Oscar Host Ellen Degeneres accused of “transphobia” for Liza Minelli joke

AS you watched the Oscars last night, did you think to yourself: “Golly, the best Actor and best Actress categories are transphobic towards those with “nonbinary” gender identitays”?
If the answer is no, then you may be surprised to learn that those in the Transgender Movement are complaining the broadcast was one long “triggering” ode to “transphobia”.
First, the Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto, who has been attacked for weeks- and even heckled– by transgender activists for his portrayal of a gay male queen in “Dallas Buyers Club”. Leto has been criticized for not playing the character as a “transwoman” (an identifier that did not even exist in the 1980’s era in which the film is set), for not being a “transwoman” himself (strangely it’s okay that he is heterosexual though), and for making jokes about the pain of bikini waxes (because when a “transwoman” gets one it’s a horrible price to pay that no mere woman or man could ever understand).
Not holding back on the anti-gay sentiment, the transgender activists and their supporters are now attacking Oscars emcee Ellen Degeneres for the “transphobia” of a gay woman cracking a gay community drag queen joke. One that heterosexual male “transwomen” found offensive to (you guessed it!): heterosexual males.
If you’ve ever wondered why members of “the LGBT” constantly question the wisdom and practicality of a political alliance with the “T”, the accusations against Ellen ought to help highlight the problem.
The transphobic hate-crime in question was the following joke made while addressing audience member Liza Minelli:
“Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen. Good job, sir.”
You can watch Ellen tell the joke in the brief video clip which is helpfully linked here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/03/ellen-degeneres-transphobic_n_4890369.html
Washington Post Style columnist (and clearly not a member of the lesbian and gay community) Caitlin Dewey ran with a headline claiming an “Internet Consensus” ruled Ellen as “transphobic”. Which is incredible. I mean forget the transphobia: this may be the first time in history there has ever been such a thing as an internet consensus! Who knew? The internet is of one mind: one fabulously anti-gay mind. You heard it from Caitlin first.
Should we let Caitlin and the other gender-loving heterosexuals in on the joke?
The humor rests on the ubiquity of male Liza Minelli impersonators in the Gay Community, Caitlin, where Liza is considered a Gay Drag Icon. Sheesh.
I can’t believe I really need to spell that out. Then again I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised.
It’s gotten to the point where Gays and Lesbians cannot even talk or joke about our own community without heterosexual Transgenders and their supporters like Caitlin (and the “consensus” of the entire internet, apparently), accusing us of being ANTI-HETEROSEXUAL-BIGOTS.
Want to mention the fact that lesbians don’t like penis? You are now an ANTI-HETEROSEXUAL-BIGOT.
Want to joke about how Liza Minelli looks more realistic than her best gay male drag impersonator? You are now an ANTI-HETEROSEXUAL-BIGOT.
Want to make a movie about gay culture in the era of AIDS? You are now an ANTI-HETEROSEXUAL-BIGOT.
The WHOLE INTERNET says so folks! It’s a consensus!

39 thoughts on “Oscar Host Ellen Degeneres accused of “transphobia” for Liza Minelli joke

  1. What the fucking fuck??? Nothing is safe from the trans crowd anymore! Hurry up everyone and stock up on tampons and pads while you still can! They are slated for discontinuation due to their transphobic nature.

  2. Why am I no longer able to read the word transphobic without hearing a gravelly male voice whinily going “trahhnz-foebaawhhhk”?

  3. Yeah, it was a harmless joke. I didn’t watch the Oscars or see Leto’s movie, but the trans meltdowns are hilarious. Keep them coming! They haven’t figured out yet that the rest of society isn’t gonna roll over for them like the libfems did. Can’t wait ’til it dawns on them.

    1. It’s moments like this when you get to see just how not-compelling the argument is to the reality-based community. It’s kind of delightful.

  4. Where were they when Seth MacFarland sang “We saw your boobs” at last year’s Oscars?
    Btw, this may interest you:
    The reporter is being very pc and referring to the “transgender student who identifies as a boy” as “he,” but if you translate that into fact-based English, what appears to have happened is that a non-femininity-performing girl got beaten up and raped by a group of boys. In other words, same old, same old.

  5. Wow, this is just too much. Poor Ellen. Think she’ll be forced to apologize? Even though female impersonators’ talent is located in, and judged by, the very fact that everyone KNOWS they are male?
    ‘Leto has been criticized for […] making jokes about the pain of bikini waxes (because when a “transwoman” gets one it’s a horrible price to pay that no mere woman or man could ever understand).’
    Hilarious, Gallus! And so true: no “mere” woman or man could ever truly understand the deep, searing pain of hair removal …

    1. That’s because trans pubes are special, and and wracked wih dysphoria and internalized misogyny. Trans pubes need to be centered in all hair removal conversations. They’re the most marginalized hair group ever, and might pull themselves out on their own if cis-pubes are discussed.

