Transgender female, 15, suffers beating and gang sexual assault by male students in California school bathroom

KRON4 reports on a horrific attack inflicted on a female student today by a pack of male students who beat and sexually assaulted her in a male high school bathroom.
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152 thoughts on “Transgender female, 15, suffers beating and gang sexual assault by male students in California school bathroom

  1. Transgender harms females, whether they are transgender or not. That much is clear.

      1. @VB – if you are going to comment here you will have to be more specific with your critique. I’m not in that habit of allowing peeps to spam the site with “you’re asinine” type comments. Since you are new here I’m willing to let it pass this time.

    1. Identifying as male doesn’t protect us from male violence, that much is clear.
      God I hope she going to be ok 🙁

      1. Hey, hey Truthie. I simply cannot pass up an opportunity to quote (well, paraphrase, at least!) Dworkin, and I feel it is so perfectly fitting.
        “[Castrated?] Very sentimental; I’d kill [them].”

  2. Part of this post is incorrect. I know the student, he identifies as male and after what he’s been through, I believe you at least owe him the respect of calling him by who he identifies.

    1. Hi Jace- thank you for commenting. This blog is a bit different than most. We talk about all facets of “gender”. In order to do so in a complex fashion with maximum clarity we use pronouns here to denote sex, not gender. This reduces confusion during complex discussions. It might seem unusual until you get used to it. Hope you understand.
      Do you have any more information? How is the victim doing? Do you know who the assailants are? Have they been arrested?
      Thanks for your reply.

      1. Okay thank you. Sorry, I didn’t understand and was just frustrated, especially since he had some problems with the hospital staff being fairly intolerant. We are still unaware as to who the assailants are, but he’s doing fine. There were no permanent injuries.

    2. Jace If it was posted as 3 boys rape boy, it wouldn’t be clear about what really happened here. Men usually rape females, and if I thought saying I identify as male would prevent me from being raped, I would say that. It doesn’t though. Calling the victim he doesn’t change the fact that 3 biological males raped a biological female. With all of the pronouns and lingo, I’m guessing that plenty of people that watched this on the news, might not understand what happened. I might not have fully understood if GallusMag had not posted it in a factual way.

      1. He was never raped. He was sexually assaulted, yes, but sexual assault doesn’t mean rape. I’m another of his close friends.

    3. It doesn’t change the fact that this person’s sex is female. Nor the fact that this person was assaulted BECAUSE they’re female.

    4. What this student has been through is also what Saskia Gunn went through, and any number of other girls and women have been through — corrective rape, meant to punish a female human being for not being “feminine” enough, or for being a lesbian, or for being perceived as one. And yes, this happens to heterosexual women, too, including the ones who believe that on the inside, they’re really gay men.
      Calling it boy-on-boy rape does the student a huge disservice, and endangers other girls at the same school who either don’t or can’t perform femininity to the level society expects of them, because it obscures the real dynamic.
      The adults in charge at that school need to know what’s really going on if they’re going to be able to protect students effectively. Male teenagers are targeting gender non-conforming female teenagers for rape, end of sentence. Whoever thought it was a good idea for the victim to use the boys’ restroom, and encouraged her to believe she would be safer there than in the girls’ room — even with the harassment that “masculine”-looking girls and women regularly get in such settings, also did her a terrible disservice. And no, that does not mean I think she brought it on herself. She had an absolute right to physical safety at school, and elsewhere. But given the prevalence of both sexism, and sexual assault, in high schools these days, it is bonkers to think that any fifteen-year-old with a vagina should be using the boys’ restroom — a concealed, isolated space where by definition there are only male teenagers around, and not even an adult man to intervene.
      My heart goes out to the victim, for whom I wish the best and fastest possible recovery in the present, safety in the future, and happiness and success in life. That sympathy is absolute; what pronoun the student uses does not lessen or increase it in any way. Nevertheless, sex matters, and so does the way society treats women and girls because of their sex. Crimes like this don’t happen in a vacuum, and if we’re going to have any hope in hell of preventing another assault like this, we need to acknowledge the biological sex of both the victim and the perpetrator, and the social context in which they exist.

      1. Thank you so much! My heart goes out to the victim as well.
        As a survivor of gender trauma, I appreciate your halting the dilution of the fact here of violence of males against born females.

    5. SHE IS A WOMAN. Women respect other women by affirming REALITY – this young woman, terribly confused and manipulated by older trans activists (male) to think she can’t be a woman and “X” (whatever it is about herself that she believes is incompatible with being A WOMAN). We OWE IT TO YOUNG WOMEN to affirm that being a woman INCLUDES all kinds of things/feelings/attitudes/desires/goals that are stereotypically considered “masculine” by sexists.
      Your comment ENRAGES ME – SO WHAT that you “know this student.” Big deal. After what SHE has been through, we AT LEAST OWE HER validation of REALITY, HER OWN LIVED REALITY AS A WOMAN.
      How condescending you are, to lecture WOMEN how they ought to feel about ONE OF THEIR OWN. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION. SHUT THE FUCK UP (damn it feels good to say that).

      1. Hear! Hear!
        The languaging confusions must be extrapolated from very confused consciousnesses.
        What baby dyke didn’t have doubt, worry, fear? They do, after all, have to face the greatest umbrage of patriarchy.
        I wish every baby dyke could have met Artemis, who REFUSED to mutulate her breasts to conform to what the university physician proferred as “treatment” for her out and proud, bold and big, 450 lb. Inuit queen dykeness. “Why do they want me to go through a surgical mutilation? Why are they so afraid of me just the way I am?” was her quote.
        Something smells rotten in Denmark around the whole trans demand for everyone else to conform to their wordage and new made-up brands and stripes for each other.
        I refuse. Cis is a slur, a hate word against Born Female.
        BTW, The Washington Post refused my comments login with name Born Female – just did not post my comments at all in response to their Ellen DeGeneres transphobia hysteria.
        I do personallyl believe, Houston, that we have a bigger problem on our hands. Due to the 84,000 chemicals, many of the plastics are hormone mimetics – the body interprets them as estrogen. So, human males in utero are being feminized.
        Should we not explore if transgender in some cases is a biological mutation from unregulated chemical exposure in our products, furnishings and clothing? That seems like a compassionate question.
        But, IF that were widely recognized – how chemicals are now scientifically linked quite strongly as causation for cancer, obesity (“obesegens” they are called), autism and learning challenges, lower IQ and REPRODUCTIVE abnormalities and birth defects…..maybe we should turn off the spigot so more ladymenz are not so severely impacted and true prevention of confusion can happen.
        Other than that public health question, my concern with trans is not that they want to act, dress or consider themselves Queen Bees, but, that I am forced to call myself a new name THEY made up for me, that I am forced to tolerate the ris of penis in public bathrooms because of trans, that I am forced NOT to have any questioning of the SCIENCE behind all this.
        Look, psychiatry is a crock. They don’t cure. They push pills. Big Pharma, psychiatry and surgeons are always looking for more patients.
        Don’t transition baby dykes – in five years you will be bald, have acne and a paunch and sterile. Don’t do it!

    6. SO….how much ‘respect’ do we now owe her now that the claim has been recanted? By making a false claim, she has harmed the potential credibility of ANY assault claim made by females who are attacked by men.

