transdroids, necroticism, neovags, and other post-human male still-birth: by a "Plastic Girl"

Male “birth” device.

Reprinting this blog post for discussion. Nothing groundbreaking here, but not linking to source because there is some confusion over whether author “PlasticGirl” is the violent, deranged anti-lesbian and anti-muslim Dr. Aeryn Fulton of Pittsburgh, PA.
Dr. Aeryn Fulton claimed to be the author of blogger PlasticGirl’s posts in the course of Fulton’s violent gay-bashing death threats against blogger GayNotQueer, and others, who were critical of stereotypical sex roles for gay men, lesbians, and society at large.
Here is the post, open for discussion of transgender POV re: “womanhood”. His post is titled “Can Trans women and Trans-critical Radical Feminists ever be friends?”:
Can trans women and trans-critical radical feminists ever be friends?
Posted on March 30, 2014 by plasticgirl
I first discovered trans-critical radical feminism in late 2010, and since then, I’ve read Betty Friedan, Mary Daly, Sheila Jeffreys, a smattering of Andrea Dworkin, Janice Raymond, and Germaine Grier as well as Julie Bindel and Julie Burchill and every trans-critical rad fem blog I could find, in the hopes of trying to understand.
Setting aside for the moment, the various radical feminist postures on trans, I found my study of radical feminism to be mind-expanding. I lost sleep reading Sheila Jeffreys and Factcheckme. Radical feminism increased my situational awareness of the dynamics of power between men and women. I see media images and advertisements aimed towards women in a totally new way. I found myself in agreement of the idea that women as class: female, are still in need of liberation from the Patriarchy, because I had personally experienced patriarchal oppression as soon as I started presenting as a woman, I just didn’t have a name for it, other than, “welcome to womanhood”.
Then we get to radical feminism and trans.

To Mary Daly, I found myself wondering if I could have stealthed into your female-only classes. Would you have clocked me? Would you scan me as a female or clock me as a necrophilia-inspired Franken-imposter, sired by my srs surgeon? I felt…well, I felt NotAllTransWomenAreLikeThat. I wonder if I had passed as female, completed her classes, and then confessed to being transsexual, if she would be happily surprised, or angry with me for the boundary violation. I have imagined you, tutoring me, one-on-one, to help me dismantle any lingering maab socialisation.
To Andrea Dworkin, I would have liked to tell her that I’m sorry. By becoming Plastic Girl, I didn’t mean to uphold traditional gender roles. Before I transitioned, I had no premeditated intention to colonize feminist identification, culture, politics and sexuality. Nor did I have any desire to appropriate a woman’s body. I just wanted to be female and hrt, srs, and fulltiming it as a woman seemed the closest I could get. Your statement of what transsexualism is, does not align to my personal narrative Andrea, or, NotAllTransWomenAreLikeThat.
To ShielaG, who, when posting about transwomen at Miska’s FAB MATTERs blog in 2011, opined, “They’re fembots.” I had a vision of some transgendered women I had met who definitely fell into that category, but not me. I never wanted nor tried to perform “fembotism”. My reply boiled down to, “Come on ShielaG, not all transwomen are like that.”
To Germaine Gier, who stated “No so-called sex-change has ever begged for a uterus-and-ovaries transplant; if uterus-and-ovaries transplants were made mandatory for wannabe women they would disappear overnight”, I wanted to say, “Untrue Germaine! Begging for ovaries would not have made it possible. None of the srs surgeons offer that body mod, but had it been available, or “made mandatory” I would have accepted it! Or basically, “Not all trans women are like that, Germaine!”
To her claim that, “Whatever else it is, gender reassignment is an exorcism of the mother.” I would have asked her if she actually wanted a transwoman’s personal take on what gender reassignment is, because having had one myself, I can attest that exorcism of my mother was not part of the reason. Basically, #NotAllTransWomenAreLikeThat.
To FABLibber, who once claimed that we don’t smell like real females, I wanted to say, “FABlibber, do you know this from experience? Have you ever actually laid down with a transwoman? Have you ever smelled her hair, her wrists, her neck, her belly, her thighs, or her feet?” I was sure that if FABlibber smelled me, even just my wrists, her eyes would widen from surprise and astonishment, and she would retract her statement. Pretty much another version of notalltranswomenarelikethat.
To Shiela Jeffreys, who has argued that “the vast majority of transsexuals still subscribe to the traditional stereotype of women” and that by transitioning medically and socially, trans women are “constructing a conservative fantasy of what women should be. They are inventing an essence of womanhood which is deeply insulting and restrictive,” I wanted to say, “I am sorry Sheila, that was never my intention. I honestly had no idea that by transitioning, I was upholding patriarchal norms or inventing an essence of womanhood. I am self-identifying as a woman because my maab socialisation trained me that I could be anything or have anything I wanted, by going all out, rolling over all obstacles, and persevering until I had what I wanted. But since I’ve been transitioned for almost half my life now, what should I do? What do you want me to do? Where do we go from here? My underlying premise? Not all trans woman are like that. Obviously.
To Julie Bindel and Julie Burchill, I wanted to say I am sorry we come across as such entitled maabs. For what is worth not all trans women are like that.
To factcheckme, who in April 2011, posted

“so in the interest of maintaining consistency, i hereby make the following concession: post-op MTF transsexuals are less dangerous to born-women than are genitally-intact MAABs, because post-op MTF transsexuals cannot impregnate women against our wills.

okay? there, i said it. now, i am *not* saying that SRS makes MAABs into FAABs, or anything of the sort. in fact, the problem with post-op MTF is STILL twofold: the MAAB problem, in that all post-op MTF are STILL MAAB, and therefore were groomed as oppressors of women (and rapists) since birth. even if we concede that MAABs without their dicks are less dangerous than MAABs with them (or lets just say they have one less trick up their sleeve?) there is STILL a legitimate complaint here on the part of FAABs, who dont want to be subjected to misogynist hatred from the oppressor class, perhaps particularly in FAAB-only spaces and (yes!) the restroom.

second is the problem of schroedingers rapist. among MTFs as a group, we dont know who still has their dicks and who doesnt, and we shouldnt have to guess. AND in addition, the FACT that MAABs, as oppressors of women and rapists, rape with things besides their dicks, all the time. its a rather MAAB thing to do actually.

