Vote for Jewlyes!

san fran pride marshall nominee jewlyes gutierrez
Cast your vote for Jules (now spelled Jewlyes, because gender!) Gutierrez, batterer of women, best known for cold-cocking a female student in a filmed beatdown attack at Hercules High School- as San Francisco Pride Grand Marshal!
That’s right folks- violently punching a female (who offends you as a male) qualifies you to be nominated for San Francisco Pride March Grand Marshal!
No, it isn’t April Fools Day yet.
I often wonder what happens to guys like Jewlyes’ minds when the more fucked up things they do the more likely they are to be given the keys to the kingdom. Oops, I mean… cast your vote today! Vote early and often!


16 thoughts on “Vote for Jewlyes!

  1. Ugh. And how about the dude above him? He’s been in jail and has been a prostitute, and those points are listed as though he should be proud about it. It proves his authenticity!
    I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but to see it laid out like that just drives it home. These people are sick.
    And how ridiculous, with Jewlyes’ writeup stating the video clearly showed self defense. Nooooo… the video shows a hulk punching a girl out. If he wanted to prove his story, he should have filmed the supposed harassment, not his “self-defense” attack.

  2. The bottom line in this case was, he responded to *verbal* harassment with violence. That is never okay. If someone calls me a name, I might become angry, and say something I shouldn’t, but I am not going to hit them. If they attack me physically, I would defend myself, and if they threaten me, I would warn them, but unless someone physically attacks, escalating it to violence is simply not right.

    1. It is the same thing as the “CeCe” bullshit…just on a smaller scale. The trannies forget that “CeCe” voluntarily went across the street to escalate the incident and that was when all hell broke loose…if he keeps on walking, nothing ever happens save for his wounded pride.
      But, since they adopt the role of professional victim, the whactivists believe that the most innocuous of slight warrants the use of the ingrained male tendency towards violent response. And yet they continue to wonder why class female wants nothing to do with them…

      1. Interesting, I did not know that. Everything I’ve heard about that makes CeCe out to be the victim, which maybe he was to a degree, but if he had the chance to de-escalate the situation he should have done so.
        There are a lot of people who piss me off, but I’m smart enough not to pick fights or escalate fights because oh yeah, felony charges. Plus, I’m not very big so I’d probably lose, lol.
        MTTs display regular male-pattern violence, but they want to get away with it on the basis of jendah feels.

  3. I wonder what *actually* happened with that female student – did she actually say something offensive or just ‘misgender’ him? Either way, it was no excuse for violence.

  4. This is hilarious! The person above Jewlyes has even been thrown in jail and was a sex worker.
    And what idiot physically attacks someone because of name-calling, or whatever other verbal attacks were shouted his way, and then claims self defense? I haven’t seen the video (anyone have a link?), but this is just screwy.
    Excuse me while I look for a way to restore my faith in humanity.

    1. The video is no longer online. It was posted by Jewlyes’ friend initially. A brief excerpt which does NOT show Jewlyes hitting the girl can be seen on various news sites. I saw the original with my own eyes before it was taken down. As did the police, which is why they prosecuted in this case.

  5. Look at the size of this husky dude. His facial features look male. He doesn’t look that dainty to me, and he looks like he could protect himself in a fight. A teenage boy has a lot more strength than teenage girls.
    From everything I’ve read, the girls were teasing him, but he threw the first punch. It escalated after this, and spilled out into the hallway. After he hit one the girls, they ganged up on him.
    If boys are being teased by girls, should they be allowed to hit the girls?

    1. No more than girls should be allowed to hit boys who tease them. No one should physically attack another person for verbal insults.

    1. @anon male
      Who sabotaged ENDA?
      As for article: Oh my god, so much rage.
      “Goldstein echoed Bell’s sentiments, explaining that the biggest problem with a lot of people who are saying, “‘Don’t attack me, I’m an ally,’ is that they’re not allowing the trans* community to give their own dialogue, to tell their own stories, to say what they’ve found to be discriminatory.”
      How come women can’t tell THEIR stories without a fucking outcry of “Some women don’t have vaginas”?
      I find the terms “CIS” and “TERF” to be disgusting. No one ever fucking accepts that as part of the my dialogue.
      “It seems like a lot of these ‘allies,’ rather than listen to the trans* communities … they’ve tried to steer the conversation and that’s not what an ally does,” Goldstein said. “An ally amplifies that conversation.”
      Trans steer women’s conversations to trans issues ALL.THE.FUCKING.TIME.
      “Abortions aren’t a women’s issue because some women can’t get pregnant and some men can”
      “Abortion issues aren’t very trans-inclusive and offensive to cis women who can’t have children”
      Seriously, fuck these dudes.

      1. I thought the “even Morgan could one day become an ally!” was hysterical. Like he was on a one-man crusade to destroy everyone who is trans, but even HE could one day be redeemed.
        Anon dude, I say comrade a lot and hope it is OK 🙂 To me it is a friendly word, a lot friendlier than ally. Allying is something you do to other people, a comrade is what you are – it’s like the difference between “assistant” and “friend”.

      2. That is so true. They or their handmaidens steer women’s issues towards MTT issues all the fucking time. Before I quit tumblr I mass-unfollowed a ton of people for that shit.
        Every time there’s a post about woman’s health, it get hijacked by some twit who reblogs it and edits it for “cissexism”.
        I know several women who cannot get pregnant or who have gone through menopause, but they don’t care that abortion and contraception issues are women’s issues.
        Also, just because some women cannot get pregnant doesn’t mean that men can become women.
        I also hate people who use “cis” and “TERF” seriously. They are misogynistic scumbugs.

  6. Didn’t this jerk win the position?
    Oh yes, I just love violent queer culture where a teenage boy beating up a teenage girl gets rewarded.
    Look, if that girl was bullying him then that is not okay and the school authorities should have stepped in, but he still threw the first punch. Clearly the police thought is was bad enough to warrant charges after they saw the video. (Too bad it was removed from the internet).
    And I have to wonder if he was really being bullied or if the girl just committed the most awful crime of misgendering…

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