“Ultra-Violent Girl” used in testimony to justify new female juvenile locked-facility turns out to be male transgender

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It turns out that Jill, the ultra-violent girl cited in testimony by DCF Commissioner Joette Katz in February 14th hearings regarding the need for a Connecticut facility for ultra-violent female juveniles is in fact a male transgender.
The 16 year old “girl” and “female” cited in multiple reports as an alleged serial violent batterer of women and girls across several foster care placements was revealed to be a male “transgender teen” yesterday when gay activist groups revealed he has since been remanded to an adult prison facility for evaluation and placement by the state.
In most recent charges, the male teen has been charged with biting a woman on the top of her head, kicking her repeatedly in the head arms and face, punching, assaulting, blinding a female caseworker, and breaking her jaw.
The young man has now been sent for evaluation to an adult (female!) prison for evaluation without charge, an extraordinary occurrence.
From the Hartford Courant:

“A transgender youth under the care of the Department of Children and Families has been transferred to an adult prison with no criminal charge pending — a rare action that has triggered strong opposition from the state child advocate’s office and the youth’s public defender.

The youth, 16, is a male who identifies as a female. The teen, with a history of committing assaults against staff members in various juvenile facilities, was ordered transferred to prison April 8. DCF had argued before a judge at a trial that it could not care for the youth at any of its programs, including the high-security Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown.

In court, DCF lawyers cited the statute, which permits such a transfer if DCF demonstrates that no suitable treatment program exists.

It is the first time in 14 years, that the statute has been used, and the first in more than 20 years that the youth in question was a ward of DCF. The agency deals with dozens of assaultive youths, including those who have been arrested multiple times in a matter of days for assaults against staff at the training school.

“This was nothing less than an extraordinary state action and is almost unprecedented,” said Child Advocate Sarah Eagan. “DCF is is this youth’s parent, and is obligated to fashion treatment and programming.”

The state public defender’s office is appealing the transfer. The youth is now at the York Correctional Institute for women in Niantic, but might be shifted to a male facility after an evaluation.

In a written statement, DCF Commissioner Joette Katz acknowledged the rarity of the action, and said DCF did not do this lightly. She said such a request would only be considered if the department felt it could not safely hold an assaultive youth at one of its programs.

”We work hard to serve youths with even the most complex needs, but in extreme cases …. it is incumbent upon us to take appropriate authorized measures,” Katz said in the statement.

On Feb. 14, Katz, while lobbying to open a secure treatment facility for girls in Middletown, brought up this youth’s story in testimony before the legislature’s appropriations committee. Katz didn’t name the youth, but said that a staff member was blinded and had her jaw broken in the assault. Katz said this youth would be appropriate for the locked program, which was the subject of opposition from advocates and some lawmakers. The allocation of $2.5 million was approved and the unit is now open on the campus of the former Riverview Hospital in Middletown.”

Read more about this breaking case at these links:
“Jill”, reported solely as female before today’s revelations : http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/girls_detention_center/
GenderTrender will be following developments in this case.

107 thoughts on ““Ultra-Violent Girl” used in testimony to justify new female juvenile locked-facility turns out to be male transgender

  1. Crime statistics must be updated to reflect who really are committing crimes. Whether pre- or post-op, males should not be counted as females and especially should not be housed with females!

    1. Or there could be something like “If you are violent towards women, you don’t get to be locked up with women ’cause they have the right to expect not to be attacked.” Especially since law isn’t supposed to be working on people’s inner thinkings but on rational arguments based on facts.

    2. absolutely concur about the statistical element. However, the facility he has been placed in also has a wing that houses males, so I doubt he has been mainstreamed with the female population. This case would cry out for segregation on multiple levels to begin with given the age and lack of conviction yet assigned to the case. Factor in the trans claims and he goes to a single-cell segregation environment…or should at least.

      1. His legal team is insisting that he be placed in general population with the girls. From the Courant today:
        “By JOSH KOVNER, jkovner@courant.com
        The Hartford Courant
        2:51 p.m. EDT, April 10, 2014
        Lawyers for the youth who was transferred out of the care of the Department of Children and Families and into an adult prison pressed for a court order Thursday barring the youth’s placement at the Manson Correctional Institute for males up to the age of 20.
        Prison officials on Thursday were still evaluating the female transgender youth at the York Correctional Institute for women in Niantic. A federal judge dismissed the request for a court order “without prejudice,” meaning lawyers for the youth can immediately re-file the request as soon as prison officials decide where the youth will be housed. That could happen by Friday. Through its history, the Department of Correction has always placed transgendered inmates by their biological gender.
        There is no criminal charge against the 16-year-old, and DCF said it took the extremely rare action of pressing for a transfer to an adult prison because of the youth’s history of assaulting staff members at juvenile facilities. But advocates for children said DCF deals with many assaultive youths, and said the transfer endangers the youth’s life and sets an intolerable precedent. A state judge on Tuesday approved the transfer of the youth out of DCF care.
        Attorney Aaron Romano, one of the youth’s lawyers, said the legal team would oppose any move to place the youth at Manson, saying her life would be in danger. And Romano said any move to put the youth in an isolation or seclusion unit at York would also be opposed — as a violation of the her constitutional rights. Isolation units are normally used to punish inmates.
        The only option that would be temporarily acceptable to the legal team is if the youth is placed in the mainstream population at York – while the lawyers pursue an appeal of the original transfer order that put her in the adult system in the first place.”
        [bolding by me-GM]

      2. “there are no charges….” It’s not acceptable to house this violent male anywhere but with female youth offenders, but his blinding a woman and breaking her jaw bares no criminal charge? what, pending evaluation? I realize he’s a juvenile, but why no charges? How is that acceptable?

  2. That is fukd up.
    Having been a former state licensed foster mother for a trafficked daughter who was labeled incorrigible and placed in juvenile justice, it freaks me out that persons with penis who are violent to females are housed in female juvenile facilities at all.
    Do we not care about the majority of juvenile offenders who are likely victims of ACE? (Adverse Childhood Events is the new term, hope it’s not new to disguise CSA -Childhood Sexual Abuse identification).

  3. It is more socially acceptable to threaten/assault women if one is pretending to be a woman. A wolf in sheep’s clothing comes to mind.

    1. Gay and Trans Men criminals all go to a men’s prison they are all men with the strength to match. Its the prison that would make that choice of they should be segregated

      1. I don’t know where you’re getting that idea. Common practice in localities/states that acknowledge trans “rights” is to ask the individual trans person which facility they would prefer to be housed in. Most, not all, transwomen seem to prefer the women’s prison, but I’ve never heard of a transman demanding entrance to the men’s prison, likely because the transman knows full well the risk of rape.

