143 thoughts on “The Face of Transgender Pride

  1. If this guy can use gofundme.com to raise $2000 for what I presume to be a boob job and the mutilation of his genitals, then surely I can use that site to raise enough money for me to buy some beer and nachos. I’m going to give it a try and see how it works out. I could perhaps medicalize my problem by saying that I was born the wrong way in that mother nature didn’t put enough fat and alcohol in my blood, that I’m running some kind of deficiency that must be corrected by craft brew, corn chips, and orange colored, cheese flavored, gloop.

      1. Oh GallusMag, you know how it is – if women want to raise money for women’s shelters, we need to have a big hit play with a barefoot woman in a black leotard (to heighten the “vulnerability” and “elegance” of said woman) on stage, all by her lonesome, talking about vaginas, and then it has to take off on college campuses all over the world, women are talking about vaginas onstage, and THEN WE CAN RAISE MONEY FOR WOMEN with “domestic violence dysphoria” and maybe “sexism dysphoria” and maybe throw in some “porn dysphoria.”
        Now, if you’re a man…you just gotta do a fundraiser webpage, and sit back and rake in the cash from people who wanna see ya do it, who feel your pain!
        I’d like to start a woman-owned business, being a woman. Cash is a problem. But that’s kind of boring…I’d probably get more “seed money” for a voluntary mastectomy, than I could ever get for starting a business that would employ people. Besides, a woman-owned business…that’s just boring. Yawn.
        Feeling FED UP TODAY.

      2. Oh, just the face then? Not the whole system of genitalia that mean ol’ science has mistakenly ‘assigned’ as male?

      3. So, the dick and balls is OK, but the lack of smouldering features and cheekbones that can cut glass is the mistake of nature that needs correcting? Yowsers! This guy does not even have very masculine features, he looks like the doughy, slightly effeminate, middle aged dude he is. But he deserves extraordinary beauty- THE HUMANITY OF IT ALLLLL!!!!!

        1. Yeah that’s what I thought. their faces truly have been disfigured by too much exposure to testosterone, thrown at them in the form of acid. This self-indulgent egotistical asshole doesn’t know the meaning of the word “disfigured”. He needs a shrink, that’s what he needs, no amount of facial surgeries will fix his self-hate issues.

      4. I wish I could imagine that! It reminds me of the time you mentioned to some transgender male poster that he could open a soup kitchen if he put his mind to it. Still makes me lol!

      5. @RR- lololol. That was funny. It’s hilarious when you actually, weakly, imagine they might think about the welfare of something other than their dick. Silly!

      6. That amount of money would pay off the vast majority of my debts. It would literally save my life. Not one penny of it would go towards plastic surgery. It would enable me to have a safe place to live.

      7. Molloy doesn’t even look that masculine to me. If that’s “masculine”, then I guess my friends and I have been men all along.
        But, hey, at least Molloy isn’t seeking health insurance to pick up the cost. That’ll be the next fight on the part of transactivists, getting insurance or government health care to pay to make them pretty, because no ciswoman has ever been dissatisfied with her appearance.

    1. Lolololol! I can contribute a case of home brews and a few cheese logs!
      Uggghhh! This is such a gross display. Cripes, going on about himself in third person: SHE CANNOT GO ON LIKE THIS . . . Oh give him strength, sweet lord, because being an ugly bloke in laydeee clothes is so hard! The fucking drama!!! This asswipe actually makes a living as a writer? Does he write with a swan quill filled with unicorn tears? And why does he think his uglies come from testosterone? Transgenderism is not a birth defect, it is an ideological-medical cult. Ugly is also not a birth defect. This entitled, deluded moron seriously needs to partake in a little reality.

  2. So, he’s pretty much saying: “I can’t control strangers’ eyeballs and I can’t control their thoughts. This is a medical emergency. Please give generously.”
    He also makes his “exposure to testosterone” sound like the people (and animals) who come down with unusual cancers, or whose babies are born with serious defects, from living near the tar sands or a nuclear power plant disaster.

    1. Exactly- they should call Erin Brocovich! Except testosterone is not a foreign substance they were “exposed” to, it is an integral part of their male endocrine system, produced by their own fully male gonads. Biology is so just so transphobic 🙁

      1. “Biology is so just so transphobic”
        Snort–she’s a real meanie, an old bigoted hag, that Mother Nature.
        Calling in Erin Brockovich to investigate this tragic case of testosterone exposure is a crazy idea–so crazy, it might just work!

  3. what the hell is he talking about? years of exposure to testosterone? that is the way he was born, to have this exposure….de-LUSION-al…what gall to ask for the general public to pay for her disorder!

    1. He needs a biology lesson. Testosterone is one of the family of androgens BUT women’s ovaries also naturally produce small amounts of both testosterone and oestrogen. So, sorry fella, it ain’t the hormones that are messing you up. I’m a woman and by your assessment I’m more man than you!

    1. Why doesn’t Parker just join the military and get them to pay for it?
      Works for the older autogynephiles.
      Loads of Americans join the military because they can’t afford college and need the army to pay for it.
      Oh wait…that would actually involve getting off the internet and leaving the house. How ableist of me.

    1. I want the face I should have had all along.
      Remember, these are the people who have been allowed to hijack the word “intersectional”.

      1. Isn’t there a network of sex workers ready to affirm “her” identity and usher her into a sisterhood? Or is this cracker saying that only black women should have to pay for surgery with blow jobs?
        Yup, intersectional politics at its best.

    2. ‘In 2012, I began hormone replacement therapy in an effort to reverse as much of the testosterone-induced damage as possible. Sadly, while hormone therapy can have some wonderful effects, it cannot undo my pubescent past.’
      This is the precise opposite of what trans activists say when they argue that MtTs should be allowed to compete in female sports competitions. Then it’s, ‘Estrogen undoes the effects of male puberty completely!’ As always, the script changes according to whatever is needed to support the argument at hand.
      This rhetorical slipperiness is one of the things that makes trans ideology so hard to counter in the public domain. It’s like arguing with a sociopath who can smoothly trot out lie after lie without batting an eyelid – it’s almost impossible to build a strong case against someone’s position when they keep changing it at their own convenience.

      1. This dichotomy would make a great addition to transtropes.
        When talking about trannies’ human right to beat up females, two years of estrogen “therapy” makes them “natural women.”
        Meanwhile, steroids might have effects 10 years out
        But good grief, if gender isn’t between your legs, how’s it in your forehead or chin?

      2. Good catch, DS. Excellent point. Their narrative is so slippery and false, it’s exactly like dealing with a sociopath, but minus the charm.

      3. Anon male, could I steal that last line of yours next time I’m arguing this crap online or IRL? That was sublime.

      4. Isn’t many of them actual sociopaths ? I’ve followed a few of those bigger trans mob voices online for some time now, and they sure act, in their written words, very much like sociopaths. No need for them to use any charm online, I’m sure they put that on in public though.
        It’s constant lying, twisting of what others say (or what they themselves have said) so engaging with them needs to be backed up.
        Save any conversations you might have with these kind of males because next time they might very well deny what they wrote to you or try and twist things around and these males are very good in doing so.

      5. Great catch! It is also the opposite of what they say when trying to force lesbians to sleep with them. I recently read an old reddit thread where every single reason lesbians had for not wanting to sleep with male trans was shot down as ‘transphobic!’ Over and over they said that male trans and women are indistinguishable, have no salient physical differences, etc. They even claimed that ‘neovaginas’ lubricate JUST like actual vaginas (they evidently don’t know that actual vaginas don’t leak intestinal mucuous or necrotizing tissue!) So are they tragically poisoned by testosterone which can only be treated by massive surgical interventions, or are they just like actual females and no one could ever tell the difference unless told? Hmmm.

  4. Gallus Mag, your talking about money needed to help women whose faces have been destroyed by men throwing acid on them compared to one more male narcissist pretending he’s a woman really makes it clear and simple. I just wish all women would think about the realty of that and support the women needing help instead of these entitled men.

    1. I agree with you so much. I would also help young African girls who are forced into sexual relation too soon, are pregnant at 15 and whose genitals are damaged for life during delivery. Fistula and co. They are the women who need help, and reparative surgeries. I don’t care for problems of “men who think they are women”. These problems are problems of privileged men who don’t know what to do with their lives.

  5. What I want to know is 1. How anyone can think a liberation movement based on plastic surgery and self-hatred is a good thing, and 2. Why anyone listens to this guy when he tells women, lesbians, and gays what to do with our respective movements.

    1. I don’t think it is self-hatred. He is embracing his manhood by doing woman. Trans is the biggest male privilege–It is on par with what serial killers and rapists think–same male thought process. He does woman better. His logic–his hang nail is greater than not equal to 100 dead and 500 maimed women. The only common ground is we also grit our teeth when we see him–but he is gonna fix that. He will have us retching at the sight of him. His years of pain and anguish in reality would not add up anything more than he woke up with a hard on and decided to post this crap. Just takin it to the next level. Really so creepy, so disgusting so full of himself and so male.

