Some Boys Have a Vagina

I’m laughing my ass off at the sex-based difference in transgender narratives.
Look at the difference between this video and the cray-cray sputterings and shushings of male transgenders Carrera, Mock and Cox towards interviewers who mention their sex-based characteristics – ie. their dicks.
Can you imagine Ryan Cassada “shushing” this woman with a literal handwave as Carmen Carrera (a man with intact penis and balls who intends to impregnate a woman someday) did to Katie Couric? Of course not. The male socialization, entitlement, and gaslighting displayed by men like Mock, Cox and Carrera bears no relation to the socialization of women, including female “transmen”.

49 thoughts on “Some Boys Have a Vagina

  1. Oh these poor misguided people… It really saddens me to see a woman do this to herself. 🙁
    Anyway, you’re totally correct about the socialization going on here. It’s very enlightening to see how patient, deferential, and humble FtT Ryan is compared to the arrogant and aggressive MtT Janet Mock.
    Can you imagine what would have happened if Piers or Katie had had the temerity to touch a MtT’s chest? They’d be pulling back a stump for sure. Clearly MtTs have male bodies, inviolate and sacred. FtTs still have female bodies– public property to be touched and probed.
    The video you posted is such a total 180 from what interviews with MtT are like that I’m honestly astounded. It’s very revealing.

  2. That was fucking sad. Seriously.
    At first I didn’t understand how this related to the trans because I was like “Two women? Allies of trans nonsense?”. Alas no, one of them seriously thinks she’s a man. If it wasn’t so utterly tragic, I’d laugh.
    “Vagina pride”.
    “Vagina does not mean woman”.
    “Fucking science, how does it work?” (I am paraphrasing)
    Vagina means female. Woman means adult female. “Ryan” is 21. “Ryan” is a woman.
    Well, at least they don’t try and pretend it’s a penis. Like MtT and their ‘clit’.
    She didn’t get all pissy about it either.
    Not like “Laverne”, “Janet” and “Carmen” who are far too lady like to speak of such unsanitary things like their genitals!
    Still, although it appears ‘Ryan’ is actually a lesbian, I’m just waiting for the heterosexual FtT to start harassing gay males like their male counterparts do to us.
    “It’s just an extra hole”, “I can use my strap-on”.
    Is there anything that is more homophobic than the transgender ideology?
    Butch women and gender non-conforming lesbians are shamed into believing they are men.
    Effeminate and gender non-conforming gay men are shamed into believing they are women.
    They are brutalised, mutilated and made dependant on poisonous pharmaceuticals.
    Then lesbians are shamed into accepting a “lady peen” and gay men are shamed into accepting “another hole”.
    Queer theory is the antithesis to the gay rights movement.

    1. Not entirely related, but I recently saw a facebook comment in response to the overturning of a law banning gay marriage: The guy was “celebrating” because “his marriage would have been illegal only a few years ago”… Despite the fact that this heterosexual male has been legally married to a transgender ftm(aka, female) for several years now. I wondered, though, if he honestly believes that he’s gay because of her self-identity.
      The logical conclusion to the trans ideology seems to be that homosexuality doesn’t exist: People could be either homo-gendural, or “convinced” to accept any form of sexual contact, if there’s no real distinction between our parts… and yet, I think many people are more comfortable with that thought than with homosexuality.

      1. @LC
        “The logical conclusion to the trans ideology seems to be that homosexuality doesn’t exist”
        Don’t I know it! Haha!
        I’ve seen multiple posts over the years wherein trans say that ALL homosexuals are actually trans in denial.
        The posts usually reference brain scans saying that when the MRI is done on a lesbian or gay male brain they usually correlate more with those of the opposite sex.
        Since trans believe that because THEIR brain scans (well, the tiny tiny fraction of them that have had a brain scan) correlated with the brain scans with the opposite sex it therefore means ANYONE with a brain scan that correlates with that of the opposite sex is now trans.
        It is utterly fucking crazy.
        I’d like to know how these scans are carried out.
        Do they show images or set tasks and examine areas of activity or…?
        Often the papers linked as “evidence” are behind paywalls or super vague, e.g “We examined these regions and saw activity”.
        Why those regions? What are the subjects asked to do or think or see to examine those regions?
        Does anyone know?

