Dana McCallum, male senior Twitter programmer and self-proclaimed “transgender woman” charged with three felony counts of rape


Dana McCallum, transgender "male lesbian" and accused rapist
Dana McCallum, transgender “male lesbian” and accused rapist

McCallum, legal name Dana Contreras, was arrested in the early am of January 26 at the home of his estranged wife and charged with multiple felonies including three counts of rape, reports the San Francisco Examiner today. Rape is defined by the state of California as the violent insertion of a man’s penis into a woman’s vagina.
From the Examiner:

 “Dana McCallum, a senior engineer at Twitter who speaks and writes about women’s and transgender rights and technology issues, was arrested Jan. 26 and booked into County Jail on suspicion of five felonies, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

McCallum, 31, whose legal name is Dana Contreras, was charged Jan. 29 with five felonies, including three counts of spousal rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence, according to the District Attorney’s Office. She has since pleaded not guilty.

McCallum has been out of jail on $350,000 bail. A condition of her release is that she attend AA meetings, according to court documents.

 A Jan. 29 criminal protective order obtained by The Examiner says McCallum must not contact or come within 150 feet of her wife.”


 McCallum’s defense attorney claims the victim is lying, but admits the victim’s teenage son is a witness, having heard his mother’s cries of “No!” through a closed door during the alleged attack. McCallum, who goes by “@DanaDanger” on his twitter account has declined to make a public comment since the media blackout on the charges was broken today. Instead, he tweeted the following message:
dana mccallum rape tweet4
Sara Chipps, co-founder of Girl Develops It!, responds:
dana mccallum sara chipps twitter rape 5
Dana McCallum has been an outspoken anti-woman activist, referring to feminists as “wackos”, and participating in the transgender “#Fuck Cis People” twitter campaign (“cis” is a transgender community slur for “biological females”).
McCallum considers himself a “male lesbian” and at least one media source has already run the headline “Lesbian Twitter Engineer Charged With Raping Wife”.
McCallum offered the following rape ”Safety Tips For Ladies” commentary last year on his twitter account:
dana mccallum rape tweet1

149 thoughts on “Dana McCallum, male senior Twitter programmer and self-proclaimed “transgender woman” charged with three felony counts of rape

  1. It makes me feel so sick to think about heterosexual mens’ violent sexual crimes against women being reported as the work of lesbians.

    1. Yeah. Maybe the dumb, liberal lgbtwtf worshipping lezzies who happily go along with the trans nonsense will wake up when they read “lesbian rapist” headlines.

      1. I think most ordinary readers when they read “rape” think “penis (or similar object) penetrating an orifice without permission” (despite all the various internet campaigns about how women force men to have PIV sex with them and that “she put herself on my penis” should count too, etc etc) and so yeah, quite possibly this headline will make people think about the mechanics of just what went on here, and maybe think about what this “male lesbian” thing actually means.
        Maybe. Though of course the usual crowd is probably already up in arms about headlines that cause anyone to think about the obvious like that…

    1. This language of propagandists is just unreal. “status as a transgendered woman who was assigned male at birth” HUH. He’s a cross dressing mental case.
      “transphobically misgendering McCallum characterizing as yet another male rapist”. HE is a male rapist.

    2. Interesting tidbit from this very slanted story: “According to a 2004 Forge study, nearly 30 percent of assailants in sexual assault and violence incidents against trans individuals were domestic partners.”
      I hope they also count the incidents perpetrated BY trans individuals.

      1. “…McCallum’s arrest underscores the need for increased safety and protection for women and transgender men and women.”
        The transgender individual accused of rape needs exactly what kind of protection?

      2. @lin – None. I suspect that’s a sleight of hand to change the topic away from this particular case because there’s nothing at all good (for the trans lobby) about this case.
        So oh, oh, yeah, well, that happened I guess but hey guize! FAR more important are all these other cases! We’re murdered all the time! Really! Most oppressed evar!1!1!

      3. Well lucky for them, because in the real world of females, 90% of rapes are committed by peers and loved ones. So your “tidbit” is really teensy.

    3. Pointing out a male rapist is victim blaming the rapist? Do these people hear themselves speak?

    4. “…transphobically misgendering McCallum characterizing as yet another male rapist.”
      Special snowflake at its best. He’s not just another male rapist, he’s one of the extremely rare lady rapists!

