love to wear like make-up, dresses, and high heels, then I guess it means nothing at all, huh?
      I don’t even…

      1. “But, hey, if we ain’t acknowledging those supa sexxxay ladyee identifiers that they love to wear like make-up, dresses, and high heels, then I guess it means nothing at all, huh?”
        That’s such a good point FabFro, I think you can apply it to most liberal feminists too. Lately the topic du jour on mainstream blogs is radical feminist “hatred” of femininity. Oh why won’t those evil butch feminists who hold so much power stop picking on the libfems who just want to wear lipstick in peace? Lesbians and radical feminists have no idea about the oppression that women who wear high heels go through.
        It comes full circle, doesn’t it? Transwomen and libfems face the most oppression for fighting for their right to perform patriarchal beauty mandates (because it’s not like the patriarchy loves femininity…. I’m sure lawmakers are going to make cosmetics illegal right after they take away women’s rights to assemble). Lesbian radical feminists “criticize” them, and so are just as oppressive, if not more so, than men. So of course lesbians are just like men, and transwomen and libfems are the real women. It’s just the same recycled bullshit reconfigured like a pretzel.

  2. There’s nothing radical about trans women. Quite the opposite. “Trans feminism” is the distillation of all that is chauvinist, misogynist and patriarchal.

  3. It should say:
    “Trans feminism is the radical notion that a woman is whatever I say it is, so shut the fuck up, get raped, and die in a fire you cis scum bitch.”

    1. Yes, it’s always fire or the sun that we must die by. What is that? Besides misogyny.

      1. It is misogyny. You can see the pattern of hatred and appropriation of woman by these men who are some of the most misogynists men. They say women are obsolete because reproduction will soon become a laboratory affair. They say women are ugly, but they are sexy laydees through plastic surgery. They rejoice in thinking that women’s liberation will never happen. They blame women for their violent behavior towards women. They publicly threaten women who oppose their imposition into women’s safe spaces.
        They themselves let us see them for what they are. But, somehow this goes unnoticed (or at least unacknowledged) by the public, including their women supporters.

    1. “trans feminism” = understanding that women only exist through the definition of men, including men “identifying” as women/total erasure of lesbians (bigots) and all hard won gains by 1st and 2nd wave feminists. Wait, that doesn’t sound like feminism at all!

  4. It’s nice to see a simple definition that we can all understand of what “trans feminism” is: “…the radical notion that trans women are women”. This makes very clear that “trans feminism” has nothing to do with any feminist issue at all.
    I had thought “trans feminists” must mean trans people who are concerned with feminist issues such as abortion rights, forced marriage, FGM, equal pay, disabling the patriarchy, sex slavery, male violence against women, analyzing the oppression of women as a class, etc. I seem to have misunderstood. Now that there is a simple definition, it would be useful for communication to re-name “trans feminism” to accurately reflect the issue.
    As to the issue itself, I’m fascinated by the recent decision of the Supreme Court of India that transgender people constitute a third gender legally. I found it at the 4/17/14 Gender Identity Watch blog. The decision is easy to read and understand. In India, trans women, if I understand correctly, are traditionally considered a third sex, the “hijra”, and that is now the law of the land. In the West, have trans people considered this possible legal status? It would avoid a lot of the convoluted, non-biologically-accurate, illogical positions that trans people seem to continually find themselves stuck in.

    1. Indeed – I can appreciate this sign, because it states their actual position.
      In particular, we’re constantly hearing that feminists are “dehumanizing” the M2T, and so it’s nice to see someone in their own camp reminding them that no, feminists do see M2T as human, of course we do, we just don’t consider them WOMEN and that’s where the lines are drawn.
      As for “third gender” – I’ll admit that reading the rhetoric of people (in the West and otherwise) who claim to be “third gender” is much less annoying, precisely because they’re not claiming to be anything other than what they are – biological men who perform what in their societies are often termed “women’s roles,” and who occasionally take various steps to appear more like women, but who don’t actually claim to BE women or to be “born in the wrong body” or to magically claim to “truly understand” what it is to be women.
      There’s room to talk about what it means to assume those “usually foisted on women” roles, but at least there’s more honesty in it.
      Also a lot of the “third gender” stuff ties into sexuality, in the sense that the “third gender” is very commonly biological males who like to have sex exclusively with other males, and yet in the role of “women.” And often, the males who are having sex with these third gender people (in the “man” role), even when they desire such sex exclusively themselves, are thereby not considered homosexual. In fact you can find people who criticize the modern trans rhetoric of the West that insists that “gender identity” and sexual orientation are separate, precisely because in their traditional “third gender” roles, they are very much fundamentally intertwined.
      Anyway I find it interesting, particularly given some of the discussion here about a divide among self-proclaimed trans (M2T, generally) in the West, between those who transition and want to have sex with men (i.e. they are homosexual males) and those who transition and insist they are lesbians (i.e. they are heterosexual males).