Factcheckme is the only rad fem I have tried to go out of my way to communicate with. I expressed solidarity on intersecting issues and pointed out that mtfs are also vulnerable to schrodinger’s rapist, and asked her, what would she (or rad fems in general) have us do [about the bathroom issue], and she replied, “NOT MY PROBLEM DOOD”.
More than any other internet rad fem, I tried to understand factcheckme. I love her writings. She has been my primary radical feminist teacher. Her observations on the condition of faab matters helps me pass better, socially, with women.
To you, factcheckme, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your writings more than you can ever know. You have taught me so much, and I have no way to repay you. I also love my surgically altered body, even if the neovaj was birthed by rape culture. It’s a part of me, and I love myself. I know it’s not the real thing and I am okay with that. I am still going to use the women’s restroom, even if I that makes me a colonizing, boundary-crossing, privileged maab, because I too need somewhere to pee, and the bushes are just not going to cut for me. I tried to examine my maab privilege and understand where rad fems were coming from and I hope you realize that I don’t consider transactivists to be “my peeps”, oh heck, what I really mean to say is, not all trans women are like that.
But I don’t think factcheckme, Sheila Jeffreys, Julie Bindel or Julie Burchill or Germaine Grier really care about what our truth or our experiences are. The existence of transwomen seems to be seen as an affront, if not an actual threat to both women’s liberation and radical feminist theory. I understand we don’t belong at Michfest, but I am not going to detransition, which means there is a remote possibility we might share a women’s restroom someday.
Twisty Faster at I Blame The Patriarchy seems to think that after The Revolution, there will be no gender, and thus no need to trans from one side of the gender binary, to the other. The Lesbian Separatist Utopia has no use for us either.
Back to the post title: Can trans women and trans-critical radical feminists ever be friends politically? No. Never. Not in this life.
The thing of it is, I don’t sense that rad fems really want to sit at a table with us about their concerns, and even we did, I doubt we could meet them halfway on the issues, because what they really seem to want, is for us not exist. Our offense is transitioning in the first place. Our existence and our narratives seem to be real thorn in the side of radical feminist academia. For the most part, these radfem academics don’t seem interested in hearing our side. Or having read some of us, we’ve been pigeonholed as a group, as fembots striving to preserve sex-based gender-role stereotypes.
As far as I know neither Mary Daly, nor Andrea Dworkin, nor Germaine Grier ever tried to get our input on our identities before forming their opinions on “what transsexualism is”, and putting their conclusions into publication. They just took their Franken Fembots with Mommy Issues theories, and ran with them. That does not seem like rigorous [honest] academia, to me.
My primary concern, my main response to trans-critical radical feminism has always basically boiled down to #notalltranswomenarelikethat, but I am pretty sure they already know that we are not all like that.
I think radical feminism is going to die, and I feel like I and am partly responsible for that death, because I am a Plastic Girl. I am voluntary transform. A future-tech biomorph. I used my privilege to transform into a faux-female at a young age. I do not experience transphobia or transdiscrimination. People do not “sir” me, or ask me what pronouns I prefer. I don’t get clocked for gender ambiguity, yet most rad fems seem convinced that none of us can pass and or they can spot us all a mile away.
It might be hard to accept that some of us just don’t stick out, and without a scarlet “T” on our breasts, you really have no idea that we were male assigned at birth. I understand that that is probably intimidating. I think in the future, there is going to be a lot more of us who transition earlier than I did and who will be even harder to spot. We are not going to go away.
As for transhumanism, take for example Google Glasses. Someday the Google Glasses maybe an actual eyeball or implant or maybe a permanent contact lens that people have installed. Sooner or later, bionics and cybernetics will be so advanced that people will willingly trade in perfectly good body parts like eyes, ears, arms, legs, even internal organs, for body mods that will take their place, that perhaps even do a better job than their genetic counterparts.

image added by me- GM

How will the Shiela Jeffreys, the Twisty Fasters and the Factcheckmes of the world deal with the coming transhuman phenomena? I don’t think radical feminism is ready for cyborgs. There will be cyborgs who will not identify as male or female or who identify as both, or something else entirely, and these cyborgs are going to need a bathroom to pee in too.
Trans men and trans women are just the beginning of transhumanism. How for example, will feminist notions of body acceptance take hold in the minds of men and women when a person can just change what they don’t like by throwing money at the problem? Body acceptance will never take hold, because modern technology combined with capitalism means privileged people don’t have to settle for acceptance. The future belongs to Cyberpunk Dystopia and transforming surgeries. Boob jobs, stomach staples, penile enhancements, phalloplasties and vaginoplasties are just the beginning of the choices we will have to change ourselves.
The rights of Cyborgs and Transhumans will be codified into law before the feminist liberation occurs, and that will be the end of radical feminism. Rules protecting gender variant and trans gender persons in public spaces means that women will have to tolerate gender or sex ambiguous people in the bathroom and every where else too.
The force of history is, for better or for worse, on the side of transhuman body-modding. The concept of woman-born-woman space, while necessary and healing and nurturing for women-born-women will become extinct. It’s almost extinct now. I guarantee you that Michfest will eventually cave to the political antics of transactivists. Having already lost restrooms and rape shelters to transgender inclusion, Michfest, as it currently exists, a one week intentional community for FAAB women to gather away from all MAABs, will be over. Like the polar ice caps, WBW space is being pushed further and further back. And like the great auk, the auroch and the polar bear, WBW space will soon be a thing of the past.
Make no mistake about it, Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford’s UN Letter will have no effect on slowing down the erasure of female-born-female as a specific identity with specific concerns needing specific protections. Class: female will be available for anyone who feels like they are female, and anyone who wants to look and live like one and can afford the process.
The concerns that some women have, that this process is happening too fast, that faab experiences matter, that there are issues with allowing anyone who self-identifies as female access to any and all female spaces will go ignored, because these concerns are not politically correct. Women will be forced to accept these impositions so that no self-identified male-to-female TG ever has to have hurt feelings.
In the final analysis, trans rights and radical feminism are diametrically opposed to each other. We do not have the same agenda, the same concerns. or the same goals. Because radical feminism seems biased in favor of their preferred academic theories over our individual and collective transsexual narratives, while taking every opportunity to invalidate our identities as women, I do not think we can ever really be friends. And if you think life is uncomfortable now with the increased visibility Plastic Girls and Plastic Boys, you had better prepare yourself for more awkwardness in schools, the workplace and the restroom, because we are just the beginning.
image added by me-GM

[sic. Images added by me- GM]

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  1. Is this a new video game? A new film? I think it’s already been done. It was called The Terminator. Did he miss the ending? The part where Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) says, “You’re terminated, fucker!”

  2. So transgender becomes , with the sleight of hand so familiar in these arguments, ‘transhuman’ and neatly erases ‘sex’ difference? So why do you want to identify as female at all? Why not identify NOW as only ‘trans’ and let that be your identity, a ‘midway point’, neither one or the other? Pretending that you would be willing to forgo ‘femaleness’ and embrace a radical identity is as convincing as reports that teletransportation is nearly here. (And God knows we’ve waited long enough for that particular futuristic ‘invention’ to come to pass) But, anyway, thanks for recognising the strength and rationality of the radfem argument. You got that part right at least.

    1. Exactly. This d00d seems to think that anyone and everyone will “trans” into being “women” (note the quotes) and yet somehow, magically, women will not be able to “trans” out of that same space.
      They want the category of “women” to mean something, but just to let them in and then close again. If everyone is truly free to be you and me and swapping out body parts at the weekend, what will be the point of transitioning into “woman”?
      It seems just another version of the desire for “dress and heels” to remain shorthand for “women” because the M2Ts who very much don’t pass need there to be some adoptable shibboleth they can voluntarily assume that will cause everyone to slot them into their preferred gender box. They don’t want the boxes to go away, heavens no.
      Or to put it another way, if MichFest (and what it symbolizes) goes away, then the game is over for the M2T, isn’t it?

    2. I am all in favor of Trans being….Trans. They know exactly how that feels.
      What I oppose is gender trumping sex – and do not accept that Trans knows what it is like to feel like a woman.

  3. It moves into death threats in the second half of its typically long-winded, loving the sound of my own voice, hate-filled rant…’I think radical feminism is going to die, and I feel like I and am partly responsible for that death, because I am a Plastic Girl’…’Make no mistake about it, Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford’s UN Letter will have no effect on slowing down the erasure of female-born-female’
    The penultimate para in this interminable envy piece sums it all up –
    ‘The concerns that some women have, that this process is happening too fast, that faab experiences matter, that there are issues with allowing anyone who self-identifies as female access to any and all female spaces will go ignored, because these concerns are not politically correct. Women will be forced to accept these impositions so that no self-identified male-to-female TG ever has to have hurt feelings.’
    ie you born-females are worthless in a phallocentric culture, men just want the cartoon women, the fetishised bits, get used to it.
    and then, the Final Solution –
    ‘In the final analysis, trans rights and radical feminism are diametrically opposed to each other. We do not have the same agenda, the same concerns. or the same goals. Because radical feminism seems biased in favor of their preferred academic theories over our individual and collective transsexual narratives, while taking every opportunity to invalidate our identities as women, I do not think we can ever really be friends. And if you think life is uncomfortable now with the increased visibility Plastic Girls and Plastic Boys, you had better prepare yourself for more awkwardness in schools, the workplace and the restroom, because we are just the beginning.’
    … some big hairy scary tranny threatened to hit me with his gigantic stilletto heel. coo.
    What a piece of work is a man.

