Cecilia Chung of the Transgender Law Center: Murdering lesbians "is not helpful"

cecilia chung violence trans law center
Finally a response from the Transgender Law Center’s Cecilia Chung after two days of death threats against lesbians and feminists in his twitter timeline. Killing women “is not helpful” at this time, in his estimation. Unbelievable.

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  1. Incidentally, Jessica Ottowell identifies himself as the Public Relations Officer of the Durham City and Easington Liberal Democrats.

    1. I wonder what the citizens of the City of Durham and Easington would think about Ottowell’s desire to duct-tape women’s mouths and beat them with a heavy object? Is this good PR?
      He doesn’t seem very concerned about that, what with advertising his violent male rage on Twitter. He shows a lot of security, confidence and entitlement for a member of the most oppressed minority on Earth.

    1. oh my! Killing misandrists is not considered a helpful strategy at this time by the Transgender Law Center. Please be advised until further notice.

  2. Women are upsetting people. They should be beaten.
    Via Jessica Ottowell @nekomusmue:
    “This is not the time to debate with those so predisposed, it is long past time that they were dealt with, be that via the law, as I am pushing for or by duct tape” (I have screen capped this)
    And the shouts that “CIS” people aren’t allowed to talk about trans stuff ever.
    Fine. But you fucking shitbags are NOT EVER ALLOWED to talk about lesbian stuff or gay stuff. Including fucking “queer” allies.
    If you are not a LESBIAN (homosexual FEMALE) then you’re not allowed to talk about lesbians ever.
    If you are not a GAY man (homosexual male) then you’re not allowed to talk about gay stuff ever.
    How well do you think that would go over with these doods and their handmaidens?
    These people are like the fucking Gestapo. Have they ever ran into anything that they didn’t feel the need to police?
    Language, thoughts, and behaviours all must scrutinised by them.
    Trans people are the only true people and everyone else must be educated by them! They change the meaning of words to SUIT them.
    It’s crazy.

    1. The trans brigade love pulling the “you can’t join this discussion unless you are trans” shit all the time. They believe that no matter how disgusting and violent their rhetoric on homosexuality gets (why do you not suck my ladystick/front hole you disgusting cis scum?), we should simply remain silent and pretend that nothing is going on lest we invade their so-called “safe spaces”.
      They are vile.

  3. So Mr. Ottowell here thinks that it’s lesbians who are killing MtT – the usual bullshit. I’m curious to know how he thinks we’re “creating havoc” and “disrupting his business”. And Chung can go fuck himself as well – his silence speaks volumes.

  4. “if they are not dealt with we run the risk of more violence and more deaths”
    Good grief! How soon before trans-activists dispense with suggestion altogether and just say “feminists murder trans women, every single day, with their bare hands and in cold blood”?
    I mean, they’ve already made it clear that they are not the least bit concerned with male violence and female vulnerability to male violence, so why not just explicitly pin all the violence in the world on women? They’re so emboldened right now, I’d bet they believe they can pull off a colossal lie like that and actually get support for it. At least enough to lay down the groundwork for yet another rip-off of feminist work, such as, maybe, a “battered trans woman syndrome” whereby women mis-gendering men causes men such agonizing psychological distress that they are driven to kill women (never other men) to save their own lives.
    Well, according to Cecilia Chung, violence against women is not “helpful.” There’s such understatement and cold practicality in this little phrase that it’s just as menacing as Mr. Ottowell’s expressed desire to kill “TERFs.” He even tells the world HOW he wants to do it–with a heavy object. That’s not criminal, that’s not crazy and bloody-minded, but simply “not helpful”!

    1. “How soon before trans-activists dispense with suggestion altogether and just say “feminists murder trans women, every single day, with their bare hands and in cold blood”?”
      Oh yes, they are well on their way! Every time they pull those statistics on violence against trans people they ALWAYS use neutral terminology like their beloved “cis”, therefore pretending that women even remotely take part in these acts. I have seen “misgendering” as you mentioned being considered an act akin to rape.
      They love to erase their male “history” (I was always a woman!) as they put it, but it’s pathetic and disingenuous to pretend that it doesn’t lie at the very core of their deeply-seated misogyny.

