Denver State Women's Wellness Center now to offer cervical cancer screenings to men who feel like they are female

“DENVER — A state-run women’s wellness program now provides breast and cervical cancer screenings for transgender women, announced the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Wednesday.”

71 thoughts on “Denver State Women's Wellness Center now to offer cervical cancer screenings to men who feel like they are female

    1. Maybe they send in a pretend doctor to inspect their pretend lady parts.

    2. UCSF trans health website says:
      “Pap smears in neovaginas are not indicated; the neovagina is lined with keratinized epithelium and cannot be evaluated with a Pap smear. Perform periodic visual inspection with a speculum, looking for genital warts, erosions, and other lesions. If STI is suspected, do a culture swab, not PCR. Neovaginal walls are usually skin, not mucosa; when it is mucosa, it is urethral or colon mucosa. ”
      So, we have periodic visual inspection, then presumably the nurse PRETENDS it is a PAP smear to make the chap feel all happy and feminine……………..
      But yes, it’s NOT and never could be cervical cancer screening when a dude doesn’t have a cervix. But apparently getting your (medical) facts corrects hurts their pretty laydee feelings, just as getting your other (biological) facts correct does.
      Gawd knows what pretty laydee name they’ll be required to come up with for their prostate exams. Plus means the gyne nurses have to learn how to do prostate exams AS WELL?

      1. I did read a story about a clinic in Hong Kong that got sued for turning a m2t away from a prostate exam because all his patient data said female and probably the health insurer would have a problem with that.

    3. You would feel differently if you weren’t actually a woman, and so were insecure in your womanhood and desperately wanted the world to pretend with you that you are a woman. Then you would INSIST on having an evaluation of your missing uterus.
      Your inability to sympathize with this psychological need of transwomen who are so insecure in their womanhood is deeply cruel and causes them to commit suicide. You meanie, you.

    1. I thought so, too! 🙁 There was one commentor a while back who went on a long rant about how ” shocked” his female gyno was upon seeing his “cervix”. Right! His fuck-hole to nowhere has a magical cervix to where? Candyland? Just another fucked up attempt to waste women’s time, resources, and force us to play along with their delusions/fetishes. A proctologist or urologist would be better equiped to deal with cancer screenings for male transgenders, but that would be twanspbobic and not enough of a burden on women.

  1. Will FTM transgenders be eligible for free prostate and testicular cancer screenings?

  2. they must mean anal Pap smears, what a stupid way to phrase it. we americans are stupid, 30% of the population doesn’t believe in evolution because of religious beliefs and other 70% of the population believes that males have a cervix if they say so themselves female because… they’re liberal? I don’t know why actually, this crap boggles my brain

    1. Snort.
      “One moment, darling,” she said, as she shimmied her luscious shoulders from his hot, passionate embrace. “I’ve got to take care of some girl stuff first. Then I’m all yours, lover boy!”

  3. Lolwut!
    Do they mean FtT by any chance?
    Because fuck logic. What are the even hoping for?
    “Your fuckhole to nowhere shows signs of…?”
    Scarring? They need those scars!
    These are surgical wounds so I hope they’ve got surgeons handy.
    Mammograms are for older women (young breast tissue isn’t great for mammograms) and most older MtT have silicone implants. And the dudes that have developed gynomastica don’t have old enough tissue.
    From the guidelines:
    Live in Colorado.
    Are legal residents of the United States.
    Are 40 – 64 years old.
    Have limited or no health insurance to pay for these screenings.
    Have not had a Pap test or mammogram in the last 12 months.
    Meet income requirements.
    And of course, tax money (via the CDC) is being use to pay for this.
    If they had an email I would write to them. Only phone numbers.
    I am disgusted by this. Wasting money for the delusions of men. It is sickening.

  4. …..cervical screenings?? I could understand the mammograms up to a point, since even males who haven’t had HRT can develop breast cancer and presumably oestrogen use makes them more vulnerable, but… what exactly is a pap smear going to do?? “Congratulations ma’am your inverted peen hasn’t developed inverted peen cancer”??