  4. Go figure, another “girl” who acts just like any violent man.
    Whenever people try to poo-poo women who say m2ts are dangerous to women, they claim that 1. these people aren’t actually trans (even though they are using transgender as a legal shield! Clearly not relevant to this particular case but you know.) and 2. trans women’s hormone treatments make them less violent and trans men’s T makes them more dangerous. So where are all of these hideously violent trans men? I don’t doubt the testosterone makes them more aggressive/violent, but I have yet to see one article about trans man serial murderers, trans man serial rapists, trans men who murdered psychologists who wouldn’t give them access to surgery, trans men who murdered their husbands because the husband didn’t accept “his” transition, etc etc etc. All this shit is exclusively m2t and we have extensive proof. Not to mention how many serial killers and rapists engage in sexy lady dress-ups (or actually wear women’s skin, jesus) to get off.
    And to top it off, the “hormones” argument would only work if all trans women were on hormones but guess what, they’re not! In fact, I highly doubt this trans kid in the foster care system is getting hrt or has had any kind of surgery, so what are we to take from this? Trans women are just as dangerous as other men UNTIL they take hormones? They’ll never agree with that because it pokes a very large hole in their theory that trans women think JUST LIKE actual women.
    So this male-bodied person who attacks women is locked up with the same people he targets because he says he’s one of them. Okay.
    (sorry this is kind of just rambling, I’m on my lunch break)

    1. Hey next.thing u know the trans agenda will claim that men’s penises retreat with the use of hormones and they somehow grow ovaries.
      Yes, it is amazing that we dont hear about f2t going on violent rampage. But, we all know men are conditioned to be violent. It is psychological, and no amount of female hormones can change that.

  5. Prison officials on Thursday were still evaluating the female transgender youth at the York Correctional Institute for women in Niantic….Katz didn’t name the youth, but said that a staff member was blinded and had her jaw broken in the assault.”
    A male juvenile breaks the jaw of a female staff member, and now HE is the victim. Because he is transgender, the ACLU rides to his rescue.
    THIS INSANITY WILL ONLY STOP WHEN WE START SUING THEM. Every female who has been brutalized by this violent boy should sue the state for placing a violent male into a facility for girls. Their emotional and physical suffering are just as important as his psychological belief that he is a “girl”
    I feel sorry for this troubled boy, but he needs to spend time in a men’s prison. It’s obvious that he has no respect for female authority figures.

  6. People need to wake up because this is only going to get worse. A violent male juvenile broke the jaw of a female staff member. He shouldn’t be around girls and women.
    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a male who identifies as a “woman” has assaulted girls and women. A man by the name of Christopher, “Jessica” Hambrook preyed on women in two different women’s shelters. He stalked and sexually assaulted them. He was allowed into the women’s shelters because he called himself “Jessica” and identified as transgender.
    For people unfamiliar with the way that most “gender identity” laws work, it kind of goes like this.
    (1.) Under most of these “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment is basically optional. All they have to do is “identity” as a woman. Many transwomen have fully intact male genitalia. About two years ago, a man by the name of Colleen Francis trotted around nude in the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College. At the time of this incident, Francis definitely had male genitalia. Francis is a retired military man and father of a couple of children He is definitely male. A high school girl’s swim team was using the pool area, and a seventeen year old girl saw his male genitals. Twenty years ago, males like Colleen Francis would have been arrested, or kicked out of the women’s locker room. The actual campus police report says, “her legs open with her male genitalia showing”.
    (2.) It doesn’t matter if they are a registered sex offender or not. Transgender activists still fought for the right of registered sex offender Paula Witherspoon to use women’s restrooms. He was born male, and his victim was a teenage girl.
    (3.) Even if they undergo sex reassignment surgery, it doesn’t mean they are sane, or aren’t a sociopathic serial killer. Any male can fly to Thailand to undergo sex reassignment surgery. If people have the money, they don’t care if they are sane or not. There is currently a case in Washington State where a transwoman, Douglas, “Donna” Perry is on trial for murdering three women. Douglas, “Donna” Perry is by his own admission, a “sociopath”.
    Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch tied two women up and sadistically tortured them with an electrical wire before raping them. He definitely had his penis when he committed these brutal crimes. While he was in prison for this crime, he self-mutilated his own penis and had to have it removed. At any rate, he started calling himself “Sherri”. The California Department of Corrections sent this monster to a women’s prison.
    Also, there are numerous cases of incarcerated males who sue the state they are held in for hormones and surgery. Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek murdered his wife. With the help of transgender activists, he was successful in getting the taxpayers to fund his surgery. If a man murders a woman, the state will pay for his surgery and female hormones. Ronnie Darnell repeatedly raped a thirteen year old girl. He is another male who expects taxpayers to pay for his “gender identity” treatment.
    The safety and personal privacy rights of girls and women are clearly taking a back seat to politically correct insanity.
    This must stop, and we need to start SUING THEM FOR THE HARM THEY CAUSE US.

    1. Not only sue them but also sue their therapists and all other providers because those folks have an obligation to report them as dangerous and protect people. I wish elected officials that support legislation that puts women in danger could also be sued personally as well as the state.

  7. He is an abused child; it is abuse that triggers the dysfunctional thinking. There was a case linked to from this site recently (can’t remember the name off hand) where the adult mtf had been abused as a boy by adult men and could only process the trauma by ‘becoming’ female as this made more sense to him: he figured men have sex with women and girls in the natural order of things, not with boys. So, again at the root of a lot of this is homophobia that has come from male abuse of boys. The whole thing breaks my heart to be honest, the state-sanctioned abuse just perpetuates the cycle and we’ll have one helluva screwed up individual on our hands in years to come.

    1. That’s what the “transwoman” friends of serial rapist electrocution torturer Richard Masbruch said when they threatened me and my family here. That I was being unsympathetic to “what Richard was going through” when he was torture-raping women. Funny thing is, women and girls are horrifically abused en masse yet crime stats show most of us continue to refrain from becoming violent offenders.
      My heart breaks for victims, but not for what male violent offenders “go through”. Jesus.

      1. Oh my god–what should we do send them a sympathy card–thinking kittens puppies. On second thought that might trigger their urge to kill a few of those. They commit crimes against humanity and you imagine they should drink the milk of human kindness like good baby boys. The root of is being a male and hating women and having a sexual compulsion that does not play well with others. Antisocial is not what’s hot. Women do not need to show compassion to the men that rape and torture them–think otherwise is not all warm a fuzzy it is sick.

    2. WHY do males who attack females get so much sympathy and explaining their violence. If abuse caused violence, most girls and women would be serial killers.
      The “root” of this is male entitlement, male hatred of girls and women, and male innate violence. Why are women’s hearts rarely “broken” over the female victims of male violence like this predator?

      1. Bev Jo, and in those rare cases when a woman does kill a man, the public outcry and outrage is bigger than when the killer is a man, and the hatred for the woman killer is coloured by a fascinated–almost celebratory–glee. Not a drop of sympathy for her if she had been abused or suffered from PTSD; instead, she’s evil incarnate. Think of the Jodi Arias case and trial.