    2. Aha, morag, if I’m being kind, Chung was maybe doing what I like to call the “activist swerve”. This is when a comrade says something arse-clenchingly weird, stupid or disturbing in front of others, and you want to alert them to the fact they’ve made a faux pas, but you also don’t want to directly contradict them and get into a shouting match.
      I’ve had conversations before with people who hold strange views on things and I want to keep them on-side with our not strange task so I’ve done the swerve. “If you think about it, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has a lot to be said for it. I really feel that the concept of Juche…” “Er, well, I suppose people have different views about that, certainly an interesting point but I don’t think it would really be too helpful if we mentioned that in the leaflet on saving the local playgroup.”
      I may actually want to hit them round the head with a copy of Aquariums of Pyongyang, but getting into a massive fight about North Korea or a NK appreciation session is going to throw us off track either way and introduce a controversial topic to a fairly useful session with other, normal, people. So I have to do the swerve and *secretly* seethe about fucking Stalinoids who never know when to fucking shut it.
      Being charitable, this could have been what Chung was doing, but I sadly think you are right and it was agreed with by all, just not politic to say it where other people can see…

    3. once upon a time women were accused of performing a glamour on men and making their peni disappear, witchcraft they said and then drowned her or beat her to confess and burned her at the stake. so now we are supposed to glamour ourselves into believing the penis isn’t there or else, transphobic… beat her, duct tape her, rape her, die in a fire. just the new kill women phase of the new millenium, but dont point it out or, kill her, beat her rape her, diaf, and on and on and on. fuck

  5. not helpful to the creation of mtf image as the most oppressed, not helpful to the pr campaign, not helpful to the infiltration of doods into positions of influence in democratic institutions, tisk tisk, careful about putting into print what u actually think, bad for PR, but to actually police the language and thoughts of another mincing member of the trans parade? never. any real outrage at the suggestion of men in drag committing violence against real women, that wont sell to Tranz Inc.

  6. Right, women are disrupting his business for no good reason, just picked his name out of a hat, has nothing to do with any of his own behavior.

  7. nah it’s not helpful to murder lesbians, that’s a waste of a useful womb, with low STD transmitted infertility. In Uber-MacullinisTtrannyworld ie the Handmaid’s Tale’s ideology – they either have a useful womb/vag or they don’t, that’s all there is to trannyfascism,

  8. I believe it is completely unacceptable to be calling a transwoman “he”. No matter the differences you may have, this is completely disrespectful and violent. If you want to criticize someone, do it with ideas and arguments, not disqualifying their gender identity because that only makes you a biased and bigoted person.

    1. I don’t believe in “sex-role identity”. Chung is a male, performing the female gender: which is forced upon women with male violence. Actual violence, not the way men like you believe that disobedient women commit “violence” upon your male ego when we refuse to obey you.
      Cecilia is an adult male: therefore a man. Only a transphobe would find something offensive in that reality, no? You, SiL, are a transphobe. Stop projecting shame on transgender males like Celcilia. That is not pride. And stop threatening women by framing our observance of reality as “violent”, which contains an implicit threat of physical battery in “defense” of that “violence”. You, SiL, are a violent man. And don’t think your total disregard of ACTUAL threats of ACTUAL VIOLENCE against women and lesbians has been missed by anyone reading your violent male homophobic sexist comment.

    2. As much as I hate the mansplaining the tranny allies attempt, I just HAVE to hear how calling a tranny ‘he’ is a violent act.
      HINT: It isn’t.

      1. Just had a quick look at the whole mess. What can you say?
        Calling an M2T he (or a tranny) merits death or rape threats. Calling a woman a dyke or a cunt or making such threats — THAT is just our own fault for DARING to disagree. It really is as clear as crystal.
        Let’s face it, those of us who have been around a while KNOW all too well that snarled attempted insult of dyke or cunt — it’s the MEN, overwhelmingly who do that. Dyke because you reject them sexually, and cunt because as we all know that is all we are good for. So, sickos from transland using them as well, sounds all too familiar and just TOTALLY male. New dress, SAME insults.

    3. Violence is real and physical it does not include refusing to role play in a male sexual fantasy and call him a women or master or say his erection so girly in a skirt. Women do not need to show “respect” to men when they are engaged in demanding women be submissive to their sexual fetish and compulsion. We are not at your sexual service and here to pleasure men. There is no such thing as a Transwoman. Your aggression and your arousal triggers as are Mr. Chung’s are decidedly male. There is no such thing as gender just abusive demanding men trying to shame women. The slings and arrows–women are bigots–hahahahah. Poor you.