      1. Heee! You are correct. It’s now well-understood that trans-pubes have a much bigger root bulb. Together with pink brains–as well as lying, gas-lighting, and threatening women with violence–it’s just another part (i.e., “proof”) of the male transgender medical condition.
        Cis-pubes, on the other hand, with their much smaller root bulbs, can be removed quite painlessly by a well-directed strong breeze. We should never boast about or even mention this, though. Cis-woman privilege is violence!

  6. I am encouraged by the fact that the majority of comments are like
    “What the fuck?”
    “Cis men can’t play trans”
    Okay then, Chiwetel Ejiofor was not abducted into slavery so he’s not allowed to play that part.
    Ellen Page wasn’t pregnant as a teen, she’s not allowed to play that part.
    Neil Patrick Harris is not a heterosexual womaniser, he’s not allowed to play that part.
    Jason Biggs is not actually Jewish, he is not allowed to play those parts.
    And on and on ad nauseam.
    Part of me really hopes they continue on with this shit, because the crazier they are the more people wake up and realise they are crazy.
    The comments did get one annoying thing wrong though
    “Drag is about dressing up for entertainment, trans is about having the brain of the opposite sex”
    Nope, trans is for entertainment too. THEIR OWN PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT.

    1. “Nope, trans is for entertainment too. THEIR OWN PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT.”
      I just wanted to repeat this because it’s so succinct and true.

  7. Ellen is female and a lesbian so it’s obviously transphobic of her to exist.
    I thought it was great that she was the host, yay visibility! – especially after the misogyny last year.
    In that last photo she is like, haters gonna hate.

  8. After using the drag queens to get that “T” in there, they’ve been disappearing them from the history pretty thoroughly. It’s working, too. I made the mistake of mentioning a local-celeb queen in a grad school class a couple years ago, about some charity work that he does (as himself not in character). Soooo many 20-somethings yelling at me for disrespecting “her.” I’ve known the guy pretty much forever (old friend of the family) but the concept that no, he only does that bit onstage and otherwise considers himself a gay man (like he IS)…just sounded like “transphobic” bullshit I guess.

    1. To hear some of them talk, there is no such thing as drag queens anymore, nor women who dress as men for self-protection or anything else- they were really trans all along. For all the nonsense about “respecting identity”, they’re very quick to disregard the identities of anyone who doesn’t follow the trans narrative. So, same old, same old, I guess.

  9. That joke was only really potentially offensive to Liza Minelli, who seems to have taken it in good humour (despite, shock, horror, being “misgendered”) and to very sensitive drag queens who feel they do Liza better than Liza. I thought trans politics wanted to be very clear that trans women were not female impersonators. Ellen’s joke was about female impersonators / drag queens and a “cis” woman thus had nothing at all to do with trans people, right?? If a person has taken offence by making the leap to trans then they have offended themselves as they are the ones making the connection. As said above this is really a gay culture reference but what a surprise people taking offence and shouting “transphobic” at something that has nothing to do with trans people.
    As for Jared Leto then I don’t honestly know what people want anymore or what would satisfy some elements at this point. I would not necessarily expect an actress playing a lesbian to be gay or a straight actress to give a shout out to the lesbian community when winning an Oscar for playing a lesbian part. I suppose it would be nice if she did but not worthy of abuse if she didn’t. A few years ago Felicity Huffman (a “cis” woman) played a trans woman in Transamerica. I seem to remember some were critical of that. So now we have a “cis” man playing a trans woman too. Apparently also a problem. Is it only acceptable if trans women play trans women? I am going I think to cope with Cate Blanchett the married heterosexual playing a lesbian in the upcoming “Carol”, ditto Julianne Moore in “Freeheld” and indeed with the now out Ellen Page having played “straight” in the past because it’s ACTING. But I forgot, of course “cis” lesbians are privileged and nowhere near as oppressed.

    1. @LJ,
      I don’t think that they realise the entire world doesn’t revolve around them.
      Do they bitch about Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie too?
      Or Hilary Swank as Brandon Teena?
      Or Jaye Davidson in the Crying Game?
      I’m not entirely sure they grasp the concept of ‘acting’.
      Which is why they get shitty at drag queens/kings that ‘act’ (perform) as the other sex.
      I think it bugs them that people can perform as whatever and not actually be the thing they are performing as.
      Trans is all about performance. The clothes, hair, the nails and the constant validation. I reckon they know that drag totally subverts the bullshit they are trying to pull.
      They always crap on and on about how homosexuals exclude them and they marched for our rights at Stonewall.
      If that were the case then why does the gay and lesbian community confuse them?