      2. This is actually for morag99. In Maine, U.S.A., there is a great deal more sympathy for women who kill their abusive male partners than there is for men who kill women. What galls me is that we have a governor who is an obvious abuser (drunken, enraged, cruel) who supposedly opposes domestic violence. Kind of a “trans abuser?” Pretend you’re not an abuser by making a PSA with domestic violence agencies?

    3. Funny, how that “abused child” is not out blinding and jaw-breaking men or other boys… no, that poor “abused child” goes for those he knows are weaker than him. Fuck this piece of dirt, fuck those who call him female, fuck those who threw vulnerable girls in with him.
      Odds are good that the majority of girls in this facility have gone through same or even worse things, but where are the breaking hearts for them?
      (And if the girls would team up on him in self-defense, we all know who the poor saintly victim would be.)

      1. Yes, when he assaults a girl – as Jewelyes/Jules did (on camera!) it will be excused as “defending himself against a female who dishonored him”, just as in the Jewelyes case.

      2. I just want to make it clear that I always prioritise the suffering of women and girls above that of men who are the aggressors. But I also have sons and I’m not a separatist. So I have to navigate a world that abuses both genders, that turns boys into abusive men, and I have to look beyond that. I don’t believe boys are inherently wicked just as I don’t believe girls are inherently ‘feminine’. I thought the point was to move away from essentialist bullshit, whether applied to men or women, and specifically, on this site, to challenge when fixed notions of gender are used by trans to justify behaviours because they ‘feel’ female or claim to have a female ‘brain’.

      3. Nobody’s saying boys are inherently evil or talking about original sin at all. We are talking about how serious violence from males towards females is explained and excused away, especially if the attacker can make some kind of excuse like “the women made me do it”.
        I’ve actually even heard that from women. “I gave him cheek [I was rude to him] so I deserved it”. “Any man’s going to give you a pop [hit you] if you disrespect him.” And the famous “Of course he hit me, I was well out of order.” Ask them if a man was rude to them, would they hit him, and they recoil in horror. Of course not! Who would even think such things?
        We need to change this mindset. We aren’t going to change it by dropping Jill Doe (lol) into a locked down facility full of vulnerable girls.

    4. He has BROKEN THE JAW of an adult woman. Do you know what it takes to break the jaw? The answer may amaze you.
      There is a time when actions need to have real consequences. I think this is one of these times. I note that he has attacked women a lot. The answer to this isn’t to put him in a locked down facility for females, thereby increasing the amount of targets he has.

  8. http://wnpr.org/post/attorneys-go-federal-court-case-transgender-teen-york
    Attorneys Go to Federal Court in Case of Transgender Teen at York
    Attorneys for a transgender teen recently placed at Connecticut’s women’s prison said the Department of Correction is expected to announce on Friday whether she will remain there, or be sent to a male facility.
    Meanwhile, an attorney for the 16-year-old was in federal court Thursday morning.
    “We can’t have a transgender female placed in a male facility. I think we all understand the kind of risk this would be to this child.”
    Aaron Romano
    Aaron Romano has been appointed by the chief public defender’s office to represent the juvenile in post conviction matters. Romano explained the federal injunction they were seeking. “We filed a temporary restraining order, or injunction,” he said, “to prevent Jane Doe from being moved from a female facility to a male facility. Or, if she remains at a female facility, [it would] prevent her from being placed in isolation or segregation.”
    Romano said the judge dismissed the injunction while awaiting the DOC decision on whether the 16-year-old will stay at York, or will be placed at Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire for male offenders.
    Historically, the DOC places transgender adult inmates in facilities based on their biological sex, and not their gender identity. This is the first time the state prison system has had to detain a transgender juvenile in an adult correctional facility.
    Romano said that if Corrections tries to move the juvenile to Manson, they will re-submit the injunction to block the transfer. “I think that everyone who understands this case,” he said, “is concerned about the well-being of Jane Doe. We can’t have a transgender female placed in a male facility. I think we all understand the kind of risk this would be to this child.”
    On Tuesday, a juvenile court judge granted a request by the Department of Children and Families to transfer custody of the teen to the Department of Correction. DCF cited a state law that allows it to do this if the juvenile is a danger to him or herself, and cannot be held safely at a DCF facility.
    The teen’s attorneys refuted the allegation that she is dangerous, and they questioned why DCF did not place her in the new locked unit for girls in Middletown. They pointed to testimony by DCF Commissioner Joette Katz in February before the legislative Appropriations Committee. Katz cited Jane Doe as an example of the type of teen that can benefit from the girls’ unit in the Solnit Center at the former Riverview Hospital in Middletown.
    The state Child Advocate stressed that the court order on Tuesday effectively placed a 16-year-old in an adult prison, despite the fact she has not been convicted of an adult crime.

    1. Refuted the allegation that “she” is dangerous?! How else do you describe someone who viciously beats a woman, blinding her and breaking her jaw? Sounds safe as a kitten.

    2. “We can’t have a transgender female placed in a male facility. I think we all understand the kind of risk this would be to this child.”
      But we CAN put a violent male in a female facility. Because it is much better to put females at certain risk of harm from a teenage boy who has proven he can and will cause serious bodily harm to females, than to be perceived as transphobic. Also, if one has to choose between protecting male bodies from violation and harm, or protecting female bodies, it is better to go with male. Because men violating male bodies is more unnatural than men violating female bodies, which happens all the time anyway. I think we all understand this.