      1. I think I read the same article. Honestly, it made me recoil: if some dude showed up at a wedding of someone I knew demanding money and exposing his mangled genitals to everyone, including children, well, that wouldn’t fly in the US and I’m ok with that.
        There’s kind of a chicken-egg dance these social theorists do regarding male violence that ignores that male violence is a constant.
        Maybe all the money and social acceptance in the world won’t stop some or even most of these guys from doing what they’re doing? (like the trans who engage in prostitution despite having middle class training and jobs.)
        Maybe it’ll just widen their unwilling audiences so no amount of education and wealth will let a woman ascend beyond their reach, having to dodge the hands of patriarchs AND lunatics alike?

      2. You reminded me of an episode of Taxicab Confessions that I can no longer find anywhere. The driver asked a tranny prostitute about getting surgery and he was adamantly against it. Why? Too many of his friends committed suicide after getting surgery. They were no longer able to make money. Customers of “chicks with dicks” actually don’t want to fuck them, they want to be fucked by a “woman.” He said all his friends had was “a hole, a dry hole.”

    2. Hi Dar Guerra, I just want to clarify something about hijras. You’re right that they’re considered a third sex in India, but they differ from the American concept of transwomen. Both are deeply rooted in misogyny though!
      The origin of hijras are linked to the story of Shiva, a male God who castrated himself to create the world as we know it. Hijras are males that castrate themselves in veneration of Shiva and transform into a third sex. Most hijras work as prostitutes, and male clients who use them are not branded as homosexuals. Here’s where the real misogyny comes in: a man realizes he is a hijra when his mother sexually abuses him as a child. The story is that women are so sexually insatiable that their husband is not enough, and because women are naturally deviant they turn to their sons for sex too. Becoming a hijra is both a religious calling and a testament to the deprevity of females.
      I learned about this in a book entitled Neither Man nor Woman, which I had to read as a student of cultural anthropology.

      1. Yes, the hijras have historically been stigmatized and stupid myths have grown up around them, but the Indian Supreme Court decision I mentioned above is an attempt to end that stigmatization. I hope I didn’t mis-state the people covered by the decision. The Court called the hijra just one of the transgender communities it was calling a “third sex” with full civil rights.
        Here are the “third gender” people included by the Court:
        “11. Transgender is generally described as an umbrella term for persons whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior does not conform to their biological sex. TG may also takes in persons who do not identify with their sex assigned at birth, which include Hijras/Eunuchs who, in this writ petition, describe themselves as “third gender” and they do not identify as either male or female. Hijras are not men by virtue of anatomy appearance and psychologically, they are also not women, though they are like women with no female reproduction organ and no menstruation. Since Hijras do not have reproduction capacities as either men or women, they are neither men nor women and claim to be an institutional “third gender”. Among Hijras, there are emasculated (castrated,
        nirvana) men, non-emasculated men (not castrated/akva/akka) and inter-sexed persons (hermaphrodites).
        “TG also includes persons who intend to undergo Sex Re-
        Assignment Surgery (SRS) or have undergone SRS to align their biological sex with their gender identity in order to become male or female. They are generally called transsexual persons. Further, there are persons who like to cross-dress in clothing of opposite gender, i.e transvestites. Resultantly, the term “transgender”, in contemporary usage, has become an umbrella term that is used to describe a wide range of identities and experiences, including but not limited to pre-operative, post-operative and non-operative transsexual people, who strongly identify with the gender opposite to their biological sex; male and female.”
        It’s the whole approach I find so interesting; who the Court includes, how they characterize the groups, and especially of course the placement into a third sex category for legal purposes. It is so different from the approach in western countries, trying to force these groups into the traditional binary.

