RADFEMS RESPOND – Public Dialogue – Portland, OR: Saturday May 24th

radfems respond
Hey social justice activists!
Are internet flamewars bumming you out?
Do interactions on social media sometimes make you feel like you’ve entered a fighting pit?
We’re tired of the lightless heat, too. That’s why Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) has arranged for a public dialogue on two of the most controversial issues facing modern feminism, abolishing prostitution and ending gender.
On Saturday May 24 we will honor Memorial Day weekend with a political ceasefire and call for the opening of peace talks. In the spirit of honest, respectful engagement, you are invited to come ask radical feminists any questions on these subjects you may have wanted to ask but were too intimidated by rancorous internet interactions.
Please join us for what will be a thought-provoking day for everyone who wants clarification on what radical feminists really think about prostitution and gender.
DONATIONS: http://www.gofundme.com/6le6u0

20 thoughts on “RADFEMS RESPOND – Public Dialogue – Portland, OR: Saturday May 24th

  1. I’m giving up hooe..but good luck! I hope they don’t get entirely censored. Censorship I’m either direction has got to stop. Whether one agrees with another or not, everyone has a damned opinion and case to make both based on mind (logical arguements) and heart ( intuition and deep feeling).
    Nobody should be pressured into sex change operations or artificial hormones because they don’t ” fit in” to established hetero sexist gender roles..but most appallingly children pressured into this nonsense. And no woman or person pressured into prostitution for mere economic survival or because it’s a woman’s job to constantly sexually accommodate men no matter what…

  2. aaaanndd… the venue cancelled, or so I read on firewomon link to a rachelivey post. for some reason my p.o.s. phone wont pick up the link

  3. they dont want peace.
    they prefer war.
    boys always have.
    remember when we tried this in the 4th grade? didn’t work then either.

  4. The next time a Trans MRA demands that Feminists be “no-platformed” because organizing for women’s liberation HURTS MEN’S FEELINGS, and that women organizing in penis free spaces HARMS MALES, just remember that “transwomen” want to stop Feminist events that INCLUDE them as well.
    And please DO remember that the Quaker Friends at the Multnomah Meeting House in Portland SUPPORT this horrifically Anti-Feminist, Anti-Woman agenda.
    Multnomah Meeting House members believe that Women SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHTS TO PUBLIC SPEECH. Who knew that Quakers were such disgusting, dishonest, cowardly MALE CENTRIC human beings?

  5. I respect Quaker history and tradition, and it deeply saddens me that they have thrown common sense and logic out the window. Moreover, I do believe that there is definitely an element of sexism involved in that women are supposed to remain silent. Who takes women seriously?
    I don’t blame the Friends because I think they are basically brainwashed. They are only getting one side of the story, and are being spoon fed a slew of well-orchestrated disinformation.

    1. Spoon fed? The Quakers had every opportunity, not to mention THE RESPONSIBILITY to listen to the perspectives of Feminists. If they failed to do so it is even more galling and offensive. The members of the Multnomah Friends Meeting House have been marked down in history for their Anti-Feminist, Anti-Lesbian, Pro-Violence, Pro-MRA actions. Disgraceful!

  6. This is hate speech primarily coming from males that is directed towards females. Where did they find the photograph of the boy with the knife? Terf” is a slur used against women who question the gender caste system, or fight for female liberation from sex-based oppression.
    Recent Anti-Feminist Hate Speech
    We all know that this is nothing compared to other threats and verbal harassment.
    It does appear that Quakers of all people are rewarding threatening male behavior. Males send threatening messages such as, “I want terf’s to die a slow and painful death”, and their behavior is rewarded by cancelling a meeting of female voices.
    It’s pure unadulterated misogyny.

  7. Except in rare cases, religion and organizations choose men over women since they really do not want male supremacy or patriarchy to end. Men posing as women gives them the opportunity to pretend to be “feminist” or for women, which is part of why these most female-hating of men are so dangerous.

    1. Bev Jo, yes! An often overlooked facet of M2Tdom. We often focus on the females calling themselves feminists supporting M2Ts over females, and ‘twanzfeminists’ – but frequently forget to mention how the same ‘faux feminism’ can be utilised by ‘regular’ male supremacists – to preference the male-born over females.

      1. Made all the more difficult to identify too, because they don’t call themselves male supremacists or MRA’s- they’re “feminists”, even if they shout down those who are opposed to porn, forced feminism, sex-positivism, and M2T rights. Yet, the rhetoric and the patterns of attack are exactly the same as groups that at least have the decency to state, honestly, that they hate women.

  8. I will be at the conference at the new location, as a new-to-pdx and out-of-the-loop feminist who is interested but hesitant. I hope I won’t be disappointed?

  9. New Narratives 2014: Reframing the conversation
    Sunday May 25, 2014 Portland OR (location tba)
    New Narratives 2014 is a trans woman-only discussion about the ways in which current trans theory harms trans women, and reconciling the goals of gender abolition with the reality of the gendered world we are currently living in.
    In this day-long workshop, we will discuss our experiences at Radfems Respond, talk about how our conceptions of trans existence have changed over the course of time, develop new narratives of transition that are healthier and more ethical, drink craft beer, and make new friends.
    Some of the topics we will cover include:
    the difference between sex and gender
    how and when can we set boundaries around our community?
    healing from the trauma of being gender-nonconforming
    victimization as validation – and how to get past it
    viability of identity politics in real life
    what if you don’t pass? what if you do?
    removing the bullying from trans activism
    ways trans women would benefit from gender abolition
    Please email newnarratives2014 at hotmail dot com to register, or for more information

  10. Brave, Courageous Womyn. GREY PANTHER GROWL ShoutOut, 2 the Womyn that I know Got my Back.

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