  9. http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/state_struggles_to_house_transgender_youth/
    State Struggles To House Transgender Youth
    by Hugh McQuaid | Apr 10, 2014 5:30am
    (0) Comments | Log in to Post a Comment
    Posted to: Civil Liberties, Courts, Law Enforcement, Legal, Public Safety, Middletown
    State prison officials were grappling Wednesday to establish a new policy for housing transgender inmates following a court order handing the Correction Department custody of a transgender minor.
    The youth is a 16-year-old who is biologically male but has long identified as a female, according to a court document transferring the teen from the custody of the Children and Families Department to the DOC. The juvenile was committed to DCF in November after assaulting someone at Bridgeport Detention Center.
    In the juvenile system, the teen has been recognized as a transgender female and has been housed in female living sections at child detention centers and DCF facilities, or in isolation at male facilities.
    But the court ordered the youth transferred to the DOC, initially for an assessment at the state’s only women’s prison. Then the correction commissioner will decide where she will be placed for a longer period.
    Historically, DOC policy has been to place transgender people with the inmate population they correspond with biologically.
    The youth’s lawyer, Assistant Public Defender James Connolly, said the policy presents a civil rights issue for his client. He’s concerned the teen will be forced to look and behave like a male. That sometimes has severe psychological consequences for people who have what’s called gender dysphoria, or a disconnect with their biological gender, he said.
    “The outcome is often depression all the way to suicidal behaviors,” he said. “So, in addition to being a juvenile in an adult correctional facility who’s not been convicted of any offense, you can imagine how this gender identity issue may affect her.”
    However, Michael P. Lawlor, the governor’s advisor for criminal justice policy, said the DOC was re-examining its policy and considering best practices from around the country.
    “I think the time has come in Connecticut and every state for people to adopt a clear policy on this,” he said. “Moving forward, you want to have a process by which you treat prisoners consistent with state laws and we have gender non-discrimination policies on the books here in Connecticut.”
    In 2011, the legislature passed a bill making it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their gender identity and expression. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed it into law.
    But Lawlor said the issue gets complicated in the prison system. Correction administrators need to have a way to verify an inmate as being legitimately transgender. Otherwise, inmates could claim to be transgender in order to be transferred.
    However, Lawlor said inmates already are evaluated based on a number of classifications. He said gender identity should be one of those classifications.
    In the meantime, the teen has been ordered to the women’s prison for 72 hours. In a written statement, DOC Commissioner James Dzurenda said the department was working to accommodate the youth.
    “We will do everything in our power to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for this individual, as we would for any other person under our supervision,” he said.
    But some lawmakers and the state child advocate question why the teen was ordered into the adult prison system rather than being held at a recently-opened locked facility for troubled girls in Middletown. The Children and Families Department received funding to open the new facility despite outcry from some child advocates who claimed it was unnecessary.
    State Child Advocate Sarah Healy Eagan has been working to keep the youth in juvenile programing rather than in an adult facility. Although Eagan said she’s confident that the DOC will do what it can to keep the teen safe, she said the state’s prison department has no precedent for how to handle the situation and no programming to offer.
    “There’s not a blueprint for this,” she said.
    Sen. Beth Bye, co-chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee, said she was “perplexed” as to why DCF would argue in court to have the youth turned over to an adult prison when its Middletown facility, called Solnit, is now open.
    “I don’t understand why, now that Solnit is up and running — as I understand there are only four women there — why they wouldn’t put this woman [there]. That was the whole point. And now we have a case and there is a young woman in jail,” she said.
    Although she questioned why the Middletown facility was not being used, Bye said she understood that the youth was difficult for the department to manage.
    “There’s no doubt it’s a kid that’s very tough to deal with. Clearly,” she said.
    In a written statement, the Children and Families Commissioner Joette Katz pointed to a rarely used law allowing a court to transfer a dangerous minor into an adult prison.
    “The Department does not take such a step lightly. In fact, the only time the law was used to effect a transfer was more than 13 years ago. We work hard to serve youths with even the most complex needs, but in extreme cases, when a youth has seriously injured staff or assaulted other youths whom the department is entrusted to keep safe, thereby eroding the capacity of the impacted programs to serve, it is incumbent upon us to take appropriate authorized measures,” she said.

  10. Or we could just wrap our heads around the idea that not everything can be fixed and trying to do so in a manner that puts multiple women at risk for the sake of one sad little boy is no longer acceptable. Maybe move on to preventing the creation of the next monster. Identify the next monster by his behavior toward the women trying to help him and shuffle his ass off to a male juvie facility. There are real women and girls working in the system or in the custody of the system who could benefit from just a fraction of the energy being spent on this young man who has been given every chance. At some point, they are just too badly damaged, but my sympathies ended with “blinded” and “broken jaw”

  11. I do not feel sorry for violent boys or men. They get far more female love and attention than most girls ever get because males are valued more than females.
    Calling these men “male-bodied” adds to the myth that somehow they are female-minded or female-spirited. The males claiming female identity are the most male of males. And the most dangerous.

      1. Ack, sorry Gallus.
        It was supposed to be on the “Plastic Girl” manifesto thread.
        And there was more to the comment. I’m stuck using mobile and WordPress is not liking me.

  12. This post and the one before have raised my consciousness a level. Before, I spoke about the issue of Erasure of Women As a Class by the legal and social blurring of sexual boundaries, with male intrusion erasing our specific status as historically oppressed class with a specific culture, biology, ethic, and set of needs and goals. That remains a huge concern.
    With these two posts, I would say now the issue is maybe primarily the Erasure of Male Violence. The intrusion of men into the class of women artificially changes the statistics regarding male violence by making “women” appear to be more violent. It’s a brilliant way to erase male culpability, confuse research into the real causes of violence, falsely and negatively characterize women, and change public opinion about the women’s liberation movement. I’m in awe at the ever-resourceful adaptation of the patriarchy to every success women have in our struggle.

  13. You are so right, morag 99. And yes, IceMountainFire, these violent males always go after females to attack. I cannot believe how eager women are to defend, explain, and protect dangerous males. I recently heard a radio show with a woman filmmaker whose documentary was about a 60 year old Euro-descent US man who had an extensive collection of porn and other photos of Asian women, talking about how his fantasy was to have an Asian woman be his servant. When he arranged for a thirty year old woman from China to come to meet/marry him, the Chinese-descent filmmaker who translated for the woman actually said how worried she was that the woman was going to prey on the man!!!
    As bad as this is, it’s so much worse when the man/boy is pretending to be female. I’m not sure why, unless it’s groveling gratitude that an exalted male would deign to pretend to be female. It’s really feeling hopeless about how even most women will feel sorry for and defend these clearly dangerous and disgusting female-hating males….

    1. “I’m not sure why, unless it’s groveling gratitude that an exalted male would deign to pretend to be female.”
      The reason is that males, unlike females, are “human”, and there is something so tragic about injecting humanity into womanhood.

