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  1. WTF? Is this an anthem for radfems, or are there some unintelligble lyrics that are dark and devious towards radfems….
    I wrote a rock song in 1985:
    “Release me from your memory banks, erase me from your files….” in regards to the early years of computers (I worked on PC at The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 1984 and traded emails via dot edu to university’s. That is the chorus, and when I first realized how “they” could collect data on us electronically.
    On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 3:33 PM, GenderTrender

  2. So relieved you are back. Made a donation the other day, as this is the arguably the most important feminist blog in the U.S.

    1. You did?!! THANK YOU! I will go check my donations. <3 <3 <3
      I am also super relieved, because it was gearing up to be such a big battle. Ugh.

      1. !!!!!!! THANK YOU lin! Only donate if you have extra. I am very low income but I’m doing just fine- I have a job (such as it is) and a nice place to live, because I keep a super tight budget. But if I couldn’t REALLY use the money I wouldn’t accept gifts. SO THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3

      1. <3 <3 <3 Just donated, too! Sooooo glad you're back. We discussed it a lot on some radfem pages on facebook.

      2. Hi GM, first time commenter here. I too have made a small donation.
        I am a straight white male in academia, and the speed with which it is becoming absolutely impossible to question gender identity orthodoxy–even in a classroom setting ostensibly devoted to open inquiry–is nothing short of terrifying. So I just want to say thank you for this work you’re doing; I don’t want to wake up the day after tomorrow in a world where my wife or my daughter has to change in a bathroom next to a Dana McCallum. I would speak out myself, but as a SWM without tenure, I’d be directly compromising my ability to feed my family.

  3. I can’t thank all of you enough who took action to have me reinstated. What a pain in the ass that we all had to do that. I hate to see us have to waste time doing that. I am 100% certain, however, that I would be gone without your emails, blogs, tweets, etc. THANK YOU. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  4. Long time lurker and first time poster. I must say that I am so happy to see this much needed site back up and running! I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s really inspirational to see a woman be so brave and unapologetic.
    It took me awhile (growing up in this woman hating culture), but I learned to look to actual women for strength and humor instead of trying to find it in fictional women.

  5. Not out of the woods yet folks. Different men from Automattic / WordPress are telling me different things. I just got a comment from another man at Automattic threatening to delete my blog entirely.

      1. I wonder if the WP (Inc) really know what’s going on. It’s sounding like to me a bunch of power crazed low on the totem pole mods throwing their weight around.

      2. If you haven’t already, it would probably be a good idea to take the necessary steps of archiving what you have here on wordpress so that it could be imported to another blog platform in the future if they do decide to pull the plug.

      3. @notcis- WordPress files are non-transferable. See discussion upthread. Also, moving a high-volume site means forcing all referring sites to link to a 402, which decreases the value of those sites as well as this one. A move eliminates all references to cited work, as well as eliminates public reputation via search engine standings for a high volume site. There are real, demonstrable damages incurred via discrimination by a blog host provider who prioritizes the rights of men who threaten murder and rape of women and go by the name “WomenAreScum” over established, respected, well-cited, long-term Lesbian Feminist bloggers.

      4. one step you might take is to upgrade to the lowest tier of paying site which gives you “gendertrender.com”. That way, if you are blocked from “gendertrender.wordpress.com” you can find another host for the site without breaking the backlinks other sites make to you. I don’t know how wordpress would handle the old links, but it’s possible that if you did that conversion now, wordpress.com would pass the links through to the new location. I think it costs less than $50/year to convert from “gendertrender.wordpress.com” to “gendertrender.com”. And even is wordpress shut down the “gendertrender.com” it’s only about $50 to host it somewhere else (where it couldn’t be messed with). May not help this time around (although it *might*) but it’d be insurance against this happening in the future…

    1. So have any of them actually given some concrete REASON for blocking/banning/deleting?
      …not that I suspect it’d be a GOOD reason, but I’m curious as to just what their official story is. “We got complaints?”

