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  1. Is this a joke? I feel offended on the behalf of cats. They know that there are male and female cats.

    1. Though in my experience they don’t much care if you accidentally “misgender” them, as long as the food bowls and the snuggling continue.
      My cats have tended to be foundlings. When they’re young, if they have a bunch of fur on their naughty bits it can be kinda hard to tell the sex. Yeah, boy cats have a penis (uh-oh, transphobia there!) but it’s retractable, so it’s all about the distance from the butt to the little dimple where it’s hiding (unless there are obvious balls but on little cats, not always).
      …so I had a cat I suspected was female, took it to the vet as usual for the “I found this cat, please scan it for any ID chip and if none found I want to keep it so give it the usual immunizations plz” business, turned out it was a little dude.
      Not that he cared in the slightest of my mistake. Happy little guy still 🙂

      1. My male cat is MtE (eunuch). He wanted to be a “smoothie,” so I took him in. He prefers the pronouns he/hiss/hiss-self

  2. “you are not saying a penis is male genitalia? Women and men have penises.”
    Gosh, I love it! And this:
    “male genitalia? what do you mean by this?”
    I picture hands firmly on hips, and one foot tapping impatiently, demanding an answer to this outrageous claim that there is such a thing as male genitals. Sometimes what they say is SO dumb, it’s almost cute.

  3. The thing about cats and dogs: when they are spayed or neutered, they still remain either female or male. My dog is spayed and I still refer to her by female pronouns. Only in humans’ imaginations does biological fact get turned around.

    1. I tried to arrange for my dog to get “fixed”. And the veterinarian was all “is it a male or female dog” and I was like “I believe it identifies as genderqueer” and the vet said “but does it have male or female genitals?” and I said WHAT?! What are you implying? You are aware that is a cissexist framing of my dog’s genitals, are you not? They are GENDERQUEER genitals” and the vet was like “Okay I have to put you on hold” and quite a time went by, and then they put me on speakerphone and asked me to educate their staff, who were all extremely cheerfull and kept asking me more and more. Finally one of them asked if the dog has a penis and I told them it had an extremely large sperm producing clitoris and exterior dangling sperm producing genderqueer ovaries. This seem to confuse them. One of them then rudely asked if I was under any sort of psychiatric care. I told them I was going to report them to Jennifer Levi at GLAD. They said they had to go and would call me right back but they never did. I called GLAD repeatedly but Jennifer Levi refused to speak to me. What do?

      1. That veterinarian is hostile toward trans dogs, and refuses to give appropriate medical treatment!

      2. Dear GallusMag,
        Thank you for your heartfelt letter. This is a very difficult situation, so first, I want you and your dog to know that you are not alone. We are here to listen, understand and accept you and your dog in all your wonderful genderqueertransness. Reaching out is the first step, and you’ve already done that, so congratulations to you!
        Veterinary medicine is known to be a very cis-sexist institution. This means, unfortunately, that you will probably have a very hard time finding a vet who is educated about genderqueer/trans* dog issues. Progress in this area is very slow and painful, and so many dogs and their owners can become deeply depressed, and understandably, even angry and violent in the face of transphobic vets, who, as you’ve learned, may ask insensitive questions about your dog’s genitals. So, eat well, get plenty of rest, and make sure you and your dog take a quality multi-vitamin. Trust me, these simple care-taking measures will help both of you face the challenges ahead!
        Right now, you have an immediate problem to be solved. Your dog needs neutering. Steel yourself, GallusMag, because, at present, the only way an ignorant and cis-sexist vet will do this is if you allow him or her to “determine” your dog’s biological “sex.” I know, I know: we know better, but they don’t, and they have all the power.
        Sadly, I believe you’re going to have to allow the vet to assign a gender, in order for your dog to get the care to which ze’s entitled. This could be extremely triggering for your dog, what with words such as “penis” and “testicles” or “fallopian tubes” and “uterus” being carelessly thrown around the examination room. There are, however, ways to reduce the impact of these triggers on your sweet, but dysphoric, companion. You can, for instance, prepare your dog for the cruel mis-gendering that is very likely to happen. At the end of this letter, you will find a handy information sheet with more suggestions to help you and your dog through this difficult time.
        When it’s all over, please write again to tell us about your dog’s experience, and together we will brainstorm ways to bring those vets down. Good luck, and wishing you and your genderqueer dog the very best.