    4. I’m intrigued, SiL….what’s “violent” about it? I’ve been addressed as “sir” a couple of times. I’ve also been hit in the face. Let me tell you, I far prefer the first to the second. Also, less A&E visits.
      Is everyone treated with violence when they are described in ways they’d rather not be? Are people who don’t give transgender people the gender term they think is correct the same people who would beat them up? I think there may be some overlap, in that some women don’t want to use the term you picked, but the people who would beat you up are 100% male. This is the problem, as GallusMag well points out.
      The posters here are radical feminists and see a distinction between sex (which is biological) and gender (which is a construction). They also have quite a lot of experience, unfortunately for us all, in ways that the patriarchy can utterly fuck you over literally and metaphorically. So do I – although I don’t agree with what everyone says here they are talking sense on many levels and I am starting to listen.
      SiL, I am born female and I have had violence against me my entire life for being born female. I have never raised my hand against a man. I would be too scared. Judging by the posts, some transwomen want to duct tape women, beat them, kill them in various imaginative ways. That behaviour is scary for us. It’s scary for me to read about even because I have a bit PTSD. And you’re worried in case some people get called “he” by a woman using the “wrong” pronoun and that is, apparently, violent. See the difference there?
      I rest my case.

    5. So, it’s acceptable and nonviolent for trans to call us “cis” and “fish,” in spite of our objections I might add, but it’s violent to call an adult male a man?
      Disagreement is not violence. Nor is speaking the truth.

    6. Violence is generally physical, how on earth is calling a penis-carrier he violent?
      It is also disrespectful to mock people’s religion, yet that is done every day. The fact is, the only things that get respect, earn it, and generally that means science and facts.
      Transgenderism is not scientifically proven, nor is it factual. A man demanding to be called she is not logical, based on how the English language works, and it is actually disrespectful to WOMEN. Why do you put the ‘disrespect’ of a MAN over that of a woman? Why do you value things that have no proof over things that do? Why do you not understand grammar or the English language?
      ‘Disrespect’ is NOT a crime, nor should it be one. Insanity should not be put into law. Until and unless the terms of female and male, women and man, she and he, are changed, it is illogical to refer to a man as she/female/woman, and it should not be done.
      The definitin of violence is: Behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
      Now, calling a man ‘he’ is not an action that can physically damage, hurt, or kill that man.
      It may EMOTIONALLY hurt that man, but the fact is, no one is capable of knowing what another person’s EMOTIONAL response may be to a generally neutral behavior (eg. not a threat, such as ‘you should kill yourself’), and therefore we are NOT responsible for it.
      If I meet you in the street, and say ‘oh look a cat,’ and you FEEL horrible, because you had a cat and it died, causing you emotional trauma, I am not responsible for your feelings, as there is no way for me to know those things (assuming e do not know each other) as I am not a mind reader.
      Similarly, if I see a MALE, I will call him by the terms designated in the English language for a male, such as man, he, him, etc. This is not an insult, nor it is damaging.
      I must also point out the utter failing in character that this causes; if you are so unsure of yourself that someone disagreeing with you causes you VIOLENT emotional pain, then clearly YOU have issues with yourself. If you are incapable of seeing yourself as you are without external validation, then what you see as yourself is not true.

      1. Don’t understand how saying “he” and “him” is violence but thinking and talking about violent things to do to a woman isn’t. I looked further down the thread – I haven’t looked on twitter, but whatever idiot was insulting Gallus Mag and calling her a cunt, how come that’s not violent, but “misgendering” is?
        (I hasten to add, I’m called “a cat” because I couldn’t think of a name. I live in a block of flats. I looked out the window and saw – a cat! I like cats so that seemed alright to me 😀 I am not offended if anyone points out I’m not, actually, a cat – I don’t think cats can type, for a start.)

    7. This whole “misgendering is violence” is just a way for people to pretend to themselves that women are the perpetrators of violence against trans people (since ALL the physical violence against them is committed by men), while justifying the incessant threats of physical violence against women by trans folk online and the actual physical violence against women by trans “women” like Kosilek and Hambrook.