  2. Gender dysphoria and GID is dangerous to the health of females. Thanks for cataloging these deluded male acts against females.
    They feel like a woman? I feel that persons with penis are males and can be dangerous to my health. Whose feelings matter, the feelz or the actual bodily harm?
    As a survivor of ACE – adverse childhood events – these trans persons calling themselves women trigger my PTSD and it is not pleasant.

    1. no, that’s typical, i don’t think any states require bottom surgery for legal change of gender demarcation on state ID, Social Security doesn’t require it and neither does a passport i think

      1. I heard an interview on Seattle’s KUOW radio today with transgender law professor at Seattle University, a person named Spade, who said that the surgery was promoted in the 1970’s but now they’re moving away from surgery treatments and want anybody to identify any way they like. Washington state changes your drivers license upon demand to any gender identity you like – as long as it is male or female.
        The convo continued about India’s Male, Female, Trans genders, a third gender, was dismissed for U.S. as not what the leaders are now angling for. That the Trans label might increase discrimination and make it harder to get jobs, and etc….
        No mention of the McCallam case or the other violent offenders who claim feeling like a woman.

      2. For Survivorthriver, I’m also an ACE.
        “a third gender, was dismissed for U.S. as not what the leaders are now angling for. That the Trans label might increase discrimination and make it harder to get jobs, and etc….”
        Indeed, that is a nearly hilarious statement when considering females represent 51% of the Homo sapiens population and we still need legislation to even have a chance at achieving parity in the workplace and in politics, etc. Affirmative action for hiring visible minorities and females, in order to balance the field still are achieving 30% presence instead of 51%. So given that self-diagnosed trans persons represent less than 2% of the population… the fight against discrimination will be to fight for 2% of the workforce to be trans… well we’re already well past that since in N.America, a majority of trans are richly employed middle class white males. So trans are already over-represented in the workplace… so I’m not to worried about a third gender discrimination.
        I think it’s the least evil option at this point. Trans bathrooms, trans olympics, etc.

  3. another trans rapist was arrested today in Texas strange the way reporting is done with transgender rapists such as this : the headline reads “Man Accused of rape, but the person is then identified as a “transgender man David Scott Teeter, 48, also known as Heather Teeter”, so wait, is this a trans man? but no, it is a trans woman as Heather clearly ids as a woman here’s Teeters facebook page https://www.facebook.com/heather.teeter.92
    it makes it confusing and hides that this is male violence story is here http://tinyurl.com/pnss7sh

  4. Extarget:
    No, in the state of CA the only thing I needed to change my driver’s license from F to M was to have my doctor sign a DMV form stating that I consistently presented as my chosen gender. =/ I had to obtain my birth certificate from my parents 700 miles away and present that to the DMV in order to have it changed back to female on my license.
    It is easier to get documents changed to a lie than the truth. And no, you don’t need surgery in CA to change your documents. If I wanted to get an amendment made to my birth certificate at the time, I would have needed some type of surgery though.
    In regards to this story, however, I am really quite pissed. I don’t know how often I see an article about an ACTUAL lesbian where the article refers to her as a “queer woman” but it’s like they made a special point to refer to this man as a lesbian even though he is anything but! That takes a special kind of misogyny right there.
    Heath Atom Russell
    Source: de-transitioned FTM

  5. This is a biological male and he should not be housed in a female correctional facility. So, a teenage boy with raging male hormones and male genitalia is housed with females.
    This is a violation of the privacy rights of female juveniles.

    1. Unbelievable that the biggest concern of the woman who had just been raped was that her husband was listed as male….now that he had just raped her. Stockholm.

  6. Transgenders can’t be classified as other genders in (crime or other) statistics, it makes transgender crimes against women invisible. It also siphons state funding away from women’s services and spends it on men.
    Hope you get your blog back soon!

  7. Why is “male penis” in the rape law? It’s okay to rape people with ladysticks? Penis is male, California. It doesn’t require a qualifier. Good dog but I am weary of these misogynist humans who enable this crazy.

  8. AGAIN: Automattic, hosts of WordPress.com have locked this site until further notice. I can post comments personally, but cannot access or approve any of your comments, nor update posts or make new posts. I am locked out until further notice. Seems the men who provide this blogging platform did not take kindly to the free speech of women and lesbians being expressed about this news story.