  3. Eugh,
    And Zoe Brain appears in the comments on each site listed. I think he follows this site religiously.
    That poor young woman. This is absolutely disgusting. I hope that they catch the perpetrators before they attack any more women.

    1. I swear that Zoe Brain gets AROUND. I suspect he must have some elaborate google news “alert me if this is mentioned” filters set up.
      This incident is horrid, and yet another reminder that you can’t just “identify” your way out of SEX-based oppression.
      I wish the best possible recovery for the victim. 🙁

  4. Yet another proof as why the importance of locker rooms, changing rooms and other areas where women and children can hang out without having to worry about penis people (males).
    What you identify as don’t alter how the real physical world looks like and what happens.
    Male violence is very real and it does not end because you identify as one, just as little as male violence ends because some of them claims to be women and wants access to these safe areas.
    Unless patriarchy is ended, the dominant culture stopped, this will not change.

  5. Well no matter how you slice it. This is the result of male on female rape. And the entire Trans narrative is one big long male on female rape–that is part of the point afterall. They will use anyone children–These men with their horse shit narrative trying to cover up the fact that the only thing they can even think about is the hard on they get from feminating (gives permission to and supports rape because they get their pleasure so why not all other males. And rape is pleasure) and all manner of lies to protect their dirty little constant truth, has cause some poor girl to not only have her head all screwed up with “identity” but to be raped. But she better get her ass back in there beacuse those men need to be in ladies. now I suppose the reality of biology hits–“gender is a social contstruct” and hard dick in a dress or any other way is biological. Yeah good idea use kids.

    1. I’m with you motherhood. Ideas and theories have real consequences for real people. Real people, and really INNOCENT people. Innocent people suffer when lies are promulgated as reality.

  6. maybe one day bigots will stop promoting hatred against transgender people. (and yes, I am a transgender female, so I’ve experienced the hatred first hand). I hope they catch the low lives that did this, and execute them publicly and painfully.

    1. @Bobbie Jo- Women are beaten, murdered and raped by males worldwide regardless of what we do, or don’t do, or what we identify as, or don’t identify as. But there is a special push to harm and punish people who are reproductively female when we are disobedient or less than subservient to males. This has nothing to do with “transgender” per se, and this is something all females are raised knowing from the moment of birth. While I’m sorry that males can also be violent against other males, it really has nothing to do with what happened here, and I might gently suggest that it is a result of your male privilege and male blinders, as a result of being socialized male, that causes you to then frame this as “all about you.” I’m going to ask you not to do that again. At least not on my blog as it is quite offensive to women. Thank you.
      P.S. I’ve also seen you commenting around the gender community threatening to murder people you disagreed with, which in my opinion places you squarely in the “violent male” category yourself, regardless of gender identity.

    2. You are a man–a human man. And sir–nobody gets “executed” for rape of a female, not for 10 or 20 or 30–In fact men get to feminate after they cut a woman’s head off with a piano wire. So these boys will walk and be laughing about it in 3 weeks. Any woman knows that.

    3. It’s an irony you might struggle to appreciate, Boobie Jo (BJ – any pun intended?) but if ‘Trans*women could ‘come out’ as gender-aberrant males (and the fact that you so often don’t only validates RadFem analyses of gender, to my mind) then it’s more likely that the tide of male violence against you might slow. Gender is no more your friend than it is a friend to any woman: it’s like a target or a brand on your forehead: one that reinforces the notion that transgressions against you needn’t be taken seriously; whilst also ameliorating any transgression you yourself make in your own interest.
      I’d like to respectfully disagree – a little – with GM’s assessment of your perspective: it’s not male privilege alone any more; privilege and nature have become inseparable: humans are a binary species and identification is a hollow claim to being female. You can be fucked this way and that; consensually or against your will and you can never produce life; you have neither the organs nor the genetic diversity to do so; but as long as you ‘identify’ female you’ll attract the contempt and ire of masculine-identified men; as well as harbouring the contempt in reverse. Dworkin summed it up in Intercourse: policing men’s sexuality – via gender conformity – is all about promoting aggressive heterosexuality, and thus the status quo which so hurts you (and women more so)
      ‘Come out’ as male: you’d be doing us all a favour

    4. This isn’t about “bigotry” toward transgender people. This is SEXISM AGAINST FEMALE PEOPLE.

  7. The transactivists are remarkably silent about this one. It is enraging, given all their supposed concern about how unsafe MTFs are in men’s bathrooms.

    1. Some MTFs are claiming this as attack on transness, which is rich considering how much they shit-talk trans men and their supposed “male privilege”:

      They only make it about “trans people” when they can’t make it about “transmisogyny”.

      1. Males tend to be completely oblivious (or worse) regarding the reality of female life under male violence and rape culture, regardless of their “gender feels”. Astounding. Also, again: “all about them” as males.

    2. @DD- you know, you’re right. This is really quite upsetting. I was just checking transactivist Autumn Sandeen’s twitter- which is set up as an automatic trans news aggregator, and ALL stories related to this incident were missing! Sandeen removed four different articles about this incident from the auto-feed. However this story was there:
      Where is the community support for this victim?!

      1. GM, we all know and recognize the reality behind the lack of support for the student in the story you just linked as well as the victim of the assault…they are both female, and trans doesn’t give a single shit about the female of the species except to seek out opportunities to appropriate it as its own experience…
        I find it somewhat interesting that this was the second incident (documented) at the same school…sort of shoots to hell the whacktivists claim that the schools are all accepting of the trans brigade. Actions of the students suggest otherwise, which comes back to the reality that they will never be able to legislate their delusions into broader societal acceptance.

      2. Very upsetting. The Transgender Law Center response? A single “tweet” of “support” over 24 hours after the incident. Gee, thanks guys…

      3. Males tend to be completely oblivious (or worse) regarding the reality of female life under male violence and rape culture, regardless of their “gender feels”
        Random question: men – myself included – are often ‘complimented’ by being in touch with our touch with our ‘feminine side’. I could guess, but there’s no female parallel, right…

      4. @Guls Female energy is about creation and nurture (reaching far beyond the physical aspects of birth and child rearing) and male energy is about destruction. I use term energy, less in a new-agey sense and more in a pragmatic one- the sum totals of what women as a biological class and males as a biological class put into the world through our actions. Men seek to abuse, degrade, rape, and destroy anything which they cannot own- the mother earth and our natural resources, the bodies of women and all female spaces. This is why female spaces free of males energies are considered sacred and precisely why they are under attack by violent and destructive men. So, I guess to respond to your question, saying that a woman in getting in touch with her male side, would be suggesting that said woman is being sociopathically destructive! Not a compliment, but the best equivalent I can formulate. Saying that a woman has “balls of steel” only makes use of a conveniently sexist stereotype that strength and toughness is a male trait, which is obviously bullshit to all but the most idiotic, like our poster ramedink-a-ding-dong. I avoid most of the internet and I have still come upon a lot of truly misogynistic and racist posts by this dude. They are always idiotic, maybe intentionally so- the internet litter of a successfully infuriating troll.