      1. What is real violence, is the attacks on women that have been committed by some MtT. In the light of those, threats such of these seem very real, and very scary. There are of course incidents of violence against transpeople, too, which are absolutely wrong and reprehensible, but these seem mainly to be committed by men. I have tried to be open minded, and respectful (and will continue to do so to the best of my ability), because, truly, I dislike making anyone feel uncomfortable. And I have to say I prefer seeing RadFems at least avoiding intentionally aiming to be hurtful, though I don’t blame them one iota for running out of patience in the face of this type of behaviour, and out of their concern for WBW. But to me it’s reached the point where the gender of some of those identifying as transwomen almost doesn’t matter – those acting in a threatening manner are simply not people I would wish to be around or associated with, or would feel are safe for other women to be around, it’s irrelevant if their brain does say they’re a woman or not. Which would make it a different type of intersex condition, anyway, it wouldn’t simply make them women. Second Wave feminism’s focus on the female body was a revelation to me, it truly helped teach ME to feel comfortable in my skin (experienced BDD), so I will not dismiss our female reproductive biology as irrelevant to our experience as women. It would absolutely be possible for more moderate voices to condemn those making threats (and I have seen RadFems engage respectfully with transpeople with calmer attitudes), but that is largely not happening. Precisely because I do care about the pain felt by those with dysphoria, and would wish for them to be able to be truly helped, I now no longer believe I’m doing transpeople any favours by simply agreeing with whatever they say. Which is not even terribly consistent across the trans (or is it trans*? They can’t even agree on that) community, making it actually impossible to completely agree with them anyway. Even if you play the numbers game, and try to focus on the greatest good for the greatest number, the best interests of WBW, including lesbians, and the interests of gender role non-conforming children (and of all children pushed to conform to gender roles, which is happening increasingly it seems), would surely have to outweigh the interests of the minority trans community, purely based on greater numbers. It’s unfortunate, but in many cases they’re just not terribly compatible.
        Based on their own definition, I (and I think a lot of RadFems), must surely be genderqueer, anyway, I don’t have this mysterious innate sense of gender (which to me suggests it’s actually the current definition that’s off…). And I’m not comfortable with ‘feminine’ stuff at all, either, so that’s gender role conformity out the window. So they can always respond in kind by ‘misgendering’ me by using whatever pronouns they like for me, rather than the female ones that I would use as belonging to my female biological sex, I’ll deal, it’s better than getting threats.

    8. Bigotry is forcing women to accept u into female only spaces. Bigotry is u silencing women so u have free reign to play out ur delusional girly girl fantasy. Violence is u and ur ilk threatening females with violence for not submitting to ur delusion about ur penis and ur cheap lipstick.

  9. I want to know how Cecilia Chung, the Lead Strategist of The Transgender Law Center, (an organization dedicated to codifying harmful sex-roles into law, and eliminating the rights of women to public female gatherings and spaces), can also claim to be serving the female population of San Francisco as Public Health Commissioner.
    Male violence against women is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE. Cecilia is responsible for serving female constituents, yet makes a living eliminating women’s rights and undermining women’s safe spaces against male violence. This appears to be a huge conflict of interest.

  10. Chung was asked on twitter last night whether he supported the right of lesbians in the city of San Francisco to hold public events for women only. Chung refused to answer, stating that his lack of a personal “lesbian identity” rendered him unable to address the needs and issues impacting the lesbian community. Yet as SF Health Commissioner he is tasked with exactly that. Very disturbing indeed.

  11. https://twitter.com/TumblrTXT/status/453307546959642624
    Sorry this might seem unrelevant but I just feel that this is so typical. TumblrTXT reposts weird things from the site Tumblr, this time about someone whose username is TERFKILLER. You know, murderer of women who want safe spaces for women. Response? “So what, TERF’s are cunts”
    Violence against women seems to be “so what” to lots of “transactivists”.

  12. Saying “Tranny”? You should be punched.
    Violence against women? Still okay!
    If they can change the word “lesbian” to now mean someone with a penis then I’m changing the word “tranny” to mean entitled special snowflake.
    Wait, not allowed. Only a stupid female.