  14. The violent young man is to be housed in the general population of female prisoners.
    Transgender Youth To Stay At Prison For Females
    BY KELLY GLISTA AND JOSH KOVNER, kglista@courant.com
    The Hartford Courant
    5:36 p.m. EDT, April 11, 2014
    A transgender youth who was transferred out of the care of the Department of Children and Families and into the York Correctional Institute this week will remain at the women’s prison, Department of Correction officials said Friday.
    The decision was made following an evaluation of the 16-year-old by prison officials. In a letter to DCF Commissioner Joette Katz obtained by The Courant, DOC Commissioner James Dzurenda said that the teen could benefit from the daily structure at York.
    “We have found that our youthful population benefit greatly from daily structure and routine, and one of the primary needs we have identified for [the youth] is the need for structure,” Dzurenda wrote.
    The letter also outlines prison officials’ intent to introduce the teen to some of the group programs at York, including education, religious services and treatment programs, and to work with the DCF to create “an acceptable behavior plan that will be utilized for future placement in an environment that is most conducive for [the youth’s] personal development and safety, as well as the safety of others.”
    “The hope is that the overall plan will help [the youth] to better adapt to whatever environment she may find herself in, while also increasing the safety of those who are caring for her,” Dzurenda said in the letter.
    There is no criminal charge against the 16-year-old, and DCF said it took the rare action of pressing for a transfer to an adult prison because of the youth’s history of assaulting staff members at juvenile facilities. A state judge on Tuesday approved the transfer of the youth out of DCF care.
    The youth’s lawyers had pressed for a court order Thursday barring their client’s placement at the Manson Correctional Institute for males up to the age of 20, saying her life would be in danger. Through its history, the Department of Correction has always placed transgendered inmates by their biological gender.
    A federal judge dismissed the request for a court order, but Friday’s decision by prison officials at least partially aligns with what the legal team considered the only acceptable temporary option: housing the youth in the mainstream population at York – while the lawyers pursue an appeal of the original transfer order that put her in the adult system in the first place.
    “On one hand we’re relieved that at least they’re acknowledging the possible threat of harm to Jane Doe if she was placed in a male facility,” attorney Aaron Romano said Friday. However the plan in place at York, “still might not meet her needs,” he said.
    She is a juvenile in an adult facility, without peers to associate with, Romano said.
    “I honestly feel DOC is trying to do their best with the situation that they were given,” he said.
    Romano said that the legal team is trying to work with the DOC to identify the youth’s specific needs during this interim while she remains in their custody. While the staff at York has been very accommodating, the facility is simply not where this teen should be, he said.
    “Jane Doe is supposed to be in a rehabilitating setting,” Romano said. The attorneys on her case will be challenging the transfer in its entirety, he sid.
    DCF argued before the judge that it could not care for the youth at any of its programs, including the high-security Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown. The youth had assaulted a staff member at a Massachusetts facility in January.
    In court, DCF lawyers cited a statute that permits such a transfer if the agency demonstrates that no suitable treatment program exists.
    It is the first time in 14 years that the statute has been used, and the first in more than 20 years that the youth in question was a ward of DCF.
    Advocates for children said DCF deals with many assaultive youths, and said the transfer endangers the youth’s life and sets an intolerable precedent. The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut said the agency pursued this action because the youth is a female transgender has filed a court brief joining the youth’s lawyers in opposition to the transfer.
    Romano said non-profit organizations from across the country have reached out to address this situation and he hopes DCF officials will take their concern into consideration.

  15. He blinded the social worker. If that had happened to me or someone I loved, I would make sure the little shit never breathed again.

  16. @Sula
    This has literally nothing to do with essentialism. Nothing.
    As for “abuse makes boys abusive” I can only say that Bev Jo is right. Girls are abused all the time in the most vicious ways. Do they go around and behave like this boy? No, they don’t.
    To make it clear: This violent little shit is NOT acting out abuse. He is acting out his male privilege on every possible level. He doesn’t act from a position of weakness, but from a position of strength.
    He is not protected and coddled because he is a poor victim of abuse, but because he is a boy in a society that so deeply favours and supports boys.
    There is not a shred of empathy in me for the absolute average behaviour of a teenage boy. The amount of invisible, everyday violence offered by teenage boys to teenage girls is baffling. It needs a broken jaw or a rape or the suicide of a girl that this violence for a moment shows up in the media for a moment, but even then it is too often waved off as “boys will be boys”. And that’s even right: Boys WILL be boys, because patriarchal society encourages them to behave like this. And convictions like yours – that boys’ violence has to do with the abuse those boys had to suffer – offers yet another patriarchal justification for those boys and the men who train and encourage them.

  17. The argument that inmates are placed in isolation for.punishment is bullshit. Gay men are placed in isolation to deter rape by other inmates and to deter sexual solicitation by the gay man. Inmates are also placed in.isolation to protect them from other inmates.

  18. http://ctmirror.org/transgender-ct-teen-writes-court-about-her-living-conditions-in-prison/

    While we at the Department are sensitive to the traumatic and difficult experiences the youth has encountered over her life, the Department must clarify some of the information regarding the youth who has previously been committed to the Department as a delinquent:·
    The judge who issued the transfer order heard evidence over a six-day period in which there was ample evidence provided by numerous witnesses stating under oath that the youth has a propensity forviolence.·
    The youth has an extensive history of violence, including targeting female staff at several programs as well as other girls in the programs.This long-established pattern includes: stabbing a female peer with a fork; four assaults or threats on female staff as well as an assault on a female peer resident at the Bridgeport Detention Center; 10 assaults on staff, three of them serious, and several attempted assaults on staff while at Solnit South. These assaults included punching a staff person in the face and using an object to assault staff;ando assaulting a peer at Solnit South.·
    The most recent incident of violence occurred at a Massachusetts residential program where the youth assaulted a female staff person,broke her jaw, and temporarily blinded her in one eye. Massachusetts authorities did not pursue criminal charges at the victim’s request.
    She also assaulted a youth by grabbing her hair and punching her. She exhibited additional aggressive behavior toward staff.The youth is uniquely dangerous in that no other youth at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School has exhibited such a long established pattern of assaults.
    While there are youths at CJTS whohave assaulted staff in isolated instances, the pattern of assaults demonstrated by this youth is unique and warrants the use of this transfer process.The Department has attempted a number of other interventions withthis youth, including placement at a privately-run residential program,placement at Solnit South, on two occasions, and placement at the state-run residential treatment.
    The transfer of this youth to the Department of Correction is not in anyway related to the youth’s gender identity. The transfer order was issued in order to protect other youths and staff — particularly female staff -from a person who has demonstrated over time a pattern of violence that targets females and, most recently, seriously injured a woman. It would be unacceptable to place the youth in the girls program at Solnit···where other girls and female staff persons would be placed in seriousjeopardy.·
    The testimony of Commissioner Katz before the legislature identifiedseveral types of behaviors that necessitated the new girls unit. At notime did Commissioner Katz represent that this youth would be placed at the Pueblo program. Rather her testimony was meant to indicate thekinds of behaviors that warranted a secure program. Although the youth likely would have been appropriate for this facility, if it existed several years ago, at this point however she has become too assaultive and aggressive to be placed in a brand new facility that is still getting its “sea legs.” Currently, there are five girls (including one who is pregnant)placed there, and the majority of staff are female. Just as we are responsible for the youth that is the subject of this transfer order, we are equally responsible for the other girls in our care and custody as well as the safety of our staff.·
    The Department of Corrections has completed its assessment of theyouth and she will remain at York Correctional Center, where she will participate in various group activities, including education and treatment programs.·In relation to some of the systemic issues raised by advocates, it is important to remember that Connecticut is a leader in reducing the use of incarceration for delinquent youths and that only about 2 percent of girls who go to a juvenile court proceeding on a delinquency matter ever get committed to DCF. That means that 98 percent of the girls receive services in the community and only a very small portion of the girls — and only those with the most complex needs — get served by the Department. We firmly believe that community based services designed for youths are the best way to respond to these girls where that is appropriate based on public safety and the safety of the individual girl, other girls in our programs and staff. However community services will not work for all the girls — which is why the courts commit the girls to DCF to begin with -and so there is a need for a whole continuum of services in a range of settings. We do have a number of services available for girls in the community, and we know that we can always improve how these services are provided. However,there also are some individuals who pose a danger to themselves and others and that other kinds of services and placement settings are needed as well.
    Source: The Department of Children and Families, April 11, 2014 statement

  19. Have you read what UVG has gone through since becoming a ward? I just read her testimony in court. I have some idea of what UVG has gone through and why. I lived in similar places for similar reasons.
    UVG won the Oppression Olympics before puberty.
    This person needs a break and some compassion

    1. Everybody but the women he savaged, always some man’s boo boo is the worstest.
      Plastic indeed.

      1. I would add, that whatever he “went through”, men paying to watch that done to women and girls doesn’t count with t’s, of course.
        Had it. I’ve had it here again.