      5. Thanks for your comments ramendik and Random Radfem.
        @ ramendik: The ‘balls of steel’ type epithets were in the back of my mind as I was writing. Congratulating a woman for capitulating her inherent strength and resorting to ‘masculine’ traits of force and deception is a backhanded compliment to say the least. And awful stories like the above demonstrate how – at least some – men react when they take that gendered response to its conclusion.
        And whilst I wouldn’t hold up Thatcher as the epitome of strong leadership (‘leading by being unreasonable…shows strength of character’. Really?) I’m sure she deserves some sympathy for the sexism she undoubtedly experienced on her way to ‘the top’.
        @ Random Radfem: I’m inferring you’re an adherent to the Sonia Johnson school of thought or something like it, with your references to ‘female/male’ energy? I respect her imagination and insight, and yet I find the idea of a utopia driven by female energy, abruptly derailed by the arrival of maleness somewhat at odds with what one might observe in the wider world, particularly across species. Male destructiveness/destructive maleness holds up convincingly when one studies humans – even conceding that not all human males are destructive, all of the time – widening the net to include other species, less so. In some species, violence – in addition to giving birth and nurturing; the former apparently senseless at times – are as much the preserve of females as males. In many, if not most species, males are little more than passive sperm factories. I wouldn’t suggest such observations invalidate knowledge or work on the part of Johnson and her like, so much as illustrate gaps in human knowledge: I’m simply having difficulty reconciling the two approaches.

      6. If it was an MTF, I bet that there would be loads of community support. FTMs don’t get that kind of support. I don’t know why, exactly, but I bet a lot of it has to do with the delusional beliefs in gender stereotyping.
        Transgender Thinking: It’s shameful when men get raped/assaulted, so we’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. It will help the FTM understand that she’s really a guy.
        Not to say that people rally around raped women (far too many rapists go unpunished), but people are more used to seeing women as victims. It’s all just one giant stereotype.
        On a different note, people really need to remember that men and women aren’t divided based on gender ‘identity’ but on sexual reality. Women aren’t forced into another bathroom because men don’t want to hear them talk about guys whilst they stand in front of the mirror for 15 minutes doing makeup (yes, I’m being sarcastic).
        People use different bathrooms because things like rape, assault, and harassment are real!

  8. The logic behind separate bathroom facilities has always and forever had nothing to do with “gender identity” and everything to do with protecting the privacy and safety of those with female genitalia as a priority, and to a lesser extent, the privacy of men. That’s reality. The line between the male and female restrooms (and the male and female gym changing rooms, or prisons, for example, and for the same reasons) is not some great transphobic barrier that needs to be crossed or smashed down in the name of transgender equality. It’s a safety and common decency measure, due to the fact that however we identify, the differences between the sexes are real. The activists get very worked up about it because it says “Ladies” or “Gents” on the door and they can’t go in the room they “identify as”, so roll out the human rights battles… But the reality is that sex organs matter and female safety matters. That’s why the separation is there. No-one is being excluded from a secret club.
    I very much hope the student who was attacked here is OK.

    1. If I were opening a business, I’d be awfully tempted to just label the bathrooms “Penises” and “Vaginas”.
      My thoughts and prayers are with the victim.

  9. If they are found guilty, the male students deserve to rot in prison for a very long time.
    In my opinion, It’s poor journalism to prattle on about “transgender” and tip toe through p.c, madness at the expense of truth and objectivity. It’s sad to see journalist kowtow to p.c, insanity for fear of “mis-gendering” anyone.
    This is truly tragic and barbaric, and I hope the female victim is doing better . Isn’t it true that the victim is a biological female? I don’t care how this girl identifies. People can refer to female students as “he” to the cows come home and hell freezes over, but it’s not going to change biology. It’s dangerous for females to be in boy’s restrooms or locker rooms, and it’s just plain old fashioned common sense. Females are generally smaller than males, and don’t have the musculature of adolescent boys. After puberty, males have a significant size and strength advantage. I apologize for bringing up basic biological facts. I know it’s politically incorrect to point out the obvious.
    I would go as far as to state that policies enacted by the State of California are partly responsible for this horrific attack on a biological female student. What was a female student doing in a boy’s restroom? Everyone knows that teenage boys do horrible things they shouldn’t be doing. If two or three boys gang up on another boy, the boy being attacked might stand a chance if he is about average size and height for a male his age. It’s a biological fact that females are smaller than males, and this size and strength difference is greatly magnified once males enter puberty. To hell with this p.c, madness. We need old fashioned common sense. Teenage girls shouldn’t be in boy’s restrooms or locker rooms. I don’t care how they identify.

  10. As I understand it there are no surveillance cameras anywhere on school grounds at Hercules High. There was an ex-teacher on twitter this morning saying that HH was “pure hell”. I’m interested in hearing about what the climate is at HH for females in general and for lesbian and gender-nonconforming females specifically. If anyone wants to share their experience/impressions.

    1. This is not to derail from the specific horrid attack under discussion here, but to get some background on the general climate at Hercules High.

  11. OH MY GOD. The Advocate finally ran a piece on the incident. They actually chose to place the piece behind a video advertisement in order to monetize (make money off) the story. Unbelievable, but it gets worse.
    According to the author Parker Malloy, a heterosexual man who recently became transgendered, California Assembly member Tom Ammiano, who sponsored CA Bill AB1266 mandating opposite-sex bathroom use for children and teens who identify as transgender in public schools, is calling for the assailants to be captured and GIVEN COUNSELING as punishment. COUNSELING as punishment for a gang sexual assault and beating of a female. From the article, for those who wish to avoid the Advocate’s cynical and disgusting attempt to make money from this horrific attack:
    “According to San Francisco NBC affiliate KNTV, the latest victim was attacked as he tried to exit the boys’ bathroom and encountered three cisgender (nontrans) students. The assailants reportedly assaulted the student both sexually and physically, resulting in the teen’s transfer to a local hospital, where he was given a rape kit.
    California Assembly member Tom Ammiano, author of the state’s recently implemented trans student nondiscrimination law, issued a response in support of the student. “I am always saddened to hear when a student has been subjected to violence,” Ammiano said. “However, it’s particularly outrageous that a student has been assaulted while trying to exercise his rights under the law I authored, and it’s particularly troubling that this has happened at a school where another transgender student was subjected to ongoing harassment.”
    Ammiano went on to call for the perpetrators of the attack to be apprehended and placed in counseling, later placing blame on adults who enable students to perpetrate these types of attacks, giving them a sense that “they can abuse transgender students with impunity. … This terrible event shows us that we have a long way to go,” the Democratic lawmaker concluded.”
    Seriously I do not have words. No words for this. No words.

    1. This call to counsel violent males fits in with the opposition to so-called “carceral feminism” and embrace of “prison abolition” popular with postmodern liberals like Avory Faucette and Melissa Gira Grant. It recalls Occupy Baltimore’s request that rape victims not involve the police. I’m also reminded of Fetlife’s policy forbidding the naming of members who rape or otherwise violate boundaries.
      The pro-kink, pro-trans and pro-prostitution brigade all spit in the face of the common good. They regard any limits on their ability to abuse others for sexual thrills or make money enabling the same as a threat to human (male) rights.