      2. I know a “lesbian marriage” like this…they feel (or at least he does and she goes along) they got away with something hugely subversive and could get Oppressed any time for their never-remotely-threatened hetero marriage. I guess that’s fun for some reason.

      3. @bethanyalexandertate – You can read about some of the same studies that the trans lobby is constantly quoting, in a book “Delusions of Gender” by Cordelia Fine.
        She is mostly working in the arena where people are trying to claim that “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” with gendered brains and therefore children need different schooling based on sex and it’s “natural” for women to not have certain careers and all that, but it’s the same studies, all about the supposed testosterone wash and the like.
        She rips them apart, and it’s a nice read. The main thing is that most of the studies are really small, barely show any actual differences (if anything!), and those things that they do try to claim as differences aren’t necessarily causative relationship at all. Plus a lot of bad controls.
        Any differences found are also massively overlapping bell curves, and anyone knows you can’t go judging individuals based on bell curves. Some women are over 6 feet tall, that doesn’t make them men. If you’re a man on the tail end of your bell curve for whatever trait, closer to the center of the women bell curve, that doesn’t make you a woman, you’re still ON the male curve.
        Language Log at University of Pennsylvania has covered some too, mostly attacking supposed differences in girls’ and boys’ hearing and thought processes, again supposedly due to the various testosterone baths.
        The main takeaway is that the trans lobby Really Really Wants To Believe. Most of them haven’t had any brain scans at all – they only tout these studies as a sort of magic talisman, to say that “well, it’s theoretically possible that these differences are inborn due to hormones” or “someone dissected some brains and found some part was sized slightly more like the other sex” and therefore they just assume that must be what’s going on with them – never mind that we don’t even know what exact parts of the brain do what even when it comes to gross general things like language, never mind “gender feels.”
        In fact I suspect that if they were offered a brain scan with a caveat, saying “if YOUR personal part A doesn’t fall within this range that’s supposedly the size of the other sex then you aren’t really trans and will be denied all transitioning” they’d scream bloody murder and call it “gatekeeping.”

    2. “I’m just waiting for the heterosexual FtT to start harassing gay males like their male counterparts do to us.”
      bethanyalexandertate–I recall at least two gay male commenters, here on Gallus’ blog, saying that this IS already happening. There are heterosexual FTMs who want to be recognized as gay men by gay men. Presumably, also, as potential sex partners.
      Of course, FTMs, being women, could never be threatening in the way that MTFs are. After all, men generally don’t pay any mind to women’s REASONABLE demands, so why would they lose any sleep over something as patently ridiculous as women clamouring for acceptance as “gay men.”

      1. @morag99
        “Of course, FTMs, being women, could never be threatening in the way that MTFs are.”
        Yes, this is true.
        But can you imagine if a FtT went and published a book (Serano) and constantly blogged about gay men rejecting her?
        There would be a god damn uproar. Heterosexual allies would be furious about gay men being told to like vagina.
        It seems that no woman is ever allowed to ask to be considered a sexual partner. As was put by Em in the previous thread, women don’t get that right.
        You hear all the time about ‘The FriendZone’ which is when women don’t reciprocate male sexual feelings.
        Men whine and complain about being friendzoned because they can’t grasp the concept that a woman doesn’t drop her panties when a dude maintains BASIC civility and politeness towards her.
        If a woman said:
        “I was super nice to this guy, listened to him whine about his terrible girlfriend and was always a supportive friend. Why doesn’t he love me?”
        She’d be deluged with comments about how she should lose weight, get her tits out, stop being a whiny bitch and make them all a sandwich.
        A FtT stamping her feet about gay males not accepting her elicits chuckles from gay men and is generally ignored.
        A MtT stamps his feet about lesbians not accepting him and his genderqueer handmaidens assemble to educate us silly dykes on how we’re doing lesbian wrong. Then we’re abused for being ‘phobic’ towards their penis.
        Because genitals don’t matter during sex? Ummm…what?
        Not to mention the sheer numbers of pretendbians compared to female ‘fags’.
        They probably out number the FtT ‘fags’ 10 to 1 and have money and power from their years of male privilege.
        I want FtT to pull this bullshit on gay males and I want MtT to try this shit on straight males because it would make men really angry.
        The only way it seems to get men to give a shit about what happens to us is if it happens to them.
        My hope is that they go: “Holy shit, these people are fucking crazy. Males in a female locker room? I don’t think so buddy. Your crazy [INSERT STUPID PROPOSITION] is not passing the Senate.”
        I’m now thinking it may be a stupid strategy, because males don’t have to acquiesce to the demands of anyone and they can’t be relied on to give a shit about us lowly females.