  9. The first story I read about this today was so confusing. It said that reports about Dana being transgender were false, and that Dana was in fact a “regular female lesbian” who had raped her wife.
    That was the first story I saw about it.
    Had me scratching my head cause it didn’t add up, so I had to google this to find out that Dana is indeed a dude. Disturbing as all hell to notice that reporters are blatantly gaslighting readers by telling them that Dana is female. The comments below the original article I saw were all confused, asking how a woman rapes another woman (that’s another matter) without the proper equipment (oh the bitter irony). There were also some comments stating how this proves that gay relationships are more violent than heterosexual ones, that women are as violent as men, etc etc. This mass gaslighting of the public at large is going to have serious backlash for lesbians/feminists. Also, lesbians being thrown in with the alphabet soup is not helpful either when MtT rape, beat, and kill women and are reported as female-on-female violence!

  10. Thank you to all the women leaving comments. I have dozens of your comments waiting in cue. I look forward to Automattic re-instating the rights of feminist women and lesbians to speak on their WordPress.com platform and allowing me to publish those comments.

  11. Love you, Gallus Mag, for being our champion and being one of the few to keep posting the truth in defense of all females. I hope they stop censoring your blog soon. XOXOXOXOX

  12. From your screen caps of Erin’s twitter posts, Dana McCallum’s stepson appears to be a male-to-female transgender too. https://twitter.com/suisa <– the victim's son (according to your screen caps)
    The victim is known to be VERY into transgender rights.
    Dana McCallum is a very important, powerful and respected "woman" and "lesbian" in the tech world.
    https://twitter.com/gidwatch has posted a photo of Dana McCallum "as a man." I don't know if you could add that photo to your post as it would make it more clear that Dana is truly a man.

        1. Not all men are as rapey as everyone thinks. I think it’s abhorrent this whatever the hell it is gives a bad name to both men and transgendered individuals To me it’s a money and power thing more than anything. Shows that people in power get away with everything. The criminal justice system needs to be fixed.

      1. If males who rape had a certain “look”, they would be easier to defend against, wouldn’t they. Sadly, all males are capable of rape, regardless of “look”.
        On another note, is that a photo of Dan? It doesn’t look like him. This looks like him:

      2. @kellerconspiracies- What a ridiculous comment. It is MEN that need to “be fixed”. Including rape apologists like you who troll feminist blogs handwaving epidemic sexual violence by men against women across all cultures, generations, classes, races, across all history of human life on Earth. Fuck off.
        YOU are part of the problem sir.

      3. Oh, please, kellerconspiracies: not the “not all men are like that” defence. We’re talking about a system here, and a culture which promotes rape. Men like Dana McCallum are not giving that system a “bad name.” The system IS bad.

      4. You’re right Gallus — got that old one from one of his old tags but I think it is not him. The first one is him though!

  13. I love how this shows them up for what they are. You’re a litmus test Gallus. And to all those women who support the “good men” idea, hope you’re getting your education today.

  14. Thank you for tracking these criminals, Gallus and all the commentators. I love you. You women keep me sane.

  15. Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry that Automattic / WordPress.com is censoring your comments. Automattic censors feminist and lesbian blogs. Still waiting for an explanation from Automattic / WordPress.com about why this blog has been frozen.

    1. I didn’t troll anything, I discovered this post because I followed Roseanne’s twitters page and was outraged too. I don’t know how you deduced I was a “rape apologist “? I am think rapists should be put to death in fact. As far as me being part of the problem? I don’t know what the hell you are talking about? zi guess it’s because In a male.

  16. MRA Robert Stacy McCain says the victim is [censored by me GM]
    She just tweeted that people need to stop calling Dana a man and a “he.”
    [censored by me- GM]
    [I’m not going to publish any information about the victim, unless she chooses to present it herself. I just don’t feel comfortable with it. Sorry. -GM]

  17. [censored by me GM. I’m not going to publish anything about the kids. Sorry. BTW this is 100% my choice and has nothing to do with the most recent bout of recurrent censorship of this blog by WP-GM.]

  18. http://www.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/transgender-womens-rights-advocate-and-prominent-twitter-engineer-charged-with-rape/Content?oid=2761316
    This comment:
    “Im sorry but this article is ridiculous. A cis person CANNOT be raped by a trans person. Trans people do not have the required institutional power to rape their oppressors. Cis people may feel they have had an unwanted sexual experience with a trans person (usually the result of transphobia) but it’s privilege-blind stupidity to call it rape. It’s like white people complaining that they experience racism.”
    I’m hoping I’m missing some sort of sarcasm or troll attempt (I’m autistic and that happens a lot), because this makes me feel physically sick.

    1. That one caught my eye, too. Since when is an “unwanted sexual experience” not rape? Seems like someone in the comments also made the horrific statement that clarifying Dana’s penis is “female” was more important than whether or not is was used to rape. I spent about half the time reading that trying to figure out who was trolling and who was serious.