  10. Ellen DeGeneres, who ends every one of her shows exhorting everyone to “be kind”? Who helps out people and animals in tough circumstances all the freaking time? Yeah, she totes deserves to be taken down! {eyeroll}

  11. Tim Gunn was called a transphobe last week, too. Has anyone noticed yet that these people are ridiculous? Let them rant and foam at the mouth. Let them cry and threaten suicide. The public is watching their antics. (Please tell me that the public is watching their antics… surely? Surely someone has noticed?)

    1. I wondered what the hell Tim Gunn had done (except being gay, which might be transphobic ) and found the offending quote:
      “The fact that fashion designers would put basically adolescent-shaped boys or men in women’s clothes is head-scratching for me because, anatomically, women and men have different shapes,” the Project Runway star told HuffPo. “So, to be looking at women’s fashion on a tall, skinny guy with no hips, there’s no way you can project yourself into those clothes.”
      Gunn later told the interviewer, “I’m conflicted. On one hand, I don’t want to say that because you were a man and now you’re a woman, you can’t be in a women’s fashion show. But I feel it’s a dicey issue. The fact of the matter is, when you are transgender — if you go, say, male to female — you’re not having your pelvis broken and having it expanded surgically. You still have the anatomical bone structure of a man.”
      So basically he said that women’s fashion should show models women can relate to and that people can’t change their bone structure. Phobic!!

      1. I think I love Tim Gunn right now.
        ““The fact that fashion designers would put basically adolescent-shaped boys or men in women’s clothes is head-scratching for me because, anatomically, women and men have different shapes,””
        I thought that everyone knew this. It’s a major problem because it gives this ideal of women that isn’t real. We have hips, breasts and buttocks after estrogen (puberty).
        Only a select few (who possibly starve themselves which leads to estrogen deficiency) women actually look like that.
        Let’s forget about the harm anorexic causes females (50% of the population) because trans feelings (0.6-4% of the world population) get hurt.
        These people are disturbed.

      2. He’s not going to get any support from liberals because he’s said there’s more to life than fucking and you can have different priorities. That’s about as anti-kink as you can get. And anti-kink is effectively anti-trans.
        Last week at work I had to defend Ellen from someone who thought she overheard her say something blasphemous on TV — mind you, this is a conservative person who didn’t even seem to know that Ellen is a lesbian. Really. It’s amazing how she can’t catch a break from anyone. (And I guess one could argue her very non-kink persona has something to do with that in liberal spheres? Not sure how attached I am to that argument but I’m going to say it anyway.)

      3. “The fact that fashion designers would put basically adolescent-shaped boys or men in women’s clothes is head-scratching for me because, anatomically, women and men have different shapes,”
        DUH. And women have been saying that for years. The fashion industry is the most ridiculous thing ever. It’s basically an industry for fags and faghags to cackle all day and think that they’re “artists”. lol. Most of you are low level hacks who are both afraid of and hate women.

      4. “It’s basically an industry for fags and faghags”
        And pedophile straight males.

      5. @anon male — I think you have a point about Ellen. Wholesome does not play well with the salon.com crowd.

  12. These guys love attention. And they love doing *clutching pearls* *well I nevah* routine that they worship from 1940s and 50s movies. Tranny theater. Pathetic.

  13. Well boo hoo.
    http://thirteenminustwo.tumblr DOT COM/post/78418856982/congratulations
    Well, Jared Leto took home the Oscar tonight, for playing Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club. Watching Leto accept the award, I realized something. I realized that even as I was quietly, systematically deconstructing the film’s transphobia, I was internalizing it, more viscerally and deeply than I thought possible at this point in my life. Watching the film, watching Jared Leto play Rayon, had made me feel lesser. I didn’t just see the harmful elements, but I felt them without even realizing it. I felt like I was unworthy of life or love or respect. I felt like I was less than human. And every interview, every award, every accolade that Leto received felt like reliving the experience of watching the film and feeling like I didn’t deserve to exist. Every moment was the validation and confirmation of the feeling of being less than. Understanding the prejudice built into the film and the character didn’t make me immune to it. That thought scares me to no end.
    Congratulations, Jared, on the shiny statuette.