      2. Thank you. I am one of those gay male commenters – look under the name coelacanth in posts about F2T. I love this blog and the bravery of Gallus for standing up to the death threats of the trans tyranny. There is a war (actually a number of wars) waged by trans people against gay men and lesbians. But the F2t insanity of so-called “gay transmen” is beyond reality. Here is a site hailed in the queer press as hot gay porn but see nothing but vaginas all over the place and mutilations pretending to male genitals.
        In Toronto where I live, gay men are now expected to worship trans people in general (since they are true queers unlike the assimilatable gay men) and be ready for sex with any F2t who says she is a gay transman and her mancunt is ready for a strap on to pound her nelly gay bottom. The worst aspect are the number of gay men who publicy demand sex with gay transmen as THE litmus test of real queerness. Anything else is bigotry like racism.
        This has been going on here for 15 years. Indeed for World Pride in Toronto this summer, Toronto’s art university selected 4 queer artists
        2 are white gay men from the past who are both internationally known artists (one dead, one so PC he may as well be trans) and the other 2 newer artists are of course trans – one M2T and one F2t who are unknown but both are not white. So queer art in Toronto equals trans. Gay sex in Toronto equals F2T mancunts and T-clits. And any gay man who argues against this is a racist right wing pig who is shunned and threatened.
        Gallus, you are my hero! No gay man has emerged in the same role to challenge trans insanity other than those on the extreme far right. Another gay man and I posted comments exposing trans instanity on xtra web the Toronto gay and lesbian (supposed) web site where our comments were censored and removed along with the usual calls for lynching. Trans are like baby seals and gay men and lesbian who challenge them are viewed as baby seal killers. INSANITY!!!

      3. @coelacanth
        Ugh this sounds fucking horrible.
        ” The worst aspect are the number of gay men who publicy demand sex with gay transmen as THE litmus test of real queerness.”
        This is rapey as fuck. Holy shit. It’s not your responsibility to validate the “identity” of some deluded people with your body omg.
        “Anything else is bigotry like racism.”
        It’s fucking stupid to compare racism with a lack of sexual attraction. Racism is learned while sexuality is not. Biological sex plays a big role for most people when it comes to dating/sexual activities.
        Also – if these ft2 women are male like they claim – they could just date each other and leave actual gay men alone. Same with mt2 and lesbians. Fucking hypocrites.

    3. I don’t know that gay men CAN be shamed into fucking a woman…and I doubt those women dissolve into angry rapist rants about it and threaten violence when they’re rejected.
      Gay male spaces ARE getting invaded though…there was that Leathermen competition that had to move to a different state to get away from the “gender” bullshit (I have no link, but I think I found it here somewhere). I’m told the gay bars have become annoyingly full of young women and the straight men that show up to cruise them, but that might just be this town. Annoying rather than dangerous, but isn’t that how it starts.