  4. “To Mary Daly, I found myself wondering if I could have stealthed into your female-only classes … I have imagined you, tutoring me, one-on-one, to help me dismantle any lingering maab socialisation.”
    So the author fantasizes about deceiving a woman, and then having her as an unpaid personal coach? And suggests this perspective has something to offer feminism?

    1. Yes, this is laughably ironic. “I wonder if I could use my MAAB socialization to get a female to do the work for me in eliminating my male socialization.”
      Yet again I breathe a sigh of relief there is a safe, sane place on the internet I can come where the people have laser sharp critiques, and impeccably calibrated bullshit radars. Thanks, gals.

    1. Thanks for asking if it’s cool to appropriate the word “woman” to as descriptor of biological males.

    2. Why don’t you SUE à la Tranny Mafia so you can further show the world the fragility of your ideology when confronted with rational criticism?

  5. Dear Gallus Mag,
    I would appreciate it if you would not copy and repost my entire piece.
    I think copying 500-1000 words is sufficiently generous, plus a link to the original post on my blog.
    To be clear, you do not have my permission to repost my content piece in it’s entirety, with or without attribution.
    I hope we can come to a resolution that benefits us both.

    1. LOL. The only one “benefiting” from this, is YOU, whose work would otherwise remain unread. I explained my decision to err on the side of women’s safety in the intro to the piece.

    2. People re-blog my entire posts with attribution all the time. It’s called Tumblr. If Plastic Girl decides to be a dick about it I will keep all reader’s comments here and I suppose a link to the piece on the WaybackMachine when/if it becomes available. Certainly not going to risk sending women to a site I wouldn’t access myself without a proxy.

      1. Anyone else notice he didn’t deny being Aeryn Fulton? Good call on not linking, GM.
        Poor, little plastic-headed boy…

      2. Yes, he is. If anyone is interested, PG has not returned to the thread. He now has a post up on his blog claiming he is not Dr. Death Jonathan Aeryn Fulton. Unfortunately, I have seen Fulton pull such elaborate harassing stunts such as troll accounts, sock puppet accounts, suicide threats posted on my blog, etc. etc. etc. that I wouldn’t put anything past him. It is indeed unfortunate if PlasticGirl is not doctor death, and has instead also been damaged by Dr. Fulton. However I am unable to make that determination at this point. They certainly have identical themes and interests, although of course that is not uncommon among M2T. So there ya go. Just another cwazy day running a feminist blog.

      3. @Lilly- obviously he has changed his views. I notice M2T that begin blogging and commenting in a pro-radfem capacity generally “turn” after a while, often becoming the most hateful MRAs imaginable: like Dana Lane Taylor. Seems to be a pattern. Either that or males just tend to lose interest, because there really is nothing in feminism that benefits them as men, and if they can’t be “leaders”, then heck, what’s the point.

      4. @ Gallus.
        Don’t know if you’ve seen this report :

        Suicide Attempts Among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults

        From the PDF – Methods and Limitations:
        “While the NTDS provides a wealth of information
        about the experiences of transgender and gender
        non-conforming people, the survey instrument and
        methodology posed some limitations for this study.
        First, the NTDS questionnaire included only a single
        item about suicidal behavior that asked, “Have you ever
        attempted suicide?” with dichotomized responses of
        Researchers have found that using this question
        alone in surveys can inflate the percentage of affirmative
        responses, since some respondents may use it to
        communicate self-harm behavior that is not a “suicide
        attempt,” such as seriously considering suicide, planning
        for suicide, or engaging in self-harm behavior without
        the intent to die (Bongiovi-Garcia et al., 2009).
        The National Comorbity Survey, a nationally representative
        survey, found that probing for intent to die through
        in-person interviews reduced the prevalence of lifetime
        suicide attempts from 4.6 percent to 2.7 percent of the
        adult sample (Kessler et al., 1999; Nock & Kessler, 2006).
        Without such probes, we were unable to determine the
        extent to which the 41 percent of NTDS participants
        who reported ever attempting suicide may overestimate
        the actual prevalence of attempts in the sample.
        In addition, the analysis was limited due to a lack of
        follow-up questions asked of respondents who reported
        having attempted suicide about such things as age and
        transgender/gender non-conforming status at the time
        of the attempt.
        Second, the survey did not directly explore mental
        health status and history, which have been identified
        as important risk factors for both attempted and
        completed suicide in the general population”
        And it goes on further.
        65% of those questioned listed a mental health condition as their disability.
        67% of MtT and FtT who stated prior suicide attempts declared a mental health condition.
        Definitely worth a read if anyone here hasn’t seen it.
        But seriously? ONE question about suicide?
        Why not ask them if they like Chicken or Steak?
        74% of all respondents indicated they prefer steak.
        I’m not picking on the trans community.
        I am legitimately shocked by the shitty methodology here.
        At the start:
        “In the present study, we sought to increase understanding of suicidal behavior among transgender and gender non-conforming people through an in-depth analysis of NTDS data”
        That is fucking bullshit. If they actually gave a shit about helping these people then they should have done better then ONE question.
        And then there’s this:
        “Cross-dressers assigned female at birth who perceived that they were generally not recognized as transgender or gender
        non-conforming were found in this analysis to have the
        highest prevalence of lifetime suicide attempts (47%).”
        So “cis” females have the highest rate?

    3. We could also screenshot your stupid ‘manifesto’ and then host it as an image and not be in violation of copyright law unless you could prove that she was profiting commercially off your work.
      Alternatively, we could add bits and pieces to made it a parody and not be in violating copyright law.
      I’ve seen your picture [link to CB removed, sorry.-GM]

      Yeah…totally couldn’t pick you as male. You are just soooooooooooooooooooo womanly! *eyeroll*

      1. Ahh, the LinkedIn link kept asking me to sign in before it’d show a picture.
        Thanks Gallus.
        I’ve been watching the twitter roll on the side, then started reading Dana Taylors twitter feed.
        Oh lordy…haha
        The hackerz are coming for you Gallus! You hurt some fee fees.

      2. Norman Bates wannabe. The smirk and the dead eyes. Another guy in a cheap wig trying to look demure.

      3. Oh God, I instantly recognized that as male. Something about that brow ridge…as you gals know already, these dudes post the most feminine-looking photos, so the in-person reality is probably twice as masculine as this, so I’m betting the shoulders are broader than 99% of natal females.

      4. Good googly moo, who COULDN’T recognize that as male? Dude, you are a dude, you have always been a dude, and you will always be a dude! (You sure like to hear yourself talk, don’t you?)
        Thanks, Gallus, for exposing this prick

    4. Crap this guy is talking about permission is a bit like Ted Kaczynski claiming rights on his “manifesto.” He made it public and it is covered under fair use–the fair use of the ravings of an unhinged mind. His permission is not needed. And there is not squat he can do about it . I know of few people that would want to have their names attached to that. Sounds a lot like Charles Manson–that whole Helter Skelter–kill people start a race war and what did he want to rule the world. The grinding of an unhinged mind. This man needs to up his meds. What a delusion–that the wave of the future. The fact is and not to put too fine a point on it nobody wants to even share closes space with these men and their anti social behaviors and sexual compulsions. I suppose we can sit back and watch–Just the beginning of his tedious self absorbed side into madness and drooling and pissing himself. Uhm bet he has a way with women. Can anyone imagine a human actually having a relationship with this man–The future of his insanity–oh yeah everyone is going to want a inverted dick fuck holes or packing penis in skirts–sure. He might note that the future may hold even more prenatal testing–traits such as anti-social and sexual compulsion will have tests. I can say without a doubt he would have me at the abortion clinic so fast heads would swim and well I have a good track record of popping those cutie-pies out. And I’ll go out on limb here and say 100’s of other women just like me– will kill something like him in utero (our wombs guys we have all rights over it and your future is not being born in the first place) bawaaaa and the whole thing will be as extinct. The little placard will read “Tranzilla roamed the public toilets, threaten to commit suicide, and jerked off compulsivliy for a brief period at the begining of the century, but then disappeared from the face of the earth). He neglects to realize for what he rants and raves about–they need to get born. He should ask himself. Now who knowingly would bring that into the world?