    1. I don’t have a Twitter account, but I’m following the conversation between Gallus, Chung, and others. I see that Chung just now warmly thanked one “Tina Tonga” for calling Gallus a “stupid fucking dyke” and a “cunt.”
      Chung has a longer fuse than his trans brethren (and as a professional, more to lose if he loses his head), but he allows his chums to do his dirty work for him. Moral rot is at the core of these guys. Bunch of Dorian Grays.

      1. Actually, no. Dorian Gray was aware that he was a piece of shit, and chose to hide his rotten soul from the world. These guys openly project their own rottenness onto women who just won’t bend the knee to them.

      2. It really says a lot about that person that they think ‘dyke’ or ‘lesbian’ is an insult. And ‘cunt’! The misogyny runs very deep in that one. You just know the next thing that crosses his mind is ‘I make a better woman than you — look at my makeup, pink, dresses, curtsies, sugar & spice… and.. womyn penis!’

      3. Oh, not just better women, but better feminists! Lots of tweets about how women don’t know anything about feminism. Men, being men, know more and do feminism correctly.
        Also, Chung was tweeting something about radical feminists being “too damaged” to be able to appreciate gender diversity. You know, standard anti-woman tripe wrapped up in a warm-fuzzy like “diversity” and also a complete reversal of the truth.
        Because, women who are damaged by gender are unable to critique gender because they are too damaged. Just a modern-day version of female “hysteria” to disqualify women’s worth, perceptions, opinions, analysis, etc.
        Chung cannot transcend his penchant for manly rhetorical tricks. He’s as much of an abusive gas-lighter as his pantyhose brigade wishing beatings and rape unpin lesbians who dare to disagree.

      4. Chung is despicable. I will drop screen caps of some of it into this thread but as Bethany said, there is just so much of it. Ugh.

  13. whether or not a man can ever be “she” IS the argument. radical feminist discourse on notions of gender ARE the ideas.

  14. Okay, so screen-capped most of the images from Tina Tonga’s facebook page. I then watched kitten videos to remove those images from my brain.
    At some point, I can load it to Imgur or wordpress.
    Currently drowning in school work but I do have the images.
    I will find it hard to believe if Tina Tonga doesn’t fall under their lovely little trans umbrella.
    Whilst the Facebook pages were quite sparse every link seemed to lead to drag shows and the majority of friends on both pages were drag queens.
    Tried to cap Cecilia’s refusal to police his own but it got tiresome. How do people tweet so much? Crazy
    I also love his (Cecilia’s) refusal and deflection.
    A few days ago I could have sworn he was telling people from our community to “collect” Gallus but he is incapable of doing it for the nutbags from his.
    And as always, rape threats not condemned.
    Just half hearted “Don’t do that” or “Can we stop with the bad words?”.
    We say “tranny” and now we are the most violent people ever and “instigators” of violence.
    When questioned about it, he just brings up his own history of assault which has NO relevance to the issue at hand.
    Oppression Olympics anyone?
    If women bring up our own histories of assault or rape we just get “NOT ALL X ARE LIKE THAT!”
    It makes me sick.

    1. “Can we stop with the bad words?”
      Yeah, I saw that. Chung called it “vulgar language.” Talk about understatement! (I.e., lying).
      Chung made it sound as if that violent, rapist prick was just naughty, and had called Gallus a “stinky poop” or some such. When in fact her called her a “stupid fucking dyke” who “deserved to be raped.”
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, gas-lighting is a speciality of the male sex-role. I’d bet, with brain-plasticity and all, that there is a great swath of grey matter in the male brain devoted exclusively to this practice.

      1. Thank you. It was very disturbing when a man told me I deserved to be raped and that the Health Commissioner of San Francisco thanked the poster for calling me homophobic slurs.

      2. Another example of gas-lighting:
        Victoria Brownworth confronted Chung about his lack of condemnation (concerning the homophobic slurs) by asking: “THAT is your response to a trans woman calling a lesbian a ‘fucking dyke’?”
        To which Chung replied: “I don’t believe she is trans.” Ha! 
        Then he kept it up, avoiding answering the salient question, which was about his failure to respond appropriately to the verbal abuse (and, soon afterward, rape threats) perpetrated on his behalf. 
        It’s not one or two instances, but a pattern. They do this over and over again, leading the conversation into irrelevancies and minutia, with the goal of exhausting the person who is seeking an answer. 
        Another one was Chung repeatedly asking, “do you live in San Francisco?” when Gallus was asking a clear and pointed question about the relative privilege of gender non-conforming lesbians, impoverished, and other vulnerable women (compared to trans) living in the SF area. No answer, of course–just more disingenuous evasions.
        This is THE mode of communication for the trans gang (including their unhinged “cis” allies, who talk and behave in strikingly similar ways–including making the ever-so-popular retort, “die in a fire!!”)

