More adverts declared offensive to Transgenders: Double Feature

From the Courier Mail:
THE advertising watchdog has been called in to investigate Queensland Health’s latest anti-skin cancer commercial amid claims it ridicules transgender women.
One of the complaints to the Advertising Standards Board said the character – who berates young people about their inadequate sun protection – “just adds to the material that the lowest denominator has to use to ridicule trans women”.
In their defence to the ASB, Queensland Health said Sun Mum was developed alongside more traditional sun safety concepts, and tested on a target audience.”

“Last month, Cambodia’s second largest telecom provider Mobitel – operator of the Cellcard network – released a TV commercial poking fun at transgender people and consequently upsetting many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.”

21 thoughts on “More adverts declared offensive to Transgenders: Double Feature

  1. For crying out loud! Honestly, can a hairy, deep-voiced man never again wear a dress, or play against type, without offending the ever-so-sensitive sensibilities of the trans community (men)? Can’t anyone see the that joke is on gender, and mostly, on women?
    Here’s what I notice about most commercials: grown women with baby voices, grown women with surprised, coy, dumb faces who look like sexy 10-year-olds, hair-sprayed women who go berserk over shoe sales and act like idiots over a pair of ugly high-heeled sandals, women who become orgasmic while spooning low-fat yoghurt and 50-calorie cardboard-flavoured treats into their mouths (oh, so naughty!), women who run to the rescue when children and men can’t find toilet paper with which to wipe their asses, women looking proud and satisfied to have wiped up spilled drinks, food, piss and shit off the floor, etc., etc. …
    Christ, there are infinite examples of how offensive stereotypes of women are in advertising. I’d be writing letters the advertising boards all day, and I’d be dead long before anyone took me seriously, because the shit done to women in media is practically INVISIBLE. But “Sun Mum” make the news! It hurt sensitive men! And, possibly, just laughing at men in dresses leads directly to their suicides and murders!

    1. “For crying out loud! Honestly, can a hairy, deep-voiced man never again wear a dress, or play against type, without offending the ever-so-sensitive sensibilities of the trans community (men)? Can’t anyone see the that joke is on gender, and mostly, on women?”
      This just shows that trans is all about tightening the gender straitjacket, not subverting it. They don’t want people to go outside their narrow little boxes.
      We can’t flout gender because it is so critical to their whole ideology. Gender is ‘innate’. So if us ‘cissy’ people ignore it, their whole premise falls apart.
      Next any reference to men “gettting in touch with their feminine side” will be considered offensive.
      They think we’re the ones being restrictive because we recognise biology.
      They want to control behaviour.

      1. bethany says: “This just shows that trans is all about tightening the gender straitjacket, not subverting it. They don’t want people to go outside their narrow little boxes.”
        This is why Facebook has 50 gender options but no write-in option.
        ” It would be cool if Facebook kept expanding it. I’ve seen other trans people say, “it’d be cool if they let you write in whatever you want.” No, it wouldn’t be cool, because they haven’t thought about people who think trans people are just a joke. And would put, “my gender is mashed potatoes!” Hahahaha. I get it. We’re funny because we don’t fall into the boxes. So I’m glad they just didn’t leave it as a free-for-all. At the same time, more options is better.”- Parker Molloy, (missing all irony in the “we don’t fall into boxes/boxes must be maintained” dichotomy he has just expressed). What a moron.

    2. The “sun mum” commercial *could* be seen as sexist because it basically says that people won’t take advice seriously when a woman/mum says something, so a man has to yell at them to make them do it instead.
      Yes it feels like about 95% of all advertising show shitty gender stereotypes and sexism towards women. But no one cares, because it’s so normal. Yet when MTF’s are offended suddenly everyone must care very much…because it’s males being offended.

    3. Yes, this is exactly true. It only got attention because it hurt men’s feelings, whereas women are constantly treated like crap in ads. Also, that guy’s date turning out to be a dude in the Cambodian ad was sort of a blink-and-you-miss-it type thing.

    1. Ah. But the EXISTENCE of “men in dresses” (who are happy to identify as men in a costume) is transphobic, because the trans lobby is desperately clinging to the idea that if you see someone in a dress, you should assume that person “identifies as” a woman, and call that person “she” so as not to offend.
      Basically, they know they don’t pass, and that they’re really male. So the last defense is the easily adoptable shibboleth, if you do this or that “woman” behavior, then bingo, you’re a woman, and the rest of the world should treat you “accordingly.” I mean, if the world lets slip that actually no, we can tell that you’re trans, then you might commit suicide, after all.
      Just look at any of the comments we’ve seen to this very blog over the years, where some “true transsexuals” (or HBSers – exactly the people who claim to be “women with unique medical histories” or “women with Harry Benjamin Syndrome”) go absolutely apoplectic over the idea that “transvestites” are out there, and that the “true transsexuals” might possibly be confused with them.
      I’m reminded of the (also Australian, I think) tampon commercial that showed a drag queen in the women’s room, putting on makeup next to a woman, they’re sort of friendly competing on the makeup front and then the woman whips out a tampon which the drag queen obviously doesn’t need, he does the “haha, yeah, you win” thing. The uproar from tumblr was huge, how terribly transphobic this is. The actor playing the drag queen even responded to it, saying basically “no I’m not trans stop speaking for me I’m a proud drag queen and the ad was hilarious” but the trans lobby was having none of it.