      1. I was thinking more of the women (F2T) in terms of self hatred, but yes, you’re right about Chad/Parker. He absolutely despises women and gays and he is super entitled- beyond entitled, and incredibly manipulative and abusive to women and gays- and just in general, frankly. When he was just “Chad Molloy” ie last year, he spent his free time writing a bunch of nasty yelp reviews for various businesses that served him insufficiently. It’s what he does.
        Super dramatical and self-pitying too. A few weeks ago someone on twitter accused him of saying something racist and he started tweeting this ridiculous “I…can’t…breathe..” bullshit – trying to garner pity in order to deflect the criticism. What a fucking dick.
        A more entitled, narcissistic fellow we shall never see. Hilarious comments on his other plea for surgery money posted above by belindieG. He says in his post “I’m not really asking for money, aww shucks” and folks were like YES you are, that is the entire message of this post, at least be honest.

      2. “So here I am, yet again laying bare my most personal, torturous, secrets. I’ve always been one to “put myself out there,” and this is no exception. I see my flaws, and I recognize what I need to do in order to correct them.”
        THIS SHIT IS PRICELESS! Priceless, I tell you! Holy smoke, this guy is a piece of work. He paints his vanity and narcissism as an act of bravery, for Christ’s sake. As an act of selflessness. SMH indeed.
        His response on Twitter about the racist thing? The only thing he was missing was his fainting couch. What a manipulative pile of dung. Sorry to resort to a word I use too often around here, but: un-fuckin’-believable.

      3. Yep, they always say they “do woman better” don’t they? It’s one of the more obvious “tells.”
        It so quickly turns into the scary rage, too, they could “do woman” so much better but WE are born women, we have what they so desperately want and we WASTE it, and so we must be punished. This is really obvious in the “Donna” serial killer post just above this one, that guy even stated it right out in his police interview. Creeeeepy!

      4. @AshlandAvenue Of course vanity and narcissism = bravery. Have you forgotten the immortal words of our hero Bob Zoe Tur? “Fighting fires, being a police officer, or doing rescues, that’s not brave. You can admire those people. Brave is being yourself. And for the first time, I’m being brave.”

      5. Lin, I’d so love to hear what a cop or fire fighter (like the ones who had to battle that humongous apartment fire in Texas yesterday) would have to say to Bobby here claiming that they’re not brave. No, in Bob’s mind, he’s the brave one for dressing in drag and forcing sales women to put make up on his face! (Oh, how I’d love to see a Thunderdome match featuring Bobby and a Chicago cop after that little opinion of his got out on the street.) I watched the video until just past where he states how people saw him as a superhero. Then I could stomach no more.

      6. Snowflake Especial has an interesting post on Tur:


        But I can say with certainty that trans and pro-trans people are applying the same analysis to mtf’s and ftm’s because it’s in the interest of male boundary violators, and they’re the ones running the convo. Using this analysis maintains mtf’s in their hierarchy, and also maintains patriarchy.
        If, as FCM proposes, most mtf’s are aping or appropriating femininity while never eschewing masculinity, then it’s obvious who’s going to dominate the conversation over what’s acceptable behavior. And the really sick and frustrating part (for me) is that the longer an mtf has been assimilated, which obviously involves actually eschewing some part of male privilege/masculinity, the less any other mtf is going to listen to her, because why the fuck should men listen to women?

        That’s a good insight. MTF activists, the loud and proud non-ops, the “butch” trans women, want to appropriate womanhood without ever examining or letting go of male dominance. Hence no male socialization and no shared girlhood.
        “Intersectionality” is the perfect weapon to shut women up and retain dominance. That’s why they’re so in love with that theory. The “most oppressed” group gets to define reality and control the discourse. That’s why the Janet Mocks can shift the goalposts at will and sneer at the hapless Piers Morgans who don’t understand the game. Mock can say “I was born a boy” but Morgan gets vilified for saying the same thing. I’m sure this isn’t what Kimberle Crenshaw had in mind, but that’s how her theory is being used.

    2. @GM awhh he was triggered, get the smelling salts, push in the velvet fainting couch and a comb please, his plumage is up in a mess. I looked on that cite linked here for the money beggers and one guy was the son of the guy that started Mozillia and his mother is/was some well known “2nd wave” (I think) feminist. Obviously his parents refused to pony up the money. The only thing I can think of why this entire movement has not been told to shut up and stand down is sex and money–big money. Combined with the social and cultural honoring of male arousal and male sexual pleasure (this is another form of using women–the way the conquering army made whores out of the local women. All women in this case) has given it the tiny bit of credence. And it assaults females from cradle to grave. It is no coincidence that girls are the ones that are first bearing the brunt or that it was their safe space while at school was taken.

  6. $35,000 for face feminization? What the fuck?
    This dude only needs $8000 and is apparently a prostitute.
    And $20,000 for the whole dick inversion (http://www.gofundme.com/4ql0j4)
    Parker is being greedy.
    He’ll have to lift his game to compete with all 340 of these people:
    Now, I didn’t do a great statistical analysis of these people but it appears the majority are women seeking mastectomies.
    It’s fucking sad.
    “In order to become the man on the outside that I am on the inside, I need to preserve my eggs so that I can still have biological children”
    Additionally, you could not poison yourself with testosterone.
    And one that raised $4000+ to sue Cathy Brennan.
    How’d that turn out? Anyone know?

      1. @ Jane.
        Why are some of the others so cheap then?
        Is it because of the weird cost structure in healthcare varies from state to state in the USA?
        $35,000 is a lot of money.
        A tiny part of me is tempted to bullshit and claim I’m transgender (no one is going to give money to a lesbian) to get money for Invisalign braces. (About $6000-$8000 AUD)
        The other part of me would be embarrassed to beg for money for a cosmetic procedure.
        And that’s what this dude wants, cosmetic surgery.

      2. Molloy lives in Chicago, one of the most expensive, tax-happy cities in America. State taxes are also high. Prices also vary a lot from doctor to doctor and facility to facility. My guess is that Molloy got an estimate from some big shot doctor who works out of a topflight hospital. That facility fee of $3750 seems pretty high.
        *insert L’Oreal “I’m worth it” head-toss gif here*

      3. Remember the video from that guy who had this done- and everything that touched his face was felt on the top of his head. The vid was like “I have no feeling here but I feel the touch here (on the top of his head). Horrifying.

      4. What’s this “I’m saving up for” bullshit?! NO, dude, you’re sitting on your lazy ass and begging, then trying to be cute with the “digging through the couch for loose change” crap: “Oh, look at me, the poor humble little church mouse just trying to get by.” It’s beyond obnoxious. I saw on Gallus’s Twitter how he tried to downplay it, saying he put up the Gofundme site “simply because there were people who wanted to contribute.” Riiiiiight. I think it was the first and only plan he had for getting – oh, excuse me, “saving up for” – the money.
        I also noticed how apparently in order for Chad here to truly feel like a woman, he needs not only a nose job but also fat sucked from one part of his body and shot into his lips and cheeks. FFS. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at this farce.

      5. I’ll be interested to see the results. Because excessive plastic surgery never turns out badly.
        Whatever happened to plain old tracheal shaving?

  7. It’s a little sad that this guy looks in the mirror and sees someone he…what, doesn’t like? Doesn’t recognize? Well, by all means then, let’s make him a new face! Oh yeah!
    I looked in the mirror this morning, and I saw some hair that needed cutting. I WANT A NEW HEAD. Isn’t that the only logical conclusion I can reach?
    It’s getting tiresome, trans people. You are slowly being seen through, best to jump on the bandwagon now, before it’s too late!

  8. If the “facial feminization”, “top surgery” (FTM or MTF), “bottom surgery” (MTF or FTM), or whatever is botched, then they try and raise money to pay another surgeon to correct what was done by the first surgeon. So, the plastic surgeons gets them coming and going.
    If people are going to give money, this person needs it.
    My heart breaks for this woman, and she really does need help. I know I’m a horrid person for using female pronouns in reference to a woman with three biological children. I don’t care because this is a female who bought into the idea of “transitioning”.
    No matter how we look at it, FTM “top surgery” is more like mutilation than anything else. I’ve always had trouble wrapping my mind around the idea of elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples.
    The transgender community pushes “transitioning” and plants the idea in the minds of 14, 15, and 16 year old kids. Kids are being saturated with these messages.
    Look at this graphic in which healthy breasts can be “plopped off” magically. Where did this graphic come from, and what thought processes were behind its creation?
    Getting “top surgery” comes with no blood, or pain, and all we have to do is tug or pull them off. See, it’s just like a fashion accessory. We can take them off as we please. It’s as if healthy female anatomy is comprised of designer appendages.
    It’s just not transgender identified people who feel pressure to undergo surgery. It’s happening to young women who are obsessed with looking thin and dressing like fashion models. I’ve always argued that hyper-femininity and the sexualization of young girls and FTM “transitioning” are just flips sides of the same coin in that they are both largely fueled by the decline of second wave feminism, internalized misogyny, and postmodern neoliberalism.
    Transgender identified people feel pressure to “transition” and young women are undergoing labiaplasty because their labias aren’t perfect.