      1. Remember, Automattic / WordPress.com is a blog host who censored an entire article, and all comments that followed, following a claim from a man that women, feminists, and lesbians, had no right to critique a public video posted by the University of New Hampshire Health Center:
        Automattic /Wordpress.com censored this Lesbian Feminist blog on the grounds that I had no right to post a public YouTube video from New Hampshire College. This is nothing new. There is a serious problem here at Automattic / WordPress.com with censorship of feminist, radical feminist, and lesbian blogs.

  6. Bryan V.
    Community Guardian
    WordPress.com | Automattic
    claims that a man calling himself “WomenAreScum” has a problem with my blog that may cause me to be deleted. This is not a joke. The individual who calls himself “WomenAreScum” is a man who has harassed this lesbian feminist blog.

    1. Here’s Bryan V possibly http://allnarfedup.com/about/
      Contact page: http://allnarfedup.com/contact/
      All Narfed Up
      words and photography by Bryan Villarin
      Skip to content
      Hello, Automattic
      10 Replies
      I’ve been quiet the last three months because my head has been down working with the fine people at Automattic on a trial basis.
      Now, I’m stoked to announce that as of February 3rd, 2012, I’m a full-time Happiness Engineer with Automattic. My focus will be with WordPress.com, so when you need help with your WordPress.com site, you’ll probably bump into me. 🙂
      A few days ago, I took a few moments to write my about section for our site. I’m astonished that my name is on that page, and it’s an amazing feeling to be part of a group that I’ve admired for a long time.
      Lastly, if you’re interested, you should consider working with us. We’re hiring.
      See you around WordPress.com!

      1. HAHAHAHHAH!
        From Bryan V:
        We’re the ToS squad. What does that mean?
        If you were accidentally suspended, we’ll take it back.
        If you should be suspended, we’ll tell you why, and help you move elsewhere (if possible).
        We help fight censorship.
        Remove spam or other content that violates our Terms of Service.
        Discuss and implement policy improvements. So. Much. Discussion.
        Select few of us process non–DMCA legal notices.
        How come they aren’t telling Gallus’ about her suspension?
        We help FIGHT censorship? Really?

      2. @Bethany- We’ll delete posts from lesbian blogs if dudes complain about women discussing videos from the University of New Hampshire health department. Hey, we’ll totally erase those cunts, whatever you want dude.

  7. A complaint by a man named “WomenAreScum” may cause GenderTrender to be deleted, per Bryan V. , community guardian of WordPress.com / Automattic.

    1. Well, that says it all. Women are scum, so they must be silenced. Violently, if necessary. Trans ladies, on the other hand, deserve fully protected free speech, and have the right to never have their feelings hurt by the speech of real women (scum).

    1. Boys in cahoots.
      I noticed over on twitter a certain well known Anonymous group is espousing the pro-trans battle cries.
      Not to mention the crazy number of people signing Zinnia’s no-platform against gay MtT that were in IT.

  8. @ Gallus
    Great to have you and the site back. Awesome stuff.
    I can find anti-feminist blogs on WordPress (including one I'm 99% sure is run by a MtT) but a radical feminist voice?
    Nope, unacceptable to the poor autogynephile sad sacks.
    Lulz at your twitter feed. I see Darlie B and Morgane Oger are making themselves known.
    I often see old GT trolls talking about you on Twitter/Reddit.
    I think they're also super glad you're back.
    I have to laugh that Morgane is glad your "hate site" got locked.
    This coming from a man who couldn't answer our reasonable questions about why he was protesting a memorial for dead women and a rape shelter.
    What a bunch of pricks :p
    Bad luck boys, we're not going anywhere.

    1. I can find anti-feminist blogs on WordPress (including one I’m 99% sure is run by a MtT) but a radical feminist voice?
      Not to mention many openly racist, antisemitic blogs that have been around, unmolested, for years. Google and WordPress don’t seem to have a problem with granting them free speech, but some women who merely say biological sex is real? Release the hounds.