  5. Trans feminism is the patriarchal notion that feminism has nothing to do with women’s liberation

  6. White males have always colonized other cultures and oppressed groups of persons. Indeed, there isn’t anything that they haven’t co-opted in one manner or another. Who are the most prominent and vocal transgender activists? The top transgender activists are white males, usually from middle class backgrounds. They are born male, socialized as male, and many MTFs “transition” in their twenties or thirties after living with male privilege during their formative years. In the upper echelons of transgender politics, they might have a token FTM, but we all know who really holds the power. It’s middle class white males.
    Colonizers always rewrite history, and this is just another form of it.
    There is no such thing as “trans feminism”. This is a post that I submitted about two months ago. As I type this, the colonization process continues.
    People need to understand that trans activists have perfected the co-option of other cultures and marginalized groups of people to almost an art form. It’s a great marketing ploy. Transgender activists have shamelessly co-opted the word feminism just like they shamelessly co-opt the word intersex and intersex people, “two spirit” native persons and tribes, lesbians (men can be lesbians too, you bigot!), any and all gender non-conformity both past and present.
    Apparently, transgender “historians” even went so far as to proclaim that Joan of Arc was “transgender” because she wore men’s clothing, didn’t mind fighting along side men, and often rode horses. I played Army with my brothers when I was a kid, and I’ve always liked horses. I guess I’m “trans” too even though I’ve never identified as transgender.
    This is the “Transgender Umbrella”.
    Perhaps Native Americans or First Nation peoples don’t want to the under this umbrella. Did anyone ask all the individual indigenous tribes?
    Perhaps all intersex people don’t want to be under the is umbrella.
    Did eunuchs really see themselves as transgender? How many eunuchs volunteered for castration?
    I noticed that “Masculine Women” was under the graphic of the Transgender Umbrella. Please explain to me what “masculine women” means?
    On the bottom of this graphic of an umbrella, are the following words:
    “Encompasses any individual who crosses over or challenges their society’s traditional gender roles and/or expressions.”
    Please notice that the word “any” is underlined.
    This certainly seems to me to be a grossly inaccurate assumption.
    People who go out of their way to appropriate other cultures and groups of people are often called colonizers. Perhaps the most twisted form of colonization and co-option is taking second wave feminism symbols for their own use. This is disgusting and shameless. Notice the clinched fist inside the women’s symbol. This is a second wave feminism. These are the women who gave us abortion rights, rape crisis centers, equal pay, and Title IX among other accomplishments. Transgender had nothing to do with their work. They were playing dress up while this was going on. Transgender activists who are raping the privacy rights of women through “gender identity” laws are shamelessly stealing second wave feminist symbols.

    1. For what it’s worth, when I’ve waded into arguments explaining that I don’t do the “obvious” behaviors or thought patterns X, Y, and Z and yet I’m still a woman so what gives? I’ve had some presumably well-meaning people suggest I might actually be trans or somehow “on the trans spectrum.”
      Very lolwut?

      1. I wonder if we could do with some kind of awareness campaign? There’s been many before, of course, but I mean a really comprehensive (and ideally international, which would give the opportunity to show the roles aren’t even consistent across cultures) one. ie. starting with the typical approach of posters showing people engaging in non-stereotypical behaviours for their sex, along with a message making clear the distinction between sex and gender roles, and why gender role abolition matters. Especially if some showed people of both sexes coming together, and a website with people sharing stories – including about how uncomfortable not fitting the socially prescribed roles made them feel, but how they were nevertheless still able to find people of both sexes who were similar to themselves. Part of the reason for people latching onto this as an identity, I think, is perhaps because they lack a sense of belonging (making them feel disconnected from society and their true selves) – what would probably be healthier is if they allowed their own interests and ways of being to form part of their identity simply in and of themselves, and not for what they stereotypically represent.
        I’ve heard some (essentialist) radical feminists talk about a lack of connection between men and women (particularly in relationships), but rather than seeing it as inevitable, I think the divide is created by socialisation. How often do you see jokes in the media, or people talking about, how men and women can’t possibly understand each other, and dislike or outright resent each others interests? (the old ‘husband has hobby wife hates’, and ‘boyfriend has to tolerate ‘girly’ stuff like watching romantic comedies, or getting taken clothes shopping’ tropes) Even if people think that they don’t believe that, those assumptions may be subconsciously there, because they’re just so prevalent. So no wonder people wouldn’t connect.
        Especially if it could include not only activities (hobbies, interests), but visual appearance (including maybe ones like wearing makeup, for men, and having a buzzcut, for women, emphasising that those choices have nothing intrinsically to do with being male or female), and mental states (nurturing, logical thinking, etc.). That way everything is covered, because people surprisingly often seem to get confused there. You’d think no one would need reminding, but…
        I’m so frustrated to think a child like I was could get dragged into this, before they’re even at an age to have had much opportunity to figure out just how artificial gender roles are. As if feeling like a failure and uncomfortable for not being able to conform to femininity wasn’t bad enough. This just isn’t the right solution. That graphic makes it look like we want a similar thing to some of them, at least, it’s not actually coming from a totally different place, so surely it ought to be possible to convince them that outright ignoring gender roles and abolishing them is better than making not conforming to them a separate identity, because with the former, it would remove the pressure on EVERYONE to conform to gender roles. If the roles are outright not there, then that goes far further towards there being no concept of ‘you should do [x]’ or ‘you can’t do [x]’ to begin with. Doesn’t it negatively affect people’s performance even if they’re reassured that there are no sex differences in an activity? (the Maths test study, with women).
        If the roles were abolished, I really think people would feel they had more opportunity to discover more varied interests and ways to just be themselves, so the issue of not being able to find people who share those interests, see people who look similar, find people who act similarly, wouldn’t be such a big thing to begin with. Even if fighting gender roles and not conforming to the ones prescribed for your sex is being presented as an option on that graphic, not having to fight them at all would be even better. Surely they can see that.