    1. Pretty soon everybody will be modified. That helps control individuals – when you’re too busy with your surgical mods you can’t ask why there are so many frigging transgender individuals these days – what with 84,000 chemicals released into our environment over the last 30 years and many thousands known Endocrine Disrupters in utero.
      Instead of attacking the source of what I suppose to be causing this transgender explosion, which would mean regulating toxic chemicals and having Human Impact Safety Assessments before launching new chemicals into our products…no, that’s not as profit-making as the surgeries, mutilations and drugs required by trans.
      Seriously, I’ve been asking this question a long time. Chemicals are causing the feminization of our males and that is across the board – not just the alpha elite males. The alpha males in our community who work at Microsoft – their little boys are just as affected by reproductive birth defects as the po’ side of town.
      If there is a biological reason for all the trans – shouldn’t we focus on solving that basic problem instead of kowtowing to the symptoms? Eliminate hormone mimetic (acting) chemicals from our toys, home furnishings and clothing!

      1. “Transwomen” aren’t rejecting masculinity (dominance and violence behaviors). They are hyper-masculine. If endocrine disruptors caused a decrease in male dominance and violence I would suggest we feed them to every male infant in their bottles. Endocrine disruptors do no such thing.
        The popularity of genderism is caused by the backlash against women’s liberation and the gay rights movements coupled with the invention of “lifestyle” medicine, the invention of virtual/internet environments, and naval-gazing narcissism (identity politics).

      2. Hi, sorry, I can’t reply to a reply?
        Hormone disrupters don’t affect male domination, and that is too bad. The feminization usually refers to “phthalate syndrome” with smaller penis, and a litany of medical weirdnesses.
        I know that “transwomen” are not rejecting patriarchy, and that is too bad.
        I totally agree with the assessment that T is coming out of the backlash against women’s rights.
        I’m not making excuses for them, just exploring a causality concept that has not been discussed elsewhere. We are exposed to these chemicals in utero, and I have a hunch that chemical assaults which affect brains and fetal development might play a role in all the gender confusions. At least a Human Impact Assessment performed before they sell us their stuff.
        I worked for civil and gay rights back in the day, and I’m horrified to attend my city’s LGBT commission addressing our city council and realizing that there is not one born woman on the commission. The “female” is a T. I cannot believe how fast the T gained prominence, and got their journalism standards adopted by the professional associations before there was a public debate about if an XY with penis is a woman. They got the silencing orders distributed before there was public discourse.

      3. Re: “The popularity of genderism is caused by the backlash against women’s liberation and the gay rights movements coupled with the invention of “lifestyle” medicine, the invention of virtual/internet environments, and naval-gazing narcissism (identity politics).” GM – you are ahead of your time. Fifty years down the road, THIS will be the analysis of the transgender fad. I feel sad, deep sorrow, that so many of us had to suffer through the George Bush years, as feminists…the Tea Party madness…and now THIS. To say I am disappointed as a feminist is a massive understatement. I feel closed off from any sort of community with feminist women, as in, oh yeah, we’re seeing eye to eye! in real life. There was a women’s bookstore I used to go to, but that closed. I mean where is the CASUAL informal space for women, that is also political? I don’t even know what I’m saying. But I experience that lack.

      4. These men are “alpha-males” 100% uber males (don’t be fooled they are not “feminized” in any wayt shape or form) and it is a fetish which is more likely caused by porn (that affected their arousal receptors and thresholds and compulsive need) not chemicals in utero. Chemicals cause many problems and defects but this is one big charade and rooted in males sexual urges to over power women–it is the new billy club.That merges neatly with LBGT politics–another male driven movement and po-mo/libertarian ideals–a Narcissistic fun fest.

      5. HI GallusMag, thanks for the encouraging words. Have been thinking about a get-together type thing at a local restaurant…for a while…I know one person who’s interested, and this spring may be able to get a couple more…again, thanks for your suggestion. Could be fun!

  9. This is extremely obsene! He’s begging for money he doesn’t fucking need.
    I’ve been going crazy trying to find a way to get money to get out a spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically abusive marriage. I can’t go to the women’s shelter in my area because trannies with dicks are allowed, and, having been sexually abused, I refuse to put myself in that situation.
    How about I post some money-begging profile, and see if I can be funded the fuck away from this asshole?! Oh wait, I’m a woman, I married him, so I asked for it. Thus, I can’t beg for any help! I, this vagina wielding creature, have it better trannies seeking facial feminization surgery with my “cis privilege.”
    Another strand of male bigots to add to my male hate hit list!!!

    1. I am so sorry you’re going through that, Sage. {{hug}} I think your situation is exactly what those fund raising sites should be used for, not some guy’s vanity crap.

    2. @ Sage.
      That’s terrible. I am so sorry.
      I wish I could be of more help but I’m not familiar with what state you’re in (I assume you’re in the USA) and I’m also not sure about what facilities are on offer in the USA.
      You’re not at fault. Nobody asks to be abused.
      Any family or friends that can help you get out?

    3. I hope that this comment is not serious. If you are in a physically abusive situation, get to a shelter. It makes absolutely no sense for you to stay in an actual abusive situation because hypothetically there might be a transgender at the shelter.
      There aren’t that many transgenders with penises in the world. The odds that there would be 1) a transgender with a penis 2) at a given shelter 3) at the same time you are there 4) who then interacts with you and 5) tries to abuse you – are vanishingly small. You have a greater risk of being struck by lightning on the way to the shelter than for all of the above to happen. So if your comment was sincere, please get to the shelter or some safe place. If the comment was not serious, then please don’t joke about not going to shelters.

      1. Thanks for the concern everyone. I have the unfortunate experience of having been sexually harrassed by a transexual, as well as raped by a male. So, Im hypervigilant to that. I’m searching for a shelter that only allows women in the next state over -California. My state is so insignificant and so right wing loving that there is a shortage of women’s resources. So, the ones we have tend tto be full and many times with people (transexuals) I rather do without. If not I’ll be going back to my home country with my father.

    4. BTW, im staying with a female friend for now but my belongings and my pets are with that man. So im out of danger for now.

      1. I’m glad you’re safe, and hope you’re able to get the rest of your life separated from him soon.

      2. I’m glad to hear you were able to find a safe place to regroup- my best thoughts are with you going forward 🙂

  10. The creepy thing about all this “testosterone damage” and “face I should have had” nonsense is that it’s subtle ongoing propaganda for the sterilisation of non-conforming children (aka, in many cases, effeminate little gay boys and tomboyish lesbian girls). What Chad is really saying is that he “should” have been put on lupron from the age of seven and fed oestrogen pills through what was his natural male puberty (he doesn’t really wish he had because he’s not completely crackers, he just wants you to feel sorry for him that he wasn’t).
    MTFs weeping and moaning about how they “should” have had beautiful voluptuous pornified laydee bodies (despite the fact that had they actually been born female they’d have looked about as average as the rest of us) goes hand in hand with the weird fetishisation of “trans kids” from both their parents and the older transitioner crowd.

    1. You’re right, Smits, this is more than an obscene public display of male entitlement. It also doubles as propaganda that naturalizes the sterilization and physical/psychological mutilation of children.
      Last night I was reading the comments on a Salon article written by Parker Marie sometime last year (there are a lot of good trans-skeptical and trans-critical comments there from both men and women–not necessarily feminists). Anyway, the trans-activists were taunting these smart commenters with the fact that children are being transitioned at younger and younger ages. They said that the idea of a shared girlhood will very soon become a reality, because Gender Identity Disorder is now being diagnosed in toddlers, and this will become more and more commonplace. So, yeah, propaganda.
      I also agree with what you said about entitlement to physical beauty. Beauty, as far as it can be defined objectively, is a very rare quality in both sexes. There is nobody on earth who “should” have been beautiful! If all average and plain people experienced psychiatric distress over their bodies and faces … well, there’d be a whole lot of dysphoria going around. Actually, that’s what’s already happening! There really is a contagion element to trans-insanity.