    1. WHAT!? Everyone who is subscribed to comments has a record, though, right? And you have a record? This is chilling.

  9. Automattic / WordPress.com are working for a man named ‘WomenAreScum”. GenderTrender itself may be deleted because of a man who calls himself “WomenAreScum”.

    1. “WomenAreScum”, the man that Bryan V. , community guardian of Automattic / WordPress.com against Lesbian and Feminist bloggers, whose hate comments have been removed by Bryan/Automattic/Wordpress.com, also goes by the name mikael871, incidentally.

      1. Typing Mikael871 into Google brings up interesting shit.
        Most people use the same tags across websites.
        From a website, original comment deleted:
        Anonymous says:
        February 8, 2012 at 4:08 am
        >>I have nothing but utmost respect towards the rapists, because all women deserve to be raped and violated. ( apparent comment by mikael871)
        mikael871 .. you do know you are fully trackable on social media? Be careful your posts dont come back to haunt you. 🙂
        Flagged you little piece of shit.
        Google cache brings up one comment for mikael here at GT:
        [Censored by GM under threat by Automattic/Wordpress.com]

      2. @Bethany- I removed the part of your comment where you cited one of the WomenAreScum posts removed by Bryan/Automattic. Sorry. As surreal and ridiculous as this censorship is, I don’t want to have four years of feminist history deleted over insane women-hating men by the insane women-hating men who work for Automattic censoring blogs.

      3. Nah, it’s cool Gallus. I understand.
        We all need this site. In the village of the blind, the one-eyed woman is leader. (paraphrasing)
        Screen-capped WomenAreScum’s stuff here for future reference.
        I don’t think it’s the last we’ll see of that individual.
        Not sure if you’re aware, but you can get the full comment listing of this site on an RSS feeding site. (Deleted comments don’t appear though).
        Taking advice and screen capping the pages as they are currently and screen capping the comments separately as they get added.
        Last time dudes pulled this shit I tried to save pages as PDF, but a lot of the files got corrupted so I’m starting afresh.
        I’m at page 53 of 300+ on the comment site and I’ve gotten up to 2012-ish on screen capping the site. I hope to get everything screen-capped by Friday next week but I’ve got exams and course work in the interim. I’m going to fucking try though.
        Worst case scenario and the blog goes down, we’ve at least got pictures of everything.
        I’m not tech-savvy so they’re only screen caps but there might be someone on here that knows how to save the source code (?) or whatever. Codes can be transplanted elsewhere and maintain some of their original function. Images…not so much.
        I hope that everyone else here (if they can) can try and do some archiving so we’ve got copies for future evidence.
        So glad the site hasn’t gone black. Crossed fucking fingers that women can still speak freely (as the first fucking amendment right grants us to)
        You’re a fucking legend Gallus.
        I really appreciate all the work you do.

      4. @Bethany- THANK YOU!!! You are SO AWESOME to do that! XOXOXOXOXOXOX
        BTW I have located the original 2 comments for WomenAreScum – the gentleman that Automattic / WordPress.com representative Bryan V. states may cause this entire website to be deleted and censored by WordPress.com.
        I am posting them in full on twitter. I hope people will grab them to use for activism when/if Automattic removes this site.
        I am not going to publish Bryan V’s email at this point, but obviously I have a full record of all correspondence with Automattic / WordPress.com and will make it public should the site be censored.

      5. Obviously, if it needs re-stating, this whole thing is total bullshit on the part of Automattic / WordPress.com – after a week of locking my site due to the Dana McCallum post.

  10. http://www.landoverbaptist.org/mail/0108.html
    What the fuck is wrong with you, fuckheads?!? Don’t you whoresons have anything better to do than mock other peoples religions? Wow, you guys must have a boring life.
    You guys suck monkey’s cock. I hope that somebody would kill you all!
    I wish that you die slow and painful death, and i really hope that you guys are going to burn in hell you fucktards.
    Be happy that i don’t know where you suckers live!
    PS: Did you guys get raped by a dog again? That would explain alot. Fuck you!
    PPS: I would really enjoy torturing you guys to death, you whores!