  2. @ Gallus.
    Something everyone here has said for years:
    From the article:
    “The numbers tell a disturbing story, says Arsham Parsi, who runs the Toronto-based Iran Railroad for Queer Refugees, a non-governmental organization that helps persecuted gays and lesbians in Iran find refuge in other countries, most through Turkey.
    Parsi says the country performs too many “corrective” operations. He estimates at least 40 per cent of the transgendered people in Iran should never have had surgery. Too many surgeries are performed on men and women who are simply gay, but submit to surgery to appease a family and society that does not accept them, he explains.
    Parsi also acknowledges many transgendered people in Iran live unsure whether they should have changed their sex.”

    1. Unlike a certain M2T, this guy appears to know his American history, and understand what the Underground Railroad actually did.

  3. Who will be mocked and who cannot be mocked? It’s a fight over the fake-God position, given that so many people presume God does not exist, they now all joust for the ‘I will not be mocked’ God-status. It’s sad that people don’t understand the Divine Comedy.

  4. And then I watched the video about UFOs, and realized how many really nutty people there are in the world. Upset by “Sun Mum”? Really?

  5. “…many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community”= only the T

  6. They must threaten to jump off a cliff if they see any Monty Python.
    But seriously, morag99 has it right. Women have been the butt of the joke, a dehumanized piece of meat, or everyone else’s personal slave as long as advertizing has been around.

  7. Aargh! The Queensland advert is not anything to do with transgender issues and I’m confused how anyone can think it is. The message is “You don’t listen to your mum so here’s a really shouty mum”. I do not like this, but it is nothing at all to do with people being transgender.The second advert is dodgy but it is dodgy on many levels.
    Gallus Mag, I was feeling like I was a bit mental until I saw your blog. I think if I was reborn nowadays I’d have people lining up to diagnose me as transgender – when I was a kid I maintained stubbornly that I was a boy (I am in fact female) and the reason I did that was because I saw people taking boys seriously and thinking of them as important people, whereas women weren’t allowed to do serious things. I got over my problems with being a woman and realised it was society’s issue not mine, and am now happily a woman who doesn’t always perform gender roles (I shave my head for starters :D) but who would never want to give up being a woman.
    I’m really confused how anyone could say “I knew I was female” and back that up with things like “I always wanted to play with dolls and loved the colour pink”. Having an issue with dysphoria and one’s genitalia, that makes sense. But I never wanted to play with dolls and to this day don’t feel “feminine” – however, I am a woman, just not one who falls into stereotyped categories.I never had the perfect princess pink bedroom either.
    So thank you Gallus Mag and your commenters, I love all of you. I was feeling dysfunctional, like I just scraped into the woman category. Women are pretty and adorable, am I right? But I’m not either, am I a pretend woman? I feel like I have been constantly fighting this battle for my whole life – I am a woman, I am not a pretty woman, or a “stunna”, Your articles and comments help me a lot.

  8. Cross-dressing for comedy purposes is a time-honored humor tradition. Not everything is an insult towards your special little club.

  9. To me, that first advertisement plays like a bad joke, as though transwomen are little more than a punchline. Had the “Sun Mum” character been making honest attempts at at least decorum but failing, then maybe it would be funny. Instead, it comes off as stupid and a bit annoying.. but definitely not offensive.
    I am curious about why, if this is supposedly offensive to transwomen, why is it that it isn’t also offensive to women in general? You all are right, it does feel more like a poke on women and how men see them than anything. In the kitchen, always exercising, in awful “Stepford” dresses, etc.. WTF crap is that?
    I bet situations like the one presented in the second advertisement have happened more than once this week alone. A lot of my trans friends are a bit confused over the fact that they aren’t actually genetic females (even after a marathon of surgeries), yet for some reason they insist on trying to pass themselves off as being born that way. If it is offensive, which I don’t personally find it to be, than it is only because of the transwomen who basically created the situation in the first place by misrepresenting herself.

  10. Actually all drag type ads are offensive to me; the ads play on trans idiocy these day, or just plain contempt for women. Women have complained about drag for eons, however, since the trans lobby has gained power, no doubt these men will get the ad off TV. No women’s group fighting sex stereotypes of women achieves this normally.

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