      1. Oh my god I just can’t. Oh my god.
        Last night I was fielding comments from transwomen on this post:
        I was taken to task by transwomen for my “insensitivity” “for not considering” what Richard Masbruch “was going through that caused him to act out in that way” (Masbruch is a transgender serial killer, rapist, and electrocution torturer). Myself and my family were also threatened by transwomen friends of the torture-killer for my “insensitivity”.
        As horrible as that was, this statement by Ammiano is basically the exact same thing. What men do to us is of no consequence whatsoever. Not when they do gang sexual assaults and not when they rape sodomize electrocute torture and murder us.

      2. anyone who can relate to what Richard Masbruch was going through, and rationalize his actions in any way, has no fucking business in my space. calling anyone insensitive for not relating is itself an implicit threat. there is only one place that train of thought can lead, only one conclusion; “if you are insensitive to me and my pronouns, then you may end up dead”

      3. @GM- You were told that you were insensitive for not sympathizing with a sadistic serial torture rapist??? Holy fucking shit! All women are “ITs” to this TG hoard of Buffalo Bills, some are just more subtle about it.

      4. Funny you should say that because I’m starting to wonder if the Advocate reporter- recently transgender heterosexual male Parker Malloy- may have actually made up the quote. Here is why I wonder: the Advocate has now scrubbed the original article quoted here, the “follow up” post was authored not by Malloy, but by the curiously un-named “Advocate Editors”, and the quotes attributed by Malloy to Tom Ammiano have been scrubbed. Very curious behavior.
        Did Parker Malloy falsify the “counseling” quote from Tom Ammiano?
        Here is a screen cap from the now scrubbed Parker Malloy article at the Advocate, specifically the part concerning Ammiano recommending “counseling” as an appropriate response to males who rape girls:

    2. “where he [sic] was given a rape kit.” This phrase alone is enough to make my head explode.

    3. I can’t help but think this “apprehend and counsel” nonsense is directly related to all the “oh, these boys had such bright futures, and now their lives are ruined” moans in the media after the Steubenville rape case.
      I’m convinced this all would be handled much differently, in the media and amongst transactivists, if this had been an assault of a female-identifying trans teenager instead of a bio-female.

      1. Now that she’s recanted, I do wonder if the theories others have brought up are the reality (she wanted to stop using the boys’ room, or she was being sexually harassed and tried this to get it to stop). Either would make sense. I even wonder if her parents pushed her into this trans stuff (better to have a “straight” trans kid than a lesbian for a daughter, right?), and now she’s acting out because she’s gotten tired of the act.

      2. I can’t even remember when I have heard the term “peer pressure” used lately in the media. It was the PSA du jour in the 90s and I wish there was still a focus on it- it is more important than ever with the influence of social media. It gives kids and adolescents a name for the social pressure to conform to certain damaging behaviors. There has been a lot of focus on bullying, but that does not exist in a vacuum and people need to start talking about the peer group aspect of dangerous ideologies and behaviors. This is trans conformity- forcing females into the men’s room in order for males to gain access to women’s spaces. Perhaps she felt she could no longer use the female restroom or be accused of being “not trans enough” for her peer group? There was another trans bathroom issue at this school previously, so solidarity within the group may be even more rigid. She didn’t target anyone specifically, as far as I can tell, and recanted quickly. It certainly sounds like a misguided plea for help more than anyone intending to hurt anyone else. I also hope she is provided the counseling that was so graciously offered as punishment for a would-be gang of violent rapists, although, unfortunately, she will probably be severely punished instead of helped. A female acting out is unacceptable under any terms, for the boys, it is business as usual (and all of the victim/woman blaming that goes along with it). The parents that think of themselves as ohsovery progressive and of their precious Calebs and Averys as such unique and extraordinary snowflakes, are throwing them to the wolves- letting a bunch of creeps and pervs dictate values to their children instead of instilling some basic values and home learning. Call me a Luddite, but the internet has become a tool of conformity for much of today’s youth. Tumblr personifies the distopian future I feared.

  12. Having to watch as male supremicism reasserts itself and the fragile feminist gains towards combating sex-based oppression are destroyed via the trans agenda – and witnessing GLB and ‘feminist’ publications leading the charge – is truly bone-chilling and indeed sick-making, Gallus. I have only become aware of this in the past year or so mostly thanks to radical feminist blogs like Gendertrender, and ever since then I have had the odd feeling of living in an alternate universe – one where I understand that female human beings and the violence and oppression we suffer matter, but the rest of the world does not.
    I have no idea how you endure being at the coalface of this everyday, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing it. Your work is of immeasurable value to women and girls everywhere.

  13. Whenever I hear people say something like ‘a woman is anyone who identifies as one’, or I hear a male lawmaker blithely reveal his belief that gang sexual assault against female children should be an unpunishable act, I am reminded of this passage from Andrea Dworkin’s Right-Wing Women. It is so, so painfully true:
    “The accounts of rape, wife beating, forced childbearing, medical butchering, sex-motivated murder, forced prostitution, physical mutilation, sadistic psychological abuse, and the other commonplaces of female experience that are excavated from the past or given by contemporary survivors should leave the heart seared, the mind in anguish, the conscience in upheaval. But they do not. No matter how often these stories are told, with whatever clarity or eloquence, bitterness or sorrow, they might as well have been whispered in wind or written in sand: they disappear, as if they were nothing. The tellers and the stories are ignored or ridiculed, threatened back into silence or destroyed, and the experience of female suffering is buried in cultural invisibility and contempt. Because women’s testimony is not and cannot be validated by the witness of men who have experienced the same events and given them the same value, the very reality of abuse sustained by women, despite its overwhelming pervasiveness and constancy, is negated. It is negated in the transactions of everyday life, and it is negated in the history books, left out, and it is negated by those who claim to care about suffering but are blind to this suffering.
    “The problem, simply stated, is that one must believe in the existence of the person in order to recognize the authenticity of her suffering. Neither men nor women believe in the existence of women as significant beings. It is impossible to remember as real the suffering of someone who by definition has no legitimate claim to dignity or freedom, someone who is in fact viewed as some thing, an object or an absence. And if a woman, an individual woman multiplied by billions, does not believe in her own discrete existence and therefore cannot credit the authenticity of her own suffering, she is erased, canceled out, and the meaning of her life, whatever it is, whatever it might have been, is lost. This loss cannot be calculated or comprehended. It is vast and awful, and nothing will ever make up for it

      1. Correct me if I am wrong but this all seems to suggest that a female can get rapped and beaten and that’s no biggy but if one of the men are “misgendered” that’s horrible violence? And drives them to suicide. I suppose rape is a social constuct too. Good god this will only get worse and as you noted men protect men–couseling, the budding serial rapists will talk it over in a safe space–group hug.

