Transgender Serial Killer Donna Perry blames murders on former “male identity”

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Donna Perry Today
Photo credit: Nina Culver

Serial Killer suspect Douglas “Donna” Perry is back in Spokane after completing his Federal sentence on weapons charges. Perry faces triple murder charges for the slayings of Yolanda Sapp, Kathleen Brisbois and Nickie Lowe in 1990. He is still under investigation for other murders. According to court documents filed in January, a cellmate of Perry claimed he confessed to murdering a total of nine women who had been exploited by men into prostitution. He killed them because they had the ability to have children and were “wasting it being pond scum”. Tragically,  ATF agents who pried open a sealed and painted-over closet in Perry’s home in 2012 while investigating weapons charges failed to inventory the boxes of women’s panties and other apparent “trophy items” kept by him there. You can read about this, about Perry’s long criminal history, and about the 24 year investigation which culminated in this week’s events at the previous GenderTrender post HERE, which contains news archives and information not available elsewhere. The boyfriend of one of Perry’s former cellmates posts comments at that link as well.
donna perry court doc 1
screencap of the affidavit

Douglas Perry was remanded to the Spokane County Jail but refused to appear in court to face triple homicide charges Monday. Survivors of the victims- family and loved ones who arranged time off work and traveled to the Spokane County courtroom were forced to wait until Tuesday when Perry finally consented to a four minute appearance rather than face a drag order. Bail was set at one million dollars. You can see partial video of Perry’s court appearance from KHQ News HERE.
donna perry court doc 4
screencap of the affidavit

According to court affidavit, Perry told investigators that his male persona committed the murders but his female persona was innocent. When asked why the murders stopped, Perry is quoted as saying “Douglas didn’t stop, Donna stopped it.” Perry is also recorded as stating that he believes medical gender  treatments are a cure for violent men who despise women and torture-kill them. “There’s a great downturn in violence,” he says, adding that surgical sex change is “a permanent way to control violence.” Perry flew to Thailand in 2000, where he underwent castration and surgical inversion of his penis into a condom-shaped pouch meant to approximate a vagina.
Perry’s comments echo a common refrain seen on transgender support sites among men who undergo medical gender treatments seeking a dampening of anti-social sexual urges, sexual compulsivity, and illegal acts, as well as a “fresh start” or re-invention of a life trajectory gone awry.
donna perrry court doc 2
screencap of the affidavit

Perry, now linked to the three murders by DNA, fingerprint, and other evidence, claims innocence due to gender re-invention. “I’m not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody,” and “I don’t know if Doug did or not, it was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or did not,” he was quoted in the affidavit, dated January 14.
donna perry court doc 3
screencap of the affidavit

You can read the full affidavit in PDF form by clicking HERE.
There is evidence that Perry’s legal team wholeheartedly supports a transgenderist identity defense: their sole request of the court was that defendant’s criminal name Douglas be erased from all court documents and replaced by the name Donna. His legal team, headed by Anna Nordtvedt, claimed they had been unable to see Douglas previously because the legal team refused to submit that request using the name on his criminal record.  That a defense team’s single priority during arraignment of a triple-murder suspect is the request that legal records be changed to reflect his “gendered” female name is a strong indicator that establishing a new legal persona for Perry is critical to his defense. One can think of no other rationale for submitting the bizarre and politicized claim that legal counsel was barred from seeing the defendant by the legal team’s own refusal to use the name on Douglas’s criminal record to arrange meetings with him. You can see counsel’s bizarre claim at the video link posted above.
Perry and counsel are scheduled for his next court appearance March 25.
donna perry
Donna/Douglas Perry

104 thoughts on “Transgender Serial Killer Donna Perry blames murders on former “male identity”

    1. Well I am so very relived that the journalist did not misgender the sadistic rapist. He is 100 % Trans and he got the respect they demanded. So I thank the journalist because the his brothers can’t back down and say–oh not really trans–yep he really really is Trans. Now how much more money is LBGT gonna throw at these men so they can kill women and rape children. Oh that ugly fucker Williams–he looks like a compleate psychopath. I got this sent to me– Here’s a list. I suspect that it is far from complete–any other names of these killing machines and rapists–feel free to add. I wish I could get a count of how many women have been raped and murdered and how many children. Some women are thinking a comprehensive list of killer rapist men (who have authentic pink brains) God the names of the victims of these men must top over 200 rapes and murders. But they need to get into womens spaces–They are the most oppressed evah and in such danger. How do they bear it? Whoever asked about a gun–if you have kids a gun is a bad bad bad idea. If you do not think you could shoot to kill also a bad idea. Even a small gun like a 22 had enough kick back to put me off my feet. On the other hand the studies done by the University of CA show 45% of these guys are level 4 sex offenders (rape) and 29% are violent–add those together. The other 25% just have not been caught yet.
      Sandra Jo Batista, 41, formerly called David Megarry Jr., is a convicted serial child rapist
      Richard, “Sherry” Masbruch. rape and torture. He tied two women up and sadistically tortured them with an electrical wire before raping them. (In a womens prison)
      Justice John McMahon gave Christopher also a transgender woman named Jessica was given full acess to a womans homeless shelter — and recived an indefinite jail sentence. attacked four vulnerable females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years.
      “He has demonstrated, from the age of 12 until the present, an inability to control his sexual impulses,” McMahon said.
      Hambrook served four years in prison in Quebec for sexually abusing a five-year-old girl and while on bail for that crime, assaulted a 27-year-old intellectually challenged woman.
      The prosecution asserted Hambrook, a former stripper and escort, simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges and that locking him up indefinitely is the best way to protect the public. Serial Rapist of children and disabled women
      Curtis Gene Copeland is a high risk child sex offender who exposed himself to a girl. He now claims he is transgender and is suing the Texas prison system for its failure to provide him with treatment for gender dysphoria.
      Douglas (Donna) Perry, 61, is in federal prison for a firearms offense and her sentence is almost up. Authorities charged Perry with three counts of 1st Degree Murder for the 1990 murders of Yolanda Sapp, 26, Nikkie Lowe, 34, and Katherine Brisbois, 34. Serial Killer of women
      Teresa Brugliera, Offender ID W47605, is serving a life sentence in a Massachusetts prison. He has court-ordered treatment for his gender identity disorder.
      Charles Norwood, a prisoner at the Waupun Correctional Institution, filed a lawsuit alleging that Wisconsin Department of Corrections employees violate his Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights by failing to treat him for Gender Identity Disorder. Norwood identifies as a transsexual female and believes that he suffers from Gender Identity Disorder. Battery
      A Michigan prison inmate with gender identity disorder can sue a doctor and a guard accused of ignoring problems with his breasts. Vonlee Titlow says a corrections officer snickered and failed to seek medical care when he complained about pain in his breasts in 2006. Titlow is male but considers himself a female and received silicone injections to increase his breast size before entering prison in 2002. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit will allow Titlow’ lawsuit to proceed. The 45-year-old Titlow is in prison for second-degree murder in Oakland County.
      Jami Naturalite, a prisoner, sued the Michigan Department of Corrections (“MDOC”) relating principally to alleged deliberate indifference to Plaintiff’s medical needs, in violation of his Eighth Amendment rights, by discontinuing hormonal therapy treating his Gender Identity Disorder (“GID”)
      Andrew Reid pleaded guilty to first-degree murder after he beat a man to death with a baseball bat and made a woman who accompanied him look at the dead man. In August, he filed a civil rights lawsuit against state prison officials alleging deliberate indifference to “his serious medical need” related to Gender Identity Disorder (GID). In Response, prison officials provide a copy of the ADC GID policy, Administrative Directive (AD) 09-20, together with the record of Reid’s meeting with the GID Committee. The Committee met with Reid on February 22, 2013, and concluded that he did not meet the clinical criteria of a GID diagnosis. Prison officials also provide to the Court clinical encounter records from August 26, 2013, October 8, 2013, and October 30, 2013, which show that Reid is receiving psychiatric treatment and medications and reports no self-harm ideation. The court thus denied Reid’s motion for an injunction ordering the prison to give him hormone replacement therapy.
      Thomas Lamb’s case came before the Kansas Parole Board. Lamb, a convicted rapist, murderer and kidnapper, had provided the Board with several letters vouching for his fitness for parole and his need for sexual reassignment treatment.
      The State of California filed an amended petition to extend the commitment of William Karl Olsen under the Sexually Violent Predators Act after his commitment expired in October of 2008. The petition stated that on October 5, 2000, Olsen was committed as a sexually violent predator to the state Department of Mental Health for two years, and since that date he “has been consistently committed to a new term as a Sexually Violent Predator.” The People asserted that Olsen “continues to meet the criteria for commitment as a sexually violent predator in that he continues to have a current diagnosed mental disorder that makes him a danger to the health and safety of others in that it is likely that he will engage in sexually violent criminal behavior in the future.” Serial rape murder
      Louis Massei, 52, was convicted of the kidnapping, rape and sodomy of a 16-year-old girl. He is suing the State of New York for being civilly committed as a sexually violent sex offender after he served his prison sentence.
      A convicted sexual predator who claimed to be transgender and preyed on women at two Toronto shelters could be declared a dangerous offender this month. Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — has attacked four vulnerable females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years.
      A transsexual former soldier who stabbed an innocent schoolboy in a row at a caravan park has been jailed for seven years. Melissa Cae was wearing a blonde wig when he repeatedly stabbed the 16-year-old, who was on holiday with his parents.
      Theodore “Francine” Lorigo, a registered sex offender and transgender woman, violated the terms of his sex offender status by trespassing on school property,
      Although the exact motive remains unknown, Sacramento police say a shooting on a lightrail train does not appear to be motivated by any kind of hate or bias. Police arrested Lynnsey Evakarla Braun, 32, on suspicion of murder in connection with the death of a man in his 50s. Braun had earlier been identified as a woman. However, Braun’s booking sheet at the Sacramento County Jail identifies him as a man. A source who was not authorized to speak publicly said Braun is transgender and identifies as a woman.
      Christopher King aka Kryzie King aka Janaie Jones is a transgender woman who allegedly killed a child. He also has a prior conviction for rape. Torture and murder of 4 year old