      3. “.. understandably, even angry and violent…” Yes- any violence on my part would be justifiably self-defense against emotional trauma, no?

      4. We are peaceful people, so violence would be regrettable, GallusMag. But justifiable. Because of the emotional trauma, which nobody, but we, can truly understand.
        By the way, do you have any nice pictures of your dog posing in lingerie? Especially, taken from the back? It’s OK if you don’t, of course! But, if you do, we could–maybe–publish it alongside your letter. If there’s enough space, that is. Yeah, I’m just wondering. Feel free to send it in, and we’ll see what we can do.

    2. The reason why anyone would equate gays and lesbians with “what next? Do you want to marry a lamp?” is because of people like this. They defend pedophiles (don’t kink-shame!) and bestiality. A bunch of people ganged up on me because I protested a 19 year-old mentally ill woman being pimped out by her boyfriend to “breed” with strangers on FetLife. I will kink-shame people so hard because it’s called, um, protecting vulnerable people?

  4. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/dear_prudence/2014/03/dear_prudence_my_ex_didn_t_tell_me_she_was_transgender_until_i_confronted.html
    Sounds like a fake letter (of the “there are passing trans everywhere, we promise, like 90% of the people you pass on the street are actually trans, you dumb bourgeois cissy” variety): I’m guessing “Prudie” had read Boylan and wanted to work him into an article to be hip so she came up with it herself. But even without a tinfoil hat, It’s nice how she ends the answer with the equivalent of “you’re on the wrong side of history!”
    But god bless those fictional parents who boycotted their own daughter’s wedding to spare the feelings of their mentally ill son. Because: “feminism!”

      1. Gallus, I understand if you don’t want to publish this due to the triggering grossness, but from that blue-author blog by Alexandra Erin:
        ‘My sense of sexual attraction has more to do with the other person’s interest and with sexual compatibility than with gender.’
        In other words, he’s an autogynophile who lives to be acknowledged as a pretty laydee, and he’ll cheerfully admit it (while denying that such a thing exists).
        ‘My sexuality revolves around the idea of being food or being consumed: being turned into food, cooked, prepared as food, garnished like food, butchered, eaten, etc. Other forms of literal objectification can apply as well.’
        Why, why, why do women pretend to believe these freaks are women? How much clearer could it be that this dude ‘became a woman’ as part of his sexual quest to ‘literally objectify’ himself? Ugh. I feel sick. It throws into sharp relief that men’s ideas about what women *are* are wholly based in their own necrophiliac desires. And the dudes who take this dehumanising objectification of the female half of humanity to its logical extreme are now the sacred cows of the feminist movement. Goddess save us all.

      2. From that Alexandra Erin effluvia:
        Now, you’ll probably circle back to vaginas and say that they’re the feature that cis women have that cis lesbians are attracted to. But what I said about not one way to be a woman applies to vaginas, too. Not all vaginas look the same. Not all vaginas act the same. Not all vaginas react the same.
        Everything that gets thrown out as a characteristic of “real vaginas” (cis women’s vaginas/vulvas) applies to every cis woman’s vagina and vulva. Not every vagina successfully self-lubricates or has a lot of elasticity. Not every vagina is a passageway to a uterus or a fertile womb. Not every vagina—even on a dyadic cis body—is there without the work of surgical reconstruction.

        In other words, it’s just a fuckhole, and all fuckholes are equally vaginal, end of. Not quite.
        Oh, again with the “systemic oppression” argument:
        Countdown to someone saying that I’m demanding [cis] lesbians must have sex with trans women in 3… 2… but again, the idea that personal preferences, personal attraction, and personal sexual activity do NOT occur in a vacuum but can come from oppressive systems and lead back to oppressive system is an idea that gets discussed every day, including by radical feminists, so it’s really disingenuous to act like it’s a brand new idea when trans women are involved.
        No actually, to liberal feminists, all sexual activity, including kink, porn, and prostitution, occurs in a vacuum of free individual choice, that is unless males are being denied access to pussy. Then it’s the system, man.

      3. The stuff about his “food fetish” (to put it mildly), tells me everything I need to know about this freak. He’s revolting. And I have absolutely no compunction whatsoever in saying that no, I’m not attracted to inside-out penises. This creep dude can spin his manipulative bullshit however he wants, but there’s not a damn thing he can do about the fact that so many lesbians don’t want his dick – now or ever.

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