      2. no, rape will only be considered a social construct when it happens to female bodied ppl, if it happens to the XY set, its the most horrible thing in the world and further evidence of how oppressed they are

  14. Transgender Student Now Says Hercules High Bathroom Attack a Lie
    By Brian Shields
    Tue Mar 4th, 2014 4:25pm America/Los_Angeles
    HERCULES (KRON) — A transgender student at Hercules High School could face criminal charges after allegedly making up a story involving a physical and sexual assault in the boy’s room on the campus.
    Police launched a hate crimes investigation after the student said three teeanage boys forced him into a handicapped stall at the bathroom in the 300 building on the campus and committed the assault.
    Tuesday investigators say they were unable to substantiate portions of the student’s claims including the time the supposed assault was to have happened. Police also couldn’t figure out why the young person had no apparent injuries to the head, face, and hands.
    When detectives questioned the student Tuesday afternoon, the student admitted he fabricated the entire story, police say. Authorities have now closed the hate crimes investigation. Police are considering filing charges against the student for filing a false police report.
    Reports about the alleged incident prompted outcry on the Hercules High campus. A vigil in support of the supposed victim had been set for Tuesday evening.

  15. Well there you have it. Holy shit. The last “FTM attacked in a restroom” was a fake too. In that case the woman had the word “fag” carved into her skin.On a California college campus two or three years ago.

    1. I kinda smelled “Jace” (who also, apparently, goes by “Anon”) might be the subject.

  16. Associated Press
    HERCULES , Calif. — Police say a transgender teen who said he was beaten and sexually assaulted in a California high school bathroom has recanted the story.
    Hercules police spokeswoman Detective Connie Van Putten says detectives interviewed the student Tuesday and determined nothing had happened to him.
    On Monday, the 15-year-old student reported he was attacked by three boys in a bathroom at a suburban San Francisco public school.
    The teen, who is biologically female but identifies as male, had told officers he was leaving a boy’s bathroom late Monday morning at Hercules Middle/High School when the assailants pushed him inside a large stall and attacked him.

  17. Holy crap. Consider my sympathy transferred to the next girl at a California high school who needs to file a police report about an incident that actually happened. Sadly, it’s a given there will be one, and this stunt will make things worse.

      1. A disturbed child is revealed to be disturbed. 15 year old children who “transition” are not going to be exemplars of mental health — even more so when they are “treated” by changing their names and medicated with synthetic sex hormones. I hope she gets the help that she needs.

    1. @ Loup-loup garou
      I hate false reports. (Hate sexual assault more)
      False reports are not very common, but they are still infuriating to investigators.
      False reports waste police time and money.
      There is currently an estimated 400,000 rape kits that have gone untested in the US alone. (source:
      And if evidence (DNA or otherwise) is improperly handed or stored, it will degrade and those people will never see justice.
      I can’t even imagine what the worldwide figure would be. Possibly millions of untested sexual assaults, or billions of sexual assaults ignored and not investigated.
      There are victims that have been waiting decades for justice.
      But who fucking cares, most of the victims are women and they probably were ‘asking for it’. *eyeroll*
      Wasting police time and money helps no one. It also gives MRA shitbags more ammunition to claim that women AREN’T sexually assaulted and they’re all liars.
      I really hope this young women gets the psychiatric help she needs. She is evidently quite disturbed.
      I can’t assume I know why someone would lie like this, just that it isn’t normal behaviour.

  18. When will the constant, not-frowned upon rape of women-born women ever be labeled as a hate crime?!

  19. Yes, I’m glad to hear this didn’t actually happen. I hope the girl at the centre of the story gets help with her issues from a non-trans-industry therapist, instead of being charged by police. It would be irony indeed if the punishment she got for falsely reporting a violent crime was more severe than what was being recommended for an actual crime of that nature.

    1. “It would be irony indeed if the punishment she got for falsely reporting a violent crime was more severe than what was being recommended for an actual crime of that nature.”
      This is where I’m placing my bets. Fucking Ammiano.

  20. Transgender student recants sexual assault report
    The Associated Press
    Published: Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014 – 10:38 am
    Last Modified: Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014 – 5:01 pm
    SAN FRANCISCO — A transgender teen who said he was beaten and sexually assaulted in a California high school bathroom recanted the story, police said Tuesday.
    The 15-year-old teen initially spoke to officers then was interviewed by a detective who determined nothing had happened to him.
    The change left open the possibility that the teen could be charged for fabricating the story, Hercules police Detective Connie Van Putten said.
    The boy reported he had been attacked on Monday. But as the investigation continued, officers could not substantiate the facts of the victim’s statement, including the time frame, and the boy lacked any physical injuries to his head, face and hands, police said.
    The student finally admitted he had made up the story, Van Putten said. She would not speculate on why he had lied.
    “We investigated this thing as a true crime, we went at it full force until we found out there was no crime,” Van Putten said. “So people should know if they believe they are a victim of a crime, we are going to give them our full attention.”
    The student, who is biologically female but identifies as male, initially told officers he was leaving a boy’s bathroom late Monday morning at Hercules Middle/High School when the assailants pushed him inside a large stall and attacked him.
    Read more here:

  21. HERCULES , Calif. — Police say a transgender teen who said he was beaten and sexually assaulted in a California high school bathroom has recanted the story.
    Hercules police spokeswoman Detective Connie Van Putten says detectives interviewed the student Tuesday and determined nothing had happened to him.
    On Monday, the 15-year-old student reported he was attacked by three boys in a bathroom at a suburban San Francisco public school.

  22. OT: To whom it may concern who wrote in about a privacy issue: That is all behaving exactly at it was designed to do! No worries! Thank you VERY VERY much!!! XOXOXOXOX

  23. It’s interesting because whatever fucked up history caused this girl to put out a cry for help is going to be completely ignored as unimportant. My heart still goes out to her even though I am pissed. Only she knows what drove her to do it. 🙁

    1. That’s very true and this is just speculation but I wonder if she was being forced to use the boy’s bathroom. In any event this girl has some serious problems and I really hope she is able to get help.

      1. Jesus. That’s a good point. Either forced or co-erced, either by the school system or by her “pals” like “Jace”. Maybe she thought she could stop using the male restroom if she reported an assault. Holy smoke.

      2. Exactly, Gallus 🙁
        Up thread this was mentioned:
        “California Assembly member Tom Ammiano, who sponsored CA Bill AB1266 mandating opposite-sex bathroom use for children and teens who identify as transgender in public schools,”
        Tom Ammiano also said that another transgender student was being hurt at the same school.
        She may have been trying to protect herself the only way she knew how.

      3. Very good question. I hope, somehow, this poor, messed up girl gets some appropriate help.

    2. I am glad she was not attacked. And I find making things up repulsive but this girl has been screwed 6 ways to Sunday by Trans that use kids. Odd though they were silent on it from the start.

      1. I agree– the response has been very tepid. I feel that if this had been a MtT we’d be hearing much much more from the trans community.

  24. Because of the shame attached to it, male victims of sexual assault by other males often deny it. Males who have been raped will often go through some serious denial because being sexually assaulted makes them appear weak. If a girl “identifies as a boy”, she is going to think the same way. Could this have been true, or partly true, and out of shame, she recanted the story. Was she coerced into saying it never happened? Was she ever threatened? Perhaps we will never know the full story.
    Even the major networks believed it was true. Since there was an investigation, and apparently no physical evidence, I guess she made it up.
    This girl has some serious mental problems.

    1. Its true- it could be anything. We just don’t know. Maybe with all the news trucks, etc. she just said “forget it”. Only one thing does seem clear- she wanted to stop using the boys restrooms. Seems like.