    2. Yeah, that bit jumped out at me quite clearly as well. But this guy is not e-begging for SRS funding, he just wants the 35k face, and I assume a lot more body work in the future (or he is going to end up with the face of Tyra Banks and the body of Uncle Philip Banks from The Fresh Prince). Transgendering children is a calculated move to legitimize innate gender roles and brain sex. This guy probably wants to retain his reproductive capabilities, or at least his sexual functioning- the trans children are sacrificial lambs to gaining validity for the trans cause. Sterilization via puberty blockers, and other potential side effects (like death) from lupron, are encouraged for the kids, but not for the guys at the top of trans train. They do not need to give up a thing to claim womanhood, just stomp and say it is so!
      The human rights violations upon children in the name of trans ideology will be a dark stain in the annals of medical history. The trans cult’s pseudo-sciencey beliefs in innate gender roles will be exposed as the sexist nonsense it is. The former lgbt orgs did a bang-up job in gaining mainstream acceptance of the regressive, dangerously ignorant and sexist concepts at the heart of trans ideology. The medical community (the APA, AMA and big pharma) will have much to reflect upon, and point fingers wherever they can, when these transgender-ed children are grown and realize they were sterilized and buchered in the name of a warped ideology. The onslaught of lawsuits will mark the beginning of the end of the ideological-medical cult of trans- assuming it is not already derailed by something unexpected like a major natural disaster or nuclear war. Just as we regard the widespread lobotomies performed on mental patients in the mid-20th century and Mengele’s house of horror, the human rights violations against children in the name of trans ideology will go down in history as such atrocities. Whether it is only the beginning or the beginning of the end, either way, the truth will out. There is a silver lining that a better world, and genuine emancipation to women, can emerge from the mistakes and ignorance that we are struggling against here and now.

  11. Let me see if I get the gist of it:
    1a) Straight male does not have sexual/romantic relationships with females as often as he would like, or at all.
    1b) Straight male does have sexual/romantic relationships pretty often, but the females do not live to his expectations in terms of looks and/or behaviour (rooted on his idealized notions of gender roles or sexual fantasies).
    Which leads to
    2) Straight male decides to become the ideal female that is missing in his life.
    3) Straight male undergoes one or more transitional procedures.
    4) Transitioned straight male fall short of some/many of his expectations, especially on looks.
    Which leads to
    5) Depression, self-harm, suicide, violence
    6) Grudging acceptance
    7) Reversal of transition
    8) Further medical procedures towards the idealized original goal.

    1. On top of the autogynephilia angle, there’s also internalization of the idea that category female is simply a dumping ground for defective males. “I don’t fit or can’t attain the profile of the stereotypical male, so I must be a woman.” Some beta dudes who can’t thrive in our atomized technological society, who live in a porn, pomoqueer and internet-enabled fantasy world, surmise that club female is a big frilly, slutty vacation from the stress of male-world. They believe as MRAs do that women, not having to live up to male standards of achievement, have an easier time of things. They also still unconsciously believe that females exist to cater to them. This is all very appealing to a certain kind of spoiled Western beta dude who thinks he shouldn’t have to work hard at anything.
      Then they transition and find the experience is nothing like they expected, and that the “queer community” is not in fact a free pussy party. They blame this painful reality on transmisogyny and women not being accommodating enough to them.
      Many of the MTF bloggers we discuss on this site seem to fit this profile.

      1. Woman as defective man is a pretty fundamental trope of patriarchy, isn’t it?
        I remember reading in a book 「女嫌い」(hate of women) by 上野千鶴子(Ueno Chizuko – I like her stuff) about this, and about how most of the various traditional “third genders” are M2T because of this, there’s a category in some places where men who just don’t want to be the usual strict category of “men” can sort of join… women. The reverse situation is far more rare, and it’s because gender is a hierarchy, not a binary.
        Of course there’s the (male) theory in the West that we’re all supposed to have “penis envy” too…
        And I think it plays into the “we can be better women than you (actual) women ever are” thing. They’re slumming it, coming from man-land, but they’re still “higher” on the scale than we are, in their view.
        Certainly some of the M2T I’ve known in real life definitely fit the profile. One guy I lost contact with years ago was actually rejected for SRS, because he was diagnosed (IMHO accurately) with having other issues, to me he seemed the classic “can’t quite live up to the expectations placed on me and in particular to the legacy of my older brothers, I must be a girl.” Though for all I know now he’s transitioned. I do wonder, sometimes.

      2. That’s pretty close to why I’m not sympathetic to transpeople who can’t get laid. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

    2. “3) Straight male undergoes one or more transitional procedures.
      4) Transitioned straight male fall short of some/many of his expectations, especially on looks.”
      I remember watching a documentary called ‘My Mums Used to Be Men’ (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2302071/)
      In the documentary I can distinctly recall one of the dudes talking about his weight gain due to estrogen.
      Beforehand he was quite tall and thin and the estrogen made him gain weight like crazy. He was quite upset by this development if memory serves me correctly.
      I remember thinking at the time, even though I was a little trans handmaiden, ‘welcome to our hell’. I felt a little happy that this dude got to experience the extreme pressure I felt to stay thin as a woman.
      Here’s an article about them:
      It’s a very slippery slope with these dudes. If they are taking estrogen, they are most likely going to gain some weight.
      With weight gain means more surgery such as liposuction and body sculpting. As the skin ages (and sags) there will be more surgery to retain the taut look.
      From an article on the effects of estrogen on males:
      “Many transsexual women, perhaps most famously Tula, have great legs. The long long legs of a genetic male can, when padded out and softened by additional fat deposits from female hormones, result in a serious WOW factor. Unfortunately the effect is often ruined by size 10+ feet.”
      Hahahaha! Size 10+ feet.
      And I read on Wikipedia that ‘Tula’ was actually intersex, although that could be tranny bullshit. Watched an interview with ‘Tula’…the voice is manly.
      “Some women choose to begin hormone therapy for what may be the wrong reasons, and perhaps with unrealistically high expectations of what the results will be. It’s essential to be realistic about what hormones and feminisation surgery can do. Many of the transsexual woman featured in magazines, newspapers, on talk shows, and other media are exceptional in their looks, and would probably very feminine without any hormones or surgery. Beautiful women are [mostly] born so, not made.”
      “The visible changes in physique and appearance resulting from female hormone treatment can vary from dramatically successful to rather disappointing. However it is important to remember the limitations of hormones – they can not change a skeleton, nor can they reverse ageing. For example the pelvis of an average adult woman is significantly different from that of an average adult man – with effects which range from gait to appearance in a g-string – and these can’t be overcome by hormones, or even with dangerously drastic measures such as silicone injections.
      Hormones can greatly assist the transition of a short and lightly built young man in to a completely passable woman, but hormones (nor anything else) cannot turn a tall, rugged, heavily built, balding, and elderly man in to a pretty and petite girl. Such a man is always going to have difficulty passing successfully as a woman, indeed even after all available hormonal and surgical treatment, the brutal reality is that he may still appear to strangers as a man in drag with “boobs stuck on”.”

      1. A lot of M2T claim to be intersex – including the famous “transabled” guy who did the rounds of National Geographic. It’s all about “I was intersex and finally had genital surgery at [middle age]” etc etc.
        But in that guy’s case, he already fathered a biological child. It doesn’t get more unambiguously male than that, folks, regardless of what exactly your penis looks like.
        So yeah I think a lot of them are clinging to the “I have a laydee brain, that means I have male genitalia but a female brain (wtf? It’s got xy chromosomes just like your liver, dude) and so see, some organs male and some female, I’m INTERSEX!!!” 😛

      2. Gary Sconce, that California high school SCIENCE teacher making the “trans-15-minute-fame” rounds in the media this week sent out a spooky letter to his co-workers that was posted in the Fresno Bee: http://www.fresnobee.com/2014/03/20/3831889/yosemite-high-school-science-teacher.html
        Did I mention this guy is a SCIENCE teacher????
        In his letter he tells the other educators:
        “…..Transitioning is finally getting her face above the water and getting a vital, sweet breath of air in order to stay alive.
        Being transgender is almost impossible to stop. Medication, torture and even shock therapy have been tried with no success. A Dutch medical study found that transgender female brains and female brains are completely identical in structure, and very different from gay or straight male brains. Those findings caused a firestorm of legal changes in Europe and all legal discrimination toward transgender people was stopped.
        I was a false, phony male person for 50 years. I covered the female inside with hypermasculine behavior, trying to prove I was not the woman inside I actually was. You have seen….”

        Holy shit. Is that what he is teaching in his science classes? Total made-up bullshit? Or does he just lie about science when he is covering up his sexual autogynephilic lifestyle? I seriously think this guy should be fired. Not for being trans but for extreme delusion and incompetence vis a vis SCIENCE. And lets face it- this is one area of scientific inquiry where he actually has a keen personal interest in research, no? Yet still completely falsifying data and science. Outrageous. And yes, Adrian, all to the point of claiming laydee brain/intersex.

      3. Oh, and speaking of “hypermasculinity”, here is what our violence-loving pal Chad David Molloy had to say on twitter tonight:

        Awwwww! What a sweet father-son moment.

  12. Good God Almighty! So much crap in here! Lot of people make wrong life choices and then realize it is too much to bear for them for any kind of reasons. But to conclude that anyone who take this path is a fool in denial… and to make a blog about that!!!!! You need a basic lesson of inductive and deductive logic. And to believe that basically trans people think biology is wrong with them… So far from the truth. Human beings think and respond to their environment in creative ways that do not respect what is doable : we dream of flying, healing disease, reverse aging, and those things are against our “biology”, does that mean they are wrong and made by fools? Really? May you find peace and not hate in this life.