  5. Blair is primarily concerned with getting his chest examined, it seems. I didn’t read anything about the state of his genitals in any news source I could find so I think it’s fair to assume that he won’t get a cervical cancer screening. However, now any other trans male can have his cervix examined without it actually existing. I wonder how healt care workers will handle this – they will probably be forced to lie throughout the entire examination. Blair doesn’t seem to care and is more concerned with being a “real woman” than dying from that growth in his chest area.
    “I’m just a person like anyone else,” said the 62-year-old Blair. “I have the same hopes, the same dreams, [and] the same concerns as any other woman.”
    (It says that Blair lived as a man for 50 years so I highly doubt that.)
    “I am a real woman,” Blair said. “This is about social justice. This is about holding public organizations accountable to do the right thing.”
    Basically, this is what happened: a man without health insurance belonging to a risk group was able to sue his way into a free mammogram which men usually need to get a diagnosis for (read: they’ve got to pay in any case) – not because he’s afraid for his life but because the center “dehumanized” him by not validating his identity.

  6. Most of these ‘tests’ are just about making cash registers ring, so if they can include non-core clients, that makes more money for big Pathology! Creates more faux jawbs!
    I think the thing born women need to focus on rejecting is that these men don’t count as women statistically, especially in crime stats. It’s the most important bit as far as I see, they can call themselves what they want and pretend all they want, but no, they cannot be included statistically.

    1. I think you will find that they are, in the UK, counting them in the female stats. They get a shiny certificate saying ‘female’, and if they have that bit of paper before getting sentenced, then it will go down as ‘female perp’. And be sent to a female prison.

      1. And then everyone can pretend that the violent crime rate for cisgender women is mysteriously going up. It has nothing to do with individuals who were socialized as male being included in those statistics.

      2. @kesher This truly concerns me. I wonder whether there are even boxes to check for keeping these statistics. I wonder if trans* would support adding those stats, but I’m guessing they would only want to be counted when they are crime victims, not perpetrators!

  7. You know, as a person who identifies as a dragon, I think that I should recieve free medical care to get work on my wings. Oh.. you can’t see them? Oh, well that’s an insult to my identity! I demand that you pay me money for not adhering to my delusions!
    I demand surgery so that I may have actual wings!
    (sarcasm hand up).

    1. i know, when i go to the vet to have my feline incisors looked at, they just laugh at me. i know they’d never treat a cis cat that way.

    2. I hope you use your fire-breathing powers in a constructive way! I so envy you!

  8. Blair talks about how the synthetic estrogen he takes puts him at an elevated risk for cancer. NO ONE is forcing this dude to take that stuff – it’s his choice. There are billions of women who would really benefit from taking estrogen replacement therapy, after menopause or a hysterectomy or cancer treatment, but they DON’T, because of the risks it entails. Instead, they live with the hot flashes (which despite being joked about, can be debilitating), the thinning hair, etc.
    Blair makes it seem as if he has to be on these drugs. He doesn’t. He takes them in an attempt to make himself look “prettier”, which isn’t going to happen anyway. He’s a fucking coercive liar who’s using up funding meant for real low-income women.

  9. I’m shocked the comments on that page are still there. Usually rational, truth telling comments get deleted.

    1. A lot of comments have been removed. There were far more yesterday. My comment is gone, and it was quite tame.

  10. babies are next. im sure lots of them claim they’ve been pregnant since some claim to have periods. didn’t gemma seymour come here and claim menstruation or something? comic relief! i used to have it bookmarked but i lost it.
    transladee-dads prefer to say they’ve “given birth” instead of “fathered children” which reminds ppl of their manhood. Laverne Cox set the standard while talking about her TV character. now they’re all saying it.
    erases women totally. their whole plan.

    1. ‘transladee-dads prefer to say they’ve “given birth” instead of “fathered children”’
      The things I learn here! I didn’t know some of them go as far as to say they birthed their children. How offensive. I’d like to help these lying men get their heads out of their asses–with a pair of forceps. Should take anywhere from 12-18 hours. They can just breathe their way through the pain.

  11. off topic, sorry. but does anyone know what valerie keefe means when she says “mullerian” and “wolffian” instead of female or male? like is this some other kind of male or female instead of the regular? why use these terms? or is she just trying to sound fake-scientific? also, seems to imply this usage makes her intersex? are these words for intersex ppl?
    i’d ask her, but i hate her guts and can only stomach her blog in short shifts. can anyone else stomach it long enough to read it? lol

    1. If my memory of my undergrad lecture on this serves me correctly, these terms refer to the rudimentary beginnings of the female and male reproductive system during prenatal development. I don’t know for sure but he is probably trying to make the case that something happens during this differentiation process in Trans people that causes their disorder. Intersex conditions are proximally caused by unusual hormone balances at this period of development.