      1. Girls who dress uber-butch are not automatically assumed to be trans anything, especially in California. There are an enormous number of young women in SoCal who appear stone butch but are heterosexual. How would it even occur to the school to make her use the boys’ restroom without her taking the initiative and asking to use it? School peons don’t want to seek out situations like that.
        A dress is always assumed to be for women. Jeans and T-shirts are not assumed to be male – virtually no clothing is considered exclusively male. Somehow this description of a totally novel and unprecedented situation went from a ‘maybe this happened’ to ‘seems clear.’ It isn’t even ‘clear’ that she had ever set foot in the boys’ restroom before.

      2. @GBaltar- Not only is what you say untrue, but it is demonstrably so by the fact that guidelines issued for some school districts actual recommend that teachers and or school counselors ASK gender-nonconforming children if they are transgender, and NOT to wait for the kid to bring it up. So, you are wrong.

      3. @GallusMag – at least on the internet in various “how to be truly trans-friendly” type discussions it’s pretty common to see people (namely non-passing M2T) insist that you should look at the clothing a person has on and “make the obvious common sense judgment” about what they’re identifying as. I.e., if you see a male in a dress, you should assume he’s “obviously” identifying as a woman, and you should therefore default to “she” pronouns. Because even ASKING “what is your pronoun” is now hurtful.
        It’s the same old story, they want to take various socially imposed gender policed “shibboleths” of one “gender” or another (such as “dress = woman”) and force people to work backward from these codes to the supposedly “identified” gender. It’s silly, because yeah, where does that leave me? Or the son of a friend of mine, who likes to wear loose sundresses in summer on occasion (as a boy!) because they’re cool, same rationale as men wearing robes elsewhere?

    2. At most schools, sexual harassment — the kind that involves groping and rape threats — gets ignored by teachers and administrators even when it happens right in front of them. What would be considered grounds for a lawsuit if it happened to an adult woman at work is just considered normal, and even okay, when it happens to a high school girl. It’s possible that this particular student was dealing with something like that, and thought the only way to be heard and taken seriously was to report something the school couldn’t ignore, even if that meant fabricating it.
      It’s true that many, in fact, most girls deal with that level of harassment every day, and the almost intolerable stress it can cause, without making false claims. However, not everyone has the same coping mechanisms, or the same degree of impulse control. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that she has mental problems; this could have been an extremely misguided attempt to solve an external problem.

  25. Question:
    Does this girl have a history of making up stories that aren’t true? I would like to know more of her background. If she has no history of being a tad emotionally unstable, and no history of lying, why would she make this up?
    Even if an attack occurred, how many times have female rape victims recanted their story out of shame, fear, or some type of coercion?
    All this media exposure probably put a tremendous amount of pressure on the backers of AB1266. Think about it. Trans activists have everything riding on AB1266.

    1. And according to at least one source her family did reach out for legal assistance after the attack:
      “The victim’s family had even reached out to the Transgender Law Center seeking legal options, according to a joint statement from the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, the RYSE Center, Transgender Law Center, and the Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County. School district spokesman Marin Trujillo said even though the student’s story turned out to be false, the school would not give up on trying to improve the climate for all students.
      “We remain committed to making sure that our schools are free from sexual harassment for all of our students and we will continue to (work toward that),” he said.
      “Definitely, at the end of the day, this in itself is a request for support from the student and though it wasn’t perhaps the healthiest way of asking, we recognize that underneath there is a need that needs to be addressed. We want to provide that support…. I’m sure there is still work to be done.”

  26. Trans teens want attention more than anything else–take a look at all the YouTube videos about taking T. This story is just another. I hope she gets help, not hormones.

  27. What if she really was assaulted but decided to keep it a secret out of fear or something like that?
    Anyway – transitioning doesn’t help if you are mentally ill. It doesn’t get rid of the cause of the problems. If she is a girl with mental help problems before she – will have mental health problems after transitioning.

  28. @Loup-loup
    I agree with the comments about sexual harassment. It’s rare for any female not to experience some level of sexual harassment at some time in her life. Even if there wasn’t an official “attack” of any sort, how can any teenage girl feel comfortable walking into a boy’s restroom? So, some seventeen year old boy pulls out his wanker to use the urinal. He is grinning at her and making obscene comments while she supposedly goes about her business. I don’t care if she identifies as “he” or not, this has to provoke some uncomfortable feelings. We are supposed to believe this is something that wouldn’t make most teenage girls uncomfortable. Some of the boys could have teased or harassed her.
    I would love to know what exactly happened. If this girl has no history of lying, why would she even say this happened?
    Sooner or later something is going to happen. Putting teenage girls and teenage boys in the same restroom or locker room is a disaster in the making.
    If I were this young woman, I would use the girl’s restroom, or a safe gender neutral restroom.

    1. Yes, we still don’t know whether she recanted due to fear and shame, or if she indeed lied. And if she did lie, does she have history of lying?
      I’m thinking of Gage’s essay, “The Inconvenient Truth about Teena Brandon” because for Teena, apparently, lying and living went practically hand-in-hand. With her history of repeated sexual abuse and rape, together with a lesbian-hating mother and all-around homophobic social environment, her pretending to be a boy looks like an almost sensible mode of physical and psychological survival.
      I’m not saying girls who want to transition are a homogeneous group, of course. But there seems to be a lot of sense in viewing transgenderism, not as a disorder in itself, but as a symptom (like a fever) of something else–for instance, of trauma, complex PTSD or another mental illness. But also–as is blatantly and painfully obvious with the male trans–of narcissistic/anti-social character disorders. Maybe this sociopathic element is also present in at least a few of the girls and women who transition?

      1. “together with a lesbian-hating mother”
        Whenever I’ve seen her mother interviewed she has said she didn’t care if Teena was a lesbian. Her thing was that she didn’t like that her daughter was being called a boy when she wasn’t one.

      2. Teena was an adult lesbian who disguised herself as a boy so she could have sex with teenage girls. Nothing heroic about her. Abuse or not, she was a predator.

      3. liberalsareinsane–Oh, I haven’t seen those interviews with her mother. I got the impression (from Gage’s essay) that her mother had a big problem, not only with Teena impersonating a boy, but with lesbianism. Perhaps that’s inaccurate and unfair to her mother. On the other hand, do you think it’s possible that her mother might now, out of guilt and grief, revise her earlier attitudes towards her daughter’s lesbian sexuality?
        Gallus–yes, she was both a victim of rape, and preyed on under-age girls herself. That predation, along with her habit of lying and stealing, do seem to point to not just trauma, but to character/moral defects.

      4. That essay, Morag! I looked it up; it’s the first time I’ve seen it. I imagine Gage was thoroughly torn to shreds by the LGBTMNOP when she wrote it, and probably still is. But I found it to be clearheaded and powerful.

      5. Ashland–yes, it is clearheaded. I haven’t looked for the trans-activist response to her essay, but we can be quite sure it was a negative one. Carolyn Gage, in fact, openly anticipates the “transphobe” accusation in her introduction.