      1. Yeah no doubt we’ll understand more and more what genes contribute to this kind of psychopathology and weed that shit out. My comment down below was a lot like yours in regards to abortion and I hadn’t read yours yet. I guess they are really deluded in understanding their origins.

      2. @ Eriika–Yep, in the their divorced from reality state they have erased women from their minds so all their futuristic delusions do not even factor in that we women have to first agree to let them be born and then agree to let them live. That will not be happening. And already LBGT, seeped in male concern is the biggest threat to womens basic human rights since the slave auction block.

  6. Just another tedious mansplaining essay about how Not All Men/Trans Are Like That, with the pedophilia-lite showing in his thinking he is a girl. (Odd how they want to be excepted as women yet refers to themselves as girls)

  7. *sorry: freudian slip in my previous reply, I meant accepted as women, not excepted.

    1. “Not all trans women are like that…WE’RE TAKING OVER & I WANT ALL YOU BITCHES DEAD!!@!”

  8. Funny how he claims that female feminist scholars are doing a disservice to academia, when the only argument he’s able to form is “not all trans are like that.” Like we never hear that one before, all the time, from all men everywhere, when any feminist says anything ever. It’s funny too that whenever women speak about anything (especially about the sex industry) we’re told we’re speaking too assuredly and we can’t possibly be as right as we think we are, but every word Frankenpenis writes is assumed to be fact by both him and whatever libfem invited him into the bathroom.
    I love how these men think they make such perfect women that no one ever questions them. If you were always such a perfect woman from the time you were born and pass so flawlessly, then why do you have to drone on and on and on about it? People who are genuinely happy don’t need to repeat it a thousand times a day to reassure themselves and everyone around them.
    Let me tell you one thing you vile, disgusting prick: radical feminism will live long after your crotch rots and your plastic tits start to sag. Females have two things that men will never be able to take from us: our laughter, and what Suzanne Moore calls our rage. Women everywhere are laughing at you, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

    1. Spot on, Choco. It’s like they’re saying, “one day, globally, the world will know trannies are females and we will be integrated seamlessly!”
      Sorry, BPA Boy, but right now we’re in a huge political gaslighting mindfuck Dark Ages. It won’t last for long if humanity is to survive at all. The internet is helping to dissolve the bullshit fog we’ve been enveloped in, that your propaganda machine is working tirelessly to uphold. It’s a joke. Women are becoming educated en masse and you Nazis are flailing. These are the death throes of your kind, and Your Kind is the inevitable conclusion of this societal sickness.
      Even if you can convince the US you are female, it’s only a superficial suspension of reality that DEPENDS on the political climate remaining static. The rest of the world knows you are male. Gays and lesbians don’t want you. Straight males don’t want you, radical feminists don’t want you (if you allow that bisexual and straight women can be radical feminists). Most people are just embarrassed by your ilk. You have to bully people into being attracted to you!
      You dudes are mostly beta males doing the cuttlefish tactic of pretending to be women to get into women’s pants. Your movement could only go as far as convincing straight and bisexual females you are female, then you would have the rest of the world to contend with, including mentally healthy straight and gay males, who ain’t gonna unanimously group you into the “female” category.
      I also think these people are just naturally going to start tapering off once society catches wind of the dangers inherent in certain chemicals. It’s no wonder these folks are being churned out at such a rate, and that they are usually comorbid with ASD. I’m not a crazy conspiracy theorist, just a diligent researcher and formerly autistic/BPD/gender-confused person myself who has done 4 years of grueling heavy metal detoxification using prescription chelators to “lose” my diagnoses. Other people are catching wind of why these brain changes are occurring and mitigating or preventing them.

  9. “Back to the post title: Can trans women and trans-critical radical feminists ever be friends politically? No. Never. Not in this life.”
    The more realistic question would be: Can trans women and trans-critical radical feminists, who represent the views of the general population at large and aren’t afraid to discuss it, ever be friends politically? No. Never. Not in this life.
    Straight men and lesbians are not interested in penis or neoclits.
    Straight women and gay men are not interested in vaginas or neopeens. No matter how much failed logical hoop-jumping you do. Stop trying to force humans to deny their humanity.

  10. If i find it very disturbing how he rejoices in the fact that women are losing their private spaces to trannies penetrating our spaces with phallocentric entitlement. These men have nothing in common with us women because if they understood our experiences they’d know to give us our spaces. These men do not love being women; they do not feel women; they can never be women. What i’ve gathered from knowing transexuals and reading about their experiences and their opinions is that they are men who want for themselves the role society imposes on women; either because they failed to be alpha males, and wish to find shielding by being the “weak” sex; or they are experiencing feelings of inadequacy for being a male attracted to other males or they are hypersexual gay men that want to be liked by all heterosexual males so they want to tranform to being hypersexualized women for the pleasure of men.
    In recounting their stories and experiences they only seek pity from others and a sense of validation for how bad their lives are so to use that as a weapon for their egocentric worldview…it’s me, me, me, and me, me, me…and me! I can’t tell you how many times I served as a defacto psychotherapist to transexuals every damn time they felt dysphoric!! They would apologize for never asking about me or how my life was going. This is because these are sociopaths who care for nothing but themselves!
    So, no plastic girl, we can’t be friends because you and i have nothing in common. In my experience, your ilk are egocentric assholes that care not one bit for us WOMEN!

  11. I would like to start this post by quoting one of human kind’s most brilliant minds.
    “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.
    It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Albert Einstein
    Now, I would like to quote the person knows as Plastic Girl.
    “Body acceptance will never take hold, because modern technology combined with capitalism means privileged people don’t have to settle for acceptance. The future belongs to Cyberpunk Dystopia and transforming surgeries.
    Class: female will be available for anyone who feels like they are female, and anyone who wants to look and live like one and can afford the process.”
    Women really need to read this. Plastic girl wants to erase sex as a distinct class of persons. If he had his way, in the future, females will be created in some sort of futuristic laboratory. In essence, “females” will be entirely a male creation. It’s kind of like science fiction Stepford Wives. The man-made, technologically improved “female” will contain all the characteristics and attributes that males find attractive.
    At the present, sex reassignment surgery basically amounts to extensive plastic surgery on one’s healthy genitals. It does NOT change one’s sex and it doesn’t change DNA.
    I predict that climate change, war, or some global environmental disaster will do in humans long before we can change our sex down to the DNA level. A few wealthy individuals might survive, but the vast majority of human life will be wiped out. Is it possible for human beings to change their sex down to the DNA level? Should we even try to do this, and what are the ethical implications?
    For the sake of argument, let’s say that in five or six hundred years from now humans will be able to change their sex down to the DNA level. Provided, of course, that we haven’t completely destroyed ourselves and the planet. Is this something we really want to do? Technology never exists in a complete cultural vacuum. This is our history as human beings. Racism and sexism are still very much a part of our collective history as a species. With the aid of an old technology called ultrasound, there are 163 million missing girls from India and China (Hvistendahl).
    Plastic girl dreams of an Orwellian future in which females are created in futuristic laboratories.
    Women need to read this. It’s kind of like Mein Kamph in that the intentions are so clearly spelled out.