      3. “This is THE mode of communication for the trans gang (including their unhinged “cis” allies, who talk and behave in strikingly similar ways–including making the ever-so-popular retort, “die in a fire!!”)”
        Absolutely. It seems that for the transactivists and their handmaidens, rape is horrible but certain women deserve it as punishment. These certain women are of course lesbians and radical feminists. Transwomen don’t deserve rape, of course, because they are true victims. So now there is a class of “bad women” who deserve rape, which sounds a lot like the status quo. How is this progress again?
        The way liberal feminists discuss transgenderism reminds me of how they support prostitution. They don’t seem to have a problem with the idea that there’s a rapeable class of women to begin with, they want prostitution to become “safe” and have the stigma of being “rapeable” transferred to another kind of woman. Of course they will argue that they don’t want any woman raped, but they don’t seem to care that the sex, fashion, and beauty industries are at the root of men’s entitlement to women’s bodies. When one woman is considered rapeable, we are all considered rapeable.

      4. Re: rape
        They are men rape is not horrible to them in fact it is a major facet of their sexual fantasies. It is women denying them their rightful acess. Rape is a myth to men that women made up. They love to pretend they were raped odd though the hard evidence, such as police reports and hospital reports do not bear it out. They resent and hate real women rape victims because they represent to them is a woman that distracts people from them and interupts the fantasy. They are sociapaths and violent. If what I know about men holds true the handmaidens are not safe. After a few allies become victims of these men I am betting there will be police and hospital reports. Their rape wishes for women are not empty. They will make good on those.

      5. Yes, there are an awful lot of violent male “transwoman” rapists. This case just today:
        Police: Man accused of rape
        By Kevin Kearney
        Posted Apr. 10, 2014 @ 2:09 pm
        SALEM TWP.
        – A transgender man from Wayne County has been arrested in Texas on charges of raping two underage females, state police at Honesdale reported.
        David Scott Teeter, 48, also known as Heather Teeter, was taken into custody Wednesday in Hurst, Texas. He faces extradition to Pennsylvania.
        Teeter, whose last local address was listed as 3 Marlenes Road in Salem Township, faces felony counts of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault and endangering the welfare of children.
        The alleged assaults happened between 2000 and 2010.
        According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Trooper John Decker:
        One of the alleged victims came to the state police barracks at Honesdale on Feb. 27, telling Decker that, three years ago, when she was 10, she would take rides with Teeter to Bethlehem.
        “She advised that he would tell her that she was coming with him and she had no choice whether or not she wanted to go,” the affidavit states.
        Teeter, who at the time worked for Boots & Hanks Towing and Recovery in Scranton, would drop off the girl at a gas station in Bethlehem and leave her for one to two hours, telling her he had to go fix a truck.
        The girl later learned Teeter was not fixing a truck but was having a sexual relationship with a transgender named Scott (Jessica) Miller.
        On the way home from the trips Teeter would molest the girl, she told police.
        “She advised that she (told) him to stop but Teeter would not and would threaten her that if she told anyone he would kill her. She advised that she was scared to say anything until now, and that she is still scared of what may happen to her for telling,” says the affidavit.
        The girl told police the incidents occurred between eight to 10 times in 2010.
        The girl’s mother told police she had just learned about the alleged assaults.
        Another alleged victim, now 23, met with police on March 21. She told Decker the first time she remembered being assaulted by Teeter was when she was 8 or 9 years old and living on Luzerne Street in Scranton.
        Teeter made her take off her clothes and raped her, police said. She told police “Teeter did this to her eight different times” until 2005, when she was 14.
        Teeter also is accused of raping the girl several other times at his Salem Township residence and behind the Boots & Hanks’ building.
        “She advised that when she would cry Teeter would say, “Shut … up or I will hurt your mother.”
        The girl lost touch with Teeter for several years. When she was 20 and three months pregnant, she encountered Teeter while playing pool at a bar in Simpson.
        Teeter lured her to the parking lot and raped her, police said.
        He told her “that she better keep her mouth shut or else … and that she was very scared and knew that Teeter would harm her or her family so she has not reported this incident until now,” says the affidavit.
        Read more: http://www.wayneindependent.com/article/20140410/News/140419946#ixzz2yX8WqlW7