      1. That is an astonishing, eye-opening list, Motherhood, and thank you thank you thank you for posting it here. (And of course a big thank you to whoever compiled it – and that includes Gallus, who’s been posting about these guys for years now.)

      2. As already pointed out, this is indeed an eye-opening list! Thank you so much for this.
        I can’t believe how anyone can argue against having female safe spaces.

      3. Jesus fucking Christ. Good list Motherhood.
        “Isolated incidents” my arse.
        I was trying to screen cap articles from the dudes you reference from Gallus articles and from Name The Problem.
        I stumbled upon screen capped twitter ramblings of Vox (metalmujer).
        That dude is a deeply sick fuck. I was gobsmacked that so many people eat his insane shit up. He even tweets back with Janet Mock. Does that dude know the sick shit Voz says?
        Voz fucking HATES women.
        And the crazy amount of people (allies) who:
        1) Don’t call him out on being a woman hating prick
        2) Apologise for offending his delicate male sensibilities
        3) Can’t see that he FUCKING.HATES.WOMEN
        4) Can’t see that he FUCKING.HATES.HOMOSEXUALS.
        ” gays have money and control discourse, next!”
        “And then of course there’s the gay rights org HRC calling the cops on trans women at their meeting cuz they didn’t like them around.”
        “Seriously tho…the US has a long and bloody history of cisgays enlisting police to cleanse neighborhoods of PoC and trans women”
        “Gay gay go away…sell me out for marriage some other day.”
        “Trans women are always subjugated to gays. Fuk that
        “Yeah. Cis women are shitty lays. These men married that and regret hits hard.”
        “proving cis women are the biggest waste of a pussy (or any other body part) ever.”
        And a retweet:
        “Next person to imply that trans men are *MAGICALLY* better than cis men because *AFAB* is going to be shoved in a woodchipper.”
        And Erika’s desire to arm herself seems less crazy by the minute.
        Seriously, I’m glad this dude (appears) to live in the middle of fucking nowhere.
        He is like Robert Hansen creepy.
        He’s going to bludgeon a woman to death for “wasting” her body parts.

      4. Truly amazing how so many of them either commit violent acts or committed a violent act and then claimed to be a tranny. It never seems to be the ones who committed a simple property crime (which could almost at least be rationalized as their attempt to get funds to move forward with their ‘transition’).
        Of the ones I came across or knew of when I worked for the State, I can recall a grand total of ONE who was in for a property crime (forgery), and that was out of more than a dozen (including one F2T).

      5. @bethanyalexandertate – yep, he lives in the middle of fucking nowhere Maine. And has various followers (also M2T) who idolize him.
        …some of whom I read, like peeling up a rock to see what’s under it.

      6. Bethanyalexandertate, Voz is also notorious for saying that cis women should be raped in order to feel what MtT “go through.” He’s a fucking sociopath, but all the funfem blogs are scared shitless to call him out on his viciousness because he claims to be a WOC (he says he’s Latino, or half Latino, I believe. But this is the internet, so who the hell knows for sure). So Maude forbid they’re accused of racism for, you know, actually dealing with the person and not simply his race – you know how they roll. It’s stupid beyond belief. Seeing his comments allowed at supposedly feminist sites is one of the things that first clued me in that all was not right in transland.

  1. well the first generation of these dudes didn’t all choose the name “Renee” fer nothin’.

  2. As to the murder charges, Mr. Douglas Perry is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone deserves a fair trial. It seems that “Donna” has a fondness for a huge cache of assorted weapons. Douglas Perry served time on federal weapons charges. He has a criminal history.
    I wish spineless, politically correct journalists would stop referring to Mr. Douglas Perry as “she” or a “woman”. Douglas Perry is a man, and if everyone just stopped pandering to his fantasies, there is nothing he could do about it.
    The murders of these three women occurred in 1990 and he underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2000.
    This is how I look at it. If he is found guilty, he should serve his time in a MEN’S PRISON. I don’t care if he had his penis cut off. If he still had it when he committed the crime, he goes to MEN’S PRISON. He was a man then, so serve time as a man.
    I hope he isn’t housed with female inmates. Google Richard, “Sherry” Masbruch. He was convicted of rape and torture. He tied two women up and sadistically tortured them with an electrical wire before raping them. The actual court records are very graphic. At the time of the rapes, he definitely had his penis. At any rate, he self-mutilated his own penis in prison and had to have it removed. He started calling himself “Sherry”. The California Department of Corrections in its wisdom sent him to a women’s prison. Yes, this monster was sent to a women’s prison. Apparently, the female inmates caught wind of what he did and took care of business themselves. Way to go girls! I don’t condone it, but I can understand where they are coming from. The last time I checked, Richard, “Sherry”, Masbruch was in an isolated section of the prison away from other inmates.
    It outrages me that males would commit horrendous acts of violence against women, and then claim that they are “women”. It’s an insult to the entire female sex.
    If found guilty, send Mr. Douglas Perry to a MEN’S PRISON.

  3. I just want to comment this for any trans ideologues who come in here and think that “radfems” are a bunch of middle-aged lesbian second wavers (not that there is anything wrong with that, I owe those people more than I can possibly fathom for opening doors for females like myself). We come in all shapes and sizes and our numbers are growing daily.
    I’m a mid 20s former libfem gal who spent a long time critiquing the trans script secretly. I was able to discuss it with my boyfriend as he, too, thinks gender is nonsense. We kept our conversations on the down-low, and I did a bit of research online. I was so relieved, refreshed, and excited to find an intellectual oasis is this neo-Middle Ages where the medical-industrial complex has replaced The Church.
    I have started referring to it as “trance gender” because gender conformity is a psychological trance state.
    I created a Twitter, which was promptly suspended after Laurelai “Clinical Psychopath” Bailey reported it.
    Here are some examples of opinions I posted on the account:
    1) I have to let every man into the ladies’ restroom now in the off chance he’s a closeted non-op transwoman.
    2) I asked my vet to spay my lady cat and the vet told me my cat was male because she has a penis and testes! The nerve! Transphobic! Lawsuit!
    3) Women should value their realities over entitled males’ strong feelings.
    4) Do trans women have sex dysphoria based on sexed internal organs like ovaries, paraurethral glands, Fallopian tubes, recto-uterine pouch?
    5) The trans agenda is convincing people the discontinuation of their genetic lineage is “natural.” Do other Great Apes sterilize themselves?
    6) Women-born-women are the majority on this planet. I’m not going to call myself “cis” to cater to a small group of dysphoric males.
    7) Would we let anorexics tell neurotypical people they aren’t allowed to talk about food because it’s “triggering?”
    8) If anorexics were told by their psychiatrists to get liposuction to affirm their “inner identity,” would we think it self-actualization?
    9) What if an army of schizophrenics demanded to be legally considered Napoleon?
    10) I feel like I’m in some demented dystopia when I say “Penis is not female,” and people report me so my account gets suspended.
    11) Protect gender non-comforming children from forced sterilization. There is nothing wrong with their bodies.
    12) Trans activists don’t question why gov’t/corporations support convincing gender-nonconformists to sterilize themselves. #eugenics
    I am bisexual in a hetero relationship, and there is no way in hell I would demand access to lesbian spaces or even demand inclusion in LGB if I wasn’t in a relationship with a female. I understand boundaries. The nerve some of these men have.
    What gets me is how somehow having a sexual fetish or a mental illness is equated to loving someone of the same SEX. It’s just not the same. That’s like saying a white person who wants to be considered black can legally receive scholarships designed for black people and who gives a shit how actual black people feel! Maybe you look entirely white because you’re “non-op” transblack but we’ve fulfilled our diversity quota by hiring you, and look at all the amazing contributions you’ve made as a black inventor or whatever. It’s maybe the most bizarre doublethink 1984-esque aspect of American society, even more so than the fact the NSA is spying on all of us.
    I just want to thank you ladies for what you are doing! Women are listening! We do not think this is outdated nonsense, in fact (as you know), it’s been over 20 years since the last wave of feminism and so I truly believe what you are doing is ushering in the 4th wave. The only logical conclusion as a feminist is to end up back in the maligned minority where the real female solidarity occurs. If your feminism has become mainstream, it’s probably the patriarchy.
    Guess what, MtT? Misogyny means “hatred of those with vaginae.” See that “–gyny” in there? Yeah, it means “vagina.” “Transmisogyny” is meaningless because you simply don’t have vaginae! This is a scientific fact. Since a lot of you are former fedora-wearing MRA “rational” atheists, this shouldn’t be so hard to come to terms with.
    Anyway, seriously, keep up the amazing work. I’ll try to, too, if they don’t beat me too ragged. You have an amazing psychological fortitude to push back against this ideology. I wanted to make this a short note, but I have a lot to say. Thanks for reading!