  19. “Seems the men who provide this blogging platform did not take kindly to the free speech of women and lesbians being expressed about this news story.”
    Solidarity, GM.
    Can you collect details of whom we the readers might contact at WordPress to ask for explanation? Is there someone your millions of readers could bombard with inquiry from the outside?

  20. Rape denial is a classic misogynistic tactic by men to submit women into their sexual depravity and domination. Even women are conditioned to partake on this crime against women of deying the rape experiences of other women. But wait, we must not deny the “dysphoric” experiences of trannies, lest we incur the wrath of their gonads and their gonad sucking women and lite “feminists” because they have it oh so much worse than women!
    And, on the subject of “misgendering” HIM: his biological sex must be used for continuity of identity and for accurate crime statistics. Men rape wether wearing pants or pink dresses. That’s the bottom line.

  21. I see you’re still blocked, hopefully that ends soon. This blog is a breath of fresh air, truly, daring to state that the emperor has no clothing on (and his wang is just hanging out there).

  22. Even the Daily Mail, not known for being a particularly progressive news organisation have covered this story and the ‘below the line’ comments are very revealing. Bear in mind that most DM readers are typically straight in every sense of the word, and not especially clued up about trans issues. A majority of the comments from readers want to know why if ‘she’ is a woman/lesbian (as reported) how ‘she’ can commit rape. The main story in the DM does not (cannot?)make it clear that ‘she’ has male genitalia. It’s time a major news forum like DM actually exposed what is going on here so that the sympathy these ‘trans’ women get for supposed victimisation can be put into context and the public can be made aware that the person committing the rape is male in every sense of the word. They could then put to the public the thorny question of whether or not a penis is ‘male’ or ‘female’. I think we know what the public would say. If the DM did do that it would be interesting to see if they are censored in the way that this site has been. The truth cannot remain the preserve of the few for very long.

  23. I guess that since the state of California defines rape as “the violent insertion of a man’s penis into a woman’s vagina,” this trans man will be using the defense that, since he’s proclaimed himself to be a woman, he can’t have performed the violent male act of rape. Uggh! Males who want to be females…

  24. Original name was Daniel Neumeyer. Then became Dana Contreras. Recently took on the “McCallum” last name, some kind of aviation reference, but most of the info you will find on him is under Dana Contreras.

  25. GenderTrender is ground zero for the feminist resistance to the genderist movement. Of course genderists will do everything in their power to take it down. All solidarity and admiration to you GallusMag for your bravery and tenacity in going up against these creeps, who are among the most disturbed, angry and woman-hating men in the world.

  26. The last time they did this I was infected by a WordPress specific virus that destroyed my logic card and left me without a computer, so I guess I’m ahead this time at least.

    1. When was the last time “cis scum” was used to routinely silence males and their voices? Oh yeah, never, because it is used as a misogynistic attack. Like it or not, the meaningless word “cis” (everyone who is not “trans” is a walking, talking gender stereotype and could not possibly be gender-nonconforming) is used by and large to perpetuate violence against women and their spaces/voices.

  27. Hello, im dogisaga, i think you know who i am.
    Hopefully they will let you post again, but one day i think they will just delete the whole thing on you.
    Do you have every documentation in this blog saved to post on another website, or book one day?

  28. (continued, i posted too soon)
    My point is, you should make sure you cant loose anything ever for when they do delete gendertrender.
    Good luck or something.

  29. I can’t apologize enough to readers- I have ~60 of your comments in cue. VERY interested in hearing Automattic /Wordpress.com response to censorship when Texas business hours resume today. This is a huge issue, and a huge story regarding Automattic / WordPress.com censorship of women authored blogs on their platform. WOW!

  30. We keep checking and wondering when they will release you. Thinking of you throughout all this. It proves what a threat you are, but still…. not fair. You should be getting awards, not harassment. XOXOXOXOOX

  31. Discussions with Automattic / WordPress.com have not yet resulted in re-instatement of my blog. They do not appear to be acting in good faith.

    1. Well of course.
      Males may trump females, but heterosexual men trump gay men, no matter who is wearing the dress and heels or operating under the imprimatur of mainstream feminism.
      Don’t mind if this comment doesn’t get published, but I hope to see your blog back soon Gallus. Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of women. I can’t conceptualise the amount of pushback and hostility you have to deal with.

  32. Interesting. They think they are real lesbians, as opposed to actual women, and gay men who go transgender are inferior too. Do I detect a pattern here?
    Gallus, I am so sorry this is happening to you again. I have notified my small portion of the Internet from various places.