      1. Many young women want to be the stereotypical feminine gay man. And of course actual gay men are totally “cissexist” for refusing to date them/sleep with them. But they will never bully gay men into submission.
        Another thing is that these young women will not stay young forever. So what happens when their youth fades and they can’t uphold the fantasy of being a cute feminine gay boy anymore?
        I guess they will just blame actual gay men for their misery
        It has come to the point where your sexual attraction has to revolve around peoples current jendah identity. Otherwise you are a cissexist oppressor. *facepalm* Just look at the fucking amount of gender labels people create nearly every day. It’s fucking crazy.
        And how dare you to exclude just one of them? Nope in order to be “inclusive” you have to be attracted to everyone and don’t dare to misgender them! That’s violence! Learn every fucking pronoun people prefer. Even the one people just made up.
        bun/buns/bunself -rabbit pronouns (no fucking joke)
        je/jer/jem – whatever that is.
        There are planet pronouns, fucking pokemon pronouns and so on.
        What the hell happened to the lgbt community? What the hell will happen to the lgbt community in the future?
        It’s not only in the US. It begins here my country too.
        Sorry for the rant but omg it’s so fucking crazy.

      2. And then there are the networks being started by ftms to hook up with and have sex with men, like this one Check the dykey purple logo though, no way does this read as a site started by men.

      3. @Lilly: Not to pick on what you wrote but I’ve been wanting to say this forever. It really bothers me when people describe stereotypical gay men as feminine or effeminate. To me, the voice, the mannerisms, none of it is feminine, it’s CHILDLIKE. Most of these guys fear women and their bodies; the last thing they want to be is a woman. But both women and children are smaller than men, with higher-pitched voices, and seen as frivolous, so people mistake their childlike behavior for female behavior, but it’s certainly not womanly! And sadly I think many times this freezing in time begins with child abuse. They stay at whatever age the abuse happened to try and work it out somehow. I’m no psychoanalyst but these are my observations.

      4. This gay man draws a false analogy. He is pissed, girls are in the boys’ fort– and when you have the insights of a 10 year old that is not without merit. The sheer bite of men who are paying attention to women (transmen) and not men. Okay so sad too bad. Men created the problem so now some unwanteds have crashed the party. That is not the same as rape or murder or let me throw you a real curb ball, wives with children living in fear of the Trans and gay man hoards–in other words all their former husbands new friends launching attacks in parking lots
        See Mr. Gay Man women get raped, murdered by men and that’s a big deal. Wrap your mind around the fact that women pretending to be men are not a danger to you. And let’s face it you would not give a rats ass if they did not annoy you–so a male being annoyed is the same thing as women getting erased, raped and murdered–which is your point. You think you are any less misogynistic, than Trans? Think again–Your problem amuses me because it has a kind of poetic justice to it. LBGT gives all the support to Trans at the expense of women and kids–I don’t give a fuck about what happens to your little gaydorhood or your galleries or your fav bar. That shit does not compare to women’s lives–I know I am taking way over your head–you got IMHO what you deserve. Pro tip, a man that has sex with a Transman is called a heterosexual–hahahah, back to square one.

      5. Yeah, I think there are very different dynamics at work- ft2 are not infiltrating male spaces with the same type of violent, threatening behavior that m2t enact on the daily, and like the video shows so clearly, male/female socialization is so different and runs so deep. Could you imagine female transgenders trying to threaten, gaslight and silence the gay male community? Do you really think a bunch of leather daddies, a bunch of big old bears are going to be scared when some skinny little hipster says she will smash their heads in if they do not accept their vaginas as male? There may be some heavy PC politicking in the community, but it is nothing like the roughshod trampling of lesbians and sex-segrated women’s spaces. That leatherman competition did move from CA to TX, which was amazingly ironic (having to run to a blue state to avoid the psycho tran cult), but I do not think they did so because of overt threats nor were they denied a venture to hold their event. Was the venue inundated with threats and thousands emails that these men were a hate group? No, gaslighting and silencing tactics are male tactics. Some f2t may really, really want to assimilate into gay male culture, but mt2 do not want the same, they want to dominate, that is how dudes are grown. Subjugating women is the #1 obsession of m2t. I’m sure that a lot of guys find the trans invasion super annoying, but it is not a dangerous threat to their community like the male trans are to the lesbian community and feminism as a whole. I would love to see gay men supporting gay women but I won’t hold my breath. Men will support other men, even crazy straight dudes in laydee clothes, over women every time. That is how patriarchal domination rolls (even on shabazz!).