    1. Indeed. The point is that Automattic / WordPress.com deletes entire posts from lesbian feminist blogs when any man complains that we are commenting on their media appearances, public statements, their youtube videos, or when we do a google search on men who threaten, stalk, and criminally harass us. Even if those men identify themselves by the pseudonym “WomenAreScum”. Automattic / WordPress.com censors women, feminists, and lesbians, HORRIFICALLY, with NO EXCUSE. Automattic / WordPress.com censors and discriminates against lesbian and feminist bloggers. Egregiously, repeatedly, grotesquely, with no accountability whatsoever.

      1. It is all very disturbing. I have to admit I don’t fully understand the nuance of how a blog works in relation to who owns it. But I get that these men are will do anything to silence women. If you want any emails sent just post the address. I dropped a small amount–always divisible by 18.

  11. “I have nothing but utmost respect towards the rapists, because all women deserve to be raped and violated.” – mikael871
    Another post by the man “WomenAreScum” whose complaint against this site Bryan V., community Guardian at WordPress.com /Automattic says may result in the removal of this site.

  12. I was so relieved to see you are back, but this is very worrying. Do you/can you have your entire archives backed up and saved in case you’re deleted and need to move to another blog? It would be beyond a tragedy to have all of this work lost. You document the trans cult so completely and are our most important resource.
    Let us know where to write or if it’s too risky at this point. XOXOOXXOXO

    1. There is no way to replace what is lost if Bryan who represents Matt Mullenweg of Automattic sides with WomenAreScum and deletes my blog. WordPress.Com files are non-transferrable to other sites. Even in network, “save” files lack avatars, photos, videos and screencaps. This is why RadFemHub took so long to be archived. Plus the loss of every single link from referring sites – which represents a loss to those sites as well, and a total loss in search engine standings from a well-cited, well-regarded site to nothing. It took four years of hard work and many many women’s contributions and voices to build the value of this URL. Erasing all of our voices and history because a man calling himself “WomenAreScum” complained is unacceptable.
      That being said, Automattic / WordPress.com has previously censored a post I made because a man said that women had no right to re-post a University of New Hampshire YouTube video and discuss it. Automattic /Wordpress censored the Lesbian and Feminist post and discussion completely, with no explanation or recourse. They agreed that Lesbian and Feminist blogs had no right to free speech, and they enforced censorship upon us.
      If Time Magazine (also hosted by Auttomatic) had posted a public YouTube video for discussion, and Automattic / WordPress.com received complaint that public materials were not open for discussion, Matt Mullenweg would have tossed such complaints into his spam bin.

  13. re: transferring the blog posts. I know that there are disadvantages to moving and obviously it would only be a last resort if this page were taken down, but it is indeed possible to download posts and transfer them from wordpress to blogger. There are tutorials about this available. I’ve done it myself, granted, it was years ago and I’d have to brush up on the technicalities to do it again. I believe it may also be possible, with more fiddling, to transfer to other platforms besides blogger.
    but yes there are certainly consequences to this that can’t be mitigated.

    1. Blogger allows monetization. That means all those annoying adds actually feed revenue back to the author. Maybe I could set up a fund to publish radfem books. Hmm. Blogspot/ Blogger’s baseline for monetization is ten thousand readers per month. GenderTrender has more than ten times that. Hmmm.

      1. Hmmm. And if it would keep you there, I’d buy.
        Speaking of Bryan: Did you read his blog? What a wuss. He’s all a-tither because he got to play with the big boys in Budapest. Goleee-geee. Ay Yup.
        It sounded like one big circle jerk.
        I realize you’ll probably delete this. I just had to get it out of my system.

  14. I’m so glad you’re back!
    It would reflect strongly on Automattic/WordPress as a company/organization if they removed a nonviolent, feminist blog (strong words and harsh truths do not equal violence, and disagreement does not equal hate) due to the complaints of a misogynist who likes to post truly hateful, disgusting violence online.