      2. @Leo: Every time I hear that a boy liking pink or sparkly things or wanting to be a princess makes him trans, I wonder, what if boys and men had more options than dark colored T-shirts and jeans. Instead of wearing a princess costume, be a fop. Wear a gigantic feather in a ridiculous hat and a baby blue silk jacket with fancy buttons. Instead of stealing mom’s silky underwear, wear your own silk boxers. Wear your hair long, wear makeup, pierce both ears. None of it has to mean anything other than you like the way it looks and feels.

      3. @Leo- there really is no one else to do these things but “us”. If we don’t personally do the work, it won’t be done. One thing that has surprised me as a working-class uneducated woman doing this work is the realization that most of these powerful and influential Genderist orgs are really “just some dude” calling himself an org. Look at the National Center for Transgender Equality: it’s just Mara Keisling, calling himself an organization. Same with Gender Rights Maryland: it’s just Dana Beyers, calling himself an org. Same with the Transgender Law Center, where the dimwitted Cecilia Chung is listed as “chief strategist”: it’s just “ex-lesbian” Masen Davis (who sits eerily with a fixed grin through all her media appearances). Sure, there are a few Orgs, like GLAAD and GLAD (sic) that have a lot of financial support and years of gay male money, but mainly the folks doing all this shit are just people, like you and I.
        Very few people have the wherewithal, for various reasons, to do activism. Those few that do- on whichever “side” have an enormous impact on social policy. Look at GenderTrender: I’m no different than any of you. I started a blog because my incredibly well-cited and long-winded comments were being auto-spammed at sites where I posted. I started saving copies before I submitted them. Eventually I had a folder of them. One thing led to another and I decided to start posting them. Turns out lots of other folks wanted to discuss the same issues.
        Because I was socialized that I am a disposable subhuman low-class female fugly butch dyke, if you had told me years ago that I would be running “The Great and Awesome GenderTrender” it would have seemed unlikely. But I realize now that behind all these other seemingly powerful groups, who call themselves big fancy names, is just “a dude” who decided to try to create the voice that they wanted to see. That includes legal orgs. that submit “friends of the court” briefs in matters Gender.
        If you can clearly see something missing in the cultural mix, and can envision exactly what that thing is (an Org, a campaign, an article, a group, etc). Then you, and likely ONLY you, ARE the person who can fill that void, should you choose to do so. Certainly no one else will do it.

    2. I don’t care if this sounds weird. But I wish I could eat this post up so that it could be with me always.
      Right on point with everything! Love it!

    3. I just luuuvv the whole trans umbrella. See, THEY include US in this whole sphere where THEY MAKE THE RULES. How generous, right? masculine women? bow down, be grateful. sheesh

      1. Thank you, Gallus. : ) You’ve been really inspiring to me, actually, I always felt like, there was no way I could do anything like that. Seeing so many strong women gather together is so encouraging.
        Well, I’ve been thinking about it, anyway. I was kind of thinking it might be better as a collaborative effort, especially as I completely lack the technical expertise to set up a website, but then again, even with a blog setup, finding people to share stories should still be possible (I thought including lived experience might help get any LibFems on board), and I do have other ideas for content. Just pulling stuff together from different sources might help, I guess, any books on gender abolition or gender roles you’d consider a must read?
        Haha, shediogenes, I know, it’s so ironic they effectively include their supposed ‘greatest enemies’, I’m pretty sure most RadFems would fall under their definition of trans in one way or another. Well, if I felt optimistic, I’d say that maybe this whole confused mess is actually symptomatic of people being unhappy with rigid gender roles, and trying to find ways to escape them.
        @ lin. Yeah, I wonder if men realising that actually they do have more options might help. I’m interested by seeing Japanese fashion subcultures (it’s not something most people would wear everyday, but there are places young people dress up and go to hang out, and fashion magazines take ‘street snaps’ of their styles). I’ve seen plenty of pictures of men wearing skirts, even (スカート男子 – skirt men).

    4. Notice also that there is a little box OUTSIDE of the umbrella that just says ‘women’ (assuming it’s not cut off), while men get to have ‘masculine men’ and then there’s also ‘cis gender’; effectively they are saying that no woman can be trans.

  7. Excellent comment, SkyLark. By the definition you quote, I am transgender. I am emphatically NOT.
    My summation of the liberal position on transgender is: Why can’t women just accept men as women?

    1. stating the obvious, I know, but dudes like others to do the work for them. For example, none of them can be bothered to look up the definition of ‘radical’ at which point they might have to acknowledge that at their root lies a y chromosome. and then there is the added bonus of erasure of feminist history.

  8. I would like to follow up on the general subject of colonization of historically marginalized groups. History teaches us that no one does it better than males, especially white European males.
    “Men have been adjudicating on what women are, and how they should behave, for millennia through the institutions of social control such as religion, the medical profession, psychoanalysis, the sex industry. Feminists have fought to remove the definition of what a woman is from these masculine institutions and develop their own understandings. Claims to the ‘right’ to self define ‘gender’ subject womanhood to men’s power to define it again.” – Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts
    Women have the right of self-determination and the right to define ourselves based on our own experiences. We have a right to our own unique history.