    1. Oh they HATE it when you bring up the transethnic comparison. Anyone on the internet who goes on about “transethnic” gets hate for not only being ridiculous (that part I can get behind!) but also because they’re “making fun of legitimate transgender issues.”
      …yeah. Because somehow it’s crazy to think you’re “born in the wrong race body” or “think like a [some race you’re not]” but it’s A-OK to be “born in the wrong sex body” or “think like [the sex you’re not].” Mmm-hmmm.

      1. @ Adrian.
        I actually kind of love the transabled and transethnic brigade.
        They are such a great example for debunking this shit.
        I got into a Reddit argument with a funfem about it. She could not answer how it was any different. I asked her about four times.
        Because you totally argue the same case.
        “Skin colour is about biology, race is about identity. I identify as black”
        “Just because I was born with white skin doesn’t mean I’m white. Haven’t you ever heard of albinos?” (A la intersex)
        “I may have been born biologically white, but when I was in the womb I received an excess of melanin. Also, due to a folate depletion in utero, my brain has developed like that of a dark skinned person”
        (It has been found that folate may have been the driving force behind the evolution of dark skin)
        “I was born with defective melanocytes”
        HAHAHAHAHA! 🙂
        I wish I had millions of dollars so I could scan peoples brains across the world to prove trans wrong once and for all. Women and men from all walks of life.
        Alas, I’m just a poor uni student.

      2. That is the single best moment in the unfortunately influential first “transgender kids” Oprah episode. The little biracial boy is applauded uproariously for wanting to be just like his white mom in the fundamental components of his anatomy (he seems to think this has something to do with being a cheerleader, iirc), but the second he mentions also wanting her skin tone he is SHUT DOWN. Because that’s just stupid, apparently.

      3. @bethanyalexandertate – EXACTLY. The arguments are 100% the same, and yet somehow we’re supposed to draw this bright bright line between transgender (“totally real! Serious business!”) and transabled/transethnic.
        They know it, too, deep down, which is why they’re so quick to jump and try to quash too much snark about transethnicity, because it’s just sooooo easy for people (i.e. normal readers) to have that “but wait, how is this any different from transgender, which is for some reason a sacred cow on this website?” eye-opening moment. Particularly on Reddit. Seems every snark board there has a huge percentage of transgender people on it and they spend a lot of time defending how that should never be questioned, even while they make fun of other people making the same damn argument.
        Ah. But it’s all good because hey, hormones, and I hear there’s people out there in the world born with 5-ard syndrome.

      4. Another good analogy would be around definitions of racism: It is wrong to discriminate on the basis of race, we all have an understanding of what that is. But if a black person then demanded that in order to not be racist we must think of them as white, and henceforth call them white, when they patently are not, then that person is misunderstanding racism and undermining the validity of their argument.
        Until recently I was avowedly inclusive and against any kind of unfair discrimination. I still am, but not in the way the transcultists want me to be: I won’t go far enough and, effectively, call a spade a shovel.
        Surely the part of their identity that is admirably radical, that questions gender, is the ‘trans’ part: just be happy calling yourself a trans woman, seeing within that very ‘between’ identity a radical challenge to prescriptive norms, and stop wanting to overturn rational categories in your bid to dominate women’s space, experience, and history.

      1. I’m trans-disabled, then. Society is repressing me because I’m really able-bodied inside and everybody insists that I actually have cerebral palsy. When do I get my ability-reassignment surgery?
        Sheesh, you have *no* idea how good it felt to type that.
        As if “dysphoria,” the innate sense that your sense of self doesn’t match up to your physical body, is this sooper-spayshul trans* only thing. Bullshit. A lot of people have it; we just don’t have an entire industry centred around trying to make us feel better about it.

      2. Yep. The famous one who went on National Geographic, too, also a dude.
        …who claims to be intersex. And yet, fathered biokids and transitioned (though not calling it that, of course) in middle age. (Aha. Yeah, that’s the same guy you linked – yep!)
        Also in that case, if you read the articles and it’s all about the therapist who is okay with the parking permit and all this, okay with the transabled thing… turns out he’s a SEXOLOGIST.
        Still, I suppose maybe I owe him something, my obsessive googling about that case led me to this website 🙂

      3. OK. That’s it. The mental illness is flaming. This poor patient has mutilated himself. This is transsexualism also. The end. Don’t know if I’ll ever comment on the trans issues again. Sanity is not part of any of this discussion.

  4. One more thing, how do you gals feel about owning concealed weapons? I am considering purchasing a handgun and taking classes on how to operate it. Two things prevent me from doing so: knowing that if I used it against an attacker, I’d probably still go to prison considering the sexism of the “justice” system and two, that I’ve had thoughts of self-harm and would be concerned about my impulsivity. Otherwise I feel like it would give me a lot of peace of mind.

    1. Speaking for absolutely nobody’s opinion but my own: if you have a male (of any age) in the house on a regular basis, or a history of self-harm, you shouldn’t keep any firearms. It’s not worth it.

    2. Erika–I’ve had the same thoughts, feelings and concerns as you have. First of all be aware that owning a gun will change the way you look/approach dangerous situations and most often not to your advantage. Target shooting will not prepare you for dangerous confrontations, period. It may well give you a sense of confidence that will not serve you well.
      The best-trained, most well-armed person ever is no match for a surprise attack from anyone. It doesn’t matter what the gun nuts say, a gun is not your best protection. Remember that highly trained members of the military and police are killed daily by guns. These people are well-trained, in their element, alert, awake and aware of their jobs and what they face each day and yet they are killed.
      Yeah, the self-harm issue. I’m glad you recognize that this isn’t a good idea for you. I went through much of the same thing myself and came to the same conclusions. It take so little effort to be lethal with a gun and unlike cutting, drinking/drugs or risky sex it’s not survivable.
      Hey, how would you like to get together and brainstorm some cheap and easy security ideas for women? It’s been in the back of my mind for a while and I’d like to share ideas with others.
      Take care of yourself today Erika.

    3. I have no qualms with it, and in fact own a handgun that I carried in the vehicle when I was traveling across the country. I never got around to getting the concealed handgun license but I know the law well enough that I would likely be able to sidestep a conviction.
      The key to a self-defense claim if one was ever in a position to HAVE to shoot and DID cause death or injury is to ensure that the weapon was IN YOUR POSSESSION and NOT a situation where you went inside to retrieve it. At its most basic level, it is a fight or flight sort of analysis and if you had to go somewhere to GET the gun, you could have de-escalated the situation by retreating. You lose any sort of ‘stand your ground’ protections in those cases. However, if you are carrying and do what needs to be done, then self-defense justification is usually accepted by law enforcement and/or the prosecutors/Grand Jury.

  5. I am apoplectic.
    The full implosion of patriarchy like this sometimes delivers depths charges.
    Civilian women should act like female inmates and start doing business outside prisons.

  6. so disgusting. i feel sorry for women inmates who’ll be forced to have this pig in their midst. and after surgery i think it’s law most everywhere?

  7. Erika, great comment! Please get whatever counseling you need. Regarding your question, I have decided to recommend that all three and a half billion of us get guns, keep them concealed, and do not reveal their location to any male for any reason. In the US, it’s our constitutional right to bear arms. As the MRAs say, it’s time for us to take responsibility (for our own safety against men). We don’t have the fists men have employed against us (and each other) for millennia, so let’s get logical. Logic says get a legal, protected equalizer. If all of us pack we can start defending ourselves. Let’s move beyond the victim mentality and act like any adult human under general threat of violence.Yeah. The time has come.

