Anthony "Louisville Slugger" Casebeer now re-emerges as "Annie Barchetta"

Anthony Casebeer today as "Annie Barchetta" on his new, eerily named "CrossDriving"  blog. Casebeer famously threatened to murder a lesbian by running her over with his car.
Anthony Casebeer today as “Annie Barchetta” on his new, eerily named “CrossDriving” blog. Casebeer famously threatened to murder a lesbian by running her over with his car.

I was very confused by screencaps that someone sent me today from an individual ranting hatefully and calling me names on Christopher “Cristan” William’s all-male transactivist website. This person clearly has some sort of beef with me. How on earth have I upset them so?
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Come to find out the author is none other than Anthony “Louisville Slugger” Casebeer, and my “crime” was re-posting his death threats against lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan, whom he intended to murder for co-authoring with Elizabeth Hungerford a letter to the UN regarding the legal status of “Gender Identity”. The letter indicated a need for some sort of objective criteria for males seeking access to spaces sex-segregated for female protection- those places where females are especially vulnerable to male predation in public life (prisons, homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, areas of public nudity such as locker rooms, etc.) The UN letter modestly suggested a doctor’s note or evidence of constancy and persistence (of gender feelings) for male admittance. Seems like an extremely moderate position, no?
Casebeer’s public response to the UN letter, acting as a Kentucky Fairness Campaign representative was: “Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.”
You can read more about Casebeer’s homicidal history here:–-by-him/
Casebeer represents a footnote in feminist history as possibly the first time a violent anti-woman transgender activist was exposed to the wider public by a feminist blogger (myself) by documenting his self-published activities. His story was picked up by the mainstream media and Casebeer was subsequently ejected from the Kentucky Fairness Campaign. Casebeer complained that he was unfairly “outed” as author of the death threats and claimed that women had no right to respond to his public, explicit, violent threats. This case ushered in a new era of women online exposing the men who use death threats in attempt to silence female participation in civic life.
Pathetically, Casebeer, now calling himself a woman named “Annie Barchetta” still feels maligned by the (surprising to him) occurrence of women noticing when men publicly threaten to violently murder us.  Get over it fella. Never again will murderous males such as yourself get away with terrorizing women for engaging in public life. We will not be silent. Your actions will be recorded, remembered, and protested. Some of you will now be legally prosecuted and convicted for your crimes.
Speaking of which, stay tuned for my follow-up report on the infamous online terrorism of Pittsburgh anti-lesbian death-threater Dr. Aeryn Fulton, exposed last year on GenderTrender.
For more recent Casebeer doings, see his eerie “Crossdriving with Annie” blog where he discusses driving around “en femme” and refers to his woman-suit persona in the third person.
Crossdriving: watch out for all that murdered lesbian blood.
Crossdriving: watch out for all that murdered lesbian blood.

20 thoughts on “Anthony "Louisville Slugger" Casebeer now re-emerges as "Annie Barchetta"

  1. Super weird addition by the above transadvocate responder Nicole Joilet who thought Casebeer was a “Terf” (feminist woman) in the screen caps. LOL. That’s how they roll.

  2. Wow, what a sick fuck. A representative from a LGBTIWTFBBQ threatening Lesbians with murder. Jeez, and they wonder why lesbians don’t want anything to do with trannies.
    Also, waaaayyy too much make-up.
    For somebody who wrote at length about watching a girlfriend put on make-up with subtlety, he still doesn’t get ‘less is more’.
    He is a self confessed CROSS DRESSER. How in the fuck does that have anything to do with transgender?
    I thought transgender was trying to separate themselves from cross dressers and drag queens? We all know they’re the same shit with different smells but I don’t think he realises that the mainstream trans don’t want anything to do with his ilk.
    Although, I am tempted to send Janet Mock a screen cap of Anthony’s face:
    “Girls like us, amirite? Tee Hee!”

    1. The rest of the transgender crowd might want to get away from the crossdressers, but the crossdressers don’t want to leave. Lots of people have some sympathy for the “born in the wrong body” concept, but no one has any sympathy for some guy who wants to wear a dress in public and be called “ma’am” because it turns him on. Attaching themselves to the transgender movement lets them say that it’s a civil right to show their dicks to women in changing rooms (like Colleen Francis, who compared herself to Rosa Parks when people didn’t want her in the changing room with underage girls).