      6. I phrased that very badly if anybody thinks I meant it as an equivalent. My point was meant to be that it CAN’T be equivalent, ever. Whatever motivates those women to pose as men, it isn’t intended to terrorize men into anything…and if it was, it couldn’t succeed. The trans narrative will never benefit women, or harm men, in any way that matters.

    4. @ Adrian.
      Thanks. I’ve seen people talk about ‘Delusions of Gender’ for years and I always think “I must buy that”.
      So, going to go educate myself XD
      I guess what I wanted to know, was how do they (scientists) know that what they are seeing is male/female brain pattern?
      What are they doing to the subjects to elicit this pattern? Maths problems, cooking videos, showing kittens?
      The whole premise is so incredibly flimsy.

      1. @Bethany- I think that particular study was just comparing gray matter in different regions- the test group was also really small (only a dozen or so people, iirc) yet the trans brigade cling to this scrap as dogma. That is only one small part of the book- it is a very thorough expose of the gender biases in research- she calls out Steven Pinker and Simon Baron-Cohen, who had a little fit and published a review: <<We def have a badass over here!

    5. Yep pretty much. I would say that regular conservative and religiously based homophobia is harmful too, but for the most part at least it’s more recognizable. The trans stuff pretends to be an ally to the LGB.

  3. LULZ
    Other FtT are mad about “Ryan” and her vagina pride.
    And more of them on other FtT blogs complaining about “Ryan”:
    But they do know vagina=female:
    And after wading through this dreck, it’s time to drink some draino and burn cigarettes into my eyes.
    Gallus, you are a saint for informing us about this stuff.
    I can’t stand reading their shit for more than 10 minutes.
    And by all means break the links if you need to.
    I’d screen cap it…but I don’t know how. 🙁

  4. Wow, I got on youtube and found this response by a transgender woman
    “Ruth Ruthless
    5 timmar sedan (har redigerats)
    +HENRY FRICKEN CLINE +GirlfriendsTV I can see Henry’s point in that in the video you say “people who have vaginas, have some vagina pride” and that is telling people they should have vagina pride when not all people are able to do that or want to do that and adding an annotation “people with bottom dysphoria, this video is not for you” doesn’t cut it because it’s basically saying that if you got a problem with what you say then don’t watch it and don’t say anything about it.
    For me personally, if you could add an annotation to change that into something like “correction: people who have vaginas, if you like your vagina, that’s ok” then that would help in the way of accepting criticism. But that’s just me, and I’m a trans woman, not a trans man.
    But it also shows that you have a bit more to learn so that you can avoid saying something like that in the future and maybe that you’re not in an ideal position to provide trans education.
    Then again, there is the point that if you have access to a lot of subscribers like you do then it creates a discussion and it might be better to try to grow from this opportunity.
    Then yet again I am mtf transgender so I really shouldn’t be speaking instead of ftm transgenders since this doesn’t hit my triggers but it does hit their triggers. I can only imagine how horrible an ftm transgender might feel hearing he should have vagina pride if that’s something that isn’t easy or literally impossible for him to do or isn’t something he wants to do.
    That would be like me telling trans women to have penis pride. The fact I’m ok with my penis, just ok really, not proud (but far from ok with other parts of my body, especially the masculinity of my face – but that’s just me) doesn’t mean all trans women should have penis pride.
    So basically I’m not sure I agree with requests for you to stop making trans education videos but I am saying that you should be open to criticism and adding corrections based on that criticism if you want to be a trans ally, with the added caveat that as a trans woman I am not in a position to represent trans men and I totally understand them if from their viewpoint that’s not enough and you should just stop making trans education videos.”
    Can it become more obvious how male he is and how female the transman is in the video.
    This is a male telling a female what to think and how to feel. In their world that makes it as a “cis-man” telling a “cis-woman” how to feel..