  8. I’ve been reading about prison rape.
    I can’t find any data that transsexuals/transgendered are at more risk than homosexual or gender non-conforming men.
    I keep seeing:
    “Transgender peoples face a significant risk of rape and sexual assault in prison”
    with no data to back it up.
    I see statistics that GAY men (especially feminine gay men) are usually the most targeted.
    “[P]risoners fitting any part of the following description are more likely to be targeted: young, small in size, physically weak, white, gay, first offender, possessing “feminine” characteristics such as long hair or a high voice; being unassertive, unaggressive, shy, intellectual, not street-smart, or “passive”; or having been convicted of a sexual offense against a minor. Prisoners with any one of these characteristics typically face an increased risk of sexual abuse, while prisoners with several overlapping characteristics are much more likely than other prisoners to be targeted for abuse.”
    Does this mean anyone fitting this criteria should be housed in a female prison?
    I also found an alarming statistic about female inmates more likely than male inmates to suffer sexual victimisation from other inmates:
    Female prisoners (4.7 percent) were more than twice as likely as male prisoners (1.9 percent) to report experiencing sexual victimization by another prisoner. Jail inmates reported a similar pattern of inmate-on-inmate sexual victimization (3.1 percent for females compared to 1.3 percent for males)
    I’m not sure how to feel about this (other than horrified).
    It is a little vague.
    Women were more likely to report victimisation, but are they more likely to be victims of sexual violence from women?
    Are men in prisons less likely to admit what happened to them for fear of retribution?
    Looking at the rates of male sexual violence and female sexual violence, I find it difficult to believe that females are more likely to victimise than males whilst incarcerated. Males are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of sexual violence (against men and women).
    It seems odd that incarceration would not mirror real life in that regard.
    I am not saying that women are angels that don’t attack women and that men all attack other males. I think it’s disgusting that anyone carries out sexual violence on any person.
    It is fucking horrible that it is happening at all.

    1. The statistics I’ve always seen about prison rape in women’s prisons is that it’s male guards assaulting female prisoners. Considering that few women go to prison for committing violent crimes or sexual assault, it would make little sense that they’re attacking fellow prisoners…

    2. Thanks for the info, bethanyalexandertate.
      “Males are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of sexual violence (against men and women). It seems odd that incarceration would not mirror real life in that regard.”
      That does seem odd. Except that (and this is just anecdotal) every instance I’ve ever heard of a woman committing sexual violence against another woman, the female perpetrator had a significant mental health problem, like psychosis, and/or some kind of personality disorder marked by lack of conscience or empathy. Most male rapists, on the other hand, aren’t suffering from (what’s considered) mental health problems. They are highly functional and often even “upstanding” members of the community. For instance, Bill Cosby (and thousands of other much-loved male celebrities who turned out to be predators).
      Just a thought, that perhaps statistics for sexual assault in female prison populations are skewed because women who sexually assault are so very different from most other women (and thus more likely to be incarcerated for criminal behaviour), whereas men who rape aren’t much different, psychologically, from men who don’t.

      1. @ Morag99
        “woman committing sexual violence against another woman, the female perpetrator had a significant mental health problem…etc”
        You will find that most males do as well.
        When people say stuff like that…it comes off like you may be trying to justify or rationalise it. (Which may not have been your intention)
        I don’t like that argument, that women are less culpable because of their history or because they are women.
        Most of the males you see that have committed acts like this often have prior history of mental health issues or abuse against them.
        I don’t think this behaviour should ever be rationalised or sympathised with because of psychosis or past abuse.
        I’m not saying it isn’t a factor (because it certainly is), but I don’t condone females having their sick pathology being explained away and males not.
        Both groups are as bad as each other.
        Shit is shit, it doesn’t come in degrees.
        Plenty of females are horribly abused (If you want to depress the fuck out of yourself, read the story of Lauren Kavanaugh) and don’t commit violent offences.
        To me, a violent offender is a violent offender.
        I’m more concerned with the prevention of further violent offences then the justification afterwards. So, removing children/people from dangerous homes/situations where they suffer abuse (and develop mental health issues) and prosecuting people who commit violent offences.
        I personally think the statistics we see here has got more to do with men not reporting it as opposed to women. (Not to suggest that there aren’t women afraid of coming forward as well)
        Or reporting it once and after they are ignored, not reporting any more.
        “Everyone laughed throughout and said to the teacher, ‘We are not going to report rape!’. If you report anything in prison you’re deemed a snitch and it’s KOS – kill on sight – for snitches.”

  9. “I wish spineless, politically correct journalists would stop referring to Mr. Douglas Perry as “she” or a “woman”. Douglas Perry is a man, and if everyone just stopped pandering to his fantasies, there is nothing he could do about it.”
    Exactly. I wrote a comment on the Daily Mail site saying that they shouldn’t be calling him “she’ or “her” or “woman” cuz he is a man. Also, that no one can ID as a woman and that guys like him didn’t belong in women’s prisons and of course the DM doesn’t publish the comment. What are they so afraid of?

    1. Dontchaknow? Every time you “misgender” a trans person, one of them makes a half-assed suicide attempt to get attention.
      *clap, clap, clap* “I DO believe in fairies! I DO believe in fairies!”

    2. I left a similar comment on the DM site that also went unpublished.
      It’s teeth-grindingly horrible that we have to endure male annihilators of women being referred to as women. But I wonder if the cognitive dissonance evoked by reading about someone like Douglas/Donna Perry actually works against the MtT agenda of being accepted as ‘real’ women. I’d bet that when someone reads ‘Transgender woman serial killer’, the association their mind makes is between MtTs and serial killing, not actual women and serial killing.
      Which is why the next trans agenda, as hinted by Judith/Jack Halberstam at the end of the article, will be to enforce a new media standard that a person’s trans status should never be referred to when reporting on crimes, on the grounds that it’s ‘irrelevant’ and a ‘gross invasion of privacy’. We saw this argument a lot with the Dr V situation. And already it seems to be happening with some media outlets, as in the case of Christopher King/Kryzie King/Janaie Jones, outlined by Motherhood upthread. At least one publication declined to mention his trans status at all, or run any pictures that would have identified him instantly as male. So the story read as, ‘Man’s girlfriend tortures toddler to death.’
      So we should brace ourselves for a whole rash of female pedophiles, rapists, murderers and serial killers being reported in the press. And I don’t think it should be underestimated how eagerly men – regular ol’ ‘cis’ men, that is – will embrace the chance to do this. Second-wave feminists exposed the foundation of patriarchy when they named ubiquitous male violence as political terrorism against the female sex class, and men have been trying to deny and obfuscate that fact ever since, because they know that if women ever seriously organised against it, the jig would be up. They will be delighted to pretend that women rape, murder and abuse children just like men do – so there’s no actual difference between us, see?
      As much as I respect Elisabeth Hungerford for all her hard work and tireless advocacy on behalf of women, I feel that, in light of the monstrous patriarchal reversals that are being smuggled in via the trans agenda, her proposals for compromise in the form of ‘improper purpose legislation’ seem woefully inadequate. We are going to have to fight tooth and nail for any semblance of political recognition of female reality, and that means, IMO, challenging trans ideology at its delusional roots – refusing to accept any part of it. Still not sure how I can contribute to this (I’m not a lawyer), but I want to do something.

  10. LULZ, how the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs explained transgender:
    Gender identity: A term that describes how an individual describes their gender. A person’s gender identity may be different than social norms and/or stereotypes of the sex they were assigned at birth. There are a wide range of gender identities and expressions, including identifying as a man, woman, identifying as neither, and identifying as gender nonconforming.
    Gender non-conforming: A term that describes a person whose gender
    identity or expression falls outside or transcends what is considered to be traditional gender norms for their assigned sex at birth.

    Social norms and stereotypes. Hahaha!

  11. “There is evidence that Perry’s legal team wholeheartedly supports a transgenderist identity defense: their sole request of the court was that defendant’s criminal name Douglas be erased from all court documents and replaced by the name Donna. His legal team, headed by Anna Nordtvedt, claimed they had been unable to see Douglas previously because the legal team refused to submit that request using the name on his criminal record.”
    I think we can all agree that every accused person deserves a fair trial, and people are innocent until proven guilty. It irritates me that the defense has already insisted that Douglas be referred to as “Donna”. It really isn’t practical, and it makes a mockery out of the justice system. Frankly, I think most jurors will be secretly snickering to themselves when the defense refers to Douglas as “she”, or “Donna”.
    Why does the entire legal system have to do summersaults, backflips, and cartwheels to accommodate this politically correct nonsense?
    I can just see it now because it’s going to be rather amusing. This is a very serious matter, and the jurors and judge have the added burden of being forced to go along with this p.c. madness.
    Every time the prosecution accidentally “mis-genders” Douglas Perry, the defense will pop up and say, “Douglas is Donna”, or “he is she”. We have to ask ourselves if this is really workable in a court of law, and how practical is it.
    Douglas Perry is 61 years old, and he underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2000. This means that he was 48 years old when he underwent surgery. So, for approximately 80% of his life he went by the name Douglas. Despite the fact that Douglas Perry was born male, and lived as Douglas for 80% of his life, the defense will pitch a hissy fit if Douglas isn’t referred to as “she”.
    According to the Affidavit, Douglas Perry used the services of female prostitutes. There is nothing in the Affidavit that says he is gay. Since he had his penis then, I’m assuming he did what ever other male does when he uses females prostitutes. How will the defense and prosecution handle this? Are they doing to say, “Donna”, or “she” used female prostitutes? Does that mean “Donna” was a lesbian. Wait, “Donna” had a wanker then, and liked women which would make him a straight dude.
    What about the Y-STR DNA which is definitely male? Y- STRs are Short Tandem Repeats found on the male-specific Y Chromosome. Does the prosecution have to say, “Miss Perry’s sperm”, or “Donna’s sperm”. I’m sure the jurors are really going to believe that “Donna” has male DNA. Shame on the ignorant bigoted jurors for not truly believing that “Donna” has sperm. Shame on the judge for secretly thinking it’s insanity. Shame on all of us. If this weren’t such a serious matter, it would be hilarious.
    I hope the judge puts an end to this p.c. crock that no one believes in anyway. I hope the prosecution rips them a new one. Three women were shot and dumped like yesterday’s garbage.