    If you replace the word transphobia with misogyny, this paragraph is a pretty good summary of the experience of being female under patriarchy. And we don’t have to watch some movie. We’re soaking in it, and MTFs don’t see it because they’re not us. The fact that MTFs lack the ability to respect our testimony or even the right to make it tells me they’re even less capable of seeing females as fully human than other males.
    They not only fetishize the symbols of female subordination, they claim these symbols are the true markers of womanhood. They further claim that our experiences of female socialization from day one mean nothing, because being excluded from that experience hurts their feelings. Imagine the narcissism involved in thinking that erasing the entire testimony of female experience under patriarchy is justified for any reason.
    This one is just straight up lunacy:
    http://cassassinated.tumblr DOT COM/post/78538541734/when-you-say-that-jared-leto-can-play-a-trans
    When you say that Jared Leto can play a trans woman because it’s acting, you say that being transgender is something that I do, not who I am.
    Essentially, you’re saying that I’m a man playing at being a woman.

    So trans women can appeal to some kind of essentialism, but biological females cannot because according to them we don’t exist. I suspect this is because they subconsciously feel they are human in a way we are not, i.e. male. The “transness” they’re always describing as some special ingredient is just maleness.

    1. Got me thinking of Terence Stamp playing ‘Bernadette’ in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – was there a similar brouhaha 20 years ago? I don’t recall – in particular the bar scene where the butch woman joins in with the rednecks with homophobic heckles until Bernadette silences her with a sexist put-down: the ‘lads’ are accepted into the fold and Bernadette humiliates the woman again by drinking her under the table… The film was rightly criticised for its sexism but transphobia wasn’t a thing back then. Wonder what today’s Twitterati would make of that?
      And what if Jared Leto were to ‘come out’ as Trans* 20 years down the line – will detractors do an about face and find ‘new authenticity’ in his portrayl….

      1. @ Guls,
        “And what if Jared Leto were to ‘come out’ as Trans* 20 years down the line – will detractors do an about face and find ‘new authenticity’ in his portrayl….”
        How do they know he’s not trans already?
        He wears makeup, has long hair and is very ‘feminine’ in his appearance: http://jaredletosclothes.tumblr.com/
        Maybe he’s still ashamed (like they were). Maybe they need to be better allies and be more supportive.
        Technically, I could live the next 50 years of my life as a woman. Marry another women (hopefully), raise young and then turn around at 75 and claim I was trans all along.
        There’s no time limit. So, WE ALL COULD BE TRANS EVENTUALLY!
        Anyone of us could be trans. Maybe we just can’t accept it. XD
        It all fits now. I played AFL as a little girl, went shooting with the males, wore exclusively jeans and a t-shirt as a teenager.

      2. It used to be that if the film was a positive portrayal of a trans character, trans people went home happy. I don’t remember seeing the whole attitude of “only we have the right to talk about gender” until a few years ago.

    2. @Jane
      “Leto received felt like reliving the experience of watching the film and feeling like I didn’t deserve to exist”
      Well, Rayon didn’t actually exist. The character was inserted as a plot device into the narrative.
      And I agree with you. If we tell them they’re erasing our narrative they tell us we’re being CIS BIGOTED TRANSPHOBIC SHITLORDS.
      None of them actually explain what it is about Leto’s performance that they find so horrendous. Is it just because he’s not trans? They don’t understand acting then.
      Instead of bitching about how there are no trans actors, maybe they should band together and make it happen. Go to workshops, learn to act, become obsessive about it and practice, practice practice.
      Actors aren’t just normal people who lucked into it (for the most part), they are fucking professionals who worked hard at their craft.
      Women don’t sit around *talking* about what we want, because men will never just give it to us.
      We fight and work hard to get what we want.
      Marie Curie was “Unable to enrol in a regular institution of higher education because she was a woman”.
      Marie Curie didn’t sit around going :”There needs to be more women in science”.
      She fucking worked hard and became one of the best scientists of all time.
      I could sit here all day whining about there not being enough “Beth’s” in Forensics. Unless I put the work in, there’s never going to be a “Beth” in forensics. I have to do that work.
      Trans don’t actually know how to fight for anything. They’re primarily male and have been spoon fed what they want their entire lives. They see the work homosexuals and women put in for their rights and just leech of that.

    1. Yes, it does seem rather like insane jealousy of anyone who achieves, um, anything? Makes films, writes scripts, is recognised as a good actor, is successful in the arts, science, business… anything requiring acumen or creativity. Maybe that’s the root of it, that the radical trans agenda is just self obsessed and anti-creative generally.

    1. Ha, indeed. I’m one of those people who hadn’t watched the Oscars for the last several years, but watched this year just to see what Ellen would do with it. I think she pulled in a lot of people. (Oh wait, I did watch last year to see what Seth McFarland would do, and got treated to “We Saw Your Boobs.” *sigh*.)

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