    1. “I’m not going to speak for FTMs, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because of my awesome translady powers, I have the ability to know exactly what transmen are thinking. You don’t realize how stupid you sound, so thank God that I’m hear to tell you to get an education. Also, I have a penis. I like my penis. Penispenispenispenis.”

      1. mm.. This is typical behaviour of transgender women all over the place. The transgender movement is a male movement that’s for sure.
        I hope this transman don’t get caught up in their misogynistic, hate driven piece of shit attitudes. I can only think how it is to be into this stuff at a young age and get sucked in by this mob.
        Someone wrote, I don’t know where now, that its usually a difference between heterosexual transgender women and homosexual transgender women.
        Those that are into other penis people (being an actual homosexual) are usually much much nicer and calmer while the heterosexual (that tries to sleep with actual homosexuals like lesbians) are extremely aggressive.
        I have not thought so much about that before but it makes sense.

      2. I can see how some people would make that characterization re hetersosexual vs homosexual transwomen, but I’ve observed that gay men can be just as misogynist as any other man. They rant on and on how disgusting the female body is and how women are subhuman for menstruating, etc. They make a show of adoring supermodels, but if a woman dares to go over a 100 lbs or goes to the grocery store without make up, they fall from grace very quickly. And as someone mentioned in the Ellen Digeneres thread, there are some who think they do Liza better than Liza. It’s all the same misogyny, even if it’s wrapped in a pink bow.

    2. Gee, I hope Ryan wasn’t triggered by a trans “woman” writing so openly about not being happy with “her” “masculine” face, and that whole thing writing to a trans “man” about just being ok with having a penis. Ryan may have vaginal pride, but what about the other trans “men” reading those comments when they ssoooo wish they could have a real penis of their very own. OMG, trigger trigger trigger. Thats so uncool. *sarcasm*
      Fucking *eyeroll* … and Pinocchio wished he were a real boy. Can someone stop the fairytale, please.
      But seriously, doesn’t the fact that Ryan is barreling ahead with these videos, regardless of whether they are trans educational, refusing to take advise on the best way to proceed, or how to talk in order to spare others feelings, ultimately mean that “he” is embracing masculinity, at least in the world of the trans cult?
      This trans “woman” should be applauding young Ryan, for being irresponsible, callous toward the feelings of others, in short, for acting like a real “Dude”
      could I get a couple more servings of hypocrisy with a side order of “duh”?

      1. Everything ever is triggering to these people. And even though they were “triggered” (which is actually something that happens to people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and causes them to have a panic attack and be unable to function) somehow they were able to whine about it on the internet for hours and hours. Hm…

  5. Jesus, this Ryan woman would be fine as a tomboy, why the need to get “top surgery” and call yourself a man? I fail to see how this is any different to BIID, except that doctors and psychiatrists don’t egg on a patient with BIID to cut off their arm.
    Typical trans outrage, they show more and more how it’s just an obsessive ideology.

    1. She’d be fine as a “tomgirl.” A “pamgirl.” Anything but tomboy. I feel like language…bit by bit by bit…drip drip drip drip drip…I so hate the word “tomboy”……

      1. I agree. I’ve always hated “tomboy” from when I was called that as a girl. I never wanted to be anything like nasty boys who tortured and sexually assaulted animals.

  6. Still cray cray and utterly tragic that this young lesbian feels that she needs to disavow being female. Young lesbians really, really believe that if they don’t “identify” with traditional gender roles, why, they must actually be men! And the gay and lesbian support centers are now pushing them in that direction. How are young women supposed to make intelligent choices now that “transition” is the only option presented to those who reject traditional femininity? Serious question. What can be done to help them?

    1. I wish I knew. If nothing else, I guess you could be a radical voice in the so-called support centers and piss everyone off.
      I guess speaking out helps too. I’ve been showing my mom what the trans movement really is so at least that’s one more person who knows what’s going on.
      And even though I know we will probably piss each other off, I will try to go to the grossly-named Queer-Straight Alliance at my new school and see if I can offer an alternative to the gender-worshiping point of view.