    1. @ Donkey Skin
      “What about the Y-STR DNA which is definitely male? Y- STRs are Short Tandem Repeats found on the male-specific Y Chromosome. Does the prosecution have to say, “Miss Perry’s sperm”, or “Donna’s sperm”.”
      I study Forensics with the aim to join the police force at the state or Federal level.
      No matter how these creeps ‘identify’, we will know them as men. They cannot identify their way out of their genes. This hard truth is something from which they cannot escape or identify out of.
      “There is nothing in the Affidavit that says he is gay”
      Exactly. This man stands accused (and is probably guilty) of rape and murder. He abused women.
      How utterly sickening that the victims have their history invalidated by this madness.
      Those women did not have intercourse with a female, they were not shot and brutalised by a female. It basically retroactively makes them homosexual, which they were not.
      It obscures the truth of the matter, which is that this MAN
      murdered women.

  12. I have a hobby of collecting information on serial killers (I wanted to see whether male serial killers are also rapists, and whether they overwhelmingly prey on women, or whether I was indulging in confirmation bias), and now that my corpus has almost 200 entries (US serial killers only) I can say that a vast number of serial killers *admit to* hating women, and around 30% of them are also serial rapists. *No* male serial killer should be allowed to be around women, regardless of what he thinks his gender is.

    1. Furthermore, if you look at female serial killers (which Douglas Perry is not) you see an interesting trend.
      Female serial killers nearly exclusively fall into three categories:
      Angels of Death: Kill patients, children (often theirs) and the elderly. Often out of a twisted sense of mercy or financial gain.
      Black Widows: Kill males they are sexually involved in for profit and financial gain.
      Sexual Killers: Here is where it becomes interesting.
      If you look at women that commit serial sexual offences you see EVERY SINGLE ONE has a male accomplice.
      Karla Homolka, Carol Bundy, Rosemary West, Suzan Carson, Debra Brown, Myra Hindley, Cynthia Coffman, Charlene Gallego, Martha Beck, and Faye Copeland all had male accomplices.
      Females are not typically sexual killers like Douglas here.
      If you look at serial offences by males it about 90% sexually motivated. Could even by closer to 99%.
      The whole pathology is different.
      That’s where you see your male/female brain dichotomy.
      Not in BTSc volumes.

      1. This is totally true re female versus male serial killers. My data reflects this exactly. I doubt it’s a brain difference, though, as I think the female sexual killers are generally groomed into it by their male counterparts. (Karla Homolka, from roughly my neck of the woods, was incredibly physically and mentally abused, for example.)
        I even wrote to David Lisak, the scholar who has done the most in-depth work on serial rapists of which I am aware, and he said I was correct in observing the serial rapist-to-serial killer connection, but that there wasn’t a lot in the literature about it. From the sounds of it, the vast majority of scholarly work on serial killers takes mostly the wrong tack, I think.
        None of which does anything other than reinforce the original point, which is that male serial killers need to be isolated from women for women’s safety, and putting a male serial killer (who claims a feminine identity) in a population with female prisoners is a gross violation of the women’s human and civil rights. In any case, what is the medical profession doing letting these guys transition anyway? I thought one of the oh-so-odious gatekeeping requirements was that you had to prove you were basically sane, or that your mental issues stemmed from being trans*, and it beggars belief that anyone at all would consider a serial killer sane in the first place.

  13. I was thinking of this story earlier (saw it on tumblr this afternoon) while I was walking the dog, it’s sickening. What have trans news sources been saying about this? I’m dying to know. Common sense would dictate that they’d keep their mouths shut, but a) common sense? who are we talking about… and b) Janet Mock referred to Richard Marsbruch getting recognized as a woman/put in a women’s prison as progress for trans women so really, why wouldn’t they get behind this one? Admittedly, this is a whole new level of fuckery. Man murders women (when he’s not just paying to rape them), cuts off his balls, calls himself a woman, confesses to his female cellmate (can you even imagine having to live anywhere near him AFTER THESE CONFESSIONS?? That poor woman) that he’s killed nine women because he hates females, thinks the women he pays to rape are “pond scum” and envies their procreative ability to a murderous degree and admits he’s a sociopath. THEN when he’s finally caught for it decades after the crime despite dozens of instances when police should have known better (and let’s be real, probably did…just didn’t care), he blames it all on his “male identity,” claims to be an entirely different person now, and then, THEN!, claims that actually his male persona didn’t even do it either. Who did it? Probably the balls he cut off…they were the real source of his murderous man rage, after all! (If there’s anything I can get behind regarding this man, it’s his idea that men would be less violent if they were ball-less. Probably not true, but I’m willing to put it to the test! Start chopping, dudes.)
    And his lawyers are putting all of their effort into making this allllllll about transgender shit (because what other angle is there to exploit anyway? his prints and dna are all over, no way he’ll be found not guilty) and pronouns.
    Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me!?
    I can only hope this legal team is some sort of covert radfem infiltration intending to push the entire legal system into a Peak Trans moment. But honestly, I’m just afraid it’s only getting worse. The fact that it’s gotten this far with the “Donna” and “she” shit in the media (not to mention the court room)? I’m queasy.
    And if the trans manstream (I mean “mainstream”) doesn’t shut this down, if they are willing to defend the validity of this monster’s “female identity” and demand we call him a woman when this confessed murderer, confessed woman-hater, confessed sociopath (meaning, not gonna feel guilty about his constant and obvious lying OR how bad his dress-up game will affect things for the ‘harmless’ trans people who just want to live their lives, keep THAT in mind) perfectly embodies everything we accuse trans theory of enabling in violent autogynephilic men…where could they possibly go from there?
    I hear a lot of talk about “earning” your pronouns, sometimes with trans women saying they “earned” them by passing and other times with actual women saying that they never “earned” their pronouns, they were just “given” them, boo hoo poor trans women who had to buy generic brand pronouns at the store or steal them from their sister’s dresser or whatever the fuck…well, I’m saying this is grounds for having your pronouns forcibly removed. I cannot see one reason why this gynecidal MAN’s misogynistic, rapey, fetishized idea of what it means to be a woman should hold any water. With anyone. If there is anyone in the world who has no idea what it’s actually like to be a woman, it’s this fucker.
    You’d think, if only for self-preservation, the trans manstream would see this as a sign that they need to start identity policing and fast. Doubt it’ll happen though.

  14. May I suggest that we start calling them transgenderist men instead of transwomen? I suspect the acceptence of them legally changing sex, and being shoved into women’s spaces, is because the average person sees the ‘women’ tacked on after trans, and assumes they are just women with fake boobies. Maybe more people will wake up to the threat of them in women’s prisons, bathrooms,shelters etc if the linguistically and biologically correct term of transgenderist man is used as often as possible.

    1. @Farmerjane
      Most of us don’t call them ‘transwomen’ unless we are trying to talk sense into a libfem or trying to avoid the screech of “TRANSPHOBIA” right off the bat during discussions.
      It irks me that I have to do this, but I will make my point fucking heard even if I have to be conciliatory on stupid shit.
      I often do like others have when not on this forum and avoid pronouns or say ‘transwomen’. I never use ‘she’ or ‘her’ to reference these dudes.
      Nothing gets you shut down faster than bad pronouns.
      Even if the person you’re describing is a rapist and a murderer, you still have to refer to them by the proper pronouns.
      You can still call them every expletive under the sun, but for some reason the ‘pronouns’ must be right.
      I’m actually tempted to start referring to all female sexual offenders as men or transmen because sexual crimes are usually a male thing. Brain sex, yo!
      We call them dudes, man, male, MtT (male to trans) or MtE (male to eunuch).
      Or women, females, and FtT (females).
      With people like Douglas here, I prefer to call them ‘sick fuck’, ‘shitlord’ and ‘fuckstain’. I’ve also fond of ‘douche canoe’
      “I suspect the acceptence of them legally changing sex, and being shoved into women’s spaces is because the average person sees the ‘women’ tacked on after trans, and assumes they are just women with fake boobies”
      The acceptance of them in women’s spaces is because people are afraid of being accused of bigotry after years of oppressing homosexuals, which are (somehow) linked with trans. (Collective guilt)
      These dudes (mostly autogynephiles) have accrued money with their male privilege for years and can lobby for the right to masturbate in women’s toilets.
      They get ashamed homosexuals (which is most of the FtT base and some of the MtT base) to distract from the sexual component.
      This also includes children who are gender non-conforming (most grow up to be homosexual)
      I don’t understand why women (who purport to be feminists) suck the trans cock.
      Probably years and years of subjugation has arisen into some form of Stockholm syndrome for men.
      Other women here can probably de-construct it better.
      I’ve only been aware of this bullshit for 2 years. Most of the women here have years of combating this bullshit and can recognise the pathology.