    1. @SkyLark
      What would be the point of changing one’s DNA?
      I could hardly see the point of science looking at altering ones DNA to add an extra arm to the Y chromosome
      (huge oversimplification on my part, you’d be looking at the genes all across the body trying to ‘switch-off genes for things like body hair and bone/muscle growth)
      You’d basically have to change every single cell in the body (or maybe just some to become a male/female chimera).
      In the meantime, we (the resources of at least six countries) still haven’t been able to find a plane that’s been missing for three weeks.
      These dudes have no concept of how limited we actually are in doing things.
      Science takes decades, not “Ooh! We’re there!”.
      We’ve been talking about a fusion power plants since the 1950’s. The longest reaction time thus far has been a few seconds before it collapsed.
      These dudes never acknowledge things like our limited power supply.
      Fossil fuels are a finite resources and we’re burning through them pretty quick. We’re going to power everything (meaning the hospitals that are involved in your surgery) with what exactly in the future?
      How do we get the cheap and prolific plastics (polymers) necessary for some of the things he proposes? What about the rare earth metals used in electronics for cyborgs?
      With all surgery the risk of post-op infection is a very real risk. Top microbiologists are warning about how the overuse of antibiotics by human and animal use has given us super-bugs.
      Super-bugs being bacteria that we used to be able to our current antibiotics has become ineffective at combating them. As it stands, some bacteria currently spread across the world may already have the genes for this enzyme hidden in their plasmids.
      New Dehli Metallo-beta-lactamase (a dangerous enzyme that is spread via horizontal gene transfer) codes to prevent the effectiveness of beta-lactam antibiotics (All penicillin and cephalosporin class antibiotics). These classes are our two big ones and the most widely used on the planet.
      IF we reach a stage where our reserve antibiotics (stuff like Sulfonamide which can cause your skin layers to separate) are being used more frequently to combat infection then any surgery that is not absolutely essential to life will be halted.
      There is no way hospitals are going to be doing cosmetic procedures if the risk of a patient getting infected with MRSA.
      If the surgery is no necessary to maintain life or quality of life (broken legs, trapped nerves) then I highly doubt it will be allowed to go ahead.
      Even if they can, the antibiotics used cause serious sickness in humans as well and phage therape (viruses designed to kill bacteria) is not a current reality.
      How is this guy a medical doctor again? It actually terrifies me that he is not capable at seeing or even acknowledging things like microbial resistance. I know about it and it’s not even relevant to my field.
      Most trans believe that the best possible outcome for them would have been the ability to delay puberty and take feminizing hormones (at low doses so they can still use their dicks).
      All of them believe that transgender is something that exists from birth either in the brain or the genome.
      Now, we all reckon that to be absolute bullshit and can quite clearly see how transgender is a reactionary psychological phenomena to human culture gender roles or fetishism.
      For the sake of my argument, let’s just indulge them and say it is inborn.
      Surely the best course of action would be to find out very early on so that things like puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones can be started to maximise the likelihood the individual will ‘pass’.
      So, modern science devises a test to see what the brain shape is more like or whether or not the CYP17A1 gene is faulty/too-long or if the baby has been exposed to too much of one hormone in utero. (Source:
      If given the choice of having a child that will be depressed, anxious and will never get a job and leave the house (I’m looking at the likes of Lauralei Bailey and Dana Taylor) or having an abortion, what do you think parents will do?
      If given the choice between having a cis child or a child that will need extensive and expensive medical treatment for their entire life, what do you think parents will do?
      If it does turn out to be inborn, the numbers of transsexuals will drop dramatically.
      There will be some people that carry through pregnancy with the knowledge and others that can’t afford the test and don’t know but your population will dwindle.
      Females on the other hand, are crucial to human survival.
      We are the only sex capable of birthing young and without us no babies get born.
      No trans babies get born.
      So try and squash us down all you want.
      Your survival is determine by OUR choice.
      Not the other way around.

      1. I suspect they’d push to undo pro-choice advancements and make it a hate crime to have an abortion after a genetic screening.

      2. @ Teal Deer.
        They can try but men (especially conservative men) have been mandating for female reproductive control since forever. They’ll never win.
        I remember reading somewhere about an underground abortion doctor in the US who said that while most of their patients were middle class and working class women (who scrimped and saved to afford it) they’d often get the daughters/wives of wealthy men who were against abortion.
        It basically came down to “One set of rules for us all, except if it happens to me or someone else then damn the rules to hell”.
        Conservatives (and most men) aren’t going to want their boys to grow up like Janet Mock.
        The only reason why conservatives are likely okay with male transgenderism is because they believe that most of them are homosexual and have a ‘neo-vag’ installed.
        Penis in ‘neo-vag’ is slightly more acceptable than two penises. You can see this by looking at the Iranian government’s push for SRS on gay men.
        They’re “okay” with FtT because any woman breaking free of femininity has to be a man because everyone knows girls wear dresses.
        Brain sex makes perfect sense to conservatives.
        It fits in with the conservative agenda about what women and men are capable of doing and it can explain away the ‘gay’ of their children. They’re making ‘the best’ of what they consider to be a bad situation.
        As for conservatives having pretendbian basement dwellers? Nope.
        In places like India and China female babies get aborted because they’re female and therefore not male.
        I think that if such a test existed you’d find overwhelmingly that they would be aborted:
        “So you’re telling me I’m having a male baby that is going to transition to female before puberty but can’t do anything female like give me grandbabies? (or in some countries: be sold)
        I think we’ll terminate and try to have a son who will stay a man”
        58% of pregnancies showing Klinefelter Syndrome (an intersex condition) are aborted according to one study. (For comparison that same study said 92% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted)
        Intersex activists also talk about the abortion of foetuses with other intersex conditions.
        Trans people say that they have a form of intersex condition. Trans shouldn’t think they are in anyway immune to this *IF* it is a inborn condition. (which it isn’t)
        NB: I don’t advocate for abortion for any condition, I believe in the mothers right to choose what is best for her.
        Although I don’t think it is morally right to allow a baby to suffer (from things like Pompe disease or Tay-Sachs etc) when termination is the kinder option.
        If we’re going to talk like Mr Fulton did here about the Brave New World of making human hybrids then we’re looking at the genetic engineering of human beings (Eugenics).
        As the condition of transgender is debilitating to those who suffer it, how would it ever be allowed to continue?
        Female people can gestate and birth young. Males and technology cannot.
        In fact, I read a study about stem-cells being used ( to make egg and sperm cells.
        What to say that females don’t just use stem cells to make sperm and impregnate each other?
        That kind of eradicates the need for males reproductively speaking.
        For those that argue that they’d do a genetic test to prevent lesbians:
        I don’t believe there is a genetic component to lesbianism, so I am not worried at all.
        Female companionship and communities are seen across most species of animals.
        I’ve known women that, after having sex with a woman ONCE, have gone:
        “Fuck men, being with a women is so much better”
        and never had sex or coupled with a male ever again.
        I actually can’t think of any non human male animals that form groups without a female present. It’s common for female animals to use the males for breeding and then move on.
        Not saying it doesn’t exist…just can’t think of any.

    2. I agree it’s a scary dystopian vision. But then feminists have been warning about the link between male supremacy and the misuse of science since Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.

  12. “The force of history is, for better or for worse, on the side of transhuman body-modding. The concept of woman-born-woman space, while necessary and healing and nurturing for women-born-women will become extinct. It’s almost extinct now. I guarantee you that Michfest will eventually cave to the political antics of transactivists. Having already lost restrooms and rape shelters to transgender inclusion, Michfest, as it currently exists, a one week intentional community for FAAB women to gather away from all MAABs, will be over. Like the polar ice caps, WBW space is being pushed further and further back. And like the great auk, the auroch and the polar bear, WBW space will soon be a thing of the past.”
    While I and other environmentalists have been fighting to save polar bears and the glaciers, Plastic Girl has been dreaming of “transhuman body-modding”.
    I shudder to think what “transhuman body-modding” would entail. What is “transhuman body-modding”? I suppose it would involve some sort of genetic manipulation of the human species. How far can humans go with genetic engineering?
    All we have to do is look at the history of our planet which is about 4.5 billion years old. Our existence as a species represents a tiny speck on the long time line of history.
    I can say with absolute certainty that mother nature will prevail in the long run. If anything survives climate change and other environmental disasters, it probably will be the prokaryotes (bacteria).
    Dream on Plastic Boy.