    2. “Also, waaaayyy too much make-up.”
      Yes, too much. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? He’s a horror, a grotesque, even before we read about his murderous fantasies.
      I’d like to see how a small child would react when looking at Casebeer’s photograph. Many children (even some adults) are afraid of men dressed up as clowns or in other costumes that obscure and distort the natural face. This is no different. A mask is uncanny and frightening, because it is a lie, because it hides something unknown. And I think this fear and revulsion we feel is organic, rather than a supposedly learned prejudice.

      1. That’s a really good idea. These men all are horror-film scary looking, now matter how they try to present themselves. Yes, the revulsion is based on seeing somthing horrifying and dangerous. I never feel that way when seeing supposedly dangerous wild animals, whether rattlesnakes, scorpions, Black Widow spiders. I just see beautiful little animals who try to do almost anything not to bite or sting and who have cleverly developed incredibly effective ways of defending themselves and hunting.
        But these men…. it’s the face of porn-watching perverts who consistently reveal themselves to be the worst sort of men who hate females enough to threaten to rape and kill us. Masking themselves with male invented femininity just adds to the grotesqueness. I love how Gallus Mag provides all of these news reports and images for women to see who are still being conned by the trans cult.

    3. Bethanyalexandertate–This is the sham they’ve been pulling all along. Transgender is the ‘umbrella’ term that includes CDs and transsexuals are the human shields that these shits hide behind. Cross dressers by far outnumber anyone else in the alphabet soup and they run the show.
      All of the lies about why some mtts don’t get surgery are just a front for CDs wanting to keep their junk intact. That’s why they deflect any sort of questions about their junk’s status as transphobic. They don’t want anyone looking too closely at who they are and what they’re doing.

      1. Crossdressers packing penis demanding entrance to female only spaces has got to be stopped.
        The alphabet soup groups should straighten this out. Crossdressers are not gay, they harm civil rights of born genders, and are so patently angry and misogynistic as to require calling them out.
        What is there, a crossdressers mafia?

  3. I’m grateful for the red lettered warning that death threats will be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, Gallus. I’m also grateful for screencaps safely archived so these name-morphing Quasimoto’s can be monitored.

    1. Agreed. Too bad there are still some on here who buy into male bullshit. They’re all men, ladies. And they don’t belong in any women’s/lesbian spaces just because you’ve been conned into believing he’s different or you feel sorry for him *eyeroll*. He’s not different and you shouldn’t feel sorry for him. If he feels threatened by other men for wearing a skirt that’s his problem it isn’t women and girls responsibility to look out for him or put up with him.

  4. The evolution of the male intraspecies predator. Now that more women are leaving their cages and demand laws to curb male violence, the males can’t solely rely on brute strength, house arrest of wives and patriarchal judges anymore, so they are trying another predator tactic: camouflage to enter the prey’s safe spaces. Crossdressing is the experiment, trans is the practise. These men are literally wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    1. The predator-prey relationship also fits inside the public health model of prevention, with the predator being the virus/bacteria/threat and the crossdressing is the Vector (means of transmission) within which the Host (females) is contacted.
      Farmerjane, you are so right. In teasing apart a public health problem, the Vector has got to be eradicated so the means of transmission are interrupted. Pond water is treated or drained to prevent the breeding of flies.
      Crossdressers are like the tse tse flies, but carrying violence and threat of eradication of the rights of born females in lieu of malaria under their skirted camouflage.
      One thing about the predator model – it is based on the predator watching/monitoring the prey, to attack the weakness and vulnerability.
      By studying crossdressers, screencapping their threats, and turning the predator into the focus of our shared attention, the tables are turned and the prey studies the predator to prevent exposure.

  5. Exactly! I have been thinking often about male predation and parasitism lately. The trend of sex-selective abortion and infanticide in Asia has resulted in hundreds of millions of parasites without potential hosts. Add to that the enormous total of male on female predation, and it becomes clear that the parasites/predators are now vastly outnumbering the host/prey. Eradicating the vector, as you so well said, is a matter of our survival.

  6. Terrifying cold eyes and that mouth! Scarlet lipstick emphasising the grimace. So glad this man’s violent threats and fantasies are documented here.

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