  12. Hey Brunhilda, I’m a dragon too, can you give me a ride to the clinic for dragons?

  13. One of the commentors made an excellent point: those transgenderist men was able to spend thousands on surgery to have their penises inverted, why are they using a screening resource for women with limited funds?

  14. “DENVER — A state-run women’s wellness program now provides breast and cervical cancer screenings for transgender women,”
    Yes, it really said “cervical cancer screening”. Males don’t have a cervix. You don’t have to be a gynecologist to know this. It’s common sense and rudimentary biology.
    Sex reassignment surgery does NOT create a vagina, and even after SRS these males still have their prostate. The prostate isn’t removed during SRS. Estrogen might shrink the prostate, but it’s still there. Males who think they are women can get testicular and prostate cancer. A lot of transwomen still have their male genitalia. Does this mean that doctors who work in clinics for low income women have to do prostate cancer screening and other tests that a urologist usually performs. So, males who think they are women expect medical services and routine tests for their male genitalia, prostate which isn’t removed during SRS, AND mammography for their fake breasts. They don’t have a cervix and can’t get pregnant, but they expect gynecologists and doctors who work in low income clinics that have historically served poor women to check out their prostate and inverted penis skin.
    Taking away precious limited resources for women so that males can get their fake breasts and inverted penis skin (the skin of the penis is usually used to line the “neovagina) checked out.
    These males shouldn’t ignore the fact that they still have a prostate because it’s not removed during sex reassignment surgery. Also, many males who think they are women still have male genitalia. This means they can get testicular cancer like any other male. This clinic will have to take care of their male reproductive system and their male reproductive system that has been altered with hormones and surgery. Nothing can erase the fact that these are still male.
    It’s really sad to me because these clinics are often the only place where women can get regular pap smears and contraceptives.

  15. “Funds for the Women’s Wellness Connection program at CDPHE can now be used to serve transgender women who meet the program’s eligibility requirements to receive free or low-cost mammograms and Pap tests, according to the health department.”
    Does this person who wrote this article even know what a Pap test is? Cells are scraped from the cervix and examined to see if there are any cancerous changes. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens to the vagina. Males do not have a cervix or uterus.
    There is no reason why any primary care physician couldn’t do the following. The degree of ignorance on this issue is astounding. The prostate is still intact after sex reassignment surgery. Are doctors at this clinic that serves women supposed to do digital rectal exams on “women” to check out their prostate?
    Miss Smith, I need to do a digital rectal exam to check out your prostate.
    Prostate: PSA is falsely low in androgen-deficient setting, even in presence of cancer; only consider PSA screening in high risk patients. Use a digital rectal exam to evaluate the prostate in all transwomen. (Grade C)
    Pap smears in neovaginas are not indicated; the neovagina is lined with keratinized epithelium and cannot be evaluated with a Pap smear. Perform periodic visual inspection with a speculum, looking for genital warts, erosions, and other lesions. If STI is suspected, do a culture swab, not PCR. Neovaginal walls are usually skin, not mucosa; when it is mucosa, it is urethral or colon mucosa. (*skin from the penis is used to line the “neovagina” – sometimes whey use a section of the colon)
    Please keep in mind that many males who identify as “woman” never get sex reassignment surgery.
    It’s really foolhardy to tell males to ignore their male reproductive system. Many males who identity as “women” still have their male genitalia. If they undergo sex reassignment surgery, the prostate is left intact.
    Males can get breast cancer even if they aren’t taking female hormones. It’s rare, but it has happened. The American Cancer Society doesn’t recommend mammography for males. If males have enough money for hormones and breast implants, why don’t they pay for their own mammography? Males save up money for hormones and breast implants so they can “feel like women” and grow breasts. Then, they expect taxpayers to pay for their mammography.
    Does anyone know the long term effects of years of synthetic hormones? No one is allowed to ask these questions. We are supposed to believe that pumping human beings full of synthetic hormones is perfectly safe.