    1. kamil, I like how you go from a forceful, manly “you [dumb women] need a lesson,” to the soothing, spiritual tones of “may you find peace.” One moment, a harsh school master or husband, and then, on a dime, the voice of the next Dalai Lama. With that kind of talent, it’s not surprising that you also think you can be a woman. Or that you can grow wings and fly.

    2. I’m not going online to throw a pity party and demand ppl fund surgery to have wings attached to my body, flying lessons or help me finally fulfill my dream of laying eggs. As if anyone ever funded my mistakes. Moron.

      1. Oh, shediogenes, your feminine foolishness makes me so angry! It also touches my heart. If you have always dreamed of laying eggs, it behooves you to build a nest. Biology is but an illusion. If the cock clucks, and the rooster lays, and the hen crows, will the sun rise in the east, and in time for breakfast? That is my riddle for you. The lesson is inside. I wish you peace, $35,000, and many good eggs.

      2. @morag Build a nest? wtf? I’m a transanimal, trans most fowl. I’m not building a nest. YOU, lowly human females must build the nest, and then I will steal it from you. to suggest I build the nest is transfowlphobic. How dare you. And while you’re building my nest, please, no thorns. may u find peace and not hate, or some such thinly veiled condescending thingy

      3. This exchange is so magical and inspiring! I support kamil in his pursuit of “doing the undoable” and really hope he gives that human flight thing a try. The top of the Empire State building is quite beautiful (you can also use my executive card to get up there after hours, just let me know, buddy!) Pray 4 Whirled Peas 🙂

      4. @morag btw, I also find your use of words like cock, rooster and hen to be transfowl-phobic and extremely triggering.

      5. “YOU, lowly human females must build the nest, and then I will steal it from you.”
        Ooo, this is IT, in a nutshell (or, in an eggshell)!
        Seriously, this makes me think of cowbirds, who steal other birds’ nests where they lay their own eggs. Then, the foster mother bird does all the work of incubating and raising the cowbird chick (which is huge and aggressively hungry), running herself ragged to support its needs, at the expense of her own chicks and, ultimately, her own species.
        Kind of like how male trans use the intellectual work of feminism, and its gains, for their own purposes, at women’s expense. Then, when some feminists get a clue, and tell them to get their own goddamn nest, feminists are declared TERFs–bigots, the enemy of the poor little (actually, big) oppressed trans “women.”

      6. @Morag
        Like the cuckoo.
        Once they hatch (usually earlier than the original bird eggs) it will push the other eggs out of the nest to monopolize the adopted mother birds time.
        “When a cuckoo egg is placed in a host nest, the host may either recognize that the egg is not one of its own and eject it from the nest, or it incubates and hatches the cuckoo egg. If the cuckoo egg hatches, the fledgling will usually push any other eggs and nestlings it encounters over the edge of the nest. Once the host parents are deprived of their rightful young, they devote all their time and energy to feeding the young cuckoo.”
        “In order to avoid brood parasitism by cuckoos, European martins and swallows have over the years evolved to build their nests inside and in places inaccessible to cuckoos. These birds therefore are less “skillful” in ejecting the mimic cuckoo eggs from their nests. As barn swallows in China still build nests outside and therefore are more susceptible to brood parasitism, they are better able to assess when an egg is not theirs and remove the foreign egg from their nest quickly. This shows that they have been able to develop an alternative strategy to reduce the likelihood of cuckoo parasitism.”
        I like the strategies of these birds.
        Inside and inaccessible nests for us all!

      7. bethanyalexandertate,
        Ha. Yes! It’s funny, too, how heterosexual men use cuckoo bird behaviour as a metaphor for a woman’s infidelity–i.e., her deceived husband/partner is a “cuckold.”
        But, to continue on with OUR metaphor … it sounds like Chinese barn swallows, by throwing out those foreign cuckoo eggs, are little TERFs!
        Oh, and I read somewhere that certain cowbirds, when they discover that their eggs have have been “terfed” (destroyed or thrown overboard), will go back and destroy the nest. That is, if the nest doesn’t welcome THEM, then no one, especially the very one who built it, can use that nest. Sound familiar?
        (Gosh, I hope I don’t come off as bigoted against actual birds. Nothing could be further from the truth–they are all wonderful, fascinating creatures.)

      8. @ Morag
        Yes, I recall reading the same thing about cowbirds:
        >”It seems that Brown-headed Cowbirds periodically check on their eggs and young after they have deposited them. Removal of the parasitic egg may trigger a retaliatory reaction termed “mafia behavior”. According to a study by the Florida Museum of Natural History published in 1983, the cowbird returned to ransack the nests of a range of host species 56% of the time when their egg was removed. In addition, the cowbird also destroyed nests in a type of “farming behavior” to force the hosts to build new ones. The cowbirds then laid their eggs in the new nests 85% of the time.
        Sounds very familiar.
        Females fight for female only space.
        Males destroy space and advocate for their right to be there.
        Females create new space with new boundaries stipulating ‘female only’.
        Males destroy space and force us to have them.
        Females create a new space.
        Males destroy feminist gatherings and force us to build new ones.
        I don’t actually give a fuck if men want to form their own little *social* clubs where I can’t join in.

    3. @kamil Faulty analogy to say the least–they dream of flying, no they dream of their dick hard in spike heals, healing disease–no again that would require them giving a shit about other people, not to mention it cuts into their narcissistic hours dwelling on themselves–they gotta sleep sometime. There is nothing about these men that is “against biology” they are their own porn fest–very biological but not the big dreams that changed human history. To imagine otherwise–indeed a fool. It don’t age well, it looks like hell now.

    1. Makes me wonder if Jame Gumb ever complained about the feet being too small for his size 10 clodhoppers…

    2. Chad must have spent a lot of time fantasizing and cobbling together exactly what features he wants for his new bionic woman face (apologies to Lindsay Wagner). He probably ripped up a bunch of pictures of women’s faces and hodge-podged them together with his own semen. Just like Donna Perry and Dick Masbruch and every other psycho-sexual rapist and murderer, to him women are sub-human, a skin suit or a literal lady face that he believes he is entitled to possess. Notice how he even speaks of himself in both 3rd and 1st person- she and I? Creeptastic.
      Honestly, I would raise the 35k myself if he would agree to stop speaking on behalf of women or gays. I don’t want to starve of the world of this man’s vapid, self-serving literary voice- he is still free to represent other white hetero dudes like himself. But like the old saying, if a autogynophile jerks off to his new laydee face in the woods, and there are no women around to bully into playing along, does he really get off?

    3. This sums it up on many levels, GM. This guy actually thinks he has the right to be seen as attractive on the street? To not be stared at except in admiration? There are millions of born women who don’t have that, it is as though he wants to take an attractive woman’s face and have it as his own. Does he even realise what goes with the stare?

      1. It’s the ultimate validation… being reduced to a sexual object! Until the catcallers realize there’s tackle lurking under that skirt. Then, he’ll need another gofundme campaign to head to Thailand. To give him the genitals he should have always had, if not for that cosmic mistake of a Y-chromosome.