  15. In the spirit of fairness, hate crimes should be tacked onto the three murder charges. These three women were murdered based on their gender.
    If we carefully read the Affidavit, it should be clear to any rational person that Douglas Perry has some serious issues with women. He has repeatedly made statements about how much he hates women. It’s an irrational deep seated hatred.
    If found guilty, there was no reason why he would murder these women other than his deep seated hatred of women. Was this a hate crime? Absolutely. Since transgender activists constantly tell us that sex and gender are the same thing, it could be construed as a hate crime. Isn’t “gender identity” included in hate crimes legislation in states that have these laws? If sex is the same thing as gender as we have been told, then this definitely could be viewed as a hate crime. So, in the spirit of fairness, hate crimes should be tacked onto the three murder charges.
    In the Affidavit (see the link above), a detective interviewed someone who talked with Douglas Perry.
    “Perry explained to (Blanked out) that the reason Perry killed these women was because Perry couldn’t breed and the women had the ability to have children and they were wasting it being ‘pond scum’.”
    This is also in the Affidavit,
    “A consent search of his vehicle revealed…”attorney papers which said that Douglas R. Perry had a gender psychosis disorder where he does not like females”. There were other papers found in the vehicle showing the proper steps in getting a sex change”.
    Please keep in mind that Perry underwent sex reassignment surgery in Thailand. I don’t think the surgeons there really care if the patient has a letter from a therapist or not, or if the individual has been thoroughly assessed and diagnosed. Anyone can fly to Thailand for surgery as long as he or she can come up with the necessary money. I doubt if a thorough psychological assessment of Perry was ever carried out prior to the sex reassignment surgery. People are making the false assumption that Perry “always felt like a woman”, whatever this is supposed to mean, instead of looking at the facts that show that Douglas Perry was a seriously disturbed individual who harbored a deep seated hatred of women. His peculiar sexual fetish of viewing himself as a “woman” couldn’t hide his underlying hatred of women. I would go as far as to say that his belief that he is “Donna” is part of his deranged overall mental state. It sickens me to no end when Douglas Perry is referred to as “she” or “her” when Perry describes women and their reproductive capacity to give birth to children as “pond scum”.
    If three transgender identified persons were killed and the accused said they were “pond scum” who needed to die, hate crimes could possibly be tacked onto the charges. I’ve always supported the inclusion of transgender identified people in hate crimes legislation along with gay men, lesbians, and people of color. If Washington State has hate crimes legislation that includes “gender identity”, then I firmly believe that hate crimes charges should be added to the three murder charges.

  16. As a follow up on hate crimes legislation in Washington State,
    “For purposes of this section, a “reasonable person” is a reasonable person who is a member of the victim’s race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation, or who has the same mental, physical, or sensory handicap as the victim.”
    According to information in the Affidavit submitted by investigators, Douglas Perry said,
    “Perry explained to (Blanked out) that the reason Perry killed these women was because Perry couldn’t breed and the women had the ability to have children and they were wasting it being ‘pond scum’.”

  17. I think that lots of male criminals claim to be transgendered is because that identity allows them to commit more crimes without a chance of getting apprehended. Any DNA they leave at a crime scene will be read appropriately as male, not female. So investigators will be looking for a man instead of a transgendered person. If their DNA is on record as only male, they will escape notice. Only if their DNA is on record as both male and as transgendered will they be able to be investigated.

    1. So, is he transgestational? I shouldn’t be surprised at any of this nonsense anymore, but man, is this stuff unnerving.

    1. Pointing out that men using women’s public restrooms is a very bad idea will get you banned for life from IBTP. Twisty Faster can kiss my big fat thang.

      1. And Twisty doesn’t seem to mind that a woman was called a piece of trash for not believing in gender on that thread, and when that woman said it triggered her b/c of past abuse, she was told she deserved it b/c her comments killed like a shmillion transwomen. Oh and it’s racist to call transwomen men b/c some WOC don’t like it. Priorities!

    2. Oh, that thread. I was alerted to it by a friend of mine. Twisty Faster is all about women, except when women on her site are viciously tearing apart other women for daring to question the trans bullshit, in even the smallest way. Then she’s too chickenshit to get involved. Instead, she lets dickheads like Pheenobarbidoll and Cyberwulf do her dirty work, and in the process completely alienate and scare off women whose upbringing, experiences, and present-day realities may completely differ from that of some dumbass funfem or twenty-year-old tantrumming social justice warrior. But the “lived experiences” of those women don’t seem to matter, because Maude forbid we make the dudes wearing dresses feel at all bad by saying, hey, you are not the same as me. Not even close. My experience is not yours.
      On a side note, Twisty also allows some commenters to break most of the rules in her own freaking commenting policy, as well. But they’re allowed to get away with it, because they’re in the in crowd, I guess. In this respect, IBTP is no different than so many other “feminist” blogs that slowly devolve into yet another example of mean girls on the playground, freezing out the quiet girls, the plain girls, the girls whose lives are just not glamorous enough to belong. It’s trite. It’s embarrassing.
      Twisty’s a good writer, with clever turns of phrase and amusing sarcasm. So lots of women respect her, partly out of fear, I suspect – they don’t want to see her use her verbal sword against them if they disagree on some point. They want to be liked by this clever person. I used to be that way, too. But then I saw that despite her claims to the contrary, Twisty’s IBTP is just another funfem blog, where we’re all supposed to march in lock step, despite what our brains might be screaming at us. So I stopped reading. Upon revisiting to see that thread, I can see that nothing’s changed. Ho hum.

      1. Twisty is a full on woman hating trans supporter. A trans wannabe, I’m sayin’. If you go back some years you’ll come upon the threads where she invited trans to come on her site and rip radical feminists at length. You can also read her seething mother hate. I think Twisty would like to be male. I mean, not just for the benefits which she doesn’t need, being so wealthy she reeks of it, but really, to be male.
        Lots of people on the internet are good writers. It’s selection bias. Twisty is lost in tortuous neologisms and purple. That’s not good writing.

    3. Choco, I’d LOVE to see Cyberwulf’s response to that. Yes. Let’s put oh-so-enlightened Cyberwulf in a six by eight foot cell with Douglas here, for about, oh, ten years at least. Let’s just hope that Douglas doesn’t decide that she’s “pond scum”.
      I also saw Cyberwulf, who I believe has identified herself as straight, tell lesbians and gay men that we shouldn’t have any problem with having sex with someone with the “wrong” genitals. Thanks, straight lady! Thanks for telling us how we’re doing our own sex lives wrong!
      She’s a sanctimonious shitstain. So is Pheenobarbidoll. But oh, it’s racist of me to call Pheenobarbidoll that, because she’s Native American! (Or so she says – this is the internet, after all. I also have a strong feeling that a lot of the other women on the res {if she indeed lives on a reservation as she claims} just roll their eyes at this idiot.) So apparently because she’s NA no one is allowed to criticize Pheenobarbidoll’s behavior, ever. Or something. That thread is Exhibit A of why I stay away from most feminist blogs. Blech.

      1. “Cyberwulf is not female.”
        Oh what a surprise! That’s why they/he/zir/bunself doesn’t have a problem with calling a woman trash. I googled pheenobarbidoll just for fun, and on one site she described herself as mixed race. How much do you want to bet that means something like “I’m 1/18 Cherokee and my great x5 grandmother was a princess (even though that tribe doesn’t have a concept of royalty)”? It’s so exasperating, there was a woman on there saying that it’s important to keep in mind that women who are starving and trafficked don’t really want to hear about “cis privilege” or be called “sex workers” as opposed to “prostituted woman” and that we can’t let words take the place of real breathing women…..and she was accused of throwing herself a pity party. I just had to laugh that pheenobarbidoll was screaming “white colonizer” at the commenter monika, even though she repeatedly said “I’m Jewish and not from America, Canada, or any other country that colonized North America.”
        I’d love to see that too Ashland! It’s hilarious that the women on that thread think they’re sooo PC and the ultimate defenders of women, feminism, and all lost puppies. Of course it’s easy to beat down women who they KNOW are not doing the things they accuse them of, and who are more radical than them. Ostracizing the “bad” women from the “good” ones is an ancient patriarchal tactic. Since Donna Perry is a real woman after all, they don’t have anything to fear, right? I bet Donna is the most feminist of all women in the land. I think in the interest of women’s rights, Cyberwulf and pheenobarbidoll should volunteer to have some girl time with Donna to prove that they are just as PC as they say they are.