    2. He has all my compassion but he MUST be kept away from females–PERIOD. I do not feel he should be housed with adults but there are 14 year olds that are sentenced as adults in this country. The bottom line is that the kid is dangerous and compassion does not include putting females are risk because he has had a shitty life. Let me promise you ever girl in that place he was breaking jaws has had it 10xs rougher. He is violent and we did not sentence those girls to death at his hands. He will kill at lest one person before he is 25 and what do want to bet that person is female.

    3. He wins the oppression olympics over the abused, beaten, raped, impregnated, sodomized female victims that he assaults, stabs, breaks their bones, blinds them? Have you read THEIR histories?
      I will save my compassion for the female victims of violent males.
      You guys are all the same. Total compassion for your bros who target women and girls – bashing them, stabbing them, breaking their bones. You remind me of Richard Masbruch’s transwoman friends who recently came here threatening myself and my family and demanding I show some “compassion” for “what he was going through” that “made him” electrocute, torture-rape and sodomize a woman and her mother, as well as other female victims.
      Yes, Plastic Girl, some male perpetrators, (just like some non-perpetrating males), have suffered horrendous abuse themselves before deciding to punch, hit, beat, rape, torture, stab (with a fork in this young man’s case!), kick, batter, kill, fracture, and blind women and girls.
      You guys think such males “deserve a break” (whatever the FUCK that means!) and your compassion. What such males do to female victims, some of whose histories certainly contain horrific abuse before being re-victimized- is of little or no importance to you. Female victims receive no compassion from you men whatsoever.
      Plastic Girl, I think you are a terrible person. I saw how you lied on your blog and denied that Dr. Aeryn Fulton publicly responded to you on twitter, confessing to his criminal threats and stalking of radfems including myself. You tried to cover up the whole thing until I attacked you for doing so. You lied. Likely because you had “compassion” for the perpetrator (who, golly, has a whole lot in common with YOU!) rather than his victims.
      Why don’t you go call for compassion for guys who serially batter, stab, and break bones of transsexuals? Maybe they were abused, and “deserve a break”? Oh wait, those victims actually matter to you though.
      Plastic Girl, you make me sick. Why don’t you toddle off and find some other nice site where you can tell women that male perpetrators of the most ghastly serial violence against us deserve our compassion. And are more oppressed than their victims. Yeah. Go do that.

    4. Did you miss the part where this boy broke a woman’s jaw, and temporarily blinded her?
      I have no doubt he’s had a rough life, but he also has a track record of assaulting females. Compassion for him shouldn’t come in the shape of endangering females. Unrepentantly violent people don’t warrant a break, no matter their sex or “gender expression.” He certainly needs help, though.

      1. He’s violently attacked at least a dozen women and girls serially in the last few years. Many of these girls no doubt suffered horrific abuse histories prior to his attacks. He stabbed one girl with a fork! He never should have been placed in girls housing in the first place. My compassion is with his female victims.
        I can’t even imagine what “given a break” means in this context. Given access to assault more girls? Perhaps a sash making him an honorary Grand Marshall of the San Francisco Pride Parade? WTF.

      2. Exactly. I don’t get it. Compassion, sure, I guess (although I can’t quite seem to muster any for this little monster). But, a break? He’s a danger to any females he’s around, as his history shows.

    5. He’s not a girl and neither are you. You and that shit head are just two more MANipulative psycho males. He shouldn’t be anywhere near girls or women. Throw him to the boys and men. It isn’t up to girls and women to absorb every loser male who can’t cope with other males.

    6. yeah, sure, everybody deserves a second chance… to break some womans bones… a second chance… to stab some girl, and on and on and on. you violent shit. you scary violent shit

  20. It’s scary when people talk about perpetrators like this teen boy in regards that because they have had a shitty life–which is sad on its own because no living being should have to grow up like that–they are somehow excused of their shitty behaviours towards other and especially if the shitty behaviours have been directed towards females.

      1. He just sent me three different comments ranting about how I removed a Kelli Busey link from one of his posts. I don’t actually work for Plastic Girl or Kelli Busey, who posts dramatized photos of feminists getting their throats cut.
        I knew what Plastic Girl was made of back when he was running his male “Lesbian Erotica” blog on the side, even as he claimed to be gender critical and pro-feminist. He is an angry woman-hating autogynephile, an MRA, and a liar.

  21. This is how I see it:
    (1.) The reason this has been allowed to get out of hand is because transgender activists have lawyers. Women need to start suing for the physical and emotional harm they cause us. Every one of these biological males who cause us harm and state institutions that allow this to happen should sue. Not only are girls and women losing any expectation of basic and humane privacy rights through “gender identity” laws, these violent males are a threat to our physical safety and emotional well-being. One in five women have been the victims of rape or sexual assault. There is no way that anyone can prove that one psychological condition, “gender identity”, is more important than another psychological diagnosis, PTSD in women.
    We desperately need something like the Transgender Law Center to protect our rights.
    (2.) Girls and women are socially conditioned to put any and everything above our own interests. We are conditioned to be the ones who always have to accommodate others and never make waves. This has to STOP now.

    1. Here’s a choice tweet re: Molloy’s article about the rally for this ultra-violent “trans girl”:
      Alison deNu ‏@AlisondeNu 14h
      @ParkerMolloy @mitchkellaway I’m guessing that the “assault” that she allegedly committed would be seen as self-defense by reasonable people

    2. The author of that article, heterosexual Chad Parker Molloy has recently threatened to commit suicide in response to the outcry in the LGBT community over his falsification of news reports.

  22. If you’re going to insist to cover this story, You might try mentioning a few facts.
    Like the fact that NO charges have been filed against her, yet she’s still in prison.
    Or the fact that she’s a trans girl of color.
    Or the fact that she’s been in the system since age 4.
    Or the fact that she’s survived numerous instances of violence, sexual assault and abuse.
    Or that some of the instances were perpetrated by the people in the Connecticut Department of Children and Families that were supposed to help and protect her.
    Here’s a good article about it:
    [Link removed: I’m not here to promote your shitty blog- GM]
    “DCF’s job is to care for all children, and many of the children DCF cares for struggle with outbursts of violence. So why is Jane Doe the only child in fourteen years DCF has sought to have transferred to an adult prison?”. Could it possibly be because she’s trans?
    Since “GenderTrender will be following developments in this case”, you MIGHT want to mention these things. IF you really are interested in covering the story, and not simply using it as another hit piece to vilify trans women, that is.