  13. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/calpernia-addams/parker-marie-molloy_b_5077322.html
    Parker Marie Molloy’s Transphobic and Homophobic Slurs Don’t Matter, but Our Response Does
    by Calpernia Addams
    Longtime activist, actress and musician, known for her work with the trans community
    Posted: 04/02/2014 12:57 pm EDT Updated: 04/02/2014 1:59 pm EDT Parker Marie Molloy RuPaul Parker Marie Molloy Carmen Carrera Parker Marie Molloy Jared Leto Parker Marie Molloy Calpernia Addams Parker Marie Molloy Transphobia Transgender Misgendering Homophobia Parker Molloy Transgender Issues Gay Voices News
    A few weeks ago newcomer to transition and lesbian/trans issues Parker Marie Molloy purposefully misgendered me and called into question my identity as female in an op-ed piece for Advocate.com by calling me a “drag queen” and saying that I “[refer] to [myself] as ‘a transsexual.'” Apparently she’s expressed similar sentiments about Carmen Carrera and others. I was freshly returned from speaking at Oxford University and recording my acoustic LP in London, so I filed the incident under “See If This Still Matters to You in a Few Days” and resumed my busy life here in Los Angeles.
    I wasn’t sure who Molloy was, but I assumed that she was another one of the nutty trans hacktivists who had been “triggered” by the buzz generated when Jared Leto thanked me in his Oscars acceptance speech. A small but vocal handful of new transitioners are particularly horrified by my love for the gay community and my willingness to cooperate toward shared goals rather than demand and grab what I want. All these angry, attacking women seem to share certain telling characteristics. Perhaps conditioned to bully and take by a lifetime of white, heterosexual, male privilege in academia and business, these women seem to relish the co-opting of yet another source of power: Often in only a year or two, they drop the mantle of white, straight, male privilege, having wrung every benefit that a 20- to 30-year-old person can from it, and take up the currently unassailable position of being a queer female with all the zeal of a new conqueror. What’s the thing they rail against when not decrying other trans people? “Cis-het privilege”?
    Molloy’s original Advocate.com passage misgendering and slurring me. After a few emails from me, Advocate.com did edit the transphobic slurs without comment or apology, and the piece was scrubbed from online archives. After another email, they added a notation that the slurs were removed. After more emails, they added that The Advocate “regrets the error.” Whew!
    Now, I’ve known plenty of people who were able to live successfully integrated into heteronormative culture as someone of the gender they were assigned at birth, and who then went on to become strong voices for the trans community and the LGBT community at large after joining us. And I don’t discount anyone’s identity as female here, regardless of their privilege or behavior. I won’t fall into the trap of Oppression Olympics, trying to “win” by discounting another person’s struggle in favor of my own.
    Those who reject the mantle of male privilege in order to join our community are to be applauded. Most who transition later in life sacrifice almost everything they’ve built to join us. But at any age, those who just use the gains and habits of this privilege to step in as word police and identity police should be called on it.
    I believe that my identity is an expression of my soul, and I assume the same for everyone else, separate from how they express their body or whether they choose to live as good or evil people. But I’ve put in enough years to recognize some uncomfortable facts, and I’m not afraid to say them at this stage in my life, especially because points about transphobia and homophobia inside the trans community are issues that should be addressed by a transsexual person before anyone else outside the community.
    There is palpable homophobia in the language of women like Molloy when they sneeringly wield the term “drag queen” in an attempt to destroy someone’s identity. Coming from someone whose entire body of work is essentially about policing language, the hypocrisy is particularly staggering. And especially when it comes from people who’ve presumably lived most of their lives with the tacit approval and support of a society that viewed them as heterosexual, white men (however they truly were inside), this misplaced anti-gay language should receive the same level of criticism as something like RuPaul’s use of the words “she-male” and “tranny.” To me it’s worse, because I believe RuPaul’s error is simply the tone-deaf carelessness of someone who has lived through and shaped many eras of queer and gender culture. The “gimme that too!” victimization grab of women like Molloy comes from not having earned their place as “inside” cultural commentators yet.
    During a youth wherein I was forced to present as male despite a feminine and soft nature, I was pretty soundly rejected from participating in heteronormative culture, despite my best efforts. After years adrift without a connection to my own body or that of a lover, I sought out and joined a renegade underground culture of rebels and fighters: the LGBT community of the 1990s, built on the backs of revolutionaries, many of whom were still alive at the time. I have been called a “faggot” (pre- and post-transition), marched in pride parades in the benighted Deep South, attended court hearings and appeared in pre-Internet local LGBT papers with opinions on our culture. Before even the tragedy of 1999, I was a participant in LGBT culture, and I was a gender rebel. The work I’ve done after the tragedy has been a calling and a privilege of another kind, but I am proud of that too.
    So when a few hate-filled, angry and inexperienced folks hop the fence at this late stage and try to dictate our culture rather than learn and build and participate in it, that is indeed worthy of a response. Their slurs and homophobia do not matter so much, because the impact is tempered by an understanding of the source. But our response does matter. We should give newbies a chance to find their footing (Lord knows I said some stupid things in my early days), but no matter what oppressed identity they claim, if they start making power grabs before learning the culture, we should call them on their lingering “cis-het privilege.” (God, I hate the term “cisgender.”) If they express hatred and derision for gay or lesbian culture (and it’s almost always anti-gay, for some reason), we should call them on their homophobia. We should call out the transphobia of those who attack trans people who choose to wear makeup, associate with gay and lesbian people or embrace non-binary bodies, whether the negativity is coming from outside the community or from inside. (Molloy has attacked not only me but Carmen Carrera and Buck Angel.) Being trans is not a free pass to be transphobic or homophobic.
    You choose your community’s voices and heroes. You choose your entertainers, your thinkers and your fighters. Make those choices. And if somebody is making your world a worse place, call ’em on it.
    This post originally appeared on Calpernia Addams’ personal website.
    Follow Calpernia Addams on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/calpernia

    1. The doublespeak gave me a headache. So apparently one only retains male privilege if one is “mean” by Calpernia’s standards? But since he’s a nice lady all of his male and white privilege disappeared unlike Parker’s. Nothing can be everything and black can be white.

    2. I just saw this on Calpernia’s blog:
      “And to the smaller set of self-diagnosis fans, unless you’ve been genetically tested, or reliably diagnosed by a doctor, you are probably not intersexed. I’ve seen so many of these Shush Brigade members insult real intersex people by reading a page or two on Klinefelter Syndrome, circling “overweight” and “short attention span” on the symptoms list and suddenly self diagnosing themselves as “intersex”, and so even further away from their hated label of “transsexual”. Co-opting IS identity in this specific way is pathetic, and an insult to people really dealing with IS issues. Get a reliable diagnosis if you really think this is the case, otherwise… save it.”

      1. Wow, points to Calpernia for exposing the bullshit intersex narrative.
        I am absolutely enjoying this cluster fuck.
        I hope they tear each other to pieces in the public forum for all to see.
        (The two sides: autogynephiles and homosexual MtT)
        The autogynephiles may have more money and power from their decades of heterosexuality but they NEED the gay transgenders.
        Not just because of the child transgenders (80-99% homosexual) that prevent it from being exposed as a masturbatory fetish.
        E.g: “Look, kids do it too and they’re not fetishists!”
        The gay transgenders are the only thing that keeps this from being a total shambles.
        People like Mock, Cox and Carrera.
        They’re fabulous and beautiful and NON THREATENING. They act and look just how a woman is “supposed to be” and they’ve got great fashion tips! Hooray for everyone!
        Most of the big faces in trans visibility for the public are the ones that are exceedingly feminine. They’re the palatable mask for the sinister workings of the autogynephiles.
        If the Lauralei Bailey’s, Chad Malloy’s and Dana Taylor’s keep pushing the line they will find themselves rejected by the movement.
        They NEED the ‘pretty’ ones. No-one is going to look at any of these dudes as anything other than sad hermits without ones like Calpernia.
        No fucking way hetero males will fall for their shit en masse.
        The pretendbians may have the support of one another and all the delusional tumblrites that they’ve bullied and beaten into believing them but not the public at large.
        If they start pulling this shit to hetero-males and Gay Inc?
        They will be shut down.
        If the (for lack of a better word) “passing” MtT start campaigning against the autogynephiles they ARE SCREWED.
        So, I really look forward to it.
        Even if you read the brain studies done to prove brain sex you will see virtually EVERY researcher talk about Blanchard’s theory of transgender.
        Not ONCE have I ever seen a (reputable) paper that says “Blanchard’s theory is wrong”.
        In brain scan studies, they state stuff like:
        “Results could be skewed because the research subjects (MtT) were non-homosexual transgender (to their birth sex) and due to Blanchard’s theory we know that homosexual and non-homosexual transgender are different”
        If Calpernia et al wanted to run with the autogynephilia theory they’ve got a good campaign.
        It’s referenced and held up by people DOING the fucking tests on transgender.

      2. Because the data documenting the difference between homosexual (accommodative) and non-homosexual (autogynephile fetishist) males who transgender is indisputable.

    3. I think there is a huge difference between a MtT like Calpernia and a straight male homophobe/entitled dipshit like Chad and his cronies. Since I don’t buy into the sexist pseudoscience of laydee brains or laydee feelings that objectify and reduce women to a set of stereotypes, these dudes are crossdressing straight dudes. Full stop. MtT like Calpernia and others from the drag scene transitioned as gay males and while there are exceptions, like Janet Mock, trans whose roots are in the LGB movement do not generally operate with the type of blatant homophobia, misogyny and violence that straight dudes like Chad do. Sure, the male privilege since birth remains, but there are also several decades of life lived as a gay male in a much different social mileau. It is the hetero men that consider themselves lesbians or queer women who work to erase gay women and the legal protections of all women as a class. Women who dare to speak aloud that penis is not female are hateful bigots and innundated with rape threats and death threats. How many times have we seen these angry heterosexual dudes tell a lesbian that she needed a “deep dicking” and to suck their womanly dicks? More than I can personally count. They need lesbians to accept their dicks as female (not happenin) and feel entitled to all women and all women’s spaces. I generally do not see this behavior in MtT who transitioned as gay males, it is coming primarily from heterosexual males. They believe that downing estrogen for a few months gives them the authority to speak on behalf of women and/or gays. These same dudes have probably had little to no exposure to gay culture before transgendering- their lives being ones of uber-privileged straight men and their disgusting behaviors do not change, in fact, they seem to be amplified by the constant self-congratulatroy circle-jerk of the trans cult.
      I appreciate drag as performance and artistry- one that it takes the piss out of femininity, a male creation that oppresses in so many ways from birth to death. I don’t believe drag is offensive to women, unless one believes that skyscraper heels, giant hair, sequins and pancake makeup have anything to do with being a woman. The hetero trans males are threatened by drag because they are very heavily invested in the male created version of femeninity as a true expression of their genuine laydee feelings. Chad went out of his way to misgender a fellow MtT because he is so threatened by the Calpernia’s path to trans. I have known a lot of queens and trans.1, from back in the day as a teenage club kid, and trans.2 (Now With 99 % More Abusive Straight Males!) is a sad devolution. The Calpernias and Amanda Lepores have more creativity in their little toes than the Chads of the world could ever hope to have. I can’t see Amanda Lepore waking up in the morning and trying to shut down funding for women’s shelters! I thought it was jarring to hear Calpernia speak of Chad as a straight-up woman (he is all male, all day) but I appreciate the message. It may be the appreciation a starving person feels for a dropped crumb, but it is something. It would be something more if the LGBT at large stood up against these violent homophobes in their harassment, bullying and erasure of gay women with vaginas.