    1. Great comments, Skylark! It’s important for us to keep on recognizing and understanding transgenderism as a continuation of white, male, colonialist, patriarchal traditions. 
      It’s new in form, but not in content. Same old, same old. But dressed up in a new, flashy costume designed to stun sleepy liberal sensibilities into self-congratulatory, uncritical support. 
      Transgender politics is pure propaganda in that its tenets and slogans almost always bypass the critical faculties of its audience. And, liberal feminists actually do a LOT of the propagating on their behalf. This is quite stunning, isn’t it? But again, this kind of collaboration is nothing new: oppressed/colonized peoples will sometimes (and for all kinds of reasons) indirectly work against their own interests.

      1. I see it as a continuation of satan’s war against women, only this time, instead of a snake, it’s a plague of pseudo-Baphomets.

      2. I don’t get the snake reference. The snake was and is a symbol in many cultures of renewal and regeneration (you should see all the snakeskins in my woodpile), and it became a symbol of evil in a murderous patriarchal religion that wanted to destroy the symbols of paganism.

  9. Trans Feminism – the patriarchal notion that women aren’t ppl.
    Transphobia – just another twist on men calling feminists “man-haters.”

    1. Gosh, yes, there are so many ways that their new (appropriated) slogan can be improved with a little radical honesty … 
      “Trans feminism is the radical notion that all* cis women are cunts. Like, literally cunts**.”
      * Yes, ALL. That includes liberal feminists. But, please don’t tell them quite yet; we really need them right now to do the bulk of our work for us!
      ** The best womanhood is an inorganic idea, produced by the male mind (i.e., cunt-free). Real female bodies have NO place in feminism. Vulvas, vaginas and ovaries are so, like, yesterday, and mentioning them when discussing female oppression is totally transphobic. 

    2. Luckynkl : Transphobia – just another twist on men calling feminists “man-haters.”
      nice observation. 🙂

    3. ‘Transphobia – just another twist on men calling feminists “man-haters.”’
      …Which I just don’t get, AT ALL. the very reason I even picked up a Dworkin book was precisely because EVERYONE was so down on her; smearing – as I discovered – her as a ‘hater’ and I wanted to see why? What was all the fuss about? And it’s just not there, the hate, that is: just rational analysis, compassion and imagination. Same with any other feminist worthy of the name, in my experience.
      Indeed, aren’t these ‘look at me’ trans*activists the worst of the man-haters; after all, they’re so desperate not to be men, or perceived as such? Sneaky bit of projection going on there…

      1. They are men and they know it. They hate women and need for women to be submissive. Trans is the logical conclusion of misogyny paired with unquestioning male power–it is male power xs 100, like the brain floating in the eerie green glowing tank in the old horror movies–it runs the world and form does not matter. We could have the 8 O’Clock autogynephilaic horror movie every week–pop corn with butter.

  10. GM: “If you can clearly see something missing in the cultural mix, and can envision exactly what that thing is (an Org, a campaign, an article, a group, etc). Then you, and likely ONLY you, ARE the person who can fill that void, should you choose to do so. Certainly no one else will do it.”

    ^^ This is very well said. This reminds me of what Andrea said in Our Blood:
    “There are many such stories to tell, and I
    am always inspired by these stories, and I thought that you
    might be too. But, while these stories always enable us to feel
    a kind of collective pride, they also allow us to mystify particular
    acts of courage and to deify those who have committed
    them—we say, oh, yes, she was like that, but I am not; we say,
    she was such an extraordinary woman, but I am not.”

    This stood out for me so much because I was like that. But I had to learn that change really does start with me. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be big or huge. Sometimes it can start off small, but it’s still something.
    We’re all writers, artists, and creative folk that can make the change in what we want to see. Don’t like seeing sexualized women as an artists? Don’t draw it. Draw what you’ve always wanted to see. Experiment with it. Add the female gaze to it. Discover what that means to you.
    Tired of reading about women getting threaten or raped? Don’t write about it. Write the type of female character you’ve always wanted to read about. Have her talk to a bunch of females, be trained by them. Have a mother that doesn’t die or is evil. Heck, have the mother and daughter go on a great-fantastic adventure.
    We’re in the digital time and age where gobs of money isn’t needed to share our work to inspire others. We’ve got Youtube as our digital Hollywood. We’ve got DA as our own personal art gallery. We’ve got on-line writing communities as our publishers.
    Because the more we engage with this, the more normal it is for us, and pretty soon others will catch on to it as well. Because we’re sharing this world wide.
    We can be what we haven’t seen.
    And for those who’s already doing this? Keep it up!

      1. I think I’ll do just that. I think I want to start my own blog. Just gotta think of what my first post is going to be about. But I want to share with others what I’ve learned.

  11. Once again conflating not agreeing with someone on the machinations of gender identity with not seeing them as human somehow.