  33. I hope the victim is prepared for this (from his website):
    “John M. Runfola is adept at identifying and exploiting deficiencies in the prosecution’s cases against clients charged with sexual assault.
    “…We scrutinize the entire record in a rape or sexual assault case to uncover any violation of your constitutional rights, uncover mishandling of the physical evidence and expose faulty police work. We work hard to identify contradictory testimony and expose medical, psychological, and personal problems that could explain why a victim has leveled charges, and tell your side of the story.”
    “We are particularly skilled at handling cases of ‘acquaintance rape.’
    “Psychological problems, medication, or a personal vendetta can lead to charges of date rape or sexual assault when a personal relationship deteriorates. Depending on the facts involved, it may be important to consider your working relationship with your accuser, the personal history between you, and other information. We **investigate the personal background of the accuser** in order to determine if their friends or acquaintances are aware of certain patterns of behavior on the part of the alleged victim. We subpoena all available records and documents to meaningfully investigate areas that will be useful on cross examination.
    “Upon accepting a client, we vigorously prepare his or her case as if we going to trail [sic] and simultaneously attempt to negotiate a settlement that would be most favorable to our client.”
    That poor woman is about to get raped a second time, by his attorney. 🙁

      1. The lawyer already has been slandering the victim, accusing her of making it up for financial gain. He should be pilloried. And sued.

  34. I hope your blog is unblocked soon. We live in a terrible world when a ‘misgendered’ rapist is considered the real victim of this horrific tragedy.

  35. No change. Discussions have not yet resumed. Still locked out of my dashboard and unable to post or access and moderate comments. Still able to log into my account and post on my other blogs, and comment on this blog. No further response from Automattic / WordPress.com at this time.

  36. Hi,
    The email address from which you’re writing ( xxxxxxxxx) is not associated with the account that owns the blog. We only discuss matters regarding a suspended blog to the email address on the account.
    Can you please contact us through the link in your dashboard, or reply to this email from that address with the exact same subject?

    Happiness Engineer
    The “happiness” attachment didn’t come through. I’m not happy yet. River

  37. Censorship update: DAY SIX. GenderTrender remains suspended. This is day six. I remain locked out of my dashboard and am unable to post or access and approve comments. 48 hours ago, on Moday April 14, I received an email from Automattic / WordPress.com asking me to contact them. I did so. I have received no further reply. I have messaged them daily. A few readers have also messaged WordPress.com / Automattic on my behalf. They have also received no reply. Thank you to those who have contacted Automattic / WordPress on my behalf. x

  38. Some women in the classrooms at various colleges and universities have discussed the Trans (male) censorship of women and other attempts to silence women, lesbians, wives and mothers with attention on the general violent male rage, misogyny and the need to cover up and silence all the violence against women that is Trans. This will no doubt be yet another example to point– just in case (and I highly doubt it) the students think these men are not specifically targeting women. Their twisted tale of woe and victimhood is not holding up so well recently. Wonder why? You think they threaten to kill the WordPress dudes or did the play the suicided (my personal fav–I always get a giggle, a girly giggle from that)

    1. Oh sorry about that I meant it to be time-filling reading for you while you waited for WP to stop dithering.

  39. Gallus, even though your blog is for women, I am a gay male fan and supporter. This censoring by the Trans Tyranny is vile but not unexpected. Trans know two things: how to throw a tantrum and how to pretend to be baby seals (poor widdle victim me, boo hoo). They also have learned all the lessons of the womens and gay/lesbian movements, two groups they claim to have virtually founded and proclaim full membership in and if any woman or gay/lesbian has a problem with anything trans, then Die Cis Scum is their response. There are many of us out here watching what is happening to you and this is being documented for history. You are a very brave woman! Free speech and thought will not be transjacked by a pack of psychotics.

  40. Censorship Update: DAY SEVEN. I continue to message Automattic / WordPress.com every 24 hours via:
    1. email at the address they provided
    2. the contact form provided on my disabled dashboard
    3. customer service
    requesting assistance/ resolution/ update.
    I continue to receive no reply.
    Thank you to those of you who have also contacted Automattic / WordPress.com on my behalf. Thank you to those of you who have messaged, blogged, and tweeted about ongoing censorship of Feminist and Lesbian blogs by Automattic / WordPress.com, and about the censoring of GenderTrender. x

  41. I stopped by irc chat http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_IRC_Live_Help for channel #wordpress.com and found someone from automattic who said they would nudge someone to look at it (they are obviously not going to disclose anything further to me.) A lot of the people who work for Automattic are former wordpress volunteers and are good people. It is a diverse crew, but many are very much free speech advocates and are approachable on twitter etc. http://automattic.com/about/
    I think you deserve an answer as to why your site was flagged and, being a contributor and volunteer to the WordPress Foundation myself, I expect them to handle these situations in a professional and transparent manner. I am following your updates on the status.
    There is no need to publish this comment unless you want to, I just wanted to pass those resources along if you didn’t already know about them.