  13. “The rights of Cyborgs and Transhumans will be codified into law before the feminist liberation occurs, and that will be the end of radical feminism.”
    Rights for “Cyborgs and Transhumans” will be codified into law before the feminist liberation occurs. Wait, the female sex doesn’t exist. “Females” are surgically created, man-made creations.
    Read it women. In Plastic Girl’s utopian, futuristic world, “Cyborgs and Transhumans” will have rights, but female as a specific class of persons will not exist.
    The women who support transgender activists are supporting males who believe that rights for “Cyborgs and Transhumans” will be codified into law before the feminist liberation occurs. I’m not sure what “Transhumans” are? I suppose they would be some sort of surgically/genetically created being.
    Damn the women who support transgender activists. Damn them all.

    1. Great observation! This is indeed what they want-rights and liberation for anything but women. This sounds like all the liberation movements – blacks, Latinos, Muslims – where women’s issues still continue to wait…

    2. Yes, according to Mr Fulton computers have more rights than women.
      I can see why he values computers over females.
      Computers can not yet recoil and run away when they see him.
      I feel like he’s just read the Robot series (Asimov) and Brave New World (Huxley) for the first time over the weekend.
      After getting pumped up on listening to Lana Del Ray and watching porn, he’s decided to share his manifesto for his New World Order with the masses.
      If Gallus hadn’t posted it here then it’d be read by like what, one person? (Himself)

    3. ‘I’m not sure what “Transhumans” are?’
      Yeah. There seems to be a not-uncommon correlation between queer/transy people and all things sci-fi and/or fantastical. A love for blurring the lines between the organic and inorganic. Robots and cyborgs. Make-believe creatures that are not fully machine, animal or human, living in a make-believe future or past. Manga. Animated porn. Cartoony and child-like illustrations of bodies and sexuality.
      It’s like they take arrested development, or a perpetual adolescence, and attempt to recast and elevate it to a legitimate social “identity.”

      1. As a bit of a sci-fi buff myself, the problem here is that these chaps miss the whole damn point. FICTION. In the past, sci-fi by making you think someone was just talking about some made-up world or aliens, could actually sneak under your radar and get you THINKING about things, and in some cases about difficult topics like homosexuality.
        Then we have the bad sci-fi of (most) SF films, which is what these guys seem attracted to.There’s nothing wrong with robots and cyborgs, just that someone with the surgical and hormonal fuck-up that is called a ‘sex-change’ ISN’T some surgically-enhanced superbeing. Just as their favourite expensive sex doll ISN’T either a real person, or a thinking artificial person. They just wish it was………….(actually, they probably don’t because any THINKING being, real or artificial, would up and RUN sooner than get cosied up with these idiots!).

      2. Actually, BadDyke, after I posted I was concerned that I might come off as dismissive of sci-fi in general–which I’m definitely not.
        The good stuff is more than fanciful, and as literature does much more than entertain or offer escape. Like you said, science fiction can, by creating a world that is essentially metaphorical, bypass the reader’s defences and induce its audience to think seriously and critically about current social problems. It’s great tool, for instance, in the hands of feminists and other visionaries. In the hands of adolescent masturbators, fascinated with shiny gadgetry and sex-dolls, not so much …
        And, you’re right–even an artificially intelligent being would probably run away from these guys!

    4. I skipped past all of the radical feminist ass kissing to get to the gristle of his rant. ATTENTION ALL VAGINA-HAVING CREATURES. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. KNEEL DOWN AND EXCEPT YOUR TRANNY OVERLORDS NOW AS THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF WOMANKIND.
      This guy must have stumbled upon Donna Harraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, and through his lubed up lens of misogyny, misinterpreted it to mean that in the future, there will be men and everyone else (trannys, cyborgs and lowly XY creatures), so we should just get over it and embrace a future where we do not exist as a class of our own. Unfortunately, this guy has a lot more pretention than brains. The Cyborg Manifesto theorizes a post-gender future, where femininity and masculinity are no longer socially enforced upon individuals based on their bodies and reproductive function (exactly what radical feminism strives toward). The cyborg is the melding of technology/femininity/ masculinity into an amorphous glob that truly transcends gender (rather than the trans agenda of today, which only serves to strengthen and enforce sex-based roles). In this post-gender future, male will no longer be the default for human being. All life will be transhuman, in a genuine, egalitarian way, not the way promoted by the trans cult ( one in which femininity oppresses women but benefits males, sexually and socially over bio women).
      Congrats, plasticgirl (blergh) on twisting a valuable and intriguing piece of feminist theory into a stinking pile of trans cultist shit, you woman hating turd!

      1. Yes what the hell even is that post. First he goes on about how he totally tried to be “friendly” with radfems, (and wanted Mary Freaking Daly to teach him, in your dreams bro) but since they saw him as male, he suddenly goes on to say “I think radical feminism is going to die”
        Lol no. Fuck off man

  14. “But why won’t the meeeeean feminists listen to ME and MY FEELINGS before they say such mean things??!!” – literally every male, ever, on the planet

      1. She is absofuckingloutely hilarious! She was on the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and her bits had me doubled over crying/laughing!

  15. I have a dream, huh? Forget the content of your character! It’s all about the quality of your body mods, ammiright?
    All Plasticgirls’s prognostications about future humans had me thinking of “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” What a nightmare.
    How bizarre was that piece, anyway? First, going on about all the study of radical feminism and expressing agreement, then on and on about women and their spaces being obliterated. Disgusting.

  16. Another one of these men who know how to be better at being a woman than actual women do. He’s not passing particularly well, and I’d bet that most people know he’s Trans. Sure, random strangers might not call him “sir” but only because everyone wants to avoid a tranny scene. Here’s a hint–we’re not flattered that you want to pretend to be a woman.

  17. Gallus, your illustration, ‘Male “birth” device,” reminds me of one of Barbara Kruger’s posters, “Your manias become science.”
    She has other great visual pieces that work well, I think, as feminist responses to trans politics. For instance, “You are seduced by the sex appeal of the inorganic” and “Your body is a battleground” and “Your comfort is my silence.”
    They’re all easy to find by an image search, if anyone is interested.

    1. That “Your comfort is my silence” is a very good summation on trans politics.
      Their comfort is predicated on us being silent about our rights being eroded.
      “Shut the fuck up women, Your very real and documented risk of rape is nothing compared to MY need to invade your space.”

      1. This happened last year sometime:
        Male clothing designer/corporate dickhead blatantly appropriates Kruger’s art (without compensation or any acknowledgment AFAIK, as the basis for an extensive, and highly profitable clothing line, then threatens to sue a woman designer for re-appropriating the concept. The article includes a screenshot of Kruger’s wonderful response!

      2. Ah, it’s so good to see Kruger’s work splashed across this page, where it can be appreciated for what it is.
        Thanks for that link, Random Radfem. I loved Kruger’s response! She, herself, had worked in advertising and her art is, in part, a critique of advertising and consumerism. So, it’s not surprising that a man would try to undo that critical message by stealing it, using it for his own profit, and then trying to prevent a woman designer (with a feminist message of her own) from doing the same. All those layers of appropriation make the head spin.
        Perhaps these future trans-borgs will copyright the female body and natal women will be sued for infringement!

      1. Fucking dudes honking their horns at the one in the long wig. Sign Domination :/

      2. Yes. As long as it’s dressed in skimpy feminine clothing, and its long hair flutters, they’ll honk in approval. Whether it’s a flesh-and-blood female or a piece of plastic. Same thing.
        If you served them plastic fruit from a fruit bowl, they’d probably salivate and say “yum.” Such idiots.