  7. how is ‘ryan’ a man? Seriously? Also, biologically speaking, men have breasts, that’s why they have nipples. They can actually produce breast milk if they have prolactin (and some will randomly start producing breastmilk due to hormonal imbalances). So….. wtf…

  8. This comes off like a SNL skit. The stupidity and delusion is jaw dropping.

    1. Yes. What’s even funnier, to me, are the links bethanyalexandertate provided above, to the crazy, fuming trans response to “Ryan” being a-okay with her (non-female!) vagina. They are mad as hell, they hate her, she triggers them, etc., etc.
      The concepts of intersectionality and privilege (which were intended to help reveal how oppressions can be compounded by race, class, and ability) have been taken far, far away into strange, stratospheric heights where not even a trans person can speak of her experience without oppressing another trans person who is not having that same experience. In this world, a woman not having dysphoria about her vagina is a privilege that, waved around too shamelessly, literally damages other trans people. My goodness.
      Lo, it’s a wonder that, caught in this complex, intersecting web (where every single, individual, experience of truth must be carefully considered before one can speak her own truth) anyone manages to speak at all! And, by “anyone” I mean someone female. Because in this queer universe, females do most of the offending, and male power is all but forgotten.

      1. @morag99
        “Because in this queer universe, females do most of the offending, and male power is all but forgotten.”
        Oh, on the ‘otheropinion’ tumblr she actually linked a few examples of MtT attacking FtT for being misogynist towards him.
        I let that sink in for a minute.
        A MALE told a FEMALE she was being misogynist towards him.
        Also numerous posts about how transwomen (MtT) are far superior to FtT and that FtT need to shut up with their male privilege.
        Everyone pack their crazy hats, we’re going to a Bizarro Universe! Up is down, people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people!
        From one:
        “Trans men, on the other hand, if they pass well and/or are stealth, often appear absolutely indistinguishable from cis men. And if you think that someone who appears and functions as a cis man, and declares himself to be a man (as opposed to a closeted transfeminine person) has ANYTHING to do with determining misogyny, kindly get the fuck out.”
        Females that appear male do not get to talk about misogyny…because…reasons?
        And this gem:
        “You need to not make the “I understand misogyny because I was raised as a girl” arguments to any woman. The shared girlhood idea that you are playing into is a myth that was invented by and for white cis women. There are ways of talking about your personal experiences with misogyny without implying that you think you understand misogyny better than trans women”
        …yeah…so that happened. o_0

      2. If you speak about your own experience, it’s wrong because it’s only about you. If you give a few more examples, well, three or four people’s experiences hardly represents everyone. If you generalize at all, well, you are generalizing — even if you qualify every word you say as being a generalization and even if it is true in 99.9% of the time. If you use another type of example to compare something to, you are equating them.
        Standard tricks, and fairly typical for just about every online and offline forum, if I may generalize. The trans people just seem to take it to the next level. There can’t be an actual discussion because it devolves into semantics. Maybe it’s because they redefine everything and always want things both ways. (Everything!? Always?!) They jump on the words that mean the least. How tedious.
        Their videos and writings are so exhausting as they must couch everything as just being their own experience, it doesn’t apply to everyone, and then get jumped all over anyway so they have to make another post explaining how they meant no offense, how they should have worded it better.

      3. @bethanyalexandertate – Oh, the M2T set HATES the idea of shared girlhood. They know it’s real and that it’s something they did not, and cannot, experience.
        Also gotta love how on Tumblr anyone who doesn’t agree with the hivemind is instantly “white.”