  12. Trans feminism means pay attention to me, yeah baby suck my dick, I mean lady stick. Trans are men—like that scene in Soylent Green—when Heston yells–“Soylent Green is people”—spread the word. The entire notion of Trans is male, created by men for the benefit of men, like porn and prostitution. It is the sanctifying and the privileging of male arousal and male sexual pleasure all wrapped up in some fairly flimsy social justice language, some pseudoscience and a whole pile of faulty analogies.
    Gender theory is based on what? Observations gleaned from—1950’s sit coms and Leave it Beaver. It is perhaps the most pedestrian ideology ever popularized, trivial, inaccurate and easily understood and applied, not unlike the idea of the uber mench, Because the TV kids like anything based on a public fictions rather than realities. Like a religion someone made up after a bender.
    Trans depends on women role playing the submissive and pretending that these men actually appear to us as women. They do not seem to realize how glaring male they are—women do not think Janet Mock looks like a woman—no matter what pose he strikes. The male surgeon did not notice that the proportions are all wrong—distance between the temple and the shoulder, the brow of the forehead and the collar bone—come on. We all know he has those horrid man nipples that if I had those I would have a case of disphoria too. Trans is to female like frog is to prince.
    These men can’t escape or elude the social, the male social. The threats and the abuse are Trans asserting their male power and their “rights” to be aroused publically and their right to demand have women pleasure them by partaking in the sexual role-play. It is one part of the massive social movement that caters to men’s sexual pleasure and it includes prostitution, porn, in which children are groomed as sex toys—Trans is a new slant on an old theme.
    In this case men have generalized the arousal triggers to become a way of life—doing woman—really it is a male dream to have all women they encounter be forced to pleasure him at his command. The psychopathology includes not only violence but also exhibitionism—they need an audience and they are playing a role—yep gender is a social construct. There is nothing authentic about it beyond the sexual pleasure. Simply put they are jerking off and women are supposed to moan and tell them how pretty they are—ick ick and horror. Women who acquiesce to pretending are also held in contempt because misogyny is a main component of the obsession.
    Thus, Women are forced into being unwilling sexual partners in the autogynephiliacs compulsion. Because of the exhibitionist component amust be done in public because on they seek to show the extent of the power that the male has over the female. For women to pretend they are women and to speak to them or about them accordingly is a form of social rape. It is not a coincidence that these men are violent and abusive. Misogyny follows a fairly predicable pattern and when it is allowed to function unchecked. It is antisocial and violent and will self-destruct, the question is how many women and young people it will take down with it. I am sorry if anyone mistakes that women knowing a man is man with violence—how foolish, how trite, how dishonest.
    The victim in danger is part of the very clichéd performance—Trans Jack tied to the railway tracks, his wig askew waiting for Dudley Do-Right. The cri de coeur, we are in danger and scared is first and foremost manipulative, used to silence women and untrue misuses of language and supported by nothing but also is part of the sexual –they are playing the damsel in distress. Clichéd and unimaginative as it is, the “help, please help” is simply another arousal trigger, taken from years glued to the TV. If you take a good look at the narrative and every false analogy and almost every claim each can be traced back to two things 1. It serves as part of the overall sexual pleasure and 2. It is very clichéd and comes from popular and porn culture circa 1960. (except the crazy absurd ones they co-opt from history and science)
    Most men that say they are women have conformed to a set of symbols that never existed in reality for women. Stunning that they don’t know this. I mean if they were women women you would think they would notice. It is like a person getting a rabbit and expecting the live mammal to be like bugs bunny. Ditto goes for the threats of suicide—manipulative and rooted in role-playing. Even the most obvious aspects of how women are in the world are not even on these guys radar—Mock and his fish bit is a perfect example—only a man would even think that has anything remotely to with women. To wit, perhaps misogyny is not an insightful guide on how to pretend to be a woman, aggressive power is not nuanced. Mocks use of mysognituc language has implication and suggests that the dry and dilated maintained fuck hole that a surgically constructed “pengina” is better because it retains its maleness—it is dry and does not lubricate just like the penis (that it is) it is made of external skin= penis good, vagina bad. Which is a position that makes sense because they all have their penises—inverted or intact. Like most of these men Mock hates women and loves being a man who can wield enough power that the entire kingdom is pretending he is dressed. Power, power—such an aphrodisiac.
    Gender is socially constructed, big fucking deal well so is every cult and religion, so are fashion trends, so is bad art and bad music, so is the marketplace—. Nobody can force anyone to believe in anything. Think about it: The claim of “being their authentic self” which is one constructed out of a composite of multiple superficial inaccurate images used to sell soap and tooth paste and other the imaginings culled from porn that arouses the male imagination. That is their authentic self—male and looking to get his rocks off.
    Note these guys and how they “present.” The images are as unrealistic as the claim that anyone who knows a man is man is a hater and bigot. I suppose if someone was profoundly limited enough to buy A than they might buy B but not after they realize the violence and sex. If anything increases in science will force this to recede. Society will not pay for a group of men to have a sense of well being rooted in the sexual pleasure they derive from being abusive
    I am not going to be the sound track to abusive men, not calling them Big Daddy or have your way with me Buck or pretending they are not Ophelia, Aphrodite, nor will I honor their “feelings” no matter how strong they feel it. If women pleasured every man that is aroused they would be doing that 24/7. Women did not sign up to honor men who sexual pleasure is rooted in narcissism and compulsive and violent. My suggestion is we send and resend over and over state reps the cases of these violent men. Then when the rape and women they can’t claim ignorance or it was an isolated case. That could be the foundation for future court cases.