  29. When I first heard this story on the local news, I thought this is clear: the new law means men go into women’s restrooms and expose themselves and humiliate and terrorize girls and women, but girls go into male restrooms and get raped. Typical and both show that the men are men and the females still victimized by males.
    Then I heard she recanted and wondered if it was because she’s part of a “transgender” group and wanted to add to the propaganda about how oppressed and attacked they are. A boy was said to be attacked at the same school for saying he was a girl.
    I was so upset at first, and remembered at another Contra Costa county school where a few years ago another 15 year old girl actually was gang-raped by boys and men for hours, who texted friends to come, and then at the rally supposedly in her support, a man said the rapists were “victims” too.
    I wonder if we will ever know this girl’s motives. She was taken to the hospital and they said there was no sign of attack. The news reports had taken it very seriously as a hate crime.
    A couple of years ago a friend tried fostering a girl who she accepted as a boy. I met her and she acted like a typical teenaged boy, sullen and petulant and contemptuous of the women trying to help her, Then she was caught stealing from my friend and continuing to take drugs. So that was that.
    I also remember the rage on a F2T woman’s face who came to a cafe where a women’s band was playing, directly after the “Transgender March” in San Francisco. She was quite feminine, but clearly was trying to look male, with a hulking man in heels and a dress who was likely her boyfriend. She looked at us all with such hatred, as if daring anyone to say something to them. But this was a Lesbian-owned cafe, completely public, with never women only space, and as usual, quite a few men were there. And, as usual, the men welcomed at least as much as the Lesbians.
    This is the atmosphere in the Bay Area. The trans cult is treated with far more care and respect than Lesbians and most women. Yet they are like spoiled brats in demanding attention and convinced they are the most oppressed of all.
    So who knows how much this girl was affected by the trans propaganda and perhaps was trying to get attention for the trans cause, to add one more statistic to the list of how much more oppressed they are than other girls.

    [quote]The truth is, if you imagine a bar as a watering hole where safari animals gather to socialize and drink, sexual harassment has less to do with frisky male antelopes tossing their antlers around too freely and more to do with lions. The men who violate women are their own species. One needn’t believe that guys are all secretly terrible, primed to turn into sex-crazed monsters when liquor courses through their veins. But we do have to recognize that some men are worse than we perhaps hoped, that they coolly target women they perceive as vulnerable, that they know their advances are unwanted and proceed regardless. The price of absolving guys as a group is more thoroughly condemning sex offenders as a group. Despite our cultural myths, there is really no logical overlap between masculinity and groping a woman’s breast under a strobe light.[/quote]
    I guess that’s what happens when you have to treat masculinity as real for the sake of protecting the femininity of your MFT buddies.

  31. One thing is for sure the trans dearies certainly love to make it about themselves. Their narcissism comes shining through. She had no business being in the boys bathroom in the first place. (1) for her own safety. (2) For the boys privacy. They shouldn’t have to put up with her delusional ass being in there. Just like women/girls shouldn’t have to put up with men/boys being in women’s spaces.
    If she wants to use the girls bathroom she has to drop the “i’m a boy” bullshit. Otherwise she’ll have to learn to hold it.

    1. I’m wondering WHY she made it up (if she did). Because after it all it is interesting that she herself thought that F2T raped in boys bathroom would be believed — that she herself doesn’t see the boys room as a safe space for herself (or even desirable). If she was desperate to use the boys room, wouldn’t a better story have been — trans boy forced to use girls room contrary to state law gets beaten up by a gang of mean girls (who are probably TERFS as well!). But no, instead the chose the familiar and totally believable — girls not safe in boys room however they identify!
      So what choice is left now? The boys and their parents aren’t going to want her in the boys room, whatever the law says, because she has already ‘admitted’ to lying about a sexual assault. Back to the girls room, or a special-snowflake use of a gender-neutral bathroom? Maybe that is what she wanted, a stall of her own that she could lock……………
      She certainly isn’t making any friends in the trans cult though, since their line is — you can PASS and you’d be unsafe NOT using a gender-appropriate bathroom, it’s your RIGHT to go in the boys room, you’ll be perfectly SAFE……………….She obviously disagrees with that one!

  32. Some of the articles mention that another trans student at the same school was being bullied (and assaulted people in return and got arrested, but they left that part out) – turns out it was Jewelyes. Small world, I guess.

  33. I’m unsure which is more upsetting, the fact that a fifteen year old child was sexually assaulted or that many of the replies on this post seem to suggest (to me at least) that the very laws which are being put into place to protect gender non-conforming children and adults are in fact the root cause of this. These laws aren’t setting up such situations any more than a woman wearing a short skirt walking down the street encourages others to rape her.
    Understand that the group of “boys” (and I use that term very loosely) who carried out the assault have clearly got something wrong with them, which caused them to do such a horrible thing to someone else. It wasn’t because the assaulted student self-identified as transgender.. or that the student, a biological female, was in a male restroom. It was because these boys are monsters who need to be caged. We really need to stop blaming the victims and the laws that protect them and start pointing fingers at those committing such atrocities. I only hope that these boys enjoy a punishment fitting of their crime. As the parent of a fifteen year old, this just breaks my heart. 🙁

    1. You “aren’t sure which is more upsetting” – a child being sexually assaulted, or women questioning the safety and wisdom of girls using the male restroom. Wow.
      You seem to have a terrifying lack of moral and ethical compass, in order to make that statement. Holy shit. Really, sir?
      What makes it even more of a disgusting statement is that I’m pretty damn sure YOU, as a middle-aged heterosexual transgender and father of two, are out there somewhere claiming that as a forty year old man you are too terrified to use the men’s room “en femme”, because: male violence. Ammirite? I’m so sure I’m right, you ghastly rape-apologist hypocrite, that I’m not even going to bother proving it.
      So… men’s room too unsafe for a middle-aged man, but perfectly safe for a teenage girl. Ammirite sir? And merely raising that question is equally as upsetting to you as an actual sexual assault upon a child. That really makes me- and all women- sick, sir.
      I would forward the idea that you would prefer every girl on the planet to be sexually assaulted than have a single woman interrupt your gender fetish fantasies. Really sickening. You make me physically ill “Katherine”. I hope all women and girls stay far far away from you.

    2. It breaks his heart…equally as much as it breaks his heart when women discuss risk of sexual assault by violent males, a risk he has never experienced himself. Whattaguy.

    3. Also he obviously never read the comments which he claims to upset him equally with a child being sexually assaulted. Just puke on top of puke “Katherine”.

    4. Katherine you are just another disgusting man hand-waving away the sexual assault of girls as you lecture women on a feminist blog about risks and assaults you have never faced and our words, which you have not read.

      1. Disgusting male pig calls women unintelligent then tries to “hug” them. Nice one sir. I pity every female that has ever, or will ever, cross your path.

      2. Katherine, your initial comment made it glaringly clear that you didn’t read the entire thread. How do you plan on holding up your end of an intelligent conversation when you’ve disregarded half the conversation so far?

      3. “Well, I’m sorry you’d rather berate me than have an intelligent discussion. *hugs* just the same.”
        “Hugs.” They all do this. Men, I mean. Women are capable of it, too, but I swear, on my own life, that gas lighting comes as naturally to most men as ejaculating does. After murder, physical battery and rape, it is the most violent thing they do on a daily basis. The psychological harm done to females, who have to deal with gas lighting males in isolation, has surely been underestimated, not fully grasped. It is so effective, that often, the threat of physical violence isn’t even necessary.
        Wanting to smash his adam’s apple is the most natural and sane response. It’s no different from wanting to smash someone who’s slapping you while murmuring sweet-nothings.