    1. Nothing about this blog is a call to violence, except maybe for the males who get their skirts up their taints when women speak words that interfere with their delusion/erection/or hurt their sensitive laydee feefees- not that they need any excuse to abuse, violate and degrade women. No one has released personally identifiable doxx on these creepos on this blog. So what it the main malfunction? Some complaints from the worst offenders? That is fucking ripe! Offending someone under the moniker WomenAreScum is against the ToS? Really?? It is good to know WordPress takes the complaints of violent, women-hating turds like WomenAreScum so seriously. If only they could take freedom of expression so seriously when it involves people with vaginas. It must be absolutely shocking for brohans like Bryan to hear women speaking so loudly about their blatant misogny. Toe that trans cult line, you might want a job @twitter someday!

  15. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for being such a badass and for being such an inspiration. I haven’t said that in the past because it’s not like you need a random dude buddying up to you or anything, but I was worried I’d never get the chance to say that this past week.
    I’ve used wordpress software before and you can indeed make backups any time you want; however, I only used it because of their reputation of being “open” and that reputation is built on the system they’re fucking you over with now. It really is a scandal. Host your own server and be a bugsplat (with backups) if you piss off the wrong guys; let them host it for you and be quietly disappeared if you piss off the wrong guys.

  16. Gallus,
    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this censorship for speaking fact. Cold hard facts that interfere with some man’s pervy fantasy. I have the utmost respect for you.

  17. Good to see GenderTrender back up and running, GM, but it is incredibly worrying that you have been silenced in this way. Solidarity, sister.

    1. It is incredibly worrying. It seems clear that Automattic / WordPress.com does intend to delete this blog, under one shaky premise or another (or none at all). The more people read here, the worse they censor me, and on the most ridiculous premises- when they give one. Remember, during the Suzanne Moore/ Janet Mock lock-out they did not even bother making up a complaint or issue. And they removed an entire post and all comments over the claim that public, embbedable YouTube videos cannot be posted for discussion on women’s blogs (!). I mean, it all really has been a constant battle, and a completely absurd one.
      I do think it is inevitable that they will censor this entire blog, at any moment, or at a random time in future. Erasing all record of its existence.
      It’s funny- I was looking for an online archive that contained a copy of the March 1974 Gay City News for something I was researching. Turns out there is no online archive for the paper. Which is a shame, but then again the paper existed decades before the internet. It will indeed be unfortunate if the men at Automattic use their (free! open!) blogging platform to, perversely, completely eliminate four years of reportage and public discussion between women that occurred ON the internet, and ON their platform.
      It does seem to be inevitable at this point though.

      1. Is there any way you can collect all of our email addresses to keep in touch until you get another platform for your blog, so that we’ll know where to find you?
        It is a fucking shame they are doing this to the blog! I’ve come across hate sites on wordpress that discuss biological basis for racism and all that shit. Yet, these sites don’t face any problems. Do you think we can campaign against wordpress to keep your site open?

      2. Hmm. That’s an interesting suggestion. I used to keep a list of email-notification followers years ago when I was small and the shut-down campaigns from sex-role afficianados began in earnest. Something to think about. I certainly would not want to send an update message to people who didn’t want one. They signed up for WordPress email notification, not to be on my mailing list. I will think about it- thank you.
        As for campaigning to keep the site open- how do you campaign against a site that censors and removes an entire post, and all readers comments, because a guy who works at New Hampshire College doesn’t like our critique of one of their public YouTube health department videos? LOL. And who threatens to shut down the site in defense of a man who calls himself “WomenAreScum”? LOLOLOL. We’re dealing in levels of absurdity here.

      3. In Automattic’s “defense” – they have dealt with thousands and thousands of complaints from Genderists and other MRAs demanding that this site be taken down, and they’ve done it all for free. That cannot be fun for them either.
        Someday I will post all my hate mail. ;P

      4. I certainly would like a notification of where to find you if the site is taken down.
        I’d say we can get media exposure to raise awareness but all we be doing is giving yet another platform for the trans agenda to spam yet another site with complaints about hate speech. This is so frustrating.