  14. I think these guys are completely unqualified to comment on male privilege, they just are it. And he looks like Alex on the old A Clockwork Orange movie posters….creepy crawly creepy boy…

    1. Oh, crap, now I can’t unsee it.
      If I was forced to take a side in this I’d take Adams’ by a country mile. I guess it’s good I don’t have to take one because, as Choco said, holy shit is the double speak ridiculous.
      Adams, if he didn’t want het trans dudes crushing his party, he had 20 fucking years to speak up when they were only attacking feminists. But oops, was too busy back then being super-super-super. But now he has to deal with being the interloper in queer culture as a “het woman” being told off by pretendbians. And his language fails. It just fails.

  15. “I F*cking Hate @RuPaul”
    Filmmaker, writer, and trans activist Andrea James on the current state of post-disruption journalism and its unhealthy addiction to Twitter, and LGBT brain drain.
    Normally, a journalist making this pronouncement wouldn’t also report “objectively” about RuPaul that same day, but editors at LGBT website Advocate.com think this lack of ethics and professionalism by writer Parker Molloy is A-OK. It perfectly summarizes the current state of post-disruption journalism and its unhealthy addiction to Twitter, as well as the brain drain that has happened in LGBT media.
    When not expressing hate for subjects of her reporting, Molloy is part of the eyeroll-inducing “hashtag activist” movement currently infecting the internet. Rants and beta male humorlessness once limited to blogs and social media are now creeping into other outlets. In a sign of the times, The Advocate, a venerable and respected LGBT print magazine founded almost 50 years ago, is now a separate entity from Advocate.com. The website is overseen by a separate editorial team who favors bloggers and tweeters like Molloy over journalists; quantity over quality. Molloy’s specialty is trafficking in outrage, the basest coin of the internet, and Advocate.com is harnessing Molloy’s background as a search engine marketer in its current deathmatch with HuffPo Gay Voices.

    “I F*cking Hate @RuPaul”

    1. Hahaha!
      I am enjoying their infighting waaaaaay too much.
      I hope they outright reject the autogynephiles.
      This is disturbing though:
      “My transgender tent proudly includes crossdressers like Dennis Rodman, or drag queens like RuPaul, or people who identify as shemale, or those throwing around the word tranny, or those whose antics anger or embarrass me. They’re still part of my trans family.”
      So…Dennis Rodman and RuPaul are entitled to the ladies even though they just cross dress? Interesting.
      And in the comment section all of Molloy’s sycophants come out of the woodwork to stamp their feet and complain that the homosexual MtT are like…being soo totally mean! >:(
      I hope that LGBT rejects the autogynephiles. They are the worst.
      If we can remove autogynephiles it means we don’t have to constantly deal with their space invasion and their desire to run roughshod over our entire experience.
      Most of the homo MtT aren’t big on forcing themselves into women’s everything (mostly because as gay men, they only want to be around men).
      If we didn’t have to deal with autogynephiles we could better focus efforts on other gay people to try and accept themselves as homosexual so they don’t feel as though they have to transition.
      I really enjoy watching the autogynephiles try and assert themselves over the homo MtT. They are not going to win.
      As Andrea put it:
      “The internet allows these shut-ins to spend their waking lives online, agreeing with like-minded victim cultists who share their views of acceptable transgender thought and behavior.”

      1. “Secular Women” (vivian/Doug) put Andrea James on the Block Bot. Hahahahaha!
        So surreal seeing a group of female impersonators accuse other female impersonators of “lesbophobia” against straight men. Whaaaaat. Theeeeeee. Fuckkkkkkkkkk.
        Actual tweets:
        Transgender Feminism ‏@TransFeministic 27m
        Apparently, @calpernia & @jokestress are rabid anti-lesbian bigots.It is hate speech like theirs that will do much 2 harm us QueerTransWomen
        #TransMeanGirls like @jokestress & @calpernia defend @RuPaul ‘s virulent transphobia but lesbian-bash and misgender queer trans women. #nice
        @jokestress decries supposed homophobia by trans women; engages in lesbophobia against trans women. Make sense to you? Me neither. #epicfail
        Julia Pinkham ‏@PinkRaige 3h
        Feel that @calpernia and @jokestress fail to see is how hard it is to transition out of male identity especially in our patriachal society
        @BoingBoing Are you proud of your piece by @jokestress Andrea James that perpetuates the oppression of lesbian trans women?
        Thanks @jokestress you made me want to drink for demeaning my identity! I think I despise her! #fuckandreajames
        Vivian ‏@VanguardVivian 4h
        @TheBlockBot #block #level1 +jokestress http://boingboing.net/2014/04/04/rupaul.html … This article is unforgivable, decrepit, and shameful.
        Kathryn Long ‏@StarKat99 9h
        Thank you @jokestress for not only your attack on @ParkerMolloy, but shitting on trans lesbians and people of color. Way to fucking be!
        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! lolololololololololol

    2. Andrea James used to consider himself an autogynephile – he wrote to Anne Lawrence and said “I readily admit to my own autogynephilia”.
      He also attacked Michael Bailey for not toeing the trans line:
      ‘Ms. James was notable for the way she decided to go after Bailey’s children to extract revenge. She posted on the internet photographs of Bailey’s daughter and labeled her a “cock-starved exhibitionist.” James also claimed in her online publications that there “are two types of children in the Bailey household,” namely “those who have been sodomized by their father [and] those who have not.”’

      1. @ born free,
        Yeah, I forgot about that.
        I was reading something about Blanchard and he was saying that there is still a degree of autogynephilia in HT (homosexual transgender).
        But the root cause of their desire to transition is not solely for the love of the female persona they adopt (autogynephiles)
        It is mostly rooted in hatred of being homosexual and a dislike of being a ‘feminine’ male. That there was some disconnect between themselves and the gay community.
        Most of them felt that by transitioning they’d be better off in relationships as a woman with a ‘straight’ man as opposed to a feminine gay man in a relationship with a gay man.

      2. That was Andrea James who did that to Michael Baileys’ children? Wow, so disgusting! Those tweets are hilarious- straight male cross dressers accusing post-op gay males of lesophobia! Lol! Chad is getting an awful lot of negative attention, bless his little heart, did he get the vapours?
        From that boingboing article, I gathered that the “trans separatists” are the hetero pretenbians like Chad spewing their homophobic bile around the lgbt, but there are also “lesbian separatists” referred to as well. I think James means just regular lesbians not interested in the dicks of the male peen-packing prentenbians? This is all so confusing: imagine slipping into a coma as a lesbian, and waking up a few years later as a hateful bigot because you are still not interested in da dick! I guess this diarrhea derby was about calling out the homophobia against gay males and post-op trans (formerly gay males), and the erasure of actual lesbians is business as usual.
        I suggest putting them all on Springer and let the wig snatchin’ commence! I’ll be in the front row with the lesbian separatists, chanting loudly that your dicks are, in fact, completely male!!!

  16. I’m genuinely suffering from the effects of too much oestrogen. I have breast cancer. The oestrogen was my own, mind you. My female human body just kept pumping it out and I grew an oestrogen-fed tumour which the surgeon removed in January.
    Now, if I didn’t live in the UK with the blessed NHS paid for from taxes and free at the point of need, I might also need a fundraiser to get the literally life-saving surgery, chemo and radio-therapy I need, not to mention pay for all the excitingly scary scans I’ve been having to see if the cancer had metastatized to somewhere painful and incurable, like my bones or my pancreas (it hasn’t, thankfully).
    I find it quite astonishing that this guy thinks his naturally-produced testosterone has prevented him from looking like Barbie and that this is a medical emergency.
    Do you think he’ll get any money?