    1. I love all your comments so much, Motherhood. Trans is not only appropriation of femaleness, but also of Jewishness too. Have you the site called TransTorah (it should come up with Google)? Apparently, goy trans love to cherry pick quotes from our culture’s books when it suits them.
      From the blogs I’ve seen some Jewish trans people on tumblr seem sane, but how am I supposed to feel solidarity with them in our shared heritage when they so blatantly try to co opt my experience as a Jewish woman? They certainly aren’t willing to stick their neck out for women like Christine Benevuto. The liberal feminist blogs (and I’m including both white and POC social justice warrior types too) love to erase Jewish women when they’re not talking over us.
      Transfeminism is the radical notion that some kinds of appropriation are okay, and bitch you better shut up because your culture is one of those.

      1. @ Choco, IMHO they will take anything from anybody to play victim, intersex, two spirit, poc, They have no real claim to anything—
        I am aware of some of the stuff The Forward pushes in an attempt to remain, at all costs, upper middle class lib and uncritical of anything in their own lush BS educated circle, while holding everything else in contempt. And of course Ladin who is woman hating to the max and a self-serving with a laundry list of misogynistic behaviors and the support of the wealthy fun fems and the misogynistic gay men. And there is Jillian Weiss who stated in print that he can identify with the pain Robert Kosilek feels cause it hurts so bad to be trans that it is okay to have to decapitate your wife and then stuff her the trunk and hit the mall. Many of them in fact went after Christine Benevito. Yep these guys are dripping in compassion. They eliminate the victim—never mention them because then they could not be the victim if their victims were ever mentioned. I am betting even the saner seeming are just not tipping their hand and trying to finesse people into not seeing how dangerous and abusive to women they are. If narcissism and other antisocial personality disorders are present, and best I can tell they almost always are, then they are just vile and abusive men and they most oppressed—evah. I think it about sometimes as an outsider to mainstream American culture and in one that feminists decry as Patriarchal. Best I can tell, there are many patriarchies and Gender Theory is a product of a much more dangerous patriarchy. One that I think holds male sexual pleasure as the most important and most protected right, and while it may say to women you wear whatever you want to, the point is that you have to pleasure men. Add to that the claim of social justice or you are bigot. Yep-social justice for rich white guys. I understand what you are saying. From the more Orthodox women they can’t co-op much–they did not birth 15 babies so most women would tell them they can go pound salt. It works better in the ahistorical culture of relativism. Women in the Orthodox world have the unchallenged right to many many many women only spaces. Our lib feminist sisters think we are oppressed which IMHO shows a very limited and crude understanding of oppression and is in support of men. They are men– only they matter. Case in point Ladin had the balls to compare his experience to a camp–sure Princeton and the burbs are just like the camps, after he has what 15 years as an abusive husband and father under his bealt—now how’s that for some serious vile self pity and contempt of humanity—his skanky eye shadow is equal to or greater than your whole family in the gas chamber. Which is how their minds work I am betting they are clinical sociopaths—to be feared—Oh yeah be transphobic very because they will beat, kill and rape women. Just like the camps. Except the Nazi hated Jews less than these men hate women. I think that in the future the “gender identity laws” will look just like The Nuremburg Laws and these guys will be running for cover for real. And I do think people are starting to catch on. The double edged sword of the world exposure that they crave and live for. They can’t controll themselves, rape and beating after murder—I know at some colleges and universities after some strategic communications to trustees, donors and muckety mucks and parents they will not be letting the dude bros in the girls room.