  42. This is the email I received from WordPress:
    David W. – WordPress.com tosreports@wordpress.com
    1:03 PM (2 hours ago)
    to me
    Hi there XXXX,
    > I am one of thousands of readers of Gendertrender wordpress blog.
    > This blog is been interrupted by Automaticc and I’d like to have your attention to return
    > Gendertrender.
    > This is not looking good for Automaticc, to silence the right of free speech for females.
    > I’m also curious why AUtomaticc has interrupted the Gendertrender blog and WHO IS
    > RESPONSIBLE at your organization for this?
    The email address from which you’re writing (xxxxx@gmail.com – inserted by me to disguise my email for this post) is not associated with the WordPress.com account that owns ‘Gendertrender’. Please keep in mind that we only discuss blog details with the email address on the account.
    If the owner of the blog would like to appeal any decision we’ve made, they can contact us through the link in their blog’s Dashboard.

    David W. | Community Guardian | WordPress.com

  43. I left this in the comments on the SFJ site–
    Dana McCallum is the new John Galt. The uber-man who has everything he could possibly want including scores of unwilling women who have to obey him and entertain his fantasies & whims because he controls & defines who they are. The rape of his soon to be ex-wife on the eve of his enormous financial gain strikes me as nothing more than the ultimate male self-congratulatory fuck of the one person left who might possibly have any control or claims in his life. His woman-hating has erupted in it’s totality. He has stripped off his mask and doesn’t care who sees him now.

  44. The comments section at San Fran Examiner on the McCallam story are collecting a lot of radfem responses, and the trans are at it over there.
    The comments could use some radfem support, 2 or 3 good rebuttals happening to trans. I see how the trans squirt words blurring the facts that here is a man with a penis who is charged with violently raped his wife.

    1. So today the SF Examiner felt compelled to publish a story about how the trans are “more often the victims” of sexual assault.

      1. This is COMPLETELY DISGUSTING. The reporter does a whole piece excusing multiple rapes against a woman victim, because trans!
        Also, research shows that male transgenders continue to exhibit typical male pattern criminality even after undergoing SRS (which McCallum certainly has not). There is simply zero evidence for Mara Keisling’s, and the SF Examiner’s claims, that male transgenders are more likely to be victims of sexual assault than perpetrators of it. And if you include “crossdressers” and the like under the transgender umbrella, as Keisling certainly does, this claim of male victimhood reaches MRA levels of absurdity.
        Thing is, transwomen who commit sexual offenses are often reported as “men who dress as women”, and Keisling and company are certainly not out there demanding that such “misgendering” is corrected in such cases.
        Case in point, an article today about a transwoman convicted of the ghastliest sort of violent child pornography (images included an apparently dead female toddler with a noose around her neck) . Look how this is reported, even though the violent pedophile clearly identifies “as a woman” , and his attorney is demanding that he be placed in female prison:
        Adrian man gets 7 years in federal child porn case
        By Daily Telegram staff
        Posted Apr. 20, 2014 @ 12:00 pm
        A federal judge ordered a seven-year prison term recommended by prosecutors for an Adrian man who left a computer thumb drive loaded with child pornography in the Onsted village park.
        Sean Paul Gossman, 24, was sentenced Thursday on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography. He pleaded guilty in October.
        His attorney asked for a minimum five-year prison term in a memorandum filed in February. Rafael Villarruel of Detroit argued Gossman may not be safe in a male prison as a transgender man who has lived as a female since he was 17 years old.