      2. Sheesh, I should’ve guessed Cyberwulf was a tranny. Posing as a woman at that site allows him to abuse them, and stroke his dick while doing so. Same old, same old. The fact that Twisty allows that kind of shit at her blog makes it crystal clear that she’s no ally to women, actions speaking louder than words and all.
        Choco, yeah, I’ll say it again: I have a sneaking suspicion that people around Pheenobarbidoll are giving her the side-eye on a very regular basis. I also find it amusing that she screams about appropriation and colonization at the drop of a hat, but seems to have no problem at all with trans people seizing upon the whole “two-spirit” thing from Native cultures. She’d rather find any reason, any reason at all to attack born women. She seems to enjoy it.
        I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about that site.

      3. I tried writing a response on that thread that I agreed with Morag’s characterization of monika’s first comment, and that the reversals happening throughout that thread are bullshit. I also said that as a Jewish woman, I find it disgusting that a non-North American Jewish woman was accused of being a white, privileged, imperialistic colonizer just for refuting the idea that transwomen are real women. Of course it only got worse when she provided a link saying that there’s a correlation between the amount of patriarchal gender roles in certain tribes with their belief in transgenderism. Pheenobarbidoll can cry all she wants that she’s the most oppressed WOC in the whole world, but she can’t fathom what another woman’s experiences are like. Jewish women can’t be in the position of the oppressor.
        I ended my comment by saying that monika and I should just shut up since the Holocaust happened so long ago, there’s no ant-semitism in Europe or North America, all Jews are rich privileged Shylocks, and Jewish women aren’t marginalized at all. I’m sure my family in the 1940s enjoyed their “white cis privilege” very much, since the Nazis had such respect for that. And of course my comment wasn’t published.

      4. Well, Choco, good on ya for trying. I was apparently banned from there as well, because one time I didn’t suck up to the trannies enough. Oh, how will I go on, not having the privilege of being one of Twisty’s sycophants?

  18. Gallus, thanks for posting the link for the Affidavit.
    People need to read the Affidavit. In addition to assault, Douglas Perry served time on a federal weapons charge. A pipe bomb, 49 firearms, and 20,000 rounds of ammunition were seized by the ATF. Sweet, innocent “Donna” likes her weapons. All three victims were shot by a small caliber firearm.
    Despite the fact that Mr. Douglas Perry had his penis and testicles when the three murders occurred and had sex with prostitutes, the defense will probably milk the poor little me trans card for all its worth. With the DNA and fingerprint evidence and an old .22 caliber bullet found in the old Scout vehicle that Perry owned, what does the defense have to work with other than the trans angle? Woe to the judge and prosecutor for mis-gendering Douglas.
    It’s going to be very interesting to see how it unfolds.

  19. I have been looking for any evidence that a FtT has ever been sent to a male prison. I could not find any.
    Terry Michael Dalton (a FtT) was housed in a female prison.
    Reading the Australian policy about where to house FtT gives me this:
    “It is clear that a transgender inmate, whether MtF or FtM, who is placed with biologically male prisoners is likely to be at a much greater risk
    of harm, particularly sexual assault, than those placed within a female institution.”
    That is because females are oppressed and targeted by sex, not gender.
    “According to the New South Wales policy, most FtM transgender inmates will also be placed in female institutions. This is because there are identified safety concerns for such individuals if placed in a male
    institution. The small number of known FtM inmates have been placed in female institutions. There has been no suggestion that
    FtM inmates pose any particular risk to the females they are
    housed with. By contrast, if FtM inmates were placed with male prisoners, the risk of assault, particularly sexual assault, to the transgender inmate would be extremely high…
    Thus, it would seem that for FtM transgender inmates, the safest option continues to be placement within a female institution unless special circumstances exist to prove otherwise.”
    “The New South Wales policy treats a transgender person who has had their birth certificate amended conclusively as the new sex, and stipulates that they must be housed as such. For MtF individuals, this would have the effect of placing them in a female institution, the same result as a case management approach would probably have. However,
    FtM individuals who have altered their birth certificate would be placed in a male institution. To alter a birth certificate, a FtM does not necessarily have to have any genital surgery. Placing such an inmate in a male institution would place them at great danger, and is contrary to the general intention of the policy. New South Wales and other state
    birth certificate legislation is likely to be binding on corrections authorities as to the “legal sex” of the individual. However,
    corrective services agencies have the ultimate responsibility for the placement of individual inmates, including the selection of the most appropriate institution for any individual, irrespective of sex.”
    As stated before in regards to those at risk in male prisons:
    “[P]risoners fitting any part of the following description are more likely to be targeted: young, small in size, physically weak, white, gay, first offender, possessing “feminine” characteristics such as long hair or a high voice; being unassertive, unaggressive, shy, intellectual, not street-smart, or “passive”; or having been convicted of a sexual offense against a minor. Prisoners with any one of these characteristics typically face an increased risk of sexual abuse, while prisoners with several overlapping characteristics are much more likely than other prisoners to be targeted for abuse.”
    Why not move all those people fitting the criteria to female prisons if the risk is so high?
    The San Francisco guidelines suggest that FtT prisoners should be housed in special units at male prisons.
    “An FTM pre-operative transsexual with female genitalia is more safely housed with vulnerable males than with the general population of women. Housing pre-operative FTMs with vulnerable males rather than with the women also ensures the safety of the women since FTMs may be physically stronger than most women.”
    Why not house MtT with the vulnerable males? Why is a FtT seen as a threat to females but someone like Kosilek, Marsbruch, and Perry aren’t?
    The policies make no sense.

    1. FWIW, Dalton was given the option of being housed in a male facility but declined once it was made clear they would be in segregation housing. Those discussions took place prior to the transfer from Travis County. They were continued on testosterone post-transfer though.

      1. It is not something that, to my knowledge, is viewable online. Memoranda from the State and Travis County related to those conversations are also likely not in the public domain. And, I am not at liberty to disclose much else for professional reasons…

  20. After reading the Affidavit, any rational person would have to conclude that Douglas Perry is a bit unhinged mentally. I guess he is not certifiably crazy, but he isn’t playing with a full deck.
    If found guilty of three murders, Douglas Perry woulodn’t be the only serial killer with a belief that he is a woman, or experiences a strong desire to “feel like a woman”, or to dress like a woman.
    “Shortly after his mother’s death, Gein had decided he wanted a sex change and began to create a “woman suit” so he could pretend to be a female. Gein’s practice of wearing the tanned skins of women was described as an “insane transvestite ritual”.
    If Ed Gein were alive today, I wonder if he would fly to Thailand to undergo surgery. Apparently, the doctors there don’t care if people are crazy. Then, everyone would be forced to address Mr. Ed Gein as “she”. We would all be forced to play along in his demented fantasies. Heck, we would be called “transphobic” bigots for not saying how courageous he is.

    1. SkyLark, why are you using an Etsy listing for jewelry as a reference, may I ask? Also, jewelry that glorifies a slaughterer of women is repugnant. Fuck whoever makes that crap.

      1. “Also, jewelry that glorifies a slaughterer of women is repugnant.”
        If it was a fictional killer, then (maybe) I’d find it bad taste, but at least not actually true. But this crap?
        The phrase ‘child-murderer charm bracelet’ is running through my head now. I cannot believe someone would not only MAKE this crap, but think that there was enough demand that it was worth selling it…………..
        Horror is FICTION, this is not. Some people have a serious problem……………….
        And the seller is apparently young and female, I’m getting really depressed now…………………

  21. @Ashland Avenue,
    Thank you for pointing out my really, really stupid and embarrassing copy and paste job. Googling turns up the strangest things.
    My bad…..sorry
    Excuse my ignorance, but I didn’t know what Etsy is. I checked the site again, and I looked at it. What sick person would make jewelry with Gein’s photo on it? I thought it was just a photograph of Gain, and I didn’t know what Etsy is. I didn’t know it was jewelry that some sick s.o.b. was trying to sell.
    I don’t endorse that particular link that I listed. I was doing a google search of Ed Gein and a lot of different links popped up. I could have copied and pasted this link by mistake instead of going with another source.
    I apologize for the link. I really didn’t take the time to research the site. How was I to know that someone would actually make jewelry with this monster’s photo.
    The basic information about Ed Gein’s life is accurate because it’s public record, and several people have written about his deranged life and his crimes.
    Thank you for being so diligent and checking out sites people reference.
    I’m truly sorry.
    ***Attention: Gallus
    I apologize for this link. I must have hastily copied and pasted the wrong link. Please delete it. If you can’t delete just the link, then delete the entire post.
    Again, thank you Ashland Avenue.
    Someone needs to tell the Etsy person with the creepy jewelry that it’s not appropriate and it’s down right sick.