      4. bethanyalexandertate:
        “There are ways of talking about your personal experiences with misogyny without implying that you think you understand misogyny better than trans women”
        Yeah, right there. Just like there are ways, apparently, that one can discuss the experiences of menstruation and pregnancy without “implying” that these are female experiences. Ha! Women just cannot talk about their sex-based oppression or health issues without stepping on men’s toes. They display such hilarious entitlement, don’t they? Naturally, clearly, obviously, someone born and raised female understands sexism and misogyny better than someone born and raised male! Funny how these trans guys think one’s gender is like an on/off switch instead of years upon years of conditioning and experiences which begin long before one has even acquired language and which become entangled with one’s personality. What entitled idiots these “trans women” (men) are, and what patsies some “trans men” (women) are to take such idiocy seriously.
        Yes, it’s exhausting. Let them drown in their own qualifications and obfuscations. Feminism is impossible without generalizations. There is no way for women to unite except by understanding that our experiences, under patriarchy, are shared experiences. This isn’t possible without the continual discovery of what we have had in common since birth. And, it’s not as if trans people don’t also unite under a meta-narrative of their own: that they were born with a mis-aligned condition. It’s a delusional meta-narrative, granted, but a generalization fundamental (at least right now) to their activism all the same.
        ‘Also gotta love how on Tumblr anyone who doesn’t agree with the hivemind is instantly “white.”’ I’ve noticed this, too, with trans-activists in other discussion forums. Where “transphobia” is not just compared equally to racism, but where a trans-critical person is actually called a “racist” FOR being trans-critical. I admit that I don’t quite understand where this canard comes from.

    2. liberalsareinsane:
      I was about to say it but you beat me to it! Great minds think alike! 😀

    3. Why the mockery? If people want to help these people who are somewhat helpless then, mockery and condescending attitudes will accomplish nothing. It will just force trans identified people to put up a shield and our ideology will not be heard. Seriously. Body dysphoria is real and the suffering is real. Self-loathing isn’t fucking fun and the way some females cope with it is surgery. Ryan is actually trying to accept his vagina that’s a good thing.

  9. Ryan Cassada will never be a rocket scientist, but there is a whole “genre” of “gal with a guitar” now based on genderqueer or transtrending image. It really is a direct lineage of the whole “lesbian folkie” thing. Most of them are smart enough, like Ryan, to avoid testosterone. They know lesbian subcultural fashion when they see it.

  10. Both of those are very feminine women. I can’t imagine they go through any of the harassment that Butches go through for refusing male-identified femininity. It’s all just posing and posturing. I’m sorry, but I’m not really into rescuing them when they despise me and Lesbians like me. They very much know we exist, and they want nothing to do with us since we are the bottom of the pile. Some say they want “better jobs, more chicks, and don’t want to be an old woman.” They want male privilege and some get even more respect and attention, like Shannon Minter, who helped turn the National Center for Lesbian Rights into something closer to the National Center for Taking as Much Money from Lesbians as Possible and Helping Trannies Against Lesbians.
    Someone asked about what happens when these women who so despise us aren’t perceived as young and cute anymore. Well, then they come right back demanding we take care of them.

    1. I haven’t even heard of that organization before, but sadly it doesn’t surprise me. I learned that there used to be a ton of lesbian shops back in the day, but now it’s nearly all hetero-queer spaces or it’s been hijacked by trans who hate women and lesbians.

  11. LOL I bet even Arielle (the girl hosting the video) will agree with you. You can totally see her think “OMG this person still has a vagina I want to eat that vagina”.
    Even on her facebook, despite all the many trans woman followers who insist their penises are female~!1!1, she keeps posting about how you “can’t help liking what you like” and “it’s okay to be attracted to genitals” and stuff.
    She’s cool.

  12. I’m laughing at her comment about how women having vaginas is a “social construction”. Yeah no it isn’t; it’s a biological reality and I have zero interest in playing along with that fantasy. Woman means “adult human female.” Females have vaginas and just because some females may be missing parts of their reproductive system, it doesn’t mean that vagina is male or that women can become men. Hey, is Angelina Jolie a man now because she had a double mastectomy for the purposes of preventing breast cancer?
    Also, Ryan doesn’t pass that well and since she’s mildly popular due to her FTT status I doubt to many people will perceive her as a man and treat her as such. The way people treat you depends on how they perceive you, not how you perceive yourself. If you don’t know that, it’s time to grow up.
    I do think that this is a good example though of the differences between MTTs and FTTs. Imagine the outrage if a MTT was groped! (Actually, they do make up stories of radfems groping them to check their genitals on tumblr and then cry “ageism”, “[insert other bigotry here]” when found to be lying.)

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