    1. The only reason this young man is in an adult female facility is because of CT Gender Identity laws. There is no female juvenile facility equipped to accommodate ultra-violent males who target women and girls for brutal violent assaults repeatedly. There are plenty of juvenile male facilities set up to accommodate such individuals, however.
      I would also remind you, sir, that the girls he victimized, who were incarcerated with him against their will, suffered tragic life histories of racism, abuse, poverty, before he assaulted them.
      This case brings to mind the case of “Sylvia” Cavanaugh. In that case, authorities also struggled to place a violent male transgender:
      “Canada: The first Canadian prisoner to receive a state-funded surgical sex change was a man named Richard Chaperon alias Ricky Chaperon alias Richard Kavanagh who brutally hammer-killed a transsexual male prostitute, Leo James Black/Lisa Janna Black in 1987 in Toronto. He was sentenced to life with possibility of parole after 15 years. Bored with Millhaven, a male prison, in 1999 he sued the Canadian Human Rights Commission demanding surgery to make him appear more female. Like Kosilek, he claimed profound psychiatric disability due to transgenderism. He changed his name to Sylvia Kavanagh. He wanted to be transferred to a women’s prison. He was transferred to Joliet women’s prison with penis intact and reportedly sexually assaulted women there. He was then given Canada’s first government-funded surgical “sex change” in 2001. In 2005 Kavanagh exploded in violence and fought off guards while trashing the women’s facility. He caused over $50,000 in damage and injured guards before he was restrained. He was then transferred to the Grand Valley Institution for Women. Inmates there are quoted as living in “constant fear” of Richard, who was reported to have battered women there. Prison officials stated that Kavanaugh’s ultra-violence required a special handling unit for ultra-violent “female” offenders, something they had never required before (for actual females), and the building of a special ultra-violent “women’s” facility for Kavanaugh was proposed.”
      Don’t want this 17 year old male in an adult facility? Place him in one of many juvenile male facilities designed to accommodate him.

    2. Vilify? Get real that boy is a danger to all life forms and specifically females. And he will kill. Of course he is a male, as are you, and in your fantasy women are supposed risk our lives because you need to ejaculate into some frilly panties. Fuck off jack. You do realize that violent sexual psychopath attacked females and he was being housed with pregnant girls. Pregnant is what happens to girls and women–unlike a hard on it matters in the world. He will age out soon and they can Put him in solitary he is a violent danger. He should never be around females again and I doubt he will.

      1. Honestly, if you think I face public discrimination, bodily harm downright hatred just so I can “ejaculate into some frilly panties”, it’s obvious you don’t have a fucking clue about trans people or our lives.
        You do know that “violent sexual psychopath” was herself a sexual abuse victim, right? Multiple times? Would you even be having this conversation if she was cis?
        No, I don’t think so.
        I find it sad that someone who goes by the name of “Motherhood” seems to have so little empathy for someone who has been abused and in the system since age 4.
        You DO know that there is more than enough violent cis girls out there, right?

        Yet I don’t see you making issue with them. When they’re in the prison next to the “pregnant girls”, will you be demanding that they be moved too? I doubt it.
        I know you’d like to brush this off as “male violence”, but the fact is, girls CAN be violent. Extremely so. Especially if they’ve been abused in the past. And this trans girl has been abused repeatedly. So it might be nice if just for fucking once all you high and mighty “womb-bearers” could demonstrate a little of that female compassion you always claim is solely the providence of cis women.
        Not that I’m holding my breath.

      2. Marti386, you believe, as a man who has studied the history of criminality and violence, that females are as violent as males.
        Then, why not simply transfer the male perpetrator – who specifically targets women and girls for violence- to a male facility where he will not have access to the individuals (females) that he targets? This would protect his victims, and he would not be at any increased risk of violence, according to you.
        Placing this male in a male facility not only removes him from access to potential victims but would allow the 17 year old male to be placed in one of many juvenile male facilities designed to accommodate the sort of serial ultraviolence (biting, stabbing, eye-gouging, etc.) that this young man perpetrates against females. This would reduce his risk of being raped by adult females in an adult facility -which is as likely a risk as he would face being housed in an adult male facility according to you.
        Also, LMAO that you had to go back to a story from 1989 in your search for female perps.

      3. Fuck off asshole. Woman don’t have to do anything for you. AT ALL. Here’s a tip: using female pronouns in reference to men and boys makes you sound insane. Also, the use of the ridiculous “cis” nonsense also makes you sound insane. Go whine and beg for understanding from your men’s rights group. And you can hold your man breath till ya drop fuckin dead.

      4. Yes I do think so. And you also get to be manipulative and troll for unearned pity as the biggest victim when in fact you are demanding women to role as the submissive in your sexual fantasy. You are exercising your male right to arousal. Mothers protect their children they don’t breast feed men that demand attention.

      5. “I know you’d like to brush this off as “male violence”
        Only men like you consider violence against women as worthy of a brush-off.

      6. So Marti replies and STILL does not begin to acknowledge the danger to girls and women that this person presents. It’s all about the male in the story, and his “rights.” What a narcissistic, woman-hating piece of dog crap is Marti.
        No one here is saying that women can’t be violent. Stop trying to change the subject, asshole. We’re saying that a male, with male strength, who targets females should NOT be in a female jail. And don’t bother giving me the crap about how if he’s on female hormones he no longer has the strength of a male – he’s demonstrated several times that he’s capable of inflicting severe damage.
        If this were a non-trans woman who was doing this to other women, I’d say to keep her in solitary. It’s harsh, but the other prisoners have the right to safety.
        Now go fuck off and cry about how hard your life is, you malignant shitstain. You’re just another dude expecting women to put your needs ahead of our own, and we’re more than happy to call you out on it. And yeah…1989? FFS.

      7. @Marti386 Where’s *your* empathy for those violent girls who have been abused? You’re ready to send them to the wolves, or wolf I should say, by supporting housing them with a proven abuser.

    3. oh, Gallus is vilifying violent men who claim to be women? They do just fine vilifying themselves, but thanks for that, I needed a laugh

    4. So Marti’s only concern is for this ultra-violent male; not one whit of worry for the girls and women he loves to brutalize. Typical. So, so typical.
      While I’m sorry that the young person in this story has been abused, that is NOT cause to put girls and women at very real risk. Only a violently misogynist person, like Marti here, would argue for that.
      Eat shit, Marti, and go crawl back under your rock. You’re repulsive.

      1. Care? Come on. Does caring fit the T profile. He could not give two shits if he was standing knee deep in the bodies of dead women. Why should he care about women? They are all manipulative, anti-social and narcissistic. How many women they have to rape and kill before the DX carries with a warning. O sure put that animal in with women—after all he has a hard life and has a hair trigger violent streak a mile wide. He will kill before he is 18 and then it will be called self defense because he is such a fragile tender thing. Let him get used to adult male prison now because after he does kill that is where he will be. Then he can sue the state umpteen times for electrolysis—a win win situation.