    5. Hey Katherin- why don’t you call your 15 year old daughter and tell her you just read some comments on a blog which upset you just as much as if she got violently sexually assaulted. You fucking scumbag asshole.

      1. “Katherine”–keep your fucking hugs to yourself, boy. Nobody here is interested in being assaulted by you or any other male.

    6. Wait, you helped kill brown people with cruise missiles (even if you just worked in a mail room), a fact you’re proud of, and you’re sitting in judgment of others as “monsters?”
      Dude, whatever your fashion choices, you’re still 100% gender conforming where it matters.

    7. WTF Kathrine your dick stops you from thinking? Or is it all you think about? The laws are being put in place to obscure and cover up the sexual pleasure men like you feel when the dress up and feminate in public and get off demanding women pay attention to all the laydees with the five O’clock shadows and constant erections that cum all over themselves in some tacky size 20 frock from Walmart. You use children as a cover to try to pass your obsessive fetish off as something more legit. Those laws endanger women and children and protect male sexual arousal and pleasure. You need a cage sir–we will give you a mirror and you can stare at yourself. Just stay out of women’s spaces. Don’t claim your sexual pleasure is in any way shape or form linked in any concept of protecting females. You hate females because they stand as proof that you are a man controlled by pleasuring himself. You are 100% conforming a male with a pathological sexual obsession.

  34. I don’t really get why all the hostility you all seem to have toward me.. someone who have never, nor ever will meet, but I do appreciate your point of view on transwomen in public female-only spaces. I’m not a big fan of crossdressers in drag “with the five O’clock shadows and constant erections that cum all over themselves” in the restrooms with my daughter either, and for that reason I don’t use public women’s anything. I stick to unisex or wait until I get home.
    Please, feel free to continue calling me names, or making fun of me if you need to.. but know that I did not come here to start any fights or “push my male privilege” or whatever on anyone. I spend a lot of time reading the blogs of women like yourselves, trying to understand both sides of this disagreement. To be honest, I find absolute agreement with so much of what is posted, but who am I right? Just some “man controlled by pleasuring himself” as you say? Just know that many of us do get that transwomen don’t belong in female-only spaces and we do speak out about it because in the transgender community, all your shouting and name calling mostly falls on deaf ears, but ours do not. Also know that I have made no attempt to hide who I am.. I don’t use fake names or “anonymous” posts out of respect to you all.
    But enough about me, since I have no desire at all to make this any more about me than you already have. I came to discuss the original post and my views on it. GallusMag was nice enough to point out that perhaps I do need to watch my words better. “You “aren’t sure which is more upsetting” – a child being sexually assaulted, or women questioning the safety and wisdom of girls using the male restroom.” I am actually pretty upset that anyone was sexually assaulted, but also feel very strongly about getting laws into place to stop this from happening and to better deal with it when it does. Also, my remark about not blaming laws meant to help protect individuals who the last time I checked are still free to make their own choices, was not exactly on target with your supposed “women questioning the safety and wisdom of girls using the male restroom”. This individual, for whatever reason, feels they should be using a male-designated restroom and we should be not only respectful of that choice but also try to make it as safe an environment as possible for that individual. I get that there is a feeling that since this individual is biologically female, that they should thus use the female-designated restroom but.. that choice is not really used to make, it is theirs. I would prefer that we do what we can to protect not only the person’s safety, but also their free will choices. And yes, I agree that this is not exactly the same situation as biological males in female-designed areas.. but then, the article is not about that and thus I choose to leave that discussion for another day.
    “The laws are being put in place to obscure and cover up the sexual pleasure men like you feel when the dress up and feminate in public and get off demanding women pay attention..” It is a fair opinion, abet one I know to not be entirely true. Yes, there are males dressing up in drag who sneak into women-only spaces. I do not argue that. But what such a broad generalization is just not accurate. I do know some who get off dressing up and I tend to stay away from them, but I also know even more who do not. They simply try their best to get through each day, dealing with a society who seems intent on marginalizing and hurting them at every level and its wrong to not recognize that… or protect those individuals at least as much as we protect anyone else.

    1. “But enough about me, since I have no desire at all to make this any more about me than you already have………..” and yet he still goes on and on and ON.
      O, the pretend submission and the pretend ‘permission’ to keep name-calling (heck, for all I know he gets off on it so PLEEZ continue laydees!). Transplainin’ of the highest order, and the same ole same ole.
      “all your shouting and name calling” Forget about our reasoned argument, the trans drones just hear what they want to hear, just silly women being RUDE.
      “I am actually pretty upset that anyone was sexually assaulted…” O whoopee do, a nice tranny who gets UPSET at sexual assault, we’re so GRATEFUL………….
      Entitled male dick-brain, we’ve heard it all before.

    2. I don’t really know you, but I’m willing to bet a lot of commenters here do. Anyway, I’m going to try and address some of the things you’ve said in a civil way.
      First of all, no one is victim blaming. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted, no matter who they are or what weird ideas are going through there heads. However, things like this do happen, and there’s a huge difference between walking down a street in a skirt and intentionally using a facility where pants come down and body parts are exposed. It’s not right either way, but any law that encourages people to go into areas that are known to be unsafe is just plain wrong.
      The reason that the sexes are segregated in the first place has nothing to do with gender identity. As I said before (before I read that the victim recanted), women weren’t given special restrooms because men didn’t want to have to deal with women acting like stereotypes; it was because of the danger of having men and women together in a place where genitals are exposed. It’s a safety issue, and this law undoes that safety. If it weren’t an issue of personal safety and integrity, then the bathrooms would probably be mixed.
      I agree with you that she really should have used the girls’ room, and I strongly believe in individual liberty (I’m very close to a libertarian in regards to personal (and economic) liberty, not to mention foreign policy), but that doesn’t change the fact that people make dumb choices.
      If I had a habit of walking out into the middle of the street without looking, would you change the laws to protect me? No, you’d want me to be put in my place so that I don’t do such stupid things anymore. I don’t think anyone deserves to get hit by a car, but that doesn’t change the fact that I would be willfully putting myself into a dangerous situation, and no law in the world is going to save me.

    3. i may sound harsh but come on are u serious?
      I’m not hating on anybody, but seeing men, when they group up they talk about their private parts and women’s private parts and make fun of things, they even show each others private to see whose the biggest and obviously seeing a person claiming to be a male, they would see ur parts
      they are violent especially pulling each other pranks. I’m while u think ur a guy, have’nt u been seeing their behaviour atleast? how bashful and loud they are? especially when mocking and laughing? there are even good and bad guys. but if u look at the bad guys, there are ” rapist ” who would see taking the oppurtunity in raping women in areas. heck he could invite u over for man beer dringking and u get drunk and get raped and blame it on the drunkness. It does’nt have to be a friend rapist, even a stranger rapist who follows u around to a men’s room and rapes u there.
      Don’t u get it? it’s not safe being a woman around men!

  35. Umm…so was this supposed to be a homo assault on a male pretending to be a female, or a hetero assault on a female pretending to be a male? Probably more risk for that if they don’t use the biologically correct facilities.

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