  18. I urge everyone who reads this post to download and archive it while you still can. ( not the entire blog, just this post.) It can possible be used for activism if the whole blog ends up being deleted by automattic/wordpress.

  19. No need to let this comment through, GM. Just wanted to say I am glad you’re back too. Trans-critical censorship is wrong and the ongoing efforts to police language and silence gender criticism just shows how fragile trans-identity really is. I agree with your regular commenters, you really should prepare to respawn your blog. It’s probably going to get deleted eventually. At least archive the titles and topics of what you’ve discussed related to gender and feminism because it is historically valuable.

    1. I took “no need to let this comment through” to mean you were leaving it up to my discretion. If you intended it to mean “do not publish this comment” then let me know, and I will remove it.
      I agree with you- it seems inevitable that Automattic / WordPress.com will censor this blog completely. Maybe today. Maybe next week. Maybe in a month or two. I think it’s all about stats: readership. If your blog is low volume, they won’t pay you much mind. Once you start becoming a high-volume blog the censoring increases sharply.

  20. Good to see they backed off. I wrote Automattic and said “People who rape women with their penises are men. You should be ashamed of yourself.” This is what goes wrong when people go along with this crazy, some of these guys say they are forced to rape us with their ladysticks because of all the trauma we cause them by not going along with letting them break into Woman and take over. As if we are all so stupid as not to notice that this is standard male misogynistic behavior. “Do as we say or you’re going to get it.”
    And thanks to everyone who donated to Gallus in response to this invasive tragedy. That’s the spirit! I’ll do so too just as soon as I get my banking done next week.

  21. I do think this entire blog, including all images, links, and comments should be archived online if possible. Like what the Wayback Machine does, but for the entire blog. It would be no substitute for the search engine rankings and all the live referrals, etc. But it would at least be secure for future reference. I do believe this is a historically significant contribution to the women’s liberation movement.
    Recent events in the Genderist movement, where the censorship and no-platforming that the transgender politic usually applies to women, lesbian, and feminist speech is being used factionally between autogynephilic “male lesbians” vs. homosexual transgenders – starkly displays how the stifling of public discourse around sex-roles is the foundation of the transgender politic.
    To that end, we should all be resisting that censorship. Actively, by speaking out when and where we can (without allowing the gender politic to destroy our lives, of course).

    1. Hi GallusMag,
      Go to gendertrender’s dashboard and choose “Tools” on the menu on the left hand side of the screen. In the sub-menu that pops up, choose “Export”. Choose the free option by clicking “Export” under the “Export Option” heading. You’ll be asked what you want to export — choose “All content” and click the “Download Export File” button. You can do this at any time to get a complete backup of your whole blog.
      What you might want to look at in the future if you fear that gendertrender will be deleted is to self-host using the WordPress software package. This involves getting your own domain name (such as http://www.gendertrender.com) and web hosting. Pretty much every reputable web host will have an easy way to install the wordpress software onto your site. You can then import the data you exported from the first paragraph up there. It’s really easy!
      You can move everything, including your subscribers over to the new blog, and then WordPress has an upgrade feature you can pay for (something like $10 a year?) called “Offsite Redirect” that will allow all requests coming to gendertrender.wordpress.com to be directed to your new blog at http://www.gendertrender.com. This way all of the hard work on search engine optimization and links from all over the web won’t get lost. It will be as if all the links out there on the internet really point to your new blog and not your old one.
      Seriously, it’s amazing. You then get the added benefit of complete and full control over your blog and what you do with it. Just make sure to find a web host with a terms of use/terms of service that fits for you — i.e. they won’t pull down your site for the same pithy complaints that wordpress.com does.
      Here’s a great web link that explains the whole process:
      Good luck, and thank you for all you do.