      2. “Our lib feminist sisters think we are oppressed which IMHO shows a very limited and crude understanding of oppression and is in support of men.”
        Yes! Like I wrote upthread, libfems believe that real oppression is not having the freedom to embrace patriarchal ideals of female sexuality and womanhood. So by that logic transwomen are very oppressed since they may have to suffer the horror of someone laughing at them while wearing lipstick or calling them sir. All of it is bullshit, since femininity performing women are given privileges that nonconforming-i.e nonconforming to Western ideals-women will never get.
        I have to laugh when the libfems talk about Orthodox women in antisemitic language disguised as feminist rhetoric. According to them, Orthodox women are uneducated and silent cowards, who are forced to cover up while their husbands molest young boys and abuse prostitutes. I wish I was making that up, but go to any big name feminist site and you will see some version of that on articles about Orthodox Jews. They may quote Shulamith Firestone, but they willfully ignore her Jewishness (it’s much more important to argue that Beyonce is a feminist anyway).
        So now there’s Jewish trans people throwing Jewish women under the bus by manipulating Jewish culture in their favor. White and WOC libfems don’t hide their hatred of Jewish women, but now they can pretend to be progressive by standing in solidarity with Jewish men who think they’re women. Jewish radical feminists are silenced not only for their feminism but their heritage. And the irony of it is that these people lack critical thinking and a sense of history, when one of the most important facets of Judaism is scholarship!
        I just want to add one more thing related to my last point:http://littlegoythings.tumblr.com/post/79130366322
        Poetry more often than not is not to be taken literally. The speaker is not literally saying that he wants to be a woman, just as when Burns called his love a red red rose he didn’t mean flowers were shooting from his heart. Femaleness here is a symbol for the life giving power of the earth and G-d. Not to mention the issues of translation, etc.These idiots sure love to latch onto anything they can get their hands on. Why take into consideration things like literary criticism and history when it’s much easier to complain about someone being misgendered in the 13th century?

  13. we had to have Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best. Rosie the Riveter had to be recaged when The Boys came home from the war. a few years of welcoming home the Heroes, getting married, buying houses and giving birth to the baby boom generation, and the excitement and relief began to wear off. Sexologists had been working diligently to craft roles to confine women back in their homes vacuuming in pearls and high heels, having dinner on the table by 5:30. These women were the majority, running things in factories, building planes and tanks, and then back to perfect potroasts and crisp white shirts. and then the dawn of TV, sexologic philosophy, and psychiatrists prescribing mountains of barbituits to reinforce those sick fucking gender roles. Those roles on tv were successful to a large degree, it stands to reason the trans cult would harken back to a socialization and brainwashing tactic that reconfined women of that generation

    1. will somebody explain to me why they want *so badly* to call themselves “feminists” (which is why they appropriate feminist slogans & concepts) while saying how much they hate feminists? what does “feminist” mean to them? is it some magic word that somehow means they’re “more womanly” or something? (surely they know there are male feminists?)
      they seem very eager to use the term while making the point how much they hate us & i just dont get it. this insistence on being the “real” feminists… is just very strange and confusing to me. who do they think invented feminism, if not cis women? some are even calling themselves lesbian separatists now over on tumblr. is that like declaring yourself the most womanly woman of all?
      this person has a trans woman lover. that is what they think lesbian separatist is.
      you dont know whether to laugh or cry.

      1. Those are some really good questions! I just think it’s all about erasing us as women and putting their stank all over it. They feel we failed at being a woman, so these doodz will do it better. They feel we failed at being a feminist, so these doodz will do it better. They feel like those who identify as het women failed at it, so they’ll do it better. They now feel like those who identify as lesbians have failed at it, so they’ll do it better.
        These doodz can’t seem to understand why we no like our oppressive shackles? Why would we complain about having to wear them once we are identified at birth as female?
        Why, he would just LUURRVV to have those shackles! So he goes about making some makeshift shackles so he can ‘pass’ as a ‘woman’ (because being ‘lesser than’ and ‘other’ is what being a woman is all about, don’t cha know!!…).
        He renames them to sexxxay shackles, spray paints them pink, puts some glitter on it and says he’s wearing our oppression way better than we ever could!
        This, in his mind, just proves that anything we do as women (Feminist, lesbian, motherhood, girlhood, womanhood, etc) he can do it better *snaps fingers like a diva*.
        Then he will turn around and complain about how hard it is being a woman. However, HIS complaints shall be far better than ours, because he even voices his unhappiness about being a woman better than us.

      2. I think its as simple as using the hard fought reputation and credibility of other movements as their political and social currency, whether its feminism or lgb with t riding the coattails of decades of energy and passion by womyn, lesbians gays and bi. Left to their own devices, they wouldnt be able to raise the kind of social awareness or currency on their own, first, because they are too lazy and entitled, and second, because without the backdrop of feminism and lgb rights and other social justice vernaculr, they would come off as totally fuckin crazy BEFORE the got their foot in the door. icing on the cake if it pisses us off or serves to dilute and drown out feminists working for womyns liberation.

  14. Thank you all so much for your insight and analysis. We are getting stronger, our arguments less and less possible to ignore, as this place, GenderTrender, and Gallus Mag have shown us consistently and bravely over the last few years. Thanks.

    1. I agree Kitty! Women and our supporters are KICKING ASS against ALL ODDS! This is why men and supporters of female subordination are SO DESPERATE to SILENCE our voices. KEEP SPEAKING UP!!!!!!

  15. Yes, transwomen are definitely people, They are 100% human beings. They are men pretending to be women, which doesn’t go over well with everybody..

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