        “The idea of being placed in a male facility is somewhat frightening for Sean Gossman, as he has been taunted and made to feel like a freak by other inmates,” Villarruel stated in the sentencing memorandum.
        He also argued there is no evidence Gossman is a risk of becoming a child predator, as an assistant United States attorney suggested in a memorandum to Judge Robert H. Cleland.
        U.S. Attorney Matthew Roth stated after Gossman was arrested last year, he admitted going through “phases” of a “sick habit” of looking at child pornography. He said he was in a phase of wanting videos depicting true acts of rape and sexual abuse of children, Roth stated.
        “Defendant’s need for this specific type of material demonstrates that he was heading in a very dangerous direction,” Roth stated. “Whether his needs would have led to a hands-on offense against a child is impossible to tell. However, the government is not satisfied that a 60-month sentence will adequately protect the public.”
        Gossman was identified as the owner of the thumb drive found in the park through photographs of himself police found on it. Cambridge Township police turned the case over to the Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children Task Force.
        An FBI agent who investigated the case reported finding almost 3,000 images of child pornography on the thumb drive and other computer equipment seized in a search of his home on April 5, 2013.

      2. ‘So today the SF Examiner felt compelled to publish a story about how the trans are “more often the victims” of sexual assault.’
        The SF Examiner is also deleting comments from that story. Deleting both violent trans-activist comments (e.g., “go drink bleach”), and responses from feminists. One commenter wrote a very short and simple comment–something to effect that Dana McCallum is a biological male, and his victim a biological female. It’s gone.

  45. Although I run a completely different blog with not nearly the popularity of yours, I have been locked out censored, and posts mysteriouly unable to be uploaded because of what the content is. I believe WordPress is some part of the NSA spygrid. I’m by nature classified as a whacko for me being a conspiracy theorists, but if anybody read my site it’s more about common sense than wild theories. Continue to fight the good fight and don’t let them censor you!

  46. WTF! I noticed the author, Jonah Owen Lamb (why do they always use three names?) on the victim’s twitter, replying to her post disputing that the rape charge was related to money. He wanted to verify it was her and use the quote in his story but someone else chimed in that she was not speaking to the media. Even so, I was optimistic that he was trying to follow up with her side of the story. Then I read this garbage!?
    I hope commenters post the many, many, MANY instances of trans committing crimes after this story. Rare, my foot!
    “Unless her transgender had to do clearly with the crime, I don’t see it as a trans story,” said Cartwright, pointing out that a lesbian couple involved in domestic violence does not amount to “lesbian violence.” (ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE IS A MAN.)
    Keisling agrees, saying, “This seems to be a novelty to people that a trans person committed a crime,” adding that like anyone, transgender people commit crimes, but that doesn’t make it newsworthy. (I ONLY WISH IT WAS A NOVELTY.)
    “They don’t say a black person robbed a bank or a black person was accused of raping his wife,” Keisling said.
    No, sorry, this is not ‘just another’ ho-hum spousal rape story, it concerns a high-ranking, prominent employee who purports to advocate for women’s rights and who purports to be a woman. That seems to defy the definition of rape if you don’t know that “she” is trans, so for that fact alone it must be mentioned, not for sensationalism but clarification.

    1. Keisling wishes it was a novelty. He knows damn well that they have the same or higher rate of violent and sexual crimes as all other men. Yes they claim “Trans status” is irrelevant. I happen to agree. No such thing as “trans” or “transition”–they are men.

    2. Keisling was quoted in another article on McCallum’s rape charges saying “Sexual Violence is not a gendered crime”, and “women rape toooooooo!”
      Yeah, right dood. Good luck hiding all those crime statistics.

      1. I am sure he will claim he was raped too(he identifies with females) and they all claim they have been raped it makes them so authentic. Most unimaginative bunch of jerks this side of a football team. Do you ever wonder why they don’t push the stat they claim for rapes and assaults–I suspect because women have actual hospital and police reports and these guys just got the DVD cued to their fav rape porn. All they do is protect men that murder and rape women. I just don’t know how many women have to be attacked before Keisling will STFU–he is correct though–rape is not gendered, 99.99999 sex based, men rape females–but he knows that.

  47. yes, that sums it up, ‘all they do is protect men that murder and rape women’. Needs to be a slogan.

    1. I thought they were already called ‘rape apologists’
      They completely skirt the issue of this being male on female violence and brush it under the rug with
      ‘violence is high in transgender relationships’.
      how odd, it is also high in Domestic Abuse when the woman is being a woman and the man has an out of control sex fantasy life he pushes on her and becomes frustrated that she[woman seen as owned object] is not acting out his fantasy correctly.
      This is a cheap attempt to erase domestic Abuse and make excuses as to why it is ok for men, the default human that has choices to become violent with women.
      Have you heard of the new violent sub group of trans activists called baeddels?,
      It all sounds like sexist str8 ass wife-beater fantasy projected on women they just met. Straight guys that call themselves lesbian dykes, They plan on physically attacking biological women.that disagree with them or don’t respect them while they police women’s spaces.