    1. Just picture it: You go to get a mammogram. There are “changing rooms” with curtains, flimsy-ass curtains. You go in there…perhaps TERRIFIED because you have a FEMALE first-degree family member who had breast cancer. It’s a yearly torture to go and get a mammogram. After changing into your gown, that ties in the front, you go sit in a small room with other women…some of whom may ALREADY have had breast cancer, a breast removed, radiation treatment, whatever. And they’re scared shitless too. Or at least, it’s not the happiest goddam day of the year for them.
      So there you all are, sitting there, all you WOMEN, waiting to be called back for your mammogram. And a man appears…who thinks he’s a woman. And HE’S there…for his yearly mammogram. He sits down in a gown next to you. You can tell he’s ENJOYING it, the INTIMACY of it. Maybe when you came out of the changing room, he came out too. Unfortunately you made eye contact. Maybe he leaves his gown a little undone in the front, ’cause he’s kinda proud of his perky man boobs.
      How do you feel?

      1. “How do you feel?” Keep them OUT!
        Even if there is a legitimate increased risk of breast cancer in males on oestrogen, and even if there is only the specialist mammogram machine in the womens clinic, they STILL need to consider the cost implications, AND the possible reactions, as you so rightly say, of women finding there is a laydee in the room.
        Add in that the male concerned probably has no worries AT ALL about breast cancer, cos he knows fuck all about actual womens issues in the first place, and is just doing this to get yet another lovely ‘I’m a REAL laydee’ affirmation, and you should have grounds for not doing this.
        Except that would mean listening to what women actually WANT and NEED, rather than just acquiescing to whatever males DEMAND, and as we all know, that never happens………………..

  16. Reblogged this on Gender Realities and commented:
    GenderTrender has a great thread right now about males with delusions of gender sucking up medical resources dedicated to screening actual women for breast cancer and cervical cancer. I recently fired a female gynecologist who hired one of these faux females as her intake nurse. He was flouncing around in nightclub wear (chandelier earrings, mini-skirt, six-inch stilettos, yada-yada) while every, single REAL woman on-premises was wearing no make-up, scrubs, sensible flat lace-up nursing shoes, nails clipped short (for ease of washing and wearing surgical gloves), etc. He was definitely the fox in the hen house and I refuse to give him the satisfaction of pretending along with him that he’s female or that he belongs working in an all-female environment serving all-female patients. I don’t know what my doctor was thinking but if she’s willing to hire the delusional in a critically important role within her medical practice then she can play along with gender idiots without MY participation. No way, no how.

    1. I thank you. When I get my yearly gyn exam and then a mammogram (two separate appointments), it’s traumatic to me for so many reasons (I’ve experienced a lot of abuse). A man at the OB-GYN’s? We’re talking major flashbacks. I have to consciously put forth effort to not get into flashback mode when I go, as it is. One time I went to see a female OB-GYN, and when I got there, I didn’t want to be physically examined. She asked if she could at least take my blood pressure and listen to my lungs. So I said ok. I realize that is a terrible waste of medical resources, to go to an appointment and then not want to be examined. So I just did that one time, after not going to the doctor’s for years.
      Then there’s always the posters on the walls, about getting help if you are in a domestic violence situation.

  17. I wonder whether these men are also wanting to use these services to fuel or enact weird porno/sexual fantasies. On the one hand, women are vulnerable to being subjected to misogyny, sexual harassment and sexual assault by doctors, especially when it comes to these kinds of checks. But presumably, a community focused clinic like this one is probably going to be staffed mostly by women, because no one else cares about the health of poor women. But now these staff members are going to have men coming in with their porn-soaked brains, and their desperate desire to be validated as women, and I have absolutely no doubt that some of them are going in there imagining scenarios like the doctor/nurse being so turned on by the sight of the delicious neo-vag that they’ll get (hawt lesbian!) sex right there … And they’ll probably go in there making gross suggestive comments to the staff on the assumption that this kind of thing could or should happen or would be desirable … And in reality that will mean female health care professionals who are being sexually harassed at their work by deluded male patients who think they are women.

    1. I wonder if they see it as a way to get “free” breast implants. They figure if they are diagnosed with breast cancer, they need a mastectomy to remove their estrogen-induced mosquito bites, and then reconstructive surgery is in order, and they pick a set of double-Ds.

  18. “I wonder whether these men are also wanting to use these services to fuel or enact weird porno/sexual fantasies.”
    I imagine that’s a big factor for more than a few of them. Not only is it major validation of their “womanhood,” but it’s an opportunity to invade/violate women further and try to live out some exam-porn fantasy.
    What a worthwhile use of resources. SMDH

  19. How is this dude paying for estrogen and who knows what else, with no health insurance and low enough income that he qualifies for free medical? He must be seeing a doctor to get his prescription renewed, right?
    Several years ago, I could not qualify for ANY help. I was on unemployment, making half of a salary that was peanuts to start with.
    And who is paying his lawyer?