      6. Here’s another “transwoman” charged with 3 counts of rape – this one is a twitter programmer who was abusing radical feminists in the #fuckcispeople thread:
        “April 11, 2014 News » Crime & Courts
        Transgender, women’s rights advocate and prominent Twitter engineer charged with rape
        By Jonah Owen Lamb
        Dana McCallum, a senior engineer at Twitter, has been charged with rape.
        A prominent advocate for transgender and women’s rights in the tech world has been charged with raping her wife, The San Francisco Examiner has learned.
        Dana McCallum, a senior engineer at Twitter who speaks and writes about women’s and transgender rights and technology issues, was arrested Jan. 26 and booked into County Jail on suspicion of five felonies, according to the Sheriff’s Department.
        McCallum, 31, whose legal name is Dana Contreras, was charged Jan. 29 with five felonies, including three counts of spousal rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence, according to the District Attorney’s Office. She has since pleaded not guilty.
        McCallum has been out of jail on $350,000 bail. A condition of her release is that she attend AA meetings, according to court documents.”
        more at the link. Damn that is a scary looking dude.

  15. I do have a twitter account and just posted to cecilia c chung twitter:
    Survivorthriver ‏@dzongsar 1m
    Lesbian means female XX homo. Can you adequately protect Lesbian public health if you don’t support public events for women only?
    I’m a twitter nerd, but, looks like the tweet successfully sent to him.

    1. I see my tweet on my own page, but I do not see if on Mr. Chungs twitter feed – yet. Curious.

  16. Ugh. And here is “gender reconstructor” Jane Doe, MD (whose tweets sometimes appear in IBTP’s twitter feed), defending Parker Molloy, who is currently receiving rape and death threats–just like Gallus and other radical feminists are.
    Sorry, no screen capture, but here’s the text:
    Jane Doe, MD ‏@DrJaneChi 2h
    Rape & murder are VERY real risks for trans women. Telling @ParkerMolloy to just ignore trolls dismisses that. #ISupportParkerMolloy
    Yes, indeed, Jane Doe is correct: rape and murder threats should never be dismissed. I wonder if @DrJaneChi, Chung, et al. realized that “Rape & murder are VERY real risks” for WOMEN.
    I can’t stand it.

  17. I’m so sorry that was said to you, Gallus Mag. It’s terrible here, in terms of what we once had and how bad things are now. San Francisco is it’s own entity, city and county, with probably a higher number of gay men in power than anywhere else on earth. I’ve mostly focused on how the gay men use Lesbians on so many levels, from adding us against our will to their “LGBT,” to demanding our blood literally as well as support for them dealing with AIDS. The “AIDS life cycle” event here made 14.5 MILLION dollars last year, and the benefit I saw was primarily Lesbians doing the work. There is nothing for dying, homeless, ill, etc. Lesbians, especially since the trans cult took the few organizations over that were for Lesbians. (It’s even more outrageous because AIDS is basically an STD affecting mostly gay men, but also many gay men chase down men with AIDS and ask to be given it, as a gay man with AIDS I know told me is constantly happening to him.)
    So I hadn’t thought as much about the extent of the powerful gay male lobby, with so much political and monetary power, supporting the trannies in all they are doing. Clearly they did with getting the laws changed so men can use women’s restrooms. And the question is why since they gay men have much more clout than the trannies…. (I don’t tend to be at events where gay men are. In spite of the help they get from some Lesbians, they are quite separate in their expensive spaces where they own so many businesses, including an entire neighborhood.)

  18. “The “AIDS life cycle” event here made 14.5 MILLION dollars last year, and the benefit I saw was primarily Lesbians doing the work.”
    Oh the dumb dumb lezzies who clearly crave male approval are at it again. Those tireless stooges. What good obedient little girls they are. They’re so laugh worthy. And don’t worry the fags are laughing their asses off at them.
    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
    ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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