      1. Snowflake wrote something about them. I looked–more violent men that are so sunk into their sexual rage and fantasy that they could not even buy a scratch off with their big gulp and ciggs. I read a bit. Maybe one will drag himself out the basement room and open his prick mouth to the wrong person and get his ass whipped. They are all macho and very disturbed–more autogynephilic thugs with erections. These guys escalate and they will be their own downfall. I have no clue why women are not armed–none.

  48. There have been no updates in the news about this. Is a trial scheduled? How can we find out?

  49. GM, I wonder if this should even be publicized. Too much hubbub and the courtroom may be closed to visitors or something. But, I want to let you know because maybe you or someone you know can follow up.
    I just called the SF court and found that the preliminary hearing for Dana Contreras will be Aug 12, 9 am in Dept 20.
    Case #14002731. Jail #14661771 not sure what that number is but she gave it to me.
    Atty on record is Nancy Clarence. Judge is Brendan Conroy.
    1 charge felony domestic violence
    3 charges spousal rape by force
    1 charge false imprisonment
    I asked if this is a jury trial and the jury has already been picked, but she said no, it’s a prelim hearing, she said something about it has been continued a few times from one day to the next, and something about 3 hours. I think she was saying the hearing should last about that long but I am not sure.
    I am not in SF or I would go observe if it’s possible.

    1. I tried following up but the court phone never picked up. I see nothing online and the accused was tweeting right around the time listed for the hearing, so I wonder if it happened or was postponed again.

  50. They may have been judge shopping, filing for multiple continuances until they got the right judge. Conroy had a similar case against an ad exec who was on video beating his gf 117 times, and he ruled the tape inadmissible. The guy did no jail time, just training, community service, and probation.

    1. Not likely a case of judge shopping…in most jurisdictions, once assigned to a court, the case stays on that docket. However, multiple pre-trial settings are a common occurrence. When someone is out on bond, it is not at all unusual to see a few years of monthly resets, some of which do not even require the Defendant appearing in court since it will be an off-docket reset.
      California tends not to be as bad as we are here in Texas on the seemingly endless resets, but I am guessing it will be the first of the year before they are really ready to set it for trial. And until it is set for trial, no action would be taken on attempting to seat a jury…
      Cannot speak to the inadmissible video, but that sort of thing can happen for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with the judge’s leaning one way or the other.

    1. OTOH, there has never in the history of the universe been a radical feminist Furry.
      So think about your own social group before casting stones.

    2. And your comment is really the most disgusting thing I’ve seen all day, dude.
      I can’t repay the rest of your comment in kind, though, because there are *so many* disgusting things about men like yourself that being a rape apologist is only one of a long list.
      Take heart, though. There are tons of other MRAs and misogynists and sex offenders who feel exactly the way you do. I’m sure you know plenty of them already; you’ve probably met at least a couple at the lingerie store as you jerked off in the fitting room mirror at the sight of yourself in fishnets and a merry widow.

    3. Abusive violent men is the most disgusting thing about Trans. It tromps everything else–dress, crappy make up, endless obsesions with self and dick. O and the stupidity–you read something about a man raping his wife and all you can say is look at me my dick is purty in pink. On second thought everything about Trans is disgusting but the violence is also dangerous to women.

    4. Misogyny is really the most disgusting thing about trannies. Well, actually, it’s hard to pick just one disgusting thing, but that would be near the top of my list. Now fuck off.

    5. LOL. “Anti-transgenderism” is actually adherence to logic, reason, fairness and justice – how anyone can find that “disgusting,” is beyond me.

    6. Males are free to go play dress up all they want, but they have no right to invade women’s space nor demand we cater to their delusion.
      Cannot help but to note that you do nothing to denounce the conduct of the male twitter engineer who raped his wife (you know, the subject of this post). Only males are capable of rape. Rape is male violence. We abhor such actions…

    1. Well, it seems more folks are catching on to the hypocrisy of the tranny movement, which is nice.
      “(McCallum’s) profile and original articles were deleted without comment or controversy. The issue was never addressed; she (sic) was simply scrubbed from existence.” Ah yes, the old “let’s pretend we were never involved with that dude/let’s pretend that never happened” approach. I like this part: “Advocates for ‘social justice’ on Twitter are well known for their demands of accountability. MVC even devoted an entire issue to the subject of abuse. But when it came to holding someone from its own milieu accountable, the brand proved more important than anything else.” Yup.

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