  18. This is an interesting conversation. I don’t agree with the outlook or the outcome, the logical math starts out compelling… one plus one is two, plus one is three. But somewhere along the way it jumps context and suddenly thirteen plus one is one hundred and thirty one… huh? The semantic sleight of hand is subtle, but it shifts from acknowledging brilliant minds for their compelling prose to blowing them off as misguided and myopic. No way to make friends or come off as anything but over blown and full of one self.
    Transsexuality is an anomaly. Its a byproduct of technological advance. There have always been men who wanted to be women and vice versa, However, biology was destiny. Science has begun to unravel that. When medical science was finally able to perform meaningful reconstructive surgery on women who’ve suffered terrible trauma from disease or accident, it became possible to use that same technology to simulate a person of the opposite somatic sex, and every year the process get’s better, more refined, harder to tell from the biology of birth and this trend is accelerating at an exponential rate. Now we’re messing with the genome, and soon we’ll be able to manipulate biological matter at the molecular level with nanotechnology. You will really be able to change physical sex as easy as changing your socks. Or at least as easy as having your appendix out. You can wear the other sex for a weekend or a lifetime.
    Of course, this future reduces transsexuals to provincial genderists as constrained to a sexual orthodoxy as their opposites over there in the religious mental straight jackets. The really good news, is that when the boys club is no longer a club governed by birth right but something that can be as easily attained as popping Ecstasy, that the Patriarchy is fundamentally doomed and all of the other gender based orthodoxies will implode under the same pressure when sexual freedom exposes them for the vapid idiocies they are to the masses. Nothing is more compelling the making the connection that the Emperor is in fact butt naked.
    Then the real questions of rights, dignity, compassion and freedom will be distilled down to their most fundamental terms and be addressed for each and every human being by virtual of their humanity. As it should have been all along.
    Look, the human being is by definition two parts, a human (primate, meaty, mammalian, reproductive, animal part) and a being (sentient, conscious, spiritual, transcendent part.) The good news is that as we become free to manipulate and play with the animal part, we’ll hopefully expand and expose more and more of the being part. Rise to our highest selves, whatever form that takes and treat other sentient being with love and respect by virtue of their sentience and our commitment to love and dignity.
    We don’t worry about any more about buggy whips and whalebone corsets. I’m betting transsexuality as a social construct has a similar shelf life. In the mean time I’m way more concerned about the 51% of the human population suffering at the hands of the other 49%.

    1. @annemarietobias
      We ‘mess’ with the genome to prevent disease. Not to affirm the identities of male masturbatory fantasists. Gene technology involves switching genes or adding/deletion certain fragments to code for different things.
      Gene therapy is also incredibly risky and can cause death.
      You really think that science will ever be able to create a situation where one can ‘wear’ the other sex for a weekend.
      ‘Wear’ the other sex.
      Oh god…you’re one of those dudes who wears one of those women masks aren’t you?
      Best estimates for the number of cells in the human body range from billions to trillions. You think anyone out there is going to get cracking to make some or all of the cells cross sex? Keep dreaming.
      Do you understand science at all? Even if it could be done, what would even be the point of that?
      Why would anyone invest millions/trillions of dollars so that 0.6% of people can have their ‘identity’ confirmed?
      Most trans don’t even want surgery. They want dresses, high heels and the ability to force women/lesbians to have sex with them.
      They don’t want the abolition of gender either, because then they’ve got no platform to mansplain about being a special snowflake.
      “The really good news, is that when the boys club is no longer a club governed by birth right but something that can be as easily attained as popping Ecstasy”
      Your idea that one group of people (women) can escape their oppression just be moving into the other group (men) via changing their bits does nothing for the problem.
      I don’t want to change my ‘human/animal’ part. There is nothing wrong with being me.
      I don’t WANT to be a man and don’t think it should be a necessary requirement for being treated like a human being.
      Why should people change their bodies to suit their mind? That makes no sense.
      Minds can be changed! Brains are known for their plasticity.

  19. Our movement is getting stronger than ever, nice try freaky transhumanist trashgender who considers womanhood a “body mod.” This is very typical male conquistador-speak. Radical feminism isn’t dying…it will never die as long as there are females, and considering 1/55 people are autistic and only 1/8 are female, methinks we’re going to have a society of functioning females with a ton of males in assisted living. We’re already taking over universities and generally doing far better in school. This primordial ooze seems very threatened by us. Also, nature is far more complex than just having an inverted skin tube and taking estradiol as far as convincing someone you are female. We have pheromones and we ovulate/menstruate. These scents are an important part of reproduction and attraction, considering we don’t have visible estrous. We also have a vaginal biota that you can’t mimic with your nasty surgical wound. Also, considering 80% of trannies are male, and many of them are becoming sterile, you may be be weeded out of the gene pool. Females and our fight will never disappear…especially if you consider the fact that we could wipe out the majority of males in a couple generations (and reproduce through sperm banks and select few donors) through sex-selective abortions if we put our collective minds together. Do the same to women, your population would plummet. It’s funny how stupid these people take us for, and how they attempt to convince us of our inferiority…dude, you sterile trannies have literally rendered yourselves evolutionarily insignificant! I hope MRAs pair up with transwomen and become a relic of the past. This is insane. This is a psychopathological society.

    1. I want to point out that I think sex-selective abortion is wrong, and I would never advocate that, in case some tranny tries to jump on me accusing me of promoting that (even though Terence McKenna, male, was a vocal proponent)…I’m just pointing out that the internet is making the understanding of our collective reproductive power as females more and more pronounced. The chokehold is loosening.

    2. The cult of trans already is a men’s rights movement. The only difference between an MRA and transgender male is an ugly skirt (and an excessive number of seksay selfies in lady-face).

  20. Dead eyes and characteristic smirk. Women spot this guy all the time. Most trans out there are noted, but not commented on to their faces.
    I believe it is a regular prediction that radical feminism or even liberal feminism is dying–TIME magazine said this decades ago, even as the movement has gone global. Another sci-fi idiot male mansplains yet again. He understands nothing about radical feminism. Dead eyes, characteristic smirk, the same creepy perv.

  21. I don’t know why these guys bother actually, since radical feminists want nothing to do with the womanhating trans, and just about all the private gatherings of lesbians in our big city are not even known to trans. You have to have some introductions, which these men do not have. Typical man wanting to be coached by Mary Daly, did he mention paying for such instruction? Nope, the man wants to steal from women yet again.

    1. Made it through about 1 minute and saw that it was 2 hours long (nope).
      The blonde MtT is Mimi Marks whose wikipedia page says:
      “After undergoing some sex-reassignment surgeries (due to stipulations in employment contracts, Marks hasn’t had complete sexual reassignment”
      That’s some contract.
      Didn’t know contracts could be made to violate bodily autonomy…interesting.
      Sounds like bullshit to me.
      Why would they want Mimi to keep his penis? He’s either not as marketable without one or Mimi likes using it.
      I love how trans crap on and on about how they hate their body but only a tiny fraction of them actually get genital surgery.
      (not that I think they should, but it makes me doubt the severity of ‘dsyphoria’ if popping hormones and getting implants is enough when their SEX is still quite obvious and real)
      Compared to how many (%) “cis” women who cut at their labia to achieve the porn look?
      Compared to how many (%) “cis” women who bleach their skin?
      Compared to how many (%) “cis” women who get silicone implants?
      Compared to how many (%) “cis” men who cut off their penis or balls? (Eunuch)
      Lots of people also torture their genitals (if you want to see, you can look up extreme body mods on sites like BME)
      The black MtT is Angelica Ross and holy shit, I’ll let his bio speak for itself:
      “Born a Christian, rejected from the church and the military, Angelica Ross is a black trans woman who found refuge and her heart in Buddhism.”
      “Angelica’s journey began when she graduated high school at the age of 17, to avoid 1 more year of spiritual torture. Angelica traveled, from Racine to Rochester, NY where she was recruited by the U.S. Navy. They knew this black blonde-haired boy didn’t belong when she showed up to the physical with her toenails painted, but they enrolled her anyway. Angelica spent 6 months in the military stationed in Yokusko, Japan which ended abruptly after she was almost killed by a few of her shipmates who hung her out of a 3rd story window to force her to admit she was gay. That was the catapult that gave Angelica the drive to begin to live her life for herself.
      When she got back on American soil, she began the transformation process at the age of 19 while living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”
      Tortured whilst in the military. What a horrible thing to do to someone.