    1. Don’t worry about it, SkyLark! I knew of course that you did not for one second support the idea of jewelry that glorifies a murderer of women. I just thought the choice of link was odd, considering the amount of info out there on Gein from other sources – thanks for the explanation. Yeah, Etsy was supposed to be a site where people can sell their handmade stuff, but it’s increasingly commercial now. And I wasn’t criticizing you about the jewelry, just the person who makes it. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. xo

  22. This sounds like the demon murder, where a man tried to make the case that a demon possessed.him to kill. Thankfully the court rejected that. I hope this “my former penis did it” bullshit is thrown out.

  23. He’s got a fucking beard! What must his testerone level be? How can ‘It’ possibly hope to get away with even the most half-arsed medical defense? Just stick him in a male prison anyway: if that Richard Speck video from the ’90s was anything to go by, even the ugliest blokes in U.S. nicks with a ‘bit extra’ have a whale of a time.. (By the way, loved the ‘drag order’).

    1. He’s apparently had his penis inverted, so he has even less testosterone in his body than women. Also, once someone has hair growth, it doesn’t go away with loss of testosterone or addition of estrogen (although many M2Ts lie about this or are just plain deluded about the hair-zapping powers of estrogen). He can only semi-permanently remove his facial hair with electrolysis or laser treatment.
      Although it’s pretty telling that this “100 percent real woman” can’t be arsed to shave even for a court hearing.

    Donna R. Perry strode into the courtroom Monday with long, graying hair and ill-fitting clothes. The 65-year-old woman, who was Douglas R. Perry before a 2000 gender reassignment surgery, had none of the normal cadre of jailers who usually secure the appearance of a suspected serial killer.
    Instead, Perry asked for a hearing aid to help her make out the testimony from more than 100 witnesses expected to testify in a four-week trial seeking to convict her of the slaying of three prostitutes who were found shot and dumped near the Spokane River some four months apart 27 years ago.
    Those killings occurred in 1990, which was a time, prosecutors allege, when Perry was a gun-collecting felon with a burning revulsion for prostitutes with children.
    “We believe the theory of the case is hatred of women who made bad choices,” said Sharon Hedlund, deputy Spokane County prosecutor. “Because they were mothers is part of the reason they were being targeted.”
    Defense attorney Bryan Whittaker said he believes the crux of the case will come down to a legal battle over DNA evidence and one jailhouse snitch who claims to have heard Perry brag about the killings while serving time together in federal prison.
    “Motherhood may have been part of the catalyst or motive of the crime,” he said. But Hedlund’s case will rely “on hearsay testimony by a single witness.”
    Superior Court Judge Michael Price agreed with the prosecution’s request to show at least two of the victims in photographs that also include a child.
    “Frankly it would be preferable if there were no child” in the photographs, he said. “Given these women were prostitutes in life, a booking photo wouldn’t be a stretch or catch jurors off guard. But the two (photos) I’ve seen are not overly prejudicial to Ms. Perry.”
    Perry is charged with the 1990 killings of 26-year-old Yolanda A. Sapp, who was found shot along the Spokane River near 4100 E. Upriver Drive on Feb. 22; Nickie I. Lowe, 34, who was found under the Greene Street Bridge on March 25; and Kathy A. Brisbois, 38, who was found along the Spokane River near Trent Avenue and Pines Road on May 15.
    All three women were shot with small-caliber handguns and all previously were thought to be victims of convicted serial killer Robert L. Yates Jr. In 2000, the same year Perry traveled to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery, Yates pleaded guilty to killing 13 prostitutes, most of whom worked East Sprague Avenue just like Sapp, Lowe and Bribois.
    But investigators were never able to connect Yates to Sapp, Lowe and Brisbois.
    Those three cases remained entrenched on a list of unsolved homicides until 2012 when Perry was convicted in federal court for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Her DNA was entered into a national database and it was then linked to a blanket found near Sapp; to DNA found under the fingernails of Brisbois and a fingerprint that was found on a vial of lubricant found in a handbag owned by Lowe.
    Based on that evidence, investigators charged Perry with three counts of first-degree murder in January 2014.
    The case was supposed to go to trial last September, but three public defenders withdrew from the case when they discovered two investigators may have unethically attempted to discover information in the case. As a result, defense attorneys Bryan Whittaker and Charles Donahue were appointed to represent Perry.
    Along with the DNA evidence, the trial is expected to hinge on a taped interrogation from 2012 between Perry and Spokane police Detective Mark Burbridge and Spokane County sheriff’s Detective James Dresback.
    During the interview, Perry denied killing the women, but Burbridge told her that serial killers generally don’t stop killing. Perry replied: “Douglas didn’t stop, Donna stopped it.”
    She later added: “I’m not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody.”
    Burbridge replied: “Doug did” to which Perry said, “I don’t know if Doug did or not. It was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or didn’t,” according to court records.
    But investigators later talked to Chero L. Everson, 39, a convicted drug dealer who roomed with Perry for a time in federal prison. During an interview, Everson, who is expected to testify at the trial, said Perry claimed to have killed nine prostitutes while “just taking care of business.”
    “Perry explained … that the reasons Perry killed these women was because Perry couldn’t breed and the women had the ability to have children and they were wasting it being ‘pond scum,’ ” according to court records.
    Douglas Perry was arrested in 1988 and was found to have 49 guns and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. Among the weapons were a .22-caliber handgun and two .22-caliber rifles. Those firearms were disposed of by the property room in August 1995, according to court records.
    During her prison interview, Everson told investigators that Perry claimed that “police destroyed some of Perry’s guns including some evidence used in the killings.”

  25. This nut case sounds like someone straight out of a Hitchcock movie, YUCK, and I do hope the DNA evidence nails the guy. Are they putting him in a women’s prison? With vulnerable women who were jailed for prostitution?

  26. A few days ago, a man shot three co-workers and himself in a grocery store after blocking the exits. He wrote in a letter, “I’m a girl who’s been trapped in a man’s body for two and a half decades, and I need to get the hell out. I don’t belong on this planet, nor have I ever. I need to die, and I’m taking whomever I can down with me.”
    Because nothing proves one’s femininity like premeditated mass murder. And what are the odds the trans community will speak of him as a transwoman who committed suicide because this world was just too cruel for such a sensitive spirit while ignoring the murder of his co-workers and the pain he’s caused their family and friends?

    1. They don’t appear to be claiming him as one of their own, which really illustrates the trans cult’s hypocrisy. This guy was extremely mentally ill; he believed he was meant to be a female cartoon character. So they’re not going to claim him since his illness and his crimes don’t fit their narrative. But if he merely suicided, they absolutely would give him the Joshua Alcorn “rest in power” treatment. Alcorn wasn’t as profoundly mentally ill, but, like many M2Ts, he was also obsessed with female cartoon characters (even his chosen laydee name came from a cartoon).
      Mentally ill boy who suicides because he’ll never be a physical incarnation of a female anime character: 100 percent Real Girl.
      Mentally ill man who murders three people and suicides because he believes himself to be a female cartoon character trapped in a man’s body: Just some dude.

    2. But the brigade says this does not happen. They are peaceful, non violent, not selfish and the ones in jail…they are misunderstood. They are there because, stealing, etc funds their transition in a phobic country. All of this being…..BULLSHIT.
      I will again…bet the rent that this will be swept under the rug. A blackout…after all…killing others, being a traitor or a predator is something of value, on the way to elective cuts to the body

    1. Yep….there has been a blackout on that case here as well. Coverage of the brigade infiltrating the state government, via a change in the ID rules and change of name papers [which will make it easier for the large criminal element to get away with crap], yep. Showing how the parades look like an ‘upgraded’ version of Springer…heck yeah. Outrage by the LCR who voted for Captain Hairdo, because their feelings were hurt, thanks to buyer’s remorse…of course.
      But nothing about this case. Damn….

    2. On Twitter a local report @JeffKXLY had some images, but not screen shotted and now appear gone, some June 9 image of Donna Perry on his TL remains. He wiped more recent Donna Perry court pics – I included him in my tweets to try to get attention to issue of trans violence.
      I’ve tried to share links with Jeff about other violent TIMs.

    3. A local news site, The Spokesman-Review, published an update yesterday: “Attorneys have spent a week questioning retired police detectives, reviewing lost evidence and recounting raids that netted guns not connected to the killings of three women in 1990. But on Tuesday, prosecutors brought the fingerprint and DNA evidence that is the crux of the serial killer case …” See
      (I see there is a link above to their earlier report on the trial.)
      The first day in court was live-tweeted by a journalist with a local television station: tweeting on 9 June. See also for video and short report.
      At the foot of the news report is a promise that “KREM 2 will continue to follow the trial as it continues”. However, since then the journalist has been covering a different trial which is still not over.
      Jeff Humphrey, the journalist mentioned above by Charly was in court for the first two days of Perry’s trial. His current twitter handle is not quite the same as the one Charly gives in her comment: see for his twitter stream, which has a few tweets and pictures relating to the first day of the trial.
      He reported on the case here: and here:

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