      1. @ a reader- Like high-volume gay Blogspot.com blogger Joe.My.God., I stay in network due to continual hacking and DOS attacks. I have explained this over and over and over in this thread. Feminist blogs critical of sex-roles and the transgender politic have been hacked and DOS’ed consistently by male genderist IT professionals FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS when we go off network. Often these sites are replaced with violent pornographic images by the “transwomen” MRA hackers. This history has been WELL DOCUMENTED FOR YEARS. This has happened to two well-known feminist blogs THIS YEAR.
        Honestly, do you men think I am just a fool?
        I’m sure you “mean well” but you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

      2. GM,
        Even though I am not the poster named “a reader”, I recommended those links too so I am glad to see in your reply that you already know about them. As someone who works with wordpress users, I never know what my clients know or don’t know. For me, sharing resources like “a reader” did is not a matter of being condescending – it is just to make sure everyone knows their options. Despite the ongoing efforts of many WP volunteers, the WordPress Codex is far from perfect and there is a lot of information buried in there that even many savvy users don’t know about. It sounds like you have already completely backed up your site so that is very good news and a relief for us readers in the event that Automattic removes your blog (which, even now, I seriously doubt they would do although after the events of this week nothing would surprise me too much.)
        If Automattic does exercise the “nuclear option” and you wish to migrate your site “intact” by staying on the WordPress platform – I have had good experiences with a company called WP-Engine – which is managed WordPress hosting. They restrict what plugins users can use (for security and performance issues) and have a fairly robust infrastructure and hardened security protocol.
        If this is something you have investigated and rejected sorry for the redundancy.
        Just passing this along FYI – this does not need to be published but again, it is your choice.

      3. @Joel- Yes, I saw that you had messaged me the same info but I was too irritated to respond. LOL. The main issue is network security, as discussed above. I do appreciate attempts to help, and I apologize to @a reader for unduly taking out my frustration on someone who was trying to help. Trans have been hacking feminist websites for as long as we have been online. That is why we stay in network, much to the DudeBro’s at Automattic’s chagrin.

      4. Joel, it’s not just the typical security concerns at play:
        If she went with a small-medium host, they’re not the sort who are equipped to handle 100 complaints a day about this being a “hate site” akin to white supremacists.
        Even if they don’t buy that argument (and face it, some would after reading a trans-101 manifesto that’s shoved in their face because it says science says all of this is a 100% proven fact), that’s a lot of shit they have to put up with for $10 a month in revenue.
        For $10 a month, that’s not a hassle any host wants to deal with, let alone ads on the transgender day of remembrance calling the host out as a boycottable institution of vile villainy.
        But even if they do put up with it, they’re at risk of being hacked or phished and more than Gallus’ data is at play; her identity, credit info is on the line and her life and job might be at stake.
        Go with a larger host and those are less of a concern but the chance that they have someone on staff who would throw a fit because of his girlie-body feefees grows exponentially. “I’m suffering workplace harassment because we’re hosting someone who hurts my feelings!” [nevermind the same dude still thinks tricking people to goatse is a hoot.]
        So there are advantageous in this world of giant corporations that only require an email address to sign up where you’re a tiny drop in an ocean.

    2. Just recently Rachel Ivey et al have been trying to set up an inclusive event where trans and anyone are invited to participate, and engage, and they just got no-platformed by the Quakers, which says a great deal about where the trans activists are really at. These women are being a lot nicer about this than I would be inclined to be these days and still they are told to fuck off. Because they are atrempting to negotiate with terrorists.

      1. Yes. Terrorists and latent terrorists. But even if the threat of physical violence were absent, violence would still be implied. Because the transgender movement rests on erasing, as a distinct class of human beings, the female sex. There is no middle ground on which to negotiate THAT.

  22. God fuck this bullshit but I’m glad you’re back GallusMag.
    What happened now just shows how important this site is.
    Are you thinking of getting your own domain? Would you need some donations for it?
    I just saw a tumblr pic of someone holding a knife with the text “show me a terf”. Well I guess that’s the point but this shit upsets me. So women should be murdered if we understand that there is a difference between MTF’s and women? Women should be murdered if we don’t want dudes with dicks in safe female spaces?
    Using threats and violence is so low. It makes so many afraid of speaking out.