  20. Why haven’t the MRA’s come out in outrage about this?
    Males can get breast cancer.
    Why is the Women’s Wellness Centre not changing their name to the ‘Wellness Centre’ and not offering males mammograms too?
    Pretty sexist if you ask me.
    Why is it only offered to one subset of males? That seems discriminatory. (sarcasm)
    You can tell that trans borg are actually MRA’s in disguise because of the absolute silence you see come from MRA’s about trans issues.
    MRA’s (of course) believe in brain sex. EXCEPT when it comes to them.
    Their brains aren’t male! That’s misandry to suggest they’re all alike!
    Females have the same brain? Yep…sounds legit.
    If a woman brings up the fact that she doesn’t feel safe around men then she’s a misanderist feminazi bitch.
    Trans need to change in the women’s room because they fear men? Yep…that’s okay.
    Why do no MRA’s ever get shitty at trans for suggesting they’re all violent? How come trans never get told “We’re not all like that!”?
    Because MEN only respect other MEN.
    There’s your fucking male privilege at work boys.
    (I’d just like to state that the Chrome spell check doesn’t recognise recognise ‘misandry’ as a word. Lol!)
    This dude is just a litigious fuckwad who will probably never go in for a mammogram. He just wants his 15 minutes.
    If he does, he’ll probably lick the mammogram equipment and masturbate in the toilets. If he isn’t too preoccupied putting cameras in there.
    I am so angry about this.
    What an absolute show of male dominance and entitlement to force women to play along with his sickness.
    He SUED an under-funded health clinic that probably couldn’t afford to fight against this dude and his army of pro-bono LBGT lawyers.
    It’s the rape shelter all over again. It’s disgusting.

    1. “If he does, he’ll probably lick the mammogram equipment and masturbate in the toilets. If he isn’t too preoccupied putting cameras in there.”
      Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!lol (((((you)))))

  21. As with HRT, let them have it. HRT with all it’s carcinogenic and brain-damaging effects, and mammography with its false-positives, fear-mongering, disease model healthcare delivery, excess radiation causing cancers and diagnoses leading to surgeries for something which is not cancer at all.
    Women who have been studying this refuse mammograms now, did you know that? Those who might be helped by mammography are post-menopausal, but even then, once every five years is now suggested. It is not a good idea to have one every year, or even every second year, and not at all to have a ‘Baseline” mammogram done. This is all just disease-mongering and stockholders share, not healthcare.

    1. Personally I fear all these hormones and psych drugs in my water supply. People pee them out and from what I’ve heard, filters don’t work on them. The more people on HRT, the more HRT we all consume. It’s scary.

      1. Most estrogen in the water supply is due to industrial pollution. Moreover, plenty of anti-feminists try to use fear-mongering about estrogen in the water supply as an excuse for why women shouldn’t be on the pill. I have my own issues about the trans movement, but worries about estrogen in my water isn’t one of them.

  22. new york times:
    mentions this website, intended for “hipsterish transgender types”:
    what’s up with the site name? are hipsters are too cool to get surgery? are post-surgery ppl excluded? sounds like it.
    & transgender “types”? what’s that? is that like “vegan types”? people dabbling in transgenderism to see if they like it? doesn’t sound like the crisis we’ve been presented, the “hormones or suicide!” trans activists who blame Janice Raymond for 50,000 deaths.
    if its just a lifestyle for “types” what’s the big deal? sounds like being a musician or being a foodie. Musical types, foodie types

  23. I’m sorry, how can that work? Will everybody play pretend? “No problem with your cervix, ma’am. And dare I say, it looks rather feminine and womanly” doctors will say pointing vaguely at a blank screen.

    1. “Your carved-out inverted FEMALE penis and scrotum seem to be working just fine today! (i.e. doing absolutely nothing but being a fetishistic fantasy)”.

  24. Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    In order to placate men and their delusions, women and girls will have to forgo their life saving treatments to make sure penises and surgically created fuckholes are given the attention they do deserve. Ladies, please take a seat at the back, men are here for a phantom cervical cancer screening!

    1. well, I demand a free prostate cancer for my trans prostate (cis hemorrhoid), maybe lance armstrongs little livestrong org can raise funds for a trans testicular cancer treatment (cis-zitz-on-my-ass). clearasil wont do, I’m sure its testes cancer

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