    1. Bluecat, I’m so sorry to hear you have cancer. I had it too, and I just want to tell you that you’ll make it through. It’s going to be okay. It may not seem like it now, but it will. If you’re looking for a silver lining, there’s this: when all is said and done, you come out of it intimidated by very, very little, which is an awesome feeling to have. xxoo

    1. Little Parker could’ve inflated his ass by transferring half the narcissism from his fat head. Now, THAT would’ve been an improvement!

    2. They should have taken it from his head and his ego and shoved it up his ass–but hips are so womanly ah the pleasure, camera ready, money shot.

  17. In which a heterosexual male demands that everyone defer to the medical industry regarding giving hormones to teenagers. A bit ironic, considering its historical treatment of gays and lesbians, as well as females:
    When the medical industry doesn’t give trans what they want, they’re evil. When they do, they’re infallible.

  18. I thought this was an important admission by Molloy:
    Unedited Dialogue: A Trans* Woman And A Willfully Non-PC Man
    Molloy has an exchange here with a self-styled anti-PC realtalker named Jim Goad. Molloy mentions that Goad’s comments about trans people are the reason he stopped writing for Thought Catalog:
    The main frustration I had with the pieces you’ve written, and why I’ve chosen to stop writing for Thought Catalog stems mostly from the words you’ve written about transgender people in the past. The other aspects (comments you’ve made about women, Muslims and Jews) were just things I disagree with, but didn’t have the personal backing (with the exception of being a woman, but it seemed you were talking of cis women) to respond to.
    You can’t respond to comments about a group you don’t belong to? This is a weaselly way of saying he can’t be arsed to take a stand for anyone but himself.
    I posted the following comment:
    In other words, it’s all fun and games until Molloy’s ox is gored. Liberal feminists should take note. This is how much of a rat’s ass trans entryists like Molloy give about your movement. It’s all about harvesting your labor for their gain. Wake up.
    Why would Molloy feel disinclined to defend “cis women” from one of Goad’s verbal attacks? I assume he identifies as a feminist since he spends so much time trying to get trans women centered in that movement. If he truly identified as a member of class woman and as a feminist, he’d take an injury to womankind as an injury to him.
    It seems clear Molloy lacks empathy with females and acknowledges that we are fundamentally different from him. From several years of observation, I’ve come to think most trans women feel this way. I can’t be bothered with feminists or leftists who don’t get this.

    1. I’m just blown away by his solipsism. Molloy is saying he doesn’t have to respond to attacks of “cis women” (or Muslims or Jews) but females are obligated to consider his cause our own. We owe him, he doesn’t owe us. Thanks for giving us a peek behind the mask, Parker.

      1. He really thinks he was doing Thought Catalog a favor by being a “real writer” that’s published there. (Otherwise it’s just gurls blabbering on and making top 10 lists, you know!)
        I mean, jesus, he just wrote about how he feels too old for music festivals now and how some dude threatened him at one recently, nevermind it wasn’t too long ago that he knocked someone’s teeth out at a Metallica concert. (Metallica already being senior citizens when he was in high school so I’m guessing that kind of violence was no longer a common thing at a Metallica show.)
        I’m guessing he shares the came complaints about “cis women” as that vice guy.
        Malloy is just better at it since Goad hardly comes off a raving lunatic in that discussion and yet Salon et al. are already siccing their Gender, Sex [aka PIV FUCKING since biological sex doesn’t exist to even be written about], Health, and Gossip writers — because all of that is women’s desk duty — after him, to drive him from the internet. All so Malloy can whine about being Friend Zoned next month.
        …the Aristocrats

      2. They’re all fools if they think they’re going to make Jim Goad turn tail. I was a big fan of his Answer Me! zine, in all its offensively hilarious–and I do mean offensive, but the guy’s a hell of a writer–glory, twenty years ago, and from what I’ve seen he’s just gotten more bullheaded since.
        Now, they could succeed in getting him kicked off the site, but I really hope that doesn’t happen.
        (I’m not defending Goad here in some of his other views, btw, not one bit. I’m just saying I don’t see him getting cowed by the Ladycock Mafia.)
        BTW, anon male, I just spit soda at “…the Aristocrats.”

    2. Molloy, especially what I’ve seen pre-transition, screams entitled, “nice guy”, bleeding heart liberal, who, of course, is no real ally to anyone other than white men. I find it all too easy to believe that, when Molloy still identified as a man, his primary concern was why women weren’t interested in having sex with him.

      1. You’ve got that right. Parker posted the following link to his article on Kellie Maloney, the boxing promoter who recently came out as a laydee. Parker excuses Maloney’s documented homophobia, and leaves out entirely the fact that Maloney’s mayoral campaign manager had connections to holocaust denialists. The only thing that matters is how this all affects the trans:
        Here’s a particularly hypocritical excerpt:
        One could attempt to parse the 62-year-old’s past statements about LGBT individuals (she previously said that she does not believe gay people “do a lot for society,” and that she had a problem with them “flaunting their sexuality”) and conclude that she’s a hypocrite. While that is certainly within the realm of possibility, it’s just as likely that her public disdain for LGBT individuals stemmed from her own internalized transphobia and homophobia. (In no way would this excuse Maloney’s past homophobia, obviously.)
        Molloy doesn’t even make the mild suggestion that Maloney apologize for his past behavior. God forbid you hold a transwoman responsible for anything he’s ever done. For transactivists like Molloy, that was the OLD Maloney. Then again, if you suggest as Piers Morgan did that “transition” actually entails, uh, transitioning from one assigned social class to another, they’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck. Like Parker Molloy and Laura Jane Grace, Maloney was always a woman, and every bad thing she did before embracing her true identity was due to being coercively assigned the social class of white male heterosexuals. Nothing else compares to that kind of pain. WE decide where the goalposts are, not you, sucker.
        If you get down to it, all abusive behavior stems from some kind of mental fucked-upness, which always entails emotional pain. Only some people, many of whom started out life as het white males, can write off bad behavior as a side-effect of their intense personal suffering. *sob*
        This double standard is what you get when you forbid discussion of socialization. Molloy has numerous blind spots, some due to his white male socialization. If liberals allow that conversation to take place, women get to say “Hey, you’re actually unlike us in a lot of ways, and it’s not fair for you to steamroll over our interests”. That taking this discussion off the table enables some people to push around the less privileged is just too bad.
        Think Molloy would fail to mention a radfem’s past UKIP membership or consorting with holocaust denialists? Think any of the Twitter SJWs will accuse Molloy of unbearable whiteness? Don’t hold your breath. Remember, always, it’s okay if you’re a transwoman!

  19. Today I saw a homeless woman huddled against a dispenser for our local alternative newsweekly – which had a cover story about how brave transgender people are.
    Imagine the difference $35,000 could make in this woman’s life. Look at the difference between her life and that of a man who’s claiming that not having a beautiful face is an unimaginable tragedy – such a tragedy that the world should buy him a new one.

    1. Born free, this comment stuck a knife in my gut. Homelessness is shamefully overlooked by our society; but wailing about not having the $$$ to transify oneself is even more disgusting when juxtaposed with one who desperately needs $$$ for food, shelter, *actual* healthcare–you know, basic shit like that.
      Fuck you, trannies everywhere! You are a blight on society, draining resources from those who actually need them, shrieking about prejudice against your precious self while running roughshod over the rights of women and children. Go play dress-up all you like; just keep it the hell to yourselves. Stop whining about “misgendering”–there’s no such thing.
      Why don’t you take some of your transification $$$ and buy somebody a few nights in a motel, and a few meals. Believe it or not, that’s more important than your hormones or “FFS”, for crissakes. (>_<)

    2. YES! Someone just posted a comment elsewhere on this site that rang true, just like yours does:
      “This is the new social justice. In the meantime, we are all going hungry, naked, homeless….”
      So sick of this and a few other ridiculous crusades being hailed by liberals as “the new social justice” and the “civil rights cause of our time”.
      As if everything else is fixed and we can just forget about it.
      I read recently about a man in his 70s, a war veteran, who had SRS courtesy of Medicare. The newspaper was celebrating it! His “femaleness” was finally “affirmed”!
      Meanwhile…people die, women die, because other procedures and routine care are not covered. Young working people pay thousands of dollars every year for their own coverage and still have deductibles to meet. Yet this operation on a SEVENTY SOMETHING MAN was considered “medically necessary”.
      Tell me, can I get a Medicare-covered boob job or facial surgery when I turn 65? ‘Cause without it, I think I might jump off a bridge…. /snark
      I’m really just hoping I can get whatever gynecological needs I may have covered, without a hassle.

  20. Molloy is raging over gay orgs’ celebration of the Catholic Church softening its rhetorical stance toward gays and lesbians:
    It’s funny to see Molloy bemoan the LGB throwing him under the bus when that’s exactly what he and his fellow trans did to lesbians and the rest of womankind. Parker didn’t protest when gay orgs steamrolled right over the lesbians who helped gay men through the AIDS crisis because it benefited him. It’s only okay when trannies do it.

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