  22. bethanyalexandertate gets right to the heart of the matter when she says ‘We are the only sex capable of birthing young and without us no babies get born.’ It might be fashionable to foreground ‘gender identity’ over sex in contemporary liberal argument, but surely anybody with a functional brain gets this? Reading of any imaginative, fictional discourse from Frankenstein to Prometheus – whereby men attempt to create or harness the power of life – inevitably reveals a disastrous ending. Fiction is good like that; the truth comes thru even when it’s ostensibly just a story.
    His rebuttal of the Greer (Gier?) quote from Pantomime Dames is revealing: he’d ACCEPT the uterus and ovaries but that’s not really what it’s about: there’s a reason why creating fertile trans*women has never been a priority.
    There’s a self-pitying ‘grass is greener’ mentality to this – and many – guy’s apprehension of women’s ‘magical’ power; a dangerous mix of awe and envy. I had a conversation with my girlfriend recently when she said (I’m paraphrasing) she ‘couldn’t believe her, now 20-something, children came from inside her body; that they seemingly came from another life’. If it seems that way to her, how can I or any guy form any meaningful apprehension of it?
    Radical Feminism grapples with the roots (the clue’s in the appellation) of the sex dichotomy whilst the liberals concern themselves with superficially-appealing topiary. For that we ought to be grateful; and Plastic Girl’s prediction that it will die out anytime soon is undoubtedly pessimistic (or maybe hopeful, in his view). That said, I do fear that this (largely) unconscious driver on men’s part to master life might well be our undoing (as a species).

  23. Hasn’t the Y chromosome been steadily shrinking over a course of millions of years, and now it has only 90% of its original genes?
    The X chromosome has a partner in females (XX), while the Y chromosome is by itself in males (XY). In females, X can swap DNA with its partner in the event of a genetic mutation, allowing the chromosome to fix itself and continue carrying thousands of healthy genes.
    “X and Y, however, do not swap DNA over most of their lengths, which means that the Y cannot efficiently fix mistakes, so it has degraded over time.
    All mitochondrial DNA comes from the mother and one half of the nuclear DNA comes from the mother.
    Instead of dreaming of a world where futuristic Cyborgs and Transhumans have rights and Stepford Wife like “women” are designed by wealthy autogynephillic males, Mr. Plastic Girl should thank his mother for not aborting him.

  24. According to the “pray away the gay” crowd, if gay people would only change their gender identity and accept themselves as masculine or feminine, there’d be no problems at all. I think this is an absolutely striking quote, because it hits at all the issues at once.
    Homosexuality is not a sexual problem, it’s a gender identity problem. And this is the foundation of our understanding. Gender identity is one’s sense of oneself as male or female. Homosexuality is not about sex. And homosexual apologists will say it’s only about sex. But rather, we understand homosexuality to be about a person’s sense of himself, about his relationships, about his past hurts, about childhood wounds, self-image, personal shame, and his belief in his ability to establish and sustain relational intimacy.
    — Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, president of the National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality, quoted at Box Turtle Bulletin, 2007

    1. Yeah, I saw him on a doco with Stephen Fry.
      I remember he talking about how gay men essentially try and fill a ‘female’ role because they don’t have a male role model to “straighten them out” (double entendre).
      I went into the NARTH-esque rabbit hole of bullshit about GID in children and found weirdness.
      One website talks about GID and basically states it’s sociological not biological and briefly discusses the harmful effects of surgery and puberty blockers on children.
      Which is something that I agree with.
      Then it craps on about how you MUST embrace the ‘goodness’ of your femininity/masculinity instead of rejecting gender outright and that’s when I went “fuck this shit” and closed the tab.

  25. Either that or males just tend to lose interest, because there really is nothing in feminism that benefits them as men, and if they can’t be “leaders”, then heck, what’s the point.–Gallus said above–
    The trans that have invaded women’s studies departments are the type of take over males… they get on boards of directors of feminist organizations, invade lesbian space, try to dominate. Usually, if lesbians stand their ground, and don’t give them the time of day, they eventually go away. There is nothing in radical feminism that should benefit men. This is about the liberation of women, but if they can’t “Lead” what the heck indeed! So well put!
    Geez this stuff get nuttier by the day!

    1. They are only invading female spaces because they know that Straight and Gay Adult Males would not put up with their shite.

  26. “To FABLibber, who once claimed that we don’t smell like real females, I wanted to say, “FABlibber, do you know this from experience? Have you ever [EDITED OUT THE CREEPY SHIT EVEN THOUGH I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNSEE IT ~DS] Pretty much another version of notalltranswomenarelikethat.”
    Umm, no. What I and other radfems have made mention of, is that male piss stinks. How the fuck this creep then turns this into an opportunity to invent some fantasy seduction scenario, I will never know, except maybe, because he is male that would make sense.
    Further creepiness is a middle-aged male calling himself ‘girl’, again, a male habit. His interests in this transandroid stuff is typical of a 15yo teenaged boy – grow the fuck up already dude.
    Of course, even after gouging out my eyes in an attempt to unsee that creepy seduction scenario, I will still know he is male, from the creepy male behaviour and the stinky piss.
    And finally, this dude refuses to acknowledge my cyber-twanzition, into Dave Twanz Squirrel, yet there is always hell to pay if we don’t indulge in their delusions.

  27. he seems to think that radical feminists have not done enough research into trans to write about them, but has he done enough research into what a woman is before he decided to appropriate being one?
    Not only that, but as it stands, radical feminism is against gender, period, and is the opinion that there is no ‘female’ or ‘male’ activities/brains (beyond the obvious man = penis, woman = vagina/etc.), and women and men can do whatever they want, regardless of sex, while transgenderism is the idea that woman = stereotype of women, regardless of sex, and man = stereotype of man, regardless of sex.

    I’m a noob here so, what is one supposed to think of these non-specified gender types, what bathroom/toilet/changeroom do they intend to use, where do they fit in the erasure of the female? The person in the article has been dragging this shit through the lawcourts on the taxpayers dime for years now. If it creates a need for a separate gender neutral toilet/changeroom thats fine. It has in its taxpayer funded ‘everything is about me’ journey now decided it is neither/nor genderwise. So what ward would it be put in hospital, given that it has no gender. Is this one of those eunuchs who purport to guard/control the harem? Are its health problems male or female, Is it just even more wind and confusion from a narcissist? I don’t understand the gender neutral agenda. It’s yet another form of narcissism, it’s all about ‘me’ except having been sucked into the whole tranny thing and come out the other side as gender neutral, apparently one is still supposed to feel sympathy for this parasite.

  29. Aeryn Fulton is OBVS. another plebby U.S Serviceman angry at the “gubmint” for using them. BUT He then chooses to take his anger out on innocent random females rather than deal with his own deep seated issues. F.Y.I This is psychopathic. Deal with your own problems before lots of husbands deal with it for you.

    1. Do NOT use a user name so similar to another poster’s. You are NOT the blogger PlasticGirl and do NOT use this name again.
      Also general notice: Use only one name to comment here or your comments will be banned.

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