  23. Teen’s Violent History Left State No Option
    The Hartford Courant
    5:52 p.m. EDT, April 21, 2014
    As a former Supreme Court justice and public defender, I know that it is the job of lawyers and advocates to put public pressure on government to help the people they represent. It is, however, also their duty to represent the facts truthfully and without distortion. In the case of the transgender teenager who is in the York Correctional Institution for women in Niantic, the advocates are grossly misrepresenting the facts.
    I asked the Juvenile Court to transfer the youth to the adult system with great reluctance and sadness. It was the only acceptable option to ensure the safety of the other youths for whom I am responsible. She has repeatedly, and over an extended period, assaulted girls and female staff members. Although I have compassion and concern for this youth, I must protect the other girls as well as the female staff members who care for them.
    The incident that forced me to this decision — coming after more than a dozen other assaults on staff and peers — occurred at a Massachusetts program. The assaulted staff person suffered a concussion, an eye injury that temporarily impaired her sight, bites to her skull and arm, and bruises to her jaw, chest and arms. (The program and medical personnel originally reported that the staffer had a broken jaw.) The victim filed a police report, but chose not to pursue the case. Contrary to what has been said by the lawyers for the youth, the assault was very serious.
    Another misperception is that the Department of Children and Families sought to place the transgender youth in the adult facility for males. Although the pertinent statute governing the transfer suggests that anatomy controls, we worked intensively with the Department of Correction to have her placed at the women’s facility. The transition might even have been smoother had the youth been willing to work with us and the psychiatrists ready to treat her.
    Much also has been made of the decision not to place the youth at Pueblo, the new program for girls on the campus of Solnit South in Middletown. That program opened last month and serves seven very vulnerable girls, one of whom is pregnant. It would have been irresponsible to endanger these girls and the female staff members by placing this youth, who has time and again targeted females, with them. Many of the girls in this unit have experienced equally horrible abuse and trauma and must feel safe and protected — not vulnerable to attack — if they are to receive the help they desperately need.
    Finally, testimony before the legislature about the need for the girls program at Solnit is being distorted to suit the advocates. I never said this youth would be placed there, but only that the kind of behavior she exhibited — assaultive behavior and endangering other girls by encouraging them to run away — is illustrative of why we need such a program. I did not “use” her to accomplish that which I did not need permission to achieve — the conversion of a state hospital unit to a juvenile justice facility.
    Had Pueblo been available two years ago, it may have been suitable for this youth’s needs without jeopardizing others. Unfortunately, her behavior grew too dangerous to place her at Pueblo.
    I am sad that this option was the best one available for this youth who, without question, suffered horrible abuse before she entered the care of the DCF in 2009, at the age of 12 (not at 5 as advocates claim). I hope that our efforts — we will be visiting her three times a week and coordinating therapeutic programming with the Correction Department — will quickly allow her to make progress in dealing with her traumatic past without resorting to violence. I look forward to the time when we can safely integrate her into a program designed for juveniles.
    This youth unquestionably forces us to confront very serious matters facing the child welfare system in Connecticut and elsewhere. We can, however, only confront those issues with a truthful and honest discussion — not one that relies on distortions and misstatements — which I look forward to having.
    Joette Katz is commissioner of the Department of Children and Families.

    1. Ha! I’m so glad Joette Katz put this out there, to counteract the lies and hysteria of the twanz mob. Good for her!
      The line “The transition might even have been smoother had the youth been willing to work with us and the psychiatrists ready to treat her” makes it clear that there is a LOT more to this person’s behavior than is able to be revealed, due to privacy laws. But of course, that doesn’t stop the twanz mob, who must throw hissy fits despite not having access to the whole story.
      Once again, though, I’m kind of glad that they’re doing so, as it reveals their complete lack of sense, and their complete lack of compassion for the girls and women around this violent predator. They’re showing their true colors, and it can’t happen fast enough.

    1. Harvey Fierstein believes serial violence against women and girls is a perfectly natural response for boys who suffered male violence and male abuse. He explicitly claims that violence against women and girls is a “survival technique” for males who have been victimized by other males. Harvey is a disgusting pig of a man.

      1. I could only read a sentence or two. It made me cringe. I detected a particular variety of male uber misogyny that seems to afflict gay men and gets a pass. If he cares so much about wittle girls maybe he can be Daddy Warbucks and foster this young man. Yes he is a pig–a lot of that going around.

      2. If Harvey Fierstein thinks this boy is wrongly institutionalized, I will believe how much he truly cares when he takes this child into his own home. Until then, STFU. (My annoyance rises from having been a foster parent and having to listen to do-gooder social workers who knew NOTHING.)

      3. I am truly sorry to hear that Harvey Fierstein feels this way. I have enjoyed his performances over the years, and feel pretty stupid at having believed that a male–any male–can be trusted.
        They really just can’t be, can they?

    2. Outrageous. This is so disgusting I don’t even want to deal with it right now.

      1. More Harvey–these men have pushed women out of publication and jobs–Why don’t women see this? WTF is so charming about these gay men? As far as I am concerned they are just as misogynistic as all other men. VIDA fawns over them. Barnard hires them, and Boylan is a shitay writer. https://www.facebook.com/poetsandwriters?fref=nf

      2. Ugh, Motherhood. He’s got such a smug, disgusting face. I don’t see the appeal either and I agree 100% that gay men can be every bit as misogynistic as other men, if not more so.

  24. http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/cac-response-sun-times/
    It’s amazing how sex trafficking doesn’t exist except when it happens to trans. How could anyone place this violent girl in prison?
    Maybe the CEO behind the Good Men Project (she’s been making bank off the latest mass killing now that everyone is interested in vile vs. sexy masculinities) who once employed a sexual predator because he bought page views should start telling her readership to be good women instead of good men if sex is just a construct and all that.

    1. I hope someone can help this kid out in a way that doesn’t harm girls. Whether the State of Connecticut does try to protect girls from “Jane” even despite transcult ideology is very much an open question, but Joette Katz’s handling of this situation thus far gives me at least some hope.
      That said, a big factor, for me, in whether I think someone can be rehabilitated or not is in whether they’re willing to take responsibility for their actions. Going by “Jane’s” sobfest, detailing abuse at the hands of people who had nothing to do with state government (with the implication that the state was somehow to blame) while leaving out and taking zero responsibility for all the abuse meted out *by* “Jane”, I don’t have much hope. If this kid doesn’t turn into a serial offender, I will be very surprised.

  25. If all the tranny panties are in such a bunch, why doesn’t even one move toward adopting or foster-parenting this boy?

      1. Aww, Buddy Cole. I thought he had retired that character. Brings back so many memories …
        “He’s not a girl; he just has too much self-esteem.”
        Good line! Has Scott Thompson got shit for his “transphobia” yet?

      1. Unless he is heavily medicated and under guard he will be violent. IMHO a therapeutic environment is the lest of those poor girls problems–let’s hope he does not kill one. I would not bet on it. Yep we have reached the point that we are only talking about the right to stay alive. Those poor girls.

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