      1. Step one: call yourself a girl. Step two: threaten to carve up women with a knife. Step three: call this social justice activism.
        So easy! Even a child can do it!

    1. That’s what men are socialized into…raping, violating, beating, and killing women. Trannies even say the same shit men say “she made me do it.” The most horrifying thing is that some of these men in dresses work or do activism for women’s organizations; and, even worse, all of their women supporters don’t speak up against the sexist macho violent ritualized displays of submission these trannies do to women who do not accept them as women.

  23. I know you don’t like me GM (and that’s OK – most people don’t like me) but I respect your work and I will fight to have you reinstated whenever the carrion crows of the trans* cult try to have you shut down.

  24. Speak it out. Mendacious crap is being promulgated? Speak it out, tear it down.
    Hahaha I got accused of being a dear woman friend’s sockpuppet recently. Miep Rowan O’Brien has been my legal name for 20 years, and I routinely post under my legal name. Research fail, lol!

    1. I posted a similar story link the other day, I wonder if the acute stress such dialogue creates will be recognized as wrong when its done to women?
      By the way, someone should send that knife ripper pix to the Portland Quakers and ask if that qualifies as “bickering”.

  25. I just remembered something hilarious. I rarely post about all the harassment and censorship attempts because it is a constant tedious flow. BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS:
    One time convicted sex-offender “transwoman” John Armstrong / Jenna McCarthy ( http://www.nugget.ca/2013/02/15/sex-offender-denied-medication ) wrote to complain that I had “outed a transwoman” by posting the following video:

    I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!
    This transwoman sex offender actually thought that image was of a fellow transwoman. And that I was “outing” the transwoman (presumably from their stealth existence). HAHAHAHAHA!

    1. Lololololololol! If that dude had a brain, he would be (more)dangerous! John probably tried to email that spectatular creature with his microwave . . .

    1. One of the avatars who liked that tweet is of a tranny that posted an “open letter” to other trannies about the use of the of the words tranny and she-male. He objects to that but not to the insulting comments from trannies to women. Transactivists are nothing but assholes! Reminds me of that Chung transsexual who works for the city of San Francisco who said “violence is never helpful” to tweets that call for violence against women who are trans critical. I see a pattern here…

    2. suck my lad, yee balls, or suck my lad, yeee! balls. so many ways to read this, but, what’s a yee? *snark*

      1. hahaha! Male trans “lesbians”. Distinguishable by average women-hating sexually abusive male homophobes by……………. well by nothing.

      2. Y.E.E. Yodeling Ego Echochambers. MRAs dont yodel. male ‘lesbians’ are distinguished by all the yodeling. wouldnt that be fun

      3. ok, now I’m totally obsessing on the yee. exclamation? sound effect? salute? trans term for the squeaky sound made if you dont lube the dialator? what the fuck is a yee? ok, sorry, derail over

    3. Yup that’s totally a laydee. Use of the super feminine “miss?” Pseudo ethnic sounding name to appropriate the oppression of Woc? Violent sexual threat that sounds eerily similar to what men say all the time? Check x3, we have a bingo!

    1. In this story, police have forced Google and WordPress to hand over information about a commenter who made death threats to another Google and WP user. If it can happen in this instance, it should happen when transwomen make death and violence threats against radical feminists. However what happened here is WPs agent REMOVED the threats. Did Bryon hand those threats over to the FBI? Or did he just bin them?

  26. Donation sent, under the bookstore name. I forgot that it comes up that way, just wanted to let you know it was me.

      1. You are very welcome, Gallus. I hope the fifty I sent can pay your electricity bill,or something.And I hope also that my small nudge against your bills will cut you a little leeway to have a nice lesbian-only party, no other women allowed unless they get it about lesbians. And absolutely no Men! lolol! hugs and kisses, great ally, you totally rock.

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